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To avoid possibly reaching a situation where potential votes would be lost because the reply limit was reached, I create a new Impregnator Kings thread.

Impregnator Kings has become a very long project, and many of the threads which were on pregchan are no longer available. They are, however, available via the Internet Archive. These threads are missing the full images, but still have a number of thumbnails. It's not an ideal solution, but it is one that allows the full story to be read.

Beginning thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Sir Edward of Virilia is a young aristocrat who has made a name for himself for his virility and his ability to impregnate many women. This allows him the opportunity to marry above his station. His Father arranges a meeting with a matchmaker in which Edward is given the opportunity to choose what woman will become his wife. He must think not only of how attractive each woman is, but their own unique situations facing the countries they come from and what lives they lead.

Second thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Sir Edward, now Crown Prince Edward, has chosen to marry Princess Tharja. Tharja is a bewitching beauty from the very distant country of Ruhemania. After a long journey, Edward arrives at Castle Valachia, meets his new wife, and begins to try to adjust to living in a new country, far away from his home, family, and everything he ever knew. He has an immediate attraction with Tharja, and their mutual infatuation with each other quickly turns to one of love. Edward truly believes he's found his soul-mate, but he has a number of other factors to consider. Tharja's father, His Royal Majesty King Vlad, judges his every move. A mysterious maid named Daniella stalks the corridors of the castle, presumably as King Vlad's spy. He has to deal with two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who have been assigned as his personal maids. He strikes up a sort of 'understanding' with King Vlad's Master of Coin, an older man named Ricardo. Finally he finds some routine by sparring with the guards when he has the opportunity. Still, there are clearly secrets to be found in this old castle, and the motives of King Vlad suggest there is much Edward doesn't know about.

Third thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Tharja reveals to him her secret because she has no other choice: she's a witch, and Edward has had a curse placed on him, the most likely origin being when he took the matchmaker to bed, when he first decided upon his bride. They form a plan to search out the help of Beatrice, the Golden Witch, hoping she will be powerful enough to break Edward's curse. Doing their best to keep a low profile, they sneak out of the castle and make a long hike to her mansion. Beatrice is fickle and capricious with her magic, but Edward and Tharja convince her to help them summon Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge who masqueraded as a matchmaker, so Edward can ask her to lift his curse. They succeed, and part on amiable terms, but the night is far from over. They've attracted the attention of Daniella, who was secretly a witch-hunter, and she will accept nothing less than Tharja and Beatrice's deaths. Daniella is subdued, and after being taken to the dungeon, she reveals the true background of Ruhemania. Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power. The Independent Duke Vlad, for whatever reason, rebelled against that order. His unification war to unite Ruhemania as one country was actually a great extermination campaign to purge the land from the scourge of witches and witchcraft. Through a number of circumstances, Tharja came upon a magical book that she was able to use to become a witch, prompting Daniella's suspicion and eventual conflict. Beatrice decries King Vlad's efforts as nothing more than outright slaughter of her friends. Edward is presented with a choice of who to side with. Accept Daniella's explanation: force Tharja to renounce witchcraft forever, impregnate Daniella with children she will raise to be the next generation of witch-hunters, continue to be groomed as King Vlad's heir until he expires of natural causes. Or, to side with Beatrice: kill Daniella, hide her body in the oubliette, allow Beatrice to assassinate King Vlad, become the new King of Ruhemania immediately with his death, and continue to have Tharja practice witchcraft. Edward chooses to side with Beatrice, undoing King Vlad's work and embracing the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania… on his own terms.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

King Vlad dead, Crown Prince Edward must quickly prepare for his coronation. He learns from Ricardo that despite King Vlad's insistence that he could not afford many simple luxuries, the treasury is in very healthy shape. Not soon after, Beatrice arrives, posing as a noble, and quickly assimilates herself into daily life in Castle Valachia, swearing to serve Edward in matters of magic… to a point. Edward is coronated in a poignant ceremony. As a new King with new ideas, King Edward sets out to make many decisions that will affect the castle, and the country. During this time, he cements his good reputation with the guards. Beatrice is made into his spymaster and begins work investigating the various people he must deal with day to day. Edward promises to build her a grand tower to live in and hires an architect and crew to build it.

Fifth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

There are many things for Edward to consider as he continues his rule. His horse arrives, a special promised gift from King Vlad, with a beautiful girl named Malon as a stablehand. The first signs Tharja is pregnant begin to appear, bringing him the joy of siring a legitimate child and that his position as King will be secured with an heir. However, a random factor appears in Erika, another witch, and sole survivor of King Vlad's purge. Moreover, she has a rivalry with Beatrice that invites conflict. Edward has her leave, concerned about appearances… but is surprised when Erika appears in his bedroom late at night. Though he has concerns, he cannot resist impregnating her. In the end, he finds a suitable manor for her in the Kingdom that she can use as a new home. She accepts the offer and leaves. Edward swears to Tharja that he won't ever put himself in a situation that will risk his life… so that they can live out as much time as they can have together before he dies a mortal's death and she lives on as an immortal witch. Elizabeth is symbolically made into Edward's 'slave'.

Sixth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html

Edward helps Tharja decide what her legacy as a witch, and your wife, should be. Preparation for the Summer Faire that Edward has decided to hold continue. The treasury of Ruhemania sits near-empty with the expenditures he's made to prepare for it. A new obstacle appears in the priest representing the Church insists that Tharja must attend a service and give confession. Tharja still has issues with guilt regarding the Church, and fear she will be found out. Beatrice is given instructions to help Tharja move past them. Edward is forced to make a decision into what sort of priest to appoint as a court chaplain, and chooses an immature priest who will bring at least two nuns with him to the castle. This indirectly results in a situation that ultimately turns out awkward and Edward confesses his has issues with prostitutes to Tharja. As the Faire approaches and time runs out to make preparations, Edward chooses to focus on the maids' activities.

Seventh thread: https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html (Thread available on pregchan until removed. In which case a new link on the Internet Archive will hopefully be available.)

Edward discovers he's unwittingly helped put Elizabeth in a bad situation, and that there's no easy solution. He does his best to reassure Margaret he's cares about them. Lesser nobles begin to arrive to the Faire. They hold no titles and are mostly the left-overs from King Vlad's unification war. Edward must deduce for himself who to be wary of and who to trust. He quietly recruits his guards for this purpose. He must maneuver several delicate situations with his nobles, traveling merchants, and a band of performing nomads that show up. Above all, Edward strives to be just, but fair. In all, Edward has impregnated many of the women present. Tharja is pregnant but not showing. Elizabeth has a tiny bump. Malon reports missing her menstruation. A widowed peasant is pregnant with Edward's child. The last hold-outs are Sully, a female guard, and Beatrice. Edward does his best to ensure they're both inseminated, at least. The Faire has brought many new women to the castle.

A chat thread exists for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


The new update will be posted soon.
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1a0c4 No.57080

Option 1.

e3558 No.57081

Option three with a side-order of option two.

These are not mere noble (wo)men. They come as the representatives of the Queen (am I remembering that correctly?) of Elbania and therefore deserve higher honours when greeted than our various subjects. They are in some sense on equal level with Edward. At least almost. Edward is still the monarch on his own turf.

Nevertheless: They have come a long way and over difficult terrain. We should offer them at least something to eat and to drink from our own kitchens as a sign of hospitality. An informal meeting with the King is not quite right I think, but maybe we could send Ricardo to them in order to get some feeling for what to expect tomorrow, to be better prepared, to make sure we don't cause any diplomatic incidents by not talking to them immediately etc.

e8add No.57091

I don't believe there's been any notes on what Edward would know about Elbania's own Monarch, other than it has one.

I will have to count this as a write-in of "send Ricardo to greet them as your representative, for now."

37684 No.57092

Then I misremembered. Thanks for the correction.

fa369 No.57102

Vote for this

4c0a8 No.57110


I also vote for this write-in.

c7505 No.57112

I am down with this play.

5d407 No.57114


Supported this write in.

e8add No.57115

>1 vote for option one, meet with the Elbanians tomorrow as you would any other noble guest.
>5 votes for write-in, have Ricardo act as your representative to greet them now, then plan a more grandiose meeting the next day.

Have Ricardo meet the Elbanians and plan ahead.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.57120

You're King, but…

You don't have to run around at every new development.

You can delegate people to represent you, and the Crown.

You'd like to send a committed and wise diplomat to meet the Elbanians, but…

You don't have one. You have your wife, Beatrice, and Ricardo.

Ricardo it is.

Hopefully he'll be able to act half-way hospitable toward them. At least he probably won't make any promises you can't fulfill.

You tell the soldier you have heard his report. You want Ricardo, your master of coin, to act on your behalf.

Have the Elbanians treated like honored guests and served a fine meal to show your hospitality. Ricardo can introduce himself on your behalf and give them a proper greeting.

Well, 'a' greeting, at least.

The guard nods and swears he will make it so.

You thank him, then remind him to make sure the treasury is guarded while he's away.

After that, and taking leave of the lovely ladies you were seated with…

You make two stops. The first is to the armory to catch the senior guard.

You discuss with him that the Elbanians have sent some representation to the castle. You don't want to appear weak or humble. You want a display of power.

Not outright aggression, of course, but something that will impress.

He tells you he'll make arrangements to organize an honor guard of the most disciplined soldiers and see that everything is very well ordered.


The military side taken care of…

You leave the armory to find the other person who will need to help you accomplish your plan.

You take a turn and find the maids' quarters.

You personally call out the fat maid in charge of the servant hierarchy.

You don't imagine she's pleased to see you, but she listens when you say you have to make some special tasks completed.

You tell her you need your regalia prepared to be worn tomorrow. All of it. The mantle, crown, everything.

Moreover, you want the throne room to look immaculate. If that requires working into the night, so be it. They can work by torch-light if necessary.

You expect her to have the servants organized to accommodate your wishes.

At hearing such stringent requests, she puts on a sad face designed to appeal to your sympathy, but agrees to whatever you ask.


That should be enough.

In that case, you'll leave her to do the organizing.

You leave the fat maid in her office and depart.

You don't get far. A maid stops you.

It's the maid who sees to your room and brings you your laundry.

"Your Majesty."

She curtsies in greeting.

"I was asked to inform you that one of the sisters from Chrisania would like to meet with you."

… Oh?

Tharja works fast, it seems.

–Or are you perhaps overeager?

You fear another situation like when Margaret told you Elizabeth was helping 'an aristocrat'.

Which sister is it, you ask?

"Apologies, Your Majesty, but I do not know their names."

… You breathe out an impatient sigh.

What did she look like, then?

You can't help being a little irritated. Your displeasure no doubt came through in your tone and your expression.

It's enough that the maid flinches in fear.

"I-I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I was told to pass on this message which was told to me from one of the other servants… who had been told by one of the other servants…"

She confesses the servants are working much harder than usual and the communication is suffering.

Ugh. It sounds like a result of leaving the fat maid in charge instead of someone more efficient and competent.

Oh well. You knew she was a hindrance. As long as there are no slip-ups in front of your guests, you'll accept it.

She does know however that she would be waiting in one of the corridors near your tower.


This was starting to sound interesting. Perhaps it was Cordelia again, desiring a second round?

You give the maid a smile and tell her thank you for passing on the message.

You soothe over any sore nerves you touched by snapping at her and tell her you know they're overworked.

You can tell by how worn their hands are.

You take her fingers in your own and caress the backs.

They're indeed dry, but what else could you expect? Of course she's old enough you can feel the bones of her hands easily as well.

It prompts a very severe blush from the maid.

"Oh… Your Majesty…"

She sounds almost scandalized, and you give her a little laugh and wish her well.

Ah, if only she were a few decades younger… you imagine you could have shown her a very pleasurable night, and a very satisfying ten months.

She's still blushing as you turn a corner and go to meet the mysterious sister.

e8add No.57121

File: 1558088338377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.29 KB, 850x671, mystery.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

First things first.

You pass by the guard outside your tower entrance and ask if he's seen anything unusual.

He replies that he hasn't, only the maid coming by with your laundry.

No one tried to enter the tower or asked to see you.

That's interesting. You thank him for the information and tell him you'll be taking care of a few more things tonight, so you won't be ascending just yet.

You may not end up coming back.

It takes you a full sweep of the corridor and you wonder perhaps if the maid gave you the wrong message or someone simply sent you on a wild goose chase.

It's quiet, though. Too quiet. You almost feel like something is waiting to get you.

But, before you let your paranoia get out of hand…


Your summoner appears, stepping out of one of the side rooms.

In the dim light of outside and the distant torches you see her outline before her face.


It's Robin. Corrin's third-eldest sister. You recognize her by the slim frame, and the hair.

Though in that case… you're not sure of her intentions.

The message passed to you by the maid lead you to think you were meeting her for a romantic rendezvous.

You give a slight nod to Robin.

"I wish to speak with you, 'Majesty… desperately."

… Hm. You don't think your relationship has progressed to the point she should call you merely 'Majesty', but you'll let it slide for the moment.

What troubles her, you ask?

She draws up close to you.

You see now she still has her book in her hand.

"I've been spending the day learning about you, 'Majesty."

…She has?

She gives you a nod.

"Everyone I meet says the same thing… that you are a King concerned with fairness, and justice. That you aren't afraid to do the right thing no matter what anyone else expects."


Of course.

You're grateful she's heard good things. But…

It cannot be any other way. You are King, after all.

You have responsibilities you must uphold.

"I also met with Sully."


This is getting interesting.

"She told me that you're freely recruiting women in to your army, and that they will serve like any other man."

…That's true.

You think you're beginning to see where this is going.

"I want to join your army, 'Majesty."

She finishes speaking, looking at you with an expectant expression.

…That's very good, you say.

You were hoping to attract more recruits. You're glad to hear Sully gave her such a good impression.

Though you were expecting commoners and not a noblewoman such as Robin.

Still, it's no matter.

Has she discussed it with her family? At least, with her brother and older sisters.

You doubt her parents sent them out expecting them to return minus a daughter.

Robin shakes her head suddenly from side to side.

"No, that's why I needed to speak with you, 'Majesty!"

She steps closer to you still, enough she could almost lay hands on you.

"They'll never approve. I would never be allowed their blessing to do anything like this."

… Oh.

"But, I want you to accept me anyway! I don't want to return to Chrisania… I want to stay here."

You're a bit taken aback.

She understands what that means, right? She'll be abandoning all she knows for a life spent in a barracks. Surrounded, mostly, by men. She'll lead a hard life.

She nods.

"I know… but, I don't care. Please, grant me the permission, 'Majesty!"

You're really not sure.

Robin's siblings… will definitely raise an objection.

Robin is old enough, of course. A noblewoman. But…

You don't know what plans her parents have. They could intend to marry her off to someone. In that case… perhaps you could get away with sending them home with compensation?

Robin suddenly raises her book.

"Please, let me show you this!"

You recoil.

You expect a display of magic to emerge from Robin's book, and you instinctively recoil to escape the display. Or at least move your face away from it.


It doesn't come.

Instead, Robin simply turns the book around and lifts the cover.

"Look at this, Your Majesty."

She holds the edges of the upper cover, offering it to you to take.

You can't help but let out a little sigh of relief.

It would seem Robin is not a witch.

No witch you know of would simply hand over their book.

The matchmaker panicked when you made to touch it. Even Tharja never let you directly hold it.

You gently take the book from Robin, smiling at her.

Very well. What is it she wants to show you?

She points down at the text, and your sight follows as you look down.

The light isn't the best for reading.

But you can see enough to make out what is written.

…The role of the siege engine is absolutely paramount to a successful capture of territory…

…weapons win battles, but planning wins wars…

…the advantages your army has are detriments to your enemies, and vice-versa, no matter how small…

… It's a book of military strategy.

Furthermore, it's a dense text. That much is obvious. You can tell that just by glancing at it. It's heavy in your hands.

Moreover, you can see something else.

The book isn't merely a book. There are scribbles in handwriting that don't match the text. That writing is etched into the margins.

In that case, the writer must be…

"I've studied this book for years, and many like it," says Robin.

–She has?!

You can't hide your surprise.

It's just too much of a non sequitur.


"Because… it's fascinating. I often tell myself I was born in the wrong era… and possibly the wrong sex. When I heard how fair-minded you were, that you even let women serve you… I finally thought my prayers had been answered."

You hear her give a little sniff as emotion fills her tone. You look up and see her eyes are clouded wet with tears.

"Please, 'Majesty… let me join your army. I have the knowledge, all I need is… a chance."

She holds her lips tight, waiting your response.

…You can't believe your fortune.

You had put off making the senior guard your General, in case you met someone more qualified, but…

Could this actually work?

You glance back down at her book and flip a few more pages.

–You don't have the time to assimilate all of it, and beyond that, the scope of the language from page to page is probably beyond your understanding. You've never particularly focused on studying military tactics.

But, the notes scribbled by Robin aren't confined to one page. Or ten.

She clearly is full of ideas.

Well, you're hardly going to make her General right that very second.

You nod, closing the book and turning it back to her.

You understand her desire, and you are intrigued by her ability, too.

But, you really must talk with her family. If only to smooth over potential problems.

Surely she'd agree they deserve that much. Wouldn't she?


Her face tenses, her expression hardening.

"No, they do not deserve even that," she says.

Her voice carries a certain amount of steel in it.

… You feel a chill run down your spine at Robin's words, and her sudden serious tone.

There's something going on here.

Would she care to… explain?

Explain to you, that is, why her family deserves such low regard from her?


She stares straight ahead in a long pause.

"I can't… but I will."

Her hands reach to touch yours.

"Please, 'Majesty… I believe what people say about you. I believe that you are a just man."

…You thank her, but you must also be King, concerned with your subjects, you say.

You urge her again to just tell you, what is the matter?


"…Promise me."

Promise her what, you ask?

"Promise me you'll allow me to serve in your army. That you won't send me home with my siblings."

Her fingers tighten around yours in her grip.

"Please… promise me this, and I will explain everything."

She won't say, unless you promise, you ask?

Her breaths are coming a little more hurriedly.

"I k-know you'll keep your promise. I know, you'll keep your word. N-No matter what they say or do at the news."

…Indeed. You will.

A man is nothing if his word is meaningless.

You don't follow that principle to the extremes King Vlad did, but you certainly live by it.

…More or less.

You take a deep breath, too.

Robin seems to know something. You're not sure what it could be connected to.

Was it about the Emerald Knight? Or something else?

At any rate, it seems to be weighing on her mind greatly.

Enough that she's come to you like this.

…There were avenues to consider.

Robin does seem genuinely talented. Or at least, learned. You don't doubt that your army would likely be stronger with her in it.

On the other hand…

Simply accepting her as one of your soldiers, with the predicate that she would 'throw away' her womanhood, as well as give up all claim to nobility, without the consent of her parents, or even the rest of her family… it seems a bit taboo.

You'd definitely end up upsetting the other nobles from Chrisania. Ideally, you could work out compensation for Robin, but if not…


How do you know this isn't a whim?

For as knowledgeable as Robin seems, she may not take to military life. Will she be able to handle the hard training they do every day?

You know the senior guard has his position through seniority and experience. Robin would never be respected if you made her General right away.

Perhaps you could use that to test her.

You wonder, though. What is she hiding that could be so terrible?

You glance at her face again, on the off chance you might see scars or something worse on her face from any ill-treatment.

…You don't think you see anything, except for the very shallow breaths Robin takes through her throat.

You gently extricate your fingers from her, and leave the book in her hands, as you ponder her words again.

You're not walking away without making a decision. You can't put this off.

Robin arranged this meeting, and her lungs look ready to burst if you force her to hold her breath any longer waiting for your reply.

You consider her request to you, and make your decision.

Choice time:
>You're moved enough by her words to accept her proposal. Promise Robin she may join your army. Then, hear her confession.
>Test her resolve. Impress on Robin that even if you let her in your army, she may not ever make a tactical decision. She may simply serve as a grunt for a long time doing hard, boring work. See if that changes her request.
>Deny her request. It's too sudden, and you have too many questions to risk upsetting her family. If she's willing to discuss it with them, then you'll have her in your army, but you won't make a promise. Don't hear Robin's confession.

37684 No.57123

Well this is certainly interesting… I'd like to propose another write-in:

Edward explains to Robin that he does strive to be a fair and just king. But that he can only be fair and just if he knows both sides of this story. She has to explain what her family has done to her to deserve this and her family will be given an opportunity to answer. We can promise her our full protection as long as the matter is not resolved.

Why am I proposing this? As much as Robin should be respected as an individual, making individual choice for her own well-being, we have to remember that this is a medieval setting. It's not like she is the property of her family, but in truth she is something close to it. Marrying off children is one of the few ways her family has to maintain or increase its influence. Robbing them of that opportunity is something not undertaken lightly. They are a noble family and have certain (unspoken and unwritten probably) rights. On top of that we want them to be our allies so we need to find a solution that doesn't completely alienate them.

4c0a8 No.57127


I also vote for this write in

e8add No.57137

This write-in is close enough to option 3 that I must count it as votes for option 3.

Please continue to vote.

6f783 No.57142

option 1! no regrets!

e8add No.57144

On further consideration, maybe this write-in could be taken as a request for more information. So I have written this addition:

>2 votes for write-in, impress on her you must hear both sides of the story to be fair.

…Robin's making an appeal based on your ability to be judge fairly.

Therefore, you must judge fairly.

You tell Robin that what she's asking isn't fair to her family.

You must consider both sides of an issue, and whatever she's going to say, you'll have to bring it up to them to hear their side. Only then can you make a proper, just, verdict. Her family will be wronged if you let her stay in the castle without their consideration.


She stares at you, unsure.

You won't deny her the chance to join your army outright, you tell her.

But you can't make a guarantee you'll go against their wishes either. Not without good cause.

If what she has to tell you is truly worthwhile and her family is in the wrong with no remedy… then, you'll consider her request.

But you must know what it is.


Robin slowly shakes her head.

"I can't… I just can't tell you. Not without your promise to help me and let me stay."

…Why not, you ask?

She's not making this easy.

Not at all, you add.

Robin looks away, eyes downcast.

"If I tell you… I can never go back. I'll never be able to go back."

Her voice is soft, almost a whisper.

"I won't be able to go back, and they'll never let me go, 'Majesty. This is my only chance… if I tell you without your promise I can stay, I'll be clasped between a hammer and anvil."

… Sounds unpleasant.

You breathe out a little sigh.

You reiterate… she's not making this easy.

"…I'm sorry."

She sounds truly regretful, but she makes no move to elaborate.

Seems you're not going to get any hints from Robin, then. You're beginning to grasp her stubbornness has something to do with 'loyalty'… maybe.

But, what? You don't know.

That just leaves you with the decision.

Choice time:
>Accept Robin's request. Give her a guarantee she may join your army, hear her confession.
>Test her resolve.
>She asks too much. If she changes her mind and will discuss it with you, and possibly them, then you will agree, but not before. If she really won't relent… that's too bad.

294c8 No.57150

Whatever is bothering Robin, it's clearly something she feels is dire enough to seek Edward's help in secrecy. Perhaps it might even be something Corrin and the others might not have any control over themselves.

I'm going with Option 1. Edward is not cruel enough to leave the poor girl hanging in a situation like this. There might be some awkward discussions later, but it seems to be in Robin's best interests.

ea40e No.57151

I'm gonna go with testing her resolve, because she needs to know all the possibilities. But from what's been said so far, it sounds like she'd take it even if we GUARANTEED she'd only be a grunt.

c7505 No.57153

Personally, I feel like testing her resolve is unnecessary, as she has shown a level of desperation that shows that she is willing to do just about anything.

I don't like taking gambles, but my bleeding heart says to take Option 1.

1a0c4 No.57158

Option 1.

Meta-knowledge dictates that she's an incredible tactician. And one that we'll likely need. And even if that doesn't apply, I'm all for helping out. What good does an image as a just and fair king do if we don't act on it?

ea40e No.57160

Fair points. I'll officially switch from option 2 to option 1.

e3abf No.57167

Reading this post makes me paranoid, because there's nothing saying that the briber and the Emerald Knight are the same person. It's entirely possible that the briber is just a friend of the Emerald Knight trying to improve their chances without EK's knowledge, or worse, an enemy of the Emerald Knight trying to frame them for bribery. We just don't have enough information to make any conclusion. I think our most pressing concern is figuring out who exactly the Emerald Knight is, and whether they match the description of the briber.
(Sorry for bringing this up months after it's posted.)

>Option 1
Why do I have a sinking feeling Erika is involved in this?

4c0a8 No.57168


I vote for Option 1

e8add No.57173

File: 1558169269248.jpg (303.97 KB, 1401x2048, Robin-determined.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>7 votes for option one, agree to Robin's request.

Give your word to Robin that she may join your army and abandon Chrisania forever.

…It occurs to you that agreeing to Robin's demand may not be what's fair.

It's making a judgment before you've heard her family's side of the story. Hell, it's making a judgment before you've heard Robin's side of the story. Based only on her word that she will tell you… something.

Furthermore, it's definitely something King Vlad would not do.

'King Vlad does not alter deals he has agreed to.' And King Vlad didn't let himself get forced into any deals, either.

…And yet…

You're not King Vlad, and it's all right to trust others, occasionally.

You just know Robin's information must be something substantial. Enough that she'd go against her own family.

You weren't sure what that said about Robin's loyalty, either, but you're going to take that wager.

Very well, you say.

Robin asks for your word, that you will let her join your army, take the oath to forsake her womanhood, and stay at the castle as one of your soldiers?

Very well. She has it.

You swear, you'll support her decision and allow her to join. No matter what her siblings do, or anyone else for that matter.


Robin gives a little gasp.

You watch her eyes blink as panic leaves her.

"You mean it, 'Majesty…? You really and truly promise."

You do.

And you would prefer she not ask you to affirm your promise again.

Your word is your bond. You must have her understand that too.


She nods, letting out a breath with a sigh of relief.

"Thank you… 'Majesty."

It looks like you pulled a great weight from her shoulders.

Before the moment grows too long, Robin's gaze becomes resolute. Determined.

She looks at you with a sharp seriousness, without a trace of the anxiety and ambivalence she displayed a few moments ago.

"Your Majesty… you are being plotted against," she announces.

… Oh, dear.

That's a revelation.

Before you can ask her to be more specific, she goes on.

"My parents mean to usurp your throne," she says.


That was quick!

You expected you'd have to deal with people scheming against you, but, already?! In the middle of your summer faire??

There's no mistaking Robin's accusation as anything less than outright treason!

You cough in surprise, interrupting Robin before she can continue.

This is… certainly something. Now it's your turn to feel panicked.

Come to think of it, you wonder if maybe Robin's announcement wasn't too loud.

You turn your head, looking up and down the hall, but see no one there.

… You don't dare put this off. You need to know what Robin knows.

You make eye contact with Robin, then whisper to her.

Choice time:
>Whisper to her that it's not secure enough to talk here. She will come with you immediately so you can talk in complete privacy.
>You can't risk taking her somewhere else and being seen with her openly. Whisper to her to keep her voice down, and explain everything.

666ab No.57174

Option 1

5d407 No.57176


Option 1

2aa62 No.57178

Uuuh, the plot thickens. Option one!

4c0a8 No.57191


Option 1

c7505 No.57192

Well, that paid off! Option 1. Privacy is of utmost importance. And it seems we'll have more work for Beatrice.

1a0c4 No.57205

Option 1.

e8add No.57214

>6 votes for option one, take the conversation somewhere private.

Go somewhere you can talk in secrecy.

This conversation is too sensitive.

You can't risk it being overheard and tipping off your enemies, or anyone else.

You whisper to Robin you must relocate, someplace more private.

Robin hears what you're saying and nods, going quiet.

All right…

Now the question was, where to go?

Your tower is the closest, you could just take her up there.

The problem is, you'll definitely be seen by the guard.

Though he's probably used to you taking women up there… what if you told him 'don't you dare speak to anyone about this one?'

–No, that's going to have the opposite effect. For all you know you may have a potential repeat of a guard taking Robin for an assassin, like they did with Beatrice.

You sigh. What's another option…

Taking her back to Tharja's wing?

That has the same problem, there will be a guard outside Tharja's wing. And it'll be a longer walk. You might be discovered by someone else on the way.

On the other hand, Tharja will likely be there. That may be to your benefit. Maybe you should have her present, as a witness to what Robin has to say?

And if Beatrice happens to be there too, she could perhaps ensure there was no possibility of being overheard. …Discreetly, if possible.

As for another possible location…

… You're not sure.

Maybe the treasury? If you don't miss your guess, Ricardo won't be there because he'll be dealing with the Elbanians.

Though the question of if he comes back or simply calls it a night is an open one. Hopefully the latter, otherwise he'll see you. Though you could decide to use him as a witness too, if that's the case.

And, of course, the guards will see you. But at least you can get in and out of there the quickest.

You don't have time to waste.

In that case, it was best to take Robin to…

Choice time:
>Take her to your tower. It's right there, and safe.
>Risk taking her to Tharja's wing. You could use Tharja's presence, and Beatrice's.
>Head to the treasury's back room. It'll be the easiest to enter and leave, at least.
>Somewhere else. (Write-in.)

6509f No.57223

Option 1

d6a98 No.57242


Option 1. Guard sees you in any event, but at least it's less "odd".

6f783 No.57245

option 2, shit's on now. magic time. magical butterfly spies, heck i dunno. I wish we had a science girl so that we could do science to it. i ramble but yeah option 2, milord

5d407 No.57271

Write in option 3.

Agree to meet in your tower at a convenient time, then invite Tharja and Beatrice to 'sneak' into your tower undetected using their magic. It will look Edward having his usual shenanigans with Robin from the surface, and the added benefit of having the company of the other two.

4c0a8 No.57272


Option 2

2aa62 No.57278

Beatrice can do that by turning into a butterfly, but Tharja is most likely to inexperienced as a witch to change form in this way. And that doesn't seem like the kind of magic that she could learn just like that.

Admittedly, we have not kept track of her progress all that well, but I assume if she had learned something awesome like that, I think she would have proudly told Edward at some point.

2aa62 No.57279

I vote for option one.

e8add No.57286

I'm afraid I can't allow this write-in. Not because Tharja couldn't do that (Edward would think it's possible they could sneak around using Beatrice's anti-sight, anti-sound magic,) but because Edward is currently in a panicked state-of-mind where he will not let Robin out of his sight until he hears her story. (For fear she'll change her mind, be discovered by someone else and silenced, or even assassinated, etc.)

Tabulating the votes, we have:
3 votes for option one, take Robin to the tower.
2 votes for option two, take Robin to Tharja's wing.

Please continue to vote.

e3abf No.57289

Is Beatrice guaranteed to be in Tharja's wing right now?
If so, Option 2. Our spymaster ought to hear the story firsthand, and she might have some good questions we may overlook.
If not, Option 1. We go to the tower and tell the tower guard the same thing we told them when we brought Margaret there:
>if someone who has valid business with you needs to ascend, they are free.

While I'm thinking about this, here's a smorgasbord of questions I have:
>Which of her siblings are involved in this plot? I'm suspicious of all three. Corrin already demonstrated that he was skilled at intrigue in his introduction, Camilla and Cordelia being so interested in Edward seems unbecoming/odd behavior for noblewomen, and I suspect Cordelia was hiding something incriminating while we were having sex with her.
>How much does she know about the plot? Will there be an assassination, a storming of the castle, a siege, or what? Does she know when they plan to strike?
>Any chance she knows anything about an Emerald Knight?
>(Further, I'm being totally paranoid about this, but why should we trust Robin's word about the treason? For all we know, Robin just overheard her father say "I hate that Virilian bastard on the throne, I wish we were rid of him" and this is a giant misunderstanding, or she's in on it and this meeting is to let her mark think he knows the con.)

e3abf No.57290

Also, I just realized that no matter what we do, we're going to need some sort of cover story. We ought to talk with Robin about that as well, once we're there.

e8add No.57294

Beatrice's location at night is not known to Edward, but he's guessing she 'might' be with Tharja, or possibly in her room. However, Edward would know his old room, which is now Beatrice's room, would not be private enough.

e8add No.57295

Sorry, I should say in "the late midday/afternoon," because it's not night or even sunset yet. (Indeed, Beatrice would be in her room if it was either of those.)

1a0c4 No.57309

Write-in variation of Option 2.

Give her detailed directions to Tharja's room. We go there right away, Robin meets us there in an hour.

Robin was already given permission to use Tharja's library and ask Tharja questions. It would not be unreasonable for her to attempt to find Tharja on her own. This also gives us time to summon Beatrice and Tharja, have Beatrice cast her silence spell out of Robin's view, and fill them in on Robin's potential information.

e8add No.57310

I'm sorry, I can't accept this write-in either for the same reason I couldn't accept >>57271

Edward's too panicked to let Robin out of his sight to meet her later. He has to take her somewhere personally, immediately.

ea40e No.57311

This is gonna get shut down for the same reason as >>57271. See >>57286.

As for my vote….. Write-in option two. Escort Robin to just before the wing, then let her enter alone. After a few (10?) minutes, head in ourselves. This should satisfy Edward's need to keep her in sight until she's in a safe area, and also allow us plausible deniability that we're not meeting Robin, just looking for Tharja.

e8add No.57312

I hesitate to deny a third write-in outright, but I'm not sure I understand the objective. Tharja's wing? Edward would know there would be a guard in front of there who wouldn't let Robin enter for no reason. And even if Edward told the guard she was allowed and sent Robin in there alone, Tharja herself wouldn't expect anyone to enter her private wing and might react badly to Robin's presence.

ea40e No.57317

Tharja's library is in her wing, correct? I forget exactly where it's located.
Anyway, in my head, I see it playing out much like >>57309 but without the time gap where Robin would be vulnerable to potential assassins or any of the other concerns Edward has thought of…. except changing her mind, but she could even do that while we're with her.

e8add No.57320

Yes, Tharja's wing includes the hallway with small windows, a corridor with Edward and Tharja's portrait leading to the library and Tharja's room, the library itself, and Tharja's room itself.

So the idea would be to retrieve Beatrice while Robin waits? Or simply to give some 'deniability' that he met with Robin?

If it's the former, it's probably better to do a write-in where Edward outright goes to Beatrice's room first to search for her, then takes her and Robin back to Tharja's room (or wherever else).

If it's the latter, it won't really work because the guard will at least see them. And as the guard would know (or at least think he knows) that there's only one way out of Tharja's wing (the same entrance), he'd know Robin would still be in there when Edward comes back without seeing her leave first. There'd also be the risk of being seen on the way to Tharja's room, as it would require more walking.

I'm sorry, I'll have to deny it outright. Edward would know setting Robin loose in Tharja's wing, where she really doesn't want anyone visiting without her approval, would open Robin up to conflict with her for no real reason. He could possibly lead Robin in to Tharja's wing, take her personally to Tharja's room, explain the situation to her and leave her with Tharja, and then go get Beatrice, though.

Though the best chance to keep being seen to a minimum would be to take Robin to the tower and hope the one guard who sees them doesn't say anything.

ea40e No.57324

Fair enough. Tower it is, then.

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