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f9976 No.72199

I'm looking for pics of pregnant lolis with shota baby daddy's. This seems to be a rare subject in pregnant loli art but I want to collect all I can pertaining to this subject.

287e5 No.74481

Dude, this is the kind of stuff that gets a website shut down and all its users put on a watch list. Stop it.

49676 No.74489

What the fuck are you talking about, lmao. We already have loli threads.

5ece3 No.74514


That doesn't look like a photograph of a real person to me.

a642a No.74517


You do know there is a different between real human being and fictional characters right?

7d75f No.74543

lmao are you on drugs? Yeah, that's the thing that can get (you) arrested you know? Not this thread

336eb No.74583

I think he's on crack

bea0f No.74594


You know, not being able to separate reality from fantasy/fiction is commonly seen as a sign of autism. Do you have autism?

75f9b No.74786


big dunb. big dumb indeed.

f9976 No.74812

Well this thread of mine obviously failed

528df No.74814

It's a niche within a niche within a niche. Happens :/

ab821 No.74817

Isn't this the plot to "kodomo no kodomo"?

336eb No.74971

Yeah except the girl gets fat to try and hide it

f9976 No.75055


I've never heard of that film. Just looked it up and seems really heartbreaking.

4232e No.76304


287e5 No.76946


Except that the US has a law on the books that classifies *ALL* explicit or sexual images of any underage individual as child porn and punishable as if it were real. The old myth of 'if it's CGI/Drawn it's not illegal' is just that: a myth.

I'm not agreeing with the law, but I am going to point out that you're putting yourself and my favorite website for explicit pictures of adults of consenting age at risk.

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