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Open a new thread because the old thread has reached the limit.

Old Thread >>70414
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82691 No.79389

This mod is not compatible with the "Birth Delayer mod" and it seems that you cannot purchase the "Birth Delayer" when using it.

I'm not good at English, so it may be a strange sentence. sorry

78c1e No.79399

I believe that´d end up in the same situation, either by being limited to a reskin, or requiring a lot of work and art to make it a feature/part of the game

148f5 No.79401

hello i'm not xyzone but i can help you to solve that issue, fist you need to know that mod and birth delayer use the same event ID(29) to solve that issue you need to go to this route in the kiosk mod Sell_Kiosk/map009/event then you will see a json file named "29" change its name to "31" other of my mods use the "30", open the json file and you will see this in the very begin: "id": 29, change the 29 for 31 like this "id": 31,

d2344 No.79416

Thank you for the report. To be honest, I realized this issue early on and I knew how to solve this. I kinda planned to give an update on it, but I thought no one really cares to use this mod since it's an unimportant mod that you can't wank off to and all. So to be honest, I kinda neglect it. :P (sorry, my bad)
I'll repeat, thank you for the report (and reminder). I'll update it in the future together with the release of my new mod. In the meantime, you can do what Nameless (>>79401) has told you to do. You just need a basic text editor such as Notepad to open the JSON file. Edit one line and you're good to go. Good luck.

d2344 No.79419

Yeah, I understand that itching feeling you have. I also thought this game lack NPC interaction, narrative content, and some variation that makes us wanna go for one more round. As a modder, I can provide some new narrative and interaction that you want. In fact, I planned to give an update in the future on exb mod that will give new NPC interaction whenever they see you naked (well, mostly you will prostitute yourself or raped. But hey, it's a new interaction nonetheless). So, wait for it. I'll work on it after my current mod project is done.

226af No.79425

Is it possible to inserting sound/sound effect like breathe or pushing out the babies?

413b1 No.79427

I was actually gonna ask something like this too but forgot about it. It would be cool to have some more sound effects like moaning during sex, actual voice/dialogue, etc. Maybe even a function to toggle sets of sound effects? I really like the Nami reskin and if artists & modders make other characters, they could have sound fx to go with them (I'm not sure if you can program a sound fx toggle, I'm not a modder, but it would be cool)

413b1 No.79428

So many games were born to be modded. I don't know if you've ever played Sid Meier's Civilization 2 but that game is almost 30 years old and people still make awesome historical or fantasy scenarios that blow the (admittedly quite fun, but limited) vanilla game out of the water. Really dedicated & brilliant modders who let the challenge of a game's limitations fuel their creativity. There's something very rewarding about pushing the boundaries in a simple or dated game.

78c1e No.79462

That sounds great, though I´m also curious to see what you´re working on atm., any seak peeks or you wanna keep it under wraps?

65b0a No.79463

It's nothing special. I am working on a Birth Anywhere mod. The title is self-explanatory. With this mod, you can buy a labor induction drug that will force you to go into labor wherever you want.

Well, actually this was planned to be a Public Birth mod full of new stories, NPC, cutscenes, maps, etc. But it is a tiny weeny bit too complex (mostly the cutscenes part gives a lot of issues) so I push back the project and instead create a simpler yet similar Birth Anywhere mod. Overall progress is, I'd say, 85% done. The whole mechanic is done. all that left is writing the dialogue.

78c1e No.79480

Neat, looking forward to it^^

46d6c No.79481

Nice! I wonder if you could include a way for hazumi to go into labor gradually? Similar to the babykick mod. Each step there would be an X probability for a contraction, and with each contraction that probability would increase by 1.

51e7b No.79484

That was what I had in my mind too. The idea is exactly like what you said. After Hazumi consumes the drug, she will gradually have a contraction that will be stronger and shorter each time until she can't endure it anymore. Depending on which drug she used, either she still has time to be transported to the hospital or she will give birth right there and then because she can't hold it anymore (because the drug is too strong and it feels like the baby forcefully pushes itself out of her womb).

I have a rough idea of how it can be done. I've tried to make it but alas, it still has its own issue. To be exact, the issue is somehow the CG won't show up if it is called from a parallel event. I was hoping maybe someone understands and knows how to solve this problem. But either way, I have to make do with what I can right now. So for now, there is no gradual increase in contraction. Yet. Instead, after Hazumi consumes the drug, either she will give birth right away or she will 100% give birth after she falls asleep (kinda like the opposite of birth delayer).

70522 No.79514

i just wonder there will be mod when hazumi want to giving birth and when the baby is half way, someone fuck her and push the baby back to womb?

413b1 No.79520

Nameless what are you working on currently?

148f5 No.79537

Tattoo & piercing mod,
New hazumi's friend izumi done
Tattoo studio map; 95% done
Tattoo sets. 1/4 done
Piercing sets. In Design process

768a2 No.79539

So what order do I need to install the mod? Because it seem that I failed many times…

413b1 No.79540

File: 1603378462265-0.gif (326.74 KB, 112x112, 1601299043140.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


413b1 No.79541

can you tell us more about izumi? what's the mod about exactly?

8d63d No.79543

File: 1603382786084.png (24.22 KB, 521x205, lel.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's the order according to Nameless himself

148f5 No.79546

only three mods are needed to install in a respective order because they use a common .js file. the order installation is this:
AIO-> Clothes mod -> Cumflation mod:
izumi is a hazumi's institute friend like tomo, sadly hazumi lost her contact info, izumi return to the institute because her boyfriend need things to do there, izumi notices hazumi when she go to the institute but hazumi can't recognize her (because she now has tattoos) she give to hazumi the address to the tattoo studio and after hazumi got tatooed izumi made comments about the hazumi new tattoos

the tattoo mod add a new map that allow hazumi to choose 4 types of tattoos and 4 types of piercing

148f5 No.79547

>>79543 that was time ago where gyaru and quintuplets was individual mods, those were merge in the AIO and was released the clothes mod and the cumflation mod now the order is now i explain above

413b1 No.79548

Thanks for the details, looking forward to this mod

b9ea9 No.79563

Welp, gotta do it all over again and maybe check if I have all the mods…

413b1 No.79574

Is modder MM working on anything currently?

65b0a No.79585

>the issue is somehow the CG won't show up if it is called from a parallel event.

Oh god, this is stupid. I AM stupid. I can't believe I was pondering so hard about this. Turns out the answer is so simple.
After looking at the Baby Kick Mod from Nameless for reference, I just realized that there is another switch I can turn on to display the standing CG in a parallel event. Now finally I can make a common event that will periodically increase the contraction intensity without any problem.
This pushes back the project a little bit, but I'm sure now I can make the mod more awesome. Stay tuned.

af4e9 No.79622

Havent checked around here for a while, glad you are actively working on mods, doing gods work. The mod idea sounds awesome, hope everything works out for you.

001da No.79634

Thank you very much. I'm just doing this for fun. And it's a good way to learn too. So maybe someday I can make my own game.

Regarding a new custom sound effect, it is theoretically possible. You can add a custom sound effect to the game and the game has no problem playing it.
I have made an example mod that will add a cat to your apartment and every time you talk to it, it will play a custom meowing sound that I've added to the audio folder. Here it is if you wanna try:

(ps. this is just a proof of concept, not an actual mod)

Now if someone can provide me with some good quality sound effects, maybe we can do some collaboration and I can make it as a mod that will add a variety of sound effects like moaning, breathing sound, etc.

413b1 No.79663

If you are familiar with the flash game Super Deepthroat (huge modding community, much like this game the original creator is dead or something yet modders keep it alive), there are some sexy sound fx assets i think i have for it that might work for pregstate. I don't really have time to clip sound fx from porn, etc. It's probably cheaper than getting an actress to do original voice work

c2978 No.79664

Sadly, never heard of the game. Nor do I know where to find it. But sure, if you can provide me with the files (preferably have been converted into .ogg file) I can work something out of it. You can contact me through email.

413b1 No.79667

I believe they'll be .wav or .mp3 …I'll email you.

Go to undertow.club for Super Deepthroat downloads. It's one of the most popular Flash sex games and there are some pregnancy related mods.

027da No.79674

Sure, send me the mp3/wav file. I'll convert it to ogg myself. But I suggest you first send me just one or two types of SFX. Either moan or birthing or both. You know, for beta testing purposes. Cuz like I said, theoretically, it is possible to add new custom sound. And with the array splicing technique, there should be no problem adding a few lines for playing SFX in the common event without overwriting it. But I don't know whether it will cause issues or conflict or whatever. So I still need to test it further.
Just give me one or two sounds, and if it works we will go from there.

413b1 No.79686

that can be arranged.

413b1 No.79703

hold on a sec I misremembered the nature of the files - it's an .swf file which produces some clipped porn dialogue. I don't know how to extract the sounds, I thought there might be some .wav files to go along with the game but it's been a while and I forgot.

I'm not sure if I can help you in the way I originally described. But I have an idea that just popped into my head. I can just find some porno moaning sound effects and clip them for you, and we can test it for this game - maybe when Hazumi orgasms we can have a sound effect play? Right now that's silent in the game, but a sound can go along with the flash effect. What do u think?

413b1 No.79705

Same anon again - I emailed you.

413b1 No.79706

File: 1603703380187.png (101.56 KB, 571x1156, stand_naked_bote_med.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Okay guys, please don't giggle too hard at this but I tried my hand at making a mockup of another character for Hazumi to cosplay - Haruka(aka May) from Pokemon. Credit to artist "mystical" for the original image I took this from. I suck at art, (it's just a mockup, I took the head and plopped it on the body) so if someone with better graphic skills wants to pick up this project I'd be a happy man.

59929 No.79719

Try to change her body type, and it will be great!

226af No.79722

I second this. I prefer Misty tho. It would be super lovely to see all kinds of cosplaying mod.

413b1 No.79723

Well, that might take work. This is just a proof of concept, I used the "Young" body type but for this character it needs to be skinnier (but busty, & not complete loli). I really need a real artist to do this properly!

413b1 No.79724

Lol, I'm not at all picky about which pokegirl gets made. Preferably a bunch of them - Gotta fuck 'em all!!

226af No.79750

I also second this. I'll do the code like before. We just need another volunteer to draw this. It would be very nice if MM would do this one like the one he did with Nami.

af4e9 No.79767

shieet, that game was tight, been a while since I last played it. I remember there were tons of mods and costumes for it, but at some point you could tell the game wasn't meant for such heavy modding because the framerate would sometimes tank and you would get weird glitches with the loader. I think I might go back and try it out again, thanks anon

f0c07 No.79770

Any chance of getting a birth delayer mod where if she stays pregnant long enough the baby starts lookling like a toddler? I've gotten hazumi up to like 90 weeks pregnant.

413b1 No.79773

yeah bro it's incredible that it's been going this steady for so long. I love games that have that degree of customization. I dont understand how fellas bust to dating sims and brick-break strip games. Real boys get in there & build a bitch!

7ba88 No.79784

I think that probably falls under the same issue with a lot of the mod ideas. Programing it might be possible but getting art for it is gonna be tough.
>>79103 said it best.

98b09 No.79799

If I can recall, there is a way to change gender ratio of babies in .js file. Do anyone know where to change it?

001da No.79801

File: 1603817590923-0.png (263.87 KB, 816x624, big_baby.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1603817590923-1.png (248.05 KB, 816x624, normal_baby.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It should be possible if you're fine with comically enlarged babies.

001da No.79802

If I remember right, It should be in Global.Script.js. Look for "function multiBaby", inside it look for the line "tmp = randmm(1)". Change it into "tmp = 1" if you wanna have only boys or "tmp = 0" if you wanna have only girls.

98b09 No.79805

Well I'd like it to just have proportion skewed one way.
Can you tell me how to change the proportion from 50%boy:50%girl to 25%boy:75%girl as well?

001da No.79806

ummm, I think it should be possible by simply changing "tmp = randmm(1)" into "tmp = randmm(3)". That way if tmp is 1 (25%), the baby's sex is boy. Meanwhile if tmp is either 0, 2, or 3 (75%), the baby's sex would be girls.
If you wan it to be the other way around, after you change the line above you also need to change the line "tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1" into "tmp == 1 ? v[360] += 1 : v[359] += 1".

I think that should do it.

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