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File: 1540503219984.png (15.62 KB, 479x727, peek.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

74af4 No.48972

The last thread hit the post limit just as someone was asking where to get the latest version.

At the time of this post, the latest version is here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g25bvp2l0i786le/MaternalReadsFMmod0.1.3Hotfix.7z/file

>What is this?

A mod I'm working on for the game Fetishmaster made by Hcoder. The mod aims to expand the game in most areas which of course includes pregnancy-related content.

There's a full list of patchnotes included in the download if you're wondering what has been added or changed.

If you come across something that doesn't seem to work properly, please report it here and I'll try to get it fixed as fast as possible!

74af4 No.48973

File: 1540503389340.png (32.7 KB, 700x800, conception.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Of course I forgot to put the link to the actual game in the first post.

You can find the actual game here at Hcoder's page: http://fm-dev.blogspot.com/?zx=d2f9128da36f3b53

You install the mod by just overwriting the game's files of the same name with the mod files and folders.

74af4 No.49053

File: 1540847195143.png (43.21 KB, 871x656, sunbathe4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Oh and since this is a problem that seems to be common: make sure you're using 64 bit java when playing the game or you're going to experience memory issues.

If the game suddenly locks up while playing but you can still press the buttons with no effect then that's an issue with the events that I'll fix. If it crashes then it's likely a java issue.

dda4d No.49816

Here's the next release W.I.P. info:

Besides fully implementing a new NPC called Emma at the fetish café, I've done what was voted on and written a full scripted sex scene with Belanika (breast focused, for proxies with penises) and have implemented Magdalyn (first boss) as an NPC. Her scenes aren't fully complete yet, but she will also have a drawn portrait with a few variants like I've previously done with Merril.

Since Belanika has gotten more content I've also gone back and spellchecked her events, fixing them to be more in tune with the new content.

12ae1 No.49848

Can't wait to see the upcoming update of the mod!

f5e57 No.49860

Any plan on introducing at one point overdue content/extend pregnancy/permanent pregnancies ?

e840e No.49865

is there a way to modify credits if one were so inclined to cheat a bit?

ed584 No.49880

There is a function that adds money to access it you need to start the application in dev mode.
via one of the _dev executable's that is located in the games root directory.
you find the command in the the debug menu located in the main area of the base the first screen after taking control after waking up as proxy.

dda4d No.49907

It's certainly an interesting prospect, one that I'll have to at least look into. If I had to guess I think because of the way the game engine works permanent pregnancy is not going to be possible, but implementing overdue pregnancies should be possible.

9aa0c No.50218


I have looked into this in the past. From what i remember the length of a pregnancy is hard coded. The hyperbreeder speeds up the system by periodically calling the nexthour() function for the uterus to speed up the process in effect. There is no function that does the opposite though.

df964 No.50806

It's not impossible, just a bit difficult to do. You'd have to iterate through and modify each child being carried by the mother, though, and I'm not sure how much of that you're allowed to get away with via the in-game scripting. As long as you remember the class names and everything it should be fine, I think.

Essentially, each Foetus item has an int value called birthready - if the age of the Foetus has an age greater than that value, it's flagged as ready for birth. The value of birthready is set at fertilization based on the child's foetus.grow_time stat. There's also a method called setBirthReady that allows the value to be modified.

Getting and iterating through a Foetus list is simple enough - if you need examples, check out the 0.99 source code and look at the isLaborReady method or others in /engine/scripts/Status.java

So basically:
Overdue pregnancies can be done by increasing the birthready value of a foetus; you can check if it's overdue by comparing birthready to the original foetus.grow_time stat, which shouldn't mutate over time.
Permanent pregnancies can probably only be 'permanent' up to the max value of an int in Java, but otherwise all you'd have to do is have a regular script that increases birthready (or just set it once to a really big number). Keep in mind that the foetus will likely still grow like a person, though.

As an aside there is a second method (which is what's used during fertilization) called setReadyAge, which sets birthready and then sets liveage to 70% of the birthready value. liveage sets the foetus as 'live' once age > liveage, which means that if birth occurs before the foetus is live, it's essentially stillborn. This is likely why massive pregnancies have some losses to them: because birth is triggered for all children as soon as one is 'ready' to be born, children with very long development times won't be ready for birth yet.

44862 No.50884

It's not hardcoded - length of pregnancy controled by fetus.grow_time. Also foetus.grow_rate controlled how much fetus grow each game hour. So, by setting foetus.grow_rate very small or 0 after some time, and foetus.grow_time to some big value - you prolong pregnancy.

I think game just not support idea of time reverse or stop in processes. It possible only slow down them, speed up, but not fully stop or reverse, or it's begin to break.

ec692 No.51106

So has there been any progress on the mod at all over these months or is the version in OP still the latest?

f5e57 No.51127

On way I saw it was making the proxy be "born" but have a special status indicating they're in a womb or something

12ae1 No.51142

Can we have some sneak peek of the upcoming update?

81f11 No.51350

Can someone help me in getting the black dildo?

I read that it has a chance to spawn at the temple at night. Is that the temple right outside of your house? If I go there at night and it isn't there, should I keep leaving and re-entering until it shows up or becomes day, or should I come back another night? Basically is it a small chance each night of it spawning, or each time you visit?

dda4d No.51351

The next update is heaviy focused on NPCs and sex scenes for them, specifically for Belanika, Magdalyn and a new one named Emma.

Belanika is the cowgirl that is in the base game, but as of yet does not have any scripted sex scenes. In the next update that will be changed. Magdalyn is the first boss, the one that you defeat in the chapel and can wake up with a healing potion. As well as implementing her as an interactable NPC she too is getting scripted sex scenes (as well as the option for unscripted sex of course).

The new character Emma will be found mostly at the fetish café and is a more stuffing-focused character as you can buy her meals to build a relationship with her.

Yes, that is the correct temple.
>If I go there at night and it isn't there, should I keep leaving and re-entering until it shows up or becomes day, or should I come back another night?
You can look for it multiple times in the same night if you keep re-entering.

Keep in mind that your character automatically picks it up once you find it, so you may already have it but your character does not have the necessary vaginal width to use it.

1242b No.51378

I'm having a hell of a time trying to get this to run on Mac.

I'm not super software-inclined. Anyone mind helping me out?

1242b No.51380


Followed H.Coder's guide here. Works with the vanilla game. Breaks when I apply the mod.

Terminal throw back following error:

Relative path for game resources: /Users/MyUsernameHere/ExactLocation/FetishMaster_0_985d/gamedata
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/thoughtworks/xstream/io/HierarchicalStreamDriver
at fetishmaster.engine.GameEngine.debugStartApp(GameEngine.java:122)
at fetishmaster.FetishMaster.main(FetishMaster.java:41)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.thoughtworks.xstream.io.HierarchicalStreamDriver
at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.BuiltinClassLoader.loadClass(BuiltinClassLoader.java:583)
at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoaders.java:178)
at java.base/java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:521)
… 2 more
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a better way to do this?

44862 No.51381

Something not right with yours java JRE install.

1242b No.51397

Reinstalled JRE twice now. Same error getting spat out.

What do?

44862 No.51407

What java you install exactly? Try to use more old - JRE 8.

1242b No.51413


JRE 8u191, and then JRE 8u192 after that didn't work.

df964 No.51450

Seems like the libraries might be missing from the dist folder - there should be a subfolder in there called lib with more jar files inside. If you're starting the game by some means other than the shell scripts, it'd help to know exactly how you're doing it and what the contents of your dist folder are.

1242b No.51451


That seems to have done it. There was no lib folder under dist. I went back and copy-pasta'ed the old one from a fresh extraction of the vanilla version and it started up right away.

Will keep you posted if there are any further meltdowns. Thanks so much for your help!

12ae1 No.52340

Not to be mean but can we know about the approximate update release date?

2fba1 No.52668

That upcoming item is something I never knew I wanted, congratulations on the design!

f1409 No.53030

The 19th, as in today. I'm doing bugtesting on one final scene right now which is all that's left.

df964 No.53043

Before you commit to pushing a new version, I just want to point something out: the alcohol effect (as it was in the previous releases, at least) is horribly broken.

As it stands, alcohol.effect uses addStat/subStat and lasts for six hours. Because scripts run hourly, it essentially nukes a character's int and dex while giving a substantial boost to strength, then forces them to normalize at the standard return rate, which is much longer than six hours.

A safer method would be as below - set alcohol.effect to run for one hour and apply the following:

self.updateEffect("generic.int", "alcohol", -10, 6);
self.updateEffect("generic.int", "alcohol", -5, 6);
self.updateEffect("generic.int", "alcohol", 7.5, 6);

That way, every time it runs, it'll reset that drunk timer for another 6 hours.

df964 No.53044

Also, assume the second and third values in that code are generic.dex and generic.str respectively, and that I definitely did not do a lazy copy/paste job.

9cf35 No.54458

File: 1552960047703.png (32.85 KB, 604x700, beach3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here is the download link to the latest release: https://www.patreon.com/file?h=25468666&i=3471361

Please report any issues you may find and I'll fix them as fast as possible.

You're absolutely right, thank you for reporting it!

c5661 No.54466

What triggers 'bloatingvenom4' as an effect in proxies? Looking through all the events and printing effects I can't seem to trigger it.

7cdfd No.54467


Magdalyn's talk event completely hangs up the game if it selects the talk_horns template. I don't know anything about scripting so I'm not sure why it's causing that issue. I just moved it outside the folder as a temp fix and everything else seems to be working.

9cf35 No.54486

Thank you for the report! Turns out a function missed a capitalized letter.

I'm going to link to the post instead of the direct DL link so that I don't flood the thread with URLs. This link should hopefully always work and give you the latest version:

3082e No.54716

So when i try to use Milking:Big Suction Cups,it complete hangs up the game

9cf35 No.54758

Turns out that a section of code wasn't commented out properly. My last post has been updated with the corrected version.

Thank you!

3082e No.58382

Are there any updates soon?

228ba No.58550

hello, im pretty new to game and with mod it seems great:D just a little question. later in game will i be able to make breeder or significantly increase chance for multiplets if so could you give me few tips on how to fill them with as many babies please?:D

228ba No.58708

how do you increase number of eggs dropped per ovulation?

2f133 No.58868

Since these two questions are fairly similar I'll answer them both simultaneously.

There are a number of ways to increase the number of eggs during ovulation, here are a few that I can think of from the top of my head:
1.Giving birth - just giving birth sometimes permanently increases the number of ova
2.Eating ovaria fruit - There is a chance when when eating them to permanently increase ova dropped, up to a max of 6
3.Drinking fertility flasks - You can craft these at the alchemy lab, they increase fertility across the board
4.Fertility treatments - there are two you can get at the hospital, a normal one and a stronger one. The stronger one is slightly hidden.
5.Temple wishes - the most expensive wish for fertility has a chance to permanently increase ova

There are probably some that I forgot but these can all do it permanently.

942f6 No.59028

Breeders sometimes show up at the agency. You can tell they're breeders because the description will say something about their "constantly leaking vagina".

b2d67 No.59685

Are demonspawn in the game? If so, where can I encounter them?

2f133 No.59769

They are, although accessing them is pretty hidden.

First, go to the temple near your house at night. There's a very low chance when you enter the area that you'll get a message telling you that you found special dildo there.
Second, you can find that dildo in the sexual training menu at your base. Use it with a woman and there's a possibility to get pregnant from it. The baby born from that will be a demonspawn.

b2d67 No.59779

Huh, that's pretty neat. Got another question: Is there a way to add items directly into your inventory using the debug mode? Grinding for the components for Fertility Flasks and Joyus Jellies gets tedious after awhile

2fba1 No.59806

Yes, if you start the game in debug mode and click the 'debug' button in the starting room of your house, you'll see a button called 'add items'.

If you click it you'll run the event but it won't give you what you need, you need to go into the system tab and choose 'Edit Last WalkEvent' in the bottom left and that will show you the code that gives you items, depending on your mods and versions there might even be some items you can just uncomment or enable by removing the '//' from the start of the line.

Then if you're a big nerd you can use cmd to generate a list of all the file names in the items folder inside the gamedata folder and then use normal expressions in your favorite text editor to get a command that adds every item in the game.

I recommend against doing this as some items are only used in quests and some items aren't stackable so you'll get X amount of repeat entries in your proxies inventory until you drop them.

1fe01 No.60167

So, does anyone happen to know whether or not it's possible to prevent mood decay?

2f133 No.60275

What sort of mood decay are you experiencing?

There was an issue I experienced with the base game where after birth your proxy would suffer a continual drop in mood for seemingly no reason, but I attempted fixing it and haven't seen it since. It this the kind of problem you're having?

1fe01 No.60280

It seems like when ever I have a proxy work in a brothel, their mood goes down pretty dramatically. As far as I can tell, it's prior to giving birth. It gets to the point where it drops, the proxy turns off and then they're not listed for a while.

df964 No.60299

Once you've hired a proxy you need to train their lewdness stat to the point where they're comfortable working in the brothel.

Spend some time in the mental training area of the base; once reading the books no longer causes mood drops, they'll probably accept jobs that involve sex work.

2fba1 No.60636

If they're coming back from disappearing, it sounds like the are getting tired rather than grossed out.

1fe01 No.60668

It's not a tired thing. Their mood goes negative and they turn off.

9dab0 No.60669


There's a negative stat effect added to proxies' mood called "contract_age". I don't see anything in the files we can readily modify that refers to it, so I think it's in the core game engine. I'm not sure at what point it kicks in.

If that is the case, you could modify the start_walking.walk event file to check the value of the effect, and apply an equal positive effect to generic.mood. Something like this I think would work (this applies the adjustment effect for 24 hours, although I'm not sure if the negative effect is calculated by the game engine hourly or just at the start of each day):

adjustment = proxy.getEffectValue("generic.mood", "contract_age") * -1;
proxy.updateEffect("generic.mood", "age_fix", adjustment, 24);

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