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Impregnator Kings is a CYOA that originally started on pregchan back in December 2015.

You are Sir Edward, a medieval (ish) aristocrat who wants to become a King. Unfortunately, Edward is the son of a Duke and marrying into royalty would be marrying above his station. Fortunately, he has a fetish for impregnating women, and the seductive good looks and charm to pull it off. Edward has slept with dozens of women and sired even more children. His reputation for virility and potent sperm allowed him the opportunity to marry into several different royal families, all eager for an heir, as quickly as possible.

That is the basic premise. The actual threads they first appeared in have mostly 404'd, but the internet archive continues to have them. They can still be read and enjoyed here:

Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html
This spans the beginning of the game when Edward selects his future bride, until Edward reaches Ruhemania and learns there's more to his new country than ever was hinted at.
Important Characters:
1. Sir Edward of Virilia: The "you" of the story. He is fair-minded, and gregarious. Fond of outdoor activity and strength. He possesses a charming nature that attracts women to his bed, though some easier than others.
2. The Matchmaker: The young female aristocrat who introduces profiles of all available wives for Edward to choose from. He never learns her name.
3. Varillo: A mercenary who guides Edward through dense swamp and hills to reach Castle Valachia and begin his new life.
4. Ricardo: King Vlad's master of coin. A dismal old man, full of secrets. He appears to be King Vlad's only adviser, and one of the only other aristocrats in the castle.
5. Daniella: King Vlad's personal maid. Her position is independent of the servant hierarchy and subject to no authority but King Vlad himself. He has also given her blanket permission to do anything she likes, anywhere she likes. Tharja insists she isn't a spy, but just a busy-body maid.
6. King Vlad: The undisputed Sovereign of all of Ruhemania. Was originally an Independent Duke who fought a decades-long unification war to unite the various independent aristocrats in the country. Values obedience. The impalement stakes around the castle are a stark testament to how much.
7. Tharja: Edward's matchmade bride. Obsessive, and perhaps a little naive. Devotes herself fully to Edward. Fond of books and reading. The castle library has been claimed by her.
8. Elizabeth: Edward's personal maid who sees to his daily duties. Scatter-brained and prone to mistakes.
Important Choices:
1. Slept with and impregnated the matchmaker.
2. Chose Tharja of Ruhemania to be his bride.
3. Help the sailors as you travel.
4. Be obedient to Varillo's mercenary gang as they guide you to the castle.
5. Meet immediately with King Vlad.
6. Be honest with Tharja about your sexual history and reputation.
7. Edward reciprocates Tharja's feelings and they fall mutually in love with each other.
8. Birch Elizabeth honestly.
9. Gain Ricardo's 'friendship' and hear the history of Ruhemania.

Thread #2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html
This spans the third meeting with King Vlad (in which Edward unwittingly antagonizes him) until Tharja reveals her secret to Edward.
Important Characters:
1. Margaret: Elizabeth's sister and Edward's nightly duties maid. Calm-headed and professional.
2. The corpse in the oubliette: A mystery hidden in the dungeon.
3. Sully: A female solider who has 'thrown away' her womanhood to join the army.
Important Choices:
1. Explore the dungeon and discover the oubliette.
2. Provoke King Vlad's paranoia; receive a horse and stablehand.
3. Take Elizabeth's virginity semi-publicly.
4. Keep your dignity before Daniella and don't beg her to help Elizabeth.
5. Spar Sully in a way to teach her how to fight and drill bad ideas out of her.
6. Attend the castle's religious service.

Thread #3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html
This spans the time Tharja reveals she is a witch until Edward agrees to Beatrice's plan to kill King Vlad, and Edward has a moment of introspection in Daniella's room.
Important Characters:
1. Beatrice, the Infinite Golden Witch: A powerful and capricious witch living in isolation.
2. Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge: The true identity of the matchmaker, who slept with Edward to curse him with sterility.
3. Great Witch-Persecutor King Vlad: A man who started a great war to unify a country as a pretense of purging every last witch from the land. All witch-hunters came to serve him. Little is known about his true motives.
4. Witch-Hunter Daniella: An utterly devoted woman dedicated to the extermination of all witches. Highly skilled in combat and trained to utilize her role as a maid to prepare for the threat of witches.
5. Witch-Hunter Simon: Daniella's husband, serving as a courier. Was killed by Lorenzo (presumably) and thrown into the oubliette long before Edward arrived in Ruhemania.
6. Lorenzo: Tharja's dead older brother. Indirectly caused the entire chain of events that lead to Tharja becoming a witch, and Edward's wife. Attempted to kill King Vlad for magical power and to take his throne.
7. The senior guard: King Vlad's army is disorganized with no designated leadership, but everyone recognizes the senior guard is the one in charge.
8. The head maid: A fat woman who is the head of the servant hierarchy.
Important Choices:
1. Collecting a longsword; rope; and a fire-starter for the journey.
2. Attempting diplomacy and maintaining your patience in the face of Beatrice's provocations.
3. Explaining the full situation in the castle to Beatrice.
4. Peacefully persuading Patchouli, Witch of Knowledge, to indirectly remove your curse.
5. Agree to Beatrice's plan. Kill Daniella, throw her in the oubliette, help Beatrice assassinate King Vlad. Become King and revive the legacy of magic in Ruhemania.

Thread #4: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html (This comes from a brief period when the story was hosted on bbw-chan, and there's a now defunct link to an ad connected to this link. Just hit refresh and it should go away.)
This spans Beatrice arriving at the castle until Edward takes the first steps to seducing Sully.
Important Characters:
1. The Lost Witches of Ruhemania: Witches killed during King Vlad's extermination campaign. Beatrice hoped one of them would still be alive.
2. The peasant leaders: The peasants capable of skilled labor.
Important Choices:
1. Keep King Vlad's tower for yourself instead of giving it to Beatrice.
2. Send King Vlad's embalmed body around with an honor guard to be displayed to the people before its entombment.
3. Give the Church a normal donation.
4. Share goose with the peasant leaders.
5. Complete Beatrice's puzzle with a 'neutral' solution, and hear Beatrice's lesson about how trying to please everyone is impossible.
6. Make Beatrice your spymaster and have her spy on the fat maid.
7. Hire an architect to build Beatrice her own tower.

Thread #5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html
This spans Edward finding out Beatrice will eventually expect Edward to provide her with human bodies to experiment with until Beatrice reports on spying on the priest who visits every two weeks.
Important Characters:
1. The blacksmith's widowed sister: A common woman who was still a virgin after being widowed, until Edward impregnated her.
2. Erika, Witch of Truth, or Devastation: The only other survivor of King Vlad's extermination campaign. Faked her death and was living in hiding.
3. Malon: The stablehand hired by King Vlad to keep Edward's new horse. Has a body and personality meant for breeding.
4. The architect: a presumably skilled man who will build Edward a fine tower.
5. The power-hungry maid: The fat maid in charge of the servant hierarchy is revealed by Beatrice to be a bully and a tyrant who leads them ineffectually. She likes to be lazy and push her work on to other maids, especially ones she doesn't like.
Important Choices:
1. Take Tharja's side over Margaret and eat a biscuit she prepared without having it tasted first.
2. Spar with the soldier fairly while Tharja spectates.
3. Attempt intimacy with Beatrice.
4. Do your best to spare your loyal soldier from Beatrice's wrath after he almost kills her without being too lenient to appease Beatrice.
5. Choose a 'mixed' plan of local labor and imported material to build the tower.
6. Have Beatrice investigate Ricardo.
7. Had Erika escorted to the throne room, then brought Beatrice to meet her.
8. Delayed inviting or denying Erika to the castle and told her to come back in a few months.
8. Told Tharja privately about Erika's role in her family members' deaths.
9. Had sex with Erika, gave her an old abandoned manor with peasant farms in the area. Did not give her a carriage for easy travel.
10. Did not remove the impalement stakes.
11. Encouraged the younger soldiers to shout your name during the Church service, despite the suppression of the older guards.
12. Decided to hold a jousting tournament at the Faire.
13. Have the tower workers live outside the peasant settlement.
14. Investigate the priest during confession.
15. Convince Tharja she must live on as a witch after you perish a mortal's death. Agree not to partake in any activity that could kill you prematurely.
16. Make Elizabeth your slave.
17. Publicly humiliate an older guard in the name of supporting the younger guards.

Thread #6: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html
This spans Edward hearing Malon is likely pregnant until Edward takes Margaret aside to discuss Elizabeth.
Important Characters:
None in particular.
Important Choices:
1. No more spying for Beatrice at the moment. Have Beatrice tutor Tharja in witchcraft.
2. Encourage Tharja to help you impregnate women.
3. Have the maids prepare double the necessary amount of rooms for the Faire.
4. Have Beatrice help discourage Tharja's fear of the Church. Allow her to also teach her about witch-society.
5. Make the jousting tournament anonymous.
8. Choose Father Tomas as future chaplain (who will bring nuns).
9. Almost started an orgy in semi-public in front of Margaret.
10. Eavesdrop on Margaret and Elizabeth's conversation, then try to talk to Margaret directly.

Thread #7: https://web.archive.org/web/20180930122947/https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html
This spans Edward's absolute last-minute changes before the Summer Faire to his first meeting with Corrin.
Important Characters:
1. The burgmeister: A commoner elected by other commoners to see over the local burg of Kervuva, an important source of resources for the castle.
2. Dimitrie: A nobleman of somewhat stunted capacity for intrigue. Carries a sword. Will participate in the joust.
3. The 'early' merchant: The first merchan to arrive for the Faire, tried to 'win over' Edward's favor.
4. The nomads: Traveling performers who received permission to move their wagon inside the castle.
5. Corrin: A young noble with a gift for eloquent use of words and a fondness of books. Claimed he would not enter the jousting tournament.
Important Choices:
1. Ultimately do nothing about Elizabeth other than reassure Margaret you are paying attention to their needs.
2. Decide the prize for the jousting tournament will be a Knighthood.
3. Invite yourself to Kervuva at some time in the future.
4. Recruit loyal guards to watch for suspicious activity to report to you.
5. Respond to Dimitrie's claims by offering to send troops to Torbuja.
6. Maintain strict fairness in the Faire marketplace.
7. Allow the nomads to enter the castle if they swear to follow your laws.
8. Actively recruit women into your army.

Thread #8: https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html
This spans the dinner with Corrin's family until Robin tells Edward about the plot against him.
Important Characters:
1. Camilla: Corrin's eldest sister. Has a voluptuous figure perfect for babymaking.
2. Cordelia: Corrin's second eldest sister. Has a slender form that would be well filled out by pregnancy.
3. Robin: Corrin's third eldest sister. Rather petite, boyish figure, all told.
Important Choices:
1. Invite Corrin and his family to a private dinner with you, Tharja, and Beatrice.
2. Spar Dimitrie yourself… and lose.
3. Force Varillo's gang to give up their machetes to enter the Faire.
4. Personally announce the Faire is open.
5. Hear about the Emerald Knight's attempt at bribery.
6. Take Cordelia's first time and impregnate her.
7. Allow Robin to join your army with the implication she will be able to use her military strategy. Hear about the plot against you, but delay any decisive action, yet.
8. Have sex with and impregnate Robin.

0a25a No.57808

File: 1559351600929.jpg (507.81 KB, 983x983, Robin-lewd.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

As always, a chat thread exists to discuss any issues or strategy. I also make announcements from time to time: https://pregchan.com/c/res/4340.html

Normally I write the summations as an attempt to explain the plot to new readers, but given the spare nature of updates recently I thought it would be better to use it to remind readers exactly which threads contained what parts to them and what decisions were made in them that stood out. (What 'makes the list' and what doesn't isn't necessarily a sign it's important, or that the others were not important.)

But, that doesn't mean at all that I want to discourage new readers. New readers are always welcome, and everyone is always free to vote. Whether they have read the story faithfully from the beginning, whether they have glanced at it from time to time, or whether this is their first encounter with it. Everyone has the right to vote. The only thing I ask is that each individual please only vote once.

I hope it's enjoyable.

0a25a No.57809

File: 1559351907584.png (441.31 KB, 700x880, Robin-wecant.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

This is not the smart action to take when Robin just told you that impregnating any of the three sisters was the first stage in a plot aimed at usurping your throne.


Robin's not going home. Her child will never see Chrisania, most likely. That's a small comfort, at least, as your hands go to undo the tie on her top.

It'll be all right, you whisper. You press another kiss to her face, this one to her cheeks.

Her eyes widen and she starts to pull away.

"B-But 'Majesty, think logically, I can't raise a child and be in your army!"

Logic? You're a bit beyond that.

You whisper to her again that it will be all right.

"How??" she gasps, face turned up at you, nonplussed.

You take the opportunity to press another kiss, to her lips.

Robin lets out a little muffled moan, blinks her eyes, then melts completely into your embrace.

It's too much for her, too.

You watch her eyes become clouded with lust as you let your tongue sample her lips, before moving on to claim her mouth and stroke her tongue.

Robin moans again until she gets the idea to reciprocate, your red muscles twisting and thrusting together.

Unlike some women you've kissed, Robin doesn't merely coil around you, but actively tries to thrust back against you, into your own mouth. It's an… interesting feeling.

Finally a need for air separates you.

You pull the strings on her top and let it fall from her shoulders, leaving her just in her thin shirt.

You tell her wouldn't it feel better to just stop thinking, for the moment? To let what happens happen?

Your hands trail along her near-flat little chest, massaging her breasts.

"Mm–! N-no.. we can't stop… thinking…"

Though even as she objects, Robin's hands work on undoing your leggings.

It seems her body can't follow her head's reservations.

You can feel her hands press against your cock as it springs free of your bottoms and your leggings pool around your ankles, your sword clattering to the floor.

She lets out a squeak of apology at letting your sword fall, but you tell her not to worry. It's sturdy.


Her eyes are on your dick and her hands are on your chest next, pushing your cape and tunic off of you. Her grip is firm and hungry.

"I don't want to get pregnant… I can't handle a baby…" she whines.


The sentiment is disheartening, but the words contrasting with her lusty tone and the fact she can't keep her hands off of you is intoxicating.

It's been a while since you had sex with a woman who wasn't outright begging to have your babies in both body and mind. There were plenty of hesitant women back in Virilia, but this is a first for Ruhemania.

Back then, you would just whisper that if she said 'no' and didn't accept the risk, you'd stop. That would eventually provoke their consent.

You've known girls who raised their children and did their duties, but Robin is going to be in your army, not just working as your maid. She does have a point…

Your fingers grip the hem of her shirt and you start to tug it over her head. You press another kiss to her lips and consider your options.

You've passed the point of backing out, but maybe there's something you can say to help alleviate her fears.

You rule out telling her she can just give the babe to a priest and let it be taken to an orphanage. It's too much.

Choice time:
>You're loath to do it, but point out having sex once isn't a guarantee she'll become pregnant.
>Promise that, as a soldier, she'll have special consideration and any child would be raised with the entire barrack, not just by her.
>Repeat your old line. It's a risk, and she should assume she will get pregnant, so if she really doesn't want to do it, all she has to do is say 'no'…

306a3 No.57812


I suppose a write-in option isn't allowed for this particular scenario?

0a25a No.57815

It is allowed. I don't want to preemptively eliminate them except under very rare circumstances. That said, if one can't work for any reason (it doesn't fit the setting, Edward's emotional state precludes it, etc.) then I will have to speak up and say "I'm sorry, I can't allow this."

306a3 No.57816


Thanks, Aristo.

In that case, I'd like to go with write-in option 4 - Give Robin the long term benefits of pregnancy, specifically establishing her own future successors as potential tacticians and generals of Edward's army. Also stress that her exceptional abilities could be carried on the genes.

Ergo, Robin could further expand her support for Edward's kingdom by planning ahead with her children's future if she does get pregnant.

Because imo, I don't see just children of Robin - I see an entire new generation of military leaders and generals through Robin's family.

0a25a No.57817

Knowledge of genes per se is beyond the scope of the medieval (ish) setting, but I will otherwise accept this write-in.

Please continue to vote.

55610 No.57818

>Option 3
Option 1 is a no go. Disparaging our virility is both dishonorable and borders on a lie.
Option 2 is also bad. Children don't want to be raised in a barracks, and I thought that the long-term plan was to start a nursery in the castle run by the maids anyway.
The write-in Option 4 isn't great either. We've already sworn that Robin will join our army sight unseen to be trained for military leadership; we don't know how she'll adjust to the barracks conditions, and it seems that she expects us to be on a war footing when the last war Ruhemania has seen was the Unification War decades ago. It would be a very bad idea to double down and state that Robin's line will inherit the title of General. Additionally, General is a title where merit is far more important than birthright; merit is the basis upon which we are recruiting Robin, after all.

As a result, I think breaking out Ol' Reliable is our best choice here.

c9dc5 No.57820

Option 3. Don’t change what ain’t broke.

2f175 No.57822

Option 3.

479b4 No.57833


Option 3

9df18 No.57834

Option 3. We shouldn't push her if she's not ready. Besides, I'm sure our lovely wife would enjoy having a crack at her later. The fact that Robin warned us will certainly get her on Tharja's good side.

c121e No.57837

Agreed. Option 3.

8d5a5 No.57879

I support this write-in.

3cfe9 No.57880

With the caveat already aforementioned by the author, supporting this write-in option.

d9cea No.57933

Option 3; kings don't stoop to coercion. Power is quick to spoil if not carefully compartmentalized; We have witches for that. Not that my vote changes anything.

Something's been bothering me, though: what is the point of cloistering the children in monasteries? The sheer number of our progeny devalues each individual bastard. Bear with me here, wall of text and no decisions implied:
The more women Edward impregnates, the less claim any of his children has to this particular throne. Succession exists to be exploited, either by the ruling family or a wily regent, by way of rallying political support for legitimacy. If enough (important) people believe it, it was always true. Stannis Baratheon is your true highborn lord, if he just repeats it often and loudly enough; same with Trumpo. What i'm saying is that if there is a question of succession, it will coalesce into two camps: 1) the oldest legitimate child (Tharja's) is the heir, or 2) anything else, usually merit, should determine succession.
Either way, we win. Corrin's family's royal plan isn't ambitious enough in scope, they don't know Edward. They are scheming to add 3 drops to an already overflowing bucket. This was always going to be the problem. And so all of their planning to smash our status quo, disappears without a ripple inside that status quo. The ballsiest thing we can do is spring their trap, just smash right through, kool aid man style. Impregnate all three sisters AND the emerald knight (assuming the knight is female and not someone we already 'know', ahem, biblically), and let the members of that family who aren't already under your sway find out that all they've really bought is up to three serious threats to their own royal succession. They can always marry off their bastards to one of your other bastards to create alliances and indemnify against internecine warfare.. until the archduke of prussia gets assassinated in Sarajevo and everything is auto-perma-fucked. But it should be a pretty sweet ride until then.

tl;dr: too many buns already in/out of the oven ruins the royal plot; we have already carpet-bombed our way out of this paper bag of a coup and all that remains is humiliation and sowing our seed (and also chaos) for the sheer joy of it.

e8eb7 No.57934

>>"…members of the family who aren't already under your sway…"
And now I'm imagining Edward seducing the three sisters out of the plan and into his harem. Would mean Corrin going home alone, but that'd short-circuit their coup plan something fierce.

aa895 No.57939

It's not so easy. Robin said that the parents also plan on "forcing" Edward to legitimise the child. Therefore he (I'm assuming everyone is speculating on a son) will no longer be a bastard and a true part of the line of succession.

Moreover: Most likely "noble" bastards count for more than Elizabeth's child for example, even if her's will most likely be our first-born in Ruhemania. Beatrice is the only other noble woman Edward has slept with and she isn't pregnant yet (and I would guess that's because aristo thought of exactly that) and also a foreigner so that the child wouldn't even be half-Ruhemanian. At least that's what everyone believes based on her cover story. So we don't have the option of legitimising another bastard.
The only other noble woman we have met explicitly or have heard of is Dimitrie's mother and she may be too old to knock her up. EK is pure speculation at this point. Even if EK is a woman, she may be low born and just participate in the tournament for the chance of getting knighted.
They also don't know yet that Tharja is pregnant. What I'm saying is: Not all bastards are equal and they probably think that if they act fast enough that one of the sisters will have Edward's oldest son and therefore be the heir to the throne (once legitimised). Even if they find out that Tharja is pregnant, she only has a 50/50 chance of having a son. The chance that only Tharja has a son and all three sisters have daughters is only ~6%. If even one of the three has a son, all they have to do is arrange for a hunting accident and BAM: the oldest (newly legitimised) son of the king is a resident of Chrisania.

It all hinges on whatever else they have in store. We must find out how they are planning to "force" Edward to legitimise the child. If we can counteract that part of the plan, everything else falls apart.

But of course: I fully support your plan to knock up more women and create more bastards. :-) Preferably we also find out if Dimitrie's mother is still fertile and if EK is a noble woman.

aa895 No.57940

Well, technically they don't need their daughters, only control of their grandchildren for the plan to work. We not only have to sway the three sisters, we'd also have to conceal the existence of the three children from Corrin and the (grand)parents.

In Robin's case it should be possible to arrange it so that Sully raises "twins" for example.

0a25a No.58029

>7 votes for option three, emphasize the risk exists but that she can say 'no'.
>3 votes for write-in, open her up to the benefits of being pregnant, and children.

Tell Robin if she can't handle a baby, she needs to say 'no' and abandon sex with you entirely.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.58507

File: 1561022742860.jpg (64.89 KB, 850x1026, Robin-blame.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You embrace your history in Virilia and hit her with a confident little smirk.

You let her shirt drop to the floor, leaving her topless.

You tell her you understand… it's a risk. No, it's more than a risk.

If you have sex now, she should absolutely assume she's going to be carrying around a little bump eventually.

She gives another conflicted moan. Her skin is hot under your lips,

Your hands are on her skirt next. You tug it down, over the slight curve of her ass, until it's pooling on the floor.

There's very few barriers left between you two. Just Robin's hesitation and… air.


Robin's eyes are on your cock. You think this must be her first sight of one in the flesh.

How does it feel to see it, you ask?

Robin doesn't answer, her face just becomes even more red.

You decide to take the initiative and step forward.

She makes no move to back away as you get close enough to lay your hands on her body.

You press a bare hand to her little chest, nestled between her small breasts.

Her face is flushed. Her heart is beating fast. And…

She gives off a moan as your rough, callused fingers tease over her erect nipples.

…She can't hold back her arousal.

Does she want it, you ask? Her first sexual experience… with you.


Robin lets out another whine. True to your words, she's dangerously close to giving in to the lusty atmosphere.

You can feel her bare belly tease your erect cock. Her arms touching your hips and wrapping around to grope your ass.

"I do…"

Before you can advance, she follows that up with another hurried statement.

"But I don't want to get pregnant!"


You can't help but lead her a few steps toward your bed, her feet backing up with you as you step out of your leggings.

You understand, you say…

All she has to do is say she wants to stop. You'll both put on your clothes and go your separate ways.

You'll be sad, but if that

It's the absolute only way to make sure she doesn't get pregnant.


Robin looks up at you with disappointed eyes.

"That's not fair…" she whines.


You suppress your grin and ask her… why not?

You know damn well why, of course. Robin's arching her back, pressing her skin into your touch. She's definitely eager to be mounted.

You watch her face scrunch up in frustration.

"Because… because I want to have sex with you!"

… Aha.

A true dilemma.

You tell her that you understand… unfortunately, nature demands both, or none.

You're at the edge of the bed now, the backs of Robin's legs are brushing the edge.

Which will it be, you ask?


She's made the decision. You know she's made the decision. She just takes a moment to build up the nerve to tell you.

Several long seconds pass, and just when you're starting to think she might really back out, she lets out an exaggerated sigh.


She has her red cheeks puffed angrily as she stares up at you.

"If I get pregnant, it's all your fault!"

Her body shakes with excitement.

"It'll be your fault! All your fault! Not mine!" she repeats.


You brush a tender hand through one of her pigtails.

You can live with that, you say.

0a25a No.58508

File: 1561022928602.jpg (147.01 KB, 850x1133, Robin-disarmed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Knowing Robin's a virgin, you take it slow.

You settle your hands on each side of her body as your cock finds alignment with her slit.

Her labia starts to spread around your member as you press your hips closer.

"Oh my God! We're really doing it…"

Robin bites her lip as her pussy yields to your cock.

Can she feel it, you ask?

"Ev– every contour…"

Heh. You've barely just inserted the tip… let alone gone deep enough to take her hymen.

You whisper to her to just relax.

It's supposed to feel good. Otherwise… no one would do it.


You can feel her lips sucking you in deeper as you press onward.

It's not long before the tip of your penis prods the proof of her virginity.

Her hymen.

How long has it been since you claimed two cherries in one day?

The thought distracts you as Robin shakes her hips underneath you, rolling them against you.

She really is eager. You think raising the prospect of denying her must have paradoxically made her all the more ready to take your seed.

You take in a deep breath and whisper. It may hurt her first time.

At least Robin has the luxury of crying out without fear of being discovered.

You press the tip of your cock harder, wedging the fleshy shat against the thin film, making it stretch.

You're planning to go slow, let Robin get accustomed to your cock inside her and lose her virginity gradually, but…

All of a sudden, your penis penetrates right through her, tearing her hymen and destroying her maidenhead forever, until your cock is half-way inside her.


Robin gives a pained wince, and you can't help but do the same. The suddenness of your sex took you by surprise as well. The sensation of friction and sex being more than you were prepared for.

–What just happened?

Is she all right, you whisper?

Robin gives you an open mouthed moan.

"M-More…" she begs, her voice needy, her plea reverberating throughout the room.


You're in no mood to resist her.

Taking the sudden defloration as divine guidance, you lower your hands to her hips.

She arches her back as you start to move, giving you an easy place to settle your hands and pull her hips into you as you thrust forward.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.58570

File: 1561269234751.png (1.19 MB, 1200x1600, Robin-finish.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You try to keep yourself from putting too much pressure on Robin.

She's a virgin. She's petite.

She's underneath you, receiving your cock and at your mercy.

"Engh… aaaah– …oh…"

Each inch you fit inside Robin's pussy earns another cry.

It's all you can do to shift your weight gradually.

It's slow going, but you manage to hold yourself back and let Robin become accommodated to your length. Little by little, big by big.

Until finally you announce to her that you're all the way inside.

Robin blinks her eyes, looking up at your face.

"You got it inside… me?" she asks.

You give a quick nod.

You ask her, can she feel it?

You pull your hips back and buck them against her, just a short distance, not enough to risk pulling out.

The shuddered gasp Robin lets out is all the proof you need that she can.

"I… I c-can't believe this… ah… we're really… f-fucking…"

Mm. Not yet, you whisper.

Not until you both start doing… this.

You pull back again, slowly, until you nearly pull the tip out of her pussy, then push your erect cock back inside.

She moans at the feeling, your mutual lubrication making the effort smooth.

You repeat what you're doing, again and again, until you establish a rhythm.

It doesn't take long for Robin to get the idea and start thrusting her hips back against you.

Her cute face stares up at you as you bite your lip.

"Y-You're gonna get me pregnant…" she wheezes.

–Oh, God.

You're already hot from the sex, and the impulsive nature of it…

But hearing Robin announce that is enough to make you flex, groan, and floods your cock with a rush of excitement, enough to make you swell up harder. You can't control your hips and drive your cock in to her cunt, hard.

You both shudder as the front of your crotch hits hers with a hard slap.

The sudden motion shoving her down the bed.

Robin blinks her eyes, recovering, tilting her head to you.

"W-What was that…? Why did you get bigger?"

A short pause, before you watch her eyes spark with comprehension.

"You want me pregnant…?"

You don't reply, you don't even have the presence of mind to give her a nod. She figured you out completely… though you hardly hid it.

You mindlessly pound your hips, harder, eager to make her prediction come true.

Robin's hips can't keep up with you, and she starts squealing, her legs around you pulling her along with your pelvic movements.


The tender folds of her crevasse grip you like a vise, pulsating around you as you relentlessly fuck your future general.

A voice inside your head whispers to you that breeding her now is the correct action… her children will surely be as smart as her. And the more, the better.

You'll convince her of that soon.

For now…

You've lowered yourself more onto Robin's body, her small chest pressing against yours. Her hard nipples pushing against your muscles.

Her mouth makes little gasps as she struggles to breathe under you.

You're having a hard time breathing, too.

Your hot panting mixes together as your movements leave both of you hot and sweaty.

"I don't understand… why do you want to knock me up…?"


Her questions about her mid-coitus epiphany do not make it easy to hold back.

It seems even in the midst of penetration and copulating, Robin can't let her curiosity go dormant.

Your capacity for reason, on the other hand…

You let out a loud grunt in response, feeling your balls tighten as you can suddenly count the strokes down to when you'll come inside her.

"You're swelling up again…! You're thrusting harder… and throbbing…"

Your cock slides in and out of Robin's pussy. Sloppy wet squelching noises fill the room as you rut like wild animals.

You yell that you're going to come.

"Inside me?! Still? Oh God, why is this so hot…"

You watch her face tighten, her teeth clenching, then feel her vaginal walls contract around your cock.

It's more than enough stimulation to send you over the edge. With one last thrust, you hold back all the tension you've built up with Robin… then, let go.

Cock sheathed inside her, you freely start to let out your second load of the day. Your cock constricting in a hurry to let out as much cum as you have saved up in your balls from the last time. To impregnate. To breed.

You both ride out your orgasms together in mutual moans of ecstasy.


Robin is pushed up more and more until she's almost on her shoulders, with you up on your tiptoes in your hurry to get as much of your cock inside her as possible.

"I can feel it… I can actually feel it… I can feel your seed inside me…"

…You too.

More so, you suspect.

You look down at Robin as you try to regather your wits. Your head is dizzy from the intense pounding you just gave her.

Her walls still vibrate and pulsate around you, no doubt sucking your cum deeper inside her eager vagina toward her waiting womb.


You both stare at each other as you catch your breath, then mutually press your faces together. Swallowing each other up for a passionate kiss.

Your eyes are shut tight as you war with Robin's tongue for dominance.

So, in the end, even after her warnings, it still happened. The urge was simply too great and the opportunity too perfect.

You knocked up Robin.

You look forward to seeing how pregnancy fills out her body… the thought that she'll actually be sticking around for you to witness it is real treat to anticipate and savor.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.58600

File: 1561365168579.jpg (431.76 KB, 850x602, Robin-after.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You spare Robin the pain of your body on top of hers and carefully pull yourself back, retracting your rapidly softening cock from her filled cunt.

You can't help but turn your head and stare at her pussy, watching her pussy lips now tinged red with the friction of your lovemaking, semen slowly beginning to slide out of her entrance, mixed with the blood of her defloration.

You don't get too long to admire your handiwork, as Robin lazily sits up.

"I can't believe we did that," she whines, her hands poking at her sensitive labia, making a move to pick up a bit of sheet from the bed and dab off the excess.

You tell her that won't do her any good. She may as well leave your seed where it is.

She puffs up her cheeks again, turning toward you.

"This is all your fault," she says.

You can't help but laugh, an amused little chuckle. Yes, they decided that, you remind her. It'll all be your fault if she gets pregnant. You understand.

Her faces turns red in a deep blush when you say the words. There's a long pause before Robin turns toward you again.

"I know, but… Urrrrgh. You shouldn't have gone along with it."

It's not in your nature to say no, but you decide not to press the point.

She licks her lower lip.

"…Did I mention I think I'm ovulating?" she asks.


You just came, but at hearing that…

Your cock immediately tries to get itself erect again. You can't help but let out a painful little wince as it does so.

Robin turns her head, noticing the reaction.

"'Majesty… You really think impregnating women is sexy?"

… Is that a problem?

You don't have the patience, even in the afterglow, to indulge the question about your desires to sow your seed. The end result is Robin's question meets with your own defiance.

You'd think every man alive would feel the same way, you add.

Robin doesn't argue. She gives out a sigh, then rubs her head.

"This is bad… my parents' stupid plan perfectly exploits the King's weakness…"

… Hey.

You're vaguely close to feeling offense.

At the very least, you tell her, it's hardly a weakness.

If she only knew it'd earned you your Kingdom…

Robin stops pouting and turns to you again.

"A-Anyway! Just, don't do the same with my sisters. You can't afford to let them get pregnant… or even risk it."

It's a little late for that, you muse silently to yourself.

Robin blinks her eyes.

"…'Majesty? Why do you have that look on your face?" she asks.


You wonder if this is a good opportunity to give your own backstory to Robin.

If so… how much?

Choice time:
>You can't be sure Robin's siblings won't interrogate her. Tell her that her suggestion is noted and carry on.
>Might as well come clean, tell Robin about your meeting with Cordelia.
>Robin's smart, she should know your entire history. Tell her all about Virilia and how you earned your throne. –Mention Cordelia at the end.

98197 No.58605

Ooh, this is a tricky one. I don't think Edward should tell her everything, since that might spill some beans we don't want spilled (like his relationship with witches). Might be wise to at least come clean about Cordelia, then maybe some kind of strategizing can be done to try to deal with that (and perhaps later when Edward inevitably gets a chance at Camilla). Perhaps there's a way to turn this whole ordeal to Edward's favor (though I'm not sure how he wins Corrin over)

Option 2. At least be honest about Cordelia, the full history can be saved for later. Maybe something can be worked out from where to go from here with the sisters.

bb16c No.58606

Option 2. If Robin is to be our strategist/tactician/general, then we should rely on her to help us with this dilemma. She doesn't need to know the Mad Rutting Beast's full history yet, but her input could be extremely helpful. She knows her family far better than we do, after all.

c121e No.58607

>>Mad Rutting Beast

Anyway, yeah, Option 2.

479b4 No.58608


Option 2

f8fc4 No.58611


Pretty unanimous, option 2.

55610 No.58624

>Option 3
I find it hard to believe that Robin won't find out about our reputation eventually, and we are already trusting her, so we might as well come clean with everything. She might stop worrying as much if she knows we have dozens of bastards back at Virilia.

2f175 No.58627

Option 3.

She's a strategist freshly in our employ (or about to be) telling her everything may be to our benefit and she may be able to give us additional knowledge that we did not have.

566e2 No.58628

I wouldn't want to tell her about witches yet, but everything about us and our habits… Yeah, I think we should be open about that. Option 3.

c121e No.58631


Actually, y'all bring up some good points. So…… Switching my vote
to Option 3, with caveat of no mention of witches.

0a25a No.58637

Just to be clear, "entire history" wasn't meant to include anything about witchcraft. Only about Virilia and Edward's reputation.

By my count, the votes are currently:
>4 votes for option two, tell Robin about your encounter with Cordelia.
>4 votes for option three, tell about your history in Virilia and reputation, adding on the detail about Cordelia at the end.

I am not declaring a tie yet.

Please continue to vote.

981f7 No.58652

Option 3

5362d No.58674


0a25a No.58706

>4 votes for option two, tell Robin about your encounter with Cordelia.
>6 votes for option three, tell about your history in Virilia and reputation, adding on the detail about Cordelia at the end.

Share your background with impregnating women in Virilia, and her sister in Ruhemania.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.58938

Robin is going to be one of your allies. And likely a mother for your children.

You do think she's going to be important once she's adapted to life at the castle after the Faire.

The sooner her adept mind gets to working for you, the better.

You'd probably end up telling her eventually, or having it come up with her around.

That's your logic when you decide you'll tell Robin the whole story.

You tell Robin to sit with you for a while.

She let you hear her backstory, so you'd like to share yours.


Robin scoots over so she's next to you, an interested look on her face.

She makes no interruption, so you simply begin talking.

Where to begin…

Before you came to Ruhemania, you were the son of the Independent Duke of Virilia, you start to say.

Robin's eyes light up.

"You were a Duke's son?! You weren't a Prince??"

… You'll thank her to not shout so close to you, you say.

She fidgets, before apologizing.

You go on.

You became fascinated with pregnancy since you could remember…

When you became of age, you started 'sowing your wild oats,' so to speak.

You impregnated the servants, the peasants, the aristocrats, and any travelers who came to Virilia who would be seduced.

–You decide to leave off the part about the nuns you had sex with.

You became known for your reputation of impregnating women. When your father decided he wanted you married off, it gave you a chance to marry, technically, above your station.

A matchmaker offered you several choices for your bride. You chose to marry Tharja, and that set you off on your journey to Ruhemania.

You finish your story.

As she can see: sex, and pregnancy are hardly a drawback. It was your 'enthusiasm,' so to speak, that brought you to Ruhemania in the first place.

You add that you haven't slowed down since you've become King… you actually met with Cordelia earlier. You shared a passionate tryst, in which you did take her hymen and leave her with your seed.

So, it's a little too late for Robin to say 'Make sure you don't have sex with my sisters.' You tell her not to worry, though. It doesn't make her parents' plan any less ridiculous.


Robin listens, then her expression slowly goes into slack-jawed surprise.

Like she expected you to say 'just kidding' at the end, and you've shocked her by implying you're serious.

…All that's true, you decide to add. Might as well make the implication explicit.

You don't want to risk hearing her doubt the veracity of your words again.

Robin reaches her hand between her legs, bringing it up again with her fingertips stained a mixed red-white.

Her face turns in a little exasperated expression.

–Then you watch her fall back flat on the bed, in an over-the-top display of dramatics.

"Ohhh, God! It is true, isn't it?!"

She starts rolling around, pulling her hair and kicking her feet.

"I don't want to fight my parents! I don't, I don't, I don't!"

You can't help but burst into a little fit of laughter at her antics.

Somehow, seeing such a strong-willed woman with a head for military tactics throwing what amounts to a childish temper tantrum seems… cute.

At least for about ten seconds.

You start making soothing noises and tell her to calm down.

She stops rolling at least, hitting you with a hard pout.

"You're laughing at me!" she accuses.

You'd argue, but you can't contain your amused smile.

You tell her not to worry about it.

The strength of one bastard vying for your throne becomes less as there are more and more of them, doesn't it?

Her pout turns into a frown.

"And if they all band together? Or if my parents use your reputation as some sort of impregnator king to demand you acknowledge the baby is yours?"


Whatever happens, happens, you suppose.

In contrast to your easy-going attitude, Robin's mind is still racing.

"Wait a minute, this means… you're still going to sleep with my sister Camilla?"

–Well, yes.

You go ahead and admit it. You were especially hoping to do so with her. As long as she's willing, that is.


Robin doesn't stop there.

"And Sully? She said she'd vouch for your character personally. That could only mean you know her, personally."


You don't mind talking abstractly about your experiences with persons Robin is likely never to meet, or who are directly involved in the conspiracy she's talked about, but there's a certain amount of privacy and discretion that's deserved in your relationships, you start to say. Your relationship with Sully is private.

Robin's eyes widen with shock again.

"Oh my God, you have," she whispers.

You start to cross your arms.

Your patience is wearing thin.

But Robin presses on.

"So the reason you're looking for female soldiers… is that specifically to impregnate them?"


Caught red-handed in your own plot, you can't manage any rebuttal but a little mischievous grin. One that, unfortunately, confirms Robin's suspicion.

Robin's good. She already got you.

Her reaction to your expression is an exasperated sigh.

"You're hopeless."

You can only shrug. That's how it is. You don't see yourself changing.

There's a brief pause, so you take the opportunity to come up behind Robin and massage her shoulders.

Her muscles are particularly tight, so you whisper to her to relax. She's thinking too much.



Robin straightens out again, turning back toward you.

Oh boy. Now, what has she puzzled out?

"If you're busy with all this, then Her Highness must already be pregnant!"

… Ah.

Now there's a secret you should actually care if she keeps.

"Am I wrong?" Robin presses you.

At the very least, her tone has shifted to being excited and eager again. Not critical, nonplussed, or panicky.

You don't have the lack of pride to lie about something like this.

Yes, she's correct. Tharja should be at least seven weeks pregnant by now. Perhaps more, but no less.

You're holding back from making the announcement publicly because you want to make sure she's safe during the Faire, and she's not showing yet.

Robin lets out a relieved sigh.

"I knew it! What sense would it make for you to be so obsessed with pregnancy but leave your wife alone?"

She adds that it's probably good strategy to not openly announce it.

Does that mean she has your secrecy, then?

"Ah… of course."

She blushes, her eyes looking downward.

"A-Anyway, if you've got a legitimate heir then it'll be a bit easier for you. But…"

She turns her head, her eyes a little sad.

"Really? You're not going to even try to resist having sex with Camilla?"

… No.

You leave out talking about how Camilla is exactly your type with her big hips, bust, and child-bearing figure, for fear she'll take offense when Robin has none of those things, but…

You're not particularly planning on holding back.

–As long as Camilla is willing, you add.

You're not a brute who takes what he wants, no matter what the woman thinks about it.

You consider yourself the epitome of a considerate lover.

Unable to stop yourself, you gallantly pick up one of Robin's hands and bring it to your lips to kiss.

Is that accurate, you ask…?


Robin blushes furiously at the sudden attention.

"I– I mean, yes, but…"

It's all right.

You tell her she doesn't need to say anything else.

Instead you hear her huff and watch her little chest rise and fall.

You hold her hand and stroke her, soothing her.

You don't move to do anything else, fearing you might overwhelm her.

After a few minutes, Robin finally breaks the silence.

"I-I should probably go before they possibly miss me."

That might be impossible, you muse.

Robin… was seen, at least once, you remind her. By the guard.

Would it be better for her if she claimed she met you, and that she successfully seduced you?

Robin blinks, considering your proposal.

"…You think I should?" she asks, softly.


It's a delicate situation.

Robin could theoretically just go back to her room and hope no one notices and that her family doesn't question her.


She could go right to her family and announce she's 'done her part,' so to speak.

With how easy it is for Cordelia to 'seduce' you, you think they probably would believe it.

–But then, was it in Robin's nature for her to go along with her parents' plan? Maybe they would sniff out the real deceitful reason she came to you.

You're not sure what they'd do to her if they discovered that.

Your gaze falls to Robin's slender form, so boyish and begging to be filled out with a generous bump and heavy breasts.

You have… revealed more than a few secrets to Robin. Directly and indirectly.

It would be troublesome if she, in turn, revealed them to her siblings, and then her siblings revealed them to her parents'.

You decided not to hear Robin's oath to become your soldier, but the circumstances have changed.

Maybe you should let her after all, just to protect what you've told her?

Worst case scenario, they might pressure her to go back to Chrisania.

–But then that might really be tipping that you know of their conspiracy.

Choice time:
>Let Robin go. Advise her to not mention anything that happened tonight to anyone.
>Send Robin back, tell her that she should announce she's successfully 'seduced' you.
>Send Robin back… but suggest spinning a lie that you both just happened to meet, and you seduced her.
>On second thought, it's worth having Robin swear her oath to you right now. Move her to the armory. Deal with her siblings demanding compensation from you later.

55610 No.58939

A combination of 1 and 3: Robin shouldn't say anything unprompted, but if her siblings find out that she met with the King and ask about it, she should tell them that he seduced her. Also iron out an exact story of what happened, so there aren't contradictions or leaked information.

>"I don't want to fight my parents! I don't, I don't, I don't!"
I, uh, thought she did want to fight her parents? Isn't that the whole reason she's here?

c121e No.58951


I agree with >>58939 ,for the moment anyways.

33158 No.58967

I agree with this write-in.

a80c9 No.58979

I vote for this write in.

479b4 No.58988


I vote for this write in

9e6b6 No.59111

Option 1. If the parents don't think that the plan worked, they'll probably send Robin back again.

296fd No.59114

New here. I havent caught up yet but Im going with the majority

0a25a No.59118

Welcome! I hope you find the story enticing.

However, there is an issue with your vote.

I'm sorry, but I must ask you to be more precise in your voting. Please say clearly "I vote for option one/two/three." Or "I vote for a write in. Which is…" and then write the description.

Vague votes or votes written in a long-winded fashion are very difficult for me to tabulate when it's time to close the vote. To make it a little easier, I ask that everyone state clearly "I vote for x." This is much easier to register as a glance and keep track of, and really helps me stay organized.

By all means, I want to encourage discussion of strategy and observations readers make about the story, so do not feel like you need to suppress any other details you want to note. But when it comes to registering your vote, please label it in a concise manner.

Please continue to vote.

I will close the vote tomorrow.

0a25a No.59138

>1 vote for option one, advise Robin not to mention tonight to anyone.
>5 votes for write-in, advise Robin not to offer information, but to 'confess' to being seduced if confronted. Iron out details of what may have happened.
>1 vote for what I assume is the write-in. (Please be clear with your voting everyone.)

Create a scenario in which Robin would have been plausibly seduced by you, which she can keep in reserve to tell her siblings if she's confronted.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.59345

You decide it's best to hedge your bets.

You and Robin sit together as you go over a possible scenario.

Robin arranged a meeting with you tonight via the maids… for the purposes of satisfying her curiosity about Virilia.

No way will her siblings believe she tried to make an effort to seduce you in such a direct manner, but wanting to press you for more information is another story.

You were reluctant to talk about your homeland so openly, so you invited Robin to your chambers.

She had no desire to lay with you, but she figured it didn't really matter. They were already meeting at sunset.

Back in the quietness of your room, you conjured a story of your reputation as a womanizer in Virilia and told it to Robin.

Leaving out the details of it being a Dukedom and not a Kingdom, nor explicitly mentioning your wish to impregnate every woman. That could potentially reveal more than you'd like. Even if it didn't, it'd implied you trusted Robin with something personal when, according to this story, she's done nothing particularly to earn that trust.

It was from that point Robin asked for a demonstration on how you would, for example, go about seducing a woman. She asked without considering she, in fact, is a woman.

And… she ended up carried away by it and was herself seduced. To a point she herself was surprised. She didn't want to talk about it, therefore. In fact, she's hoping she doesn't get pregnant, because the plan is still stupid. But, hopefully her seduction will make them 'get off her back,' so to speak.

–Well, that's practically what happened.

You're confident this story is enough of a mixture of truth, fiction, and omission to pass scrutiny. It contradicts nothing said at the dinner. It reinforces how you acted toward Cordelia, and is consistent with what you've seen of Robin's personality. You just have to make sure you keep the details of this slightly-altered history in Virilia consistent.

To your concealed delight, the story also allows the possibility that you could meet with Robin again without contradicting the premises.

After you finish working out every detail your mind can muster, Robin finally nods, satisfied.

"I suppose… this is good night, then," she offers.

Hm. Yes.

The sun has practically fully set. You still need to visit Tharja.

Robin kicks her feet, sitting on the side of your bed, then stands up.

There's a clear wet spot from where your seed leaked from between her legs on your bed, and a stain of her virginal blood on her thighs from where you took her maidenhead.

She walks over to where you left her clothes and bends over at the waist to pick them up, inadvertently giving you a glimpse of her pussy from between her legs.

The sight of her pubic hair is almost a novelty now, after Tharja has 'marked' so many women she helped you seduce.

You're reminded also of Robin's claim that she's ovulating.

…You should say one last thing.

Choice time:
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to come meet you again tomorrow night for sex and to keep in touch.
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to get down on her hands and knees for one last session tonight. You don't know when you can see her again after all.
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to meet with Tharja during the day. She'll help organize when you can next meet.

3cfe9 No.59351

Option 2. No time like the present…

98197 No.59352

I'm going to go with Option 3. Something tells me Robin might not be ready for Round 2 just yet, and at the same time it might make it blatantly clear something happened between the two which would kinda blow the purpose of the cover story.

Best bet is to play it safe. Tharja can probably take care of planning the next encounter without attracting too much attention (hopefully she doesn't get the bright idea to make it a threesome with Camilla).

2f175 No.59356

Option 1. It keeps with our story the best out of all the options.

c121e No.59362

Gonna have to go with Option 3…. now that she's in our employ, she should take a more active role in foiling the plot, if she can.

479b4 No.59364


I vote for Option 3

9e6b6 No.59367

Option 3.

080a9 No.59384

Option three.

I bet that if we got to Tharja now, we'll catch her with Camilla who was suspiciously easy to seduce. If we any wait longer, Camilla will go to bed. I want to try to have all sisters in the same day. Of course we shouldn't mention that to Robin.

55610 No.59396

>Option 3
How the hell are we even foiling the plot, anyway? I feel like the only way to guarantee the sisters don't return home is by offering them titles, and that's going to have consequences down the road. Let alone what we do about Corrin.

972b4 No.59406

Option 2: It’s the Edward thing to do.

0a25a No.59416

>1 vote for option one, invite her to another meeting tomorrow.
>2 votes for option two, seize the day and have sex with her again.
>6 votes for option three, involve Tharja, tell Robin to approach Tharja about when and how it is best for you both to meet again.

Bring in Tharja to help you impregnate Robin.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.59827

You consider the merits of putting Robin on her hands and knees and taking her again, this time from behind… but, you decide against it. Your prior emission is still dripping from her crotch. She's just had her virginity taken and will likely be sore. You've had sex enough today that you risk rubbing yourself raw… none of those realities are particularly exciting.

It's tempting to arrange more trysts and indirectly use Robin as a spy while you impregnate her. You'd be able to create a way to monitor what's happening with the Chrisania siblings… but for how long would that go undetected? It's too risky.

You decide there's another good option, one that's subtle and discreet.

You step over to Robin and help her get dressed. She gives out a surprised little gasp as you help put her skirt back on. Followed by her shirt. You take your time smoothing it over her pubic area and her chest, respectfully.

Try to go to the library during the day, you tell her. At a time, ideally, that Corrin and anyone else would not be there. She'll have to have Tharja's permission and blessing to do so.

But, it's just a pretense. Tell Tharja you want her help arranging a meeting, and you'll both be able to see each other again. It'll be much easier than meeting face-to-face.

"A-All right."

She nods at your advice, not asking why.

Tharja's efforts with helping you impregnate the women you meet will catch her by surprise. That, or Robin will reason it out when she's escaped the emotion of the moment and has a chance to think about it.

Robin hugs you in an embrace.

The sudden closeness makes you smile and you reach your fingers up to brush one of her pigtails.

"'Majesty, will you walk me down the stairs?"

Mm, of course. You'd already decided to do that.

You don't need a repeat of that time with Beatrice.

Walking down the stairs is infinitely more bone-chilling at twilight than it is during the day or even at sunset.

You're only glad you plan to go to Tharja's room than risk going back up.

At the very least, you find the courage to go in front of Robin.

She's walking rather bow-legged and wincing every other step.

Not to mention she has to hold her book in one arm.

Finally, you slow to the end of the steps and take your footing on the ground and the portal out of the tower.

The guard reports nothing. You do not acknowledge the guard. You simply whisper to Robin to leave. She nods, then does so.

It's not the most tender farewell, but it will have to do, for now.

You start to walk away, then you remember you planned a little meeting with the Elbanians tomorrow.

You can't risk that stunt not happening, and so you turn back to the guard.

You him you will be sleeping with your wife tonight, and that is where to look for you. He needs to make sure the senior guard is informed, and that you have enough time to prepare.

He swears it will be done as soon as his shift is relieved. That's good enough.

You expect your soldiers who come looking for you know where you are by now, though.

But you're not planning on coming back to the tower.

You go to see Tharja.

You give a salute to the guard standing watch at the entrance to Tharja's wing. He reports no suspicious movement. Good.

You take a torch from the wall and continue onward, into the hallway and corridor, pas the portrait, until you're at Tharja's door.

You don't even have to knock when you hear the door unlock. Tharja pulls it open and then pulls you close for an embrace.

"Edward! Darling…"

She kisses the side of your neck, and you give her as best a hug you can give with one arm.

You set the torch near its holder and join her on the bed.

You confess to Tharja you're feeling a bit tired tonight and would she mind just cuddling with you?

Tharja blinks in surprise, but nods.

"Of course, Edward. I don't mind at all."

There's no disappointment in her words, which you're grateful for.

That being said…

Tharja immediately fixes you with a pleased grin.

"But, Edward… I think you'll be pleased to know something."

–What's that, you ask?

You have an inkling, but you don't want to spoil your wife's fun.

Tharja coos in delight, rubbing her hands with yours. The soft flesh soothing against your callused palms and fingers.

"I managed to talk with Camilla… and I think she's very interested in you."


Imagine that.

The details of what you went over with Robin for the past hours comes back to you.


Oh. Tharja caught on.

That's only natural. Normally you'd be very interested with that sort of news. Unfortunately, you knew it already.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.


Should you tell Tharja the whole story?

It goes without saying you trust your dear wife with anything… no matter what happens.

But– would this spoil her 'fun'?

No doubt Tharja is envisioning 'preparing' Camilla for you. You wonder if she'll even be shaved bare and waiting for you in a white gown, in this very room.

Is it right to spoil that?

Then again, she may have some insight for you on the plot.

Choice time:
>Tell Tharja everything. You trust her, and it's wise to keep her in the loop of what plots are going on around you.
>Tell Tharja instead you just came from impregnating Robin. Tell her the lie you and Robin decided on. Omit any talk about the Chrisania plot against you.

2f175 No.59835

Option 1.

Gotta trust the wifey. Also, trust keeps a relationship healthy.

98197 No.59836

I'm going to go with Option 1, tell Tharja about what's going on. I'm sure Tharja would immediately realize the plot is ridiculous considering the details (and I'm sure she'd be intrigued to hear how Edward has fared with Cordelia and Robin). Perhaps she might have some ideas about ways to help Robin if not all the siblings as well.

However it should be noted to Tharja to act normally and not draw any attention to the situation (as normal as trying to get Camilla in bed with Edward in the first place might be…), there will probably be a time and place for potential confrontations later

b3294 No.59838


Option 1

d34ad No.59839

I also agree with option 1

Yes, we should advise her against unleashing any witchy wrath on the conspirators and to keep cool. She might also have words with Beatrice about how to handle the situation.

3cfe9 No.59843

Option 1.

01cfd No.59844

These are good points, I agree.

Option 1.

f007c No.59850

Option one.

0a25a No.59858

>7 votes for option one, tell Tharja everything.

Keep Tharja aware of what the Chrisania siblings are plotting.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.60202

You decide to tell Tharja everything. The positives outweigh any detriments. You trust her with anything.

You want to keep her aware of what's going on. It does tangentially involve her, after all.

You share that you had a special visitor tonight before you came to her room…

…You finish telling Tharja all about Robin's visit and what you were told.

Tharja listens to you with a look of curiosity on her face. She smiles when you talk about impregnating Robin.

It occurs to you to belatedly talk about Cordelia as well.

So… that's how it is.

You hate to spoil Tharja's fun, but given the pattern and Robin's words, it's likely Camilla was going to sleep with you no matter what.

Tharja gives a shy little smile.

"That's all right, my husband… I assume you could have any woman without me doing anything at all."


You can't help but appreciate the ego-stroking your wife gives you. Give a low appreciative grunt and pull her closer.

So, that's the situation. You'll need Tharja to play along, for now, but at the very least, Robin will be staying in the castle after the Faire, as your new soldier.

Your new pregnant soldier, that is.

Tharja nods, teasing her fingers along your chest.

"I understand, Edward… it shouldn't affect anything I was going to do already."

Right. You're not going to have Tharja suddenly discourage whatever plan she's undertaking with Camilla.

Even if you did suddenly decide the best solution was to just stay away from the Chrisania sisters, it'd look too suspicious to have Tharja so drastically alter her behavior. Especially if they found out Robin had met with you.

…What does Tharja think you should do?

She tilts her head.

"About what, my love?"

Well… this does all amount to treason. Even if you were generous and granted a pardon to Camilla, Cordelia, and even Corrin, it doesn't change that your subjects were conspiring against you.

Worse, if you just let Cordelia and Camilla leave, impregnated, then there could be a chance it would actually work. Or at least it'd be very unpleasant for the child you leave them with. You don't like that either.

Tharja puts a finger to her lips, thinking it over.

"Could you entice them to stay, like you did with Robin?" she asks.

You'd like to think so.

That would surely be the ideal solution. But Robin came to you directly, with a specific goal. Moreover she was of the right mindset to seek that out.

You're not sure what would appease Camilla or Cordelia.

Tharja rubs her head against your chest.

"Maybe spending more time with them will give you an idea… I'll do my best to find out Camilla's interests as well."

Oh, that should save you a little time. You tell her you'll appreciate that.

"But… how did they know, Edward?" she asks.

–Know what?

You turn your head down at her. She reaches up and gives your chin a little feather-touch with her fingers.

"That you have your reputation for impregnating every woman."


…Come to think of it, Robin hadn't mentioned that at all. She said she herself questioned her parents about that likelihood, and was only told it would have to happen because 'you were a man'.

You wonder if they knew you as 'the Mad Rutting Beast' at all?

That would make their plan seem a little more… cunning.

Much better a basis for a usurption-by-pretender plot than just hoping you're willing to sow wild oats.

You'll keep that in mind for something to potentially look out for. At the very least, Robin knows the truth now.

You thank Tharja for recognizing something you hadn't.

But… you're now in a mood you'd like to forget about plots for the moment.

Tharja smiles delightfully.

"Oh, husband, I can help you with that too."

You surrender to your wife's embrace. Being comforted by Tharja allow you to forget some of the stress of the day.

Tomorrow there's more of the Faire to see to…

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.60449

You wake in the morning wrapped in your wife's arms.The heat of the passion you both shared last night still warm on your face.

You gently rouse her, saying you must check if the morning has come.

A peek outside into the hallway with small windows leading outside and see dawn is breaking.

That's enough to set you both moving to get dressed.

While you're doing so, Tharja updates you on yesterday.

Corrin and Camilla both visited her library. Around the same time you heard the report about the 'Emerald Knight'. If you aren't mistaken, that means Corrin is likely eliminated as a suspect. Perhaps. She can't be sure of the exact time.

Tharja was able to talk with Camilla in semi-private, in a corner of the library while Corrin read. She showed her a book about satisfying men's needs and made many innuendos of how effective a wife it has made her, which Camilla seemed open to hearing. Though she stopped short at outright saying she hoped to jump into bed with you.

You tell Tharja she could expect soon to also hear a request from Robin, for the sake of you both having sex, and that it's urgent because Robin is presumably ovulating.

Tharja gets an absolutely wicked smile on her face as you say that, which you return with your own.

You crane your neck to watch your wife's midsection as you dress. It seems she's still lacking a bump… hopefully, hopefully soon.

You leave to take your morning meal together.

For once, you are the early one. You, Tharja, and Margaret, at least. Beatrice joins soon enough.

You exchange some words before Elizabeth appears with meals for you three. Margaret serves as your taster. She does not die, so you begin to eat.

It'll be in your interest to have a meeting with Beatrice, you think. Particularly if you want to have her investigate the Emerald Knight… or the Chrisania siblings.

If you recall correctly, she's tutoring Tharja to make sure she can handle enduring a sermon given by the priest without breaking down.

You wonder how she's progressing with that. You could've asked Tharja directly, but Beatrice would likely be more objective in telling you that.

Maybe you'll signal you'd like to meet her after breakfast.

–Or so you're pondering taking actions along those lines when your maids enter and interrupt your mental organization. They tell you that they're ready to help you prepare for your meeting by fitting you into your regalia.

Oh, right.

The Elbanians.

You take one last bite of bread and are still chewing it when you follow the maids out of the room.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.60803

You'd forgotten how much work is necessary to put into making you look truly 'regal'.

You have to stand rigidly as the maids put you back in King Vlad's jacket with the many crests of his various titles upon it.

You can't bring yourself to think of it as 'your' coat, just yet.

It isn't going to leave you time to be briefed by Ricardo, who already met with the Elbanians…

…Or so you think, but then Ricardo is revealed to be waiting in the room for you while they fit it on you.

He reports on the meeting he had with the Elbanians yesterday.

The maids have ears, so he can't speak openly. He must tell you what happened by scratching notes on a piece of parchment with charcoal and then passing it to you to read.

You must keep your arms rigid while you're dressed. It leaves you unable to write a reply to ask him questions, but it's good enough.

He writes that the Elbanians seem 'genial' enough.

They referred to a visit to Ruhemania as a 'rare trip.'

The Elbanians present are not attending 'on behalf' of the Crown. They are functionaries of the Chancellor, who would be serving the Elbanian crown, and they are attending on his request. But, he is not present. They declined to state why. Ricardo's guess is because the invitation to Elbania was a general 'there is a Faire, it is open to all attendees,' invitation, and not an official invitation to their Monarch.


That means they likely can't make wide-sweeping deals on behalf of their King, but anything you say and the way you regard them will definitely make it back to Elbania, eventually.

This could be a chance to thaw the relationship between Ruhemania and the outside world, or simply keep the status quo.

You give Ricardo an understated but appreciative little nod as the maids fit the last piece of regalia on you.

Time for you to engage in some diplomacy.

You're growing more and more impatient. It's not just a chore to get you into your regalia, it's a chore to keep you looking regal while you sit on the throne.

The mantle must be folded just right. Your head must be held just right. The lack of arm-rests for your hands makes it more awkward.

Finally, the maids work is done, and your guards are all set up.

It's a matter of minutes before you hear the guards outside.

"Presenting! Aristocrats, from the foreign land of Elbania! To receive audience with His Royal Majesty, King Edward!"

That introduction surprises you. You suppose they're not important enough to have their names read out?

Or so is your thought until five different people are allowed to stride in to your throne room.

They're clearly aristocrats, and they're dressed in their best clothes, not meant for traveling.

Still, it's merely clean linen.

You take in each of their faces. They're aged men, probably a decade or two your senior. But none are that old.

You note no special characteristic that immediately separates them from what you've observed as the 'typical' Ruhemanian.


There's a tense moment where no one is sure how to proceed. This is likely a new experience for them, as well.

They look suitable humbled by all the grandeur you've set up.

Suddenly, one of them starts to bow, placing a hand at their waistline and holding their other behind their back.

It's not exactly how you had been taught. But it seems formal enough.

The rest start to do it, too.

You remember you've made a point of making everyone kneel. But, then… those were your subjects. Not visiting foreigners.

If you let this pass, you're implicitly accepting the bow as a suitable royal greeting. It will be setting a precedent for all dignitaries from Elbania on how you wish to be greeted.

You don't have time to think it over. There's five of them and if you don't say something immediately, it will be accepted between them as the standard.

Choice time:
>Put a hand up and, gently, but sternly, instruct the Elbanians to kneel.
>You want to establish friendly relations with your neighbors. Perhaps this will set a good tone. Nod and accept the formal bow.

98197 No.60810

I'm going to go with Option 2. These are not Edward's subjects, they are foreign diplomats. A little bit of leeway can be given for a formal greeting in this instance. I suppose if Edward really wanted to, he could make a subtle note of how his subjects normally greet him, but still let the Elbanians know the bow is fine.

479b4 No.60811


Option 1: the bow is fine

d4a02 No.60830

Let's go with option two. They're subjects of another country, they don't owe immediate fealty to Edward. A bow is good enough.

2f175 No.60832

Option 1

0a25a No.60840

Did you choose the wrong number for the option you wanted to vote? Your comment suggests it.

Please continue to vote.

c2233 No.60842

I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, I agree with the others; they aren't our subjects, and we can't force them to show the same level of loyalty as to us. But on the other hand, our subjects might think we're showing a touch of favoritism towards foreigners, especially since we are also an immigrant. Not now, but perhaps later on. If they were of similar status to ourselves, I would say the polite bow is fine, but I think we need to treat all equally, in this case.

Option 1.

3cfe9 No.60855

For better or worse, this *is* Nice Guy Eddie. He's not Vlad-dad.
Option 2.

479b4 No.60856


Yeah, I wasn't paying attention and wrote the wrong number

55610 No.60863

>Option 2
If this were actually the Chancellor or the King, a bow would be acceptable. But they are neither, and they are guests in the castle besides. They should kneel.
Say please though. No need to get too testy about it, it's obvious they're just confused and not trying to snub you.

55610 No.60864

Whoops, typo.
>Option 1: kneel. And say please, since they mean no offense.

1d067 No.60867

option 2

10d40 No.60888

Option 1

0a25a No.60914

>4 votes for option one, correct the foreigners and have them kneel.
>5 votes for option two, accept the bow as an acceptable greeting and carry on.

Nod and implicitly accept the bow as the proper etiquette.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.61389

File: 1567669702201.jpg (194.89 KB, 850x1115, elbania_queen.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You hem and haw a bit. The Elbanians aren't your subjects. They serve the King of Elbania. It could be forgiven that they not kneel to you as their Liege. –Then again you are receiving them as your guests, and…

Ah, too late. They straighten up and finish bowing. You decide to pass the moment off as your approval and give an understated nod. Good enough, you suppose.

The Elbanians should be the last guests at your Faire. You hope you don't have to make any more judgments about who to force to kneel again for a while.

Time for you to work your charm and break the ice.

You bid the Elbanians welcome and offer your best wishes that they enjoy the Faire and all its festivities. You hope their accommodations have been sufficient, and your representative pleasant.

"Very much so, Your Majesty. We're very happy to have a roof over our head after the long journey."

He goes on to say that they have brought gifts for you as a token of esteem.

A collection of salt, and salted fish, which they hope you'll find palatable.

You smile and nod. You don't have the heart to tell them the majority of merchants so far have gifted you salt, or salted meat of some sort.

"We would also present you with this fine miniature portrait of our glorious Queen."


That is a surprise. You always assumed Elbania had a King.

"Her Royal Majesty has served as our Queen since the passing of her Father with no male heir two winters ago."


Two winters ago? It would sound as if she were a stable ruler, then. Enough to maintain her Queendom for an entire year.

Where is the portrait, you ask? Has it been passed off to some servant?

"No, Your Majesty, we have it right here."

One of the diplomats takes something out of his sleeve and hands it to the diplomat who is speaking. You notice the soldiers in your room flinch.

It's enough to rattle their armor and weapons a bit, and the diplomats freeze.

…You decide to play diplomat yourself. You're hardly expecting a dagger.

You bid the man with the portrait to approach the throne, so he may present it to you directly.

Perhaps still nervous from the spectacle of your guards, he only gets close enough to you to hand you the portrait, which is more like a rolled up parchment than something impressive.

You hold it in both hands and unroll it as the diplomat steps his way backward to the line formed with his associates, without turning his back to you.

You wonder what sort of woman you're about to unravel.

Well. She certainly seems… regal.

You're impressed by the amount of detail in the portrait, even though it's small. It rivals the portraits you were shown by the matchmaker so long ago. No, it might be more so than that.

Piercing, sharp eyes. An elegant, intricate styling of her hair, and a crown that looks as if it was built and fitted specifically for her. That might be true. At least, it was drawn to look like so.

You can't help but follow her hairline down to her rounded breasts. They're clearly present, and help provide a needed touch of femininity. You could imagine her directing the artist to draw attention to them without being obvious.

The ornate jacket completes the look. The buttons are much bigger and more intricate than those on the regalia you're wearing now.

…You actually feel a pang of jealousy.

Your country is bigger, why don't you look so good?

… You take a moment to clear your throat, holding a hand over your mouth to hide the shame burning your cheeks. You remind yourself it's not exactly manly to envy a woman her fashion, of all things.

Besides, you could easily hire a court tailor. –Sometime, when you have money again.

You turn your attention back to the portrait. There's a line of text written at the bottom: 'Her Royal Majesty Queen Edelgard.'

You thank the Elbanians for their gift. You tell them you'll have it displayed in an appropriate location.

You're not sure where, but you'll figure that out later. You roll up the portrait and set it in your lap.

You ponder what to do next. The diplomats surely know much about their country, but perhaps you shouldn't tip you know so little about theirs.

In a way, they've already told you much about Elbania through their gifts. They have access to the sea to gather salt, they have fish to catch from the water, and they have a competent Queen. Or at least, one with a great knowledge of presentation.

You have a bit of an interest in this Queen Edelgard. Perhaps it'd be worth it to make a trip to Elbania… or to invite her to your castle.

Surely a bit of cultural exchange in the name of establishing good relations would be good for both of your realms.

The diplomats have relaxed a bit again. Presumably put at ease by your pleased reaction to the gift.

You'd better direct them to the next topic.

You'd considered it before… what sort of trade you could do with Elbania. You think you remember Ricardo reporting that despite their access to the sea, it was not a busy trade port. But, that was surely in the past. What if it's changed, now that this Queen is in power? You could be denying yourself some opportunity.

The diplomats can't make promises on behalf of their Liege. A formal deal is impossible for now. But they can relay your intentions and wishes back to their court. This may start the ball rolling to a closer relationship.

Unless you wanted Ruhemania to continue on as it has: isolated from much of the rest of the world.

You think over which route to steer your country in, and take in a breath to speak.

Choice time:
>You want to establish friendly relations and break the tradition of isolation King Vlad pursued. Enthusiastically tell the diplomats that your reign marks a new era where Elbania and Ruhemania should freely trade and cooperate. Emphasize your high hopes that such an arrangement can be made.
>Perhaps it's better to maintain isolation, for now. Simply make some vague promises and say you look forward, perhaps, to dealing with Elbania in the future.
>Queen Edelgard herself entices you, and there's been no indication she's married or has an heir. Suggest you would be diplomatically open to a royal visit from their Queen. Or, perhaps one from you to Elbania itself.

b45f2 No.61393

Option one, but if possible include a bit about potential future royal visits- and make sure it's clear we mean both ways.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see Edelgard appear, but we have to be very careful how we deal with her. Royals tend to prefer, if not exclusivity, to be the "first" in their lover's life. As much as I'd love to have Edward hold those horns while they made an Elbanian heir, we certainly don't want to imperil things with Tharja through legitimacy concerns. This is a bit more than the issue with Corrin's sisters, since none of those girls stands to be the heir- while Edie is already on her throne. We'll need to be delicate (especially if we don't want Hubert to poison us).

52479 No.61394

I'm voting three for right now.

941bd No.61408

>>61393 seems like the best bet, currently. I'll support it.

5d5dd No.61410


Option one

3cfe9 No.61412

Water is life. The Spice (salt?) must flow.
>Option 1

c2233 No.61415

Option 1.

Side note: I'm fine with not trying to lay with her. We have enough to juggle already, and I've never been a greedy person to begin with. Not to mention, in a situation like this, it will make things a lot simpler..

d1d22 No.61423

Well now I know what aristo's been up to. Now for voting.
Option 1 is such a bad idea as written. First we're letting the foreigners get away with a bow, and now we're declaring an open alliance of trade and cooperation with them out of nowhere? Let alone the Plot To Remove The Foreigner From The Ruhemanian Throne, the nobles and peasants will talk about this, rumors will spread, and I doubt they'll like it. There will be whispers about foreigners plotting to undermine the Ruhemanian people and whatnot if we continue in this manner indiscriminately.
I also think that Edelgard has to be someone we bang in the future, but we can probably wait on that. We have more than enough on our plate as it is without creating A Real Succession Crisis In Addendum To The Fake One The Chrisanians Intend To Orchestrate. (Although we don't know enough about succession laws and how legitimacy is granted by the Church to a claimant of a throne to assess which claims are "real" or "fake". Probably something we might want to sort out (with Ricardo?) at some point.)
But just doing some vague handwaving and not committing to any change seems weaksauce as hell. I think that improving trade with the Elbanians will likely be very helpful. Additionally, we need to open some sort of dialogue with the Elbanians in order to slide into Edelgard's DM's.
Tell them Ruhemania is interested in initiating some trade agreements with Elbania. Ask if there are any commodities the Elbanian crown is looking to buy. Suggest that you would welcome a royal visit from their Queen to discuss such a deal (you can't really leave Ruhemania until Tharja gives birth, after all.)

479b4 No.61424


I vote for this Write In

86658 No.61427

I change my vote to this write-in.

98197 No.61450

We don't want to act too enthusiastically to establishing trade with Elbania, but at the same time we want to at least give it a chance. Whether or not Queen Edelgard is worth the trouble is a bridge to cross later.

I support the write-in. We make no promises for now, but definitely encourage talks of trading and potential royal visits.

c2233 No.61462

I will also change my vote for this write-in. And much appreciation for the reminder of the balancing act we have going on.

941bd No.61464

I too will change my vote to this write in.

2f175 No.61494

I'll also support the write-in.

0a25a No.61520

Everyone, I must ask that you please be clear with your votes. Please state clearly which option you are selecting, or which write-in you are voting for.

Do not simply link to another comment and say "I agree with this." There have been cases of people misclicking and voting for something else. If you do write "I agree with this," make it a full sentence such as: "I agree with this, vote for option one." If you change your vote, please link to your previous vote in your new post.

That said:

>3 votes for option one, announce support for open cooperation and trade.

>7 votes for write-in, offer the possibility of specific trade deals, and a royal visit from Queen Edelgard to discuss them.

Offer guarded invitations to trade to avoid seeming too eager, and lay the groundwork for a possible meeting with the Elbanian Queen.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.61521

I should add that Edward knows enough about history to realize that succession laws have more than a little bit of "might makes right" quality to them. Is Edward the legitimate King of Ruhemania? Yes, absolutely. He's been crowned, he's married to Tharja who is still alive, he lives in Ruhemania, in a castle that was owned by King Vlad, he will soon have an heir, most likely, etc. However, if someone appears with a credible claim to the throne (such as being Edward's bastard son with one of the Chrisania sisters), and they have an army that fights for this claim, and they win, and the clergy is not particularly inclined to intervene, it's likely in their interest to legitimize this new claimant to avoid yet more war and they will probably find a reason to legitimize them. Possibly. The line between legitimate claimant and pretender who will soon be excommunicated is flexible.

As stated back in the original thread however, simply deciding "you want someone's land," and marching in with an army to take it is going to get you excommunicated as a barbarian because you are violating the Church's authority, the idea of "All people are united as brothers by their faith in the Church." There must be some sort of claim to having another's land or having them as your vassal. By blood, tradition, law, document, or promise are the most likely. In the case of Chrisania's plot, they would, as Edward understands it, be relying on the child pretender's lineage through him, and the argument that the child would be more fit to be a King as a native Ruhemanian. Certainly valid, though not as much as a legitimate child Edward has with Tharja, Edward himself, or even Tharja or Ricardo, who are both directly related to King Vlad. But if they won a war in which Edward was killed, or Edward was assassinated or died somehow when he doesn't have an heir…?

According to all law and the blessing of the Church, Edward is King. But rules and laws made by men in Impregnator Kings, just as in real life, have a tendency to be stretched when it suits people. Edward would be aware of this, so I pass it on as 'What Edward would know.'

d1d22 No.61531

>The line between legitimate claimant and pretender who will soon be excommunicated is flexible.
That's roughly the impression I got from our talk with Robin. If the Chrisanian parents don't think the Church would interfere with their plot, they're probably right.
This does mean that impregnating Edelgard is riskier though, since it raises the possibility of a succession/unification war with Elbania. Still worth though. (Also if we somehow manage to marry Tharja and Edelgard's children, unification could happen without a war.)

0a25a No.61703

Your first instinct is to continue marking your departure from King Vlad's policies by promising the diplomats your commitment to cooperation and trade with Elbania.


Robin's warning of her parent's plot comes back to you. Such a promise will disrupt the status quo. It will definitely affect the lesser nobility. Bringing in foreign influences may only highlight your own history. If that happened, the notion of 'we must rid Ruhemania of foreign influence' may spread, and then threaten your legitimacy.

You can't risk that.

Neither do you want to entirely ignore the Elbanians after making so many preparations.

You decide to make an attempt at more specific goals.

You tell the Elbanians you are interested in looking into open-trade.

But before that, you wish to know exactly what sort of goods their country would be most eager?

You could arrange these specific trades on behalf of the Crown.

At your offer, the Elbanians… hesitate.

"Apologies, but that may be difficult. We're not privy to the needs or wants of Her Royal Majesty."

You suppose logically they wouldn't be.

That's fine, you tell them. You don't expect an answer right this moment.

Take it as an open invitation for a royal visit between Monarchs, or her to assign an official delegate to come to Ruhemania who is.

The Elbanians murmur their agreement, in a general sort of way.

"If it please Your Majesty to make the process easier, may we ask what commodities you would be offering in trade?"



Now you're on the spot. You vaguely remember Ruhemania has some gold mines, likely some iron mines, and of course, as Dimitrie attested, trees.

You rule out swampland, grubs, wild onions, and witches.

But, you're not sure which commodity to offer will sound most impressive on the spot like this.

You decide not to risk an attempt.

You tell the Elbanians your Kingdom is rich in resources, but shall have your Master of Coin prepare a detailed list, before the Faire is complete.

That way there will be no confusion.

They nod in agreement, with some words about thanking you for the trouble.

Good… good.

You're out of ideas of what else to do with this meeting. You offer a few more questions about whether the Faire has lived up to their expectations and they give you pleasant answers about being a lovely spectacle.

That's a good segue to ending the meeting.

You thank the Elbanians for their audience, and they're diplomatic in replying that it's been an honor to be so warmly received by the Crown, so personally.

Looks like you have another project for Ricardo, in addition to whatever else you think you might want to do with them.

Perhaps you could invite them to some entertainment with your nobility. See if they'll speak more about their Queen and their political situation.

After all you dealt with in Ruhemania, you're not taking it as face-value that her father simply died and left her Queen.

So, your meeting ends quietly with the Elbanians.

Yet it's far from over for you. You have to get out of the regalia, and you spend another length of time with the maids as they carefully pull it off of you and deliver your daily clothes to you to put on. There's no Ricardo to distract you, so the process is especially tedious.

If you were impatient before, you're even more so now.

You hold back from looking visibly annoyed as the servants work their old hands seeing to your mantle and coat.

Your crown is replaced in the throne room, under special watch. It's your symbol of authority, after all.

You still have much to do. Ricardo will need to be notified of what you talked about, and specifically what your goals are so you can approve of what he writes.

Moreover, you still have to see Beatrice about possibly finding out who this Emerald Knight person is.

And get around to meeting with Camilla and seducing her with your charm.

And then seeing if Cordelia needs more attention.

…And then if Robin can be impregnated while she's ovulating.

Not to mention how you're going to win the Chrisania family over to your side, including Corrin.

It's at that moment while you're pacing and pondering, you hear a rousing cry of delight from outside the corridors and out into the distance.

Something interesting must be happening at the Faire.

Damn it all.

You opened the Faire yesterday, yet you've not even peeked at the festivities you've arranged?

Who knows what you've already missed?

It's not right. And you're fed up.

Screw the people plotting against you. Today, you're going to go out and enjoy your Faire.

Your blood begins pumping as you let the outrage wash over you.

There's exotic dancers, performers, and merchants at the castle, purely because of your Royal decree.

Who knows when you'll get another festival? It's not like Virilia where you could expect one or two each year.

Your people deserve to celebrate, and so do you.

You'll tuck your worries about politics in your back pocket for now.

You're going to your Faire!

It's when you reach the next fork in the corridors that lead outside you have one last consideration.

The common people will definitely know your face.

As much as you may not like to think it, some protection might be warranted.

It might also be worthwhile to have Ricardo provide you with some gold.

Your promise of payment to any merchant would be honored, but you may wish to give alms. You couldn't do that unless you had actual coin.

In that case…

Choice time:
>It might be better to have an escort. Go to the armory and request soldiers accompany you.
>You're not worried about your safety, but you should have money. A quick, very quick, detour to the treasury to procure some coin.
>There's merit to both ideas. First, to the treasury, then to the armory.
>You think you can do without either. Time is more important. To the Faire, without bothering to get gold nor an escort.

d0653 No.61708


Option 3, just standard procedure.

73885 No.61709

Option 3. Why not both.

d2103 No.61722

Option 3
>Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp

c2233 No.61736

Option 2. We can fend for ourselves if need be, and we'll be slowed down by having an escort. Though perhaps we should carry a sword, or at least a dagger. Anyway, get a few coins and off we go!

941bd No.61738

I can see the merits of both viewpoints, but caution is going to win out for me.

Option 3

d1d22 No.61746

>Option 2
I think an escort would be too obvious and slow us down too much. I don't have much objection if it wins though. I'd also like to talk to Ricardo real quick about the potential trade with Elbania.
(Also aristo, I hope you'll be doing a bit of time distortion, because if the Faire ends up being a time management simulator I will be mildly upset.)

2f175 No.61747

Option 2.

0a25a No.61753

This is meant to be a return to the "old-style" Impregnator Kings in which the updates were very focused on what Edward did day to day rather than abstracted on a week-by-week basis. That was then, as it is now, less about time management per se and more about what Edward prioritizes and how he accomplishes it. Of course, things he chooses to take care of right away are a part of it. Things are happening outside of his influence and things are coming to seek him out, and one may become the other depending on Edward's choices. I apologize if this is frustrating, but it's the situation Edward finds himself in as King.

Do not worry about the Faire ending suddenly with certain 'objectives' only half-done and nothing truly resolved. As long as certain milestones do not occur, there is time. The jousting tournament being the most obvious one.

Please continue to vote. I will leave this up another day.

On a side note:

Unless Edward is wearing an outfit that omits it or he has intentionally removed it, it's always assumed Edward is carrying his longsword as it's now his royal sword. He is definitely carrying it.

5ca57 No.61766

option 3

0a25a No.61789

>3 votes for option two, stop at the treasury to get coin before going to the Faire.
>5 votes for option three, go to the Faire with an armed guard, and coin.

Obtain coin, and an armed escort for protection at the Faire.

Poll closed. Update soon.

d1d22 No.61858

>Do not worry about the Faire ending suddenly with certain 'objectives' only half-done and nothing truly resolved. As long as certain milestones do not occur, there is time. The jousting tournament being the most obvious one.
That was my main concern, I just wanted to make sure that there is actually enough time for everything we want to do. I felt the day-to-day worked fairly well before, so that's good.

0a25a No.62364

There's more advantages in having both coin and a guard than not.

You might sacrifice a little bit of your ability to mingle by having armed soldiers with you, but there's enough intrigue surrounding you already that you'd rather err on the side of caution.

And of being richer than not.

You turn on your heel and turn toward the treasury. It's a shorter trip, and there's no sense forcing the guards to march with you for no reason.

You pass the guards outside and descend the stairs into Ricardo's little hole.

You're so used to your visits with him that you are actually a little unnerved at what you find.

That is… an empty treasury. Without Ricardo at his desk.


You call out, bewildered. Thinking he might be in the back room with the valuables and documents, you step over and knock, then push the door open.

He's not in there either.

You wouldn't find this troubling were the Faire not going on.

You climb the stairs again and consult the guards.

Where is Ricardo? When did they last see him, you ask?

They tell you they don't know. They are a new rotation that only came on within the last hour, and they haven't seen Ricardo, or anyone else, enter or leave the treasury. He goes on to explain they only have orders to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the treasury, not to keep track of who enters and exits at what times.


Ricardo probably just got distracted between briefing you about the Elbanians and returning to his duties. Maybe he's delivering a payment, or hunting down a lackey to do some errand, or whatever.

You don't have the patience to wait for him.

You go back down the stairs and to Ricardo's desk.

You find a piece of parchment and his quill.

You run the end over ink and then write. You mess up your first few tries, leaving smears of ink, but eventually you get a line written.

'I, King Edward of Ruhemania, hereby relinquish…'

You ponder exactly how much money to take, before deciding you'll just take a handful of gold. Ricardo can worry about the imprecise wording.

'…a handful of gold coins for Mine own personal use at My Faire.'

You put the quill back, and go to find one of his candles.

A leaning of wick to flame, a bit of dripping red wax, and the press of your signet ring, and you've stamped your own order.

There. Ricardo has a record. You can hardly be blamed for taking your own coin.

You borrow a pouch tied to a barrel and open it up, scooping out a handful, before replacing the lid.

On your way out, you tell the guards to tell Ricardo, and no one else, that you came to the treasury and took some coin.

If Ricardo doesn't appear, relay the order to the next watch.

They swear it will be so. Good.

It might be worth it to come back and find just where Ricardo went to. For now…

To the armory.

The armory is more straightforward. There are no crises happening, you simply ask the senior guard for two soldiers to serve as your bodyguards. Two's plenty, you think.

You tell the senior guard similarly the men he assigned performed very well, and you thank him for organizing it. He replies he was just doing his duty, with a small subtle smile.

The guards are two of your loyalists. They carry swords. Polearms would be too unwieldy for the Faire.

You never thought such a simple thing as mingling among commoners would give you nerves.

But it's been several months. You're now King. You can count the number of times you visited the peasant settlement in Castle Valachia on one hand.

You can't help but remember Varillo's words when you were first arriving in Elbania, about possible threats.

'Could be crazy peasant who never see foreigner before in his life.'

You don't let your feelings show on your face, though.

You keep your back straight and step regally, giving a little nod of acknowledgement to those who notice you.

No one gets too close, your guards serve as a deterrent.

You reach a branch in the dirt road set up for the Faire.

You look straight ahead and see a square full of performers gathering.

It looks like one show is dominating the rest of them, some troupe has set up a wooden stage.

You can barely make out someone projecting their voice from this distance over all the chatter. …A woman?


To your left lie the merchant stalls, and you're sure there's interesting things there.

You wonder if you can take advantage of the people being drawn to the performance to browse through the wares set up by the merchants without being too hurried.

… There's also a section for food, but you rule that out. You don't have Margaret with you, and you'd rather not force one of your soldiers to act as an improvised taster.


At the last moment, you recall something else.

The nomads. Vano in particular promised you entertainment, and the performances of his daughters. One a dancer, the other a fortune teller. You recall further he cautioned that he would need notice to set up preparations beforehand.

It might be worthwhile to turn to them first.

Choice time:
>You're curious about the entertainment. Approach the performance in the distance.
>You should buy something before all of it is gone. Visit the merchants.
>You mustn't forget about promises made to you. See what the nomads are up to. Request a performance from Vano's daughters.

d9cea No.62371

option 3. Vano. daughters. let's get our fortune told, see how lucky we can get

eec07 No.62393

Option 3. Edward is a man of his word, and it'd be good to give Vano plenty of time to get his girls prepped.

d2103 No.62394

Option 3.

cbd3d No.62399

Option 3. Might as well. There will be other performances.

2f175 No.62426

Sure. Option 3.

d1d22 No.62432

>Option 3
Hopefully requesting a performance won't take so long that we miss this play.

0a25a No.62462

>6 votes for option three, visit the nomads.

Meet Vano to follow up on his offer.

You really are curious about Vano's daughters.

The exoticism is there. More than any other girl you could likely seduce at the Faire, the nomads are a special case. You don't think you even accomplished that in Virilia… that you know of.

Hopefully you won't have a hard time finding them.

You proceed not toward the entertainers or the merchants, but where the visitors are making their temporary dwellings.

Your soldiers become more and more tense as you move on.

You've found the nomads, or at least the outer perimeter of their camp. There are two children playing with sticks and other things running around. They stop and stare at you curiously as you pass them by, but your guards deter any from approaching.

The guards don't seem happy about it, though. They quietly murmur to you.

"Your Majesty… this appears to be where those nomads have rolled their wagon."

You tell them you're aware of that. That's why you're here… to greet them.

They suppress grimaces, but say nothing. You're not sure if they're somehow worried for your safety or they simply find the nomads distasteful. Possibly both.

You get closer within eye-distance of their wagon. You can now clearly hear music singing out. There are nomads with musical instruments playing. It's… not a pleasant sound, however. They all seem to be playing some different song. You surmise as there's no real audience, they're merely practicing without regard for the resulting cacophony. You can also begin to see people dancing, and you wonder if one of them is Vano's daughter.

You grow closer still until you're surrounded by the nomads and their wagon is right in front of you. You're able to appreciate, up close, just how impressive their wagon is. Stout horses are tied up, and you even see there is smoke rising from some chimney on top. Still, you can't imagine living in one.

Your arrival is hardly unnoticed. Slowly the musicians and dancers stop their movements, but none approach. You think you see fear mixed with curiosity, more so with the women than the men. It must look like you're there to drive them out.

You announce to no one in particular that you're looking to see Vano, and would someone get him?

There's a bit of whispering among them, and it occurs to you that they might think you mean to have him arrested. You put up your hands and start to say that you merely are looking for a meeting, but then you see a familiar figure emerge from the wagon.

"Your Majesty," he greets you.

You give him a firm nod, then quickly state that you won't ask he kneel on the ground for your arrival, which he gratefully accepts.

Seeing the situation defused and that you're not planning to pull Vano away, the nomads slowly go back to what they were doing, with perhaps a slight decrease in volume for the musicians.

"I believe I know why you're here."

You give him another nod. Of course he's going to understand after what he offered in your first meeting. Perhaps also he wants to avoid speaking too directly with your soldiers present.

He gives a soft little smile.

"Which performance would you like to receive, Your Majesty?"


You tell him you hesitate to be greedy, but could there be both?

"Ah, I wish it were so, but we will need time to set up and I will need to recall my family from their acts outside our camp to prepare."

Fair enough, you suppose. You can't demand he have them ready for you at a moment's notice.

You confirm one last time.

Dancing or fortune-telling…?

"It is as you say, Your Majesty."

You nod. Which will be the better experience of the two, in his opinion?

He doesn't hesitate in his reply.

"You will find them without equal. It merely comes to your preference."

If you wish to see dancing, he promises you a magnificent display of elegance and graceful movements that will have you enthralled.

If you wish fortune-telling, he promises you will be dazzled by mystic insight that will leave you enlightened and spiritually fulfilled.

Of course, he adds, you are free to return for the performance of the other daughter. On a different day.

…The promise of mystic insight makes you pause. Perhaps you should have brought up this fortune-telling to Beatrice to hear her opinion. You don't recall Beatrice ever giving a hint that she could predict the future. Is such a thing really possible?

If you took Vano's words at face-value, it could be very worthwhile to hear what this fortune-teller has to say…

–Hrm. Though, it is being offered in the context of dancing and revelry. You should consider it entertainment.

The question was which impulse were you more eager to satisfy?

Choice time:
>The fortune-telling intrigues you and you're curious how it will be done. For now, fortune-telling.
>You're eager to see how graceful the feminine form can be in motion. Dancing, for now.

cbd3d No.62469

The strategist in me wants to see the fortune-teller, gain some insight into some coming event. The perv in me wants to see some dancing. Since we have the opportunity for both, I'm going to lean to the latter.

Option 2; see some dancing.

d1d22 No.62478

>You're eager to see how graceful the feminine form can be in motion. Dancing, for now.
Dancing first, then maybe ask for Beatrice's input on the fortunetelling for another day.

2f175 No.62482

I can get on board with that. Option 2.

d2103 No.62484

Option 2. Dance Dance Ruhemania.

0a25a No.62598

>4 votes for option two, see Vano's daughter who dances first.

See the dancing first.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.62922

You are interested in the promises of a fortune-teller. But dancing sounds like something you could much more readily appreciate. The dancer may even appreciate your attention.

You tell Vano you'd be happy to receive a performance of dancing. You leave off any comment about fortune-telling. It'll be less awkward if you don't have time.

Vano nods, as if he expected that.

"Ah. One last word, Your Majesty."

He leans himself closer, just far enough you can hear him speak in a hushed whisper.

He asks you to reconsider bringing guards when you come tomorrow. They may make his family nervous and it may affect the performance.

–Well, you'll think about it. You tell him you've heard his advice.

You spare a glance back at your guards. They've been paying attention to your conversation, but it looks like they didn't catch Vano's last statement.

You turn back to him and cough, before announcing you wish him well.

You exchange brief pleasantries as you make your way away from the nomads' wagon, traveling through the same 'circle' of playing children as you go. You wonder why they wouldn't be on a shorter leash, but, whatever. The guards look relieved to be leaving the nomads' camp, but neither of them say anything.

You're at the crossroads again. The performers lie down the path on one side, and the merchants the other.

It looks like there's still people milling around. Perhaps you still have time left.


What's that?

Off in the distance, you hear a practiced feminine voice rise above the crowd.

"Thank you very much! Come back tomorrow and see the next exciting chapter of…"

A rise rings out from the common people gathered around the stage.

"Encore! Encore!" they cry.

…It's inconvenient that the voices drown out just what sort of performance it was, but whatever it is, it must be interesting.

You're about to direct your path toward the entertainment section when you hear another voice from the opposite direction, this one masculine and boisterous.

"Last call, last call! Only one piece left! When it's gone, it's gone! First come, first served!"

…Damn. Now your interest is piqued for that, too. What ware is being sold that the merchant who stocked it is down to one remaining item? It must be something rare, or at least unusual.

You can't place the voice. It's definitely not that fat merchant you met, at least.

You'd hoped it'd be a little more leisurely, but you want to find out what's going on.

The feminine voice rings out, as if playing a tug-of-war to lure your interest.

"What's that? You want an encore? Who wants it?"

Another din rises as people shout their elation. You'd better make a decision.

Which more deserved your time?

Choice time:
>Perhaps your presence will provoke an encore. Go see whatever entertainer is performing.
>You can't miss a chance at a rare item. Go track down the yelling merchant.

cbd3d No.62968

I say option 1. Performances are less likely to happen again, or are slightly different every time.

2f175 No.62996

Option 1

d1d22 No.63023

Send one guard to ask the merchant hold the item in reserve for the King to inspect, then attend the encore. I highly doubt the merchant would refuse.

0a25a No.63025

I'll allow this write-in with the caveat that it is accepted that the soldier may not find the right merchant.

285e7 No.63034


Option one

479b4 No.63035


Option 1: the entertainer

5faf8 No.63061

Option one.

0a25a No.63063

>5 votes for option one, pursue the entertainer.
>1 vote for write-in, send one soldier to ask the merchant to hold his item while you attend the performance.

See if the performer gives an encore.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.63202

File: 1571912519130.jpg (252.17 KB, 709x960, Alena-returns.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

What is more likely to be worthy of your time, you ask yourself?

A performer who has a crowd full of people applauding them, or one merchant making vague promises?

You'll go see the performer.

You give a slight nod to your soldiers and press yourself deeper toward the entertainment area.

It's a bit slower going because people are facing away from you, but you gradually get closer.

As each step brings you closer to the stage, you begin to doubt what your eyes see.

You weren't sure what you were expecting, but it wasn't the sight of someone… familiar.

Albeit, someone you never actually met. And a face you never personally saw.

"We do!"

"Give us an encore, Princess!"

"We love you, Princess!"

There, standing on stage, is the figure of a girl you were shown many months ago. For your own marriage consideration.

Princess Alena, of Saintheim.

Standing on a stage in your Faire, wearing simple adventuring clothes, hat and cape, and a belly that very much does not look pregnant.

She puts her hands on her hips, roaring out to the crowd.

"Let it never be said Princess Alena backs down! Here's a little preview of what you'll see tomorrow, when you hear the next chapter of the adventures of Princess Alena!"

There's a few final smatterings of cheers before the crowd's noises die down. The people must really want to see, and hear, whatever she's about to do.

There's a brief moment before some planks of wood are brought up by unseen hands that surround the Princess on the stage. They're carved and painted to look like trees.

A masculine voice from an unseen actor takes over the speaking.

"No sooner had the brave Princess Alena kicked down the wall of her room and jumped from the side, scaling her way across the wall and over the moat… that she finally reached it. The outside, a place Princesses are never supposed to tread."

You hear the sound of several unseen children in the audience reacting with subdued 'oohs' and 'ahhs'.

"She was ready. Ready to face the world with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a love of adventure in her heart!"

You watch Princess Alena raise an arm bent at the elbow, fist clenched and pointed at the heavens. She flexes, hard, showing off her muscles… well, it's hard to tell from where you are, but she likely has more bravado than muscle.

"Nothing scares me! I'm eager to face anything! Bring it on!"

You watch a cross between performance and pantomime as Princess Alena starts bombastically walking in place, lifting one knee high in front of the other, swinging her arms freely. At the same time, the 'trees' behind her start moving. The one in front of her shifts behind her, the one behind her is taken down and moved quickly in front of her to do it again. The result is an effect that approximates her traveling through a forest.

"But then, what did Princess Alena encounter? What obstacle would she find? Would it be the castle guards come to take her home? Would it be a hideous monster, eager to claim her life…?"

The trees stop moving. A low growl emerges from behind the stage. It's enough to provoke a frightened squeak from the audience.

Princess Alena however, merely stops and raises her arms in some approximation of a barehanded fighting stance.

"I don't care whatever it is, I'm not going back! Come on out and show yourself!" shouts Alena, with resolution.

There's a long pause… before suddenly, a bear pops up in the middle of the stage!

It happens so suddenly even you can't help but give a little gasp.

It stares at Alena, perched up on its hind-legs. Beady eyes staring right at her, maw open and showing sharp teeth.

Even facing this, Alena doesn't recoil. Instead, she… smiles.

"If you aim to make me a snack, you wild bear, then I shall tame you! Have at you!"

The bear raises its front paws, claws extended, and attempts to envelop Alena in a big bear-hug, another fearsome growl rumbling from its throat as it lunges forward, to maul her mercilessly!


Just before it's about to make contact, Princess Alena jumps up, several feet off the ground, delivers a stunning kick to the bear's head, and somersaults over its back!

Her cape flutters dramatically as the bear tumbles forward, landing on its front paws and turning back confusedly, as if puzzled where its target went.

Alena has turned as well, and makes a show of adjusting her hat, tapping the toe of her boot against the floor, and tugging her gloves around her hands before raising her fists.

They stare at each other, and begin to side-step in place… a tense face-off.

Until the masculine unseen voice of the narrator is heard again.

"Princess Alena, face to face with a wild bear! Will she tame this savage beast?? Find out… next time!"

With that, all tension departs the stage. The actors turn to face the audience.

"Thank you, thank you!" shouts Alena, before gallantly taking off her hat to give a deep bow to the audience.

"It's been a treat performing for you! Come back next time!"

The 'bear' similarly waves its paw. Its face still frozen in the menacing grimace which seems more comical than scary, now.

–Well, it went without saying this couldn't possibly be Princess Alena.

Ruhemania is much too remote, and the actual Alena would be royalty aside.

… Still. Her appearance does match what you remember of the portrait. The actress has either seen Princess Alena in the flesh, or heard enough stories to recreate the look.

Furthermore, it means that story likely has some basis in reality. The question was… how much?

You can't help but purse your lips, face tense, as you recall the stories of the 'Terrible Tomboy Princess', the damages she inflicted destroying furniture that her Kingdom paid for, and her rebellious spirit. But, fighting bears?

Well, whatever. It was an amusing enough spectacle. The 'bear' was life-like enough to be a shock when it appeared. There must have been a door hidden in the bottom of the stage for it to spring forth from.

You blink and then realized that while you were lost in your recollection, the actors had given a bag to the crowd to be passed around. You watch some of the attendees throw coin into the sack.

No doubt that's a collection bag, for those with the means to pay them tribute to the actors for a performance well done.

And you, being King, have the means to drop a few coins in.

Did you want to?

You watch it pass hands, just to be sure no one makes an attempt to commit thievery. But perhaps the presence of your soldiers has deterred that.

You weigh the potential benefits of tipping. It could be a chance to make an impression. You're not sure if they realized the King was in attendance for the encore. You could educate them, keep it anonymous, or do nothing.

'Alena' is still on stage, alternating between waving at people and shaking hands with children who approach her.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Take it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the troupe. Grab the bag last, drop some coin in, and present it personally to Alena.
>Make an anonymous contribution. Drop a few coins in, enough that they'll recognize someone with wealth was in the audience, then depart. Perhaps you can still catch up to the merchants.
>Deposit nothing. You may come see other performances, and you can tip them then if you choose. For now, save your coin for the merchants.

98197 No.63206

I'm going to go with Option 1, give some coin and have Edward introduce himself to the troupe. Perhaps there might actually be something interesting that can be learned from these actors while they're here (and besides, he did enjoy the show).

d1d22 No.63207

>Option 1

c911c No.63209

Option 2

If this is a presented way to encounter women from other paths and woo them, the merchant princess was my second choice and she was fucking fiiiiiiiine.

Also, maybe there's items relating to weird fertility alchemy. I'm 100% down for that.

225fa No.63217

Option one.

I really like this idea.

d0653 No.63219


Option one.

d2103 No.63220

More or less the vibe we happened to be getting as well.
So, as such…
>Option 2
Really, there isn't a bad choice at this particular junction anyway.

dce73 No.63224

Option 1

cbd3d No.63227

While I'm glad to see one of the original choices return, I just realized that if we went to the merchant, we might have seen the merchant girls that I voted for back at the beginning. Hoisted by my own petard! XP May there be another chance…

To that end, option 2!

0a25a No.63238

>5 votes for option one, receive the bag last, donate, then deliver it personally.
>3 votes for option two, make an anonymous contribution, then make your way back to the merchants.

Introduce yourself to the troupe.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.63241

File: 1571990305663.jpg (112.36 KB, 710x1708, Alena-awe.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You like the idea you've come up with. It's too good a chance to pass up.

You watch the bag pass around, then, when it begins to circulate the other way, that is when you stick out your hand.

The surrounding commoners are so shocked that it freezes and is passed to you immediately.

You make a show of holding up the bag, reaching into your coin pouch, gathering a few coins, then dropping it in.

Then, you begin to march toward the stage, gently relaying your intentions to your guards.

As you get closer, you see it's mostly little girls crowding around Princess Alena, none older than eight years perhaps.

They look especially enthusiastic and one of them is practically vibrating in place as she tells her she wants to grow up to be just like her.

Alena is still acting the role it seems. She's giving them some words of encouragement without being condescending. Even then you get the feeling she's holding back. Telling children to run around kicking down walls and running off into the forest isn't going to endear her to the parents.

The bear, meanwhile, has some boys crowding around him, asking if they can pet his fur, at which he growls.


Finally, you attract the attention of the troupe.

Alena gives a small squeak of surprise as she realizes who you must be. If your clothes and royal sash weren't enough, the soldiers beside you probably were.

–You suddenly are seized with a wicked idea.

Your intention was to praise them for a performance well-done.

However, they're still acting 'in-character', and there's a few children around who clearly don't understand that there's a difference.

Maybe you should get in on 'the act,' so to speak?

It might be especially impressive to greet the actress as 'Princess Alena' and act like she actually is the princess of Saintheim, come to visit your Faire.

Wouldn't it make sense for the King to formally greet another royal, were she to visit His castle?

The notion tickles your funny bone, at least.

You're not sure if the actress will appreciate or deride the need for sudden improvisation, but you bet the kids will adore it.

The awe at seeing your face hasn't yet worn off. You'd better decide which angle to take this conversation.

Choice time:
>It's too perfect to resist. Play along and greet the actress as you would a fellow royal. Encourage her to act 'in character.'
>The adult world is removed from childish fantasy. Greet her as an actress, congratulate her on her performance.

f0135 No.63245


Option one because I'm curious to see what happens. Edward needs to loosen up at times and this seems like a good opportunity to do that.

4a74b No.63248

Option one.

Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh! *sings*

cbd3d No.63287

Option 1, for metagaming reasons. We as the players know she is the princess, and I personally think it will be easier to if we play along for a moment, giving Ed time to realize for himself that she is the princess she claims to be.

2f175 No.63290

Option 1

d2103 No.63293

Option 1
>The Wu is comin' through, the outcome is critical
>Fuckin' with my style, is sort of like a miracle, on 34th Street

dce73 No.63303

Option 1; You wouldn’t tell a group of kids Santa wasn’t real, would you?

d1d22 No.63306

>Option 1

0a25a No.63312

File: 1572085134386.jpg (94.35 KB, 495x700, Alena-intros.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>7 votes for option one, engage with the actress as if she were a Princess.

Address her in-character as Princess Alena of Saintheim.

You put all the charm into your voice that you can muster.

Princess Alena, you greet her, with a little bow before continuing, it is a fine honor to have her inside your castle walls. You offer your full hospitality as King Edward, Sovereign of Ruhemania and holder of all titles therein.

There's audible gasps from everyone around you, including your own guards and the bear.

You trust she's had a safe journey from her native Saintheim to Castle Valachia, you ask?

You turn your head slightly and give the actress the slightest little wink.

You think she gets the picture as her surprise leaves her and she puts both hands on her hips.

"Thanks for the fine welcome, King! The distance between here and old San'teem is great, but that just made me want to get here even more! There's no where on God's green Earth that's off-limits for me, and when I heard the scale of the celebration you were throwing… I had to make sure I came and saw it with my own eyes!"

You can't hold back your grin, though you try to disguise it more as etiquette than genuine merriment.

Is that so, you ask? You're sure there's many more things in your Kingdom you could show Her Highness as well, if she cared to see them.

The adults suppress laughter while the potential innuendo goes unnoticed by the kids. It looks like it affected the actress though, as she begins to blush.

"Thanks for the offer, King… but, just call me 'Princess Alena,' or 'Alena'. I never was one for titles, myself."

You nod.

You see that she very much possesses the… rebellious spirit that her reputation suggested, you say.

The actress puts on a little frown.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

She leans forward, making a show of crossing her arms. The crown of her hat points at you accusingly.

Ah, that she's 'free-spirited,' you mean to say, you correct.

There's a moment's hesitation before the actress gives a little nod, uncrossing her arms.

"Well, okay… when you put it that way, it's fine."

You take that opportunity to press the tip sack to her hand.

Incidentally, you wanted to personally pass on the tips they gathered today to her and her friends, you say. Of course, your own contribution is there as well.

The actress gives the bag the faintest of shakes, and she's all smiles again.

"Glad to hear you liked the show, King! Will we be seeing you tomorrow, too? I think you'll enjoy hearing more about my exciting adventures, if I do say so myself! See if it lives up to my 'reputation' you were talking about."

She hits you with a challenging little grin.


Depending on how long your meeting with Vano's daughter lasts, you may only catch the encore, again. If there is one.

Though, you do have a good solution.

You could invite 'Alena' to come to your castle to share her story with you directly.

It'd be a much easier way to spend time alone with her; see if she would respond to some proper flirting.

You're not sure what sort of woman is underneath the costume, but the idea of vicariously impregnating Princess Alena through a lookalike… you can't deny some appeal. Assuming she was willing to take the roleplay into the bedroom, of course.

Even if she doesn't respond, that would give you a good opportunity to hear the story of Princess Alena of Saintheim.

Choice time:
>Make apologies and say you can't be sure if you'll be able to attend, for reasons of Kingly business and all that. But, you'll try.
>Gallantly invite Alena to share her story with you in your castle before the Faire is through. Frame it as a relaxed meeting between royals.

d0653 No.63317


Option two.

d1d22 No.63348

>Option 2
I'm a bit worried about making this offer in public like this, but the opportunity is too tempting to resist.

e5c95 No.63362

Option one.

It's all fun, but inviting her into the castle seems a bit much. She's not Alena, she's a commoner.
Also I'm not sure what tharja thinks of this. It's one thing to knock up every woman in sight while she approves. But fucking this "Alena" might make her wonder if Edward regrets choosing her after all. Everyone else isn't really an option beside tharja the princess, even other aristocrats. But Alena really was an option for Edward once. Tharja made an exception for Daniella before and we respected it. Maybe she will make an exception for princess lookalikes as well. Let's not disrespect our wife here. At least tell her about this encounter and ask her first.

cbd3d No.63364

Just to put the thought out there, we could invite Alena to the castle strictly for storytelling, but before it actually happens, we talk to Tharja about having sex with her. Depending on Tharja reacts, we can adjust our plans accordingly.

I'll go ahead and vote for option 2.

And is anyone else still kicking themselves for missing the merchant daughters? I know I am! XP But, I shall console myself with the fact that the faire will take some time, and we may yet have another chance.

d1d22 No.63367

>And is anyone else still kicking themselves for missing the merchant daughters? I know I am!
Definitely kicking myself a bit too. It's been so long since the intro that I didn't even consider the angle.

dce73 No.63373

>Option 2

0a25a No.63525

>1 vote for option one, make vague promises and hedge bets about meeting her again.
>4 votes for option two, invite Alena to a 'meeting' between royals to hear about her adventures.

Continue to stay 'in-character' and invite Alena to a formal meeting to discuss her adventures.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.63601

File: 1572683227124.jpg (520.81 KB, 643x900, Alena-blush.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You tell her you wish you could. But, you are the head of your country. You can only spend so much time with your eyes on the Faire festivities.


If she'd agree, you'd love if she would come to your caste proper and let your ears hear her re-tell the story.

It's only natural for two royals to become a little more acquainted.

Alena puts her hands on her hips, letting out a 'hm' sound as she pretends to think it over. You catch her eyes shifting to her 'bear' friend, and the slight inclination of a nod he gives.

She gives you a big smile.

"That sounds fine to me, King! Can't say I'd ever miss an opportunity to let anyone know about the adventures of Alena the Great!"

Hah. Now there's a grandiose name.

You turn your snort into a gentle little laugh.

You'd be honored, very much.

To seal that arrangement… may you have her hand, you ask?

You hold out your right hand, tucking your left hand with your wedding ring out of sight.

You watch 'Alena's' face blush as she realizes what you're offering your hand for.

You hear some of the kids around you hold their breath.


There's a little bit of trepidation in her movements as she raises her gloved hand… but she doesn't place it in yours, instead she moves her fingers to her mouth, bites on the leather tips, and yanks her hand from inside.

Her glove hangs from her mouth as she places her hand in yours, soft eyes making contact with yours.

Then… you bring her hand up to your lips to kiss, dipping your head, slightly.

Some of the kids let out shocked little squeals. –Well, the girls at least. The boys seem to have gotten disinterested.

You spy enough of Alena's reaction from the corner of your eye to guess she's definitely a little more interested in giving you that personal 'meeting' now. Her lips have the slightest part to them, and her skin is still flushed.

You release her hand and raise yourself back up.

You'll be seeing her later, then, you say.


In surprise, her glove drops from her mouth. She quickly swallows and tries to regain her composure, before nodding.

"Thanks for coming by, King!" she says in an attempt to use her boisterous voice, but it still comes off as strained.

You, meanwhile, decide it's a good time to make your exit.

You turn and stride off with your guards, leaving Alena, the other actors, and a gaggle of small children in awe.

It was perhaps an audacious move, you reflect. No doubt other nobility would raise an eyebrow at you daring to treat a commoner as if she were nobility, to say nothing of treating her as if she were royalty. But, who cares? You doubt the story will reach their ears.

You walk around a little bit and take in the other performers. There's bards, clowns, and you even meet a few travelers from Vano's wagon performing a puppet show with an intricate marionette. It sits, it stands, it bows, it performs a dance down to moving its hands. Surely there is craftsmanship in it unlike any you've seen. Even as an adult, you can appreciate it.

It's impossible to keep a low profile, though. No sooner do the performers take notice of you then they start trying to play to you.

You think the commoners are becoming annoyed, but they do little other than shuffle out of your way and avoid your eyes.

Unfortunately, while the other shows are entertaining, nothing catches your eye as much as Alena's.

–Well, there are a few female bards and singers you wouldn't mind growing close to, but you decide not to push your luck, yet.

Perhaps you'll have a reason to invite more musicians to your castle.

You turn back with your guards and almost forget you wanted to see the merchants.

You turn back to visit their section of the Faire, but unfortunately, it looks like most of them have packed up their wares for the night.

The ones you see remaining are selling fire-starters, torches, or clothing for cold weather. Things you don't see yourself needing as King.

If the merchant who offered only 'one piece left' of whatever he was selling is still there, then you don't find him.

Pity. You'll have to come tomorrow… after you see Vano's daughter.

You hope it'll be worthwhile. In the meantime…

Your stomach is beginning to let you know it needs to be fed. It's impossible to satisfy that need at the Faire, so you depart.

You thank the guards for your service once you're inside the castle corridors and dismiss them before walking to the sitting room.

0a25a No.63602

File: 1572683393867.jpg (457.56 KB, 720x1080, Tharja-withnews.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Another guard waits outside the entrance to the sitting room. He salutes you as you draw close, which you return.

He tells you he bears a message: the master of coin needs to discuss something with you, at your leisure.

…Hm. Ricardo was up to something?

You wonder if it's related to him not being present in the treasury earlier.

You ask him if Ricardo specified it was 'urgent'. He says there was no qualification for how urgent it is.

You try to remember when the last time Ricardo called on your personally was, and what for. You're not sure off the top of your head, but you do know you stick your head into Ricardo's treasury a lot more than he sticks his head out.

You thank the guard for his message and proceed into the sitting room.

As you thought from the fact the guard was waiting for you, Tharja, Beatrice, Margaret, and Elizabeth are waiting for you.


Tharja rises from her seat and hugs you.

It's nothing new for you to find yourself in your wife's embrace, but not so suddenly.

You're about to put your hands on her and ask what's wrong when you hear her whisper in your ear.

"Robin is ready tonight. Camilla tomorrow."



You settle into a warm embrace with Tharja. Sounds like she arranged something good for you.

You finally separate, trading naughty smiles with each other before taking your seats.

You're eager to start your meal, which is a bit of cooked fowl, served with bread.

Margaret tastes it for you. She does not drop dead. So, you begin to eat.

You muse on your priorities as the meal goes on.

You haven't talked with Beatrice yet about the Emerald Knight, or the plot with the siblings from Chrisania. Unless Tharja has brought her up to date, she's clueless.

Even then, Tharja wouldn't know what to tell her to do.

Perhaps you should remedy that and stop Beatrice for a meeting together. Her espionage may clue you in on what is a real danger, and how best to confront it.

…Though you are wondering what Ricardo wants to meet with you for.

Would it be something serious? Some sudden expenditure?

Hopefully nothing that would affect the construction of your tower. Maybe he merely wants to ask how much coin you took.

And of course… there's the meeting Tharja has arranged with Robin. Assuming she's still ovulating, you may want to prioritize her.

–Robin could potentially wait until you've met with one of the others, but is that really the best way to do things?

You want to emphasize you're a considerate lover. Rushing from one appointment to hastily put your seed in her womb before night falls and she's missed by her family is not exactly a romantic endeavor.

You rule out trying to meet with both Ricardo and Beatrice tonight. The chance that you'll miss one of them is too high, and you need to prepare for a complicated conversation if you do go that route.

You should decide before the food is gone.

In that case…

Choice time:
>You can't chance any problems with the treasury. Go meet with Ricardo, then to Tharja's room to meet Robin.
>Beatrice's spying is an asset you must put to use. Meet with Beatrice, then to Tharja's wing for your tryst with Robin.
>Following through with your commitment to Robin may endear her to pregnancy, and you, a bit more. Leave the meal with Tharja. Beatrice and Ricardo can wait for tomorrow.

27506 No.63609

Option two.

It's time Beatrice gets brought up to speed. I don't like letting Ricardo wait, but we will have to meet him first thing tomorrow.

cbd3d No.63612

I don't like being inconsiderate, but option 2.

479b4 No.63613

Option 2

233c3 No.63614


Option 2

59777 No.63618

Much as I would love to give Robin our full attention, we need to get Beatrice up to speed on the Chrisania issue in particular. Hopefully Robin won't be put out if we take a bit of time here.

Option 2.

2f175 No.63637

Option 2. We have to invest in security in our rule.

0848f No.63641

i'll go with option 2
Beatrice needs to know about the plot

d1d22 No.63648

>Option 2
We should probably also mention to Beatrice that the nomads want us to visit without guards. Certainly raised my eyebrow when I read that.

0a25a No.63654

>8 votes for option two, consult with Beatrice.

Bring Beatrice up to date on the castle intrigues during the Faire.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.64164

File: 1573730153563.jpg (101.29 KB, 761x1100, Beatrice-planning.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You feel bad for Robin. She's the one who will be most put out by this.

But you really need to bring Beatrice up to date with what's going on.

At the rate things are moving, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? Better have her working for you now.

You wait until the meal has ended and Elizabeth begins gathering the dishes before approaching her.

You'd very much like Beatrice's company, you whisper. Alone.

She gives you a faint look of surprise before her lips turn in a pleased smile and she nods.

You turn back to Tharja; she's watching you curiously.

Wait, you mouth to her.

Tharja gives you a little nod of recognition.  Though you think she looks disappointed about it.

You leave them to clean up, escorting Beatrice out the door and down the corridor.

You'll have to take this all the way to your tower.

You're more hurried no. So much so, you just mutter a brief 'no visitors' order to your tower's guard. You're practically running up the stairs. Soon, you're the only set up footfalls traveling, even though Beatrice doesn't leave your side.

"I say, King. Are you that eager to penetrate me? Ahaha."

…Well, under almost all circumstances, yes.

Unfortunately, this is business, so to speak.


Beatrice stops cackling and is silent for the rest of the climb.

She continues to be quiet as you open the door of your tower and usher her inside.

You take a seat at your small table. Beatrice eschews sitting on the chair to sit on a nest of golden butterflies which appear underneath her when she reclines.

"Let it out King," she says, simply.

You nod.

You've uncovered several things. First, you're reasonably certain Robin is not a witch, for one. Though you are wondering if the fortune-telling traveler who is Vano's daughter may be one.

But, beyond that…

Two events are on your mind, you say. The Emerald Knight and the Chrisania plot.

You start explaining both to Beatrice in the privacy of your tower.

It helps that Beatrice is a witch and her mental acumen is truly on a level beyond you. She absorbs what you say immediately as you say it, only asking for occasional clarifications in details that she doesn't readily know.

It's thanks to that lightning-quick intellect that you're able to finish bringing her up to date in what you estimate is minutes instead of hours.

And when you're done…

…You ask Beatrice for her thoughts.

Beatrice takes a puff on her pipe.

"I'm not surprised to hear you've come to the conclusion Robin is not a witch. It's not a perfect demonstration, but it is difficult to prove a negative regarding that."


The closest you'd get would be to burn her book and see if she dies… but even then, if Erika's appearance taught you anything, it was that even then, it wasn't a guarantee.

Not to mention you don't doubt if she were to die, Beatrice would be aghast at you for killing a witch 'newborn'. Tharja as well.

And, the fortune-telling?


Beatrice gives you a very wry grin and rolls her pipe in her hand, but stops short of openly scoffing or rolling her eyes at you.

"Short of some very advanced magic that would require centuries of perfect planning, you may dismiss any notion of witchcraft being presented as something that would predict the future."

She blows a breath of empty air on the plume of smoke rising from her pipe without taking a puff.

"By all means, if you suspect something with cause, please tell me. But you may safely assume they are charlatans performing some show of illusions to create a pantomime of magical power."

…Hm, Beatrice sounds more than a little biased against whatever worth the fortune-teller's words may have for you.

Fair enough. She is a witch.

And, insights regarding the Emerald Knight?

Beatrice simply shrugs.

"Someone wants to win your jousting tournament. They appealed to the judge's greed to entice them to act in their favor to achieve that. I have nothing to add. Do you know anyone obsessed with winning? Who would resort to unsporting tactics?"

… You try to think if anyone could fit that description.

Dimitrie seemed interested in the tournament, and in sparring with you, but the spar you had together… it was conducted honorably. You won't deny he won by besting you fairly.

Your soldiers also have always acted honorably with you.

–Haven't they?

Beatrice clicks her tongue.

"You may be best served putting it aside and seeing if more sabotage occurs. Let me know when the date of the tournament draws close, King, and I will help you."

How so, you ask?

"It requires sturdy weaponry, armor, and equipment for the beast you intend to mount, does it not? All targets that could be tampered with. I will examine them and make sure they are not sabotaged, nor that anyone makes such an attempt."


You hadn't thought of that.

If the stablehand was told to take ambivalent judgments and make sure they favored the Emerald Knight, and then the Emerald Knight's opponent was to suffer some accident from a faulty rein, shoe, or splintered lance…

Beatrice nods.

That would make much more sense. You'll thank her for her help, then.

You wonder if you should bring up your concerns to the senior guard and ask how they're overseeing that area of the tournament.

That might tip your hand if the Emerald Knight is someone related to your guards, though.

Beatrice uncrosses her legs and leans forward.

It's a movement that flashes more than a generous amount of her cleavage at you.

It draws your eyes immediately.

"Now then… about this plot against you by the Chrisania nobles…"

… Right. The real meat of why she's here.

Beatrice leans back in her seat.

"They have an very long-sighted plan, King. Do you know who plans in the long-term?"

…You're not entirely sure.

Beatrice raises an eyebrow.

"Witches," she states, as if it's obvious.

…You lean forward in your chair.

She suspects Erika's involved, after all, you ask?

Beatrice smacks her lips.

"You tell me."

It really doesn't seem like her style.

Erika is the witch of 'destruction'. If she wanted to cause a problem for you, she'd take a much more direct approach. Collapse a mountain or poison a harvest of crops, that sort of thing.

Beatrice's lips tighten in a pleased expression.

"Good, good. Yes, that is my analysis too. Ahahaha."

She gives out a cackle like she's having fun.

"It seems to me, and I am one only recently getting acquainted with your mortal society, that this is a telling reveal of what your enemies can really do against you. They lack an army to oppose you. They lack the raw cunning to usurp you. They lack the sheer force of will to openly defy you… so they fling out some metaphorical darts and see if they'll hit. Who cares if it takes years to mature? It is better than nothing."


So it was the equivalent of attacking with a wooden sword against an opponent armed with iron and proper mail.

You're likely to fail with that discrepancy of strength, but you may hit an eye-socket or some other vital point.

Beatrice shrugs.

"That, and your opponent is distracted and can't fight back… I assume that's why you're calling on me, rather than having them all arrested as traitors?"

Basically, yes. You really only want to make such a brash move if you've exhausted all options. Something to perhaps cajole them all to your side, as Robin already had been, or at least neutralize them as threats.

"Mm. You should consider one other possibility, King. Erika may not have the interest to orchestrate this scenario, but if she were to find out about it, and saw the potential for the problems it could cause you…?"

You turn that possibility over in your mind.

You're not convinced Erika would ride out with one of your manipulated bastard sons onto some battlefield and start tearing soldiers apart with obscene bursts of magic… but if you remember the story from Daniella, about how witches provided the nobles of Ruhemania with resources to fulfill their needs, all in exchange for being left alone… it would make winning a war by attrition a little more difficult.

You feel suddenly motivated to put an end to the Chrisania plot, or perhaps find some way to persuade Erika away from Chrisania before such a partnership could happen.

Beatrice bounces a crossed leg against the other.

"Those are my thoughts on the matter. How would you like me to act, King?" she asks.

…You need to confirm one last thing. Beatrice has been helping Tharja prepare for the Church service? How is she doing? Can she handle it?

You don't want to worry about Tharja being wrapped up in any political problems you are dealing with.

"She's at a point I believe she would be able to meet the expectations of your sensitive little priest and sit through an entire service.  Though with a little more training, she will do it more convincingly."

That may have to do if you need Beatrice to spy for you instead. You're asking her to retake the mantle as your spymaster, after all. That won't leave time for whatever she and Tharja are doing.

… You haven't answered Beatrice yet. She's waiting for you to decide.

You think about your options, and make your decision.

Choice time:
>Strive for an ideal solution. Investigate all three remaining Chrisania siblings and find out what their hearts desire so you can bribe them all into switching their loyalty. The best solution is if none of them go home.
>Bribing all of them is a fool's errand. Abandon an ideal solution for something more practical. Find out which Chrisania sibling is most dangerous and actively malicious. If one is arrested, the others will likely fall into line.
>Actually, you want Beatrice to investigate the Emerald Knight. Find out who it is. You can handle Chrisania on your own.
>Tharja's performance must be perfect, and you're sure Beatrice is enjoying being with her. Continue to have Beatrice train Tharja in witchcraft. No spying needed.

5e996 No.64166


Option 1. Keep your friends close…

98197 No.64167

Hm… This is definitely a tricky one. I would immediately rule out 2, since we don't want to be too heavy-handed with the siblings. In fact, we probably don't need much help with them short-term given Robin and Cordelia. Edward can probably take care of Camilla as well, though that does eventually leave what to do with Corrin…

Probably unpopular opinion, I'm going with Option 3. The Emerald Knight is still one of the bigger enigmas in recent events and we have no idea if they merely mean to win the tournament (fair or foul) or if their intentions are something more malicious. I still have some possible suspicions about the Knight, but there's nothing to go by currently in solving anything about them.

8d575 No.64168

Option two.

Although I think that one and two are not mutually exclusive, two seems to be the more real politik minded of the two.

233c3 No.64170


Option two

2f175 No.64174

Option 1.

d2103 No.64178

No idea why, but Option 4 seems like it is there for a pointedly noted reason, so going with that for the moment.

0848f No.64185

honestly i wouldn't want to get some of them against us and miss the chance of impregnating them since non-con isn't depicted. plus allies are always better than prisoners
lets go with option 1

12d07 No.64186

Option 1

a6b73 No.64193

We have to worry short-term vs long-term here. Short term Tharjas performance matters very much. Long term, the three girls affects us drastically. I vote option 1

75e26 No.64197

I agree that options 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive. If we fail at all three of them being turned, we can either arrest the last, or come up with another plan.

I'm going with option 1 because I'm the cautious sort and don't want to bring down the hammer prematurely. Also, Beatrice seemed to think little of the Emerald Knight plot, and keeping her engaged in something she finds interesting will keep her happy.

d1d22 No.64200

>Option 1
Also, can we ask for short-term plans? If so, ask her to act as an invisible escort for our visit to the nomads. I do find it suspicious that they ask us to arrive without guards.

0a25a No.64207

>7 votes for option one, have Beatrice investigate all three remaining Chrisania siblings, specifically to find ways to win them over to your side.
>2 votes for option two, have Beatrice look for evidence for who is the most malicious of the Chrisania siblings that you may arrest them and cajole the others.
>1 vote for option three, there's too many unanswered questions about the Emerald Knight. Have Beatrice search for their identity.
>1 vote for option four, forego espionage, have Beatrice continue to train Tharja.

Orchestrate a plan to bribe the Chrisania siblings to your loyalty.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.64259

File: 1573910921624.jpg (254.61 KB, 533x750, Beatrice-bird-of-prey.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You don't want to give up on your ideal solution.

You could easily have Beatrice find a reason to arrest one of the Chrisania siblings, and then offer the others a chance to repent and atone.

But, you'd like to think you could impregnate all three sisters. And perhaps learn that Corrin is not a terrible person either.

–That may not turn out to be the case, but if you can bribe them all into accepting you as more deserving of their loyalty, it will be close enough.

You tell Beatrice you want her to specifically search for ways to entice the Chrisania siblings to switch loyalties. It's not enough to arrest them, let alone assassinate them.

You intend to have them all stay at the castle, or at least the sisters. That will thwart the plot.

Beatrice hesitates. She gives you a little appraising look, then nods.

"As you wish, King."

Hm. That's a surprisingly straightforward acceptance of your order from Beatrice.

…You decide to ask. Does she wish to make some comment about the dangers of 'trying to appease everyone'?

She shakes her head.

"No, I do not believe that is called for, here."

She curls her book up in her lap.

"This is a considerable project. I will be stalking them in the morning up until midday, then again at sunset. I will miss breakfast with you and Tharja and claim some excuse. I will be available at your afternoon meal, where I will inform you if I have uncovered anything substantial. Familial connections are flimsy things, King. What one sibling wants, another may covet, and so on. That is why I won't make full suggestions on what sort of 'bribe' to offer until I am confident it will satisfy all four."

Doesn't she mean, three? Robin is on your side.

Beatrice inclines her head.

"Sure of that, are you? Ahahaha. We'll see."

Beatrice's cackle puts a shiver down your spine.

… No, Robin is on your side. You've formed a connection with her. You've trusted her and she's trusted you. That's all there is to it. Though, if Beatrice does hear something, so much the better.

You let that pass without further comment.

Beatrice spins her pipe in her hand, horizontally, along her elegant, soft palm.

"At the same time, if you change your mind or need something else addressed, I will be available then for you to provide me with new instructions."

For example, the jousting tournament drawing near. Yes, you understand.

…There is actually one other thing.

"Oh~?" she asks, a curious lilt to her tone.

You mention you're going to see the travelers tomorrow, to take in a dancing performance. You were indirectly asked to come alone.

Should you… worry? Is there any way Beatrice can watch over you?

Beatrice purses her lips.

"I say, King. Are you expecting me to swoop down like a bird of prey in such a situation?" She sounds genuinely quizzical, not scathing or mocking.

You remind her she did promise to save your life.

"Well, yes, and I would and will, but I said nothing of saving your body from being punctured and bled out."

…That's not encouraging.

Beatrice licks her lips.

"Were you truly asked to go alone?" she asks.

You lean back and try to remember. Technically, you were only asked not to bring the guards. If you showed up with some escort of some other person… that might be fine.

"And they understand at least some other person will know you visited them? Then, there would be no way to hide it. I would imagine self-preservation would deter such a plot."

Seems… reasonable. They could hardly get their big wagon loaded up and out the castle gate without appearing suspicious. To say nothing about outrunning any pursuer.

Beatrice finally coughs, a short delicate clearing of her throat.

"However, there is something I can do for you, King."

She offers to use her magic to alter the fabric of the clothes you are wearing.

It will become as tough as chainmail, while staying as light as your normal clothes. Any knife or dagger would be unable to pierce it.

Of course, it would also look suspicious if you were to be stabbed. It'd be expected you would instantly draw your sword and cut down any such attacker before they realized what had happened. Fair enough, you suppose.

"Not permanently. A duration of only one day."

Why not permanently, you ask?

Beatrice gives you a wry grin.

"Do you intend to wear the same set of clothes every day, King? Other people will handle your laundry and it may become noticed."

You decide not to press the point. If you really need armor you can just wear your own chainmail openly.

You ponder Beatrice's offer.

You'll decide if you want to take your guards with you, or anyone else, tomorrow. For now you'll just consider if you want to use Beatrice's magic.

It wasn't a perfect solution, it wouldn't stop them from bashing your brains in, but it was something. Though the more you consider it, the more you think you might just be giving in to paranoia.

Wouldn't the travelers be bound by the rules of hospitality? And you've accommodated them and given them reason to see you are just and fair in your regard of them.

Beatrice waits for your answer. You decide.

Choice time:
>It can't hurt. Have Beatrice cast the spell on your clothes, for one day.
>It's asking too much. You'll find some other solution, or ignore it entirely. Don't ask Beatrice to cast the spell.
>Actually, you're more concerned with what Beatrice said about claiming some 'excuse'. Such as menstruation? Ask her if she's ovulated recently.

0848f No.64265

option 2
we don't need no magical doodad to protect us this is just the caravan master, he'd have reason to plot against us if we wronged him but so far he seems friendly. no need to be so paranoiac!

d2103 No.64266

Option 3. this *is* Impregnator Kings after all, and that *is* the premier goal, especially regarding Beatrice, who is in the inner circle but besides Margaret is the one non-confirmed knocked-up member.

2f175 No.64271

Option 3.

I want to know if we've successfully put a baby in Bae-itrice.

If not, this will be the third month in a row she has not taken, and we may need to have a further conversation (I suspect that is where her particular plot line is going, anyway)

9e6b6 No.64273

Option 3.

d1d22 No.64274

>Option 3
Not sure what we should do about the nomad visit yet, but I think an enchantment would probably be overkill. In any case, Beatrice's pregnancy is the most relevant thing.

d94f7 No.64275

Option three.

It really has been a while since we tried knocking her up.

75e26 No.64305

Option three. Though I will remind everyone that if she is not pregnant yet, now is not a good time to try. We do have someone waiting on us.

93ec5 No.64341


Option three.

0a25a No.64345

>1 vote for option two, turn down the offer of enchantment on your clothes, end the meeting.
>7 votes for option three, no enchantment… but you need to ask her: how is her womb?

Decline her offer, but bring up Beatrice's ovulation status.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.64769

File: 1575181625048.png (659.66 KB, 800x1000, Beatrice-yourmove.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Nah, forget it. You'll live.

More importantly, you say, how is Beatrice coming along?

You ask Beatrice if she's reached a point she knows she ovulating, or if she missed her last period.


She looks at you, then bursts out laughing.

"Ahaha!" She settles into a soft recline, looking relaxed while putting more of her breasts on display. "Single-minded as ever, aren't we, King?"

–Perhaps. But that doesn't mean you're simpleminded, you quip.

Beatrice gives you a playful smile. With teeth. There's more than a little lust there.

"Although, King… you don't know? I would've thought you were aware."

If she means you should have her menstrual cycle committed to memory, that's a bit too much to ask. You don't have exact dates from Beatrice and you can't spare the time to follow her around to take notes.

That said… you'd be thrilled if Beatrice were hiding some secret.

Beatrice, still grinning, raises an eyebrow at your words, egging you on.

"I'll say… I just don't remember."

What, you ask?

She takes a drag from her pipe, blowing smoke above her head like a cloud.

"I'm afraid I just don't remember. I may have menstruated recently, or I may have not… who can say? I might even be ovulating. Right. Now."

… You can't help but shudder at her words. The natural urge to impregnate Beatrice immediately stirring your manhood to attention.

Despite the threatening boner in your loins, you keep enough wits about you to know Beatrice is playing with you. Witches had sharp, immortal minds. Beatrice would never simply 'forget' something. That can only mean that she's playing coy to see what you'll do.

As for what you want to do…

Beatrice lays back even further, the cloud of butterflies lifting her body up enough for you to see her crotch over the edge of the table. Beatrice spreads her legs out enough to lift that impossibly intricate dress of hers up, enough for you to get a view of thigh, teasing bush.

… You can't look away and you're immediately drawn to look.

She's grinning devilishly, eyes challenging you, even as you stare between her legs.

"The question is: what are you going to do about it, King?"

… You swallow.

Robin and Tharja were waiting for you. Business with Beatrice is more or less over.

Business with Beatrice's womb, on the other hand…

Choice time:
>You're going to put a baby in Beatrice's belly. Take the invitation and have sex with her, right here, right now.
>Beatrice is lovely and worthy of your sperm, but you really can't delay Robin and Tharja. Kiss her hand and bid her that you meet another time.
>One word will solve this problem: foursome. Take Beatrice with you back to Tharja's room and have sex with all of them. Hopefully Robin won't mind an additional sexual partner.

d1d22 No.64770

>Option 3
There's no way this backfires.

bc816 No.64773

Option 3. Oh, please option 3.

0848f No.64776

first foursome of the story so far!

option 3

2fcc6 No.64777

eccea No.64779

I may be overly cautious, but I'm going to say option 2. We could use it as an opportunity to show that we do think with the larger of our two heads, and maybe tease her to get prepped for when we can impregnate her.

2f175 No.64782

Option 3.

2f175 No.64784

Actually, I'm going to change to Option 1.

I know I'm in the minority here, but Beatrice is #1 in my book, and I *need* to see her gravid as fuck.

d2103 No.64787

Option 1. Showering Beatrice with attention is really never a bad play, but convoluting her with two other women might not be the best way to actually knock -her- up.

12d07 No.64789

Option one

233c3 No.64797


Option one.

0f8e6 No.64804

Option 3. There's no way we can miss the opportunity for a foursome

233c3 No.64806


Actually, now that I've thought about it. I change my my mind, option three.

d732f No.64839

Option 1, making her feel in control is a good thing in my book, and a foursome, while fun, may not be something robin is comfortable with

49f4d No.64846

Gonna go with option one. Too many variables in a foursome, too many chances to upset one or more girls.

47da8 No.64847

Option 1 - she is way more important

0a25a No.64895

>6 votes for option one, impregnate Beatrice, right here, right now.
>1 vote for option two, gently excuse yourself to meet with the arranged date with Robin and Tharja.
>6 votes for option three, invite Beatrice to a foursome with Tharja, Robin, and yourself.

We have a tie.

I will come back later, and if there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result.

If you have not yet voted, I urge you to do so.

Please do not feel any pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

31030 No.64897

option 3

98197 No.64903

Interesting as it might be, I think the better move is to take Beatrice now. While Beatrice might be intrigued at the thought of a foursome, Robin might not be. Besides, I'm not sure Edward's stamina has been taxed quite that much yet, don't want to leave anyone disappointed just in case.

Option 1

35727 No.64919

Option 3. Foursome HYPE!

9e6b6 No.64920


Option 1. Let's not move TOO fast with Robin.

941bd No.64922

Option 3, mostly because I suspect Beatrice will actually turn down the invitation. If she doesn't, wahoo! If she does, it's NBD.

0a25a No.64929

The needle must fall, and the tie is broken.

>8 votes for option one, impregnate Beatrice, there and now.

>1 vote for option two, excuse yourself to make your date with Robin and Tharja.
>9 votes for option three, invite Beatrice for a foursome with you, Tharja, and Robin.

Propose a foursome.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.65010

File: 1575671157838.jpg (196.45 KB, 444x600, Beatrice-accept.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Beatrice knows how to kindle your libido. It's truly tempting to shove the table out of the way and start fornicating.

But… you have another plan.

You look Beatrice in the eye and reach a hand across to her.

You tell Beatrice you promised a date with both Robin and Tharja tonight.

Which is why, you're cordially inviting her to join your three, and make it into a foursome. Then You'll be able to celebrate the impregnation of Robin and herself, the same night. Presumably.

What would Beatrice think of that, you ask?


Beatrice's face goes blank and unreadable.

…But it's a mere split second before she breaks out into a new set of cackling. A full-bodied one. Her chest heaving, arms and legs going relaxed as the guffaws travel throguh her.


Her mirth invites your own, but you hold yourself in a tightly closed-lip fashion. You'll give her time. You keep your hand outstretched without shaking it or otherwise seeming impatient.

It's about ten seconds before she finally lets out a contented sigh, akin to receiving a powerful orgasm.

"Ah~, ambitious as ever, aren't we, King?"

She narrows her eyes at you, smile wide and manic.

"I like that about you."

Before you can react, her figure disappears and reappears in a flash of golden butterflies, her form shifting to her 'aristocrat' persona. It's so rapid you don't even have time to blink.

"Very well, Your Majesty. I accept!" she says, smacking her lips. "I expect no less than a night of very thorough lascivious debauchery."

She takes your offered hand, it's soft and ladylike, in contrast to the cackling witch you were entertaining a mere seconds ago.

"Lead on, King."



0a25a No.65011

File: 1575671205398.jpg (180.6 KB, 800x1000, Elizabeth-proper.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're hand and hand with noblewoman Beatrice as you leave your tower. The guard says nothing, though you think he's surprised to see you leave together, rather than you simply returning back up the stairs after she departs.

Fatigue slows your steps, but you try to keep your mind active and focused on taking the corridors with lesser traffic. You'd rather not be seen walking hand-in-hand with a woman who isn't your wife.

Or so is your thought before you almost careen into a maid as you round a corner.


She jumps back, startled. You start to mutter an apology, anxious to push past her, but then you notice the silk lace collar around her neck.


You finally look up at her face, and she gives you a deep curtsy.

"Your Majesty."

She gives a little wince as she rights herself. You wonder perhaps if early pregnancy is taking a bigger toll on her body, yet.

…This might be a good opportunity.

You remember Ricardo said he wanted to meet about something.

You could give Elizabeth an order to run to the treasury and tell him you've heard him and will spare him the audience tomorrow. That might make it easier to meet.

Though… would that ask too much? The guards definitely won't let Elizabeth into the treasury. At most she'll tell them the message and they'll tell Ricardo. You don't have anything to write with either; you'd have to tell her orally. It might be showing undue favoritism to Elizabeth to ask her to pass on such a message. –Or she might make some other mistake.

… On the other hand.

This could be a good opportunity for another reason.

The more the merrier. This could turn from a mere 'foursome' into a 'fivesome'.

Elizabeth is already pregnant, and showing to boot. It could help build the atmosphere to show off her belly to the other girls.

You ponder those choices. Elizabeth holds herself ramrod straight, awaiting your order.

Choice time:
>There's nothing more to say. Give Elizabeth a pleasant courtesy and proceed onward without any other instructions.
>Task Elizabeth with relaying your message to Ricardo about meeting him later.
>Fivesome. Suavely invite Elizabeth for a night she'll always remember.

0848f No.65012

i mean at this boy lets just keep the train rolling fivesome time !
3rd option

233c3 No.65013


A day that will go down in history for our boy Edward…

Option 3.

98197 No.65016

Okay, here is where I say we need to pump the brakes on the love train. It's already going to be a weird situation (ESPECIALLY for Robin) to be going for a foursome. Probably the last person that should be invited into these activities is Elizabeth, because her submissive habits are almost definitely going to send the wrong message to Robin. Besides, it seems like she's having a rough day so far, might be best to give her an easier, if boring task.

Option 2, let's have Elizabeth let Ricardo know Edward got his message.

59777 No.65020

Option 2, for the reasoning presented by Neko above.

d2103 No.65024

Option 2.
Out of curiosity, there was a choice awhile back regarding what kind of child we wanted Edward to conceive with Beatrice based on the mood of that scene in question. While that was obviously more in the spirit of the law than the letter, does this mean their child is now going to have multiple personality disorder?

*This constitutes a joke, sort of…

bc816 No.65026

Could there be an option for "Take Elizabeth aside and cuddle her for a moment"?

It was stated waaay back in the second post of the first thread that "As an adolescent, you became fascinated with the changes the female body underwent after mating. The expanding form, the aches and pains of a woman now encumbered with a growing child, and even the changes to their behavior and personality itself. Once you came of age, you couldn't hold yourself back. You began a process of finding every woman of child-bearing stature and sowing your seed. First, it was your personal maids. To your young unworldly eye, they were most cute, and you were able to watch first-hand day to day as they started becoming taken by morning sickness, followed by their abdomens gaining a hard, drum skin-taut bump, before swelling to that pleasant form you loved so."

Elizabeth is now one of the first chances Edward has had since leaving to admire a pregnant belly.

0a25a No.65031

Sorry, I can't allow this as a possible write-in. Edward has no time to stop and enjoy a moment with Elizabeth in the hall at this point with him taking Beatrice to Tharja's room already. In addition, openly showing appreciation for her belly, in public, could cause a small scandal because it'd be obvious to any onlooker that it could only mean he was cheating on his wife with one of the maids.

There has been at least one scene where Edward admires her, and if he invites her to his 'fivesome' that will probably be part of her role in the scene. So, a vote for option 3 is probably what you're looking for if that's what you want to see.

bc816 No.65035

Well, just plain ditching her would be a jerk move, though. Bring her along and then *ask* if she wants to stick around?

12d07 No.65041

Option 3.

eccea No.65050

Option 2. This feels like a trap set by our GM. Sure, it could work out, but we're already pushing our luck as it is. Let's give Elizabeth something to do, and she'll hopefully feel a bit better for having been able to serve us.

0a25a No.65056

I'll allow this, but it will also be a functional vote for option three. (I'll just say outright right now, Elizabeth will eagerly participate, if asked.)

d1d22 No.65074

>Option 3

d1d22 No.65078

I disagree. Beatrice just straight-up said that she likes our ambition, and I'm hard-pressed to interpret that in any way other than encouragement from the author.

Additionally, the only times sex has not had positive consequences for Edward was when we had sex with Patchouli (which was bad), and when we had sex with Erika (and that shoe hasn't dropped yet, so who knows). Both of those incidents were with women who were never meant to be part of the harem. Sex with women in the main harem (e.g. Elizabeth, Malon, Sully, Beatrice) has never had significant negative consequences. (Except perhaps Elizabeth becoming spoiled, but I think that was more a result of our actions outside of sex, e.g. letting her eat our food.)

Given that all of the women in this fivesome will be part of the harem (assuming Robin isn't kidnapped or something), I think the odds that aristo screws us over for this will be slim.

0f8e6 No.65084

Agreed. Going to go with option 3.

0a25a No.65127

>4 votes for option two, ask Elizabeth to relay a message to Ricardo.
>5 votes for option three, invite Elizabeth to join your meeting for Robin's impregnation.
>1 vote to ask Elizabeth if she'd like to join you all. (Counted as a vote for option 3.)

Invite Elizabeth to your party, making it a fivesome.

Poll closed. Update soon.

070a2 No.65142

Too late to the vote… Holy shit, you guys are crazy. Unless our witches have some magical power ups up their sleeves, Edward won't last long enough for five women.

d1d22 No.65162

Something something Coolidge effect.
Again, there is literally no way this backfires. It's physically impossible. I am totally not willfully ignoring risk because I want fap material.

2f175 No.65170

Waitin' for that Icarus shoe to drop.

eccea No.65171

You and I both.

070a2 No.65183

Counting is hard… Four women.

0a25a No.65293

File: 1576406725925.jpg (130.15 KB, 850x776, Sully-guard.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

… Why stop now?

You reach out a hand to Elizabeth, gallantly, as if you were inviting her to a dance.

Would she care to join you both, for a few hours, you ask?

You watch her eyes widen and her body tremble.

It only takes her a second before she nods.

You think Beatrice must be cackling internally at your increased 'ambition'.

As for you, you're starting to wonder if you'll be up for satisfying all four of them.

You do need to be prepared for Vano's daughter tomorrow. Soreness may ruin you.

It occurs to you that could be something worth shopping for in the Faire. Some sort of oil for the skin.

…You'll be fine. You only need to technically seed Robin and Beatrice. The rest can perhaps enjoy your tongue or any other part of you.

Such thoughts distract you from the monotony, and the risked scandal, or taking both Elizabeth and Beatrice to your wife's room.

It's when you see the guard outside the portal to her wing you remember there was someone who was going to see you no matter what happened.

It shouldn't be any trouble. No more than them usually seeing you.


You recognize the height of the soldier standing watch outside Tharja's wing.

It's Sully. You can tell, despite the visored helmet.

That's a bit of a relief. You're sure Sully won't want to spread that sort of gossip around.

Hold on.

It occurs to you that you don't think you've confirmed Sully is pregnant, yet.

…And she's standing right there…

It's going to be obvious what you're doing. She's surely seen Tharja and Robin enter already. You can't smuggle Beatrice and Elizabeth past her.

Maybe… maybe she should come along, too?

It would lead Tharja's wing without a guard, temporarily.

But not doing it would lead your proposed sixsome without Sully.

You're getting closer. You loins are positively throbbing now.

Dare you invite Sully along, too?

You rule out telling her to find another guard to watch Tharja's wing and then coming back. That would just bring questions of 'why' from the senior guard and draw attention to your actions. Not to mention you would probably mess up the entire schedule.

Choice time:
>Confirm it's indeed Sully, then invite her back with you, Beatrice, and Elizabeth. Create a sixsome.
>Give a salute and pass by Sully without a word.

233c3 No.65295


Even I have limits.

Option two.

9e830 No.65296

Yeah… Now you're just fucking with us.

Option two

59777 No.65302

I said no to the last two, I'm saying no again.
Option 2. We're already in enough trouble.

d2103 No.65321

Option 1. Since the vote has gone *this* far already, why draw the line here? Excess is excess.

eccea No.65322

Option 2. Whatever we've done, it's done, though now I'm trying to avoid making it worse. I just hope we won't offend her by not inviting her, otherwise it's a rock and a hard place.

cd8cc No.65325


0a25a No.65328

The last few votes have had sudden turnabouts when the direction seemed to have swung a certain way, so I'm inclined to leave this up for a few more days.

The votes as I currently tabulate them are:
>1 vote for option one, invite Sully.
>5 votes for option two, pass by Sully.

Please continue to vote.

I'm also making this post to point out it has now officially been four years since we began this story together. Four years! Not only that, but at this time four years ago, the story had its first sex scene, and was a scant four days away from the beginning of the wife selection vote.

I don't think any of us, myself including, could have predicted Tharja's route would have taken us into 2019 and, if I am able, 2020. I look forward to seeing where it goes and how it concludes. Then, if I am able, the new game+.

I hope it's enjoyable.

233c3 No.65329


Still waiting for Edward's women to turn full term, aristo. That's the only thing keeping me into coming back.

d1d22 No.65331

I can't believe I missed the vote to triple down. Tragic.

Also I can't believe it's been 4 years already! Here's to 4 more!

bd159 No.65332

You didn't miss the vote. It's still open.

0848f No.65333

we went too far to turn back now.
option 1 babyyyyyyyyy

941bd No.65338

Option 2, no way we should leave the wing without a guard with all the mysteries right now….. but can I suggest a write in part two? Promise Sully some alone time during her next time off.

2f63b No.65343

File: 1576550665221.jpeg (74.68 KB, 500x333, D11BFFEA-DD4C-40A3-AFF4-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Option 1: We’re at 4 already, why the frick would we stop now?

d1d22 No.65344

Oh wow I can't read now lol

>Option 1

98197 No.65349

Option 2. Edward's already pushing his luck considerably and it would not be a good idea to leave Tharja's wing unguarded with what is about to happen.

2f175 No.65382

Option 2.

Absolutely not. This has gone too fucking far.

d9cea No.65395

option 1, coolidge effect

0a25a No.65440

>5 votes for option one, invite Sully and make it an orgy.
>8 votes for option two, pass by Sully without inviting her.

Decline to invite Sully and simply proceed with Beatrice and Elizabeth to your room.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.65983

File: 1577970264350.jpg (141.48 KB, 850x899, Robin-prepared.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

There's ambitious and then there's just outright silly.

Tharja's wing needs a guard. Sully would likely be punished if you took her away from her post.

You regret not taking the opportunity to seed her properly, but you need to pace yourself. You have two fertile women to handle tonight.

You give a subtle salute to Sully, who slightly turns her head to you before nodding. You pass by without a word.

You can't help a pang of regret as you borrow a torch, but there's no helping it.

You still feel the air has a queer sort of unpredictability to it.

You half expect to encounter Malon on the way down the corridor, waiting for you to invite her, next.

It occurs to you that you haven't yet taken her out of the stable… a well-bathed Malon lying in soft sheets as you spend a session of passion together would be a nice novelty compared to your frequent tumbles in the literal hay.


Beatrice clears her throat.

Ah. Right.

You've run out of time to daydream. Tharja's room is before you.

Together with your witch and your maid, you knock on the door.

Not a sharp rasp, Tharja's expecting you.

Almost immediately you hear her key turning to open the door.

It's one of those nights. Tharja's not just expecting you, she's expecting to embrace you, immediately.

She opens the door wearing nothing but her circlet and your wedding ring, nude otherwise from head to toe. She still carries her book, of course.

Her big breasts and the clefts of her pussy lips, free from hair, are plainly visible as she greets you with a bewitching smile.

"Darling~" her voice rings out, delighted to see you. Her eyes are warm and betray her deep infatuation with you.

You can't help but smile back, even as Tharja's expression changes to one of surprise when she sees Beatrice and Elizabeth.

You tell Tharja you're sorry for the sudden arrival of additional guests, but you couldn't resist making your meeting a little more… well, a little more.

More the merrier, you add with a wink.

Tharja smiles back to you.

"I understand, my love. Robin's eager for you, too. It's only right you have as many women as you want."

You are, once again, grateful for Tharja as a wife.

Tharja bids you to enter first. She doesn't say it outright, but you think she wants you to meet Robin first before it's revealed you've brought Beatrice and Elizabeth as well.

You step into Tharja's room, your shoes tapping against the stone floor.

Tharja sidesteps to let you go in alone, staying outside with the others.

You set the torch into its holder, casting another light source in the room.

You catch sight of Robin standing beside Tharja's bed.

…Like Tharja, she's completely nude. Her nipples on her small breasts standing out as proud little peaks is the first thing that strikes you.


She doesn't bow or curtsy; she holds her hands at her sides against her legs, as if making sure you get an intentional view of every part of her.

Her expression is something like… you're not sure. Frustration?

At any rate, her hands are tightly gripped inward and the edges of her lips are in a slight frowning pout.


You have a guess as to why.

Your eyes adjusted and you can see it clearly now: Robin's pubic hair has been shaved clean. Looks like Tharja's had time to prepare and 'initiate' her like she has with herself and the other girls.

Moreover, Robin noticed your head dipping.

"You really like it this way?" she asks.

Hm? Does it trouble her, you ask? You step closer, eager to close the distance.

Robin bites her lip.

"Not exactly… it just… itches," she confesses.

You suppress a little laugh.

"You're mocking me!" She stares at you harder. It's enough you raise your hands in an attempt to soothe her.

Not at all. You just think it amusing that Robin's first concern on meeting you for your tryst is about the styling that Tharja gave her crotch.


That gets a blush from Robin. You successfully fluster her.

"A-Anyway! I just wanted to look… nice… while you impregnate me."

… Indeed she does.

You can't help bringing up your hands to touch her body. Normally you'd start slow, but your fingers are drawn right to her breasts.


She shudders as you rub and stimulate her mounds and trace circles around her nipples on her sensitive areola.

Was she cold waiting for you, you ask?

She nods, her face softening, becoming more engrossed with your touch.

You'll help her with that, you whisper.

Then, you embrace her, placing a soft kiss to her lips.

It's a good ten seconds at least before you separate. Indeed, your skin is warm from the heat coming from Robin's face.


You're still holding her when there's a tiny cough behind you.

You give a glance and…

Oh, boy.

Tharja has come back into the room, with Elizabeth and Beatrice… and all three of them are nude. Tharja must have encouraged them both to strip as fast as they could.

Elizabeth stands at attention like a maid waiting to be called on as if she never left your table in the sitting room. She's still wearing her lace collar. Beatrice still holds her bag with her book in it.

"Sorry to interrupt! But I thought it better not to put this off."

The sound of the door locking is plainly heard.

Robin lets out an embarrassed little peep at the sudden company.

"W-Why are you all here?!"

Elizabeth remains silent. You watch Beatrice grin in a manner you expect to hear her cackle. Tharja moves to make soothing noises toward Robin.

"It's all right! You can trust everyone here… everyone in this room is dedicating their womb to my husband."

…You're not sure that's how you would've phrased it, but no one raises an objection.

Robin meanwhile tries to cover her breasts and pussy.

"This… this is too much. You didn't say there'd be other girls here!"

Tharja grows closer, to the point you have to sidestep out of the way so she can talk with Robin.

"It's all right, Robin. It's a surprise to me as well. But you can trust all of us. We're all part of the same family, united through my husband."

You see Elizabeth blush, her lips twitching in a suppressed smile. You get the feeling she likes the idea.

Beatrice on the other hand seems a little put off. Her grin becomes a bit more tense.

You're not too surprised. Beatrice respects the power-exchange of being with you much more than traditional romance or affection. Furthermore she's made efforts to separate some intimacies she shares with you from Tharja. Besides the fact she's a fellow witch who would pride herself on individuality.

Robin glances between Beatrice and Elizabeth, her head dips downward.

"…Why is she allowed to keep her pubic hair then??"

Oh, God.

It's all you can do but to burst out laughing. You turn your head and decide to just let the girls talk it out.

"I have a special dispensation," says Beatrice.

"Well, maybe I wanted one!" Robin argues.

"Please, please, Robin…" says Tharja, trying to get control of the conversation back. "This has much more to do than just that."

"You said it was a symbolic step toward acceptance!"

"Really girl, are you not aware it grows back?" You hear a faint huff from Beatrice's direction, then there's a slight pause.

"…Oh, it does?" asks Robin.


Ruhemania is really starting to feel like home. You can't help but remember the little scene with the three maids you had knocked up who came to greet the matchmaker.

Apparently you're the only one finding humor in the situation. Tharja keeps whispering things to Robin and she calms down. When you finally look up from your spell, you see Beatrice giving you a dry look.

It's perhaps time to try to make the mood a little more amorous.

You step over toward Elizabeth and put your hand on the back of her lower back and caressing her bare ass, prompting her to step forward.

Robin, you say.

Would she care to examine Elizabeth?

She's already several weeks pregnant, to the point she's showing.


You successfully distract Robin and Tharja out of their conversation. Robin gives a curious little glance toward Elizabeth's belly. Elizabeth holds herself still, and even arches her back to more prominently display her bump. She is plainly loving the attention.

"Can I?" asks Robin.

After a moment in which you think perhaps Elizabeth didn't realize she was the one being asked permission, Elizabeth gives a nod. Robin touches her fingers to her bare belly, tracing fingers along the tiny outline. It's still not much, but it's enough for her.

"I say, Your Majesty, must you keep us waiting? I was promised a long night of debauchery, fornication, and the orgasmic pleasure that comes from feeling your semen ejaculated inside my pussy."

… Blunt. But Beatrice's words cut to the heart of the matter.

You see Robin's face go completely red, but she raises no objection.

"Oh, yes. Please, my husband, let's get you undressed right now…"

Your wife comes over to envelope you and help you disrobe. You gently urge her to wait, you'll gladly do so. She pouts, but satisfies herself with rubbing her body against yours. It has the desired effect. You're starting to get so hard your leggings hurt.

Unfortunately, this doesn't change the fact you only have one dick. And one pair of testicles filled with seed, at that.

You don't dare turning your head to stare at their bodies and chance Robin or Beatrice puzzling out what you're thinking.


You need to decide which of the two girls to fuck, first.

Presumably, the first one will have a higher chance of becoming pregnant. At the very least, it'll alter the mood of the room. They're both headstrong women who know what they want. And right now, they want you.

For that reason, and the sake of sparing your body, you rule out some acrobatic scenario in which you try to have sex with both of them at once and cum inside both of them at the same time.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Robin is the newest girl. This is her night. Make it special. Take her and impregnate her first.
>Beatrice is your devoted confidant and truly awesome in bed. Let her impregnation set the stage for tonight.

20758 No.65993


Option two, might as well have Beatrice show Robin how it's done.

eeace No.66000

Feels like a rock and a hard place. Robin has been waiting long enough, and we don't want to upset her. But the same goes for Beatrice. Hmm…

I'm going to say option one.

d2103 No.66002

Option 2. That was the entire point of this, before it went to the 4th power or however many we're at now.

98197 No.66029

This is a tough one. I'm going to go Option 1 only because the night was originally planned to be for Robin and things went a little crazy.

7a0b7 No.66032


Can we discreetly ask Beatrice if she has some magic to help us satisfy this many women fully?

0a25a No.66033

I'm sorry, I have to deny this outright. It's impossible from several different approaches. (He can't physically whisper something to Beatrice right in the room without it being overheard, he can't take her outside without leaving all the women wondering what he's doing, and it would be obvious Beatrice at least is doing something with her book if she tried. Edward might remember that specific use of magic probably wouldn't work or could risk bad consequences. It would probably be asking too much of Edward's character for him to confront the idea to himself he can't fully satisfy all women. At least, spontaneously right before the act.)

Remember, the choice isn't "Who do you satisfy, one or the other?" It's "Who do you have sex with, first and possibly have the highest chance of impregnating?"

75dc0 No.66035

Option one.

31030 No.66039

option 2

0848f No.66041

since we promised robin its better to just start with her, its her special night!
option 1

59777 No.66045

Option one, Robin. This was intended to be her night, we just started grabbing women to bring along on a whim. Beatrice will understand.

b5ce3 No.66090

Robin is not going to be happy if we suddenly bring in a pile of other girls on her first night and then don't even give her top billing.

Option 1.

2f175 No.66092

Option 2. Bea is our other special lady besides Tharja and she wields the most power for us.

I suspect treating her as an afterthought is a large part of the reason she hasn't let herself get pregnant yet.

ebf7d No.66115

Option 2

3b0d6 No.66116

Afterthought? For a while we had regular dates after breakfast with her. They just wren't all described in detail.

0a25a No.66209

A very close vote, but the needle must fall eventually.

>6 votes for option one, choose Robin.

>5 votes for option two, choose Beatrice.

Impregnate Robin first before Beatrice.

Poll closed. Update soon.

dbcea No.67152

A friendly bump since this was getting kinda close to oblivion, and we wouldn't want that.

0a25a No.67167

File: 1580902607076.jpg (119.82 KB, 850x850, Robin-straddling.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You truly wish you did have two phalli, or at the very least, the ability to shoot out two loads of seed while enveloped in two warm vaginas at once. Maybe someday when Tharja has developed enough magic?

Alas, today isn't that day.

You shuck yourself out of your clothes, your manhood rising high and eager to inseminate a fertile womb.

It's got the attention of every woman in the room. You can't help but smile at the boost to your ego their naked desire gives you.

You gently reach out your hand to Robin.

Shall we, you ask?

It would be a shame to waste her pretty shaved pussy.


Robin lets out an embarrassed squeak, but she then raises her hand up to take yours, nodding.


You press a kiss to her hand, then raise it to encourage her to wrap her arms around the back of your neck. You step closer and press soft kisses across her neck, jaw, and lips. She's quickly drawn up in your attention, and the embarrassment leaves her, replaced by lust. You hold each other in a tender embrace as you deepen your kiss and increase your petting, your hands finding their way back to grope her small little breasts, which'll one day be swollen and full of milk for the baby growing inside her… when you separate for a chance to breathe, you look into Robin's eyes and know she's ready. Of course, you're ready too. Your manhood has been grinding against the front of her pelvis, slick and wet with precum.

This night was meant for Robin, you whisper. You intend to make it special.


You ask Robin how she would like to be impregnated.

She hesitates, before telling you she wants a little more control. She wants to be on top with you underneath her.

You're hardly going to deny her request.

You crawl forward on Tharja's bed before turning over and lying on your back. Your cock casts a long shadow as it points straight upward. Robin takes a few moments, her quick, curious eyes watching it bob. You can't hold back a grin, and you nonchalantly roll your arms back around your neck in a classic relaxation pose.

"Go on, Robin. Climb on top of him. Mount him."

Tharja's words only seem to have the opposite effect, and Robin holds back.

"I will! I'm just taking my time…"
It feels longer than it should, but it's only a few more seconds before she slides on top of the bed, leading with her shins. Your body rocks with the added weight until Robin gets up close and personal with you. You can feel the heat from her skin as she throws one leg over your torso, as if she were mounting a horse.


Her soft little rump rests on your belly button, and she looks down at you with lust in her eyes. Her ass nudges the top of your member. You can feel the curve of it against your cockhead as it runs along her crease.  You shift and squirm underneath her, exhaling loudly as she rubs your member. One more little bounce, then two… until she pushes herself up off your body to get enough clearance to move her hips.


She hold one hand on the bed for balance, the other creeps down between the crevasse created by her parted legs. Right through the arch, until you can feel her soft hand on your cock.

Ah. It's your turn to give a little gasp.

Your mutual eye-contact becomes very intense as you feel her fingertips adjust your stalk, as your exposed glans kisses her warm pussy lips. It continues for a moment, then another… you become aware ten long seconds have passed with her tracing your cock up and down her slit. Somehow, you don't feel put off or teased. You feel like a moment is being appropriately savored…


Your heart skips a beat as the movement stops. The tip of your cock placed right at her center. You see her face; her expression a mix of focus, desire, and… lust.

It's a departure from the Robin who was so conflicted about your first time. You're not sure if it's the dynamics of the new sexual position, Tharja's influence, or just that she's had time to accept and anticipate sex with you.

You're sure your own expression must be similar to hers. You're eager, but you let her continue at her pace. It's the point of the woman being on top, after all.

Thankfully, you don't wait long. She shifts her body weight at her knees until you feel your penis separating her lips.


You share mutual grunts of pleasure… and then you're inside her.

Robin's no longer a virgin, but her pussy is quite virginal.

Her folds grip your manhood tightly as she pauses to get herself used to the intrusion between her legs. She shifts and resettles her knees to change the angle she can move… then starts to descend further.

Until you would be fully sheathed inside her, if not for her thighs hitting yours.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.67206

File: 1580986569717.jpg (176.34 KB, 850x1133, Robin-cumming.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Robin's folds squeeze you as she experiments with bouncing on your cock. She rises just barely, perhaps not even allowing your cock to move an inch from

Her other hand falls to the other side of your body, making her perch a little more stable. Enough for her to raise herself up higher, slide more of your cock in and out of her, let you hear more of the sounds of your sex with her. Soft, wet, slapping sounds as your cock drives in and out of her pussy. She's more than wet enough for you, and your own precum just makes it that much smoother.

More than that…

Her hips movements are very easy. A side effect of her petite size. Robin has less of an ass to bring down on you, and less of one to rise up.

The result being faster penetration in a very steady rhythm.

"Mm…. 'Majesty…"

Robin's voice is almost a whine, and you recognize the entranced look on her face.

…You're eager for more contact, too.

You reach out your arms, beckoning her to come closer and embrace you.

She gets the idea, and wastes no time leaning her body forward, until her chest presses flesh against yours.


You think only perhaps Erika had a smaller frame than Robin, but you don't care. She's gripping your cock much too tightly for your mind to wander too far.

Soft breasts press against your hard muscle, erect nipples teasing your skin as she continues humping against you, sliding her body up and down yours.

You move to slide your hands up and down her sides…

…but her hands intercept yours, catching you and gently interlocking her fingers with yours.

It's simultaneous aggressive and possessive in a way you didn't expect.

You barely have time to gasp in reply as her lips leap up and claim yours.

Robin arches her back dramatically, stretching herself like a cat to maintain the position.

Your hands at the side of your head as she presses her tongue into your surprised mouth.

Her hips still sliding down your thighs, her vagina continuing to milk you.

She rides you harder, for all she's worth.

It doesn't take you long to recover. You meet Robin's aggression with your own.

You start mutually moaning in each other's mouths as your tongues begin to duel.

She's… pressing back with as much force as she can.

You don't take it as an attempt to dominate, though. You think she's so caught up in the moment she can't think to do anything else.

A view reinforced with the way she squeezes your hands. In short curling motions that fall in sync with her hips.

She wants this, and you, really bad. Enough she let herself become 'initiated' by Tharja.

And enough to take your seed deeply. No reservations or hesitations.

"Mmmm…. mmph…. mwah…"

Her lips desperately smack against you, she breathes in desperate little gasps around the edges of your lips. She refuses to break the kiss, forcing you to try to breathe as you can.

You're becoming light-headed, but the dizzy feeling is more novel than unpleasant.

Her hips descend faster, stuffing more and more of your manhood into her tight pussy.

There'd be no disguising the lewd sounds coming from where your crotches meet, or the soft impacts she makes as she drills you into the bed.

She's rubbing her chest against you harder and harder. You can feel the heat from your shared contact. Her hair dangling around your face, the sweat from the labor she's producing.

Her breathing hurries. You recognize that distinct rhythm.

She's about to come.

…And so are you.


Your own moans echo her own. She descends on your phallus one last time, holding herself still as her muscles tense and she holds you tight. Her tongue recklessly swirling around with yours.

It's too much. You couldn't hold back if you tried.

Her walls pulse and tighten around you as you let out your first spurt of cum. Masculine grunts reverberating through your neck and chest as you announce the release of your seed.

You can't stop your hips from bucking against her, and she lets out a pained yelp as you push yet more of your length inside of her.

Ensuring that your sperm is sent as deep inside her fertile womb as possible.

You squeeze your eyes shut and clench your toes as the bliss of cumming inside a woman overwhelms you. The ecstasy of knowing your cum will leave her pregnant and make her belly big.

You're trembling as your cock pulsates one last time, leaving Robin appropriately inseminated.

Satiated, you both turn away to breathe, mutually breaking your kiss.

Robin huddles close to you, soft palms losing her grip as she rides out the last of her orgasm.

… Well, there it was. Another attempt to impregnate Robin. Hopefully this, along with your time you took her virginity, will be enough to ensure she's good and knocked up.

If not… you can always do this again.

0a25a No.67207

File: 1580986607692.jpeg (32 KB, 400x400, beatrice-have-at-it.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You slip your hands away from her grip and brush her hair from your face, followed by wrapping them around her back and stroking her skin.

She's still. Eyes shut… you think almost she must be asleep.

At the very least, she's exhausted after all that exertion.


Despite the fact she did all the moving, you're a little worn out as well.

Your hips are definitely feeling the impact of her riding you.

You gently move to extricate your cock from her depths, shifting her up enough your softening manhood can slip out between her tight pussylips.


Robin winces too.

You give a snort of mirth and rub her back.

You're impressed. If Robin can bring that level of passion to drilling, perhaps she'll thrive in your army.

Or so your hazy mind thinks.

You become aware of three sets of eyes on you.

Oh. Right.

You were so wrapped up in your sex, you practically forgot the other girls were there.

You shift your gaze between the three of them.

Tharja is staring at you with open lust and adoration. She looks beyond overjoyed. She must have really liked the spectacle of watching your sex with Robin.

Elizabeth is standing there, as a servant would stand at attention waiting for instruction, but you can see her lip trembling and the way her cheeks are flushed.


…You worry about that subdued, understated grin on her face. Your first impression is she didn't appreciate having to 'wait her turn'.

You… you should fix that.

You, as delicately as possible, shift Robin out from on top of you. All things considered, you'd like to cuddle, but you don't want to ignore the rest of the girls. This is supposed to be a four-some.

You slide out of the bed, stumbling a little and needing to stand yourself against the side to avoid losing your balance, leaving Robin to recover.

Your cock is softening after coming inside Robin, but you can easily feel yourself start to get hard as you take in the sight of the naked flesh before you.

You know who will be receiving your seed next.

You try to attempt a suave grin, though you're perhaps too tired to really sell it.


Will she do you the honor of receiving your seed?

You hold out your hand.


Beatrice makes a show of brushing her hair back, and you remember, belatedly, that romantic gestures and overtures don't fit as well with Beatrice.

"I will."


That's good. More sex. Your member, red from the friction of all the sex you just had, comes hard to attention.

You watch Beatrice approach the bed, and then…

She bends over right at the waist, putting her upper body flat against it and presenting her ass to you. Her legs spread enough to give you a glimpse of wet pussy, with a tuft of golden blonde hair sticking out. She makes no attempt to move her head to look back to you.

"There. Have at me, King."


It's perhaps the most straightforward invitation you've had for sex in a while.

Not the first. There were some women in Virilia who would respond to your advances in such a way. Usually servants who couldn't leave their tasks at hand. You remember the cooks who would simply bend over when you approached them while a pot needed stirring. Or a maid who was dusting…

Beatrice is nothing like those, though. You think she must be making some point.

–You don't have enough wits to think too deeply. It's not a denial. Beatrice is more than assertive enough to just leave if she didn't want it.

Her round ass is thick and her hips shapely. They beckon to you to just start mating without thinking about it. To breed.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Have at it. Rise to her challenge. Come up right behind her and rut her from behind like an animal.
>You don't know what Beatrice is getting at, but Tharja might. Give her a silent request for help.

f5627 No.67208

Option 1. Best not to overthink right now, you've set yourself up for a long night.

20758 No.67211


Option one, gotta match that same intensity.

d9cea No.67212

option 1. Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

31030 No.67214

option 1

2f175 No.67224

My head says Option 2, but the heart says Option 1.

… Option 1.

12d07 No.67226

option 2

208d0 No.67242

Option one

0a25a No.67254

>6 votes for option one, have at it.
>1 vote for option two, ask Tharja for help.

Take Beatrice's offered sex and breed her.

Poll closed. Update soon.

eeace No.67255

Nice to see you back and posting again, good sir!

Option 2

e45ea No.67295

Coming back to read this since it started up again and i cant read where i left off thread 8 its 404ed.

f5627 No.67298

0a25a No.67822

File: 1582631076053.png (291.64 KB, 540x596, Tharja_and_friends.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Beatrice's legs, hips, and ass alone are too tempting. It doesn't matter that she's bent herself over enough that you can't see any other part of her. That's the part you need to impregnate.

What sort of man would you be to resist?

You turn around and line your hips up behind her, hands going to hook and pull on Beatrice's thighs.

Her thighs are pleasantly fat and soft, and she keeps her legs still, making it perfect for you to find her pussy and slide your cock inside her.

You let out a hard grunt as you do so. You're still sensitive from Robin.

–But you must breed.

You start to pump your hips, unbidden, rocking yourself in and out of her.

She gives no encouragement, she doesn't need to.

It's surprisingly refreshing. You can set your own pace for what's comfortable this way. Your hips start to pick up the pace as the pain of friction leaves you…

You press yourself even closer to her back, until you're on top of her. Your arms slip from her thighs to linking under her stomach. You hold her tight, your toned muscular body rubbing against her soft back as you hump away.

…You really do feel like an animal with Beatrice acting so passive, but that's fine.

Animals don't need to delay their orgasm. They just rut.

You'll let yourself become an animal, you decide.

You shut your eyes and stop thinking… concentrating on the pleasure of breeding.

Your mindless groans fill the room, Beatrice taking every thrust you give without complaint, even when your pace becomes so fast the slapping of your crotch against her ass is practically echoing off the walls.

You drive your thighs together, ass-muscles tightening as you thrust yourself into Beatrice. Her tight hole filled with your cock, vacated, then full again. She doesn't cry out no matter how much of your length you stuff inside her. No matter how much you slip between her folds and into her warm crevasse.

Images of her pregnant overtake you. Beatrice having morning sickness. Presenting her bump. Allowing you to rub her belly during your private meetings…

You can positively feel your eyes roll back as you moan, your cock twitching in pain and pleasure as your balls find more semen to put in Beatrice. A jet of white cream flooding her cleft and sending your seed right into her womb. Your arms squeeze her with little motions as you rock your hips against her ass and ride out your latest orgasm that will leave her heavy with child. As bliss overtakes you, you become faintly aware that you're drooling down your chin.


Your body relaxes and you find yourself on the bed. It's all you can do to breathe as your muscles find themselves pleasantly relaxed to the point of feeling like jelly. At some point you're flipped on to your back. You don't care. You're still recovering.

…Someone's kissing the side of your face.

Your eyes blink, trying to come into focus under the torchlight.

"Oh, are you feeling better, my husband?"

'Better'… you never felt bad.

You roll your head and press your lips to Tharja's, indulging in a soft kiss that helps sober you awake.

You take stock of the situation. Robin appears to be resting still. Elizabeth is standing there. Tharja has wormed her way into your arm…

…where's Beatrice?

Tharja traces light fingertips over your chest.

"She said she had something to take care of, and to thank you for your seed. I'm sorry, my husband, I tried to entice her to stay…" she trails off.

Hm. You suppose that's not too surprising. You did give Beatrice a… chore, so to speak.

Tharja nuzzles her head into her neck, turning her lips to your ear.

"You must be tired, my husband… Elizabeth and I have something we'd like to do with you… and for you."

You perk up a little more at that. Elizabeth and Tharja really do have a special relationship.

You take another glance at Elizabeth. She's still standing at attention, like a good maid awaiting orders from an aristocrat. –Only completely naked, save her collar.

What do they both have in mind, you ask?

Tharja's breath is hot on the shell of your ear.

"I'll clean your cock… while you pleasure Elizabeth, with her straddling your face."

… Well.

That's- that's something.

You can't help but catch a gulp of saliva in the back of your throat.

Pleasuring a woman with your tongue is not a strange act. But… the idea of Elizabeth more or less sitting on your face adds a certain element to it.

You watch Elizabeth tremble. She must be eager. Or… cold. She is standing on stone floor, after all.

You stare up at the canopy of Tharja's bed, considering her proposal.

Choice time:
>Lavishing Elizabeth with attention is appealing. Agree to Tharja's suggestion. Have Elizabeth mount your face while Tharja plays with your manhood.
>You think you'd prefer to switch it around. Let Tharja on top of you, Elizabeth will clean you up.
>–No. You want something that involves Robin, and pouring more cum inside Robin. Wake her up, continue with all three of you.
>Something else. (Write-in)

f5627 No.67823

Option one. Your wife's proposition has merit, and would give you a comfortable breather while you build up for Round Three.

233c3 No.67824


Option 1

aa895 No.67845

Option one

eeace No.67848

Option 1

Side note: I wonder if we've offended Beatrice in someway, or otherwise left her unimpressed. Maybe she used some magic on us to get back at us, or to make things more interesting. Stuff to keep in mind for later.

f5627 No.67865

Oh, I'm sure we've offended her. And later, when we're not humping to exhaustion, we'll have to find a way to appease her.

But you've still got two more members of your harem to please, and trying to sort the jealousies and politics of a polyamorous relationship takes more time and focus.

0a25a No.67966

I really like at least five unanimous votes before closing, but the wait has been too long and it seems no opposition exists.

>4 votes for option one, Elizabeth envelops your face, Tharja cleans your cock.

Consent to face-sitting and being teased.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.68594

File: 1584445262879.png (266.1 KB, 820x990, Elizabeth-on-top.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You would like time to recover, strictly speaking. Tharja's idea will let you do that. It also ensures both girls get to have fun. You hate to leave women unfulfilled.

You nod and tell her that sounds wonderful. You're completely in favor of that plan.

Tharja gives a delighted little coo at your approval. You don't doubt her enthusiasm. She likely had this planned from the start.

"Just rest, my husband… if there's any problem, use our safe word."

Of course. You can't help but reflect you have had to use it in your play with Elizabeth before… but you'll be the one pressed against a surface now.

Tharja gives a little clap of her hands, drawing back.

"Elizabeth, my husband has given his blessing. Mount his face."

–Oh, boy.

You're staring up at the canopy as you hear Elizabeth's soft feet get closer, her shaved crotch comes into view, and you watch her, bottom-up climb on top of the bed.

Her thighs settle down around your face, pressing against your cheeks, until your mouth is presented with her bare muff.

It helps that Elizabeth is rather light and her posterior is small to match. Moreover that her ass is resting on the bed instead of directly on your head. But there's really no escaping the reality of the situation: that Elizabeth has you pinned to the bed with her pink pussy lips pressed against your lips.

You're no stranger to using your tongue to pleasure women. But, even when you serviced Beatrice, you had some level of being able to draw back and catch your breath. Your eyes could look up and see your partner's face. And now? You can't even turn your head. There's no mistaking the feeling, there's no escaping the smell…

You decide to embrace it.

You reach out with your lips and start puckering around Elizabeth's pussy, sticking out your tongue and running it around her slit.

You've barely touched her when she starts to rock back against your motions, letting you sweep down and up. You're especially attentive in trying to tickle her clit…


At some point, Tharja moved her head down to your crotch. You can feel her warm breath on your thighs. Her hand plays with and strokes your member, which is feeling a little delicate after cumming inside and impregnating two women already within the past ten minutes.

You give a hard shudder as you feel Tharja's tongue run up alongside your shaft until it tickles your glans. It has the side effect of making your body arch and press your face further up between Elizabeth's thighs.

You're letting out soft groans and Elizabeth begins outright moaning as your licks begin to sync. Tharja's ministrations spur your reactions, which spur Elizabeth's pleasure. Tharja's stimulating Elizabeth as much as she's cleaning you. It's… not a bad experience.

You make no effort to resist. You're lost in the feeling of being one part of a sexual machine Tharja has put together. It would only be more impressive if someone was on Elizabeth's end who could receive her pleasure. It's not long before you're no longer tasting Elizabeth's skin, or your own saliva: her lubrication coats your mouth and leaks from your lips down your chin. You find Elizabeth's erect clit, and brush your lips over it, earning you a jolt as your slave writhes on your face.

Tharja's licks meanwhile start to feel like slow torture. She's not attempting to stroke you to orgasm, you realize. Her lips purse gently around the tip of your cock and her tongue drags hot trails around your foreskin, but she doesn't fully take you in her mouth. You have the presence of mind to deduce her purpose… she wants you for herself.

You're actively sucking Elizabeth's pussy when you feel her tremble, her thighs squeeze your head tight, and she comes right on top of you. Her cute little high-pitched moans muffled underneath her thighs, but her juices are all the proof you need. You lap greedily as she rides out her peak, eager to give her devotion a reward.

You're vaguely aware of Tharja's pulling her head back and saying something to Elizabeth. Her legs gently move off of you and your have a chance to get some fresh air. Your cheeks are hot. Your eyes are watery. You feel like you've had your face stuck in a burlap sack on a hot summer day. Sweat and other fluids slick your hair. That was… intense. Your cock agrees, and you grunt as the familiar ache of having an erection that is so strong its painful floods through you.


You blink your eyes and look up to see Tharja shimmying her body up to straddle you. Her legs bent at the knees as she crawls until her pussy hovers over your erect cock.

"May I…?" She gives a slight pause.

Is there any real doubt you'll stop her?

You start to say as much, but before you do, Tharja gently inclines her head to the side.

Your neck is stiff, but you turn to see… ah, right, Robin is still sleeping there.

"If you'd rather save your seed for Robin, I understand," she says.


That's very conscientious of her.

At least in terms of making the best use out of your seed.

You roll back and stare up at the canopy.

If this weren't during your Faire, and you knew you weren't meeting an entirely new woman to impregnate tomorrow, you might be tempted to just let yourself cum, and cum, and cum again.

But, you know you'll be feeling it the next day and you really should limit yourself for the sake of Vano's daughter. One more orgasm for you for the night. Then you'll pleasure the rest of the women until they're satisfied.

In that case… do you enjoy yourself with Tharja, or wait to embrace Robin again?

You did cum inside Robin already.

But Tharja is definitely pregnant… cumming inside her won't make her more pregnant.

And you're sure Robin will like the attention too.

… You reach up and finally wipe off your face before telling Tharja where you want to take the rest of the night.

Choice time:
>You want the moment of being with your wife. Let her mount you. Cum inside her recklessly.
>You mustn't squander the opportunity to knock Robin up. Invite Tharja to cuddle beside you instead. Save your orgasm.

22a13 No.68601

Option 1.
Who knows? Maybe she's hyperfecund or something! A Clan can dream!
(she also deserves some credit and a reward for helping to orchestrate all of this anyhow…)

479b4 No.68602


I vote for Tharja

233c3 No.68603


Option one.

f5627 No.68604

Option 1. Everyone should have a turn before you collapse from overuse.

91447 No.68607

Option one. Tharja deserves a reward, and she IS Edward's beloved wife.

0a25a No.68610

>5 votes for option one, sex with Tharja.

Enjoy sex with Tharja.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.69449

File: 1586263385328.jpg (139.49 KB, 850x601, Tharja_on_top.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You can't deny your wife your cock.

She deserves pleasure and a reward for bringing you all together.

You reach out with your arms and put a hand on each side of her hips. Your eyes gaze up into hers and you share a very intimate moment of eye contact.

You don't need to speak any words to each other.

You feel Tharja shift her hips. One soft, warm hand moves to touch your cock and guide it to her lips.

Once again, you're surrounded by warm, wet heat.

Tharja's more than ready enough for you. Not just how the night has played out, but the fact that you've stretched out her pussy to fit your cock…

You share a mutual moan of pleasure as her soft ass hits the top of your thighs. Her back arches along with her neck, giving you a perfect view of her naked breasts. Her erect nipples stand out in the torchlight.

It's… bliss.


You hear Tharja's voice sing out in desire for you. You give a small nod and tell her she may move as much as she likes.

–In truth, you are experiencing some pain. Your dick is a bit raw. But you can handle this.

And, looking up at Tharja's overjoyed expression, you can't say it doesn't feel worth it.

She leans forward, until her hands are around the back of your neck. The breasts that you were admiring a moment ago are pressing against your chest. You can feel the pointed nubs of her bumpy nipples trace the ridges of your muscles.

Her pussy is practically sucking you inside as she rocks against you. Her sides squeezing you tight.

You're both moaning in each other's mouths as you share a passionate kiss. Your tongues meeting, coiling, inviting. Until you're both overwhelmed with sensation and it forces you to separate for a breath of air.

Her hips pick up pace, and she's riding you with short little humps. She's truly been desperate, you realize. You can't help but recall when you first met, and how your wife had told you she hadn't allowed herself to orgasm until she met with you.

Your arms come around to envelope her with a hug. You don't need to guide her hips anymore. She's more than taking care of it herself.


It's a shame.

The one drawback of her becoming more pregnant is you won't be able to have sex like this again.

You can imagine Tharja gladly on top of you, big belly and all, riding you and putting the full weight of her belly on your body… but you wouldn't be able to embrace this closely, not with her huge belly in the way.

… The reward would outpace the drawback. In fact, the idea of Tharja becoming so huge, her belly bouncing up and down, only makes you member throb more intensely.

Tharja notices it too, and you can feel her pull you tighter to her body.

She starts making desperate little cries, yelling your name, as her pussy continues to thrust up and down your length.

Her juicy folds wrapping around and pulling your cock in and out.

You feel her tense up and her walls bear down on you. She's reaching the peak of her orgasm.

–And so are you.

You can't move your lower body at all, but it doesn't matter; you don't have to move. The feel of her body heat against yours, her breath on your lips, the way her lips tremble and her chest vibrates with her moans… it invites your own reaction.

You cum immediately, wantonly spurting your seed as Tharja continues to lewdly and eagerly thrust her hips.

Your groin muscles have tensed so much you're practically aching as you slowly bring your shared moment of passion to a close.

She's panting heavily to try to catch her breath after that intense bit of exercise.

Your hands grope more at her back, and your turn your chins up, letting your eyes meet.

…You've never felt such love, such adoration, from any other woman, in how Tharja, your wife, looks at you.

You're sure she must be feeling the same thing.

Your shared ecstasy prompts you both to share another deep kiss. You lose yourself in the pleasure of the moment.

The rest of the world may as well not exist with how deeply invested you both become in each other as you continue to kiss, and kiss, and kiss…

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.70396

Tharja's room is hot with the atmosphere of sex after your furious night of lovemaking.

You have three bodies around you, smothering you in hot heat as they rest in your arms, curled up blissfully to your body.

You're exhausted… but satisfied.

You lose track of the time easily enough. Even at the best of times it can be hard to keep track of time in Tharja's closed room. But you eventually find yourself stirring, and feeling ready enough to greet the new day.

You go to rouse yourself, but three pairs of arms hold you back. Tharja, intimately settled in the crook of your neck with her fingers laced behind your neck. Robin, with her arms around your chest, lets out a little whine when you try to roll up and hugs you tighter. Elizabeth is the least aggressive of the three, her hands dutifully folded up around your leg, face resting on your thigh and face turned toward your cock.


Sadly, the orgy must end. You stroke Tharja awake, and the rest of the girls soon follow suit.

You work out how best to separate. You and Robin will go out first. Robin has to be seen leaving with you and not by herself. Tharja and Elizabeth will follow soon after. Then you can proceed with your breakfast.

"Oh, I needed to tell you something else, my husband…"

Tharja informs you that she and Robin have found a solution to her worries over losing her books.

Tharja is holding them in the library for her. There won't be any worry of them being taken.

In exchange, she's found a book she doesn't mind parting with as a 'decoy'.

You nod. It's a good solution. You're pleased Tharja is helping to solve the problems presented to you, when she can.

Robin meanwhile whines a little.

"I'm used to reading them, a lot…"

Tharja assures her they'll be safe.

You don't doubt it, Tharja has to guard her own book after all.

Your long night ends and becomes the new morning…

The new guard doesn't move his head as you step out of Tharja's wing with Robin, and you part immediately after.

0a25a No.70397

Judging by the light through the windows, it's not as late as you thought it'd be.

You recall Ricardo passed you a note that he wanted to talk to you about something, at "your leisure."

After breakfast… will be when you take in the performance of the dancer at the nomad's camp.

Should you bother searching for him? He might have something long to report.

If you head for the sitting room first, you might meet Beatrice or someone else. Or at least get to enjoy your breakfast without risking arriving late.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Visit Ricardo, just to be sure.
>Ricardo can wait. You're more concerned about potentially talking to Beatrice. To the sitting room.

f5627 No.70403

Option 2.

Hopefully we can find time for Ricardo's report later. An unhappy witch is a danger to everyone, as many a fairy-tale princess can attest.

ebf7d No.70409

Option 2.

233c3 No.70415


Option two

e2d33 No.70417

Option 2
I think we need to smooth things over with Beatrice, and the note DID say at our leisure.

2f175 No.70418

Option 2.

cb806 No.70425

The horseman rides again!

*clears throat* Okay, enough self-aggrandizing. Option two, for reasons stated above.

4ecfc No.70436


0a25a No.70452

>7 votes for option two, head immediately to the sitting room.

Just go to wait in the sitting room for breakfast.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.70455

File: 1587890775025.jpg (81.07 KB, 850x1133, Beatrice-teased.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're not sure about Beatrice's feelings over the situation from last night, but keeping her happy is probably worth more than whatever little morsel regarding coin that Ricardo has to tell you about.

You stay the course for the sitting room. If she's not there, then you can at least give your muscles a rest and eat at your leisure.

Nothing intercepts or otherwise impedes your journey. You push open the door to the sitting room and step inside.

The table is bare, for once. Neither Margaret nor Elizabeth are present. However…

Beatrice is waiting, perched in her chair.

"Your Majesty."

She begins to rise to her feet. It's a gesture so surprising you nearly lose your composure. –But you remember, now is the time Beatrice is your subject.

You quickly tell her there's no need for such formality, inwardly impressed she keeps up the ruse even now.

Though it's only smart. Someone outside could be listening, after all.

"Thank you for the consideration, Your Majesty," she offers.

You can't help but smile.

But of course, you reply.

Ever gallant, you approach Beatrice and reset her chair for her. Sliding it forward while she smooths her skirt and sits down.

…This was a good position.

You lean over and whisper that you apologize if her night was lonely. You would have preferred if she had a bed more… suitable, to her tastes.


Beatrice inclines her head and gives you her ear.

"Mm… I was surprised at your priorities. That is, after that invitation, Your Majesty."

Ah. It seems Beatrice really did want to go first, as it were.

Of course, you understand. If you'd chosen to impregnate Beatrice first, Robin would probably have hurt feelings.

Fortunately, you think you know what to say to smooth things over.

You're sorry that you didn't meet expectations, you say. However… the same could not be said for Beatrice, of course.

Every chance to worship Beatrice's body was worthwhile. Even if it were no more than her rump, legs, and the cleft betwixt them.

It's an experience you cherish, because you know how precious it is.


You can watch in real time the effect of your words on Beatrice. Her lips twisting into a pleased grin, the slight shift of her body language to be less formal and more of that self-assured smugness you've grown to love about your dealings with the Infinite Golden Witch.

"My… Your Majesty is quite the master when it comes to his relations with the fairer sex. Tongue as smooth as silk."

She smacks her lips.


As well Beatrice knows, you say.

That risque comment earns you a full devilish smirk from Beatrice, her neck turned to look at you.

"Mm… I never forget that, Your Majesty."

She looks very much like she'd like to let loose a little cackle at the situation, but she holds it in.

"I look fondly on our next meeting, then. Whether it be formal, or… not."


You chance to dip your head and press a light kiss to Beatrice's lips.

It's returned; her lips are soft and yielding underneath yours. The skin hot and wet.

It has to stop there at that one kiss, but the message is clear.

Any miscommunication or disappointment Beatrice may have had with you is taken care of.

–Well, you doubt Beatrice would've held that big a grudge about the affair, but you're thankful you got to right this ship on your own terms.

You take your seat and resume the role of King and open-secret mistress.

Margaret soon arrives to set the table, followed after by Tharja, and then by Elizabeth, who carries the actual trays.

Your meal is set in front of you, and Margaret consumes a portion from your plate.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.70508

Breakfast is quiet. There's little you feel necessary to talk about when you've spent the night in sexual ecstasy with three out of the four women present.

You'd rather not risk Elizabeth breaking her role as your maid by saying something too suggestive and spurn some visible display of lust.

Breakfast is exceptionally delicious. The soup has certainly improved in taste since the castle acquired salt.

A fine slice of salted fish over fresh bread completes your royal meal.

You do remember to do one thing.

You announce to the table that, when you're done eating, you will be among the common people partaking in the Faire.

You will, of course, abstain from all food and be back for normal meals.

Margaret doesn't say anything, but she does give a small smile and a barely noticeable sigh of relief. That's a deep sign of gratitude from the dutiful maid.

Beatrice and Tharja wish you well, and you depart the sitting room.

Finally, you'll get the chance to see and experience the nomad dancer… and hopefully your introduction will leave her pregnant and carrying your child by the end.

So you hope, but…

You're intercepted by the fat maid in charge of the servant hierarchy.

She has a situation that she believes you would like to have input on.

"Your Majesty, it's the ballroom…"

The maids have been cleaning the ballroom and preparing it for your use.

They've assumed you'll be having an entertainment for your fellow aristocrats who are visiting in the castle. They've arranged for a gathering for one day. It'll be before your Faire is concluded, but after the jousting tournament.

…Well, it'd be strange if you didn't have one for aristocrats to mingle among themselves. You didn't personally order it, but their efforts are worthwhile.

You'll leave it to them if it's deciding on the decorating, you warn.

"N-No, Your Majesty! Not that…"

It's a matter of who to invite.

Of course, all aristocrats who had traveled to Castle Valachia would be invited. It'd be a grave insult to whoever was left out, otherwise.

And of course, you, Tharja, and Beatrice would be there.

But they weren't sure if they were to arrange for invitations to Ricardo, the priest, or the burgmeister from Kervuva.

…It's a worthy consideration, you muse. And a deceptively serious decision.

All three may have an affect on the mood of the gathering. That would change the experience they have there, and therefore reflect on you for providing it.

Ricardo would likely be his own tight-lipped, dismal self. You'd decided against trying to get him to 'liven up' in the past, but this probably would be the only time he'd ever get the chance to interact with other aristocrats. Ones who aren't you, that is.

The priest would no doubt cast an air of formality on the proceedings. That could be beneficial or not. Though you think he may appreciate the gesture, the atmosphere may become stiff as everyone considers how they must modify their behavior socializing in front of a holy man.

The burgmeister was an elected commoner. A rich one. A powerful one. A bit more nicely dressed one, but a commoner nonetheless. His presence might offend, or he may breach etiquette.


You should assume that your invitation means the party in question will definitely be present. It would be a grave insult to you if they weren't.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Invite Ricardo. You don't want to give the impression he's some dirty secret to be hidden away.
>Invite the priest. It'll show your piety and be a general gesture of goodwill toward him and the Church.
>Invite the burgmeister. He acted pleasantly and openly with you, and you see no reason not to reward that.
>It may get out that one of them was invited over the other two. Invite none of them, to be safe.
>Some other combination of invitees should attend your gathering. (Write-in.)

Note: To be clear, voting for all of the three to be invited, or any other combination, is a valid vote. I just am not risking confusing the vote counting by adding so many different types of options. Everyone is free to vote for their own preferred combination, please just specify it's a write-in, or that you're agreeing with another person's specific vote if you agree with their write-in. This is so I can clearly tabulate the votes when it is time to close the poll.

Thank you.

f5627 No.70509

Hm. Any one of them might bring the mood down, but failing to invite any of them would show that they're unimportant to you. This would cause more issues in the long term, I'm thinking.

So what the hell. It's a party, and everyone's invited. We'll just have to consult with Beatrice, taking the lesson of the Witches' Party to heart. Played right, we can make their involvement a feature of the entertainment, instead of a drag.

tldr: Invite all three.

233c3 No.70513


Just invite all three. No harm done.

5faf8 No.70517

Invite all three.

2f175 No.70525

Agreed. Invite all three.

cb806 No.70528

Though I worry about the priest's involvement, I will agree with inviting all three. We can't appear to be spurning any of them.

0af14 No.70534

Invite all three, if nothing else this can at least lead to some wacky shenanigans.

f5627 No.70537

Like I said, we need to take Beatrice's lesson to heart. We can't please everyone, and parties are boring without a little organized craziness.

Which is why I'm suggesting we have Beatrice help us organize the details of the entertainment. The parties she's used to were far more politically fraught, and wars were hardly ever started at them. Also, they were pretty fun, from what we've heard.

0a25a No.70544

>6 votes for write-in, invite all three.

Invite Ricardo, the priest, and the burgmeister.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.70548

Thinking about it… isn't the best course of action to just invite all three?

There were downsides to having just one of them there, but all three, they may just cancel each other out.

Ricardo won't be the aristocrat who draws the most attention if the priest and burgmeister are there.

The burgmeister might earn some scowls for any perceived bad behavior, but the priest's presence may remind them all that God loves every follower of the Church, and therefore temper it ever so slightly.

The priest you hope will just be happy to be there and not try to ordain any service. You'll have to schedule the planned service for all aristocrats to occur earlier than the gathering. Earlier than the joust, too.

All right. That left you three events to expect. The service Tharja had been preparing for, the joust, and the final gathering between aristocrats.

You give your instructions to the fat maid and she thanks you for your input and swears to keep you informed.

You watch her hobble off before continuing on your way.

You're stepping through the corridors and out of the castle proper on your way to enter the Faire soon enough.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.70590

The sun is beginning its crawl throughout the sky. The air is warm, but not unbearably hot.

You can see merchants working to set up their wares for the day. Commoners and peasants milling about. Someone is roasting meat and the smell is delectable.

But that's not your concern.

You are on your way to the nomads.

Still, you draw stares. People know who you are. They see your royal sash, your royal sword, and your impressive cape.

The nomad encampment is less busy. Some older nomads poke at something roasting on a fire. It smells like some small fowl.

You don't have to raise your voice to alert them, though. They see you coming and offer you welcoming bows, putting up their hands to tell you to wait without addressing you directly. There's respect and fear in their eyes, which can't be helped.

One steps up to the wagon, and you are left to wait for a few seconds.

Vano appears from the tent. You share a brief greeting, and he announces in a pleasant voice and with a subtle little smile:

"My daughter will be pleased to receive you, Your Majesty."


You can't help but smile in return.

You think he must know some measure of… seduction will be involved in this dance.

Though whether it will be you doing the seducing or being seduced will be seen.

He gently bids you to enter the wagon, and you thank him for the invitation into his home.

It's the same as you received.

You gently climb the short steps and enter.

Vano stays outside, leaving you alone.

You've gotten over your paranoia, so it causes you no hesitation.

Your mind is more concerned with what sort of woman Vano's daughter will turn out to be…

Your hope part of her performance comes from her beauty.

It would be a shame to have looked forward to this and discover she was actually plain, or even homely.

But, no matter. You will play the role of the grateful guest.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.70676

File: 1588237217451.jpg (480.22 KB, 850x768, Dancer-begin.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The inside of the wagon is larger than you expected. Darker too.

You pass under a passage of hanging beads and fabric as you step deeper.

You enter what you imagine is the 'common' area of the wagon. Assorted cushions are set out. There's a pleasant, but unfamiliar, smell in the air. You notice some sort of strange object is the source. There must be something burning in it.

"Welcome, Your Majesty. Please, sit."

You blink your eyes, and see a feminine form hiding behind a folding screen. You think it like a modesty curtain a woman would use, and yet… you can just barely see the outline of her form. Wouldn't it be completely opaque if its intent was to give modesty? That could only mean… it was designed to tantalize the viewer.

Not wanting to be impolite, do as the voice asks. You find a comfortable spot among the cushions. Thankfully they all seem clean enough.

"Are you comfortable…?"

… You answer that you are.

The form clearly has her back to you. Yet she asks you the question clearly as if she were watching you.

Of course, it must simply be some trick.

You watch, as the form begins to spin, and spin… until the dancer emerges from behind the screen and, with a furious force of motion and a high leg kick, appears in an impressive display of gymnastics.

Her body is near naked, except for a tight covering around her chest, crotch, and a sash with a covering. You could hardly call it a 'skirt', though it would be long enough to be called one, if it wasn't only wide enough to cover her crotch, and nothing more, even her thighs.

You have a clear view of her big tits and generous ass as she stops spinning and settles down before you.

Her 'skirt' slowly falls from where it flew up, revealing to you her face and the rest of her body.

0a25a No.70677

File: 1588237471743.jpg (959.29 KB, 1447x2046, Mara-reveal.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

…This woman is surely not homely.

She is an absolute dream.

Her breasts may not be quite as large or prominent as Beatrice's, and Malon's exact dimensions may be a bit better when it came to pure breeding potential… but.

The combination of presentation and sheer exoticism is incredibly intoxicating. She's soft in all the right places. Curved in all the right ways. Thick where she needs to be.

You simply can't take your eyes off her body, and the raw sensuality emanating from it.

The woman simply radiates sex.

She allows you a long moment to gawk without interrupting, her body hot and begging to be touched.

"I am called Mara, Vano's eldest daughter. I'm very pleased to have you as my audience today, Your Majesty."

It takes her speaking before you finally look at her face, and become even more entranced. The baubles hanging from her ears and other jewelry have you wondering what treasures the nomads are really hiding.

…Well. Mara, for one.

You have to force yourself to swallow before you can speak.

You're pleased to be here. And… already intrigued.

She smiles, a slight mischievous grin and knowing look in her eyes.

"I can tell," she says, with a playful lilt.

As intense as last night was, your cock is already firm in your leggings. You can practically feel yourself pulsate against your clothes.

You… really want her. More than that, her belly is completely bare. It's begging for a belly. A big round pregnant belly.

You can't help but be fixated on her belly button and imagine how it would look, big and popped out when she's almost ready to give birth.

"I will now begin my dance for your entertainment… if you wish to stay longer for an encore, it would be my pleasure."


All right, you tell yourself. She is a legitimate dancer and she is going to dance, not just have sex with you.

–After talk like that, you know sex will be happening soon, though. You doubt the dance will shock you out of the mood for it.

Mara reaches a hand and gestures to the object that's the source of the aroma, the one adding a warm atmosphere to the covered wagon.

"If you wish, please sample from our hookah."

You give her a confused look, and she goes on.

"It's like a communal pipe. Pick one of the ends, raise it to your lips, and simply… puff."


You hadn't noticed, but there are various lengths of a sort of pipe leading from the 'stem' that is this hookah. They do indeed resemble pipes like Beatrice smokes.

… The smell is truly exotic. Unfamiliar.

What's in the hookah, you ask?

"Dried and treated leafs from faraway lands we normally roam. They relax the body and heighten the senses for a time. They do no more than that."

Her smile doesn't bend as she explains.

"You are free to partake, or not. It is simply an offer to share our custom with you. We do not mind if you refrain; it is normally only shared among us nomads."


You doubt there's any real danger, here. At least in terms of the nomads wanting to poison you. But, exotic herb… you're not sure what effect a nomadic custom will have on a King like you.

Heightened senses for a session of lovemaking does sound very nice.

…Then again, hadn't you promised not to eat or otherwise partake in anything at the Faire? This would, technically speaking, involve putting your lips on something.

You are curious as to what effect it may have. Though, the Church would probably disapprove of it.

You can't help but audibly smack your lips as you make your decision.

Choice time:
>You're King, but this sounds like a luxury you can't enjoy. Graciously decline the offer to smoke and move on to the dance.
>Might as well get the full experience. Pick up a mouthpiece and smoke from the hookah.

233c3 No.70684


Option 2.

22a13 No.70712

Option (4)2(0)
>finally, our time has come!
>time to get blown
>and rise like the sun
>so let's partake of the fun
>at least while we're young
>because there's a bad bitch that needs to get stung

f5627 No.70727

Option 1. At risk of offending, I'd rather not partake until I'd seen the effects on another.

That, and I like to enjoy my experiences without a drug haze filtering things.

d94f7 No.70730

Agree. I also vote for option one. We shouldn't be reckless.

941bd No.70742

Also agreed, also for the same reasons.

2f175 No.70743

Option 2.

941bd No.70746

To be clear, that was a vote for Option 1.

cb806 No.70749

This character is the only reason I want to try a Dragon Quest game. Just… daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnn!

Currently a tie, and the onus on me. Oof. I, too, am curious as to how this would affect us, but I do fear negative repercussions. We've made mistakes before… I also don't do anything like this irl. But darn curiosity…

Option 1: politely decline. However! Perhaps we can set up a later time and place to try it in a safe environment?

0af14 No.70750

Option 2, it would be rude if we were to decline.

0a25a No.70763

Thank you for being clear with your vote.

By current totals, we have…

>4 votes for option one, decline the offer to smoke.

>4 votes for option two, accept and smoke from the hookah.

We have a tie.

I will come back later, and if there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result.

If you have not yet voted, I urge you to please do so.

Please do not feel any pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

54f22 No.70764

option 1

e2d33 No.70769

Option 1.
As fun as it might be to toke up, we made a promise to Tharja, Beatrice, and the maids to not consume anything out in the fair.

6a840 No.70775

Option 2

Smoke dat shit, mon.

0a25a No.70809

The needle must fall.

>6 votes for option one, refrain from smoking.

>5 votes for option two, smoke from the hookah.

Reject the offer of the hookah.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.70810

File: 1588406838081.jpg (309.03 KB, 637x600, Mara-fans.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You will abstain, you announce.

You give no explanation. You want to see her reaction.

You need to see if she'll cajole you or otherwise pressure you.

Even if you've appeased the nomads, it's possible this may be some trap.

"As you wish, Your Majesty," she replies.

…Her face belies no disappointment or other sign that you've foiled some plan. It seems it really was just an offer.

Well, that's fine. Even if you somehow are mistaken about any pure intentions and she was merely practiced and coached enough not to show her frustration, you aren't being further pressured.

At any rate… you have another offering for another experience right in front of you. One you are very familiar with, and know you'll enjoy.

Mara begins to put her hands behind her back.

In one fluid motion, she raises them back in front of her.

Her hands, previously empty, now hold two large, intricately detailed fans.

With sure movements, she flicks her wrists and there's a sound of fabric being whipped. Her fingers holding a sure grip as the fans flutter open.

Indeed, the pattern inside is as ornate as the rest.

Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the effortless movement, and how it conceals her body.

…Rather than disappointment, somehow you feel only more tantalized. The hint and promise of seeing her skin is more of a draw than simply staring.

She resets her stance, lifting one leg in a way that causes the curtain of her skirt to fall right between her legs. The shape of her thighs teased in an outline of thin cloth.


"I will show you now. The dance worth generations of nomadic journeys."

She raises her hands high…

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.70883

File: 1588497814096.jpg (78.16 KB, 400x533, Mara-knows.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

There's a sharp crackle of wood hitting wood. Sharp clacks that surround Mara, to the point you almost jump.

More than that, you hear music.

Intense, fast, loud music.

It surrounds you like a wave, the notes rising to a crescendo. A torrent of strings beings strumming by quick, sure hands, though there's no sign of any musician around.

Then… a lute, or perhaps flute joins the arrangement. Playing a haunting melody that blends with the sound.

…More than that, Mara starts dancing.

Not anything like a traditional dance, or even something you'd see from a performer at any summer festival.

Her arms whip around, her body rocks, twists, and bends with the rhythm.

One leg lifts high, up to her head, as she effortlessly spins and catches herself, leading you through the turns and hills and valleys of the accompanying music.

It's truly like nothing you've heard or seen before.

Your eyes are drawn to her skin, to her fans, to how her skirt moves and twists in just the right angle to tease a glimpse of what's underneath…

When there's a lull in the music, she has her eyes on you, face otherwise hidden behind her fans, as if playing at modesty. She approaches you… then turns her body and plays at almost reaching out and touching you, before the dance begins again.

…You can't help but hang off of her every movement.

This was well worth the price of admission.


Her fan moves in front of her face again.. and this time she hides the top of her face, letting you sneak a glimpse of her sly, flirty little smile.

She knows you know how good she is, even if this sort of dance is foreign and strange.

–No, perhaps more so because of it.

Her hand then folds the fan shut and she leans forward, giving you a healthy glimpse of her cleavage.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.71443

File: 1589275311983.jpg (171.15 KB, 500x707, Mara-promise.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The music slows to a still stop.

But it's only for a moment before it starts up again.

It's a new tune, and a much slower beat, but the same feel as the first.

Mara's movements become soft, smooth, and graceful.

She slowly takes steps around the room, her leg raising and bending as she spins. Just enough to make her skirt billow enticingly.

Until you suddenly look up from her lower body and can't help giving a little gasp at the sight of her bare breasts.

While you were distracted with her legs, Mara dropped her fans. Her freed hands must have then undone whatever was holding her top to her body, letting it fall away. By the time you realized what was happening she was already topless.

She plants both feet, arching on her heels and bending her back, letting you get a full, unhurried, and very upfront look at her. Her curvy hips, bountiful tits, and beautiful skin.

It's… impressive. There's no lack of admiration in your gaze as you stare. She has gorgeously soft and supple breasts. You can tell by how much they rise and fall with each breath she takes. Her nipples are big and thick. Perfect to suck.

Mara would hardly need magic to arouse you. Her body and perfect movements are more than enough.

Indeed, it's only the stupor of such a jaw-dropping sight that keeps you rooted to your seat, even as your loins ache for her.

Mara's smile promises you will get your taste.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.71492

File: 1589370390719.jpg (179.4 KB, 850x1190, Mara-what-happens.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Mara takes a step toward you. The sway of her breasts in time with the beat.

You can't take your eyes away as you're all too eager to view them from all possible angles.

She bends forward, giving you a generous view of natural cleavage as gravity does its part to put them on display. The peaks of her fat nipples dangling.

It lasts for a moment before she rights herself and twirls back. Her leg lifting again as she grasps an ankle with her hand.

…Hah. What a tease.


You see it now.

Where before there had definitely been a covering of cloth between her legs to shield her crotch, there now was nothing.

It's only the fluttering of the long cloth 'skirt' that prevents you from getting a very intimate look at her pussy.

She twirls with one last spin, and then…

Even that barrier is stripped away.

It falls somewhere behind her, its purpose discarded. Leaving her all but nude before you, except for her footwear, bracelets, and crown.

Surely, the indecent parts of her are plainly visible.


She stops all movements, her eyes staring at you with adoration.

You can't help but reciprocate.

Being treated to such a performance from such an outrageously beautiful woman is a once in a lifetime experience.

She steps closer to you. Much closer. Until she's all but on top of you.

The music slows. The music stops.

0a25a No.71495

File: 1589370739556.jpg (327.87 KB, 1000x1000, Mara-and-now.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

She bends down as if to touch you, as if to let you touch her.

You're expecting her to pull away at the last moment, to start dancing away from any embrace and for it to be a mere tease.

Instead, her lips press to yours. Her legs kneel around yours as her body settles down around yours.

You're so surprised, and stimulated, that you can't help your eyes rolling back into your head.

Your hands come to hug her closer, as if to assure yourself this woman is real. Your fingers find the soft caress of her hair and the warm touch of her skin. Her body sticky from sweat of her dance.

Your lips undulate together. Your tongue reaches out to taste hers. Her soft, wet muscle coils and envelopes yours as you share a deep French kiss. The sounds of your mutual moaning begin to fill the small wagon.

The way she sucks and licks, and rolls her tongue, while pawing at your body… It's obvious she is a good kisser.

If you weren't wearing clothes, you'd have lifted this woman and put her in your lap and your penis in her vagina. Unfortunately, you can't.

As if reading your thoughts, she finally breaks your kiss, with a soft smile and a hot 'Mm…' sound from her lips.

You mutually pant together as you're both out of breath, even if she were the one dancing.

Her breath is hot and sultry. The warm atmosphere of the wagon interior has only improved the mood.

"Mm- hm… how do you want me, Your Majesty…?" she asks.

She withdraws her arms to hold her hands on her breasts, pushing them together to give you a better picture. Subtly giving you the initiative to adjust her however you want.

…How can you decide?

You'll just surrender to impulse.

Right now, you're in the mood for…

Choice time:
>Missionary. Put Mara on her back and mount her. Press your bodies together until you're both sore.
>Like animals mating. Turn Mara around, put her on her hands and knees, and take her from behind.
>With her on top of you. Let Mara climb on your lap and ride your cock.
>Some other sex position. (Write-in.)

479b4 No.71506


Her on top

2f175 No.71507

I could go with some cowgirl action.

Option 3.

e2d33 No.71508

Option 3 seems fun.

9bf56 No.71509

>With her on top of you. Let Mara climb on your lap and ride your cock.

f5627 No.71510

Option 3.

Tough choice, but taking her for a ride doesn't sound too bad.

cb806 No.71524

I can see how the wind is blowing, so I won't fight it. Option 3, let her ride. Though I would add that we frame it as a request to show us how skilled she can be at moving her body. I'm sure we'll get a great view watching her undulate on top of us/Edward.

0af14 No.71534

>Option 3: With her on top of you. Let Mara climb on your lap and ride your cock.

233c3 No.71538


Option 3, let's ride.

0a25a No.71721

Please, always feel free to vote for the option you most want to see, even if it's not winning and likely won't win. I try to take into account every vote. If I see someone especially wants a certain sex position but that option doesn't win, I'll do my best to later include a sex scene with that position.

That said…

>8 votes for option three, have Mara climb into your lap and ride your cock.

Have Mara get on top of you.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.72395

File: 1590486009131.png (754.85 KB, 1024x576, Mara-mount.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

… Just like this.

You want Mara in your lap, showing off more of how she can put her muscles to use.

Just with less clothes.


Her lips twist in a deliciously eager smile.

"As you wish, Your Majesty."

She leans her face closer and you share another fierce kiss, before she draws back.

It's enough distance for you to start taking off your clothes. Your tunic, belt, cape, shirt and leggings fly free. They find rest in a corner; you'll pick them up later.

Mara's eyes are on your crotch as your penis pops into view, the head bobbing in sheer desire to penetrate.

"Oh– His Majesty has a fine cock." You hear her smack her lips, watch her tongue dart across them. "You are so big and hard and veiny. I fear you may split me in two."


You thought you might be beyond the time a woman complimenting your dick would earn more than amusement at her innocence. But, Mara is clearly not innocent, and her words pierce your mind and fill you with pride.

You let out a low grunt as you can feel your cock expand with another surge of arousal. The head truly aches now.

Does she wish you to be gentle then, you ask? So that she won't be split in two.

Mara slides on top of you, putting her kneeling legs around yours.

"No, I wish for you to try to do so." Another brief kiss. "Penetrate me and use this body, hard. To your heart's content. I am yours. Everything I have is yours for the taking."


No problems, then.

Her hips become aligned with yours. She arches her back to push her generous tits in your face. Your hands reach out to grab a generous helping of her hips and ass. Indeed, they're both as soft as you imagined.

There's a brief moment you can feel her slick, wet folds slide along the head of your cock, and then she's lowering herself on top of you.

You share mutual moans together as you slide your thick cock inside her warm, greedy pussy.

0a25a No.72398

File: 1590486265434.jpg (218.62 KB, 638x479, Mara-ride.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You hold her close and enjoy the feeling of sex.

Her breasts feel amazing against your face, and you freely and mindlessly nuzzle between them.

Her skin is hot and sticky from sweat, but it only adds to the excitement of the moment. The feeling of fucking this devilishly enticing dancer. A woman who knew what she was doing since you first came in. Teased you just enough to rile you before inviting you in.

You can't help but rock your body up to meet her as much as you can. Even as she puts those beautiful leg muscles to work by smoothly sliding up and down your cock.

She's… so wet.

Her thigh muscles squeeze around you; her pussy tightens around you. Her arms find the back of your neck and pull you closer until you embrace her body, hard.

You're pressed up so tight against her, you truly feel like you are taking in everything she has to offer.

You reached a point that paradoxically, you're so turned on and eager to shoot your load that you can't. Your cock is simply too engorged.

You don't mind. It'd be a waste to only fuck this woman for five minutes.

Her hips rise and fall and thrust against you, filling the inside of the wagon with sharp slapping sounds and the noise of pure, sensual fucking.

You moan into her chest and grope her ass. She responds by cooing delightedly and riding you harder.

You can feel every inch of her hot velvety folds as they grip your penis. She slides deep enough to almost take your complete length. Almost.

…It's not enough.

0a25a No.72399

File: 1590486312880.jpg (185.74 KB, 850x637, Mara-climax.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You sink your fingers in deeper against the plush roundness of her rear and push yourself back from her breasts.

Your eyes meet. In your gaze, your expression poses a gentle, wordless question.


She nods, mouth busy moaning at your touch.

It's all you need.

Your hands trail to the tops of her thighs and you pull her down, hard.

Enough that a particularly loud smack resounds.


You both jump and buck against the other. Your chests are rising and compressing against each other as you both fill your lungs with air.

You're… deep inside her.

Balls deep.

You can definitely get her pregnant like this.

The thought makes you roll and rock your hips up against her, and she responds by lifting herself up with her legs.

…Just in time for you to pull her back down.

She's a fine, fertile woman, and you need to fill her with seed.

You breathing becomes more hurried. So does hers.

Her hands slip to loop around your torso and pull up under your armpits.

She doesn't want to let you go, and the feeling is mutual.

You can feel your balls throbbing with anticipation of putting your baby batter inside of her. They slap hard against your thighs as she continuously slams her hips down.

She's going to walk away from this with your kid.

Her belly is going to expand and balloon and grow heavy with your young.

Will she learn a new dance? The thought of Mara performing for you, shaking her beautiful full ass and wiggling her hips with a big round middle is only making your meeting even sweeter. Twirling and showing off her body to you like a fertile Goddess.

…It's too much.

You pull her close, until her face is on yours, and take a deep, full-bodied kiss.

Your tongue dives into her mouth, slipping through her hot, full lips and finding hers to tangle and coil with as you melt into an impulsive French kiss.

Her body shakes, and shivers, and tightens against yours and then…

You both explode into ecstasy. Cumming together in jointed lust.

Her pussy lips clamp down, her folds milking your cock, as she shakes her hips against you and bucks, back arched, against your body. Her tongue inviting and wrestling with yours.

At the same time, you fulfill your biological need. Your balls pulsate and you spurt load after load of healthy, virile semen inside her. Sending your sperm directly to her waiting egg.

It's all you can do to not throw her back to the floor and yank yourself even deeper, even though you suspect you're as deep as you're going to get. Balls tucked firmly against her lips, her legs widely spread from being forced apart by you.

You moan into each other's mouths as you do little more than vibrate and enjoy each other. The handsome young King having sex with the mysterious and beautiful dancer. As talented in her dance as she was in her bed.

It's a set-up made for a lascivious story to be sung by a bawdy bard in some tavern, but you're living it.

0a25a No.72400

File: 1590486446133.jpeg (443.52 KB, 972x998, Mara-afterglow.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The need for air drives you both to turn your heads and separate.

You can do naught but stare into each other's eyes as you relax and catch your breath.

She smiles all the while like a cat who caught itself a canary.

It's enough to make you grunt as your cock shudders painfully in an attempt to shoot out yet more of your seed in her, even though you've thoroughly inseminated her already.

Well, there it is. You knocked up the leader of the nomad's daughter. The dancer, Mara.

You can only hope her sister is just as open to your advances. And just as beautiful and fertile.


Her hair frames her face and touches your skin. It's soft, silky. Like every other part of her body.

"You are so good, Your Majesty…"

You pant, and smack your lips.

It's acceptable if she calls you 'King,' you tell her.

Her grin only grows wider.


You share another kiss, this one shorter, your tongues merely flitting against each other.

She… is an experienced kisser.

She is experienced in sex as well.

It was simply too enjoyable and too well orchestrated for her to not have done this before.

…That's fine. A woman so effective at being a tease and so very beautiful cannot be a virgin.

"Ah… but did you mean to do that, King?"

–What's that, you ask?

She gives a little huff of a sultry laugh.

"We held each other so close. There was no hope for me to pull out before you let forth your seed. I may get pregnant…"


That's the only word you speak.

You're simply in too much of a lust-filled haze to say anything else.

You watch Mara blink he eyes and tilt her head at you in confusion.

"You want that?" she asks, her tone betraying real curiosity. "Why?"

Because women exist to be pregnant. And if they're not pregnant, then impregnated. As much and as often as possible. Over and over. By you. Until their bodies are heavy and overflowing with child. Until the number of babes the woman has birthed come close to matching her age. Or better. All women. Everywhere.

…You're in no state of mind to hold back.

You freely babble your deepest desires to Mara, the dancer.

Her eyes widen in surprise, then the tension in her face deflates with an amused little laugh.

"In that case, I'm happy to be one of these many women you gift with your extraordinary seed, Your Majesty."


Her answer is so pure and beautiful you can't help but hug and rub against her. Your mind full of nothing but affection.

Mara is truly a good woman. She'll make a fine mother… and breeder.

Perhaps you can convince the nomads to stay. Or at least for Vano to return in a few months.

Surely they might appreciate shelter to wait out the winter. You could enjoy a season full of Mara's pregnant frame in that case.

Mara finally places a hand on your face, stroking smooth skin.

"You are so wonderful an audience, King. Would you appreciate an encore…?"



Until then, you'll gladly rest with her. Her body could do with the break too, after all that movement.

She gently slides her pussy off of you, joining you in rolling around the floor. You settle your body into the cushions and enjoy some after-play.

Warm hands stroke each others bodies. Warm kisses are shared. You talk idle sweet nothings about how lovely she was and how graceful her dance was.

This could be a moment to learn a little more. About Mara herself, her family, or anything about the nomads.

But, it would open the opportunity to her asking questions about you, as well.

You wonder if it's safe to be too personal with Mara. Your secrets are worth a lot more than hers. And if the dinner with Corrin and his sisters taught you anything, even little utterances can infer a big picture.

Still, you're curious, and it probably won't hurt.

Choice time:
>Ask Mara more about herself. Her background. How she became a dancer. Anything she'd like to share.
>Try to be a little more vague than personal. Ask Mara to tell you more about her travels and nomad culture. Perhaps she has stories of other lands to share.
>Be specific. …What is that hookah, really? You're still wondering about that.
>Simply let the time pass with more pillow talk until you're ready for round two.

9bf56 No.72402

>Ask Mara more about herself. Her background. How she became a dancer. Anything she'd like to share.

233c3 No.72406


Option 1

edcc2 No.72411

1, I feel with this question, we'll understand nomad society a bit more as well.

2f175 No.72413

Option 1.

f5627 No.72428

Option 1.

cb806 No.72431

I shall echo the desire to learn more about this sexy dancer! Option 1

0af14 No.72444

Option one: ask Mara more about herself.

0a25a No.72788

File: 1591004511038.jpg (133 KB, 850x637, Mara-aftertalk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>7 votes for option one, ask Mara more about herself.

Take the opportunity to hear about Mara personally.

You really want to hear more about Mara as a woman. You don't doubt learning about her family life will give you more insight into the lives of the nomads as well.

You kiss Mara, stroke her hair, fondly and speak:

You're captivated by her. You really would like to know more about her.

Who is she?

Where has she come from? What has her life been like in this wagon?


Mara gives a breathy little laugh, her cheeks flushed with amusement.

"You don't think it's more sexy to simply enjoy a mysterious woman's charms?"

She presses a kiss to your lips.

… Mm.

You return the display of affection, with a hot sigh.

But you go on to say you prefer to know more about the women you share intimacy with.

Especially with the new life you're creating with her.

You can't stop yourself from drifting your hand lower, to rub against her bare belly.

Soft, but there's firm muscle underneath. Well suited to her role as a dancer.


Mara tilts her head, as if curious.

"You are a strange one, King. You may be the only man I've met who thought so."


The words send a bit of a shockwave through you.

The men Mara knows… who have had sex with her. Who have cuddled up to her in the afterglow and talked idly with her.

…Mara is a prostitute.

A fine dancer, but a prostitute nonetheless.

Your mind recalls the reports of the nomadic old ladies selling flowers.

That was surely just an excuse to beg.

Much like Mara's dance, and whatever coin she gathers from it, is a pretense for selling her body.

A woman would hardly perform a dance this scandalous in public. Even if she left her clothes on.

"What's wrong?"

There's genuine confusion in her voice as Mara looks at you with a puzzled look on her face.

…The revelation, though obvious, is coming very close to spoiling your time with her.

She doesn't mind, you ask? The thought of becoming pregnant?

Her answer is going to determine how you feel about her. You really want to confirm she was sincere.


Mara puts a soft hand on your body.

"There have been many suitors among us who travel who see sex and a forced marriage with me as a prize to be won. Something that will leave them with an excuse to take control of the family from my father. I love my father very much. I won't be a pawn for their ambition."

…Hm. You could believe that.

Vano was always very careful in his dealings with you. He was likely practiced in that sort of politics. One only becomes skilled in politics when facing real adversaries. You certainly learned that after coming to Ruhemania.

"And of course, I am a dancer. I've practiced my entire life for this one dance for you. Does encumbering me with a pregnant body so that I can no longer dance excite you…?"

Your cock surges with blood and you can't help moaning a little in reaction.

"Oh, it does?"

One hand trails down to stroke at your cock.

Another comes behind it to cradle your testicles.

"Every member of the family must contribute in some way. If we don't… we aren't a family. You don't mean to steal my family from me, do you? With this?"

She looks at you with big eyes, and you fully feel the pressure of coming up with a response is on you.

…No. No, of course not, you say.

At the same time… the thought of Mara adapting, dancing with her new bump… even if it's hard and difficult for her, that is an image that excites you. Purely the encumbering part. Not the 'no longer dance' part, which you're sure she could… compensate, for.

Even the thought of Mara's body dancing again after birth with stretch marks along her sides was intoxicating.

Mara smiles easily, as if anticipating your words.

"I understand. A normal man who would want me pregnant would do it to destroy my talent. You aren't that man."


You've been intimately on the receiving end of something like that, and you know it's not a good feeling.

You just want to help her have your baby.

Her finger traces around the edge of your foreskin, your cock bobbing. Mara looks into your eyes.

"I believe you. That's why… it's all right. If His Majesty's seed takes root inside me, I will welcome the child that grows from that meeting."

She gives your genitals a fond, soft, little pat, from scrotum to stalk, before retracting.

–You will too, you say.

You reach your arms up and embrace Mara, the tension deflating from the atmosphere in shared little sighs as she reaches her arms around your back.

She's… a good woman. You understand her better now.

Hell, you can't help but feel you understand prostitutes better now, on some level. You really shouldn't hold anything against them for a bitter memory from your youth. Maybe… maybe if you had the courage to talk with them back then as you had with Mara, it would have turned out differently. Or, at the very least, your emotions would've been spared.

Mara personally has told you a lot about herself as well.

Apparently being the 'leader' of the nomads was a coveted position, and direct children were tied to that in a way similar to aristocratic lineage you would be familiar with. Meanwhile, learning only to dance, from a time of being a very young girl… that must take a tremendous amount of dedication. And support from her family to enable it.

Her mother must have surely been a dancer to inspire such devotion. Or at least some other beloved maternal figure in her life.

"His Majesty must already have a number of children. I would imagine it to be a very, very large number…"


She's prompting you to talk about yourself, you realize.

It's only fair. You did have her share her story. You have to tell her something.

But, how much to tell? That was the question.

As far back as Virilia? Or perhaps only Ruhemania?

You consider the pros and cons of each.

If you tell her your full backstory, you're essentially telling her how you became King. Maybe she'll be impressed?

If you tell her there's only a few women capable of being impregnated in the castle… maybe she'll suggest ways you can find more? Though, that might be wishful thinking.

You make your decision before you start speaking, choosing your words carefully.

Choice time:
>Full backstory. Tell her about your entire history. Starting in Virilia, you have sired children in the dozens. The time will soon come when it reaches over a hundred.
>Focus on Ruhemania. Tell her your castle has only a few young women, sadly, but you've gotten to know most of them and are aching to know even more.

9bf56 No.72790

>Full backstory. Tell her about your entire history. Starting in Virilia, you have sired children in the dozens. The time will soon come when it reaches over a hundred.


f5627 No.72791

Option 1.

I worry about Edward's enemies a touch, but I feel like full disclosure is best for this situation.

233c3 No.72792


Option one, might as well flex.

2f175 No.72795

I'd imagine mixing the two is out of the question. Giving a full backstory, but emphasizing that your momentum has slowed due to a lack of fertile young women? That's what I would propose.

If it's possible, that's my vote. If not, Option 1.

aac3b No.72800

Option two.

Telling a complete stranger everything is way too risky. We have not exactly hidden the facts, but I cannot shake the feeling that we're being set up here.

0a25a No.72816

It's more about what reaction happens and how restrained Edward wants to be with what he tells her. Mentioning Virilia at all will provoke a different reaction compared to leaving it out.

Please continue to vote.

cb806 No.72828

I shall also put down my vote for option two.

941bd No.72831

I hate to tie the vote, but I have to go with option 2, I really do feel like she's fishing for info……

48438 No.72847

This is a hard choice. But well I like flexing our street cred, we still are a king. She's an unknown factor. Option 2

f5627 No.72854

While I appreciate that a healthy dose of paranoia is essential to the work, I'd remind everyone that our personal history is not a thing to be particularly afraid of, and that the story can easily be edited by the individual telling it to avoid particularly dangerous topics.

5e580 No.72858

Option 1

47734 No.72860

You know what? You convinced me. I'd like to switch my vote to Option 1. My vote was >>72854

0a25a No.72862

>6 votes for option one, tell her your full history of impregnating women.
>3 votes for option two, focus on talking about wanting to find more fertile women in Ruhemania.

Tell Mara about your background, starting in Virilia.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.73497

File: 1592381917482.jpg (332.35 KB, 600x800, Mara-awed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your history in Virilia isn't something to hide. You're proud of it. You worked hard to achieve it.

Besides, any meaning that you married above your station should be lost on the ears of a nomad girl.

You decide to tell her about the time you came of age… women were beautiful, fascinating creatures, and you were eager to discover how beautiful they could be.

It wasn't enough to seduce one girl. Nor two. Nor three, eight, or twenty.

Every woman you could meet who was open to it, you gifted them your seed between their legs after passionate moments of tender lovemaking. Sometimes hurried, sometimes drawn out, but all of it meaningful. It was true of the servant, peasant, aristocrat, and traveler. They all needed to know the joy of carrying your child. And you needed the joy of sending them on their way there. Of watching their bellies swell, their breasts fill with milk, and their bodies become more perfect and motherly.

…You leave out your experiences with the nuns. That really should be a secret.

You can't help but get carried away talking with Mara.

The steamy afterglow of your time together loosened your tongue a little and she provides a fascinated ear to listen to. You think must have gone on talking for perhaps a quarter hour by the time you stop. Perhaps longer.

Mara wears an awed expression throughout, nodding along. Her final comments are music to your ears.

"That is all… amazing, King."

Heh… you thank her. You believe so as well.

Her words sound more than just hollow praise or even shock like Tharja gave you. She does sound genuinely impressed.

"To sire so many children… it's only natural you go on to become such a great leader."

Oh… she thinks so?

"Of course. Important men pass on their seed. It's… something us nomads believe."




You understand now. You've touched on some tradition or cultural notion. Men are expected to create large families.

…So if you were a nomad, that would make you somewhat akin to a King?

You stop yourself at voicing that logic out loud to Mara. Her Father is in charge of their family, after all.

Still, you confirm.

Any nomad would be impressed, you ask?

Mara nods.

"Absolutely. After all you've told me… I can definitely believe it, King."

You nod.

Interesting. You've learned something new. If you need to impress a nomad, your history may be a sound method of doing so.

–You think you'll stop before telling to Vano, though.

He may have knowingly provided you with Mara's dance with a nod and a wink, but you're not sure how he'd react to bragging outright that you were knocking her up.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.74089

File: 1593501499851.jpg (453.91 KB, 1000x1098, Mara-encore.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your talk with Mara winds down. You sit and stroke each other for a while. Her skin is soft and warm.

Before you start to feel really listless, Mara flips over on to her back, staring up at you with her eyes.

"Would you like an encore performance, King?"

That offer perks you up.

You think you might.

What did she have in mind?

She holds up her right hand and closes every finger except her index. You watch her bring it to her mouth as she extends her tongue and gives it a passing lick… before she settles it back on your cock-head.

…It does succeed in making you jump. You could very well enjoy a second round.

"I know many different ways to give pleasure, King. I'm also very flexible. I won't object to you pushing my body to the limit. I won't break."


Your cock enjoys a new surge of arousal at being teased about being able to explore her limits. Surely she's already shown off how far her body can go when dancing.

She goes on to explain she can easily hold her feet up behind her head, on her stomach or back. She's also skilled with her mouth, breasts, and…. other openings.

You ponder the merits of what she describes. As fun as Mara is, you shouldn't spend all day with her.

…Should you? Maybe it wouldn't hurt. She's a rare gem no one could expect to find twice in their lives.

You consider your options…

You've already inseminated her. But, twice wouldn't hurt. Or would it?

You still have to seduce Camilla. There's also Mara's sister waiting for you once you tell Vano you're ready for your next meeting.

Maybe Mara will be open to meeting later. Away from her wagon.

Though that could take some effort at execution on your part.

Choice time:
>You trust your first insemination to impregnate her. Have Mara use her breasts and mouth on you.
>The more cum in her pussy, the better. Have Mara twist her body into a knot and pound her, hard.
>…Confess you're curious about this 'other' opening, just once. (Have anal sex.)
>Ask Mara if you can postpone the encore, with either you visiting again or inviting her into the castle.
>Something else. (Write-in for some other sexual position, or any other option.)

df6b2 No.74094

Option two. Pound her hard. Make sure she has some experience to brag about to her sister ;-)

We didn't go for anal because of hygiene reasons back when we had the chance with Erika, and she's a witch. Here there is no magicing away unpleasantness.
We shouldn't invite nomads into the castle for political reasons.
Not fucking her seems impolite if she's offering ;-) We will see about her sister and Camilla when the time comes. Camilla in particular will stay a while in the castle and as long as she thinks the plot against Edward is still on, we can just invite her to stay longer and she'll probably go along with it.

3d7cd No.74104

>The more cum in her pussy, the better. Have Mara twist her body into a knot and pound her, hard.

f5627 No.74106

Option 2. Time for some pretzel sex. We can set up an encore for the harem later.

5f146 No.74121

2 and 3, invite her to the castle. You have to have your wonderful wife meet the beautiful women you're seducing and impregnating.

a81cf No.74123

Option 2

It seems the most decidedly Ed-like of the proffered choices at this juncture, and/or the most straight forwards.

233c3 No.74140

Option two

cb806 No.74141

I would like to echo this combination of 2 and 3.

2f175 No.74149

Option 4.

She's hot, but I don't want to close the door on other encounters because we spent too long here.

59b28 No.74150

Option 2

ad923 No.74254

option 2, what's knot to like?

0a25a No.74764

>7 votes for option two, have Mara demonstrate her flexibility while you pound her, hard.
>1 vote for option four, invite Mara to either visit you or be visited again for her encore.
>2 votes for a combination of two and three. (Were these meant as two and four? The text seems to indicate that. At any rate, counted as option two.)

Option two, bend Mara to her limits and pound her fiercely.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.75131

…You want to see these 'limits'

You tell Mara you'd appreciate seeing how flexible she is.


She doesn't say anything.

She just, very casually, slings both feet behind her head, while keeping herself upright.

It's a position that puts her pussy on display. The spread lips dripping with your seed.

You're overcome with the urge to fertilize her yet again.

Without any other prompting, you all but pounce on Mara.

Until her back is against the floor of the wagon.

0a25a No.75132

File: 1595239183786.png (1.13 MB, 1024x1365, Mara-ready.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


She lets out a delighted little moan as you sheathe your penis inside her waiting vagina.

The feeling is mutual and you can't help but add your own.

Your hips thrust easily. Your cum works as a very good lubricant to your second round of lovemaking. There's no discomfort whatsoever as you shake and move your hips.

Having her legs up means you don't need to wedge yourself between her thighs.


It's different from just having her legs sticking straight up and on your shoulders.

Having her bent like this means there's some sort of angle she's holding herself in that makes the sex feel different.

Each stroke you make through her body sends a shiver of pleasure through your cock as her folds rub against you.

You try to put a precise thought on why… maybe it's because she can meet your thrusts with her hips better? Or adjust her pelvis to the way you rock yours against her.


It's mind-numbingly pleasurable. You don't care why it feels so good.

You mindlessly moan your feelings and crawl over her more. You drill her into the floor more.

There's no sign of pain or request to stop from her.

So you just keep going.

Meanwhile, she stares up at you with her eyes.

You're too enraptured with her to hold back.

You lean forward and kiss her full on the mouth.

Another benefit of this position is that with her feet behind her head instead of up, there's nothing to get between your faces.

It leaves you free to kiss. And kiss. And kiss.

Until you're mutually moaning, gasping, and licking each other.

You slide your penis into Mara for the feeling of sex and ecstasy. Your juices mixing together as she grips your manhood, tight.

You stick your tongue into her mouth to coil and wrap with hers. Your saliva creating a hot cocoon of warmth that strokes every nerve in your thick red muscle.

Meanwhile, you've pressed Mara so hard against the floor that you end up perched on your elbows over her.

It leaves your hands free to settle on her ample breasts.

Your fingers sink into the flesh as you have your way with her body.

Your feet perched up on your tiptoes as you steadily pound your cock deeper.

… And Mara?

She moans, coos, and takes it all.

Her mouth openly takes yours. Her lips hot and yielding. Her tongue eager to flick and coil with yours.

Her back arches, giving you all the leverage your need to palm and grope her tits. Your skin rubbing erect nipples.

Her cunt rocks out when you thrust in. An extra squeeze is your reward when you fully hilt yourself.

… You'd be amazed at yourself for not coming.

But paradoxically, it's too good to orgasm.

It's so much of a good thing, your body won't let it end.

Your balls ache as you try to force yourself to orgasm. The pleasure building and building, as if a vise is gripping your groin.

"Mmmmm… mmmm!"


You can feel Mara shuddering, quivering, and squealing. From her body through your mouth, hands, and cock.

She's coming, hard.

Her walls bear down on your and threaten to wring you dry.

Then, it happens.

Your control slips and you feel yourself spurting inside her once again.

Your balls clenching and cock throbbing as you shoot fresh spurt after fresh spurt inside her sloppy, spread, cunt.

You can't stop your eyes from rolling back into your head as you see white.

Utterly consumed with your new orgasm, courtesy of Mara and her perfect form.

…You've already forgotten how much time has passed since you started having sex.

But you once again lose track of any ability to calculate time passing as your orgasm overtakes you.

You enter a world of complete pleasure where nothing else matter. Until reality gradually starts to come back and you realize you're on top of Mara, still thrusting, pinching, and kissing. Your cock rapidly softening, even as you try to fuck her more.

You finally separate, staring down at her face.

Looking at her, you see only the very satisfied grin of a very talented enchantress.

You just know it's a memory you'll see in your dreams after she's gone.

0a25a No.75133

Eventually, exhausted, and needing to breathe, you roll off of Mara. Until it's you who is flat on your back.

Your penis completely flaccid. You have nothing left.

You think you'll find it a struggle to walk after a session like that.

It's when you hear Mara start to unwrap her legs that she finally lets out a little subtle wince of pain.

She lowers a hand to her pussy, running her middle finger up her slit.

"Goodness, King. You gave me a lot of cum."


Of course. You could hardly hold back.

Mara rubs it between her fingers before pushing herself to stand up again.

… You can't help but feel a little dizzy. But you can't criticize the view. It's a pleasant glimpse of the underside of her breasts and belly.

"Did you enjoy the encore, Your Majesty? Are you perhaps wanting more?"

She lifts her hands up to her head. She lifts one foot up. Until her leg is bent at the knee and pointing high at the ceiling.

…You've got an intimate view of her pussy now.

Mara's practically gushing with your cum. It's leaking and running down her thighs and has already reached her calves and trailing toward her ankles.

It's indescribably lewd.

You feel a twinge of pain as your cock tries to ready itself for a third round.

You think you're at your limit, but your instincts are telling you to try some more.

Choice time:
>Yes, have her hold that position and take her standing up.
>Yes, have her turn her backside to you and bend over. You want to do her from behind.
>Yes, have her sit down, roll back on her shoulders, and spread her legs until she's completely split. You'll fuck her right into the ground again.
>You're tired, but she seems eager for more. Have her sit in your arms as you play more with her body and find her erogenous zones.
>…You really should call it a day, both for the sake of your stamina and your other activities. Thank her for a lovely performance.

16836 No.75135


Option one.

da8ea No.75150

Option 4

a85bb No.75154

Option five.

It's always possible we'll encounter another one of Edward's conquests in dire need of a fucking :-)

39df7 No.75155

I agree, and we DID have a pretty steamy foursome just last night.

Option 5.

46bb2 No.75156

>>Yes, have her hold that position and take her standing up.

75d04 No.75178

Sadly, it seems we won't see her again, so I would say Option 4. Enjoy each other, show we're not totally selfish, and get to know her better.

0a25a No.75193

>2 votes for option one, hold Mara with her leg up and pound her standing.
>2 votes for option four, focus on her and play with her body and find her erogenous zones.
>2 votes for option five, thank her for her performance today and end the meeting.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will use random.org to choose between the three possibilities.

If you have not voted yet, I urge you to do so.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the vote close sooner or the next update come faster.

822df No.75209

Option 5….. We'll likely see her again before the faire ends, especially if we ask the nomads for a repeat performance another day. But for now, we have to see the rest of the faire….. and make more conquests.

a81cf No.75224

option 1

for what it is worth, Mara seems to be the main party outside of Tharja (and potentially Beatrice) that is really "into" this mindset of breeding/being bred in a similar or comparable fashion to Edward's own viewpoint on the matter, so why not reward that?

6ec0c No.75226

option 5

0a25a No.75235

The tie has been broken. The result is:

>3 votes for option one.

>2 votes for option two.
>4 votes for option five.

Thank Mara for her performance and end the meeting.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.75237

File: 1595403584417.png (501.21 KB, 1000x1000, Mara-secret-advice.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's sorely tempting. But with you as sore as you are, it's better to know your limit. Better than to possibly disappoint.

You thank Mara for the lovely performance she's given you and is giving you. And you are wanting more. But… you don't want to risk overstaying your welcome.

And you are needed to run your country.

Mara gives you a pleased little smile.

"Your appreciation is humbling, Your Majesty. Thank you for looking upon me so fondly."

She plants her foot back down and bends over at the waist, until her face is level with yours. Her eyes are shut. Her lips softly parted.

You kiss her passionately, reaching up to stroke her soft neck and brush her long hair back.

You imagine your body must be absolutely red. Your skin feels like it's boiling from lingering desire, or perhaps that's merely the summer heat.

You had difficulty putting on your clothes after all that. Partly because there was so much fluid to clean up without risking soiling them, and partly because you still could not take your eyes off Mara. Her long shapely legs and beautiful rounded ass turned to you as she slid back into her dancing clothes. You were almost ready to be hard again by the end of that, but you had to stand firm in your resolution.

Before you leave, Mara and you share one last embrace.

Her mouth draws close to your ear and she whispers.

"It was delightful, King. If you see my sister, be gentle with her."

Mara gives you a smile and a parting wink as you withdraw and exit the wagon. Presumably leaving her to clean up the remnants of your time together.

… The nomads around are avoiding your eye contact. Though they don't seem to be doing so out of fear or disdain. You think they are affecting a display of ignorance of your machinations inside the cart.

"Your Majesty."

You look up and see Vano stepping over to you.

"How was it? My daughter's performance."


You give Vano a grateful smile and tell him you were absolutely dazzled by Mara's dance. Enchanting. She is the epitome of style, grace, and elegance. Her every move and mannerism: perfect. He thanks you for the very kind words.

–You wouldn't mind a repeat performance, you add.

You can't help directly voicing your request. There's no disguising the lust in your voice.

"Is that so? I cannot refuse outright, but Mara's dance is a tremendous group effort on our part, Your Majesty."

He explains the music was part of the performance, and that the best performers in the family using the finest instruments needed to be present outside the wagon to properly set Mara's dance to the beat and melody you heard.

Having them play for Mara's dance means they cannot play in the Faire's marketplace as entertainers. Then they'll have less opportunity to bring home tribute received that day in the form of tips.

… Well, that does figure.

You're tempted to promise to drop a handful of gold in his hand, but hold off. Something like that would definitely be noticed and commented on. You've got the company of all the aristocrats in Ruhemania in the castle. You don't want rumors floating around that the King uses the royal taxes to buy time with high-end prostitutes.

The nomads might not even want gold. You can't eat gold.

And you can't promise them a place to stay in your Kingdom because they're nomads and would never accept.

You ponder a way to see Mara again.

You rule out something like outright threatening to throw them out if he doesn't let you see her again. It'd be cruel, and hardly endear you to them. Including Mara.

You ask Vano if Mara performs publicly like other entertainers in his group. He replies that Mara's talent is so great and her beauty so captivating that she only performs privately. That would seem to rule out just meeting her randomly at the Faire.

You can't bring yourself to say something like 'Just let me have sex with her again,' and break the facade of her performing as a dancer. It's too much to blurt out.

Perhaps the best action is just to wait. Mara herself may long to see you again, and either convey that desire to Vano or find some way to approach you.

Yes, that's the best option for now.

And if somehow it doesn't happen, you'll prepare yourself for that outcome. You've impregnated plenty of traveling women back in your time in Virilia, when you only knew them for a time brief. It only feels a little more of a pang now that you know you're a King with authority and not just some Duke's son.

"Has Your Majesty had time to consider my other daughter?"

Oh, of course.

The fortune teller.

… You try to think of the most delicate phrasing to use.

Is his other daughter's performance as intimate as Mara's?

Vano's expression doesn't change.

"It is indeed an intimate experience. You will find yourself touched, spiritually speaking. But, it is not intended as a physical performance. Your Majesty."

You nod. It sounds like Vano's other daughter isn't specifically being told to sleep with you.

Though Mara's comment of 'be gentle' does make you think you could charm her, regardless. Mara may even be putting in a good word for you.

Vano simply needs to know if you would like to receive her performance tomorrow, or not yet.

You think over the rest of your obligations, and make your decision.

Choice time:
>Yes, attend a session of fortune telling with Vano's other daughter, tomorrow.
>No, you'll come back some other time and let him know when you're ready, if at all.

49d59 No.75238

Option one. Tomorrow should be fine.

39df7 No.75243

Option 1. Think of it as an opportnity for some long-term sibling bonding exercises.

4520a No.75244

Option 1

46bb2 No.75248

>>Yes, attend a session of fortune telling with Vano's other daughter, tomorrow.

16836 No.75298


Option one.

75d04 No.75306

I shall also put in for Option 1

c58b7 No.75463

I too vote for Option 1. What's not to like?

0a25a No.75689

>7 votes for option one, commit to a session with the fortune teller tomorrow.

Consult with the nomad fortune teller tomorrow.

Poll closed. Update soon.

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