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Impregnator Kings is a CYOA that originally started on pregchan back in December 2015.

You are Sir Edward, a medieval (ish) aristocrat who wants to become a King. Unfortunately, Edward is the son of a Duke and marrying into royalty would be marrying above his station. Fortunately, he has a fetish for impregnating women, and the seductive good looks and charm to pull it off. Edward has slept with dozens of women and sired even more children. His reputation for virility and potent sperm allowed him the opportunity to marry into several different royal families, all eager for an heir, as quickly as possible.

That is the basic premise. The actual threads they first appeared in have mostly 404'd, but the internet archive continues to have them. They can still be read and enjoyed here:

Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html
This spans the beginning of the game when Edward selects his future bride, until Edward reaches Ruhemania and learns there's more to his new country than ever was hinted at.
Important Characters:
1. Sir Edward of Virilia: The "you" of the story. He is fair-minded, and gregarious. Fond of outdoor activity and strength. He possesses a charming nature that attracts women to his bed, though some easier than others.
2. The Matchmaker: The young female aristocrat who introduces profiles of all available wives for Edward to choose from. He never learns her name.
3. Varillo: A mercenary who guides Edward through dense swamp and hills to reach Castle Valachia and begin his new life.
4. Ricardo: King Vlad's master of coin. A dismal old man, full of secrets. He appears to be King Vlad's only adviser, and one of the only other aristocrats in the castle.
5. Daniella: King Vlad's personal maid. Her position is independent of the servant hierarchy and subject to no authority but King Vlad himself. He has also given her blanket permission to do anything she likes, anywhere she likes. Tharja insists she isn't a spy, but just a busy-body maid.
6. King Vlad: The undisputed Sovereign of all of Ruhemania. Was originally an Independent Duke who fought a decades-long unification war to unite the various independent aristocrats in the country. Values obedience. The impalement stakes around the castle are a stark testament to how much.
7. Tharja: Edward's matchmade bride. Obsessive, and perhaps a little naive. Devotes herself fully to Edward. Fond of books and reading. The castle library has been claimed by her.
8. Elizabeth: Edward's personal maid who sees to his daily duties. Scatter-brained and prone to mistakes.
Important Choices:
1. Slept with and impregnated the matchmaker.
2. Chose Tharja of Ruhemania to be his bride.
3. Help the sailors as you travel.
4. Be obedient to Varillo's mercenary gang as they guide you to the castle.
5. Meet immediately with King Vlad.
6. Be honest with Tharja about your sexual history and reputation.
7. Edward reciprocates Tharja's feelings and they fall mutually in love with each other.
8. Birch Elizabeth honestly.
9. Gain Ricardo's 'friendship' and hear the history of Ruhemania.

Thread #2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html
This spans the third meeting with King Vlad (in which Edward unwittingly antagonizes him) until Tharja reveals her secret to Edward.
Important Characters:
1. Margaret: Elizabeth's sister and Edward's nightly duties maid. Calm-headed and professional.
2. The corpse in the oubliette: A mystery hidden in the dungeon.
3. Sully: A female solider who has 'thrown away' her womanhood to join the army.
Important Choices:
1. Explore the dungeon and discover the oubliette.
2. Provoke King Vlad's paranoia; receive a horse and stablehand.
3. Take Elizabeth's virginity semi-publicly.
4. Keep your dignity before Daniella and don't beg her to help Elizabeth.
5. Spar Sully in a way to teach her how to fight and drill bad ideas out of her.
6. Attend the castle's religious service.

Thread #3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html
This spans the time Tharja reveals she is a witch until Edward agrees to Beatrice's plan to kill King Vlad, and Edward has a moment of introspection in Daniella's room.
Important Characters:
1. Beatrice, the Infinite Golden Witch: A powerful and capricious witch living in isolation.
2. Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge: The true identity of the matchmaker, who slept with Edward to curse him with sterility.
3. Great Witch-Persecutor King Vlad: A man who started a great war to unify a country as a pretense of purging every last witch from the land. All witch-hunters came to serve him. Little is known about his true motives.
4. Witch-Hunter Daniella: An utterly devoted woman dedicated to the extermination of all witches. Highly skilled in combat and trained to utilize her role as a maid to prepare for the threat of witches.
5. Witch-Hunter Simon: Daniella's husband, serving as a courier. Was killed by Lorenzo (presumably) and thrown into the oubliette long before Edward arrived in Ruhemania.
6. Lorenzo: Tharja's dead older brother. Indirectly caused the entire chain of events that lead to Tharja becoming a witch, and Edward's wife. Attempted to kill King Vlad for magical power and to take his throne.
7. The senior guard: King Vlad's army is disorganized with no designated leadership, but everyone recognizes the senior guard is the one in charge.
8. The head maid: A fat woman who is the head of the servant hierarchy.
Important Choices:
1. Collecting a longsword; rope; and a fire-starter for the journey.
2. Attempting diplomacy and maintaining your patience in the face of Beatrice's provocations.
3. Explaining the full situation in the castle to Beatrice.
4. Peacefully persuading Patchouli, Witch of Knowledge, to indirectly remove your curse.
5. Agree to Beatrice's plan. Kill Daniella, throw her in the oubliette, help Beatrice assassinate King Vlad. Become King and revive the legacy of magic in Ruhemania.

Thread #4: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html (This comes from a brief period when the story was hosted on bbw-chan, and there's a now defunct link to an ad connected to this link. Just hit refresh and it should go away.)
This spans Beatrice arriving at the castle until Edward takes the first steps to seducing Sully.
Important Characters:
1. The Lost Witches of Ruhemania: Witches killed during King Vlad's extermination campaign. Beatrice hoped one of them would still be alive.
2. The peasant leaders: The peasants capable of skilled labor.
Important Choices:
1. Keep King Vlad's tower for yourself instead of giving it to Beatrice.
2. Send King Vlad's embalmed body around with an honor guard to be displayed to the people before its entombment.
3. Give the Church a normal donation.
4. Share goose with the peasant leaders.
5. Complete Beatrice's puzzle with a 'neutral' solution, and hear Beatrice's lesson about how trying to please everyone is impossible.
6. Make Beatrice your spymaster and have her spy on the fat maid.
7. Hire an architect to build Beatrice her own tower.

Thread #5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html
This spans Edward finding out Beatrice will eventually expect Edward to provide her with human bodies to experiment with until Beatrice reports on spying on the priest who visits every two weeks.
Important Characters:
1. The blacksmith's widowed sister: A common woman who was still a virgin after being widowed, until Edward impregnated her.
2. Erika, Witch of Truth, or Devastation: The only other survivor of King Vlad's extermination campaign. Faked her death and was living in hiding.
3. Malon: The stablehand hired by King Vlad to keep Edward's new horse. Has a body and personality meant for breeding.
4. The architect: a presumably skilled man who will build Edward a fine tower.
5. The power-hungry maid: The fat maid in charge of the servant hierarchy is revealed by Beatrice to be a bully and a tyrant who leads them ineffectually. She likes to be lazy and push her work on to other maids, especially ones she doesn't like.
Important Choices:
1. Take Tharja's side over Margaret and eat a biscuit she prepared without having it tasted first.
2. Spar with the soldier fairly while Tharja spectates.
3. Attempt intimacy with Beatrice.
4. Do your best to spare your loyal soldier from Beatrice's wrath after he almost kills her without being too lenient to appease Beatrice.
5. Choose a 'mixed' plan of local labor and imported material to build the tower.
6. Have Beatrice investigate Ricardo.
7. Had Erika escorted to the throne room, then brought Beatrice to meet her.
8. Delayed inviting or denying Erika to the castle and told her to come back in a few months.
8. Told Tharja privately about Erika's role in her family members' deaths.
9. Had sex with Erika, gave her an old abandoned manor with peasant farms in the area. Did not give her a carriage for easy travel.
10. Did not remove the impalement stakes.
11. Encouraged the younger soldiers to shout your name during the Church service, despite the suppression of the older guards.
12. Decided to hold a jousting tournament at the Faire.
13. Have the tower workers live outside the peasant settlement.
14. Investigate the priest during confession.
15. Convince Tharja she must live on as a witch after you perish a mortal's death. Agree not to partake in any activity that could kill you prematurely.
16. Make Elizabeth your slave.
17. Publicly humiliate an older guard in the name of supporting the younger guards.

Thread #6: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html
This spans Edward hearing Malon is likely pregnant until Edward takes Margaret aside to discuss Elizabeth.
Important Characters:
None in particular.
Important Choices:
1. No more spying for Beatrice at the moment. Have Beatrice tutor Tharja in witchcraft.
2. Encourage Tharja to help you impregnate women.
3. Have the maids prepare double the necessary amount of rooms for the Faire.
4. Have Beatrice help discourage Tharja's fear of the Church. Allow her to also teach her about witch-society.
5. Make the jousting tournament anonymous.
8. Choose Father Tomas as future chaplain (who will bring nuns).
9. Almost started an orgy in semi-public in front of Margaret.
10. Eavesdrop on Margaret and Elizabeth's conversation, then try to talk to Margaret directly.

Thread #7: https://web.archive.org/web/20180930122947/https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html
This spans Edward's absolute last-minute changes before the Summer Faire to his first meeting with Corrin.
Important Characters:
1. The burgmeister: A commoner elected by other commoners to see over the local burg of Kervuva, an important source of resources for the castle.
2. Dimitrie: A nobleman of somewhat stunted capacity for intrigue. Carries a sword. Will participate in the joust.
3. The 'early' merchant: The first merchan to arrive for the Faire, tried to 'win over' Edward's favor.
4. The nomads: Traveling performers who received permission to move their wagon inside the castle.
5. Corrin: A young noble with a gift for eloquent use of words and a fondness of books. Claimed he would not enter the jousting tournament.
Important Choices:
1. Ultimately do nothing about Elizabeth other than reassure Margaret you are paying attention to their needs.
2. Decide the prize for the jousting tournament will be a Knighthood.
3. Invite yourself to Kervuva at some time in the future.
4. Recruit loyal guards to watch for suspicious activity to report to you.
5. Respond to Dimitrie's claims by offering to send troops to Torbuja.
6. Maintain strict fairness in the Faire marketplace.
7. Allow the nomads to enter the castle if they swear to follow your laws.
8. Actively recruit women into your army.

Thread #8: https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html
This spans the dinner with Corrin's family until Robin tells Edward about the plot against him.
Important Characters:
1. Camilla: Corrin's eldest sister. Has a voluptuous figure perfect for babymaking.
2. Cordelia: Corrin's second eldest sister. Has a slender form that would be well filled out by pregnancy.
3. Robin: Corrin's third eldest sister. Rather petite, boyish figure, all told.
Important Choices:
1. Invite Corrin and his family to a private dinner with you, Tharja, and Beatrice.
2. Spar Dimitrie yourself… and lose.
3. Force Varillo's gang to give up their machetes to enter the Faire.
4. Personally announce the Faire is open.
5. Hear about the Emerald Knight's attempt at bribery.
6. Take Cordelia's first time and impregnate her.
7. Allow Robin to join your army with the implication she will be able to use her military strategy. Hear about the plot against you, but delay any decisive action, yet.
8. Have sex with and impregnate Robin.
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0a25a No.72788

File: 1591004511038.jpg (133 KB, 850x637, Mara-aftertalk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>7 votes for option one, ask Mara more about herself.

Take the opportunity to hear about Mara personally.

You really want to hear more about Mara as a woman. You don't doubt learning about her family life will give you more insight into the lives of the nomads as well.

You kiss Mara, stroke her hair, fondly and speak:

You're captivated by her. You really would like to know more about her.

Who is she?

Where has she come from? What has her life been like in this wagon?


Mara gives a breathy little laugh, her cheeks flushed with amusement.

"You don't think it's more sexy to simply enjoy a mysterious woman's charms?"

She presses a kiss to your lips.

… Mm.

You return the display of affection, with a hot sigh.

But you go on to say you prefer to know more about the women you share intimacy with.

Especially with the new life you're creating with her.

You can't stop yourself from drifting your hand lower, to rub against her bare belly.

Soft, but there's firm muscle underneath. Well suited to her role as a dancer.


Mara tilts her head, as if curious.

"You are a strange one, King. You may be the only man I've met who thought so."


The words send a bit of a shockwave through you.

The men Mara knows… who have had sex with her. Who have cuddled up to her in the afterglow and talked idly with her.

…Mara is a prostitute.

A fine dancer, but a prostitute nonetheless.

Your mind recalls the reports of the nomadic old ladies selling flowers.

That was surely just an excuse to beg.

Much like Mara's dance, and whatever coin she gathers from it, is a pretense for selling her body.

A woman would hardly perform a dance this scandalous in public. Even if she left her clothes on.

"What's wrong?"

There's genuine confusion in her voice as Mara looks at you with a puzzled look on her face.

…The revelation, though obvious, is coming very close to spoiling your time with her.

She doesn't mind, you ask? The thought of becoming pregnant?

Her answer is going to determine how you feel about her. You really want to confirm she was sincere.


Mara puts a soft hand on your body.

"There have been many suitors among us who travel who see sex and a forced marriage with me as a prize to be won. Something that will leave them with an excuse to take control of the family from my father. I love my father very much. I won't be a pawn for their ambition."

…Hm. You could believe that.

Vano was always very careful in his dealings with you. He was likely practiced in that sort of politics. One only becomes skilled in politics when facing real adversaries. You certainly learned that after coming to Ruhemania.

"And of course, I am a dancer. I've practiced my entire life for this one dance for you. Does encumbering me with a pregnant body so that I can no longer dance excite you…?"

Your cock surges with blood and you can't help moaning a little in reaction.

"Oh, it does?"

One hand trails down to stroke at your cock.

Another comes behind it to cradle your testicles.

"Every member of the family must contribute in some way. If we don't… we aren't a family. You don't mean to steal my family from me, do you? With this?"

She looks at you with big eyes, and you fully feel the pressure of coming up with a response is on you.

…No. No, of course not, you say.

At the same time… the thought of Mara adapting, dancing with her new bump… even if it's hard and difficult for her, that is an image that excites you. Purely the encumbering part. Not the 'no longer dance' part, which you're sure she could… compensate, for.

Even the thought of Mara's body dancing again after birth with stretch marks along her sides was intoxicating.

Mara smiles easily, as if anticipating your words.

"I understand. A normal man who would want me pregnant would do it to destroy my talent. You aren't that man."


You've been intimately on the receiving end of something like that, and you know it's not a good feeling.

You just want to help her have your baby.

Her finger traces around the edge of your foreskin, your cock bobbing. Mara looks into your eyes.

"I believe you. That's why… it's all right. If His Majesty's seed takes root inside me, I will welcome the child that grows from that meeting."

She gives your genitals a fond, soft, little pat, from scrotum to stalk, before retracting.

–You will too, you say.

You reach your arms up and embrace Mara, the tension deflating from the atmosphere in shared little sighs as she reaches her arms around your back.

She's… a good woman. You understand her better now.

Hell, you can't help but feel you understand prostitutes better now, on some level. You really shouldn't hold anything against them for a bitter memory from your youth. Maybe… maybe if you had the courage to talk with them back then as you had with Mara, it would have turned out differently. Or, at the very least, your emotions would've been spared.

Mara personally has told you a lot about herself as well.

Apparently being the 'leader' of the nomads was a coveted position, and direct children were tied to that in a way similar to aristocratic lineage you would be familiar with. Meanwhile, learning only to dance, from a time of being a very young girl… that must take a tremendous amount of dedication. And support from her family to enable it.

Her mother must have surely been a dancer to inspire such devotion. Or at least some other beloved maternal figure in her life.

"His Majesty must already have a number of children. I would imagine it to be a very, very large number…"


She's prompting you to talk about yourself, you realize.

It's only fair. You did have her share her story. You have to tell her something.

But, how much to tell? That was the question.

As far back as Virilia? Or perhaps only Ruhemania?

You consider the pros and cons of each.

If you tell her your full backstory, you're essentially telling her how you became King. Maybe she'll be impressed?

If you tell her there's only a few women capable of being impregnated in the castle… maybe she'll suggest ways you can find more? Though, that might be wishful thinking.

You make your decision before you start speaking, choosing your words carefully.

Choice time:
>Full backstory. Tell her about your entire history. Starting in Virilia, you have sired children in the dozens. The time will soon come when it reaches over a hundred.
>Focus on Ruhemania. Tell her your castle has only a few young women, sadly, but you've gotten to know most of them and are aching to know even more.

9bf56 No.72790

>Full backstory. Tell her about your entire history. Starting in Virilia, you have sired children in the dozens. The time will soon come when it reaches over a hundred.


f5627 No.72791

Option 1.

I worry about Edward's enemies a touch, but I feel like full disclosure is best for this situation.

233c3 No.72792


Option one, might as well flex.

2f175 No.72795

I'd imagine mixing the two is out of the question. Giving a full backstory, but emphasizing that your momentum has slowed due to a lack of fertile young women? That's what I would propose.

If it's possible, that's my vote. If not, Option 1.

aac3b No.72800

Option two.

Telling a complete stranger everything is way too risky. We have not exactly hidden the facts, but I cannot shake the feeling that we're being set up here.

0a25a No.72816

It's more about what reaction happens and how restrained Edward wants to be with what he tells her. Mentioning Virilia at all will provoke a different reaction compared to leaving it out.

Please continue to vote.

cb806 No.72828

I shall also put down my vote for option two.

941bd No.72831

I hate to tie the vote, but I have to go with option 2, I really do feel like she's fishing for info……

48438 No.72847

This is a hard choice. But well I like flexing our street cred, we still are a king. She's an unknown factor. Option 2

f5627 No.72854

While I appreciate that a healthy dose of paranoia is essential to the work, I'd remind everyone that our personal history is not a thing to be particularly afraid of, and that the story can easily be edited by the individual telling it to avoid particularly dangerous topics.

5e580 No.72858

Option 1

47734 No.72860

You know what? You convinced me. I'd like to switch my vote to Option 1. My vote was >>72854

0a25a No.72862

>6 votes for option one, tell her your full history of impregnating women.
>3 votes for option two, focus on talking about wanting to find more fertile women in Ruhemania.

Tell Mara about your background, starting in Virilia.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.73497

File: 1592381917482.jpg (332.35 KB, 600x800, Mara-awed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your history in Virilia isn't something to hide. You're proud of it. You worked hard to achieve it.

Besides, any meaning that you married above your station should be lost on the ears of a nomad girl.

You decide to tell her about the time you came of age… women were beautiful, fascinating creatures, and you were eager to discover how beautiful they could be.

It wasn't enough to seduce one girl. Nor two. Nor three, eight, or twenty.

Every woman you could meet who was open to it, you gifted them your seed between their legs after passionate moments of tender lovemaking. Sometimes hurried, sometimes drawn out, but all of it meaningful. It was true of the servant, peasant, aristocrat, and traveler. They all needed to know the joy of carrying your child. And you needed the joy of sending them on their way there. Of watching their bellies swell, their breasts fill with milk, and their bodies become more perfect and motherly.

…You leave out your experiences with the nuns. That really should be a secret.

You can't help but get carried away talking with Mara.

The steamy afterglow of your time together loosened your tongue a little and she provides a fascinated ear to listen to. You think must have gone on talking for perhaps a quarter hour by the time you stop. Perhaps longer.

Mara wears an awed expression throughout, nodding along. Her final comments are music to your ears.

"That is all… amazing, King."

Heh… you thank her. You believe so as well.

Her words sound more than just hollow praise or even shock like Tharja gave you. She does sound genuinely impressed.

"To sire so many children… it's only natural you go on to become such a great leader."

Oh… she thinks so?

"Of course. Important men pass on their seed. It's… something us nomads believe."




You understand now. You've touched on some tradition or cultural notion. Men are expected to create large families.

…So if you were a nomad, that would make you somewhat akin to a King?

You stop yourself at voicing that logic out loud to Mara. Her Father is in charge of their family, after all.

Still, you confirm.

Any nomad would be impressed, you ask?

Mara nods.

"Absolutely. After all you've told me… I can definitely believe it, King."

You nod.

Interesting. You've learned something new. If you need to impress a nomad, your history may be a sound method of doing so.

–You think you'll stop before telling to Vano, though.

He may have knowingly provided you with Mara's dance with a nod and a wink, but you're not sure how he'd react to bragging outright that you were knocking her up.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.74089

File: 1593501499851.jpg (453.91 KB, 1000x1098, Mara-encore.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your talk with Mara winds down. You sit and stroke each other for a while. Her skin is soft and warm.

Before you start to feel really listless, Mara flips over on to her back, staring up at you with her eyes.

"Would you like an encore performance, King?"

That offer perks you up.

You think you might.

What did she have in mind?

She holds up her right hand and closes every finger except her index. You watch her bring it to her mouth as she extends her tongue and gives it a passing lick… before she settles it back on your cock-head.

…It does succeed in making you jump. You could very well enjoy a second round.

"I know many different ways to give pleasure, King. I'm also very flexible. I won't object to you pushing my body to the limit. I won't break."


Your cock enjoys a new surge of arousal at being teased about being able to explore her limits. Surely she's already shown off how far her body can go when dancing.

She goes on to explain she can easily hold her feet up behind her head, on her stomach or back. She's also skilled with her mouth, breasts, and…. other openings.

You ponder the merits of what she describes. As fun as Mara is, you shouldn't spend all day with her.

…Should you? Maybe it wouldn't hurt. She's a rare gem no one could expect to find twice in their lives.

You consider your options…

You've already inseminated her. But, twice wouldn't hurt. Or would it?

You still have to seduce Camilla. There's also Mara's sister waiting for you once you tell Vano you're ready for your next meeting.

Maybe Mara will be open to meeting later. Away from her wagon.

Though that could take some effort at execution on your part.

Choice time:
>You trust your first insemination to impregnate her. Have Mara use her breasts and mouth on you.
>The more cum in her pussy, the better. Have Mara twist her body into a knot and pound her, hard.
>…Confess you're curious about this 'other' opening, just once. (Have anal sex.)
>Ask Mara if you can postpone the encore, with either you visiting again or inviting her into the castle.
>Something else. (Write-in for some other sexual position, or any other option.)

df6b2 No.74094

Option two. Pound her hard. Make sure she has some experience to brag about to her sister ;-)

We didn't go for anal because of hygiene reasons back when we had the chance with Erika, and she's a witch. Here there is no magicing away unpleasantness.
We shouldn't invite nomads into the castle for political reasons.
Not fucking her seems impolite if she's offering ;-) We will see about her sister and Camilla when the time comes. Camilla in particular will stay a while in the castle and as long as she thinks the plot against Edward is still on, we can just invite her to stay longer and she'll probably go along with it.

3d7cd No.74104

>The more cum in her pussy, the better. Have Mara twist her body into a knot and pound her, hard.

f5627 No.74106

Option 2. Time for some pretzel sex. We can set up an encore for the harem later.

5f146 No.74121

2 and 3, invite her to the castle. You have to have your wonderful wife meet the beautiful women you're seducing and impregnating.

a81cf No.74123

Option 2

It seems the most decidedly Ed-like of the proffered choices at this juncture, and/or the most straight forwards.

233c3 No.74140

Option two

cb806 No.74141

I would like to echo this combination of 2 and 3.

2f175 No.74149

Option 4.

She's hot, but I don't want to close the door on other encounters because we spent too long here.

59b28 No.74150

Option 2

ad923 No.74254

option 2, what's knot to like?

0a25a No.74764

>7 votes for option two, have Mara demonstrate her flexibility while you pound her, hard.
>1 vote for option four, invite Mara to either visit you or be visited again for her encore.
>2 votes for a combination of two and three. (Were these meant as two and four? The text seems to indicate that. At any rate, counted as option two.)

Option two, bend Mara to her limits and pound her fiercely.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.75131

…You want to see these 'limits'

You tell Mara you'd appreciate seeing how flexible she is.


She doesn't say anything.

She just, very casually, slings both feet behind her head, while keeping herself upright.

It's a position that puts her pussy on display. The spread lips dripping with your seed.

You're overcome with the urge to fertilize her yet again.

Without any other prompting, you all but pounce on Mara.

Until her back is against the floor of the wagon.

0a25a No.75132

File: 1595239183786.png (1.13 MB, 1024x1365, Mara-ready.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


She lets out a delighted little moan as you sheathe your penis inside her waiting vagina.

The feeling is mutual and you can't help but add your own.

Your hips thrust easily. Your cum works as a very good lubricant to your second round of lovemaking. There's no discomfort whatsoever as you shake and move your hips.

Having her legs up means you don't need to wedge yourself between her thighs.


It's different from just having her legs sticking straight up and on your shoulders.

Having her bent like this means there's some sort of angle she's holding herself in that makes the sex feel different.

Each stroke you make through her body sends a shiver of pleasure through your cock as her folds rub against you.

You try to put a precise thought on why… maybe it's because she can meet your thrusts with her hips better? Or adjust her pelvis to the way you rock yours against her.


It's mind-numbingly pleasurable. You don't care why it feels so good.

You mindlessly moan your feelings and crawl over her more. You drill her into the floor more.

There's no sign of pain or request to stop from her.

So you just keep going.

Meanwhile, she stares up at you with her eyes.

You're too enraptured with her to hold back.

You lean forward and kiss her full on the mouth.

Another benefit of this position is that with her feet behind her head instead of up, there's nothing to get between your faces.

It leaves you free to kiss. And kiss. And kiss.

Until you're mutually moaning, gasping, and licking each other.

You slide your penis into Mara for the feeling of sex and ecstasy. Your juices mixing together as she grips your manhood, tight.

You stick your tongue into her mouth to coil and wrap with hers. Your saliva creating a hot cocoon of warmth that strokes every nerve in your thick red muscle.

Meanwhile, you've pressed Mara so hard against the floor that you end up perched on your elbows over her.

It leaves your hands free to settle on her ample breasts.

Your fingers sink into the flesh as you have your way with her body.

Your feet perched up on your tiptoes as you steadily pound your cock deeper.

… And Mara?

She moans, coos, and takes it all.

Her mouth openly takes yours. Her lips hot and yielding. Her tongue eager to flick and coil with yours.

Her back arches, giving you all the leverage your need to palm and grope her tits. Your skin rubbing erect nipples.

Her cunt rocks out when you thrust in. An extra squeeze is your reward when you fully hilt yourself.

… You'd be amazed at yourself for not coming.

But paradoxically, it's too good to orgasm.

It's so much of a good thing, your body won't let it end.

Your balls ache as you try to force yourself to orgasm. The pleasure building and building, as if a vise is gripping your groin.

"Mmmmm… mmmm!"


You can feel Mara shuddering, quivering, and squealing. From her body through your mouth, hands, and cock.

She's coming, hard.

Her walls bear down on your and threaten to wring you dry.

Then, it happens.

Your control slips and you feel yourself spurting inside her once again.

Your balls clenching and cock throbbing as you shoot fresh spurt after fresh spurt inside her sloppy, spread, cunt.

You can't stop your eyes from rolling back into your head as you see white.

Utterly consumed with your new orgasm, courtesy of Mara and her perfect form.

…You've already forgotten how much time has passed since you started having sex.

But you once again lose track of any ability to calculate time passing as your orgasm overtakes you.

You enter a world of complete pleasure where nothing else matter. Until reality gradually starts to come back and you realize you're on top of Mara, still thrusting, pinching, and kissing. Your cock rapidly softening, even as you try to fuck her more.

You finally separate, staring down at her face.

Looking at her, you see only the very satisfied grin of a very talented enchantress.

You just know it's a memory you'll see in your dreams after she's gone.

0a25a No.75133

Eventually, exhausted, and needing to breathe, you roll off of Mara. Until it's you who is flat on your back.

Your penis completely flaccid. You have nothing left.

You think you'll find it a struggle to walk after a session like that.

It's when you hear Mara start to unwrap her legs that she finally lets out a little subtle wince of pain.

She lowers a hand to her pussy, running her middle finger up her slit.

"Goodness, King. You gave me a lot of cum."


Of course. You could hardly hold back.

Mara rubs it between her fingers before pushing herself to stand up again.

… You can't help but feel a little dizzy. But you can't criticize the view. It's a pleasant glimpse of the underside of her breasts and belly.

"Did you enjoy the encore, Your Majesty? Are you perhaps wanting more?"

She lifts her hands up to her head. She lifts one foot up. Until her leg is bent at the knee and pointing high at the ceiling.

…You've got an intimate view of her pussy now.

Mara's practically gushing with your cum. It's leaking and running down her thighs and has already reached her calves and trailing toward her ankles.

It's indescribably lewd.

You feel a twinge of pain as your cock tries to ready itself for a third round.

You think you're at your limit, but your instincts are telling you to try some more.

Choice time:
>Yes, have her hold that position and take her standing up.
>Yes, have her turn her backside to you and bend over. You want to do her from behind.
>Yes, have her sit down, roll back on her shoulders, and spread her legs until she's completely split. You'll fuck her right into the ground again.
>You're tired, but she seems eager for more. Have her sit in your arms as you play more with her body and find her erogenous zones.
>…You really should call it a day, both for the sake of your stamina and your other activities. Thank her for a lovely performance.

16836 No.75135


Option one.

da8ea No.75150

Option 4

a85bb No.75154

Option five.

It's always possible we'll encounter another one of Edward's conquests in dire need of a fucking :-)

39df7 No.75155

I agree, and we DID have a pretty steamy foursome just last night.

Option 5.

46bb2 No.75156

>>Yes, have her hold that position and take her standing up.

75d04 No.75178

Sadly, it seems we won't see her again, so I would say Option 4. Enjoy each other, show we're not totally selfish, and get to know her better.

0a25a No.75193

>2 votes for option one, hold Mara with her leg up and pound her standing.
>2 votes for option four, focus on her and play with her body and find her erogenous zones.
>2 votes for option five, thank her for her performance today and end the meeting.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will use random.org to choose between the three possibilities.

If you have not voted yet, I urge you to do so.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the vote close sooner or the next update come faster.

822df No.75209

Option 5….. We'll likely see her again before the faire ends, especially if we ask the nomads for a repeat performance another day. But for now, we have to see the rest of the faire….. and make more conquests.

a81cf No.75224

option 1

for what it is worth, Mara seems to be the main party outside of Tharja (and potentially Beatrice) that is really "into" this mindset of breeding/being bred in a similar or comparable fashion to Edward's own viewpoint on the matter, so why not reward that?

6ec0c No.75226

option 5

0a25a No.75235

The tie has been broken. The result is:

>3 votes for option one.

>2 votes for option two.
>4 votes for option five.

Thank Mara for her performance and end the meeting.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.75237

File: 1595403584417.png (501.21 KB, 1000x1000, Mara-secret-advice.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's sorely tempting. But with you as sore as you are, it's better to know your limit. Better than to possibly disappoint.

You thank Mara for the lovely performance she's given you and is giving you. And you are wanting more. But… you don't want to risk overstaying your welcome.

And you are needed to run your country.

Mara gives you a pleased little smile.

"Your appreciation is humbling, Your Majesty. Thank you for looking upon me so fondly."

She plants her foot back down and bends over at the waist, until her face is level with yours. Her eyes are shut. Her lips softly parted.

You kiss her passionately, reaching up to stroke her soft neck and brush her long hair back.

You imagine your body must be absolutely red. Your skin feels like it's boiling from lingering desire, or perhaps that's merely the summer heat.

You had difficulty putting on your clothes after all that. Partly because there was so much fluid to clean up without risking soiling them, and partly because you still could not take your eyes off Mara. Her long shapely legs and beautiful rounded ass turned to you as she slid back into her dancing clothes. You were almost ready to be hard again by the end of that, but you had to stand firm in your resolution.

Before you leave, Mara and you share one last embrace.

Her mouth draws close to your ear and she whispers.

"It was delightful, King. If you see my sister, be gentle with her."

Mara gives you a smile and a parting wink as you withdraw and exit the wagon. Presumably leaving her to clean up the remnants of your time together.

… The nomads around are avoiding your eye contact. Though they don't seem to be doing so out of fear or disdain. You think they are affecting a display of ignorance of your machinations inside the cart.

"Your Majesty."

You look up and see Vano stepping over to you.

"How was it? My daughter's performance."


You give Vano a grateful smile and tell him you were absolutely dazzled by Mara's dance. Enchanting. She is the epitome of style, grace, and elegance. Her every move and mannerism: perfect. He thanks you for the very kind words.

–You wouldn't mind a repeat performance, you add.

You can't help directly voicing your request. There's no disguising the lust in your voice.

"Is that so? I cannot refuse outright, but Mara's dance is a tremendous group effort on our part, Your Majesty."

He explains the music was part of the performance, and that the best performers in the family using the finest instruments needed to be present outside the wagon to properly set Mara's dance to the beat and melody you heard.

Having them play for Mara's dance means they cannot play in the Faire's marketplace as entertainers. Then they'll have less opportunity to bring home tribute received that day in the form of tips.

… Well, that does figure.

You're tempted to promise to drop a handful of gold in his hand, but hold off. Something like that would definitely be noticed and commented on. You've got the company of all the aristocrats in Ruhemania in the castle. You don't want rumors floating around that the King uses the royal taxes to buy time with high-end prostitutes.

The nomads might not even want gold. You can't eat gold.

And you can't promise them a place to stay in your Kingdom because they're nomads and would never accept.

You ponder a way to see Mara again.

You rule out something like outright threatening to throw them out if he doesn't let you see her again. It'd be cruel, and hardly endear you to them. Including Mara.

You ask Vano if Mara performs publicly like other entertainers in his group. He replies that Mara's talent is so great and her beauty so captivating that she only performs privately. That would seem to rule out just meeting her randomly at the Faire.

You can't bring yourself to say something like 'Just let me have sex with her again,' and break the facade of her performing as a dancer. It's too much to blurt out.

Perhaps the best action is just to wait. Mara herself may long to see you again, and either convey that desire to Vano or find some way to approach you.

Yes, that's the best option for now.

And if somehow it doesn't happen, you'll prepare yourself for that outcome. You've impregnated plenty of traveling women back in your time in Virilia, when you only knew them for a time brief. It only feels a little more of a pang now that you know you're a King with authority and not just some Duke's son.

"Has Your Majesty had time to consider my other daughter?"

Oh, of course.

The fortune teller.

… You try to think of the most delicate phrasing to use.

Is his other daughter's performance as intimate as Mara's?

Vano's expression doesn't change.

"It is indeed an intimate experience. You will find yourself touched, spiritually speaking. But, it is not intended as a physical performance. Your Majesty."

You nod. It sounds like Vano's other daughter isn't specifically being told to sleep with you.

Though Mara's comment of 'be gentle' does make you think you could charm her, regardless. Mara may even be putting in a good word for you.

Vano simply needs to know if you would like to receive her performance tomorrow, or not yet.

You think over the rest of your obligations, and make your decision.

Choice time:
>Yes, attend a session of fortune telling with Vano's other daughter, tomorrow.
>No, you'll come back some other time and let him know when you're ready, if at all.

49d59 No.75238

Option one. Tomorrow should be fine.

39df7 No.75243

Option 1. Think of it as an opportnity for some long-term sibling bonding exercises.

4520a No.75244

Option 1

46bb2 No.75248

>>Yes, attend a session of fortune telling with Vano's other daughter, tomorrow.

16836 No.75298


Option one.

75d04 No.75306

I shall also put in for Option 1

c58b7 No.75463

I too vote for Option 1. What's not to like?

0a25a No.75689

>7 votes for option one, commit to a session with the fortune teller tomorrow.

Consult with the nomad fortune teller tomorrow.

Poll closed. Update soon.

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