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d237d No.61007

I honestly never thought I'd reach the reply limit for this site… If you don't already know, here is where I'll be detailing projects that I'm working on. I do rpg maker games, doujinshi, and random images that interest me. Keep in mind that these are strictly amateur and just a hobby.

Link to all of my works:

Twitter: @Feunski

d237d No.61008

I updated the demo I made for Hazumi and the Pregnation. It's based on the most recent English version. I know most of you have no use for a demo version, but I would appreciate bug and crash reports and other feedback.


Differences from full version:
-Prostitution only uses the missionary position.
-There are no special named prostitution partners.
-The Slum and contraceptive quest have been removed.
-Bio-mods and the breast milk exchange have been removed.
-The demo ends after going into labor.
-The waitress mini game at the cafe has been removed.
-Most items and furniture have been removed.

afa56 No.61009

aaaw I'm no longer 1dea2. lame.

d237d No.61010

afa56 No.61011

thread ID. my ID on the previous thread looked like the word "ideas", which made me laugh first time I noticed.

cb2a4 No.61017

Do you get a cut for the translation? I'm curious.

d237d No.61018

We worked something out, yes.

c45ca No.61124

nice man. cool to see translators get compensated for their work

d237d No.61128

The English translated demo for Hazumi and the Pregnation is now available on DLsite English.

d237d No.61291

I would like to remind people that I'm always open to feedback and suggestions. Especially on ways I can improve.

80a68 No.62278

excuse me, may we know when does your translation of 12cut's "My Mother Happily Gave Birth to Me, So I Want to Hurry Up and Give Birth Too." will come? I mean its late september already. I know u might be busy but atleast give confirmation pls.

d237d No.62280

I still plan on doing it.

d237d No.62480

File: 1570334574572.jpg (147.61 KB, 599x919, 0265.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I've started working on "My Mother Happily Gave Birth to Me, So I Want to Hurry Up and Give Birth Too." (What is with the Japanese and dreadfully long titles?) It might take me longer than normal for a 12CUT release, because there are also pictures with text that I have to edit. That normally wouldn't be an issue, but most of them use a squiggly font that I find a bit difficult to read.

For this release I'm planning on just uploading the html files and only the CG with translated text. That means the scenario complete will be complete but the cg collection and extras will be blank. I think that should be a good compromise between a translation "patch", and a full pirate upload. This my plan for handling future releases. I already changed "Minori's Seedbed" and "Pregnant Sisters" to reflect this.

2251c No.62481




cb2a4 No.62485

How much would it cost to translate some doujins or even a tank? misaki tou has so much I want to see translated on sadpanda.

d237d No.62487

What do you have in mind?

22dd7 No.62494

Awesome. I bought that one and enjoyed it, but being able to actually read what is happening would be nice.

f3375 No.62505


d237d No.62515

I put up a poll on Twitter. I'll post it here for anyone that doesn't use it.

Should keep character's names before lines of dialogue?
Steve: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur."

1. Keep Them
2. Remove Them
3. I Don't Care

cb2a4 No.62517


Hell, even just the script. I should try my hand at editing given how much I pick apart typesetting in anime/manga translations. Luckily most of the text is in easy dialog boxes.

In games, 1, unless there's something that would indicate or be just so obvious the character is the only one speaking like a standing CG. I like consistency a lot more though.

d237d No.62520

PM me on Twitter after I finish this 12CUT set. It would probably cost between $230-$250 usd for that tank.

cb2a4 No.62567

Thanks, I need to save up some coin then.

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