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e8add No.48104[View All]

To avoid possibly reaching a situation where potential votes would be lost because the reply limit was reached, I create a new Impregnator Kings thread.

Impregnator Kings has become a very long project, and many of the threads which were on pregchan are no longer available. They are, however, available via the Internet Archive. These threads are missing the full images, but still have a number of thumbnails. It's not an ideal solution, but it is one that allows the full story to be read.

Beginning thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Sir Edward of Virilia is a young aristocrat who has made a name for himself for his virility and his ability to impregnate many women. This allows him the opportunity to marry above his station. His Father arranges a meeting with a matchmaker in which Edward is given the opportunity to choose what woman will become his wife. He must think not only of how attractive each woman is, but their own unique situations facing the countries they come from and what lives they lead.

Second thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Sir Edward, now Crown Prince Edward, has chosen to marry Princess Tharja. Tharja is a bewitching beauty from the very distant country of Ruhemania. After a long journey, Edward arrives at Castle Valachia, meets his new wife, and begins to try to adjust to living in a new country, far away from his home, family, and everything he ever knew. He has an immediate attraction with Tharja, and their mutual infatuation with each other quickly turns to one of love. Edward truly believes he's found his soul-mate, but he has a number of other factors to consider. Tharja's father, His Royal Majesty King Vlad, judges his every move. A mysterious maid named Daniella stalks the corridors of the castle, presumably as King Vlad's spy. He has to deal with two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who have been assigned as his personal maids. He strikes up a sort of 'understanding' with King Vlad's Master of Coin, an older man named Ricardo. Finally he finds some routine by sparring with the guards when he has the opportunity. Still, there are clearly secrets to be found in this old castle, and the motives of King Vlad suggest there is much Edward doesn't know about.

Third thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Tharja reveals to him her secret because she has no other choice: she's a witch, and Edward has had a curse placed on him, the most likely origin being when he took the matchmaker to bed, when he first decided upon his bride. They form a plan to search out the help of Beatrice, the Golden Witch, hoping she will be powerful enough to break Edward's curse. Doing their best to keep a low profile, they sneak out of the castle and make a long hike to her mansion. Beatrice is fickle and capricious with her magic, but Edward and Tharja convince her to help them summon Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge who masqueraded as a matchmaker, so Edward can ask her to lift his curse. They succeed, and part on amiable terms, but the night is far from over. They've attracted the attention of Daniella, who was secretly a witch-hunter, and she will accept nothing less than Tharja and Beatrice's deaths. Daniella is subdued, and after being taken to the dungeon, she reveals the true background of Ruhemania. Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power. The Independent Duke Vlad, for whatever reason, rebelled against that order. His unification war to unite Ruhemania as one country was actually a great extermination campaign to purge the land from the scourge of witches and witchcraft. Through a number of circumstances, Tharja came upon a magical book that she was able to use to become a witch, prompting Daniella's suspicion and eventual conflict. Beatrice decries King Vlad's efforts as nothing more than outright slaughter of her friends. Edward is presented with a choice of who to side with. Accept Daniella's explanation: force Tharja to renounce witchcraft forever, impregnate Daniella with children she will raise to be the next generation of witch-hunters, continue to be groomed as King Vlad's heir until he expires of natural causes. Or, to side with Beatrice: kill Daniella, hide her body in the oubliette, allow Beatrice to assassinate King Vlad, become the new King of Ruhemania immediately with his death, and continue to have Tharja practice witchcraft. Edward chooses to side with Beatrice, undoing King Vlad's work and embracing the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania… on his own terms.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

King Vlad dead, Crown Prince Edward must quickly prepare for his coronation. He learns from Ricardo that despite King Vlad's insistence that he could not afford many simple luxuries, the treasury is in very healthy shape. Not soon after, Beatrice arrives, posing as a noble, and quickly assimilates herself into daily life in Castle Valachia, swearing to serve Edward in matters of magic… to a point. Edward is coronated in a poignant ceremony. As a new King with new ideas, King Edward sets out to make many decisions that will affect the castle, and the country. During this time, he cements his good reputation with the guards. Beatrice is made into his spymaster and begins work investigating the various people he must deal with day to day. Edward promises to build her a grand tower to live in and hires an architect and crew to build it.

Fifth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

There are many things for Edward to consider as he continues his rule. His horse arrives, a special promised gift from King Vlad, with a beautiful girl named Malon as a stablehand. The first signs Tharja is pregnant begin to appear, bringing him the joy of siring a legitimate child and that his position as King will be secured with an heir. However, a random factor appears in Erika, another witch, and sole survivor of King Vlad's purge. Moreover, she has a rivalry with Beatrice that invites conflict. Edward has her leave, concerned about appearances… but is surprised when Erika appears in his bedroom late at night. Though he has concerns, he cannot resist impregnating her. In the end, he finds a suitable manor for her in the Kingdom that she can use as a new home. She accepts the offer and leaves. Edward swears to Tharja that he won't ever put himself in a situation that will risk his life… so that they can live out as much time as they can have together before he dies a mortal's death and she lives on as an immortal witch. Elizabeth is symbolically made into Edward's 'slave'.

Sixth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html

Edward helps Tharja decide what her legacy as a witch, and your wife, should be. Preparation for the Summer Faire that Edward has decided to hold continue. The treasury of Ruhemania sits near-empty with the expenditures he's made to prepare for it. A new obstacle appears in the priest representing the Church insists that Tharja must attend a service and give confession. Tharja still has issues with guilt regarding the Church, and fear she will be found out. Beatrice is given instructions to help Tharja move past them. Edward is forced to make a decision into what sort of priest to appoint as a court chaplain, and chooses an immature priest who will bring at least two nuns with him to the castle. This indirectly results in a situation that ultimately turns out awkward and Edward confesses his has issues with prostitutes to Tharja. As the Faire approaches and time runs out to make preparations, Edward chooses to focus on the maids' activities.

Seventh thread: https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html (Thread available on pregchan until removed. In which case a new link on the Internet Archive will hopefully be available.)

Edward discovers he's unwittingly helped put Elizabeth in a bad situation, and that there's no easy solution. He does his best to reassure Margaret he's cares about them. Lesser nobles begin to arrive to the Faire. They hold no titles and are mostly the left-overs from King Vlad's unification war. Edward must deduce for himself who to be wary of and who to trust. He quietly recruits his guards for this purpose. He must maneuver several delicate situations with his nobles, traveling merchants, and a band of performing nomads that show up. Above all, Edward strives to be just, but fair. In all, Edward has impregnated many of the women present. Tharja is pregnant but not showing. Elizabeth has a tiny bump. Malon reports missing her menstruation. A widowed peasant is pregnant with Edward's child. The last hold-outs are Sully, a female guard, and Beatrice. Edward does his best to ensure they're both inseminated, at least. The Faire has brought many new women to the castle.

A chat thread exists for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


The new update will be posted soon.
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3b712 No.57494

Option 3. We should definitely consult with Beatrice. Probably Tharja too, get a "witch council" going on this one.

294c8 No.57499

Option 3. Edward definitely can't make any particularly hasty moves here. This is going to require time (and possibly help from our witches) to figure out a good solution. Also perhaps encounters with Camilla and Cordelia might shed some extra light on this situation as well (I think it's pretty clear now why Cordelia couldn't look Edward in the face during their encounter, and there's probably a way to turn an encounter with Camilla to Edward's advantage as well)

0d8ea No.57501

Option 3 (with suggestion of write in).
Write in: Inquire into Erika.
Reason; didn't we send Erika to Chrisania? Best case scenario there we remove the parents and gain 3 witches. Worst case is this leads to confrontation with Erika. Summoning her is dicey but we could always invite her to the faire via a magical message sent by Tharja. Erika assisting Chrisania is not too far fetched as Danielle revealed that "Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power." It doesn't solve Corrin's fate; further inquiry into him is probably required.

4c0a8 No.57505

I vote for Option 3

86534 No.57507

I'm also going to go with option three. Only fools rush in…

Yep, we send Erika to Chrisania. We found that out here:
If Edward invites Erika, she won't come because the Castle is Tharja's and Beatrice's home and therefore coming without an invitation from either of them will be in violation of the Pax Bernkastle. That's a killing offence among witches. She won't risk that.
And even if Tharja or B invite her: That's a recipe for chaos and destruction. She is the witch of destruction after all!

Maybe (very big maybe) we can ask her to help if and when we ever decide to have Corrin's parents executed and for whatever reason want to got outside the law. But even then: Erika is everything but trustworthy. If she rains down destruction on anyone, be it on our request or just because she wants to, it will not be a quiet death. It will arouse all kinds of suspicion. Even if we can spin that to be an act of god (we are King by divine right after all, our enemies deserve to get hit by lightning or asteroids out of nowhere, right?), at least the church will take notice and investigate. And if Edward is drawn into that, Tharja will be under investigation as well.

I say we don't risk setting Erika loose on anyone except as a measure of absolute last resort. If we need someone killed, we can ask Beatrice. She has done it before and was very professional about it.

e8add No.57508

>7 votes for option three, do nothing for now.

Resolve to investigate the matter further before committing to an irreversible decision.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.57509

You don't want to make a rash decision that will affect the lives of the other three Chrisania siblings until you have all the evidence.

Especially Cordelia, who may be on her way to becoming a mother.

You tell Robin not to worry. You will handle the matter.

In the meantime you'll thank her not to say anything that would betray what you now know.

Robin nods, hesitantly.

"Of course, Your Majesty."


You think you're done here, then. For now…

You'll make arrangements with Beatrice and see for yourself what you can get out of Cordelia, Camilla, or Corrin–

"What do I say now, 'Majesty?"

Robin's question snaps you out of your pondering.

What's she talking about, you ask?

"To take my oath!"

… Oh.

The one to forsake her womanhood and live as a man.

Robin nods.

"I want to become your soldier and get my things moved into the barracks as soon as possible, 'Majesty."

… Hrm.

That would… definitely upset the proverbial apple cart.

Even if it doesn't give away that you know about the 'plot' so to speak, it's not going to make them happy to know their sister won't be going home with them.

–Well, maybe it will, but it will force the issue of how to compensate them.

Robin's smiling from ear to ear.

She looks truly excited at the prospect of swearing her oath.

She must really want to get away and start living the military life.

You can't help but hesitate.

Should you allow it, and have her swear the oath right now, letting her move in the same night to the barracks, or… delay?

You did promise she could join your army, but it might be to your advantage to delay the actual move.

As long as she doesn't get forcibly put on a carriage and sent away, she can swear her oath at any time.

–Though, can you be sure of that? Maybe the Chrisania siblings will pack up and go home early once they know if they're pregnant, or at least one of them is pregnant.


You inwardly grapple with anxiety at the uncertainty of yet another delicate situation.

… But regardless of those feelings, you smile at Robin.

Despite the difficult decision, her smile really is… cute. It's nice to see her looking so genuinely happy.

Softly, you tell her what you've decided.

You've ruled out having her swear her oath, then sending her back to her siblings like normal.

The oath must be taken seriously. Once she swears it, she's serving as your soldier. You'd disrespect the tradition and the honor of your guards if you treated it frivolously.

Choice time:
>Have Robin swear her oath to forsake her womanhood and become your soldier. Move her to the barracks along with her possessions. Risk the objections and suspicions of her siblings.
>Make reassurances and delay Robin swearing her oath. Emphasize it's only temporary while you investigate and you won't break your promise.

e3abf No.57514

>Option 2
I'm sure Robin would understand that moving her to the barracks immediately would totally blow her cover. We need time to find a real solution.

86534 No.57521

Write-In: Take her to the barracks and let her swear the oath in front of her superior-officer-to-be.
We will have to talk to him and explain the situation anyway. Might as well get it over with.
(And if there happen to be some spectators nearby, maybe some other women who are interested in becoming soldiers, then that's a bonus)

294c8 No.57522

I'm going to go with Option 2. For being the tactician she thinks she is, Robin is letting her emotions cloud her better judgement right now. The best strategy is to keep up the appearance of nothing out of the ordinary until Edward can dig into this situation further.

Now that being said, taking her on a tour of the barracks isn't necessarily a bad idea. It just can't be her permanent residence quite yet.

e8add No.57523

I will count this as a vote for option one, since it's almost exactly what option one would entail anyway.

Please continue to vote.

c7505 No.57525

option 2. I like the idea of showing her the barracks to give her something, but we need to be discrete until we have the siblings figured out.

accb2 No.57526

Option 2. Seems like a relative no-brainer option until a more thorough and definitive investigation can be made into these claims to begin with, among other consequences currently in play…

1a0c4 No.57530


Write her up a contract as an official mercenary under jurisdiction of the crown temporarily, and have her swear her oath at the end of the Faire.

If this is not an acceptable write-in, then I pick Option 2.

e8add No.57531

It's an interesting idea! Unfortunately, I have to decline this write-in. A mercenary is, generally speaking, a commoner who lives outside the confines of the traditional feudal system. They have no obligation or loyalty to a lord and instead are loyal only to money. Robin is definitely Ruhemanian nobility, living in Ruhemania, so she has an obligation to Edward. So, hiring her as a mercenary serving the Crown makes no sense because it ignores that she already 'serves' him as a noble. It'd be implying she was in some sort of rebellion against him, or had lost her standing. Or he'd have to try to pass her off as a commoner in a ruse, which wouldn't work with her family there and the fact she looks, dresses, and talks like a noble. (Not to mention Robin doesn't have a physique that makes her look like a fighter to begin with.)

There may be some exceptions of nobles working as mercenaries in some capacity in this medieval(ish) story, but it wouldn't apply here.

Please continue to vote.

I will close the vote tomorrow.

5d407 No.57534


Option 2, again, we don't need to rush.

4c0a8 No.57538

Option 2

Ideally it's pretty close to the end of the Faire

e8add No.57556

File: 1558760455269.jpg (120.86 KB, 845x1014, Robin-expectations.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>1 vote for option one, allow Robin to swear her oath to serve as your soldier.
>7 votes for option two, don't allow Robin to swear her oath, until later.

Explain to Robin that she can't swear her oath right now.

You can't let her do that… yet.

Your first instinct when she asked you to join was that you had better know what her siblings thought of the matter.

If you allow her to join immediately and move straight from the guest room to your barracks, it's going to provoke an outrage, at best.

At worst, you will alert the other Chrisania siblings to your new knowledge of the plot.

…Or so you explain to Robin, who, surprisingly, listens quietly.

You're risking it blowing up in your face. The siblings will still be upset if you let Robin join without somehow orchestrating a solution for the other three before they leave. Perhaps more so, and you won't have much time to negotiate compensation. In fact, it may even provoke suspicions that you conspired to keep it a secret with Robin, which is what you're doing.

You're assuming you'll find some good solution to your dilemma before the end of your Faire with this choice.

But, if not… the Faire will be over, you suppose. It's not like you'll have to deal with tense meetings with Corrin and his other sisters for the next few weeks.

Robin, after hearing rationale, panics.

"I understand, but, if you wait too long, they'll pack all my things up and I won't be able to bring my books with me!"

She explains the book on military strategy she's carrying is only one volume of four, all of which she's brought with her to the Faire.

She can't justify hauling the other copies around with her all day. It's possible that when the Faire ends, all of her things will be put on the carriage bound back for Chrisania and she will lose some of them. She doubts her siblings will be in a state of mind to be generous to let Robin take her belongings back, especially when they technically belong to her family.

"I'll lose all my notes!" she urges you, with an anxious, desperate expression.

You're a little dumbfounded that she chose to bring a library of books with her to your Faire. It seems a waste of time to spend it reading, especially something she's familiar with and read so often.

In that case… you're not sure what's a good solution.

Will they notice the books are gone, you ask? She could hand them over to Tharja and she'll keep them safe.

Robin… hesitates.

"They might notice I no longer have them."


Well, you'll see what happens a few days before the Faire ends. If you have a solution, no problem. If you don't, you'll have her things moved and deal with the results then.

You promise you won't overlook that detail.


Robin looks nervous, but she nods.

"All right… I'll trust you, 'Majesty."

You wonder, in the back of your mind, if telling your stablemen not to let the Chrisania nobles leave would be enough?

You'd have to have some way of identifying them… not to mention that if it came to that they'd very much want to know 'why not?' What if they outright refused to let you take them back? Were you to take them at blade-point?

Ugh. You'll find a perfect solution later.

Robin starts to stand up.

You're almost ready to tell her that a subject leaves the King's presence when He is ready and not before, but then you remember you had said you were both done.

"I hope it helped you, 'Majesty. And I look forward to renouncing my womanhood."

She says it rather pleasantly.

–You should ask Robin one last thing before she goes.

There's been a few things weighing on your mind that her final statement makes you think of.

You reach up a hand to stop Robin before she moves too far.

One last thing.

Choice time:
>Robin's attitude has been all over the place, but the flash of anger she had before confuses you now. Why was Robin so angry earlier when she derided her family? Was it only on your behalf?
>There must be something Robin overlooked when you asked her for proof. Is Robin absolutely sure there's no evidence of the plot? Even the tiniest thing?
>It hasn't escaped your consideration that the Emerald Knight may have been a woman. Does Robin know anything about the Emerald Knight? Or if anyone in her family plans on participating in the joust.
>Robin seems unaffected by taboos and talks relatively openly about King Vlad. How much does she really know about him? It could give you some insight into how the other nobles view his legacy.

1a0c4 No.57559

Option 2.

294c8 No.57560

This is a tough one. I think we can already rule out anything to do with the Emerald Knight. Given the siblings' mission, anything that could result in their injury is probably to be avoided (and I have a pretty good feeling that it isn't Corrin either). Trying to press for further evidence of the plot seems a bit futile as well, there are other ways to try to get more information about that. As for her attitude towards her family, it's not a huge leap to conclude their parents don't hold ANY of them in particularly high regard (why else tell their daughters to go and get knocked up), but I suppose it's an avenue that could still be explored. What knowledge she's gleaned about Vlad could be interesting, however, which makes this an interesting toss up between 1 and 4…

I'm actually going to go with Option 1. This seems like an opportunity to learn of the actual family dynamic between Robin, her siblings, and her parents (who clearly are the source of a lot of problems right now). Perhaps there's an extra motive to the plan hidden here…

5d407 No.57562

option one

c7505 No.57569

I also vote for option 1. and showing that we care always helps.

e3abf No.57573

>Option 1
How many days/weeks are left in the Faire? Seems we're on a clock.

e8add No.57579

There is no set end date, but eventually the merchants will run out of wares, the entertainment will cease, and the nobles will return home because there is nothing else for them to do.

As long as there is some named event that has not yet happened (such as the jousting tournament), the Faire will not be at risk of being 'over'.

Please continue to vote.

86534 No.57604

I am also going with option one, because I have a gut feeling that she has some particular issue with one of her siblings. Maybe Corrin has been mistreating his sister(s)?

Way back in the beginning it was decided that being a single mother carries no particular stigma in this world. Otherwise Edward could not have been the good guy character we wanted to play as.
I think there is probably less malice or disregard for their daughters than one might imagine at first glance.

In fact, now that I think of it… If single mothers and bastard children are not an immediate disqualification from society as it would have been in our middle ages, the rules of high society probably work a little bit differently in the story. Maybe some noble women decide that it is better for their societal status to stay unmarried and have bastard children than to marry someone lower than themselves.
Obviously Vlad didn't choose that path for his only daughter, but maybe a family with ambitions as this one decides a King's bastard is a big step upwards while everyone they could otherwise marry and have children with would be beneath them.

All I'm saying is: I wouldn't want to rule out the possibility that Cordelia and Camilla are going along with this plan willingly and Robin is the only one that needed the peer pressure.

e8add No.57606

Well, hold on, that's not quite what I meant. My comment was only that every woman impregnated by Edward did not, as a matter of course, have to be separated from their child and sent to an orphanage.

Impregnator Kings was still in its relative infancy at that stage. Since Edward was chosen to be a 'good guy,' more or less, my thinking was: "If Edward knew that every woman he impregnated would have her baby eventually taken from her, and that it'd be nothing but trauma for every woman, then he likely couldn't continue impregnating women out of sheer guilt." Obviously this would take the fun out of the game. And it wouldn't be uplifting to depict either. Perhaps if everyone wanted a darker game I would've gone with a more strictly historical route, but that's not what happened, so the setting had to bend to accommodate.

So, my decision was not so much "there is no stigma on single mothers, or women who have sex," so much as "a single mother won't necessarily be separated from her child and forced to give it up to an orphanage." Orphanages definitely exist, and a woman would be free to deliver a baby to an orphanage, but I wanted to make the allowance that the female characters who truly want to raise children can have them. With only some exceptions, which are exceptions for specific reasons.

Consider also the setting. In Virilia, it had practically been accepted that Edward was doing this. It was his reputation, and almost every girl was already knocked up, or had been in the past. I even described that the first women Edward was with were sent away from their positions as servants by his father and replaced, until his father caught on that wouldn't stop Edward and he just left everything alone. In Ruhemania, he's starting to regain the reputation, but he's not there yet.

The Church's viewpoint on Edward is another hint about how society views this. If Edward was just having sex with absolutely everyone, he would surely face more censure. Since he's specifically doing it to create more children, the harshness is mitigated somewhat. They still don't like it and want him to stop, but the toleration is there. A woman who gets pregnant without a specific partner is surely looked down upon by the more conservative, but less so than if she were just having sex for the sake of sex.

Or, to try to put it more shortly: this isn't a completely free society with no penalties for out-of-wedlock sex and babymaking, but some allowances are made for the sake of keeping the story 'upbeat'.

I will close the vote a little later. If you'd like to vote, you still have the chance to do so.

86534 No.57610

Really? Is my memory getting that bad? I even remember asking you about that way back when I joined the audience and you clarifying that point for me… I didn't archive the chat threads, so there is no way for me to look it up.

On the other hand "characters who truly want to raise children can have them" is maybe not quite how I stated it, but it seems to me that it is close to what I said in a certain way. If we're being nitpicky almost every woman who truly wanted children could have them during every time period. If that sentence has any meaning, it must mean that the burden of being shamed for these children is lessened to a degree in the story that makes it a somewhat realistic choice to have children out of wedlock, right?

Anyway… In the end your intent counts more than my shoddy memory.

e8add No.57614

A link to the first archived chat thread can be found in the first three archived threads.

I believe what you're referring to is this?

"Here is another thing to consider: We need the local monastaries on our side for later. Where do you think the royal bastards will go? Elizabeth, Margaret, Sully, they are all unwed. Raising a child out of wedlock was socially impossible in medieval times. The accepted alternative was to give them to monastaries and let them grow up there. Especially bastards of noble men were expected to be supported with money.
On the other hand: Given that this very much complicates to whole theme of the story (especially the moral aspect of knocking up just about everyone), aristo's version of church might work differently though."

And my reply:

"I don't want to say any concrete statements about the Church here. I will say that a backstory of every single girl Edward impregnated having to give up their child to an orphanage was too dark for my liking. Some downsides of pregnancy in the medieval (ish) era have been addressed realistically, but not that.

At the very least, if that were true, no woman would likely have sex with him a second time, and he has made women pregnant multiple times.

The backstory of Virilia and how it dealt with Edward's fruitfulness (at least, from Edward's point of view) has been addressed in the story."

I see now I was a bit vague with my wording and you could easily have interpreted it as there being no stigma. My apologies.

I think also at the time I was considering "commoners will have an easier time raising their children out-of-wedlock than nobles," and Edward had definitely had sex more with commoners than nobles at that time.

86534 No.57616

Thank you for clearing that up! You really go the extra mile digging through ancient history here. Shows that you really care about the story and about your readers. You're awesome! And thank you for being so patient with me. I have the feeling I'm the cause of much, if not most of the need for clarification these last few weeks. Maybe that's just me getting old. But you're always patient. Again, you're awesome!

For what it's worth, I'm fully on board with a distinction between what commoners and what nobles can get away with socially.

I can't wait to read the next chapters.

e8add No.57622

Thank you very much. Please, ask for clarifications as much as you like. That goes for everyone. I want everyone to have the tools to make the decision they most want to see with their one vote. It helps me as well. In answering the questions, I must also think and consider what areas of the setting I may have taken for granted and need to address it more thoroughly.

That said, I think the vote has settled on its choice.

>5 votes for option one, ask about Robin's earlier angry comments.

>1 vote for option two, confirm if there really is no evidence of the plot.

Focus on asking about Robin's earlier emotional words.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.57687

File: 1559033017429.jpg (102.72 KB, 970x666, Robin-gambled.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You recall one detail in the talks leading up until now.

You'd almost forgotten it in the emotional turbulence of hearing about this plot against you.


You ask Robin.

What did she mean when she said her family did not deserve even the littlest consideration?

Was it simply anger on your behalf?

The serious tone she used suggested something more.

"…Oh, did I?"

Robin tilts her head, remembering.

"To be honest… no. I wasn't merely angry they would dare plot against the King. –I mean, it was a stupid plot, that uses my body as a tool without any care from me, and you were turning out from my research to be as good a King as one could expect under the circumstances…"


You almost want to interrupt her to ask what she means by that, but you let her go on.

"…but, no. I'm more referring to the indignation my family forces on me."

She folds her book under her arm.

"May I ask you a question, 'Majesty? Do you have any siblings?"

…You confide that you do.

One younger brother, Albert. He is far away, in Virilia.

She nods.

"Then you would agree, this younger brother should have no claim to your titles you may inherit."

…Well, yes. That's simply how inheritance works.

Usually, at least. You suppose there are some Kingdoms that operate under different laws, but as for you in Virilia and Ruhemania, the eldest received the father's titles when he died.

Robin nods.

"Yes… and that is why the relationship between me and Corrin is patently unfair."

Her tone doesn't waver, but you can see her grip her book tighter, her teeth grinding.

"We're not just siblings, Your Majesty. We're twins."

Ah. That's interesting. You suppose those sorts of twins exist, too. Not ones where the babes look completely identical, like the two maids you hired from the pig-farmer's family.

"Moreover, I came out from my mother's womb first. That means I'm the eldest."

Her voice does finally raise in pitch as she reaches the crescendo of her explanation.

"So what sense does it make that Corrin is the one being trained to inherit the estate of the family, and I get nothing?!"


That she's a woman is the obvious answer.

She nods.

"Right! Because I'm a woman… I'm not worth listening to, even as my parents make stupid decision after stupid decision. Because I'm a woman, I don't get access to the birthright Corrin doesn't even want…"

Robin's face lights up in a delighted grin.

"But, now I've met you! I gambled everything on you being as reasonable as your reputation suggests, and you didn't let me down, 'Majesty."

She dips her head in a masculine bow.

"I look forward to serving in your army. To putting my skills at warfare to use for you. And getting to leave the tyranny of my family behind."

You're a bit stunned.

It's a lot to process, and Robin isn't really being careful with her words or emotions.

But what you're getting from this is Robin is much more ruthless than you expected.

–No, perhaps that's not the right word. Ambitious?

She certainly has ambitions, at least. Her role in your army is part of it.

It sounds like she's not just expecting you to give her command in tactical decisions, she's expecting you to be actually be at war at some point.

… Hurm.

You suppose you can't slap her with the fact she'll be doing a lot of menial work as a soldier before she ever gets to that point, if ever. Not now.

Instead, you try another tactic.

You gently point out that… if women were afforded the same entitlements as men, it would be her older sister Camilla who would be the designated heir to whatever holdings her family has, not her.


Robin blanches as your point strikes home.

"Yes, your words are true, 'Majesty."

You nod. It seems at least Robin can take some criticism. You leave it at that.

You're anxious to discuss this development with your two witches, or at least make some plan of what to do.

But, you have to escort Robin downstairs and see her off, first. You're not taking another chance that your guard will assume you've been murdered by your guest.

You leave that part out and simply style it as a move of gallantry on your part.

e8add No.57688

File: 1559033068603.png (824.57 KB, 850x1133, Robin-embarrased.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Robin stops suddenly as you're both halfway to the door.


Robin stops, suddenly looking very shy.

What is it, you ask?

Did she remember something else?

She nods.

The guard… probably thinks we're being… amorous, together."

–Most likely.

It is the natural conclusion when a man and woman are left alone together.

"…Should I try to… look the part?"

She blinks innocent eyes at you, head tilted up.

Another step and you could be embracing.

You do remember, vaguely, Beatrice giving you this same logic when she came to visit you in your tower as your 'Mistress'… Robin's assessment is not wrong, strictly speaking.

But, could you push your luck? Should you?

Choice time:
>Keep your time together chaste. Suggest Robin wrinkle her clothes a bit, then escort her downstairs.
>Indulge a little. Suggest the deceit will work better if Robin appears truly embarrassed and bashful. And that the best way to accomplish that is a little intimacy between you both. See if it convinces her to let you embrace her.

accb2 No.57690

Option 2.
Sure, it might be a ploy, but the first choice just seems so…decidedly un-Edward-like…

99273 No.57691


Option two

4aba8 No.57692

Option one.

I'm kind of skeptic if an open display will really work as well as with Beatrice for example. Her sisters know that Robin is more than reluctant to go along with the plan. And they know her to be stubborn. The most believable cover story is that Edward tried to get into her pants but Robin turned him down.
Edward is known for sleeping with every willing woman, but he is (hopefully) also known not to force the issue if she isn't willing. At least our servants probably know that Margaret turned down Edward's advances on more than one occasion.

3b712 No.57693

Option 2. If she's not into it, we can just tell her to muss herself up a bit, but if she's up for it, why not?

4c0a8 No.57699


I vote for option 2

(And just as an aside, opposite sex twins are just slightly less common than same sex twins when you add in identical twins)

71473 No.57700

Option 2

e8add No.57705

File: 1559071794725.jpg (39.86 KB, 546x478, Robin-flushed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>1 vote for option one, keep the meeting chaste.
>5 votes for option two, suggest you become a little more friendly.

Engage in some intimacy with Robin.

You can't help but be yourself.

You tell Robin she could just wrinkle up her clothes, maybe bunch up her upper clothes in particular…

But it will be much more successful a look if her body acts the part. Meaning, if her face is flushed, her heart is beating faster, and she can't hold back her arousal.


Robin looks up at you with curious eyes.

The pause turns into a moment and you wonder if you pushed your luck too far. But, then–

"…Really?" she asks. Eyes and lips curious.

You nod.

You add that you really don't mind embracing her a little… for the sake of the deception.


She doesn't say anything, but she makes a little ambivalent moan.

Then she holds her arms out and spreads her feet apart, enough to give you access to touch her body.

It's an invitation you can't stand to ignore.

You step closer and wrap your arms around her.


She lets out a small moan as you settle in to your embrace.

You trace your hands over her body, searching for where she's sensitive.

It's easiest to start with her ass, so that's where your hands settle first.


Robin, surprised by your touch, arches her body against you as your hands fondle her backside.

You can feel her small petite chest press against your front.

You didn't think much of her body compared to her sisters when you were at the dinner, but Robin's mannerisms are very… cute.

You slide your hands up and down her back, which makes her just further press her front to you, until your chests are practically flesh together.


You already had sex with Cordelia earlier… but.

It's too much.

The feeling of Robin's body gives you a huge erection.

Your groin tugging itself full of blood until it's rubbing through your leggings. And then, consequently, presses right against Robin's crotch.

Her eyes immediately widen, her cheeks flushed red.

"M-Majesty, isn't that your…" she stutters.

…Indeed it is.

Of course, the feeling had to be mutual, you tell her. She could hardly ask you not to become aroused.


Robin's breathing becomes heavy, labored.

You don't think she's ever been this close to a man before. Certainly not to get up close and personal with his penis.

…You decide to really press your luck.

You tell her she's free to explore, if she likes.


She bites her lip, looking up at your face, as she considers the notion.


She brings a hand up to her face, and bites into the finger of her glove, tugging it off her hand before letting it drop to the ground, exposing her bare skin.

You take in the sight with a subtle little grin. It's not enough for her to use a gloved hand? You suppress a snicker.

But, the amusement of the situation changes as her hand drops to your crotch.


Now it's your turn to groan as she massages your manhood through your clothes.

Robin's fingers settle on the pulse of your cock, pressing against it.

"It's… throbbing," she notes, voice heady with lust.

You don't say anything.

You just let Robin have her moment.

She curls her feminine fingers and traces them up and down the length, from the base of the shaft to your cocktip, straining with pressure.

You can feel yourself becoming wet with precum as she continues to rub.

You're making your own set of grunts as she continues, unabated.



Robin, on her next slide up the length of your cock, suddenly trails her hand even farther upward, to the waistband of your leggings.

She wordlessly slips her hand inside your bottoms, pressing the bare skin of her hand to the bare skin of your cock.


You're dangerously close to the point of no return.

Robin seems to realize this, and holds her hand still.

Her eyes are on your face, on the expression you must be making as you try to hold back your lust.

The atmosphere is too heady for you to hold back.

You press a kiss to her forehead and whisper.

You tell Robin… she's free to undo the bindings on your leggings, if she likes.

At this, Robin's face tenses into an expression of fear.

"N-No, we can't 'Majesty! If we get undressed… you're going to want to have sex."

–You nod. That is the natural conclusion of your petting and flirting.

But… is that bad?

You trace your hands up and down her torso, eager to feel more of her slim body.

Robin's lips turn into a completely conflicted frown.

"But… if I get pregnant… I'll never be able to serve in your army…"

…Oh. That's what she's thinking about.

Certainly it would be harder for her… physical training, at least.

Sully already has a toned body, but Robin does not. You can't imagine pregnancy making it easier for Robin to gain muscle.

And yet…

Choice time:
>You can't let this opportunity slip away. Assure Robin she can still serve in your army, even if she were to become pregnant. Propose sex.
>Use all your willpower to back down and let the flirting end here.
>Compromise. Satisfy your lusts with non-vaginal sex.

294c8 No.57706

I'm going to go with Option 1, not just because it means Edward gets to try his luck knocking up Robin (…some delicious irony, that Camilla might wind up the last of the sisters Edward gets his hands on), but we can use Sully as an example in a rather interesting way. Obviously Edward isn't going to outright mention his attempts to knock the soldier up, but let's remember one VERY key detail about her lineage: I forget off-hand if it was her grand"father" or a generation further back, but one of them was a soldier who got pregnant (gave birth on the battlefield, I think?). This sort of thing seems to have not been a huge deal even during Vlad's reign. And given Sully and Robin may very well not be the only ones in the long run, there might be ways found (either in one of Tharja's books or information learned elsewhere later) to help train while pregnant to reduce strain on the body while building or maintaining strength.

5d407 No.57715


Option one, pregnant generals ftw

c7505 No.57721

Option 3. She can see and meet Sully later to help convince her that having a baby would be okay. Right now, I'm more concerned with how the rest of the men see her. While loyal to us, I think they'll have a hard time putting faith in a noblewoman that has never fought before, even if she has a good mind for tactics. Sully at least is already 'one of the guys'. Robin, not so much.

47690 No.57722

Option 1

accb2 No.57725

Option 1. As memory serves, Ed-boy has always been, for better or worse, a balls-deep kind of guy. It is basically the genesis of the story so to say. So…

1a0c4 No.57740

Option 2.

This has bad end written all over it. We made a big leap to trust Robin, but she basically told us how her family planned to dethrone us with our bastards.

It's maybe really problematic, then, to rush into falling in line with their really dumb plan.

3a769 No.57745

Option 1

71473 No.57746

Option 1

e8add No.57752

>6 votes for option 1, impregnate Robin.
>1 vote for option 2, summon your willpower and stop yourself.
>1 vote for option 3, have non-vaginal sex to preclude pregnancy.

Have sex with Robin, and knock her up.

Poll closed.

This thread is almost at the bump limit.

The next update will be part of a new thread.

Please look forward to it.

e3abf No.57779

If it makes you feel any better, we've already fallen in line with their plan by having sex with Cordelia. Given Robin has already declared her loyalty to us, this doesn't make the situation much worse than it already is.

e8add No.57810

New thread is here: >>57807

I hope it's enjoyable.

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