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To avoid possibly reaching a situation where potential votes would be lost because the reply limit was reached, I create a new Impregnator Kings thread.

Impregnator Kings has become a very long project, and many of the threads which were on pregchan are no longer available. They are, however, available via the Internet Archive. These threads are missing the full images, but still have a number of thumbnails. It's not an ideal solution, but it is one that allows the full story to be read.

Beginning thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Sir Edward of Virilia is a young aristocrat who has made a name for himself for his virility and his ability to impregnate many women. This allows him the opportunity to marry above his station. His Father arranges a meeting with a matchmaker in which Edward is given the opportunity to choose what woman will become his wife. He must think not only of how attractive each woman is, but their own unique situations facing the countries they come from and what lives they lead.

Second thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Sir Edward, now Crown Prince Edward, has chosen to marry Princess Tharja. Tharja is a bewitching beauty from the very distant country of Ruhemania. After a long journey, Edward arrives at Castle Valachia, meets his new wife, and begins to try to adjust to living in a new country, far away from his home, family, and everything he ever knew. He has an immediate attraction with Tharja, and their mutual infatuation with each other quickly turns to one of love. Edward truly believes he's found his soul-mate, but he has a number of other factors to consider. Tharja's father, His Royal Majesty King Vlad, judges his every move. A mysterious maid named Daniella stalks the corridors of the castle, presumably as King Vlad's spy. He has to deal with two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who have been assigned as his personal maids. He strikes up a sort of 'understanding' with King Vlad's Master of Coin, an older man named Ricardo. Finally he finds some routine by sparring with the guards when he has the opportunity. Still, there are clearly secrets to be found in this old castle, and the motives of King Vlad suggest there is much Edward doesn't know about.

Third thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Tharja reveals to him her secret because she has no other choice: she's a witch, and Edward has had a curse placed on him, the most likely origin being when he took the matchmaker to bed, when he first decided upon his bride. They form a plan to search out the help of Beatrice, the Golden Witch, hoping she will be powerful enough to break Edward's curse. Doing their best to keep a low profile, they sneak out of the castle and make a long hike to her mansion. Beatrice is fickle and capricious with her magic, but Edward and Tharja convince her to help them summon Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge who masqueraded as a matchmaker, so Edward can ask her to lift his curse. They succeed, and part on amiable terms, but the night is far from over. They've attracted the attention of Daniella, who was secretly a witch-hunter, and she will accept nothing less than Tharja and Beatrice's deaths. Daniella is subdued, and after being taken to the dungeon, she reveals the true background of Ruhemania. Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power. The Independent Duke Vlad, for whatever reason, rebelled against that order. His unification war to unite Ruhemania as one country was actually a great extermination campaign to purge the land from the scourge of witches and witchcraft. Through a number of circumstances, Tharja came upon a magical book that she was able to use to become a witch, prompting Daniella's suspicion and eventual conflict. Beatrice decries King Vlad's efforts as nothing more than outright slaughter of her friends. Edward is presented with a choice of who to side with. Accept Daniella's explanation: force Tharja to renounce witchcraft forever, impregnate Daniella with children she will raise to be the next generation of witch-hunters, continue to be groomed as King Vlad's heir until he expires of natural causes. Or, to side with Beatrice: kill Daniella, hide her body in the oubliette, allow Beatrice to assassinate King Vlad, become the new King of Ruhemania immediately with his death, and continue to have Tharja practice witchcraft. Edward chooses to side with Beatrice, undoing King Vlad's work and embracing the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania… on his own terms.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

King Vlad dead, Crown Prince Edward must quickly prepare for his coronation. He learns from Ricardo that despite King Vlad's insistence that he could not afford many simple luxuries, the treasury is in very healthy shape. Not soon after, Beatrice arrives, posing as a noble, and quickly assimilates herself into daily life in Castle Valachia, swearing to serve Edward in matters of magic… to a point. Edward is coronated in a poignant ceremony. As a new King with new ideas, King Edward sets out to make many decisions that will affect the castle, and the country. During this time, he cements his good reputation with the guards. Beatrice is made into his spymaster and begins work investigating the various people he must deal with day to day. Edward promises to build her a grand tower to live in and hires an architect and crew to build it.

Fifth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

There are many things for Edward to consider as he continues his rule. His horse arrives, a special promised gift from King Vlad, with a beautiful girl named Malon as a stablehand. The first signs Tharja is pregnant begin to appear, bringing him the joy of siring a legitimate child and that his position as King will be secured with an heir. However, a random factor appears in Erika, another witch, and sole survivor of King Vlad's purge. Moreover, she has a rivalry with Beatrice that invites conflict. Edward has her leave, concerned about appearances… but is surprised when Erika appears in his bedroom late at night. Though he has concerns, he cannot resist impregnating her. In the end, he finds a suitable manor for her in the Kingdom that she can use as a new home. She accepts the offer and leaves. Edward swears to Tharja that he won't ever put himself in a situation that will risk his life… so that they can live out as much time as they can have together before he dies a mortal's death and she lives on as an immortal witch. Elizabeth is symbolically made into Edward's 'slave'.

Sixth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html

Edward helps Tharja decide what her legacy as a witch, and your wife, should be. Preparation for the Summer Faire that Edward has decided to hold continue. The treasury of Ruhemania sits near-empty with the expenditures he's made to prepare for it. A new obstacle appears in the priest representing the Church insists that Tharja must attend a service and give confession. Tharja still has issues with guilt regarding the Church, and fear she will be found out. Beatrice is given instructions to help Tharja move past them. Edward is forced to make a decision into what sort of priest to appoint as a court chaplain, and chooses an immature priest who will bring at least two nuns with him to the castle. This indirectly results in a situation that ultimately turns out awkward and Edward confesses his has issues with prostitutes to Tharja. As the Faire approaches and time runs out to make preparations, Edward chooses to focus on the maids' activities.

Seventh thread: https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html (Thread available on pregchan until removed. In which case a new link on the Internet Archive will hopefully be available.)

Edward discovers he's unwittingly helped put Elizabeth in a bad situation, and that there's no easy solution. He does his best to reassure Margaret he's cares about them. Lesser nobles begin to arrive to the Faire. They hold no titles and are mostly the left-overs from King Vlad's unification war. Edward must deduce for himself who to be wary of and who to trust. He quietly recruits his guards for this purpose. He must maneuver several delicate situations with his nobles, traveling merchants, and a band of performing nomads that show up. Above all, Edward strives to be just, but fair. In all, Edward has impregnated many of the women present. Tharja is pregnant but not showing. Elizabeth has a tiny bump. Malon reports missing her menstruation. A widowed peasant is pregnant with Edward's child. The last hold-outs are Sully, a female guard, and Beatrice. Edward does his best to ensure they're both inseminated, at least. The Faire has brought many new women to the castle.

A chat thread exists for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


The new update will be posted soon.
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e8add No.49733

>5 votes for option two, rely on your reflexes to carry the day.

Attack Dimitrie with decisive thrusts the moment he's in range.

Poll closed, update soon.

e8add No.49767

You recall Dimitrie is a shade shorter than you.

That should translate into just enough of a reach advantage to press into a solid strike.

You hold your sword up and prepare to counter any move he makes.

The moment he steps close enough you'll drive the tip into his body.

He leads with his left foot, you lead with your left.

You attempt to lead low and strike his foreleg, but he's light-footed enough to avoid getting caught.

He sidesteps around your thrust like a dog circling its prey.

You think you've got him, he side-steps toward your sword-arm, closing the distance and making it easier for you to swing.

You turn your wrist and attempt to turn it into a solid strike to his side.

There's a soft thwacking sound of wood striking flesh.

You cough and tell Dimitrie you yield. Your voice is perhaps a little more weak than you'd like.


Dimitrie slowly backs away.

You're given the moment to judge the final position, you sword turned diagonally to hit the closest side of his body… foiled by one last pivot of Dimitrie's rear foot, allowing him the chance to side-step just enough to avoid your strike. Another inch or so center-ward and you would have had him, but… his reflexes were a bit better. At the same time, your preoccupation with attacking allowed Dimitrie's counter to strike true.

At least he caught you in a spot that missed bone. Already the pain is fading.

You have no complaints. You were beaten fairly in a competitive match.

You hold your sword at your side and bow again in acknowledgement of a fine spar, which is returned by your opponent.

The match is over. The soldiers around you go back to their own routines. You return your wooden sword to the soldier who brought it to you.

You attempt to engage Dimitrie in a bit of friendly conversation afterward.

You ask him how long he's been practicing, and who taught him?

He turns out to be as lengthy in his responses as his description of Tobuja, that is, not at all.

He learned his art from 'somewhere', he practices 'now and then'.

You're not sure if he's attempting to hide the origins of his skills or if he's just that dull.

You try to coax more words from him, but he doesn't bite. Perhaps he's preoccupied with the idea that he landed a strike against you? The hit did nothing more than take you off-guard and knock some wind out of you, though perhaps if it had been an iron blade, you would have been seriously injured… the thought perhaps makes him so sick with fear it precludes any further conversation. –Or is secretly making him giddy with glee. Either way, his voice doesn't betray his emotion.

You tell Dimitrie you'll gladly ask him for a re-match later.

"…Yes, Y– King Edward."

You make that your parting line, deciding not to waste the rest of the mid-morning with further verbal coaxing.

There's still a layer of ice in your relationship with Dimitrie that would need to break…

But, at least you did learn something interesting about him.

He really does know how to use his sword, and he has enough practice to match your ability.

You think you'll be better prepared if he does come back again. Now that you have a bit better idea of what to expect, his physical movements might offer more insight into who he is than conversation.

You'll have to assume something is keeping him tight-lipped, or he simply has the personality of a bowl of watered down gruel.

… Perhaps both.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e8add No.49901

It may be in your best interests to get cleaned up. You depart from the armory training field a little earlier than you normally would.

You find a maid and order her to draw you a bath. You want to be clean and fresh for your guests.

You take a dip in a tub of warm water and order your razor be brought to you so you can shave.

Deciding it's been too long since you had your hair cut, you have a maid who can act as a barber trim your hair as well.

She trims it according to your wishes and presents a small mirror for your approval.

…You look good. You can't help but feel confidence at seeing your own image.

You nod and hand it back before you become too consumed with vanity.

You decide to have some new clothes brought out for you as well.

As much as you're fond of your cape, you needn't bring in dust from the training field.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

e8add No.50125

You're feeling exceptionally regal after having your maids see to your grooming.

Perhaps you should look into keeping a court barber before too long.

The maid who did your hair has a steady enough hand, but you aren't sure for how much longer.

You're so preoccupied with your thoughts you find yourself continuing along the path to your usual sitting room.

Fortunately a maid stops you and offers to guide you to the room they've prepared for you and your guests.

–Ah. That's right.

You're sharing a table with four more persons than usual. A new room was therefore prepared.

You accept and let her lead the way.

You reach the unfamiliar sitting room and the maid moves to open the door.

However, you stop her short of actually touching it.

You appreciate the gesture, but you are a man in the prime of your life. You don't need a servant to hold the door.

You take up the handle and push it open yourself.

You step in and see your guests, as well as Tharja and Beatrice standing before the table.

Margaret and two other maids are there. You don't see Elizabeth. There's a smaller table where they have your meals, ready to serve under a set of cloches.

You spy a trio of strangers in the corner perched on stools. They carry stringed instruments. They're clearly commoners, but they look pleasant and festive enough. You surmise they must be the musicians Margaret commissioned.

But you can't be concerned with that now.

You hear the maid behind you call out "Presenting, His Royal Majesty, King Edward of Ruhemania."

You're halfway to your chair, but you don't let that stop you. You assume it's yours at least, as it's the only one with nobody in front of it.

You take up your own greeting. You thank your guests for accepting your invitation.

Corrin speaks up.

"Your Majesty, it is a great honor to share your table… may I introduce to you my sisters?" he offers.


You put on your most charming smile and bid him continue.

You finally have a chance to see for yourself what Corrin's sisters look like.

e8add No.50127

File: 1543847078260.png (858.08 KB, 914x1538, Camilla.png)

Of the three, one woman immediately catches your eye. Your gaze couldn't help but take in her large, supple breasts and ample curves of her hips, even before you made your way to the table.

"My eldest sister, Camilla," offers Corrin.

She smiles at you. It's an expression that you would call elegance personified.

How do you do, you say?

"Your Majesty."

She gives you a fine curtsy.

Your eyes can't help following her breasts as she does so, but you're discreet about it, at least.

She truly is beautiful. Furthermore she has breeder hips if ever you've seen them.

Her figure is perhaps only outdone by Malon in terms of breeding potential. It would be very nice to get to know her in private… Camilla.

Of course, neither of them can compare to your lovely wife, but in terms of women you've met with bodies who were simply begging to carry babies…

Before you can get distracted further with that thought, Corrin gestures to his next sister.

e8add No.50129

File: 1543847167357.png (321.55 KB, 850x1020, cordelia.png)

Your eyes shift to the slender young beauty next in line. Her limbs are a bit more slender, and her waist is thin. Her breasts and hips aren't quite as developed as Camilla's…

Still, you wouldn't give up hope. If she and Camilla are kin, it stands to reason she has the same potential.

Her face is similarly beautiful, though she seems less ready to smile easily. Likely she's nervous.

"My second eldest sister, Cordelia," says Corrin.

She makes a shy little sound in her throat. It's rather cute.

How do you do, you say?

"Your Majesty."

She replies without stuttering at least. She gives a similar curtsy. You give thought to the age differences between them.

Camilla was no doubt older than Corrin and Cordelia, but not to any extreme. You reckon there might be a half-decade separating Camilla from Corrin? And Cordelia was born in that time.

–Oh, wait. Corrin has one more older sister, perhaps you shouldn't undershoot your estimation.

Corrin then turns to the last unfamiliar feminine figure before you.

e8add No.50131

File: 1543847339171.png (585.01 KB, 1026x1200, robin.png)

Well, she's…


She's not 'ugly' exactly. But…

You think you'd describe her as 'handsome' before 'beautiful'. Her figure is on the more petite side. She's surely of-age, but less… curvy.

Though, perhaps she's simply at the disadvantage of seeing her side by side with Camilla and even her other sister. She clearly hasn't changed out of her traveling clothes, which are on the mannish side. If it weren't for her hair and her soft face, you might confuse her for a boy.

"My third eldest sister… Robin."

–Hm, even her name seems more suited for a man than a woman.

Though, you can't help but notice something else.

Camilla, Cordelia, Corrin… Robin.

What's different, there?

How do you do, you say?

"…Your Majesty."

She folds her body down into something that's more a bow than a curtsy, only ducking her eyes in her last moments.

There definitely is some… determination in this girl. Even if her figure doesn't scream raw attractiveness, there's a certain fire in her soul. You can't quite describe it, but you've known women like her. Women who stand out just from how they carry themselves.

…What's that?


She carries a book in her gloved hand.

You can't quite make out the title, or even if it has one.

e8add No.50132

File: 1543847436173.png (310.49 KB, 433x650, Tharja.png)


"Ah, Husband…"

Tharja's voice pulls you out of your pause.


You recover quickly and smile at your guests.

Of course, you weren't sure if they had taken the opportunity to become acquainted, yet.

Tharja shakes her head.

Yes, you suppose it might be inappropriate for a woman to introduce herself to a man in a polite setting between aristocrats.

You nod to Tharja and introduce her.

This is Her Royal Highness Princess Tharja, your lovely wedded wife.

You can't help slipping in that little comment, and she gives the most adorable blush.

Corrin and his sisters exchange pleasantries with Tharja. Tharja smiles easily and returns them politely. You think your mere presence has helped assuage any nerves she may have about the situation.

You smile, nod, and move on once they've concluded.

And then, you begin to say…

e8add No.50133

File: 1543847534112.jpg (293.8 KB, 595x841, Beatrice.jpg)


You still have to introduce Beatrice, but at the last possible moment, you second-guess yourself.

Actually, how should you introduce Beatrice?

You suppose she's there as Tharja's eventual midwife… but should you mention that?

Maybe you should just introduce her as a courtier, from your native Virilia, and not mention any particular special role she plays.

You don't have time to hesitate, so in the last possible second, you decide to say…

Choice time:
>Introduce her as Beatrice, midwife to your fair Tharja.
>Introduce her as Beatrice, lady from Virilia.

835ce No.50140


Option one.

Also, that was an interesting development of new characters added in.

46f33 No.50145

I'm torn, but I'm gonna go with option two here.

If we introduce her as a midwife, this will immediately bring up the question of whether or not Tharja is pregnant. When Beatrice arrived, Tharja wasn't and we could open say that Beatrice's presence is simply a way to be prepared. Now Tharja is pregnant and we are faced with two options: Either lie or admit it. I see no reason to lie at the moment and unnecessarily doing so may bite in the behind us later.

I think I remember that we agreed to present to news to the public at some point during the faire. Right now, I'm thinking that we wait a few days and turn the conversation to something else instead.

3a769 No.50154


a98bd No.50155


Option 2.

3b712 No.50165

Option two, mainly because of Wiz's comment. If we're asked, we can say something along the lines of "she's here to bring a touch of home and help Tharja be a Virilian lady too" or something. Maybe imply she's to help Tharja, but no reason to come right out with "midwife".

46f33 No.50187

To be clear: I'm not suggesting we lie about Beatrice's role in the castle when asked. That would be foolish because it is widely known by the castle's population that Beatrice is Tharja's midwife. If Edward is asked, he should tell the truth.
I'm just saying that we should maybe steer the conversation in a direction where it is a little bit less likely that we'll be asked in the first place.

In fact, it may be prudent to operate under the assumption that everyone knows Beatrice's official role as well as her inofficial role as Edward's mistress (which of course we will not acknowledge freely), because we have no way of knowing how much of the gossip within the castle walls Corrin and his sisters have already heard.

4c0a8 No.50222


I vote for option 2

38f15 No.50225

It's a good thing I've played a little FE: Heroes, so I recognize two of these characters and the design of the last. I'm looking forward to their personalities.

Anyway, right now, option 2.

294c8 No.50228

Hoo boy. Edward hopefully should spare little time trying his luck with these three (if memory serves, FE Camilla is a rather motherly soul behind the sexy armor and body). Meanwhile with Robin we may be getting more than we bargained for…

I'm going to say Option 2. No need to be completely direct about Beatrice's role to Corrin. If it comes up in conversation casually (and odds are it would probably be either Tharja or Beatrice herself who would bring it up), so be it, but there's no reason to bring up Tharja's pregnancy right this moment.

e8add No.50263

File: 1544016920840.jpg (14.51 KB, 210x240, Robin-response.jpg)

>2 votes for option one, introduce Beatrice specifically as Tharja's midwife.
>6 votes for option two, introduce Beatrice as just a fellow aristocrat.

Obscure Beatrice's role when introducing her.

You decide it better to play it safe and not risk revealing Tharja is pregnant yet.

As a King without an heir, it'd be obvious to even the lowest peasant you're trying for a child, but you don't need to raise the issue.

You may choose to announce your wife is pregnant, or you may choose to keep it a secret. You don't want to invite possible plots against your unborn child.

This is Beatrice, lady from Virilia, you say, introducing Beatrice.

You watch Robin turn her head.

"Virilia?" she asks you.

…Oh, right.

You couldn't just introduce Beatrice as 'lady', so you named her as from Virilia, which is going to have the similar issue of bringing up that topic.

There's a glance from Camilla to Robin.

"Robin, it's never polite to speak to royalty unless you are spoken to," she gives a gentle but firm rebuke.

Robin's eyes shift toward her without turning her head.

Ah, you decide you'd better intervene before some sort of sibling rivalry gets stirred up.

You tell Camilla it's all right. You've taken no offense.

You've invited all of them as your guests. There would hardly be much opportunity to socialize if everyone was too afraid to speak. You prefer to engage with your subjects.

…You think that was King Vlad's policy too, even if he used a different means.

Corrin clears his throat.

"We were invited to talk, dear Camilla."


Camilla smiles.

"Well, if the King is not offended, there is no indignity to apologize for."

You nod.

In answer to Robin's question, Virilia is your homeland, where both you and Beatrice hail from.

It's a distant land from which you traveled many long weeks to arrive at your castle.

Robin seems to listen to your answer. At least she seems interested.

…You decide not to say anymore though. If you mention it's an independent dukedom and not a kingdom, that will just invite more questions.

You decide this introduction has gone on long enough.

You bid everyone sit, that you may be served before the meal grows cold.

You all settle down into your seats. The maids offer to help those who wish it with their chairs. Beatrice and Tharja decline any help. Of Corrin's party, only Robin declines help, meaning all three maids move Corrin, Cordelia, and Camilla's chairs in for them.

You're able enough to decline Margaret help you sit.

The meals are served for you three. Of course your meal is set aside in a special cloche.

Margaret must taste your food, and she stands at your side and does so.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

The seating arrangements are uneven. No one sits at the 'heads' of the table, so to speak. You, Tharja, and Beatrice are lined up on one side with you in the middle, and Corrin's party is on the other.

Corrin is at least in a position he can talk with Tharja. You, however, have a little more freedom.

It's possible to engage any of the four in easy conversation. Of course, everything you say will be overheard. Privacy is impossible.

The closest thing to it is the trio of musicians have begun plucking and stringing their instruments. At least they seem to have been properly instructed to play light music that won't overwhelm your meeting.

Who should you talk with…?

You decide you'll let Corrin have the chance to engage with Tharja first. Perhaps you'll talk with him later on.

Talking with Beatrice would likely seem strange. They may even take it as a snub, so you rule that out.

It's likely better to focus on one girl at a time.

The question was, which one?

Choice time:
>You're still captivated by Camilla's stunning figure and motherly manner, engage with her first.
>Robin seems to hold genuine interest in you, and hasn't been shy about speaking out. Favor talking with Robin first.
>Cordelia may have something worth saying. Attempt to break the ice and learn more about her.

accb2 No.50272

Option 3. It seems the most "road less traveled" type of option, so why not…?

4c0a8 No.50273

Given that Robin definitely seems like a witch, it might be nice to add her to our coven of witches.

I vote for option 2.

1ccb9 No.50274

I would definitely go with 2 given Robin's potential. She seems the most mysterious and shy of the three.

29e8a No.50277


46f33 No.50284

I too vote for option three.

I may have watched way too much Buffy and Angel, but I simply cannot read the name Cordelia and not picture an incredibly sexy woman.

0e53d No.50291

I'm torn. Option 2 seems like the more prudent option, seeing as she's much more likely to be a witch. But Cordelia though…..

Bah, I guess I'll go with two.

Also, are the names references to something? Fire Emblem, maybe?

2da18 No.50293

Guess I'll be the odd vote here.

I like curvy ladies with big tits and big hips. Can't resist a good, breeding body.

Option 1.

2ee71 No.50294

Option 2: Robin seems like the kind of person we should ask a few questions.

The kind of questions whose answers some of our guests should hear.

Particularly any guest on our side of the table that we would consider a quite “golden” personality.

38f15 No.50306

I say option 3. I want to get a better gauge of the one we haven't heard from yet.

835ce No.50312


>A dragon-riding lady(Carmilla) or a Pegasus-riding lady(Cordelia), so hard

You guys are missing out, option 1.

e8add No.50320

>2 votes for option one, talk with Camilla.
>5 votes for option two, talk with Robin.
>3 votes for option three, talk with Cordelia.

Pursue conversation with Robin.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.50322

File: 1544189906221.jpg (45.9 KB, 500x567, Robin-interested.jpg)

You are attracted to Camilla, but…

You can't start openly flirting with her. You're in a formal meeting between aristocrats. Tharja is sitting right there.

Tharja would be all too happy to hear you've bedded Camilla, of course, but you have to keep up the facade of being a somewhat normal married couple; one in which the man hid his affairs.

This just isn't like the time you first met Malon. That was private, in the stable, and you suspect Malon may have already had an 'understanding' that you would attempt to seduce her. …Perhaps.

Camilla can wait.

You'd prefer to have some impression of Cordelia beyond a shy little squeak during your introduction, but she can wait as well.

Robin, however…

There's a bit of potential there.

Your eyes dart again to her book.

You're… reasonably sure she's not a witch.

Erika confirmed in your presence that every other witch in Ruhemania was dead.

–However, what if she was like Tharja? That she had found one of Maria's books, and performed the ritual herself?

Another possibility might be that Robin was Erika after using magic to take someone's face, but you dismiss that as overly paranoid.


Beatrice will definitely be listening in to the conversation. Maybe you can find questions that will wheedle any bits of information out.

You take a moment between spoonfuls of soup to attempt to break the ice.

Robin, you begin…

Her head perks up.

You can't help but notice she seems like an avid reader.

You admit Tharja is one as well.

–Well, obviously. Tharja is carrying her own book.

"Yes. I find it is a wonderful way to learn more about the world… places that my eyes will never see."

…Hm. That's an interesting take.

You think you can understand. Ruhemania is rather… remote.

"May I ask you something, Your Majesty?"

You reply that it would depend on the thing being asked.

She doesn't shy away from your mild deflection. You'd think most people would back down after hearing something like that from a King. Either she's truly fearless, truly confident, or does not think much of you. Perhaps all three?

"I'm rather curious, Your Majesty. Will you please talk about your homeland… this Virilia? I've never read or heard about it before."


You think you catch Camilla giving Robin a cold little glance.

You suppose if you really wanted to be tyrannical, it would be within your right to throw up your hands and announce you took offense to the implied insult that your homeland is worth no note. It's then a short hop to implying that you are worth no note.

–But you're not in favor of such hysterics.

Instead you decide to be diplomatic.

You… would rather not.

It is distant. It exists in your heart.

You will likely never see it again. And that is all right.

You want to focus on being the rightful King of Ruhemania and Sovereign of all subjects therein.

Therefore… you have to decline.

There is simply no opportunity to live in the past. You must be concerned with Ruhemania's future.



Your attention is on Robin, but you think you saw two reactions. The first was a little grin from Beatrice, which she hides under the heel of her hand.

It was a calculated move on your part. You avoided naming Beatrice your midwife because it would invite uneasy to answer questions. 'Is Tharja pregnant?' 'Why not rely on a native Ruhemanian?' 'Since when is a midwife so young, and so beautiful?'

In the same spirit, you realized it really was impossible to talk about Virilia without mentioning your reputation for impregnating all of the women. Furthermore, it would definitely invite questions if you revealed it was an independent Dukedom and not a Kingdom. 'How did you get to marry above your station?' would be the logical thing to wonder, and that's not something you want other aristocrats thinking about. They may start to ask themselves if you're truly legitimate a King, and you can't have that.

Beatrice likely realized your true motivations there. You imagine her cackling her approval at your developed political instinct.

Besides that…

You definitely saw Camilla react as well. Her lips pursing in a surprised little 'o' that vanishes as she lowers her head and goes back to eating. Perhaps she's surprised at your dedication? Or it really hadn't hit home for her that you are King. You aren't wearing your crown, after all.

Robin on the other hand looks disappointed.

"Oh… I understand, Your Majesty."

You nod.


"But, then, will you indulge me something else?" she asks.

You blink. Looks like Robin isn't satisfied with just that.

Well… you'll hear her out.

Robin abandons any pretense of eating, her brow furrowing in thought.

"If you won't talk about your homeland… will you perhaps talk about your journey from Virilia to Ruhemania? I'm aware that there are really only so many ways to gain access to the country, and would be interested in hearing it."

That's surprisingly specific. She's not wrong by any imaginable stretch. Isn't Ruhemania surrounded by mountains and a vast field of empty grassland…? You're only vaguely aware.

Is Robin really conscious of that sort of thing? You wonder.

At any rate, it's so specific a question, it's harder to find a reason to turn her down.

You decide you'll answer it.

You preface your reply to Robin by telling her if you recount the entire journey, you may end up talking into the night, so you'll speak briefly.

Robin nods.

"I understand, Your Majesty."

She leans forward, slightly. It's clear she's hanging on your every word.

In that case…

Where to begin?

Choice time:
>Recount your journey from Virilia to Ruhemania, focus on retelling the sea journey over. A talk of pirates may make for interesting conversation.
>Gloss over the sea journey and focus on the land journey: your arrival in Elbania and your travels with Varillo's Gang. Tales of marching among mercenaries and living off the land may make to give you an impression of a strong individual.

835ce No.50327

Option two.

c5684 No.50330

Option two.

Way, way back, I was very curious about Elbania. Maybe Robin will fill in at least blanks.

1ccb9 No.50331

I agree with everyone when I say option two for this one. It'll help the main character to interact more with Robin for this one.

07ac3 No.50336


61093 No.50337

Number 2

38f15 No.50352

It is my opinion that is using this question to deduce which direction we came from, and use that information either to deduce more about us, or to start further investigation. More likely the former. I believe a couple others who have voted have come to this conclusion as well. Glossing over the sea voyage will likely leave her somewhat unsatisfied, as she won't have our point of origin, but I can see no other choice for now. Just stuff to keep in mind.

Option 2.

4c0a8 No.50388

I vote for Option 2

e8add No.50665

>7 votes for option two, focus on the land journey once you arrived at Elbania.

Tell the story of how you came to Ruhemania, glossing over the sea voyage and emphasizing the journey with Varillo.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.50713

You're still not sure what Robin's motives are.

If you emphasize the length of your sea journey, it may be revealing more than you like about the sheer distance between Virilia and Ruhemania. It may paint you as even more of an outsider.

Instead, maybe it's better to talk about the very long walk from Elbania to Valachia.

You set your spoon down to tell the story.

You were put on a ship and sailed off to meet your beautiful new wife… it was a bit of a journey by sea, but you soon arrived in Elbania.

You were greeted by members of the mercenary group King Vlad had hired.

You're about to start describing how fearsome they were and in particular Varillo himself…

But before you do, Robin interrupts.

"Mercenaries…?" she asks.



It'd been so long, you forgot.

It was actually unknown to you, still. That is, why King Vlad had mercenaries sent to fetch you instead of loyal Ruhemanian soldiers. You'd thought it strange at the time and almost questioned him about it, but with everything that happened afterward… it was so long ago you actually took it for granted and stopped thinking about it. It's only now that you've brought it up that you realize it would cause anyone to raise an eyebrow.

Indeed, Robin's question has prompted a lull in all conversations around you, leaving the dinner suddenly quiet, except for the music.

The music does save you a little embarrassment.

Yes, of course… you say, in an attempt at recovering.

You were under the impression the state of Ruhemania's terrain made any horses or carriages for your transportation to Castle Valachia impractical.

It was necessary therefore for King Vlad to hire experienced trackers to guide you through the Ruhemanian wilderness.

They were less 'mercenaries' in terms of selling their services as combatants and more in terms of selling a particular skill, in this case, as guides.

Robin… turns her head and furrows her brow.

"That doesn't make sense. I've seen a map of Elbania and Ruhemanian. There are hills and swamp, of course, but there is a road depicted going into Ruhemania."

… Wait, really?

She nods.

…That shrewd old wretch.

King Vlad had you brought to Castle Valachia through being marched through a swamp… when there was a road?!

Damn him… for perhaps the first time, you feel true resentment toward King Vlad, as an individual. You feel personally wronged.

He hadn't just cheated you out of a wedding ceremony, he'd marched you with a pack of savages when he could've given you a comfortable journey!?

…You put a lid on your anger and screw it shut as tight as you can.

Robin's merely making an incorrect assertion. Her basis for saying so is only describing what she saw on a map. You just need to point that out, and you won't look like an idiot.

–Well, what Robin suggests was just impractical under the circumstances, you say.

You know how far you walked. Even supposing a safe, steady road, the distance would be asking far too much from just a few horses. Surely any time saved would be lost resting just to make sure the horses didn't collapse of exhaustion.

With you able to walk through areas that a horse would not have been able to travel, you could maintain a daily, steady pace.

Yes, that simply had to be it. Robin's just coming to a conclusion without all the facts.

Robin squints her eyes in thought.

"It may have taken you some time to let your horses recover after being driven, but a chain of horses waiting along the road from settlement to settlement would have worked."

… Oh.

Robin nods.

"It should've been well within possibility for such a system to be organized, especially on behalf of the Crown for transportation of His heir."

You go tongue-tied. You're not used to traveling long distances. Such an idea hadn't occurred to you.

You don't have a response.

You guess… you just weren't worth King Vlad's consideration.

Why would you be? It was completely in line with everything else you went through, back then.

King Vlad wasn't even counting on you being his only heir. He had Ricardo for that role.

Why therefore, go to the trouble of setting up a relay system and send out any soldiers?

Easier to give some mercenaries a sack of gold and have them walk you there.

–But, you can't just admit that at the table in front of your guests you're trying to impress!

"…Robin, you shouldn't imply things," says Camilla.

Robin turns her head to Camilla, looking surprised.

"I'm not trying to imply anything… I just thought something didn't match up from what I remembered reading…"

Camilla's very close to outright frowning. The last thing you need is more attention being called to this by provoking a fight.

But– you just don't know what to say.

Somehow, months later, from beyond the grave, King Vlad had found another way to humble you and remind you that you were only there because it served his will.

e8add No.50714

File: 1545057824156.jpg (56.46 KB, 670x831, Robin-curious.jpg)


Beatrice clears her throat, in an exaggerated, but not unnatural or overly loud, way.

"Pardon my interruption, but I think I can provide an explanation to satisfy young Robin's curiosity."

… She can?

You stop short of speaking that out loud.

But you're suddenly seized with a profound deja vu.

You decide to let Beatrice talk.

Beatrice cants her head.

"Fair Lady Robin… are you aware that everything in the country belongs to His Majesty?"

Robin blinks, then thinks it over.

"Well, actually, the free-people…"

Beatrice interrupts.

"We're not speaking of the free-people, we're speaking of the King's good, loyal subjects."

Robin straightens up.

"Ah… yes. Of course. The lands are governed by His Majesty's will and bestowed on him by God's Grace."

Beatrice nods.

"Indeed… but is the King of Ruhemania also the King of Elbania?"

Robin's blinks, her face starting to flush red with embarrassment.

"O-Obviously not."

Beatrice nods again.

"Exactly. The use of the King of Elbania's road would require the King of Elbania's approval. And to get that approval, the King of Ruhemania would need to give the King of Elbania good reason to allow that use." She turns her head, glancing at each guest. "Is it at all unnatural to think the King of Ruhemania was not of a demeanor to explain his decision-making?"

Probably not.

'King Vlad did not alter deals that King Vlad already agreed to, and he didn't let anyone else decide what he'd agreed to either. You can't see him ever making an exception.

You just hope those in Chrisania have that impression.

"Therefore, picture a solution. A solution in the form of men, who are without allegiance to one King, and are under no obligations, therefore, to greet the King of Elbania on behalf of Ruhemania, or ask permission to use the roads. Instead, they merely meet His Majesty, and escort him directly to the castle."

Ah. Now you see where Beatrice is taking this point. She's implying that King Vlad engaged in a little bit of a clandestine operation to escort you to Ruhemania. But more importantly…

Beatrice purses her lips, before grinning.

"Wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable, given the importance of His Majesty's life? He was the Crown Prince, after all."

…she's presenting it in a way that makes it sound like King Vlad had you marched around Ruhemania because you were a valuable, respected, heir apparent. As opposed to… someone who King Vlad couldn't be bothered considering.


Robin makes a little gasp and looks like she's experienced a mundane epiphany. The rest of your guests seem to quietly nod to themselves.

"That does make sense… Thank you for explaining, Miss…?" Robin asks.

Beatrice smiles. Not a manic grin, but a little, subdued, demure smile, of a proper aristocrat.


You feel like pulling her into an embrace, but you hold back.

Beatrice managed to pull an explanation that paints you in a positive light from your story, allowing you to save face and keep up the impression of being King Vlad's preferred heir.

Surely no good would come from anything else.

… Could it actually be true, you wonder?

Maybe. Maybe not. You'd never know for sure.

Robin tilts her head.

"But, then…"

Seems like she's still not satisfied.

"How do you know that? And when did you arrive in Ruhemania?"

Beatrice doesn't hesitate.

"I'm more experienced a traveler than His Majesty. I arrived a little later, and made travel with a different set of mercenaries."

–Not too bad an explanation.

Robin's reply is quick as well.

"But then why wouldn't you have traveled with hi– His Majesty if you are from the same land?"

You spare a glance at Corrin, Cordelia, and Camilla. They seem to be closing their ears and concentrating on their meals. Are they used to this behavior, or is that a calculated move to avoid disrespecting you?

Beatrice gives an easy smile.

"Sailors have certain superstitions about women on board ships. I needed to be sequestered from them, which meant I could not travel openly with His Majesty."

That's an interesting lie. You're actually not sure if it's true. You remember some stories the sailors told you, but not about that. It sounds like it could be true, which suits your purposes at least.

Beatrice really had figured out all the angles in her appearance at Castle Valachia. –That, or she's good at making it up.

Robin finally settles down with her questions.

"Oh…" she finally says, trailing off.

You're recovered enough to interrupt.

You're glad Robin's curiosity is satisfied, but you didn't finish talking about your travel. That's what she wanted to hear, yes?

Robin perks up a little bit.

"Yes, please, Your Majesty."

You tell your story. Robin hangs on your every word. You're careful this time not to give her a detail to hang on or question.

You get the impression she's not a girl who was looking to stir up trouble or humiliate you, but is just so inquisitive and free in spirit that she saw nothing wrong with her interruptions and arguing.

At the very least, your guests start talking easily, and the meal returns to normal.

Tharja exchanges a few words with Corrin, though you're too focused on your story to tell what about. He seems to be smiling, at least.

The maids takes your soup bowls away and present you with a plate of stewed vegetables.

… Well, you had your chance to order the maids to prepare better food. You suppose this will have to do.

e8add No.50715

File: 1545057987453.jpg (83.33 KB, 530x1032, Tharja-discreet.jpg)

You feel something poke you in the side.

You realize it's Tharja's finger.

"Husband…" she breathes in a hushed tone.

She draws her face closer and whispers to you. Her breath is hot against the shell of your ear.

"Would you like me to talk to anyone to help you seduce them later…?"

… Hm.

Given what Tharja accomplished for you with Sully, that may be worthwhile.

Her voice was so soft you're sure you're the only one who heard it.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Very discreetly incline your head toward Camilla.
>Draw your wife's line of sight to Cordelia.
>Move your eyes to stare at Robin.
>…Gently shake your head. It's not a good time, yet.

71ec9 No.50716

Well, obviously we want all of them… but for now, I vote for Camilla.

835ce No.50717


Still going for Camilla, we need someone with equal strength to match other than just Sully. Plus, if you know her personality on Fates, it's a bonus once she's pregnant.

294c8 No.50719

Well, this is an interesting situation now. It feels a little soon to be trying to make any plays at the sisters, but perhaps if Edward doesn't rush things too much, he's got a good opportunity if Tharja's helping.

Seems a bit risky to try things with Robin just yet. She's a nice girl, but not much of a filter so things could get complicated fast. Poor Cordelia is certainly deserving of attention after being ignored for the most part, but I'm sure a proper opportunity will arise later.

For now, let's go after Camilla. If she's going to be anything like her FE counterpart, she will take very well to motherhood so we might as well give it a try. She might be a bit of a Mama Bear too, so playing with Cordelia and Robin before seducing her might be playing with fire.

Option 1. Let's go for Camilla

accb2 No.50751

Discretion is the better part of valor, and perhaps virility. Option 4, just for the time at hand though.

1ccb9 No.50758

For me I would go with Cordelia for this one as she would be an interesting choice to seduce. Not to mention she would be cute to poke fun at. XD

a91b7 No.50767

Option 1.

Camilla for sure.

e19f9 No.50777

Option 1: Camilla

4c0a8 No.50783

Option 1: Camilla

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