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6feb4 No.65707

Hi, making my first Booru website.
It's pregnant and birth hentai only, plus other stuff I like. Please take a look, just a few photos uploaded so far.


5cf8c No.65712

This would appear to be a daunting task, there was a booru dedicated to belly expansions that went nowhere. I'd like to help out if I could.

6feb4 No.65727

Please do! I don't know how to open registration. It's closed for some reason.

6feb4 No.65729

If you just keep posting on here then i can take the posts here and post them on my booru

once registration is open ill let you know

6feb4 No.65733

I got registration open come post stuff!

6feb4 No.65930

File: 1577893134581.png (14.55 KB, 357x396, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

100 Pictures!

6feb4 No.65931

remember pabhentai stands for pregnant and birth hentai

c269b No.65938

Not to be confused with Pregnant AppleBloom
[spoiler]i'm sorry[/spoiler]

af39a No.65945

File: 1577925315990.jpg (3.63 MB, 3700x5375, 73945979_p0.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

i have 44 pics for you, but the link
"You can mass-upload large number of pictures with just one click here »"
is not working

959d9 No.65947

yeah doesn't work.

af39a No.65949

6feb4 No.65951


yeah i know

67f26 No.65987

Awesome site. Question, any restrictions? Western or younger characters allowed?

6feb4 No.65989

anything is fine

6e843 No.65999

Can we have it like danbooru where source like pixiv or Twitter is included when available?
Or maybe when there's no source available, include with title of media where the character is from?

6feb4 No.66008

Yea ofcourse

93f36 No.66019

Is there a way to highlight the artist, character, and series of origin in the tags? It would make it less cluttered and easier to search.

6feb4 No.66053

I don't know how to do that. I know what you're talking about rule 34 does that.

3f914 No.66076

What’s the difference between this and Pregbooru?

6feb4 No.66084

nothing i just made this booru cuz i wanted to
should have named it pregbooru

50aa4 No.66133

Where is the chick with the purple clothing and huge tits from again?

6feb4 No.66138

Tentacles and Witches

7319d No.66359

Isn’t there a list for hentai anime out there? There used to be a thread that was all about releases that had or would have preg scenes, but I guess it’s gone now. There was also one on Hong fire, but that too is gone unfortunately

6feb4 No.66360

yeah i remember that

85cda No.66377

You can probably get a ton by copying them in from gelbooru.

6feb4 No.66387


yeah i realize you can just search on that or even rule 34 "birth" and "pregnant" and you can get a lot of pics

I don't think i need this booru in that case but it is for the purpose of only preg and birth hentai so i guess if thats the difference than cool but those searches on rule 34 have more pics than i do on my website

50800 No.66468

Depends on the booru. For example, rule34.xxx deletes everything human birth related.

6feb4 No.66497

25b18 No.66505

Yep, it does have a tag like that but notice it's mostly furry stuff or eggs. Human baby slips by here and there sometimes, but it gets deleted in the end, mostly by one mod who thinks baby in the picture=pedo.

6feb4 No.66508

yeah i saw that too

5a777 No.66512

What we really truly need is some sort of index for pregnancy scenes in manga, anime, comics, cartoons, movies, etc.

There have already been several threads for manga and comics that have fallen off the catalog, and it's a shame that it all eventually falls into oblivion.

bf620 No.66542

I know this maybe wrong page but are there any hentai or anime where there stomach burst.

6feb4 No.66564

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