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File: 1564787725192.jpg (563.89 KB, 3388x1717, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

b3178 No.60068

Exhentai apparently is back

c0af9 No.60070

Oh cool. Is there any news of a server transfer? Or is the site still on a collision course for December 2020?

c0af9 No.60071

(also, maybe a thread for chat or random, not drawn)

4801b No.60076

well i heard they now use server in moldova

eef66 No.60077


I'ma save my favorites from now on

66e82 No.60078

i still get the Japanese banner.

bc407 No.60082

What website is this?

cc79c No.60086

Did you not read the first post? What do you think the sentence "Exhentai apparently is back" means?

5d99a No.60087

If they've moved elsewhere, does that mean they're getting rid of the annoying Sad Panda?

2a8e9 No.60098

It's the source of like 70% of the stuff posted here. Literally the grand library of all drawn porn images on the internet, Japan and western.

bc407 No.60099

No. I mean, what's the address to the current version?

151d6 No.60100

Same as before, they haven't changed the website url

bc407 No.60103

How do I get to the website, though

bee22 No.60104

Try clearing your cache then signing into the e-hentai forums. Then go to exhentai.org

bab81 No.60263

not working for me

57719 No.60264

You need to clear browser cookies specifically.

1bbb0 No.60269

Does it work with vpn? Last time I tried I can`t access the site with vpn but it required me to sign in to e.hentai in which I need vpn to get access to.

57719 No.60285

A vpn shouldn't matter as long as you're signed into e-hentai first.

bab81 No.60307

cleared cache, cleared cookies but it still wont load :(

c0af9 No.60314

You need to be logged into an e-hentai accoumt

1b62b No.60352

File: 1565430949874.jpg (115.72 KB, 1280x1024, t108095_tidus.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>can't pass the panda

7819a No.60362

c0af9 No.60370


his name shall be… tardus

0e0e9 No.60382

What browser you using? It only works on Edge for me, sadly.

1e09d No.60389

It really shouldn't have anything to do with the browser… Are you sure there is not anything else causing the problem?

0e0e9 No.60403

I'm sure. I've cleared all cookies relating to exhentai and e-hentai. Doesn't connect to the site on Firefox or Chrome.

57719 No.60405

Are you getting an error message?

0e0e9 No.60407

File: 1565506775816.png (28.49 KB, 792x387, ascascsac.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

57719 No.60410

Could just be a server issue. Remember that both sites are blocked by some governments.

1cfc4 No.60416

Make sure you're using https and not http when you enter the URL.

0e0e9 No.60448

its because i was fucking doing exhentai.net lol

57719 No.60450

Reminds me of this one time back in high school when a girl was complaining that the computer wasn't working. I sarcastically asked if the computer was even on. She responded along the lines of "I'm not stupid". Of course when I went to look at the computer, she had only turned on the monitor.

bab81 No.60457

now at least a picture appears, but i still dont get into the site even though im logged in on the forums

1cfc4 No.60458

did you clear cookies first and then log in?

fabe1 No.60465

getting the same(?) its a big banner in kanji and a bunch of girls bowing.

57719 No.60466

When did you make your account? You have to wait seven days before exhentai can be accessed.

fabe1 No.60470

how do I make an account?
the page does nothing.

151d6 No.60473

This thread is becoming more of a Sadpanda help thread than discussion…Surely it could be removed now?

57719 No.60480

Probably, but I'm enjoying their incompetence.

bab81 No.60490

yes, still cant get past the picture
and the account is older than a week

c0af9 No.60499

Burn your computer to the ground.

Really though, I love how this became sadpanda IT service.

Does anyone have a copy of that animation e-hentai uses when their servers are down? Ya know, the one with the retarded pony with a wrench hitting a server?

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