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File: 1547045473278.png (32.05 KB, 462x354, PregspritepicthatIfoundher….png)

4ccfe No.51636

So basicly,
I foumd this pic some time ago
I liked this
Now the thread seems dead
Me sad :.(
I look for stuff like this
Found some but want more
So just gonna dump what I have here and wish myself luck

4ccfe No.51637

File: 1547045503488.jpg (2.97 KB, 47x74, pregnant_lyra_sprite_by_ve….jpg)

4ccfe No.51638

File: 1547045517623.jpg (3.3 KB, 39x81, pregnant_gardenia_sprite_b….jpg)

4ccfe No.51639

File: 1547045529320.jpg (5.46 KB, 90x85, pregnant_bw_caitlin_sprite….jpg)

4ccfe No.51640

File: 1547045541494.jpg (2.92 KB, 49x83, pregnant_nurse_sprite_by_v….jpg)

4ccfe No.51641

File: 1547045553956.png (2.38 KB, 204x60, 14881183769581.png)

4ccfe No.51642

File: 1547045565251.png (1020 B, 41x65, 14881183871731.png)

4ccfe No.51643

File: 1547045576745.png (1.18 KB, 45x61, 1488118712271.png)

4ccfe No.51644

File: 1547045587969.png (1.79 KB, 77x60, 14881190408371.png)

4ccfe No.51645

File: 1547045599062.png (977 B, 28x56, 14881194000831.png)

df17f No.51650

File: 1547061012526.png (13.55 KB, 725x378, GJl2cA3.png)

Oh hey these are my edits. Cool. Have some more. This one is an original bunny girl in NES style (castlevania proportions attempted.

df17f No.51651

File: 1547061118377.gif (54.85 KB, 59x98, BRWEQQy.gif)

And here's a commissioned gif of that one character again. This one is also an original creation (since it was a commission), but I was trying to imitate pokemon sprites for it.

43686 No.51656

File: 1547070210219.png (3.27 KB, 51x67, pregnant_christmas_may_spr….png)

4ccfe No.51668

File: 1547086698779.png (92.59 KB, 460x498, 329757c4b88520bc8fea292a58….png)

Decided to try and make one myself!
This is my first attempt, and it took way more time then it should

df17f No.51672

Practice makes perfect. This thread kinda gave me the itch to start doing some spriting again. Got any requests? Doesn't have to be from pokemon.

43686 No.51673

File: 1547091813350.png (3.01 KB, 226x64, ranger size.png)

I made this one a long time ago

4ccfe No.51690

File: 1547133105225.png (91.66 KB, 460x498, first attempt.png)

Gave a belly to the little girl too cause why not. Was a bit hard bacause of her position.

4ccfe No.51691

Nah, Rather than requests, I think I'm gonna do it myself. I think I just found myself a new hobby. This is fun!

4ccfe No.51692

File: 1547135609352.png (1.98 KB, 80x80, Battle_GirlDPPHGSSsprite1.png)

I think I'm getting better

4ccfe No.51693

File: 1547137000705.png (3.22 KB, 160x160, Ace_TrainerSnowFDPPtsprite.png)

Gotta learn how the lighting effects the colors…

df17f No.51695

Remember, the belly is round so the lighting will be round too.

4ccfe No.51718

File: 1547196909662.gif (38.34 KB, 240x240, MaylenePlatinum.gif)

First gif attempt. Maybe doing a gif was a bit too early..

df17f No.51721

Never too early to attempt something. You get good by seeing mistakes and learning. And for a gif it's not that bad, considering it's true to the game. Maybe make it faster?

4ccfe No.51722

Thanks! I'll do my best.
Oh, and do you know how to animate kicks with pixels? I'm kinda into that kind of stuff but wasn't able to do it properly :/
Hm, maybe the image was just too small..

4ccfe No.51723

File: 1547216008832.png (3.18 KB, 160x160, DP_Dawn.png)

I'm Trying something new everyday, I guess.
Did Dawn this time. Tried to make her put a hand on her stomach and it turned out surprisingly well.

4ccfe No.51726

File: 1547219068002.png (2.54 KB, 160x160, schoolkid2.png)

…seems awkward..

4ccfe No.51727

File: 1547219178091.png (21.59 KB, 960x960, schoolkid1.png)


df17f No.51732

I'm no expert, but the hardest thing about pixel stuff is that it is a very limiting medium. The smaller the sprite, the more important an individual pixel is. Thus, when trying to get details right (like a small kick bump) you've got two options. Exaggeration, or subtlety. Looking up some cartooning basics (like squash, stretch, and smears) will help with movement. So you could try to make the kicks exaggerated (bigger bumps and movement) or make the actual bump more subtle witg less harsh changes in color and shading.

df17f No.51733

Love the shale here.

4ccfe No.51741

That's complicated than I thought it would be..
I'll see what I can do. Probably gonna fail tho

4ccfe No.51764

File: 1547305483152.png (3.33 KB, 160x160, BeautyDPPtsprite.png)

Kick attempt failed miserably, but this one came out nice

a319c No.51768

You know I hope I don’t sound insulting but, wouldn’t it be easier to just alter more of the body or make the sprites yourself?

4ccfe No.51769

Well, I'm not really sure what you mean by alter more of the body, and I've never made a sprite myself.
Umm, you're much more of an expert on this area, so can you maybe.. show me an example? It would help a lot.

a319c No.51770

Nah man, you’re the sprite artist, I’m just some rando poster, my suggestions probably suck

df17f No.51771

Actually, sprite editing is waaaaaay easier than making one from scratch in the same way tracing art is.

Heh, sorry, that was a different anon. I guess I should add my tag back to my posts.

df17f No.51772

That looks nice.

And one way I learned how to do stuff is studying other sprites. So I suggest looking at some actual pokemon sprites, find some that have actual small bumps on them, and see if you can imitate the style of those bumps.

And you shouldn't be "I'll probably fail", you should be "I may fail, but I'll learn from that!" you're doing a hobby, not a job, so it's okay to fail as much as you need to learn!

43686 No.51787

File: 1547337189709.gif (16.36 KB, 51x81, ezgif-2-36952c0d5e.gif)

First gif hope it turned out good

df17f No.51797

It's got a good bounce. I like it.

4ccfe No.51827

File: 1547378558827.gif (57.56 KB, 640x640, 20190113_005928.gif)

Made somthing.

4ccfe No.51828

File: 1547380218119.png (2.83 KB, 160x160, swimmer naked.png)

Tried making her completely naked. Is it good?

6f81a No.51829

they look extremely good, please keep posting im loving these

4ccfe No.51830

4ccfe No.51839

File: 1547392464193.gif (148.84 KB, 480x480, incomplete beauty sprite.gif)

Was gonna do somthing more with this, but I don't know what…
So I'm just gonna post this here

a319c No.51840

You could try to do a water break, but that may be hard

4ccfe No.51843

File: 1547398569377.png (2.79 KB, 160x160, MarsDPPtsprite.png)

Mars. Cause why not

df17f No.51852

Woah this is awesome.

e4aa3 No.51858

Ey, it's a wild Best GalactiGal!

4ccfe No.51893

File: 1547479617190.png (3.99 KB, 160x160, CyclistFDPPtsprite.png)

Cyclist! Thought the bicycle will kinda get in the way and it did.

e6566 No.51895

Hey did any one ever put these in the game? Or do they yust exist on here?

4ccfe No.51944

Well, no. As long as I'm aware of.
There was a thread in /b/ where somebody said that they were making a pokemon rom hack where the female characters were pregnant, and I was really excited about it. However, there's nothing going on in that thread for more than a year and the project was considered abandoned.
And that's the reason that I started this thread.

4ccfe No.51945

Made another gif by the way.

If you can't draw boobs, than choose a character with no boobs.

4ccfe No.51946

File: 1547537580485.gif (83.6 KB, 480x480, LassDPPtsprite.gif)

Whoops a daisy forgot to enclude the gif

4ccfe No.51950

File: 1547549442254.png (3.29 KB, 160x160, CowgirlDPPtsprite.png)

I'm starting to do too much of this.

4ccfe No.51951

File: 1547549480808.png (2.94 KB, 160x160, Aroma_LadyDPPtsprite.png)

Posting at least 2 every day

df17f No.51966

Nah, unless it's affecting your day to day life in a negative way then you don't have to worry.

As a tip, making the belt curve around or under the belly would make it a tad better.

4ccfe No.52000

File: 1547641269018.gif (66.04 KB, 126x168, i broke it.gif)

Um, I downloaded some black&white 2 sprite gifs and loaded them into my pixel editing app and..

I think I broke it

4ccfe No.52056

Fixed it! Now to edit it

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