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File: 1582787292357.jpg (1.29 MB, 1600x1031, 9027b586108114c2474c895e96….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

b92d7 No.67926

A thread for sharing original ideas: drawings, stories, games etc.

Even if it's just an idea, feel free to share it here if you want people to know about it.

05d67 No.67928

A Tomb Raider level where you steal a cursed fertility idol and have to complete the level before Lara gives birth to the boss.

4fe07 No.67939

Based on Amphibia:

The premise is that on their first day in Amphibia, Anne is unknowingly infected by a parasite and Sasha winds up eating some toad eggs. Due to the parasite growing within Anne and the toad eggs multiplying inside of Sasha, both girls start to gain weight in the stomach and go up a few cup sizes.

As time progresses, Anne and Sasha(both are still unaware of their conditions)start gaining weight all over, experience odd cravings and start lactating. Since the frogs and toads know nothing about humans, they just assume the girls transformation is a normal thing.

As their appetite and weight spiral out of control, Anne and Sasha try to pretend that everything is normal(for different reasons) even as mobility declines and shortness of breath sets in. When they finally reunite, both girls are basically near immobile blobs on the verge of birth, though they don't realize it.

They decide to settle their differences in an eating contest instead of a sword fight, since at this point neither of them are fit enough for that sort of thing

4fe07 No.67941

Some high school girls wake up hyper pregnant and still growing at boarding school. The teachers claim that the girls are students there and they all have memories of attending classes together/ knowing each other/ being pregnant, but have trouble remembering their lives outside of school and how they got so pregnant.

The strange behavior of the school's faculty, several odd events + discoveries and their own contradictory memories lead to the girls planning an escape.

Can they escape the labyrinth like school with their bellies growing and mobility declining? What secrets are hidden in the schools walls and how does it connect to their pasts? Even if they can, what awaits them if they escape?

e806f No.67957

1- Take Danganronpa
2- Females only
3- Make them all pregnant (maybe hyper)
4- Have them try not to give birth

4fe07 No.67969

I like this idea.

4fe07 No.67974

Dead Or Alive- Due to Nico's experiment to create a super soilder, Tina, Helena,Ayane and Kasumi are made hyper pregnant. They must escape from an underground facility before giving birth or become immobilized by their growing bellies.

0465d No.67987

I'm surprised that no one has brought up ideas for Resident Evil.

RE 4 would've been a lot easier if Ashley was hyper pregnant with Plagas. She'd be too heavy for the cult dudes to kidnap. Though she'd probably have a hard time hiding and walking.

a6d12 No.67988

Personally speaking, it doesn't feel like original content if the material used for the ideas was based off an existing idea.. that would technically be fandom.

b92d7 No.67990

Can't change the title. Besides if no one else thought of that specific idea then it is original I guess.

2961b No.67993

>feel free to share it here if you want people to know about it.
I have some stuff elsewhere on the website, but I'd like more people to see it. Would it be considered obnoxious if I link it from here?

b92d7 No.67995

Should be fine as long as it fits into /d/. Content warnings appreciated if you think it might be objectionable.

aaa66 No.67996

It's actually /f/ stuff, but there's not a thread like this in /f/.

1ddc1 No.68001

I'd say make a thread there then. Keep /f/ stuff there.

b92d7 No.68046

Agreed, we should respect the board divisions. Feel free to make a thread on /f/.

b92d7 No.68128

File: 1583163303128.jpg (173.12 KB, 846x1000, Demo illus.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

This is a world where those who guide the dead end up raising life instead:

Life and death can be said to be two sides of the same coin, a coming and going of souls. Those who lead souls from this world are called Reapers and their jobs have remained unchanged for eons, till now.

With the conveniences and technology of the modern world, the number of deaths across the world has lessened, creating an issue of unemployment in this spiritual bureaucracy. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: put unemployed Reapers to work on making up for the declining birth rate.

How they plan to deal with this varies. Some may serve as guardian angels of sorts to help nurture a large family. Others may be a bit more… involved in the process. No matter the method, these beings who were used to the negative emotions of death and parting now have to deal with the new experiences of life and how to live it.

Inspiration: A visual novel which came out last year near Christmas.

2d11a No.68145

Why is this thread on /d/ in the first place?

Wouldn't it work better on /b/?

1ddc1 No.68147

I dont think /b/ would be suitable either.

2d11a No.68149

>thread for sharing original ideas: drawings, stories, games etc.

Stories, games, ideas are /d/?

dafe4 No.68152

To me, yes. It /b/ to me feel more like shit posting and meme than actual discussion. If you said put it in /c/ I'd say that's a better option.

dafe4 No.68153

Sorry… screwed some grama stuff… basically /b/ = meme, /c/ might be better

2d11a No.68154

/b/ is just the random board. There's a figurine thread, a Stardew Valley thread, a movie thread…

>/c/ might be better

You can't post pictures on /c/.

12bbd No.70728

Too good to purge bumpitty.

3c03e No.72120

I had an idea for a mobile game.

At it's core, it's a waifu management game. Great big evil falls upon the world, only girls that are compatible with some magic/technology are able to fight them. What's even more rare are the men that are able to awaken those powers and help the girls harness them.

You have to manage various competing priorities:

Recruiting more girls.
Building up your relationship with your current girls.

Sending girls on missions.
Sending girls on patrols through pacified areas.
Having girls train.
Having girls be domestic and take care of the household.

Each time you recruit a new girl, the existing girls get jealous, and you need to resolve that jealousy, otherwise Bad Things (TM) happen.
Using the rare currency, you can buy "Cuckquean necklaces." For a limited amount of times, a girl that's given that increases her affection towards you when you recruit a new girl instead of suffering from the jealousy debuff.
For raw cash, you can get a girl a "Cuckquean tattoo" that permanently makes her increase in affection instead of get jealous when a new girl is recruited.

There's some dating sim elements that let you gain affection (or fix the jealousy debuff).

Shamelessly stolen from Battle Girl High School, head patting is in. Unlike that game, if you try to pat them elsewhere, it doesn't automatically make them unhappy. It instead depends on your relationship with her. Get the relationship high enough, and you can kiss her or grope her ass or breasts as well. Probably other things as well like flipping her skirt up, or cupping her pussy.

Because I'm a complete sucker for clothing damage, that's how the girls' HP is represented. The higher the girl's affection/HP, the more clothing damage she's willing to take before running home (and therefore failing a mission) and needing affection and healing.

By pair up girls, you can also build up their affection levels towards each other. Starts off at a penalty for giving two girls the same task. But, you can slowly get that up to neutral, and then to a bonus.

Once a girl's affection is high enough, you can take her to bed for the night, complete with sex scene.

If you get high enough affection with two girls and between them as well, you can get them in for a threesome.

I'm not exactly sure how recruitment would work. I assume a gacha system of some sort.

Anyway, none of this covers why this belongs on this forum. What I'd have is a very low level cap on the girls. You need to use a resurrection system once the girl hits level cap. I can see it working one of three ways. Assume level 20 is the cap.

1. Resurrection 1 level 1 is mechanically identical to level 21, it's just gated behind the resurrection mechanics. Repeat every 20 levels.

2. Resurrection actually brings the girl back to level 1, but permanently boosts her base stats by a fraction of her final stats. Said boosts continue to grow.

3. Resurrection completely returns a girl to level 1. The only bonus is that her levelcap is increased (so she could reach level 30 after 1 resurrection, 40 after 2, 50 after 3, etc.)

Of those I like #2 the most.

Since this is pregchan, resurrection is done through pregnancy. Once a girl is at level cap, she can be dematerialised, and you get something like a soul gem. Either have sex with another girl with the soul gem in your inventory (or possibly manually put it in her vagina, and use your dick to push it past her cervix into her womb, and then activate it with your cum), and the girl is now pregnant with the first girl's soul.

It's a rapid pregnancy, long enough for you to rub the pregnant girl's belly as an affection activity, and long enough to make whales want to spend money to skip it. Once the girl is born, she rapidly ages back to her original age. Again, this will be long enough to try out platonic affection emotes with the girl, but also so whales will pay to skip and instantly mature her to her regular age.

Obviously, a girl is out of commission during the resurrection process. During the second half of the childhood segment, she can help with domestic chores, but can't get back to fighting or training until she's back to normal age.

The pregnant/host girl is also blocked from fighting during her pregnancy and the first half of the resurrectee's childhood. She can do domestic chores though. Also, breastfeeding scenes!

Aside from the fact that all mobile gacha games are shit, and this would almost certainly be an idle game, making it doubleshit, what do people think?

0afc9 No.72150

Aside from the whole part where your idea already has allowances for whales baked in, I think it has a decent system that makes sense. What benefits would keeping the house clean have, aside from the obvious? Would there be a cap on girls that you could increase? And then whatwould they be fighting against, and how would they do so?

0afc9 No.72151

Also, and sorry for double-posting, what kind of progression mechanics would you have? Most mobile gacha games I can think of have at least 2 or 3 that work in slightly different ways.

39334 No.72165

I think you'd find a niche market for it. I get a mental image of rather cute and sexy sprite art, too. XD

3c03e No.72176

Yes, the size of your house limits how many girls you can have. Increasing the size of it increases the number of girls you can recruit, but also increases the "domestic drag" aka. the number of girls needed to be assigned to maintenance instead of battle or training.

Cooking: without food, the girls don't have energy to go on missions, pregnancies either don't progress or the unborn girl will suffer a debuff that resurrection cycle, and children either don't grow our get stunted. And yes, pregnant girls can be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. That's a big requirement.

Cleaning: provides a bonus or malus depending on how clean/dirty it is. Some girls may need the house to be at max cleanliness to be recruited. Plus, maid outfits.

Fighting: They're fighting generic monsters, or an alien invasion, or evil magic users, or killer robots. Maybe even a combination of all of the above.

How they fight. If it's pixel art, they're probably on the map repeating their attack animation while enemy sprite(a) repeat its/theirs attack at them.

Progression mechanics:
Home size (girl cap)
Individual girl level.
Secondary girl level (like a star or rarity boost system)
Permanent single stat bonus.
Individual girl affection.
Girl-girl affection.

Yeah, probably not worth doing, especially since I don't have any drawing ability, pixel or otherwise. I am a half decent programmer, so there is that.

9aaff No.72259


This is an amazing idea

5d3ca No.72275

Honestly, get someone good to help you with the art in it, and i'd buy into it. I'm not a whale by any means, but i have no problem occasionally spending like 15 bucks on a mobile game i enjoy.

3c03e No.72279

Completely missed the middle part of my message where I wanted to say I was enjoying the mental image myself. But the niche aspect is what worries me that it might not be worth the hassle.

Thanks guys. I'm a half-decent Java programmer, so I'm sure with a decent art partner I could come up with something good.

5d3ca No.72300

Least you could do to help attract an art partner is advertise that you'd split profits with them in some capacity. Probably won't be too much, but it's worth a shot!

3c03e No.72310

One thing that bugs me about waifu collectathons if that they usually don't reward you for quantity, only quality.

One side mode I wanted to include is something like a marathon mode. Once a day, you can challenge the marathon. If you beat a stage, you can move onto the next one, but all the girls you used on that one are used up, and can't be used until the next day.

If you lose, the enemies don't regain health, but your team has been knocked out and can't be used until the next day as well.

The highest possible result is obtained by getting lower ranked girls (so your N, R, and maybe SR girls in a gacha game) leveled up enough to solo the easy early levels, while letting your higher ranked and more leveled girls tackle the more challenging levels.

True. I'd have to have some sort of demo working first, I'd guess.

5847c No.74501

>Inspiration: A visual novel which came out last year near Christmas.
What's the name?

08fc5 No.74619


af4a8 No.76979

File: 1598409423678-0.jpg (644.15 KB, 1132x1356, adventures_in_li_s_psyche_….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1598409423678-1.jpg (82.09 KB, 800x747, 1598199875345.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>tfw site's full of half-dead brainstorming idea threads spread across different boards

Fuck it, it's either this one or the story thread on /c/. Maybe I'll post there later.

>couple decide to visit the clinic after wife complained about feeling bloated only a few days after they had sex

>by the time they arrive and make their appointment, she's already featuring a full-term bump
>doctor(s) tries to quantify her progress with an ultrasound, now looking overdue with twins
>unable to determine how many she's having, everyone becomes increasingly nervous as her middle surges to yoga ball size in front of their very eyes
bonus: she's actually pretty giddy about the whole ordeal, while everyone else is terrified that she'll outgrow the entire clinic
>in a panic, the doctor requests a patient transfer to a nearby facility from the higher-ups, but it costs them precious time
>she can barely fit through most doorways, with her underside now brushing against the cold clinic floor, but they finally get the go-ahead after making their case
>next problem: they're all stuck on the 5th floor
>stairs were out of the question, and taking the elevator was risky
>she had practically outgrown all of her clothes, none of the hospital gowns would fit
>Everyone is now left with two options: (a)stay, and hope that she doesn't outgrow the building (b)squeeze her out, and face embarrassment from onlookers
>or get crushed trying…

"Race against time" expansion stories are hard to come by, which is a shame…

e94a0 No.78847


cfd34 No.79302

A fantasy universe where the monarchy have a private caste of women that act as surrogates for them so no queen or duchess will have to be pregnant themselves.

And maybe a clicker game where you're an alien pumping women full of eggs and hitting them with growth acceleration rays.

d5fce No.80419

File: 1604827178759.png (127.95 KB, 517x1002, 0C8A592D-7178-4156-AD3D-02….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Don’t know if this should be here but it’s a original. Have fun

2e1a0 No.81038

File: 1605945622694.jpg (1.23 MB, 1748x1932, S%P%A%C%E_.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


You Warp into the distress signal to be immediately hailed.

c3759 No.81039

Very nice! I hope we can see the finished project soon. Has the middle girl been laboring for two weeks? That must have been painful. How come the one on the right doesn’t say that it’s been birthing or laboring of a set of time?

2d11a No.81040

>pregnancy scifi horror

yes pls

23f01 No.81068

Oh i hope they'll end up fine

2e1a0 No.81096

File: 1606047445773.jpg (997.18 KB, 1748x1932, S%P%A%C%E.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[please forgive me for the unfinished quality due to time constaints]

It took a good hour to get all four girls onboard, we had to suit up and EVA through the cargo ramp as one of the girls couldn't fit through the docking collar. Our current vessel is nothing but a space delivery van, with limited space, the girls squeezed down in the cargo hold while we start status scans.

2e1a0 No.81097

File: 1606047938047.jpg (1.14 MB, 2562x1616, Untitled-1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

After rummaging through our limited medical supplies, we found the last remaining anesthetic injection. It should give one of the girls a day or two of pain relief.
<<<<WHO should take the shot??>>>>

3d201 No.81099


I'd be inclined to say that the dark-skinned blonde needs it the most.

Also, I really like your style and these pictures, but I'd REALLY appreciate some assurance that this scenario is going to have a good ending. I want all these girls and their babies to be okay dangit!!

2d11a No.81100

we take the shot ourselves because of our addiction to space morphine

5d069 No.81101

>Sci-Fi horror pregnancy
>Not alien babies

c3759 No.81103

Eh sure, give the dark skinned blonde the shot. Btw whats their names?

545c8 No.81112

My vote for the Dark skinned blond too. I think that she had earned it for the 2 week labor. Also would be great to have names.

f9bf0 No.81113

I second this. Let them feel everything.

3e96a No.81130

I'say give the shot to the white-skinned blonde.

Because she's the only one not in labor yet, helping the other three girls to deliver their child is HER duty for sure.

So the shot give to her is to ensure she's able to be the helper of others.

But…maybe for some accidents, the shot turned into inducing her labor. But, since she has only one fetus, she's still the one to help other three girls to deliver, even when she's also dilated….

2e1a0 No.81141

File: 1606111210411.jpg (369.71 KB, 1090x853, 004.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[lol at the space junkie votes, Pitch Black style!]

she had to be held still to take the injection, it wasnt easy as shes constantly writhing and squirming in pain, but we did it in the end. The anesthetic took effect instantly, her limbs relaxed for the first time as the cries and moans subsided to slow heavy breathing, however its clear our civilian grade drug isnt enough to fully negate the pain and discomfort of carrying and birthing six healthy sized fetuses, these girls need the proper supplies and facilities asap.
With the girls in a somewhat stable condition for now, we prepare to warp to a medical station 2 days away…

2e1a0 No.81142

File: 1606111237027.jpg (1.02 MB, 2228x1628, 005.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Medical station takes 2 days, mission destination is 5 days without interruptions, theres also the distress signal close to our position.
These girls need help, but its been 15 years since the start of the galactic war, we had lost everything and everyone we knew from it. To stop the war doesnt just mean saving humanity, but end the suffering and death to many other sentient species. We dont know if this is even going to work,
a fetus can stop the war? But to take a chance on saving billions, trillions of lives?
<<<<WHERE do we go Captain?>>>>

fddad No.81145

Let's investigate that other distress signal

c3759 No.81146

Let’s check out dis distress signal and find more pregnant booty.

3e96a No.81148

I vote for distress signal too

545c8 No.81149

Can you clarify which woman is the VIP? Seriously, having names to go with the speech would go a long way to understanding the situation. If the VIP is the one that is not in labor then looking at the distress signal would be good. If not then I would say that go full ahead to mission destination.>>81142

554b1 No.81150

I third the distress signal.

ef1d4 No.81151

Gotta be the signal, right? We can all head to the medical station together afterwards.

2e1a0 No.81152

File: 1606120885747.jpg (106.63 KB, 501x276, ID.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[Thank you all for the replies, i enjoy reading all of them.]

We receive an alert… the ID cards of the 4 girls finally get sent over.

3d201 No.81161


The mission won't mean anything if the women who put everything on the line, even their own bodies, to help people don't make it through. Go for the med station.

dcb7d No.81163

I second this. Their lives and the babies’ safety should be first, go to the medical station.

2e1a0 No.81165

I third this, poor Mariah is struggling rn
lets go to the medical station before the drug wear off

d2885 No.81166

Distress signal

cb346 No.81169

Oh, these are exquisite.

76ded No.81176


Another vote for distress signal

2d11a No.81190

distress signal

there could be more drugs there

7b042 No.81208

side note: do you have anywhere which you post your drawings at? you’re quite good at it. twitter, pixiv etc?

2e1a0 No.81236

File: 1606222763224-0.jpg (693.75 KB, 1960x1520, 006.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1606222763224-1.jpg (945.45 KB, 2148x2046, 007.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

[Hope everyones still enjoying the story, its bout to be weird. Also this is my first pregnancy art, i plan on creating a Pixiv and uploading all this later. Im just a long time lurker giving back to the community]

To the dismay of the girls, we begin approaching the distress signal. It comes from a medical supply ship, space ambulance of sorts, looking like it came straight out the box.
As soon as we enter radar range, we immediately get hailed…

2e1a0 No.81237

File: 1606222785072.jpg (865.65 KB, 1748x1621, 008.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The space walk fared better than expected, the zero gravity must've helped reduce the stress and pain of carrying nearly 50lbs of baby. However as we complete our walk, its very obvious the anesthetics effects are slowly wearing off.
It took another 2 hours to complete transfering various cargo/supplies ove. with the navigation computer installed into the new ship, we reluctantly leave our humble ship behind.

2e1a0 No.81238

File: 1606222804547.jpg (902.5 KB, 3152x1705, 009.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

both girls need our physical support, however theres only one of us.
Theres an overwhelming request to go to the nearest medical station, but as we are in a bigger ship its gonna take 4 days from our current location, Miyuki knows a short cut to the mission destination, warping through unexplored space, could be dangerous but will only take 3 days to get there.
<<<<WHO should we help?>>>>
<<<<WHERE to Captain?>>>>

929a8 No.81239

Help Mariah deliver the first baby while they choose to go to the medical station

76ded No.81241


I'm gonna help Denise to take off her underwear and choose destination to medical station

c3759 No.81243

How much medical experience does kass have?

3e96a No.81246

I say go help Miyuki. she's also in labor too, and the short cut way needs her full attention to control the ship, right?

About Denise and Mariah…. let them comfort each other to ease the pain. Since we're heading to medical station, the'll be fine in the end.

545c8 No.81248

I would say to assist Mariah, but not before helping remove the pants of Denise. Also I believe that you are missing some crucial info here. First off, we are in a medical ship. What supplies are available for us to use on these women? Is there like some sci-fi labor delaying drug exists? Also what are the potential risk in going through unexplored space? Kass should have some idea since she knows of the shortcut. Depending on the risk we could either go to the medical station which takes 4 days or take the risk and get to the mission destination which takes 3 days and has the equipment to help these women. Please we need more detailed info.

4e907 No.81250

Help Denise and don’t take the shortcut.

06731 No.81258

Jessica's water breaks.

545c8 No.81260

But if you wanted my specifics then I say Help Mariah, Take shortcut.

38474 No.81262

Help Denise to remove her pants, then proceed to help Mariah and don’t risk the shortcut

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