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e8add No.48104[View All]

To avoid possibly reaching a situation where potential votes would be lost because the reply limit was reached, I create a new Impregnator Kings thread.

Impregnator Kings has become a very long project, and many of the threads which were on pregchan are no longer available. They are, however, available via the Internet Archive. These threads are missing the full images, but still have a number of thumbnails. It's not an ideal solution, but it is one that allows the full story to be read.

Beginning thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Sir Edward of Virilia is a young aristocrat who has made a name for himself for his virility and his ability to impregnate many women. This allows him the opportunity to marry above his station. His Father arranges a meeting with a matchmaker in which Edward is given the opportunity to choose what woman will become his wife. He must think not only of how attractive each woman is, but their own unique situations facing the countries they come from and what lives they lead.

Second thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Sir Edward, now Crown Prince Edward, has chosen to marry Princess Tharja. Tharja is a bewitching beauty from the very distant country of Ruhemania. After a long journey, Edward arrives at Castle Valachia, meets his new wife, and begins to try to adjust to living in a new country, far away from his home, family, and everything he ever knew. He has an immediate attraction with Tharja, and their mutual infatuation with each other quickly turns to one of love. Edward truly believes he's found his soul-mate, but he has a number of other factors to consider. Tharja's father, His Royal Majesty King Vlad, judges his every move. A mysterious maid named Daniella stalks the corridors of the castle, presumably as King Vlad's spy. He has to deal with two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who have been assigned as his personal maids. He strikes up a sort of 'understanding' with King Vlad's Master of Coin, an older man named Ricardo. Finally he finds some routine by sparring with the guards when he has the opportunity. Still, there are clearly secrets to be found in this old castle, and the motives of King Vlad suggest there is much Edward doesn't know about.

Third thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Tharja reveals to him her secret because she has no other choice: she's a witch, and Edward has had a curse placed on him, the most likely origin being when he took the matchmaker to bed, when he first decided upon his bride. They form a plan to search out the help of Beatrice, the Golden Witch, hoping she will be powerful enough to break Edward's curse. Doing their best to keep a low profile, they sneak out of the castle and make a long hike to her mansion. Beatrice is fickle and capricious with her magic, but Edward and Tharja convince her to help them summon Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge who masqueraded as a matchmaker, so Edward can ask her to lift his curse. They succeed, and part on amiable terms, but the night is far from over. They've attracted the attention of Daniella, who was secretly a witch-hunter, and she will accept nothing less than Tharja and Beatrice's deaths. Daniella is subdued, and after being taken to the dungeon, she reveals the true background of Ruhemania. Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power. The Independent Duke Vlad, for whatever reason, rebelled against that order. His unification war to unite Ruhemania as one country was actually a great extermination campaign to purge the land from the scourge of witches and witchcraft. Through a number of circumstances, Tharja came upon a magical book that she was able to use to become a witch, prompting Daniella's suspicion and eventual conflict. Beatrice decries King Vlad's efforts as nothing more than outright slaughter of her friends. Edward is presented with a choice of who to side with. Accept Daniella's explanation: force Tharja to renounce witchcraft forever, impregnate Daniella with children she will raise to be the next generation of witch-hunters, continue to be groomed as King Vlad's heir until he expires of natural causes. Or, to side with Beatrice: kill Daniella, hide her body in the oubliette, allow Beatrice to assassinate King Vlad, become the new King of Ruhemania immediately with his death, and continue to have Tharja practice witchcraft. Edward chooses to side with Beatrice, undoing King Vlad's work and embracing the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania… on his own terms.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

King Vlad dead, Crown Prince Edward must quickly prepare for his coronation. He learns from Ricardo that despite King Vlad's insistence that he could not afford many simple luxuries, the treasury is in very healthy shape. Not soon after, Beatrice arrives, posing as a noble, and quickly assimilates herself into daily life in Castle Valachia, swearing to serve Edward in matters of magic… to a point. Edward is coronated in a poignant ceremony. As a new King with new ideas, King Edward sets out to make many decisions that will affect the castle, and the country. During this time, he cements his good reputation with the guards. Beatrice is made into his spymaster and begins work investigating the various people he must deal with day to day. Edward promises to build her a grand tower to live in and hires an architect and crew to build it.

Fifth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

There are many things for Edward to consider as he continues his rule. His horse arrives, a special promised gift from King Vlad, with a beautiful girl named Malon as a stablehand. The first signs Tharja is pregnant begin to appear, bringing him the joy of siring a legitimate child and that his position as King will be secured with an heir. However, a random factor appears in Erika, another witch, and sole survivor of King Vlad's purge. Moreover, she has a rivalry with Beatrice that invites conflict. Edward has her leave, concerned about appearances… but is surprised when Erika appears in his bedroom late at night. Though he has concerns, he cannot resist impregnating her. In the end, he finds a suitable manor for her in the Kingdom that she can use as a new home. She accepts the offer and leaves. Edward swears to Tharja that he won't ever put himself in a situation that will risk his life… so that they can live out as much time as they can have together before he dies a mortal's death and she lives on as an immortal witch. Elizabeth is symbolically made into Edward's 'slave'.

Sixth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html

Edward helps Tharja decide what her legacy as a witch, and your wife, should be. Preparation for the Summer Faire that Edward has decided to hold continue. The treasury of Ruhemania sits near-empty with the expenditures he's made to prepare for it. A new obstacle appears in the priest representing the Church insists that Tharja must attend a service and give confession. Tharja still has issues with guilt regarding the Church, and fear she will be found out. Beatrice is given instructions to help Tharja move past them. Edward is forced to make a decision into what sort of priest to appoint as a court chaplain, and chooses an immature priest who will bring at least two nuns with him to the castle. This indirectly results in a situation that ultimately turns out awkward and Edward confesses his has issues with prostitutes to Tharja. As the Faire approaches and time runs out to make preparations, Edward chooses to focus on the maids' activities.

Seventh thread: https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html (Thread available on pregchan until removed. In which case a new link on the Internet Archive will hopefully be available.)

Edward discovers he's unwittingly helped put Elizabeth in a bad situation, and that there's no easy solution. He does his best to reassure Margaret he's cares about them. Lesser nobles begin to arrive to the Faire. They hold no titles and are mostly the left-overs from King Vlad's unification war. Edward must deduce for himself who to be wary of and who to trust. He quietly recruits his guards for this purpose. He must maneuver several delicate situations with his nobles, traveling merchants, and a band of performing nomads that show up. Above all, Edward strives to be just, but fair. In all, Edward has impregnated many of the women present. Tharja is pregnant but not showing. Elizabeth has a tiny bump. Malon reports missing her menstruation. A widowed peasant is pregnant with Edward's child. The last hold-outs are Sully, a female guard, and Beatrice. Edward does his best to ensure they're both inseminated, at least. The Faire has brought many new women to the castle.

A chat thread exists for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


The new update will be posted soon.
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38f15 No.51542

After the traps that Moe has set in his story, I'm now gun shy about jumping on them boobies here. But with a middle ground, and Beatrice does appreciate teasing, so… Option 2.

4c0a8 No.51545


I'm going to vote for option 3.

If we are trying to sleep with Corrin's sisters, we probably don't want to encourage rumors about sleeping with Beatrice right now.

6fb9f No.51555

Option 3: Lets play it safe.

e3abf No.51556

>Option 2
I'm surprised we're not having this discussion in the tower.
Don't forget to thank Beatrice for pulling our ass out of the fire back there. Also ask if she could spy on Dimitre for us.

accb2 No.51557

Option 2

a7d68 No.51563


1a0c4 No.51566

Option 2.

38f15 No.51574

I'm going to change my vote from option 2 to 3, even though we'd need one more vote just to get a tie.

e8add No.51583

>5 votes for option two, tease Beatrice a little, then call it a night.
>3 votes for option three, extricate yourself and excuse yourself.

Excuse yourself… after teasing Beatrice a little.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.52004

File: 1547647914661.jpg (154.65 KB, 541x723, Beatrice-fondling.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

On one hand, Beatrice is right.

You do care about what your guests overhear or see you do.

On the other hand…

It's not a question of if it's in your "interest". It's just what you do.

You must be true to your nature.


Beatrice gives out a surprised sigh as you reach both of your hands under her skirt and let it settle on her ass. It surprises her enough to jump forward and press her breasts to your chest.

You're… thankful, that Beatrice is so invested in your appearances, you whisper to her.

She gives you a scathing little grin, but makes no move to push you away, disentangle herself, or otherwise discourage you from caressing her.

Encouraged, you let yourself get a little more frisky with your touch, your fingers sinking easily into the ample flesh that's beneath your hands, earning a little appreciative moan from Beatrice for your efforts.

"Mm… it's in my interests as well, King," she says.

Is that why she intervened in your talk with Robin, you ask?

Beatrice clicks her tongue, softly, rubbing her body up against you.

"Inde~ed. I saw what was happening and decided to intervene."

You're very thankful for that.

Beatrice did promise to save your life… but you didn't think it'd extend to your social life, so to speak.

Though that's a bit of hyperbole, it allowed you to save some face.

Beatrice looks up at you with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Are you sure? Kings have been brought down for much less… King."


No doubt your reputation was important, but this was hardly a public affair.

If it occurred in front of the entire court of lesser aristocrats, it might have been more detrimental to your rule.

At any rate, you're grateful to Beatrice.

e8add No.52005

File: 1547648016896.jpg (93.3 KB, 550x624, beatrice-lick.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

"I see. So? Is this your way of rewarding me?" she asks.

She runs her tongue over her lips, inviting your kiss.

It's… definitely tempting… but, not yet.

You're hoping to whet her appetite for your meeting tomorrow morning.

So until then…

You lean forward, and press a kiss to Beatrice's… cheek.

You'll bid her a pleasant night's rest.


She gives a slight huff in your arms, though she looks more amused than otherwise.

"Very well, I'll look forward to it, King."

She steps back, prompting you to let go of her body. Her book returns to the inside of her bag.

You realize that means her magic is ended, so it steals your chance to get the final word.

Instead, you give her a little wink.

You replace the chair from where you moved it to, and, as stealthily as you can manage, slip out the door back into the corridor.

You don't see anyone in the immediate vicinity. It looks like you may have escaped notice after all.

You walk swiftly back to find your way to Tharja's wing of the castle.

e8add No.52006

Getting frisky with Beatrice had the side effect of giving you a massive erection.

One that's difficult to walk around with, and gives you noticeable pain from the confinement of your leggings.

Indeed, walking away from a chance for sex with Beatrice took an amount of willpower.

At least Tharja will be waiting for you.


With the blood between your groin pumping, you can't help but be tempted to see if you can invite someone along.

Not one of Corrin's sisters; you've barely talked to any of them, and you doubt even Tharja could encourage Camilla to open her legs after a few words over supper.

But there are a few other options…

Choice time:
>Take a detour by the maid's room and see if you can find Elizabeth. Perhaps her belly has developed further.
>Take a path around where you last saw Sully. You still aren't sure if she's pregnant, yet; she could do with more of your seed.
>Actually, you'd rather concentrate on your wife. Just continue on to Tharja's wing.

22f5a No.52010


Curious to Elizabeth, since we've ignored her for quite a well. Option one.

cdf9e No.52013

I vote for the maid's room as well.

Primarily because Elizabeth is a sure thing when Edward needs relieve. But there is a slight chance we will run into the twin sisters which are still untouched by us, or even into Margaret which I for one have not completely given up on. She may have no interest right now, but sooner or later we'll wear her down, I think.

8b930 No.52018

damn thats a nice ass

accb2 No.52019

Option 3. Always appreciate the wifey first and foremost.

6f783 No.52020

option 2

38f15 No.52035

Option 1

1a0c4 No.52044

Option 1. We haven't seen Elizabeth in a very long time.

71473 No.52058

Option 1

d2cc2 No.52074

Option 2 for sure

6509f No.52075

Option 1

b9820 No.52083

Let's go with #1

c6492 No.52090

Add me in for #1

60a5a No.52093

Option 1

e8add No.52129

>9 votes for option one, turn toward the maid's chambers and find Elizabeth.
>2 votes for option two, try to find Sully along her patrol.
>1 vote for option three, focus on Tharja.

See if you can find Elizabeth to invite her to Tharja's room for sex.

It has been a while since you doted on Elizabeth. It's time you change that.

You know at least she won't object. She's your 'slave' after all.

You turn toward the direction of the maid's chambers, your dick leading the way, literally and figuratively.

You don't encounter any hinderance on the way, but…

As you turn a corner, you do see something interesting.

It's a maid, but more accurate, it's a younger maid.

It's obviously not Margaret or Elizabeth, and Ricardo would not have hired any new maids without your approval. You're staring at the back of one of the maid twins.

She's all alone. It's a unique opportunity… you can't help imagining stopping her for something and seducing her.


Is it worth it?

It's getting late. You can't help but think she's going to suss out immediately what your intention are once she gets a good look at your crotch. But… does that matter? You're confident you'll think of something to charm her.

Though, you will risk being seen. Either by a maid, or another person. Not to mention the other maids will notice her coming back later than usual and wonder where she is. –No, she may even announce what happened. Or at least, tell her sister.


The sister was another consideration. If you seduce one-half of the maid sisters… you may not see their bellies swell at the same time.

You can't help but remember that idea from when you first saw them, in what seems like ages ago. Getting to watch two identical twins develop and grow bigger and bigger as their pregnancies advance in unison.

Of course you could always try for her sister later, and it may only be a difference of a few weeks or a month at most.

You'd better make your decision before she gets much further and you're either seen by someone else or she makes it back to the maids' chambers.

Pursue the maid twin, or stick with your plan to find Elizabeth…?

Choice time:
>It's too tempting. Call out to the maid twin.
>Let her go, for now. Search out Elizabeth instead.

da0b4 No.52134

Option one.

40fde No.52138


294c8 No.52139

Let's go with Option 2. The last thing we need is one of the twins and/or Margaret getting angry at us, and we should try to maintain the twin pregnancy idea.

Forget her for now, let's keep looking for Elizabeth.

38f15 No.52143

I smell a trap. Option 2, stick to the plan.

4c0a8 No.52145

Option 2: Find Elizabeth

6f783 No.52146

option 2

22f5a No.52151


Option two, too high of a risk.

e8add No.52180

>1 vote for option one, pursue the twin maid.
>6 votes for option two, don't get distracted, find Elizabeth.

Pursue Elizabeth.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.52402

File: 1548594961944.jpg (112.83 KB, 600x999, Elizabeth-happy.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's too good an opportunity to pass up.

You call out to the maid before she gets further away.

She turns around, sees your face, and gives a little jolt.

You take it as a sign she recognizes that you're the King, not just some visitor or merchant.

You tell her you'd like to request something from her…

You stand behind the corner as you let the maid go.

Of course, it's going to look very suspicious if you just march into the maids' quarters, take Elizabeth's hand, and lead her out of there.

Even if it seems they're all aware of your sexual activity with her, you can't be so openly brazen about it.

Especially with guests in your castle.

You count the seconds you wait…

In no time, you hear soft steps coming toward you.

"Did you… call for me, Your Majesty?"

Elizabeth appears, with a calm little expression.

You give her a soft smile.

Indeed you did…

You require her company, you whisper.

For the night.


Elizabeth stops short of outright beaming, but you've clearly made her day.

Now… time to make her night as well.

She can follow a few steps behind you, you tell her.

You're both going to Tharja's wing.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e8add No.52424

File: 1548680174178.jpg (46.04 KB, 380x531, Elizabeth-uniform_lift.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Of course with the heightened security, it's not as easy as that.

You have to pass by the soldiers guarding Tharja's wing on your way there, and they almost stop Elizabeth from following you.

You have to sigh and tell one guard that you're obviously taking your maid with you, so he doesn't need to do anything.

You normally wouldn't dare to be so blunt, but with the sun setting and activity dwindling, you feel entitled to state the obvious.

Furthermore, you have a bond of trust with the guards loyal to you. You don't need to hide a simple thing like a tryst with Elizabeth, who you've had sex with for months.

His gaze lingers a little on Elizabeth before he stammers an apology and lets her pass.

The event has an affect on Elizabeth, too. She goes from being startled to looking very happy you stepped in to 'protect' her.

There's barely any light shining through the holes facing outside in the hallway leading to the corridor of Tharja's room.

You tiptoe past the portrait and knock on Tharja's door.

You hear the door unlock and Tharja lets you inside.

You don't get far before you envelopes you with a hug.


You feel her arms hold you tight.

She gives a little start, then looks up at you with a very sultry grin.

"Something's got you in the mood, doesn't it, my husband?"

The palm of her hand grinds up and down the tent on your crotch, raw and sexual in her assertion.

It's enough to make you gasp in surprise.

You cough though, and tell her… yes.

That's why you invited Elizabeth to join you both tonight.

Tharja blinks and looks around you, to see Elizabeth waiting patiently.

"Oh! Come in…"

She steps out of the way to let you both in, sliding the door shut and locking it behind her.

The torch in its holder casts shadows across the room and provide the only means of light.

Tharja looks back between you two.

"What did you have in mind for her, my husband?" she asks.


She can start by showing her belly.

"…Yes, Sir."

Elizabeth stands straight up, hands going to pull her uniform top hem.

She pulls it straight up, putting her bump on display.

It's.. quite modest. But it's there.

A tiny little bump, barely protruding out from her otherwise flat belly.

You trace your fingers over it, around it.

Elizabeth's skin is soft and she sighs as you touch her.

You play around her little navel, and along the sides of her torso, before holding both your hands over it and palming the entirety of her bump around your hands.

A tiny future life sowed with your seed…

The first one in Ruhemania, and proof that your curse was truly broken.


Your manhood gets its own surge of arousal from your fondling of Elizabeth's belly.

Back in Virilia it would take an especially gravid bump to draw this much excitement from you, but you're so starved for bellies even this little one is enough to set your passion aflame.

Just give it time… Tharja, Malon, and others would be joining her.

You feel Tharja's arms slip around you from the back.

She presses a hand to your leggings and strokes your cock again.

"Has she got you all worked up…?" she whispers.


Before you can answer, she goes on.

"Go on. Show her how much," she says.

You look up at Elizabeth's face.

She's keeping her expression flat and emotionless, probably in an attempt to be a good 'slave' fulfilling a precious task you've commanded her to do. –Well, that is what you've done to her, in a way.

You smack your lips and realize your mouth is dry.

How should you start things off between you three…?

Choice time:
>Don't hold back, give in to your impulses, pin Elizabeth against the wall and take her. You know she likes it.
>You want to worship Elizabeth, and her belly, even more. Take her to Tharja's bed and treat her kindly.
>–Actually, Tharja deserves attention. Have Elizabeth wait while you take Tharja to your bed for some lovemaking. Watching you both will get her more worked up.
>It's been a while since you had sex with both of them at the same time and not just one or the other. Make Tharja and Elizabeth strip, present themselves, then tease them by making them turn around and not know who you're going to touch next.

950e8 No.52426

Option one. I'm a simple man.

accb2 No.52431

Option 4. The best ice cream is duo'd flavors.

6509f No.52441

Option 1

22f5a No.52454


Option one.

38f15 No.52459

Option 4

1a0c4 No.52461

Option 1, please.

3b712 No.52472

Option 4

e8add No.52495

The needle must fall eventually.

>4 votes for option one, press Elizabeth up against the wall and be aggressive.

>3 votes for option four, make Elizabeth and Tharja present themselves to you.

Take control and dominate Elizabeth, against the wall.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.53007

File: 1550503749882.jpg (165.36 KB, 850x1511, Elizabeth-undone.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

…You look at Elizabeth's face.

There's a brief moment where your eyes meet.

You watch her eyes widen as you press yourself closer, suddenly. Abandoning all pretenses of subtlety as you press Elizabeth back against the stone wall of Tharja's room.

The bulge in your leggings grinds against Elizabeth's crotch. Your hands slam flat against the wall on each side of her body. The move truly emphasizes how much you're in control of the situation, with Elizabeth having no where to go.

Has Elizabeth missed you, you ask?


You watch Elizabeth's face flinch in a hard, visible shudder.

"…Yes," she pants.

You can feel her heart pounding. You can hear your own heart pounding, as well. The beats pulsing through your erect cock from the base to tip.

…You have too, you tell her.


She lets out a lewd little moan, her body squirming against yours. The little humping movements of her crotch against yours is more than enough to make you feel like you're on the brink of your orgasm already.

You've been hard since your handling of Beatrice's buxom body, after all.

The urge to release your seed is so strong…

You can't bring yourself to let go of Elizabeth. You continue to hold her tight, pressing further into her.

You… have really put yourself in an awkward situation.

Elizabeth whimpers in response to your words, lips trembling.

Before you resign yourself to separating…

You feel a set of warm hands on your sides.

"Don't worry, my husband… leave this duty to me."

Tharja gently undoes your leggings, pulling them down and freeing your cock for you.

You let out a little siss of air between your teeth at having your manhood exposed to the air in Tharja's room.

But she doesn't stop there.

Her hands reach out to undo the buttons on Elizabeth's maid uniform, her arms stretching out from the sides of your broad, manly midsection.

You swallow a gulp of saliva as her thin, feminine hands unpeel her clothing, leaving the rest Elizabeth's pale skin to spill out. The sight of Elizabeth's swollen breasts is tantalizing. Her aerola are visibly bigger, and darker. Best of all, there's further room for her to grow… you can easily imagine them getting even bigger as her tits swell up with milk.


In order to do this, Tharja has no choice but to press her own body against you. You're acutely aware of her soft breasts pressed up against your back.

Your loving wife behind you and your obedient slave in front of you, it really feels like heaven.

Finally, Tharja undoes the last one that opens Elizabeth's entire front, leaving her dress hanging open on her shoulders.

Of course she isn't wearing any undergarments. Her bare pussy beckons to you.

You snake your arms around behind her, cupping at her little ass and lifting her up off the ground, bracing her against the wall.

Lifting a girl Elizabeth's weight is nothing for a man like you with your powerful muscles. Elizabeth lets out a squeak as her legs are spread around you, leaving her pussy defenseless.

You peek down at her crotch, lining up your hips and rubbing the tip of your cockhead against her slit, before raising it to meet her eyes.

It's as close as a request for permission you need to make. Elizabeth gives the tiniest bit of a nod.

–And then you're inside her.

Your dick wouldn't let you hold back any longer, as soon as Elizabeth understood she was being penetrated, your hips bucked forward in response.

You both let out sharp groans as you settle with your cock half-hilted inside her.

You were burning with the need to cum a moment ago, but your entry was so sudden and violent, you the sudden friction stops you. She's wet, but even as wet as she is… pushing your cock in so quickly gives you both a pained feeling.


The pain isn't entirely unpleasant. You hold still, giving both of you time to adjust.

Tharja lets out a little giggle.

"Goodness, you were eager for Elizabeth, weren't you, my husband?"

You can only groan in reply, you're too focused on keeping Elizabeth upright.

"I'm sure she's been waiting all day for you, too." Tharja smacks her lips.

Elizabeth lets out her own little moan, helped along by your cock moving inside her as you adjust your hips.

It's really a sign of how far you've come with her. That Elizabeth, who so tentatively and unintentionally teased your cock, barely allowing you to penetrate, to the point she almost drove you crazy, before finally impaling herself and gifting you her virginity, can now be so easily taken by you.

Tharja moves to help you support her, arms settling around her legs and thighs. It forces Elizabeth to arch her hips up more, which makes it easier for you to penetrate, but…

It has the side-effect of Tharja rubbing more of her soft tits directly on your back, igniting your lust to further heights until you feel you might catch fire. It's impossible to ignore.

You start to move, thrusting yourself in Elizabeth's hot, tender folds. Her legs bounce around your sides and Elizabeth belatedly locks her hands behind the back of your neck, giving her some stability.

The sounds of Elizabeth's pussy sucking you in fills the room. Of your lubricants mixing as you piston your cock inside and out.

… How does she feel, you ask?

Elizabeth gives a hard, hungry whine.

"P-Please… use me more, Master."

You hear your wife's soft voice laughing.

"Oh, Elizabeth, you don't need to tell him to do that… your body says it all."

Hah… Tharja must be enjoying this…

Indeed, with her body at your back, you can't help but feel like she's fucking Elizabeth with you.

Your own body responds to Elizabeth's and you buck against her again.

Her hairless pussy lips spreading for you, clit tightly erect, is quite the sight. It's easy to take in the view with Tharja angling her legs for you.

–You're eager to see it again.

You thrust your cock into Elizabeth mercilessly.

The spectacle of her being penetrated is so mesmerizing you can't maintain any sort of rhythm.

You just just keep thrusting, pace increasing like a crazed animal.

You can't help yourself.

You force more and more of your masculine meat into Elizabeth's crevasse, your grunts echoing throughout the room. They're only matched by your slave's cries, as she dutifully spreads herself more and more. You can feel her nails tease your back as she struggles to cling. You push her so hard against the wall, you're practically butting your head against it with every movement, your body rocking against her violently.

You… can feel your orgasm… at its brink.

Your balls ready to clench themselves and empty their seed into Elizabeth's slick, abused pussy.

You don't bother to give her a verbal warning.

Your chin tucked into your chest, you let out something between a yell and a moan as you release.

Your crotch tightens, your cock pumping out spurt after spurt into Elizabeth as you cum.

You can feel Elizabeth's fingertips tightening in your skin, her feet curling around your back as she moans, cumming right along with you.

Her pussy spasming, milking every inch of your thick cock for its seed.

Her body doesn't know she's already pregnant, and the way she contorts around you, you have no doubt if she wasn't… she would be from this.

You hold yourself there, feeling her heart beating against yours, and Tharja's beating your back.

THen you raise your head up enough to find Elizabeth's face and press a needy kiss to her lips.

Her face is overwhelmed with pure bliss as you have your way with her mouth, tongue pushing past her lips and coiling around hers, hard and needy.

She feels more like your property now.

You can think of few women who would be comfortable with that level of intensity from you.

No doubt Elizabeth will be sore once you pull her off the wall.


You feel Tharja behind you, rubbing her hips against your ass as she has her own, more subtle orgasm.

You pull back from Elizabeth to catch your breath and smile.

It's nice to have moments like this… where Tharja is just as involved as you are.

Indeed, your sessions with Elizabeth sometimes took on the quality of Tharja directing her as a puppeteer might a marionette.

Her shudders against your back feel divine, and you gently thrust yourself back at her to let her get off.


It leaves you free to watch Elizabeth try to catch her breath, until you realize you're pressing her hard enough she must be genuinely having trouble breathing.

You say the safe word, and Tharja peels herself off of you enough to let you set her down.

Or, so is your plan, but her knees wobble, and she nearly teeters over, so you move to setting her down flat on Tharja's bed, instead.

"Hah… haaaah…"

Elizabeth takes a second to catch her breath, staring up at the ceiling as she lies there.

Her legs are stuck bow-legged, your seed dripping freely from her still-gaping orifice. Her tiny bump giving her a little bit of a higher silhouette in the torchlight.

Tharja kneels at her side and strokes her hair, whispering soothing words to her.

"There there… are you all right?" she asks.

Elizabeth lets out another moan, before shuddering.

"I-It hurts, but… it feels… good."

Right. She still could've said the safe word if you went too far… but then, seeing her contorted overmuch made you uncomfortable, so you made no mistake.

Elizabeth slowly calms down, turning on her side and curling up as she starts to dose.

You'd prefer cuddling, but you suppose you can't fault Elizabeth's fatigue.

Your own muscles aren't at all sore, thanks to Tharja's arms helping you support Elizabeth.

Tharja looks back to you and gently tucks a pillow beneath Elizabeth's head.

"I think she may need time to recover, Edward," she offers.

No kidding… Honestly, you wouldn't mind a breather either. Your cock is a bit sore after your first penetration, and your pace didn't help matters.

Tharja goes 'aww' and plays her soft hands across your face, tracing around your cheeks and jawline.

"Will you stay with me…?" she asks, voice lilting, needy.

Why not?

The guard saw you come into Tharja's room. If there's some emergency, they know where to find you.

You climb in bed with Tharja, though there's a little less room than usual with Elizabeth there.

Of course you have no intention of kicking her out.

You chat with Tharja a little about the dinner and your guests…

But you stop short of mentioning names or anything specific.

You trust Elizabeth, but she's a set of ears in the room that doesn't need to hear you talk about anything too detailed.

Still, Tharja gives you some encouragement.

"I think the eldest sister likes you."

She gives you a little wink.


The thought of Camilla with her perfect body, meant for breeding, stirs your manhood anew.

Of course, the effect is not lost on Tharja, who freshly embraces you.

e8add No.53008

You spend the night together with Tharja and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sleeps, for the most part, worn out from the hard, thorough session of fucking that you had with her.

Tharja, for her part, allow you to rest by climbing on top of you and using her hips. –Slowly, so as not to irritate your skin.

It's a very pleasant experience to drift off to sleep with both women in your arms afterward.


There's a knock on the door at some point.

Masculine voices call out "Your Majesty!"


You have no choice but to put on your clothes and step out.

You let Tharja unlock the door for you as you emerge to greet your loyal soldiers.

Of course, it's morning already. The night couldn't last forever.

Perhaps more pressing is there's a situation at the gate.

Armed men have come, carrying no banner, and they refuse to disarm.

They're not hostile; they want entry to the Faire.

The soldiers were holding them while they sought your judgment. You have no choice but to leave Tharja and Elizabeth, and miss your appointment with Beatrice.

You trudge out toward the castle drawbridge.

'Holding them' it seems is the wrong phrase.

A few guards stand nearby with pole-axes, outnumbered by a group of ugly looking thugs.

…Of course, not just any thugs.

"Hey, King!"

Your lips tighten and your nostrils flare as you look up at the bald-headed Varillo, and his gang of free people.

They look no worse for wear seeing them months later. No, you're sure they're wearing the exact same clothing they were wearing when you were brought to Castle Valachia.

One of the guards dares to speak up.

"Show some respect to His Royal Majesty, King Edward!"

You put up a hand and silence him.

Varillo, you address the mercenary who once held his life in your hands.

He gives a wide grin.

"Sorry, we wake you up too early, King?" he asks.

… Yes, you had to stop having sex with your wife to come greet him, you tell him.

You're not in the mood to be intimidated in front of your guards, and the response gets an awed-filled murmur from Varillo's gang of henchmen at your boldness.

Varillo himself nods, gaze respectful. You guess by the look on his face he remembers what he whispered to you before you parted ways.

What is the trouble, here?

"Nothing. First we hear weeks ago King passes on, royal Prince becomes new King… and then he holds festival for the summer season, yeah? We hear the whole Kingdom is invited… so we decide to pay visit. Maybe we spend hard-earned gold."

You compliment Varillo's plan.

However, what's this about not disarming, you ask?

"Oh, these?"

He pulls a machete from his side, turning the blade over.

The display gets the guard's attention, who stand with their weapons tense, but Varillo just… smiles.

"We are free men, living in the wild, King. We live and die with our machetes. You would not really ask us to give up what tools we use to survive, yeah?"

The nearest guard says to you that with the exception of nobility, as well as arms merchants carrying wares they intend to sell, no one is being allowed to attend the festival openly displaying weapons. The guards have been collecting and keeping the weapons of those who pass through the gates, to be returned when they leave the Faire.

There's no policy regarding smaller weapons that can be concealed, however.

Varillo's gang is the first to outright refuse to give up their weapons they're wearing openly.

"We reach a disagreement. So, we ask guards to ask King for special permission…"

He gives the slightest inclination of a bow, though perhaps he's simply trying to loom and emphasize his height.

"Howabout it, King? We saw you safely to the castle," he says, reminding you.

Yes, and he was well paid for the effort, you retort. With even a 'bonus,' courtesy of yourself.

He laughs a big laugh, showing his mouth full of teeth… mostly.

"Right you are! Though we had to make Toma remember how that pay works."

He gives a glance to Toma, and your gaze follows his… and you realize with a start that 'Toma' is now missing one of his ears from when you last saw him.

You take a deep breath.

Will Varillo promise, on behalf of himself and his men, that no violence will happen?

You go stone-faced and try to summon up all the authority you have in facing down this man who, strong as you are, is much bigger and stronger than you. Likelier than you could ever be.

The fact you're in your castle with loyal guards around you helps you maintain composure.

He meets your gaze head-on, his boisterous demeanor fading as his own expression hardens and matches your steely one.

He slips his machete back on his belt.

"I give you my word, we will not cause any trouble… only if we're attacked, we defend ourselves."

His men nod, in various forms, even Toma.


That gives you a decision to make.

You could let them in with that, and give them an exception.

It may surprise your guards, and no doubt the Faire-goers will feel intimidated at sharing space with big, burly men carrying machetes. But Varillo's gang will be pleased you accepted their promise.

Though you can't help but think that the merchants will especially be intimidated at having to sell to obviously armed men. And what if something truly terrible happened and some idiot got the bright idea to pick a fight with them? You could have a potential killing, or worse.

You can't say the chance is zero, especially if wine and mead got involved.

On the other hand…

The rules are the rules. You haven't made an exception for anyone. You do know Varillo's gang a little more intimately than most, but does that mean they've earned an exemption? They're likely carrying concealed daggers or some other weapons besides their machetes… Varillo himself had an impressive knife, you remember. They'll hardly be fully 'disarmed'. If they can't accept that, perhaps they don't deserve to attend.

–Though you remember Ricardo talking about how even he isn't sure what the free people do with their gold. They may have a truly good amount saved between them all. Enough it would help the marketplace if they stay and spend it.

You almost regret asking for Varillo's promise. If you insist on disarming him regardless, they may take it as an affront and leave.

…Though then again, do machetes even count as weapons? They are definitely tools they need to survive the Ruhemanian wilderness. Perhaps Varillo has a point that asking them to give them up is too strange and unfamiliar for them.

… Bah, you're thinking yourself in circles.

The choice is simple. Either accept Varillo's promise and let his gang wander around with their machetes.

…Or draw a line in the sand and force them to either surrender them for the duration of the Faire, or… leave.

There's no way to close the drawbridge on them, but you think they'll do as you say. It'd be suicide for them not to with your guards on alert.

Maybe there's a third way.

Perhaps you could negotiate a compromise… allow Varillo to keep his machete, but no one else in his gang.

Then at least, you could hold him personally accountable if it was used. A token exemption, but an exemption nonetheless.

You spare a last glance at your soldiers, then tell Varillo your decision.

Choice time:
>Grant Varillo's gang the exemption to the 'no open weapons' policy and allow them to keep their machetes.
>Inform Varillo the rules are for everyone, even free people. They must surrender their machetes or leave… peacefully.
>Tell Varillo you've considered his request… he may keep his personal machete, but the rest of his gang must disarm.

52019 No.53015

Option two.

The cons all clearly out-weigh the pros here. We don't want the merchants to feel intimidated, even implicitly. We don't want to risk any drunkard, either from Varillo's gang, the workers from the tower construction or someone else, to pick a fight with machetes involved. Possible concealed knives are bad enough.
Thankfulness for Edward's survival has more than payed for when they delivered him to the castle. There is nothing we owe them.

1a0c4 No.53016

Option 3.

accb2 No.53026

File: 1550529813213.jpg (94.82 KB, 1600x900, insertobviousassociatehere.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Option 3.

22f5a No.53029


Option 3.

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