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Yep, post the pregnancy scenes from the anime and hentai that you've come across!

Hongfire list here:
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Not an anime (thank God)

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First link not working, this one goes directly to video

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There was a gif only showing the belly expansion, right?

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File: 1553101480924.webm (3.09 MB, 640x360, 旅程の味 “Being a mother” Ryo….webm) ImgOps Google iqdb

From a miso soup ad.

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I'm not crying, you're crying.

Joking, but in all seriousness that is a heartwarming ad.

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DAMMIT YOU SHINZO ABE!!, that's some good shit wholesome and a good message.

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Does she die?
Cause I have a bad feeling about this.

b5741 No.54927

Oh, she's super dead. Demon completely took her body and became a boss fight.

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Used to be a clip of a massively Hyperpreg blue monstergirl atop of 3-story mountain of a belly, orgasmically giving birth to eggs which were carried away by helper lizard creatures.

Anyone know where to find?

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Himekishi lilia ep6 about 16mins in.

a2ee2 No.54949

"Children Who Chase Lost Voices"



I could've sworn someone had already clipped/screencaped this here but if not just a reminder.

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Thanks thats it..Comes in around 25:64
Wish there were more hyper preg hntai out there!

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File: 1556079084777.jpg (596.41 KB, 1900x1404, 26.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

She doesn't look like 12. Does she?

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Hard to say. Years of manga/anime has made art unclear.

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File: 1556311888473.png (603.71 KB, 1437x1078, hn5D0YtLu.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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File: 1556642489540-0.png (148.6 KB, 640x360, tumblr_ph11aobuhi1vqucmlo7….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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Here's over two and a half hours of pregnant hentai for a limited time.

32ca4 No.58155

Why only a limited time?

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Could you list the title names of the hentai video ?

b5741 No.58202

Thanks for sharing. I've seen almost all of them, but that's more speaking of how relatively few hentai get decent pregnant scenes in them. The few that were new to me were a pleasant surprise, though. And having so many together is kinda nice, given almost all of them I viewed once on a stream instead of downloading outright.

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File: 1561972076911.jpg (56.51 KB, 1280x720, fairy tail 313.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Some backstory on Fairy Tail's Erza.

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Fairy Tail Final Season 313

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File: 1562358703417.png (341.73 KB, 1038x584, Jitaku Keibiin.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

So there is this new take of Jitaku Keibiin and unlike the last series, the second episode of this one actually has a pretty lengthy pregnant sex scene. One involving Pregnant femdom at that, which to my knowledge only Euphoria did.

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b7cdb No.59145

Jitaku Keibun

915c9 No.59146

Yes, but what's the source?

80fb2 No.59149

yeah, the original jitaku keibun has not preggo content, so whats the source of this one ?

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She has to be 15, 18 or 21, they are very creepy to put her age at 12.

4e836 No.59183

Nice. It's been a long time we get a decent pregnant sex h-anime like this. My favourite part is when Yuki told him "drown my baby with your semen!". But watching the ending, I'm not sure if she did it for revenge or she become a true sex-crazed mommy. Strangely, her creepy expression makes me aroused a bit.

f59d5 No.59221

Yeah, quite the spectacle. I watched it today.

b5741 No.59226

That was fantastic, thanks for the heads-up.

0861b No.59332

The question is are there any childbirth scenes in henta?

faf99 No.60742

How far into the film is this?

c7271 No.60749

Near the end, apparently.

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Anyone have the file at another host
I'm not making account at Mega for just this file

915c9 No.60756

You don't need an account to download from Mega, ya dingus.

faf99 No.60775

Does this board have an archive, so you can look at threads that went inactive?

3cd1b No.60783

Nevermind. It's the browser private mode fault.

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File: 1567123098658.png (679.37 KB, 853x966, Untitled_Panorama1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

stitched this together

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File: 1568217562597.jpg (25.34 KB, 640x360, (m=eaAaGwObaaaa)(mh=3ZXYuT….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Are there anyone know where this from?

8359b No.61604

Impregnate Takarada Rikka 2

f59d5 No.61610

No, where’s it actually from. Cause there’s nothing even remotely like that incident in SSSS Gridman.

6c3fd No.61612

Sorry, but that's not quite right. Those pornhub vids are skilled compilations, mashups of hentai clips with a regular anime.

Sadly though, I don't know what the actual hentai is.

b5741 No.61910

The fourth episode of the new Jitaku Keibiin series comes out next week I think, and it appears promising. Might be one to look out for, as it seems to be following a pattern (two episodes per girl, first is setup, second concludes and has pregnancy).

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