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Impregnator Kings is a CYOA that originally started on pregchan back in December 2015.

You are Sir Edward, a medieval (ish) aristocrat who wants to become a King. Unfortunately, Edward is the son of a Duke and marrying into royalty would be marrying above his station. Fortunately, he has a fetish for impregnating women, and the seductive good looks and charm to pull it off. Edward has slept with dozens of women and sired even more children. His reputation for virility and potent sperm allowed him the opportunity to marry into several different royal families, all eager for an heir, as quickly as possible.

That is the basic premise. The actual threads they first appeared in have mostly 404'd, but the internet archive continues to have them. They can still be read and enjoyed here:

Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html
This spans the beginning of the game when Edward selects his future bride, until Edward reaches Ruhemania and learns there's more to his new country than ever was hinted at.
Important Characters:
1. Sir Edward of Virilia: The "you" of the story. He is fair-minded, and gregarious. Fond of outdoor activity and strength. He possesses a charming nature that attracts women to his bed, though some easier than others.
2. The Matchmaker: The young female aristocrat who introduces profiles of all available wives for Edward to choose from. He never learns her name.
3. Varillo: A mercenary who guides Edward through dense swamp and hills to reach Castle Valachia and begin his new life.
4. Ricardo: King Vlad's master of coin. A dismal old man, full of secrets. He appears to be King Vlad's only adviser, and one of the only other aristocrats in the castle.
5. Daniella: King Vlad's personal maid. Her position is independent of the servant hierarchy and subject to no authority but King Vlad himself. He has also given her blanket permission to do anything she likes, anywhere she likes. Tharja insists she isn't a spy, but just a busy-body maid.
6. King Vlad: The undisputed Sovereign of all of Ruhemania. Was originally an Independent Duke who fought a decades-long unification war to unite the various independent aristocrats in the country. Values obedience. The impalement stakes around the castle are a stark testament to how much.
7. Tharja: Edward's matchmade bride. Obsessive, and perhaps a little naive. Devotes herself fully to Edward. Fond of books and reading. The castle library has been claimed by her.
8. Elizabeth: Edward's personal maid who sees to his daily duties. Scatter-brained and prone to mistakes.
Important Choices:
1. Slept with and impregnated the matchmaker.
2. Chose Tharja of Ruhemania to be his bride.
3. Help the sailors as you travel.
4. Be obedient to Varillo's mercenary gang as they guide you to the castle.
5. Meet immediately with King Vlad.
6. Be honest with Tharja about your sexual history and reputation.
7. Edward reciprocates Tharja's feelings and they fall mutually in love with each other.
8. Birch Elizabeth honestly.
9. Gain Ricardo's 'friendship' and hear the history of Ruhemania.

Thread #2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html
This spans the third meeting with King Vlad (in which Edward unwittingly antagonizes him) until Tharja reveals her secret to Edward.
Important Characters:
1. Margaret: Elizabeth's sister and Edward's nightly duties maid. Calm-headed and professional.
2. The corpse in the oubliette: A mystery hidden in the dungeon.
3. Sully: A female solider who has 'thrown away' her womanhood to join the army.
Important Choices:
1. Explore the dungeon and discover the oubliette.
2. Provoke King Vlad's paranoia; receive a horse and stablehand.
3. Take Elizabeth's virginity semi-publicly.
4. Keep your dignity before Daniella and don't beg her to help Elizabeth.
5. Spar Sully in a way to teach her how to fight and drill bad ideas out of her.
6. Attend the castle's religious service.

Thread #3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html
This spans the time Tharja reveals she is a witch until Edward agrees to Beatrice's plan to kill King Vlad, and Edward has a moment of introspection in Daniella's room.
Important Characters:
1. Beatrice, the Infinite Golden Witch: A powerful and capricious witch living in isolation.
2. Patchouli, the Witch of Knowledge: The true identity of the matchmaker, who slept with Edward to curse him with sterility.
3. Great Witch-Persecutor King Vlad: A man who started a great war to unify a country as a pretense of purging every last witch from the land. All witch-hunters came to serve him. Little is known about his true motives.
4. Witch-Hunter Daniella: An utterly devoted woman dedicated to the extermination of all witches. Highly skilled in combat and trained to utilize her role as a maid to prepare for the threat of witches.
5. Witch-Hunter Simon: Daniella's husband, serving as a courier. Was killed by Lorenzo (presumably) and thrown into the oubliette long before Edward arrived in Ruhemania.
6. Lorenzo: Tharja's dead older brother. Indirectly caused the entire chain of events that lead to Tharja becoming a witch, and Edward's wife. Attempted to kill King Vlad for magical power and to take his throne.
7. The senior guard: King Vlad's army is disorganized with no designated leadership, but everyone recognizes the senior guard is the one in charge.
8. The head maid: A fat woman who is the head of the servant hierarchy.
Important Choices:
1. Collecting a longsword; rope; and a fire-starter for the journey.
2. Attempting diplomacy and maintaining your patience in the face of Beatrice's provocations.
3. Explaining the full situation in the castle to Beatrice.
4. Peacefully persuading Patchouli, Witch of Knowledge, to indirectly remove your curse.
5. Agree to Beatrice's plan. Kill Daniella, throw her in the oubliette, help Beatrice assassinate King Vlad. Become King and revive the legacy of magic in Ruhemania.

Thread #4: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html (This comes from a brief period when the story was hosted on bbw-chan, and there's a now defunct link to an ad connected to this link. Just hit refresh and it should go away.)
This spans Beatrice arriving at the castle until Edward takes the first steps to seducing Sully.
Important Characters:
1. The Lost Witches of Ruhemania: Witches killed during King Vlad's extermination campaign. Beatrice hoped one of them would still be alive.
2. The peasant leaders: The peasants capable of skilled labor.
Important Choices:
1. Keep King Vlad's tower for yourself instead of giving it to Beatrice.
2. Send King Vlad's embalmed body around with an honor guard to be displayed to the people before its entombment.
3. Give the Church a normal donation.
4. Share goose with the peasant leaders.
5. Complete Beatrice's puzzle with a 'neutral' solution, and hear Beatrice's lesson about how trying to please everyone is impossible.
6. Make Beatrice your spymaster and have her spy on the fat maid.
7. Hire an architect to build Beatrice her own tower.

Thread #5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html
This spans Edward finding out Beatrice will eventually expect Edward to provide her with human bodies to experiment with until Beatrice reports on spying on the priest who visits every two weeks.
Important Characters:
1. The blacksmith's widowed sister: A common woman who was still a virgin after being widowed, until Edward impregnated her.
2. Erika, Witch of Truth, or Devastation: The only other survivor of King Vlad's extermination campaign. Faked her death and was living in hiding.
3. Malon: The stablehand hired by King Vlad to keep Edward's new horse. Has a body and personality meant for breeding.
4. The architect: a presumably skilled man who will build Edward a fine tower.
5. The power-hungry maid: The fat maid in charge of the servant hierarchy is revealed by Beatrice to be a bully and a tyrant who leads them ineffectually. She likes to be lazy and push her work on to other maids, especially ones she doesn't like.
Important Choices:
1. Take Tharja's side over Margaret and eat a biscuit she prepared without having it tasted first.
2. Spar with the soldier fairly while Tharja spectates.
3. Attempt intimacy with Beatrice.
4. Do your best to spare your loyal soldier from Beatrice's wrath after he almost kills her without being too lenient to appease Beatrice.
5. Choose a 'mixed' plan of local labor and imported material to build the tower.
6. Have Beatrice investigate Ricardo.
7. Had Erika escorted to the throne room, then brought Beatrice to meet her.
8. Delayed inviting or denying Erika to the castle and told her to come back in a few months.
8. Told Tharja privately about Erika's role in her family members' deaths.
9. Had sex with Erika, gave her an old abandoned manor with peasant farms in the area. Did not give her a carriage for easy travel.
10. Did not remove the impalement stakes.
11. Encouraged the younger soldiers to shout your name during the Church service, despite the suppression of the older guards.
12. Decided to hold a jousting tournament at the Faire.
13. Have the tower workers live outside the peasant settlement.
14. Investigate the priest during confession.
15. Convince Tharja she must live on as a witch after you perish a mortal's death. Agree not to partake in any activity that could kill you prematurely.
16. Make Elizabeth your slave.
17. Publicly humiliate an older guard in the name of supporting the younger guards.

Thread #6: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html
This spans Edward hearing Malon is likely pregnant until Edward takes Margaret aside to discuss Elizabeth.
Important Characters:
None in particular.
Important Choices:
1. No more spying for Beatrice at the moment. Have Beatrice tutor Tharja in witchcraft.
2. Encourage Tharja to help you impregnate women.
3. Have the maids prepare double the necessary amount of rooms for the Faire.
4. Have Beatrice help discourage Tharja's fear of the Church. Allow her to also teach her about witch-society.
5. Make the jousting tournament anonymous.
8. Choose Father Tomas as future chaplain (who will bring nuns).
9. Almost started an orgy in semi-public in front of Margaret.
10. Eavesdrop on Margaret and Elizabeth's conversation, then try to talk to Margaret directly.

Thread #7: https://web.archive.org/web/20180930122947/https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html
This spans Edward's absolute last-minute changes before the Summer Faire to his first meeting with Corrin.
Important Characters:
1. The burgmeister: A commoner elected by other commoners to see over the local burg of Kervuva, an important source of resources for the castle.
2. Dimitrie: A nobleman of somewhat stunted capacity for intrigue. Carries a sword. Will participate in the joust.
3. The 'early' merchant: The first merchan to arrive for the Faire, tried to 'win over' Edward's favor.
4. The nomads: Traveling performers who received permission to move their wagon inside the castle.
5. Corrin: A young noble with a gift for eloquent use of words and a fondness of books. Claimed he would not enter the jousting tournament.
Important Choices:
1. Ultimately do nothing about Elizabeth other than reassure Margaret you are paying attention to their needs.
2. Decide the prize for the jousting tournament will be a Knighthood.
3. Invite yourself to Kervuva at some time in the future.
4. Recruit loyal guards to watch for suspicious activity to report to you.
5. Respond to Dimitrie's claims by offering to send troops to Torbuja.
6. Maintain strict fairness in the Faire marketplace.
7. Allow the nomads to enter the castle if they swear to follow your laws.
8. Actively recruit women into your army.

Thread #8: https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html
This spans the dinner with Corrin's family until Robin tells Edward about the plot against him.
Important Characters:
1. Camilla: Corrin's eldest sister. Has a voluptuous figure perfect for babymaking.
2. Cordelia: Corrin's second eldest sister. Has a slender form that would be well filled out by pregnancy.
3. Robin: Corrin's third eldest sister. Rather petite, boyish figure, all told.
Important Choices:
1. Invite Corrin and his family to a private dinner with you, Tharja, and Beatrice.
2. Spar Dimitrie yourself… and lose.
3. Force Varillo's gang to give up their machetes to enter the Faire.
4. Personally announce the Faire is open.
5. Hear about the Emerald Knight's attempt at bribery.
6. Take Cordelia's first time and impregnate her.
7. Allow Robin to join your army with the implication she will be able to use her military strategy. Hear about the plot against you, but delay any decisive action, yet.
8. Have sex with and impregnate Robin.

0a25a No.57808

File: 1559351600929.jpg (507.81 KB, 983x983, Robin-lewd.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

As always, a chat thread exists to discuss any issues or strategy. I also make announcements from time to time: https://pregchan.com/c/res/4340.html

Normally I write the summations as an attempt to explain the plot to new readers, but given the spare nature of updates recently I thought it would be better to use it to remind readers exactly which threads contained what parts to them and what decisions were made in them that stood out. (What 'makes the list' and what doesn't isn't necessarily a sign it's important, or that the others were not important.)

But, that doesn't mean at all that I want to discourage new readers. New readers are always welcome, and everyone is always free to vote. Whether they have read the story faithfully from the beginning, whether they have glanced at it from time to time, or whether this is their first encounter with it. Everyone has the right to vote. The only thing I ask is that each individual please only vote once.

I hope it's enjoyable.

0a25a No.57809

File: 1559351907584.png (441.31 KB, 700x880, Robin-wecant.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

This is not the smart action to take when Robin just told you that impregnating any of the three sisters was the first stage in a plot aimed at usurping your throne.


Robin's not going home. Her child will never see Chrisania, most likely. That's a small comfort, at least, as your hands go to undo the tie on her top.

It'll be all right, you whisper. You press another kiss to her face, this one to her cheeks.

Her eyes widen and she starts to pull away.

"B-But 'Majesty, think logically, I can't raise a child and be in your army!"

Logic? You're a bit beyond that.

You whisper to her again that it will be all right.

"How??" she gasps, face turned up at you, nonplussed.

You take the opportunity to press another kiss, to her lips.

Robin lets out a little muffled moan, blinks her eyes, then melts completely into your embrace.

It's too much for her, too.

You watch her eyes become clouded with lust as you let your tongue sample her lips, before moving on to claim her mouth and stroke her tongue.

Robin moans again until she gets the idea to reciprocate, your red muscles twisting and thrusting together.

Unlike some women you've kissed, Robin doesn't merely coil around you, but actively tries to thrust back against you, into your own mouth. It's an… interesting feeling.

Finally a need for air separates you.

You pull the strings on her top and let it fall from her shoulders, leaving her just in her thin shirt.

You tell her wouldn't it feel better to just stop thinking, for the moment? To let what happens happen?

Your hands trail along her near-flat little chest, massaging her breasts.

"Mm–! N-no.. we can't stop… thinking…"

Though even as she objects, Robin's hands work on undoing your leggings.

It seems her body can't follow her head's reservations.

You can feel her hands press against your cock as it springs free of your bottoms and your leggings pool around your ankles, your sword clattering to the floor.

She lets out a squeak of apology at letting your sword fall, but you tell her not to worry. It's sturdy.


Her eyes are on your dick and her hands are on your chest next, pushing your cape and tunic off of you. Her grip is firm and hungry.

"I don't want to get pregnant… I can't handle a baby…" she whines.


The sentiment is disheartening, but the words contrasting with her lusty tone and the fact she can't keep her hands off of you is intoxicating.

It's been a while since you had sex with a woman who wasn't outright begging to have your babies in both body and mind. There were plenty of hesitant women back in Virilia, but this is a first for Ruhemania.

Back then, you would just whisper that if she said 'no' and didn't accept the risk, you'd stop. That would eventually provoke their consent.

You've known girls who raised their children and did their duties, but Robin is going to be in your army, not just working as your maid. She does have a point…

Your fingers grip the hem of her shirt and you start to tug it over her head. You press another kiss to her lips and consider your options.

You've passed the point of backing out, but maybe there's something you can say to help alleviate her fears.

You rule out telling her she can just give the babe to a priest and let it be taken to an orphanage. It's too much.

Choice time:
>You're loath to do it, but point out having sex once isn't a guarantee she'll become pregnant.
>Promise that, as a soldier, she'll have special consideration and any child would be raised with the entire barrack, not just by her.
>Repeat your old line. It's a risk, and she should assume she will get pregnant, so if she really doesn't want to do it, all she has to do is say 'no'…

306a3 No.57812


I suppose a write-in option isn't allowed for this particular scenario?

0a25a No.57815

It is allowed. I don't want to preemptively eliminate them except under very rare circumstances. That said, if one can't work for any reason (it doesn't fit the setting, Edward's emotional state precludes it, etc.) then I will have to speak up and say "I'm sorry, I can't allow this."

306a3 No.57816


Thanks, Aristo.

In that case, I'd like to go with write-in option 4 - Give Robin the long term benefits of pregnancy, specifically establishing her own future successors as potential tacticians and generals of Edward's army. Also stress that her exceptional abilities could be carried on the genes.

Ergo, Robin could further expand her support for Edward's kingdom by planning ahead with her children's future if she does get pregnant.

Because imo, I don't see just children of Robin - I see an entire new generation of military leaders and generals through Robin's family.

0a25a No.57817

Knowledge of genes per se is beyond the scope of the medieval (ish) setting, but I will otherwise accept this write-in.

Please continue to vote.

55610 No.57818

>Option 3
Option 1 is a no go. Disparaging our virility is both dishonorable and borders on a lie.
Option 2 is also bad. Children don't want to be raised in a barracks, and I thought that the long-term plan was to start a nursery in the castle run by the maids anyway.
The write-in Option 4 isn't great either. We've already sworn that Robin will join our army sight unseen to be trained for military leadership; we don't know how she'll adjust to the barracks conditions, and it seems that she expects us to be on a war footing when the last war Ruhemania has seen was the Unification War decades ago. It would be a very bad idea to double down and state that Robin's line will inherit the title of General. Additionally, General is a title where merit is far more important than birthright; merit is the basis upon which we are recruiting Robin, after all.

As a result, I think breaking out Ol' Reliable is our best choice here.

c9dc5 No.57820

Option 3. Don’t change what ain’t broke.

2f175 No.57822

Option 3.

479b4 No.57833


Option 3

9df18 No.57834

Option 3. We shouldn't push her if she's not ready. Besides, I'm sure our lovely wife would enjoy having a crack at her later. The fact that Robin warned us will certainly get her on Tharja's good side.

c121e No.57837

Agreed. Option 3.

8d5a5 No.57879

I support this write-in.

3cfe9 No.57880

With the caveat already aforementioned by the author, supporting this write-in option.

d9cea No.57933

Option 3; kings don't stoop to coercion. Power is quick to spoil if not carefully compartmentalized; We have witches for that. Not that my vote changes anything.

Something's been bothering me, though: what is the point of cloistering the children in monasteries? The sheer number of our progeny devalues each individual bastard. Bear with me here, wall of text and no decisions implied:
The more women Edward impregnates, the less claim any of his children has to this particular throne. Succession exists to be exploited, either by the ruling family or a wily regent, by way of rallying political support for legitimacy. If enough (important) people believe it, it was always true. Stannis Baratheon is your true highborn lord, if he just repeats it often and loudly enough; same with Trumpo. What i'm saying is that if there is a question of succession, it will coalesce into two camps: 1) the oldest legitimate child (Tharja's) is the heir, or 2) anything else, usually merit, should determine succession.
Either way, we win. Corrin's family's royal plan isn't ambitious enough in scope, they don't know Edward. They are scheming to add 3 drops to an already overflowing bucket. This was always going to be the problem. And so all of their planning to smash our status quo, disappears without a ripple inside that status quo. The ballsiest thing we can do is spring their trap, just smash right through, kool aid man style. Impregnate all three sisters AND the emerald knight (assuming the knight is female and not someone we already 'know', ahem, biblically), and let the members of that family who aren't already under your sway find out that all they've really bought is up to three serious threats to their own royal succession. They can always marry off their bastards to one of your other bastards to create alliances and indemnify against internecine warfare.. until the archduke of prussia gets assassinated in Sarajevo and everything is auto-perma-fucked. But it should be a pretty sweet ride until then.

tl;dr: too many buns already in/out of the oven ruins the royal plot; we have already carpet-bombed our way out of this paper bag of a coup and all that remains is humiliation and sowing our seed (and also chaos) for the sheer joy of it.

e8eb7 No.57934

>>"…members of the family who aren't already under your sway…"
And now I'm imagining Edward seducing the three sisters out of the plan and into his harem. Would mean Corrin going home alone, but that'd short-circuit their coup plan something fierce.

aa895 No.57939

It's not so easy. Robin said that the parents also plan on "forcing" Edward to legitimise the child. Therefore he (I'm assuming everyone is speculating on a son) will no longer be a bastard and a true part of the line of succession.

Moreover: Most likely "noble" bastards count for more than Elizabeth's child for example, even if her's will most likely be our first-born in Ruhemania. Beatrice is the only other noble woman Edward has slept with and she isn't pregnant yet (and I would guess that's because aristo thought of exactly that) and also a foreigner so that the child wouldn't even be half-Ruhemanian. At least that's what everyone believes based on her cover story. So we don't have the option of legitimising another bastard.
The only other noble woman we have met explicitly or have heard of is Dimitrie's mother and she may be too old to knock her up. EK is pure speculation at this point. Even if EK is a woman, she may be low born and just participate in the tournament for the chance of getting knighted.
They also don't know yet that Tharja is pregnant. What I'm saying is: Not all bastards are equal and they probably think that if they act fast enough that one of the sisters will have Edward's oldest son and therefore be the heir to the throne (once legitimised). Even if they find out that Tharja is pregnant, she only has a 50/50 chance of having a son. The chance that only Tharja has a son and all three sisters have daughters is only ~6%. If even one of the three has a son, all they have to do is arrange for a hunting accident and BAM: the oldest (newly legitimised) son of the king is a resident of Chrisania.

It all hinges on whatever else they have in store. We must find out how they are planning to "force" Edward to legitimise the child. If we can counteract that part of the plan, everything else falls apart.

But of course: I fully support your plan to knock up more women and create more bastards. :-) Preferably we also find out if Dimitrie's mother is still fertile and if EK is a noble woman.

aa895 No.57940

Well, technically they don't need their daughters, only control of their grandchildren for the plan to work. We not only have to sway the three sisters, we'd also have to conceal the existence of the three children from Corrin and the (grand)parents.

In Robin's case it should be possible to arrange it so that Sully raises "twins" for example.

0a25a No.58029

>7 votes for option three, emphasize the risk exists but that she can say 'no'.
>3 votes for write-in, open her up to the benefits of being pregnant, and children.

Tell Robin if she can't handle a baby, she needs to say 'no' and abandon sex with you entirely.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.58507

File: 1561022742860.jpg (64.89 KB, 850x1026, Robin-blame.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You embrace your history in Virilia and hit her with a confident little smirk.

You let her shirt drop to the floor, leaving her topless.

You tell her you understand… it's a risk. No, it's more than a risk.

If you have sex now, she should absolutely assume she's going to be carrying around a little bump eventually.

She gives another conflicted moan. Her skin is hot under your lips,

Your hands are on her skirt next. You tug it down, over the slight curve of her ass, until it's pooling on the floor.

There's very few barriers left between you two. Just Robin's hesitation and… air.


Robin's eyes are on your cock. You think this must be her first sight of one in the flesh.

How does it feel to see it, you ask?

Robin doesn't answer, her face just becomes even more red.

You decide to take the initiative and step forward.

She makes no move to back away as you get close enough to lay your hands on her body.

You press a bare hand to her little chest, nestled between her small breasts.

Her face is flushed. Her heart is beating fast. And…

She gives off a moan as your rough, callused fingers tease over her erect nipples.

…She can't hold back her arousal.

Does she want it, you ask? Her first sexual experience… with you.


Robin lets out another whine. True to your words, she's dangerously close to giving in to the lusty atmosphere.

You can feel her bare belly tease your erect cock. Her arms touching your hips and wrapping around to grope your ass.

"I do…"

Before you can advance, she follows that up with another hurried statement.

"But I don't want to get pregnant!"


You can't help but lead her a few steps toward your bed, her feet backing up with you as you step out of your leggings.

You understand, you say…

All she has to do is say she wants to stop. You'll both put on your clothes and go your separate ways.

You'll be sad, but if that

It's the absolute only way to make sure she doesn't get pregnant.


Robin looks up at you with disappointed eyes.

"That's not fair…" she whines.


You suppress your grin and ask her… why not?

You know damn well why, of course. Robin's arching her back, pressing her skin into your touch. She's definitely eager to be mounted.

You watch her face scrunch up in frustration.

"Because… because I want to have sex with you!"

… Aha.

A true dilemma.

You tell her that you understand… unfortunately, nature demands both, or none.

You're at the edge of the bed now, the backs of Robin's legs are brushing the edge.

Which will it be, you ask?


She's made the decision. You know she's made the decision. She just takes a moment to build up the nerve to tell you.

Several long seconds pass, and just when you're starting to think she might really back out, she lets out an exaggerated sigh.


She has her red cheeks puffed angrily as she stares up at you.

"If I get pregnant, it's all your fault!"

Her body shakes with excitement.

"It'll be your fault! All your fault! Not mine!" she repeats.


You brush a tender hand through one of her pigtails.

You can live with that, you say.

0a25a No.58508

File: 1561022928602.jpg (147.01 KB, 850x1133, Robin-disarmed.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Knowing Robin's a virgin, you take it slow.

You settle your hands on each side of her body as your cock finds alignment with her slit.

Her labia starts to spread around your member as you press your hips closer.

"Oh my God! We're really doing it…"

Robin bites her lip as her pussy yields to your cock.

Can she feel it, you ask?

"Ev– every contour…"

Heh. You've barely just inserted the tip… let alone gone deep enough to take her hymen.

You whisper to her to just relax.

It's supposed to feel good. Otherwise… no one would do it.


You can feel her lips sucking you in deeper as you press onward.

It's not long before the tip of your penis prods the proof of her virginity.

Her hymen.

How long has it been since you claimed two cherries in one day?

The thought distracts you as Robin shakes her hips underneath you, rolling them against you.

She really is eager. You think raising the prospect of denying her must have paradoxically made her all the more ready to take your seed.

You take in a deep breath and whisper. It may hurt her first time.

At least Robin has the luxury of crying out without fear of being discovered.

You press the tip of your cock harder, wedging the fleshy shat against the thin film, making it stretch.

You're planning to go slow, let Robin get accustomed to your cock inside her and lose her virginity gradually, but…

All of a sudden, your penis penetrates right through her, tearing her hymen and destroying her maidenhead forever, until your cock is half-way inside her.


Robin gives a pained wince, and you can't help but do the same. The suddenness of your sex took you by surprise as well. The sensation of friction and sex being more than you were prepared for.

–What just happened?

Is she all right, you whisper?

Robin gives you an open mouthed moan.

"M-More…" she begs, her voice needy, her plea reverberating throughout the room.


You're in no mood to resist her.

Taking the sudden defloration as divine guidance, you lower your hands to her hips.

She arches her back as you start to move, giving you an easy place to settle your hands and pull her hips into you as you thrust forward.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.58570

File: 1561269234751.png (1.19 MB, 1200x1600, Robin-finish.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You try to keep yourself from putting too much pressure on Robin.

She's a virgin. She's petite.

She's underneath you, receiving your cock and at your mercy.

"Engh… aaaah– …oh…"

Each inch you fit inside Robin's pussy earns another cry.

It's all you can do to shift your weight gradually.

It's slow going, but you manage to hold yourself back and let Robin become accommodated to your length. Little by little, big by big.

Until finally you announce to her that you're all the way inside.

Robin blinks her eyes, looking up at your face.

"You got it inside… me?" she asks.

You give a quick nod.

You ask her, can she feel it?

You pull your hips back and buck them against her, just a short distance, not enough to risk pulling out.

The shuddered gasp Robin lets out is all the proof you need that she can.

"I… I c-can't believe this… ah… we're really… f-fucking…"

Mm. Not yet, you whisper.

Not until you both start doing… this.

You pull back again, slowly, until you nearly pull the tip out of her pussy, then push your erect cock back inside.

She moans at the feeling, your mutual lubrication making the effort smooth.

You repeat what you're doing, again and again, until you establish a rhythm.

It doesn't take long for Robin to get the idea and start thrusting her hips back against you.

Her cute face stares up at you as you bite your lip.

"Y-You're gonna get me pregnant…" she wheezes.

–Oh, God.

You're already hot from the sex, and the impulsive nature of it…

But hearing Robin announce that is enough to make you flex, groan, and floods your cock with a rush of excitement, enough to make you swell up harder. You can't control your hips and drive your cock in to her cunt, hard.

You both shudder as the front of your crotch hits hers with a hard slap.

The sudden motion shoving her down the bed.

Robin blinks her eyes, recovering, tilting her head to you.

"W-What was that…? Why did you get bigger?"

A short pause, before you watch her eyes spark with comprehension.

"You want me pregnant…?"

You don't reply, you don't even have the presence of mind to give her a nod. She figured you out completely… though you hardly hid it.

You mindlessly pound your hips, harder, eager to make her prediction come true.

Robin's hips can't keep up with you, and she starts squealing, her legs around you pulling her along with your pelvic movements.


The tender folds of her crevasse grip you like a vise, pulsating around you as you relentlessly fuck your future general.

A voice inside your head whispers to you that breeding her now is the correct action… her children will surely be as smart as her. And the more, the better.

You'll convince her of that soon.

For now…

You've lowered yourself more onto Robin's body, her small chest pressing against yours. Her hard nipples pushing against your muscles.

Her mouth makes little gasps as she struggles to breathe under you.

You're having a hard time breathing, too.

Your hot panting mixes together as your movements leave both of you hot and sweaty.

"I don't understand… why do you want to knock me up…?"


Her questions about her mid-coitus epiphany do not make it easy to hold back.

It seems even in the midst of penetration and copulating, Robin can't let her curiosity go dormant.

Your capacity for reason, on the other hand…

You let out a loud grunt in response, feeling your balls tighten as you can suddenly count the strokes down to when you'll come inside her.

"You're swelling up again…! You're thrusting harder… and throbbing…"

Your cock slides in and out of Robin's pussy. Sloppy wet squelching noises fill the room as you rut like wild animals.

You yell that you're going to come.

"Inside me?! Still? Oh God, why is this so hot…"

You watch her face tighten, her teeth clenching, then feel her vaginal walls contract around your cock.

It's more than enough stimulation to send you over the edge. With one last thrust, you hold back all the tension you've built up with Robin… then, let go.

Cock sheathed inside her, you freely start to let out your second load of the day. Your cock constricting in a hurry to let out as much cum as you have saved up in your balls from the last time. To impregnate. To breed.

You both ride out your orgasms together in mutual moans of ecstasy.


Robin is pushed up more and more until she's almost on her shoulders, with you up on your tiptoes in your hurry to get as much of your cock inside her as possible.

"I can feel it… I can actually feel it… I can feel your seed inside me…"

…You too.

More so, you suspect.

You look down at Robin as you try to regather your wits. Your head is dizzy from the intense pounding you just gave her.

Her walls still vibrate and pulsate around you, no doubt sucking your cum deeper inside her eager vagina toward her waiting womb.


You both stare at each other as you catch your breath, then mutually press your faces together. Swallowing each other up for a passionate kiss.

Your eyes are shut tight as you war with Robin's tongue for dominance.

So, in the end, even after her warnings, it still happened. The urge was simply too great and the opportunity too perfect.

You knocked up Robin.

You look forward to seeing how pregnancy fills out her body… the thought that she'll actually be sticking around for you to witness it is real treat to anticipate and savor.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.58600

File: 1561365168579.jpg (431.76 KB, 850x602, Robin-after.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You spare Robin the pain of your body on top of hers and carefully pull yourself back, retracting your rapidly softening cock from her filled cunt.

You can't help but turn your head and stare at her pussy, watching her pussy lips now tinged red with the friction of your lovemaking, semen slowly beginning to slide out of her entrance, mixed with the blood of her defloration.

You don't get too long to admire your handiwork, as Robin lazily sits up.

"I can't believe we did that," she whines, her hands poking at her sensitive labia, making a move to pick up a bit of sheet from the bed and dab off the excess.

You tell her that won't do her any good. She may as well leave your seed where it is.

She puffs up her cheeks again, turning toward you.

"This is all your fault," she says.

You can't help but laugh, an amused little chuckle. Yes, they decided that, you remind her. It'll all be your fault if she gets pregnant. You understand.

Her faces turns red in a deep blush when you say the words. There's a long pause before Robin turns toward you again.

"I know, but… Urrrrgh. You shouldn't have gone along with it."

It's not in your nature to say no, but you decide not to press the point.

She licks her lower lip.

"…Did I mention I think I'm ovulating?" she asks.


You just came, but at hearing that…

Your cock immediately tries to get itself erect again. You can't help but let out a painful little wince as it does so.

Robin turns her head, noticing the reaction.

"'Majesty… You really think impregnating women is sexy?"

… Is that a problem?

You don't have the patience, even in the afterglow, to indulge the question about your desires to sow your seed. The end result is Robin's question meets with your own defiance.

You'd think every man alive would feel the same way, you add.

Robin doesn't argue. She gives out a sigh, then rubs her head.

"This is bad… my parents' stupid plan perfectly exploits the King's weakness…"

… Hey.

You're vaguely close to feeling offense.

At the very least, you tell her, it's hardly a weakness.

If she only knew it'd earned you your Kingdom…

Robin stops pouting and turns to you again.

"A-Anyway! Just, don't do the same with my sisters. You can't afford to let them get pregnant… or even risk it."

It's a little late for that, you muse silently to yourself.

Robin blinks her eyes.

"…'Majesty? Why do you have that look on your face?" she asks.


You wonder if this is a good opportunity to give your own backstory to Robin.

If so… how much?

Choice time:
>You can't be sure Robin's siblings won't interrogate her. Tell her that her suggestion is noted and carry on.
>Might as well come clean, tell Robin about your meeting with Cordelia.
>Robin's smart, she should know your entire history. Tell her all about Virilia and how you earned your throne. –Mention Cordelia at the end.

98197 No.58605

Ooh, this is a tricky one. I don't think Edward should tell her everything, since that might spill some beans we don't want spilled (like his relationship with witches). Might be wise to at least come clean about Cordelia, then maybe some kind of strategizing can be done to try to deal with that (and perhaps later when Edward inevitably gets a chance at Camilla). Perhaps there's a way to turn this whole ordeal to Edward's favor (though I'm not sure how he wins Corrin over)

Option 2. At least be honest about Cordelia, the full history can be saved for later. Maybe something can be worked out from where to go from here with the sisters.

bb16c No.58606

Option 2. If Robin is to be our strategist/tactician/general, then we should rely on her to help us with this dilemma. She doesn't need to know the Mad Rutting Beast's full history yet, but her input could be extremely helpful. She knows her family far better than we do, after all.

c121e No.58607

>>Mad Rutting Beast

Anyway, yeah, Option 2.

479b4 No.58608


Option 2

f8fc4 No.58611


Pretty unanimous, option 2.

55610 No.58624

>Option 3
I find it hard to believe that Robin won't find out about our reputation eventually, and we are already trusting her, so we might as well come clean with everything. She might stop worrying as much if she knows we have dozens of bastards back at Virilia.

2f175 No.58627

Option 3.

She's a strategist freshly in our employ (or about to be) telling her everything may be to our benefit and she may be able to give us additional knowledge that we did not have.

566e2 No.58628

I wouldn't want to tell her about witches yet, but everything about us and our habits… Yeah, I think we should be open about that. Option 3.

c121e No.58631


Actually, y'all bring up some good points. So…… Switching my vote
to Option 3, with caveat of no mention of witches.

0a25a No.58637

Just to be clear, "entire history" wasn't meant to include anything about witchcraft. Only about Virilia and Edward's reputation.

By my count, the votes are currently:
>4 votes for option two, tell Robin about your encounter with Cordelia.
>4 votes for option three, tell about your history in Virilia and reputation, adding on the detail about Cordelia at the end.

I am not declaring a tie yet.

Please continue to vote.

981f7 No.58652

Option 3

5362d No.58674


0a25a No.58706

>4 votes for option two, tell Robin about your encounter with Cordelia.
>6 votes for option three, tell about your history in Virilia and reputation, adding on the detail about Cordelia at the end.

Share your background with impregnating women in Virilia, and her sister in Ruhemania.

Poll closed, update soon.

0a25a No.58938

Robin is going to be one of your allies. And likely a mother for your children.

You do think she's going to be important once she's adapted to life at the castle after the Faire.

The sooner her adept mind gets to working for you, the better.

You'd probably end up telling her eventually, or having it come up with her around.

That's your logic when you decide you'll tell Robin the whole story.

You tell Robin to sit with you for a while.

She let you hear her backstory, so you'd like to share yours.


Robin scoots over so she's next to you, an interested look on her face.

She makes no interruption, so you simply begin talking.

Where to begin…

Before you came to Ruhemania, you were the son of the Independent Duke of Virilia, you start to say.

Robin's eyes light up.

"You were a Duke's son?! You weren't a Prince??"

… You'll thank her to not shout so close to you, you say.

She fidgets, before apologizing.

You go on.

You became fascinated with pregnancy since you could remember…

When you became of age, you started 'sowing your wild oats,' so to speak.

You impregnated the servants, the peasants, the aristocrats, and any travelers who came to Virilia who would be seduced.

–You decide to leave off the part about the nuns you had sex with.

You became known for your reputation of impregnating women. When your father decided he wanted you married off, it gave you a chance to marry, technically, above your station.

A matchmaker offered you several choices for your bride. You chose to marry Tharja, and that set you off on your journey to Ruhemania.

You finish your story.

As she can see: sex, and pregnancy are hardly a drawback. It was your 'enthusiasm,' so to speak, that brought you to Ruhemania in the first place.

You add that you haven't slowed down since you've become King… you actually met with Cordelia earlier. You shared a passionate tryst, in which you did take her hymen and leave her with your seed.

So, it's a little too late for Robin to say 'Make sure you don't have sex with my sisters.' You tell her not to worry, though. It doesn't make her parents' plan any less ridiculous.


Robin listens, then her expression slowly goes into slack-jawed surprise.

Like she expected you to say 'just kidding' at the end, and you've shocked her by implying you're serious.

…All that's true, you decide to add. Might as well make the implication explicit.

You don't want to risk hearing her doubt the veracity of your words again.

Robin reaches her hand between her legs, bringing it up again with her fingertips stained a mixed red-white.

Her face turns in a little exasperated expression.

–Then you watch her fall back flat on the bed, in an over-the-top display of dramatics.

"Ohhh, God! It is true, isn't it?!"

She starts rolling around, pulling her hair and kicking her feet.

"I don't want to fight my parents! I don't, I don't, I don't!"

You can't help but burst into a little fit of laughter at her antics.

Somehow, seeing such a strong-willed woman with a head for military tactics throwing what amounts to a childish temper tantrum seems… cute.

At least for about ten seconds.

You start making soothing noises and tell her to calm down.

She stops rolling at least, hitting you with a hard pout.

"You're laughing at me!" she accuses.

You'd argue, but you can't contain your amused smile.

You tell her not to worry about it.

The strength of one bastard vying for your throne becomes less as there are more and more of them, doesn't it?

Her pout turns into a frown.

"And if they all band together? Or if my parents use your reputation as some sort of impregnator king to demand you acknowledge the baby is yours?"


Whatever happens, happens, you suppose.

In contrast to your easy-going attitude, Robin's mind is still racing.

"Wait a minute, this means… you're still going to sleep with my sister Camilla?"

–Well, yes.

You go ahead and admit it. You were especially hoping to do so with her. As long as she's willing, that is.


Robin doesn't stop there.

"And Sully? She said she'd vouch for your character personally. That could only mean you know her, personally."


You don't mind talking abstractly about your experiences with persons Robin is likely never to meet, or who are directly involved in the conspiracy she's talked about, but there's a certain amount of privacy and discretion that's deserved in your relationships, you start to say. Your relationship with Sully is private.

Robin's eyes widen with shock again.

"Oh my God, you have," she whispers.

You start to cross your arms.

Your patience is wearing thin.

But Robin presses on.

"So the reason you're looking for female soldiers… is that specifically to impregnate them?"


Caught red-handed in your own plot, you can't manage any rebuttal but a little mischievous grin. One that, unfortunately, confirms Robin's suspicion.

Robin's good. She already got you.

Her reaction to your expression is an exasperated sigh.

"You're hopeless."

You can only shrug. That's how it is. You don't see yourself changing.

There's a brief pause, so you take the opportunity to come up behind Robin and massage her shoulders.

Her muscles are particularly tight, so you whisper to her to relax. She's thinking too much.



Robin straightens out again, turning back toward you.

Oh boy. Now, what has she puzzled out?

"If you're busy with all this, then Her Highness must already be pregnant!"

… Ah.

Now there's a secret you should actually care if she keeps.

"Am I wrong?" Robin presses you.

At the very least, her tone has shifted to being excited and eager again. Not critical, nonplussed, or panicky.

You don't have the lack of pride to lie about something like this.

Yes, she's correct. Tharja should be at least seven weeks pregnant by now. Perhaps more, but no less.

You're holding back from making the announcement publicly because you want to make sure she's safe during the Faire, and she's not showing yet.

Robin lets out a relieved sigh.

"I knew it! What sense would it make for you to be so obsessed with pregnancy but leave your wife alone?"

She adds that it's probably good strategy to not openly announce it.

Does that mean she has your secrecy, then?

"Ah… of course."

She blushes, her eyes looking downward.

"A-Anyway, if you've got a legitimate heir then it'll be a bit easier for you. But…"

She turns her head, her eyes a little sad.

"Really? You're not going to even try to resist having sex with Camilla?"

… No.

You leave out talking about how Camilla is exactly your type with her big hips, bust, and child-bearing figure, for fear she'll take offense when Robin has none of those things, but…

You're not particularly planning on holding back.

–As long as Camilla is willing, you add.

You're not a brute who takes what he wants, no matter what the woman thinks about it.

You consider yourself the epitome of a considerate lover.

Unable to stop yourself, you gallantly pick up one of Robin's hands and bring it to your lips to kiss.

Is that accurate, you ask…?


Robin blushes furiously at the sudden attention.

"I– I mean, yes, but…"

It's all right.

You tell her she doesn't need to say anything else.

Instead you hear her huff and watch her little chest rise and fall.

You hold her hand and stroke her, soothing her.

You don't move to do anything else, fearing you might overwhelm her.

After a few minutes, Robin finally breaks the silence.

"I-I should probably go before they possibly miss me."

That might be impossible, you muse.

Robin… was seen, at least once, you remind her. By the guard.

Would it be better for her if she claimed she met you, and that she successfully seduced you?

Robin blinks, considering your proposal.

"…You think I should?" she asks, softly.


It's a delicate situation.

Robin could theoretically just go back to her room and hope no one notices and that her family doesn't question her.


She could go right to her family and announce she's 'done her part,' so to speak.

With how easy it is for Cordelia to 'seduce' you, you think they probably would believe it.

–But then, was it in Robin's nature for her to go along with her parents' plan? Maybe they would sniff out the real deceitful reason she came to you.

You're not sure what they'd do to her if they discovered that.

Your gaze falls to Robin's slender form, so boyish and begging to be filled out with a generous bump and heavy breasts.

You have… revealed more than a few secrets to Robin. Directly and indirectly.

It would be troublesome if she, in turn, revealed them to her siblings, and then her siblings revealed them to her parents'.

You decided not to hear Robin's oath to become your soldier, but the circumstances have changed.

Maybe you should let her after all, just to protect what you've told her?

Worst case scenario, they might pressure her to go back to Chrisania.

–But then that might really be tipping that you know of their conspiracy.

Choice time:
>Let Robin go. Advise her to not mention anything that happened tonight to anyone.
>Send Robin back, tell her that she should announce she's successfully 'seduced' you.
>Send Robin back… but suggest spinning a lie that you both just happened to meet, and you seduced her.
>On second thought, it's worth having Robin swear her oath to you right now. Move her to the armory. Deal with her siblings demanding compensation from you later.

55610 No.58939

A combination of 1 and 3: Robin shouldn't say anything unprompted, but if her siblings find out that she met with the King and ask about it, she should tell them that he seduced her. Also iron out an exact story of what happened, so there aren't contradictions or leaked information.

>"I don't want to fight my parents! I don't, I don't, I don't!"
I, uh, thought she did want to fight her parents? Isn't that the whole reason she's here?

c121e No.58951


I agree with >>58939 ,for the moment anyways.

33158 No.58967

I agree with this write-in.

a80c9 No.58979

I vote for this write in.

479b4 No.58988


I vote for this write in

9e6b6 No.59111

Option 1. If the parents don't think that the plan worked, they'll probably send Robin back again.

296fd No.59114

New here. I havent caught up yet but Im going with the majority

0a25a No.59118

Welcome! I hope you find the story enticing.

However, there is an issue with your vote.

I'm sorry, but I must ask you to be more precise in your voting. Please say clearly "I vote for option one/two/three." Or "I vote for a write in. Which is…" and then write the description.

Vague votes or votes written in a long-winded fashion are very difficult for me to tabulate when it's time to close the vote. To make it a little easier, I ask that everyone state clearly "I vote for x." This is much easier to register as a glance and keep track of, and really helps me stay organized.

By all means, I want to encourage discussion of strategy and observations readers make about the story, so do not feel like you need to suppress any other details you want to note. But when it comes to registering your vote, please label it in a concise manner.

Please continue to vote.

I will close the vote tomorrow.

0a25a No.59138

>1 vote for option one, advise Robin not to mention tonight to anyone.
>5 votes for write-in, advise Robin not to offer information, but to 'confess' to being seduced if confronted. Iron out details of what may have happened.
>1 vote for what I assume is the write-in. (Please be clear with your voting everyone.)

Create a scenario in which Robin would have been plausibly seduced by you, which she can keep in reserve to tell her siblings if she's confronted.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.59345

You decide it's best to hedge your bets.

You and Robin sit together as you go over a possible scenario.

Robin arranged a meeting with you tonight via the maids… for the purposes of satisfying her curiosity about Virilia.

No way will her siblings believe she tried to make an effort to seduce you in such a direct manner, but wanting to press you for more information is another story.

You were reluctant to talk about your homeland so openly, so you invited Robin to your chambers.

She had no desire to lay with you, but she figured it didn't really matter. They were already meeting at sunset.

Back in the quietness of your room, you conjured a story of your reputation as a womanizer in Virilia and told it to Robin.

Leaving out the details of it being a Dukedom and not a Kingdom, nor explicitly mentioning your wish to impregnate every woman. That could potentially reveal more than you'd like. Even if it didn't, it'd implied you trusted Robin with something personal when, according to this story, she's done nothing particularly to earn that trust.

It was from that point Robin asked for a demonstration on how you would, for example, go about seducing a woman. She asked without considering she, in fact, is a woman.

And… she ended up carried away by it and was herself seduced. To a point she herself was surprised. She didn't want to talk about it, therefore. In fact, she's hoping she doesn't get pregnant, because the plan is still stupid. But, hopefully her seduction will make them 'get off her back,' so to speak.

–Well, that's practically what happened.

You're confident this story is enough of a mixture of truth, fiction, and omission to pass scrutiny. It contradicts nothing said at the dinner. It reinforces how you acted toward Cordelia, and is consistent with what you've seen of Robin's personality. You just have to make sure you keep the details of this slightly-altered history in Virilia consistent.

To your concealed delight, the story also allows the possibility that you could meet with Robin again without contradicting the premises.

After you finish working out every detail your mind can muster, Robin finally nods, satisfied.

"I suppose… this is good night, then," she offers.

Hm. Yes.

The sun has practically fully set. You still need to visit Tharja.

Robin kicks her feet, sitting on the side of your bed, then stands up.

There's a clear wet spot from where your seed leaked from between her legs on your bed, and a stain of her virginal blood on her thighs from where you took her maidenhead.

She walks over to where you left her clothes and bends over at the waist to pick them up, inadvertently giving you a glimpse of her pussy from between her legs.

The sight of her pubic hair is almost a novelty now, after Tharja has 'marked' so many women she helped you seduce.

You're reminded also of Robin's claim that she's ovulating.

…You should say one last thing.

Choice time:
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to come meet you again tomorrow night for sex and to keep in touch.
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to get down on her hands and knees for one last session tonight. You don't know when you can see her again after all.
>You want her pregnant. Instruct Robin to meet with Tharja during the day. She'll help organize when you can next meet.

3cfe9 No.59351

Option 2. No time like the present…

98197 No.59352

I'm going to go with Option 3. Something tells me Robin might not be ready for Round 2 just yet, and at the same time it might make it blatantly clear something happened between the two which would kinda blow the purpose of the cover story.

Best bet is to play it safe. Tharja can probably take care of planning the next encounter without attracting too much attention (hopefully she doesn't get the bright idea to make it a threesome with Camilla).

2f175 No.59356

Option 1. It keeps with our story the best out of all the options.

c121e No.59362

Gonna have to go with Option 3…. now that she's in our employ, she should take a more active role in foiling the plot, if she can.

479b4 No.59364


I vote for Option 3

9e6b6 No.59367

Option 3.

080a9 No.59384

Option three.

I bet that if we got to Tharja now, we'll catch her with Camilla who was suspiciously easy to seduce. If we any wait longer, Camilla will go to bed. I want to try to have all sisters in the same day. Of course we shouldn't mention that to Robin.

55610 No.59396

>Option 3
How the hell are we even foiling the plot, anyway? I feel like the only way to guarantee the sisters don't return home is by offering them titles, and that's going to have consequences down the road. Let alone what we do about Corrin.

972b4 No.59406

Option 2: It’s the Edward thing to do.

0a25a No.59416

>1 vote for option one, invite her to another meeting tomorrow.
>2 votes for option two, seize the day and have sex with her again.
>6 votes for option three, involve Tharja, tell Robin to approach Tharja about when and how it is best for you both to meet again.

Bring in Tharja to help you impregnate Robin.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.59827

You consider the merits of putting Robin on her hands and knees and taking her again, this time from behind… but, you decide against it. Your prior emission is still dripping from her crotch. She's just had her virginity taken and will likely be sore. You've had sex enough today that you risk rubbing yourself raw… none of those realities are particularly exciting.

It's tempting to arrange more trysts and indirectly use Robin as a spy while you impregnate her. You'd be able to create a way to monitor what's happening with the Chrisania siblings… but for how long would that go undetected? It's too risky.

You decide there's another good option, one that's subtle and discreet.

You step over to Robin and help her get dressed. She gives out a surprised little gasp as you help put her skirt back on. Followed by her shirt. You take your time smoothing it over her pubic area and her chest, respectfully.

Try to go to the library during the day, you tell her. At a time, ideally, that Corrin and anyone else would not be there. She'll have to have Tharja's permission and blessing to do so.

But, it's just a pretense. Tell Tharja you want her help arranging a meeting, and you'll both be able to see each other again. It'll be much easier than meeting face-to-face.

"A-All right."

She nods at your advice, not asking why.

Tharja's efforts with helping you impregnate the women you meet will catch her by surprise. That, or Robin will reason it out when she's escaped the emotion of the moment and has a chance to think about it.

Robin hugs you in an embrace.

The sudden closeness makes you smile and you reach your fingers up to brush one of her pigtails.

"'Majesty, will you walk me down the stairs?"

Mm, of course. You'd already decided to do that.

You don't need a repeat of that time with Beatrice.

Walking down the stairs is infinitely more bone-chilling at twilight than it is during the day or even at sunset.

You're only glad you plan to go to Tharja's room than risk going back up.

At the very least, you find the courage to go in front of Robin.

She's walking rather bow-legged and wincing every other step.

Not to mention she has to hold her book in one arm.

Finally, you slow to the end of the steps and take your footing on the ground and the portal out of the tower.

The guard reports nothing. You do not acknowledge the guard. You simply whisper to Robin to leave. She nods, then does so.

It's not the most tender farewell, but it will have to do, for now.

You start to walk away, then you remember you planned a little meeting with the Elbanians tomorrow.

You can't risk that stunt not happening, and so you turn back to the guard.

You him you will be sleeping with your wife tonight, and that is where to look for you. He needs to make sure the senior guard is informed, and that you have enough time to prepare.

He swears it will be done as soon as his shift is relieved. That's good enough.

You expect your soldiers who come looking for you know where you are by now, though.

But you're not planning on coming back to the tower.

You go to see Tharja.

You give a salute to the guard standing watch at the entrance to Tharja's wing. He reports no suspicious movement. Good.

You take a torch from the wall and continue onward, into the hallway and corridor, pas the portrait, until you're at Tharja's door.

You don't even have to knock when you hear the door unlock. Tharja pulls it open and then pulls you close for an embrace.

"Edward! Darling…"

She kisses the side of your neck, and you give her as best a hug you can give with one arm.

You set the torch near its holder and join her on the bed.

You confess to Tharja you're feeling a bit tired tonight and would she mind just cuddling with you?

Tharja blinks in surprise, but nods.

"Of course, Edward. I don't mind at all."

There's no disappointment in her words, which you're grateful for.

That being said…

Tharja immediately fixes you with a pleased grin.

"But, Edward… I think you'll be pleased to know something."

–What's that, you ask?

You have an inkling, but you don't want to spoil your wife's fun.

Tharja coos in delight, rubbing her hands with yours. The soft flesh soothing against your callused palms and fingers.

"I managed to talk with Camilla… and I think she's very interested in you."


Imagine that.

The details of what you went over with Robin for the past hours comes back to you.


Oh. Tharja caught on.

That's only natural. Normally you'd be very interested with that sort of news. Unfortunately, you knew it already.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.


Should you tell Tharja the whole story?

It goes without saying you trust your dear wife with anything… no matter what happens.

But– would this spoil her 'fun'?

No doubt Tharja is envisioning 'preparing' Camilla for you. You wonder if she'll even be shaved bare and waiting for you in a white gown, in this very room.

Is it right to spoil that?

Then again, she may have some insight for you on the plot.

Choice time:
>Tell Tharja everything. You trust her, and it's wise to keep her in the loop of what plots are going on around you.
>Tell Tharja instead you just came from impregnating Robin. Tell her the lie you and Robin decided on. Omit any talk about the Chrisania plot against you.

2f175 No.59835

Option 1.

Gotta trust the wifey. Also, trust keeps a relationship healthy.

98197 No.59836

I'm going to go with Option 1, tell Tharja about what's going on. I'm sure Tharja would immediately realize the plot is ridiculous considering the details (and I'm sure she'd be intrigued to hear how Edward has fared with Cordelia and Robin). Perhaps she might have some ideas about ways to help Robin if not all the siblings as well.

However it should be noted to Tharja to act normally and not draw any attention to the situation (as normal as trying to get Camilla in bed with Edward in the first place might be…), there will probably be a time and place for potential confrontations later

b3294 No.59838


Option 1

d34ad No.59839

I also agree with option 1

Yes, we should advise her against unleashing any witchy wrath on the conspirators and to keep cool. She might also have words with Beatrice about how to handle the situation.

3cfe9 No.59843

Option 1.

01cfd No.59844

These are good points, I agree.

Option 1.

f007c No.59850

Option one.

0a25a No.59858

>7 votes for option one, tell Tharja everything.

Keep Tharja aware of what the Chrisania siblings are plotting.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.60202

You decide to tell Tharja everything. The positives outweigh any detriments. You trust her with anything.

You want to keep her aware of what's going on. It does tangentially involve her, after all.

You share that you had a special visitor tonight before you came to her room…

…You finish telling Tharja all about Robin's visit and what you were told.

Tharja listens to you with a look of curiosity on her face. She smiles when you talk about impregnating Robin.

It occurs to you to belatedly talk about Cordelia as well.

So… that's how it is.

You hate to spoil Tharja's fun, but given the pattern and Robin's words, it's likely Camilla was going to sleep with you no matter what.

Tharja gives a shy little smile.

"That's all right, my husband… I assume you could have any woman without me doing anything at all."


You can't help but appreciate the ego-stroking your wife gives you. Give a low appreciative grunt and pull her closer.

So, that's the situation. You'll need Tharja to play along, for now, but at the very least, Robin will be staying in the castle after the Faire, as your new soldier.

Your new pregnant soldier, that is.

Tharja nods, teasing her fingers along your chest.

"I understand, Edward… it shouldn't affect anything I was going to do already."

Right. You're not going to have Tharja suddenly discourage whatever plan she's undertaking with Camilla.

Even if you did suddenly decide the best solution was to just stay away from the Chrisania sisters, it'd look too suspicious to have Tharja so drastically alter her behavior. Especially if they found out Robin had met with you.

…What does Tharja think you should do?

She tilts her head.

"About what, my love?"

Well… this does all amount to treason. Even if you were generous and granted a pardon to Camilla, Cordelia, and even Corrin, it doesn't change that your subjects were conspiring against you.

Worse, if you just let Cordelia and Camilla leave, impregnated, then there could be a chance it would actually work. Or at least it'd be very unpleasant for the child you leave them with. You don't like that either.

Tharja puts a finger to her lips, thinking it over.

"Could you entice them to stay, like you did with Robin?" she asks.

You'd like to think so.

That would surely be the ideal solution. But Robin came to you directly, with a specific goal. Moreover she was of the right mindset to seek that out.

You're not sure what would appease Camilla or Cordelia.

Tharja rubs her head against your chest.

"Maybe spending more time with them will give you an idea… I'll do my best to find out Camilla's interests as well."

Oh, that should save you a little time. You tell her you'll appreciate that.

"But… how did they know, Edward?" she asks.

–Know what?

You turn your head down at her. She reaches up and gives your chin a little feather-touch with her fingers.

"That you have your reputation for impregnating every woman."


…Come to think of it, Robin hadn't mentioned that at all. She said she herself questioned her parents about that likelihood, and was only told it would have to happen because 'you were a man'.

You wonder if they knew you as 'the Mad Rutting Beast' at all?

That would make their plan seem a little more… cunning.

Much better a basis for a usurption-by-pretender plot than just hoping you're willing to sow wild oats.

You'll keep that in mind for something to potentially look out for. At the very least, Robin knows the truth now.

You thank Tharja for recognizing something you hadn't.

But… you're now in a mood you'd like to forget about plots for the moment.

Tharja smiles delightfully.

"Oh, husband, I can help you with that too."

You surrender to your wife's embrace. Being comforted by Tharja allow you to forget some of the stress of the day.

Tomorrow there's more of the Faire to see to…

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

0a25a No.60449

You wake in the morning wrapped in your wife's arms.The heat of the passion you both shared last night still warm on your face.

You gently rouse her, saying you must check if the morning has come.

A peek outside into the hallway with small windows leading outside and see dawn is breaking.

That's enough to set you both moving to get dressed.

While you're doing so, Tharja updates you on yesterday.

Corrin and Camilla both visited her library. Around the same time you heard the report about the 'Emerald Knight'. If you aren't mistaken, that means Corrin is likely eliminated as a suspect. Perhaps. She can't be sure of the exact time.

Tharja was able to talk with Camilla in semi-private, in a corner of the library while Corrin read. She showed her a book about satisfying men's needs and made many innuendos of how effective a wife it has made her, which Camilla seemed open to hearing. Though she stopped short at outright saying she hoped to jump into bed with you.

You tell Tharja she could expect soon to also hear a request from Robin, for the sake of you both having sex, and that it's urgent because Robin is presumably ovulating.

Tharja gets an absolutely wicked smile on her face as you say that, which you return with your own.

You crane your neck to watch your wife's midsection as you dress. It seems she's still lacking a bump… hopefully, hopefully soon.

You leave to take your morning meal together.

For once, you are the early one. You, Tharja, and Margaret, at least. Beatrice joins soon enough.

You exchange some words before Elizabeth appears with meals for you three. Margaret serves as your taster. She does not die, so you begin to eat.

It'll be in your interest to have a meeting with Beatrice, you think. Particularly if you want to have her investigate the Emerald Knight… or the Chrisania siblings.

If you recall correctly, she's tutoring Tharja to make sure she can handle enduring a sermon given by the priest without breaking down.

You wonder how she's progressing with that. You could've asked Tharja directly, but Beatrice would likely be more objective in telling you that.

Maybe you'll signal you'd like to meet her after breakfast.

–Or so you're pondering taking actions along those lines when your maids enter and interrupt your mental organization. They tell you that they're ready to help you prepare for your meeting by fitting you into your regalia.

Oh, right.

The Elbanians.

You take one last bite of bread and are still chewing it when you follow the maids out of the room.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

0a25a No.60803

You'd forgotten how much work is necessary to put into making you look truly 'regal'.

You have to stand rigidly as the maids put you back in King Vlad's jacket with the many crests of his various titles upon it.

You can't bring yourself to think of it as 'your' coat, just yet.

It isn't going to leave you time to be briefed by Ricardo, who already met with the Elbanians…

…Or so you think, but then Ricardo is revealed to be waiting in the room for you while they fit it on you.

He reports on the meeting he had with the Elbanians yesterday.

The maids have ears, so he can't speak openly. He must tell you what happened by scratching notes on a piece of parchment with charcoal and then passing it to you to read.

You must keep your arms rigid while you're dressed. It leaves you unable to write a reply to ask him questions, but it's good enough.

He writes that the Elbanians seem 'genial' enough.

They referred to a visit to Ruhemania as a 'rare trip.'

The Elbanians present are not attending 'on behalf' of the Crown. They are functionaries of the Chancellor, who would be serving the Elbanian crown, and they are attending on his request. But, he is not present. They declined to state why. Ricardo's guess is because the invitation to Elbania was a general 'there is a Faire, it is open to all attendees,' invitation, and not an official invitation to their Monarch.


That means they likely can't make wide-sweeping deals on behalf of their King, but anything you say and the way you regard them will definitely make it back to Elbania, eventually.

This could be a chance to thaw the relationship between Ruhemania and the outside world, or simply keep the status quo.

You give Ricardo an understated but appreciative little nod as the maids fit the last piece of regalia on you.

Time for you to engage in some diplomacy.

You're growing more and more impatient. It's not just a chore to get you into your regalia, it's a chore to keep you looking regal while you sit on the throne.

The mantle must be folded just right. Your head must be held just right. The lack of arm-rests for your hands makes it more awkward.

Finally, the maids work is done, and your guards are all set up.

It's a matter of minutes before you hear the guards outside.

"Presenting! Aristocrats, from the foreign land of Elbania! To receive audience with His Royal Majesty, King Edward!"

That introduction surprises you. You suppose they're not important enough to have their names read out?

Or so is your thought until five different people are allowed to stride in to your throne room.

They're clearly aristocrats, and they're dressed in their best clothes, not meant for traveling.

Still, it's merely clean linen.

You take in each of their faces. They're aged men, probably a decade or two your senior. But none are that old.

You note no special characteristic that immediately separates them from what you've observed as the 'typical' Ruhemanian.


There's a tense moment where no one is sure how to proceed. This is likely a new experience for them, as well.

They look suitable humbled by all the grandeur you've set up.

Suddenly, one of them starts to bow, placing a hand at their waistline and holding their other behind their back.

It's not exactly how you had been taught. But it seems formal enough.

The rest start to do it, too.

You remember you've made a point of making everyone kneel. But, then… those were your subjects. Not visiting foreigners.

If you let this pass, you're implicitly accepting the bow as a suitable royal greeting. It will be setting a precedent for all dignitaries from Elbania on how you wish to be greeted.

You don't have time to think it over. There's five of them and if you don't say something immediately, it will be accepted between them as the standard.

Choice time:
>Put a hand up and, gently, but sternly, instruct the Elbanians to kneel.
>You want to establish friendly relations with your neighbors. Perhaps this will set a good tone. Nod and accept the formal bow.

98197 No.60810

I'm going to go with Option 2. These are not Edward's subjects, they are foreign diplomats. A little bit of leeway can be given for a formal greeting in this instance. I suppose if Edward really wanted to, he could make a subtle note of how his subjects normally greet him, but still let the Elbanians know the bow is fine.

479b4 No.60811


Option 1: the bow is fine

d4a02 No.60830

Let's go with option two. They're subjects of another country, they don't owe immediate fealty to Edward. A bow is good enough.

2f175 No.60832

Option 1

0a25a No.60840

Did you choose the wrong number for the option you wanted to vote? Your comment suggests it.

Please continue to vote.

c2233 No.60842

I'm a bit torn. On the one hand, I agree with the others; they aren't our subjects, and we can't force them to show the same level of loyalty as to us. But on the other hand, our subjects might think we're showing a touch of favoritism towards foreigners, especially since we are also an immigrant. Not now, but perhaps later on. If they were of similar status to ourselves, I would say the polite bow is fine, but I think we need to treat all equally, in this case.

Option 1.

3cfe9 No.60855

For better or worse, this *is* Nice Guy Eddie. He's not Vlad-dad.
Option 2.

479b4 No.60856


Yeah, I wasn't paying attention and wrote the wrong number

55610 No.60863

>Option 2
If this were actually the Chancellor or the King, a bow would be acceptable. But they are neither, and they are guests in the castle besides. They should kneel.
Say please though. No need to get too testy about it, it's obvious they're just confused and not trying to snub you.

55610 No.60864

Whoops, typo.
>Option 1: kneel. And say please, since they mean no offense.

1d067 No.60867

option 2

10d40 No.60888

Option 1

0a25a No.60914

>4 votes for option one, correct the foreigners and have them kneel.
>5 votes for option two, accept the bow as an acceptable greeting and carry on.

Nod and implicitly accept the bow as the proper etiquette.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.61389

File: 1567669702201.jpg (194.89 KB, 850x1115, elbania_queen.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You hem and haw a bit. The Elbanians aren't your subjects. They serve the King of Elbania. It could be forgiven that they not kneel to you as their Liege. –Then again you are receiving them as your guests, and…

Ah, too late. They straighten up and finish bowing. You decide to pass the moment off as your approval and give an understated nod. Good enough, you suppose.

The Elbanians should be the last guests at your Faire. You hope you don't have to make any more judgments about who to force to kneel again for a while.

Time for you to work your charm and break the ice.

You bid the Elbanians welcome and offer your best wishes that they enjoy the Faire and all its festivities. You hope their accommodations have been sufficient, and your representative pleasant.

"Very much so, Your Majesty. We're very happy to have a roof over our head after the long journey."

He goes on to say that they have brought gifts for you as a token of esteem.

A collection of salt, and salted fish, which they hope you'll find palatable.

You smile and nod. You don't have the heart to tell them the majority of merchants so far have gifted you salt, or salted meat of some sort.

"We would also present you with this fine miniature portrait of our glorious Queen."


That is a surprise. You always assumed Elbania had a King.

"Her Royal Majesty has served as our Queen since the passing of her Father with no male heir two winters ago."


Two winters ago? It would sound as if she were a stable ruler, then. Enough to maintain her Queendom for an entire year.

Where is the portrait, you ask? Has it been passed off to some servant?

"No, Your Majesty, we have it right here."

One of the diplomats takes something out of his sleeve and hands it to the diplomat who is speaking. You notice the soldiers in your room flinch.

It's enough to rattle their armor and weapons a bit, and the diplomats freeze.

…You decide to play diplomat yourself. You're hardly expecting a dagger.

You bid the man with the portrait to approach the throne, so he may present it to you directly.

Perhaps still nervous from the spectacle of your guards, he only gets close enough to you to hand you the portrait, which is more like a rolled up parchment than something impressive.

You hold it in both hands and unroll it as the diplomat steps his way backward to the line formed with his associates, without turning his back to you.

You wonder what sort of woman you're about to unravel.

Well. She certainly seems… regal.

You're impressed by the amount of detail in the portrait, even though it's small. It rivals the portraits you were shown by the matchmaker so long ago. No, it might be more so than that.

Piercing, sharp eyes. An elegant, intricate styling of her hair, and a crown that looks as if it was built and fitted specifically for her. That might be true. At least, it was drawn to look like so.

You can't help but follow her hairline down to her rounded breasts. They're clearly present, and help provide a needed touch of femininity. You could imagine her directing the artist to draw attention to them without being obvious.

The ornate jacket completes the look. The buttons are much bigger and more intricate than those on the regalia you're wearing now.

…You actually feel a pang of jealousy.

Your country is bigger, why don't you look so good?

… You take a moment to clear your throat, holding a hand over your mouth to hide the shame burning your cheeks. You remind yourself it's not exactly manly to envy a woman her fashion, of all things.

Besides, you could easily hire a court tailor. –Sometime, when you have money again.

You turn your attention back to the portrait. There's a line of text written at the bottom: 'Her Royal Majesty Queen Edelgard.'

You thank the Elbanians for their gift. You tell them you'll have it displayed in an appropriate location.

You're not sure where, but you'll figure that out later. You roll up the portrait and set it in your lap.

You ponder what to do next. The diplomats surely know much about their country, but perhaps you shouldn't tip you know so little about theirs.

In a way, they've already told you much about Elbania through their gifts. They have access to the sea to gather salt, they have fish to catch from the water, and they have a competent Queen. Or at least, one with a great knowledge of presentation.

You have a bit of an interest in this Queen Edelgard. Perhaps it'd be worth it to make a trip to Elbania… or to invite her to your castle.

Surely a bit of cultural exchange in the name of establishing good relations would be good for both of your realms.

The diplomats have relaxed a bit again. Presumably put at ease by your pleased reaction to the gift.

You'd better direct them to the next topic.

You'd considered it before… what sort of trade you could do with Elbania. You think you remember Ricardo reporting that despite their access to the sea, it was not a busy trade port. But, that was surely in the past. What if it's changed, now that this Queen is in power? You could be denying yourself some opportunity.

The diplomats can't make promises on behalf of their Liege. A formal deal is impossible for now. But they can relay your intentions and wishes back to their court. This may start the ball rolling to a closer relationship.

Unless you wanted Ruhemania to continue on as it has: isolated from much of the rest of the world.

You think over which route to steer your country in, and take in a breath to speak.

Choice time:
>You want to establish friendly relations and break the tradition of isolation King Vlad pursued. Enthusiastically tell the diplomats that your reign marks a new era where Elbania and Ruhemania should freely trade and cooperate. Emphasize your high hopes that such an arrangement can be made.
>Perhaps it's better to maintain isolation, for now. Simply make some vague promises and say you look forward, perhaps, to dealing with Elbania in the future.
>Queen Edelgard herself entices you, and there's been no indication she's married or has an heir. Suggest you would be diplomatically open to a royal visit from their Queen. Or, perhaps one from you to Elbania itself.

b45f2 No.61393

Option one, but if possible include a bit about potential future royal visits- and make sure it's clear we mean both ways.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see Edelgard appear, but we have to be very careful how we deal with her. Royals tend to prefer, if not exclusivity, to be the "first" in their lover's life. As much as I'd love to have Edward hold those horns while they made an Elbanian heir, we certainly don't want to imperil things with Tharja through legitimacy concerns. This is a bit more than the issue with Corrin's sisters, since none of those girls stands to be the heir- while Edie is already on her throne. We'll need to be delicate (especially if we don't want Hubert to poison us).

52479 No.61394

I'm voting three for right now.

941bd No.61408

>>61393 seems like the best bet, currently. I'll support it.

5d5dd No.61410


Option one

3cfe9 No.61412

Water is life. The Spice (salt?) must flow.
>Option 1

c2233 No.61415

Option 1.

Side note: I'm fine with not trying to lay with her. We have enough to juggle already, and I've never been a greedy person to begin with. Not to mention, in a situation like this, it will make things a lot simpler..

d1d22 No.61423

Well now I know what aristo's been up to. Now for voting.
Option 1 is such a bad idea as written. First we're letting the foreigners get away with a bow, and now we're declaring an open alliance of trade and cooperation with them out of nowhere? Let alone the Plot To Remove The Foreigner From The Ruhemanian Throne, the nobles and peasants will talk about this, rumors will spread, and I doubt they'll like it. There will be whispers about foreigners plotting to undermine the Ruhemanian people and whatnot if we continue in this manner indiscriminately.
I also think that Edelgard has to be someone we bang in the future, but we can probably wait on that. We have more than enough on our plate as it is without creating A Real Succession Crisis In Addendum To The Fake One The Chrisanians Intend To Orchestrate. (Although we don't know enough about succession laws and how legitimacy is granted by the Church to a claimant of a throne to assess which claims are "real" or "fake". Probably something we might want to sort out (with Ricardo?) at some point.)
But just doing some vague handwaving and not committing to any change seems weaksauce as hell. I think that improving trade with the Elbanians will likely be very helpful. Additionally, we need to open some sort of dialogue with the Elbanians in order to slide into Edelgard's DM's.
Tell them Ruhemania is interested in initiating some trade agreements with Elbania. Ask if there are any commodities the Elbanian crown is looking to buy. Suggest that you would welcome a royal visit from their Queen to discuss such a deal (you can't really leave Ruhemania until Tharja gives birth, after all.)

479b4 No.61424


I vote for this Write In

86658 No.61427

I change my vote to this write-in.

98197 No.61450

We don't want to act too enthusiastically to establishing trade with Elbania, but at the same time we want to at least give it a chance. Whether or not Queen Edelgard is worth the trouble is a bridge to cross later.

I support the write-in. We make no promises for now, but definitely encourage talks of trading and potential royal visits.

c2233 No.61462

I will also change my vote for this write-in. And much appreciation for the reminder of the balancing act we have going on.

941bd No.61464

I too will change my vote to this write in.

2f175 No.61494

I'll also support the write-in.

0a25a No.61520

Everyone, I must ask that you please be clear with your votes. Please state clearly which option you are selecting, or which write-in you are voting for.

Do not simply link to another comment and say "I agree with this." There have been cases of people misclicking and voting for something else. If you do write "I agree with this," make it a full sentence such as: "I agree with this, vote for option one." If you change your vote, please link to your previous vote in your new post.

That said:

>3 votes for option one, announce support for open cooperation and trade.

>7 votes for write-in, offer the possibility of specific trade deals, and a royal visit from Queen Edelgard to discuss them.

Offer guarded invitations to trade to avoid seeming too eager, and lay the groundwork for a possible meeting with the Elbanian Queen.

Poll closed. Update soon.

0a25a No.61521

I should add that Edward knows enough about history to realize that succession laws have more than a little bit of "might makes right" quality to them. Is Edward the legitimate King of Ruhemania? Yes, absolutely. He's been crowned, he's married to Tharja who is still alive, he lives in Ruhemania, in a castle that was owned by King Vlad, he will soon have an heir, most likely, etc. However, if someone appears with a credible claim to the throne (such as being Edward's bastard son with one of the Chrisania sisters), and they have an army that fights for this claim, and they win, and the clergy is not particularly inclined to intervene, it's likely in their interest to legitimize this new claimant to avoid yet more war and they will probably find a reason to legitimize them. Possibly. The line between legitimate claimant and pretender who will soon be excommunicated is flexible.

As stated back in the original thread however, simply deciding "you want someone's land," and marching in with an army to take it is going to get you excommunicated as a barbarian because you are violating the Church's authority, the idea of "All people are united as brothers by their faith in the Church." There must be some sort of claim to having another's land or having them as your vassal. By blood, tradition, law, document, or promise are the most likely. In the case of Chrisania's plot, they would, as Edward understands it, be relying on the child pretender's lineage through him, and the argument that the child would be more fit to be a King as a native Ruhemanian. Certainly valid, though not as much as a legitimate child Edward has with Tharja, Edward himself, or even Tharja or Ricardo, who are both directly related to King Vlad. But if they won a war in which Edward was killed, or Edward was assassinated or died somehow when he doesn't have an heir…?

According to all law and the blessing of the Church, Edward is King. But rules and laws made by men in Impregnator Kings, just as in real life, have a tendency to be stretched when it suits people. Edward would be aware of this, so I pass it on as 'What Edward would know.'

d1d22 No.61531

>The line between legitimate claimant and pretender who will soon be excommunicated is flexible.
That's roughly the impression I got from our talk with Robin. If the Chrisanian parents don't think the Church would interfere with their plot, they're probably right.
This does mean that impregnating Edelgard is riskier though, since it raises the possibility of a succession/unification war with Elbania. Still worth though. (Also if we somehow manage to marry Tharja and Edelgard's children, unification could happen without a war.)

0a25a No.61703

Your first instinct is to continue marking your departure from King Vlad's policies by promising the diplomats your commitment to cooperation and trade with Elbania.


Robin's warning of her parent's plot comes back to you. Such a promise will disrupt the status quo. It will definitely affect the lesser nobility. Bringing in foreign influences may only highlight your own history. If that happened, the notion of 'we must rid Ruhemania of foreign influence' may spread, and then threaten your legitimacy.

You can't risk that.

Neither do you want to entirely ignore the Elbanians after making so many preparations.

You decide to make an attempt at more specific goals.

You tell the Elbanians you are interested in looking into open-trade.

But before that, you wish to know exactly what sort of goods their country would be most eager?

You could arrange these specific trades on behalf of the Crown.

At your offer, the Elbanians… hesitate.

"Apologies, but that may be difficult. We're not privy to the needs or wants of Her Royal Majesty."

You suppose logically they wouldn't be.

That's fine, you tell them. You don't expect an answer right this moment.

Take it as an open invitation for a royal visit between Monarchs, or her to assign an official delegate to come to Ruhemania who is.

The Elbanians murmur their agreement, in a general sort of way.

"If it please Your Majesty to make the process easier, may we ask what commodities you would be offering in trade?"



Now you're on the spot. You vaguely remember Ruhemania has some gold mines, likely some iron mines, and of course, as Dimitrie attested, trees.

You rule out swampland, grubs, wild onions, and witches.

But, you're not sure which commodity to offer will sound most impressive on the spot like this.

You decide not to risk an attempt.

You tell the Elbanians your Kingdom is rich in resources, but shall have your Master of Coin prepare a detailed list, before the Faire is complete.

That way there will be no confusion.

They nod in agreement, with some words about thanking you for the trouble.

Good… good.

You're out of ideas of what else to do with this meeting. You offer a few more questions about whether the Faire has lived up to their expectations and they give you pleasant answers about being a lovely spectacle.

That's a good segue to ending the meeting.

You thank the Elbanians for their audience, and they're diplomatic in replying that it's been an honor to be so warmly received by the Crown, so personally.

Looks like you have another project for Ricardo, in addition to whatever else you think you might want to do with them.

Perhaps you could invite them to some entertainment with your nobility. See if they'll speak more about their Queen and their political situation.

After all you dealt with in Ruhemania, you're not taking it as face-value that her father simply died and left her Queen.

So, your meeting ends quietly with the Elbanians.

Yet it's far from over for you. You have to get out of the regalia, and you spend another length of time with the maids as they carefully pull it off of you and deliver your daily clothes to you to put on. There's no Ricardo to distract you, so the process is especially tedious.

If you were impatient before, you're even more so now.

You hold back from looking visibly annoyed as the servants work their old hands seeing to your mantle and coat.

Your crown is replaced in the throne room, under special watch. It's your symbol of authority, after all.

You still have much to do. Ricardo will need to be notified of what you talked about, and specifically what your goals are so you can approve of what he writes.

Moreover, you still have to see Beatrice about possibly finding out who this Emerald Knight person is.

And get around to meeting with Camilla and seducing her with your charm.

And then seeing if Cordelia needs more attention.

…And then if Robin can be impregnated while she's ovulating.

Not to mention how you're going to win the Chrisania family over to your side, including Corrin.

It's at that moment while you're pacing and pondering, you hear a rousing cry of delight from outside the corridors and out into the distance.

Something interesting must be happening at the Faire.

Damn it all.

You opened the Faire yesterday, yet you've not even peeked at the festivities you've arranged?

Who knows what you've already missed?

It's not right. And you're fed up.

Screw the people plotting against you. Today, you're going to go out and enjoy your Faire.

Your blood begins pumping as you let the outrage wash over you.

There's exotic dancers, performers, and merchants at the castle, purely because of your Royal decree.

Who knows when you'll get another festival? It's not like Virilia where you could expect one or two each year.

Your people deserve to celebrate, and so do you.

You'll tuck your worries about politics in your back pocket for now.

You're going to your Faire!

It's when you reach the next fork in the corridors that lead outside you have one last consideration.

The common people will definitely know your face.

As much as you may not like to think it, some protection might be warranted.

It might also be worthwhile to have Ricardo provide you with some gold.

Your promise of payment to any merchant would be honored, but you may wish to give alms. You couldn't do that unless you had actual coin.

In that case…

Choice time:
>It might be better to have an escort. Go to the armory and request soldiers accompany you.
>You're not worried about your safety, but you should have money. A quick, very quick, detour to the treasury to procure some coin.
>There's merit to both ideas. First, to the treasury, then to the armory.
>You think you can do without either. Time is more important. To the Faire, without bothering to get gold nor an escort.

d0653 No.61708


Option 3, just standard procedure.

73885 No.61709

Option 3. Why not both.

d2103 No.61722

Option 3
>Clan in the front, let ya feet stomp

c2233 No.61736

Option 2. We can fend for ourselves if need be, and we'll be slowed down by having an escort. Though perhaps we should carry a sword, or at least a dagger. Anyway, get a few coins and off we go!

941bd No.61738

I can see the merits of both viewpoints, but caution is going to win out for me.

Option 3

d1d22 No.61746

>Option 2
I think an escort would be too obvious and slow us down too much. I don't have much objection if it wins though. I'd also like to talk to Ricardo real quick about the potential trade with Elbania.
(Also aristo, I hope you'll be doing a bit of time distortion, because if the Faire ends up being a time management simulator I will be mildly upset.)

2f175 No.61747

Option 2.

0a25a No.61753

This is meant to be a return to the "old-style" Impregnator Kings in which the updates were very focused on what Edward did day to day rather than abstracted on a week-by-week basis. That was then, as it is now, less about time management per se and more about what Edward prioritizes and how he accomplishes it. Of course, things he chooses to take care of right away are a part of it. Things are happening outside of his influence and things are coming to seek him out, and one may become the other depending on Edward's choices. I apologize if this is frustrating, but it's the situation Edward finds himself in as King.

Do not worry about the Faire ending suddenly with certain 'objectives' only half-done and nothing truly resolved. As long as certain milestones do not occur, there is time. The jousting tournament being the most obvious one.

Please continue to vote. I will leave this up another day.

On a side note:

Unless Edward is wearing an outfit that omits it or he has intentionally removed it, it's always assumed Edward is carrying his longsword as it's now his royal sword. He is definitely carrying it.

5ca57 No.61766

option 3

0a25a No.61789

>3 votes for option two, stop at the treasury to get coin before going to the Faire.
>5 votes for option three, go to the Faire with an armed guard, and coin.

Obtain coin, and an armed escort for protection at the Faire.

Poll closed. Update soon.

d1d22 No.61858

>Do not worry about the Faire ending suddenly with certain 'objectives' only half-done and nothing truly resolved. As long as certain milestones do not occur, there is time. The jousting tournament being the most obvious one.
That was my main concern, I just wanted to make sure that there is actually enough time for everything we want to do. I felt the day-to-day worked fairly well before, so that's good.

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