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File: 1558412547360.png (389.77 KB, 532x856, Picture1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

d6b3b No.57388[Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone. I'ma make this thread to avoid clogging Feunski's with more crap, and to have a place where everyone can give me bug reports. If ya find anything broken, let me know.

So I made a mod for Hazumi&Pregsstate that does a whole bunch of visual stuff.


~Adds a 5th stage of pregnancy that triggers at 34 weeks with multiples
~makes the 4th stage trigger when Hazumi is 42 weeks with a single baby
~adds 2 new pregnancy stages for the sex minigame/birth. They should correspond with stage 4 and stage 5 of pregnancy

Step 1:
Go buy the game. Like, please. I beg. We all know you can find it on your own, but I would personally appreciate it if you supported this guy. We need more of these whacky, super-detailed pregnancy sims and nobody else is making this shit right now. If we give him dosh, he'll likely make more. Even if you have to play through the whole game to convince yourself to support the guy, that's cool. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ239186.html

Step 2: (probably optional. I never tested this mod on a completely japanese version. It likely works just fine without the eng patch)
download and apply the english patch. Feunski made it. His page and translation link are here >>54283

Step 3:
just go to my drive link, download the js files and Pictures folder, then replace them with their identical folder+files in the game itself. Should be in *\Hazumi and Pregsstate(v1.2.12.1)\PPLSS\www\img AND …www\js\plugins and you're all set.

*always make backups. I'm not infallible. My code might have a bug or two.*


I have 2 little bonuses here as well.

As you might've noticed, there's an extra folder in my google drive labelled "Measurement". These files will royally fuck with the mirror's belly measuring code. It kinda scales with actual women carrying multiples. Buuut there's a bit of an issue. The code makes no god damn sense. The developer's json is the most poorly structured garbo I've ever seen, and I can't find the actual execution of the mirror's logic anywhere, so I blindly fucked with some parameters until it started doing KINDA what I wanted. So now it goes to 180-220cm easy, but it doesn't auto-reset after giving birth lol. It just slowly goes back down. Using it is still entertaining, which is why it's here. If you want it, go nuts, but it's still kinda fucked and I can't figure out how to really get it to work properly. (addendum, I somewhat figured it out. It's now only like 15% fucked up.)

Now THIS bonus is fucking fantastic (and yeah I already posted it before)

go to: PPLSS\www\js\plugins\Global_Script.js

got it? Go about 40 lines down. you see this?

function multiBaby(it){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso =6
v[59] = 1
if ( s[59] ) { kiso= 3 }
for ( var i=10; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] = i ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

everywhere you see v[59] = change the 1 and the i to however many babies you want for Hazumi's next pregnancy. you now control the number of babies she'll have. FUCK RNG FOREVER! And yes, there's STILL no limit (double checked for

and that's it for me guys. Enjoy the game.

de79b No.57392

>>Sign in
>>to continue to Google Drive


d6b3b No.57393

yeah, dunno why that happened. The whole parent folder had public access, last I checked. Oh well, fixed

acb9d No.57395


The line of her belly is breaking in pixel and have a little white line. It's ok when she naked, but it clearly apear when her shirt's put on.

d6b3b No.57397

now that you mention it, the white padding line on her belly is pencil, not paint. Haven't taken a close look at the standing CGs in weeks lol. I'll polish and reupload them in the next couple days.

b5e2a No.57403

after giving birth in the hotel and after the took a vacation text i had a black screen,could still open the menu

09f55 No.57413

I'm going to clean up some of the new artwork if you don't mind, some of the edits aren't AA'ed right and a little blurry. I'll post them here when I'm done.

d6b3b No.57416

I don't mind. I needed to do polishing anyway. Pretty sure that's artifacting from being slightly resized mid-edit. if you wanna do it asap, go nuts.

I'll look into that

Cleaned it up a bit

104bf No.57418

>Adds a 5th stage of pregnancy that triggers at 34 weeks with multiples
The 5th Stage X-Ray with multiples is kinda strange when Hazumi only had 2 children in her womb the week before…and now suddenly 3??
I guees that is part of the game limitiations isnt it?

d6b3b No.57420

yeeeeeah. To make that work, I would need to make full sets of xrays for every quantity of multiple, and 8 or more highly detailed CGs, for an optional feature, was a bit too daunting for me.

Yet I needed a new xray CG to match the bigger belly, and I don't know how to draw an anime infant from scratch, so it's also very blurry due to resizing. That is easily the sloppiest part of the mod. sorry about that.

aac78 No.57442

The 3 sizes measurements are actually just rng.

acb9d No.57450

Well, here my thought.

How about you make a lot of belly size become RNG. Like the size of the baby. Not all the fetus is in the same size in real life, you know.

And btw, I got her overdue for about 256 week. Can you do anything about that.

ecc09 No.57460

How can i do "overdue"? Hazumi always give birth in 35 weeks with twins…

ecc09 No.57463

Bug is here. When you delivery triplets, game says that you birth only 2 babies

d6b3b No.57476

I'm curious, were you using the "control baby #" bonus thing when that one happened? I had that happen to me too after like 5 births, but all the other variables seemed to still be accurate, so I just ignored it.

the overdue thing is for a 1 baby pregnancy. (yes the xray is still 2 babies, probably not gonna make a stage 4 single baby xray because >>57420 )

from what I was able to find out through guessing, it seemed like the rng chose between json lines daily, I think? It certainly stopped subtracting 3 on some days when I removed the -3 line. v203, the "how much you ate" variable was mixed in there too, then, like 8 lines later, he does a reeeally overly simplified calculation of v332. Inflating the numbers in that calculation is was what wound up working pretty well.

that sounds like… a lot of work. whoa, 256? It could be my code. >>57403 had an issue with a birth scene. but I haven't seen anything like that. Are you using the official trial version? cuz that version prevents birth from ever happening.

d6b3b No.57477

fixed the hotel birth crash. >>57403

d6b3b No.57478

yeah dude, just tested all the births. Either there's a reeeeally specific bug that I could never find without your save, you are the luckiest man alive and got that far without save scumming, or you're using the trial version.

7afae No.57480

>> 57478
I'm using ver But actually, I have using the old save before adding this. And see already overdue at 56 week

e48b2 No.57517

File: 1558644527109.png (205.96 KB, 470x1200, stand_naked_bote_mega d.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's some updated (hopefully improved) art for the "mega" size. I cleaned up some of the shading and re-did a few things from scratch. I have not tested this, please tell me if everything works.


d6b3b No.57527

cleaned up my versions too. though I seem to have made a few inconsistencies that I'll fix eventually. One of them has 4 wrist outlines lol. Let me know if you guys see anything broken.

b5e2a No.57535

well now the timer during hotel sex is Japanese after updating the mod

d7171 No.57540

I noticed that, too. Not a big deal, but weird that it changed that way.

d6b3b No.57553

Inconsistencies have been cleaned from the standing CGs. Probably the final version of those, unless somebody finds something fucked up. Haven't done any polish on the sex CGs. Will do so at some point.

c8883 No.57563

is there a way to get past 34? I give birth at 34-37 all the time and was wondering how to get farther than that.

fecf4 No.57571

Savescum before sleeping. The game likes to trip birth early, especially with multiples.

22c24 No.57627

is there a certain way to trigger multiples or is it just rng

b793f No.57637

pretty realistic then considering most multiples never make it to typical full term

9aeb3 No.57784

File: 1559277567598.png (208.92 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Looks like someone messed with her feet.

4e9f6 No.57828

File: 1559386014100.png (249.45 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You missed out an image so here is one I edited, pixel by pixel.

d6b3b No.57840

aaaah, I fucked up the layering

b032e No.57858

Borrowing this posting a bit, but is there a game guide out there that tells you when's the best time to use the 4 items bought from the slum or, the item effect duration last till the result appears?

aac78 No.57860

They last until you get pregnant.

eaa66 No.57900

File: 1559583872865.png (248.8 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Theres a standalone size "mega" in the folder, you can grab that and erase as needed to make new images. Thanks for the heads-up.

d6b3b No.57907

File: 1559600720294.png (172.32 KB, 470x1200, redo.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

soooo I was getting the feeling the edits left something to be desired, so I redid them. lemme know if it's any good.

09f55 No.57922

The belly shape looks kinda weird

f80a6 No.57964

But I like this

c84df No.59053

The wiki said that even with Ovulation Inducer, the posibility to get twin is 16.7% from 6.67% and 8.3% to get triplet from 1.33%. If you think you reroll way too often than it should, here's why.

01a51 No.59257

Is the Ovulation inducer the same as the growth promoter mentioned on the wiki?

And does anyone know how to go to new game plus?

d6b3b No.59264

Ovulation inducer makes it so you don't have to wait for the menstrual cycle. Growth promoter makes it so you give birth like 4 times faster. To get to ng+, you have to have a baby, talk to auntie at obgyn to learn about keeping a baby you give birth to, make enough money, and keep a baby.

4b2f3 No.59480

Hey there! With Feunski's permission I just sent Mihiraghi the translation files to be used for the official game release. If you want, I can see if Mihiraghi is interested in your Bigger Belly Mod, and send it to him if he expresses interest. From my understanding Mihiraghi encouraged modding because he cannot please everyone. So let me know!

d6b3b No.59508

If you want to show him the Google drive, sure. Pls avoid showing him this thread tho, considering I call his json garbo in the 1st post lol. Not sure he'd care about my amateur art edits or my 3 coding changes, but I don't mind if he sees them.

4b2f3 No.59514

Actually, he discovered the translation thread. So there's a chance he will discover this thread anyway. But if I do show him the files, I'll just message him through twitter. Thanks!

d6b3b No.59526

File: 1563554501672.png (486.15 KB, 727x658, 4f7w6nya1ef21~2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

ruh roh raggy

d6b3b No.59527

For real though, it's probably fine. I just wish we could've cleaned up a few things in these threads before he found us

e6c5c No.59529

sorry for interrupting u guys, just want to ask.. how can i open the slums in this game?, or is there a guide for this game?

aac78 No.59530

There is a guide included in my mega archive with the translation.

f8446 No.59872

this mod is so good! how long did it take you to make it? is there any plans for a 6th stage?

d6b3b No.59910

Thanks! The coding changes took me about 2 days and the original edits took probably like a week including the polishing I did after releasing. The redos of the edits (the ones currently posted) was a weekend.

I actually experimented with a 6th stage while I redid the edits, but gave up. the 5th stage nearly maxed out the current png width, and when I tried to resize it without losing the centering, the body CG ignored my efforts and zoomed halfway off the screen while the facial expressions were left floating in mid air. It was both the funniest and most horrifying thing I've ever made, and sadly a bar to making the belly significantly bigger without spending a long time figuring out how to redo the png's starting point. On the up side, you now know that's as pregnant as she could possibly get. She is quite literally and figuratively at her limit.

f8446 No.59913


It's definitely a game changer. I've been playing this game non stop and your mod is just incredible. Also being able to fix the number of babies she has is amazing!

That's a shame, but good to know. Thanks again!

09564 No.59934

Haha, I think I broke it. I had her have 1000 babies at once, and now she seemingly can't get pregnant again. Things just got weird.

Make 4,000,000 a session though.

Really great job though with your edits. Anyone have any insight to the lactation system? As I birth more, that seems to go down.

200be No.59935

The thing is, u must keep squeezing the milk out to prolong lactation

0e2f1 No.59949

I've had her pump three damn times a day and the milk still dries up. Fortunately, using the drugs from the Slum helps me get her knocked up again nice and quick, which brings the milk supply back up.

aac78 No.59950

There's a bio-mod that increases the lactation period. Remember, this game is designed to be beaten several times to stack up New Game+ bonuses.

3001e No.59951

This, plus doing it a couple times a day for 4 or 5 pregnancies, she'll only stop lactating for a few days before birth, then start back up again.

35eea No.59952

Come for the pregnancy wanks, stay for the dairy farm simulator.

0e2f1 No.59953

Yeah, and I've got that bio-mod too. I'm saving up for the multi-pregnancy mod

d6b3b No.59954

Getting milked during sex also counts towards extending lactation. You won't get the milk, but if you forget to go to the mirror, it's an alternative option.

I figured somebody would go mental with the baby count eventually. Can't imagine how the birth script handled all that text. Glad you like the mod.

be1df No.60541

How can I get twins or additional fertilization (without "ovulation inducer" drugs) using PRM-SJ6J27(fertilization sensor bio-module) and 7 of my RZH-UHHB6473(fertilization chance increaser bio-module). The wiki said that there are 7% chance to get additional fertilization during first trimester, can you increase the chance of fertilization during first trimester?

da1d8 No.60906

is there a way to enable barechest CG? Looking at some of the pics in the pictures folder made me wonder

4085d No.60908

If you lactate more you get less. The first one of the day tends to be the most then it's down from there. I found that the most you get is either near the end of a pregnancy or post-partum (at one point I think I got 3500ml from one squeeze). If you use drugs to get pregnant again immediately after you really don't need the lactation biomod since you can keep the period extended long enough to make it through the next one. However I found it was more worth it to just squeeze once/twice during the <100ml days then skip days with sleep until it started pouring out (500+) and maximize AP with parfaits/max bed/alarm clock for the extra session. At this point I had enough that rent was never an issue, though you actually don't have to pay rent. I had the landlord come over 10 times with no money just to see what happened and other than not having any money you aren't penalized.

I found it pretty consistent that you get it if you use ovulation drugs off the normal cycle, then when you're "supposed" to ovulate normally then she gets the extra baby. Never had multiples of the bonus baby even with the multiples number set to a specific amount.

7d9f5 No.60949

So… it means I need to replace one by one the images and files by selecting the previous one and then overwrite it with the new one with the same name of the archive?

aac78 No.60953

Why not just drop the whole folder?

d6b3b No.60958

this >>60953

the barechest cg is when she lactates.

d6b3b No.60959

oh yeah, speaking of AP, this game actually wants you to eat different foods. Didn't even realize until my last play through, but apparently eating a food, a drink, and a sweet maximizes AP way better. ex. chips + cider + parfait

4085d No.60967

I think it does but I figured the 1 extra ap wouldn't be helpful compared to just speed inputting a single high tier item. I think you can get a max of 4 squeezes and if you had the extra different food bonus you wouldn't have enough AP for another time skip (bathing, homework) for it to matter.

4085d No.60969

also it still took forever to get the 200 point womb upgrade. I was either playin other vidya or watching youtube videos to pass that time. >>60968 I posted a save file.

3f007 No.61324

File: 1567493854031.jpg (833.58 KB, 2110x541, whatisthis?.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Are client traits supposed to be obscured? I start replaying the game in recent version and I found like 1-2 extra trait that didnt appeared in the dating site but active during sex.

4085d No.61358

File: 1567583449883.jpg (166.71 KB, 818x656, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


maybe this setting is off?

d500d No.61361

So I'm trying to make the randomization on the number of children Hazumi can have easier. I've been messing with the code for both the original impregnation and the post-impregnation implantation events and I've managed to get more children from her in the latter, but it only adds one child to the stats rather than the full amount. Has anyone else been trying to mess with this as well? I like the random chance more than just fixing the amount each time, so any help would be great.

88b27 No.61363


I have been trying some stuff as well, but I'm neither familiar to writing script nor coding. I tried to increase the chances for more multiples and heavier babies the more pregnancies Hazumi has (like in real life) but I didn't succeed. I hope to talk to Miraghi about this if they would like to implement this. I think it would add a nice flavor.

d500d No.61374


I just managed to get both parts to work properly. Here's the changed code for others that want random chance amounts of babies:

function multiBaby(it){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso = 6
v[59] = 1
if ( s[59] ) { kiso = 3 }
for ( var i=10; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm(i)){
v[59] = i

This was a simpler fix than I originally thought. The have a wider range, just change the value of "i" in the for statement (where i=10 in my case.)

Now, for those that want to get more children through overlapping pregnancies and to have the correct amount show up, here's the change for that:

function combinedPregnancy(){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;
if(!v[59]){ alert(`重複妊娠エラー!胎児の判定が行われていません!\nどこでこのメッセージが出たか報告してください`) }
v[59] += Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1;
v[374] = []
v[359] = 0
v[360] = 0
var tmp
for ( var i=v[59]; i>0; i– ){
tmp = randmm(1)
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

Again, simpler than I thought but works nonetheless. To change the range, just change the value of 10 to whatever you want. Cheers.

34de2 No.61430

Is it possible to change the "masturbation forbidding" characteristic to "blue balls"? Thats a more correct translation! Also to add additional sperm? Haven't found the correct parameter yet, but at least edited the graphics for it. So far I was able to get up to 500ml in her uterus and edited the graphics to display it. But now I got some problems with overlapping images while in ovulation or pregnancy, hard to tell if this could be fixed at all. Anyone got an idea?

34de2 No.61432

File: 1567781506232.png (1.21 MB, 1219x938, 2019_09_06_16_33_35_D_User….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyway there is a way to add Emojis to the main code. So its possible to display pictures. Just use the corret emojis for fonts and it'll work (ASCII Version). See in PIC

I'd like to change/add the cum belly bulge feature for her, doing the graphics is easy… but I don't have the time to get into the java stuff actually. Granted Java is easy but still needs some time to get into it. Anyone here wants to help with that stuff?

aac78 No.61434

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

34de2 No.61443

Hehe, was just a test :P

7a85c No.61445

>there is a way to add Emojis to the main code


d6b3b No.61453

wow I missed some shit it seems.

that's more of a feunski thing. >>54283

>>61432 wow, that looks great. cuts down on text clutter too. You need help with coding a new set of CG?
Lemme see here… got it. check my google drive. Did this in like an hour and I haven't tested it, so it'll probably be buggy af, but the structure seems right. There are a few changes you need to make as well, so look for my notations. they should be marked with ////////////////////////. your graphics need to add '_cum' to the end of their names. also, v(27) is the value of the cum in vagina value in the menu.

aac78 No.61455

I believe that blue balls is general orgasm denial, while masturbation forbbiden refers to not using certain actions. I think Mihiraghi would have noticed such an error, but if that is how that characteric works, then please tell me.

d6b3b No.61459

yeah that was my first thought too. Maybe, like, "pent up"? I dunno. It's not detracting from the game. I say just keep it as is.

34de2 No.61460

well it could also mean "masturbation abstinence" or "blue balls"

parts of the code… the stuff is even displayed here… :D Kinda universal
var items = ['Charm','💏Total Encounters','','💨Cum On Body','💨Cum In Vagina','💨Cum In Uterus',
'💨Total On Body','💨Total In Vagina','💨Total In Uterus','','Phase',
var valnum = [307,49,'',10,11,13,50,51,53,
var vitems = ['      ','x','','mL','mL','sperm','mL','mL','sperm','','','','x','x','x']
!s[44] ? items.splice(2,1,' 💖 Virgin 💖') : items.splice(2,1,'') // 処女
// サブテクスト
if(s[22]&&!s[43]) {
items.splice(11,1,' She suspects she\'s pregnant')
} else if( v[43] && !s[43] && s[4] ) {
items.splice(11,1,' She hasn\'t figured it out yet…')
} else if (v[338] >= 1) {
items.splice(11,1,'        Lactating')
} else if (s[49]){
items[11] = ' Dangerous Day'
col[11] = 18
} else {
// 男女出産回数splice
if ( v[56] ) { items.splice(14,1, items[14] + ' 👦🏻 ' + Number(v[57]) + 'x' + ' 👧🏻 ' + Number(v[58]) + 'x') }
s[50] ? items.splice(9,1,'📏B:' + v[331] + ' W:' + v[332] + ' H:' + v[333] ) + valnum.splice(9,1, 334 ) : items.splice(9,1,'') + valnum.splice(9,1,null)
if(s[346] && s[44]){// ビーカー所持かつ非処女
col[2] = 27
items[2] = `🥛Total Milk`
valnum[2] = 506
vitems[2] = `mL`
for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
v[valnum[i]] = v[valnum[i]] || 0
var num = (valnum[i]==null||0||'') ? '' : (v[valnum[i]] + ' ' + vitems[i])
if (i===0 && s[8]){
v[370] = v[370] || 0
let exp = v[370]
exp = String(exp)
//if(exp > 0 && exp < 10){ exp = strIns(exp, 0, '0') }
//if(exp >= 1){ exp = strIns(exp, exp.length-1, '.') }
items.splice(0,1,'💋Charm '+v[307])
num = ( '⭐Exp ' + exp )

d6b3b No.61463

if it limits what you can do in the sex minigame, it probably should stay the way it is. However, From what I read while searching for the meanings of the variables, it doesn't. It seemed to just mean that the dude cums more & faster, but I didn't scrutinize google translate's interpretation for that one. Nor did I think to check if options were disabled during sex. *shrugs*

if there's anything that should get added, its that emoji code. Japan singlehandedly popularized the emoji format, the menu is a phone app, and it looks cleaner. Fuckin' aces.

aac78 No.61479

I took another look at the Jp code, and the term used is actually slang for "someone who doesn't masturbate". I didn't realize that and thought it refered to masturbating during sex. You can change it to "backed up" or something similar here.

aac78 No.61501

I changed "Masturbation Forbidden" to "Doesn't Masturbate".

d55b0 No.61504

Well for me that means… if that guy doesn't have a girl (very unlikely he has when he wants prostitutes) he kinda has blue balls coz of the pressure on his rod… this still leads to a new ability (at least for me) :D

I still looking for the cum amount in game files but can't really find anything :/ just some little maths but it seems its just random.

Speaking of randomness… the cum amount is also quite non-linear. For more realism the cum amount should get less after each shot

I still want to mod some of the statistics that doesnt really have an use yet. like "Masturbation forbidden", "doesn't masturbate", "Blue Balls", "Save up semen" or however this should be translated (オナ禁)

so far I just found these parameters:

var seieki = randmm(3500)
var juseiTotal = juseiPer * seieki / 100
var juseiThreshold = randmm(1600,200)
if(juseiTotal > juseiThreshold){
$gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._jusei = 1-0
$gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._juseiCount = $gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._juseiCount+1 || 1

while jusai seems the random variable from "Data_H.json". This code defines the amount of cum as "seieki" what is another random variable. A treshold exists, if Hazumi get's a specific amount of cum from a single prostitution in her womb, she will get pregnant instantly. Another line in data:h.json states "This much semen is enough to get pregnant." if it's translated correctly this realls should happen.

I also changed some lines for "data_H.json" to fit my further changes…

"in_notify":["Notification Error","A tiny amount","A small amount","A normal amount","A decent amount","A plentiful amount","A huge amount","A massive amount","A MEGA amount","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""],

in preparation for a mod for it.

same goes for her fluid state:

"f_stat":["Error","very dry","litte dry","dry","slightly wet","little wet","moderately wet","wet","very wet","soaking wet","dripping wet","dripping","oozing","sopping","flowing out","leaking out","pouring out","streaming","gushing","splattering","squirting","bursting","","","","","","","","",""],

d55b0 No.61505

Anyway… to come to a point…

An active and healthy person should have some more semen and cum some more often than a person with work fatigue or being fat.

The factor "impotent" doesn't really have an use yet… could mean this person just shots hot air. Always "A tiny amount"

while a person with "Blue balls" or "Saving up semen" should have the most semen. (Well its still is a fetish game and I really can imagine japanese guys saving up just to shoot in lots :D)

I personally think there is much stuff missing that was planned but was abandoned in the end.

I still need to find the parameters for "Jusei" and "Seieki" to mod thins kinda stuff and putting in additional graphics.

Btw. I don't know why ppl have problems to get her pregnant. Coz' when she has like 200-300ml of cum in her uterus she is kinda permanent pregnant.

d6b3b No.61507

you might be over complicating it a bit. a lot of the json is just flavor text, and the parameters for when the flavor text should activate.

The value you want is variable 11, v(11) in code. It's the "cum in vagina" variable. I've tried to edit the "cum in uterus" before to be ml instead of sperm count. It doesn't work and fucks with too much of the rest of the code. To properly add a "bulge" feature, using 11 is your best bet. If you really just want to do it on your own and not use the files I posted, open up all the js and json files in the game in notepad++ and ctrl-f search for v(11) and v[11] in all documents. It should show you where every instance is.

If you're also looking for the calculation that decides how many ml each shot is worth, well, you're on your own with that one. No idea.

Just, ya know, reminder, I did like 90% of the coding already when you asked for help. It's sitting in the google drive. Relevant parts notated with ////////////////. It's rigged to let you add as many belly sizes as you want too.

d55b0 No.61509

yeah I wanted to merge/start from your version. But kinda got the same problems you already described. :/

d6b3b No.61510

well, I'm willing to help if you have questions.

(also if you downloaded the files earlier, I noticed a major fuckup only like 10 minutes ago. I misread the save editor as variable 27 instead of variable 11. Fixed and reuploaded it)

aac78 No.61512

Impotent means they have difficulty getting an erection. Also, the "doesn't masturbate" characteristic should shorten the time before ejaculation.

c5117 No.61514

Do you have the English ver, If so, could you give me the link of the game to download it?

aac78 No.61518

Please stop begging.

368b8 No.61519

File: 1567933267047.jpg (3.16 MB, 3235x2480, traitsproblem.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


ok now i have a legit problem. All clients have traits of the buttom end client (if buttom end client has "dislike saggy belly", everyone have it, too.) despite that they are displayed correctly everywhere else and reward from each client still stay the same.

21c1f No.61554


I re-download and re-install the game and my problem was solved, I think. As you can see in my previous post, there is something wrong with translation and probably something else as well.

a4923 No.61564

File: 1568051173699.png (67.35 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_pregnant_mega_mu….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I drew triplet womb for belly mod because the edited one doesnt seems proportional to me when compared to the twins womb.
Anyway, it seems like this mod is outdated since 28/8/2019 translation update and it become a little bit wonky like in >>61519 . Other than that, the game seems to work just find.

d6b3b No.61567

Have there been any changes to Display_CG, Display_stand, and Global_function lately? The JP code seemed pretty set in stone, and there wasn't much to translate on those. I just assumed they were still safe.

aac78 No.61569

I don't think so.

a7df6 No.61585

Is there a way to separate twin and triplet pregnancy to diferent stages?
I mean that you can do a solo preg, then with less chance twin preg, and more less chance to triplet preg, with birth of triplets, and IMPORTENT that you had a different animations on each pregnancy!?
It is possible?

In one of game i had twins pregnancy, and, when she give birth, there was a 6 or more babies… It is a bug or that is normal?

d6b3b No.61587

anything is possible. the question is "how much time and effort is it worth to make that happen". for me, well, read this >>57420

I have noticed that playing with the multiple pregnancy code can sometimes can lead to an unintended number of infants, 1 or 2 more than you put in. I dunno what your error is. If the obgyn saw twins, and it came out as 6, I have no idea. Can't really solve that puzzle unless you inputted 2 yourself and it came out different.

4b4ad No.61657

File: 1568437769310.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 70000546_1061099080752843_….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

how can i increase the day without birth?

d6b3b No.61658

by saving before sleeping, then reloading when you get the birth scene..? You seem to have figured that much out, considering yshe's 59 weeks.

side note, this is where I got more concrete definitions of all the traits back when I was making the bigger belly mod. Probably should've posted this ages ago. https://seesaawiki.jp/hazumi/d/%c7%e4%bd%d5%c1%ea%bc%ea%a4%ce%c6%c3%c4%a7

7820c No.61787

File: 1568709555730-0.png (84.01 KB, 816x624, M_CG_cut_nama_BIG_COCKxxx.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-1.png (92.06 KB, 816x624, M_CG_cut_nama.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-2.png (100.71 KB, 816x624, D_CG_cut_nama.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-3.png (27.04 KB, 816x624, Swollen belly_HUGE COCK.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Funfact according to the table:


really means:

Ona prohibited - semen is collected. Increased semen volume in one ejaculation

Anyway I got some problems with the game after some time, I guess its caused by "Lucky Flower" and "Lucky Compass" in high counts and/or the Charm amount. My personal guess is the Lucky Compass. Coz what happens is: The reactions on characteristics aren't displayed anymore (text) same as the characteristics doesn't appear at all. No rich ppl, no stingy, no big dick, kinda nothing…

Anyway: some graphic adjustments uncensored normal and big cock… but i dunno If I proceed with the big cock graphics on my own, 'coz it needs a new graphics for cum-in aswell, this takes some time…. If anyone is willing to help… Let me know… Condom just needs some light/color and suturation changes for the graphics. Anyway I also need to polish it some more its just a blink how i think this should look like.

4085d No.61823

What exactly DOES the lucky flower and compass do?

7820c No.61829


Well the compass expands the possible traits/characteristics for clients. My guess is there are some problems involved when you reach a count when new characteristics aren't available due to restrictions… like "likes breast milk" and "dislikes breast milk" isn't possible for the same person.

Anyway the english translation also has some errors. "Masturbation forbidden" is a variable that is used in cum calculation, its translated wrong in some of the variables lead to nothing is calculated

20a52 No.61839

Changing the code to this causes a "refrence error game events is not defined" when i attempt to sleep.

aac78 No.61840

Just change all instances to "Doesn't Masturbate".

4b2f3 No.61853

In my earlier playthroughs, I farmed so much money and charm that I was able to easily afford over 100 lucky flowers and compasses each. The luck was so high that almost all the clients basically payed Hazumi to sit and talk, usually with added bonus. Also a high rate of futa clients.

d6b3b No.61855

Yeah, I had the same experience, though I just edited the save. Before the compass and flower values tick over into "fuck you, I'm out" territory, it gives you rich futas who don't want to fuck. It actually breaks the game entirely, because Hazumi can never get pregnant.

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