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File: 1547349439849.png (414.39 KB, 1000x1402, Page-1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

96572 No.51806

Hello! I presume it's fine to post your own stuff here…

I draw stuff with bellies in it, along with making animations of said bellies. Some of those animations are better than others, mainly my latest one, Denial Part 1. Part 2 is almost finished and ready to go.

For my other works, please check out my DA >>> https://www.deviantart.com/comv <<<

Let me know if I broke the rules!

96572 No.51807

File: 1547349503093.png (454.69 KB, 1000x1424, Page-2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

96572 No.51808

File: 1547349535369.png (691.02 KB, 1300x1833, Page-3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

96572 No.51809

File: 1547349553941.png (497.14 KB, 1300x1833, Page-4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

59b01 No.51813

>accidentally knocking up your mom

…i shouldnt be turned on by this but i totally am

d189e No.51818

Well, I'm pretty sure it's his girlfriend's mom, so fap without remorse.

9e1a3 No.51826

Original content is always welcome and encouraged. While I really do like the art style overall, it turns me off sexually.

Yeah, the speech bubble reading "M-Mom?!" is connected to the girl.

96572 No.51831

By the way, most of my DA stuff is marked mature, so you'll need a DA account to see. I don't think anything I've drawn is that graphic, but I don't want to risk DA's wrath.


As said by others, he knocks up his girlfriend's mom, not his own. I admit to bad placement of bubbles for this page…


Different strokes…or, in this case, no strokes? :3

cd063 No.51835

Your stuff rocks man.
Clueless pregnancies are the best, and unlike >>51826 more mature women getting knocked up (especially in professional settings) are a huge turn on for me personally.
I see you're working on another project as well, so keep doing what you're doing, and can't wait to see the Part 2 animation!

f6b10 No.51837

Your stuff rocks!

11889 No.51838

Loved the animation and am excited to see part 2!
Keep up the great work.

510d5 No.51842

Eager to see how this turns out.

79802 No.51844

Awesome work! I also love the sound effects you added to the animation!

6e0b1 No.51845

Can’t get this to work on mobile.

79802 No.51847

96572 No.51849

Thanks for the nice comments(and huge spike in visitors too)! I'm more than happy to post future tums here too.


Milfs getting pregnant when they had no intention of being pregnant while older = ♥


Thank you!


Will be uploading part 2 very shortly… :3


Thank you! Still on the fence about sound effects. Some work great, some feel cheesy. There are none in Part 2 because I feared the file lagged too much, which is a shame as one part would have been great with sounds. Welp.


AFAIK these files are not compatable with phones. :( The nearest I have to a solution for this is to screen capture myself playing files but the quality is terrible. Will report back if I find a better solution!

9d1dc No.51850

91930 No.51851

Do you have a Patreon? Honestly wouldn't mind giving support

a0284 No.51863

File: 1547426873283.png (873.38 KB, 638x1253, Ganondorf.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Is the boyfriend Ganondorf?

6e0b1 No.51865


96572 No.51867

Part 2 is out now. Here is a link! >>> https://www.deviantart.com/comv/art/Denial-Pregnancy-Birth-Animation-Part-2-781025676


Nice! I have literally no idea how to do this, so this was awesome of you. What do you use to do it?


I don't at the moment, but would love to set one up eventually and get out of working the day job. It's a nice dream, at least. But your offer of support is most kind! :D


Literal laugh out loud! Hadn't considered that, but I suppose the boyfriend is evil enough to be the incarnation of Ganondorf…

59b01 No.51868

Doesnt work on mobile

9d1dc No.51877


It's easy to fix for mobile using the text editor of your choice…

1. Find var onTouchStart = function (evt) {…} and replace it with this:

var onTouchStart = function (evt) {
var touchPos = getTouchPos(canvasContainer, evt);

2. Just below that, add this:

var onTouchEnd = function (evt) {

3. Find document.body.addEventListener("touchmove", onTouchMove, false); and add this below:

document.body.addEventListener("touchend", onTouchEnd, false);

4. Find document.body.removeEventListener("touchmove", onTouchMove); and add this below:

document.body.removeEventListener("touchend", onTouchEnd);

9f33d No.51878

You have a really unique art style. And I've always felt like mature women were under-represented in fetish art. :)

be3a4 No.51880

Phenomenal work! And all this time I assumed the player was male but I guess being female takes some heat off being a pervert…

59b01 No.51882

Ill just try it on desktop lazy since im a lazy piece of shit

That part in the first response where you lean in close and she asks you what youre doing. When her belly and breasts do a little jiggle. Thats where the boner is created.

If you can make a repeating gif/webm of that id succ so manny diccs

11889 No.51897

I like this art style alot and I agree with Doom, mature is the way to go.
Are we gonna ever see her nekked?

ae013 No.51898

I'm thoroughly enjoying this comic and these flashes.

96572 No.51963

I was expecting to be nuked from orbit for posting here but it's nice to be wrong. :) Thanks for the responses!


I'm gonna have to copy that down and try it on some of my other animations. Thanks! :) I really should look into learning coding for myself and stop googling all my problems.


Thank you! It's mostly because I hate doing linework. Blocks of colour are easier to deal with. Most of the time… Also milfs forever


Thanks! Actually, I intended the player to be different perspectives from within the meeting, but I didn't really clarify it all that much, nor does it really matter to me. As long as I (and everyone else) gets to look at Mrs. P-S go through labour, I'm fine with whatever.


Thanks! I'll try to make some gifs but the progam I use is hella simplistic and doesn't offer much in the way of export options. Will post them here if I manage to make some!


Thanks! And while full naked won't be here just yet (but I do have plans for something similar :3), I'll be uploading an outtake file sometime this week that contains partial nudity. If all goes to plan, that is.


Glad to hear it!

84085 No.51969

Ah heyo Comvs. You have found the preggo stomping ground.

96572 No.51981

96572 No.52155

File: 1547945103346.png (1.06 MB, 1300x2538, Make-A-Wish-Page-4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Also doing another comic at the same time as the Denial animations: it's called Make A Wish, and features a woman whose pregnancy changes in size due to her son wishing for either less or more siblings. It'll be both hyperpregnancy and small tum pregnancy, depending on how I feel.


96572 No.52156

2bf8f No.52169

File: 1547963560066.gif (116.23 KB, 1000x1000, 6c9.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm awaiting the top half

2bf8f No.52170

Also for that sweet MILF butt

96572 No.52284


In time, good sir, in time… I have a comic planned to show off the goods, if you know what I mean. :3 If you don't know what I mean, by "goods" I mean "butts and boobs".

96572 No.52592

File: 1549161155081.gif (60.16 KB, 800x600, Header.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I think a bunch of you degenerates follow me on DA, but Part 3 of the Denial animation has been uploaded. Please check it out! It includes her water breaking and breast manipulation.


If you don't have a DA account, here is a direct link to the stash:


I should warn you that it contains a pregnant woman. I'm not sure if you people like that kinda thing, so be aware. ;)

f4c93 No.52596

You're getting good

ee1c9 No.52598

>contains a pregnant woman
That's why we came here, my friend

96572 No.52605


Thanks! I still feel there's room for improvement but if you like the stuff so far, what I do next should please you even more. :D


*holds up beer tankard*

To the bellies!

*clinks tankards loudly and drinks profusely*

a2591 No.52611

Is there any way to save Wick pages locally? HTML saving doesn't work

96572 No.52612


If you right-click the Download button on the stash page, you can save it that way (right-clicking on the file while it's playing doesn't work). If that doesn't work, let me know what stuff you want and I'll upload it somewhere you can download it from easier.

b3ea1 No.52613

That worked, thanks! Your work is inspiring me to get back into flash animation

8db6b No.52615

For some reason it keeps crashing right after her wipe swipes at the start.

96572 No.52625


Weird. You are the only person who has had this happen. Try this version which skips the swipe. If that fails, I'll skip you further ahead. If that doesn't work, then…try different browser / computer?


96572 No.52626


Wow, that's pretty cool to hear. Hope you post what you're working on!

485ba No.52642

I love this sense of humor and the quirky style.

The audio was a nice touch!

4bd77 No.52695

I hope after the birth she pretends its not her baby. Clearly her daughter had one in secret, clearly.

96572 No.52750

File: 1549592836570.png (64.97 KB, 800x600, Header.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Heyo! I just published another animation: this one features a clinical trial of a drug called "Insta-Birth Powder", which is…aptly named. Includes panty birth and water breaking!


Direct link to stash for those without DA accounts >>> https://sta.sh/010hk00uffmo


Thank you! I feel like the humour is distracting but most people like it so I'm happy. And I went from no audio at all to stuffing the files full of 'em. Really does add to the experience, doesn't it?


Her daughter hasn't had any…yet. And who knows how Janet will respond to being handed the baby directly. I mean, it's pretty hard to ignore it at that point…

3c6eb No.52751

can I get confirmation that these videos are safe? Can someone turn these into webms?

96572 No.52752


By safe, you mean to click on or for work? Not safe for work, and the files shouldn't do anything to your computer (AFAIK?).

I don't know how to do the webm stuff, but someone has uploaded the Denial animations to Youtube (and added sound, too). I guess this one will end up on there too at some point.

9f33d No.52754


See, I feel the exact opposite way about humor. All of this fetish stuff is inherently silly, so why shouldn't people have some fun with it? You're a breath of fresh air. :)

f4c93 No.52766


96572 No.52826

File: 1549853659177.png (242.71 KB, 1000x1414, Rihanne.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Make A Wish is somewhat dead as a comic. However, I intend to make it into an animation series instead. Here is a piece I did using Clip Studio Paint, which I will now use to draw illustrations as Photoshop no longer gives me the results I want. In this pic, she is carrying ten kids (unless her son changed the wish since?).


Much kind of you to say. :) I hope my stuff doesn't go stale just yet.

96572 No.52905

File: 1550193268110.png (813.4 KB, 2000x2828, Okusannox.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Getting used to new software, so drawing fanart. I already posted the x-ray version in the x-ray thread (which is criminally underbumped imo), so here's an unobscured, non-xray version of Okusan.

59b01 No.52907

Tits no where near the same size

But i cant ignore a big round womb. Mmph

f4c93 No.52913

Okusan is actually pregnant in the manga currently, I guess she caught up to the girls of "Ashitaba san chi no muko kurashi" after their finale

5dc60 No.52914

Can you confirm that? I read the end of volume 13 and it does seem to allude to it but nothing after.

96572 No.52915


They were much bigger in the pencils, but I thought it distracted from her belly, so I focused on the belly, bum and thighs instead. And compared to a belly like that, most breasts will look small. Might do an unpregnant pic where I focus on the boobies in the future, though. :3


I know, but I didn't want to mention it in case some people didn't follow the raws. I'm somewhat conflicted though: Ooi Masakazu doesn't always draw the best pregnant bellies…


Yep, she's absolutely pregnant: chapter 100 shows her having an ultrasound, which reveals she is pregnant.

Currently, the manga is up to chapter 103 (104 is out tomorrow), and I so wish I could find the raws for them! I don't think she's showing yet, but I can't wait until she does. If anyone here knows where to find raws for chapters 101 onwards, let me know!>>52907

5dc60 No.52916

Same i can see chapter 90 and thats it. I wanna see the ultrascan!

96572 No.52917


If you google okusan raws 97-100, you'll find a download link to almost all volumes real easy (chapters 95-96 are a doozy!). If you struggle to download it after that, I'll send you a note on DA to where you can find them. Oh, and

I also know where to find chapter 101, but it's on a Chinese site where anything risque is censored or simply not published, and I'm fairly sure the last page of it is not published on there. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers…

*impatiently awaits volume 15 to release*

5dc60 No.52925

Yes pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

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