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File: 1536817712804.jpg (89.68 KB, 1024x728, Prison.jpg)

76673 No.47272

Sometimes Naked,
Sometimes Mad.
Now As a Scholar,
Now As a Fool.
So They Appear on Earth,
The Free Men.

That was the saying you were taught ever since you were a small boy. It had always given you some semblance of peace in trying times. But being bound in chains, you felt anything but free.

Black metal shackles were bound around your hands. A pair of onyx hued, rust encrusted chains ran down to your shackled feet. For added good measure, chords of metal ran from each shackle to the stone wall, making it impossible for you to move more than three feet from it. The chamber was dark, a single flickering torch across from your cell and flittering hues from the barred window your only sources of light. Your cell…more evidence of your freedom.

Molding hay provided what little comfort the cell offered, and there was not enough of it. An occasional gust of wind from one of the barred windows would send the rank assortment of plant fiber twirling about in the wind, sometimes leaving the sparse piles out of reach of your bruised feet. The cold of the stone always came pulsing up your body through your feet when that happened, leaving you to shudder. What clothes you might have come here with, you weren’t clad in anything now. Even gentle breezes sent you into fits of shivers. You might not be free, but you were naked.

Cursing your misfortune, you huddle in a corner of the chamber. You try to position yourself so that when another whirlwind sailed through the window, you would not be in the way. Head down, staring at your bruised and lashed torso and legs, your mind begins turning over how you got into this mess.


Why are you in prison?

>We stole a local lord’s heirloom that had been in his family for generations. Correction, we almost stole a local lord’s heirloom. If we hadn’t tripped on our way out the window and broken the treasure, we might not be here now. We are scheduled to be hung tomorrow.

>We were caught outside after curfew. With the way the werewolves have been getting of late, no one is allowed on the streets at night after dark. We are now suspected of being a lycanthrope. We are scheduled to be hung tomorrow.

>We were a hedge mage performing in the King’s court for supper. For our first act we turned the queen into a newt. For our last act, we forgot how to turn her back. We are scheduled to be hung tomorrow.

1fef2 No.47273

Option 2!

fcf47 No.47282


8ba9a No.47284

This looks like it might be interesting. 1.

aa60c No.47285

Option 2!

f3014 No.47286


bb2c3 No.47291


78032 No.47292

Option 2, please~

76673 No.47296

File: 1536885290019.jpg (88.32 KB, 648x913, Werewolf.jpg)

We have a tie, which I as GM reserve the right to break.

>Lycanthrope Selected

>Statistics Updated
Str: +2
Con: +1
Dex: 0
Int: -1
Wis: 0
Cha: -2

HP: 12 (Base*Lvl) + (Con*Lvl) (5*2)+(1*2))

Action options will now include modifiers stemming from the statistics that influence said action. These attributes can also be used to make customized options you can suggest, however the modifier that is ultimately applied is up to GM discretion.

>Bonus Unlocked: Lycanthrope – Every night phase, you must roll a will save, DC 15. On a failure, you turn into a werewolf. You enter a crazed frenzy, your consciousness fading and being replaced by raw animalistic urges. These animalistic urges do not abate until the morning. On a success, you gain a +4 bonus to Str and Con, and retain control of your character.


You had been on the run for so long. You’d hitched rides on wagons crisscrossing the kingdom ever since you were bit. You don’t want to cause people any harm, but every night is a struggle against the beast within. When they caught you wandering the streets last night, you had just exited your frenzy. They dragged you through the streets, not willing to take any risks. Was this really how your story was going to end? Hung, for the crime of being cursed? Distraught, you rose from your place coiled against the window. You had to get out. You would not die here.

Glancing over your chains, you considered how you might go about freeing yourself from your bindings and make your escape.

How will you break free from the shackles [If possible, roll a d20 with your selection through the forum. If that isn’t possible, I will roll the dice on my end.]?
>Slip the shackles out from around my hands. While rusting, the metal is tight and secure. It would be difficult to slip free. [+0, Dex]
>Attempt to break through the shackles using raw physical force. It could be done, you’ve done it before in fact. [+2, Str]
>Try to bash the shackles against the stone wall, using the added force of the impact to shatter the metal vices around your hands. [+4, Str]
>Custom Options

85d4a No.47297


c87b4 No.47298

3. Bard, i think you're going to have to roll. The forum isn't set up with a built in dice roller, and it's easier for you to trust the results if you do it yourself.

e3405 No.47299

Option 2.

c782e No.47323

Option 3!

76673 No.47327

You press yourself against the wall, pulling back your arms for a few fleeting seconds, before slapping them as hard as you can against the stone wall.


The shackles around your hands shatter to pieces, their long corroded parts a shattered display on the hay coated stone floor. With your hands free, you are now able to lay flat on the ground. Hoisting your legs back as far as the chains will allow, you bash them against the stone wall. They too shatter to pieces against the unforgiving stone. Finally free of your confines, you begin to stretch yourself out, tensing your muscles, and then relaxing them.

Now that you could finally walk around the cell, it was time to see about getting out of it too. Rising slowly, you make your way to the locked cell gate. A single torch flickers on the opposite side of the grate, its gilded rays dancing along the cool metal bars. Inspecting the lock, you notice it is actually a fairly shoddily made one. Apparently, the guards did not think you were actually too much of a serious threat. They probably only brought you hear to follow the letter of the law.

How do you try to escape the cell?
>Slip through the bars [0, Dex]
>Try to break through the lock by throwing your weight against the door [+2, Str]
>Try to bash open the locking mechanism using the metal fragments lying on the floor [+?, Str]

78032 No.47328

Option 1. We might not want to make much more noise.

fcf47 No.47330

0adf8 No.47334

Try to pick the lock with the metal fragments?

d5e48 No.47335

option 1

c87b4 No.47352

Option 1, slip through the bars. That's enough noise for now. If we get stuck we can go back to breaking things.

76673 No.47388

You opt to try your chances slipping between the bars. Better not to make anymore noise than necessary, the shattering of your shackles might have already raised a few alarms. This is a bit of a struggle on account of how muscular you are, but it isn't so much of a struggle that you cannot at least give it a try.


Unfortunately, you were unable to slide your way through the bars. You almost got your head stuck, but just barely managed to slip it back out.

How will you get out of the cell?
>Try to break through the lock by throwing your weight against the door [+2, Str]
>Try to bash open the locking mechanism using the metal fragments lying on the floor [+?, Str]
>Try to pick the lock using the metal fragment on the ground [0, Dex]

c87b4 No.47390

Option 2. Time to go back to breaking things.

8ddf1 No.47393

Option 2

bb2c3 No.47399

Option 2 I guess

fcf47 No.47400

78032 No.47426

Option 3~

e9ccd No.47437

Well, well, well, a new quest. Color me interested. Too bad I missed the first choice, but I can't complain.

Hmm… with those stats, sneaking isn't going to be our strong suit. Option 1.

7d104 No.47698

Option 3.

8b63e No.47967


d3151 No.48456

File: 1539069424625.jpg (136.12 KB, 1280x640, Dungeon Passage.jpg)

Becoming properly frustrated, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Grabbing as many fragments of metal as you can find littered about the hay covered floor, you start bashing away at the lock. Your frustration gets the better of you, you do nothing to mask the deafening ring of metal against metal.


The lock falls to shambles before you, the door swinging open with a punctuated squeak that hangs in the air. You wince, before scurrying off down the steps at the far end of the chamber.

When you reach the foot of the stairs, the first thing you notice is how cold you feel. You are not bound in any clothes, so the chill air of the chamber makes your hair raise. The second thing you notice is a staircase on your right hand side, and a long hall dotted with casks of liquid. You opt to walk down the cask laden passage.

While walking through the scantly lit passage, the scent of wine tickles at your hyper-sensitive nose. Suddenly, the scent of gunpowder cuts through the overwhelming scent of alcohol. Instinctively you leap back.

d3151 No.48457

File: 1539069807102.jpg (252.98 KB, 1280x640, Exploded Passage.jpg)

Just in time for a massive explosion to rock through the chamber. Head spinning, you hear alarm bells begin to blare from the right. Clapping your hands over your overly sensitive ears, you begin considering your options.

Where will you go?
>Continue down the now decimated hall, try to make our way through the fire to the door on the other side.
>Turn and run up the stairwell leading to the right.
>Run back up the stairwell we came and hide in your cell.
>Attempt to run through the newly crafted hole in the wall.

fcf47 No.48460

b92a2 No.48465


61565 No.48470

Option four.

c87b4 No.48482

Number four, the new hole in the wall. Hopefully it doesn't lead straight into the barracks or something.

e9ccd No.48483

Option 4, hole in the wall. But beware, as there's a chance that someone will be coming through the hole the other way.

76673 No.48490

File: 1539142257554.jpg (29.81 KB, 500x323, RedKnights.jpg)

When you approach the hole, the first thing you notice are the shouts and screams emanating from the other side. Slipping your head to the side, and allowing yourself to view through the impromptu viewport laced with flames, your heart freezes.

Line after line of soldiers clad in red are marching in lockstep in the castle courtyard, their bright glinting blades laced with the scarlet of the blue soldiers they are slaughtering. Droves of soldiers in blue are rushing from the castle into an early demise at the hands of the crimson knights.

You stand starstruck for a moment. The commotion of battle almost overwhelmed your senses, almost. The sound of boot echos from the stairwell to the right. All is silent from the door to your left.

What do?
>Move through the flaming hole into the fray of battle, trying to slink by unnoticed [-4, Dex]
>Make our way through the door to the left. Since there is no commotion from beyond that door, it make the most sense to move through there. [0, Dex]
>Move towards the clattering steps coming down the right hallway. Time to try and fight our way out with our bare hands. [+2, Str]
>Custom Options

71827 No.48505

Can we do a quick friend-or-foe id first? The blue soldiers are the ones that imprisoned us. The red ones are their enemy. Maybe we don't have to fight against them. Do we know anything else about the reds? Like if they tolerate werewolves? If so, let's fight *with* them instead.

76673 No.48507

Rolling Intelligence to determine red faction's name and stance on Lycanthropes.


You have no idea who the red faction is or what their stance on Lycanthropes might be. You do know you have never heard of a kingdom that welcomes werewolves, apart from a tribe of werewolves to the north. While you do not know what faction this group is, it is clearly not the werewolf faction.

71827 No.48508

Alrighty then… option two it is!

e9ccd No.48533

I also say Option 2. We're only one man and fighting our way out will make a target of ourselves. Let's hope we can minimize confrontation between here and freedom.

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