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4c0a7 No.53954

With all the tables and rules the book of erotic fantasy gives for tabletop rpgs there really isn’t a lot of artwork of expecting adventurers or people in general, so posting thread here to hopefully find some more content to flush out the worlds we create in our games

3b82a No.53966

"Kingdom Death" has a lot of pregnancy in it even a few for some of the art and models because of the grim dark fantasy it takes place in, humanity gotta humane an all.

017c6 No.54071

too bad they're unreliable as fuck on restocking and putting out updates on new products.

4c0a7 No.56436

I think what OP meant is that there arent enough art pieces out there for stuff, like i remember one game i played where the plot involved rescuing a pregnant barmaid and since the art used for the character wasnt pregnant the party kinda forgot and accidentally let her get attacked by a monster and completely derailed the DM's plot (i was also an idiot here partly my fault :( )

10493 No.56468

I would love a campaign around it but I dont wanna advertise my fetish

23d4d No.56469

File: 1556709846334-0.png (67.09 KB, 200x239, 200px-Magical_realm.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

1649e No.56476

I'm working on a tabletop game where pregnancy is part of the fluff.

You can definitely play female PCs that have nothing to do with that. In fact, PCs specifically do not. But they're part of the setting for the faction and that's just part of it.

3b82a No.56485

Aren't there like several threads on this very site with people already running RPGs centered around pregnancy?

and DA the community has the Maiesta thing and hell even an actual semi-professional level table top "Kingdom Death Monster" just released a character that is pregnant and there were already two other playable characters that are also pregnant.

4d852 No.56701

i might be interested if it's over discord

2929f No.56706

I'm gonna crosspost something from the elf thread that might be relevant here.

- - -

So I was talking to my girlfriend about pregnant elves, and my mind drifted to the unofficial rules supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, the Book of Erotic Fantasy.

This book has a lot of goodies for those with our tastes, it's got charts for what races can successfully breed, percentage chance of conception, duration of pregnancy… Plus it's even got some magic spells that guarantee pregnancy if used.

Anyway, according to the chart, elven pregnancy lasts two full years, which is pretty amazing I think. But she pointed out that elves live for hundreds of years, so that's probably not that long for them.


Using the numbers presented here and the average life spans in the 3.5 players handbook, here's what I came up with. These are based on average natural life span.

Human lifespan averages about 80 years and are pregnant for 9 months, this is about .93% of a human's lifespan. Okay?

An elf has an average lifespan of about 550 years, so a 24 month pregnancy is actually just .18% of their life span.

That's, from their perspective, five times faster than a human would perceive their pregnancy. In terms of real time, it would be like a pregnancy that came to term in five weeks. That's a pretty rapid pregnancy!

But it gets better.

Elsewhere in the book, it explains that a pregnancy carrying a half-elf lasts half as long as, so an elf that gets knocked up by a human is only pregnant for 12 months.

So from the elven perspective, that's like carrying a pregnancy to term in just two and a half weeks.

That's like…Finding out you're pregnant and due to give birth in half of a month.

I've got a couple more tidbits.

Fey creatures, like nymphs, satyrs, sprites and dryads are all compatible with almost everything, and have a 100% chance of pregnancy occurring.

Nymphs are the most interesting of these, because their gestation period is actually a random die roll. Specifically 1d12 months.

So a nymph, which has 100% chance of pregnancy resulting, can carry a pregnancy to full term in anywhere from one month to one year.

So if a Nymph impregnates an elf, that pregnancy could last just a month, which is basically an instant pregnancy straight to labor for an elf.

c1055 No.56715

well it's fluff for a faction. So it's background noise. Kind of like how in Mortal Kombat, Kung Fu movie culture is part of the background noise.

Or how Daemonette's of Slaanesh had multiple rows of boobies, for a time.

So anything from it being canon for the faction that there's a volunteer class of surrogates that do nothing but make babies all day or something more exotic and female-centric is on the table. The PCs don't have to be the baby-bearers.

2929f No.56720

In the book of erotic fantasy, there's a paladin spell that if used before sex guarantees impregnation with a half celestial.

So I figure this paladin seduces women and if they consent to bearing half celestial children for him get a lifetime stipend from his church.

4d852 No.56723

yeah the pregnancy is spice i understand that I've just been interested in getting into rp and typing for everything is not fun for me

f628f No.56725

I love doing math like this. I recently realized that centaurs would have a 30 month pregnancy, since human babies aren't fully developed until 21 months, and horses take 12 to develop, so I added those together and then shaved 3 months off since they wouldn't have to develop the horse head or the human legs. Arguably something like 26 might make more sense but 30 is better in my setting since I'm horny for pregnancy.

2929f No.56726

I do love me some pregnant titty centaurs.

a2f34 No.56739

I was going to do a D&D porn thing where the human male character goes on a quest collecting a female monster harem for breeding purposes. Catch is he's shota and they're all underage too.

2929f No.57670

I've commissioned some art of Magic the Gathering characters, they'll probably be ready in a few weeks…

a6eb0 No.59243

File: 1562714084622.jpg (85.31 KB, 815x572, 1549675735181.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

All you need is Lamashtu.

3d9f7 No.59249

What is growing on in the image!?

a6eb0 No.59259


a6eb0 No.59260

File: 1562755567000.jpg (103.49 KB, 725x1384, Lamashtu_1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Charming lady, really.

>Pictures of Lamashtu portray her as a jackal-headed woman, with a third vertical eye in the center of her forehead, heavily pregnant, with feathered wings (like a raven's), a snake's tail, and taloned feet like a vulture's).

>Lamashtu's favor manifests as violent dreams, the appearance of sudden deformities, or unexplained pregnancies that often result in the painful (and sometimes fatal) birth of a deformed child.

>Some sects, including the one in the city of Katapesh, have developed the means to supernaturally impregnate humanoids, both men and women, with children of Lamashtu. Such births cause severe damage to the host. The monstrous babies may require care in a specialized nursery. This includes submergence in a mixture of blood, afterbirth, and the waters of Lamashtu.

>Lamashtu is not usually worshiped in a constructed building, but rather a ring of stones, pillars, trees, wooden blocks, a pit in the ground, or a flat rock. Entrances into underground places of worship represent the entrance to the goddess' underworld domain. They typically are found on the outskirts of civilization, or in the true wilderness, and many are stained with blood and littered with the remains of failed births, and the victims of the successful ones.

9b68d No.59267

Some of the things she makes are also… equivalent.
>Among Lamashtu's most powerful creations
>Act as her right hand when directly interfering with the mortal plane

>Top half is a woman, bottom half is dozens of hyper pregnancies and a mass of tentacles.

>Has an aura that causes pregnancies within 30 ft to come to full term in 12 to 48 seconds.
>Can birth whatever full grown creatures she desires on demand, monster, or other wise.
>Can forcefully impregnate someone regardless of gender, monster spawn belly bursts its way out in less than a minute.
>Can teleport short ranges, but can extend range by rebirthing herself out of one of her spawns. This explodes the spawn.

4201f No.59272

File: 1562795083348.png (512.63 KB, 828x898, e67.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well that's something I haven't seen for a long time.

45db8 No.59275

File: 1562800042655.jpg (32.59 KB, 500x365, evilissexy.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It only took a moment for me to recognize who that really is even without reading the thread title, and yet it reminds me of something I said when I played La-Mulana a couple months ago: "It's not often I say that Satan is hot, but…Satan is hot."

It's like she was made by one of us deviants. Imagine that, our imaginations creating things for D&D?

f7840 No.59286

I'm shameless enough to say that I'd read/play that.

2929f No.59296

My favorite spell in The Book of Erotic Fantasy is the one that 100% guarantees a pregnancy after sex, but the baby is half-celestial.

Good aligned Clerics and Paladins can cast this spell.

I want to play a kind, noble, devout holy man who follows the decree of his deity to fill the world with celestial blooded children, because they're always born Good.

In every town he visits, he seeks a woman with a good heart, woos her, then in return for a lifetime of child support from the church, gets her to agree to bear him a celestial child.

45db8 No.59300

It costs XP to cast though, and that's not a small price to pay. Not saying it's an ignoble mission though…

And no, I didn't have to look in the BoEF to remember that, and yes, I am just a little ashamed that I once briefly played a game in which that book was used…

f7840 No.59301

I'd be curious as to how that game turned out.

2929f No.59302

It's a sacrifice he would be willing to make.

Besides, he can just go slay more evil to build his XP back up.

Exterminate undead all day, impregnate women all night.

It's the circle of life.

f52c1 No.59305

>impregnate regardless of gender

This wouldve been a+ if not for this


59c96 No.59310

Shut up and enjoy your asspregnancy, damnit. I want to schlick to the thought of you shitting out a baby!


Hey, at least I'm not trying to shove homosexuality down your throat. I'm trying to shove it up your ass and into your ass-womb (which all men definitely have) so you can get mpreg and then give birth to Severus Snape's baby in a beautiful and dramatic scene where you're clawing at his arm and he's just gently holding your hand and right there in the middle of the birth, despite the agony of your contractions, you feel warm and loved and you are just overwhelmed by how beautiful this man is. Then he'll trace his fingers across pectorals and kiss you and tell you to breathe, and you will, and you'll PUSH, and even though you never thought as a man you would experience giving birth, hours later, with your perfect little baby in your arms and Severus Snape at your side, you wouldn't give it up for the world.

45db8 No.59327

Thank you for asking. I'll save you the wondering and just tell you what happened.

The "campaign," like the "campaigns" of just about every other tabletop RPG I've played since sixth grade, only lasted several sessions and not a whole lot happened, fighting, adventuring, or sexing.

However, me and one of the other players, who was already a longtime friend of mine and is still a friend to this day, continued RPing with our characters long after the "campaign" ended as if they had succeeded in their big huge epic quest and got married and had a bunch of kids and stuff. Their kids still come up with us once in a while and these D&D games happened in like early 2009 or something.

And it moves us all, indeed.

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