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A thread for sharing original ideas: drawings, stories, games etc.

Even if it's just an idea, feel free to share it here if you want people to know about it.
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c3759 No.81431

My man, you are already providing a very nice service of questing, no need to apologize. I thank you for your selflessness

438ef No.81438

My man no need to apologize just make sure they're end up fine

545c8 No.81439

I believe that you may have miss-labeled the last paragraph. I think you meant the 4 days crawled by. Also thanks for providing the honestly interesting story. We seriously need more roleplay games like this. I have been thinking of a scenario where person is fantasy wizard OBGYN who was selected to oversee some hero breeding project. I can sorta come up with ideas but can't draw for shit.

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2e1a0 No.81478

File: 1606617885963.jpg (870.13 KB, 1968x1328, 0011.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[thanks guys! this is a passion project that Ill always squeeze time in for]

Through some impressive manoeuvring, Miyuki swerved through the long line of cruisers and forced our way into the hangars of the Maternity wing. Alien (same race as Kass) refugees occupied the entrance and hallways, almost all female, and many of them also swollen with children. A frazzled looking nurse leads us past the crowd, and down a empty hallway with a single bench next to some airlock doors titled: UE NAVY MEDICAL WING
After settling the girls down, Kass leaves us a medical satchel and hurries off to complete transferring the cargo from our ship.

We open the satchel to find:
<<<<Military Grade Anesthetic Injection x1(Halts Labor Progression)>>>>
<<<<Civilian Grade Anesthetic Injection x1(Slows Labor Progression)>>>>
<<<<Labor Inducer Injection x1(increases intensity&frequency of contractions, speeds up labor)>>>>
<<<<Adrenaline Shot x1(Temporary boost of energy, doesnt effect labor intensity)>>>>

<<<<we feel inclined to do something with this while we wait>>>>

06731 No.81480

Military grade on Denise
Civilian on Miyuki
Labor Inducer on Mariah
Adrenaline shot on Jessica

Labor Inducer on Jessica and get her top off

1e841 No.81485

Military on Miyuki
Civilian on Denise
Labor inducer on Mariah
Adrenaline on Jessica

c3759 No.81487

I wonder, how did Mariah end up with so many babies at once?

c3759 No.81488

Oh yeah, seconding this, Miyuki can probably handle birth better since it’s her 4th pregnancy

545c8 No.81489

I would say to use military grade anesthetic for Mariah and Civilian grade Anesthetic for Denise. We should save the other two for later since there is no actual need for those two items as of yet.

a6d2c No.81492

Lets say she was going to give someone else labor inducing (im assuming Miyuki) but instead by a mstake ended up giving Jessica labor inducing and Miyuki (or some other) adrenaline

Miyuki adrenaline
Denise civilian grade
Mariyah military grade
And Jessica labor inducing

Also want her top out

999b1 No.81493

Agreeing on adrenaline for Jessica, since she’s the only one who’s not going into labor and could also help with the three others.

999b1 No.81495

Though, we really need to get Mariah’s belly out of the way so that Denise doesn’t get squashed. Maybe switch Denise’s place with Miyuki?

2e1a0 No.81499

File: 1606638313590.jpg (573.2 KB, 1732x1169, 012.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[inducing Jessicas Labor requires us to perform a C-section somehow lol, but the votes still open till i start the next slide. Heres a version of the pic without Xray for anyone who wants it]

06731 No.81500

I would say helping Denise and Miku first.

8aaee No.81501

>inducing Jessicas Labor requires us to perform a C-section somehow lol
Now im curious for how that will turn
out so I also second that
Maybe then we can get some backstory on why her fetus is so huge and important

d49eb No.81511

We’d still definitely need to move Denise with someone else so that she wouldn’t be hurt though.

3d201 No.81514


I think Mariah needs the adrenaline more than anyone. Out of all of them, she seems like she needs the most help to deliver safely.

0fd8a No.81523

Military grade on Denise, slow the breach labor down.
Civilian Grade on Miyuku, hers isn't as bad at the moment.
Labor Inducer on Denise, she needs help.
Adrenaline in Jessica, so she can assist more

d2885 No.81526

Move Denise so there isn't pressure on her womb
Mariah - give Military grade
Miyuki - give Civilian grade
Jessica - give Nothing

75124 No.81527


Suddenly Kass's 31 fetuses age and develop inexplicably (probably due to warping) from 12 weeks 6 days to 80 weeks, with each fetus becoming 15 lbs. Labor instantly takes hold and Kass's first child of 31 begins to crown.

cb346 No.81539

Has this thread become an RP now?

02b26 No.81543

Wait, is this real or is this someone else?

06731 No.81544

I have no idea how this started but I'm %100 a fan.

2e1a0 No.81563

File: 1606745893811.jpg (867.33 KB, 1748x1473, 013.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[Honestly guys, Im too tired to count the last vote lol, so we still have those four drugs in our <<inventory>>. Also interesting anon bought up rapid growth for Kass, I had that planned as a possible outcome if we chose to take Miyuki's shortcut, so look out for that if that's what you want. As far as the back story, Ill sprinkle it in periodically, Im open to anything. Look forward to reading the comments as always, enjoy!]

Following a loud siren, the airlock door opens and two UE medical staff emerge…

Angela informs us they are the only 2 medics available, the rest of the crew is tending to the Alien refugees and their Queen. Its all hands on deck.

We're pressured to leave immediately by Angela, but we're sure she'll be grateful if we offered our assistance for the births of the girls.

All 3 girls feel indebted to us and offers their service as crew for the escort mission if we decide to take it, however Mariah wont be ready to go for at least 2 days.

As we begin to help the girls stagger to their feet, we get a sudden distress signal from Kass, her coms are unresponsive, neither are our ships coms…

<<<<WHATs the plan Captain?>>>>

c3759 No.81564

Investigate dat distress signal

06731 No.81565

Escort Mission
Angela accidentally gets stuck with the serum to induce labor

06731 No.81566

Investigate the signal
Angela gets stuck with the Labor Inducer

That makes 4 births so we can leave Mariah out or just finish her birth sequence.

3fccd No.81567

Second this, also wanna see her birth sequence finished
Maybe then we can know why the hell she has so many babies and why they got stuck

0c4fd No.81579

I vote for this too.

0fd8a No.81591

Yes more Mass, she's been my favorite. Investigate that signal, maybe trio and drop the labor inducer accidentally injecting Angela cuz why jotm

0fd8a No.81592


545c8 No.81596

I would say that we should first check out the distress signal from Kass. Then we should assist the girls with their births before heading over to the research station. Also what is with these people in the chat and the labor inducer?

a808c No.81681


Oh no! Due to a Warp… Storm… Cascade… The surgical equipment was damaged and there's no way to perform a caesarean. Looks like those poor girls are gonna have to tough it out and get ready for some serious stretching! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Better grab a few towels and boil some water while the mothers-to-be strip naked in order to get more comfortable. Maybe it'd help if we move them into the ship's showers where we could steam things up. Ease their pain a little by running some hot water over their aching bodies and laboring bellies.

c87b2 No.81682

I thought this was the artist posting :(….

a808c No.81689

Sorry lol
I added the asterisk afterward because when I read it I thought the same thing. But hey, maybe they'll find my post inspiring?

ac870 No.81756

I saw something interesting on Diablo 3 in the stat of a monk skill for mystic ally. Says this

Earth Ally: also increases the Monk's maximum Life by 20%. When activated, instead of damage buff, turns the Ally into the rolling boulder for 8 seconds. The boulder rolls over enemies, dealing 380% damage as Physical per tick and knocking them up for 1 second.

"knocking them up for 1 second" that be a funny drawing to see.

0fd8a No.81898

Keep checking back for the Distress Call Story, sadly no update in a week :(

06731 No.81928

Was a good run while it lasted bois.

75124 No.82092


40104 No.82305

i hope the artist posts again.. :(

06731 No.82779

Does anyone know who the artist is? Maybe they have a page.

49fc8 No.83663

no update in a month
I hope the artist come back :(

75124 No.84630

Here's hoping that artist comes back

8b3da No.84922

They posted everything so far (plus one as yet unseen picture) on pixiv the other day. Apparently this is currently on hold due to time constraints so I remain hopeful that they will be able to return when their schedule frees up.

11fd8 No.85381


6a1c8 No.85478

Excellent series! Very hot

536c3 No.86006

I imagined a Spider Girl fan game with those touches of the Ecci genre (I don't know how the hell it is spelled but hey) our arachnid typical with big and remarkable attributes in a tight laetex suit.
Getting to the point in one part of the game. Spider Girl has to steal a sample of an experiment "insert name of the research center" ok because as the mission happens, the sample breaks and conveniently spills into the belly of our heroine as the level of the belly passes It grows but what you give birth to is the head of the phase.
And another segment of the game is that a dying symbiote (nothing to do with Venom) has to ingest a small part of it and the rest of two missions Spider Girl has to deal with a belly ready to burst with the navel out and with his tits full of milk from under that tight latex suit with lace on various parts of the body.

Image not to die ignored:-(

536c3 No.86007

File: 1614168575451.png (726.69 KB, 1298x1160, 2885862 - Marvel Spider-Gi….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have more ideas in my head such as erotic minigames or with sex and with regard to pregnancy, some have to play with the belly and navel, milk it and get a spider web instead of milk (well, spider web with milk) and help her in a I labor while having anal sex with Spider Girl (anal sex only as a complete set of stage)
image for is not ignored now if: -}

cc47d No.86629

How about a Terminator epilogue setting?

Imagine This. The war against the machines is finally over. No more fighting. No more struggling to survive. No more time travel confusion. Just the task of rebuilding the world.

Rather more specifically, the task of rebuilding Humanity itself.

With the facilities built and operated by the machines no longer under skynet's control, the resistance begins massive raids on every automated factory they can find, studying skynet's research on the creation of synthetically grown organic flesh, and make a startling, but potentially helpful discovery.

The bad news? Between 60 and 70% of the remaining 2.4 billion humans left on Earth have been rendered sterile due to the radiation from the nuclear war.

The good news? Skynet as it turns out was a little too thorough in replicating certain aspects of human anatomy in growing flesh for its T8 infiltration series.

In other words, the seemingly superfluous reproductive anatomy of a Terminator, male or female, actually works.

And there's plenty of unused T800s (both genders) at all these factories.

Where would everything, Humanity included, go from here?

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