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File: 1563381335485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.4 KB, 1088x1500, JMempire-633855-Punching_B….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

5fceb No.59458

Extreme Thread
Torture / Belly Punching / Abortion

I couldn't find any thread for pregnancy torture or belly punching and I do not know where to find such place.

PLEASE do not continue if you don't want to see extreme pregnancy content

5fceb No.59459

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5fceb No.59461

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adc48 No.59462

There's already an abortion thread though.


33295 No.59496

And obviously people turned it into something political/moral and there hasn't been anything new in a while

cbef7 No.59498

Here’s something to counter all of this

b8c9e No.59505

Exactly. We need something new and don’t turn this thread into a debate. This is for fantasy purpose only

d93ff No.59507

The debating was better than the actual "content" posted in that god awful thread

2f1bf No.59511

If you want a thread like that, just please spoiler tag things you post.

cc8b8 No.59540

are we now 4chan /b/? It's going to turn on someone- remember rule 34.

8d004 No.59548

>>It's going to turn on someone

…and turn off the majority on the site.

352c5 No.59679

back to your underage girl threads you pedo.

a0425 No.59690


Wow, it only took you 4 days to come up with such an insane comeback. Bravo.

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