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File: 1563335865647.jpg (339.52 KB, 1513x2367, alone_time_by_fuccbou_dd77….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

c9d1e No.59428

In honor of fuccbou's deviantart account getting deactivated I have made a folder with (almost) every one of the posts from the account.


R.I.P to one of the greatest birth accounts we had.

bf6a2 No.59430

Why'd it get deleted?

19e94 No.59433

DA probably sacked the account for extreme content.

94361 No.59434

Daww thanks. Honestly I still have all my old works, I’m more bummed about losing all the conversations I had with buddies on DA. :/

c9d1e No.59478

I feel you, the entire situation sounds is really fucky. I was worried that you deactivated your account yourself like BSAGGBYDEFAULT did a few years ago. Do you see yourself moving to another platform like pixiv if you want to continue making fetish art?

70a07 No.59486

Probably sooner or later. Idk where to go though that’s friendlier to my specific kind of content. Lol

ea12a No.59495

Just how long you were on Deviantart says a lot about the quality of the mods. You could upload a gallery to e-hentai and update it periodically.

6e54e No.59537

I'm just glad you seem to be on your feet, FB. We may yet see Mombarian again living up to the adage "our burdens make us strong" ^_^

94361 No.59643

File: 1563870093427.jpeg (351.29 KB, 1742x2356, CCD93BF4-E988-4389-8E99-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It’s not exactly original by my standards but here’s something new for y’all.

d4624 No.59644

I noticed it on the deviantart site :( I had it on my favorite.

e402a No.59657

I know you used to share MisterBump's content before his DA/Tumblr went silent, any word on him?

94361 No.59682

Nothing good. I heard he had serious depression issues. Tried reaching out with no results. I hope he’s alright. :(

94361 No.59915

File: 1564383290437.jpeg (288.78 KB, 1475x2145, 9D8A518E-7741-46B3-8B09-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

94361 No.59920

File: 1564390586498.jpeg (586.69 KB, 2081x2268, B777C0BD-C652-4C8E-A29E-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It’s kinda nice not having to bother with deviantart or tumblr’s rules.

c9d1e No.59928

Woaaah, that picture concept was the one thing I needed to see in your art style. Thank you!

ea12a No.59930

Pregchan rule #387 requires you to censor genitals and bodily fluids.

94361 No.60115

File: 1564888414538.jpeg (479.79 KB, 2252x2263, E05C340B-FD1A-433E-8B52-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

bd57f No.60201

EG-Hentai is another choice.
BSAGG was there too.

c9d1e No.60488

EG-Hentai? I didn't get anything when I searched it.
I've also been looking for BSAGG stuff ever since he took everything off of DA

cc938 No.60520

He probably meant e-hentai. From their url g.e-hentai.org

dc826 No.60710

File: 1566056275787.jpeg (45.28 KB, 434x371, B339FE08-5870-4AAB-869A-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

93264 No.60716

Logged onto pivx and didnt see this one :(

a5e4d No.60722

Japan has strict laws regarding exposed private areas. You will have to censor lady bits and man penors. When they catch you your pixiv will be blocked until all art meets their requirements. What I've seen some artists do is upload the censored version on pixiv, and link an uncensored version to an image hosting site like imgur.

edee9 No.60723

I kinda wanna see more super atomic

dc826 No.60738

File: 1566091392709.jpeg (76.59 KB, 688x720, 51A22C43-D816-465D-9103-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


11d99 No.60746

Make an Exhentai or Hentaifoundry account.

3bd1f No.60815

fuck japan

5f51e No.60900

I've seen non japanese artists be allowed to put unblurred ones as long as the top image is the censored one.

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