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File: 1579759918667-0.png (4.84 MB, 2508x3541, 78748015_p0.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

4f3e9 No.66706

Since both thread about feunski's translation and belly mod leash 500 maximum comment, I desire to make a general thread for Hazumi specifically because I do believe there is still people who have a question about this game or atleast there is people who still care about this game. Also here is arbitrary duwe_wey's fan art for thumbnail.

link: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78748015

ps. I just download the fanart and upload to pregchan. How the fu** did it know it's not full size pixiv image?

b80a1 No.66708

I do have a second thread…

Mihiraghi finally started the process of getting approved for Steam. I'm helping him navigate the blindfolded minefield of getting adult content on Steam. I'm also using this time to edit and revise my translation. It's nothing major, just fixing some minor typos, clunky sentences, and bugs. Overall it should be much smoother to read. I did change most player choices to be yes or no to make things less confusing.

d5a14 No.66724

Has anyone got a chance to fix the missing giant belly images in the sex and birth scenes?
(A problem that was met in the previous thread)

2a825 No.66772

File: 1580019643536.png (7.19 KB, 816x624, M_CG_face_3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

First time poster here so please forgive any transgressions.

I've heavily modded the CommonEvents file (and a few others) from e1.3.16 to extend the birth sequences…a lot. E.g. more dialogue between Hazumi and the Midwife, Guy, Buddy. More contractions build-up etc.

Mihiraghi, with your permission I would like to share the modded files via mega.nz. I'm attaching a slight mod of M_CG_face_3 that goes along with it. I claim no ownership and encourage you to incorporate as much or as little as you like in the next official update. For those that enjoy the birth part, the mod should enhance that part of the experience.

2a825 No.66773

I partially merged the bigger bellies mod with e1.3.16 and have no issues after creating a couple of _bote files after getting errors. If I can post my modded files, you shouldn't have issues but no guarantees.

b80a1 No.66774

Feel free to post it as long as it's only the modded files. There should be a text document included with the game that has all the terms for modding.

2a825 No.66809

Awesome thanks! Everything should be in compliance with the modding terms.

Warning/Disclaimer: Back up your files before replacing them with any of these mods!

Here's the link to the drive.

The CommonEvents file should be all that's necessary for the extended birth sequences. The modified M_GC_face_3 png is recommended but not necessary.

The data_H files have just a few tweaks to dialogue, notifications, etc but are in keeping with the style in the CommonEvents file.

For Global_Function and Global_Script files are my attempt at reconciling e1.3.16 with the bigger bellies mod. You'll need the bigger bellies pngs found in the old thread.


The stand_naked_bote_ and stand_shirt_bote_ pngs in my drive are just copies of the original _big files. However without them you will at some point receive a missing png error. Creating these was the simplest solution.


2111c No.66816

Seems like there is a way to "Hook" the mod js file to the game so that it can override a certain code without rewrite the entire js. file to make a mod up to date. But I dont know which mod.js on pregchan should I download nor how to "hook" the mod to the game, so there is nothing change when I mod the game. Can you guys give me an advise.

7809f No.66839

anyone have the latest version of the game?

8a06a No.66840

File: 1580179026805.png (4.43 KB, 367x132, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Getting this error…

636a7 No.66852

You can still play the game with belly mod on e1.3.16 , but youll run into a problem like in " >>61519 " which is not game breaking but it can make your game awkward to play.

8a06a No.66874

I deleted the problem area in commonevents and now it works. I don't know what it disabled.
Thanks for your mod, it's written very well. Just has a few grammatical errors.

8d3b6 No.66877

Works perfectly fine! We need more extended dialogue like this. Thanks for your efforts.

d9941 No.66880

It happened to me when i tried to use the 1.3.11 version, the newest is 1.3.16

8a06a No.66896

Are you sure there's a 3.16? I can only find torrents labeled 4th Dec, and dlsite itself only shows it going up to 3.15.

b504a No.66898

We working on a Bigger belly + Overdue baby + triplets/quads MOD with Duwwey

Still working on 1.3.11 version
so I will need someone to port it on newest version.

AP reduction is next thing, and much more!

c562f No.66901

I made my own mod for e1.3.16 which seem to work:


(the first method paints hazumis face red when she is horny, just remove it if it causes problems)

8a06a No.66909

File: 1580330380240.png (246 KB, 816x624, ev_ED1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Made a dark-nipple version of the endscreen
I'm also thinking of making lactation leaking through shirt versions of the standing graphics, but the code would need to be written to activate the wetshirt if hazumi hasn't milked in a while.

8a06a No.66910

File: 1580330822296.png (243.34 KB, 816x624, ev_ED1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

And one with a lighter shirt nipple

e43be No.66939

and how do you tranform the code into a mod?

1ad02 No.66969

Good luck, both of u. Steam is kinda stingy toward adult contents

02173 No.66976

hi guys, finally i found this thread i was thinking we net to merge all current mods in one "big belly, overdue bellies,extended births" but for that we need standars for avoid problems with the mods

643f7 No.66977

They've allowed stuff like Koikatsu Party and COM3D2 but with offsite patches. But that was in the past. Now Steam has full on hentai games that are uncensored, they even have the "Hentai" tag

69e3f No.67000

can someone tell me, the latest way to install this mod?

9c8ab No.67136

Do anyone know whether 14 fetilization mods and 11 implantation mods will cause overflow or not and how much do bonus fertilization and implantation chance I currently got?

95986 No.67203

So how do you get to the slums? I gather there used to be a guide with the translation patch, but since the patch no longer exists in an unofficial capacity the guide seems to have poofed with it.

7e14f No.67204

After having at least on child, there should be a man in a purple hood / cloak the top right of the furniture store.

baf09 No.67215

yeah same, last update on dlsite is 3.15

95986 No.67222

I just yesterday bought it from dlsite and it downloaded as e1.3.16. The changelog says:

-Display_CG.js and Erostatus.js can be accessed from global scope.
-Added MOD_AP.js. You can add a formula when calculating the AP the next day.

b80a1 No.67225

From Mihiraghi's Twitter:
>Although not described in the update description, the current version of DLsite english is e1.3.16.

I seem to have also lost it myself…

5ada2 No.67244

Any guide to port this game to android? I wanna play modded ones on my phone

06dee No.67250

Currently, the game is set to release on Steam on February, 21 japan time, or February, 20 USA time.


2b9bd No.67251

Sweet! Might as well move discussions over to the steam page as well

b702c No.67270

File: 1581155401492.jpg (15.64 KB, 360x296, Plutia_what.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


314fe No.67271

>>67251 i dont think steam allows mod talk like here

784bc No.67273


Saw in the previous thread that you guys were looking at weight gain too that going to be a thing?

2b9bd No.67279

It sounds like a good idea, I hope it becomes reality.
I don't know where you got that from, mod talk is definitely allowed. A sticky in Skyrim's community hub even tells you how to mod the game.

b80a1 No.67280

Why? Steam Workshop is specifically for mod integration and distribution.

dc35b No.67284

Not for porn, it's why NEXUS exist for Skyrim mods you won't see a tenth of that sites mods because most of them a sex related, As with Hazumi if you guys go there or are already there keep the mods on a dl or show external links (like to this thread or the game devs blog) where they can get them do not put them on STEAM itself or you're likely to get the game taken off there.

b80a1 No.67293

You're forgetting that this game is tagged "Adults Only", and Skyrim isn't. That means only people signed into a Steam account with an age of 18+ can even see the game in the store.

9a872 No.67355

now with the steam release can we have a uncen path?

b80a1 No.67356

I doubt it, the Japanese version would have to remain censored anyways.

9a872 No.67359

well the hope is the last in disappears

9a872 No.67378

File: 1581482434556.png (644.2 KB, 1366x768, go.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hi again, now what i can buy the 1.3.16 im working with the little bugs in this mod, currenly this is the change log:
Giga Overdue Belly(single mega belly) - set to <50 weeks to unlock
- If hazumi has overdue belly, and give birth/sex scenes - there is only full term single belly (need to fix)– this is done all overdue bellies now shows properly
- fix pubic hair, if there is hugebelly and megabelly - you need to remove pubic hair. There is function in display_stand.js to do it. this si now implemented thanks the code of this guy >>66901
- If you had more than 2 babues (3 and more) The overdue belly is shown, but x-ray is still stock full term twins this is an error in the display stand.js in the line 530: with out changes look like this: const test = preStr + '_mega_multi' you need to add the "_pregnant" before the "_mega_multi"

ed159 No.67547

I would like to make animated belly kicks for my own use, but i don't really know how to do it. I tried making an apng (aminated png), but it doesn't work at all. I could also try making a function to handle this, but i can't really do this, cuz I can't do muxh in clean JS. Does anybody have an idea, how to achieve this ?

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