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File: 1558412547360.png (389.77 KB, 532x856, Picture1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

d6b3b No.57388[Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone. I'ma make this thread to avoid clogging Feunski's with more crap, and to have a place where everyone can give me bug reports. If ya find anything broken, let me know.

So I made a mod for Hazumi&Pregsstate that does a whole bunch of visual stuff.


~Adds a 5th stage of pregnancy that triggers at 34 weeks with multiples
~makes the 4th stage trigger when Hazumi is 42 weeks with a single baby
~adds 2 new pregnancy stages for the sex minigame/birth. They should correspond with stage 4 and stage 5 of pregnancy

Step 1:
Go buy the game. Like, please. I beg. We all know you can find it on your own, but I would personally appreciate it if you supported this guy. We need more of these whacky, super-detailed pregnancy sims and nobody else is making this shit right now. If we give him dosh, he'll likely make more. Even if you have to play through the whole game to convince yourself to support the guy, that's cool. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ239186.html

Step 2: (probably optional. I never tested this mod on a completely japanese version. It likely works just fine without the eng patch)
download and apply the english patch. Feunski made it. His page and translation link are here >>54283

Step 3:
just go to my drive link, download the js files and Pictures folder, then replace them with their identical folder+files in the game itself. Should be in *\Hazumi and Pregsstate(v1.2.12.1)\PPLSS\www\img AND …www\js\plugins and you're all set.

*always make backups. I'm not infallible. My code might have a bug or two.*


I have 2 little bonuses here as well.

As you might've noticed, there's an extra folder in my google drive labelled "Measurement". These files will royally fuck with the mirror's belly measuring code. It kinda scales with actual women carrying multiples. Buuut there's a bit of an issue. The code makes no god damn sense. The developer's json is the most poorly structured garbo I've ever seen, and I can't find the actual execution of the mirror's logic anywhere, so I blindly fucked with some parameters until it started doing KINDA what I wanted. So now it goes to 180-220cm easy, but it doesn't auto-reset after giving birth lol. It just slowly goes back down. Using it is still entertaining, which is why it's here. If you want it, go nuts, but it's still kinda fucked and I can't figure out how to really get it to work properly. (addendum, I somewhat figured it out. It's now only like 15% fucked up.)

Now THIS bonus is fucking fantastic (and yeah I already posted it before)

go to: PPLSS\www\js\plugins\Global_Script.js

got it? Go about 40 lines down. you see this?

function multiBaby(it){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso =6
v[59] = 1
if ( s[59] ) { kiso= 3 }
for ( var i=10; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] = i ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

everywhere you see v[59] = change the 1 and the i to however many babies you want for Hazumi's next pregnancy. you now control the number of babies she'll have. FUCK RNG FOREVER! And yes, there's STILL no limit (double checked for

and that's it for me guys. Enjoy the game.

de79b No.57392

>>Sign in
>>to continue to Google Drive


d6b3b No.57393

yeah, dunno why that happened. The whole parent folder had public access, last I checked. Oh well, fixed

acb9d No.57395


The line of her belly is breaking in pixel and have a little white line. It's ok when she naked, but it clearly apear when her shirt's put on.

d6b3b No.57397

now that you mention it, the white padding line on her belly is pencil, not paint. Haven't taken a close look at the standing CGs in weeks lol. I'll polish and reupload them in the next couple days.

b5e2a No.57403

after giving birth in the hotel and after the took a vacation text i had a black screen,could still open the menu

09f55 No.57413

I'm going to clean up some of the new artwork if you don't mind, some of the edits aren't AA'ed right and a little blurry. I'll post them here when I'm done.

d6b3b No.57416

I don't mind. I needed to do polishing anyway. Pretty sure that's artifacting from being slightly resized mid-edit. if you wanna do it asap, go nuts.

I'll look into that

Cleaned it up a bit

104bf No.57418

>Adds a 5th stage of pregnancy that triggers at 34 weeks with multiples
The 5th Stage X-Ray with multiples is kinda strange when Hazumi only had 2 children in her womb the week before…and now suddenly 3??
I guees that is part of the game limitiations isnt it?

d6b3b No.57420

yeeeeeah. To make that work, I would need to make full sets of xrays for every quantity of multiple, and 8 or more highly detailed CGs, for an optional feature, was a bit too daunting for me.

Yet I needed a new xray CG to match the bigger belly, and I don't know how to draw an anime infant from scratch, so it's also very blurry due to resizing. That is easily the sloppiest part of the mod. sorry about that.

aac78 No.57442

The 3 sizes measurements are actually just rng.

acb9d No.57450

Well, here my thought.

How about you make a lot of belly size become RNG. Like the size of the baby. Not all the fetus is in the same size in real life, you know.

And btw, I got her overdue for about 256 week. Can you do anything about that.

ecc09 No.57460

How can i do "overdue"? Hazumi always give birth in 35 weeks with twins…

ecc09 No.57463

Bug is here. When you delivery triplets, game says that you birth only 2 babies

d6b3b No.57476

I'm curious, were you using the "control baby #" bonus thing when that one happened? I had that happen to me too after like 5 births, but all the other variables seemed to still be accurate, so I just ignored it.

the overdue thing is for a 1 baby pregnancy. (yes the xray is still 2 babies, probably not gonna make a stage 4 single baby xray because >>57420 )

from what I was able to find out through guessing, it seemed like the rng chose between json lines daily, I think? It certainly stopped subtracting 3 on some days when I removed the -3 line. v203, the "how much you ate" variable was mixed in there too, then, like 8 lines later, he does a reeeally overly simplified calculation of v332. Inflating the numbers in that calculation is was what wound up working pretty well.

that sounds like… a lot of work. whoa, 256? It could be my code. >>57403 had an issue with a birth scene. but I haven't seen anything like that. Are you using the official trial version? cuz that version prevents birth from ever happening.

d6b3b No.57477

fixed the hotel birth crash. >>57403

d6b3b No.57478

yeah dude, just tested all the births. Either there's a reeeeally specific bug that I could never find without your save, you are the luckiest man alive and got that far without save scumming, or you're using the trial version.

7afae No.57480

>> 57478
I'm using ver But actually, I have using the old save before adding this. And see already overdue at 56 week

e48b2 No.57517

File: 1558644527109.png (205.96 KB, 470x1200, stand_naked_bote_mega d.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's some updated (hopefully improved) art for the "mega" size. I cleaned up some of the shading and re-did a few things from scratch. I have not tested this, please tell me if everything works.


d6b3b No.57527

cleaned up my versions too. though I seem to have made a few inconsistencies that I'll fix eventually. One of them has 4 wrist outlines lol. Let me know if you guys see anything broken.

b5e2a No.57535

well now the timer during hotel sex is Japanese after updating the mod

d7171 No.57540

I noticed that, too. Not a big deal, but weird that it changed that way.

d6b3b No.57553

Inconsistencies have been cleaned from the standing CGs. Probably the final version of those, unless somebody finds something fucked up. Haven't done any polish on the sex CGs. Will do so at some point.

c8883 No.57563

is there a way to get past 34? I give birth at 34-37 all the time and was wondering how to get farther than that.

fecf4 No.57571

Savescum before sleeping. The game likes to trip birth early, especially with multiples.

22c24 No.57627

is there a certain way to trigger multiples or is it just rng

b793f No.57637

pretty realistic then considering most multiples never make it to typical full term

9aeb3 No.57784

File: 1559277567598.png (208.92 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Looks like someone messed with her feet.

4e9f6 No.57828

File: 1559386014100.png (249.45 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You missed out an image so here is one I edited, pixel by pixel.

d6b3b No.57840

aaaah, I fucked up the layering

b032e No.57858

Borrowing this posting a bit, but is there a game guide out there that tells you when's the best time to use the 4 items bought from the slum or, the item effect duration last till the result appears?

aac78 No.57860

They last until you get pregnant.

eaa66 No.57900

File: 1559583872865.png (248.8 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Theres a standalone size "mega" in the folder, you can grab that and erase as needed to make new images. Thanks for the heads-up.

d6b3b No.57907

File: 1559600720294.png (172.32 KB, 470x1200, redo.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

soooo I was getting the feeling the edits left something to be desired, so I redid them. lemme know if it's any good.

09f55 No.57922

The belly shape looks kinda weird

f80a6 No.57964

But I like this

c84df No.59053

The wiki said that even with Ovulation Inducer, the posibility to get twin is 16.7% from 6.67% and 8.3% to get triplet from 1.33%. If you think you reroll way too often than it should, here's why.

01a51 No.59257

Is the Ovulation inducer the same as the growth promoter mentioned on the wiki?

And does anyone know how to go to new game plus?

d6b3b No.59264

Ovulation inducer makes it so you don't have to wait for the menstrual cycle. Growth promoter makes it so you give birth like 4 times faster. To get to ng+, you have to have a baby, talk to auntie at obgyn to learn about keeping a baby you give birth to, make enough money, and keep a baby.

4b2f3 No.59480

Hey there! With Feunski's permission I just sent Mihiraghi the translation files to be used for the official game release. If you want, I can see if Mihiraghi is interested in your Bigger Belly Mod, and send it to him if he expresses interest. From my understanding Mihiraghi encouraged modding because he cannot please everyone. So let me know!

d6b3b No.59508

If you want to show him the Google drive, sure. Pls avoid showing him this thread tho, considering I call his json garbo in the 1st post lol. Not sure he'd care about my amateur art edits or my 3 coding changes, but I don't mind if he sees them.

4b2f3 No.59514

Actually, he discovered the translation thread. So there's a chance he will discover this thread anyway. But if I do show him the files, I'll just message him through twitter. Thanks!

d6b3b No.59526

File: 1563554501672.png (486.15 KB, 727x658, 4f7w6nya1ef21~2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

ruh roh raggy

d6b3b No.59527

For real though, it's probably fine. I just wish we could've cleaned up a few things in these threads before he found us

e6c5c No.59529

sorry for interrupting u guys, just want to ask.. how can i open the slums in this game?, or is there a guide for this game?

aac78 No.59530

There is a guide included in my mega archive with the translation.

f8446 No.59872

this mod is so good! how long did it take you to make it? is there any plans for a 6th stage?

d6b3b No.59910

Thanks! The coding changes took me about 2 days and the original edits took probably like a week including the polishing I did after releasing. The redos of the edits (the ones currently posted) was a weekend.

I actually experimented with a 6th stage while I redid the edits, but gave up. the 5th stage nearly maxed out the current png width, and when I tried to resize it without losing the centering, the body CG ignored my efforts and zoomed halfway off the screen while the facial expressions were left floating in mid air. It was both the funniest and most horrifying thing I've ever made, and sadly a bar to making the belly significantly bigger without spending a long time figuring out how to redo the png's starting point. On the up side, you now know that's as pregnant as she could possibly get. She is quite literally and figuratively at her limit.

f8446 No.59913


It's definitely a game changer. I've been playing this game non stop and your mod is just incredible. Also being able to fix the number of babies she has is amazing!

That's a shame, but good to know. Thanks again!

09564 No.59934

Haha, I think I broke it. I had her have 1000 babies at once, and now she seemingly can't get pregnant again. Things just got weird.

Make 4,000,000 a session though.

Really great job though with your edits. Anyone have any insight to the lactation system? As I birth more, that seems to go down.

200be No.59935

The thing is, u must keep squeezing the milk out to prolong lactation

0e2f1 No.59949

I've had her pump three damn times a day and the milk still dries up. Fortunately, using the drugs from the Slum helps me get her knocked up again nice and quick, which brings the milk supply back up.

aac78 No.59950

There's a bio-mod that increases the lactation period. Remember, this game is designed to be beaten several times to stack up New Game+ bonuses.

3001e No.59951

This, plus doing it a couple times a day for 4 or 5 pregnancies, she'll only stop lactating for a few days before birth, then start back up again.

35eea No.59952

Come for the pregnancy wanks, stay for the dairy farm simulator.

0e2f1 No.59953

Yeah, and I've got that bio-mod too. I'm saving up for the multi-pregnancy mod

d6b3b No.59954

Getting milked during sex also counts towards extending lactation. You won't get the milk, but if you forget to go to the mirror, it's an alternative option.

I figured somebody would go mental with the baby count eventually. Can't imagine how the birth script handled all that text. Glad you like the mod.

be1df No.60541

How can I get twins or additional fertilization (without "ovulation inducer" drugs) using PRM-SJ6J27(fertilization sensor bio-module) and 7 of my RZH-UHHB6473(fertilization chance increaser bio-module). The wiki said that there are 7% chance to get additional fertilization during first trimester, can you increase the chance of fertilization during first trimester?

da1d8 No.60906

is there a way to enable barechest CG? Looking at some of the pics in the pictures folder made me wonder

4085d No.60908

If you lactate more you get less. The first one of the day tends to be the most then it's down from there. I found that the most you get is either near the end of a pregnancy or post-partum (at one point I think I got 3500ml from one squeeze). If you use drugs to get pregnant again immediately after you really don't need the lactation biomod since you can keep the period extended long enough to make it through the next one. However I found it was more worth it to just squeeze once/twice during the <100ml days then skip days with sleep until it started pouring out (500+) and maximize AP with parfaits/max bed/alarm clock for the extra session. At this point I had enough that rent was never an issue, though you actually don't have to pay rent. I had the landlord come over 10 times with no money just to see what happened and other than not having any money you aren't penalized.

I found it pretty consistent that you get it if you use ovulation drugs off the normal cycle, then when you're "supposed" to ovulate normally then she gets the extra baby. Never had multiples of the bonus baby even with the multiples number set to a specific amount.

7d9f5 No.60949

So… it means I need to replace one by one the images and files by selecting the previous one and then overwrite it with the new one with the same name of the archive?

aac78 No.60953

Why not just drop the whole folder?

d6b3b No.60958

this >>60953

the barechest cg is when she lactates.

d6b3b No.60959

oh yeah, speaking of AP, this game actually wants you to eat different foods. Didn't even realize until my last play through, but apparently eating a food, a drink, and a sweet maximizes AP way better. ex. chips + cider + parfait

4085d No.60967

I think it does but I figured the 1 extra ap wouldn't be helpful compared to just speed inputting a single high tier item. I think you can get a max of 4 squeezes and if you had the extra different food bonus you wouldn't have enough AP for another time skip (bathing, homework) for it to matter.

4085d No.60969

also it still took forever to get the 200 point womb upgrade. I was either playin other vidya or watching youtube videos to pass that time. >>60968 I posted a save file.

3f007 No.61324

File: 1567493854031.jpg (833.58 KB, 2110x541, whatisthis?.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Are client traits supposed to be obscured? I start replaying the game in recent version and I found like 1-2 extra trait that didnt appeared in the dating site but active during sex.

4085d No.61358

File: 1567583449883.jpg (166.71 KB, 818x656, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


maybe this setting is off?

d500d No.61361

So I'm trying to make the randomization on the number of children Hazumi can have easier. I've been messing with the code for both the original impregnation and the post-impregnation implantation events and I've managed to get more children from her in the latter, but it only adds one child to the stats rather than the full amount. Has anyone else been trying to mess with this as well? I like the random chance more than just fixing the amount each time, so any help would be great.

88b27 No.61363


I have been trying some stuff as well, but I'm neither familiar to writing script nor coding. I tried to increase the chances for more multiples and heavier babies the more pregnancies Hazumi has (like in real life) but I didn't succeed. I hope to talk to Miraghi about this if they would like to implement this. I think it would add a nice flavor.

d500d No.61374


I just managed to get both parts to work properly. Here's the changed code for others that want random chance amounts of babies:

function multiBaby(it){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso = 6
v[59] = 1
if ( s[59] ) { kiso = 3 }
for ( var i=10; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm(i)){
v[59] = i

This was a simpler fix than I originally thought. The have a wider range, just change the value of "i" in the for statement (where i=10 in my case.)

Now, for those that want to get more children through overlapping pregnancies and to have the correct amount show up, here's the change for that:

function combinedPregnancy(){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;
if(!v[59]){ alert(`重複妊娠エラー!胎児の判定が行われていません!\nどこでこのメッセージが出たか報告してください`) }
v[59] += Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1;
v[374] = []
v[359] = 0
v[360] = 0
var tmp
for ( var i=v[59]; i>0; i– ){
tmp = randmm(1)
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

Again, simpler than I thought but works nonetheless. To change the range, just change the value of 10 to whatever you want. Cheers.

34de2 No.61430

Is it possible to change the "masturbation forbidding" characteristic to "blue balls"? Thats a more correct translation! Also to add additional sperm? Haven't found the correct parameter yet, but at least edited the graphics for it. So far I was able to get up to 500ml in her uterus and edited the graphics to display it. But now I got some problems with overlapping images while in ovulation or pregnancy, hard to tell if this could be fixed at all. Anyone got an idea?

34de2 No.61432

File: 1567781506232.png (1.21 MB, 1219x938, 2019_09_06_16_33_35_D_User….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyway there is a way to add Emojis to the main code. So its possible to display pictures. Just use the corret emojis for fonts and it'll work (ASCII Version). See in PIC

I'd like to change/add the cum belly bulge feature for her, doing the graphics is easy… but I don't have the time to get into the java stuff actually. Granted Java is easy but still needs some time to get into it. Anyone here wants to help with that stuff?

aac78 No.61434

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

34de2 No.61443

Hehe, was just a test :P

7a85c No.61445

>there is a way to add Emojis to the main code


d6b3b No.61453

wow I missed some shit it seems.

that's more of a feunski thing. >>54283

>>61432 wow, that looks great. cuts down on text clutter too. You need help with coding a new set of CG?
Lemme see here… got it. check my google drive. Did this in like an hour and I haven't tested it, so it'll probably be buggy af, but the structure seems right. There are a few changes you need to make as well, so look for my notations. they should be marked with ////////////////////////. your graphics need to add '_cum' to the end of their names. also, v(27) is the value of the cum in vagina value in the menu.

aac78 No.61455

I believe that blue balls is general orgasm denial, while masturbation forbbiden refers to not using certain actions. I think Mihiraghi would have noticed such an error, but if that is how that characteric works, then please tell me.

d6b3b No.61459

yeah that was my first thought too. Maybe, like, "pent up"? I dunno. It's not detracting from the game. I say just keep it as is.

34de2 No.61460

well it could also mean "masturbation abstinence" or "blue balls"

parts of the code… the stuff is even displayed here… :D Kinda universal
var items = ['Charm','💏Total Encounters','','💨Cum On Body','💨Cum In Vagina','💨Cum In Uterus',
'💨Total On Body','💨Total In Vagina','💨Total In Uterus','','Phase',
var valnum = [307,49,'',10,11,13,50,51,53,
var vitems = ['      ','x','','mL','mL','sperm','mL','mL','sperm','','','','x','x','x']
!s[44] ? items.splice(2,1,' 💖 Virgin 💖') : items.splice(2,1,'') // 処女
// サブテクスト
if(s[22]&&!s[43]) {
items.splice(11,1,' She suspects she\'s pregnant')
} else if( v[43] && !s[43] && s[4] ) {
items.splice(11,1,' She hasn\'t figured it out yet…')
} else if (v[338] >= 1) {
items.splice(11,1,'        Lactating')
} else if (s[49]){
items[11] = ' Dangerous Day'
col[11] = 18
} else {
// 男女出産回数splice
if ( v[56] ) { items.splice(14,1, items[14] + ' 👦🏻 ' + Number(v[57]) + 'x' + ' 👧🏻 ' + Number(v[58]) + 'x') }
s[50] ? items.splice(9,1,'📏B:' + v[331] + ' W:' + v[332] + ' H:' + v[333] ) + valnum.splice(9,1, 334 ) : items.splice(9,1,'') + valnum.splice(9,1,null)
if(s[346] && s[44]){// ビーカー所持かつ非処女
col[2] = 27
items[2] = `🥛Total Milk`
valnum[2] = 506
vitems[2] = `mL`
for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
v[valnum[i]] = v[valnum[i]] || 0
var num = (valnum[i]==null||0||'') ? '' : (v[valnum[i]] + ' ' + vitems[i])
if (i===0 && s[8]){
v[370] = v[370] || 0
let exp = v[370]
exp = String(exp)
//if(exp > 0 && exp < 10){ exp = strIns(exp, 0, '0') }
//if(exp >= 1){ exp = strIns(exp, exp.length-1, '.') }
items.splice(0,1,'💋Charm '+v[307])
num = ( '⭐Exp ' + exp )

d6b3b No.61463

if it limits what you can do in the sex minigame, it probably should stay the way it is. However, From what I read while searching for the meanings of the variables, it doesn't. It seemed to just mean that the dude cums more & faster, but I didn't scrutinize google translate's interpretation for that one. Nor did I think to check if options were disabled during sex. *shrugs*

if there's anything that should get added, its that emoji code. Japan singlehandedly popularized the emoji format, the menu is a phone app, and it looks cleaner. Fuckin' aces.

aac78 No.61479

I took another look at the Jp code, and the term used is actually slang for "someone who doesn't masturbate". I didn't realize that and thought it refered to masturbating during sex. You can change it to "backed up" or something similar here.

aac78 No.61501

I changed "Masturbation Forbidden" to "Doesn't Masturbate".

d55b0 No.61504

Well for me that means… if that guy doesn't have a girl (very unlikely he has when he wants prostitutes) he kinda has blue balls coz of the pressure on his rod… this still leads to a new ability (at least for me) :D

I still looking for the cum amount in game files but can't really find anything :/ just some little maths but it seems its just random.

Speaking of randomness… the cum amount is also quite non-linear. For more realism the cum amount should get less after each shot

I still want to mod some of the statistics that doesnt really have an use yet. like "Masturbation forbidden", "doesn't masturbate", "Blue Balls", "Save up semen" or however this should be translated (オナ禁)

so far I just found these parameters:

var seieki = randmm(3500)
var juseiTotal = juseiPer * seieki / 100
var juseiThreshold = randmm(1600,200)
if(juseiTotal > juseiThreshold){
$gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._jusei = 1-0
$gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._juseiCount = $gameSystem.NPCPreg[i]._juseiCount+1 || 1

while jusai seems the random variable from "Data_H.json". This code defines the amount of cum as "seieki" what is another random variable. A treshold exists, if Hazumi get's a specific amount of cum from a single prostitution in her womb, she will get pregnant instantly. Another line in data:h.json states "This much semen is enough to get pregnant." if it's translated correctly this realls should happen.

I also changed some lines for "data_H.json" to fit my further changes…

"in_notify":["Notification Error","A tiny amount","A small amount","A normal amount","A decent amount","A plentiful amount","A huge amount","A massive amount","A MEGA amount","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""],

in preparation for a mod for it.

same goes for her fluid state:

"f_stat":["Error","very dry","litte dry","dry","slightly wet","little wet","moderately wet","wet","very wet","soaking wet","dripping wet","dripping","oozing","sopping","flowing out","leaking out","pouring out","streaming","gushing","splattering","squirting","bursting","","","","","","","","",""],

d55b0 No.61505

Anyway… to come to a point…

An active and healthy person should have some more semen and cum some more often than a person with work fatigue or being fat.

The factor "impotent" doesn't really have an use yet… could mean this person just shots hot air. Always "A tiny amount"

while a person with "Blue balls" or "Saving up semen" should have the most semen. (Well its still is a fetish game and I really can imagine japanese guys saving up just to shoot in lots :D)

I personally think there is much stuff missing that was planned but was abandoned in the end.

I still need to find the parameters for "Jusei" and "Seieki" to mod thins kinda stuff and putting in additional graphics.

Btw. I don't know why ppl have problems to get her pregnant. Coz' when she has like 200-300ml of cum in her uterus she is kinda permanent pregnant.

d6b3b No.61507

you might be over complicating it a bit. a lot of the json is just flavor text, and the parameters for when the flavor text should activate.

The value you want is variable 11, v(11) in code. It's the "cum in vagina" variable. I've tried to edit the "cum in uterus" before to be ml instead of sperm count. It doesn't work and fucks with too much of the rest of the code. To properly add a "bulge" feature, using 11 is your best bet. If you really just want to do it on your own and not use the files I posted, open up all the js and json files in the game in notepad++ and ctrl-f search for v(11) and v[11] in all documents. It should show you where every instance is.

If you're also looking for the calculation that decides how many ml each shot is worth, well, you're on your own with that one. No idea.

Just, ya know, reminder, I did like 90% of the coding already when you asked for help. It's sitting in the google drive. Relevant parts notated with ////////////////. It's rigged to let you add as many belly sizes as you want too.

d55b0 No.61509

yeah I wanted to merge/start from your version. But kinda got the same problems you already described. :/

d6b3b No.61510

well, I'm willing to help if you have questions.

(also if you downloaded the files earlier, I noticed a major fuckup only like 10 minutes ago. I misread the save editor as variable 27 instead of variable 11. Fixed and reuploaded it)

aac78 No.61512

Impotent means they have difficulty getting an erection. Also, the "doesn't masturbate" characteristic should shorten the time before ejaculation.

c5117 No.61514

Do you have the English ver, If so, could you give me the link of the game to download it?

aac78 No.61518

Please stop begging.

368b8 No.61519

File: 1567933267047.jpg (3.16 MB, 3235x2480, traitsproblem.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


ok now i have a legit problem. All clients have traits of the buttom end client (if buttom end client has "dislike saggy belly", everyone have it, too.) despite that they are displayed correctly everywhere else and reward from each client still stay the same.

21c1f No.61554


I re-download and re-install the game and my problem was solved, I think. As you can see in my previous post, there is something wrong with translation and probably something else as well.

a4923 No.61564

File: 1568051173699.png (67.35 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_pregnant_mega_mu….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I drew triplet womb for belly mod because the edited one doesnt seems proportional to me when compared to the twins womb.
Anyway, it seems like this mod is outdated since 28/8/2019 translation update and it become a little bit wonky like in >>61519 . Other than that, the game seems to work just find.

d6b3b No.61567

Have there been any changes to Display_CG, Display_stand, and Global_function lately? The JP code seemed pretty set in stone, and there wasn't much to translate on those. I just assumed they were still safe.

aac78 No.61569

I don't think so.

a7df6 No.61585

Is there a way to separate twin and triplet pregnancy to diferent stages?
I mean that you can do a solo preg, then with less chance twin preg, and more less chance to triplet preg, with birth of triplets, and IMPORTENT that you had a different animations on each pregnancy!?
It is possible?

In one of game i had twins pregnancy, and, when she give birth, there was a 6 or more babies… It is a bug or that is normal?

d6b3b No.61587

anything is possible. the question is "how much time and effort is it worth to make that happen". for me, well, read this >>57420

I have noticed that playing with the multiple pregnancy code can sometimes can lead to an unintended number of infants, 1 or 2 more than you put in. I dunno what your error is. If the obgyn saw twins, and it came out as 6, I have no idea. Can't really solve that puzzle unless you inputted 2 yourself and it came out different.

4b4ad No.61657

File: 1568437769310.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 70000546_1061099080752843_….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

how can i increase the day without birth?

d6b3b No.61658

by saving before sleeping, then reloading when you get the birth scene..? You seem to have figured that much out, considering yshe's 59 weeks.

side note, this is where I got more concrete definitions of all the traits back when I was making the bigger belly mod. Probably should've posted this ages ago. https://seesaawiki.jp/hazumi/d/%c7%e4%bd%d5%c1%ea%bc%ea%a4%ce%c6%c3%c4%a7

7820c No.61787

File: 1568709555730-0.png (84.01 KB, 816x624, M_CG_cut_nama_BIG_COCKxxx.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-1.png (92.06 KB, 816x624, M_CG_cut_nama.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-2.png (100.71 KB, 816x624, D_CG_cut_nama.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1568709555730-3.png (27.04 KB, 816x624, Swollen belly_HUGE COCK.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Funfact according to the table:


really means:

Ona prohibited - semen is collected. Increased semen volume in one ejaculation

Anyway I got some problems with the game after some time, I guess its caused by "Lucky Flower" and "Lucky Compass" in high counts and/or the Charm amount. My personal guess is the Lucky Compass. Coz what happens is: The reactions on characteristics aren't displayed anymore (text) same as the characteristics doesn't appear at all. No rich ppl, no stingy, no big dick, kinda nothing…

Anyway: some graphic adjustments uncensored normal and big cock… but i dunno If I proceed with the big cock graphics on my own, 'coz it needs a new graphics for cum-in aswell, this takes some time…. If anyone is willing to help… Let me know… Condom just needs some light/color and suturation changes for the graphics. Anyway I also need to polish it some more its just a blink how i think this should look like.

4085d No.61823

What exactly DOES the lucky flower and compass do?

7820c No.61829


Well the compass expands the possible traits/characteristics for clients. My guess is there are some problems involved when you reach a count when new characteristics aren't available due to restrictions… like "likes breast milk" and "dislikes breast milk" isn't possible for the same person.

Anyway the english translation also has some errors. "Masturbation forbidden" is a variable that is used in cum calculation, its translated wrong in some of the variables lead to nothing is calculated

20a52 No.61839

Changing the code to this causes a "refrence error game events is not defined" when i attempt to sleep.

aac78 No.61840

Just change all instances to "Doesn't Masturbate".

4b2f3 No.61853

In my earlier playthroughs, I farmed so much money and charm that I was able to easily afford over 100 lucky flowers and compasses each. The luck was so high that almost all the clients basically payed Hazumi to sit and talk, usually with added bonus. Also a high rate of futa clients.

d6b3b No.61855

Yeah, I had the same experience, though I just edited the save. Before the compass and flower values tick over into "fuck you, I'm out" territory, it gives you rich futas who don't want to fuck. It actually breaks the game entirely, because Hazumi can never get pregnant.

74258 No.62091

File: 1569257023671.png (213.2 KB, 819x656, Hazumi Error.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb


Implementing this code in either or 1.3.3 gives me this error, either when loading saved games or starting new games, either when checking the mirror or attempting to sleep. No idea if it changes anything to prostitute first, then try to do anything else.

376a2 No.62132

Had s syntaxis error, in slums, when Hazumi let the ilnes man in hospital touch her breast (hazumi was pregnant)

How abaut a cum inflation?
Cant wait to test that in game!
Great work!

1d02b No.62213

File: 1569615745843-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.93 KB, 731x378, 1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1569615745843-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 470.41 KB, 1621x622, 6.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1569615745843-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 319.17 KB, 907x443, 3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1569615745843-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.36 KB, 541x320, 4.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1569615745843-4.jpg (Spoiler Image, 541.05 KB, 1588x623, 9.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hello, nice to meet ya. I did a little (a lot maybe) modification about hazumi body. i'm mod hazumi breast, the x-ray, the guy penis, and the most important last period pregnant belly based on my personal taste. i'm even made the the streched mark on the hazumi belly. (well even though I realize it's too obvious, i will change it later)

you can try it too, i hope you guys loves it too. don't forget to back-up the original file.


1d02b No.62214

i'm sorry for "the spoiler image". i thought it mean's preview or something when it marked. i'm sorry.

85962 No.62215

You have my thanks

1d02b No.62217

you're welcome

2b708 No.62263

>dem stretchmarks
mmm that’s some good shit

4770b No.62272

Can you help me sarch?
I want add connection of lenght of overdue (42 and more weeks) with baby weight. Example 42 weeks = garabteed 3300/3900g weight, and more overdue, more weight. Like + 100g every week that is more than 42 week.
And, i want to add x-ray wiev of bigger fetus since 50 weeks overdue.

I want to use algorithm from 4 and 5 stage of twin pregnancy here (for graphics)

So if you can navigate me to right files, i may try to do it :)

TY for the vork COM, it is great!

40654 No.62290

File: 1569790260978-0.jpg (104.08 KB, 818x656, cax.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1569790260978-1.jpg (108.08 KB, 818x658, caxx.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hey, it's me again. Well, first of all. Actually right now I'm not only remodel the belly of hazumi and and some of it. But i'm also change the entire character into different person. i'm doing this because i want something new with another character in this wonderful game.
it's still a long way though because i'm just started it, but i'm really really want to make it happen. Here some of my work. And i did it!!

Second, is it possible to add the next stage of pregnancy? or even cumflation? or maybe it's already being worked on? because i want to see it too. I'm not expert but i can one or two draw to make this dream come true.

Third. Lately… i'm just wondering, "how about we add some sex position?" can we do that? i mean, even when the joblist for hazumi is over than 8 but we only can do 3 position. Honestly, 3 position sex is just too little. And i want to add it! Really. As much as it can.

thank you.

76c32 No.62291

I wounder a new character here! Great work. Maybe you do a little more "flat" charakter, that wil be bigger with time? Also, if you can, read post up you, maybe we can do it together!

40654 No.62292

>>62291 thank you. By the way, "flat" you mean "flat chest"? i'm sorry, i don't get it.

yeah, i've read them all. it'll be great! I'm looking forward to it! ^^

4770b No.62294


No even flat chest. More like Fit. Hazumi is young girl, but in stock game she had parametrs of women, who give birth already. Massive breast, shaggy belly (even when she use cream, it is still quite shaggy for schoolgirl)

Maybe is there a way to give her that shape continiusly? Starting on fit, small highschool girl, and finish like mature women.

sorry, my english isnt so god as I want ^^

015f2 No.62295

>>62294 oooh i see. Well… actually, in the deepest of my heart. I want to create a smaller (younger) "loli" version of hazumi. and i want to see how it's looks like when she's pregnant. XXXD i don't know, my fetish is so absurd.

And… if someone can progamm-it, so we can choose between young version or adult version. i'd gladly draw it. Really.

This game need more content. we have to fill it with more content.

no problem, i'm not good in english too. i'm often using google translate. XD

015f2 No.62297


By the way. i'm stuck right now.

Sorry this is my personal problem, but… can i get some credit (money) from this kind of work?

I know it's kinda selfish. Moreover it looks like I don't appreciate mihiragi and crowview (taji) But, i really need money right now.

Feunski, you, and the other are amazing people because they're not take a single credit for all of the hardworks. but… i don't.
i'm confused.

6c50d No.62298

Wkwkwk, if you want money, just make patreon, if you update some mod, just add it to patreon and let people pay you to download the update mod

98e6e No.62301

Yeeees! Make patreon, and you will get our presents in $ or € equivalent :)

Loli version of Hazumi?? Yes!!! And the winner js you. If you make her - you make my year!
My favorite pregnant loli is Serena from Vh but katteban version. She is draw better there.
But ithink she is too young for it. Maybe if she will had a year or two older.

My small fetish is labor nad birth in school…

98e6e No.62302

maybe panty birth?

6c50d No.62303

I was thinking about when Hazumi water is broke but they are not stop the sex, they continue sex until the baby is born, the sensasional when Hazumi want push while doing sex

98e6e No.62309

Haaay, that will be great! Yoy read my mind :)

76c98 No.62318

>>62298 >>62301
Yeah, maybe you guys are right, i'll create it later once i'm finish draw her. ^^

Wow! i'm not the only one who want's to see her in loli version. I'm so happy. XD

76c98 No.62320

Yesss!!! That will be absolutely awesome. That was great idea! I'll add it to my drawlist.

6c50d No.62324

When Hazumi doing sex, the x Ray show the baby and dick right? Perhaps you draw little by little the baby head came out while the duck in out the cervix, and when the baby head wanna get out from Hazumi vagina,the guy/man push back the baby head back to Hazumi womb

6c50d No.62325

Speaking of patreon, for someone who don't have no money to subs your patreon, perhaps you should make it free for 2-3 days and after that deleted the free update mod link and put it the update mod to your patreon

fd2c4 No.62342

Every time a man cums in the womb of Hazumi's stomach gets bigger (rapid baby growth) until he is raped until he gives birth, I think it's some kind of alien

eaa60 No.62343


not cool, they already give item who can make baby grow faster, we don't need that suggestion

eaa60 No.62345

and who the fck "he" ?

fd2c4 No.62347

yeah we don't need that sorry about that, I think the idea of ​​cum inflation comes from cheerful aliens I mean it's weird.

06845 No.62351

Speaking of features: Did anyone else notice that condoms never break outside of that one event scene? Do you think this was supposed to be a game mechanic but the developer never got around to coding it?
I suppose I could see why; implementing this mechanic would be somewhat ambitious. Sure would be nice, though.

6c50d No.62360

I see what you mean, they should add Condom brake and make a little cum came out from condom right? Just like when Hazumi near her due date and need use Condom before having sex

1d02b No.62368

hmm, nice idea. i'm never done this before, but i'll try.
But… it makes me curious, isn't it need more coding? to make it happen? i'm zero experience in coding.

1d02b No.62369

maybe you're right. Thank's.

eaa60 No.62372

File: 1570027205846-0.jpg (267.39 KB, 1410x1200, zax.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570027205846-1.jpg (183.46 KB, 940x1200, SMP.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570027205846-2.jpg (238.72 KB, 1410x1200, lolo.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570027205846-3.jpg (162 KB, 670x1200, lili.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I still haven't created an patreon, but i'm still on work about "loli hazumi".

Well, at first i was in trouble when drawing a younger version of hazumi. I have to look a lot of reference and hentai to draw loli hazumi XD. But at least, i did it!

Here some of my work. A rough sketch, yes! but i will finish it as soon as i can.

just reminder, i got banned this morning. I was shocked! i mean, yeah maybe it's my fault because i'm using VPN to open this website, and it's broke this web rule. And i know it was intended to prevent strange people from entering.

But… i have no choice.

Because my country internet is strict. And fortunately, i can get acces to this site again. Thank you pregchan. Thank you.

4ce41 No.62375

Hey man, if you need i cam do for you p2p connection, or hamachi gateway, to get acces here.
If you want, mail me, and i can post your work here.

1d02b No.62376

And… i just realize something. Is it oke for me to create patreon that create lewd stuff?

1d02b No.62377

Wow, really? thank you so much. And how can i send an email to you? or should i post my email adress here?

b60d0 No.62382

Do you think it would be possible to change the sprite to reflect pregnancy?

015f2 No.62383

it's possible. i was thinking about it too sometimes.

85962 No.62384

Awesome! Can you make a multiplets version?

015f2 No.62385

multiple? you mean every stage of pregnancy? sure, there's no harm in trying.

015f2 No.62386

wait a minute, multiplets version what you mean is sprite? or standing CG?

015f2 No.62387

if you meant "the multiplets version" was standing CG. Don't worry, it's in process right now.

7c92b No.62390


a1a4b No.62391

File: 1570060408252.jpg (431.32 KB, 1098x1110, SMPp.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

just in case, if you guys curious

a1a4b No.62392


3f9bf No.62395

Absolutely amazing. Cant wait too see how it is colored

f2e8f No.62398

His name has email in it, you can click it

7fca9 No.62400

You can make the lewd stuff, but you cannot show nudity on Patreon or explicitly say you make 'sexual content.' A safe way to do it is to post just headshots on Patreon and post everything else on Pixiv or another site that is hentai friendly. Don't post links directly to your content; only say where the art can be found without posting the link. Also, post that your Patreon is 18+ as well as your Pixiv.

75de8 No.62404

OK, I've sent to him.

be366 No.62405

Holyshit what did I miss? A bigger project for Hazumi game!?

a1a4b No.62441

Hey! i'm back. Sorry for late information. Because yesterday was jetcoaster for me.
But finally, i can give a proper news to all of you.

first of all, mihiragi support me and everyting that i created. Yes. As long as i'm follow the rules that he gave to me.
Yeah, and both of me and mihiragi finally reach an agreement last night.

Even more, if my mod was good enough and mihiragi coincidentally loved my work, he will add it into the official game! OH MY GOD!

a1a4b No.62442

Wow, what a great advice. Thank you Catigan.
Now i know what i must and not to do.

a1a4b No.62443

yes, hazumi will be more exciting than ever.

Even mihiragi has a bunch of plan about hazumi and next project.

Can't wait. ^^

75de8 No.62451

I decided to help him a little.
If you have problems with MOD production, please contact me.
and Please contact me if you are considering a paid MOD. There are some rules and some benefits.

e6fa3 No.62457

This is absolutly GREAT!!!!

ee0ed No.62489

Whoa stuff happened here… Well so far I found out the variables are necessary to mod "blue balls" I still lack some more variables to make it work prefectly but thats just matter of time. So far in my version "blue balls" former "masturbation forbidden" adds up to 3 more stages of cumvalue after "plentiful amount" now there is "massive", "huge" and "extreme" with additional mass. for a cumflation I still need some graphics and some more game variables. So far the actual behaviour in case of feedback is given to cum in her belly. So far it still needs like 5x "extreme amount" to feedback "This much cum is enough to make her pregnant!" For the graphics while standig CG I would have to recode the whole thing coz so far the cumfilled uterus image is on layer below the fertilized and birth uterus image. I would have to seperate them.

ee0ed No.62490

Furthermore… I like the Loli Mod! Keep on going, I hope we could merge the mods in the end!

What I'd like to do myself is another feedback/graphic for big tits. Coz the game actually has some flaws. After her pregnancy her tits should be much bigger due to the milk so far this hasn't realized. This means -> the values for tits needs to be adjusted, same as the time that passed after pregnancy.

Some stuff also missing -> her bodyweight, its included in the code but has no meaning yet… this means while eating tons of sugar she would get bigger to fat… this could be modded aswell. For me its less priority, the other two things (cum inflation and bigger tits) are priority.

But still… It would be nice to find someone well with Java, 'coz I don't really have the time to get into this matter

Anyway maybe one of you is well with Java…

function cumInside(){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;
v[21] = v[21] || 0
let arr = [
`\x1bn[1]\'s pussy greedily swallows the cum.`,
if(namen('Wants to Pour In Semen')){
arr.push(`\x1bn[1]\'s pussy gulps down the cum…`)
return $gameVariables.setValue(320, randbun(arr))
arr.push(`\\n[4] thrusts his penis deep in \x1bn[1] \nand enjoys the pleasure from cumming.`)
var index = $H.ext_in.findIndex(x => x > v[21])-1
if(index <= $H.in_notify.indexOf('An average amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels several splashes of cum on her womb.`)
if (index == $H.in_notify.indexOf('A decent amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels a warm and goey stream in her cunt.`)
if (index == $H.in_notify.indexOf('A plentiful amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels strong and intense shots on her uterus.`)
if (index == $H.in_notify.indexOf('A massive amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels a wave of cum hit against her womb.`)
if (index == $H.in_notify.indexOf('A HUGE amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels an intense wave of cum pressuring\nstraight in her womb.`)
if (index == $H.in_notify.indexOf('An EXTREME amount') ){
arr.push(`\\n[1] feels bucket of cum pressuring her womb,\nso much her cunt is splashing over!`)
if($gameActors.actor(1).param(2) >= randmm(2000,500)){
const visual = [`pretty`,`cute`,`sexy`,`voluptuous`]
let ecchi
s[308] ? ecchi = `fuck` : ecchi = `make a child with`
const name =[`slut`,`cunt`,`bitch`,`hoe`]
const kimochi = [`superiority`,`satisfaction`]
if(s[308]){ kimochi.push(`impregnation desire`) }
arr.push(`Being able to ${ecchi} such a ${randbun(visual)} ${randbun(name)}! \n\x1bn[4] feels a sense of ${randbun(kimochi)} while \ncumming inside.`)
return $gameVariables.setValue(320, randbun(arr))

The lower function work, the if for different "cum in" feedback jut work random, coz "else if" is limited to only 1 exception.

f2e8f No.62491

Hi mihi-san, i wanna ask that school function actually, every single time i went to school, the dialogue is always same while Hazumi preg or not, if you only use school function 1 time in beginning, and not using it after that (like Hazumi do school Activity, study in library, hang out with her friends, doing club stuff, etc) i feel flat not doing stuff like that in your game, i know you just wanna focus to Hazumi get pregnant, sex in hotel, giving birth, and repeat, but to me, it's just feel monotonous, i hope with mods, they add some school Activity, hangout with friend, etc

75de8 No.62499

File: 1570385773393-0.png (26.39 KB, 917x200, 2019-10-07_03-14-06.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570385773393-1.png (29.53 KB, 1091x314, 2019-10-07_03-07-16.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I added a database to make your changes easier.
Write it like the second picture.

I will include it as a beta version in the next DLsite update.

75de8 No.62500

I think it would be nice if the school was prosper.
I hope they will be added in the MOD.

4085d No.62518

Would you like some help with mapping in the next project? I'm busy with school but if it's gonna be a while until your next game I could take a crack at some things.

75de8 No.62519

Do you mean Map drawing?
I'm not good at drawing maps, so next project I'm going to outsource to someone or make a structure that doesn't use maps. Not yet decided.

4085d No.62566

yes. It's been a long time since I've done it but I've done some fancy stuff in RMXP way back when I was a kid. VX and on is a little bit more limiting imo but I think I can make it work.

52bcd No.62573

File: 1570533245646-0.jpg (202.02 KB, 470x1200, up.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570533245646-1.jpg (180.1 KB, 470x1200, up1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570533245646-2.jpg (166.7 KB, 470x1200, up2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's me again.

here's some preview that i have finished this day. it took a some effort but i'm pretty satisfied for this one.

But unfortunately, it's not the loli version.

Not yet.

I'm still need some resource to make a loli version. But i will do it fast when "fit version of hazumi" is done.

About patreon, i'm currently on work on it.

I was really surprised that making a Patreon account needed a review first. But, yeah… that's the rule.
So i will notify you guys when it's ready.

d3d4f No.62589

Thx a lot!! :)

I also want to include a big gangbang party, where Hazumi will be completely filled up. But I should check some more variables in "CommonEvents" first since its the most complicated script file

A party like this is already hinted in the internal code but not yet released… at least I didnt had the event yet. Anyway I better just finish drawing first and get to that later on.

Btw. anyone may use the modified graphics I post here for their mods or whatever you want to do with them :)

d3d4f No.62590

Well if it comes to incest and loli patreon is the wrong platform anyway…

3531e No.62592

Some smaller ideas:
-Make toilets usable in cafe and add random events when Hazumi has morning sickness during waitressing and has to run
-Hazumi should have a red face if she took stronger sex drugs that day, maybe have some random event related to that
-In the stats menu show 'X weeks overdue' when she is past 40 weeks or 36 weeks with twins, maybe add some events and dialogs to where she wants to go into labor
-Labor shouldn't happen suddenly, but she would have contractions more frequently during the day
-Sometimes milking at the sink could make her horny (+5% sex stat or so)
-Random event when she didn't milk for some day, and starts lactating through clothes in public places

015f2 No.62593

is it true? Even i'm not post it directly on patreon?

fd2c4 No.62594

Oh my god. So what should i do?

1d02b No.62595

btw, this is my patreon page


i'm really confused right now.

4085d No.62599

I was surprised there was no birth events for waitressing or for Yanashi in the morning. At least from what I was playing when I saved scummed her to be ridiculously overdue.

Also was expecting there to be something different if you were impregnated by the hotel event clients.

65cce No.62600

How can i switch x-ray mode on or off?

35eea No.62601

Only if you're ratted out. I think SubscribeStar allows it though.

8bfbb No.62615

Buy the item in the furniture store, go to settings in the phone and it’s under flags.

06845 No.62616

On Patreon, you're basically at the mercy of the Trust and Safety committee. If you get their attention and they don't like you, they will ban you. I wish I could provide more information than that, but it really is that vague and simple. If the Trust and Safety committee doesn't like you, they ban you.

f2e8f No.62627

You can put everything into patreon as long not break any law

d3d4f No.62631

well the term in: "Illegal creations and benefits" is quite strict and simple:

"Images of child abuse and sexual depiction of minors.

Images of human or animal abuse.

Access to betting or gambling products or services."

4850e No.62633

hmm so that's mean, all i have to do is reaaally be careful before upload anything on patreon. In order not break any law and pay their attention.

thank you for your support everyone. i'm very grateful.

4850e No.62634

ooh, that's why you tell me that loli is in the wrong place, especially on patreon.

Thank you com. i appreciate your attention. Thank you.

74fc0 No.62642

Try make a bit flatter belly. More fit. This is still same as original.

e6c5c No.62652

wow really, i thought it's fit enough already XD.

well… i will try mesh-up again in the next update.

Thank you Peepregolover.

b6d0b No.62660

Yea, it is fit enought, just fix a but a belly shape

e6c5c No.62695

File: 1570792877077.png (144.25 KB, 470x1200, lanjan.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

how about this one?

25b18 No.62723

File: 1570899243397-0.png (557.41 KB, 1090x848, Screen Shot 2562-10-12 at ….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1570899243397-1.png (502.05 KB, 1092x842, Screen Shot 2562-10-12 at ….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Does this happen a lot? I always savescum to raise the number of auntie's pregnancy counts, then this happen.

d23b3 No.62726

18 children. 19 pregnancies.

Think about it.

aac78 No.62729

Does she have one more pregnancy than children at the start of the game?

dcc2e No.62731

fertilization doesnt guarantee Hazumi will be pregnant. thats why the counters arent both at 40

aac78 No.62732

We are talking about the woman at the clinic, not Hazumi.

dcc2e No.62733

shit you are correct.
my bad.

4850e No.62759

File: 1571007634083-0.jpg (155.85 KB, 470x1200, op3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1571007634083-1.jpg (205.08 KB, 470x1200, op3a.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Small update. I have done drawing hazumi pregnancy until the last stage (mega).

but for the rest of the preview there is only in patreon.

2eb08 No.62760

In any case the numbers appear legitimate.
Now, if there were more pregnancies than fertilizations, then I'd call out "bug."

97f3f No.62768

Mihiraghi-san, it's an honor for me to see you in this forum, i'm waiting your next work.
Thanks for make a game with the prostitution, impregnation and birth tag; since Violated Heroine I didn't see some game with this quality.
Thank you again to give us Hazumi and Preggstate.

98fd7 No.62779

>since VH

Finally someone said that. True tho XD

7fd60 No.62809

You might want to check out subscribestar a lot of adult projects have switched to using that so they don't have to censor themselves.

9e444 No.62815

I'm glad to hear that! It was my pleasure.
I am working on the next work.
Next will be more Moddable!
VH game is legend ya.

I was also considering Patreon, is Subscribestar better?

be8a7 No.62824

Since vh is legend, the maker game vh is not update their story since the game only focus to pregnant, birth, and make more babies, a lot bug too :(

97f3f No.62837

I think Patreon is a good option, and for the Japanese customer they have Ci-en; but only avoid put the birth CG, because if some Patreon admin get out of the wrong side of the bed they could delete your patreon.

4085d No.62842

If subscribestar is more lenient I'd go with that. I think they even have less fees and they're a bit more hands off than patreon is as far as moderation iirc.

be8a7 No.63064

Any news and update pak?

2a79f No.63082

I got to NG+ (to get gunranteed twin biomod )and found "Ending Control" flag. I played around it but I didnt notice any difference at all. What does it do.

223bb No.63117

Simple u can control the ending if after giving birth and u have like 1 million Yen

dcc2e No.63126

Aparantly the mod has be released (If the post on Patreon is true)

7c2f8 No.63140

What do you mean by NG+? Is this something which was in the normal game or is this something special within the mod?

1d02b No.63181

File: 1571879772819-0.jpg (424.99 KB, 785x639, pat3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1571879772819-1.jpg (279.3 KB, 807x317, pat2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well, actually it was released yesterday.

Hello everyone, it's been a while. Finally, i'm finished it. A little young version of hazumi.
it was fun. I never thought I could realize my dream.

And I also want to thank all those who have supported me and treated me well here. I am nobody without all of you.

And here some preview, besides I changed the design of Hazumi itself. I also slightly changed the baby's x-ray. I hope you all like it.

a little extra, for now I have no plans to release it to the public, because I feel I betrayed my patrons. I'm really sorry.

3f9bf No.63182

Fantastic! and makes sense. Out of curoisty, will you make additions with the False loli and true loli figures you posted previously?

76c98 No.63185

of course!
That was my goal from the start.

But it's unfortunate that right now I still can't do it. I still have a lot of work to do first. Maybe I could only start making it around December.

4085d No.63200

Restart your game (events, house. etc.) keep all your stats like money and charm.

You can already do that though.

> I have no plans to release it to the public, because I feel I betrayed my patrons.

patreon only then?

7c2f8 No.63204

Is there any possibility to get the mod other than patreon? I havent got a creditcard, but I really want to see and play the game with the newest mod. The previews look amazing.

015f2 No.63205

Let me think for a moment

f8446 No.63208

is there a link to the patreon for the mod?

015f2 No.63218

okay, here's my decision.

I'll put the link here one week after the release.

If you want to try it soon, and want to support me, visit my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/duwwey

f8446 No.63249

I tried to download the mod from the patreon, but the mega link just took me to the generic mega page :(

a1a4b No.63251

try to copy all the links and open it in a new browser tab.

33138 No.63254

anyone here use f95zone.to? those of us who do, are looking for it and can't afford it.

33138 No.63257

does this mean a free version?

56f4c No.63301

To say it in detail, if you have 11,000 or more sperm points during week 1-4, this biomod will give you a high chance of getting an additional baby.

This mod require 200,000 ml of milk, late lactation period give you like 3000+ ml of milk per day and it's actually independent from your pregnancy state but reset again after giving birth. Plz reconsider whether you want to go through these chores or not.

8ae9c No.63332

File: 1572127042197.jpg (133.42 KB, 819x658, Adnotacja 2019-10-26 23541….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

For some reason, my game can't even load the png's and dunno why. Anybody knows why it could be like that ? v.1.3.3

12de2 No.63338

Truly a cursed image. Thank you

a9db4 No.63352

It seems that the specification of the image is not wrong.
Does "stand_naked_afterPregnant_black.png" exists in the "\www\img\pictures" folder?
If not, download again from DLsite.
Just updated to 1.3.11 yesterday!

4085d No.63353


Here's an essentially 100% savefile from with that biomod unlocked.

Idk if it's compatible with the newest version or not.

8ae9c No.63355

Got the 1.3.11 but the issue remains. After looking through files I can say, that everything is in order and I am now concerned, that it could be some OS issues.

ecc09 No.63356

what is changelog in new version?

a9db4 No.63357

I made this on Windows10 pro.
If you upload save data, I can investigate whether the problem is game issue.

8ae9c No.63358

Oh, I think I got the problem solved. The problem was my old save from v. and probably there were some differences and the save was not fully compatible with 1.3.3 and 1.3.11. Starting a new save solved the problem.

33138 No.63371

would you be willing to give a link to a free download of the update? If not, I will let my group on F95zone.to know…

08784 No.63372

Cant wait for loli hazumi >,<

2e68f No.63380


33138 No.63387

I was a dumb ass and now cannot delete this. I am the Ruiner of Shit!

76c98 No.63411

Hey everyone.

a week had passed and as i promised, Hazumi younger MOD is release to the public.


If there are problems or other things, please tell me.

Once again, thank you for and always supporting me.

33138 No.63414

>>63411 Am I to assume it only works with the most recent game version?

33138 No.63417

also if not, do we have to delete the original pictures, or how do we choose?

76c98 No.63438


this mod is works like 1dea2 had. so if you have the bigger belly mod, you also can use this mod. I think

this mod is replacing the original picture, so make sure to backup it first.

7b0ed No.63446

I have 11 fertilization biomods and 9 implantation biomods but im wondering how the chance is calculated and whether it's possible for the chance to get bugged and go full circle back to zero.

1c143 No.63454

Wasn't this supposed to come out on steam some time back? Did those plans get cancelled?

d0cf8 No.63456

Anyone can share a new version of this game? pls..

18b8c No.63457

It’s like, $10 or $20. Save like, 2 dollars a day on coffee and get it in a week or so.

b236a No.63462

I have a hard time getting Hazumi preggo with twins again and I need help so I can get her preggo with twins all the time, btw I'm not using any mods.

7b0ed No.63467


Go to New Game+, bio-mod for twins will be avaliable, then collect 200,000 ml of milk to get that bio-mod.

Tips: Dont get impregnated until your milk dried up, you will get like 3000+ml during late lactation period.

b236a No.63471

How do I know when i'm on new game+ cause I really want to get pics of her big belly, wish there was pic rips

33138 No.63482

If you have let Hazumi keep a child after getting 1 million yen, you will get the ending and the option of new game+

b236a No.63495

Oh man I don't think I have that much yen yet, does any one have a good screen shot of her having twins thought the pregnancy

33138 No.63509

You can search rpgm save editor and use that to edit your save,

b236a No.63543

I can't seem to get the rpg maker edit to even edit my save, I just want to take a pic of Hazumi twin belly before she gives birth

b236a No.63564

File: 1572587028521.jpg (177.2 KB, 813x626, 3babies!.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I got Hazumi pregnant with triplets with mods!

b236a No.63565

without mods sorry

3308e No.63575

There a way i can download the me with the mod already add it? Or i can't..

5826a No.63652

Hey does anyone else have an issue with the mod where after you go to sleep an error occurs?

3aa11 No.63657

015f2 No.63658

when i test it, (on the lastest version and the previous saved game) i'm encounter the same problem.
but somehow it fixed when i'm copy feunsky english patch to the game

bec83 No.63664

sarching for someone who can explaiin me a some java things. Want to do some changes with pregnancy.

15d6e No.63670

But there is no Java used in this game.

cf7d1 No.63673

Files js? Fck - learning vrong language :D

So another question. Where is lines abaut baby weight?
I want to make functions more weeks overdue = bigger weight = less AP
+ another imcg for 4 stage (single baby)

88699 No.63674


Where can I get just the patch ? I can't find it on Feunsky's mega account

aac78 No.63675

>I sold the rights to Mihiraghi, so I can no longer distribute it.

6aa95 No.63676

Is there anyway for the OP's mod to work with the current build of the game without using the patch?

Tried copying over the code into the new js files but a lot has changed, and I'm not sure what needs to be added and what can be replaced. Not sure what to do…

44d6b No.63688

There IS a javascript there.

Need to help some.

Find the code, to calculate babyweight, need to explain it a bit.
Is there any intrested in new features in game?
exclude honestly autor of this godlike game?

d0cf8 No.63690

# e1.3.9
## add
- Added standing picture / CG viewer as one of end game content. You can buy it when certain conditions are met.

Okay so, what is the certain conditions?
I want to enjoy the new patch..

0d98b No.63693

"data_size.json" contains the weight. Every number is a week (or two?) limited to 30 possible numbers

the randweight() function is in "global_function.js" line 176-194 (at least in version before the actual one, haven't updated yet, coz I mod myself)

"Global_Script.js" also contains the class "calcBabysWeight" in line 96+ while your function should be "isOverPregnant()" its defined as week 50+ but has so far I can see no real use yet when it comes to maths.

Anyway, it takes some efford to make the calculations you need since randweight() is used in a lot of functions in "Common_Events.json"

Anyway… "weight" also should be calculated for hazumi. Since a pregnant woman raises her weight dramandous in case of a pregnancy. she should also be able to buy a scale for her weight. Eating tons of chocolate should get her fat leading to less payment/more payment if there is a chubby lover, also her apearance should change some, in case of the gallery this would just mean some few adjustments to legs, tits and belly. but for the sizes this also means and additional table for it.

Haven't had much time for my cum Mod… but so far I added 2 more stages of cum 4->6 also some changes to the X-Ray same goes for the calculations. "Masturbation forbidden" is now called "Blue Balls" in my Mod, and the cum value now has 3 additional stages after "plenty" -> "massive", "HUGE" and "EXTREME" so far it works for the enchantment same goes for the number of cum, still yet its a random amount from tiny up to max. I want it to change to be calculated for 2 different factors the existing "blue balls/mast forbidden" value aswell as a new "potent" -> this means the random value is added an additional level from base value leading to some more cum. So far I've tested my mod it also works for pregnancy. Top Value for Hazumi was 600ml of cum in her pussy that led to multi pregnancy of 4 kids at once. so this kinda works.

Anyway what this game needs is a combination of mods… If it was for me I'd like the two different body types selectable at start leading to different height, weight, body measurements. Some code changes for key variables in the code…

Lets make a short brainstorming/suggestions:
-add mega belly MOD as standard for the game, also mega belly for "multi pregnancy" not just single pregnancy (code change)
-add schoolgirl Hazumi (duwe) as standard for the game, with seperate weight, hight and measurement changes
-add cum value and new traits "blue balls" and "potent" to the game, aswell as additional cum stages on body/and or in pussy, cum-swollen belly for lots of cum with high chance for multi pregnancies. Along as new graphics for "Big Cock", "Small Cock" and "Normal Cock" (I do this actually)
-add values for food (scale for measurement of her bodyweight), getting fat from chocolade and thin from eating healthy. Additional graphics for chubby Hazumi. same as new traits for mobs "love skinny", "love normal" and "love chubby"… Additional while pregnant her weight will go up from like 55kg up to 76-80kg while pregnant maybe even 90+kg when overpregnant.
-Add the missing "multibaby" implant and maybe some other implants aswell to the game, like bodyweight changing module "metabolism" implant and/or "youth" implant for changing her apearance
-Add new events: Gangbang party where she get completely filled up. School orgy (already mentioned in code but havent had the event yet)
-Breastsize and milk: so far no mod exist to extend her tits. There should be a difference while she is lactating and giving like 3 liters per day and not being pregnant at all. So far her lactating state has no use visual use yet. Since parts are used for the H-Scenes this could be releazied quite easy. In "Data_H.json" there also could a new value easiely added for her tit size while lactating.

Volunteers for a bigger mod project? I'd like to participate, stuff I share here may be used for other mods aswell as for the original. I have to post some pics next time, when I'm a lil more finished.

6dc23 No.63695

I changed the formula for BabysWeight in Ver1.3.5.
Try changing "BabyWeightLimitWeek" in "data_cheat.json" from 50 to 0 ;)
The actual calculation is in the calcBabysWeight class of "Global_Script.js".

702c0 No.63720


Having the same problem here, any fix yet?

6aa95 No.63733

Have you considered making a GIT? Would make collaborating and management much easier. Not sure how to prevent people from using the repository to get a free copy of the game though. I don't suppose leaving out files like the executable would work, right?

6dc23 No.63746

Github has a private repository.
I also manage my games in a private repository.

001f1 No.63749

Hell yea! Thank you!
Definitly need a new version of Hazumi, will buy it tomorrow.

Thank you all for help! We will make this game better than VH1 :)

For new features - some sugestions

- make for Younger Hazumi school. So you Can go to school and study (same like doing homework), there willl be great to make a birth scene in school, maybe pantybirth, and sex scene in school toilets (same minigame as hotel, but less payd, or non payd ever)
- there is a functional toilet, lets make to more sense for it?

1aa2b No.63751

Bro you read my mind lol, i was hoping some threesome in school, and some school Activity, and in middle sex/threesome Hazumi water is break and she have option to continue or giving birth in school or Hazumi giving birth in middle of class or on front everyone else

9cec9 No.63760


Birth in the middle of classroom?
Hell yes!!!

b236a No.63761

File: 1573060239759.jpg (104.19 KB, 803x569, help.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

i was trying out the loli Hazumi mod and this happen.

9cec9 No.63763

Try to start a new game.

b236a No.63764

File: 1573068614165.jpg (17.36 KB, 805x514, HELP2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I did that and got this

44d6b No.63767

So it is wrong instalation.
Had a new version, bought today,
Vanila version 1.3.11 + younger hazumi patch + bigger belly mode
no errors yet.

44d6b No.63768

In version 1.3.11 - there is a lot of untranslated text in vanila version
And is there a compatibility with bugger belly mod and new version?

also, se a template of game inside - so lets make a bigger addon? ^^

4850e No.63777

File: 1573088186829-0.jpg (215.91 KB, 1366x768, bote.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573088186829-1.jpg (175.46 KB, 1366x768, bote2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

try to coding alone, and zero.

I haven't made any changes and it's even worse.

after I observed the structure of the code in the latest version, a lot has changed and I don't know where to start.

if I could code, I would fix it right away.

44d6b No.63783

File: 1573094896287.png (35.63 KB, 836x655, Безымянный.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

had same problems here…

I try to make a 4th stage of pregnancy with single baby

if(isBoteMultiHuge()){ ////////////////////////////////////////
uterus = 'stand_cut_pregnant_mega'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else if(isBoteBig()){
uterus = 'stand_cut_pregnant_big'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else if(isBoteMed()){
uterus = 'stand_cut_pregnant_med'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else if(isBoteMin()){
uterus = 'stand_cut_pregnant_little'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else if(isImplantation()){
uterus = 'stand_cut_uterus_implantation'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else if(isJusei()){
uterus = 'stand_cut_uterus_jusei'
if(hasMultiBaby()){ uterus += '_multi' }
} else {
throw new Error(`立ち絵断面図エラー!\n子宮に該当する条件がありません`)

This code cause an error.

97918 No.63796

anyone have a MOD apk version?

1c4cb No.63800

Out of context; but does anyone have a Sprite gallery of this game?

44d6b No.63801

I write it wrong.

I try to make an X-ray in 4th stage of pregnancy with single baby not with standart img, but with new (bigger)

Still have a problem with "babyweight"
I increase a weight in data_size - but it have no effect yet. try to get hazumi pregnant once more time.

46c3c No.63808


I support this motion!!

d0aae No.63811

a mod where you can dress hazumi with different clothes that you buy in a new shop store, what do you think?

aba9b No.63813

basically what we all are wishing for my guy. Start a kickstarter mihiraghi, we need this.

44d6b No.63859


com, please, can you check where i do mistake?

I add your code to standart 1.3.11 versions. problems astart when i add code lines in display_stand.js

And, is there a way to make 4th stage had a diferent img in x-ray? cant find it in code.



maybe i going wrong way? still learning! ^^

f211d No.63865

just a suggestion
maybe add some drug that delay labor?

5add7 No.63876


That brainstorming list is great! Would be nice to have a few events which have an effect on bodyweight, multiple pregnancy and breastsize etc…

015f2 No.64027

File: 1573466913406-0.jpg (255.18 KB, 840x386, kostummm1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573466913406-1.jpg (965.43 KB, 2281x1576, lool1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573466913406-2.jpg (332.36 KB, 1105x1800, lool.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573466913406-3.jpg (1.79 MB, 2745x3592, karakter baruu.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Knowing that many people have plans and discuss the future of this game, I also want to take part in brainstorming.
So this is my plan, including the one I'm currently working on:

-Complete the stages of hazumi pregnancy, especially triplets. From stage one to 5, and by chance someone contacted me and was willing to do it (Mr.S)

-Make the system change clothes in the game. it seems like what you think is the same as what I think. And coincidentally, someone (Mr.L) is willing to do the coding to add the system. By adding features to the "wardrobe" in the Hazumi room so that Hazumi can change clothes as we wish. This is still a bit long, but at least it can still be worked on.
And several models I have worked on, as you can see above.

-Loli hazumi. As I planned before, this time I'm working on the hazumi loli that we all dream of. For this version of Hazumi, I'm doing a major overhaul. I did various studies and had to repeatedly draw pregnant hazumi to achieve the results I wanted.
And as a result, you can see it as above.

-I made a new character model with the same pregnancy technique as Hazumi loli as a reference so that when I create my own character in the future I won't have any more difficulties.
For the record, using this pregnancy model, I'm sure Hazumi can get pregnant with more than quadruplets. I can even expect up to 6.

-Somewhat similar to the one that com planned, i got another one (Mr.A) who contacted me to make a new expansion for this game. He plans to make school club features etc., and there Hazumi will get a special event (gangbang).
For this one, it will require a very long time because in addition to a fairly large project, he also still has a busy life.

82e8b No.64029

Fantastic work! Just a minor nitpick: the clothes of the pregnant loli Hazumi shouldn't magically get longer and hug to her body like that (especially the skirt lol).

020c5 No.64030

Hope to see hazumi loli have a bigger belly (above the triplets)

ee2c3 No.64035

Are there mods to make it easier to get multiples? If so where can I find them

2883e No.64037

Read the OP…

d0cf8 No.64040

OMG!! You are the God of us…
Is that multiple x-ray drawing will apply at the normal hazumi? pls apply that TT

d0cf8 No.64041

If you okay, I hope you makes the x-ray drawing that more than triplets.. even if you minimize the size of babies.. haha..

d0cf8 No.64047

File: 1573496003799-0.png (Spoiler Image, 540.66 KB, 833x1258, pregnancy mechanism concep….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I made this for some guys who tried let her pregnant more than 30 babies using by MOD hehehe..
I thought the new pregnancy mechanism…
(I guess some guys can feel disgusting)
In the game, I couldn't increase the size of canvas, So this is a limit of size of hazumi's belly
So I decided to minimize the babies in her belly
I'm not good at drawing new images for her womb with babies So I edited that using by lot of babies images..
(I hope duwe_wey will consider about this haha..)

+ breast pregnancy

d0cf8 No.64048

File: 1573496041716-0.png (Spoiler Image, 297.98 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (4).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573496041716-1.png (Spoiler Image, 421.37 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (5).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573496041716-2.png (Spoiler Image, 447.49 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (6).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

d0cf8 No.64049

File: 1573496069430-0.png (Spoiler Image, 354.06 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (1).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573496069430-1.png (Spoiler Image, 464.97 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (2).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573496069430-2.png (Spoiler Image, 489.51 KB, 470x1200, hazumi 1 (3).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

d0aae No.64052

oh my god, every day we stray further away from god and i like it <3

eaa60 No.64059

I'm speechless for this one.
I like how the expansion of Hazumi's stomach. it's round and very nice. but I still can't accept this concept of pregnancy 30.
This is very cool, but I still can't. :'D

015f2 No.64061

well… I will try my best.

8ca20 No.64087

People haven't noticed the breasts lol

5add7 No.64090


A body weight system with a chubby/thick and plus size Hazumi would be a fantastic addition is this something you have considered?

Also any thoughts on more drug options and out of our control events i.e. client likes pregnant women and if Hazumi is not pregnant client will inject Hazumi with an ovulation inducer?

aff17 No.64093

I support this idea. Theres so many features that would be great in this game but I can see how it would be difficult to implement some of these, especially with time constraints due to other commitments

44d6b No.64100

File: 1573616442049-0.png (394.72 KB, 825x649, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573616442050-1.png (335.59 KB, 818x626, 2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Had a great news! With duwe_wey's helpm I update a mod. Now in testing, and porting it on verion 1.3.11
Hazumi had a new "overveight" babies.

d0aae No.64105

anyone knows where is the funtion that makes the baby kick hazumi's belly?(in the fist pregnancy about the 33-34 week in the mirror) i cant found it and i try to make a funtion that make that event happen randombly where hazumi is overdue

11e39 No.64109

lurker here. y'all are doing god's work. keep it up!

ee2c3 No.64120

Litle question I have been playing 1.3.11 and I tried to use the Mod that ads another stage of pregnancy but it keeps on spitting isnulorundified is not defined back at me pls help

44d6b No.64127

There is a quite lot of changed code in version 1.3.11

I had same problems with implement a bod to new version.

If someone can Help me, with merge mods and version i be very Glad!

Here is patch for version


Test it please, and write me a feedback here.

Version of game is
+ bigger belly mod (you need a pictures from it)
+ younger hazumi mod (if you want - will work whitout this)

- When Hazumi is Overdue with single baby - there is a new uniq X-ray
- more Overdue couse more weight o baby (working max 50 weeks)


2d7ea No.64129

Holy heck, you guys are truly the best around-

5add7 No.64135


Any way yet to extend pregnancy and make the baby overdue?

2883e No.64142

File: 1573691347638.png (445.35 KB, 818x656, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Just getting a bigger belly, but the fetus x-ray pic stays small…

44d6b No.64144

Hm intresting!

I had another problem - bigger baby shows erlier then hazumi gets a bigger belly.

New grapics is in "full term" pregnancy, but belly is still small

Your version of game? You copy and rewrite all files?

Actually i'm stuck. I need someone, who can explain me, where to find some functions.

2883e No.64145

Yes, I just overwrote the folders

a121c No.64184

v1.3.11 should already have code that supports mega belly. If you're using v1.3.11 you don't need to install the .js files. - THIS IS HOW YOU AVOID NULL ERROR

If you're using v1.2 or lower, .js files go under "GAMEFOLDER\www\js\plugins"

"Pictures" folder contents go under "GAMEFOLDER\wwww\img\pictures" - THIS IS HOW YOU ADD BIGGER SIZE CG

If you have the latest APK version you can add CG mods to it. Google "APK repacker". Not sure if APK version js files support mega belly, since some of the code is still in Japanese.

a883d No.64189


Omg you are the best!! I will test as asap.

Will the weight during examination also be higher then usual or is just the final weight affected? Will the doctor comment on it? I noticed their speech option changes based on the baby's weight during examination.

cef7b No.64194

Ok, Huston, we have problem.

I Had version 1.3.11, and there is a CG for bigger belly (4th and 5th stages huge/mega belly) but there isn't any singhs of megabelly in game.

Is there a way to define a exact week of pregnancy, to show another graphics?

Need to start showing a new X-ray, after 42 week of single pregnancy.
But, new grf start showing on "full term" of pregnancy, not exacly on hugebelly grf. Need to synchronjze it.

ae46c No.64202

Well…this is the only thing DLSite says:

Added stand/CG viewer as one of end game content.

Then Mihiraghi posted the working end game content on this link:

55fdf No.64205

File: 1573808800844.png (Spoiler Image, 613.15 KB, 817x625, Nht1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Messing around with some nonhuman shit.

53208 No.64212

File: 1573826558965.jpg (25.94 KB, 253x750, eEqbCUe.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

ab94a No.64215

File: 1573839963725.png (721.03 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2019-11-15-19-4….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

What's to do?

18ad3 No.64216

What is this even?

44d6b No.64225

You try huge belly mod on version 1.3.11 with is not fully suported yet (i think)


There is new version

I try to make it work, and need to test it.

Hazumi will had a HugeSingleBelly after reach =< 38 weeks, and new x-ray is there.

Other functions are work good.

Test it please and report bug (or somethink)

5add7 No.64226

I did not know how much this needs to be a thing in this game! I can see the slum being expanded to include some crazy events.

cef7b No.64228

Maybe Event to impregnate from mad scientist in slums, and need to delivery onlyy in slums or game over?

55fdf No.64245

File: 1573880772629.png (12.36 KB, 335x340, 1550940447913-2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Just playing around with this picture. Trying to make a full set to replace it.

82e8b No.64246

This killed my boner real fast, thanks.

55fdf No.64250

My bad sorry bro.

f211d No.64254

File: 1573900510252.png (528.32 KB, 833x663, hhap.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

44d6b No.64260

File: 1573912541389-0.png (429.13 KB, 814x625, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573912541389-1.png (386.56 KB, 816x624, 2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1573912541389-2.png (369.45 KB, 816x627, 3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You have no Bigger Belly mod instaled?
In screen is only "isBoteBig" not "isBoteHuge"

Try to instal
+ huge belly mod
+ my patch

(eventually, need to start new game, but i had working it on older save)

Bigger belly start to show after 37 weeks (still can't understand how to do it only to overdue)

411d1 No.64262


Man I missed a lot of new contents here, the mods have grown so much! So these new sprites r free to download or they r patreon exclusive?

cef7b No.64270


Younger Hazumi is already free to DL, new X-ray for 4th stage is completly free, and you can DL it.
Need to test it.

dad41 No.64284

Thanks but I have more question. What version pf the game shud I have? And most importantly…

…can u provide the links of the mods?

cf07a No.64295

See post 62595. Most of the mods are on his Patreon page.

Per the other comments of this thread, I've only tried them with version 1.2.12. I've not used them yet with the newer versions I downloaded.

You should BUY the game, but the version you'll get is 1.3.11. Haven't tried that one with the mods. The game is linked in post 63352.

I'm clueless as well, so good luck.

55476 No.64302

How do you get version 1.2.12?

cf07a No.64309

I got it from a link on the Preggophilia forum, but now I think that whole thread may be gone. If you find that version it's probably free, but you wouldn't be supporting the dude who built it.

aff17 No.64314

I bought the game and tried it with mods, it only works with feunski english patch. So you apply feunski patch onto the 1.3.11 english version to make the mod work. It's weird

8336e No.64319

Nice, that duwe now has some ppl able to deal with java. I upload my MOD for 1.3.3 so you may put the stuff in by yourself if you like. And disassemble it yourself. Actually I don't have much time to work on the project, due to university and working. The graphics in this mod may be used for further modding without my permission. Just do as you please. Some details about the MOD and changes. ->

-Masturbation Forbidden -> Blue Balls
-Unequaled -> Potent (since the person has more sexual endurance according to code)
-More semen for "Blue Balls"
-2 more stages of cum for "Blue Balls"
-Up to 6 stages of cum amounts
-2 additional graphics for cum stages
-it's easier to get multi pregnant
-some graphic stuff uncensored
-new graphics for X-RAY
-1 new graphic for big penis… (but I guess that too much work and leads to overlay problems, needs lot of graphics and code to make it work properly)
-some more variety in texts and very few changed spelling/dialogues

-Doggystyle: cumstage display is bugged 'coz of randomness in code (haven't had the time to make to code work)
-full graphics for additional cumstages (I will still post my stuff here)
-standing graphics of cum filled womb
-parameters in code for cum filled belly
-separation in overlay upper and lower layer (atm the baby is the upper of both layers)
-a check in code how much cum Hazumi already has in belly -> for displaying her actual "filling state" before having sex
-some other rules for cum itself to seperate and split it from code.

I guess duwe and his crew are the correct ppl to implement it. I have some more time in late summer but right now other stuff is important…

Link to MOD:

8336e No.64320

P.S.: And don't get me wrong. The mod is far from being finished…

I also don't want pressure anyone to implement my changes. Just feel free to implement it

Ah and I forget -> The Emoji Style Display for mobile phone since this is possible aswell

97f3f No.64328

I think we need to make a new thread to these mods; an English wiki and make this community bigger, because till the date this is the only game (apart from VH) that had an advance pregnancy system, and not only 2 states to select the CG of pregnant or not preg; we need to separate into groups to make this possible, hope we can make these projects possible.

44d6b No.64330


First bug report here!
Missing files
- M_CG_cut2_5.png
- D_CG_cut2_5.png

Is there CG for cum streched utherus in standing?

Lets do a different pregnancies
Single baby, Twins, triplest and quads.

CG is coming by duwe_wey

Com, can u send me a mail or sometging?
I had some question abaut code, to understand.

44d6b No.64331

and, emojis not working here (win7)

8336e No.64354

The problem with strechted uterus due to huge penis is complicated the baby graphic for example needs to be seperated same goes for the code… actually it works like this ->
You have a common vagina picture this will get an overlay with the penis including the motion lines and over that Layer there is another possible layer for the baby head while pregnant. This needs a split in the first place and additional graphics + a seperation in code. Much stuff to do for a very small change. So I dunno if this is worth it at all… Let's see what duwe will say about this matter. I'm still willing to draw the stuff. But actually I can'T keep up with the code. Since versions still change too fast for my coding :D Also -> last time I implemented my code I haven't made REM entries to find my changes again… so I'll wait for Duwe and his changes to implement my changes over it, since he's the guy with 2 ppl helping in coding and he has some more time aswell as some patreon money for it. So far I guess it's best I draw all the stuff in first place since thats something that that is kinda "timeless" and 'only' needs implementation.

Some more brainstorming:
-the bigger the penis the easier for sperm to reach the uterus when shooting sperm in directly. (3 seperate sperm calculation)
-implementing a point system/variables for food:
*for additional bodyweight
*points for food
+chocolate and sweet food is +3
+semi-healthy food +2
+healthy food +1
+bubblegum -1

you need at least 3 points a day for additional action points (in short AP). every further point will lead to more bodymass on the scale. While this could be seperated in "drinks" and "food"
this means -> eating unhealthy means much points means gaining weight. to lose weight, just eating bubblegum with no calories but this leads to negative AP for the next day due to to low calories.

Balance changes for healthy and unhealthy food… -> Unhealthy food is cheaper but doesnt require time to prepare it (new use for kitchen), but leads to getting fat.

New function for kitchen and 2 types of kitchen -> first one just a stoove consumes 1 AP/day to prepare food, expensive one is automated leading to no AP loss.

New location: Gym? To lose weight easier for some AP consumption… also events are possible there… maybe you also find fit ppl for fucking there -> more "Unequaled" and "Lively" ppl. She may work as a "fucking fitness coach" there for money.

In that case -> keep the old "Erostatus.js", seems only win10 is able to deal with it. But good to know… for further versions this kind of change needs to seperate win version for config files…

8336e No.64355

Zeah some stuff is missing, as I said… I keep on drawing in the first place.

So far no graphics for CG standing, since the layers aren't seperated yet, I will do the drawing for it. For the layers itself its like I posted in my last post, baby will overlay cum womb, this may work to a small size of filled womb but not for filled bellies above baby size… this means "vertilized" layer will be blaced over a cum-swollen belly and the filled belly and or the verlitized belly needs seperate graphics or a split in code… again -> code seperation first before implementing pictures for it.

What questions do you have?

aff17 No.64356

Having the same error, on latest version from DLsite

8336e No.64359

Ah yeah i forgot that… so far its the same as "M_CG_cut2_4" and "D_CG_cut2_4" while M is for missionary and D for doggy… Anyway just copy 2_4 and rename it 2_5 so far, til I got a proper graphic.

cef7b No.64362


There is a much more files missing.

I Dl a vanila version, and start to sarch to all missing files.

To sarch a changes in code. Take a vanila version of JS file, take your, changed and check them at online text checker.
I send you a link to it, i use it to find everything, that was changed.

Some brainstorming
- separated pregnancy (twins, triplets, quads) or only single baby, multibaby?

- nonhuman pregnancy (maybe mad scientist at slums) doing for money.
I my opinion, can be, but not in the priority.

- make a school work (you need to go to school, and study there + sex scenes on schoool toilets + birth scene in class room (is it even possible?)

- any way to deflate a cum steched belly? At the toilet or something else?

- overdue in pregnancy cause a AP reduction <42w = -1ap <45w = -3ap and =<47 = - 5ap
And, when hazumi is overdue, since 43 week she can say us, that, her belly is too big, and she need to give birth. And she need go to OB/GYN. But player can ignore it, witch cause AP reduction.
AlSO her frend Tomo, who sitting in school, can say that Hazumi is bad loking, and she need to go to doctor.

-we have a strechmarks, but, no all like it. Add a belly creme, to reduction a strechmarks, and, naturalizer will be take it back. (maybe can add a characteristic "love strechmarks" to her clients.

Can we even do it?

b236a No.64382

File: 1574190594606.jpg (173.25 KB, 810x620, Hazumi preggo with 7.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

This happen, and no mods used.

aac78 No.64389

Have you guys tried using hooks to substitute your mod's code?

d0aae No.64390

File: 1574209732998.png (Spoiler Image, 459.59 KB, 1366x768, save.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I open the game.project file in the www folder and i found the event that cause AP reduction i can make the change of the event, but i'm not sure if when i compile the game it works normaly

cef7b No.64393

So BACKUP and lets try! :)

aac78 No.64415

Mihiraghi created a framework to make implementing mods into the game easier. There will be three additional files in the .js folder. They are Mod_a.js, Mod_b.js, and Mod_c.js. Mod_a.js is an explanation on hooks and overrides, while Mod_b.js and Mod_c.js are for implementing user mods. I've posted a translated version of Mod_a.js below. I would appreciate feedback on any translation errors for coding terms. Hopefully it will be of use to you guys.

/* Always nude MOD
const _StandDisplay_stand_isNakedOrErostat = StandDisplay.stand.prototype.isNakedOrErostat// The Display_stand class of Display_CG can be called by inputting StandDisplay.stand.
StandDisplay.stand.prototype.isNakedOrErostat = function() { // Function to determine naked or ero status.
_StandDisplay_stand_isNakedOrErostat.apply(this, arguments)// Calls the original process.
return true; // Always returns true to only show nudity.
/*Explanation on hooks and overrides.
const A' = A
A = function(){
A'.apply(this, arguments)
The original process can be called by using this format.
If you add A'.apply(this, arguments) to the next line, the original process can be changed.
This is called a "hook".

To change without calling the original process,
StandDisplay.stand.prototype.isNakedOrErostat = function() {
return true;
Using this format is called an "override".
It is better to hooks when possible, because overrides for the same process don't work well when duplicated.

6dc23 No.64416

Thanks for the translation Feunski.

By using hook, you can influence the method of the function without directly editing the original file.
This ensures compatibility even if the game is updated and the original file is changed.
If you are going to make a mod from now, you are recommended to use a hook.

44d6b No.64440

By editing original files, i can undestand what i do (a bit)

Hook is big Stop for me. My knowlege of Javascript isnt enought to write a function from begining, and hook it by this hookup mode…

44d6b No.64441

But, with litte help, i think we can do it.

Hey, what abaut a PC with webcamera for hazumi? She can do a private show and ern money for it.
Also, if she is pregnant - she can give birth in live show, to earn more.
(only one more thing to brainstorm)

6dc23 No.64452

I took about a year to understand Javascript. But you would be much faster if it is only for the purpose of remodeling.

I can't explain everything in English, so here are some tips.

StandDisplay.stand.prototype.isNakedOrErostat = function(){
return this.isErostatAndPressButton() || isNaked();

means equal:

// in Display_stand.js
var StandDisplay = (function(){
class Display_stand extends Sprite{
return this.isErostatAndPressButton() || isNaked()

return {


Class declarations

Immediate Functions

Immediate Functions return value
Look at Classical JavaScript module pattern

d5d53 No.64453


The framework isn't in the last update of the game, right? I can't find the .JS files

aac78 No.64454

Should be in the next update.

cef7b No.64467

Same here. Not native English speeker

I'm close to understand some lines, but i need a explain some functions.
Don't get it.

If i post here some code, can you repair a mistakes? Or convert it to new format. I'm still on version, because there i can understand what i do…

d8aae No.64473

Hey guys, you can find an online free savegame editor at this link:

All you need to do is:
1. Upload your save
2. Upload Items.json located in www/data
3. Upload System.json located in www/data as well

It allow you to modify how much semen she's got inside of her and how many babies (the number of babies and the number of Boys&Girl)
I reckon it doesn't create any problems if the numbers do no match but I advice you to make it match as below:

n = number of babies
b = number of boy
g = number of girl

n = b + g
so with numbers:
9 = 5 + 4
for example.

You DO need japanese comprehension or googletrad to understand the varaible though.

If I remember well:
variable 11: semen in uterus
variable 59: number of babies
variable359: number of girl
variable360: number of boy

You can change your items as well but I don't advise to change the items you unlock via giving birth, such as mutilple prenancy, longer milking etc…

6dc23 No.64476

OK, try writing a script.
I might be able to advise.
I don't want people to stay at

93518 No.64481

Sure, i dont wanna stay at older versions. In new releases are new features. And i can't use it.

964df No.64519

Sorry to disturb you but how is the progress for delivering the game to steam? I am so curious

44d6b No.64537


Here I am.

Please decode for me this.

function isPregnant(){
const v = (id) => { return $gameVariables._data[id] || 0 }
return v(43)>=1

and this

function isBote(){
const v = (id) => { return $gameVariables._data[id] || 0 }
return v(43)>=v(45)

and this

function isBoteHuge(){ ///////////////////////
const v = (id) => { return $gameVariables._data[id] || 0 }
return v(43) >= v(44)

line by line please

Las one is from huge belly MOD.

I want to write a next function.

separate single / twin / triplets

single =<42 weeks = huge belly + x-ray of big baby

twins =<42 weeks = mega belly + new x-ray

triplets =<28 week = huge belly
=<34 week = mega belly
=<42 week = ultra belly (not had graphics yet)

i'm sure that way to make it, is in that lines.

Please, explain it for me, and i can start working.


d5d53 No.64549

probably this can help someone here, this is some variable in the game i use my save,the page saveeditor and google translator just to figure our what variables are used in the funtions

Facial expression difference # 1: (11)
Number of frames # 2: (81)
Hero cycle calculation # 3: (1000)
Periodic variable # 5: (6)
Fertilization magnification # 6: (47)
Semen: Extracorporeal # 10: (4)
Semen: Vaginal # 11: (50)
Sperm reaching uterus # 13: (0)
Character display speed # 16: (1)
Item id # 19: (241)
emo: | Red | Blue | Blue 2 |? | Anger | sweat |! | # 20: (0)
Immediate variable # 21: (1)
General random number # 22: (44)
General variable 2 # 23: (35)
Random number for text # 24: (3)
Tile paste x coordinate # 25: (11)
Tile paste y coordinate # 26: (11)
Player's current position # 27: (2)
Location move ID # 28: (2)
Move Location X # 29: (1)
Move location Y # 30: (9)
AP basic value (constant) # 31: (4)
AP current value # 32: (3)
AP maximum value # 33: (6)
AP consumption display # 34: (3)
Ability increase # 36: (20)
Tile copy x coordinate # 37: (42)
Tile copy y coordinate # 38: (1)
Tile copy x amount # 39: (2)
Tile copy y amount # 40: (2)
Fertilized # 42: (0)
Pregnancy # 43: (34)
const Last month # 44: (36)
const mid pregnancy # 45: (16)
const late pregnancy # 46: (28)
Number of fucks # 49: (78)
Total amount # 50: (813)
Total vaginal volume # 51: (1507)
const overtime # 52: (44)
Total Sperm # 53: (217373)
Number of fertilization # 54: (5)
Number of pregnancy # 55: (3)
Number of childbirths # 56: (2)
Number of childbirths # 57: (2)
Number of childbirths # 58: (3)
Number of fetuses # 59: (5)
Postpartum manure # 60: (0)
Hot spring / sento # 61: (0)
Number of visits # 62: (2)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Waiting # 63: (0)
const picture y coordinate # 64: (-20)
# 65 left to the collection: (8)
const picture x coordinate # 66: (420)
const picture magnification # 67: (90)
Pubic hair difference # 69: (100)
Childbirth progress # 71: (0)
Rubber 1 Rubber out 2 Rubber tear 3 Remove rubber 4,5 = No rubber # 73: (0)
Number of ejaculations # 75: (0)
Extracorporeal recent # 76: (0)
Intravaginally recent # 77: (0)
Mouth recently # 78: (0)
Prostitution amount after random number # 80: (0)
Then uncle # 84: (1)
Uncle worker # 85: (1)
Uncle # 86: (1)
Mr. Yanashi in the morning processing # 87: (74)
Piston # 89: (3)
[Number] Prostitution partner type 1 = Old man 2 = Uncle # 99: (1)
Prostitution Mob # 100: (999)
Number # 107: (197)
str0 # 108: (91)
str1 # 109: (67)
str2 # 110: (83)
Side chest 1-white 2-peach # 117: (2)
Futon, sleeper shelf installation 1,3 = Single 2,4 = Double # 120: (6)
Study desk chair placement # 121: (1)
Dining chair left installation # 122: (1)
Dining chair right installation # 123: (1)
Mirror table chair # 124: (1)
Dining table installed # 127: (1)
Study desk # 129: (1)
Carpet installation # 132: (1)
Closet installation # 136: (1)
Living carpet # 140: (1)
Washing machine # 148: (1)
Water heater # 150: (1)
Shower # 151: (2)
Refrigerator # 161: (2)
Kitchen # 163: (2)
Mirror hanging on the wall # 165: (2)
Air conditioner installation # 175: (1)
Bookshelf # 177: (3)
Sweets time bonus # 202: (0)
Number of meals # 203: (0)
BGM volume # 236: (90)
Home # 242: (1)
School # 243: (2)
Convenience store # 244: (2)
Pharmacy # 245: (2)
Furniture store # 246: (2)
Obstetrics and Gynecology # 248: (2)
Slam # 251: (2)
Cafe # 253: (2)
[Active] Opponent satisfaction # 301: (0)
Number of choice columns # 302: (0)
Direction of hero # 303: (0)
Money storage # 305: (20000000)
Eroste Actor Charm # 307: (4078)
exp Cooking experience # 308: (29)
In-vitro preservation # 310: (37)
Vaginal preservation # 311: (42)
Intrauterine preservation # 313: (0)
Man: sexual feeling: erection # 321: (0)
Man: Erogenous random number # 322: (0)
Ejaculation interval # 327: (0)
Ejaculation location 1 = vagina, 2 = outside, 3 = mouth, 4 = chest # 328: (0)
Bust # 331: (96)
West # 332: (102)
Hip # 333: (88)
Last pregnancy week # 336: (30)
Breastfeeding period # 338: (27)
[Day] Breast Milking # 339: (9)
const breast milk still out? # 340: (8)
Friend: Fertilized # 342: (0)
Tomo: Pregnancy # 343: (26)
Tomo: Cyclic random number # 344: (136)
Tomo: Fertilization random number # 345: (1)
Tomo: Sperm random number # 346: (0)
Total fertilization # 347: (731)
Friend: Fertilization count # 348: (7)
Friend: Number of pregnancy # 349: (4)
Tomo: Number of births # 350: (3)
Mouth cumshots recently # 353: (0)
Number of extracorporeal ejaculations recently # 354: (0)
Number of vaginal cum shots recently # 355: (0)
Anal ejaculation count recently # 356: (0)
[Birth] Number of boys recently # 359: (2)
[Birth] Number of girls recently # 360: (3)
Time elapsed minutes # 361: (0)
Total time # 362: (90)
temp man: aphrodisiac effect # 363: (0)
day woman: Aphrodisiac effect # 364: (0)
Unable to pay rent # 365: (0)
[Active] Temporary satisfaction preservation # 368: (0)
Woman: Erogenous Experience Save # 370: (0)
Woman: Erogenous # 371: (0)
Woman: Erogenous random number # 372: (0)
Total number of libido # 375: (0)
Option # 377: (2)
Ejaculation place branch 0 = Normal branch, 1 = Cum, 2 = Out, 3 = Exit # 382: (0)
value pregnancy test # 402: (0)
Ovulation inducer # 403: (0)
Implantation aid # 404: (1)
Contraceptive # 405: (1)
Shaving cream # 406: (0)
Razor # 407: (0)
Number of compulsory ovulators # 408: (0)
Number of lotions # 409: (0)
Number of sleeping pills # 410: (0)
Common aphrodisiac possession # 411: (0)
Great aphrodisiac possession # 412: (0)
Dangerous Aphrodisiac Possession # 413: (100)
day Auntie Remaining # 421: (0)
temp last toilet AP # 422: (6)
flag Hair condition fixed 1 = tie, 2 = always unwind # 426: (1)
day Semen volume at start of day # 427: (50)
Temporary: Number of climax # 442: (0)
Childbirth Twin Progress # 443: (0)
Childbirth More than 3 children progress # 444: (0)
cycle Required amount for baby collection # 461: (2000000)
cycle Baby collection amount 10,000 yen # 462: (200)
[NPC] Obstetrics and Gynecology Aunt Birth # 481: (9)
[NPC] Pharmacy schoolgirl births # 482: (3)
exp Cafe Byte Experience # 502: (74)
Implantation probability # 503: (29)
Breast milk points (Liters) # 504: (139)
Breast milk remainder (ml) # 505: (535)
Total breast milk (ml) # 506: (351789)
Areola color precipitation count # 508: (2)
exp Bathed # 511: (0)
Map standing picture transparency # 517: (153)
Timer # 519: (0)
Number of prostitutes # 600: (12)

6dc23 No.64553

I am also working on Steam.
It is necessary to prepare that images to be put on the store page and a promotion video.
When ready them, submit it to Steam for review, and if it passes, launch.
I don't know much about images and design, so it's not fast.

Is your purpose in creating an ultra belly mod?
I supported Mega belly MOD with ver1.3.
So here's how to make it compatible with ultra belly.

First, create a function that determines the ultra belly in the Global scope (outside the Immediate Function).

The function that determines Belly size is strBellySize() of Global_Function.js. Hook this.

That is to say, try to write:

// MOD_x.js

function isUltraBelly() {
const v = (id) => { return $gameVariables._data[id] || 0 }
return hasTriplesOrMore() && v(43) >= 42;

// Hook is put in immediate function

const _strBellySize = strBellySize;
strBellySize = function(){
let name = _strBellySize.apply(this, arguments)// strBellySize() return belly size strings.
name = "ultra"
return name;



After that, if you put stand picture in /img/picture, it should be displayed.
Try it!

ae46c No.64555

The game uses 'Switches' and 'Variables' to keep track of certain aspects of the game. Some of those aspects determine if Hazumi's menstrual cycle, implantation, fertilization, and yeah pregnancy.
'nameless' below explains what all those variables, and switches do.
isPregnant() and isBote() are like a 'middle-man'. They dictate the status of Hazumi (eg. Is she Pregnant? Is she late in her cycle?).

d5d53 No.64556

now i want a ultra belly mod,
another question te MOD.js files are be in the next update or we can create them and put in the game now?

6dc23 No.64564

I already created MOD_a-c.js files with ver1.3.15.
It is not recommended that users create new MOD.js files. (Because it is necessary to describe in plugins.js file)
Please contact me when you made a large-scale mod. I add a MOD.js file for that MOD.

6dc23 No.64565

f8446 No.64588

it says game elements have been added? what does that entail?

d8aae No.64589


Hey mate!

I know you're working on your new project, I'm following you on ci-en <3.

Any chances you add belly cum inflation or breast expansion depending on Hazumi's breast's size ? (Depending on post birth milking or if you use a new drug)?

That would be awesome so see both her belly and her breast size changing!

Cheers! And have a good one!
Hope you'll keep working on this game!

dfe0d No.64594


Well here are the changes from the change log:
# e1.3.15
## add
- Created Term of service(for Modding) to the "About MOD" folder.
- Added script files “MOD_a.js”, “MOD_b.js” and “MOD_c.js” that can be used freely for Modding.
It is recommended that you overwrite existing processing by writing "hooks" or "overrides" to these files instead of rewriting the game script directly.

# e1.3.14
## add
- While the ero-stats is displayed, Hazumi can now dress while pressing the Q key / L1 button.
## fixes
- The screen did not turn white in 1.3.13
- Picture viewer: File not exist error when switching to CG in emotion displayed.

# e1.3.13
## add
- The world looks dim When PMS.

# e1.3.12
## fix
- Picture viewer: only saw the first few times

aac78 No.64613

The thread still exists, but OP made the title sound like clickbait spam, so I can't blame you for not finding it. I made a new one simply titled "Hazumi and the Pregnation", which should be easier for new people to find. That could be a good place to discuss modding.

Last time I checked, the pirated versions were horribly out of date. That should be another reason not to download them.

New Thread:

Old Thread:

6dc23 No.64619

Thank you for your subscribe on Ci-en!
Adding breast size is difficult. Because if I add one breast size, I have to prepare a variation for every standing picture.
But if someone created a variation of breast picture, I can write a script to make it into the game.

Thank you for the new thread.
I'm not sure, but is it a famous community?

7e7af No.64625


Oh cool. I could probably do the pictures?
Do you have by any chances vector files of Hazumi?
Or you worked with png only?

9d2f1 No.64650

there really needs to be a better way to distinguish between the different mods

aac78 No.64654

Just put the name of the mod in the subject line when posting.

613e1 No.64717

i have a little trouble with the mod i try to make:

overdue in pregnancy cause a AP reduction <42w = -1ap <45w = -3ap and =<47 = - 5ap

i found the event that cause that AP reduction but i dont know how call that event in the mods.js files i try to use the caffe events for example but i dont make none advances,someone can help me?

547c1 No.64720

Unfortunately, processes such as commonEvents cannot be overwritten from MOD.js.
This is because RPG maker MV and I didn't expect to create MOD.

I'm going to write a script for you to manipulate the AP from MOD.js, but it may take some time because other tasks are prioritized.

613e1 No.64722

>>64720, okay a can pause that mod, and anyway to increase the bust size when hazumi is pregnant like this:

if hazumi is pregnant with 1 babt
current bust size+5, if is twins 10 and multiples depending of the number it increase up 20

6405f No.64730


Maybe you just implement new "mods" to game directly?

Foe example - bigger belly modeis in game already? So keep it as part of game, not just mode.

Some our works can too be in game not as mod. Overweight bellies, new x-ray graphics is still soft modding.

For example, unhuman stuff is optionable, not all will eant it in game…

5f303 No.64774

there are mods for 1.3.15?

2aa96 No.64781

In 1.3.15 there is change in code, so my mods will not work.

6f83f No.64799


which is your mod?

d5651 No.64808

Bigger Overdue baby + bigger weight

6f83f No.64811


>>64319 this one?

>>64225 or this one?

91718 No.64812

Last one

6f83f No.64813

File: 1575272884659.png (479.71 KB, 813x647, hazumi_mod.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


well i have good news I working with that mod in the last few hours and i make it work with de mod_a.js file, but im not implemented te bigger weight mod yet and i have little issues in te xray view but it works just i need tested a little more and i share the code with you

17b90 No.64826

Great! I Share with you grf for stock hazumi, and, if you can, I had some more things, done, and need implement them into 1.3.15
Please send me a mail to c.shimanski(at)yahoo
Maybe you answer a lot of questions :)

6f83f No.64827

>>64826 good, i have a problem, i need to know how can i call the classes Spriteset_CG_Cow,Spriteset_CG_Birth,Spriteset_CG_Missionary and Spriteset_CG_Doggy. because when you enter in that sex scenes the hazumi's belly return to "big" size and is not good, just i need that last thing for continue with the bigger weight part for now im stop with that in the mod

547c1 No.64829

I applied for ver1.3.16 to DLsite.

#e1.3.16 for MOD
## add
-Display_CG.js and Erostatus.js can be accessed from global scope.
-Added MOD_AP.js. You can add a formula when calculating the AP the next day.


3b11c No.64840


Can we also add to AP reduction coments from Hazumi, or maybe Tomo?

dfe0d No.64841


Still finding some japanese script during some scenes at the hotel….

aac78 No.64842

Can you post a screenshot?

c9e90 No.64843

File: 1575305896610.png (Spoiler Image, 69.28 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_pregnant_mega-3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I've just made image of overgrown twins for Hazumi.
With proper adjustment, it can be applied to mega belly stand.
But it's so difficult for me to give the light shade to see through her belly in.
I desperately want to ask anyone to give the light shade and erase its white background.
Waiting for your help!

6f83f No.64848

in the ver 1.3.15 is not posible call that class but in the 1.3.16 is possible?

6f83f No.64849

you want a twins overdue like the peeoregolover's mod?

547c1 No.64851

After translation, the newly added part has not yet been translated.
When launching the Steam version, I want to ask Feunski for additional translations.

That's right.
In 1.3.15, Display_CG.js could not be accessed from outside, so I added it to the script to allow access.

6f83f No.64852

hello peepregolover your mail is correct i cant send you a message

4d9ba No.64867


yes, I hope so.
And also the picture to be modified, too.

6f83f No.64868

for your mod you can use my code as an example, and for the picture you can use gimp to modify yur picture im not very good in that but probably you can find some tutorials in internet

6f83f No.64872

File: 1575349073504.png (511.06 KB, 807x645, mod.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

casually i try to make your mod work with the peepregolover's mod port that i make and with a little extra code i can make it works with the peepregolover mod without problems just we need a betterlook png file and a extra png file for the duwe_wey's mod youngerhazumi

c9e90 No.64876


Awesome!! If you share the pic, we just need the light shade version (which makes it like x-ray) and the additional mod.

6f83f No.64877

i share the mod again with the modifications for your big belly twins xray, the mod include all you need the js file, and the images it uses also i include the stand png for normal hazumi, young hazumi and the vagina base png for both, use it as a guide layer in gimp or other program like photoshop or the xray will looks like this: >>64813


6269f No.64900

i hope there will be some variation for the client sprites in the near future. Always this fat brown fuck is getting repetitive

6269f No.64905

got hazumi pregnant with 4 children and the "twin overdue x-ray" is not working. Instead it dispalys the "single child overdue x-ray".

f50b6 No.64910

Find that too. there is a "twin pregnancy", and "triple or more"

so there may be change in code for twin and multiple pregnancy to show X-ray

6269f No.64911

and th overdue xyray for 1 baby gets displayed too early. got it already at 36 weeks

f50b6 No.64914


Yea, had same problem, solved it by editing "isBoteMegaSingle" and "isBoteMegamulti"

f979c No.64921

>>64914 what changes you did?

f979c No.64923

hi its me again i make an update just to fix a small errors please tell me that errors was fixed or if another ones appear


f979c No.64944

File: 1575489974665.png (517.63 KB, 811x667, mod.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

a crazy update test: megas single overdue pregnant stage

8aded No.64947

Hey, I keep getting "isBoteTripleBig is not defined". Any Ideas as to why that is the case. Used a fresh install of your mod, and separately a fresh install with all the other mods sequentially installed. The only thing I havent been able to download is the previous MEGA link of yours which is no longer available.

f50b6 No.64951

You had a one } more than you need.

5ca81 No.64958

>>64947 you use the last update of the vainilla game? (1.3.15) you need that versión and rename the png files in the picture folder,

f979c No.64961

i update my mod frecuenty, you dont need the previus updates, the vanilla game(v 1.3.15) is already compatible with the big belly mod(you only need the png files, but the com mod an the pregolover original mod is not suported in the ver 1.3.15

de47d No.64965

yeah me too, even though i renamed the files

e1e08 No.65021

last update until the 3.1.16 ver


-add hazumi's huge overdue belly with single baby
-add hazumi's mega overdue belly with single baby
if week >=60
-add hazumi's mega overdue belly with twins

all new prenancy stages has the xray baby correspondent(im not an artist so if someone redraw that files would be very grateful)
THIS MOD IS ONLY COMPLATIBLE WITH 1.3.15 and above(probably)

for young hazumi (duwe_wey's mod):

for hazumi's normal age:

e23f2 No.65030

File: 1575714636132.jpg (4.29 MB, 4032x3024, 20191207_112924.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

With your last update, namelesw

5f303 No.65032

help (i have the latest version 1.3.15)

5d59b No.65036


Think that megaoverdue, is too late. Overdue start at =<43 weeks, and megaoverdue is starting at) =<48
In =50 is max weeks in game. That use data_size.json to calculate babyweight.

So, i want t say, that mode is GREAT!!!!

And, i had a new one, to port in 1.3.15

I had a separate twin, triplet and quad pregnancy!
And there is a quintupletsAndMore on the way.

Now in testing, and waiting for Grf for X-ray.

Need to help, port it to "mod_A.js" when it will be done.

5d59b No.65037


There is no definition for that huge bely in sex scenes.
I think

e1e08 No.65038

the isbotetriplebig is a funtion declared in the global_funtion.js file around line 455 in my mod i dont edit nothing of the original file, the mod is trying to find that funtion put in your game is not declared in that cases 1 have two answes 1 you delete that funtion or you are in a lower vertion

e1e08 No.65040

File: 1575735142605.png (504.09 KB, 1366x768, case1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

here is your case and in my game is working normaly >>65030

e1e08 No.65042

normaly but if you edit the datacheat.json from 50 to 0 for

and for your mod you can use the MOD_B or MOD_C js as too

18b44 No.65046

Dies this mod need the Bigger bellies MOD to work with? Or does the new updates already have such enormous bellies integrated in the game?

5d59b No.65049


If I copy my code into that files, that will not work. I use old syntaxis for Function.
Need to check it, and wrote into your mode

190c9 No.65051

I dont have the fonction IsBoteTripleBig
Nameless can you share the version of your game with the loli mod + your mod ? Please

6ed3e No.65052

Holy hell, does that look confusing. Maybe refactor into a table or something.

f50b6 No.65059


Hi Nameless,

So here is the BUG report and report from testing the mod at All.

- Giga Overdue Belly - set to <50 weeks Easier to get megaoverdue (reduction of AP is incoming?)
- If hazumi has overdue belly, and give birth/sex scenes - there is only full term single belly (need to fix)
- fix pubic hair, if there is hugebelly and megabelly - you need to remove pubic hair. There is function in display_stand.js to do it.
- If you had more than 2 babues (3 and more) The overdue belly is shown, but x-ray is still stock full term twins

Great work anyway!!! You upgreade my work to new level!

f7349 No.65076

File: 1575791356855.jpg (676.79 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2019-12-08-10-4….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's not work. Please help.

d5bc8 No.65077

Long pregnancy with twins…you can do it, girl…you're looking cute and hot.

5d59b No.65080


IdK that mods are working on Android versions…

69e3f No.65081

Where can I download this game and the latest mod?

02b1c No.65082

do you guys well with
break_charm_limit by Mihiraghi?
I overwrote as told but charm is still locked at 999999

c9e90 No.65086


You can download the game at dlsite, where developer Mihiragi posted it.


and the latest mods are on this page.

e1e08 No.65098

File: 1575847256198.png (733.32 KB, 1366x768, case1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

-AP reduction and birth and sex scenes are not implemented yet because the diplay CG file cannot be called by any mod.js files
-in the next update i change the giga overdue belly week t0 50
-the hair i remove the hair in the next update
and the 3 or more baby in overdue explain more your case because i try with 3 to 9 babys and i don't have that xray problem

69e3f No.65100

oh shit it costed money? i didnt know that
still looks pretty good though

e1e08 No.65106

i have problems with remove the hair if i do that my mod stop working and i dont understad why y try to use the upPubic()funtion to no show the hair in megabelly but not working some ideas?

6269f No.65118


congrats on the new mod release!

e1e08 No.65120

nameless here im already make in mega belly the pubic hair desappear from the mega belly stand but it desapear in the birth and in the missionary sex pose, i think the problem is the upPubic funtion but im not sure

47c47 No.65125

Have problems too. After separate triplets, quads and quins, i have problem with sex and births scenes.

e1e08 No.65126

>>65125 can i see your source code?

47c47 No.65128

Send you on Mail.
Hotmail, is correct?

e1e08 No.65129

yeah is correct

f50b6 No.65140

Send you a mail with my code. Lets find a way to make it work, also on version 1.3.15
And, later we do a some gigabelly update.

4b4ae No.65182

Can you use this on mobile?

e0158 No.65204


You guys are awesome! I can't wait to see where this goes!

96746 No.65283

So it looks like this is the most recent version of the mod but I get errors when I try to unpack the rar

96746 No.65285

Soon found the issue. Older version of 7zip don't like the file so I've had to update it

f09f6 No.65326

I had the same isBoteTripleBig error and I found out it was because I had the Bigger bellies mod installed. The global_function.js file from that mod doesn't have the isBoteTripleBig line so these two mods aren't compatible.

d4889 No.65345

How difficult would it be to add in a rapid pregnancy feature? each "step" of the pregnancy is already defined in the PPLSS\www\data\data_size file, can you just remove some of the steps to make it faster?

4b2f3 No.65347

There's a drug in game that already does that, unless you're looking for something faster?

3531e No.65363

I think he is talking about a feature when Hazumis belly would grow during the day. Once I created something like that. During waithressing her belly grew when she got the order wrong.

6269f No.65366

any news on the new "younger" hazumi replacer mod?

06845 No.65371

I was just wondering about that. Apparently Duwwey released it on his patreon a little over a week ago. He hasn't posted in this thread for a while though, so I don't know if he has any other plans for it.

20a52 No.65406


He posted yesterday saying he hasin't been feeling well so He might not post it for a little while.
It also not been updated to the newest verison yet.

baa36 No.65411

Could someone do a huge solid and upload a playthrough/walkthrough or compilation video of some sort on pornhub? Even a video of a birth scene. I can't play the game since I don't have the correct device, but I would really love to see these mods in action. Thank you so much <3

6269f No.65413

rip. I hope he get hell soon. Woudl be a shame to be ill over christmas holidays

6269f No.65414

of course i meant "get well soon"

9d0b8 No.65447

Missing one } in code

11cd9 No.65451

I don't know how put the mod in game

3531e No.65461

Enhancement idea:

Make mega belly Hazumi look tired:


if ( this._isEroStat ){ return }
if ( !v(1) && isMegaBelly() ){ this._face.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture('stand_face_8'); return }
if ( !v(1) ){ this._face.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture('stand_face_2'); return }
//faceStr = [`笑み閉じ`,`笑み開き`,`笑み閉じ`,`笑顔`,`無表情開き`,`無表情閉じ`,`驚愕`,`つわり`,`困惑閉じ`,`愛想笑い`,``,``,``,``,``]

this._face.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture('stand_face_'+v(1))

3531e No.65462

File: 1576797170521.png (55.52 KB, 470x1200, stand_emote_horny.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ehancement idea:

Make Hazumis face red when she uses awesome aphrodisiac or more:


if( this._isEroStat ){ return }
let emoArr = ['',
'stand_emote_red',//1 赤らみ
'stand_emote_blue_1',//2 青ざめ
'stand_emote_blue_2',//3 青ざめデフォルメ
'stand_emote_question',//4 クエスチョン
'stand_emote_angry',//5 怒りマーク
'stand_emote_sweat',//6 汗マーク
'stand_emote_exclamation',//7 びっくり
var name = emoArr[v(20)]
this._emotion.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture(name)
this._emotion.visible = v(20)
if(!this._emotion.visible && v(364) >= 20) // aphrodisiac
this._emotion.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture('stand_emote_horny')
this._emotion.visible = true

6bb03 No.65469

I rewrote your code so that it can be applied as a mod. try it.

11cd9 No.65493

please help me

dd17b No.65496

So been trying to get the mod to work on the latest 1.3.16 version to come out and I keep getting reference errors after putting in the modded js files. Is this just an issue with the update or is there something I am missing from the instructions?

6bb03 No.65499

Which mod did you try to introduce?
How many versions are written in Change Log.txt?

9d0b8 No.65500

Think he is trying to install mods for older versions to new version of game, with is using prefab hooks.

dd17b No.65501

Working to install the bigger belly mod on 1.3.16 version of the game.

dd17b No.65502


3edea No.65510

is the ver 1.3.16 release?

9d0b8 No.65511

Already suported from version 1.3.11

Need only grf files

dd17b No.65514

Yeah. Most resent version posted on dlsite.

The mod code that I used for the bigger belly mod came from the first post in the thread.

3edea No.65516

that ver 1.3.16 suport the mega belly state by default you only need the png files

dd17b No.65517

So no reason to import over the .js files?

6bb03 No.65519

Thank you guys for answering.
You don't need the .js files for the bigger belly mod.
It works only with image files.

dd17b No.65520

I'll give that another try. I have a save where its 35 weeks and its on what I guess is 4th stage with the top tied off. Never seen a 5th stage past that.

3edea No.65527

bigbelly is for full tems single baby
hugebelly is for twins
megabelly is for 3 or more

83179 No.65670

File: 1577318240566.png (23.21 KB, 1079x484, reeeeeeeeee.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Tryna buy but stupid slanteye site won't take my card

8ca20 No.65698

Try not living in a third world country whose cards get rejected

4abe5 No.65711

I think I had similar issues on DLsite. I just bought DLsite points with Paypal and used those points to buy the game. It's a bit convoluted but it works.

a1562 No.65715

Had the same problem with my debit card, had to use my credit card.

4abe5 No.65718

The legend himself is here! Are there any plans on new outfits or maybe a sequel to the game? Where can we follow and support you for future updates. Would be a shame if you stop now, this game is great and can be much greater!

2d396 No.65731

I apologize for your inconvenience.
I aim to launch on Steam within a few months.

I am planning another new game now.
The latest information is distributed on Ci-en.
I plan to start Patreon to disseminate information in English.

4abe5 No.65743

Nice! Looking forward to your Patreon, I hope the new game will have some gameplay elements from Hazumi. Keep it up!

796a8 No.65753

Well few months? I guess I can wait. Good luck with it

71b95 No.65851

File: 1577658039528.png (97.74 KB, 578x738, Screenshot_20191229-165253….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hey guys, I was skimming the ol' mod thread. Nice to see ya'll are having fun. But yeah, I noticed this.

I stopped focusing on this project after a certain point, clearly (sorry, I'm a bum!). If anyone who can code wants to take the bigger belly mod and run with it, make it compatible with other versions, etc, feel free.

Just be sure to tell everyone who did what, and anyone can add and change whatever they like to the bigger belly mod

3babd No.65884

The Bigger Belly Mod isnt compatible with the latest version?Im getting the ReferenceError message whenever the belly is about to grow

24fe5 No.65915

>>65884 remember the last ver is compatible with te bigger belly mod you only need te png files

e0158 No.66004

Has this project/mods slowed down?

f74e2 No.66018


Yes a little bit. I waiting for my collegs to release a new version of Cum inflation, and newversion of Hazumi.
And, i start to implement triplet pregnancy, and quad pregnancy + corrext birth sequence.

24fe5 No.66051

i waiting the next ver .16 for update my big overdue mod. in the scenes of sex and birth because cant call that funtions in the mods files in this current ver

1d02b No.66130

Hello everyone, i'm return.

Well almost a full month I had taken a break. (I was sick at that time). And as we can see, there are lots of projects being delayed.

it's all my fault, I'm really sorry.

So, i will back to work. Starting with quadruplets (and many plets) and then hazumi clothes.

And… if you still remember, I've made loli version of hazumi. All this time I made it especially for my patreon. But now, I'll make it public.
I know it's too late. I regret that.

but, here's the link:

(It's not perfect, and maybe you'll face some problem. But i hope you like it)

Oh, and i have special gift.
it's a new year ilustration. I made this as an apology for my break for a month yesterday.

here's the HD link.

Thank you so much.

I actually have a lot of ideas that I want to make for this game, but it looks like I have to finish this one first before I move on to the next project.

6269f No.66141

Welcome back.

Dont be so hard to yourself. We are only human and not 24/7 working robots

33502 No.66172

File: 1578309103544.png (42.86 KB, 715x611, 111.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

What I found wrong was that when the twins were the size of their belly, the faces would overlap, and there were faces in the pictures

d5e65 No.66173

Just did a quick swapjob, replacing the expressions with the blank faces. Just extract and replace the two problem pictures with these blankfaced ones

e0158 No.66181

Any idea on if there will be a weight gain addition to this?

eade1 No.66224

お疲れさまでした! Thank you for your hard work! Please go at your own pace, we appreciate what you've done <3

88a5c No.66249

as someone with a Mac, is there a way to play this game on my computer? It keeps telling me there's an error whenever I use wine and internet guides aren't helping

24fe5 No.66250

use a virtual machine

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