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File: 1421539886549.png (141.57 KB, 838x613, requests.png)

87bd5 No.5181

hey im sharoman and gonna put up an open invitation for requests for this weekend to stir up some interest in my work

if you want an idea of what my stuff looks like, head over to my dA http://sharomanpolanski.deviantart.com/ (its mostly vore but thats why im over here, trying to drum up ideas for preg content)

a few rules first though:
-no underage
-nothing violent
-please refrain from making giant multi-scene prompts
-i can do furries, scat/watersports, weird specific stuff and will tag gross stuff with nsfl
-i love mpreg but you're going to have to specify buttbabies if you want it because im gonna default to transdudes
-i love birth. i will gladly draw your birth stuff

i might not be able to take every request but i still appreciate your input! lets have some fun

3aac2 No.5182

Happy to see you do this, Sharobi-wan. People, if you like what this wonderful person does, give 'em your money to draw you more stuff. You won't regret it!

Anyway, my request;A pregnanted intersexed dude (i.e. both sets of fully functional bits) giving birth and kinda freakin' out, while being comforted by a ladyfriend who is in the same state and considerably more chill about it.

58b35 No.5183

Wilma Flintstone in a too-small dress would be quite lovely to see.

(Wilma's the original cartoon MILF!)

ac702 No.5184

Oh! Yay! Your dA is great so I'm pretty excited about this :D

I'll make mine somewhat lame. A generic pixie cut girl wearing a (poorly fitting) bikini - birthing/heavily crowning into her bikini bottoms. The size of her pregnancy is up to you but twins (maybe triplets?) would rock! Pose is up to you but Squatting would be neat, or sitting. Facial expression would be something like "oops!" or whatever you seem fun/fitting.

Thank you ahead of time! Hopefully its not too much :s

3906b No.5185

File: 1421542395092.png (187.29 KB, 1000x1265, 1376140618080.png)


Kindly requesting a lactation/birth followup for this character.

6c5bc No.5187

File: 1421545383771.jpg (38.94 KB, 480x480, tumblr_nduge2DoRL1svntiqo1….jpg)

aw man. I would love you forever if you could perhaps do trans man mpreg art of Dan Avidan. /u\ Like, full term, in labor, and with his pants still on while the baby's crowning. Please and thank you! :)

3912d No.5188


So, this is an awesome piece of work B2 did for me. As you can see she's not only pregnant, but pregnant in the breasts.

Sooo…perhaps, if you want to I'd like to request a follow up to this with Cheetara here in labor and birthing. I don't have any else specific in mind.

If this double or triple posts I apologize, I had several errors while trying to post this. So I'm just gonna post a link to it.

87bd5 No.5189

darn i forgot to mention in the OP and im so sorry about that but im really not comfortable drawing real people in fetishy stuff, sorry bruh but i'd be happy to do fictional characters

7412e No.5190

I'd like to request something for a fanfic I'm working on.
It involves characters from the Steven Universe show. Someone else already fulfilled a piece of the request.

Would you be interested in doodling either Amethyst or Garnet pregnant? Size is not a big issue, it's more just being unmistakably so. They don't need to be at the same time (in fact, it's preferable if they aren't.)

87bd5 No.5193

File: 1421554654062.png (161.82 KB, 608x504, 1.png)

7f54f No.5197

File: 1421556937095.jpg (135.84 KB, 894x1159, 7a5f087585f6.jpg)

How about the classic "twins with twins" concept? Specifically, Mion and Shion Sonozaki of Higurashi fame (or infamy…) both in labor with twins. Mion (yellow shirt) giving birth into her pants with the first head almost out, and Shion crowning under her skirt with her second baby.

daa8e No.5198

Hmmmmmmmmm, a preggo star sapphire from justice league doom maybe? Giving birth to a light construct tentacle monster?

05c7f No.5200

File: 1421557279283.jpg (30.6 KB, 420x453, 1910581_17350510799_7086_n….jpg)

Can you do my OC Ashley she has black hair, blue eyes is Caucasian wears futuristic clothing similar/inspired by Mass Effect, which is light blue in color along with a lab coat.

Her face is like the picture you see here.

She's pregnant with twins.

58c6b No.5201

Anya from Gears of War 2 naked in labor, minutes away from giving birth. Show her sweating and somewhat dissheveled (a sign she's losing her otherwise calm composure). Maybe she could even be holding a large armored hand (Marcus') for support.

05c7f No.5202

File: 1421558280738.jpg (557.14 KB, 960x1280, image_by_welcometochaos237….jpg)

It's my OC based on this picture, she's pregnant wears the same clothes like the photo I showed you.

Optional she wears black leggings

Optional she still doesn't wear pants like the photo, but she's in labor and her water breaks.

69600 No.5203

I feel really bad requesting this because I know you probably would have done it if you had wanted to, but I waited for what seems like years for you to do Meenah in the monochrome pregstuck series. If this is a request that you don't want to do then I'm really sorry.

30722 No.5211

I try here for a request.

Well i want yuugi Hoshiguma from Touhou pregnant while she give birth.

6a3ac No.5222

Can I have a small, beautiful and turquoise-haired Elf-man giving a birth to a big baby? If you can make it look like a hard one due to his smallness and a big (muscular, not obese) lady supporting it would be great!! I also wouldn't mind on some monolog/dialog

I love your work :3

6a3ac No.5223

And by small I mean petite

87bd5 No.5236

File: 1421668834799.png (102.11 KB, 508x562, 2.png)

enjoy buddy

7b783 No.5239

File: 1421680590644.jpg (131.73 KB, 600x771, image.jpg)

I'm glad your taking this new turn! Exploring new things can be good once in a while

Anyways, I too would like to submit a request! :D
I would like to see a pregnant Hilbert/Black and a pregnant Hilda/White, from Pokemon. Preferably with a minimum of quints in their bellies. Both of them are sitting on the ground giving birth. Hilbert has entered labour earlier and now has his pants off, with the first baby's head crowning. While Hilda, has entered a form of surprise birth where the baby instantly pushed itself through her cervix at an alarmingly fast rate, because of this, she has no time to react, leading to a very painful pantsbirth (or shortsbirth, since she's wearing shorts). I would also like to see them in pain, a sense of hardship and agony, both of their faces, dripping with sweat while they hold each other's hands supporting one another through their predicament.

You, as the artist have every right to deny my request, and I as the requster must respect your decision!
Thank you! And have a nice day :)

P.S: ref pic for hilbert(guy) and Hilda(girl) is on the right

7b783 No.5244

*Puts on darth vader helmet
I find your lack of pregnancy content very, disturbing

Good thing you're trying this out!

c3608 No.5261

If you've heard of Pineapple Soda

I'd like to request a Hugely pregnant pumpkin trying to induce labor even though his pregnancy might be permanent.

92830 No.5262

File: 1421715160274.jpg (37.9 KB, 241x408, OC.jpg)

Would you be able to do my OC, hugely pregnant and having a very difficult labor indeed? as clothed as possible and in high heels? ^^

7f54f No.5263

File: 1421715512125.jpg (74.06 KB, 800x577, Higurashi.no.Naku.Koro.ni.….jpg)

About my request in post >>5197

I forgot to mention a couple of things (yay for not sleeping!). Mainly the positions and expressions. I imagine Mion squatting against a wall with a pained expression like she's having a harder time than her sister is, and Shion laying on the floor next to her looking exhausted but happy while she's holding the first baby and we see the second baby's head coming out. Both of them lactating through their tops would be nice, too.

Sorry about that, and thanks in advance. Just wanted to get that out there.

Adding another picture of them to this post just 'cause.

e806a No.5270

File: 1421734819283.png (923.57 KB, 483x480, 20140614041544!P4A_Mitsuru….png)

Mitsuru going into labor in her outfit would be really grea if you could. thank you!

ab29f No.5272

How about….a naturally skinny guy (trans or cis, your choice), super pregnant with twins or triplets, feeling overburdened or getting pains or trying to get comfortable (again, your choice)?

69600 No.5274

I've been playing a lot of Smash lately, and I had an idea that I wanted to draw, but lack the skill to draw, and was hoping you would be able to draw: Zero Suit Samus, maybe a twinner, struggling to unzip the suit in the midst of labor. And time is not on her side, as a head is already beginning to crown.

7b783 No.5285

Your username sounds a lot like an old, 70s or 80s Rock song

What was that again?

7b783 No.5287

File: 1421767092756.jpg (112.32 KB, 500x598, image.jpg)

I've been playing a bunch of fighting games lately and a lot of thme, have really hot babes in it. I know that there are way hotter girls than Chun Li and Cammy, but they're so damn iconic. So could you draw a picture of them, sparring while in labour? That could be a part of the exercise, to resist the pain and all. This is gonna be real messy since ammoniatic fluid will be everywhere. I would also like to see their bellies filled up nice and plump, but not unrealistically big. Probably, around triplets-sextuplets big.

cf65d No.5292

Just wanted to chime in and say that the idea of girls trying ignore/control their labor while doing something else is one thing that really sets me off, and I'd love to see the above-suggested Cammy/Chun-li pic or anything similar.

87bd5 No.5342

File: 1421886913984.png (117.85 KB, 422x629, 3.png)


435e2 No.5344

first things first. you're awesome. your pregstuck pics were sooooo fuckin good.

now onto my request. i want to see a classy, elegant lady dressed in a tight dress (plus high heels) struggling to birth a big baby.

7fe7c No.5346

I humbly request a heavily pregnant (up there with twins or triplets at least) long-haired blonde struggling to navigate in a tight space of your choosing. (phonebooth, shower stall, narrow doorway, etc.)

3906b No.5361

Ah! It is perfect! Many many thank yous.

1dbfe No.5363

Hey Sharoman! Could you please draw a woman with curly hair and a nose ring who's out on a date (presumably with a guy she really likes) and is trying desperately trying to hide the fact that she's in labor? Maybe there could be the beginnings of a wet spot starting to form at her crotch?

80574 No.5367

Now I remember!

Your name reminds me of the song "My Sharona!"

86b3f No.5369

Are there any niches or anything which show a girl trying to give birth but she (for whatever reason) has no genitalia? I guess it would be a similar look to a panty birth with the bulge and all but just no working parts. Thanks

8607c No.5372


Like your work so I thought I would request something. Could you draw a pregnant post apocalyptic punk girl in the desert wastelands of L.A. feel free to go at your own pace man. Oh and one more thing: big…bare….belly please

87bd5 No.5480

File: 1422335845169.png (157.53 KB, 486x744, 4.png)

im kind of disappointed in myself for the idea of breast pregnancy not occurring to me sooner

3912d No.5481


Oh that is totally awesome. Thank you very much.

0dccb No.5985

if we request what amounts to preg fanart of someone else's creation, should we ask their permission first?

0dccb No.6240

ewe-lala from poppy opossum, or poppy herself, or uh cucumber quest characters, and uhhhh

0dccb No.6280

scenes inspired by tamani and tamani's daughters from corruption of champions would be lovely

974fd No.6283

File: 1426613227829.png (341.82 KB, 728x771, 1352512165.sharona_tamani.png)


You're in luck! As it happens, she already did that one. Like two years ago.

45620 No.6285

File: 1426632984802.jpg (224.61 KB, 1000x1259, _lesandia_a_2.jpg)

Hi sharoman,

Thanks for doing this. I would love for my OC Jeynelle (pictured here) to have more monster sex with orcs or goblins or giving birth to monster babies~ <3

55a80 No.6291

Hi Sharoman im a bit late to ask but i hope your still taking requests. Can i have you do a pic Nanako from VH pregnant https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpfu4ik727uh68n/Secred_Diarly_2.jpg?dl=0 standing like in the link and pushing a minotaur child into her panties?

Thanks for your time. ^^

97b5a No.6322

File: 1426881498962.jpg (100.48 KB, 629x800, 120.jpg)

I have a very specific request: draw the cowgirl pictured here (with less balloon-like breasts, pwease :3) in two scenes. The first one, she is lying on her back flat on the ground and is grabbing the undersides of her knees and pulling her legs back hard. She is also straining hard to push out her large calf. The calf's head is out, but the body is still inside the mom and it hasn't rotated to the side.

The second scene shows her propping her upper body up with her elbows, looking at the calf's head and getting scared that the calf's head isn't progressing with her efforts. You can probably figure out what's happening.

4fd46 No.6324

Additional info: she has human-shaped feet (not hooves), and I would like her without that silly pink see-through Pajama/robe/whatever.

5a20e No.30100

Does anybody still here?

4bca8 No.30114

File: 1499313609987.jpg (86.18 KB, 400x454, tumblr_n3jvsx7T7R1sa5jjco1….jpg)

Noire (black haired, in green) sitting up in a bed, giving birth while Severa (redhead) supports her. Big belly, twins, Noire both scared and happy as she begins to crown.

5a20e No.30115

File: 1499316720637.jpg (28.21 KB, 337x599, IMG_3940.JPG)

Requesting Aerith Gainsborough giving birth to cloud's baby in fully nude please?

e94aa No.30117

Fresh meat boys, come and get it!

38a3d No.30119

Waka Waka.

make pnegrant 12 kid large laber no cloth I demand… hold the onions.

5a20e No.30143

Are you referring to me?

8b09c No.30174

I was wondering if you would be interested in taking my requests? Both of them involve characters from Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary.
Alexiel, nude, pregnant, and spread eagle: http://www.pregchan.com/d/res/2094.html#Q10023
Kirie, pregnant and riding Setsuna Mudo's dick: http://www.pregchan.com/d/res/24142.html#24196

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