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File: 1579759918667-0.png (4.84 MB, 2508x3541, 78748015_p0.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

4f3e9 No.66706[Last 50 Posts]

Since both thread about feunski's translation and belly mod leash 500 maximum comment, I desire to make a general thread for Hazumi specifically because I do believe there is still people who have a question about this game or atleast there is people who still care about this game. Also here is arbitrary duwe_wey's fan art for thumbnail.

link: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78748015

ps. I just download the fanart and upload to pregchan. How the fu** did it know it's not full size pixiv image?

b80a1 No.66708

I do have a second thread…

Mihiraghi finally started the process of getting approved for Steam. I'm helping him navigate the blindfolded minefield of getting adult content on Steam. I'm also using this time to edit and revise my translation. It's nothing major, just fixing some minor typos, clunky sentences, and bugs. Overall it should be much smoother to read. I did change most player choices to be yes or no to make things less confusing.

d5a14 No.66724

Has anyone got a chance to fix the missing giant belly images in the sex and birth scenes?
(A problem that was met in the previous thread)

2a825 No.66772

File: 1580019643536.png (7.19 KB, 816x624, M_CG_face_3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

First time poster here so please forgive any transgressions.

I've heavily modded the CommonEvents file (and a few others) from e1.3.16 to extend the birth sequences…a lot. E.g. more dialogue between Hazumi and the Midwife, Guy, Buddy. More contractions build-up etc.

Mihiraghi, with your permission I would like to share the modded files via mega.nz. I'm attaching a slight mod of M_CG_face_3 that goes along with it. I claim no ownership and encourage you to incorporate as much or as little as you like in the next official update. For those that enjoy the birth part, the mod should enhance that part of the experience.

2a825 No.66773

I partially merged the bigger bellies mod with e1.3.16 and have no issues after creating a couple of _bote files after getting errors. If I can post my modded files, you shouldn't have issues but no guarantees.

b80a1 No.66774

Feel free to post it as long as it's only the modded files. There should be a text document included with the game that has all the terms for modding.

2a825 No.66809

Awesome thanks! Everything should be in compliance with the modding terms.

Warning/Disclaimer: Back up your files before replacing them with any of these mods!

Here's the link to the drive.

The CommonEvents file should be all that's necessary for the extended birth sequences. The modified M_GC_face_3 png is recommended but not necessary.

The data_H files have just a few tweaks to dialogue, notifications, etc but are in keeping with the style in the CommonEvents file.

For Global_Function and Global_Script files are my attempt at reconciling e1.3.16 with the bigger bellies mod. You'll need the bigger bellies pngs found in the old thread.


The stand_naked_bote_ and stand_shirt_bote_ pngs in my drive are just copies of the original _big files. However without them you will at some point receive a missing png error. Creating these was the simplest solution.


2111c No.66816

Seems like there is a way to "Hook" the mod js file to the game so that it can override a certain code without rewrite the entire js. file to make a mod up to date. But I dont know which mod.js on pregchan should I download nor how to "hook" the mod to the game, so there is nothing change when I mod the game. Can you guys give me an advise.

7809f No.66839

anyone have the latest version of the game?

8a06a No.66840

File: 1580179026805.png (4.43 KB, 367x132, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Getting this error…

636a7 No.66852

You can still play the game with belly mod on e1.3.16 , but youll run into a problem like in " >>61519 " which is not game breaking but it can make your game awkward to play.

8a06a No.66874

I deleted the problem area in commonevents and now it works. I don't know what it disabled.
Thanks for your mod, it's written very well. Just has a few grammatical errors.

8d3b6 No.66877

Works perfectly fine! We need more extended dialogue like this. Thanks for your efforts.

d9941 No.66880

It happened to me when i tried to use the 1.3.11 version, the newest is 1.3.16

8a06a No.66896

Are you sure there's a 3.16? I can only find torrents labeled 4th Dec, and dlsite itself only shows it going up to 3.15.

b504a No.66898

We working on a Bigger belly + Overdue baby + triplets/quads MOD with Duwwey

Still working on 1.3.11 version
so I will need someone to port it on newest version.

AP reduction is next thing, and much more!

c562f No.66901

I made my own mod for e1.3.16 which seem to work:


(the first method paints hazumis face red when she is horny, just remove it if it causes problems)

8a06a No.66909

File: 1580330380240.png (246 KB, 816x624, ev_ED1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Made a dark-nipple version of the endscreen
I'm also thinking of making lactation leaking through shirt versions of the standing graphics, but the code would need to be written to activate the wetshirt if hazumi hasn't milked in a while.

8a06a No.66910

File: 1580330822296.png (243.34 KB, 816x624, ev_ED1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

And one with a lighter shirt nipple

e43be No.66939

and how do you tranform the code into a mod?

1ad02 No.66969

Good luck, both of u. Steam is kinda stingy toward adult contents

02173 No.66976

hi guys, finally i found this thread i was thinking we net to merge all current mods in one "big belly, overdue bellies,extended births" but for that we need standars for avoid problems with the mods

643f7 No.66977

They've allowed stuff like Koikatsu Party and COM3D2 but with offsite patches. But that was in the past. Now Steam has full on hentai games that are uncensored, they even have the "Hentai" tag

69e3f No.67000

can someone tell me, the latest way to install this mod?

9c8ab No.67136

Do anyone know whether 14 fetilization mods and 11 implantation mods will cause overflow or not and how much do bonus fertilization and implantation chance I currently got?

95986 No.67203

So how do you get to the slums? I gather there used to be a guide with the translation patch, but since the patch no longer exists in an unofficial capacity the guide seems to have poofed with it.

7e14f No.67204

After having at least on child, there should be a man in a purple hood / cloak the top right of the furniture store.

baf09 No.67215

yeah same, last update on dlsite is 3.15

95986 No.67222

I just yesterday bought it from dlsite and it downloaded as e1.3.16. The changelog says:

-Display_CG.js and Erostatus.js can be accessed from global scope.
-Added MOD_AP.js. You can add a formula when calculating the AP the next day.

b80a1 No.67225

From Mihiraghi's Twitter:
>Although not described in the update description, the current version of DLsite english is e1.3.16.

I seem to have also lost it myself…

5ada2 No.67244

Any guide to port this game to android? I wanna play modded ones on my phone

06dee No.67250

Currently, the game is set to release on Steam on February, 21 japan time, or February, 20 USA time.


2b9bd No.67251

Sweet! Might as well move discussions over to the steam page as well

b702c No.67270

File: 1581155401492.jpg (15.64 KB, 360x296, Plutia_what.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


314fe No.67271

>>67251 i dont think steam allows mod talk like here

784bc No.67273


Saw in the previous thread that you guys were looking at weight gain too that going to be a thing?

2b9bd No.67279

It sounds like a good idea, I hope it becomes reality.
I don't know where you got that from, mod talk is definitely allowed. A sticky in Skyrim's community hub even tells you how to mod the game.

b80a1 No.67280

Why? Steam Workshop is specifically for mod integration and distribution.

dc35b No.67284

Not for porn, it's why NEXUS exist for Skyrim mods you won't see a tenth of that sites mods because most of them a sex related, As with Hazumi if you guys go there or are already there keep the mods on a dl or show external links (like to this thread or the game devs blog) where they can get them do not put them on STEAM itself or you're likely to get the game taken off there.

b80a1 No.67293

You're forgetting that this game is tagged "Adults Only", and Skyrim isn't. That means only people signed into a Steam account with an age of 18+ can even see the game in the store.

9a872 No.67355

now with the steam release can we have a uncen path?

b80a1 No.67356

I doubt it, the Japanese version would have to remain censored anyways.

9a872 No.67359

well the hope is the last in disappears

9a872 No.67378

File: 1581482434556.png (644.2 KB, 1366x768, go.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hi again, now what i can buy the 1.3.16 im working with the little bugs in this mod, currenly this is the change log:
Giga Overdue Belly(single mega belly) - set to <50 weeks to unlock
- If hazumi has overdue belly, and give birth/sex scenes - there is only full term single belly (need to fix)– this is done all overdue bellies now shows properly
- fix pubic hair, if there is hugebelly and megabelly - you need to remove pubic hair. There is function in display_stand.js to do it. this si now implemented thanks the code of this guy >>66901
- If you had more than 2 babues (3 and more) The overdue belly is shown, but x-ray is still stock full term twins this is an error in the display stand.js in the line 530: with out changes look like this: const test = preStr + '_mega_multi' you need to add the "_pregnant" before the "_mega_multi"

ed159 No.67547

I would like to make animated belly kicks for my own use, but i don't really know how to do it. I tried making an apng (aminated png), but it doesn't work at all. I could also try making a function to handle this, but i can't really do this, cuz I can't do muxh in clean JS. Does anybody have an idea, how to achieve this ?

364a7 No.67574

you probably need multiple .png files which play in a loop

08068 No.67589

It looks interesting.
RPG maker MV has plugins and libraries for apng, it seems that apng can be operated.


6c11b No.67591

File: 1581992794312-0.png (18.59 KB, 882x700, unknown.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I keep getting the MOD_AP_CALC not found error. Is there a installation guide? Im downlodaing the newest ver and then putting the files from the bigger belly mod into it and it gives me this.

9a872 No.67601

that error is because you are in the 1.3.15 ver the last ver is the 1.3.16 in that ver added the ap calc mod i think you can do 2 things:
1 create a js.files named MOD_AP in the pluging folder
the js file must have this code:
function MOD_AP_Calc() {
return ;
and the second is delete that funtion call in the commonevent json. between lines 13071 and 13077

843a1 No.67647

Sorry if this has been mentioned before or something, but with all the updates and such, is there a 'final' version of the Bigger Bellies mod?

53fe7 No.67648

Happy steam launch day bois. Looking to dive in this evening.

395be No.67653

Who's actually buying it on steam? My brother has me added on steam so I don't want him finding out I have a pregnancy fetish, lol

a49a6 No.67656

>>67653 Time for a burner account

643f7 No.67658

get the game, and go through steam/steamapps/common/ in your files and play it through the folder. It won't show up on steam and no one will know you played it

speaking of steam, where are mods located for this game by the way?

9a872 No.67664

probably in te same directory as normal but in te steam instaled games

7382b No.67665

Literally what I’m doing haha

20b58 No.67670

I know…ME

The link for the mods r on the previous thread, right?

20b58 No.67675

File: 1582301440014.jpg (26.73 KB, 602x349, hazumilmfao.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Was scrolling thru steam hazumi page, then I found this
Is this guy serious or what lol

174f4 No.67679

Some powerful Yahoo! Answers energy here

a2439 No.67685

Ah yes, I tried to install the bigger belly mod, but it didnt work. There's some kind of "Reference Null" error when Hazumi was 2nd trimester…

45127 No.67688

Is the thread mentioning the "baby machine gun" moment of the testing of the game gone? And how to edit the file/numbers

9a872 No.67691

>>67670 the big belly mod yeah, but if the steam ver is the 1.3.16 you only need the png of that mod, the dewe wey mods are in the other thread and i my belly overdue mod is soon to update and i put the link in this thread

9a872 No.67692

File: 1582349837162.png (343.38 KB, 1366x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

that review only tell me that guy/girl not play much the game they did not say the unlockeables and not knows about the mods we are create

f27e0 No.67696

The steam version is currently at # e1.4.1, It seems they added more support for modding in general and bugfixes/translations.

4b29f No.67698

is there any way to get the steam version uncensored?

b80a1 No.67701

As someone who lives in Washington, I've had to pay sales tax on online purchases for like the past 20 years. I guess now it's my turn to laugh.

b80a1 No.67702

There is no uncensored version, unfortunately.

31e26 No.67703

Well so the mod is currently unavailable for steam version? Since I saw things added, like "official mods" folder in the game directory, I might copy the files there

f27e0 No.67705

The bigger belly pictures should work without extra code, just need the images (medium/mega belly) to work properly. The official mods folder is just an example, you have to move the file to PPLSS/www/js/mods/ folder for it to work.

From What I've seen they added mods folder, and any .js files will be loaded as a plugin. Also new is the ability to replace PPLSS\www\data\CommonEvents.json data from a function, so new scenes and modifications to a specific scenes should be possible.

395be No.67718

To be fair the mods aren't part of the game…

51620 No.67723

the dlsite ver were updated to match with the steam ver too?

4e0dd No.67724

Yes it is….

ace34 No.67731

The intro feels a bit choppy. Is that normal for the non-Steam version?

85646 No.67734

Uh, so we just have to replace the pictures only? I'm kinda dumb at this…

b80a1 No.67739

What do you mean by "choppy"? Low framerate?

973bf No.67740

Yes, just drop the png files into PPLSS/www/img/pictures

ace34 No.67758

I mean it goes from you unpacking your meager possessions to going straight to the end of class to a discussion with your classmate, with no real depth. I know Steam has had developers do heavy editing on other games, so I just wanted to know if this was normal.

7382b No.67760

Nah. That’s just the quick way this game goes about getting you to understand the plot. It’s not a super plot heavy game so I just kinda jumps right into it.

b80a1 No.67763

The only changes were to the characters ages, as in, the characters now have clear ages. If you bought this game for a deep narrative experience, then…

6a277 No.67764

Is there still a central way to install the mod just by using the Bigger Belly stuff from earlier or has things changed sense the Steam release?

e21e8 No.67765

I heard there were mods rolled into the steam release somewhere, is this true?

18d12 No.67768

Tip : Aphrodisiac can increase ejaculation count for your partner(+2 from moderate, +3 from awesome, +5 from risky) but ejaculation count can be stacked despite that sensitivity cant be stacked as well.
Which mean 3 moderate aphrodisiac can give your partner +6 while risky one that is 100 times as expensive (and can get even higher according to Hazumi's Charm points as well) only give +5. Only use Risky one to jump start Hazumi sensitivity.

b80a1 No.67769

I know that two mods that reduce AP due to morning sickness, and uncap charm are included in an "official mods" folder with a tutorial for installing them. (along with any other mods) It's been said before but the code for the bigger belly mod is integrated into the game, you just need the .pngs from that mod.

>Risky Aphrodesiac
I almost forgot about that. The more literal translation was "dangerous", but the item itself has no negative effects. I figured "risky" better illustrated the fact you probably shouldn't take an unlabeled black market drug that can easily be bought at a fucking convenience store.

6a277 No.67773

>>67769 I see the official mods but not how to install them. Do we just toss them in with the other js files or is there more to it?

b80a1 No.67774

If you open them with a text editor, you will find at the top it reads to place the file into the PPLSS\www\js\mods folder.

843a1 No.67775

How many mods are there for this game anyway?

e21e8 No.67782

There is steam workshop for this game, so it's likely that people will be able to distribute their mods to a wider audience that way.

643f7 No.67783

File: 1582561049632.png (56.92 KB, 635x365, goodmeme.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

best review I've seen so far

002fa No.67784

the internet is amazing

6a277 No.67785


364a7 No.67790

so thats the real ending of Halo:Reach

a793d No.67794

I hope there'll be a mod to make the futa client actually look like a futa.

b80a1 No.67808

That wouldn't be too difficult if one already had the art assets.

90f59 No.67826

Man idk Halo's story was this deep

0b452 No.67838

so does the steam version have any significant changes compared to the DLsite version?
DLsite changelog mentions "official mods"

51620 No.67840

File: 1582669496295.png (700.72 KB, 1366x729, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


nameless here just relese the overdue bellys mod for testing, please help me to test it in the steam ver

the mod is compatible with the 3.3.16 but you need to change the .js file name to: "Mod_a" and change the new directory with the old

6a277 No.67847

Got an uncaught reference error when attempting to start.

395be No.67850

Not compatible with 3.3.15, and no one still hasn't uploaded 3.3.16…

395be No.67851

Dragged .js file to javascript folder, now it "works" but overdue x-ray doesn't show.

0fcfb No.67853

what ver you tried to use?

0fcfb No.67854

you unlock the xrays in the game?

b80a1 No.67855

It works fine for me, however I'm not using the steam version.

b80a1 No.67857

Okay, I just tried the mod with the steam version and it starts up fine.

b1d24 No.67858

File: 1582697014257.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1050, hazumi.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I was able to get her pregnant with twins up to 60 weeks through some hard save scumming. No weird errors or anything on steam ver.

0fcfb No.67860

check the displaystand.js in the js folder: in the line 530: look like this:
const test = preStr + '_pregnant_mega_multi'

45127 No.67862

So, does anyone know how to easily get pregnant in this game? I made sure Hazumi got her partners to cum inside on dangerous days but nothing happened. Is there an event I need to complete?

6a277 No.67863

I've found that after a two or three pregnancies you basically make so much money you can buy all the drugs and get insta preg the next time you have sex (so long as she is not in postpartum). Also getting all the bonuses from giving up your breast milk to the guy at the hospital you can unlock higher likelihoods of fertilization and implantation (once you turn them on in Flags)

6a277 No.67864

Not sure :X, it's the steam version. Perhaps it is the other mods? I'm using Bigger Bellies, Measurement, Hazumi Mods (update of Bigger Bellies?) and Lol1 (mini).

395be No.67869

Yes, it still shows the old x-rays, not the overdue x-rays

0fcfb No.67889

the json you use are of mods for the 1.3.16 and steam ver in the 1.4.1 you force a ver 1.3.16 try
need to change the .js file name to: "Mod_a" and change the new directory with the old

0fcfb No.67890

you install other mods?

45127 No.67891

That helps, but for some reason 8 creampies with no condom on the dangerous day results in no preg. Am I doing something wrong?

45127 No.67893

Ignore the quoted post, finally fertilized.

Is there a way to edit how many babies she is pregnant with? Or if she's pregnant or not?

501e4 No.67895

>>6788I I know your trying to be helpful but I have no idea what any of that means X/

395be No.67896

Yes, bigger bellies and >>66809 , but I installed the overdue mod last.

0fcfb No.67897

exactly what folder in the overdue belly you use?
and in the birth secuenses mod you use the global funtion and the global scripts .js?

395be No.67899


8287a No.67929

Found a website: svscomics.com
Downloads links are typically reliable with exceptions mostly being on very big files that have not been broken up.
Pregsstate has just updated to e1.4.1 there.

395be No.67944

I found 1.4.1 and downloaded that, it works fine now. It works with bigger belly mod, but extended birth sequences mod conflicts. The problem files appear to be either Display_Stand.js or Global_Function.js, when Hazumi has 50 week overdue belly.

b80a1 No.67947

Is there an actial .js plugin version of the extended birth mod? Because last time I checked it was a hard coded version of the core .json files.

95386 No.67954

Thanks, been looking for those versions.

6795f No.67958

>>67947 no it isnt

95386 No.67962

Used 1.4.1 installed Bigger Bellies and Overdue but got a "Uncaught ReferenceError: Display_CG is not defined"

When I use the other mods in tandem they work fine, I just have trouble with Overdue mod.

6795f No.67963

what exactly you install for the bigger belly? remember the current ver is compatible with the png files of the bigger belly mod and you dont need more than that

b80a1 No.67964

During during birth it's either telling me that I'm missing "M_CG_body_bote_mega.png", or just displays a non pregnant belly.

95386 No.67972

Oh, so we only need to use the png files and not the js files?

95386 No.67973

Also noticed that the steam version updated to 1.4.3.

4e0dd No.67977

[Steam version] Saved data has been overwritten and erased
Thank you for always playing "Hazumi and the Land of Child Making".
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1136330 We
updated the Steam version around 21:00, but at that time we included the save data for development, so the save data of the Steam version players was I overwrote it … At
22 o'clock, I changed it to a version that does not have any problems, but if you have updated the game by that time, the save data may have been lost.

Unfortunately, really unfortunately, lost save data will never return.
If you have a backup, you can restore it or
uninstall the game and reinstall it, and the Steam cloud may restore your save data.

However, there is no way to restore the save data in other cases.
M (_ _) m sorry for taking away your important save data. I apologize to you.

You can't undo your saves, but if you tell us the progress of the game, you may be able to pass saves in a somewhat similar situation. If you have been affected and would like to return the situation, please contact us.

This time
・ Steam easily updated using tools, so I updated casually
・ Developed in upload folder
・ Managed update files manually

I think the cause was that there was no mechanism for backing up save data .

So, be
careful not to do this in the future.-Be careful when updating
-The update folder should not be touched except during the update
-Update files should be automatically copied from the development environment . At that time, we will also try to prevent the recurrence by erasing the contents of the update folder
and thinking about a mechanism to generate a backup file when saving

This time I made an irreparable mistake and I'm sorry. I apologize again.


95386 No.67979

File: 1582932084312.png (638.11 KB, 768x1440, Twin Medium Belly - Normal….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Don't worry about it! I have the files I play and the steam version separated for just such an occasion (also to test mods and not ruin the primary folders of the game)

Thank you for continuing to update the game and being active on here and elsewhere.

Lol1 Hazumi is very happy to have more babies.

f92d1 No.67980

for the big belly mod yes

45127 No.67981

Which file can I edit to change the number of babies she will have?

395be No.67984

See OP of previous thread

a2c40 No.67985

File: 1582937312539.jpg (12.23 KB, 567x487, 1501818388611.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

45127 No.67986

Thank you so much! I was looking for the other Hazumi threads, didn't realize it was in that one.

And, I need to change both the 1 and the i, not just the 1? Neat

f2b59 No.67989

Quite a big uterus for babies this small

63df7 No.67991

Probably excess amniotic fluid
That should also be a factor tbh

95386 No.67992

File: 1582950363835.png (752.36 KB, 928x1440, Twin Big Belly - Normal x-….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Also size… size matters.

Meant to post this one actually.

6b25f No.67997

Do you have one without an X-Ray?

8580c No.68002

I have a collection good sir, I'll post it later.

24dd8 No.68005

Geez, it's like her entire body has become nothing but womb.

395be No.68009

Just install the loli mod…

8580c No.68012

File: 1582995010471.png (559.02 KB, 836x1440, Mega Belly - Normal.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

b8fea No.68014

That's a big girl!

80e00 No.68016

for you

601c8 No.68017

how works the birth scene at loli mode?

cd69b No.68019

Same as normal just smaller character body.

b4a2c No.68026

We really need other hazumi's versions with more than triplets pregnancy haha

395be No.68030

45127 No.68044

Is there a cap to how many of the bio-mods for Fertilization and Implantation chance boosters you can have?

88441 No.68051

I guess not, but there is a formula by which pregnancy chance has been calculated and there both bio-modules adds 1% each.

Sometimes code is kinda messy and hardly understandable. Espeshially for game variables which literally are just IDs and without list in previous thread I would never have guessed what does it mean lol. But the game is awesome and moddable. It's incredable. I would like to mod it by myself, but I only can write a code.

c068a No.68055

Now I'm wish to see lol1 Hazumi fanart picture.

ac546 No.68068


How about adding a move or kick to the gif version

8580c No.68070

Or several

8cdf1 No.68071

Heyho everyone.
really loving the game and the mods so far. Do you think it would be possible to change the standing CG in reference to how much cum is on hazumi? I'd love to see her drenched in cum standing in the status screen ^^

on another note, I just had the reference error after playing an hour without saving after hazumi went to sleep, so thats great ~.~ I'm afraid I messed the bigger bellies mod up somehow, no clue how

8580c No.68073

1: I think they are working in that for the normal game. Just have to make more picture assets and program it so it will take time.

2: Need to make an updated how to install mods. But what worked for me is to only use the images in bigger bellies as the base game has been updated to incorporate it. (Aka don't change the js files).

And make sure you save!

f5b88 No.68075

So I've been away from this game for a little bit and comeback. I've found that there's mods for Younger/Lol1 Hazumi but what other mods are there that are fully compatible with the current Steam version? Some links work, some don't.

cc375 No.68079

in order:
big belly mod

overdue belly mod

young mod

loli mod

f5b88 No.68080

Got download links for those?

45127 No.68091

There's a thing I noticed that mentions "Futanari" in the game. Does that mean Hazumi can become one or is there a character that she can sleep with that is one?

b80a1 No.68092

Sex partners can be futanari, but it doesn't actually do anything besides changing their name.

f15c6 No.68130

File: 1583174368020-0.png (426.66 KB, 652x962, 3.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1583174368020-1.png (1.27 MB, 1426x905, 3-1.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

89583 No.68131

That outfit makes no sense, why is she wearing suspenders when they aren't in use?

f5b88 No.68133

Still wanting to the download links if available.

cd69b No.68136

They are on the artists Patreon. He talked about posting it publicly after patrons got it, but I'm not sure what his plans are. Right now he's busy redoing some of the art assets for bigger belly. I'll ask the discord.

cd69b No.68138

They work she she is not pregnant and at the first stage with the small belly. Guess it's just to so how fucking huge she got.

f92d1 No.68140

63df7 No.68146

>loli with triplets
I need more of this

45127 No.68150

Do I need both Young and Loli? Or are they different?

f92d1 No.68151

are different

76df5 No.68181

duwwey - all mods combined. character switcher in flags. for ver. 1.4.1


overdue mod (ew different artstyle). note that both haven't been throroughly tested so may be very buggy


f92d1 No.68198

>>68181 you edited the original js files that could
make problems of imcompatibility with later mods

baf09 No.68212

cant find the character switcher?

7f74f No.68215

Is there any possible way to get these mods on the mobile version?

395be No.68217

It's under 'system' in settings

b4a2c No.68227

Need other overdue versions as triplets's or more babies's haha..

1931e No.68228

When are we going to see things like weight gain, breast enlargement and such added?

6aba9 No.68242

There's already some breast enlargement when hazumi has 3 pregnancies.

b80a1 No.68246

Honestly, I'd like to see Hazumi's breasts be smaller, and then slowly grow to vanilla size during pregnancy.

f92d1 No.68248

thats is a little dificult case need it re-write all the stand display and the display cg funtions in orter to do that

85b91 No.68389

Theoretically yes, but someone has to bother doing it and re-sign the APK. Adding the files is the easy part, re-signing the APK so android phones will actually install it however is not as easy.

f92d1 No.68392

we need to make a documentatios of every js. .json in the game currenly i try to make hazumi move slowly when she is full terms but i cant fint the funtion or event that control the walk /dash

b2a0e No.68408

It's likely buried in the rpg maker js code.

026d8 No.68530

Someone should make a dark skin gyaru mod.

691c8 No.68543


ec0d2 No.68593


Hi RW,

How do I install your extended birth sequence mod? It's just a loose collection of files and I'm not sure if I put them in the right folders.

1931e No.68634

So where are we at with mods on this? I remember in the last thread there was loads of progress being made then nothing…

7825b No.68660

Most are still being worked on. Last I checked, adding clothing and better artwork. Remember, people do this part time so it will be awhile.

d5a14 No.68707

Maybe one which allows panty birth?

a0ce8 No.68738


She always seems reluctant to get pregnant and stuff. Maybe you could make a mod that adds a flag which gives her a strong breeding fetish. Wanting to get cummed inside on dangerous days and such in the dialogue.

6d8fe No.68744

Yeah, that always kinda threw me off to.

497e3 No.68745

Good idea, I'd love a dialogue mod for this

7b1b7 No.68758

This could be interesting. Maybe the player could decide on her personality at the start of the game?


>Reluctant (default)

"Childfree" Hazumi will always abort if she goes to the OBGYN and gets the choice, so carrying the pregnancy will require not going there until second trimester at least. She'll react with horror to her pregnancy and every body change and even hate pumping her milk. The 'keep the baby' ending is re-written so that instead of her keeping it to be a mother, she keeps it to let a family member adopt. Anxiety about any sex without a condom increases. Pleasure from non-penetration actions increases. She's very skeptical about the impreg-nation, not there by choice, and disturbed that so many girls there get pregnant.

"Breeder" Hazumi will always refuse the option to abort. She'll get excited about every change that happens to her, even morning sickness. Happiness related to lactating, having a saggy post-partum belly, and bigger breasts will increase. Her attitude toward keeping a baby will be changed to: "I'm conflicted! Part of me really wants to be a mother and part of me wants to keep popping out kids. I don't think I can do both… can I?" Breeder Hazumi will ask the man to never wear condoms. Pleasure from penetration sex increases. She loves the impreg-nation and specifically came to the country to join them, get pregnant, and give birth.

Could be an interesting concept, but I don't know if coding limitations would make any of this possible, especially for the mandating/removing the abortion decision.

Looking at it objectively, I think the reason Hazumi is depicted sort of reluctant is to make choosing either choice make sense.

16e0c No.68764

File: 1584925663440.png (1.82 MB, 1926x1399, 116 week triplets nude.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

This game is silly. The triplets over a year old and not even born yet.

579e8 No.68770

>> 116 weeks
Rip her vagina

497e3 No.68771

RIP and rip

a8787 No.68776


643f7 No.68779

rip and tear, till it is done.

a0ce8 No.68781

File: 1584975315042.jpg (640.38 KB, 927x1500, 80301896_p0.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Another piece of fanart for this game got uploaded to Pixiv

7a50a No.68783


It's fantastic

4ad5e No.68784


Please make an animated version with the baby's movements and kicks

95760 No.68787

File: 1584989241993.jpg (11.41 KB, 235x236, 1ad88fe204668651cbae450837….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

95760 No.68788

first at all we need the assets

a6acc No.68789


how did you get this to happen? what mods did you need?

95760 No.68790

>>68789 proably save the game before sleep and if bith event occurt he reset the game from the last save

8287a No.68806

File: 1585028353858-0.png (584.66 KB, 1021x820, Loli105BigOverdue.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585028353858-1.png (591.95 KB, 1021x820, Loli106MegaOverdue.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It looks like there is a positioning issue with both loli overdue x-rays.
Both are too low and are beyond the belly line.

f86f0 No.68808

File: 1585030704946-0.jpg (209.63 KB, 818x656, Hazumi and the Pregnation ….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585030704946-1.jpg (152.43 KB, 818x656, Hazumi and the Pregnation ….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Quadruplets big baby!
Weight is too scary.

0675d No.68811

new guy here, is there any link to the game?
I already got the mods, but I'm missing the main game…

8287a No.68813

svscomics.com has it buried in its files.
Luckily you can search for it.

fe95b No.68816

There is may be special X-ray for Loli Hazumi. Not done yet fully!

8ba8a No.68820

You can buy it on dlsite or steam now.

e3da5 No.68874

You can have the game on the site F95zone the latest version

c9ce2 No.68877

Bro, I think it isn't a good idea give support to that version of the game.

c9ce2 No.68878

Add tattoo to the game would be a good idea.

95760 No.68886

we need that asset to fix with normal,saggi,big huge and mega belly

95760 No.68888

fit, sorry

b361f No.68918

How do you get overdue?

77d43 No.68920

Where are save files stored on Android?

31e26 No.68925

Uh, the first one might not fit since this would ruin the purpose of the game itself but thats my opinion
Instead, how about adding the "Breeder" trait on NG+? That would be great

d1ee3 No.68933

Use Growth enhancer and Ovulation indcer.
Feeling the growth enhancer is a bug, the fetus is growing fast.

By the way,this game sets whether there is only one fertilized egg to be Conceive, can't multiple fertilized eggs be Conceive?

hope it will be better if have clothes to change in the future!

45a6a No.68950

Make sure you have the overdue mod and the other official mods in place. When you get to around 30weeks save before sleeping. If her water breaks close the program and load it again. Continue to do this until she reaches the overdue you want. It doesn't do anything mechanically but it is fun imagining it.

72057 No.68958

i have a question:

what bugs has this overdue mod? the overdue mod i made hasn't bugs, if is for the images is until the correspondent .png files be finished

7b1b7 No.68960

I think this too, honestly. The entire appeal of the game is to watch her become pregnant. But they include options for condoms, abortion, and contraception use. As well as the option to 'scrape it out.' For what purpose? We don't know. Probably because having those choices make sense for the character's internal personality 'arc'. Or just for completeness since they 'should' exist, even if the average player will ignore it. At any rate, pregnancy is not inevitable in the game if the player obsessively uses all of these things. The "childfree" personality could appeal to the fetish of "watching a girl who desperately doesn't want to become pregnant deal with becoming pregnant."

7c7ee No.68961

File: 1585302934951-0.png (611.96 KB, 817x624, h1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585302934951-1.png (317.75 KB, 816x624, h2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585302934951-2.png (545.8 KB, 816x624, h3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585302934951-3.png (320 KB, 816x624, h4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm having sequencing issues with the all in one mod. I'm going from nothing to mega after 1 frame, but only at the hotel. The standing CG seems to work fine, but it's kinda frustrating seeing her skip so many stages at the hotel. Any ideas on why that's happening? (also the char switch doesn't show in flags for me, but i really only want default hazumi)

a2c40 No.68975

File: 1585326129543.jpg (4.06 KB, 128x128, POGYou.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

497e3 No.68989

Hotel hazumi doesn't have first trimester or second trimester bellies, only the third trimester bellies. Not a bug, it just was never drawn.

7c7ee No.68997

File: 1585376338721-0.png (18.33 KB, 816x624, D_CG_body_bote.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585376338721-1.png (35.37 KB, 816x624, D_CG_body_bote_big.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585376338721-2.png (51.3 KB, 816x624, D_CG_body_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Really? I was looking through the "pictures" file and found these. All the other position have images with similar progression.

7b1b7 No.68998

That's not breast size?

7c7ee No.69001

File: 1585381162850-0.png (25.77 KB, 816x624, M_CG_body_bote.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585381162850-1.png (44.53 KB, 816x624, M_CG_body_bote_big.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1585381162850-2.png (88.7 KB, 816x624, M_CG_body_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

that's a belly my man. here's the missionary one's, these are more obvious.

497e3 No.69009

Those are all 1 baby, twins, and triplet belly.

fe95b No.69016

nope, thats stages.

72057 No.69021

hello guys i found a new mod in the f95 forum:

and i make a paste bin to have all(current compatible) mods in one place


i made this just for has a better control or all mods the community made

7c7ee No.69028

it should be stages. The names of the png's go "bote"->"bote_big"->"bote_mega". So, maybe you're having the same issue, but thought it was just something that wasn't implemented yet.

497e3 No.69037

It's stages if you're heading for triplets or twins. If you're having triplets, it goes from bote, bote_big, to bote_mega.
Pretty cool! Are there any more from F95?

497e3 No.69038

You're missing the extended birth dialogues mod, at the top of the thread

f9f8d No.69043

Is not currenly compatible with the last update

7c7ee No.69052

Alright, then why is it that when I have twins, triplets, or quadruplets it goes from nothing to mega? Try it out for yourself if you don't believe me,but I just tested it with the ones i listed and it skips for all of them.

fe95b No.69058

It is bad wrote code man.
We hav many mods, not fully compatibile with each other, and there is result.

We need to ask "fenuski" or directly developer of Hazumi, to implement our mods in next update, directly to game.
(huge bellies, overdue bellies, triplet mod)

I try to make quads, but i stuck in birth event. I cannot wrote code to make normal triplet birth.

7c7ee No.69060

The guys who make the mods are doing great, I'm sorry if my posts are coming off as hostile. I truly appreciate what they are doing and the fact that they're doing it without being paid and on their own time is incredible. I was just bringing up an issue I found to see if there was a fix or if anyone else was having the same problem. However, somebody was refuting that it was a bug and saying it wasn't implemented when the files said otherwise.

b80a1 No.69081

Development for the game is finished, unless someone finds bugs. These should be made into actual mods, and not hardcoded versions of core files. The two official mods are meant to be examples. Of course, the game's spaghetti code doesn't help.

f9f8d No.69088

>>69081 that is true is so hard understand what code in the common events json do several events

08068 No.69089

You can use RPG Maker MV or the Trial version to decipher json files such as commonEvents.


b80a1 No.69092

Yeah, the files are meant to be loaded into RPG Maker MV first. It's difficult to find things using MV unless you already know where it is. It's still a good idea to keyword search the .json files using ctr+f to get event ids. Mihiragh said before that he wanted to switch to something else, like Unity, for his next project.

f9f8d No.69093

Yeah i Open the project file before but i don't understand japanese, that make me so dificult to understand what swiches,variables,etc are in the events, for that we need to do a documentación for more easy mod development,
For now my next goal is implementing a "tattoo shop" in the slum or something like "no human pregnancy"

b80a1 No.69096

I'll make a spread sheet with translations for the common events, switches, and variables. I don't know if implementing that into the project file would screw with the .js files though.

72057 No.69109

guys if in the next mod you going change the commonevent.json just use the js template(MOD_overrideTemplate) that Mihiraghi left us in the official mod folder, that allows us to modify the database in runtime (i can implement the all in one+hair mod with out change the origial common event json

72057 No.69111

for now i request permit(RW,Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous) to ported mods that use commonevent json to this method just for a more easy instalation of all mods,

i request permit to hulatoupla from the f95zone too

72057 No.69112

feunski, i have a question, is posible change the pluging.js and the systen.json files in rune time like the commonevent.json?

b80a1 No.69113

Are you talking about editing within RPG maker MV? Plugin .js files, no. The .json files in the data folder, yes.

72057 No.69114

no i taking about call a funtion like the overides funtion for the commonevents json, but for the system.json and the plugins.js files, or is posible use the same funtion for that to?

08068 No.69115

The plugin.js and system.json objects are stored in $dataSystem and $plugins.
The properties of $dataSystem can be modified at the same time as the overides funtion(Scene_Boot.prototype.start).

72057 No.69117

File: 1585596922256.png (96.03 KB, 1366x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i got this error when i try to overrite the datasystem

08068 No.69118

My lack of explanation.
The $dataSystem's properties can be rewritten directly.
Just like this.

(function() {
const _Scene_Boot_start = Scene_Boot.prototype.start;
Scene_Boot.prototype.start = function () {
_Scene_Boot_start.apply(this, arguments);

const overrideDataSystem = function(){
$dataSystem.currencyUnit = "Euro"


72057 No.69120

>>69118 what other funtios has $dataSystem?
i need to add a new variable

08068 No.69122

As far as I can see there doesn't seem to be any significant data in system.json.

If you want to add a variable to $gameVariables.value(ID), you don't need to do anything special.
Just do $gameVariables.setValue(ID, value).

72057 No.69123

i try this:
$gameVariables.value("characterAppearance") but hazumi dont change to the other (loli,young white hair)

72057 No.69124

but it not working ,.setvalue too

08068 No.69127

If you simply want to use a variable, you don't have to worry about anything.
It will simply be a javascript thing.
var characterAppearance;

72057 No.69128

>>69127 no the problem is in the all in one mod, originaly the mod modify the system.json and add "characterAppearance" in the variables last part but when i try to add that "characterAppearance" to the system.json by overrite it not work, and the other hazumi forms not show, but if i put that variable in the system.json start to work normaly

72057 No.69129

File: 1585605176665.png (102.78 KB, 1366x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

here a re the original system.json and the edited json

08068 No.69132

Hmmm, $dataSystem.variables is a list of names of $gameVariables for convenience when editing the RPG maker MV, and has no effect on the actual game.

What are you trying to do with characterAppearance?

72057 No.69133

in the original
this >>68181
is used for change the cg of hazumi into the other(young,loli,white,brown

08068 No.69134

I've tried the MOD that you merged. This is great!

Since the $gameVariables._data array is only loaded up to 700, I think it should be
"switch (v(700)) {".

Or, you might want to make your own variables instead of relying on $gameVariables.

$gameSystem.characterAppearance = 0;//0-2

The $gameSystem will remain in the save data, as will the $gameVariables.

72057 No.69144

File: 1585612749564.png (114.11 KB, 1366x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i finish to merge, probably no the best way to do but si the way i make works without touch the original files

i merge all the compatible mods in just 6 js files, obviously need the png accets to work propierly

for the extended birth is dificult find the code that was write before, if zw tell me how do the mod probably i can make it works again in the new update
I wait for the permission of the other creators of the mods, to share this new merge and added to the pastebin

72057 No.69145

RW sorry

7c7ee No.69161

How do you download updates for the non-steam version? I got mine from DELsite, so do i just go there, redownload it, then transfer the save files?

b80a1 No.69162


I'm about 2/3 done with the spreadsheet. There are quite a few thing that do nothing.

72057 No.69180

Nameless here, cause i need practice to understand how works they commonevent un the game i working porting the extender birth mod(partialy), when i done with the port i added to the mods merge i currenly making

b80a1 No.69182

I finished translating those labels. Please tell me if there are issues and/or errors.


b80a1 No.69183

Looks Mihiraghi is going to update the game with the translated labels. There will also be some minor translation fixes.

d578b No.69192

maybe also update with overdue bellies? and character changing?

b80a1 No.69202

DLsite was just updated to v1.4.7 with the translated code.

72057 No.69219

my merge mod is compatible with that ver too!!
my merge include:
overdue belly mod
loli mod
young mod
brown hair mod
white mod
birth extended mod(yeah i make it works) but i need test more
hornyandconcern (paints hazumis face red when she is horny and worried is she has mega belly

7efed No.69220

>>69219 link to this cool all in one mod?

72057 No.69221

when i finish to test all mods compatibility between each other i going to posting in the paste bin
to consider my mod needs to be instaled in a clean game(no previus all in one instaled) to work

7c7ee No.69223

Do saves used with older versions/mods interfere with any of the new mods compatibility?

72057 No.69225

no, you can use your savedata normaly

and yes old mods change the stock code that cause some incompatibilities with other mods but this mod not cause any of this problems and can be installed in future updates of the base game easy

b80a1 No.69226

The Steam version is now updated to vl.4.8, and the DLsite version will follow in a few days. This adds translated map names to the game code. When I realized I forgot that, Mihiraghi had already updated DLsite… lol.

Please check it out, modding should be way easier now. If you see something untranslated in the json files, it's just leftovers from things not active in game. js plugins still contain Japanese since it's active code that I don't want to mess with.

72057 No.69227

im waiting for that, i see tons of petitions of the steam comumnity for dlc like
Buy Houses (Family House, Villa etc).
Make more Money to get a better House and Equipement.
Get on Dates.
Become a Millionar with Investment if you want. Create a Family

and that make me exiting for implement at least one of that

7c7ee No.69231

So, to use the newer mods I'll have to start a new save because I used old mods with my saves, or am I misunderstanding?

72057 No.69232

you are misunderstanding, you can use your old saves but the game must be clean of any mods before you install the merge i making

7efed No.69236

Hmm, mine steam version is still 1.4.4, is there a way to force an update or something?

7efed No.69237

NVM i'm an idiot.

72057 No.69238

b80a1 No.69239

nvm is short for nevermind.

72057 No.69241

aaaahhh I didn't know that way of writing it,since English is not my mother language

78da4 No.69243

File: 1585901484084.png (147.46 KB, 470x1200, nami.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

This is the mod I'm making

7c7ee No.69244

File: 1585901860048.png (761.52 KB, 704x638, OOJoseph.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Not sure those juicers can get much bigger, even after pregnancy.

Looks really nice.

72057 No.69245

if is like the loli young mod i can merge in the all in one if you like, and dont forget if you will use the commonevents json use the overidetemplate, not change the original files

f2678 No.69256

Redraw the hands, they look like shit.

46302 No.69258

and the tits are too big for the body but thats jsut preference

8287a No.69260

Wow… Tough crowd.
He said he was making it.
It is a work in progress.

b80a1 No.69261

It's not bad, but the fingers on her left hand (hanging by her hip) look kind a weird.

86942 No.69266

Better to do it now there aren't twenty spites to correct.

e9285 No.69269

What are the benefits of going to new game+? I don't understand why you would do it.

72057 No.69270

more bio mods

72057 No.69271

nameless here, I finish the merge mod, tested in the 1.4.8, i update the pastebin with the link

nameless out and happy modding

this merge mod include this:

nameless's overdue belly mod
dewwey's young mod
dewwey's loli mod
dewwey's mega belly mod
hulatopla's hair color mod
RW´s Extended birth sequences
horny and worried mod(paints hazumis face red when she is horny and worried is she has mega belly)


f2678 No.69272

That looks like a finished drawing, it's no longer a rough draft. The mistakes should've been made before the final design was coloured and finished.

13590 No.69279

Works great. Thanks for all your hard work making this all-in-one. Makes it very easy.

When you say no other mods, does this include the "official" mods?

72057 No.69282

no. just the other mods that change the hardcode like the original all in one and the birth extended, for mods that not change the original files you install the mod like normal

7c7ee No.69283

I'm still having the same issue where the belly is going from default to mega during the hotel scenes. I was hoping this would be fixed for me with more updates of the games and mods, but it's no different.

Example of the issue

It might just be me installing the mods wrong. All you have to do is drop the files in and press replace, right?

72057 No.69284

you can put the official mods with this

72057 No.69285

for issues thats because the images are for fullterms for one baby,twins and triple or more, the true problem is in the originals display cg funtions becase the game check if hazumi is pregnant or not, not if she is in firt or second or third trimester

7c7ee No.69286

So, is there a fix for this, or is this just how the mod is in it's current state?

72057 No.69288

this is how the mod is in its current state, for fixit i need the accets for 1st trimester,2nd and 3rd for the missionary,doggy,cowgirl, for the normal,loli and young
27 new files in total, sadly im not an artist so i cant draw very good, and call for an artist for make this, i need money first to pay him probably a Crowdfunding will help, for me this is a hobbie but my goal is gain money making this kind of thing. in the future im going to make a patreon to help me with that goal

7c7ee No.69290

The assets are all there. The images for 1st, 2nd, and third trimester for all the positions are in the files, at least for normal Hazumi.

Here's some of them I posted earlier:

That's why I've been wondering why it's skipping from default to mega when all the files are there.

72057 No.69291

that accets are for fullterms bote(for pregnant single) big(for twins) and mega(for 3 or more and overdue)

when you enter in the sex scenes the game draws the CG, in the part of the belly it checks if hazumi is pregnant with singles or twins or triples, but not check if she is in fist or second trimester,

for that case i need to now how many babys care with you and what is exactry the weeks hazumi has, the overdue mod only apply when weeks are 44 or more

7c7ee No.69293

Oooooooh okay, this explains everything, thank you.

78da4 No.69298

File: 1586003356315.png (187.12 KB, 470x1200, nami.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I modified it a little.
Now I'm thinking about what to do with maid outfits.

c24b4 No.69299

Ah yes, cosplay cafe. Good idea

72057 No.69304

nanashi that username sounds me, you have a pixiv page or something?

86942 No.69305

>that username sounds me
¿Traduciendo con Google?

72057 No.69306

File: 1586030799572.png (7.43 KB, 533x145, new mod.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hello nameless here i'm thinking in the issues presented by jeffry >>68961

and i make a mistake with the accets needed to fix that issues i make notes and only need 2 accets for possition(cow,missionary,doggy) 6 in total for a single form of hazumi, 18 for all (normal,young and loli)

the assets are for first trimester single baby and twin full terms

i let you a table of the files needed and if the community wants a ultra and super ultra belly mod

72057 No.69307


yeah, sorry english is not my mother language

f2678 No.69309

You missed a adjective.
Instead of
>that username sounds me
it would be
>that username sounds familiar to me

72057 No.69310

ohhh, thank you

7c7ee No.69311

That would be incredible if the community could put something like this together. Is making a mod that detects which term she's in and displaying the corresponding image during the hotel scenes even possible?

86942 No.69312

If you wanna get fancy you could say "That username rings a bell"

72057 No.69313

i working in that code but need accets for finish it XD

7c7ee No.69318


Can you get in contact with the guy who made the current assets? He's probably your best bet.

72057 No.69319

dewwey are busy, he is updating the art of all of your mods

7c7ee No.69320

Damn, I guess all we can really do is wait. I guess someone else could draw the assets, but the inconsistencies in art style might be kinda weird.

78da4 No.69324

My name "Nanashi" means no name in Japanese.
I have an account on pixiv, although the name is different

72057 No.69325

mind blown

7c7ee No.69331

Everything in the mod seems to be working really well, except for one thing. During the missionary sex scenes, the cum doesn't build up properly. It stays clean, or whatever state it's currently in, until you un-insert Buddy/Guy's rod then re-insert it. Hopefully the way i explained it makes sense.

72057 No.69332


please explain that case in detail step by step so that i can replicate and fix that

72057 No.69333

what is the state of hazumi?
is overdue?
how many babys has?(1 2 or 3ormore
only ocurs in one belly stage?(huge, mega)

7c7ee No.69334

state: all
overdue: not necessarily
babies: 1
belly stages it occurs: all

side note: the pixels around the rod change very slightly when the amount of cum should change.

e299f No.69335

Can some one pls add a apk for the mods😅😅

7c7ee No.69336

On another note, is there any easy way to cheese getting milk?

72057 No.69346

with the bio mod and be pregnant while lactagting

222a9 No.69348

File: 1586110899909.png (232.16 KB, 470x1200, stand_bareChest_bote_med_s….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Been sat on this a while not sure if there's any interest, I can finish it up. only issue is I can't code currently so only way to have it is when the

72057 No.69349


i test that case and and i found this i think is not a error(prove in the game without mods)
felatio section:
if kiss until cum cum appear normaly in her belly i think this is normal becase the penis is not cover

if you lick not appear i think is because no exist a accets of hazumi being cumshot in her face
deep throat hold in mouth and suck is not showing because there is not a accet of hazumi mouth with cum in missionary and not be showed in her belly because are cumming inside her

chest secction
shows normal to me cum in her belly because are not penetrate her
if you penetrate her before chest section you cum inside her, this is normal for me
insert section:
this is normal cum inside if you not choose cum outside

72057 No.69350

a milk over flow mod you try to make?

222a9 No.69351

>>69350 yeah submitted post before i could finish. I did on most of the saggy images. Figured that made the most sense. Just downloaded all the mods so I could seperate the images and add it to the body type mod but ideally it would happen after a certain amount of pregnancies or if you don't milk for a while

72057 No.69352

File: 1586112705442-0.png (195.05 KB, 470x1200, 5 baby naked (milk b).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1586112705442-1.png (16.64 KB, 157x400, 5 baby (xray).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

nameless here, dewwey send me the accets for the overdue mod(no more bad image edits) and send me new bellys for normal hazumi, loli and young, for 4 babys and 5 babys,this mod will be the last free mod i code, I appreciate all your suport, soon i'm going to make a fanpage for moding this game and other hentai games i appreciate you follow me in the new fanpage i will make

72057 No.69353

File: 1586113777259.png (309.37 KB, 817x651, hadumi.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

while i tested the case of cum in missionary i found this, this problem is in the base game with out mods

f2678 No.69354

File: 1586115294608.png (242.1 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_bote_mega.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I like it! We need to find a way to implement a lactation event, particularly when Hazumi hasn't milked her breasts in a while. I myself have been working on a 'leaking through clothes' mod but I've put it on hold until there's a way to implement these.

72057 No.69355

need to use the overrite methot for change part of the $commonEvents.json that allow you to make a event im not a profesional or something similar but that methot can overrite the json file

72057 No.69356

hello people would like i add 2 new overdue forms(super and ultra) for single baby obviously more dificult to reach, like carring the baby for 55 and 60 weeks

f2678 No.69357

I'd honestly prefer bigger bellies for quadruplets and quintuplets.

72057 No.69358


yeah i put that bellys too but in case you are in single and you reach the 55 weeks or the 60 weeks the game shows that bellys too

f2678 No.69359

Yeah why not, I don't think anyone's objecting

d4153 No.69363

Definitely would love to see an expansion of what happens in the slums/underground area and weight gain (chubby Hazumi)

+1 for more bigger bellies with quadruplets and above

7c7ee No.69365

Can confirm it's happening base game w/o mods. It wasn't happening until the most recent updates though, hope it gets fixed.

0da15 No.69367


Can you make a AP reduction when overdue?
Contact me on Mail, i send all code that i wrote for overdue, triplet and quads.
All is working, but birth…

72057 No.69368

mailed, yeah but i cannot understand how works the AP-mod.js

b80a1 No.69372

You should send a message to Mihiraghi about it.

7c7ee No.69375

I sent him an email with a short clip of the issue.

78da4 No.69380

File: 1586157837146.png (219.91 KB, 816x624, nami_kijoi.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I draw the H scene as I think it is necessary.

78da4 No.69381

I'm considering whether to design the maid outfit in Japanese or whole island. Which is better? Or do you know any other good designs?

7c7ee No.69392

File: 1586165235546-0.png (9.44 KB, 406x221, 991cf8456a.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Turns out it's an intended feature.

ba22c No.69394

Hell yhea that nami pic like yust a whole lot of yess

669f9 No.69404

I think her boobs aren't big enough in comparison to the first two images you posted. So hot though.

669f9 No.69407

I think it would make sense for the cafe outfit to be anything sexy enough to draw more customers.

72057 No.69425

Nameless here, My harddisc stop working and all My work in the mod

The mod Will be delayed

I'm apologize for this problem

fd5df No.69430

Oh god, any backups?

72057 No.69433

only for my released mod not for the mod i working sadly

72057 No.69460

nameless here, someone have the link of a complete save data?

i needed to test the mod but i don't want to waste a bunch of hours making a save data

fd5df No.69464

72057 No.69477

File: 1586303707579.png (700.61 KB, 1366x768, updates.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

nameless here, and back to working in the mod, let you small update

thanks for your save data helps me a lot

7c7ee No.69478

Looking good, just need the assets for the bigger bellies i assume.

72057 No.69480

no, just that, i need more assets, this mod literally make obsolete the original stand_display.js file, josei,implantation,min,med and big stand cuts uterus are needed for triple,quatruplets and quintuplets babys, i send emails to dewe for that accets, this mod probably take more time for be release

7c7ee No.69487

That's what i meant. I didn't mean the "bigger bellies" mod assets, I meant even bigger belly assets for the mod you're making, if that makes sense.

6ccc8 No.69488

Here's mine save data,it septuplets is pregnancy overdue.

72057 No.69528

File: 1586404902926.png (683.12 KB, 1366x768, update1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

nameless here, let you a process update
to do list:
superbelly clothes and naked: ready
ultrabelly clothes and naked: ready
fetus process for quadruplets: 50% done
fetus process for quintuplets: 20% done
classic overdue states: ready
new overdue states: 10%
AP MOD: 0%
sex bellys for quadruplets: 0%
sex bellys for quintuplets: 0%
sex bellys for classic overdue states 0%
sex bellys for new overdue states 0%

again thank you very much for your savedatas, helps me a lot for testing

b8c93 No.69529

File: 1586408922294.png (563.99 KB, 805x608, Captura.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hello, Here's mine save data, pregnancy with nine and overdue.


a6acc No.69556

will there be a super mod aka all of these things combined or will we still need to get the bigger belly mod plus the others? It would be helpful if we had a super post with all of the mods listed otherwise so we can find them easier?

72057 No.69562

We have a pastebin with that

d4153 No.69564

Any thoughts on additional scenes and events?

72057 No.69565

for this mod no

7382b No.69569

If anyone is interested in additional scenes or such, I'm a writer for my job and would be happy to write something up. I've got no capability for programming or modding though, so I would never be able to implement them without help.

669f9 No.69570

Does anyone know if there has been any push to write more fleshed out cafe scenes ? I wish that the cafe sex scenes at least had one of the sex position images from the hotel.

72057 No.69610

you need to add a event in the game using the overritetemplate.js as an example

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