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File: 1539071623635.jpg (101.75 KB, 666x374, Pregopilis.jpg)

a6c54 No.48458

You are Pregchan, crime fighter extraordinaire. Defender of the people and all that is good in the big city of Pregopolis. You have all sorts of fantastical powers, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, we need to figure out how you became a superheroine!

How did you become a superheroine?
>We were a surrogate mother multiple times. The process interacted with our genetics, unlocking a series of latent super powers we never could have dreamed of.
>We were a researcher working on a new fertility serum. Our funding had almost been used up, and the side effects of one of our trials made it impossible for us to get new test subjects. We turned to the only test subject we had left, ourselves.
>We are a cleric of a little known fertility goddess from the lost Amazonian empire. While praying to our goddess, she blessed us, imbuing us with the divine powers necessary to clean up the crime ridden streets of Pregopolis once and for all.
>Custom story pitch.

9a85a No.48459

Custom idea, if it's not too weird:

We discovered while pregnant our womb is exceptionally fertile and we can become impregnated and gestate an additional baby each time we have sex, without waiting for the first one to drop. For some reason, the more babies we carry at once, the more superpowers we acquire. One of those powers includes advancing the pregnancy to term and inducing birth, so we alternate between our pregnant superheroine persona and our secret identity by giving birth. But we have to be careful, because being completely empty of babies means we're powerless until we have sex and get pregnant again.

6f178 No.48461

That isn't weird at all sweetie. That is actually kind of a description of one of Pregchan's base powers that you'll see in the next few posts. I really like some of the other ideas too, which I hadn't originally considered. I will be weaving them into the powers list I was drafting for people to choose from.

All that said, in origin stories I'm more interested in trying to find an explanation for how pregchan got her powers, so I can better decide how to influence her attribute spread. I'm definitely open to further custom background ideas from you darling, please give yourself a name so I can track your suggestions.

9a85a No.48463

I'm probably going to forget to use the name so it might be better to use the ID tracker, but I'll put something.

Origin story:
Is it too much to just say that Pregchan just doesn't know? It might add some mystery and a potential plot reveal later. But I guess my write-in would be: close to option one, but it was an 'oops' baby with a boyfriend instead of a planned surrogacy. And then when they started having 'I can't get pregnant again, so just cum inside me all you want,' sex, she discovered she really could get pregnant again. Maybe she could have an OB/GYN doctor as a friend who helped her discover the power and theorizes it's genetics? Maybe combine it with option 2 and she's the researcher who made a serum to let us advance the pregnancy and give birth at will and she uses us as her test subject. Say this happened while they were roommates in college and so there's a background of trust there.

At least, I don't like option three because it seems like it'd entail a lot of background about this amazon empire that we don't necessarily need added to the story and might distract from the main point. Besides, it sounds more interesting, personally, for Pregchan to be an otherwise ordinary woman who must deal with having powers than someone who would be raised to deal with them.

A good question may be if Pregchan is herself a pregnancy fetishist who loves being pregnant, or a 'normal' person who views it as an encumbrance and a burden? Is getting pregnant to be a super-heroine something she views as the best thing to happen to her, or does she view it as more of a 'necessary evil' and puts up with it in the name of being able to do some good? Both ideas have potential to make an interesting POV for the character. Perhaps you should have a vote on that as well.

42db6 No.48466

>Pregchan finds a crashed space pod containing a tiny baby-like psychic alien that tells her it needs a womb to survive
>She accepts, and it enters her womb. Recovering its size to full term inside her, it grants her immortality, enhanced strength and a whole range of other psychic powers.
>The catch however, given the wide range of powers granted, is that this symbiotic bond is permanent. If the psychic umbilical cord that connects the two (which also allows them to communicate) is cut, both will die.
>The full-grown alien child can also emerge from her womb by means of natural birth whist still being connected by umbilical cord to assist her, however it can only last outside for 10 minutes max. It would still need to return to her womb the way it came out within the time limit, otherwise both mother and child would also die.

93917 No.48467

I like the idea that she starts normal, but as she get more and more pregnant she grows to love being pregnant, which turns into a fetishist

83240 No.48469

I choose option two.

We have a couple of fantasy quests. Maybe this one can be more sci-fi-like.

93d02 No.48479

>How did you become a superheroine?
how human can understand that he is not exist when he is really not exist?
we are not something that is a result of the big bang. on the end of the process, we are still the process. That means it means that there is no one here but god. There is no one but you. You wrote all this to yourself, you spoke to yourself all your life, the whole eternity of your being, no one is here except you, you have deceived yourself, there have never been others, all this is you.

c44df No.48481

Excuse you?

0e71f No.48484

First, let me say this: it's a gutsy move, to try to run two CYOAs at once, Bard. Try not to burn yourself out, okay?

I'll put my vote down for option 2.

83240 No.48485

I think he's having a stronk. Someone should call a bondulance.

f9ea4 No.48486

Option 3

6f178 No.48491

>Mad Scientist Archetype Selected
>Statistics Updated
Str: -3
Con: 0
Dex: 0
Int: +3
Wis: -2
Cha: +2

Action options will now include modifiers stemming from the statistics that influence said action. These attributes can also be used to make customized options you can suggest, however the modifier that is ultimately applied is up to GM discretion.

Now that we have established pregchan's backstory, we need to decide what her basic costume should be like. I will post several pictures as options for her basic design. Feel free to post other pregnant superheroines as options, and be sure to vote on the ones you like most. Voting for images will close in three days.

NOTE: When making your selection, do not just say "Option 1", reference the post the picture occurs in. Failure to reference the post the picture occurs in will result in your choice being ignored. You are automatically assumed to have cast a vote for images you post as options. You can vote multiple times, so long as those votes are for different images.

6f178 No.48492

File: 1539143999683.jpg (91.9 KB, 721x1108, Pregchan.jpg)

6f178 No.48493

File: 1539144141904.jpg (187.72 KB, 900x676, Pregchan2.jpg)

6f178 No.48494

File: 1539144388495.png (230.15 KB, 707x900, Pregchan3.png)

6f178 No.48495

File: 1539144965823.jpg (96.85 KB, 287x563, Pregchan4.jpg)

9a85a No.48498

This one. It's pretty much what I was picturing already. Maybe say she has a belly-window in addition to a chest-window.

6f178 No.48499

I knew I liked you for a reason, that is my favorite too <3.

e006c No.48502

This one

fad84 No.48503

File: 1539166238368.png (544.79 KB, 859x1200, 1756780e1dff37c9f28243ce32….png)

c2cee No.48504

I like this one.

0e71f No.48534

I'll vote for this one.

586af No.48535

This one has my vote.

211af No.48536

File: 1539252097903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.56 KB, 563x1200, giddy_up_by_olympic_dames.jpg)

211af No.48537

File: 1539252251148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.75 KB, 268x500, pregnant_major_baumsteiger….jpg)

0e9bb No.48631


6f178 No.48634

I also really like this one, as GM I'm voting for this as well.

I'll let voting run for a few more days due to the new additions.

52725 No.48646

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