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0a329 No.54283[Last 50 Posts]

I figured it was probably time to start my own thread. Here I'll be detailing projects that I'm working on. I do rpg maker games, doujinshi, and random images that interest me. Keep in mind that these are strictly armature and just a hobby.

I am currently working on the translation for "Hazumi and Pregsstate", and next will be the CG set "pregnant sisters" by 12CUT.


0a329 No.54284

I've got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that spring break starts in six days and I'll be able to focus on finishing this project. The bad news is that means next week is finals, which means I probably won't make much, if any, progress. I just finished translating the slums area, and did some revising on what I translated first. If you don't already know, v1.2.8.5 was just released including the DLsite English version. The biggest addition is that an APK is now included to install the game on Android devices.

Current Progress:
Percentages are rough estimates. (AKA, I pulled them out of my ass.)

Items- 100% Done
Common Events/Misc.- 25% Done
Prostitution/Hotel- 50% Done
Hazumi's Room- 85% Done
Convenience Store- 100% Done
Pharmacy- 100% Done
Furniture Store- 90% Done
Cafe- 10% Done
Classroom- 90% Done
OB/GYN Department- 90% Done
Slums- 100% Done

ef1ae No.54288

Ah yes the game thread has reached its limit, might start a new one sooner

0a329 No.54291

Oops, I forgot to put the image files into Minori's Seedbed. It's fixed now so you can all enjoy the story of a young tomboy getting knocked up by her baseball coach and giving birth.

e7625 No.54293

Btw does the game developer know about this? I can shoot him a message and have him include the translations in the official DLsite Eng release.

0a329 No.54295

I doubt it, since I haven't seen him mention it anywhere. I would rather I finish it first and have people test it before discussing that. I`m doing the translation in a way that will (mostly) preserve the original code structure, because I would like the DLsite English version to have better support. I think the current partial English patch used Translator++, and that fucked with some of the game's features.

e7625 No.54296

Cool, sounds like a plan. And from what I gather, the current translation was an incorporated partial from the ULMF forums by yugifan (developer has an account there), so the translations are definitely limited to menu and UI.

0a329 No.54297

Yeah I know. I actually waited for that patch beforde buying the game.

There's bits of unused code that would have "Kurosawa The Tutorial Fairy" living with Hazumi. Also, the game implies that you're now living in a police state and the slum area is basically the sewers from Demolition Man. You can even get an undercover cop mindfucked.

e7625 No.54298

Mindfucking the undercover cop is news to me. Looking forward to the finished translation even more now. Btw, thanks for doing this. :D

0a329 No.54301

The woman asking you to find birth control pills is later revealed to have (probably) been an undercover cop. It just depends on which npc you believe.

00daf No.54310

Ok this is epic

aea19 No.54327

Any chance of you posting a WIP patch? Good work regardless.

0a329 No.54335

Maybe. I'm translating everything first before altering the game files.

a60c7 No.54360

After a week trying to get the hang of it I'm still having troubles with way too long translations such as in ob/gyn area. The only thing I notice is with \n command thing or writing a new parameters, but I kind of worry it might interfere with the next code.

Well, I wish u luck then. Especially if you only use some kind of text editor as simple as notepad++. It was a long, tedious, and often times boring task for me when i found out I messed up XD

22c0c No.54497

File: 1553029221135.png (241.43 KB, 689x1200, 6.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone can share this game v1.2.8.5 ?
I have this game v1.2.4.1 haha..
And also I need save data that got a PRM - SJ6J27.
Can you share this?

4bdfa No.54520

Upload to Google drive, 10 min remaining.

4bdfa No.54521

22c0c No.54526

Thank you!!!
have a good day

1dea2 No.54541

absolute unit. Thank you. I'ma buy the english version when it's done, but until then, this is what's up. ('0')/)

c8fc2 No.54556

I should apologize in advance since I'm hijacking the thread for my question (since the game thread has reached its maximum limit). Feel free to ignore.

Playing Kedama Qube's Lisette game and I'm stuck on trying to hunt down one of the birth scenes. It's this one from his website:


I already have renovated the first floor of the abandoned house near the graveyard, but Rojina isn't giving me an event. Can somebody help me on this?

0a329 No.54559

Why didn't you just make a new game thread?

d3e3a No.54572

File: 1553138995512.jpg (26.54 KB, 499x350, 8292c5cc44af8af52f2f4669b8….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Sorry for the random question, but what would be the best translation for ora! ora! ora! ora!?

f6c25 No.54574

Depends on the context, but its often translated as something like "hey!" as its not really a word, more of an exclamation. So, "hey! hey! hey! Hey!"

Or just keep it as Ora. Whatever fits best.

0a329 No.54577

Yeah it's just a sound effect, so I would just leave it. In martial arts there is a tradition of making those kinds of shouts in order to confuse your opponent and get yourself pumped up. Also, "oraoraora" is generally just a JoJo reference.

0a329 No.54584

All I have left to translate is the Common Events. I'll have a W.I.P patch available no later than Saturday. It will have most things not related to sex translated.

Current Progress:
Percentages are rough estimates. (AKA, I pulled them out of my ass.)

Items- 100% Done
Common Events/Misc.- 25% Done
Prostitution/Hotel- 50% Done
Hazumi's Room- 95% Done
Convenience Store- 100% Done
Pharmacy- 100% Done
Furniture Store- 100% Done
Cafe- 95% Done
Classroom- 95% Done
OB/GYN Department- 95% Done
Slums- 100% Done

0e63f No.54585

Is it morphed?
It'd be great if it's real. Hahaha

That prm stuff,I cheated and somehow got it very cheap. XD
Not a nice thing to brag about though..

0a329 No.54592

I added a rough early version of my Hazumi English patch. Please keep in mind that I haven't done any revisions yet. Feel free to post any suggestions, and tell me if anything flat out doesn't work. I made sure all of the jsons are valid, but something always goes wrong and I'm not a programmer.

3e8ec No.54594

Quick warning, speaking to the woman waiting by the table at the OB/GYN will crash your game with the WIP installed

0a329 No.54595

Oops. Thanks for telling me. I'll be gone for a few hours though.

0a329 No.54611

I fixed it. Please tell me about any other issues.

22c0c No.54617

File: 1553217810610.png (642.53 KB, 880x666, No title.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone have some save data that got a PRM - SJ6J27??

1dea2 No.54622

ultrasound causes a syntax error

2c906 No.54626

I'm having trouble downloading this 1 particular file: MessageWindowHidden.js

0a329 No.54636

I've removed the translation for now. Thanks for the input, it really helped. Spring break just started for me, so I'm going to spend a few days reading up on javascript.

f9c70 No.54652

Friendly reminder: if you had a good time with this game and some cash comes your way, support the creator on DLSite or something. It’s only like $10 and you’ll always have the latest version.

c8fc2 No.54653

Daily reminder than DLSite doesn't support our gaijin payment methods.

0a075 No.54655

I’ve always paid visa debit. Still works for me.

0a075 No.54656

Are you using the English or JP site?

0a329 No.54668

DLsite English accepts Paypal though.

c8fc2 No.54672

Oh the English site works? Neat, might give it a go again if ever. Tbh I haven't checked again on either JP or EN for a long time.

0a329 No.54688

Just out of curiousity, what did you think about the actual translation?

63740 No.54707

Is that WIP patch posted anywhere?

1dea2 No.54708

From what I've read, it's machine translated, so I'd imagine not perfect. Honestly, you're kinda on pace to get done before the official guy, considering his last forum post on the topic was 2018 and he has to worry about future JP patches.

Been playing your translation. It's so nice just having the simple understanding of the minigame reaction text, so I'm not just purely guessing. You do well with structure too. Everything is understandable. I never had trouble immediately understanding what is implied in Japanese. Aces, m8.

0a329 No.54709

Yeah, he was only translating the UI. Some the translations in offical partial patch are odd to say the least. Fun fact: the 100 pussy slaying conversation in the cafe is actually a reference to the Rape of Nanjing. Two IJA officers had a bet to see who could kill 100 people with a katana first. The contest ended in a tie with 106 kills each (mostly civilians and PoWs), and both officers were later executed by the United States for war crimes. That was fun to translate.

I took it down due to bugs, and I only released for feedback.

Mihiragi, the game's dev, said on twitter that he encourages modding since he can't add everything people suggest.

c004b No.54710

Okay, any plans to have it available again, buggy or otherwise?

69f37 No.54712

hey, whats the deal with the guy in the slums that hazumi backs away from after talking to?

0a329 No.54713

He's some crazy guy that Hazumi is afraid will try to rape her

Maybe when I finish the translation. All I have left is the common events json and I'm about 1/3 done with it.

fce75 No.54726


1dea2 No.54751

Oh god, I didn't know that amounted to anything irl.

I'll be honest, I thought you were pretty much done based on your %s, until I started thinking about modding in a 5th belly stage and fucking with the belly measurement formula you get from the mirror (mostly for shits and giggles, partially because my comp sci skills are rusty AF)

Dude, there are so fucking many common event lines. And he doesn't indent anything. I can barely even read that json. And none of the js code has comments, so you have to scavenger hunt.

I commend your efforts.

0a329 No.54756

I can only imagine what it's like for people who know zero Japanese. Translator++ does a good job at organizing dialogue, but it completely misses other bits of text. I'm basically doing this line by line, otherwise I get horribly confused.

1dea2 No.54757

File: 1553469826733.png (5.23 KB, 391x338, JSON-instance.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

there's really no other way to do it with that code. In data storage languages like json, you're supposed to make it look like this:

or at least add an empty line between each massive line so your eyes don't implode

1dea2 No.54772

File: 1553482837617-0.png (44.4 KB, 816x624, C_CG_cut_body_bote (2).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1553482837617-1.png (41.34 KB, 816x624, C_CG_cut_body_bote.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

(side note. I made a quick edit of that one weird panel from the Hazumi-on-top set, where the artist just retraced hazumi's boobs into a belly. If you think mine makes marginally more sense, replace and enjoy)

dd4ea No.54800

thought id point this out but on twitter the creator said they were planning a english version https://twitter.com/mihiraghi/status/1105285333803913216

c8ea4 No.54821

File: 1553528247820.gif (1.04 MB, 426x236, IMG_1484.GIF) ImgOps Google iqdb

It’ll all be machine translated and it hasn’t been updated in three months. Let them focus on new content while fans translate.

1dea2 No.54824

ae18b No.54836

Is this translated game?

1dea2 No.54845

nah. Feunski hasn't finished the patch yet.

1dea2 No.54847

File: 1553567424584.jpg (4.09 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20190325_220345326.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

(Another side note, I coded the game for a 5th stage of pregnancy when you go past 42 weeks. Gonna continue to fuck with it a bit during the week and do edits of the portraits that don't look like trash)

(Sorry to post this in feunski's thread, but it is seemingly the main place to talk about this game right now. If it's bothersome, just let me know)

a5863 No.54857

Anyone tried the Android version of this game yet? It's supposedly out on DLsite

ae18b No.54862

Well, thats acceptable tho. Overdue is still normal…

…but how about twin overdue pregnancy?

0a329 No.54867

It's fine, but runs a little slow.

4d42f No.54878

I can’t seem to get it to work. Keeps saying “unable to parse” on my tablet.

68382 No.54883

twin overdue? Mine got quint overdue and still won`t pop even when she got a love-birth customer in the hotel XD
I must commend your effort sir! I can still do a little bit of translation but programming is beyond my league. I must raise my hat to you sir.

1dea2 No.54890

yeah, still fucking with it. My goal is to get the normal huge belly to tick over at 42 weeks with a single, and get to the new stage at like 34 weeks with multiples.

It helps that I have a degree in it lol. Honestly dude, translating seems way more daunting to me than coding. Code's just a lot of 5th grade math arranged in a big dumb maze. Translating Japanese has so many contextual and subjective things to keep in mind. My brain would explode trying to remember multi-meanings. The puns alone are enumerable.

7521e No.54918

Um, is there not a link to the eng version? Or am I just blind?

0a329 No.54926

It's not done yet.

1dea2 No.54984

(just finished with the 5th stage mod, but I'm gonna hold out on posting it until feunski's done, in case there are changes in the js files that I need to make with the english version.)

e7625 No.54987

Awesome, thanks for the work you're doing!

0a329 No.54990

Some parts of the js files are translated, if that's what you mean.

I'm about half way done with the common events by the way.

1dea2 No.54994

File: 1553826641852.gif (2.4 MB, 600x338, animal.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

22c0c No.55077

It seems new version has updated
Anyone can share ver. 1.2.11?

22c0c No.55078

File: 1554007167253-0.gif (517.6 KB, 816x624, n xray.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1554007167253-1.gif (543.92 KB, 816x624, xray.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I made some gif images

0a329 No.55082

It's just bug fixes and tweaks to the new masked mode.

I got kind of burnt out from both this last quarter and the length of this project, so I haven't made any progress in the past couple days. I will resume again tomorrow. (Technically today since it's 12:46 am as of posting.)

5bbe0 No.55091

Masked mode?

0a329 No.55096

It hides Hazumi's menstrual cycle and pregnancy detection in the status screen.

0a329 No.55100

Mihiraghi says that Hazumi is now considered complete, and he is moving on to a new project. He will still release bug fixes though. My translation patch will probably be for v1.2.12.0 since he posted the change log for it on Twitter.

22c0c No.55112

File: 1554083494470.jpg (461.19 KB, 1548x1200, a1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I really want to see hazumi's bigger belly than twins :((((((((((((
Why my hazumi's belly is so small despite her got pregnant with Octuple babies?
So, I made this.
Anyone can edit hazumi's big belly well than me?
If you can, Plsease share that for us..
We needs you bro..

1dea2 No.55114

File: 1554086356453.png (217.36 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

patience m8. I have a completed mod on that topic. A whole final stage of pregnancy and edits to the sex scenes. Just gotta make sure my js doesn't explode with the english version, and I'll post it. Have a sneaky preview in the mean time. (it's not fookin' massive, but the png has it's limits in-game. Any bigger, and it gets all fucked up and misaligned with her facial elements)

00daf No.55122

These image modifications don't really look that great, If possible it might be better to see if you could contact Taji and see if he'd be willing to do images for of her bigger or draw more children in the x-ray for later versions.

e0543 No.55127

Looking forward to it, thanks!

7ef51 No.55130

dce10 No.55132

Still waiting for translation uwu

5139b No.55140

pregnant sisters was not yet?

0a329 No.55144

Patience, once I finish the translation I have to set up all of the line breaks to fit inside the text box, apply the translation to the json files, and then make sure it all works. For some reason RPG Maker has no way of doing automatic word wrapping, and it gets messy when words of different lengths can be called to a sentence.

I said that would come after I finish Hazumi.

6911e No.55145

Thanks for all the hard work in-spite of it being your break and all.

0a329 No.55151

No problem.

I just wish that Mihiraghi would just remove the text and code that is no longer being used in the game. There are like 3 different openings and a couple tutorials in the code. Not to mention the random bits of dialogue that are seemingly unrelated to the game. Has anyone actually found a ghost in the cafe? Because that's in the code. I would probably be done by now if I didn't have to keep going back through the game to check what is and isn't being used.

e7625 No.55157

Mihiragi does respond to twitter messages if you need to get in touch with him. Of course we are all subject to machine translations, so sometimes it helps to simplify and break up your sentences when conversing through Google translate.

And thanks again for your hard work!

This looks great!

0a329 No.55158

Nah, it's not that bad. I'm just bitching. Besides, I don't have a Twitter…

1dea2 No.55160

I feel you. I have a twitter account solely to meme at, like, 5 youtubers. Otherwise, it's not attractive enough to spend more than 2 minutes a week on.

You just unintentionally helped me improve it lol. You got me to look twice, and I realized the reflection spot on her belly has a big dumb crop line around it… On every one of the portraits I made. fixed ^^

d3d0d No.55195

Do you need a Japanese android device to install the apk?

0a329 No.55197

e7625 No.55208

Team effort yo.

631be No.55212

Okay. In that case: anyone else get an ‘unable to parse’ error and how did you fix it?

0a329 No.55213

I just "finished" the translation. I'm now starting on applying it to the json files. I'm starting over with v1.2.11.0 since that's what's out right now, and I don't want to miss any possible changes.

13e91 No.55214

you're efforts are worthy of high praise, you honor the preg community with this work.

c004f No.55216

cant wait!

3ffad No.55217

Will the translation coming out together with bigger belly, sir?

c87d9 No.55221

read the thread.smh

1dea2 No.55223

A text difference checker might come in handy looking for changes, if the files are compatible.

aea19 No.55232

Was there actually a lot of unique dialogue? I only really messed with the sex scenes and my machine translation showed the same text all the time.

0a329 No.55234

Most of it is dialogue and system messages. When I started this, I also noticed more variations in the code than I saw while playing. So who knows?

0a329 No.55236

I keep flip-flopping on this, but I can't settle on a good translation for the NPCs. They are referred to either as just "man" or "young man". Also, the woman in the OB/GYN department is just called "woman". These seem too generic, and I can't decide whether to stick with that or use more literal translations of "Uncle", "Bro", and "Auntie". This can be easily changed at anytime, so there is no hurry to sort it out.

Basically should I use:
1. Oji-san/Onii-san/Oba-san
2. Man/Young man/Woman
3. Uncle/Bro/Auntie

270d2 No.55237

2 is fine. 3 is just weird.

1dea2 No.55238

I like auntie as auntie. I understood immediately. Kinda like the spanish use of the word cousin.

Bro kinda works, if read as american slang.

Might be a bit weird if the dude Hazumi's fucking is labelled as an uncle though.

d3e3a No.55239

God, I had the same problem, translating the main character to call someone they're having sex with grandpa/uncle is still weird to me.

0a329 No.55241

The use of "onii-san" in the game is like what a woman would call a bar tender or server. Informal, but not disrespectful either. "oji-san" could be used to refer to a neighbor who is about your own dad's age. I do remember someone jokingly suggesting that it should be translated as "daddy" when used in porn.

I should also mention that these should work by themselves as sort of nicknames, because they can be changed by the player in the options menu. I'll stick with Auntie then, because it's basically used as her name.

Remember that grandpa is "ojii-san" and uncle is "oji-san". Same goes for grandma and aunt. "obaa-san" vs "oba-san".

34a4b No.55306

so, any update?

1dea2 No.55316


0a329 No.55317

I'm working on it.

b7f08 No.55329

(Rolling eyes)
Where's that "You can't rush art" gif I once saw?

3eebe No.55330

new update release

9e931 No.55331

Nibba if you took exactly one second to paste that text into Google Translate, you'll find that it's just a fix on the masking mode. Literally no reason to ask (or imply) for a new download link.

34a4b No.55336

thank you!

4f71c No.55339

38c2e No.55343

Wish I can help or donate, but good luck :D

22c0c No.55348

File: 1554650140014.jpg (19.48 KB, 399x386, 168d2935f75b1435980bdc0bad….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


0a329 No.55358

You can buy the game and support Mihiraghi.

1dea2 No.55360


1dea2 No.55367

Even if you're too stingey to pay for porn in general, think of it this way.

The more sales he makes on this, the more likely he is to do another pregnancy game. It doesn't take a lot of sales to convince an H-game dev that he's found his market.

aea19 No.55373

Have you contacted the dev about getting your work put out as the official english patch at all? I dunno how keen he'd be considering he had another guy on it, but if you could also get compensated for all the work it'd be pretty cool

8a24f No.55382

I'd buy it if I could

7e4fd No.55399

I bought the game for that very reason, and I almost never buy these sort of things. If somebody is willing to make a game so focused on baby-making, I'm willing to put down some bucks to express my desire for more.

0a329 No.55406

File: 1554762602202.jpg (210.86 KB, 1226x988, Item Screen.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I need some help. I can't seem to find "コスメ" anywhere in the game files. I only need it to change a label in the item screen, but it would be nice if someone could double check through the files for me.

270d2 No.55407

grep, nigga.

1dea2 No.55410

got you fam.

did a deep search by opening every js file in notepad++ and searching all files at once. line 171 of CoreScript_Override.js gets a match for them moon runes.

0a329 No.55411

Cool, but I'm on Windows 10. GREP is for Unix based systems. Also, GREP for Windows hasn't been updated in 10 years.

0a329 No.55412

Thanks, I must have skipped that one.

Funny, I just did that anyways. I was looking at the .json files since that was where the the UI stuff was. At least the phone menu was in a plugin labeled iphone menu.

270d2 No.55413

I don't know if command line grep has even changed in 10 years. Anyway, you could try this one. It's just one of those tools everyone should have.


1dea2 No.55415

dev definitely has the propensity to switch between languages on a whim.

god I haven't thought about grep in like 4 years. feunski doesn't need to learn NLP and regex, christ guys. ctrl-f will do fine. Don't grep my corpus bro.

ebc63 No.55418

Can someone tell me a little walkthrough of the game of Hazumi and pregsstate? Not necessarily all, just long enough to get her pregnant first time because I barely understand Japanese…

1dea2 No.55419



For the sex minigame, north is "stuff that turns the dude on" West is "stuff that turns hazumi on", East is status, northwest is a use-item menu. Aphrodesiacs, lube, and a bunch of other weird shit. when somebody gets turned on, you get orange/blue text. Turn them both on, then pick the center option. Once there, just mess around with the top 3 options. The bottom 3 are ostensibly just boner-killers without being able to read japanese.

0a329 No.55424

You can skip the mini-game entirely by picking the second option when at the hotel. This will always lead to a creampie, but you receive less money.

71185 No.55427

do dlsite accept foreign payment?

0a329 No.55428

DLsite English accepts PayPal, but you have to buy DLsite points to exchange fo the game. PayPal doesn't allow direct transactions for adult material. Remeber to have R18 content filtered first.

67c4d No.55437

huh interesting til

7e4fd No.55451

Buying it off the english side of DLsite allowed me to just use a card. Might have been charged a few cents more for being an international transaction, but I had no problems.

e7625 No.55463

I also used card. Just make sure whatever card you use allows international transactions without additional fees.

662b5 No.55493

So any chance of sharing that sweet stuff with us?

cd0d1 No.55532

How it's going with translation?
Will be available for downloading soon?

1dea2 No.55535

I'm sure he does this in his spare time. Monday-Friday is probably a dice roll whether or not he has the time for it.

(I do approve of the low-key thread bumping though lol. It's funny)

0a329 No.55591

Correct. I should have an initial playable version for testing in about 7 days.

aea19 No.55629

Has the technical stuff given you a lot of trouble? Thanks for the hard work at any rate.

0a329 No.55631

Yeah. The whole thing is a bit of a mess. I still haven't tracked down all of those little pop up messages.

I've applied maybe half to two-thirds of the translation. I'll give it a playthrough or two to make sure nothing breaks and I didn't miss anything. After that I'll release it for people to give feedback on quality and tracking down any issues with line breaks.

39687 No.55656

I wont claim to be a RPGmaker expert, but would you take help? I'm sure two people looking through configs is better than one.

d3e3a No.55668

You might have to look in the scripts. Pop ups are usually created by scripts.

0a329 No.55681

Except when they're sometimes located in the .json files, or require editings both.

Thanks, but it's more tedious than difficult.

7a78e No.55751

Hey Feunski, after everything’s posted, do you have a kofi or anything where we can shoot you something?

0a329 No.55759

In my experience, these things stop being fun when money is involved. It also wouldn't feel right to me either.

4e787 No.55760


40589 No.55779

So, about that mod… Is it ready? If so, how do we download and install it in the game?

0a329 No.55780

I will announce here when it is ready. Every time you ask about the translation, I will delay it an extra month. I live 10 minutes away from Valve's headquarters, so I'll set my clocks to Valve Time if you make me.

1dea2 No.55782

1dea2 No.55783

Oh God he meant mine. I'm waiting for feunski to be done to make sure my code doesn't get fucked by any translations. It'll be available a day or two after feunski's, if I don't spontaneously combust. I'll make it easy to find.

40589 No.55790

Sorry, it's just that I'm afraid of missing the good stuff… There are so many posts about nodding this game..

64654 No.55820

File: 1555472039388.jpg (15.64 KB, 360x296, Plutia_what.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

60fd6 No.55821

Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready?

0a329 No.55822

im done. Hazumi is canceled. goodbye.

to be clear, im not cancelling Hazumi because some boorish fuck said something stupid, im doing it to get out of games.

For the non-native English speakers:
(This is being joke.)

34a4b No.55827

please ;_; we love you

0a329 No.55828

That was from when Phil Fish had a meltdown and canceled Fez II.

7e4fd No.55839

Haven't heard that name in a while.

That aside, everyone else, quit pestering the man, he's literally doing it for free.

64a17 No.55845


Sweet mercy, remember that meltdown? That was right around when I realized Twitter was not gonna be super fun to use all the time.

5139b No.55874

next is pregnant sisters?

0a329 No.55875

Eventually, yes. It's just a bunch of html files, so it won't take nearly as long as this one.

34a4b No.55930

how exactly is birth triggered?

2fa33 No.55931

Wait till third trimester, make urself exhausted, asked for more time in the hotel

0a329 No.55932

Barring any bugs, it'll happen randomly after the 37th week. Getting creampied without using a condom can also trigger labor.

99b58 No.55936

Hey guys, this might be off topic but how to get one of the student boy at school to have sex with hazumi? I tried to look into the json file but can`t find any clue. Any idea how to get into that?

By the way, I bet Senor Feunski here did a hell of a job testing his(I assume Feunski is male) translation. I tried to translate ver. something.8 I believe and when I found something like "Line error number ########" when I test it I used to almost kick my laptop XD
Thanks` for your effort sir!

e7625 No.55938

You need to buy birth control from the slums and have it in your inventory. It will trigger an event the next time Hazumi is in school.

0a329 No.55940

Did you just assume my gender?

1dea2 No.55943

File: 1555786344339.jpg (126.75 KB, 500x1342, 1ogr2o.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

34a4b No.55944

is there a way in this game to activate a 'cheat' mode to get like a billion monies?

1dea2 No.55945

if we're straight up cheating


just drop it in and change the values. money, items, whatevs. Ya gotta buy the items once before you can edit them. BTW, there's nothing more entertaining in this game than getting the level 3 aphrodisiac and save-cheating 900 more of them into your game.

f412e No.55949

Forgive me senpai! I did not mean to say that in an offensive way. I deserve your punishment. Punish me senpai, punish meeeeeee…

I did the so-called cheating mostly by changing the item price value. The easiest way for me to get money without cheating is through cafe `mission`. As long as you can have access to the cafe, usually it`s easy to level up the maid cafe exp. The I played in version and probably took me like couple of tries to get paid 10,000 per shift.

9da81 No.55952

I'm an oldschooler and I'm using cheat engine, it works well

34a4b No.55984

I've been trying for 2 hours to get a twin pregnancy, is it actually possible?
otherwise please let me know how to cheat

e7625 No.55986

Yes, totally possible. It helps to use Forced Ovulation drug which you buy from the Slums. There are additional upgrades you can add by exchanging breast milk at the clinic that also helps.

1dea2 No.55989

I was gonna include this littel discovery in my belly mod thread, but since you explicitly asked for this, I'll post it here too:

go to: PPLSS\www\js\plugins\Global_Script.js

Go about 40 lines down. you see this code?

function multiBaby(it){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso =6
v[59] = 1
if ( s[59] ) { kiso= 3 }
for ( var i=10; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] = i

everywhere you see v[59] = change the value to however many babies you want for Hazumi's next pregnancy.

you now control the number of babies she'll have. And yes, there's technically no limit. Doing more than 10 does some hilarious shit to the birth scene too. Sounds like a damn machine gun. Highly recommended.

34a4b No.55992

you are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you

34a4b No.55993

how did you modify the .js files exactly?

1dea2 No.55994

mosy text editors should do, so long as you re-save it as .js try notepad if you don't feel like downloading anything. should work fine.

I use notepad++ myself

1db0e No.56018

New to the thread. Any update on the the translation?

34a4b No.56037

ah ha, I've discovered the issue.
multi-preg is only in the japanese version of the game, not 'english menus' translated version.

those crafty japanese…

11a3d No.56038

Lol that'll do it.

96179 No.56041

Things like this make me think I should grow out of being a week, learn Japanese, and start seeing things without subs.

0a329 No.56047

Slow but steady. I'm going through the sex dialogue, and the code is based on Japanese sentence structure. If you didn't already know, basic Japanese sentence structure is the complete opposite of English. Think Yoda from Star Wars.

7744a No.56051

>sounds like a damn machine gun
Why does this make me remind of Metal slug…

"Thank you!"
*reload sound*

c87d9 No.56065

i doubt thats true

0a329 No.56070

The English menu version pre-dates the introduction of multiples.

34a4b No.56128

take that you cuck

1db0e No.56137

Sounds good, man. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

1db0e No.56145

Can someone please tell me how to access all of the areas in the game and if any areas are missing from the partial english release?

c87d9 No.56162

You have to go back

1db0e No.56210

How do I know which variable is which?

1dea2 No.56219

There should be some text in each section that says something like "drag and drop this other game file if you want the variable names". All the names will be in japanese, so you'll still have to google translate your way through the names, but there's no helping that. You can however narrow your search quite a bit by changing the value to something unique.

Say you want to change the milk-points variable, but you can't find it. Just get enough milk points so that the number is an uncommon number and search for it in the editor. Suddenly you're google translating 3 variables instead of 100

c5584 No.56292

Sorry I didnt notice ur question. Using this method >>55986 is the easiest way, but might be frustrating coz RNG fucks u up. But this method >>55989 can save lots of time but also is harmful coz u messed up the file so backup the file first.
About the cheat engine, I use custom script so CE can read RPG Maker values. Here's the thread

7589c No.56330

>>54283 anyone have the WIP patch he posted earlier but deleted? I don't know the board culture around here so ignore me if its considered rude to upload them without the translators consent.

0a329 No.56338

I took it down because it caused the game to crash.

7589c No.56361

ah, didnt see that post. my bad, thanks for translating this again

1dea2 No.56388

it can't really mess anything up. Since it's a raw, uncompiled js file, you can't really corrupt it. To fix the change, ya just change the values back to how it looks in the post I made. first v[59]= gets a 1, the second one gets an i. No more risky than using a save editor, anyway.

that said, when making large multi-file changes to a game, yes, always make a backup. especially if the files are compiled into formats that can't be easily edited.

34a4b No.56530

so… how’s it coming along? no pressure, just genuinely interested

0a329 No.56539

I'm currently going through the option menus. After that is the birth scenes.

1dea2 No.56541

Glad to hear you've gotten to the settings menu. Nearly free of the pop-up/menu stuff?

178fa No.56573

Well, I had translate this section for both hospital and hotel birth but for version 1.2.4something I guess. Unfortunately my hdd got busted (almost 10 years old hdd by the way, so no wonder) and I lost all of my progress.
I`m not really confident about this since I only use notepad++ and romajidesu for translating only the conversation part. But in case Feunski might want to use extra hand (??? forgive my word, I`m not a native english XD) I might be able to, well, lend a hand. Or two? I only know basic japanese structure but not really deep enough compared to my english. Therefore there might be some mistranslation here and there. I usually try to keep my translation as japanese as I can like refraining to translate 'ganbarimasu' or 'arigatogozaimasu' stuff.
It's now not really a high season for tourism so I might be free for quite a while.
There I said it. XD

I tried entering 13 or more I guess and it didn't work. Interestingly enough I entered 10 and voila, I got 11 babies. I suppose it`s limited to 11 don`t you think? Has anyone successfully tried entering more than 10 here? I`m kind of curious.

I also tried this and it did work. Thank you for this.
Yet I found some interesting conversation with a male student in hazumi's classroom. The guy on the left, the one with the blue hair, seems to have further conversation but I kind of worry that I might mistranslate something and cause the trigger to be unrecognizable. The next conversation should be the boy ask some 'personal' question and hazumi then invite him to an empty classroom to have some 'fun'. It`s in a different line with the the boy blackmailing hazumi to wake him up everyday with special 'service' though. Has anyone ever found it here?

Sorry for the long post. I tried to keep the post count low. Hehehe V^-^V

84334 No.56575

Indeed I did, and it worked. Tested it up to 50. Odd that it doesn't work for you.

Just checked. All the js code that deals with variable 59 is unchanged between versions. I have no idea why it would work on and not on the newer versions.

84334 No.56576

File: 1557004577190.jpg (1.06 MB, 3430x2766, IMG_20190504_171225374~2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Pics or it didn't happen, as it were.

00daf No.56579

Ah, nice

fe64d No.56589

Dear god thats inhuman

c87d9 No.56590

the term birth machine gun was accurate

a4823 No.56594

File: 1557071294708.gif (1.64 MB, 636x352, ScDGkQL.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

, mostly: "how?" and "how?".

7cb7f No.56598

I dont speak Japanese what is being said

647f1 No.56601

The numbers are how many boys/girls she just gave birth to.

74445 No.56602

Ah, maybe it`s the version problem. I haven`t got the intention of playing the next version until when Feunski finished the translation (I don`t mean to put any pressure on you senor, hehehe). Anyway if it works on the next version, awesome then. If I`m not mistaken I read the description at dlsite hazumi can have 'up to 11 babies'. That might be the cause for this version I suppose.

Dare I say that this mod now called 'Hazumi the Fertile Goddess' then? ^-^8

1dea2 No.56609



well, even if not every version allows you to go mental with the multiples, the method still allows you to entirely avoid RNG up to 10.

ad27e No.56621

34a4b No.56652

Games like this really make me wish I could reproduce :(

99f3e No.56653

Me too. the organics are so lucky.

2a9cb No.56654

I feel that mood. only way I can have kids that aren't prone to tumors is with invitro. 10K per babi, if I'm lucky. Of ALL the fetishes I could've had lol

fead6 No.56696

I'm kinda late to the party, but is there a link to the game and/or the patch? I'd prefer being able to buy the game, but if there's no feasible purchase option, I can settle for a less than reputable way of getting the game.

2b9dc No.56700

is the DL in the google drive link translated? Because when I start it it’s all in Japanese, or is it supposed to be translated and I’m doing something wrong. My system locale is already in Japanese.

1dea2 No.56705

The Google drive links are the pirate posts. The first post has the link to feunski's translations (he's not done hazumi yet) and here's a link to the Japanese version:



34a4b No.56732

one day…

0a329 No.56781

I've finished my initial translation patch. I'm now testing it to make sure there aren't any errors, and that I didn't miss anything.

0a329 No.56782

Actually I changed my mind. This will go faster if I get some help.

Current things I need help with:
1. Figure out why some phone menu icons are not in English.
2. Fix syntax error crashes.
3. Identify improper word wrap.

Current Translation Patch:

1dea2 No.56783

Pregchan, assemble for debugging! The one night I decide to ditch coding and get drunk lol.

dd4ea No.56798

does anyone know if the english dlsite version is caught up with the jap dlsite? i know both say last update on the same day but just want to make sure

dd4ea No.56800

File: 1557485627694.jpg (121.62 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

found my first bug,when unpacking the first box theres apparently a missing picture,playing on the english dlsite version

dd4ea No.56801

so update turns out the japanese version came with it too so i applied the patch and no longer getting that error,so it seems to be for the english partial on dlsite

dd4ea No.56802

i noticed with the patch theres some phone menu names are not translated and the heart menu isnt translated at all

dd4ea No.56803

File: 1557486931589.jpg (33.5 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

another bug popped up,when in the love hotel trying to start sex with entrust shows this

e7625 No.56806

Different anon. But no images show up while in this scene, and as soon as you engage in any sexual actions the error appears. Also not sure if it matters but Hazumi was matched up with "Sis."

ace92 No.56807

it's really difficult since the images are connected through script rather than direct in common event.

8147b No.56808

i get a syntax error:
during all of the sex events involving breasts except breast feeding
all events involving the mouth
all of the drug options during sex scroll unnaturally off the screen and some aren't readable because of this
when sex ends, no matter what, it seems to have a syntax error

1dea2 No.56811

Be sure ya'll are using JP (assuming the zip name is the correct version anyway)

1dea2 No.56815

File: 1557507969230-0.png (77.5 KB, 1203x487, WHATEVER.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1557507969230-1.png (118.64 KB, 291x497, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

ok, been working on the phone menu names, and I can confirm the problem is in the js files. I opened every game file in notepad++ and searched for ステータス (status), then auto-replaced them all with WHATEVER. the change took. Gonna try to pin down the exact file and line that made the change, and see if the other menu names are lingering around it.

1dea2 No.56817

got it! line 37 of plugins.js

1dea2 No.56824

I've narrowed the sex scene crashes to the commonevents.json by file swapping with the jp version. (because of fucking course its commonevents.json)

It's probably just a missing quotation mark somewhere.

0a329 No.56825


All hotel sex scenes are within commonevents.json.

Yes, don't use the partial English version from dlsite. Only use JP It's included as a zip file in the English version.

I should also mention that because Japanese lacks plural word form, there will be some awkward situations. (ie. Hazumi is pregnant with 4 baby.) Once the translation patch is done, someone with actual programming skills can fix all of that.

1dea2 No.56827

here are the culprits for each crash.

id:67 causes the blowjob errors
id:69 causes the breast errors
id:59 causes the "quick finish" crash
id:96 causes the pictures to break

and replacing 67, 69, and 59 with their untranslated counterparts also fixes the other crashes that happen in the sex minigame.

0a329 No.56830

I updated the translation patch, and all menus at the start of the game should be in English now.

I'll check it out.

dd4ea No.56833

updated the patch and still getting the syntax error for sex scenes and im using JP

0a329 No.56836

The update doesn't address that issue.

I can't figure out what's causing the problems.

fead6 No.56842

Where can I get the game so I can play (and abuse coding edits)

1dea2 No.56846

it's definitely either the erection size popups, or the in-game variables not being able to handle something about the translation. I've swapped out every translated string for it's original in id:67 at least once.

The only major result I was able to find was when I switched out all examples of a variable being assigned a string with it's Japanese version. It unfucked most of the crashes in the mouth section, but not all, while completel replacing the whole line unfucked them all.

ex. [": (v[317] = '\\\\n[1] sucks \\\\n[4]'s penis.')"] variable 317 is being assigned that string.

buuut I've no bloody idea how to keep the translated lines and not blow up the game.

8147b No.56847

270d2 No.56849

That apostrophe in the middle needs to be escaped, probably with 2 (maybe 4?) backslashes.

[": (v[317] = '\\\\n[1] sucks \\\\n[4]\\'s penis.')"]

1dea2 No.56850

lmfao if its all apostraphies, I'm gonna have a fit.

1dea2 No.56851

File: 1557541301235.gif (1.03 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

its the fucking apostrophes.

It didn't even register in my head because VSC is colorized so that a 3rd apostraphe doesn't effect the text color. it just looks like part of the damn string.

1dea2 No.56852

feunski, time to go on an apostraphe inquisition.

34a4b No.56853

thank you God Feunski

0a329 No.56854

Lol. About a month ago I actually wondered myself if apostrophes could cause problems, but I never gave it any additional thought.

I figured out that the issue with id 96 was that it didn't like the sex positions being translated.

0a329 No.56860

I can confirm that adding two backslashes fixes the problem.

Thanks everyone for helping, I'm going back to revision and testing now.

96179 No.56862

same haha
Programming can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

7589c No.56877

where are their untranslated counterparts? my bad if im missing something obvious but i cant seem to locate them.

0aeae No.56883

I just fixed all apostraphe that were making image crash to one point, I did few random runs and It went just fine till point I got image crash… I guess it was at the moment condom broke, I did fixed line with it, but still I wonder what's the condition to get condom broke, since I couldn't read it out of source and can't run it again to check it out

3ae96 No.56886

Well if you noticed I almost use ` (the one next to 1 button on the keyboard) instead of ' in replying this board XD. I just tested it and yep it had the same mistake when I tried to translate version 1.8.something I suppose. I did replaced the apostrophes in your translation and it sort of work. Until maybe I missed another part of the game.

I haven`t got through the whole game yet, but I noticed that the cg at the hotel scene did not appear. I had this same problem when I messed with the .js file. I translated some sex position and the cg did not appear. When I restored the original text then it appeared. I guess it`s related to `coding coherence` stuff? I don`t really know. I`m pretty sh*t in terms of programming.
I tried restoring the .js files and it still did not appear. I guess in some place some of these parameters got accidentally translated.

Cause the picture to break means the cg did not appear? Man I was so excited of this translation that I almost paid no attention to the previous reports!

1dea2 No.56894

>>56860 no problem m8

>>56877 by "untranslated counterparts" I mean the same brick of code in the JP version. I was just copying/pasting parts of the JP version into feunski's to narrow down where the bugs were occurring.

>>56886 feunski fixed the CG bug. It was just stuff within commonevents that the js code needed to stay untranslated to build the bitmaps, I think.

86fcb No.56895

File: 1557609097365-0.gif (483.93 KB, 262x200, tenor.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

I thought 'pirated' means 'unlicensed share', and not 'trial version'.

Now all my comments here >>56886 becomes irrelevant.

1c64a No.56898

File: 1557610040326.jpg (20.32 KB, 480x480, IMG_20190322_152219.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

1dea2 No.56899

which reminds me(!) once all the big, game impeding crashes are gone from the translation, I'll release my mod, along with a couple other separate, smaller modifications: >>55114

1dea2 No.56900

pirated does mean "unlicensed share" m8.

the trial version isn't posted here, and can be downloaded on dlsite (along with the full version). I think the only real difference between the trial and full version is that she can't give birth, so she just stays preggo forever.

34a4b No.56950

download for the JS file doesn't work

0a329 No.56951

I don't see why it wouldn't. I took down the link for now. That was the incel version.

I haven't done any testing today because it's both Mother's Day and my brother's birthday. I was able to fix all of the bugs you guys uncovered (hopefully), and got the dating site menu translated without it breaking the sex scenes. I spent two hours trying to figure out why sex scenes sudenly became text only. It turned out I added an extra space before "Missionary" when auto-replacing.

34a4b No.56980

if there’s any way we can support you, please let us know

e01ff No.57018

How do I apply the patch? I can't find out how.

1dea2 No.57020

>>57018 he's in the middle of a revision phase. He'll repost the WIP eventually. If you have the previous WIP, you just move the original "data" and "js" folders to a safe spot, and put the new ones in their place. They're in pplss->www

>>56980 >>support
A bra? waka waka

>>56951 >>incel version
an incel's revenge would totally be porn destruction.

34a4b No.57104

just keeping this on the front page…

09536 No.57179

File: 1558181948543.png (713.63 KB, 1016x776, 75w.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I think i have a record
75 weeks boy & girl twin~

efbca No.57180

that's over a year the fuck?

c473a No.57183

File: 1558187192145-0.jpg (214.59 KB, 834x662, aaa.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558187192145-1.jpg (153.8 KB, 834x663, bbb.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558187192145-2.jpg (162.27 KB, 834x663, ccc.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

still more to go

fead6 No.57187

I tried getting the Trial to run but it didn't work. Anyone got a copy I can fiddle around with?

d6b5b No.57193

Ok that was too far. I'd gladly volunteer to break her water with my trusty boi

0a329 No.57195

I've finished my revisions and testing, and I've added the patch to my main translation folder. Just use the link provided in OP.

Before declaring the project finished, I would like help with two things:
1. When selecting "Drugs" during sex the options get cut off the screen.
2.Fixing the word wrap for partner characteristics to improve readability, and to make sure all terms are displayed.

Please let me know of any other issues such as word-wrap, spelling, and translation.

d6b5b No.57196

One question
WIll this work on version

0a329 No.57197

Probably not. Why are you using that, and not the latest version?

d6b5b No.57200

I forgot the link to the latest version, can u gimme a hand?

58054 No.57206

Thanks for the translation!

Anyway, is there a way to get the status "virgin birth"?

e7625 No.57210

File: 1558201675198-0.png (1.62 MB, 1377x1004, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558201675198-1.png (1.09 MB, 1403x1000, Capture_.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Drugs section still cut off. And there seems to be untranslated section in cafe after working. Everything else in cafe seems to be covered.

e7625 No.57211

I never heard of this. However, I did just experience a customer "jerk off into" Hazumi's twat without actually penetrating her, so that might be it.

0a329 No.57215

I updated the patch. How did you do that? I left that dialogue untranslated because I've never been able to talk to that NPC. I've changed the Drugs menu to use abbreviations for now.

That is what the "wants to pour semen" characteristic does, and is how virgin pregnancy is done.

e7625 No.57216

That NPC can be talked to after you work the part time job at the cafe. Once the shift is over you can talk to her.

e7625 No.57217

Also really looking forward to this mod. :3

1dea2 No.57226

Great work feunski! (dialogue and menu generation are very out of my wheelhouse, sadly. Gotta throw in the towel on that one.)

Expect that Monday or Tuesday. I'd do it right away, but I work weekends.

7e4fd No.57231

Thanks so much for the translation, I absolutely love the results!

9475f No.57232

File: 1558218349822.png (544.07 KB, 979x749, Screen.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

There is untranslated text when you interact with the alarm clock

e7625 No.57233

File: 1558218353669-0.png (1.24 MB, 1365x1005, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558218353669-1.png (72.19 KB, 1456x641, Capture_.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Found two more instances of untranslated text.

The second image is from sleeping after losing virginity and having an egg fertilized. This message popped up after the fertlization prompt.

34a4b No.57234

missionary position seems to not load the CGs

dd4ea No.57238

File: 1558231502176.jpg (39.09 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

after sleeping for the sperm stats theres one thing not translated(although seems more like a bug since its not even japanese) other than that i havent found anything wrong yet

dd4ea No.57240

odd bug that doesnt do anything but when its not a safe day when getting asked to put on a condom and picking dont,it acts like i picked do put one on by saying the guy didnt listen

dd4ea No.57244

File: 1558241040743.jpg (113.65 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

found a untranslated thing,was on ovulation phase then after sex turned to this

1db0e No.57247

Will the partial English translation that I got from DLSite work with the translation mod?

fcb50 No.57248

2 questions, how do I install the translation, and how do I turn x-rays/cross sections on?

ff92d No.57249


First thing: In the original version, go to PPLSS>www folder, copy the provided folders over to the www director.

e7625 No.57251

I'm going to say no. From what I gathered, the partial did not do a good job with the code. Also, I think the partial uses an older game version. The Japanese version is fully up to date, which is included in a separate folder if you got the game off of English DLSite.

I think X-ray is enabled once you buy the associated item. Don't remember exactly, it's been a while. Regardless, you can access it through Hazumi's phone Configure>Game Options.

dd4ea No.57252

theres a item in the furniture shop you have to buy for the x-ray

dd4ea No.57255

how do you use the biomods? i got some but cant figure it out and the woman looking for birth control,does she have anything past what happens in the slums?

dd4ea No.57256

File: 1558251182743.jpg (35.52 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

found another one when talking to the handsy ruffian in the slums and letting him feel you when pregnant you get a error

dd4ea No.57257

forgot to add after a few lines of dialogue

dd4ea No.57258

same anon here turns out im a dumb :P the options in the menu i thought were there before were the biomods i got

0a329 No.57259

I'm just waiting for as many reports as possible to come in before updating the patch. I could have sworn I had already fixed some of these.

dd4ea No.57260

File: 1558263120987.jpg (85.17 KB, 818x656, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

found some more untranslated text

0a329 No.57261

Just to make sure, everyone is using v1.2.12.1 right? Some of the untranslated bits people are reporting are appearing translated for me.

0a329 No.57262

Okay, I may have just forgotten about these.

0a329 No.57264

I updated the patch.

dd4ea No.57265

yup i am,im the anon that posted >>57238

0a329 No.57266

Could you check that those specific things are fixed then?

0a329 No.57269

I made a minor update to data_H.json.

2a2f3 No.57273

File: 1558284506660.png (97.96 KB, 4688x813, logo.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

will you publish the last translation on f95 https://f95zone.to/tags/pregnancy/

dd4ea No.57275

i think there all good,slums groper is definitely fixed since hes the only one i know how to trigger,not sure what triggers the other two but they havent popped up

34a4b No.57281

does anyone know how to get the virgin birth?

0a329 No.57284

Choose a partner with "wants to pour semen". When choosing insert, they will ejaculate into Hazumi's vagina from a distance instead. Then just maintain virgin status until birth.

e7625 No.57285

Confirmed the sex scene has been translated.

Also confirmed cafe dialogue. I realized that you can only talk to the kitchen cook if the cafe is closing. She will not be available if Hazumi finishes a shift or serves all the customers.

87b84 No.57296

File: 1558295135447.jpg (64.1 KB, 810x250, bug.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The awesome aphrodisiac use message is untranslated.

9475f No.57297

File: 1558296500305.png (2.75 MB, 1760x1347, Screen.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Found untranslated text when going in without appointment at OB/GYN

c83b4 No.57298

link is gone

9475f No.57300

File: 1558298931699.png (2 MB, 1763x1348, Screen.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Part of dialog untranslated when cumming inside while pregnant

dd4ea No.57301

the translation is in the main folder link at the top

0a329 No.57302

I updated the translation patch.

34a4b No.57307

you are doing god’s work

ad677 No.57313

how do I get to the slums?

1dea2 No.57318

Give birth, go to furniture store, talk to shady guy in the upper right corner

e4a1d No.57325

does anyone know how to milk Hazumi?

c689b No.57326


Go up to the bathroom mirror after she's been pregnant. It should be one of the options.

75e8b No.57329

is there way that condom can rip?

0a329 No.57331

If there are no more problems, I'm going to move on to translating the CG set "Pregnant Sisters" by 12CUT. This can also be purchased on DLSite English along with all of his other works.

The condom breaks the first time you choose "working class guy" or "Gentle? Guy" for prostitution, I don't remember which. He is only available on dangerous days. After that, you can buy premium condoms at the convenience store that won't break. The free hotel condoms have a chance of breaking at random.

08286 No.57332

File: 1558361629485.png (171.83 KB, 795x447, Screenshot (3).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

yeah i might be fucking stupid but i dont know whats going on to cause this everytime i try to pull up the phone

1dea2 No.57333

Wrong version

b0068 No.57334

Thanks for everything, Feunski!

1db0e No.57355

How can I access the folder with the Japanese version? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't find that folder off of the English DLSite.

0a329 No.57359

There should be a compressed folder inside labeled "hazumi v1.2.12.1".

ea984 No.57365

I have the Japanese version from dlsite download. How do I exactly patch it? Every time I try it continues to be untranslated.

cb6d8 No.57373

I'm having the same problem and I have the latest version.

e7625 No.57374

When you open the RE239186 game folder, you will see another two folders. Hazumi and Pregsstate and はづみと子作りの国. The second folder that's in Japanese is the Japanese version of the game. Apply the translation patch there.

41000 No.57375

If you get game from torrent or so, I have bad news for you. Right now internet is full of copy with name "Hazumi and Pregsstate ver. [English UI]". But actually this is early version, something like It's even don't have twins related images. Of couse this translation will throw errors if you try to use it on this version.

Actually translation works on version - it's possible to get it through google.

e7625 No.57376

Once you download Feunski's patch, copy and paste the patch into the appropriate folder.


41000 No.57377

Sorry, I meant version

dd4ea No.57380

so the woman looking for birth control,does she have anything after you tell her or dont? i know if you tell her she goes to the slums and that seems to be it,also whats the point of new game +? besides to see the one off scenes again

1dea2 No.57389

File: 1558412604564.png (229.92 KB, 816x624, Picture3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Alright guys, here ya go. The 5th stage pregnancy mod. Everything checks out. >>57388

cb6d8 No.57398

What exactly did you google to find it? I found a torrent on some nyaa site or something but I encountered the same issue despite it being version

41000 No.57408

Just "Hazumi and Pregsstate" is enough. I found it on few russian torrent sites. Full name usually is:
"Hazumi and Pregsstate [] (Mihiraghi) [cen]" and many more tag's of content.

cb6d8 No.57419

Still no good. One thing I've noticed is that no matter what torrent I used, the game works fine before I do the translation patch.

20681 No.57421

I just want to say thank you to the translator of this game. I haven't had this much fun since Drop Factory came out. You are a good man.

0a329 No.57422

It's a minor thing, but I updated the Read Me.


9bdd1 No.57432

I know this is probably going to sound silly or down right bad but can someone point me in the right direction as to install the patch, I dont needed a way to get the game as i plan on buying it but i just dont know how to install the patch or where to place the folder.

0a329 No.57441

The updated Read Me includes installation instructions. Basically just follow >>57374 and >>57376.

b4f2b No.57446

Is there any point to paying rent, or is it just to clean your bank account out every week? The landlord hasn't done anything and I skipped ahead till I owed him 250k and nothing happened yet.

44dd5 No.57451

I wonder can anyone compile a walkthru, i spent like 2 hours just impregnating Hazumi over and over again.

48a84 No.57458

Is there way to add other characters (Younger, smaller boobs, etc)
And is there way to redressig?

5f8c7 No.57479

Looks like the translation only works for the windows ver. but not the andriod apk so you can't play the translated version on phones. Any ideas?

dbb3d No.57533

"Character" is represented by A) name and body measurments AND B) sprites

Changing the name and sprites is easy enough, but adding other charachters is a whole different beast - one has to actually recode the entire game lol.

6847e No.57539

Maybe change characters in main menu (only one at player active) like in VH01.
Or changing by .bat file

BTW how to do her Overdue? is there any instructions? Or only random?

dd4ea No.57547

and you would need whole new art for that character

1dea2 No.57554

It's not that it doesn't work, it just, like, version JP, which is old and missing game features.

If you're desperate, I bet you could replace 'CommonEvents.json' with feunski's and get quite a few things translated without crashes. Pretty sure Mihiraghi hasn't fucked with that file in ages.

fead6 No.57555

Where is the most recent patch now? Last link is dead.

fead6 No.57557

Also, while I am sorry to double-post, is there a way to alter the files to "force" pregnancy to happen even w/o sex?

0a329 No.57561

Did you check the link in OP?

fead6 No.57564

I did but got the error shown here after I used the patch >>56800

96179 No.57565

The JavaScript is right, it's just that the image found in the "/pictures" directory is missing an underline. It's just that one image, and a tileset that pertains to the convenience store.

fead6 No.57570

I looked in the folder and that image isn't even there.

0a329 No.57572

You have the wrong version of the game. Make sure you have the newest one, and not the partial English UI one.

1dea2 No.57580

anything's possible

d8b11 No.57589

The "English UI" one works perfectly fine, for me the "Processed B" picture did't had an underline, which screwed the game up.

96179 No.57594

Yeah. Now that I remember, I think this happened with the older English version that came from DLsite…

e7625 No.57600

Maybe all this info should be included in the Readme/FAQ/Install Instructions file that's included with the mod. It's the same questions over and over.

0a329 No.57602

It is. I even announced that I added it. >>57441

e3d3d No.57666

For some reason Mega isn't allowing me to download 3 files from your archive in the OP
They are

Is it possible they could have been corrupted on the server or something? I downloaded the other files just fine using the mega sync application.

a1377 No.57673

is there any way to increase the chances of getting pregnant? like fertilization and implementation. not with the items in the slums, but by editing code like you can do with the amount of children that you have.

0a329 No.57675

It seems to be an issue when downloading from a browser, since I did a download through the desktop app with no issues. Google shows it to be a known issue when downloading files above a certain size.

Implantation rate can be changed using data_cheat.json. I don't know about fertilization though. Bio-mods can be used to increase both rates when activated.

4b1c9 No.57678


b4f2b No.57685

Go to the ob/gyn after the first birth.

0a329 No.57686

I added a small guide filled with tips that should helpful.

e3d3d No.57707

It's funny I did download it yesterday through the app and had the issue. Today it grabbed the files without any issues. They aren't even that large as far as files go weird stuff. Thanks for looking into it and doing the translation.

b4f2b No.57778

A little disappointed that getting impregnated by Yanashi doesn't trigger anything. Or that tomo doesn't have anything after the game start.

0a329 No.57859

File: 1559459498723.jpg (528.95 KB, 1600x1200, 020_004.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I just finished "Pregnant Sisters" by 12CUT. The basic plot is that a pair of loli sisters get knocked up by their father. There are various "routes" to choose, so the girls can either be oblivious to their conditions, or they can beg their father to give them a baby.

I fixed a few thumbnails, and included an additional HTML page to navigate the omake/extras. Don't ask me about the guys cosplaying as Cylons in the opening. I don't know either. It's probably a joke about visual novel routes being temporal or dimensional anomalies or something.

Remember to support the original creator, 12CUT.
Purchase Link:

1882e No.57866


Wow, could you share the files to us ?

0a329 No.57878

Seriously? What do you think the link in OP is for?

1882e No.57889


Sorry, my fault.

I just did't find the folder yesterday.

Now I find it.

Thanks !

1dea2 No.57930

File: 1559635904896-0.png (94.95 KB, 1083x1015, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1559635904896-1.png (87.42 KB, 944x492, j.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1559635904896-2.png (313.42 KB, 1740x1005, sys.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

While trying to solve another problem in Hazumi, I wind up solving the "can't see all the partner characteristics" thing. There are some ugly zeroes when there aren't enough characteristics to fill the line, but it works. Try applying this, feunski. After reserving a partner, go back into the dating menu to check the traits, it should show them all.

91953 No.58123

Is there a guide on how to patch the Android version? It appears there are multiple additional files included on the DLsite page but I haven't seen any instructions on how to properly edit the apk.

0a329 No.58125

Cool, I'm a bit busy now, but I'll get around to it.

b4f2b No.58137

How is breast milk amount calculated? It seems to be rng after loading a save but it also seems to follow a pattern of more after a certain amount of time after birth and if you spam AP drain to collect 3-4 times a day it's very low.

0a329 No.58157

I updated the patch.

No idea. Sometimes it follows a pattern, but other times it doesn't.

c8f44 No.58418

Any chance you'd translate lilias livelyhood?

0a329 No.58422

Not interested. I'm very picky.

I'm in the middle of a heatwave, so I don't want to heat up my room with a desktop.

b7a59 No.58598


I tried it, doesn't work. There has to be a better way to manage this.

Well for now I can at least stream it onto my phone through alternative means. Seems stupid but at least I have it technically on my phone.

7e4fd No.58599

Thanks again for the translation on this, I remember seeing this ages ago, and wishing I could read for better context. I love it!

b4f2b No.58602

Godly. You're an angel and a miracle worker.

I have basically all of the 12CUT CGs downloaded off of sadpanda but artist CGs never really get translations. Is that HTML format basically how they're distributed from DL sites? That's really interesting.

0a329 No.58603

Yes, I upload the sets using the original folder structure. Generally the sets I see on sad panda just have the text baked into the images along with a textless version. I wish more artists took this approach instead of the same basic image being recycled several hundred times.

5399a No.58620

Some of them are distributed like that, others are just images with no HTML text

2e892 No.58791

Does someone have the newest Hazumi and Pregsstate? Thanks in Advance

0a329 No.58793

It's just bug fixes for the Android version

4dd04 No.58869

File: 1561941959922.png (66.96 KB, 794x553, i found this.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hi guys, I found this. It seems to be NPC for tests.

Unfortunately they are in Japanese and I do not understand what they say

96179 No.58893

Some of the NPCs come prepackaged with RPGMaker, but may not be a part of the game.

4a972 No.59187

does anyone know where i can get the latest version of the game for free? i usually buy an h game after i've played and liked it but i cant find a version online thats compatible with the patch. pls and thx

4a972 No.59203

nevermind on the request it turns out this link still works

0a329 No.59378

It looks like Mihiraghi is preparing to an official translation started. He's asking for help, in English, on Twitter for extracting text from the game. Translator++ was helpful for extracting dialogue, but it only got maybe 75% of it and replacing the untranslated text was done manually. I highly doubt this would be acceptable for him. His Twitter account is @mihiraghi.

I'm not sure if I should by happy or disappointed, because it doesn't look like my translation has been uploaded on to any shady piracy sites.

1dea2 No.59400

Just email him saying you did an entire translation and ask him if he wants to collab lol. Something tells me he'd be happy to give you a cut of dlsite payout if it meant being done the whole translation in like 2-3 days.

0a329 No.59417

He doesn't have an email address posted as far as I know, and I don't use social media.

1dea2 No.59419

well, its your translation. Your call. I'd be on twitter in a heartbeat if I were in your situation though. Even if it were just to ask, get declined, and disable the account.

e7625 No.59423

You can message him on twitter if you have an account. I already started a dialogue with him in the past to support his work. If you want I can link him to this page or your mega link. Let me know how you want to do this.

0a329 No.59426

That sounds fine to me, just use this mega link.


e7625 No.59475

Okay, I will send him that link, but before that, is there a way he can contact you? Never used mega so not sure if there's some sort of messaging or DM system attached to it. Or do you just want me to send him the link and be like, hey Feunski translated everything and these files can help get you started with game translation. And lastly, let me know if there's anything you want to say and I can pass it along.

0a329 No.59476

My intention was to just give him the files.

e7625 No.59479

Ok message and link sent! FYI I did name your username "Feunski" in the message I sent. I will let you know when Mihiraghi replies. He is pretty on top of his social media.

2cd18 No.59485

Hallo. I am Mihiraghi that created this game.
I just found this Thread!

Thank you for playing and translating my game!

b9484 No.59490

Hey I was curious how do I get the English patch to work on Android?

b9484 No.59491

Or is it possible for someone to give me the patched version? Please >.<

0a329 No.59493

No problem. I'm looking forward to your next game.

0a329 No.59494

You will have to wait for the official release.

b60e4 No.59516

Is anyone in contact with the dev? i wanted to get a Ovum being Fertilized scene.

2cd18 No.59517

すべてがうまくいったら、DLsite EnglishでAndroid versionを配布する予定です。

Unfortunately, no.

2d4db No.59573


Thanks for coming to the forum <3

I hope you will make another game that focuses on 1 girl. Nobody else makes games like that. I think that's why people liked it so much. I know your current project focuses on multiple girls, but I hope you return to the 1 girl format eventually.

55936 No.59578

I’m just excited to see your next work!

57790 No.59591

(That too. I'm sure it'll be great)

2cd18 No.59654

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you!


改めてお礼を言いたいのですが、何か個別に連絡できる方法はありませんか?(Twitter, e-mail, discord etc.)

0a329 No.59667

I just made a Twitter account, @feunski

7e4fd No.59674

Thank you for making it! I knew the moment I saw it I had to buy it!

ead83 No.59691

How do you get to the slums? I talked to the woman in the pharmacy but I can't find the next step.

0a329 No.59698

That question has been answered multiple times before. Why did I go through the trouble of making a guide if people won't read it?

19eb7 No.59711

File: 1564007622749.png (311.66 KB, 789x607, Hazumi and Pregstate devel….PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Thank you for spreading this translation!

I found a great review of this game! The Preg Fetish is growing! <3


0a329 No.59715

>It also indicates that players can seek out abortions, but it never happens.
Did the reviewer miss the fact that the OB/GYN clinic offers abortions?

Also, I think I remember that the default condoms at the hotel have a chance of breaking. The ones bought at the convenience store are impervious.

05460 No.59721

Even so, who would do that anyway lmao

0a329 No.59723

Tell that to the abortion thread.

b4f2b No.59733

From my playthroughs I did it once and that's basically it. After the first one Hazumi stops caring and just goes "oh well".

Play vitamin quest

05460 No.59750

Nah fam, I'm good

Wait VQ can do that too!?

0a329 No.59762

I'm currently discussing with Mihiraghi on revisions to my translation so it can be integrated into the official release.

dfa95 No.59767

If I remember correctly you can abort by having rough sex with an orc.

1dea2 No.59782

figured there would be revisions. If ya need any help with debugging, let us know.

b4f2b No.59805

Also there's a hidden event in the main city.

0a329 No.59807

I just had a conversation with Mihiraghi about revisions. Very little needed to be changed fortunately. The biggest change is to the game's English title. "Hazumi and Pregsstate" is awkward, and Mihiraghi asked me for alternatives, so I suggested either "Hazumi and the Pregnation" or "Hazumi and the Preg-Nation". He liked them, but didn't say which one he chose.

Other changes:
-Changed "xx 円" to "xx yen".
-Fixed the clipping labels when remodeling.
-Fixed formatting issues when displaying partner characteristics.
-A minor event was left untraslated.

Mihiraghi couldn't believe it when I told him that I manually translated the files with notepad++.

e7625 No.59808

Woooo thanks for all your hard work!

0a329 No.59809

I should also mention that the reason there is an untranslated event is because it's an easter egg requiring one to clip out of Hazumi's apartment. >>58869 was close to finding it.

71783 No.59813

Dumb question, but can you actually do anything at the Cafe, or is it just for show?

1dea2 No.59815

you can work there. talk to the people behind the counter

217a4 No.59816

Hello. I modified some source files for Hazumi and Pregsstate to change the skin tone of the male from dark to light.

I'm fairly inexperienced with photoshop so this isn't the highest quality edit (condom looks fairly bright, skin tone could be better) but for me it's enough. Thought I'd pass it on to potentially save other anons some time. Just drag the folder into PPLSS/www/img and merge it with the preexisting folder.


2cd18 No.59826

Thanks to everyone who worked for a long time.
I could hardly find to fix.
I will adopt the title "Hazumi and the Pregnation".

c02b8 No.59834

Are there going to be scenes for the "special events" for the waitress job besides lactation?

e7625 No.59837

From what I understand the game is completed, and Mihiraghi has been working on the next game. We can see what he says, but I get the feeling nothing new will be added to Hazumi Pregnation.

0a329 No.59840

Yeah, he has already moved on to a new project.

e7625 No.59842

Nice, found the easter egg section. Most definitely need a translation to see what all the dialogue is about. Very interested to see what's there.

0a329 No.59861

Except for one NPC, it's all debug stuff that doesn't warrant a translation.

0a329 No.59878

I updated my Hazumi translation with a few minor changes. Map002.json and Map005.json are the updated files for those who don't need the whole patch.

d4c22 No.60052

I'm currently working on the first two intallments of the Kantai Collection doujinshi series "Your Dark Naval Base" by Bacius. It's not pregnancy related or pornographic, but I love the dark humor and crazy facial expressions. Although, now that I think about it, part 2 IS about a (failed) attempt to get pregnant.

12CUT's "My Mother Happily Gave Birth to Me, So I Want to Hurry Up and Give Birth Too." comes to DLsite English on August 4, 2019. It appears to be on the shorter side, but he is already working on his next project. I'll get around to translating it in a few months.


Remember to support the original creators when you are able to.

7316c No.60116

>-Fixed formatting issues when displaying partner characteristics.
You said you addressed this, but I'm playing the patch from the OP, and Im still having the characteristics cut off. Was this patch updated in the OP, or is there perhaps something wrong on my end? Alternatively will this be in the final english release on DLSite?
Thanks for your hard work on this.

0a329 No.60119

Yes, all fixes and revisions will be in the release version. The only changes in my patch are a few lines that I missed before. The deal I made with Mihiraghi is that he'll pay me for the rights to my translation and for me to help him with revisions for the Steam release. Part of this agreement requires me to take down my translation upon official release. It wouldn't feel right to me to include his work considering this.

Due to Valve's relative opaqueness and inconsistency regarding adult content, I suggested some minor changes to the text. Hopefully this will prevent any possible store delisting. Hazumi's womanly figure should help as well.

32ee0 No.60120

How minor are we talking? Or will they only apply to the steam release?
Bit worried of possible censorship.

ffd13 No.60121

Ah, Bacius. Where kongou hunts u to death for ur babies

>Steam release
Nani the what?

7316c No.60124

Wait what? Unexpected news for sure.
Do we have an idea on a release date? I played for a quite a few hours, but i stopped when the partner characteristics started getting cut off.

0a329 No.60125

There's one line establishing that Hazumi and Tomo are 18. The biggest change is that the school is now the National Institute. Mihiraghi told me that it's not a regular high school. It's a goverment facility that prepares people for the breeding life through schooling to those age 6-18, and various seminars up to age 25.

Getting on Steam was Mihiraghi's ultimate goal from the beginning. He was accepted into Steamworks the other day, and is currently integrating Steamworks SDK. Also, he might be interested in a Chinese translation.

7316c No.60126

>Getting on Steam was Mihiraghi's ultimate goal from the beginning.
Well good for him then. I'll keep my eye on this thread. Keep us updated when it launches and I'll be sure to buy a copy.

ffd13 No.60128


32ee0 No.60134

Thank you. Will be keeping an eye out for its release then.

b00ff No.60146

File: 1564969678585.jpg (278.41 KB, 717x538, 20190805_104727.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

what this item means

0a329 No.60147

Figure it out yourself.

a82fe No.60149


I have legitimately purchased "Harumi and Pregstate" on DLsite. Will your full translation be made available on DLSite as well?

0a329 No.60150

I would assume so.
>Harumi and Pregstate
Is there any reason why nobody can spell "Hazumi" correctly? I just find it really humorous.

That reminds me, I should probably cleanup the DLsite English page.

0a329 No.60151

I should also mention that I added the first seven pages (eight pages including the cover) of "Your Dark Naval Base" to Mega as a preview/sample.

0a329 No.60153

I just talked with Mihiraghi, and the DLsite English version WILL be getting the translation. I didn't realize I had to explicitly give him permission to sell my translation on DLsite. It should be updated at the same time, if not before, the Steam release.

3d0d8 No.60158

Anyone know how to change Clothes ?

e3b12 No.60160

Pregnancy test pill.
some customer have remarks with "love impregnation" ,use this item can gain their pleasure.

7316c No.60177

Oh nice. Liked the idea of him getting his game on Steam, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of having a niche fetish game in my library. Though I did like the idea of steam achievements though.

b4f2b No.60192

I don't think valve would allow this game even with the recent explicit content change.


7316c No.60194

Tons of straight up porn games are on steam with no issues. The only iffy things are loli.

0a329 No.60205

The only thing that concerned me was that having the main character attend a "school" could make someone at Valve flag the game as containing underage sex.

5674e No.60224

Instead of school, change it into "college"

Big win

a0f79 No.60268

I suppose there`s no way for you to change her clothes but naked and during cafe job. It should be a nice addition though. New job might be also nice. ^_^8

60761 No.60305

Hello. Is there a reason why almost all the clients are called "Guy" or "Buddy"?

270d2 No.60306

Because they're your guys, buddy.

7316c No.60308

Probably just a localization choice. I don't exactly like it. If you were going that far I'd just name them "John"

0a329 No.60313

Because it sounds less awkward than having sex with your brother and uncle.

Where were you when I asked for suggestions a couple months ago?

7316c No.60319

Not here. I had on;y just found this game and thread recently.

1af2c No.60357

File: 1565451459811.jpg (30.64 KB, 480x480, 61644100_2489703847760807_….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Man if he's determined to release it on steam, he'll have to pass gaben's strict protocols by cutting lots of contents (perhaps all the sex ecene coz thats the main attraction here).
But if he manages to do it, damn I'd yeet my money immediately like what I did when Seed of Evil released

0a329 No.60396

Steam allows porn now.

1af2c No.60406

But not that explicit

0a329 No.60408

7316c No.60624

Do we have a suspected release date for the updated DLSite/Steam release yet?

0a329 No.60625

I can't give a definite answer to that. Mihiraghi spent the last week getting the depots sorted out. He still needs to upload a trailer and promo images. Once that is done, it takes 3-5 business days for Valve to grant approval.

7316c No.60641

So seems like we're close then. If payments, promos, and final approval is all, it doesnt seem that far off. Cool!

fb8e9 No.60647

I will update at DLsite in the next week, prior to steam.
The PC/Android version will be in full English.
The Japanese version will be excluded along with this update.
If you need the Japanese version, download it. before it be would excluded.

7316c No.60675

Thank you for making this game. And thank you for working to bring us an official English release.

fde1e No.60682

Cant wait for the steam release
Good luck!

0a329 No.60766

I have uploaded my translation for "Your Dark Naval Base".

fb8e9 No.60896

0a329 No.60898

To elaborate, the English version has been officially released on DLsite English. This includes a translated Android version.

7316c No.60912

>see post
>Go to DLSite
>Down for server maintenance
Lol, what bad timing. Guess I'll grab it tomorrow.

0a329 No.60920

God is telling you to stop masturbating and go outside instead.

032ea No.60923


*hissing noises*

7316c No.60927

File: 1566613766375.jpg (456.24 KB, 1825x1342, wrap.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Bought it on DLsite, but still having word wrapping issues.

0a329 No.60928

I'll pass it along. But just to confirm, you're using the official English update?

1dea2 No.60929

I'm pretty sure that particular screen was broken in both languages if a partner has too many attributes. But yeah might wanna get mihiraghi on wrapping the attribute list once you've already chosen the partner. My little fix >>57930 for that was butt ugly and probably needs a real patch from somebody who knows the engine.

7316c No.60930

Yes, bought from DLSite, just earlier today.
Honestly, this was what made me stop playing your first patch, and wait for the official release. So it'd be nice to see it fixed if possible. Dont know if its an actual limitation of the engine or coding or not.
Not too disappointed though. I'm going to continue playing, and im glad to pay to help out an indie developer with such a good and niche fetish game. I'd love for him to keep making games. Just passing along a bug.

7316c No.60931

Oh and I decided to check it out once I selected the partner, but it still cuts off. Thought about using
small fix, but don't decided against it as I don't really know what Im doing.

0a329 No.60934

Apparently RPG Maker has terrible word wrap and line break function.

fb8e9 No.60935

File: 1566620854904.png (343.99 KB, 1020x780, 2019-08-24_13-23-17.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I am fixting now.
Once you select a partner and open the site again, you will be able to see all the features.

0a329 No.60936

Apparently Mihiraghi actually watches this thread… The current workaround is to cancel a client and then reselect them, the line break issue should then be fixed.

7316c No.60954

File: 1566676209216-0.jpg (351.33 KB, 1836x1385, translate1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1566676209216-1.jpg (332.4 KB, 1815x1357, Translate2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Found some untranslated lines. Found after taking the dangerous aphrodisiac from the slums.

1dea2 No.60956

lol we spend 3 months using this as a hazumi debug thread, feunski finally gets his thread back, and we go right back to debugging hazumi. I love this site.

>>60935 yeah, accepting a partner and reopening the dating app was the only way I could get it to work too. I tried to get this menu >>60927 to change text for hours, but none of my ideas ever worked. rpg maker is just really stubborn with menu GUI. My last decent idea was to shrink the font size to give the box more lines, but I never got around to it.

0a329 No.60963


It's fine, bug reports are much appreciated.

6eacf No.60964

File: 1566694896692.png (8.38 KB, 816x624, Pregstate.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have a Japanese language pack and I'm using App Locale and I can't seem to get the demo to work. The above image keeps recurring. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

b4f2b No.60968


Here's an essentially 100% save file if anyone wants it. v1.2.12.1

0a329 No.60970

I just downloaded the demo, and it works fine for me. Since it's outdated, not to mention untranslated, I'm going to try to make a new one.

0a329 No.60974

I've prepared a new demo based off of the newest English version. As with the old one, only missionary position is available and birth is disabled. Going into labor will kick you back to the title screen. Because of this, I also removed the slum and some other stuff that isn't needed in a demo. Please report and bugs or crashes.


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