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File: 1558115130407.png (86.65 KB, 864x486, download (2).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

0baf7 No.57128

Hello, I used to be called Comv but then a company with the same name got in contact and now I go by Dim Pixel, or Dim Pixel Animations. You can call me Dim for short? Or just Comvee, up to you.

Anyway, I did a Tifa Lockhart animated pin-up for Patreon, which you can find over here >>> https://comv.itch.io/tifalockhart

Includes some belly rubs, boob rubs, back aches and lots of nerdy jokes about FFVII.

fcd9a No.57131

Why would a company care about the username of some porn artist?

0baf7 No.57132


If said porn artist sets up a YouTube channel and it is very similar in name to a company that doesn't do any kind of pregnancy content. Can't really blame them, tbh.

They were very polite! I offered to change it, btw, so I wasn't forced to.

0b336 No.57140

Great stuff, man!

You think you ever may do something for the runner ups in the patreon vote?

fcd9a No.57141

I figured it was over DeviantArt or Patreon. Youtube definitely requires doing research for that stuff. Wait, why were you putting fetish art on Youtube?

0baf7 No.57145

File: 1558130714515.jpg (50.95 KB, 443x283, Uh.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


If those characters are asked for again in next month's pin up poll, absolutely! I may also offer animated pin up commissions in the future, so perhaps more characters would happen too.


Not were, are. Here's my channel PLUG PLUG >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-yPXm5_lXfU7Z0GYewZIw

I upload to YouTube because someone else was uploading my animations (without my permission, not that I minded though) and they were racking up the views. When those videos were taken down, I started an official channel, and I upload any videos I can that aren't graphic. YouTube is very good for spreading the word about pregnancy expansion! A lot of my patrons come from YouTube alone, actually.

The comments are interesting, as you'd expect.

ac54a No.57147

That shit is funny, UNFORTUNATE but funny. I think ironically if you have proof that you had the name ComV longer than their company you could actually keep the name but I guess you don't really care that much and obviously don't want to get into legal action.

878b7 No.57148

>that pic
fuckin lol

0baf7 No.57152

File: 1558139212341.png (34.23 KB, 456x500, BOIST.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

The Deluxe version of my Babysitter animation is now public property. Paywall, begone! >>> https://comv.itch.io/bbysttrcmp


Unfortunately, they started their company in 2001, while I started my (at the time, lurker account) comv in 2006. So if it had gone that way, I would have lost too. When you think of it that way, they were very polite in asking what did I want to do, rather than outright saying "CHANGE IT NOW". No need to get legal, we're both sensible people. Except one of us has a predilection for pregnancies…


Have another.

878b7 No.57154

Mr Pleasure and James got the right idea, Con needs to be locked in the looney bin though

468de No.57155

F.45? What is that person talking about

0baf7 No.57156


No idea, but they've said it on a few videos. Maybe my videos are being used as a means of communication between spies?

6ad72 No.57163

Is the Patreon exclusive stuff only in parts 1 & 2 or is there something in parts 3 & 4 of Babysitter as well?

6522a No.57165

Wait since when u changed ur name? That sucks…

But still, good animation as always

f19f6 No.57169


damn this stuff is amazing, how did I just now find out about you?!?!?!

also I love the fact that all of your characters are of legal age!

0baf7 No.57181


Yes, only the first two parts have bonus expansion. As part 4 already had an expansion, I left it at that. Parts 3 and 4 are the same in the public and patreon versions.


Thanks! I did tell the guy that "Honestly, I doubt anyone is finding my stuff searching for my name…" *smirk*


I always thought I'd been obnoxious with how I throw links around, but I guess I've still missed a few people. Glad you like it!

And yeah, as much as I can find a pregnant schoolgirl cute in other people's work, I prefer older women in my own. Tifa is my youngest yet, but she looks older than 20.

My motto is "you can have the girls—I want the milfs!"

0baf7 No.57799

File: 1559337999644.png (57.72 KB, 782x446, Header2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

New animation is up - Accidental Surrogate - Episode 2! Features pregnancy expansion, weight gain (highlighted shots of butt expansion are a highlight IMO), eating, pregnant bellies of multiple sizes and totally inaccurate Foley work.


ac54a No.57801

How long was that ice cream in the freezer?

6ad72 No.57802

Did she somehow gain another baby?

0baf7 No.57804


You know when you let ice-cream thaw, and then re-freeze it, and it has all those crystals in it? Yeah, it's that.

*runs away*


In the first episode, Janet was accidentally implanted with eggs via IVF. You can see that episode here >>> https://dimpixelanimations.itch.io/accident1uncensored

4e22c No.57823


You know what, that's actually a decent explanation.

Also, Fan of your work. Keep up the great content. Hope Patreon is being kind to you.

6ad72 No.57824

No, I got that. I just wondered if her binge eating cause her to have triplets instead of twins.

e4595 No.57825

Well, It still have chance to get triplets or quadruplets cause it's only 2 eggs, but the eggs still can split into 2 or 3 baby. So … Well yeah …

51ee0 No.57826


I appreciate the option of also having thin Janet

0baf7 No.57830


As for how pizza is that crunchy, though…really hard green peppers? And the cake? Eh…

Hehe, thanks! Patreon is being super kind to me at the moment! It's a bit overwhelming, actually. Is this actually real? I'm a bit confused…


The cliffhanger is absolutely intentional. This series and its plot is voted on by my patrons, so it's up to them what has happened to the babies in her belly. Have they become huge, meaning a difficult birth? Have they somehow multiplied, so she's expecting more than two? Or something else?! That'll be a patron decision. Should be fun to see what they choose! :3


A few folks expressed a dislike of weight gain, so allowing you to choose between them seemed a good compromise. I regret not including a button to skip the eating part, though. Welp!

I think both are cute, but I like chubby Janet. She won't be permanent, but I'll enjoy her while she's here.

8532b No.58186

File: 1560299149252.png (92.05 KB, 777x437, DARKNESS.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Working on a Darkness animation. Have a tease! (Early shot, plenty of work left to be done…)

24f58 No.58188


I bet she'll probably get addicted to contractions and labor after her first

8532b No.58289

File: 1560558800623.png (99.12 KB, 777x437, Headerr.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Full Darkness animation released! Help yourself to some inaccurately-written masochistic pregnancy comedy! Includes some pregnancy expansion, too.


6ad72 No.58290

I've never seen the anime she's in but god damn, she's fucking nuts.

41d7c No.58292

File: 1560561880742.jpg (12.16 KB, 320x362, 14344314_926692320769627_7….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>"Kazuma, Kazuma!"
>Hai, hai, Kazuma dess

42078 No.58294

Just asking, is there going to be a video of this animation soon?

8532b No.58295


Me neither, but she does seem nuts!




Tomorrow! Will post a link to it here when it's up!

d922f No.58333

File: 1560616150051.png (285.46 KB, 800x923, Approved.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

8532b No.58362

File: 1560637922368.png (156.82 KB, 777x437, Heade-YTr.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

YouTube link for those who are unable to see my jank-ass files! >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACItXKvzNcY&t

Sub to my YouTube channel to see the videos I post that don't break YT rules! >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-yPXm5_lXfU7Z0GYewZIw

8532b No.58432

File: 1560740725844-0.png (53.77 KB, 777x437, Header.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1560740725844-1.png (47.25 KB, 777x437, download.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1560740725844-2.png (57.99 KB, 777x437, download (1).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Another animation, featuring both pregnancy deflation, depantsing and pregnancy expansion >>> https://dimpixelanimations.itch.io/makeawishep2

For extra content, here's a few snippets from the Patreon Deluxe content too. Have fun!

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