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f9841 No.55506

>Step 1
pregnant hentai
>Step 2
manga about pregnancy
>Step 3
autobiographical graphic novels about pregnancy in French

Anything else like this? I read Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisey recently but it was just depressing

f8e9a No.55507

bordel de merde

6f554 No.59524

There's a new manga coming out in dead-tree version of a romantically inept manga-ka having a baby: Shussan no Shikata ga Wakaranai! (I Don't Know How to Give Birth), Ayami Kazama. It promises to be more cute and fluffy than detailed and tell-all, though.

eafd7 No.59525

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Currently doing a slowly updating graphic novel where she is expecting another child. She's only just starting to show, and I presume there will be plenty of pages when she gets to her later stages.

From what I remember of her older blog, she's loves pregnancy, so she draws it fairly often.

f9841 No.59531

oh hey thanks! Good to know my remedial high school french is paying off for once

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