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e8add No.48104[Last 50 Posts]

To avoid possibly reaching a situation where potential votes would be lost because the reply limit was reached, I create a new Impregnator Kings thread.

Impregnator Kings has become a very long project, and many of the threads which were on pregchan are no longer available. They are, however, available via the Internet Archive. These threads are missing the full images, but still have a number of thumbnails. It's not an ideal solution, but it is one that allows the full story to be read.

Beginning thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

Sir Edward of Virilia is a young aristocrat who has made a name for himself for his virility and his ability to impregnate many women. This allows him the opportunity to marry above his station. His Father arranges a meeting with a matchmaker in which Edward is given the opportunity to choose what woman will become his wife. He must think not only of how attractive each woman is, but their own unique situations facing the countries they come from and what lives they lead.

Second thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Sir Edward, now Crown Prince Edward, has chosen to marry Princess Tharja. Tharja is a bewitching beauty from the very distant country of Ruhemania. After a long journey, Edward arrives at Castle Valachia, meets his new wife, and begins to try to adjust to living in a new country, far away from his home, family, and everything he ever knew. He has an immediate attraction with Tharja, and their mutual infatuation with each other quickly turns to one of love. Edward truly believes he's found his soul-mate, but he has a number of other factors to consider. Tharja's father, His Royal Majesty King Vlad, judges his every move. A mysterious maid named Daniella stalks the corridors of the castle, presumably as King Vlad's spy. He has to deal with two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, who have been assigned as his personal maids. He strikes up a sort of 'understanding' with King Vlad's Master of Coin, an older man named Ricardo. Finally he finds some routine by sparring with the guards when he has the opportunity. Still, there are clearly secrets to be found in this old castle, and the motives of King Vlad suggest there is much Edward doesn't know about.

Third thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Tharja reveals to him her secret because she has no other choice: she's a witch, and Edward has had a curse placed on him, the most likely origin being when he took the matchmaker to bed, when he first decided upon his bride. They form a plan to search out the help of Beatrice, the Golden Witch, hoping she will be powerful enough to break Edward's curse. Doing their best to keep a low profile, they sneak out of the castle and make a long hike to her mansion. Beatrice is fickle and capricious with her magic, but Edward and Tharja convince her to help them summon Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge who masqueraded as a matchmaker, so Edward can ask her to lift his curse. They succeed, and part on amiable terms, but the night is far from over. They've attracted the attention of Daniella, who was secretly a witch-hunter, and she will accept nothing less than Tharja and Beatrice's deaths. Daniella is subdued, and after being taken to the dungeon, she reveals the true background of Ruhemania. Ruhemania was originally a land loosely comprised of many independent aristocrats who administered their own territory. Each of them had their own witch who offered their services with magic in exchange for being left alone to practice and experiment with their magical power. The Independent Duke Vlad, for whatever reason, rebelled against that order. His unification war to unite Ruhemania as one country was actually a great extermination campaign to purge the land from the scourge of witches and witchcraft. Through a number of circumstances, Tharja came upon a magical book that she was able to use to become a witch, prompting Daniella's suspicion and eventual conflict. Beatrice decries King Vlad's efforts as nothing more than outright slaughter of her friends. Edward is presented with a choice of who to side with. Accept Daniella's explanation: force Tharja to renounce witchcraft forever, impregnate Daniella with children she will raise to be the next generation of witch-hunters, continue to be groomed as King Vlad's heir until he expires of natural causes. Or, to side with Beatrice: kill Daniella, hide her body in the oubliette, allow Beatrice to assassinate King Vlad, become the new King of Ruhemania immediately with his death, and continue to have Tharja practice witchcraft. Edward chooses to side with Beatrice, undoing King Vlad's work and embracing the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania… on his own terms.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

King Vlad dead, Crown Prince Edward must quickly prepare for his coronation. He learns from Ricardo that despite King Vlad's insistence that he could not afford many simple luxuries, the treasury is in very healthy shape. Not soon after, Beatrice arrives, posing as a noble, and quickly assimilates herself into daily life in Castle Valachia, swearing to serve Edward in matters of magic… to a point. Edward is coronated in a poignant ceremony. As a new King with new ideas, King Edward sets out to make many decisions that will affect the castle, and the country. During this time, he cements his good reputation with the guards. Beatrice is made into his spymaster and begins work investigating the various people he must deal with day to day. Edward promises to build her a grand tower to live in and hires an architect and crew to build it.

Fifth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

There are many things for Edward to consider as he continues his rule. His horse arrives, a special promised gift from King Vlad, with a beautiful girl named Malon as a stablehand. The first signs Tharja is pregnant begin to appear, bringing him the joy of siring a legitimate child and that his position as King will be secured with an heir. However, a random factor appears in Erika, another witch, and sole survivor of King Vlad's purge. Moreover, she has a rivalry with Beatrice that invites conflict. Edward has her leave, concerned about appearances… but is surprised when Erika appears in his bedroom late at night. Though he has concerns, he cannot resist impregnating her. In the end, he finds a suitable manor for her in the Kingdom that she can use as a new home. She accepts the offer and leaves. Edward swears to Tharja that he won't ever put himself in a situation that will risk his life… so that they can live out as much time as they can have together before he dies a mortal's death and she lives on as an immortal witch. Elizabeth is symbolically made into Edward's 'slave'.

Sixth thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html

Edward helps Tharja decide what her legacy as a witch, and your wife, should be. Preparation for the Summer Faire that Edward has decided to hold continue. The treasury of Ruhemania sits near-empty with the expenditures he's made to prepare for it. A new obstacle appears in the priest representing the Church insists that Tharja must attend a service and give confession. Tharja still has issues with guilt regarding the Church, and fear she will be found out. Beatrice is given instructions to help Tharja move past them. Edward is forced to make a decision into what sort of priest to appoint as a court chaplain, and chooses an immature priest who will bring at least two nuns with him to the castle. This indirectly results in a situation that ultimately turns out awkward and Edward confesses his has issues with prostitutes to Tharja. As the Faire approaches and time runs out to make preparations, Edward chooses to focus on the maids' activities.

Seventh thread: https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html (Thread available on pregchan until removed. In which case a new link on the Internet Archive will hopefully be available.)

Edward discovers he's unwittingly helped put Elizabeth in a bad situation, and that there's no easy solution. He does his best to reassure Margaret he's cares about them. Lesser nobles begin to arrive to the Faire. They hold no titles and are mostly the left-overs from King Vlad's unification war. Edward must deduce for himself who to be wary of and who to trust. He quietly recruits his guards for this purpose. He must maneuver several delicate situations with his nobles, traveling merchants, and a band of performing nomads that show up. Above all, Edward strives to be just, but fair. In all, Edward has impregnated many of the women present. Tharja is pregnant but not showing. Elizabeth has a tiny bump. Malon reports missing her menstruation. A widowed peasant is pregnant with Edward's child. The last hold-outs are Sully, a female guard, and Beatrice. Edward does his best to ensure they're both inseminated, at least. The Faire has brought many new women to the castle.

A chat thread exists for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


The new update will be posted soon.

e8add No.48106

You nod to Corrin. Of course, every individual has their own strengths and talents.

You wonder though, if there's anything he is specifically hoping to see or experience from the Faire? Or perhaps something he'd like from you, as King?

You watch Corrin's eyes light up.

A-ha. There definitely was something.

You struck gold with that offer there.


Corrin still hesitates, his eyes flitting to the guards.

"I thought it would be untoward to ask when I have but arrived, but… I can't help but be eager for one possibility of being here, Your Majesty."

You smile easily at him. It's all right, you say. He need not hold himself back.

If it's nothing exceptionally sensitive, you don't mind hearing it now.

Corrin's cheeks flush with embarrassment.

"If you insist…"

He begins to explain although he's not physically adept, he considers himself a good reader.

It does make sense, you muse privately to yourself. One can't paint pictures with words like Corrin if they don't have some basis. You're not surprised to learn he's very literate.

"However, Chrisania's situation does not allow much opportunity for finding new books… I've familiarized myself with what my family possesses so much I can hardly stand it," he confesses.

Books are a rare commodity. They had to be copied by hand, after all.

You forget the details, but aren't they written with special ink as well? Otherwise the writing would fade.

Maybe you should be surprised at all that any books survived King Vlad's war… besides the fact that war would burn dwellings and destroy books as a consequence, the witch hunters would search out any suspicious books for burning.

Corrin steeples his hands in front of him again.

"I couldn't help wondering if your castle has a library, Your Majesty… I would enjoy so much an opportunity to view the contents, and to talk with your scribes and scholars."

… You clasp a hand over your mouth, pretending like you're thinking it over.

Though you're actually hiding the awkward look on your face.

The castle definitely has a library… but it's Tharja's library, in her private wing.

Furthermore, you don't have any scribes or scholars for Corrin to consult with, other than Tharja herself.

You wonder how much Tharja has really read. Potentially she could meet his expectations, but…

There were several things to consider.

If you let Corrin have the freedom to go to your library at any time, it will, at least, irritate Tharja.

It's her domain, after all. She'll likely have to adjust her routine. At least she couldn't risk meeting Beatrice and doing magic with Corrin potentially walking in.


If you admit to Corrin that the library is claimed by your wife, and she would need to give permission before he could visit… would it challenge your authority?

You're not so small minded as to feel threatened from giving your wife consideration, but appearances mattered when others were concerned.

He might take it as a weakness that you would need to ask 'your wife's permission' before letting him enter.

…It is a small request though. This could be an easy way to get on Corrin's good side.

Not to mention you're the one who brought it up, he has every right to expect you to acquiesce.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Give Corrin what he wants. Tell Corrin about the library, permit him to enter. You'll discuss the situation with Tharja later.
>Be upfront and truthful with Corrin. The library is very close to your wife's quarters and she considers it hers. As such, he may visit only with her permission.
>Evade the issue. Point out it'd be a waste to spend time reading when the Faire is going on… or there may be a merchant with books.
>Lie and postpone the issue. You need to inspect the library and make sure it's in a condition to be presentable to guests. You will update him on the situation later.

294c8 No.48114

So far Corrin has been nothing but nice in this encounter, he shouldn't be given the runaround.

Option 2. It's Tharja's library, she can decide if Corrin gets to enter or not. At the very least, though, she could give some books to Edward or Beatrice to pass along to Corrin so he's not completely out of luck if she doesn't allow him entry

a91b7 No.48116

Option 2.

Tharja is wonderful and accommodating for all of our personal proclivities. At the very least, we should respect hers.

909a1 No.48117

We shouldn't forget that the library is also the place where Beatrice teaches Tharja about witchcraft. There is no way we can just anyone wonder in there.

Especially because Tharja is so accommodating, she will only ask Edward what he wants. So that only pushes the decision back. Beatrice is the one we have to talk to.

I propose a write-in: Instead of focusing on the library, we seize the words "scribes and scholars". We tell him that the castle's population is very small so that there are no scholars here. Only a handful of noble people and their servants. In fact, the queen is very well read and will surely appreciate some stimulating company for dinner and he (and his wife?) is welcome to join our table tonight.

This way Corrin can kind of gets his wish and we get time to talk about library access with Tharja and Beatrice (really, it's Beatrice who will know when if ever there is a good time to allow visitors into a place where witches practice).

909a1 No.48118

> There is no way we can just anyone wonder in there.
Goddamnit. "There is no way we can just let anyone wander in there." is the sentence I meant to type.

4c0a8 No.48120


I really like this write in. It gives us more time to learn about Corrin and it lets us broach the library subject with Tharja and Beatrice.

4c0a8 No.48121


To clarify, I'm voting for the write-in.

ad913 No.48122

This is good! I too will vote for the write in.

38f15 No.48125

While I do like this option for its diplomacy towards Corrin, it does carry a risk. Word could get out to the other nobles that Corrin sat at our table, and they will wonder what he did to earn such favor so quickly. This may make the other nobles jealous of him, or more persistent in any attempts to gain our favor. So far Corrin has been cordial and respectful, but I have to question whether he has really earned our favor yet.

I shall vote for option 2, as it is a bit safer.

accb2 No.48128

Signing on to this write-in option.

c289b No.48129

I mean at some point, we will have no choice but to treat some noble differently than an other. Edward may already have done so by speaking a little bit longer with Corrin than with others. We don't really know.

As far as discrimination goes, I think this one is benign enough. Also, it might not be the worst message to send anyway: The king favours intelligence and non-threatening behaviour. What's wrong with that? And we're already on route to evaluate him as a potential ally, are we not?

e8add No.48141

Thank you for clarifying that your post was a vote and not merely considering the idea. Having every vote clear helps me tally the votes when it comes time to close the poll.

As for the vote itself…

>3 votes for option two, be forthright and truthful in explaining the library is Tharja's domain.

>4 votes for write-in, delay the question of the library, invite Corrin to share a meal at your table so he can talk with Tharja, the only person at the castle who could be called 'your scholar'.

Delay answering, but invite Corrin to share a meal at your table.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.48145

You tell Corrin the situation you inherited at the castle is… a little delicate.

You do indeed have a library, but there are no dedicated scholars or scribes here to appropriately research and interpret the contents within. At the very least, His Royal Majesty King Vlad did not appear to designate anyone with that responsibility. And you have not had the opportunity to do so since your coronation.

–However, you know that your wife, Her Royal Highness Princess Tharja, is rather fond of reading. You believe that she could serve as a viable substitute for his request.

You think it'd be very appropriate if you shared a meal together. You therefore invite Corrin to dine with you when you take your midday supper.

You think that will be a fine opportunity for them both to become formally introduced.

… Yes. It might look scandalous if you simply left your wife alone with another man. Making sure you were present when they talked was a good excuse for not simply taking him to the library immediately.

You don't really worry about infidelity on your wife's part, or for Corrin to make untoward advances, but appearances had to be maintained.

Corrin straightens himself up, face… looking a bit tense.

"Oh…" he says.

…Is something wrong?

You belatedly add that if Corrin has a wife, she is welcome as well.

You think your sitting room can accommodate that many people.

Corrin makes a little nervous cough.

"I am not married, Your Majesty. However, I do have no less than three older sisters who have made the travel here with me."


You'd better be careful how you phrase this…

Would their husbands permit them to join you all as well, you ask?

Corrin gives a little awkward laugh.

"None of them are married, Your Majesty."


Finally, some good news. You were getting eager for more women to romance… and Corrin has no less than three sisters.

You hold your hand above your face again as you can't help but grin.

Unless they're unreasonably older, they should well be within fertility's range.


Three older sisters? Corrin didn't mention any brothers, either. You think if he had any, they likely would have come as well.

…You're struck with a sudden notion. One which might be no more than a wrongful assumption, but it's highly likely that Corrin's family must place a lot of pressure on him, if he's the only male heir available after his mother went through, presumably, four pregnancies.

No doubt he has three older sisters because his parents were desperate for a son. It would explain also why he was, as he put it, not particularly brave or bold. Certainly his parents wouldn't want him to do anything to risk being injured, or killed.

That little detail may have revealed an interesting insight into Corrin's situation.

You lick your lips and start speaking again.

You shall not withdraw your offer, but your table is perhaps too small to share with four guests at once. Therefore, perhaps Corrin and his three sisters would care to join you all tomorrow?

It would give them time to get settled in and de-stress after the journey, as well as give you time to prepare another room with more comfortable arrangements that can accommodate you all.

Inwardly, you'd like the chance to admire the sisters Corrin brings with him, and you'll lose that chance if he comes alone.

The delay will give you time to privately discuss the matter with Tharja and Beatrice as well.

Corrin makes a little relieved sound.

"If that's the case, then I thank you for the… honor, Your Majesty."

You nod. That settles things.

You think you're done here, but… perhaps you should ask one more thing before letting Corrin go.

Choice time:
>Sisters are well and good, but what about Corrin's parents? You should probably make sure you know his background lest you commit another faux pas like you did with Dimitrie.
>Perhaps try to learn more about the sisters in a roundabout way. Ask if it's possible any of them would be as interested in the subject of the library, or if it's just Corrin himself?
>You should give Tharja time to become prepared so she knows what to say. Ask if there's any particular subject or study Corrin is eager to read about. It will help Tharja concoct a conversation when you all meet.
>You think the conversation has run its course. Bid Corrin a fine rest and thank him for the pleasant introduction.

c289b No.48148

Option three.

Let's be considerate toward Tharja here.

3b712 No.48149

Option 3, I agree that we should do Tharja the courtesy of letting her prep.

71fee No.48164


38f15 No.48172

I shall agree with option 3.

4c0a8 No.48173

I vote for option 3

e8add No.48187

>5 votes for option three, ask Corrin if there's any particular subject or other type of book he hopes to find and read in the library. You can pass the information on the Tharja to help her prepare.

Ask Corrin about what he'd like to read.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.48189

One last thing, you say.

Does Corrin have any particular subject or type of book he'd like to look up?

It might help later if you could pass the information on.

Corrin nods and strokes his chin with a hand.

"I'm so starved for material I'll accept anything, Your Majesty, but I suppose I am more taken to books that tell stories than those that describe things that are physical… or metaphysical."

Hm. So something like the epics of bards. That fits with with his poetic flair.

Though you think if that were the case, he'd rather hear the performance of a storyteller than read about it.

–Well it'll do you no good to judge Corrin's taste.

You thank Corrin for the pleasant introduction and bid him a pleasant rest, for now. You look forward to tomorrow.

"As do I, Your Majesty. Until then."

He starts to bow, before catching himself and kneeling before you again. You think it was perhaps a genuine moment of forgetfulness than disrespect, so you let it pass without incident.

You watch him leave; he walks with a slow, steady pace to his step, without being rushed or betraying some emotion or desire to flee.

You have your crown replaced under it's protective glass and dismiss the guards.

You're rather pleased with yourself after that meeting. Corrin seems like a fine young noble. Perhaps taken to activities that don't quite mesh up with your fondness for sparring and physical exertion, but to each their own.

At any rate, he told you a lot about Chrisania, which you were eager to hear of.

It's on your way through the corridor that you start taking to reflection.

–Wait a minute.

…Did he teach you anything about Chrisania?

You run over his words again.

Corrin, when asked about Chrisania, did not talk about himself or his family, did not talk about the people, did not talk about what wildlife was like, or anything else that could be considered a 'resource'…

As poetic and evocative Corrin's words were, he basically did nothing but talk about the weather.

It matched what you remember reading about Chrisania, so it wasn't a lie, but it wasn't particularly interesting either. It was more detailed than Dimitrie's offer of "There's trees," when he described his homeland, but functionally it was the near same.

… You suppose he wasn't going to spill his guts for you to see at your first meeting. Not to mention there were guards in the room. You shouldn't think anything of it.

But all the same, maybe you should investigate a little bit more, to make sure there's nothing you missed.

Another visit to Ricardo might be in order. You imagine he'll have some records that could reveal something.

…Then again.

If you left now, you might catch Tharja and Beatrice.

You have until tomorrow night to prepare them for the supper, but it might be worthwhile to alert them that Corrin had interest in the library.

At the very least, even if you wait to talk with your witches, you can be assured Corrin won't be able to wander into it just yet. He doesn't know where it is, and even if someone told him, the guards are patrolling and likely wouldn't let a man they'd never seen before past them.

Choice time:
>Pursue more research about Chrisania with Ricardo, just in case.
>Search for Tharja and Beatrice immediately.

4c0a8 No.48196


Now I'm starting to get a bad feeling, something definitely feels off now. There had to be more than just one pair of witch hunters left in Ruhemania (Daniella and her brother), and maybe they showed up once we gave them a good reason to do so, to investigate the new king.

I vote for Option 1, it might be a better way to poke holes in Corrin's story if he is only pretending to be from Chrisania.

accb2 No.48203

Option 1, definitely. Ricardbro seems to like being genuinely useful to Ed-boy's agenda, anyhow.

38f15 No.48208

Hmmm… tough choice. Yes, let's get more info from Ricardo first. We can talk to the ladies later when we have a better idea of what we're dealing with.

18834 No.48211

Option 1

e8add No.48222

File: 1538562433393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.75 KB, 1203x1200, discovery.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Not to interject, but Simon and Daniella were husband and wife, not brother and sister.

>4 votes for option one, pursue more research about Chrisania with Ricardo.

Research a little more about Chrisania, just in case.

You'd better catch up on Chrisania before you meet again.

Tharja and Beatrice can wait. You may not even find them both before lunch, but you know you'll see them there.

You have to make sure Chrisania isn't hiding some secret.

You make a sharp turn and head to your treasury.

If anyone has notes on the duchy, it's Ricardo.

You find Ricardo working with all due diligence on your behalf to carry out your orders. After some brief courtesies, you tell him you want to see all documents related to Chrisania.

"…All documents, Your Majesty?" he asks, his tone implying it would take a bit of effort to accomplish.

Yes, you repeat. All documents.

Ricardo takes you into the back room and starts going through his filing system.

There's a remarkable amount of dust kicked up as he finds every last document he can about Chrisania.

It has the relevant information you're looking for. A confirmation of what taxes have been paid, and what house is paying them.

It doesn't tell you any details about Corrin's family situation or who his parents and grandparents were, it simply confirms taxes were collected, and the source of those collections.

The documents don't stretch back before King Vlad's unification war, because the territory was not one of King Vlad's original holdings.

The maps indicate the major source of taxes comes from farms, and some mining of iron and other materials. The mining is not in-depth because of the relatively out-of-the-way location of Chrisania in regards to Castle Valachia. The records indicate there is less wildlife there, relative to the rest of the country, because taxes from furs and meats are low.

–Or so Ricardo helps you interpret.

Your paranoia gets the best of you and you ask if the people who show up at the castle are confirmed to be who they say they are?

"That may be a question for your guards instead of me, Your Majesty."

Ricardo only investigates arrivals to the castle when mercenaries are involved. However, it's very likely Corrin is who he says he is.

"Why don't you try the method I used to identify you, Your Majesty?"

There's vague sketch of the family seal of Corrin's family in the documents… the one he wore on his cape-latch. You stare at it, but you can't quite remember if it's the exact same or even similar. You didn't get that close a look. Nevertheless, you try to commit the details that stand out to memory for when you see him again.

"You might also try asking him to explain the meaning, Your Majesty. An aristocrat who can't explain the history of their family's seal would be suspicious."

… Ah. That… may be an idea. Certainly you could do so for Virilia… and possibly Ruhemania's as well.

You're starting to think the notion of Corrin being some impostor is a wild possibility. Corrin was simply dressed too nicely and talked too eloquently to be anything but nobility. Furthermore, he asked for access to your library, a sign of literacy.

You sigh in relief. Perhaps your misgivings about Chrisania were simply that… notions of unease.

It may be wise to not take Corrin at face value in your interactions, but there's no indication of anything sinister in Ricardo's records.

You ask Ricardo one more time to be sure.

What he's shown you now… is every document related to Chrisania, correct?

Ricardo… hesitates.

"Actually, no."


He shakes his head.

"No, I have not, now, shown you every document related to Chrisania… Your Majesty."

–Why not?

Go ahead then. Bring out whatever he's hiding, you say.

He grunts a little apprehensively.

"I'm afraid I can't, Your Majesty."

You're getting frustrated now.

Again, why not?

Ricardo smacks his lips without opening his jaw.

"…Your Majesty, you removed one document relating to Chrisania and took it with you… therefore, it is impossible for me to present every document related to Chrisania for your review."

You blink, once, then again.

You removed it…?

…Oh, God. You remember now.

You've only taken one document from Ricardo. You were so eager to take it, you told him not to make a copy.

Eager to have it, and eager to remove all record of the place.

–But you understand Ricardo's meaning now. He wasn't playing coy to fluster you. He must have himself realized whatever reason you wanted that document was a secret, and it was a secret he would be better off never investigating.

…and he's right.

The missing document is the location of the manor you gave to Erika!

That could only mean… you'd sent Erika off to live in Chrisania.

… You swallow, hard.

Ah, yes. You remember now, you say.

You think you're done here.

You praise Ricardo for his good work and dutifulness. He's satisfied your request very well, to satisfaction.

You have no more need of seeing these documents right now.

You'll thank him if he puts them away while you get on with being King.

"…Of course, Your Majesty."

Ricardo gives you a respectful bow and you stalk yourself out of the room.

You climb up the stairs in a daze.

So much so you don't even hear the soldiers when they greet and salute you on your way out.

You walk a bit until your feet tire and you begin to calm down.

This was an inevitable result of giving Erika a place to stay… of course. Whichever of the three locations you gave her, they were going to be somewhere in your Kingdom. You just hadn't paid attention to the geography as much as the type of dwelling you'd asked her to live in.

…You take a deep breath, finally coming to a stop under an archway in a corridor.

This was fine.

Just because you sent Erika to Chrisania doesn't mean she's done anything.

The manor you gave her was, without a doubt, abandoned. Isolated. Chrisania was an entire duchy, after all. The size of it, in perspective, put the manor you gave her beyond something one could discover by tripping over it…

There was no reason to think Corrin or his family had met her.


… You should bring this up to Beatrice and Tharja later.

"Your Majesty?"

You blink, realizing you're being addressed by one of your guards on patrol.

He had no choice but to speak to you since you're blocking the exit. You apologize and tell him you were lost in your thoughts for the moment.

You step aside and he salutes before continuing on his way.

You rub your temples and discover you're sweating.

A quick glance out of a nearby window tells you it's almost midday. Somehow you'd wasted enough time you didn't notice before now.

–Though your stomach makes its needs known as you feel it let out a small gurgle.

You walk briskly in the direction of your sitting room.

Your legs feel a bit stiff from all the mindless wandering you did, but you manage well enough.

You consider your options…

You couldn't bring up Erika in front of Elizabeth and Margaret. It was probably better not to allude to them either.

But discussing your meeting with Corrin wasn't out of the question. It was a mundane activity you were fulfilling as King, after all.

The question was if you wanted to.

Choice time:
>Attend lunch, bring up your meeting with Corrin in the conversation with Tharja and Beatrice, and that you have scheduled a meal with him and his family tomorrow.
>Attend lunch… but don't mention the meeting. Hold the information in until you can see Tharja and Beatrice alone.

ad72a No.48224

Option one.

835ce No.48225


Option one

a91b7 No.48226

Option 1, but then talk to Tharja and Beatrice alone?

The set of Erika choices made me queasy to begin with. This seems to be confirming my suspicions.

f8c8c No.48228

>>Option 1. kinda excited we get to see the outcome of the erika choice.

38f15 No.48240

Once again, intrigue. Hmm… Erika will keep her distance, but we might want to keep our ears out for strange happening in that part of the kingdom. Also, we have a little trick available to us about explaining crests.

Option 1, act casual.

18834 No.48249

Option 1

4c0a8 No.48252


I vote for Option 1.

Thanks for the correction about Daniella Aristo, that was quite a while ago

e8add No.48258

>7 votes for option one, mention the meeting with Corrin's family tomorrow over lunch with Tharja and Beatrice.

Discuss the planned supper openly.

The only real difference is if Elizabeth and Margaret know.

You might as well bring it up now. It's better than trying to make arrangements tomorrow, and you'll need Margaret there to act as your taster.

Would it be better to ask Beatrice not to be there…? She is only at the castle as Tharja's midwife and your 'mistress'. Would it seem strange to have her sit with you all?

…It might, but no, you can't ask her to leave.

You need her close to you in case anything drastic happened to you.

You can't rule out the possibility someone would poison you with something that would act so slow you wouldn't see Margaret become sick before you ate it. She needs to be nearby to potentially save your life if that happens.

You find the sitting room and pull open the door.

You find Margaret and Beatrice waiting for you. You greet them amiably.

A few minutes later, Tharja appears and you share an affectionate greeting. She stops to hug you from behind and plant a kiss your cheek before taking her seat.

Elizabeth hasn't arrived yet, but you decide this is enough of an audience to bring up your plans.

You tell Tharja, and Beatrice, that you've met with a new noble who arrived today.

You go on to explain the basics of your meeting, and your planned supper to share with him, and his three sisters.

You mention his sisters and Tharja's eyes immediately light up. Her smile takes on a very sultry look.

…Ooh. She's probably already thinking of how she can help you impregnate them.

You give her a conspiratorial little grin before continuing.

You'll be re-locating to another sitting room with a bigger table, obviously.

Furthermore, Corrin expressed interest in discussing more… literate subjects. You're sure Tharja can entertain him in this regard.


You watch as Tharja's expression sublimates to a little disappointed frown. You realize then that if she's talking with Corrin, she can't spend any time persuading his sisters of your virility.

You give Tharja a tiny little shrug. There will be more opportunities for that.

At any rate, that's all. Just a pleasant little chance for introductions before the Faire starts.

When the Faire is fully underway, you'll have the chance to host meals with more guests. This is a suitable "warm-up" spar before a match, so to speak.

Beatrice gives a feminine little giggle.

"He sounds like an interesting character, Your Majesty… I'm sure he'll be grateful to be shown such high regard from the King."

Yes, well… that is the idea. You just can't announce it like that.

You eye Margaret and ask if she'll help communicate your wishes for the supper to the rest of the maids.

She bows when you speak to her.

"Of course, Your Majesty. Are there any special instructions you'd like to give as to the preparations?"


You hadn't thought about that.

But now that Margaret mentions it, you can think of some things.

You could bring out that special wine that was delivered to you a while back, the one you shared with Ricardo.

That would really impress him, you think. But there's so little, you might end up depleting it all if everyone took a goblet full of it.

You could also instruct the maids to prepare more food than usual.

The food portions in Ruhemania were like King Vlad's economic policy: rather lean. You're used to eating two meals a day now, and finishing your meals with a completely clean plate or bowl.

You could easily order the chefs to cook more food so that you seem more generous by comparison.

You could also ask the chefs to prepare some of the gifts you received from the merchants. There should be enough food items to show off. –Though you're not sure how well the meals will pair. Everyone may end up with a different entree if supplies run out.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Order Margaret to bring out the high-quality wine, even if you may wind up drinking it all between the seven of you.
>Order Margaret to ensure double the usual amount of food is prepared for each individual person.
>Order Margaret to direct the chefs to use the food items you received as gifts from the merchants.
>No particular special instructions. Just make sure a big enough table with seats for seven people is prepared.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

a91b7 No.48259

Option 1. That's what wine is for.

accb2 No.48277

Since there's something of a pattern being established for 'stupid write ins' on behalf of this particular party, why not another?
>write in
>if viable, request musicians for added ambiance(?)
wasn't sure if this was a viable option, obviously, but hey, check the handle, couldn't let this pass by without voicing it. hurrrrr.

e8add No.48279

I'll accept this write-in.

Please continue to vote.

ff742 No.48280

Huh, that's not bad. I'll vote for that.

> but hey, check the handle, couldn't let this pass by without voicing it

aaand now I'm imagining medieval rappers rhyming about drugs, women and sword fights.

4c0a8 No.48299


I can get behind this

38f15 No.48338

Option 1

e8add No.48352

>2 votes for option one, share the high-quality wine.
>3 votes for write-in, arrange for musicians to be present and play music for ambience.

Find musicians to play music as part of the supper.

Poll closed, update soon.

e8add No.48354

File: 1538827881124.jpg (286.1 KB, 800x650, Beatrice-wafting.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Perhaps it's better not to expend the castle's resources, but instead take advantage of the Faire.

A little light music to go with your meal may be something that would impress your guests.

You tell Margaret you would like her to go out among the entertainers who have arrived at the castle, find a musician, or several, and invite them to play at the King's tableside.

You don't doubt there will be some takers. The honor alone should be enough to entice them.

Before Margaret can reply, Tharja speaks up.

"I'm sorry, my husband… but if you want me to have a conversation with him, won't music be a little…" she pauses, face nervous. "…Detrimental?"

… Oh.

Not necessarily. You're not expecting some martial march.

You amend your order to Margaret: find something suitably light and airy that won't be too loud. Make it clear you expect a subtle performance.

The musicians will be there for ambience. A full concert and appraisal of their performance can wait.

Margaret bows, tells you she understands your order, and swears it will be done.


Of course, she can't leave in the middle of your meal. She has to act as your taster. So she'll have to begin looking after you're done.

The rest of your meal is uneventful. At the very least, you're grateful you gave the maids enough time to organize a meal you'll approve of sharing with your guests.

Though it will end up a bit crowded. Seven people at the table, two maids, and however many musicians Margaret finds.

It would be, at the very least, a good practice session for entertaining your guests.

As you all finish eating, you tell Tharja and Beatrice you'd like them to entertain you for a little while longer… that they should perhaps all three browse the library for books Corrin would appreciate.

They get the idea. Neither of them make an objection. But, judging by the way Beatrice and Tharja exchange glances, you think they're anticipating you've created an excuse because you have something sexual in mind for the two of them.

You hold the door leading out of the sitting room open for Beatrice and Tharja before leading them back to Tharja's wing.

You find the soldier posted as a guard over the entrance to the dark corridors that bridge the castle with the library and Tharja's room.

You let Beatrice and Tharja go on ahead while you give the soldier special instructions.

Only Tharja and Beatrice should be allowed to pass, until you say otherwise.

You ask if Corrin or anyone else has come asking about the library?

The guard shakes his head.

"Nay, Your Majesty, neither have I heard of anything from a previous patrol."

He swears your order will be followed, however. Good.

You can trust your guards to act as a roadblock… in which case, it would only be possible with witchcraft to sneak into the library.

… Your stomach does a little turn as you consider that possibility, then you leave the guard to his work as you step to catch up to your witches.

You take a torch with you to light your way.

You place the torch in its holder in the library.

Tharja and Beatrice look at you, expectantly. They must have guessed by your demeanor you aren't about to propose an orgy.

"Edward…?" Tharja asks, voice hesitant.

You cough, and whisper to Beatrice to please make the room inaudible to the outside. What you have to say is private.

Without a question, she reaches into her book, takes it out, and it shines with magic for an instant.

"Very well, King. The room is safe to converse in."

… In that case, there's no sense holding it in or dancing around the information you uncovered.

You tell Tharja and Beatrice what you learned.

Corrin and his family are unlanded, lesser nobles from the Chrisania region of Ruhemania… and the manor you gifted to Erika is located there.

That in itself doesn't mean they're working together or have even met…

…but it could present a problem.

Tharja lets out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, is that all?" she smiles, innocently.

Beatrice, on the other hand, folds a hand in front of her face and taps her cheek. Her face tense in thought. She looks very much like she's considering how to respond to a partner's unexpected chess move.

You gently tell Tharja… it sort of is.

Erika is unpredictable at best, malevolent at worst. She didn't see much of it that day, but when you first met in the throne room she very clearly wanted a fight, and became more unstable as you denied it to her. She said… unpleasant things, taunted Beatrice, and insulted your pride, as a man and King.

Tharja blinks, and gives a sad little expression.

"I'm sorry, my love… I didn't know," she says, voice soft. Her hand goes to find yours, stroking your palm with her thumb.

…It's all right. When Tharja appeared Erika's personality did a complete about-face turn. It was definitely by design.


You turn to Beatrice.

Is it possible Erika could be here, right now?

Beatrice's book burns with a collection of bright golden butterflies and she shimmers from her nobility outfit back into her witch-persona.

"It would be an egregious violation of the Pax Bernkastel, if so."

Even if you had sent out invites to the entire Kingdom for the Faire?

Beatrice flicks her pipe.

"Did you send an invitation, specifically, to Erika?" she asks, tone incredulous.

Well, no. Certainly you wouldn't have requested such a thing, and Ricardo wouldn't have had any record to arrange that after you gave it to her. If she somehow received any notice about the Faire, it would have to be through a second-hand source.

Beatrice gives a subtle nod.

"Then she has no claim to being invited. Her appearance would be, and will, if she dares show up, be a violation that I would need to enact immediately.

–Hm. Somehow you get the feeling that if that were to happen… the outcome would be even worse than if Erika was simply stalking around.

That would mean, Beatrice would summon every witch who exists to destroy her? In the middle of the festivities? It'd be like bringing down a magical cannonball on the castle.

Beatrice huffs out a breath.

"I can't say it wouldn't be like that, but the Pax Bernkastel is absolute, King. We witches can't allow another conflict like we experienced with Miracles and Certainty, ever again."

It's not a comforting thought, but you suppose you're not going to talk Beatrice out of it.

"That said… Erika is not suicidal. I would put her arrival at the Faire at a very, very low end of possibilities."

But she can't say it's a 'zero' chance?

For example, maybe if she altered her appearance?


Beatrice sighs.

"The only way to confirm the chance is zero would be to attempt to summon her… in which case, she would be here on invitation. Therefore, the chance of her arriving at the Faire would become zero because she would already be here."

…You're not sure how much of a good idea that would be. You suppose it would preclude a Pax violation, and yet… it would still mean you have Erika in your face.

"King, I'll make it your decision. This is your castle, after all. If you would like, I will stalk the halls and patrol for any sign of Erika all throughout the Faire. If I see her, I will invoke the Pax Bernkastel and destroy her utterly, though I will try to do it in a somewhat discreet manner."

You let out a little sigh of apprehension, unable to suppress it. Can she really guarantee that? That it would be discreet?


She takes a puff on her pipe, now lit, and says nothing else, as smoke wafts upward before vanishing completely.

"Husband, is that really wise?" asks Tharja.

…What does she think?

Tharja lets go of your hand and huddles her book in her arms.

"I don't know… I suppose I think Erika won't be here at all? Even if she somehow was… I don't want to think about what would happen to the castle."

You take a sharp hiss of breath through your teeth. This was an annoyance. The mere threat of Erika was its own problem. Witches were truly powerful creatures… maybe it was better to have Erika be a 'known' threat instead of 'unknown'.

If you were to somehow summon Erika… what would it take?

A desolated field? –Full of something like stakes, each of which killed a man?

Tharja lets out a little squeak as Beatrice cants her head in thought.

"Erika does love destruction… but only if she causes it. It would likely be more successful if Innocence and I were to have a duel."


"What?" Tharja echoes.

Beatrice gives a short little cackle.

"Ahaha. If you and I were to start a proper witches' duel, it might be interesting enough for Erika to respond to my summons."

She turns her head from you to look at Tharja.

"However, dear Innocence… you would have to honestly be aiming to cause me harm. Anything less wouldn't do."


Tharja blanches. It looks like she's uneasy about that idea.

Would that really be enough, you ask?

"Oh~, with how Tharja and I get along, normally? Absolutely," she smacks her lips. "It's extreme, but I'll do it if you really think it's for the best, King."

Looks like you're on the spot, yet again.

You can't help but admit there's a certain logic, there. If Erika's under your roof, you can be sure she isn't doing something somewhere else.

But was now really the time?

Juggling Erika on top of all the other considerations would be a challenge, at least.

On another matter, if Beatrice spends her time patrolling for an Erika that doesn't exist, that's definitely going to take time away that she could be doing other spying.

This… entire line of thought might be an overreaction.

You think it over, spare a glance at Tharja's worried face, and tell Beatrice…

Choice time:
>You want her to patrol for any signs of Erika's infiltration. It's a low risk, but you have to make sure. You'll take your chances on if she actually finds something and invokes the Pax Bernkastel.
>'Better the devil you know,' so to speak. Attempt to summon Erika to the Faire and have her as an invited guest.
>This is all unnecessary. You trust Erika's not suicidal enough to infiltrate the castle. You're concerned more about discussing the long-term effects of her residing in Chrisania, not her actions during the Faire.

ff742 No.48355

Option three.

Erika might be devious enough to have messed with Corrin or his entourage or his luggage or whatever. But did not come across as suicidal, on the contrary. She enacted an elaborate scheme to fool Vlad in order for her to hide. Risking a head-on confrontation with Beatrice and Tharja knowing they will try to kill her in earnest, that does not seem likely.

4c0a8 No.48358

Option 3

38f15 No.48362

Option 3. She's definitely not suicidal, and might be more interested in her pregnancy than messing with us. If chances are low, let's not worry about it. But the long term effects are worth discussing.

a91b7 No.48365

Option 3.

947d0 No.48366

Option 3, but can we make sure to get from Beatrice a promise that if she sees anything suspicious in her normal spying, report to us immediately.

0d8ea No.48371

option 3

e8add No.48418

>Six votes for option three, you have other concerns, no special plan was needed to deal with Erika immediately.

Talk about the long-term consequences of Erika living in Chrisania.

Those are both bad ideas, you tell Beatrice. The equivalent of trying to swat a gnat with a sword.

And this entire train of thought is a gross overreaction.

Unless Erika has somehow already cursed Corrin, or his family, you're anticipating Erika possibly appearing at the Faire or fearing what her actions are at this very moment.

You're concerned for the long-term ramifications of Erika living in a part of the country that is closer to potential political rivals than you.

Your grip on your Kingdom is… tenuous.

You're well-respected in your own castle, but you don't know what is happening outside of it in the rest of the country. It's more likely the ordinary peasants, to say nothing of the aristocrats, are, or would be, suspicious of you, a foreign-born King.

Ruhemania is a country with a festering wound in it, and your coronation has torn off the bandage.

Furthermore, Castle Valachia relies on imports to function normally. If your taxes and trade with the rest of the Kingdom was cut off, there at least would need to be adjustments in everyone's lifestyles.

–Well, not in yours, because Beatrice would create anything you wanted for you with her magic, but she couldn't do that so openly.

The point is, the biggest threat to you is the rest of the aristocrats in Ruhemania deciding they wanted to go back to being independent.

…Someone could also challenge you to become King, but you're formally recognized as King now, and the closest usurper with a valid claim is Ricardo, who is in no position to lead an army against you.

Beatrice holds her pipe in her hand with the tip touching the outside of her lips, taking in your words.

Tharja tilts her head confused.

"Is it really that bad, Edward? Everyone… everyone should love you."

She smiles and gives a gentle little blush at that.


It's true, you had made decisions to endear yourself to the outside. The peasants probably appreciated the chance to pay respect to King Vlad before he was put in the ground, and your Faire was giving you a chance to appeal to your noble subjects, but…

Corrin and Dimitrie especially were dangerous.

You explain to Beatrice and Tharja what you learned from reading up on Ricardo's notes about Ruhemania and the genealogy of King Vlad's family.

Ruhemania was comprised of eleven major territories. Three of which were dukedoms, the Duchy of Transylvia, the Duchy of Torbuja, and the Duchy of Chrisania.

King Vlad originally was the Duke of Transylvia, but he was related to the family that controlled the Duchy of Torbuja. Enough so he could make some claim to that title.

After he inherited his Dukedom, he pressed his claim on the Duchy of Torbuja, declaring war under the premise that it rightfully belonged to him. This was the start of King Vlad's unification war, but it wasn't yet a war to unite the country. It was simply one Duke fighting another Duke.

Duke Vlad won the war, and became Duke of Torbuja, in addition to being Duke of Transylvia. He was now Duke of two of the three duchies in Ruhemania, and had claim to reigning over six out of the eleven major titles in Ruhemania, either directly or indirectly.

That's more than half, and it's all he needed.

He declared himself King of Ruhemania, and then the remaining Duke of Chrisania and the other independent nobles in the country were obligated to swear fealty to him, adopt his law, and his taxes. Or else there'd be righteous, justified war.

…there was war. It took King Vlad decades, but he fought for every last holding in Ruhemania, executed all other possible claimants, and took all of those titles for himself, which had now all passed to you.

You'd thought the reason they resisted was simply because they wished to be independent, but… you all know now, it's because the independent aristocrats in Ruhemania had witches providing them with their needs. The real goal was to allow his witch-hunters access to exterminate them.

And now, Erika was in Chrisania.

There were several possibilities. One, Erika would remain in her manor and never bother anyone, ever. Two, Erika would cause some trouble to the point Corrin's family would investigate and they'd be harmed by her. Three…

If Erika somehow became introduced to Corrin's family, and was inclined to offer them her magical power in exchange for being left alone, and the occasional tribute…

You watch for Tharja and Beatrice's reactions.

Tharja looks unsure.

"Do you think that would happen…?"

It's… a possibility. You should perhaps count yourself fortunate you asked Ricardo for his records at all. You wouldn't have realized this at all without it. It's better to anticipate than have it as some surprise later.

You turn to Beatrice…

e8add No.48419

File: 1539004448211.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.61 KB, 566x800, Beatrice-expression.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

…Why is she smiling?

"That's an interesting, possible scenario you've drawn up in your head, King… I must say, I'm impressed. Ahahaha."

You're… grateful for Beatrice's approval, but… what should you do about it?

You can't just allow a situation that could potentially threaten your rule.

Beatrice fixes you with a heavy-lidded stare.

"Can't you?"

… Uh.

Her question leaves you nonplussed.

Beatrice gives a little shrug.

"Let me put it this way, King… it's very hard to tell a witch what she's 'allowed' to do."

She turns to Tharja.

"Innocence, wouldn't we be better served identifying something this 'Corrin' fellow would appreciate?" She glides a few feet toward the shelves of books, gesturing.

Tharja glances between you both.

…It's all right, you tell her. You think Beatrice has the right idea.

You'll come back before the sun sets, you go on to say.

Until then, study hard.

You say your goodbyes to Tharja and Beatrice and depart.

You give one last request to Beatrice to alert you to anything she sees that might be suspicious, Tharja too.

Later that night…

You're lying back on your bed in your room trying to find the motivation to sleep.

You can't help but reflect on Beatrice's words…

Moreover, her attitude, and what she's told you she will and won't do.

Beatrice will intervene to save your life with her magic, she'll conduct assassinations on your behalf, she'll use her magic to fulfill your every material need if you wish it… all the gold you could want, if you could mask its magical source…

But she wouldn't do something obviously suicidal, or beneath her dignity, or… kill Erika.

Extrapolated from that, it also meant she likely wouldn't allow an action from you that would kill Erika. No, if anything, Beatrice seemed happy about the revelation. Doesn't it only bring the situation closer to how life was for witches in Ruhemania, before King Vlad came along?


You turn your body, feeling the pressure of sleep press against the sides of your head.

Erika would always be a consideration. There's no solution that would deal with her permanently.

You remember the time you made a veiled threat against her in the throne room and give a little shiver.

It wasn't just Erika who glared at you, it was Beatrice herself.

No doubt she was just as appalled. And witches are creatures that do anything to fight boredom, with bloody duels to the 'pain' being typical light fare. Your mind then runs to Beatrice's puzzle, and the detail that Erika would become unhappy and start a fight if left by herself, alone.

…Erika likely would make some move eventually. You can only hope it's later instead of sooner.

At any rate… she is a future mother of your children. That would likely give you ten months or so to prepare. It was a good decision to provide her a dwelling as well. It left her relatively happy with you, and it's better you know what part of the country she's in, rather than having left her to wander off at random.

In the short-term, it may be best to think of how best to woo Corrin to your side. Or at least learn all you could about him.

Your last thoughts being of the supper tomorrow, you finally fall asleep.

e8add No.48420

You stretch and roll-over on your bed, the room is feeling uncomfortably hot as you wake up.

You're in a hurry to get dressed to get down the stairs as fast as you can. No doubt being closer to the ground will help you escape the heat.

You reach the bottom of the stairs and meet the guard who patrols outside your tower.

"Your Majesty, I've been asked to relay this to you."

He takes out a piece of parchment and passes it to you. You roll it open and read it.

It's from the senior guard.

He's become aware through the servant channels that you're preparing to share a special meal with one of the visiting aristocrats.

He wants to know, therefore, if you would like additional security.

Guards stationed in the room with you at the supper, to prevent or deter any unwanted activity or intrusions.


You haven't really needed that before… but was it a terrible idea?

You trust your guards and their patrol, but it might be good to have a deterrent. Or perhaps to press home to Corrin that you're someone so important that you're worth protecting. The appearance of guards might help command respect.

…Then again, would it be taken as a sign of distrust? Or maybe that you couldn't defend yourself, or that you had reasons to fear assassins, or… that you're just paranoid.

There's a final note that you are free to request a dedicated squad of bodyguards walk with you wherever and whenever you go out during the Faire. You'll consider it.

The guard offers you a bit of charcoal so you can scribble your response, which he swears he will deliver when he is next relieved.

Of course, you understand the significance of writing the response. The guard very likely can't read, at well or at all. Even if he could, it'd be better not to discuss this openly.

You nod, take it in your hand, weigh the pros and cons, and choose…

Choice time:
>Yes, request the senior guard provide soldiers to be present during your supper with Corrin and his family.
>No, this is not necessary.
>Write in something else. (Write-in.)

a91b7 No.48422

Option 2.

4c0a8 No.48423


I don't think that a squad of body guards is necessary, at least for the dinner with Corrin. If everything goes to shit, we have a pair of witches with us. Considering a bodyguard for the normal faire is something worth considering since there will be so many unknown people.

I vote for option 2.

326c3 No.48426

Option two.

Not only is there a pair of witches with us at the dinner and at least one witch nearby during the fair, Edward is a capable swordsman himself. I think we should give our boy the benefit of a doubt here and say he can hold against one or two attackers long enough until the guards (who will be patrolling the faire!) can help him. More attackers will have a harder time concealing their approach to surprise him and an attack with bow & arrow or a crossbow cannot be prevented even with bodyguards. I think the risk is acceptably low and we already have appropriate security measures in place.

P.S.: I like really that you gave us an history lesson here to understand the importance of Torbuja and Chrisania, aristo. That makes it much clearer why Dimitrie and Corrin are important to the story.

P.P.S.: You said in the other thread that "maybe it isn't fair" that we have to wait so long for the next sex scene in this story. May I remind you that there is always the option of a dream sequence *wink wink nudge nudge* ;-)

38f15 No.48446

Option 2. If we have cause, then later we'll consider more, but not for this smaller affair.

I would consider a single or pair of bodyguards during the fair for the sake of appearances, but not a whole squad. But that's for later.

e8add No.48462

The problem with dream sequences is now I can't justify it in terms of the narrative. When I wrote sexual dream sequences in the early game, they came at times in the story when Edward was in a situation where he was surrounded only by men with no women whatsoever. He was used to having sex whenever he wanted with multiple women and had no other outlet. It made logical sense his subconscious would step in to fill the void by giving him erotic dreams.

Currently, Edward is having sex regularly. He is having sex with Tharja and Beatrice once a day each. He can also have sex with Malon, Elizabeth, and perhaps Sully if he really wants to. I just am not writing out each scene because I like to have a unique gimmick each time I write one in detail to differentiate it from the others.

Don't worry though. New characters who can be impregnated will appear in the story very soon. In fact, they've already arrived, but Edward hasn't quite met them yet.

That said… this is probably enough to get an idea of the will of the voters.

>4 votes for option two, it's not necessary, no request.

Refuse to post guards while you dine with Corrin.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.49170

You're pretty sure there's no pressing need for soldiers to be present at the meeting with Corrin. They'd just be a distraction. You'd rather they be patrolling the castle as usual.

You take the charcoal and write a quick reply of "no."

You need a solid surface to write on, so your guard offers his back.

You hand both the note and the charcoal back to him and thank him for passing on the message.

You give a little salute and proceed on your way. It's the morning and… you have a date with Beatrice.

An outsider might say your sex with Beatrice is boring. You simply bend her over and start fucking her.

In reality… there's a bit of a dance involved. Unspoken greetings, severe, yet playful glances. Sweeping gestures… before Beatrice is turned around, bent over the nearest desk, her skirt lifted, your pants loosened and undone, and you're enjoying being surrounded by tight, wet, heat. You're not sure if you should thank magic for Beatrice's accommodating pussy, or your own masculinity for turning her on. Perhaps both.

It leaves you in a frightfully good mood to cum inside her to start your day.

Breakfast is rather slow in comparison. At least it gives you time to think.

There were probably other decisions to be made about the planned meal you'll be sharing with Corrin and his family. Seating arrangements, and things like that.

The question was, did you want to bother?

It might distract from your day and keep you from your daily spar. You didn't like missing them. It kept you active and in-tune with the needs of your soldiers.

On the other hand, there was no substitute for a first impression. It'll be too late to make any changes if you wait any longer.

You think it over and decide.

Choice time:
>Leave the rest of the planning to the maids and go about your day, as usual.
>You want to micromanage the details a little more. Ask for a comprehensive plan of the preparations after you're done eating.

835ce No.49178


Option one. We might have more opportunities to do other things if we keep ourselves available.

4c0a8 No.49181


Option 1

a91b7 No.49187

Option 1.

38f15 No.49197

Option 1

e8add No.49204

>4 votes for option one, no further adjustments, just go about your day as usual.

Continue on with your normal routine.

You doubt there's much to be gained from further meddling with the preparations with Corrin.

It wasn't as if you were dining with the Pope. He's your subject. Corrin should be worried about impressing you.

You'll call the situation under control and move on.

Tharja and Beatrice know what they need to do. The maids, you're sure, know what they need to do.

You finish your meal and bid them all a good day until you next meet.

Which will be…

For your date with Corrin and his three sisters.

In the mean time, you proceed to the armory and training field to get some practice in.

You see an interesting sight.

There's a man who's clearly not one of your soldiers milling about, inspecting the weaponry laid out and taking the scene in.

You recognize there are only several possibilities for who it could be.

Either an arms merchant had come with possible wares, or…

As you get closer, you do recognize the figure enough to place them. The long hair and the sword at his side gives it away.

It's Dimitrie. Apparently taking advantage of your invitation to inspect the armory.

–You can't exactly ignore him.

You walk over to him and are about to voice a greeting when one of the soldiers does it for you, greeting you with a loud "Your Majesty!" and a salute.

It almost surprises you, as usually they're a bit more informal, but you surmise it's likely because of your guest.

Dimitrie stops poking around at the weapons and turns toward you, giving a little gasp. You're not sure if it's from seeing you out of your regalia, or that you're there at all.

He hesitates, clearly remembering you expected a bow when you were introduced and had the courage to call him on it.

…You greet him, adding quickly that for the sake of brevity, you won't insist he kneel. Also for the sake of perhaps, not getting his clothes dirty.

He gives a sigh of relief, his face visibly relaxing until he realizes you still expect him to bow.


He tenses, curling forward to give a stiff little bow, before stopping mid-bend, and realizing it probably wasn't deep enough, and committing further to bowing… until he has clearly overshot and his head is almost level with his belt.

You'd almost think this routine a comedy, and you're not entirely sure you don't hear a nearby soldier or two snort a chuckle underneath the din of men practicing.

Maybe you should put an end to this farce.

Choice time:
>Maintain the formal atmosphere. Bid him rise, thank Dimitrie for the show of respect.
>Clear the air. Straighten Dimitrie up, clap him on the back, and tell him there's a 'friendly' atmosphere at the armory.
>Change the subject. Clear your throat and ask Dimitrie something else. Perhaps if he signed up for the jousting tournament will serve as a good distraction.

a91b7 No.49206

Option 2.

4c0a8 No.49208

Option 2 sounds fine here

835ce No.49260


Option 2.

56d0d No.49265

Option two.

38f15 No.49290

While I've been doubtful that we can continue being friendly without losing respect, I wonder if we can. I'll say option 2.

56d0d No.49302

You're not alone. But the choice says "friendly atmosphere in the armory", hopefully implying that Edward will demand the appropriate respect and decorum everywhere else.

e8add No.49303

>5 votes for option two, encourage Dimitrie to be less stiff.

Encourage a friendly meeting.

You can't forget that Dimitrie did his damnedest to try to take advantage of you.


The practice grounds with your soldiers has always felt to you like a special place. A place where men were equally free to test their ability to hit each other with wooden swords. One in which everyone was guaranteed a fair match. You'd never accepted anything less.

You decide you'll extend that figurative olive branch to Dimitrie.

You reach out a steady arm and clap Dimitrie on the back.

He jolts up unexpectedly, staring at you in shock.


You give him what you imagine as a hearty smile.

The throne room and pleasantries are all well and good, you say, but now you are men among men.

…Well, and Sully, who lives as a man, but you don't need to share that.

This is a place of camaraderie! Not manners.

You'll forgive a little informality, as long as he shows no disrespect.

Dimitrie blinks unsteadily at your words, as if unsure if this is some new trap you've laid for him.


His voice betrays his confusion, which borders on being dumbfounded.

You nod your head, seriously.


You wouldn't say it if it weren't the case. You're King, and you're expected to conduct yourself as one… or no one would take you seriously.


Dimitrie's eyes lower, guiltily. You think he grasped the nuance there.

At any rate, you'll thank him not to spread word that you regard men on the training ground as any 'better' than those off of it, but you won't have the friendly atmosphere you've cultivated destroyed.

Isn't that right, you ask, turning your head toward the guard witnessing your little 'pep talk' with Dimitrie.

He doesn't need any more prompting.

"Yes, King Edward is known for his visits here," he offers.

Dimitrie shifts his gaze to him, then… seems to relax.

"If… if you're sure," he says.

You nod.

You decide to keep the initiative.

You're glad to see Dimitrie take advantage of the offer you made to him.


His eyes light up, as if he remembered why he was there in the first place.

"Yes, Y– King Edward. I thought it would do some good to reconsider. …Fighting for keeps is certainly how I would expect to handle my spars in my home, but I have begun to think perhaps in Castle Valachia it is best to do as the Valachians do."

Hm. It's reasonable, you suppose.

Dimitrie is your subject in either of those places but you need not impress that on him after your talk of informality and friendship.

You also don't think you've ever heard the term 'Valachian,' but whatever.

"Would you suggest a partner for me, Y– King Edward?" he asks.

… Hrm.

That question gives you some pause.

But you cover it up by saying… Of course, you don't mind.

Inwardly, your thoughts are racing.

You'd guessed to yourself, after hearing Dimitrie's comment in your throne room, that he likely possesses no real skill with that blade.

A disciplined swordsman wouldn't make frivolous comments about their sword needing the taste of blood, or whatever.


If you're too obvious with implying your thoughts, he might take offense.

On the other hand, if you suggest him a partner who then bests him immediately, he may be humiliated.

You confirm with Dimitrie he does not mind using a wooden practice sword, of course?

His lips turn slightly in distaste, but he holds back from giving a disdainful sniff.

"I will adapt… King Edward," he responds.

That gave you a second longer to think about it, anyway.

You nod, and tell him you know just the person who would serve best as his sparring partner.

It would be…

Choice time:
>It has to be someone. Suggest the soldier who's been standing there talking with you both, and hope for the best.
>Perhaps an attempt at flattery is the best policy. Suggest the biggest, strongest soldier in the field.
>A wooden practice dummy. –Alleviate any implied insult by claiming you use them as well.
>Spar Dimitrie yourself. At the very least you can control how the fight goes that way.
>Pause, and see if you can spy any soldier who's slightly shorter than Dimitrie. He may pick up on why you're doing it, but it may give him a 'fighting chance'.

835ce No.49304


Option 4

f8c8c No.49306

option 1

20e25 No.49315

Option four.

The whole point of the "men amongst men" talk was that we don't coddle anyone while training. He gets a real fight with an opponent at his level and he will have to prove his skills just like everyone else here, including Edward himself.

4c0a8 No.49330


option 4

38f15 No.49331

I'll put it for option four as well. I just hope it doesn't insult him.

56d0d No.49339

Wait, wait. I miscounted the items. I meant option five!

a91b7 No.49340

Option 5.

bd554 No.49346

Option 4

38f15 No.49360

Whoops! I also miscounted! I also mean option 5!

e8add No.49376

>1 vote for option one, suggest the nearest soldier and hope for the best.
>3 vote for option four, spar Dimitrie yourself.
>3 votes for option five, try to find a soldier who is shorter than Dimitrie to spar.

We have a tie.

I will come back to the vote later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result.

If you have not voted yet, please vote immediately.

If you have already voted, please do not feel any pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the vote close sooner or the next update come faster.

e8add No.49377

To be sure, these are both you, Wizard? They have different IDs.

56d0d No.49379

Yes, they are both me. The ID change came by clearing cookies from my browser.

294c8 No.49380

I'm going to say Option 4. It reinforces the idea that the barracks are a place of camaraderie if Edward spars with Dimitrie himself, plus it allows for a more controlled situation (even if Edward picks a "runt", there's a chance he might still outclass Dimitrie's skills and completely embarrass him)

e8add No.49387

Tie broken.

>4 votes for option four, spar Dimitrie yourself.

Become Dimitrie's sparring partner yourself.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.49696

Dimitrie is an aristocrat. Moreover, he's a guest on your grounds.

It may be difficult finding a sparring partner who will duel him seriously and instead let him strike with impunity. That might satisfy his ego, but it won't satisfy your need to look after your men.


You tell Dimitrie he needs someone he can engage with on similar terms.

Your soldiers are men who are trained to carry arms, and nothing else. Sparring and practicing is routine to them.

Dimitrie is an aristocrat however, and he needs someone in a similar position who will bring their personal… passion… for the sword into the fight.

Dimitrie listens to your explanation, the dull look on his face tells you he hasn't sussed out where you're going with that line of thought, though. So, you announce it.

You will become his sparring partner.

There's a slight gasp from Dimitrie at your words.

The soldier standing with you both has a different reaction. It's a slight sigh of what you think is relief.

You camouflage your notice of his reaction by asking him to bring you both the 'finest' wooden practice swords.

You unhook your royal sword from your belt and set it aside, prompting Dimitrie to do the same with his own sword.

It'll just be a hindrance in the actual fight to have it swinging around, after all.

You square up with Dimitrie.

The soldier didn't just return with swords, but he seemed to have attracted the attention of the rest of your loyal guards.

They're not openly gawking, but you've been around enough to know they're being a bit more leisurely than usual. Making this a spar between yourself and an aristocrat seems to have created a spectacle.

It's too late to back out now.

You recite to Dimitrie again… the spar will continue until someone yields. And most of the time that only means one, perhaps two, solid hits.

These matches are practice and should result in sore muscles at worst. That's how it's done in Valachia.

"…Aye, Y–… King Edward."

You think he's worked through the initial shock of sparring you personally.

You're reminded of the time Tharja came to watch you spar. How you gave her instructions that she mustn't cheer or react if you were hurt.

You almost feel like shouting that at the soldiers watching you, but you refrain.

You bow to Dimitrie, as an opponent, which he at least has the wits to return.

You raise your sword and settle into your stance as Dimitrie does the same.

Your eyes take in Dimitrie's form.

Hm. Despite his slight handicap in height, his grip seems sure and his legs loose.

He confirms your assessment as his legs coil and press toward you in his initial thrust.

You're prepared enough to parry it, striking his sword to the side and side-stepping. You make what you think is a firm counter, but Dimitrie dances out of the way of your sword, preventing you from scoring a hit.

Recovering from your lunge you step lightly and bring yourself back on even footing, it's enough to bring up another parry to prevent Dimitrie from striking a blow to your side. However, it doesn't leave you in a good position to counter, and you can't take advantage of the block.

You settle for raising your sword enough to knock his away and play toward the empty side of his body to buy some breathing room.

…This is interesting.

It would seem perhaps you judged Dimitrie a little… prematurely.

He clearly does know what he's doing, though you're not sure if he's your match.

At any rate, you taper your surprise and concentrate on your fight.

This isn't like your fight with Daniella, bantering will serve no purpose.

You decide to be proactive and make a feign to slash high before aiming to strike his thigh.

However he steps back at the last moment, and suddenly it's you on the defensive as his counter nearly strikes your ribs.

…Damn, you may build up a sweat like this.

You thought your main concern would be whether if you played to let him win or only allow yourself to win after drawing it out…

But this is a real match!

You step back before pressing onward, only to discover and you both made identical strikes. As a result, your wooden swords hit each other. The loud thudding sound of wood on wood resounds throughout the field as you hold yourself in a brace together for a long moment before mutually disengaging.

It gives you the slightest minute to breathe and consider your next move.

This is too good a match to throw or use to play to any strategic political considerations of Dimitrie's 'feelings' as your vassal anymore. Your passion is ignited and you want to win.

The question was: what tactic to pursue that would be best?

His form is good enough that he's not making any unreasonable mistakes. A victory isn't assured.

Choice time:
>Put Dimitrie on the defensive and overwhelm him with all your strength. Focus on hitting him with slashing attacks where even if he parries, you'll be able to knock him off-balance and break through.
>Dimitrie's light-footed but you still have the reach advantage, focus on thrusting attacks the moment he steps within range. It'll be a mere contest of reflexes, then.
>Dimitrie's been taking the initiative, but you've held him off well so far. Focus on a strong defense, conserve your strength, and let him tire himself out. You should be able to swing the fight in your favor then.
>Something else. (Write-in)

a91b7 No.49701

Option 2.

38f15 No.49702

So it becomes a question of Strength, Dex, or Constitution. …I think I've been listening to too many D&D games.

Anyway, let's go with option 2.

4c0a8 No.49705


Option 2

It seems like the best way to win, though a little riskier than option 3 of just getting quickly beaten.

835ce No.49731


Option 2.

3738e No.49732

Option two seems good.

e8add No.49733

>5 votes for option two, rely on your reflexes to carry the day.

Attack Dimitrie with decisive thrusts the moment he's in range.

Poll closed, update soon.

e8add No.49767

You recall Dimitrie is a shade shorter than you.

That should translate into just enough of a reach advantage to press into a solid strike.

You hold your sword up and prepare to counter any move he makes.

The moment he steps close enough you'll drive the tip into his body.

He leads with his left foot, you lead with your left.

You attempt to lead low and strike his foreleg, but he's light-footed enough to avoid getting caught.

He sidesteps around your thrust like a dog circling its prey.

You think you've got him, he side-steps toward your sword-arm, closing the distance and making it easier for you to swing.

You turn your wrist and attempt to turn it into a solid strike to his side.

There's a soft thwacking sound of wood striking flesh.

You cough and tell Dimitrie you yield. Your voice is perhaps a little more weak than you'd like.


Dimitrie slowly backs away.

You're given the moment to judge the final position, you sword turned diagonally to hit the closest side of his body… foiled by one last pivot of Dimitrie's rear foot, allowing him the chance to side-step just enough to avoid your strike. Another inch or so center-ward and you would have had him, but… his reflexes were a bit better. At the same time, your preoccupation with attacking allowed Dimitrie's counter to strike true.

At least he caught you in a spot that missed bone. Already the pain is fading.

You have no complaints. You were beaten fairly in a competitive match.

You hold your sword at your side and bow again in acknowledgement of a fine spar, which is returned by your opponent.

The match is over. The soldiers around you go back to their own routines. You return your wooden sword to the soldier who brought it to you.

You attempt to engage Dimitrie in a bit of friendly conversation afterward.

You ask him how long he's been practicing, and who taught him?

He turns out to be as lengthy in his responses as his description of Tobuja, that is, not at all.

He learned his art from 'somewhere', he practices 'now and then'.

You're not sure if he's attempting to hide the origins of his skills or if he's just that dull.

You try to coax more words from him, but he doesn't bite. Perhaps he's preoccupied with the idea that he landed a strike against you? The hit did nothing more than take you off-guard and knock some wind out of you, though perhaps if it had been an iron blade, you would have been seriously injured… the thought perhaps makes him so sick with fear it precludes any further conversation. –Or is secretly making him giddy with glee. Either way, his voice doesn't betray his emotion.

You tell Dimitrie you'll gladly ask him for a re-match later.

"…Yes, Y– King Edward."

You make that your parting line, deciding not to waste the rest of the mid-morning with further verbal coaxing.

There's still a layer of ice in your relationship with Dimitrie that would need to break…

But, at least you did learn something interesting about him.

He really does know how to use his sword, and he has enough practice to match your ability.

You think you'll be better prepared if he does come back again. Now that you have a bit better idea of what to expect, his physical movements might offer more insight into who he is than conversation.

You'll have to assume something is keeping him tight-lipped, or he simply has the personality of a bowl of watered down gruel.

… Perhaps both.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e8add No.49901

It may be in your best interests to get cleaned up. You depart from the armory training field a little earlier than you normally would.

You find a maid and order her to draw you a bath. You want to be clean and fresh for your guests.

You take a dip in a tub of warm water and order your razor be brought to you so you can shave.

Deciding it's been too long since you had your hair cut, you have a maid who can act as a barber trim your hair as well.

She trims it according to your wishes and presents a small mirror for your approval.

…You look good. You can't help but feel confidence at seeing your own image.

You nod and hand it back before you become too consumed with vanity.

You decide to have some new clothes brought out for you as well.

As much as you're fond of your cape, you needn't bring in dust from the training field.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

e8add No.50125

You're feeling exceptionally regal after having your maids see to your grooming.

Perhaps you should look into keeping a court barber before too long.

The maid who did your hair has a steady enough hand, but you aren't sure for how much longer.

You're so preoccupied with your thoughts you find yourself continuing along the path to your usual sitting room.

Fortunately a maid stops you and offers to guide you to the room they've prepared for you and your guests.

–Ah. That's right.

You're sharing a table with four more persons than usual. A new room was therefore prepared.

You accept and let her lead the way.

You reach the unfamiliar sitting room and the maid moves to open the door.

However, you stop her short of actually touching it.

You appreciate the gesture, but you are a man in the prime of your life. You don't need a servant to hold the door.

You take up the handle and push it open yourself.

You step in and see your guests, as well as Tharja and Beatrice standing before the table.

Margaret and two other maids are there. You don't see Elizabeth. There's a smaller table where they have your meals, ready to serve under a set of cloches.

You spy a trio of strangers in the corner perched on stools. They carry stringed instruments. They're clearly commoners, but they look pleasant and festive enough. You surmise they must be the musicians Margaret commissioned.

But you can't be concerned with that now.

You hear the maid behind you call out "Presenting, His Royal Majesty, King Edward of Ruhemania."

You're halfway to your chair, but you don't let that stop you. You assume it's yours at least, as it's the only one with nobody in front of it.

You take up your own greeting. You thank your guests for accepting your invitation.

Corrin speaks up.

"Your Majesty, it is a great honor to share your table… may I introduce to you my sisters?" he offers.


You put on your most charming smile and bid him continue.

You finally have a chance to see for yourself what Corrin's sisters look like.

e8add No.50127

File: 1543847078260.png (858.08 KB, 914x1538, Camilla.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Of the three, one woman immediately catches your eye. Your gaze couldn't help but take in her large, supple breasts and ample curves of her hips, even before you made your way to the table.

"My eldest sister, Camilla," offers Corrin.

She smiles at you. It's an expression that you would call elegance personified.

How do you do, you say?

"Your Majesty."

She gives you a fine curtsy.

Your eyes can't help following her breasts as she does so, but you're discreet about it, at least.

She truly is beautiful. Furthermore she has breeder hips if ever you've seen them.

Her figure is perhaps only outdone by Malon in terms of breeding potential. It would be very nice to get to know her in private… Camilla.

Of course, neither of them can compare to your lovely wife, but in terms of women you've met with bodies who were simply begging to carry babies…

Before you can get distracted further with that thought, Corrin gestures to his next sister.

e8add No.50129

File: 1543847167357.png (321.55 KB, 850x1020, cordelia.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your eyes shift to the slender young beauty next in line. Her limbs are a bit more slender, and her waist is thin. Her breasts and hips aren't quite as developed as Camilla's…

Still, you wouldn't give up hope. If she and Camilla are kin, it stands to reason she has the same potential.

Her face is similarly beautiful, though she seems less ready to smile easily. Likely she's nervous.

"My second eldest sister, Cordelia," says Corrin.

She makes a shy little sound in her throat. It's rather cute.

How do you do, you say?

"Your Majesty."

She replies without stuttering at least. She gives a similar curtsy. You give thought to the age differences between them.

Camilla was no doubt older than Corrin and Cordelia, but not to any extreme. You reckon there might be a half-decade separating Camilla from Corrin? And Cordelia was born in that time.

–Oh, wait. Corrin has one more older sister, perhaps you shouldn't undershoot your estimation.

Corrin then turns to the last unfamiliar feminine figure before you.

e8add No.50131

File: 1543847339171.png (585.01 KB, 1026x1200, robin.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well, she's…


She's not 'ugly' exactly. But…

You think you'd describe her as 'handsome' before 'beautiful'. Her figure is on the more petite side. She's surely of-age, but less… curvy.

Though, perhaps she's simply at the disadvantage of seeing her side by side with Camilla and even her other sister. She clearly hasn't changed out of her traveling clothes, which are on the mannish side. If it weren't for her hair and her soft face, you might confuse her for a boy.

"My third eldest sister… Robin."

–Hm, even her name seems more suited for a man than a woman.

Though, you can't help but notice something else.

Camilla, Cordelia, Corrin… Robin.

What's different, there?

How do you do, you say?

"…Your Majesty."

She folds her body down into something that's more a bow than a curtsy, only ducking her eyes in her last moments.

There definitely is some… determination in this girl. Even if her figure doesn't scream raw attractiveness, there's a certain fire in her soul. You can't quite describe it, but you've known women like her. Women who stand out just from how they carry themselves.

…What's that?


She carries a book in her gloved hand.

You can't quite make out the title, or even if it has one.

e8add No.50132

File: 1543847436173.png (310.49 KB, 433x650, Tharja.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


"Ah, Husband…"

Tharja's voice pulls you out of your pause.


You recover quickly and smile at your guests.

Of course, you weren't sure if they had taken the opportunity to become acquainted, yet.

Tharja shakes her head.

Yes, you suppose it might be inappropriate for a woman to introduce herself to a man in a polite setting between aristocrats.

You nod to Tharja and introduce her.

This is Her Royal Highness Princess Tharja, your lovely wedded wife.

You can't help slipping in that little comment, and she gives the most adorable blush.

Corrin and his sisters exchange pleasantries with Tharja. Tharja smiles easily and returns them politely. You think your mere presence has helped assuage any nerves she may have about the situation.

You smile, nod, and move on once they've concluded.

And then, you begin to say…

e8add No.50133

File: 1543847534112.jpg (293.8 KB, 595x841, Beatrice.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


You still have to introduce Beatrice, but at the last possible moment, you second-guess yourself.

Actually, how should you introduce Beatrice?

You suppose she's there as Tharja's eventual midwife… but should you mention that?

Maybe you should just introduce her as a courtier, from your native Virilia, and not mention any particular special role she plays.

You don't have time to hesitate, so in the last possible second, you decide to say…

Choice time:
>Introduce her as Beatrice, midwife to your fair Tharja.
>Introduce her as Beatrice, lady from Virilia.

835ce No.50140


Option one.

Also, that was an interesting development of new characters added in.

46f33 No.50145

I'm torn, but I'm gonna go with option two here.

If we introduce her as a midwife, this will immediately bring up the question of whether or not Tharja is pregnant. When Beatrice arrived, Tharja wasn't and we could open say that Beatrice's presence is simply a way to be prepared. Now Tharja is pregnant and we are faced with two options: Either lie or admit it. I see no reason to lie at the moment and unnecessarily doing so may bite in the behind us later.

I think I remember that we agreed to present to news to the public at some point during the faire. Right now, I'm thinking that we wait a few days and turn the conversation to something else instead.

3a769 No.50154


a98bd No.50155


Option 2.

3b712 No.50165

Option two, mainly because of Wiz's comment. If we're asked, we can say something along the lines of "she's here to bring a touch of home and help Tharja be a Virilian lady too" or something. Maybe imply she's to help Tharja, but no reason to come right out with "midwife".

46f33 No.50187

To be clear: I'm not suggesting we lie about Beatrice's role in the castle when asked. That would be foolish because it is widely known by the castle's population that Beatrice is Tharja's midwife. If Edward is asked, he should tell the truth.
I'm just saying that we should maybe steer the conversation in a direction where it is a little bit less likely that we'll be asked in the first place.

In fact, it may be prudent to operate under the assumption that everyone knows Beatrice's official role as well as her inofficial role as Edward's mistress (which of course we will not acknowledge freely), because we have no way of knowing how much of the gossip within the castle walls Corrin and his sisters have already heard.

4c0a8 No.50222


I vote for option 2

38f15 No.50225

It's a good thing I've played a little FE: Heroes, so I recognize two of these characters and the design of the last. I'm looking forward to their personalities.

Anyway, right now, option 2.

294c8 No.50228

Hoo boy. Edward hopefully should spare little time trying his luck with these three (if memory serves, FE Camilla is a rather motherly soul behind the sexy armor and body). Meanwhile with Robin we may be getting more than we bargained for…

I'm going to say Option 2. No need to be completely direct about Beatrice's role to Corrin. If it comes up in conversation casually (and odds are it would probably be either Tharja or Beatrice herself who would bring it up), so be it, but there's no reason to bring up Tharja's pregnancy right this moment.

e8add No.50263

File: 1544016920840.jpg (14.51 KB, 210x240, Robin-response.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>2 votes for option one, introduce Beatrice specifically as Tharja's midwife.
>6 votes for option two, introduce Beatrice as just a fellow aristocrat.

Obscure Beatrice's role when introducing her.

You decide it better to play it safe and not risk revealing Tharja is pregnant yet.

As a King without an heir, it'd be obvious to even the lowest peasant you're trying for a child, but you don't need to raise the issue.

You may choose to announce your wife is pregnant, or you may choose to keep it a secret. You don't want to invite possible plots against your unborn child.

This is Beatrice, lady from Virilia, you say, introducing Beatrice.

You watch Robin turn her head.

"Virilia?" she asks you.

…Oh, right.

You couldn't just introduce Beatrice as 'lady', so you named her as from Virilia, which is going to have the similar issue of bringing up that topic.

There's a glance from Camilla to Robin.

"Robin, it's never polite to speak to royalty unless you are spoken to," she gives a gentle but firm rebuke.

Robin's eyes shift toward her without turning her head.

Ah, you decide you'd better intervene before some sort of sibling rivalry gets stirred up.

You tell Camilla it's all right. You've taken no offense.

You've invited all of them as your guests. There would hardly be much opportunity to socialize if everyone was too afraid to speak. You prefer to engage with your subjects.

…You think that was King Vlad's policy too, even if he used a different means.

Corrin clears his throat.

"We were invited to talk, dear Camilla."


Camilla smiles.

"Well, if the King is not offended, there is no indignity to apologize for."

You nod.

In answer to Robin's question, Virilia is your homeland, where both you and Beatrice hail from.

It's a distant land from which you traveled many long weeks to arrive at your castle.

Robin seems to listen to your answer. At least she seems interested.

…You decide not to say anymore though. If you mention it's an independent dukedom and not a kingdom, that will just invite more questions.

You decide this introduction has gone on long enough.

You bid everyone sit, that you may be served before the meal grows cold.

You all settle down into your seats. The maids offer to help those who wish it with their chairs. Beatrice and Tharja decline any help. Of Corrin's party, only Robin declines help, meaning all three maids move Corrin, Cordelia, and Camilla's chairs in for them.

You're able enough to decline Margaret help you sit.

The meals are served for you three. Of course your meal is set aside in a special cloche.

Margaret must taste your food, and she stands at your side and does so.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

The seating arrangements are uneven. No one sits at the 'heads' of the table, so to speak. You, Tharja, and Beatrice are lined up on one side with you in the middle, and Corrin's party is on the other.

Corrin is at least in a position he can talk with Tharja. You, however, have a little more freedom.

It's possible to engage any of the four in easy conversation. Of course, everything you say will be overheard. Privacy is impossible.

The closest thing to it is the trio of musicians have begun plucking and stringing their instruments. At least they seem to have been properly instructed to play light music that won't overwhelm your meeting.

Who should you talk with…?

You decide you'll let Corrin have the chance to engage with Tharja first. Perhaps you'll talk with him later on.

Talking with Beatrice would likely seem strange. They may even take it as a snub, so you rule that out.

It's likely better to focus on one girl at a time.

The question was, which one?

Choice time:
>You're still captivated by Camilla's stunning figure and motherly manner, engage with her first.
>Robin seems to hold genuine interest in you, and hasn't been shy about speaking out. Favor talking with Robin first.
>Cordelia may have something worth saying. Attempt to break the ice and learn more about her.

accb2 No.50272

Option 3. It seems the most "road less traveled" type of option, so why not…?

4c0a8 No.50273

Given that Robin definitely seems like a witch, it might be nice to add her to our coven of witches.

I vote for option 2.

1ccb9 No.50274

I would definitely go with 2 given Robin's potential. She seems the most mysterious and shy of the three.

29e8a No.50277


46f33 No.50284

I too vote for option three.

I may have watched way too much Buffy and Angel, but I simply cannot read the name Cordelia and not picture an incredibly sexy woman.

0e53d No.50291

I'm torn. Option 2 seems like the more prudent option, seeing as she's much more likely to be a witch. But Cordelia though…..

Bah, I guess I'll go with two.

Also, are the names references to something? Fire Emblem, maybe?

2da18 No.50293

Guess I'll be the odd vote here.

I like curvy ladies with big tits and big hips. Can't resist a good, breeding body.

Option 1.

2ee71 No.50294

Option 2: Robin seems like the kind of person we should ask a few questions.

The kind of questions whose answers some of our guests should hear.

Particularly any guest on our side of the table that we would consider a quite “golden” personality.

38f15 No.50306

I say option 3. I want to get a better gauge of the one we haven't heard from yet.

835ce No.50312


>A dragon-riding lady(Carmilla) or a Pegasus-riding lady(Cordelia), so hard

You guys are missing out, option 1.

e8add No.50320

>2 votes for option one, talk with Camilla.
>5 votes for option two, talk with Robin.
>3 votes for option three, talk with Cordelia.

Pursue conversation with Robin.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.50322

File: 1544189906221.jpg (45.9 KB, 500x567, Robin-interested.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You are attracted to Camilla, but…

You can't start openly flirting with her. You're in a formal meeting between aristocrats. Tharja is sitting right there.

Tharja would be all too happy to hear you've bedded Camilla, of course, but you have to keep up the facade of being a somewhat normal married couple; one in which the man hid his affairs.

This just isn't like the time you first met Malon. That was private, in the stable, and you suspect Malon may have already had an 'understanding' that you would attempt to seduce her. …Perhaps.

Camilla can wait.

You'd prefer to have some impression of Cordelia beyond a shy little squeak during your introduction, but she can wait as well.

Robin, however…

There's a bit of potential there.

Your eyes dart again to her book.

You're… reasonably sure she's not a witch.

Erika confirmed in your presence that every other witch in Ruhemania was dead.

–However, what if she was like Tharja? That she had found one of Maria's books, and performed the ritual herself?

Another possibility might be that Robin was Erika after using magic to take someone's face, but you dismiss that as overly paranoid.


Beatrice will definitely be listening in to the conversation. Maybe you can find questions that will wheedle any bits of information out.

You take a moment between spoonfuls of soup to attempt to break the ice.

Robin, you begin…

Her head perks up.

You can't help but notice she seems like an avid reader.

You admit Tharja is one as well.

–Well, obviously. Tharja is carrying her own book.

"Yes. I find it is a wonderful way to learn more about the world… places that my eyes will never see."

…Hm. That's an interesting take.

You think you can understand. Ruhemania is rather… remote.

"May I ask you something, Your Majesty?"

You reply that it would depend on the thing being asked.

She doesn't shy away from your mild deflection. You'd think most people would back down after hearing something like that from a King. Either she's truly fearless, truly confident, or does not think much of you. Perhaps all three?

"I'm rather curious, Your Majesty. Will you please talk about your homeland… this Virilia? I've never read or heard about it before."


You think you catch Camilla giving Robin a cold little glance.

You suppose if you really wanted to be tyrannical, it would be within your right to throw up your hands and announce you took offense to the implied insult that your homeland is worth no note. It's then a short hop to implying that you are worth no note.

–But you're not in favor of such hysterics.

Instead you decide to be diplomatic.

You… would rather not.

It is distant. It exists in your heart.

You will likely never see it again. And that is all right.

You want to focus on being the rightful King of Ruhemania and Sovereign of all subjects therein.

Therefore… you have to decline.

There is simply no opportunity to live in the past. You must be concerned with Ruhemania's future.



Your attention is on Robin, but you think you saw two reactions. The first was a little grin from Beatrice, which she hides under the heel of her hand.

It was a calculated move on your part. You avoided naming Beatrice your midwife because it would invite uneasy to answer questions. 'Is Tharja pregnant?' 'Why not rely on a native Ruhemanian?' 'Since when is a midwife so young, and so beautiful?'

In the same spirit, you realized it really was impossible to talk about Virilia without mentioning your reputation for impregnating all of the women. Furthermore, it would definitely invite questions if you revealed it was an independent Dukedom and not a Kingdom. 'How did you get to marry above your station?' would be the logical thing to wonder, and that's not something you want other aristocrats thinking about. They may start to ask themselves if you're truly legitimate a King, and you can't have that.

Beatrice likely realized your true motivations there. You imagine her cackling her approval at your developed political instinct.

Besides that…

You definitely saw Camilla react as well. Her lips pursing in a surprised little 'o' that vanishes as she lowers her head and goes back to eating. Perhaps she's surprised at your dedication? Or it really hadn't hit home for her that you are King. You aren't wearing your crown, after all.

Robin on the other hand looks disappointed.

"Oh… I understand, Your Majesty."

You nod.


"But, then, will you indulge me something else?" she asks.

You blink. Looks like Robin isn't satisfied with just that.

Well… you'll hear her out.

Robin abandons any pretense of eating, her brow furrowing in thought.

"If you won't talk about your homeland… will you perhaps talk about your journey from Virilia to Ruhemania? I'm aware that there are really only so many ways to gain access to the country, and would be interested in hearing it."

That's surprisingly specific. She's not wrong by any imaginable stretch. Isn't Ruhemania surrounded by mountains and a vast field of empty grassland…? You're only vaguely aware.

Is Robin really conscious of that sort of thing? You wonder.

At any rate, it's so specific a question, it's harder to find a reason to turn her down.

You decide you'll answer it.

You preface your reply to Robin by telling her if you recount the entire journey, you may end up talking into the night, so you'll speak briefly.

Robin nods.

"I understand, Your Majesty."

She leans forward, slightly. It's clear she's hanging on your every word.

In that case…

Where to begin?

Choice time:
>Recount your journey from Virilia to Ruhemania, focus on retelling the sea journey over. A talk of pirates may make for interesting conversation.
>Gloss over the sea journey and focus on the land journey: your arrival in Elbania and your travels with Varillo's Gang. Tales of marching among mercenaries and living off the land may make to give you an impression of a strong individual.

835ce No.50327

Option two.

c5684 No.50330

Option two.

Way, way back, I was very curious about Elbania. Maybe Robin will fill in at least blanks.

1ccb9 No.50331

I agree with everyone when I say option two for this one. It'll help the main character to interact more with Robin for this one.

07ac3 No.50336


61093 No.50337

Number 2

38f15 No.50352

It is my opinion that is using this question to deduce which direction we came from, and use that information either to deduce more about us, or to start further investigation. More likely the former. I believe a couple others who have voted have come to this conclusion as well. Glossing over the sea voyage will likely leave her somewhat unsatisfied, as she won't have our point of origin, but I can see no other choice for now. Just stuff to keep in mind.

Option 2.

4c0a8 No.50388

I vote for Option 2

e8add No.50665

>7 votes for option two, focus on the land journey once you arrived at Elbania.

Tell the story of how you came to Ruhemania, glossing over the sea voyage and emphasizing the journey with Varillo.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.50713

You're still not sure what Robin's motives are.

If you emphasize the length of your sea journey, it may be revealing more than you like about the sheer distance between Virilia and Ruhemania. It may paint you as even more of an outsider.

Instead, maybe it's better to talk about the very long walk from Elbania to Valachia.

You set your spoon down to tell the story.

You were put on a ship and sailed off to meet your beautiful new wife… it was a bit of a journey by sea, but you soon arrived in Elbania.

You were greeted by members of the mercenary group King Vlad had hired.

You're about to start describing how fearsome they were and in particular Varillo himself…

But before you do, Robin interrupts.

"Mercenaries…?" she asks.



It'd been so long, you forgot.

It was actually unknown to you, still. That is, why King Vlad had mercenaries sent to fetch you instead of loyal Ruhemanian soldiers. You'd thought it strange at the time and almost questioned him about it, but with everything that happened afterward… it was so long ago you actually took it for granted and stopped thinking about it. It's only now that you've brought it up that you realize it would cause anyone to raise an eyebrow.

Indeed, Robin's question has prompted a lull in all conversations around you, leaving the dinner suddenly quiet, except for the music.

The music does save you a little embarrassment.

Yes, of course… you say, in an attempt at recovering.

You were under the impression the state of Ruhemania's terrain made any horses or carriages for your transportation to Castle Valachia impractical.

It was necessary therefore for King Vlad to hire experienced trackers to guide you through the Ruhemanian wilderness.

They were less 'mercenaries' in terms of selling their services as combatants and more in terms of selling a particular skill, in this case, as guides.

Robin… turns her head and furrows her brow.

"That doesn't make sense. I've seen a map of Elbania and Ruhemanian. There are hills and swamp, of course, but there is a road depicted going into Ruhemania."

… Wait, really?

She nods.

…That shrewd old wretch.

King Vlad had you brought to Castle Valachia through being marched through a swamp… when there was a road?!

Damn him… for perhaps the first time, you feel true resentment toward King Vlad, as an individual. You feel personally wronged.

He hadn't just cheated you out of a wedding ceremony, he'd marched you with a pack of savages when he could've given you a comfortable journey!?

…You put a lid on your anger and screw it shut as tight as you can.

Robin's merely making an incorrect assertion. Her basis for saying so is only describing what she saw on a map. You just need to point that out, and you won't look like an idiot.

–Well, what Robin suggests was just impractical under the circumstances, you say.

You know how far you walked. Even supposing a safe, steady road, the distance would be asking far too much from just a few horses. Surely any time saved would be lost resting just to make sure the horses didn't collapse of exhaustion.

With you able to walk through areas that a horse would not have been able to travel, you could maintain a daily, steady pace.

Yes, that simply had to be it. Robin's just coming to a conclusion without all the facts.

Robin squints her eyes in thought.

"It may have taken you some time to let your horses recover after being driven, but a chain of horses waiting along the road from settlement to settlement would have worked."

… Oh.

Robin nods.

"It should've been well within possibility for such a system to be organized, especially on behalf of the Crown for transportation of His heir."

You go tongue-tied. You're not used to traveling long distances. Such an idea hadn't occurred to you.

You don't have a response.

You guess… you just weren't worth King Vlad's consideration.

Why would you be? It was completely in line with everything else you went through, back then.

King Vlad wasn't even counting on you being his only heir. He had Ricardo for that role.

Why therefore, go to the trouble of setting up a relay system and send out any soldiers?

Easier to give some mercenaries a sack of gold and have them walk you there.

–But, you can't just admit that at the table in front of your guests you're trying to impress!

"…Robin, you shouldn't imply things," says Camilla.

Robin turns her head to Camilla, looking surprised.

"I'm not trying to imply anything… I just thought something didn't match up from what I remembered reading…"

Camilla's very close to outright frowning. The last thing you need is more attention being called to this by provoking a fight.

But– you just don't know what to say.

Somehow, months later, from beyond the grave, King Vlad had found another way to humble you and remind you that you were only there because it served his will.

e8add No.50714

File: 1545057824156.jpg (56.46 KB, 670x831, Robin-curious.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Beatrice clears her throat, in an exaggerated, but not unnatural or overly loud, way.

"Pardon my interruption, but I think I can provide an explanation to satisfy young Robin's curiosity."

… She can?

You stop short of speaking that out loud.

But you're suddenly seized with a profound deja vu.

You decide to let Beatrice talk.

Beatrice cants her head.

"Fair Lady Robin… are you aware that everything in the country belongs to His Majesty?"

Robin blinks, then thinks it over.

"Well, actually, the free-people…"

Beatrice interrupts.

"We're not speaking of the free-people, we're speaking of the King's good, loyal subjects."

Robin straightens up.

"Ah… yes. Of course. The lands are governed by His Majesty's will and bestowed on him by God's Grace."

Beatrice nods.

"Indeed… but is the King of Ruhemania also the King of Elbania?"

Robin's blinks, her face starting to flush red with embarrassment.

"O-Obviously not."

Beatrice nods again.

"Exactly. The use of the King of Elbania's road would require the King of Elbania's approval. And to get that approval, the King of Ruhemania would need to give the King of Elbania good reason to allow that use." She turns her head, glancing at each guest. "Is it at all unnatural to think the King of Ruhemania was not of a demeanor to explain his decision-making?"

Probably not.

'King Vlad did not alter deals that King Vlad already agreed to, and he didn't let anyone else decide what he'd agreed to either. You can't see him ever making an exception.

You just hope those in Chrisania have that impression.

"Therefore, picture a solution. A solution in the form of men, who are without allegiance to one King, and are under no obligations, therefore, to greet the King of Elbania on behalf of Ruhemania, or ask permission to use the roads. Instead, they merely meet His Majesty, and escort him directly to the castle."

Ah. Now you see where Beatrice is taking this point. She's implying that King Vlad engaged in a little bit of a clandestine operation to escort you to Ruhemania. But more importantly…

Beatrice purses her lips, before grinning.

"Wouldn't it be perfectly reasonable, given the importance of His Majesty's life? He was the Crown Prince, after all."

…she's presenting it in a way that makes it sound like King Vlad had you marched around Ruhemania because you were a valuable, respected, heir apparent. As opposed to… someone who King Vlad couldn't be bothered considering.


Robin makes a little gasp and looks like she's experienced a mundane epiphany. The rest of your guests seem to quietly nod to themselves.

"That does make sense… Thank you for explaining, Miss…?" Robin asks.

Beatrice smiles. Not a manic grin, but a little, subdued, demure smile, of a proper aristocrat.


You feel like pulling her into an embrace, but you hold back.

Beatrice managed to pull an explanation that paints you in a positive light from your story, allowing you to save face and keep up the impression of being King Vlad's preferred heir.

Surely no good would come from anything else.

… Could it actually be true, you wonder?

Maybe. Maybe not. You'd never know for sure.

Robin tilts her head.

"But, then…"

Seems like she's still not satisfied.

"How do you know that? And when did you arrive in Ruhemania?"

Beatrice doesn't hesitate.

"I'm more experienced a traveler than His Majesty. I arrived a little later, and made travel with a different set of mercenaries."

–Not too bad an explanation.

Robin's reply is quick as well.

"But then why wouldn't you have traveled with hi– His Majesty if you are from the same land?"

You spare a glance at Corrin, Cordelia, and Camilla. They seem to be closing their ears and concentrating on their meals. Are they used to this behavior, or is that a calculated move to avoid disrespecting you?

Beatrice gives an easy smile.

"Sailors have certain superstitions about women on board ships. I needed to be sequestered from them, which meant I could not travel openly with His Majesty."

That's an interesting lie. You're actually not sure if it's true. You remember some stories the sailors told you, but not about that. It sounds like it could be true, which suits your purposes at least.

Beatrice really had figured out all the angles in her appearance at Castle Valachia. –That, or she's good at making it up.

Robin finally settles down with her questions.

"Oh…" she finally says, trailing off.

You're recovered enough to interrupt.

You're glad Robin's curiosity is satisfied, but you didn't finish talking about your travel. That's what she wanted to hear, yes?

Robin perks up a little bit.

"Yes, please, Your Majesty."

You tell your story. Robin hangs on your every word. You're careful this time not to give her a detail to hang on or question.

You get the impression she's not a girl who was looking to stir up trouble or humiliate you, but is just so inquisitive and free in spirit that she saw nothing wrong with her interruptions and arguing.

At the very least, your guests start talking easily, and the meal returns to normal.

Tharja exchanges a few words with Corrin, though you're too focused on your story to tell what about. He seems to be smiling, at least.

The maids takes your soup bowls away and present you with a plate of stewed vegetables.

… Well, you had your chance to order the maids to prepare better food. You suppose this will have to do.

e8add No.50715

File: 1545057987453.jpg (83.33 KB, 530x1032, Tharja-discreet.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You feel something poke you in the side.

You realize it's Tharja's finger.

"Husband…" she breathes in a hushed tone.

She draws her face closer and whispers to you. Her breath is hot against the shell of your ear.

"Would you like me to talk to anyone to help you seduce them later…?"

… Hm.

Given what Tharja accomplished for you with Sully, that may be worthwhile.

Her voice was so soft you're sure you're the only one who heard it.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Very discreetly incline your head toward Camilla.
>Draw your wife's line of sight to Cordelia.
>Move your eyes to stare at Robin.
>…Gently shake your head. It's not a good time, yet.

71ec9 No.50716

Well, obviously we want all of them… but for now, I vote for Camilla.

835ce No.50717


Still going for Camilla, we need someone with equal strength to match other than just Sully. Plus, if you know her personality on Fates, it's a bonus once she's pregnant.

294c8 No.50719

Well, this is an interesting situation now. It feels a little soon to be trying to make any plays at the sisters, but perhaps if Edward doesn't rush things too much, he's got a good opportunity if Tharja's helping.

Seems a bit risky to try things with Robin just yet. She's a nice girl, but not much of a filter so things could get complicated fast. Poor Cordelia is certainly deserving of attention after being ignored for the most part, but I'm sure a proper opportunity will arise later.

For now, let's go after Camilla. If she's going to be anything like her FE counterpart, she will take very well to motherhood so we might as well give it a try. She might be a bit of a Mama Bear too, so playing with Cordelia and Robin before seducing her might be playing with fire.

Option 1. Let's go for Camilla

accb2 No.50751

Discretion is the better part of valor, and perhaps virility. Option 4, just for the time at hand though.

1ccb9 No.50758

For me I would go with Cordelia for this one as she would be an interesting choice to seduce. Not to mention she would be cute to poke fun at. XD

a91b7 No.50767

Option 1.

Camilla for sure.

e19f9 No.50777

Option 1: Camilla

4c0a8 No.50783

Option 1: Camilla

38f15 No.50787

I want to learn more about each of these women before we actually bed them, but let's get the ball rolling.

I don't think I'll win, but option 2. It feels like it would be easy to get to Camilla and Robin, but Cordelia… is a question mark.

c4136 No.50795


60a5a No.50810

Been a while since k last choose options 1

e8add No.50857

>8 votes for option one, choose Camilla.
>2 votes for option two, choose Cordelia.
>1 vote for option four, choose to wait, for now.

Subtly indicate to Tharja you would like her to help you seduce Camilla.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.51156

It's hardly just Sully who Tharja has helped you with. She orchestrated your defloration of Elizabeth, and helped you seduce Beatrice… to some extent.

You don't doubt Tharja's capacity to help you.

Which is why you incline your neck toward the most obvious target:


Tharja's eyes follow yours and she hides a mischievous grin behind her hand.

"She is perfect, my husband," she whispers again.


Nice to hear that your wife knows what traits to look for.

Margaret preempts any further talk when she comes closer to taste the newest dish for you.

Once again, she does not drop dead.

Soon, a lull develops in the meal.

"Oh, Camilla…"

Tharja starts to engage Camilla in conversation. You'll leave her to it.

–Although it occurs to you that in opening the door for Tharja to talk with Camilla, you've closed yourself off from the opportunity to talk to her yourself. At least for now.

Your eyes flit between your other guests. Corrin, Cordelia, and Robin.

There's still time before the meal ends to engage with one of them.

Recalling what Camilla said, they'll likely be too guarded to initiate a conversation with you. So, you must make the first move.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Talk with Cordelia, you don't have a proper introduction from her, yet.
>Talk with Corrin. See if he's satisfied with whatever discussion he had with Tharja.
>You're not satisfied with your conversation with Robin which had you on the defensive. Turnabout is fair play. Re-start your talk and find something to question her about, a little.

9707f No.51158

Well, Cordelia is the obvious choice now.

1a0c4 No.51162

Option 1.

294c8 No.51163

Yes, now seems to be a good opportunity to hear from Cordelia. She's been rather quiet this whole time and for all we know she's as interesting as her sisters are (since we've gotten a taste of Robin's brain and Camilla obviously has her lovely body). Also it'll prove a useful distraction so Tharja can focus on her target while the attention is otherwise on Cordelia.

Option 1

7e492 No.51168


Option 1

1ccb9 No.51172

I would go with Cordelia as I agree with everyone. She needs attention and our character needs to know more on her.

e3abf No.51184

>Talk with Cordelia, you don't have a proper introduction from her, yet.
As much as I like Robin, who is totally not a witch, I think Cordelia is the most attracted/intimidated of the three and I'd like us to spend some time with her.

38f15 No.51186

I will put in my vote for option 1, talk to Cordelia, but the next chance we get, we should follow up with Corrin and find out if he found out what he wanted.

0a97f No.51197


e8add No.51362

File: 1546432104020.jpg (724.1 KB, 1312x1550, Cordelia-blush.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You've mentally sparred with the youngest sister, you'd delegated the seduction of the oldest sister to your wife…

That left the middle sister. Cordelia.

Remembering her shyness, you decide a gentle approach is probably for the best.

Cordelia… you say, to get her attention.

She raises her head.

You go on to say that you've become aware that both Corrin and Robin are obviously passionate about reading…

You wish to know a little more about her.

Is there anything specifically that Cordelia has a passion for?

Cordelia's lips turn to a little smile of relief. You think she's glad to discover you just want to talk idly about something, rather than anything formal.

"I'm not as dedicated to reading as my younger siblings, Your Majesty. I do have one thing I'm passionate about…"

She trails off, so you give her a little nudge.

What is it? You really would like to hear.

She blushes, then goes on.

"I'm very much a fan of riding… I love horses and horseback riding."

Ah. You understand.

Of course, there is no experience like riding a horse at full gallop. You tell her you share her interests very much.

The castle has its own stables and there's room to ride… briskly, at least. Perhaps if you had cleared the field of its stakes there would be more open terrain in the immediate surroundings.

Does she do a lot of riding in her home territory, you ask?

With a sad little frown, she shakes her head.

"The terrain isn't the best for riding…"

She goes on to describe that either the land is too rocky and uneven for extended riding, or the rainy weather turns the dirt to mud and makes the horses tire very quickly.

That does follow from what Corrin described, you think. You tell her you understand that must be frustrating.

But, it gives you a bit of an opportunity.

It'd be no matter to give Cordelia access to your stable, and then 'just happen' to stop by and meet her.

If it's anything like when you first started visiting the stable, she'd have to get acclimated to a certain horse before she could ride it. That would give you a chance to talk, alone. Or at least, relatively alone.


Though, it occurs to you that it may serve you well to introduce Cordelia to Malon.

Other than Tharja, Malon may perhaps be the girl most eager to bear your children. That enthusiasm might rub off on Cordelia, somehow…

You couldn't control what they talk about together, and Malon's not quite as devoted to you to encourage other women to sleep with you like Tharja is, but you're reasonably sure Malon is pregnant. Wouldn't it stand to reason being around a pregnant woman would encourage her to think about it? And perhaps subtly encourage her to open herself to your advances. You can definitely imagine Malon talking blissfully about her coming pregnancy.

It would likely be too forward for you to directly offer to personally show Cordelia your stable. You're King, after all.

At least, even if she went along with it, her siblings will notice you're trying to get yourself alone with her. A minor scandal for you both. You'll have to be a little more subtle.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Set her up to meet with her later. Give Cordelia permission to enter and make use of your stable. For riding, or just to associate with the horses.
>Give Cordelia permission to make use of your stable… and add on that you'll have your personal stablehand see to any requests she has about the horses.

e8add No.51363

Oops, I thought for sure I had closed the vote and announced the winning choice. Normally I'd delete that and re-post, but it's unanimous and obvious that talking with Cordelia won and was going to win. I'll just leave it as is.

Please continue to vote.

1a0c4 No.51365

Option 2.

835ce No.51366


Option 2.

065b9 No.51369

Option 2

1ccb9 No.51376

I go for option 2 given it presents an opportunity for Malon to be more into the picture. Plus would like to see how this turns out for our hero of how he'll handle the situation.

38f15 No.51384

Option 2.

Though I would like to point out that we're getting more reasons to take those stakes down.

f1867 No.51393


e3abf No.51394

>Option 2
And Happy New Year, Aristo!

e8add No.51396

>7 votes for option two, allow Cordelia use of your stables and arrange her to interact with Malon.

Offer Cordelia use of your stables and the attention of your personal stablehand.

Here's a chance for you to look generous to your guests and help endear you to Cordelia.

You smile and tell her if she'd care to, you'll give her permission to make use of the royal stables. Whether that's for riding, or just being around the animals. You don't mind.

Her eyes widen in surprise.

"O-Oh, no, Your Majesty, I wasn't trying to imply I wanted anything…"

Your smile doesn't waver.

It's no trouble. It's good for the animals as well. You imagine they'll benefit greatly from being around someone enthusiastic about riding.

In fact, you'll go one step further, you say.

You'll ensure your personal stablehand sees to any requests she has.


Cordelia goes quiet, but the blushing smile she gives you is all you need to know.

"T-Thank you very much," she says. Looks like she's resigned to accepting your gift.

Most likely, you really found something that genuinely pleases her.

You can only hope she and Malon hit it off.

Malon you know is at least very knowledgeable about animals. You expect no problems.

But if they truly became friends… that would likely open up opportunities for you.

You're distracted by the thought of Cordelia's relatively slim figure blossoming full with your child as your talk gently lapses.

Now that you have a set arrangement to meet with her later, you feel less pressured to keep up the engagement.

You return to finishing your meal amidst the sound of stringed instruments.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

e8add No.51436

The meal slowly begins to wind down. The maids have no food left to serve, so there's nothing to do after everyone finishes eating.

You're left with no option but to talk with Corrin.

You must confirm if he's worked out an arrangement with Tharja.

You address him and ask if he's been able to come to an agreement with your wife?

He smiles, amicably, which seems a good sign.

"Her Highness is very intriguing, Your Majesty. She's made a very generous offer to help me find what I'm looking for."

Corrin will visit the library between breakfast and midday, for an hour or perhaps two. A guard will be present, as well as Tharja herself.

Sounds reasonable. There should be no accidental stumbling upon Tharja practicing magic in that case.

Of course, he won't be there every day. The understanding is he may borrow one book at a time, with her permission, to be returned before the Faire is over.

Well, hopefully he finds what he's looking for.

You suppose if you need to track down Corrin, you have a method of meeting him indirectly.

You announce that you're sure your guests wish to unwind, so you will conclude your meal together.

The light through the window is beginning to turn toward the beginning of a sunset. That's a good sign enough time has passed.

You dismiss your guests, with the appropriate amount of pleasantries.

It may be your imagination, but you think Camilla's parting smile to you is especially flirtatious.

Cordelia is still looking grateful for the gift you've promised her.

That leaves Robin… who offers a few parting words without properly thanking you for the story about your journey to Ruhemania. –At least until Camilla prompts her to do so.

"Thank you for letting me hear the personal tale of your travel… Your Majesty," she finally says, with another bow that only becomes a curtsy at the last moment.

Hm. Robin was no doubt a bright individual, but if she needed to be reminded to fulfill ordinary courtesies…

You can't help but think of another pair of sisters with a similar problem and wonder if their relationship is similar.

At any rate, you don't think Robin meant disrespect, at least in the same way Dimitrie clearly meant disrespect when he balked at kneeling.

–Though maybe that's you wanting to give women a bit more of a benefit of the doubt.

You can't deny an impulse to give women a little more consideration.

You take a little moment after they're gone to address the musicians.

You thank them for a fine performance. You promise to consider asking them to come again.

They aren't sure what to make of your gesture, but one of them finally speaks up.

"Y'ur Majesty, we belong to a larger group… if you'd give all of us a chance to give you a real recital, it would be all we need."

…Hm. That's something to consider. You tell them you've heard their request, and you'll consider it for later.

You don't doubt you'll have a large group of entertainers eager to perform for you soon.

You leave the maids behind to clean up.

e8add No.51437

You reflect on the meeting with Corrin and his family.

It went well enough, you suppose. The only 'danger' moment was Robin picking through your words describing your arrival to Ruhemania.

Fortunately Beatrice had saved you by intervening. You'll have to remember that moment and watch what you say so it doesn't happen again.

You can't help but recall Robin's book she openly carried around with her.

It definitely set off a little bit of an alarm. It's hardly a clear sign that you're dealing with a witch, but…


You realize you're in a situation much like Daniella must have felt she was in. Recognizing a sign of witchcraft and being unable to do anything about it to confirm either way in a manner that would exclude the other conclusion entirely.

Of course, you have one advantage: you're not some fanatic witch-hunter.

And you have two witches to rely on for advice.

Maybe you should ask one of them what their impression of Robin was.

…Sunset is approaching.

You should choose one or the other. It may be noticed if you try to bring them both together, again, twice in as many days.

Choice time:
>It's worth bringing up to Tharja. Ask her thoughts about it. Maybe she has some opinion.
>It's enough to make you want to consult with Beatrice. Bring it up to her, in confidence.

4c0a8 No.51439


Option 2: Ask Beatrice

1ccb9 No.51442

I would go for option two too given Beatrice has seemed to get the character's buns outta the fire before.

1a0c4 No.51445

Option 2.

569e2 No.51456

Beatrice is an expert at reading social situations, evaluating people and guessing their motives. And if anyone can sniff out a witch, it's her. She's met dozens, Tharja's met three.

I hope we do more than just ask her about Robin though, I want to know what her impressions were of all four of our guests.

Option 2.

38f15 No.51462

I agree with this. Best to be sure. Option 2.

e3abf No.51467

Seconding asking about all the guests as well.

We might want to get her to spy on Dimitre, try to get a gauge of what the heck his deal is. He's definitely the biggest question mark of everyone we've met so far.

6fb9f No.51482

Option 2, no offence to our wife but Beatrice is definitely the smarter one.

e8add No.51491

>7 votes for option two, ask Beatrice about Robin.

Seek out Beatrice.

Beatrice will probably have a more informed opinion than Tharja.

Maybe she even recognized Robin, though you're not sure how likely that is.

At any rate, you decide to consult with her.

Tharja can wait. You'll see her later tonight.

Of course, you can't just walk in a straight line to Beatrice's room.

You have to circle around the corridors a few times before gradually coming back to her room.

You knock three sharp raps on her door.

There's a few seconds of silence before you hear Beatrice's voice.

"Come in!"

You push open the door, slip inside, and shut it behind you.

You do it so quickly, you almost shut it on your cape, before remembering to clear it at the last moment.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

e8add No.51538

You find yourself face to face with Beatrice.

"Your Majesty…?" she asks.

But, you know that's a ruse.

You're the only one who knocks on Beatrice's door like you do.

She's keeping up her 'noblewoman' persona facade in case anyone is listening.

You step closer, lowering your voice to a whisper.

You both need to talk, you say, hushed.


Beatrice inclines her head toward the chair in front of the desk.

"Barricade the door," she says.

You pick up the chair and, as delicately as possible, place it in front of the door.

It's not that heavy, nor is the door handle shaped in such a way that you can wedge it underneath, but it will at least prevent anyone from outright bursting into the room without giving you both time to react.

You watch Beatrice lift her bag that she keeps her book inside, and she thrusts her hand down into it and holds it there.

…You assume she's casting a spell.

You try to remember if you've seen Beatrice cast magic without changing back to her witch persona and abandoning her disguise.

Perhaps not, but this confirms at least there's nothing stopping her from casting magic like that.

She whispers again.

"Come closer," she beckons. "Huddle around me."

You do as she says until you're well within each other's personal space. You become very aware of how much Beatrice's big bouncy breasts protrude from her body. It's distracting.

"I've cast a spell to make sure we're not heard. Let's be brief, King."

Even when saying that, she whispers. You take it as a cue she's being exceptionally cautious.

Right. It's deserved with all the new activity.

You swallow a bit of saliva and start speaking.

Could Robin be a witch, you ask?

Beatrice's eyes widen, before her lips turn in a little frown.

"I don't know. She's not any witch I've met," she says.

You figured that. At least, Robin would have reacted to seeing Beatrice a little more.

If Robin were a witch, she'd have to be like Tharja: a woman who cast the spell on her own with one of Maria's books.

Does she act like a witch in a way that Beatrice would expect, you ask?

Beatrice… shrugs.

"She does possess a sharp mental acuity, combined with an impulsive naivete. But it's not something that would guarantee she's a witch."


Is there anything she or you can do to confirm, you ask?

Beatrice gives an amused little smirk.

"You don't have any ideas? You can watch her perform magic, you can see how she reacts to something threatening her book, or you can injure her and see if she recovers herself."

–You suppose one of those would do it, but you'd rather not do something that extreme.

What about a softer, more subtle way?

Beatrice smacks her lips.

"Why don't you see if you can discover if she has any recently deceased relatives?"

… Oh!

That could be something. Of course, even if she did, it still wouldn't be a sure sign she was a witch…

But most importantly, you can possibly ask someone besides Robin herself if they've dealt with any deaths recently.

You nod. At the very least, you now have a starting point to base your future inquiries.

You ask Beatrice…

Does she personally think Robin is a witch?

You hear her exhale a hot puff of air through her nose.

"I would say the possibility is low, but… I wouldn't mind if she were."

She pauses another second then seems to decide she's felt enough melancholy for the moment.

"We should finish this conversation, King."

–So soon? What's her hurry?

You wanted to perhaps get her impression of the rest of the guests as well.

Her lips twist in a faint little grin, enough to show teeth.

"The longer you stay here, the longer you risk being discovered. There's too much going on."

Beatrice is right.

And yet…

You finally give in and stare straight down into Beatrice's cleavage.

You've been doing your best to ignore the close proximity, but…

Your hands gently wrap around her back, settling on the small of her back, resting just above the curve of her ass.

Is it really that bad, you ask?

Beatrice has her role to play, you whisper.

You let your hand trail up and down the side of her body. You can feel your manhood stirring. It's all you can do to hold back from just outright groping her.

Beatrice gives a pleased little laugh, her free hand going up to caress your smooth cheek.

"Is it really in your interest to be known as the King who couldn't keep it in his pants for even ten minutes after he was done courting his subjects?" she taunts.


She's testing you.

Maybe it was pushing your luck, but…

Choice time:
>Yes, you do. Take Beatrice for a round of hard, impulsive sex.
>…Maybe not, but Beatrice's body is too enticing to ignore. Show you appreciate her beauty by playing with her body a little, then depart. Maybe it'll leave her wanting more.
>Beatrice is right. You discussed enough. Let go and excuse yourself before you're possibly seen.

22f5a No.51540

Option two. Who knows, she might bite. If she doesn't, at least we didn't force her.

38f15 No.51542

After the traps that Moe has set in his story, I'm now gun shy about jumping on them boobies here. But with a middle ground, and Beatrice does appreciate teasing, so… Option 2.

4c0a8 No.51545


I'm going to vote for option 3.

If we are trying to sleep with Corrin's sisters, we probably don't want to encourage rumors about sleeping with Beatrice right now.

6fb9f No.51555

Option 3: Lets play it safe.

e3abf No.51556

>Option 2
I'm surprised we're not having this discussion in the tower.
Don't forget to thank Beatrice for pulling our ass out of the fire back there. Also ask if she could spy on Dimitre for us.

accb2 No.51557

Option 2

a7d68 No.51563


1a0c4 No.51566

Option 2.

38f15 No.51574

I'm going to change my vote from option 2 to 3, even though we'd need one more vote just to get a tie.

e8add No.51583

>5 votes for option two, tease Beatrice a little, then call it a night.
>3 votes for option three, extricate yourself and excuse yourself.

Excuse yourself… after teasing Beatrice a little.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.52004

File: 1547647914661.jpg (154.65 KB, 541x723, Beatrice-fondling.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

On one hand, Beatrice is right.

You do care about what your guests overhear or see you do.

On the other hand…

It's not a question of if it's in your "interest". It's just what you do.

You must be true to your nature.


Beatrice gives out a surprised sigh as you reach both of your hands under her skirt and let it settle on her ass. It surprises her enough to jump forward and press her breasts to your chest.

You're… thankful, that Beatrice is so invested in your appearances, you whisper to her.

She gives you a scathing little grin, but makes no move to push you away, disentangle herself, or otherwise discourage you from caressing her.

Encouraged, you let yourself get a little more frisky with your touch, your fingers sinking easily into the ample flesh that's beneath your hands, earning a little appreciative moan from Beatrice for your efforts.

"Mm… it's in my interests as well, King," she says.

Is that why she intervened in your talk with Robin, you ask?

Beatrice clicks her tongue, softly, rubbing her body up against you.

"Inde~ed. I saw what was happening and decided to intervene."

You're very thankful for that.

Beatrice did promise to save your life… but you didn't think it'd extend to your social life, so to speak.

Though that's a bit of hyperbole, it allowed you to save some face.

Beatrice looks up at you with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Are you sure? Kings have been brought down for much less… King."


No doubt your reputation was important, but this was hardly a public affair.

If it occurred in front of the entire court of lesser aristocrats, it might have been more detrimental to your rule.

At any rate, you're grateful to Beatrice.

e8add No.52005

File: 1547648016896.jpg (93.3 KB, 550x624, beatrice-lick.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

"I see. So? Is this your way of rewarding me?" she asks.

She runs her tongue over her lips, inviting your kiss.

It's… definitely tempting… but, not yet.

You're hoping to whet her appetite for your meeting tomorrow morning.

So until then…

You lean forward, and press a kiss to Beatrice's… cheek.

You'll bid her a pleasant night's rest.


She gives a slight huff in your arms, though she looks more amused than otherwise.

"Very well, I'll look forward to it, King."

She steps back, prompting you to let go of her body. Her book returns to the inside of her bag.

You realize that means her magic is ended, so it steals your chance to get the final word.

Instead, you give her a little wink.

You replace the chair from where you moved it to, and, as stealthily as you can manage, slip out the door back into the corridor.

You don't see anyone in the immediate vicinity. It looks like you may have escaped notice after all.

You walk swiftly back to find your way to Tharja's wing of the castle.

e8add No.52006

Getting frisky with Beatrice had the side effect of giving you a massive erection.

One that's difficult to walk around with, and gives you noticeable pain from the confinement of your leggings.

Indeed, walking away from a chance for sex with Beatrice took an amount of willpower.

At least Tharja will be waiting for you.


With the blood between your groin pumping, you can't help but be tempted to see if you can invite someone along.

Not one of Corrin's sisters; you've barely talked to any of them, and you doubt even Tharja could encourage Camilla to open her legs after a few words over supper.

But there are a few other options…

Choice time:
>Take a detour by the maid's room and see if you can find Elizabeth. Perhaps her belly has developed further.
>Take a path around where you last saw Sully. You still aren't sure if she's pregnant, yet; she could do with more of your seed.
>Actually, you'd rather concentrate on your wife. Just continue on to Tharja's wing.

22f5a No.52010


Curious to Elizabeth, since we've ignored her for quite a well. Option one.

cdf9e No.52013

I vote for the maid's room as well.

Primarily because Elizabeth is a sure thing when Edward needs relieve. But there is a slight chance we will run into the twin sisters which are still untouched by us, or even into Margaret which I for one have not completely given up on. She may have no interest right now, but sooner or later we'll wear her down, I think.

8b930 No.52018

damn thats a nice ass

accb2 No.52019

Option 3. Always appreciate the wifey first and foremost.

6f783 No.52020

option 2

38f15 No.52035

Option 1

1a0c4 No.52044

Option 1. We haven't seen Elizabeth in a very long time.

71473 No.52058

Option 1

d2cc2 No.52074

Option 2 for sure

6509f No.52075

Option 1

b9820 No.52083

Let's go with #1

c6492 No.52090

Add me in for #1

60a5a No.52093

Option 1

e8add No.52129

>9 votes for option one, turn toward the maid's chambers and find Elizabeth.
>2 votes for option two, try to find Sully along her patrol.
>1 vote for option three, focus on Tharja.

See if you can find Elizabeth to invite her to Tharja's room for sex.

It has been a while since you doted on Elizabeth. It's time you change that.

You know at least she won't object. She's your 'slave' after all.

You turn toward the direction of the maid's chambers, your dick leading the way, literally and figuratively.

You don't encounter any hinderance on the way, but…

As you turn a corner, you do see something interesting.

It's a maid, but more accurate, it's a younger maid.

It's obviously not Margaret or Elizabeth, and Ricardo would not have hired any new maids without your approval. You're staring at the back of one of the maid twins.

She's all alone. It's a unique opportunity… you can't help imagining stopping her for something and seducing her.


Is it worth it?

It's getting late. You can't help but think she's going to suss out immediately what your intention are once she gets a good look at your crotch. But… does that matter? You're confident you'll think of something to charm her.

Though, you will risk being seen. Either by a maid, or another person. Not to mention the other maids will notice her coming back later than usual and wonder where she is. –No, she may even announce what happened. Or at least, tell her sister.


The sister was another consideration. If you seduce one-half of the maid sisters… you may not see their bellies swell at the same time.

You can't help but remember that idea from when you first saw them, in what seems like ages ago. Getting to watch two identical twins develop and grow bigger and bigger as their pregnancies advance in unison.

Of course you could always try for her sister later, and it may only be a difference of a few weeks or a month at most.

You'd better make your decision before she gets much further and you're either seen by someone else or she makes it back to the maids' chambers.

Pursue the maid twin, or stick with your plan to find Elizabeth…?

Choice time:
>It's too tempting. Call out to the maid twin.
>Let her go, for now. Search out Elizabeth instead.

da0b4 No.52134

Option one.

40fde No.52138


294c8 No.52139

Let's go with Option 2. The last thing we need is one of the twins and/or Margaret getting angry at us, and we should try to maintain the twin pregnancy idea.

Forget her for now, let's keep looking for Elizabeth.

38f15 No.52143

I smell a trap. Option 2, stick to the plan.

4c0a8 No.52145

Option 2: Find Elizabeth

6f783 No.52146

option 2

22f5a No.52151


Option two, too high of a risk.

e8add No.52180

>1 vote for option one, pursue the twin maid.
>6 votes for option two, don't get distracted, find Elizabeth.

Pursue Elizabeth.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.52402

File: 1548594961944.jpg (112.83 KB, 600x999, Elizabeth-happy.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's too good an opportunity to pass up.

You call out to the maid before she gets further away.

She turns around, sees your face, and gives a little jolt.

You take it as a sign she recognizes that you're the King, not just some visitor or merchant.

You tell her you'd like to request something from her…

You stand behind the corner as you let the maid go.

Of course, it's going to look very suspicious if you just march into the maids' quarters, take Elizabeth's hand, and lead her out of there.

Even if it seems they're all aware of your sexual activity with her, you can't be so openly brazen about it.

Especially with guests in your castle.

You count the seconds you wait…

In no time, you hear soft steps coming toward you.

"Did you… call for me, Your Majesty?"

Elizabeth appears, with a calm little expression.

You give her a soft smile.

Indeed you did…

You require her company, you whisper.

For the night.


Elizabeth stops short of outright beaming, but you've clearly made her day.

Now… time to make her night as well.

She can follow a few steps behind you, you tell her.

You're both going to Tharja's wing.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e8add No.52424

File: 1548680174178.jpg (46.04 KB, 380x531, Elizabeth-uniform_lift.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Of course with the heightened security, it's not as easy as that.

You have to pass by the soldiers guarding Tharja's wing on your way there, and they almost stop Elizabeth from following you.

You have to sigh and tell one guard that you're obviously taking your maid with you, so he doesn't need to do anything.

You normally wouldn't dare to be so blunt, but with the sun setting and activity dwindling, you feel entitled to state the obvious.

Furthermore, you have a bond of trust with the guards loyal to you. You don't need to hide a simple thing like a tryst with Elizabeth, who you've had sex with for months.

His gaze lingers a little on Elizabeth before he stammers an apology and lets her pass.

The event has an affect on Elizabeth, too. She goes from being startled to looking very happy you stepped in to 'protect' her.

There's barely any light shining through the holes facing outside in the hallway leading to the corridor of Tharja's room.

You tiptoe past the portrait and knock on Tharja's door.

You hear the door unlock and Tharja lets you inside.

You don't get far before you envelopes you with a hug.


You feel her arms hold you tight.

She gives a little start, then looks up at you with a very sultry grin.

"Something's got you in the mood, doesn't it, my husband?"

The palm of her hand grinds up and down the tent on your crotch, raw and sexual in her assertion.

It's enough to make you gasp in surprise.

You cough though, and tell her… yes.

That's why you invited Elizabeth to join you both tonight.

Tharja blinks and looks around you, to see Elizabeth waiting patiently.

"Oh! Come in…"

She steps out of the way to let you both in, sliding the door shut and locking it behind her.

The torch in its holder casts shadows across the room and provide the only means of light.

Tharja looks back between you two.

"What did you have in mind for her, my husband?" she asks.


She can start by showing her belly.

"…Yes, Sir."

Elizabeth stands straight up, hands going to pull her uniform top hem.

She pulls it straight up, putting her bump on display.

It's.. quite modest. But it's there.

A tiny little bump, barely protruding out from her otherwise flat belly.

You trace your fingers over it, around it.

Elizabeth's skin is soft and she sighs as you touch her.

You play around her little navel, and along the sides of her torso, before holding both your hands over it and palming the entirety of her bump around your hands.

A tiny future life sowed with your seed…

The first one in Ruhemania, and proof that your curse was truly broken.


Your manhood gets its own surge of arousal from your fondling of Elizabeth's belly.

Back in Virilia it would take an especially gravid bump to draw this much excitement from you, but you're so starved for bellies even this little one is enough to set your passion aflame.

Just give it time… Tharja, Malon, and others would be joining her.

You feel Tharja's arms slip around you from the back.

She presses a hand to your leggings and strokes your cock again.

"Has she got you all worked up…?" she whispers.


Before you can answer, she goes on.

"Go on. Show her how much," she says.

You look up at Elizabeth's face.

She's keeping her expression flat and emotionless, probably in an attempt to be a good 'slave' fulfilling a precious task you've commanded her to do. –Well, that is what you've done to her, in a way.

You smack your lips and realize your mouth is dry.

How should you start things off between you three…?

Choice time:
>Don't hold back, give in to your impulses, pin Elizabeth against the wall and take her. You know she likes it.
>You want to worship Elizabeth, and her belly, even more. Take her to Tharja's bed and treat her kindly.
>–Actually, Tharja deserves attention. Have Elizabeth wait while you take Tharja to your bed for some lovemaking. Watching you both will get her more worked up.
>It's been a while since you had sex with both of them at the same time and not just one or the other. Make Tharja and Elizabeth strip, present themselves, then tease them by making them turn around and not know who you're going to touch next.

950e8 No.52426

Option one. I'm a simple man.

accb2 No.52431

Option 4. The best ice cream is duo'd flavors.

6509f No.52441

Option 1

22f5a No.52454


Option one.

38f15 No.52459

Option 4

1a0c4 No.52461

Option 1, please.

3b712 No.52472

Option 4

e8add No.52495

The needle must fall eventually.

>4 votes for option one, press Elizabeth up against the wall and be aggressive.

>3 votes for option four, make Elizabeth and Tharja present themselves to you.

Take control and dominate Elizabeth, against the wall.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.53007

File: 1550503749882.jpg (165.36 KB, 850x1511, Elizabeth-undone.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

…You look at Elizabeth's face.

There's a brief moment where your eyes meet.

You watch her eyes widen as you press yourself closer, suddenly. Abandoning all pretenses of subtlety as you press Elizabeth back against the stone wall of Tharja's room.

The bulge in your leggings grinds against Elizabeth's crotch. Your hands slam flat against the wall on each side of her body. The move truly emphasizes how much you're in control of the situation, with Elizabeth having no where to go.

Has Elizabeth missed you, you ask?


You watch Elizabeth's face flinch in a hard, visible shudder.

"…Yes," she pants.

You can feel her heart pounding. You can hear your own heart pounding, as well. The beats pulsing through your erect cock from the base to tip.

…You have too, you tell her.


She lets out a lewd little moan, her body squirming against yours. The little humping movements of her crotch against yours is more than enough to make you feel like you're on the brink of your orgasm already.

You've been hard since your handling of Beatrice's buxom body, after all.

The urge to release your seed is so strong…

You can't bring yourself to let go of Elizabeth. You continue to hold her tight, pressing further into her.

You… have really put yourself in an awkward situation.

Elizabeth whimpers in response to your words, lips trembling.

Before you resign yourself to separating…

You feel a set of warm hands on your sides.

"Don't worry, my husband… leave this duty to me."

Tharja gently undoes your leggings, pulling them down and freeing your cock for you.

You let out a little siss of air between your teeth at having your manhood exposed to the air in Tharja's room.

But she doesn't stop there.

Her hands reach out to undo the buttons on Elizabeth's maid uniform, her arms stretching out from the sides of your broad, manly midsection.

You swallow a gulp of saliva as her thin, feminine hands unpeel her clothing, leaving the rest Elizabeth's pale skin to spill out. The sight of Elizabeth's swollen breasts is tantalizing. Her aerola are visibly bigger, and darker. Best of all, there's further room for her to grow… you can easily imagine them getting even bigger as her tits swell up with milk.


In order to do this, Tharja has no choice but to press her own body against you. You're acutely aware of her soft breasts pressed up against your back.

Your loving wife behind you and your obedient slave in front of you, it really feels like heaven.

Finally, Tharja undoes the last one that opens Elizabeth's entire front, leaving her dress hanging open on her shoulders.

Of course she isn't wearing any undergarments. Her bare pussy beckons to you.

You snake your arms around behind her, cupping at her little ass and lifting her up off the ground, bracing her against the wall.

Lifting a girl Elizabeth's weight is nothing for a man like you with your powerful muscles. Elizabeth lets out a squeak as her legs are spread around you, leaving her pussy defenseless.

You peek down at her crotch, lining up your hips and rubbing the tip of your cockhead against her slit, before raising it to meet her eyes.

It's as close as a request for permission you need to make. Elizabeth gives the tiniest bit of a nod.

–And then you're inside her.

Your dick wouldn't let you hold back any longer, as soon as Elizabeth understood she was being penetrated, your hips bucked forward in response.

You both let out sharp groans as you settle with your cock half-hilted inside her.

You were burning with the need to cum a moment ago, but your entry was so sudden and violent, you the sudden friction stops you. She's wet, but even as wet as she is… pushing your cock in so quickly gives you both a pained feeling.


The pain isn't entirely unpleasant. You hold still, giving both of you time to adjust.

Tharja lets out a little giggle.

"Goodness, you were eager for Elizabeth, weren't you, my husband?"

You can only groan in reply, you're too focused on keeping Elizabeth upright.

"I'm sure she's been waiting all day for you, too." Tharja smacks her lips.

Elizabeth lets out her own little moan, helped along by your cock moving inside her as you adjust your hips.

It's really a sign of how far you've come with her. That Elizabeth, who so tentatively and unintentionally teased your cock, barely allowing you to penetrate, to the point she almost drove you crazy, before finally impaling herself and gifting you her virginity, can now be so easily taken by you.

Tharja moves to help you support her, arms settling around her legs and thighs. It forces Elizabeth to arch her hips up more, which makes it easier for you to penetrate, but…

It has the side-effect of Tharja rubbing more of her soft tits directly on your back, igniting your lust to further heights until you feel you might catch fire. It's impossible to ignore.

You start to move, thrusting yourself in Elizabeth's hot, tender folds. Her legs bounce around your sides and Elizabeth belatedly locks her hands behind the back of your neck, giving her some stability.

The sounds of Elizabeth's pussy sucking you in fills the room. Of your lubricants mixing as you piston your cock inside and out.

… How does she feel, you ask?

Elizabeth gives a hard, hungry whine.

"P-Please… use me more, Master."

You hear your wife's soft voice laughing.

"Oh, Elizabeth, you don't need to tell him to do that… your body says it all."

Hah… Tharja must be enjoying this…

Indeed, with her body at your back, you can't help but feel like she's fucking Elizabeth with you.

Your own body responds to Elizabeth's and you buck against her again.

Her hairless pussy lips spreading for you, clit tightly erect, is quite the sight. It's easy to take in the view with Tharja angling her legs for you.

–You're eager to see it again.

You thrust your cock into Elizabeth mercilessly.

The spectacle of her being penetrated is so mesmerizing you can't maintain any sort of rhythm.

You just just keep thrusting, pace increasing like a crazed animal.

You can't help yourself.

You force more and more of your masculine meat into Elizabeth's crevasse, your grunts echoing throughout the room. They're only matched by your slave's cries, as she dutifully spreads herself more and more. You can feel her nails tease your back as she struggles to cling. You push her so hard against the wall, you're practically butting your head against it with every movement, your body rocking against her violently.

You… can feel your orgasm… at its brink.

Your balls ready to clench themselves and empty their seed into Elizabeth's slick, abused pussy.

You don't bother to give her a verbal warning.

Your chin tucked into your chest, you let out something between a yell and a moan as you release.

Your crotch tightens, your cock pumping out spurt after spurt into Elizabeth as you cum.

You can feel Elizabeth's fingertips tightening in your skin, her feet curling around your back as she moans, cumming right along with you.

Her pussy spasming, milking every inch of your thick cock for its seed.

Her body doesn't know she's already pregnant, and the way she contorts around you, you have no doubt if she wasn't… she would be from this.

You hold yourself there, feeling her heart beating against yours, and Tharja's beating your back.

THen you raise your head up enough to find Elizabeth's face and press a needy kiss to her lips.

Her face is overwhelmed with pure bliss as you have your way with her mouth, tongue pushing past her lips and coiling around hers, hard and needy.

She feels more like your property now.

You can think of few women who would be comfortable with that level of intensity from you.

No doubt Elizabeth will be sore once you pull her off the wall.


You feel Tharja behind you, rubbing her hips against your ass as she has her own, more subtle orgasm.

You pull back from Elizabeth to catch your breath and smile.

It's nice to have moments like this… where Tharja is just as involved as you are.

Indeed, your sessions with Elizabeth sometimes took on the quality of Tharja directing her as a puppeteer might a marionette.

Her shudders against your back feel divine, and you gently thrust yourself back at her to let her get off.


It leaves you free to watch Elizabeth try to catch her breath, until you realize you're pressing her hard enough she must be genuinely having trouble breathing.

You say the safe word, and Tharja peels herself off of you enough to let you set her down.

Or, so is your plan, but her knees wobble, and she nearly teeters over, so you move to setting her down flat on Tharja's bed, instead.

"Hah… haaaah…"

Elizabeth takes a second to catch her breath, staring up at the ceiling as she lies there.

Her legs are stuck bow-legged, your seed dripping freely from her still-gaping orifice. Her tiny bump giving her a little bit of a higher silhouette in the torchlight.

Tharja kneels at her side and strokes her hair, whispering soothing words to her.

"There there… are you all right?" she asks.

Elizabeth lets out another moan, before shuddering.

"I-It hurts, but… it feels… good."

Right. She still could've said the safe word if you went too far… but then, seeing her contorted overmuch made you uncomfortable, so you made no mistake.

Elizabeth slowly calms down, turning on her side and curling up as she starts to dose.

You'd prefer cuddling, but you suppose you can't fault Elizabeth's fatigue.

Your own muscles aren't at all sore, thanks to Tharja's arms helping you support Elizabeth.

Tharja looks back to you and gently tucks a pillow beneath Elizabeth's head.

"I think she may need time to recover, Edward," she offers.

No kidding… Honestly, you wouldn't mind a breather either. Your cock is a bit sore after your first penetration, and your pace didn't help matters.

Tharja goes 'aww' and plays her soft hands across your face, tracing around your cheeks and jawline.

"Will you stay with me…?" she asks, voice lilting, needy.

Why not?

The guard saw you come into Tharja's room. If there's some emergency, they know where to find you.

You climb in bed with Tharja, though there's a little less room than usual with Elizabeth there.

Of course you have no intention of kicking her out.

You chat with Tharja a little about the dinner and your guests…

But you stop short of mentioning names or anything specific.

You trust Elizabeth, but she's a set of ears in the room that doesn't need to hear you talk about anything too detailed.

Still, Tharja gives you some encouragement.

"I think the eldest sister likes you."

She gives you a little wink.


The thought of Camilla with her perfect body, meant for breeding, stirs your manhood anew.

Of course, the effect is not lost on Tharja, who freshly embraces you.

e8add No.53008

You spend the night together with Tharja and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth sleeps, for the most part, worn out from the hard, thorough session of fucking that you had with her.

Tharja, for her part, allow you to rest by climbing on top of you and using her hips. –Slowly, so as not to irritate your skin.

It's a very pleasant experience to drift off to sleep with both women in your arms afterward.


There's a knock on the door at some point.

Masculine voices call out "Your Majesty!"


You have no choice but to put on your clothes and step out.

You let Tharja unlock the door for you as you emerge to greet your loyal soldiers.

Of course, it's morning already. The night couldn't last forever.

Perhaps more pressing is there's a situation at the gate.

Armed men have come, carrying no banner, and they refuse to disarm.

They're not hostile; they want entry to the Faire.

The soldiers were holding them while they sought your judgment. You have no choice but to leave Tharja and Elizabeth, and miss your appointment with Beatrice.

You trudge out toward the castle drawbridge.

'Holding them' it seems is the wrong phrase.

A few guards stand nearby with pole-axes, outnumbered by a group of ugly looking thugs.

…Of course, not just any thugs.

"Hey, King!"

Your lips tighten and your nostrils flare as you look up at the bald-headed Varillo, and his gang of free people.

They look no worse for wear seeing them months later. No, you're sure they're wearing the exact same clothing they were wearing when you were brought to Castle Valachia.

One of the guards dares to speak up.

"Show some respect to His Royal Majesty, King Edward!"

You put up a hand and silence him.

Varillo, you address the mercenary who once held his life in your hands.

He gives a wide grin.

"Sorry, we wake you up too early, King?" he asks.

… Yes, you had to stop having sex with your wife to come greet him, you tell him.

You're not in the mood to be intimidated in front of your guards, and the response gets an awed-filled murmur from Varillo's gang of henchmen at your boldness.

Varillo himself nods, gaze respectful. You guess by the look on his face he remembers what he whispered to you before you parted ways.

What is the trouble, here?

"Nothing. First we hear weeks ago King passes on, royal Prince becomes new King… and then he holds festival for the summer season, yeah? We hear the whole Kingdom is invited… so we decide to pay visit. Maybe we spend hard-earned gold."

You compliment Varillo's plan.

However, what's this about not disarming, you ask?

"Oh, these?"

He pulls a machete from his side, turning the blade over.

The display gets the guard's attention, who stand with their weapons tense, but Varillo just… smiles.

"We are free men, living in the wild, King. We live and die with our machetes. You would not really ask us to give up what tools we use to survive, yeah?"

The nearest guard says to you that with the exception of nobility, as well as arms merchants carrying wares they intend to sell, no one is being allowed to attend the festival openly displaying weapons. The guards have been collecting and keeping the weapons of those who pass through the gates, to be returned when they leave the Faire.

There's no policy regarding smaller weapons that can be concealed, however.

Varillo's gang is the first to outright refuse to give up their weapons they're wearing openly.

"We reach a disagreement. So, we ask guards to ask King for special permission…"

He gives the slightest inclination of a bow, though perhaps he's simply trying to loom and emphasize his height.

"Howabout it, King? We saw you safely to the castle," he says, reminding you.

Yes, and he was well paid for the effort, you retort. With even a 'bonus,' courtesy of yourself.

He laughs a big laugh, showing his mouth full of teeth… mostly.

"Right you are! Though we had to make Toma remember how that pay works."

He gives a glance to Toma, and your gaze follows his… and you realize with a start that 'Toma' is now missing one of his ears from when you last saw him.

You take a deep breath.

Will Varillo promise, on behalf of himself and his men, that no violence will happen?

You go stone-faced and try to summon up all the authority you have in facing down this man who, strong as you are, is much bigger and stronger than you. Likelier than you could ever be.

The fact you're in your castle with loyal guards around you helps you maintain composure.

He meets your gaze head-on, his boisterous demeanor fading as his own expression hardens and matches your steely one.

He slips his machete back on his belt.

"I give you my word, we will not cause any trouble… only if we're attacked, we defend ourselves."

His men nod, in various forms, even Toma.


That gives you a decision to make.

You could let them in with that, and give them an exception.

It may surprise your guards, and no doubt the Faire-goers will feel intimidated at sharing space with big, burly men carrying machetes. But Varillo's gang will be pleased you accepted their promise.

Though you can't help but think that the merchants will especially be intimidated at having to sell to obviously armed men. And what if something truly terrible happened and some idiot got the bright idea to pick a fight with them? You could have a potential killing, or worse.

You can't say the chance is zero, especially if wine and mead got involved.

On the other hand…

The rules are the rules. You haven't made an exception for anyone. You do know Varillo's gang a little more intimately than most, but does that mean they've earned an exemption? They're likely carrying concealed daggers or some other weapons besides their machetes… Varillo himself had an impressive knife, you remember. They'll hardly be fully 'disarmed'. If they can't accept that, perhaps they don't deserve to attend.

–Though you remember Ricardo talking about how even he isn't sure what the free people do with their gold. They may have a truly good amount saved between them all. Enough it would help the marketplace if they stay and spend it.

You almost regret asking for Varillo's promise. If you insist on disarming him regardless, they may take it as an affront and leave.

…Though then again, do machetes even count as weapons? They are definitely tools they need to survive the Ruhemanian wilderness. Perhaps Varillo has a point that asking them to give them up is too strange and unfamiliar for them.

… Bah, you're thinking yourself in circles.

The choice is simple. Either accept Varillo's promise and let his gang wander around with their machetes.

…Or draw a line in the sand and force them to either surrender them for the duration of the Faire, or… leave.

There's no way to close the drawbridge on them, but you think they'll do as you say. It'd be suicide for them not to with your guards on alert.

Maybe there's a third way.

Perhaps you could negotiate a compromise… allow Varillo to keep his machete, but no one else in his gang.

Then at least, you could hold him personally accountable if it was used. A token exemption, but an exemption nonetheless.

You spare a last glance at your soldiers, then tell Varillo your decision.

Choice time:
>Grant Varillo's gang the exemption to the 'no open weapons' policy and allow them to keep their machetes.
>Inform Varillo the rules are for everyone, even free people. They must surrender their machetes or leave… peacefully.
>Tell Varillo you've considered his request… he may keep his personal machete, but the rest of his gang must disarm.

52019 No.53015

Option two.

The cons all clearly out-weigh the pros here. We don't want the merchants to feel intimidated, even implicitly. We don't want to risk any drunkard, either from Varillo's gang, the workers from the tower construction or someone else, to pick a fight with machetes involved. Possible concealed knives are bad enough.
Thankfulness for Edward's survival has more than payed for when they delivered him to the castle. There is nothing we owe them.

1a0c4 No.53016

Option 3.

accb2 No.53026

File: 1550529813213.jpg (94.82 KB, 1600x900, insertobviousassociatehere.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Option 3.

22f5a No.53029


Option 3.

569e2 No.53039

Had to go back and read the journey arc again to recall these guys, and you know what? Varillo's by no means a nice guy, but he's no dummy and he keeps very strict order within his gang. He didn't even lie about not geting paid enough - Toma's ear proves that. If Varillo pledges something then I believe that he'll follow it, and he's surely aware that causing trouble at the King's own Faire could be a literal death sentence.

That said… this decision is not actually about safety at the Faire. See, on a practical level this is meaningless. The gang are big guys* and no doubt armed to the teeth with concealed gear. They don't need the machetes, and we aren't guaranteeing they won't shiv anyone by disarming them. Only refusing them entry would remove the risk of violence. What we're choosing here is whether to grant Varillo a boon, or to stick tight to our rules. Our policy so far has been to keep to rules - though we did err on the side of being welcoming with the nomads.

If I'm reading his character right, Varillo will judge us to be weak for a big concession and judge us to be harsh (but maybe respect our strong will) for no concession. I don't know how he'll react to a concession just for him - might be flattered but probably won't care.

On balance, I think sticking to our rule is best. We won't gain +Rep with them, but I think they'll accept that we're not giving them special treatment over our subjects. They won't leave after hiking all the way here.

=/=Option 2=/=

*for you

38f15 No.53081

I agree with both of you, and I tend to be a stickler for rules anyway. Option 2.

e8add No.53088

>3 votes for option two, no exemption, Varillo's gang must disarm if they wish to enter.
>3 votes for option three, compromise, Varillo may keep his own machete, but his men must disarm.

We have a tie.

I will come back in a set amount of time and check on the status of the vote later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result. If you have not yet voted and wish to do so, please vote immediately.

If you have already voted, please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not close the vote and bring the update any faster.

6f783 No.53099

lol nope. tiebreaker!

Option 2

e8add No.53116

>4 votes for option two, no exemption, Varillo's gang must disarm if they wish to enter.
>3 votes for option three, compromise, Varillo may keep his own machete, but his men must disarm.

Force Varillo's gang to disarm.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.53170

You can't compromise the celebratory tone or safety and security of the Faire for the sake of getting on Varillo's good side.

It's unlikely they'll turn around and leave. Even if they do, it's a chance you'll have to take.

You tell Varillo you can't grant any exemption.

If he and his gang wish to attend the Faire freely, they will disarm like everyone else.


Varillo frowns down at you, lips pursed tight. The air becomes very tense for a few gut-wrenchingly terrible few seconds.

You wait for Varillo's response. His men wait for his response.

Finally he heaves with an annoyed grunt.

"Fine. We play by your rules, King."

He pulls his machete from his belt, and turns to the nearest guard.

The guard recoils, pole-axe ready, and you flinch from the expectation that one of them is going to swing their weapon and there's going to be blood.

…Then, Varillo swings the handle around and offers it to him.

"You keep track of exactly whose machete is whose, yeah? If we just get pile of machetes dumped at our feet at the end of this, we'll be very unhappy."

He freezes his gaze on the guard. The look is more chilling than actual ice.


The guard turns to look at you for help.

…You tell him to do as Varillo says. Keep careful track of whose machete is whose so they can be returned exactly to the man who relinquished them.

The guard hides his distasteful expression.

Varillo looks satisfied with your command, at least.

He gives a stern look to the rest of his men and they all start to gather around the guards with their weapons, peacefully held out.

Varillo hands over his longsword as well.

You feel confident any dispute is resolved, so you turn to leave.

Being around Varillo's gang is assaulting you with smells of Ruhemania's countryside you had thought you'd forgotten.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e8add No.53204

You see a figure you weren't expecting on your way back to the castle.

Ricardo, out of his treasury.

You stop him and ask what he's doing.

"I was told mercenaries had arrived at the gate."

–Oh, right. Ricardo goes to the gates when mercenaries appear at the castle. Ostensibly to handle any payments.

You tell him that situation is resolved. They weren't transporting anyone or anything, they don't require any payment.

It's probably for the best you keep Ricardo from meeting Varillo again.

Ricardo looks surprised, but takes your word for it.

"In that case, I can take this opportunity to tell you about something else, Your Majesty…"

Ricardo tells you that enough merchants have arrived that he feels all the spots are filled.

It would be worthwhile to open the markets and allow the Faire to really begin.

"I'm confident everything is in place," he tells you.

You nod… it sounds good to you.

So, what will he do?

"That's up to you, Your Majesty."

He says if you'd prefer, he can just send out announcements that the merchants are free to start selling their wares. A very low-key start to festivities.

Or, you can put together a public announcement, personally.

"Stand up and get everyone's attention… or whatever you'd like."


You're not sure it matters, but it may be a chance for you to introduce yourself to your subjects, and other visitors, as the King.

…Then again, did you want everyone knowing your face?

You had the idea you might put on modest traveling clothes and travel around the Faire incognito for a while. You'll look like a foreigner, but in the air of festivities, any commoner, merchant, entertainer, or otherwise, who hasn't personally met you, won't realize that you're King. You might be able to learn or experience something you wouldn't otherwise have.

The nobles, in contrast, will all recognize you. –Unless they're particularly dense. You've greeted all the lesser nobility of Ruhemania personally as they arrived.

You think it over, weighing both possibilities, then tell Ricardo what you'd like to do to start the Faire.

Choice time:
>You're fine with the Faire starting quietly. Tell Ricardo to just instruct the merchants to start selling.
>You want something grandiose. Organize a spectacle in which you declare the Faire officially 'open' in front of a crowd. Personally.
>Hedge your bets. Tell Ricardo to have a group of your trusted soldiers announce the opening of the Faire publicly. It'll get people's attention, and maintain your personal ability to wander the Faire quasi-anonymously.

22f5a No.53208


Option 3, I'd personally want to see some free exploration myself.

1a0c4 No.53209

Option 3.

6faad No.53216

Option two.

Edward is the King, he will get recognised. There are people from the local village among the visitors, there is Varillo's gang, there are the construction workers. All of them we can expect to know Edward's face. And even if that's not everyone, that's enough so that everyone will soon know that the King is walking amongst them as soon as Edward steps out the door.

We really cannot expect even quasi-anonymity. Might as well embrace it and have great opening.

e8add No.53222

Not to interject, but it's likely Edward won't be recognized by the construction workers. He'd certainly be recognized by the architect who he's talked with directly, but even if Edward has made visits to the tower site, the workers are busy working and probably haven't gotten too good a look at him. Even if they did, Edward doesn't walk around usually with his crown on, so they'd know he's a man who's dressed nice, maybe has a sash with symbols they don't know, and therefore is probably nobility, but not necessarily the King himself.

Similarly, the 'important peasants' Edward had at his coronation may remember him, but that was also a while ago, and they didn't exchange words or get too close to each other, so it could go either way.

Generally speaking, if it's a person I've depicted in a scene with Edward who knows he's the King and I wrote out the conversation, that person will know Edward is the King even if he's not dressed very regally. But not necessarily will other persons know. That's the impression I wished to convey in offering these choices and the consequences of making a public appearance "as the King" or not.

(Of course, the guards would know because they see him constantly, and so do the maids, possibly the stablehands, etc. But those wouldn't be who he would chiefly be interacting with at the Faire.)

Please continue to vote.

38f15 No.53223

I would have to agree with this. As much as being incognito would be nice, I don't think we can here. Option 2. Besides, we want to establish ourselves as being different from King Vlad, and embracing the idea of fun would certainly do that.

e8add No.53232

We have a tie.

>2 votes for option two, make a public declaration that the Faire is now open, presenting yourself clearly as King.

>2 votes for option three, have your soldiers announce the Faire is now open, preserving the option for browsing the Faire anonymously.

I will come back in a set amount of time and check on the status of the vote later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result. If you have not yet voted and wish to do so, please vote immediately.

If you have already voted, please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not close the poll and bring the update any faster.

accb2 No.53244

Option 3
In the words of a great artist…
>Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence or violence

0e53d No.53246

Gotta go with Option two,we're not going to be able to hide……

d6a98 No.53248

Option 2.

e8add No.53264

>4 votes for option two, personally give a public declaration that the Faire is open, presenting yourself as King Edward of Ruhemania.
>3 votes for option three, have your knights announce the Faire is open, allowing you to remain somewhat-anonymous.

Make a personal declaration the Faire is officially open and the merchants are free to start selling their wares.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.53500

The Faire is your grand event. It's to set a metaphorical introduction to your entire reign.

The proposition of experiencing the Faire relatively anonymously as the commoners do, or at least as the minor nobility do, is pleasant, but unrealistic. And not worth sacrificing the chance to make your statement.

You tell Ricardo he doesn't have to bother. You're going to organize a personal announcement.

Something to let everyone know the Faire is officially 'open' and that you are responsible for it as their King.

Ricardo makes no objection. Good.

"In that case, may I return to the castle…?" he asks.

Yes, that's fine.

You're done with Ricardo, you dismiss him and let him leave as fast as his old bones will take him.

You go back and talk to some other guards who aren't busy with Varillo's group.

You instruct them to tell the senior guard that you want to make an announcement addressing the Faire-goers, and that it should be in a centralized location with whatever security is necessary.

You are skilled with your sword, of course, but in order to address your subjects as 'the King' instead of 'some weird foreigner', you'll need to be wearing your crown, at least. You're not going to let some brave thief attempt to pull it from your head in the middle of your appearance.

They swear they'll make it so, which is good for you, because judging by the sun, your breakfast has waited for too long.

You depart the castle gates for your sitting room, hoping your meal hasn't grown too cold waiting for you.

You'll meet up with the senior guard later to see to the details.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

e8add No.53669

Fortunately no catastrophe strikes on your way back to have your morning meal.

You push open the door and discovered Tharja and Beatrice already seated, but not yet eating.

Elizabeth and Margaret stand by, as usual.

You exchange pleasantries with them both, and offer a silent apology to Beatrice with your eyes.

Margaret samples your breakfast, bread in soup.

It does not make her fall over dead, so you begin to eat.

You make your way to the armory.

You apologize to the few soldiers stationed there, telling them you're there to talk with the senior guard and won't be available to spar… yet.

Your talk with the senior guard is surprisingly brief.

A site has already been chosen that will get you the most exposure.

He's tasked a few peasants to borrow some wood from the tower project and use it to make you a scaffolding. That will give you a platform to stand on.

He'll have soldiers placed to attend to you personally and other guards at certain points to make sure nothing else happens.

You nod at hearing the details. It sounds like the senior guard has everything under control.

The only thing left to do… is to do it.

You meet with some servants to prepare yourself to look 'Kingly'. That means wearing your crown.

You consider your mantle and other ceremonial clothing, but decide that's probably too much to ask to wear it outdoors.

Furthermore, you'll have to be lifted on to the scaffolding, and you'd rather not risk a trip. That would serve only to make you a laughing stock.

You take the crown from the resting space and have it set on your head, then, flanked by two guards, proceed out to the castle square.

It's not yet midday, and the sooner you get this started, the better.

You come out to the castle grounds to see a truly uplifting sight.

The castle is full of life. People mill around talking, entertainers are cavorting, and there are many stands set up by merchants in preparation of displaying their wares.

For the first time since you've come to Ruhemania, you feel at the center of some real bustling activity. This was something worthy of ruling over!

Of course, the celebration remains in your castle walls, but it sets a good precedent.

Your presence triggers the common folk around you to gasp at the sight of you, they draw back and allow you a path as you march onward.

It's… tremendously ego-boosting. You haven't felt like this since your coronation. Or perhaps the senior guard making it a point to kneel in front of you in front of your trusted soldiers.

You approach the platform set up for you. One of the guards gives you a boost up with his hands, it's thankfully all you need.

It's not outrageously high, but it's enough to ensure you are the tallest person around and most of the surrounding people will be able to get a good look at you.

"Presenting! King Edward! Of! Ruhemania!"

One of your escorts shouts your 'arrival,' clearing the courtyard of any further side conversations.

All eyes look up at you. It's almost dizzying.

This was much more attention than you experienced even at your coronation.

–Well, you asked for it.

You take a deep breath, and prepare to address your Faire-goers.

Choice time:
>You want the Faire to begin as soon as possible. Simply announce that the Faire is open, then wish the people to "have fun." The peasants and lower commoners will surely appreciate you being brief.
>Introduce yourself further. Before opening the Faire, talk about your personal history coming to Ruhemania… in a positive way.
>Endear yourself to those helping to make your Faire possible. Specifically thank the various merchants you've met, the entertainers, and all noblemen for attending your Faire.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

22f5a No.53671


Option 3.

1a0c4 No.53679

Option 3.

05cb0 No.53695

Option three

38f15 No.53727

As much as I would prefer to keep things brief, I don't think Vlad ever expressed mush in the way of gratitude. I also vote for option 3.

e8add No.53812

>4 votes for option three, thank the merchants, entertainers, and nobility for attending.

Thank those who came to contribute to the Faire.

Poll closed. Update soon.

d8e17 No.53816

I just remembered… Didn't we talk about maybe announcing Tharja's pregnancy during the faire way back when we first found out about it? I have lost track of time… what month is Tharja in now?

e8add No.53854

That was and is a possibility, but I didn't think it was worth making it an option right for the beginning. There will be other points Edward will have to make this announcement. Do not worry.

Tharja is still at the stage in her pregnancy where her breasts are bigger and more sensitive, but she doesn't yet have a bump. Sorry, I can't provide a more accurate picture than that. Edward would know, perhaps, if he could pinpoint when they last had sex (as he did with the matchmaker), but he and Tharja have sex every day.

e8add No.54142

The Faire isn't just for you, or about you.

It's being put on by all the people you've invited and who have accepted your invitation. Merchants, entertainers, noblemen, your loyal peasants…

The merchants and entertainers you had enticed here with money… and the peasants living in the castle had no choice but to be here… and hosting the noblemen was risky for you politically…

But all the more reason to give the speech.

Being King is what you dreamed of, you had to play the part.

My loyal subjects, travelers, merchants, and merrymakers…

You stand before them as King of all Ruhemania, a title that has given you many responsibilities. Most tantamount is the duty to provide for the welfare and well-being of all who reside within your borders; that Ruhemania be a prosperous, generous land.

Of course, entertainment and celebration is a part of that. That is why you have spared no expense in organizing a grand Summer Faire.

But, you are not the one who created it…

…Rather, the people responsible for that Faire are you all.

You, the people, are what are making this Faire what it is. The merchants, entertainers, and the noblemen who came at your summons to help sponsor them…

The Faire wouldn't be possible without all of you.

You have no choice but to pause as you hear some spatterings of applause from the crowd.

Certainly, the merchants and entertainers you praised seem pleased with your paean. But…

Less so the peasants. You think they may have noticed you said 'providing entertainment is the responsibility of the King,' when they know full well King Vlad never had any.

–Well, they'll change their tune when the festivities begin.

You clear your throat.

That is why, at a time when all of you are gathered, and not before, you are now, officially, hereby…

…Declaring that this Summer Faire: open!

There's a bit more applause, and you consider that a high note to end on.

You think it better you not stand and enjoy the spectacle of being applauded by a large group while you stand above them. It'd be a gross indulgence of pride. One which you might be in danger of becoming used to.

You climb down with the help of one of the guards who places his hands up to catch you.

Not that it's any difficult task, but you have to take care to balance the crown on your head.

You depart the courtyard with your loyal soldiers in tow, leaving a bustling of activity behind you.

You were tempted to hang around and get first crack at the wares, but it's too much to wear your crown so casually.

You won't have it stolen, literally or figuratively.

Well, that's that.

The crown is returned safely under its case in the throne room, with one of your loyal soldiers standing guard.

You have a bit of time, still.

Your Faire has officially begun. How you spend your time is up to you.

As long as someone doesn't request your judgment or something else doesn't happen, you are free.

There's a variety of options you can think of…

Choice time:
>Go out among the Faire with the aim of seeing what the merchants have to offer. You could purchase something for yourself individually, or for the entire castle.
>Wander the Faire and see if any entertainers impress you. Your favor would be a boon, even if you don't offer any gold.
>You remember Vano talked about the skills of his two daughters. Visit the nomads.
>There's plenty of time left in the day and you need your workout. Visit the armory to spar. Dimitrie might be found, if you were inclined to search him out.
>The jousting contest will happen sooner instead of later. You might need more practice. Head to the stables to ride your horse. Perhaps Cordelia will be there as well.
>You wonder how Tharja is doing. Visit her library. Perhaps she'll be there with Corrin, or Beatrice.

accb2 No.54148

Option 4. Might makes right, or…something…

1a0c4 No.54159

Option 5. We've done a lot of sparring training, but we haven't done much in the way of jousting.

Also, y'know, perchance we get the ability to get closer to/bone Cordelia.

02021 No.54166


Option 5.

38f15 No.54170

Option 3. They may be too busy later.

790d8 No.54178

Option five.

3b712 No.54226

Option 5 sounds good to me.

e8add No.54254

>1 vote for option three, inquire with the nomads about observing one of Vano's daughters.
>1 vote for option four, proceed to the armory to have your daily spar.
>4 votes for option five, practice horse-riding in anticipation of your joust.

Go to the stables.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.54280

It's been a while since you spent time with Eclipse. You also have the jousting competition to think about, when your ability as a rider will be of some importance. It may be worthwhile to visit the stables to get some practice in.

Furthermore, there's the possibility Cordelia will be there. Time spent seducing a fertile woman is time well spent.

If not… well, you're sure Malon will be happy to see you.

You head out through the corridors with the intention of visiting the stables.

No one stops you as you go on your way.

e8add No.54669

File: 1553336669568.jpg (254.31 KB, 1049x1621, Cordelia-enticed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

As you walk to the stables it occurs to you that you might need to be subtle.

You had practiced having Eclipse wearing full horse armor, and even carrying a sword and lance, but that's definitely going to draw attention now.

Not that the stable itself is busy, but there is only so much open space you can ride.

Still, it doesn't hurt to practice, and riding is a soothing, comforting activity.

But more than that…

"Ah, Your Majesty."

You discover Cordelia in the stable, talking to Malon, who looks as radiant as ever. The juxtaposition of the two girls only adds to the beauty of Malon's figure. Unfortunately, Cordelia's dims a bit in comparison…

But, that's okay. Malon is likely pregnant, and Cordelia isn't. That trumps base attraction, for now.

You smile and exchange pleasantries, before adding that you hope you're not interrupting something.

Malon smiles and tells you that she was just introducing Cordelia to the stables.

"I want to help her find a horse that will tolerate her."


Malon's smile doesn't change, but you can't help but feel that was a bit of unfortunate phrasing on her part.

Cordelia's eyes shift toward Malon, Cordelia's own smile a bit more strained.

Looks like it's up to you to lighten the mood.

That's all well and good, you say. Has Cordelia found anything she thinks is worth riding, you ask?


You watch Cordelia's cheeks turn red with a faint blush.


You hadn't meant that as innuendo, but perhaps you let a little too much slip?

While you start to wonder what you should do to make up for it, Cordelia gives a little subtle smile.

"Ah… one or two things, Your Majesty."

–Well, now.

That's an interesting reaction. One you might be reading too much into, but it definitely feels like a subtle… hint.

Malon, meanwhile, appears to be completely oblivious to the potentially scandalous nature of your shared comments.

"Oh, please Lady, point them out to me!"

Her smile goes brighter. Unfortunately, Malon's completely misreading the situation, even as you and Cordelia pass each other awkward smiles.

You decide the best solution is to probably remove her from the equation, for now.

You tell Malon to please return to her usual duties. You feel confident enough you can help Cordelia find a beast she can handle.

"Ah… okay. Excuse me, King."

Malon obligingly vacates the scene. You almost call out to her to prepare Eclipse for a ride, but you think better of it.

You could ride Eclipse at any time, he's not going to run away.

Cordelia on the other hand…


Aware you're both alone, and it could be considered scandalous, Cordelia holds her arms together, tight, hands folded demurely in front of her dress.

Her smile is encouraging though, as is her cute blush.

You tell Cordelia not to worry.

There's going to be a lot of potential riders coming to the stables in preparation for the upcoming jousting tournament. She'll hardly be the only person hoping to ride.

For that reason, she can feel comfortable with you both, here.

Cordelia's blush goes a bit redder, and she shies away from looking at your directly.

"I'm most flattered you would lavish such… attention on me, Your Majesty."


You suppress your chuckle and tell her that is all right. Part of being a King is maintaining good relations with the aristocracy.

Does she have much experience with that? –Relations?

Your innuendo is intentional that time.

Cordelia's lips part in a little voiceless gasp.

"I… no, Your Majesty. I'm a complete virgin."

Oh, dear.

Her statement almost takes you aback… no doubt the use of the word 'virgin' could be used innocently, but you think you understand.

You need to decide how you're going to play this… you could potentially have a chance to seduce Cordelia. If not now, then perhaps tonight.

Should you be direct, continue your innuendo, or perhaps just…


… Your thought is interrupted by the voice of another stablehand.

You turn your attention to him, as does Cordelia.


He glances between you two, then realizes he's interrupting something.

He pauses, hems, then continues.

"May… may we speak? Privately?" he asks.


You're going to miss out on this opportunity if you do. You turn toward him and lower your voice to a whisper.

Is it important, you ask?

The stablehand again… haws.

"It… could potentially be, Y'Majesty."

You can't help but exhale an irritated huff of air.

You're not sure what it is, but could it be that important?

If it was a new important guest arriving, you'd bet it'd be your soldiers visiting you, not a stablehand.

It's obviously not a problem with the horses. Malon would've told you, and you can hear a few sniffing and moving in their stalls.

Maybe you should just tell him to go away and you'll hear it later.

You can still seduce Cordelia, but the moment will be lost if you step away. –No, there's no leaving her here and taking the stablehand somewhere else. You'd have to ask her to leave, and you doubt she'll stick around.

You spare a quick glance at her. She looks bewildered, but doesn't move from her spot.

You weigh the consequences and make your decision.

Choice time:
>It had better be good. Ask Cordelia to leave so you may have a private conversation with the stablehand.
>Whatever it is, it'll have to wait. Tell the stablehand to leave you both alone. Continue to seduce Cordelia.

615fa No.54673

Option 2. If it was something that required our attention immediately, I think it would have been more apparent in their conversation. It can wait until after we're finished with Cordelia.

38f15 No.54680

While I don't like putting off something potentially important to satisfy our lust, it would go a long way with Cordelia if we show her that she's important enough to us that we'll put other things off. Middle children need to have that feeling of importance (speaking from experience).

Option 2

4c0a8 No.54682


Option 2: It can wait.

The only real reasons that I can think for a stable hand to come find us is that:

Malon has been injured
Something's up with Eclipse
A noble is visiting the stables

And I don't think that any of those are that pressing since the stable hand isn't acting like malon has been hurt.

e830d No.54700

I vote for option 2.

3b712 No.54717

My first instinct is that if a stablehand is actually ballsy enough to interrupt the king and a visiting noble, it must be legitimately important. Cordelia has shown enough signs that she's interested that our having to deal with kingly stuff shouldn't lose us our chance with her- just our chance for a literal roll in the hay. We can catch up with her later, and maybe even offer some small token or favor as an apology. Do that right and she might respond even more positively. So I know it's a minority vote, but I'm gonna say option 1: talk to the stablehand.

bb96c No.54722

Going for option 1, too.
Let's at least hear what he has to say.

accb2 No.54761

Option 1. This seems very onerous especially at this given juncture, but such is the lot of kingly duties…

ebd47 No.54768

Option 1, this could be important.

0e53d No.54774

I'm gonna tiebreaker into option one, since >>54717 brings up a good argument

e8add No.54797

It's been a while since we had such a dramatic turnaround in the voting. I think most all regulars have weighed in with their one vote, and I think I can close this now without another pendulum swing.

>5 votes for option one, stop your talk with Cordelia to hear the stablehand out.

>4 votes for option two, it can't be that important. Tell the stablehand you'll talk with him later, continue to seduce Cordelia.

Interrupt your conversation with Cordelia to talk with the stablehand.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.54802

You suppress a sigh. You really wish he hadn't chosen this moment to intrude.

But, your responsibilities as King must come first.

You turn back to Cordelia and ask if she'd kindly wait outside?

Hoping to salvage the situation, you tell her they can happily talk a little later.

Cordelia looks surprised, but she nods.

"I understand, Your Majesty…"

She gives you one last parting glance. You can definitely see disappointment in her eyes.

Part of you believes if you hadn't chosen the meeting with the stablehand, you may have had a chance to have shared a roll in the hay with her, but that moment passes.

It's all you can do to watch her backside as she leaves.

You can't conceal your irritation. You put your hands on your hips and turn to the stablehand.

Well, what is it, you ask?

You don't have to add 'it better be important.' The look on the stablehand's face says he understands.


His face goes red, his voice breaks, and you watch him tremble.

–This very well could be something serious, you realize.

Your gaze softens and you bid him to go on, gently.

The older man lets out a long breath.

"A noble… came to me to tell me he wanted to participate in the jousting tournament, Y'Majesty."

… All right.

Clearly there's more to this story, but there's a very pregnant pause as he hesitates.

He lowers his voice to a whisper.

"He gave me a pouch full of gold and asked me to help him win!"

His voice is soft, but hurried, as if he were afraid he wouldn't get the words out. He practically chokes as he finishes speaking.

Oh boy.

Someone attempted bribery, for your joust?

You ask him again, to confirm.

He nods.

… Does that make sense?

You were under the impression that jousting was decided with which man fell from his horse, and which stayed firm.

He shakes his head, explaining there are many factors that require judging: if both riders remain mounted, or if both riders fall. It wasn't always cut-and-dry.

"There's a tiny bit of leeway, Y'Majesty."

… Enough someone wanted to give themselves a little bit of an edge.

You take a deep breath.

First things first, you tell the stablehand he was right to interrupt.

You're disappointed Cordelia slipped away, but this certainly demands your attention.

What did he do, you ask? Did he give the pouch back?

The stablehand shakes his head no.

"I was too shocked, Y'Majesty. I couldn't say no to a noble… I took it."

Hand it over, you say.

The stablehand reaches into a pocket and produces the plain looking pouch, made of fabric.

You take it from him and open it.

There's a small amount of gold coin in here. You're not sure what it'd be worth relative to the stablehand, but it's on a similar level as the amount you carried with you to Ruhemania. It would probably buy a man a nice night out, maybe two.

It's undoubtedly a bribe, but not a very large one.

Does he know the person's name?

"No, Y'Majesty. He didn't give it… only told me the name he'd sign up with in the tournament. The Emerald Knight."

…Figures. You suppose that was a consequence of allowing your tournament to be anonymous.

Can he describe what the man looked like?

There's a pause, before he shakes his head.

"He was wearing a hooded cloak, Y'Majesty. I couldn't right get a good look at his face."


What makes him so sure it was a noble at all, then?

It's not a tremendous amount of money. You might imagine a noble would have made the bribe more worthwhile.

"The way he carried himself, and the way he spoke, Y'Majesty. It seemed like a polished tongue, befitting an aristocrat, if y'don't mind me saying."


You consider the pouch… it's rather flimsy. It looks like it could tear easily.

In other words, this was a pouch specifically intended to carry the bribe, and be parted with, easily.

This wasn't a hard-worn leather money pouch carried by a merchant, or someone else who would be using it often.

Maybe you figured it wrong at first. Perhaps a merchant would have offered the bigger bribe. That could potentially rule out any commoner who might have money as the culprit.

The guess that the man who offered it was a noble may be right.

Can he spare any other detail at all, you ask?

The stablehand hesitates.

–So you decide to prompt him.

Did the noble have a sword at his side?

The stablehand shakes his head.

"No, Y'Majesty. I'm sure of that."

Well, that potentially eliminated Dimitrie as the culprit. Though not necessarily. Possibly even dull Dimitrie would know better than to wear something so obvious when going out to commit a crime.

Did he notice anything about the man's body type, or his height?

The stablehand takes a moment then decides he couldn't tell you if the man was fat or heavy, but he wasn't extremely muscular or tall. He thinks it likely he was shorter than you.

That rules out Varillo's gang, you suppose, and some of the burlier guards. But to be fair, most people in Ruhemania were shorter than you.


You confirm one last time.

As far as this Emerald Knight knows, the stablehand accepted his bribe? And the Knight expects to be granted leeway with the judging decision in case of a non-obvious result?

He nods.

"I know. I know I should've said no, and shoved it back, Y'Majesty… but I was too shocked. I know you're a just man, please don't think I wanted to go along with it."

…You nod, hearing his words.

There were several options here.

The stablehand has told you that he doesn't know who it was, beyond the pseudonym provided for the tournament. Whoever would claim to be "The Emerald Knight" was your guilty party.

You suppose if you wanted to, you could simply wait until the tournament, then have it announced him disqualified.

Though, a public accusation of bribery would be quite the scandal. Especially if the only proof came from the stablehand's word.

Would it be enough to simply remove him quietly? Tell him man-to-man 'I know what you did, you cannot participate?'


Alternatively, you could start your own investigation.

You know it's likely a noble. You could start asking around to see if anyone noticed any strange movements.

Someone in a hooded cloak might be noticed in this warm weather.

You could potentially enlist Beatrice or your loyal soldiers.

A third option crosses your mind.

You could simply do nothing.

Keep the pouch, and tell the stablehand to judge the match fairly.

If the Emerald Knight wins on his own merits, was there really a foul? Furthermore, if he lost because he was not afforded that 'leeway', he would surely reveal himself by threatening or blaming the stablehand.

It might be harrowing for the stablehand to have to face an angry noble, but you could potentially setup some sort of protection for him.

You have to be careful. For all you know this could be some trap.

You consider yourself a little more versed in politics, now.

Perhaps the stablehand is being paid by someone to simply claim this 'Emerald Knight' attempted bribery. Some innocent jouster could have told a friend to sign up for him, then that 'friend' arranged for his name to be slandered.

–You're not sure how likely that was, but you can't rule it out.

In that case, the best course of action is…

Choice time:
>Thank the stablehand for the information. Inform him that the Emerald Knight will not be allowed to participate. You'll decide whether to arrange a public or private accusation when the time comes, but you'll wait until the Emerald Knight appears for his match.
>Go on the offensive. Practice a little bit of investigation to find out who this Emerald Knight is before the tournament actually happens. You have plenty of resources and you're confident his identity will be uncovered.
>Play it smart. Tell the stablehand he must now judge the match absolutely fairly, ignoring the bribe. If the Emerald Knight loses and protests, then you will have him, with a confession to his guilt as well.

569e2 No.54806

On the one hand, the EK's attempt at bribery is small-time. A small amount of money paid to someone not very important to maaaaybe influence the judging of an uncertain result - that's nowhere near a guaranteed win. And the fact he tried bribery at all, especially for so slight an advantage, means he probably isn't a strong contender.

So perhaps this is a storm in a teacup. He won't get his special treatment and he'll have to fight fair - which means he may as well participate, right? No reason to let something so minor overshadow the tournament.

On the other hand… if he cheated this way, who's to say he doesn't have other, more serious contingency plans in place? And do we want to risk making a cheat a knight?

Not enough information - so let's get more information. Beatrice isn't on any other spying jobs. We need to make sure the EK isn't planning any other disruptions to events - like trying to harm other contenders.

So, Option 2.

e830d No.54810

I too vote for option two but for a slightly different reason.

You make a good point. The bribe may just be one of multiple plots to gain an unfair advantage. We definitely have to consider that.
But I'm not so sure if the Emerald knight is a weak contender. I'd interpret the story differently: The small bonus wouldn't help a weak contender. Paying a bribe to nudge the result slightly in one's favour when a slight nudge wouldn't help anyway would be a waste of money. Why not bribe the stable hand to outright sabotage the saddle of a contender or something?
Only someone who is good enough to (at least) loose by a very narrow margin can use this approach successfully. And that tells us more: The Emerald knight not only thinks he can win, he thinks it will be close enough to warrant a bribe. In other words: Either he doesn't know the competition very well and is covering his bases or he does know his competition and we face at least two very good opponents in the tournament. And if those two go against one another, one of them will loose by a tiny margin and there is no guarantee that only EK will protest such a close call. So both of them could be the Emerald knight for all we know and we may punish the wrong guy. This makes option three much less effective.

Another reason why we probably should ask Beatrice for some investigating: If the EK really is a noble man (as opposed to a wealthy commoner who really really wants to be play knight in shining armour), then he is either desperate for the prestige the title of knight would grant him or he wants to use his knighthood for other purposes, possibly sinister ones. Who's to say that the EK won't use his new position to get gain influence in what little military Ruhemania has or to get closer to Edward and Tharja and attempt regicide? Allowing a dishonourable man to win the tournament and the title is something we shouldn't allow without a good reason.

And lastly: If nothing else, we should seek out Beatrice's opinion on this matter because she is much better with intrigues than we could ever be. We have an expert in our corner, let's use her expertise.

However, I think at least the
> Tell the stablehand he must now judge the match absolutely fairly, ignoring the bribe.
bit of option three should be said anyway. Whatever else the Emerald knight has planed, we have to make sure that the tournament is as fair as possible.

I'm also thinking maybe some carrots & sticks are in order: His honesty can be rewarded. I assume we pay him enough and the bride was only small, but it took some courage to come forward, admit the mistake in accepting it and handing it over. He should get 20% (?) of it for his honesty combined with a stern warning to be passed along to anyone else: If someone accepts a bribe without coming forward, there will be harsh punishment.

(Btw: Why is a stablehand judging the tournament? Shouldn't that be someone more important? Does the head of the guard know how to judge jousting? Don't we have at least a chief of the stable or something?)

294c8 No.54816

It's entirely possible that if he wasn't one of the judges, the stablehand was meant to pass the bribe along to someone who was. It's entirely possible that no one knows who the judges actually are and the Emerald Knight took an opportunity of convenience (albeit not a particularly smart one).

As for the situation as a whole… Well, this is very gray area between Options 2 and 3. Edward should at least try to investigate the Emerald Knight to see who this mystery challenger could be, but at the same time the smart play would not be to make a big deal out of this, perhaps even let the Emerald Knight think they've gotten away with their bribe until the tournament.

I'm actually going to go with Option 3, we make sure the match is judged fairly and let the bribe go. While we have the resources to investigate the Emerald Knight, for now all they have been accused of is trying to cheat and so far do not pose any sort of actual threat. Also as far as accidental accusations go, I get the feeling that even in a group of armored contestants, the Emerald Knight is going to stand out (not to mention the function of the tournament itself means the Emerald Knight will actually be labeled as such during their match)

And the reason I didn't say 'he' in reference to the Emerald Knight is due to a theory over in /c/ that…wouldn't surprise me.

e830d No.54820

> not to mention the function of the tournament itself means the Emerald Knight will actually be labeled as such during their match
God, how obvious. Thank you. Of course we will know who the EK is. We can simply order him/her during or after the tournament to reveal him/herself. That was stupid of me.

e8add No.54823

Edward would know at least that the stableman who died when Edward told him to move King Vlad's horse to a different stall was older than the other stablehands and therefore likely the one in charge back then.

Please continue to vote.

02021 No.54833


Option 3

38f15 No.54838

The Emerald Knight may be skilled and trying to get a slight edge, or he may be skilled and someone is trying to frame him to take him out of the running. Not knowing which it is bothers me.

Option 2. Beatrice will likely find this interesting anyway.

accb2 No.54872

half-curious if this is an offhand Sir Gawain and the Green Knight gag potentially, but perhaps that's *reading* a bit too deeply…
>Option 2

3b712 No.54919

I think option 3 is the best path forward of the three presented. Even if we go with 2, we should probably include at least shades of 3 for if we can't figure out who our emerald knight is ahead of the tourney.

e8add No.54963

>4 votes for option two, proactively investigate who the Emerald Knight is, with notes to tell the stablehand he had better judge the contest fairly.
>3 votes for option three, allow the Emerald Knight to believe his bribe has succeeded, but tell the stablehand to judge fairly.

Investigate to find the identity of the Emerald Knight.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.54968

You have a few options, but…

You really don't know a thing about this Emerald Knight. They may be skilled, unskilled, plotting further nefarious schemes, or be completely innocent.

It's best you investigate it yourself. You have a better chance of catching the culprit than waiting for the tournament.

No doubt you'll have more pressing concerns there, or the Emerald Knight could do something unexpected.

–But you can't tell the stablehand 'I'll have my spies look into it.'

So instead you tell him that he must keep quiet.

Let the Emerald Knight believe his deception has succeeded. Then, judge the contest fairly.

He blinks his eyes in surprise.

"Are you sure, Y'Majesty?"

You give a resolute nod.

But he must truly judge fairly. If you detect even a whiff of favoritism, it will make you unhappy.

At the same time, if the Emerald Knight comes again to 'check up' on him, then try to look for some distinguishing mark.

You're trusting him with this secret.

The stablehand takes a moment to process it, then nods.

"Aye, I understand, Y'Majesty."


In the meantime…

You keep the gold. You think leaving it with him will send the wrong message.

You tell the stablehand to return to his duties.

You go out the other way as thoughts of how to pursue your target fill your head.

You ponder your options.

You could simply tell Beatrice about this, but first you have to find her.

She may not be able to find out much if you wait.

Beatrice's method of spying was making herself undetectable and just watching her subject of investigation constantly.

Having her find a specific person who committed a specific crime may not be her forte. Unless you were lucky and they had the silly notion to talk about it.

At least you potentially have a good place to start with the nobles.

You shuffle the pouch of gold in your pocket.

The gold itself may be a good sort of evidence. Perhaps you could show it to Ricardo?

You doubt he could tell you what exact region it comes from, but he may be able to offer some clue about its origin.

You could also just give it to him to keep. You're not sure you should carry around this evidence or not. It could potentially be used to confront the culprit, but it could also be seen, talked about, and clue them in that you were wise to their plan.

On a separate note…

There were two noblemen who had your attention. Nobles your age, who might be interested in the jousting tournament.

Dimitrie, you know, had expressed direct interest in the event. He told you he would compete. Would he have attempted bribery to help with a victory?

You're not sure. At the very least, he knew better than to attempt it while carrying his sword at his side, if indeed it was him.

There was also Corrin…

He denied any intent to compete, citing that he was not physically fit. But, what if that were some shrewd calculation on his part?

You hate to assume, but if he had the intention to cheat from the very beginning, that would be a good way to disguise the act.

If Corrin had been unmasked as the winner of your tournament, and you didn't know about the bribery, you would've likely just clapped his back and told him you were glad he changed his mind. He risked nothing by saying he wouldn't compete.


There might be ways you could check, immediately, yourself.

Dimitrie could possibly be visiting the armory to spar with your soldiers. Corrin could possibly be visiting Tharja's library.

If you went to one of those locations immediately, and confirmed they were there and had been so for some time, it would establish their alibi and allow you to eliminate them as a suspect.

–Though the absence wouldn't immediately prove their guilt, either.

It might be a waste of time, if the culprit turns out to be some other noble, or even just a commoner with some coin… but at least it'd assure you that you could trust one of them.

You think it over and make your decision.

Choice time:
>This is why you have Beatrice as your magical spy. Find Beatrice and tell her to investigate.
>The coin should be examined first. Go to Ricardo and have him look the gold over.
>Go to the armory and see if Dimitrie has been there today, and for how long. He may or may not have an alibi.
>Go to Tharja's library and see if Corrin has visited Tharja, and when. If she hasn't seen him at all, you may have cause to suspect he's more than he appears.

38f15 No.54991

Option 1. We'll get our spy on it, and she can give us some espionage advice. And looking at her boobs is always nice. XD

1a0c4 No.54995

Option 2.

I hate to rely on Beatrice for everything. Also, didn't we already have her watching someone?

e8add No.54998

Beatrice is tutoring Tharja (in how to let go of her concerns about the Church) and is available for spying if Edward asks. You may be confusing it with the pseudo-spy system Edward has with the guards to watch out for suspicious behavior, which I didn't include as an option. (Because Edward specifically told them to watch for 'suspicious behavior' and would conclude one person walking around would likely not be 'suspicious' and therefore not register for them. The soldiers would also not be watching the stables where the attempted bribery presumably happened.)

Please continue to vote.

accb2 No.55002

Option 2. Ricardbro hasn't steered Edboy wrong yet from what we rightly recall, and he seems genuinely glad about the company and ability to be of use, so why not. This seems right up his alley, idiomatically speaking…

6f783 No.55004

Option 2.
Yeah, this is mundane (as opposed to magical) court intrigue. Ricardo has a light touch, dunno what he'll glean from examining the gold BUT he's gotta be the guy who can pick up on clues and figure out what kind of plot this is, harmless or not. He's also the most informed and connected, and so the best qualified to advise how we foil it..

..or spring it in our favor. With sexy results, why not. If we can deduce the identity of the Emerald Knight before the tournament, then we have time to develop and implement a counterplot. Or this could just be for funsies and this is how we delicately not put our royal foot in it, so to speak. Long odds. Beatrice might have to be brought in later.. but for now i'd wager on Ricardo. He might even enjoy the diversion. Also, why isn't he judging the tournament? Plain ol' conflict of interest?

4c0a8 No.55005

Option 2

e8add No.55026

>1 vote for option one, ask Beatrice to investigate.
>4 votes for option two, investigate the only evidence you have; take the gold to Ricardo.

Ask for Ricardo to look at the gold.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.55170

Other than the stablehand's word, the only evidence you have of what transpired is the gold in your pocket.

You had better investigate that first, before you busy Beatrice with a task she may not need to do.

With that in mind, the most likely person to know about the gold would be your Master of Coin.

–Well, Beatrice could possibly tell you if the gold was real, but Ricardo might be able to guess its source?

So is your thinking as you walk away from the stable toward the treasury.

You pass by several guards. Just for the sake of it, you ask if they've encountered anything suspicious. The answer is consistently 'No, Your Majesty'.

Well, that's good at least. You shouldn't be upset over a relatively safe Faire.

You descend the staircase that leads into Ricardo's sanctum, passing by the two guards stationed at the top.

You find Ricardo at his desk, as usual. Nothing appears out of the ordinary.

You interrupt his counting with a short greeting.

"Your Majesty," he says.

You exchange pleasantries, you motion that he has no need to stand up.

You want his opinion.

You fish the pouch out of your pocket and set it on the desk.

What does he make of this, you say?

He blinks down at the pouch, then looks up at you.

Go ahead, you prompt him. Open it. It won't bite.

Ricardo picks up the pouch and looks inside at the contents.


He lets out a noncommittal grunt, before gently plucking each coin out, one by one, and setting them on his desk.

He slides his old fingers over them, brings one close to his eye, then picks them all up and holds them steady in his hand before bouncing it up and down.

He sets them back down before suddenly pushing back his chair.

"One moment, if you please, Your Majesty."

Certainly, you reply.

Ricardo goes into the back room for a moment, returning with a set of scales.

He bends over one of the barrels placed in your treasury, slides the lid off, then takes a handful of coins from it.

You see what he's going to do.

Before long, he has the scale set up in his hand with an equal number of coin on both sides.

You're not sure what he's checking, but the side with the coin from your barrel weighs more than the other.

"Just as I thought."

He slides the coins from the pouch back onto the desk, then returns the coins from your barrel to its place before replacing the lid.

…What is it, you ask?

Still holding the scale, Ricardo turns back.

"Those coins are mixed with excess copper. It dilutes their value. Very bad quality. It's called 'debasement'. A deceitful way to save gold."


You ponder the meaning of that as Ricardo returns the scales before coming back.

"Where did you get it, Your Majesty?" he asks.

You decide you may as well tell him the story.

You relate to him the stablehand's story about attempted bribery.

You're wondering if the pouch of coin in front of him is consistent with his story, and if Ricardo could possibly identify the source of the coin.

Ricardo nods, thinking it over.

"King Vlad did not allow gold like this to be collected as tax. The source of this gold is not from the castle. I can say that with confidence, this was brought from the outside."


You understand the significance of that. It gives credence at least that the story is genuine.

If there's an outside source of the gold, then it also means the would-be briber is not someone native to Castle Valachia. That would rule out one of your soldiers hoping to get an edge in the tournament.

Not that you expected that, but it's good to be reassured.

"It also makes sense that someone would try to pass it off as real to an ignorant stablehand. They're not used to handling coin. A savvy merchant who stopped and weighed it might catch this."

All right. So the briber is particularly cheap, yet cunning.

Hm, that's a bad point for the stablehand as well… if they tried to actually use the bribe, they'd be caught by an angry merchant as a cheat.

Ricardo shrugs.

"Either they didn't plan that far, or they didn't particularly care."

You think you get the picture.

Perhaps they expected the stablehand would be busy with the tournament and unable to spend it until that was completed.

At any rate, that leaves one question…

…Can he pick up the source?

Ricardo smacks his lips, softly.

"I could… speculate… that this is likely from a region without much circulation of coin. A poorer region. One with either a small amount or no gold mining."


You suppose that eliminates the burgs which see the most trade, but then you didn't really expect the burgmeister to be the culprit.

Though you don't think it exonerates either Dimitrie or Corrin. Dimitrie's was poor, and Corrin's was isolated.

But… there are plenty of nobles from poorer regions. Including other nobles from counties within those dukedoms.

This at least narrows down your suspects a little.

What would Ricardo do with debased coins like these, usually, you ask?

"It's a waste to hoard it. With your approval, I would send it to a goldsmith to re-melt and create coins with the correct ratios of metal."

How long will that take?

"Owing that it will take more gold to reach that ratio, and it's not a large amount of coin worth sending out immediately, likely several seasons. From sending out to receiving it back."


"Of course, if you need it as evidence of the bribery, that's a different story, Your Majesty."

You nod. It sounds like Ricardo has provided you with good information.

You ponder your options and your previous thoughts on what to do with the evidence.

Choice time:
>Leave the coins with Ricardo to eventually be melted and re-added to your treasury.
>Leave the coins with Ricardo… but have him keep them in the back room. Maybe you will need them some day, as either evidence or some… other, reason.
>Take the coin pouch back with you. It's evidence, and can confirm the culprit's guilt if you show it to them.

ea40e No.55171

Thinking ahead a bit here….. For the duration of the Faire/this Emerald Knight fiasco, Option 3. Afterwards, Option 2. Never know when you'll need to pay some blackmailer or other unsavory character….

e8add No.55172

I will count this as just a vote for option three, for now. What happens later might affect what Edward does with it. But, I have noted what you'd prefer.

1c591 No.55179

Option three.

If there is nothing immediate Ricardo can do with it and re-melting the coins will take several seasons anyway, there is no harm in keeping it for a few days more. Maybe Beatrice can extract some additional information from the coins in the meantime.

Just a thought: Ricardo looked closely at the coins and then decided he needed to weigh them. I interpret that as (maybe we can ask to be certain) that the coins look like official coins should look, all the symbols in the right place, heads pointing in the right direction, birds having the right number of feathers and all that. This means that either a. someone used an official coin shape from an official mint (just with cheap metal) and therefore somehow has or gained access to the mint. Or b. someone minted coins on their own, but needed to pay someone to precisely imitate the real coins, someone who may be a craftsman of some (ill) repute who maybe can be tracked down.

1c591 No.55180

Whenever we need to pay someone shady or unofficially, we can ask Beatrice to magically produce coins for us, even real ones if we want. I don't think we need to keep counterfeit money for that reason.

4c0a8 No.55184


Option 3

38f15 No.55185

Option 3. Keep it as evidence for the time being. Might give Beatrice something to go off of too.

3b712 No.55187

Option three, but we should probably put the pouch in another container, or at least make sure there's no way it can be seen- wouldn't do to have our Emerald Knight notice their bag and know that we know about the bribe.

02021 No.55207


option 3

e8add No.55224

>6 votes for option three, keep the pouch as evidence. (With a note to keep it in another pouch to disguise its origin.)

Keep the pouch on your person.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.55249

I just now noticed this. Thank you for pointing it out, Wizard.

This is something that is a little bit of a conceit in terms of the story and why this is only a medieval (ish) setting. In terms of coin production, it's historical that there would be less standardized coin minting. Coins in one part of the world would not necessarily conform with coins on the other side of the world. People might look at money that isn't what they're used to seeing strangely, and minting ratios might be innocently different, beyond what symbols are actually stamped on the coin.

But this is a bit too extraneous for the purpose of the game. For the sake of the story I'm operating on the conceit that a gold coin is a gold coin and, no matter what it's stamped with, will be regarded as such no matter where it is, unless it is debased or devalued or some other factor applies. Any individual 'pattern' on the coin from its origin is irrelevant and not mentioned/glossed over. Edward's coin from his native Virilia probably wouldn't have been accepted so easily by Varillo's gang, otherwise, and a brief exchange of "Is this even real?" would've undercut the tension without adding anything. Furthermore, realistically, there'd be a difference in exchanges for coins beyond gold in different regions. (How many silvers for a gold, copper, etc.)

Hence, the value of coins in this medieval (ish) setting is less through use of counterfeit symbols, and more "is this really gold?" Though other methods of debasement such as shaving the edges could also be a factor. There is some historical basis for this, as gold coins were stamped with imprints from a hammer that weren't usually done in a truly uniform manner; coin presses did not exist at this time.

To sum that all up: the value of the coin is not in how 'official' it looks with a seal designed/approved by King Vlad himself, but only in that it is in fact, a gold coin and how much a gold coin 'should be'. Which after some weighing Ricardo determines it is not that thing. Imagine a world where there is no 'official stamp' marked on money and that is close to what we're getting at. (Money in those days did not have clear denominations like $1, $100, either, so this is accurate.)

Though there will be perhaps more emphasis on currency in the future,

New update coming soon.

e8add No.55250

You decide to clarify with Ricardo.

The problem with the coins is too much copper, not copper at all?

He explains that pure gold is too soft by itself, and would quickly degrade if not mixed with something else.

"I'm no goldsmith, so I can't explain the exact interactions of the metals, but there's a specific ratio that is used throughout the world."

Who decided that, you ask? And who would have the power to maintain that standard? It strikes you as a little far-reaching.

"The Church."

…Ah. Yes. It would make sense that the Church would be involved.

Certainly, the Church wouldn't want to be swindled with an undervalued or outright false offering. It would be the only organization to be able to handle that widespread a standard…

Well, whatever. Ricardo would know more about it than you.

–Though you make a mental note you'll need to borrow some genuine coins if you ever need to tell Beatrice to create some for you.

You tell Ricardo you'll be taking the debased coins back. You'll need it to confront the culprit.

You'll only need a bigger pouch to put that pouch inside.

You leave Ricardo's office, confident you have a plan.

The new pouch you've obtained will ensure you can carry around your evidence without accidentally revealing to the Emerald Knight that you're on to him.

You take a glance out of a window.

There's still a little time before midday…

You decide against going to spar. You won't have time to get a good workout before your midday meal.

You similarly rule out Tharja's library. You can simply ask her later if she saw Corrin.

It may be worth it to find Beatrice, to provide her with the information you took from Ricardo and see if she could accomplish your spying, though you could easily ask her later as well.

Oh, shit!

You stop mid-step and realize only now you told Cordelia to wait outside while you talked to the stablehand, then you never saw her again!

You got wrapped up in the story of bribery and forgot all about her.

Maybe it was worth it to make a return trip to the stables… though she might be long gone by now.

You sigh. Perhaps you should simply think of ways to apologize and try to find her tomorrow.

Besides all of that…

It may be time you explore your Faire, briefly.

Choice time:
>Find Beatrice, ask her to start spying as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.
>Return to the stables. Perhaps Cordelia is still there, or at least you can gauge what mood she was in when she left.
>You held back, but you want to see the spectacle of your Faire. Go out among the Faire.

294c8 No.55258

May not necessarily be the best choice, but I'm going to go with Option 2. If Cordelia is still at the stables, at least Edward can explain that something important happened, and if she isn't there then at least he can prepare himself to apologize when next they meet.

6f783 No.55265

Option 2, Cordelia

3b712 No.55266

Let's try to make up for earlier and see if we can't find Cordelia. Option 2.

02021 No.55267


Option two.

1a0c4 No.55268

Option 2.

38f15 No.55269

Option 2. I doubt Cordelia is still there, but let's at least make the effort to see if she is there. If not, then we can explore the faire.

e8add No.55280

>6 votes for option two, check the stable to see if Cordelia is still there.

Return to the stable in search of Cordelia.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.55338

File: 1554624558688.jpg (174.81 KB, 889x1320, Cordelia-expectations.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You really feel guilty about leaving Cordelia alone.

Even if you don't see her, returning to the stable to at least look is the right thing to do.

Hopefully at least you'll be able to salvage your impression with her.

You start walking in the direction to get you outside and back to the stable. A bit rushed.

The stable is remarkably more busy now. Stablehands are bringing horses in from the corral and seeing to their needs.

You circle around the entrances before you finally see her.

Cordelia, waiting around the exit where you sent her away.

She sees you coming and you think you see her smile.

You exchange pleasantries and offer your apologies for leaving her to wait overlong, you say.

"It's all right, Your Majesty. I didn't mind."

Yes… seems you didn't offend her, at least.

But the wonderfully tense situation of being alone together is gone. There's no chance for romantic innuendo here.

Too many people around. Too many witnesses.

You try to look for something you can use as an excuse to take you both someplace private again. Away from the stables.

Her hair is rather dusty.

Of course, that's natural. It's the stables, after all. Plenty of dirt and straw to kick up dust.

You could possibly offer her an opportunity to clean up. Escort her to a bath back at the castle.

There'd definitely be a sexual connotation to that sort of offer. Implications. It would be different than offering to have a maid look after her. She could easily find that herself.

If she was inclined to take you up on your offer…

It definitely would've been worthwhile for you to come back, in that case.

But, you might risk scaring her away if she's not ready for that.

It's a matter of how confident you are with your interactions with Cordelia, and how much you'd like to woo her.

You realize the pause in conversation is going on too long. She's clearly not sure what to say or do either.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Smoothly offer Cordelia the chance to refresh with a bath… with the unstated implication you would join her. If you're lucky, you could end up impregnating her before the day is done.
>You think it'll take a little bit more work to outright seduce Cordelia. Make some small talk about riding and call it a day

02021 No.55350


Option 1.

Pressing W and not looking back.

38f15 No.55351

Option 1, but I'm a bit on the fence, so if someone makes a convincing case, I may switch.

be6c0 No.55354

Option 1, Hope this doesn't backfire terribly

3b712 No.55357

As much as I'd like to go for option 1, I think option 2 might be better in the long run. We've already left Cordelia once to deal with other things today, I think just talking to her will do more for building a relationship than just going straight for the kill right now. As Aristo pointed out, the moment we had before is over and gone. She stuck around, so that's a damn good sign that she's still interested, but going in full force could very well scare her off. Let's lay the groundwork of seduction today and not risk ruining the work we've already done.

569e2 No.55372

I really want a sex scene after so long, and with a new character too - but this is too much too fast. We didn't have more than a very brief moment with Cordelia before. She admitted she's a virgin and while she did flirt back she wasn't exactly taking the initiative. I think pushing hard for sex now could spook her.

We've communicated our intentions pretty clearly and she's definitely interested, so there's little risk of her slipping away. Let her dwell on the flirting and become more comfortable, even excited by the idea of being more intimate. Then when we next meet there'll be the right mood in the air and things can flow naturally.

Option 2.

6f783 No.55376

WHAT is this, real life or something?
OPTION 1, baths are nice.

1a0c4 No.55380

Option 1. As in, the only option.

e8add No.55386

>5 votes for option one, be forward and offer to escort Cordelia to a bath.
>2 votes for option two, endear yourself to her with some small talk and try to meet with her again later.

Smoothly attempt to take Cordelia somewhere more intimate.

Poll closed. Update soon.

e8add No.55595

File: 1555146212771.jpg (92.4 KB, 850x922, Cordelia-acquiescence.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You have to be delicate. She's a noblewoman, after all. She has a reputation to think about.

That said, you're willing to risk it.

You gently reach out a hand and brush a stray bit of dust out of her hair.

She blinks, with a little surprised expression, but doesn't recoil.

That's an encouraging sign.

You smile, and tell her you must apologize on behalf of the stablehands… it seems the environment did not play well with the lady's elegant tresses.

Your smile earns you a smile back.

Would Cordelia like if you saw to her being properly refreshed?

You were thinking something approaching a warm bath would be in order.


She draws in a little breath, her cheeks flushed pink.

"I… would be much obliged, Your Majesty."


Your confidence has paid off, it seems. Her tone and mannerisms tell you she's gotten a grip on the implied invitation.

There's no reason to hold back. Hopefully nothing will interrupt you on your way.

You tell Cordelia you'll gladly lead the way back and help her become situated.

She nods again, wordlessly. Her expression turning shy and demure.


You gallantly stride back to the castle, Cordelia following a few steps behind. You do your best to keep from openly appearing too eager.

You unfortunately can't embrace or even hold hands. You must have some semblance of being discreet and thinking of her reputation.

True to her intents, Cordelia follows meekly, making no move to run away or give any other sign she's changed her mind.

You make your way out of the stable and back to the castle.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

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