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Open a new thread because the old thread has reached the limit.

Old Thread >>70414

355d6 No.78413

Sauce for the illustration

Artist: Catigan

355d6 No.78414

ffb35 No.78415

File: 1601336582084-0.jpg (142.18 KB, 938x718, Convenience Store Kiosk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601336582084-1.jpg (132.02 KB, 924x704, Pharmacy Kiosk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601336582084-2.jpg (215.37 KB, 924x706, Slum hooded merchant.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hey everyone! My name is XYZone.
I wanna share my mod here. So, background story first…
I love this game very much but I am very sad to hear that Mihiragite has abandoned this game. Even though this game still has so many potential to be expanded more. So, I'm starting my way into modding this game. My big project is to add content expansion to this game. Some project idea I have in my mind right now is Rapist Slum, Stripper Cafe, Potential Miscarriage, Sudden Water Breaking Event, and many more. But I'm fairly new into RPG Maker MV, so I've gotta pick up my way from the ground up.

Right now, I've made a fairly simple mod for this game. This mod will add a kiosk in Convenience Store, Pharmacy, and Slum. You see, I've got this problem when playing this game that I can't sell Items I have bought from the store. So in the case I have bought too much, it's either I have to use it everyday or I just let it rot in my inventory never to be used. So this mod will solve just that. Now you can sell/refund the item you have bought at the price of 75% of the original/current price. You just have to access the kiosk located in each store. bear in mind tho that you can only sell the item from each respected store (ie. Pharmacy items can only be sold at Pharmacy and so on). And to keep it lore friendly, for the slum instead of a kiosk you can sell your item to the hooded merchant. You just have to talk to him twice and he will ask you whether you wanna sell the item back to him or not. This is especially useful if you bought too much contraceptive pills and you don't want to trigger the blackmail event. Just sell all of your remaining contraceptive and Yanashi will be gone away from the school.

Installation process is the same as other mod. just copy the extracted folder into PPLSS folder. Version of the game is 1.6.x (but I'm fairly sure it can be used in version below too, doesn't change anything major).

Mod Link:

As I was saying, I am in the learning process to mod this game. So every feedback you have for me is greatly appreciated.

b3379 No.78425

nice mod!!

d1158 No.78429

Hmm, convenient
I didnt know I need this

Good job lad

355d6 No.78433

Thank you!
It doesn't do much aside from improving game QoL. But I'm glad you like it.

P.s. as of this early version, I haven't included other mod's item to be sold in the kiosk as it is not automatic and hardcoded into the script. So mod's item like Nameless' birth delayer or contraction preventer cannot be sold in the game yet.

264da No.78435

Anyone have something like an event guide Or wiki for this game?

355d6 No.78437

File: 1601394603094.jpg (134.57 KB, 818x656, Angry Face 2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

So I've been working on Rape mod. Right now I'm working on angry face for the scene. I'd say it turns out quite good considering that I'm drawing using mouse. lol.
Anyway, what do you guys think? And what kind of face I should be making? I'm planning angry crying eyes for the next.

d989a No.78440

a rape scene with stuff like "please dont get me pregnant please' and stuff like "ill do anything, just please dont cum inside" would be hot as fuck

355d6 No.78443

I wanna put that line too. But then I thought, that would be against the lore, no? Normally, she wouldn't mind having a stranger's baby. What makes this case any different? The only thing I can think of that could make Hazumi angry getting raped is because she is doing that without getting paid.
Actually, if I wanna go even further, those rapists are actually infertile people. Because think about it, why would you go as far as to rape someone when sex is available 24/7? That's because they are the one who is infected with the Mass Infertility Syndrome. Who would want to have sex with someone who can't knock you up? That's why they turn into rapists.

Well, that's if I want to make it lore-friendly. But that wouldn't be as hot as that line of yours. I'll try making different kinds of lines. And see which one is better.

355d6 No.78444

Or maybe I just put too much thought into this. When you just wanna wank off of this game, lore-friendly or not wouldn't matter at all, right? I'll just see what I can put through this.

0c957 No.78447

Rape isn't my fetish, but the plot of the game is that fertile women are rare, isn't it? Maybe someone really wants to make sure that HE knocks up Hazumi before someone else does. He doesn't want to wait for a proper encounter or maybe he just doesn't have the money, so he takes what he wants from her on the spot. She'd be upset that she wouldn't be getting paid, in addition to the baby not just being a stranger's, but a rapist's ("I definitely don't want to have YOUR baby!"). Idk just throwing some ideas around. I appreciate you trying to keep things lore friendly. I'm watching your career with great interest.

02b39 No.78449

Is it possible to install any of these in the android version of the game?

355d6 No.78460

That's a good idea. You're right. No one wants a baby of a rapist.
I also just now remember that in the slum, there is an area filled with crazy drug addicted mobs and one of them tried to rape Hazumi (although that's just it, it goes no further than scaring Hazumi away). Now if I implement that setting and say only crazy addicted mobs that tried to rape her, I can make it work somehow.
Instead of anger, I should have made her be scared. Of course, she would be worried too if she has a baby from a crazy drug-addicted man. What if it carries disease? What if the baby turns out to be having some kind of disability? What if the government then arrested her for whatever reason related to the slum? What if it drastically decreases her charm? Yeah, that certainly could work.

355d6 No.78462

Honestly, I don't know. I can't edit an already deployed android apk. I can't even find the save data folder on the android. So honestly, I doubt you can simply plug and play the mod like in the pc.

The only roundabout way that I can think of to implement a mod into an android apk, is to re-deploy the game (including with the mod) and then repack it again to be an apk file.
To do that, you need a PC, Rpg maker MV, Android Studio, and the technical knowledge to implement all of that.

Although this is just a theory of mine. I haven't tried it, so I don't even know if it will work or not. So, best of luck buddy.

af57c No.78486

File: 1601506545391-0.jpg (120.94 KB, 818x656, birthshow2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601506545391-1.jpg (189.71 KB, 818x656, birthshow.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone interested in Public Birth Show?

0c9db No.78494

Hazumi suddenly going into labor, breaking her waters, and giving birth anywhere sounds like a fun idea (much like Violated Heroine).

48468 No.78495

Public birth is a gorgeous idea, I can´t wait to read the birth dialoges about it

355d6 No.78496

Yeah, I've got a rough idea for it too. But I'm still dissecting the inner code of the game, what to call, what to declare, etc. So I don't know if it can be implemented or not. Pretty sure Nameless and other modders already thought about it or maybe someone is already on it right now.

355d6 No.78497

The idea is that it is part of another cafe minigame. I'm planning on putting someone you can meet in the cafe. When you are ready to give birth, you can talk to him and he will escort you to a building where you will be giving birth where only reserved people are allowed to enter. After that, you will be giving birth on stage where people will be watching.
Anyway, look forward to it.

e1569 No.78498

File: 1601519983065-0.png (45.74 KB, 816x624, C_CG_sao2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601519983065-1.png (22.22 KB, 816x624, D_CG_sao2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601519983065-2.png (60.88 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_soto2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I made a CG for futanari.
The rest is how to make a distinction.

505ce No.78506

File: 1601526871020.jpg (130.17 KB, 818x656, Cuplikan layar 2020-10-01 ….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ps. You forgot the hand. It is still man's hand.

505ce No.78508

Put the picture in a folder 'Futanari' and rename each file similar to its counterpart (C_CG_sao, D_CG_sao, & M_CG_sao_soto).

And then put this js into the mods folder.
// ============================================
(function () {
var load = ImageManager.loadPicture.bind(ImageManager);
ImageManager.loadPicture = function loadPicture (path) {
var prefix;
if (namen("Futanari")) {
prefix = 'Futanari/';
} else {
prefix ='';
if (path === '') {
return load('');
// copied from original code
if (Mihil_FileExists.checkExist('img/pictures/' + prefix + path + '.png', true)) {
return ImageManager.loadBitmap('img/pictures/' + prefix, path);
return load(path);
// ============================================

e1569 No.78509

File: 1601528007494.png (33.71 KB, 816x624, D_CG_sao_hand.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


e1569 No.78510

For some reason, it was output in Japanese.
Is it an error?

e1569 No.78511

Thank you for making the program.
However, it doesn't start up well for me, what is the cause?

355d6 No.78513

Works fine on mine. With or without other mods installed.
Idk, maybe give me a screenshot where it happen and what.

355d6 No.78514

Oh, wait a sec.
What version were you using? I was trying on mine version 1.6.2

e1569 No.78516

I also use 1.6.2.

355d6 No.78517

Hmmm, strange…
I actually tested it too on v1.4.8 and it works just fine as well.
A screenshot is needed then.

355d6 No.78518

Ah, I get it. Do you use body type mod from Nameless? If yes, that might be the case.
I was careless. My script conflicted with the script of body type mod, so it's now rewritten by mine.
Please wait, I'll rewrite it later.

e1569 No.78519

File: 1601534358046-0.png (66.37 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601534358046-1.png (64.79 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_gom.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601534358046-2.png (52.57 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_soto_gom.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Thank you for taking the trouble.
I don't know if I'll thank you, but I'll post an additional image.

355d6 No.78521

Don't worry. I learn quite much from this as well.

Anyway, here is the revised version. Although there is an annoying bug that happens once after every time you choose futa. But it shouldn't have a conflict with loli and young mod. Please try it and see if it works on yours as well.


e1569 No.78524

File: 1601542272393-0.png (34.68 KB, 565x473, 2020-10-01_174825.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601542272393-1.png (393.6 KB, 818x621, はづみと子作りの国_v1.6.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I think it's probably due to the mod, but I don't know which one is the cause. Which one should I erase?

e1569 No.78525

Wow! Thank you!
It was really helpful.

355d6 No.78528

Honestly, I kinda doubt it is caused by a mod but rather a mistranslation issue.
Does it happen all the time in other cases as well?
Does it only happen after you install Mod_futa or even before you install Mod_futa?
Try uninstall all mod beside Mod_futa and play the game. See if it backs to normal. And vice versa. Uninstall Mod_futa and see if it makes any difference.

e1569 No.78529

I tried to start it with only MOD_Futa installed, but it is still not reflected. I'm doing it with v1.6.2, but it doesn't work.

355d6 No.78530

Strange. I'm pretty sure I didn't set any new parameters.
Now try it without any mod at all.

e1569 No.78532

When I pulled out only the mod, it stopped working.

3b56d No.78536

Alright, hear me out.
Try re-install the game. Make it fresh. And then try to play it without any mod at all. When you're done, tell me whether the text still appear in Japanesse or not.

If the text still appear in Japanese, then the problem lies in your version of the game.

If the text appear back to normal in English, then try this next version of the mod.


First, try this one without any mod.
Next, try it with AiO mod.
Last, try it with any mod you have.

If all clear, then it's all good.
If it's not, tell me in detail.

Tips: to make it easier to test and guaranteed to get "Futanari" characteristic, look for file [data_rand_enchant.json] in PPLSS > www > data. Open it. Look for this line:

"enchant":["Premature Ejaculation","Impotent","Unequaled","Withered","Does Not Masturbate","Lively","Loses Erection Suddenly","Rich","Generous","Stingy","Poor","Millionare","Likes Breasts","Likes Dark Nipples","Dislikes Dark Nipples","Likes Breast Milk","Dislikes Breast Milk","Likes Saggy Bellies","Dislikes Saggy Bellies","Likes Kissing","Dislikes Kissing","Likes Blowjobs","Likes to Shave","Likes Shaved Pubic Hair","Likes Pubic Hair","Likes Menstruation","Dislikes Menstruation","Likes Fertilization","Likes First Trimester","Likes Second Trimester","Likes Third Trimester","Likes Pregnant Women","Dislikes Pregnancy","Likes Birth","Gentle","Tired From Work","Sadist","Masochist","Virgin","Desires to Impregnate","Wants to Creampie","Likes Quiet","Wants to Make Her Cum","Wants to Pour In Semen","Unskilled","Nimble-Fingered","God Hands","Big Dick","Small Penis","Wants to Talk","Hypnotist","Sleep Master","Futanari"],

and replace it with this:


Now you will be able to get either "Futanari" or None. After you finish, to turn it back just replace the line with the original.

e552c No.78539

for the distintion of a futa character why don't hook the makesao() in for the cowgirl
for the doggy hook the makesao() and makesaohands()
and for missionary hook the upsao() funtion

9361d No.78540

You were right. It was a bit after I upload the mod when I look at your Ahegao mod and realized that I can use makesao() function for displaying the sex scene CG. I was doing it wrong this whole time.
How embarrassing. -_-'

7ba88 No.78541

Is there any way to change how much your partner cums? I'm using the cumflation mod and seeing it progress over many encounters is great, but I'd also like to be able to see it happen over a short period of time. I know it's probably in one of the global.js files, but I'm not really experienced with that kinda stuff and wanna avoid fucking up my game.

0f867 No.78542

is it possible to make an anal mod? after all we have that black space in the mini-game menu, and it could work of a system that hazumi must be pretty turned on, otherwise she will be in too much pain and leave before time runs outs, or the same thing will happen if you constantly spam hard thrusting

e1569 No.78544

Start Maker MV and open the database common event.
There is a variable at the very beginning when viewed from the top of 83.
You can increase the amount of ejaculation by changing the value of that variable.

e1569 No.78545

Can you teach me how to hook if you like?

e1569 No.78547

I was able to solve it on my own!
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you so much until today.

3b56d No.78549

Okay, finally, here's the latest version of the mod. After getting the hint from Nameless, I am successfully able to update the male CG. Now it's cleaner, simpler, and possibly conflict-less with other mod (tried and tested with or without AiO mod).
I'm so sorry for being unorganized ><


7ba88 No.78550

I don't even have rpg maker mv lol, I was hoping I could just change a couple numbers in the files or something. I know there was a way to guarantee multiple babies by changing a couple numbers, so I thought there might be a similar solution.

3b56d No.78551

I forgot to say this, but thank you for the hint. I figured I only needed to upSao() all of the position since I don't need to add anything new and just need to change the filename. It turns out very cleaner and simpler than my previous attempt ><

If you'd like, please try the mod and give me and MM feedback.

3b56d No.78554

Thank you too for the graphic. Credit for you for the graphic of course. I'll just put my name inside the js file if you don't mind.

ps. the image for loli counterpart is misaligned. Also, it turns out that you don't have the futa image for M_CG_sao_torn_1.png. So it would be nice if you can fix it all.

3b56d No.78555

There is supposed to be a file called [in_seieki.json] inside Cumflation_Mod > data_H folder. You can edit it to decrease or increase the sperm quantity needed to bloat her.
For example you can edit it to be like this:


the amount is up to you.

7ba88 No.78557

This is even better than what I originally had in mind, thank you.

355d6 No.78558

No problem. Glad I can help.

84895 No.78562

Question. Is there a list of free mods cause the other list I found seems old and lead to dead link.

355d6 No.78563

Up there bud.
In here >>78414

e1569 No.78565

File: 1601609759390.png (46.43 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_soto2_1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I was worried about the orientation, so I drew a new one.
I want you to evaluate it if you like.

23a49 No.78569

File: 1601625595289.png (75.64 KB, 213x237, she sees my 3-incher penci….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Do it yourself if you think it's that easy.
If I could then I wouldn't ask would I? You are being silly anon. Also I never dared to claim that it was easy, only that it should be possible for modders to do it. If it were, I would have learned how and done the mod a long time ago already.
>You could also try writing a story instead.
Alright, I can write few stuffs, not a native speaker though.
>Why did Hazumi decide to settle down in this country with (You)?
You see, despite making faces like pic related, Hazumi was a smart girl. Why would she become a cock craving slut when there were better options? Sure, that might have satisfied her youth, but what would she do when she's older, living an empty life with unfulfilled desire to both love and to be loved? Women are emotionally-driven creatures, so why being happy in only youth when you could being happy for life with the one you loved? And with (You) appeared literally out of nowhere, perhaps this could be Hazumi's chance…
Everything in this country dictated by a stat called "charm", it's meant to measure a woman's place in society. Because thanks to humanity's natural progression, more and more lonely men would gladly end their lives with their robot waifus. They usually worked their asses off for their robot waifus, then left their lineages from this world forever. If the government had the robots' price too high, they would just simply end their lives - they would rather die rather than live and work for such a shitty world. So the world - most notably in this country, was left with (increasingly) men that wouldn't leave offsprings, men that only wanted to fuck, and infertile women. Why the women were infertile though? It was a combination of many problems with obesity, having an exceeding amount of antisperm antibodies and some madmen releasing a dangerous virus were the three main causes. The population was much fatter than before. Even as perfect as Hazumi was, she would be called "chubby" or "plump" when being compared to the women a long time ago. The antisperm antibodies problem was the result of women slutting themselves out for generations after generations to the point it must be regulated so that only prostitution would exist. For the madmem, well… that happened. The last things they did were raising each of their fist up, shouting "I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE REGRET IN MY LIFE" and then whole lab exploded.
Back to Hazumi - because this country was safe and government treated the women living here well so she decided to stay here with (You). Even if the worst happened, the state would take care of the babies so let's just live a fulfilled love life, shall we?

e1569 No.78571

I found that when I put MOD_Futa_v1.1 and MOD_CumFlation together, only CumFlation doesn't work.
How should I fix it?

355d6 No.78572

Okay, I'll look into it later.

7ba88 No.78573

After messing with the numbers for the cumflation mod for a bit, I just went back to the original numbers. However, I was running into a weird issue where sleeping seemingly randomizes the state you'll wake up in. I'd sleep with 150k semen (in uterus) and wake up to 80k semen, and other times it'd go to 180k semen, and one time the character cg totally bugged out. Idk if it's conflicting mods or what, just seems really bizarre.

7ba88 No.78575

File: 1601630312532-0.png (622.67 KB, 816x624, 0f9f73d2f8.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601630312532-1.png (652.09 KB, 816x624, cf7a3d5b9b.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601630312532-2.png (695.63 KB, 816x624, 6ad0ce7c68.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601630312532-3.png (694.73 KB, 816x624, 15a451f80a.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601630312532-4.png (340.91 KB, 816x624, 8f5d1fdfc8.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I hate to keep complaining, but I think the belly sizes are a bit out of wack for quintuplets.

e552c No.78581

Looks like a missing assets issue did you install the aio mod too?

e1569 No.78582

File: 1601655084771-0.png (61.9 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_soto2_2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601655084771-1.png (75.6 KB, 816x624, M_CG_sao_soto2_3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Is it okay to use loli if it is this big?

6c648 No.78583

lol. I think the thick one is better for overall, especially the loli. I mean imagining her little body wrenching in pain from those huge stick is hot too. Although that's just me. I'm more of an S than an M afterall.

6c648 No.78584

I agree with >>78581, looks like a missing asset. Either you haven't installed the mod properly. OR it could be because you have a mod installation order wrong. Although I forgot what the order supposed to be.

e552c No.78585

the order is AIO->clothes->cumflation(if have) that is because AIO,Clothes and cumflation mod update/change the overduebellies.js

8fc57 No.78588

I feel like a vore mod could be kinda interesting it could work in a way that for example hazumi gets uncomfortable when someone cums on her face and she gets angry and eats them whole. or maybe someone gives no money and you could track them down or something. idk I just feel like it could be interesting

e552c No.78589

tested with all my mods and it work with out issues, even with my in develop tatto mod, the only issue i found is the dick looks not good also have little graffic issues with the condom failure mod, that can be solved just using the same dick as the original

7ba88 No.78590

I tried this order but kept getting a "filename.match" error whenever I had to put on clothes. I had to replace the MOD_overduebellys.js when installing the clothes mod after the AiO, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

d5ce7 No.78591

Did you perhaps use an older version of the mod for the newest version of the game or vice versa? You might wanna check that.

d5ce7 No.78592

Perfect, thanks. Now, all we need is fixing the image for loli futa. The image for missionary and doggy style position is misaligned in the loli version. And also MM said that there is a problem with the cumflation mod, so I'll check that again later. Right now I'm focusing on my work for the public birthing mod.

7ba88 No.78593

File: 1601677608286-0.png (42.36 KB, 574x733, 1244390d52.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I guess that could potentially be it. I'm runing 1.6.2 of the game and the most recent versions of the mods.

I've just found out I'm getting the same error with just the AiO mod. I'm trying to follow the instructions on Nameless's booth page, but I'm struggling a bit with understanding exactly what's being instructed. I'm not sure If I need the old AiO files for it to work, and I'm not certain what it means by I need to "set again the form of Hazumi."

d5ce7 No.78594

I'm not gonna shoot you down for the idea buddy. But I, for one, doubt it is gonna be an easy mod. The whole mechanism for it is gonna be super weird. How do you gonna make her "eat" him? It is almost impossible to make her angry in the sex mini-game. Her arousal cannot go minus after all. Maybe it can work when hazumi gets angry because he doesn't pay. But even then, you gonna have to worry about the image. Obviously, you need to find an artist to draw it. But you also have to think about how big her tummy's gonna be. I mean, she's gonna eat an adult man right? Then there is no way it's gonna be small. The problem is if you make it too big, it's going to block half of the screen with her tummy alone every time her CG shows up (including when you open the iPhone menu).

In conclusion, I'm afraid it's just not a good idea.

e552c No.78595

>>78592 for that mod can i know what map id you are using that is because my current developing mods: my tatto mod use the MapID 15, the hotspring mod use the mapID 13 and the downtown mod use the mapID 21

d5ce7 No.78598

Oh, so that's it. No, you don't need the old AiO mod for it to work. If you haven't installed the old AiO mod you don't have to. Just install the newest one and you are good to go. And what is meant by setting up Hazumi's form is that whenever you play a new game you have to choose her body type at least once before progressing the game any further to avoid this exact issue. To choose it, go to Phone -> Configuration -> System -> Change Character and then choose the preferred body type (normal, young, loli, etc).

e552c No.78599

if only have the new ver of the aio(the ver that is already in my shops) and you don't have the old aio/quintu mods(was merged in the new aio)
you only need to: copy and paste the wwww folder in the hazumi and pregnation\PPLSS folder

to set a hazumi form just need to go to the system menu-> the change character menu and then select a hazumi form(normal,young,loli,etc) just before install the aio mod

d5ce7 No.78602

Oh, don't worry man. I found a solution to avoid conflict of map number in the future. All you need to do is rename the map to whatever number you want (eg. Map3746, Map927462, Map946292649, etc.). You can edit it manually in the JSON file. Of course, that also means that you have to edit all of the events on that map so that it will refer that edited Map number. I've tried it and it works just fine. So for my mod, I'll do exactly that to avoid conflict with other mods. So don't worry about it. In fact, I urge you and other modders to do the same.

Actually, by that logic, you can also edit any events and common events ID to any number just by tempering the JSON files. I've tried changing the events' ID into hundreds (the limit is 999 for each map) and common events' ID into thousands. This only works for new events or common events. If you intend to overwrite an already existed map, event, or common event, you cannot do this trick.

7ba88 No.78603

This was the issue, thanks again for the help.

0f867 No.78604

Okay I got an issue, after the guy ejaculates I get two messages of how much he came, also its giving me crazy numbers like 200+ml of semen, I currently have every mod on the paste bin link installed and the futa and resell mod, does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

e552c No.78606

>>78604 that is because the new Mad Doctor + Ultra Ovulation Inducer include the "realisticejaculation" mod in its code you can delete that js file just to solve that two message issue

6c648 No.78609

Here is an example of a new custom numbered map ID and new custom numbered events ID.


Check out the [Map15348453153.json] and the [This is a new Events.json] inside Map002. That is a new map and a transporter to that map. For the map, all you need to do is rename the file into whatever number you want. The number after the word "Map" will become its ID. Next is simply refer to this ID when you wanna transport the player.
As for the new events, you have to open it using a text editor and edit the line {"id": ??} into whatever number you want (limit is 999, beyond that the game will go crazy). And as for the name of the file, you can rename it into whatever you want as long as the file is located inside the folder with the correct Map ID.

6c648 No.78610

When I said
>you have to edit all of the events on that map so that it will refer that edited Map number
Yeah that was wrong. All you need to do is put all the event of that map in the corresponding map folder. Like for example with the mods above, I simply put every event of Map15348453153.json into folder Map15348453153 without changing anything else.

ff22f No.78611

You're welcome

e1569 No.78612

It's very hard to say.
Apparently CumFlation didn't start because of my misconfiguration.
After fixing it, it started normally.
I'm really sorry for making a noise.

ff22f No.78614

Thank god. That's a load off my mind. Now I can focus my mind on my next project.
Also, if you draw another image that you want to be made as a mod, feel free to ask me again.

35716 No.78621

I know it's a bit rough, and I am really excited to see people making all sorts of cool stuff, but… I have to admit that I really just love getting new outfits for Hazumi lol

8d79f No.78622


Wait, the original game designer abandoned the game?

8ce13 No.78624

File: 1601704880717.gif (1.28 KB, 50x50, Hazumi_Birthing.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's not that good, but whatever. I'll be using this for the birthing stage.

8ce13 No.78625

That's what I heard.

51851 No.78627

The game was finished, not abondoned.

ff22f No.78629

Like hell, it is finished. If you pay attention while playing the game and dissect the game in RPG Maker MV, you will know that there are a lot of unimplemented things that are supposed to be added in later versions of the game.

85e55 No.78634

He’s working on another game. He didn’t expect the amount of attention and popularity Hazumi turned out to be, but by then he was already moving forward with the other game. He spent a lot of time with back end and big fixes after the English release (especially once all the mods started popping up) but eventually had to turn his attention back to game development.

ff22f No.78635

Fair point. But it is still more or less abandoned. If I were him, and I knew how popular it turned out to be, I will milk the game even further. Maybe develop a sequel, a paid DLC, or something. People will gladly pay for it knowing how popular it becomes. It is understandable to delay any plan for future development as he is still working on another game, but didn't he stopped altogether and no words for future development? No sequel, no DLC, no nothing, nada. Yeah, that's an abandoned franchise in my word book.

85e55 No.78645

Man I would love a sequel or DLC. Last I checked Hazumi is probably a done deal. After he finishes the current game, he will probably follow a similar game format as Hazumi for the next project. Hazumi is such a great game. Btw thanks for your mod work and continuing the Hazumi legacy.

3298f No.78646

Any word on whether the new game they're working on is going to have pregnancy stuff too?

631a5 No.78647

That's exactly what we modders do, developing this game even further in Mihiraghi's place. But don't thank me. I'm new to this and haven't done much at all. If you wanna thank someone, thank other modders like Nameless, Nwishmaster, Regisseur, TropicanSnow, etc. I got hooked into this game because of their mods after all.

f0c07 No.78657

any chance of getting pubic hair styles? I do love some full bush or heart shape

e48fc No.78670

I'm having the same issue this anon had: >>77374
Sometimes when I select the doggystyle position I will encounter the error "cannot set property 'bitmap' of undefined.
Anyone knows how to fix this?

20f54 No.78677

Is the DLSite version totally up to date

e1569 No.78682

File: 1601818242438.png (187.12 KB, 470x1200, nami.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Actually, I was the one who drew this on the previous bulletin board.

02d21 No.78689

WOW That is biutiful!

48dc8 No.78699

game dev is a cycle especially as the sole dev, I would actually prefer he works on a different game so we get more better content. I think he's learned a lot of lessons from working on this one so the next one will be much better. Butakoma300g's games have all improved massively, just look at the polished difference between Drop Factory and the demo version of Vitamin Quest 2 (please release soon). With how good of an artist Mihiragi is I doubt he'll just stop with this one. Typically most of these doujin games never see anything fixed past release so it's actually pretty good we have what we have.

I hope he improves the mapping. Given the art is so good it was kind of disappointing seeing how amateur they looked. Having made a bunch of RPG maker games as a kid I wanted to help with the next one but life got in the way.


85e55 No.78700

Actualy Taji was commissioned for all the Hazumi art. Not into the loli content, but Taji has some great preg stuff.

21303 No.78703

A poster in one of the previous threads suggested a hyperpregnancy as a potential future mod and I second that. With how many babies Hazumi can have with all the mods out now, especially Slum Lord's Wife + Ultra Ovulation, the quintuplet size is sometimes a bit small. I've gotten up to 20+ just with Slum Lord's Wife in the past

69658 No.78708

File: 1601849478286-0.jpg (50.59 KB, 653x611, Limit Resolution.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601849478286-1.jpg (146.42 KB, 818x656, Out of Bound.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

The idea is good. I will also love a hyperpregnancy mod.

But I'm afraid, it is just not possible
Well, technically it is possible, but it's gonna be very demanding to the modder. You see, it's not because it can't be done but rather because this game has a limit. The main problem is for the standing CG image. It's because current image resolution for the standing CG is 470x1200 pixel. Which is too narrow to draw a hyperpreg belly. Even the current quintuplets mod reached the far limit of the canvas. You either enlarge the resolution or reduce Hazumi's body size to incorporate the larger belly's size.
The problem is, Whether if you enlarge the resolution or reduce Hazumi's body size, when you edit ONE image, you have to edit the rest of other image as well. Otherwise There's gonna be a lot of mismatch. When I say the other image as well, that is including the image provided by other modder because other modder will follow the game's original image resolution of 470x1200 pixels. And not just that, you also have to overwrite the core plugin [Display_Stand.js] to repositioned the X and Y of the image, otherwise what will happen is the image will go out of bound like the image above.

In short if you wanna do hyperpreg mod, what you have to do is:
1. Draw the hyperpreg belly
2. Enlarge the resolution of the image.
3. Enlarge the resolution of the other image as well (every file that has the word "stand_" in the name. Including other mod, it's gonna be 1000+ image).
4. Edit the core plugin [Display_stand.js]
5. Publish the mod
6. Whenever other modder release an update or a new mod that has an image in it, you also have to rerelease an update of this mod that included the image the other mod updated.
7. The easy way out is if this mod is used as the only mod in the game. Because it will not be compatible with other mod that has image in it.

69658 No.78711

File: 1601851081632.jpg (152.29 KB, 818x656, Blocked View.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Even if you're somehow able to fix all of the problem I stated above, you have to remember that the bigger the belly the bigger the screen used to display that belly. That means, the image is going to block everything in sight. This problem appear when you use the phone menu or when you use the "Always show standing CG" option. The image above is the example of it. The belly is not big, but it's proof that the image will block pretty much everything.

51851 No.78716

This was also Mihiraghi's first release, I think.

484fb No.78717

Of course!

e552c No.78734

As i said time ago, is not viable for all the work and rework that mod represents dont only for artist even for programmers

ec507 No.78738

Exactly. That's what I said. It's too impractical. I hope everyone understands.

e1569 No.78747

It will be a file that turns Hazumi into Nami.
It's just a replacement of CG, but I think you can enjoy it enough.

413b1 No.78750

are you going to do more of this?

413b1 No.78752

Is this a working mod?

e1569 No.78753

It corresponds to overdue belly for the time being.

413b1 No.78754

so how should i install it?

ee7e6 No.78755

If you have made this much, I think I can make something. I also want to try Array Splicing techniques taught by TropicanSnow. Let me try something.

413b1 No.78756

How to install Nami mod?

e1569 No.78757

Is it possible to enter the page at the above address and download it?
Please show me the photo on the page if you like.

413b1 No.78760

i was able to download it, it works when i replace the default pictures but i was wondering if it were possible to toggle it on the system menu

bfd60 No.78761

What's the new game gonna be about? I looked around on their DLsite, but I couldn't find anything mentioning it.

8995e No.78762

And so, after a little bit of coding, I have made a mod that can toogle Nami as a character without replacing the original Hazumi's CG.
Do you want me to publish it here?

3aa65 No.78764

Or I can give it to you through DM or something if you wanna put it in your store or social media. I mean, this one is quite a big mod. I dare not publish it without your permission.

e1569 No.78765

You can publish it here.
Thank you for making it!

8995e No.78768

File: 1601904674280.jpg (166.71 KB, 818x656, Gyaru_Nami.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Perfect. Here's the link to the mod. The mod's name is MOD_Nami_v0.1


How to Install:
Just copy the www folder from the extracted file into the PPLSS folder inside the game. Replace any old files if exist.

The mod requires AiO+Quintuplets+Gyaru+sprite_MOD by NamelessDev (https://namelessdev.booth.pm/items/2245616) to be able to run properly.

How to use it:
Go to Phone menu->Configure->System->Change character->Gyaru and then choose Nami. The image will change to Nami automatically.

NamelessDev's New Clothes Mod - This mod doesn't have other clothes besides its default one. If you change your clothes while in Nami's character, the front image will revert to normal Hazumi.

8995e No.78769

Although I said it requires Nameless AiO mod to run, but don't worry, this mod doesn't overwrite anything from AiO mod. In fact, it doesn't overwrite anything at all thanks to the Array Splicing technique. Credit to TropicanSnow for the technique.

8995e No.78770

I've credited you in the README file as the author of the graphic. Although I only refer you as MM. Tell me if you wanna be referred to as something else. Or if you wanna include email and the likes. I'll change it for you.

e552c No.78773

good mod but the mega super and ultra belly has the same sizes isn't?

dc586 No.78776

Looks like you're right. That's all the image MM's provided from the link he gave.

413b1 No.78781

thank you MM and XYZone for making this great mod. I hope modders are interested in making more "new characters" for the game. I can offer suggestions if needed!

18b28 No.78791

Thank you for your support. Suggestions are always welcomed. Tho I can only answer suggestions from the programming side of things. Events, mechanics, and the likes. As for the graphics, please direct your suggestions to the owner of the graphics. In this case, MM.

31231 No.78792


Thank you for your mods! You are great!

I have a suggestion.

I love the ability to change clothes in the game and I wish I had the option to wear any clothes while working at the cafe and had the option to wear the cafe clothes while walking around my house or around town. This way I could wear street clothes in the cafe, I think the street clothes could be hot.

Also, what if there was a topless mod that allowed hazumi to walk around topless throughout her day. If she was really feeling slutty, it would be a hot thing to have her do.

I don't think this would require any new images to be made.

e1569 No.78802

Apparently I drew it by mistake.
I will fix it at a later date.

9e1b7 No.78806

File: 1601956385829.jpg (170.87 KB, 818x656, Choose Your Clothes Mod.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


>had the option to wear the cafe clothes while walking around my house or around town.

This is indeed possible. I've made one, in fact.
But I can't publish it here yet. My mod obviously requires Nameless's New Clothes Mod. And since it is like that, I should have asked Nameless's permission first.
I forgot to do this last time when I made Nami mod, and I've been reflecting on it.
So I wanna ask Nameless's permission first before I do anything with this mod.

9e1b7 No.78809


>what if there was a topless mod that allowed hazumi to walk around topless throughout her day. If she was really feeling slutty

Technically it is possible if you just wanna be topless. Although there would be no reaction whatsoever from people around her.

31231 No.78810


Yeah, there would be no reaction from anyone around her, but I would enjoy it ! Lol. I like seeing her boobs hanging out when she is milking them and think it would be cool for her to always be like that.

Thank you for responding to my inquiries, you are #1!

e552c No.78821

well current i updating the clothes mod code in order to add more costumes(no assets for that yet). i only add the choose to wear maid costume. i think when i release that update your mod will become incompatible but i don't have problems to share your mod here if don't have the art that clothes mod use, because the art isn't mine is the dewwey work and i don't know if he has problem sharing its art

e88c9 No.78826

Can we get a mod that displays an animation when Hazumi gets fertilized or implanted?

a0d74 No.78827

Well, in that case, rather than it being incompatible later on, I'll just put the mod on hold right now.

So, there you have it anon >>78792. Nameless is working on an update right now. So please just wait for the news from Nameless.

But still, I might be able to make the exhibitionist mod since it looks quite simple and doesn't require anything. Let's see what I can do.

a0d74 No.78828

There is one in the old thread. It was from TropicanSnow. Go here anon, >>73729.

e552c No.78829

the last link are in the paste bin too,
also xyzone can i put the link of your mega forder in the paste bin too?

53641 No.78830

Of course, go ahead. Or rather, please do. I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time.

959fe No.78832


Maybe that can be implemented to baby movment mod? Wheb baby kick, Hazumi will hold belly and make a worried face…

413b1 No.78837

Ok here's a suggestion - would it be possible to program a mod for a scale that determines Hazumi's weight? we have the measurements but it would be nice to see weight too. possibly with different ranges depending on which body type you pick.

413b1 No.78838

Also another nitpicky QOL suggestion - make the new clothes mod compatible with the different hairstyles + gyaru mods

7ba88 No.78839

I would also love to see both of these implemented. More new outfits and clothes would also be great to see.

413b1 No.78841

scale could be purchasable item if anyone wants to make art assets for that

9204c No.78842

File: 1602050588254.jpg (179.41 KB, 925x738, Nude Mirror Option.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Heya, anon. XYZone here!
So, were you all waiting for an exhibitionist mod? Cuz if you were, then wait no longer. I am here to answer all of your expectations!

lol. just kidding. :P
Don't expect anything from me please. I've had enough of responsibility right now. >.<

Anyway, here's the mod you've been waiting for.

Exhibitionist Mod v0.1

I've made a Gumroad account to put all of my mod. Don't worry, it is free. (at least for now XD )

Well then, grab it while it's still hot. And don't forget to give me feedback for the mod, suggestion, request, etc. Bugs report is also very much welcomed.

413b1 No.78843

it asks for a decryption key… what is it?

413b1 No.78844

never mind! idk what happened but i was able to access folder on second try.

8b225 No.78845

I'm sorry, that was so silly of me. I was having a problem uploading the files directly into Gumroad so I thought I could just put a mega link.
I'm sorry, I have changed the link. Now it should be downloaded directly from Gumroad instead of redirecting to mega. Don't worry tho, the one on mega and the one on gumroad is no different. Anyway, thanks for using the mod.

85ca6 No.78850

I've installed all mods, but nothing works, I play on the joiplay(for android/phone)
I have installed mods for this game a while back, I think before 1.5, and the bigger belly mods works but the younger hazumi mods does not. Now everything doesn't works…

94205 No.78859

You can play these kind of games with Joiplay, look it up on Google play

413b1 No.78886

Great job on this mod. The pervert at the institute is just cosmetic? Or does he produce 'real' sperm that can KO hazumi?

413b1 No.78887

I've got more annoying little suggestions for you guys…
1. possibility of some more "sexy" sound fx for the game? Might improve the sex scenes if we can get some moaning sounds in there. Or even voice dialogue if more "playable characters" are made for the game.
2. simple one, which is recolors for hazumi's hair & eyes. I would like to see dark skinned/gyaru with black hair and brown eyes, for example. Or other hair colors we don't have yet like red or green. And also recolors for the loli&young mod (gyaru loli, brown hair loli,etc.). Doesn't seem that hard to do. What programs do gfx modders use to change the graphics for this?

3bef0 No.78888

Thank you for the feedback.
As for the horny boy, yes he is just a cosmetics. At least for this early version right now. In the next version, I'm planning to add real ejaculation, AP consumption, paid action, and more event. Oh, and I got informed by Nameless that there is a little bug with the Slum madam mod. So there will be a bug fix as well.

413b1 No.78890

Cool, that's what I figured but I appreciate the confirmation. Keep up the good work.

b0c01 No.78904

Sorry, I'm late. Thanks for the sauce.

0d988 No.78908

File: 1602183642626.jpg (38.37 KB, 1210x669, does this look right.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

For whatever reason i cant seem to get the exhibitionist mod to work, any suggestions?

0d988 No.78910

>>78908 jk im an idiot

a2d1a No.78911

I think I see the problem.
The line is suppose to have only ONE "www".
My guess is you cut and pasted at the wrong points.
At "mods", cut/copy "MOD_Exhibitionst", then paste at "mods" in the Hazumi game files.
It seems that most modders (at least for this game) are using the "folder within folder" method to show where the mods are suppose to go.

dba41 No.78918

A little update on what I've been working on.

Finally, I succeeded in trying to rewrite an event on the map without overwriting the JSON file. All that is done through a javascript file. Awesome!

I know some of you non-programmers don't understand what this geeky stuff is all about. But now with this, I can rewrite an existing event without ever have to be afraid to have a conflict in the game or with other modders.

And what can I do with this? well, pretty much everything. For example, Now I can make the exhibitionist mod even more awesome by making other people react to Hazumi when she's naked, not just the horny boy in the school. Awesome, right? Well, yes of course >.<

7ba88 No.78920

Very nice! Not that it would be of any use to me, but is this something that could be shared with other modders if they wanted to make different events, or is it just like a scripting technique or something? (I have no idea what I'm saying, just curious)

739ba No.78921

Of course, it is just a scripting technique. lol.
I'll be glad to share this info, but I still have to test the practicality and the scalability of it. It works on a smaller scale of adding a few lines to the event, but I don't know how far it goes. So yeah, expect a few updates from me later. And expect an update on exhibitionist mod tomorrow or the day after.

b28ec No.78941

And so, as promised, I've updated the exhibitionist mod. In this version, I've implemented the event rewrite using Javascript so if modders want to see it please go ahead. Also, I've added new features to the horny boy. Those features are AP consumption, Real Ejaculation, Tipping, and CG display (will display Hazumi in doggy style when she is being raped and giving a blowjob). And lastly, bug fix from Slum Madam mod.

As usual, go ahead and download the mod from my Gumroad page:

p.s. Just a little heads up
So, remember when life's giving you lemon? Yeah, I 'member. Right now I've got PLENTY of lemon from the life itself I've lost count how many. As a result, maybe I'm gonna be out of the game for a little while. If there is any bug you wanna report, feel free to report it here. I will put it on my bugcket list. Get it? Bugcket? It's a bug. In a bucket. *ba dum tss*. Ahh, forget it. Anyway, I'm out. See you soon.

404f8 No.78956

I might just be an idiot but I can't get this version to work. I have tried it in an clean 1.6.2 version without any other mods with no luck. the mirror placement is not there(I own the mirror but can only place it beside the bed and not the entrance). the first version worked fine for me.

I appreciate all the hard work your putting into this. keep it up!

acf25 No.78958

It took some doing, but I found the problem.
For some reason the game does not like the way the scripts are titled.
I had to erase the "[name] #123" and leave the "proper title" to make it work.
Example: change "[Rewrite] #12 Rent Collection Event" to just "Rent Collection Event"
Change "[Rewrite] #176 Bathing at Home" to "Bathing at Home".
You will need to do this for every script in this mod.

0e449 No.78963

Dangit! I forgot about it. That name was a last-minute change after an all-nighter. I haven't tested it again after that. I'm so sorry. I'll repair it right away.

87238 No.78967

Alright, I've renamed the file and reupload it to Gumroad. Please download the _rename version if you have any problem.

404f8 No.78971

working great now thank you

6008d No.78984

Somehow after I installed the new version(of course I remove the old one ) and try to load my save data .
The game says " TypeError ,Cannot read property 'pages' of undefined" .
Can anyone help me please

e552c No.78986

probably you save the game while the game use an switch or a variable from the last ver of the mod you installed and when you remove the mod the switch in the save data enter in a conflig try install the old ver of the mod again and set hazumi in a normal way (normal clothes no partnets etc, then save your data, unstall the mod then check your save data, then re install the new ver of the mod

829af No.78987

Ah yes You are right,thanks nameless.
By the way , is ultraloli mod got canceled?

e552c No.78988

dewwey has problems with its patreon but as all I know he is taking time to draw the hazumi forms if i now something new i gonna put that info here

8fc57 No.79094

File: 1602525994939.png (278.1 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_1_implant.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I guess this mod would be a type of implant mod where you can request implants at either the ob/gyn or the slum. At the ob/gyn it would be a safer procedure but you would only have access to the smallest increase and at the slums you can get bigger sizes but it would be incredibly unsafe. I only drew rough sketches for breats but I guess for this mod breasts and ass would be available for implants (if that isn't too much I don't want to ask for too much). and yeah. this is another idea should be more realistic. the sizes shown don't have to be the real sizes just a general landmark.

06317 No.79096

Rather than implants, I was always fond of the idea that her bust would grow with a sufficiently large pregnancy, but I can only imagine that'd be a nightmare to code.

a11d5 No.79097

If she can have bigger breasts, when is there gonna be a breast pregnancy mod?

35716 No.79103

This would require a lot more images and we have a lot more coders than artists around here.

413b1 No.79108

the Nami mod has bigger breasts that go with the character, but they kind of don't look good with the bigger pregnant belly. I don't think your mod is impossible to make but you might have to ….encourage…the artist to make it.

dc159 No.79135

While in Nami, everytime I try to do doggy style it shows "bitmat is not defined'

dc159 No.79136

Also it seems I can no longer see the insertion when using xray during sex

c588e No.79146

Alright, I'll look into it. Although it is most likely a corrupted save file or a conflict with other mod. Try to play a new game and see if it happens in a new game too. If it doesn't, then it is a corrupted save file. If it does, then it's probably a conflict with other mod. I'll try to figure out what the conflict is. In the meantime, try to avoid doggy style while playing Nami or avoid using Nami altogether.

(or it could be because of corrupted game data caused by heavy modding and file editing. In which case, the easiest way out is to reinstall the game and start over.)

3622f No.79149

Sorry for asking this but there no way this game can be free right?

19bd0 No.79153

Yep 14$ . Pretty expensive unless you really want it. If you can’t find bitcash prepaid ticket to buy, you can use MasterCard to buy this game from DLsite

072e1 No.79172

I've actually already experimented with this idea in like the 3rd thread I can digitally manipulate the original files to increase breast size I just couldn't code it.

af4e9 No.79198

Good stuff, mods like these are awesome! At the same time I can't help but feel like that this game could have been so much more. This is by far my favorite H-Game but at the same time I wish it had more features like deeper NPC interactions, exhibitionism, moral corruption and more customization. Most mods tickle that itch somewhat, but are being held back by the limitations of being a mod and not part of the maingame. I hope the next game will have many more features.

eb459 No.79202

Speaking of the next game. Do we know anything about Mihiraghi's next game?

4ed06 No.79203

Not a lot of details so far. I know the mc is a guy this time. Mihiraghi seems to be focusing on building the core gameplay mechanics first.

af4e9 No.79204

Nah, not that I know of. Can't even remember where I picked that up, might have been in one of the threads around here as he sometimes chimes in. He pretty much confirmed that he started working on a new game and wasn't planning on adding new major content to Hazumi. I am fairly sure it was something along those lines.

17e2d No.79205

File: 1602789702571.webm (135.08 KB, 480x270, gaaaaaaay.webm) ImgOps Google iqdb

>the mc is a guy

af4e9 No.79206

I'm also not the biggest fan of male MC, especially knowing how the first game is like. All I hope for is that Mihiraghi doesn't blow it on this one, because he did a really great job on Hazumi with all the quirky pregnancy mechanics etc. (which will hopefully still be there, albeit I can't imagine how it would look with a male MC) there's always hope until there isn't

73483 No.79219

>getting pregnant from hot girls


413b1 No.79220

I think a male protagonist is a nice change of pace, and contra to >>79205, I find that playing as a female is a little gayer. I wonder if it's some sort of pimp/harem situation (one dude, lots of chicks) - that would be pretty fun if there were expanded management elements & lots of options to customize the females (& of course get them knocked up)

353c6 No.79223

The next game is going to have a male protagonist? That's a shame, I prefer female protagonists.

Well I hope we get some Haramase Quest style mass impregnation stuff.

06b5a No.79264

File: 1602909673802-0.png (245.57 KB, 470x1200, uma.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1602909673802-1.png (283.68 KB, 470x1200, uma2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hazumi's new mission is to revive extinct animals.
(Make a mod instead of me)

78c1e No.79266

Interesting idea, but propably not easy to do.

78c1e No.79268

In order to go from simple re-skin to proper mod there´d have to be: Art and event involving the animal (or a scientict with the animal´s sperm), the art for the previous preg-stages, art and event for the birthing, story, and not to forget a pretty decent amount of coding.
So the idea is good but my coding is definitly not advanced enough for that.
Pretty good art though, nice work.

06b5a No.79272

File: 1602920509802-0.png (140.3 KB, 470x1200, stand_naked_afterPregnant_….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1602920509802-1.png (309.82 KB, 816x624, syota.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


thank you for your answer.
i think about mod material that only needs to change the standing picture and the still image.

25bd5 No.79273

the mod looks great

4845a No.79286

I hope we get her to birth some Thylacine pups/cubs.

ce12f No.79313

which mod this this one, and where can i get it?

413b1 No.79317

how about getting fucked by a dog?

413b1 No.79337

simple mod request: can someone make brown+white hair versions for the younger+loli mods? additionally, other hair or eye colors we haven't seen yet?

413b1 No.79338

same poster, actually what program do you guys use to edit graphics in this game? I wonder if I could do recoloring myself?

eede6 No.79340

File: 1603046352436.png (14.47 KB, 361x320, Screenshot 2020-10-18 1438….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I am super into this game and also super into cum inflation. I have not been able to get it to work more than once.

I have installed it by itself.
With extra ejaculation.
With just realistic ejaculations.
With literally all of the other mods.

Once it worked with all the mods.
Once it worked with both the ejaculation mods.
(But both times it worked there were two amounts of cum outputted in separate dialogs back to back)

Please, somebody give me a mod load order. or some advice or something.
Attached is a screen shot of all the mods I have.
AI haven't been able to find documentation anywhere but here.

eede6 No.79341

I should say, I did all of the mod configurations on fresh installs of the game and at separate times.

Thank you for any help I'm just. Uhg

148f5 No.79347

The aio, clothes mod and the cumflation mod has a common .js if you install the mods in a wrong order you might have issues the install order is this: aio->clothes->cumflation, if you continue having issues contact to me in by an email

eede6 No.79357

Still having issues. Where can I find your email?

eede6 No.79359

Found it sent you an email. Thanks for being available to assist.

82691 No.79389

This mod is not compatible with the "Birth Delayer mod" and it seems that you cannot purchase the "Birth Delayer" when using it.

I'm not good at English, so it may be a strange sentence. sorry

78c1e No.79399

I believe that´d end up in the same situation, either by being limited to a reskin, or requiring a lot of work and art to make it a feature/part of the game

148f5 No.79401

hello i'm not xyzone but i can help you to solve that issue, fist you need to know that mod and birth delayer use the same event ID(29) to solve that issue you need to go to this route in the kiosk mod Sell_Kiosk/map009/event then you will see a json file named "29" change its name to "31" other of my mods use the "30", open the json file and you will see this in the very begin: "id": 29, change the 29 for 31 like this "id": 31,

d2344 No.79416

Thank you for the report. To be honest, I realized this issue early on and I knew how to solve this. I kinda planned to give an update on it, but I thought no one really cares to use this mod since it's an unimportant mod that you can't wank off to and all. So to be honest, I kinda neglect it. :P (sorry, my bad)
I'll repeat, thank you for the report (and reminder). I'll update it in the future together with the release of my new mod. In the meantime, you can do what Nameless (>>79401) has told you to do. You just need a basic text editor such as Notepad to open the JSON file. Edit one line and you're good to go. Good luck.

d2344 No.79419

Yeah, I understand that itching feeling you have. I also thought this game lack NPC interaction, narrative content, and some variation that makes us wanna go for one more round. As a modder, I can provide some new narrative and interaction that you want. In fact, I planned to give an update in the future on exb mod that will give new NPC interaction whenever they see you naked (well, mostly you will prostitute yourself or raped. But hey, it's a new interaction nonetheless). So, wait for it. I'll work on it after my current mod project is done.

226af No.79425

Is it possible to inserting sound/sound effect like breathe or pushing out the babies?

413b1 No.79427

I was actually gonna ask something like this too but forgot about it. It would be cool to have some more sound effects like moaning during sex, actual voice/dialogue, etc. Maybe even a function to toggle sets of sound effects? I really like the Nami reskin and if artists & modders make other characters, they could have sound fx to go with them (I'm not sure if you can program a sound fx toggle, I'm not a modder, but it would be cool)

413b1 No.79428

So many games were born to be modded. I don't know if you've ever played Sid Meier's Civilization 2 but that game is almost 30 years old and people still make awesome historical or fantasy scenarios that blow the (admittedly quite fun, but limited) vanilla game out of the water. Really dedicated & brilliant modders who let the challenge of a game's limitations fuel their creativity. There's something very rewarding about pushing the boundaries in a simple or dated game.

78c1e No.79462

That sounds great, though I´m also curious to see what you´re working on atm., any seak peeks or you wanna keep it under wraps?

65b0a No.79463

It's nothing special. I am working on a Birth Anywhere mod. The title is self-explanatory. With this mod, you can buy a labor induction drug that will force you to go into labor wherever you want.

Well, actually this was planned to be a Public Birth mod full of new stories, NPC, cutscenes, maps, etc. But it is a tiny weeny bit too complex (mostly the cutscenes part gives a lot of issues) so I push back the project and instead create a simpler yet similar Birth Anywhere mod. Overall progress is, I'd say, 85% done. The whole mechanic is done. all that left is writing the dialogue.

78c1e No.79480

Neat, looking forward to it^^

46d6c No.79481

Nice! I wonder if you could include a way for hazumi to go into labor gradually? Similar to the babykick mod. Each step there would be an X probability for a contraction, and with each contraction that probability would increase by 1.

51e7b No.79484

That was what I had in my mind too. The idea is exactly like what you said. After Hazumi consumes the drug, she will gradually have a contraction that will be stronger and shorter each time until she can't endure it anymore. Depending on which drug she used, either she still has time to be transported to the hospital or she will give birth right there and then because she can't hold it anymore (because the drug is too strong and it feels like the baby forcefully pushes itself out of her womb).

I have a rough idea of how it can be done. I've tried to make it but alas, it still has its own issue. To be exact, the issue is somehow the CG won't show up if it is called from a parallel event. I was hoping maybe someone understands and knows how to solve this problem. But either way, I have to make do with what I can right now. So for now, there is no gradual increase in contraction. Yet. Instead, after Hazumi consumes the drug, either she will give birth right away or she will 100% give birth after she falls asleep (kinda like the opposite of birth delayer).

70522 No.79514

i just wonder there will be mod when hazumi want to giving birth and when the baby is half way, someone fuck her and push the baby back to womb?

413b1 No.79520

Nameless what are you working on currently?

148f5 No.79537

Tattoo & piercing mod,
New hazumi's friend izumi done
Tattoo studio map; 95% done
Tattoo sets. 1/4 done
Piercing sets. In Design process

768a2 No.79539

So what order do I need to install the mod? Because it seem that I failed many times…

413b1 No.79540

File: 1603378462265-0.gif (326.74 KB, 112x112, 1601299043140.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


413b1 No.79541

can you tell us more about izumi? what's the mod about exactly?

8d63d No.79543

File: 1603382786084.png (24.22 KB, 521x205, lel.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's the order according to Nameless himself

148f5 No.79546

only three mods are needed to install in a respective order because they use a common .js file. the order installation is this:
AIO-> Clothes mod -> Cumflation mod:
izumi is a hazumi's institute friend like tomo, sadly hazumi lost her contact info, izumi return to the institute because her boyfriend need things to do there, izumi notices hazumi when she go to the institute but hazumi can't recognize her (because she now has tattoos) she give to hazumi the address to the tattoo studio and after hazumi got tatooed izumi made comments about the hazumi new tattoos

the tattoo mod add a new map that allow hazumi to choose 4 types of tattoos and 4 types of piercing

148f5 No.79547

>>79543 that was time ago where gyaru and quintuplets was individual mods, those were merge in the AIO and was released the clothes mod and the cumflation mod now the order is now i explain above

413b1 No.79548

Thanks for the details, looking forward to this mod

b9ea9 No.79563

Welp, gotta do it all over again and maybe check if I have all the mods…

413b1 No.79574

Is modder MM working on anything currently?

65b0a No.79585

>the issue is somehow the CG won't show up if it is called from a parallel event.

Oh god, this is stupid. I AM stupid. I can't believe I was pondering so hard about this. Turns out the answer is so simple.
After looking at the Baby Kick Mod from Nameless for reference, I just realized that there is another switch I can turn on to display the standing CG in a parallel event. Now finally I can make a common event that will periodically increase the contraction intensity without any problem.
This pushes back the project a little bit, but I'm sure now I can make the mod more awesome. Stay tuned.

af4e9 No.79622

Havent checked around here for a while, glad you are actively working on mods, doing gods work. The mod idea sounds awesome, hope everything works out for you.

001da No.79634

Thank you very much. I'm just doing this for fun. And it's a good way to learn too. So maybe someday I can make my own game.

Regarding a new custom sound effect, it is theoretically possible. You can add a custom sound effect to the game and the game has no problem playing it.
I have made an example mod that will add a cat to your apartment and every time you talk to it, it will play a custom meowing sound that I've added to the audio folder. Here it is if you wanna try:

(ps. this is just a proof of concept, not an actual mod)

Now if someone can provide me with some good quality sound effects, maybe we can do some collaboration and I can make it as a mod that will add a variety of sound effects like moaning, breathing sound, etc.

413b1 No.79663

If you are familiar with the flash game Super Deepthroat (huge modding community, much like this game the original creator is dead or something yet modders keep it alive), there are some sexy sound fx assets i think i have for it that might work for pregstate. I don't really have time to clip sound fx from porn, etc. It's probably cheaper than getting an actress to do original voice work

c2978 No.79664

Sadly, never heard of the game. Nor do I know where to find it. But sure, if you can provide me with the files (preferably have been converted into .ogg file) I can work something out of it. You can contact me through email.

413b1 No.79667

I believe they'll be .wav or .mp3 …I'll email you.

Go to undertow.club for Super Deepthroat downloads. It's one of the most popular Flash sex games and there are some pregnancy related mods.

027da No.79674

Sure, send me the mp3/wav file. I'll convert it to ogg myself. But I suggest you first send me just one or two types of SFX. Either moan or birthing or both. You know, for beta testing purposes. Cuz like I said, theoretically, it is possible to add new custom sound. And with the array splicing technique, there should be no problem adding a few lines for playing SFX in the common event without overwriting it. But I don't know whether it will cause issues or conflict or whatever. So I still need to test it further.
Just give me one or two sounds, and if it works we will go from there.

413b1 No.79686

that can be arranged.

413b1 No.79703

hold on a sec I misremembered the nature of the files - it's an .swf file which produces some clipped porn dialogue. I don't know how to extract the sounds, I thought there might be some .wav files to go along with the game but it's been a while and I forgot.

I'm not sure if I can help you in the way I originally described. But I have an idea that just popped into my head. I can just find some porno moaning sound effects and clip them for you, and we can test it for this game - maybe when Hazumi orgasms we can have a sound effect play? Right now that's silent in the game, but a sound can go along with the flash effect. What do u think?

413b1 No.79705

Same anon again - I emailed you.

413b1 No.79706

File: 1603703380187.png (101.56 KB, 571x1156, stand_naked_bote_med.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Okay guys, please don't giggle too hard at this but I tried my hand at making a mockup of another character for Hazumi to cosplay - Haruka(aka May) from Pokemon. Credit to artist "mystical" for the original image I took this from. I suck at art, (it's just a mockup, I took the head and plopped it on the body) so if someone with better graphic skills wants to pick up this project I'd be a happy man.

59929 No.79719

Try to change her body type, and it will be great!

226af No.79722

I second this. I prefer Misty tho. It would be super lovely to see all kinds of cosplaying mod.

413b1 No.79723

Well, that might take work. This is just a proof of concept, I used the "Young" body type but for this character it needs to be skinnier (but busty, & not complete loli). I really need a real artist to do this properly!

413b1 No.79724

Lol, I'm not at all picky about which pokegirl gets made. Preferably a bunch of them - Gotta fuck 'em all!!

226af No.79750

I also second this. I'll do the code like before. We just need another volunteer to draw this. It would be very nice if MM would do this one like the one he did with Nami.

af4e9 No.79767

shieet, that game was tight, been a while since I last played it. I remember there were tons of mods and costumes for it, but at some point you could tell the game wasn't meant for such heavy modding because the framerate would sometimes tank and you would get weird glitches with the loader. I think I might go back and try it out again, thanks anon

f0c07 No.79770

Any chance of getting a birth delayer mod where if she stays pregnant long enough the baby starts lookling like a toddler? I've gotten hazumi up to like 90 weeks pregnant.

413b1 No.79773

yeah bro it's incredible that it's been going this steady for so long. I love games that have that degree of customization. I dont understand how fellas bust to dating sims and brick-break strip games. Real boys get in there & build a bitch!

7ba88 No.79784

I think that probably falls under the same issue with a lot of the mod ideas. Programing it might be possible but getting art for it is gonna be tough.
>>79103 said it best.

98b09 No.79799

If I can recall, there is a way to change gender ratio of babies in .js file. Do anyone know where to change it?

001da No.79801

File: 1603817590923-0.png (263.87 KB, 816x624, big_baby.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1603817590923-1.png (248.05 KB, 816x624, normal_baby.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It should be possible if you're fine with comically enlarged babies.

001da No.79802

If I remember right, It should be in Global.Script.js. Look for "function multiBaby", inside it look for the line "tmp = randmm(1)". Change it into "tmp = 1" if you wanna have only boys or "tmp = 0" if you wanna have only girls.

98b09 No.79805

Well I'd like it to just have proportion skewed one way.
Can you tell me how to change the proportion from 50%boy:50%girl to 25%boy:75%girl as well?

001da No.79806

ummm, I think it should be possible by simply changing "tmp = randmm(1)" into "tmp = randmm(3)". That way if tmp is 1 (25%), the baby's sex is boy. Meanwhile if tmp is either 0, 2, or 3 (75%), the baby's sex would be girls.
If you wan it to be the other way around, after you change the line above you also need to change the line "tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1" into "tmp == 1 ? v[360] += 1 : v[359] += 1".

I think that should do it.

af4e9 No.79846

That's fair, I can see your point. Quite a few of those old games have solid mod support to this day. But I feel like it's a bit of a different story for this game because of the fact you would need tons of brand new art assets crafted to make it fit with the already existing game. Right now, people are making mods that work mostly independent of the positions during intercourse because no one can really "mimic" the artstyle that is already present in the game. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it would look a bit janky if someone was to make a new sex pos with self-made art. The game lives and dies by the artist in my opinion and it's difficult to bring your own twist to it without breaking the game. Although I admit, I love the reskins and costumes and they work because they are not too invasive and merely "re-skins" and not complete overhauls.

413b1 No.79864

the artist who did the game I believe is Taji right? really good artist. Definitely hard to emulate but I really like MM's job on the Nami mod.

4589c No.79882

That technically makes sense, I think

32e02 No.79898

It would be nice to have dialog related to the baby being larger than normal. Like having trouble pushing it out

7fdac No.79919


Really? I think that big baby looks way more proportional than the normal baby.

Also don't you guys agree we need way more frames for the birth? It basically has just two stages: Tiny opening and baby crowning (which doesn't look right)

af4e9 No.80048

Yea thats him/her. The standing CG is cool to re-skin and gives some variety, the actual dating scenes are just too difficult to emulate without being too distracting. Closest we have gotten is the ahegao mod and stretch marks I believe.

On a different note, DLsite says there was an update yesterday. Doesn't seem to be any content though

7ba88 No.80069

There's a stretch marks mod? I know the old "bigger bellies" mod had more definitive stretch marks, but I haven't seen a mod specifically dedicated to stretch marks posted here.

413b1 No.80084

does the update have a #?

4ed06 No.80085


It's just backend stuff it appears. Changelog says that some functions are now available that couldn't previously be accessed from global scope, and the upper limit for database id numbers is increased.

af4e9 No.80100

It must have been from one of the very first threads I'm pretty sure. Around the same time people started working on translations. There is a chance I might still have it on my HDD but don't count it.

7ba88 No.80140

If it's that old I doubt it would work very well with how updated the CGs are. It'd probably switch between the stretch marks being there then not because I don't think there were as many phases in older versions.

4ed06 No.80147

Not to mention all the changes to the game's code and how mods are integrated.

3ee36 No.80207

I have some moan soundfiles I bought weeks ago from dlsite, to use in porn games
Could see if some of them work, I don't know about birthing sounds however

6568a No.80208

Awesome! Also, you've come at the perfect time.
I've succeeded in adding a moaning sound into the sex scene. But unfortunately, I'm troubled by the sfx I have at the moment. It's an okayish sound, but it just doesn't sound right to me. If you have something I can use, I'll be more than pleased to try it. Feel free to contact me through email.

3ee36 No.80230

7ba9e No.80243

SFX may only sound right in .ogg files below 192 kbps.

ed4e3 No.80330

When Nameless’s tattoo shop mod which is theoretically just modified nail paint and convenient store job mechanic take suspiciously long time to make.

🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

Or may be Nameless just has real life.

09bd8 No.80370

413b1 No.80425

Does mihiragi have a blog or site or anything?

4ed06 No.80427

Twitter: @mihiraghi

He's more active on Twitter right now, since his current project is in such early development. He tweeted not too long ago that he just started writing the scenario.

c2e4b No.80480

File: 1604895424840.jpeg (167.95 KB, 919x1216, EBSyIk6U4AAl_4V.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

77316 No.80523

I got the multiple babies mod, but I've been getting singles the past 3 pregnancies. Any way to increase the chances of multiples?

Also, how do I delay the birth? There's a person at the doctor that hints at it but I can't figure out how to actually do it.

e73f6 No.80524

AiO mod has a corrupt header and image for me

97f13 No.80525

Nevermind, I'm retarded.

c6c07 No.80574

So for some reason I can't get hazumi to have multiples. I'm playing on 12.4 with mods. I even tried changing the files to guarantee multiples, but no luck. I've only had one baby so far if that helps.

69148 No.80577

Was just wondering what became of this. This would absolutely destroy my dick if this goes through.

413b1 No.80588

curious about this too. Nameless, if you're out there at least give us a preview?

7ba88 No.80594

File: 1605101256224.png (27.24 KB, 887x752, notepad_vrQfrvUtNE.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm pretty sure you change the "1" and the "i" to however many babies you want. Do make a backup before you do this cause I'm not certain if this is actually how it works, it's just a recollection of what I thought I did to get multiple babies some time ago.

bfd60 No.80596

File: 1605102474319.jpg (247.31 KB, 2048x1552, EWbyF3EUwAIKxKk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

94153 No.80612

e00fc No.80613

File: 1605124196530-0.png (100.64 KB, 1360x768, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1605124196530-1.png (415.15 KB, 1360x768, 2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1605124196530-2.png (273.59 KB, 1360x768, 3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1605124196530-3.png (926.24 KB, 1360x768, 4.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1605124196530-4.png (863 KB, 1360x768, 5.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

hello i'm so sorry if the tatto studio mod is taking more time than i expected, that's happen because during implementation i notice certains issues with some existing assets and i needed to talk with my artist to edit and solve that issues, but the tatto mod is very soon to finished here are some previews:
here is the proccess report:
izumi interactions with tatto 100%
tattoo studio map 100%
tattoo events 95% left complete the piercing seller event and girls tattoo event

tattoo sets(for each hazumi belly sizes in stand and missionery and cowgirl sex positions for loli,young and normal hazumi(include white hair and brown hair) 3 complete of 4

piercing assets 1 of 4

for this issue let me expline a little more when i create the mad doctor mod i needed to hook the code in the multibaby funtion because i change the beheavor of the ovulation inducer and the ultra ovulation inducer if you want to changes the values you need to changes the values in more places the first is in the global script, and the second are in the js file of the ultra ovulation drug where i hook the multi baby funtion:

5c16c No.80619

I have also a question for Nameless, didn't you mod a gangbang in a spa?
Where's that mod?
Or am i totally wrong about this?

6d667 No.80623

I recommend you use VSCode with some linter to help with the coding. If you have the time, do check it out.

e00fc No.80624

Isn't implemente yet i need art first

Hot spring isn't finish yet i need i want yo add more things to do in that mod and i need art for that too

04232 No.80661

How do I unlock the Furniture shop? Do I need to reach a certain amount of money? talk to someone? or just keep playing and ill eventually get it?
Im on the steam version

4ed06 No.80662

You talk to the girl on the left side of the classroom, standing near Tomo.

04232 No.80664

File: 1605201396725.gif (402.33 KB, 360x290, 1595481131514.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

much obliged

2c683 No.80671

Also little headsup, once Hazumi has given birth for the first time, go to the top right corner of the furniture shop. Talk to the dude standing there to unlock a new area.

95db3 No.80716

I don't know if this hook works, but i have aquestion about the new event on that map 78609
I can port there, there are 4 ladies, but they do nothing and i cant port back or do shit there.
Have to load previous game, otherwise i've been stuck there and nothing happens O.o

7b2ff No.80718

i assuming you talk about this >>78609 there isn't a mod is just an example of how works the map ID and event ID so, isn't and actual mod

413b1 No.80734

keep up the hard dicked work brother

78c1e No.80807

Does the Mad Doctor have a requirement before he appears or am I repeatedly messing up when applying the mod?

7b2ff No.80808

After the 5th childbirth she appear un the slum

0864a No.80817

How can I get the quintuple mod for free?

7b2ff No.80840

06317 No.80871

Is there a file you can get into to edit the 'milk points' saved up? Or do you got to go into cheat engine for that?

3b6f1 No.80880

Its hard to change it with cheat engine, what I did was using online savefile modifier

0864a No.80901

How to apply the mod file to Android app?

02feb No.80904

You would have to decompile the .apk each time you want to update or add something. I don't think it's worth it.

f0c07 No.80911

Is there anyone working on extended story? Maybe extra dialogues where Yanashi says he wants to get Hazumi pregnant or something?

f0c07 No.81061


0da09 No.81065

Is there a particular set of requirements for the implantationextended mod to cause a difference? I've still not seen it work across my saves.

6abe0 No.81143


You need a biomod that require 200 milk point(200,000ml total) at OB/GYN after you beat the game once(pay 2000000yens to have a child). What it does is giving you 1 more baby after you go to sleep during first 7 weeks of pregnancy but only once.
This mod allow said biomod to give you a baby multiple time within those 7 week. Yeah it's not that useful.

acefb No.81154

Progress check! How far along are modders on their projects for this game?

46dcc No.81171

File: 1606142965914.png (77.83 KB, 1366x768, wellthatsucks.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Can somebody remind me why this happens, please? :c

46dcc No.81172

ok, nevermind, old version XP

eede6 No.81173

Hey guys, I keep having this weird glitch when I come back from the hotel… everything in my house will lose its ability to collide and I can’t do anything. Reloading earlier saves fixes the bug, but it always returns next time I go to the hotel :( please help. I have just about every mod…

04f84 No.81221

Not a bug, you enabled noclip because you held control while using the teleporter. Just use the teleporter as usual and noclip will deactivate.

0da09 No.81228

ah that's why. Thank you.

08901 No.81273

Just a heads up - Windows is detecting a trojan in the Overdue Dialog mod. I don't know if it's just Windows being stupid or if a virus actually managed to attach itself to the file because it wasn't there the first time I downloaded the mod.

8fdcc No.81309

It's a false positive with windows

eede6 No.81367

What are yall's favorite settings for the cumflation mod in the in_seikie file and the extra ejaculation mod?

67f7f No.81522

I wouldn't know because I never got the cumflation mod or extra ejaculation mods to work

f0c07 No.81524


8fdcc No.81554

815f7 No.81631

I'm having trouble buying anything from the store. The site won't accept my debit or credit card

4ed06 No.81632

I don't think they accept non-Japanese cards.

9a63c No.81635

you can use my gumroad shop instead https://gumroad.com/namelessdev

04f84 No.81637

Works for me just fine. I'm from UK.

5fe8b No.81639

Your credit card provider is probably blocking it under the assumption it's fraud/identity theft, since you (presumably) don't live in Japan. Just use PayPal.

(I've actually had my card frozen because I drove ~100 miles to visit friends and bought something at a convenience store before.)

815f7 No.81652

The weird thing is I bought earlier mods, but for some reason it won't allow it now.
It won't let me use Paypal, the translation says something about Paypal not allowing that. I have no idea.

815f7 No.81653

Alright, bought the mods I want, how do I get the tattoo studio and the mad scientist to show up?

9a63c No.81670

Mad doctor after they 5th chile birth un slum

Izumi(she learn You How yo find the studio) appear un the instituye after they 4th childbirth

815f7 No.81672

thanks fam

81013 No.81693

hey Nameless, my game doesn't detect your mods piercing or tatoo mods because there's no tattoo_0_"…"
please help

81013 No.81696

the game keeps saying "cannot find img/pictures/piercing_0_med.png"

9a63c No.81713

hello that issue ocurr because the game try to find a file that in first place don't need to exist(because that file never be show) but the plugin Mihil_CheckFileExists.js don't care about that current i creating that "ghost" files and i update the mod so that issue will solve in a few hours

78da7 No.81725

Hmm for agehao mod, it's working and standard agehaos happen during sex. However no matter what whether I use moderate, powerful, or dangerous from slums the ahegao birth never triggers. I just get standard birth during sex.

4bc68 No.81733

As namelessDev says,

you need to delete the
MOD_extendedbirthC.js file in the next route:
Hazumi and the Pregnation\PPLSS\www\mods\JS_MODs_files

This worked for me.

3ff0e No.81791

how disabled the mode debug?

9a63c No.81792

use the aparment transporter with out press the ctrl buttom

f27e9 No.81800

File: 1607227106610.png (166.19 KB, 695x649, QQ图片20201206115553.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


9a63c No.81803

looks like an older error form ahegao mod and or cumflation mod, already solved in the last update form each mod

f27e9 No.81805

Thank you

04f84 No.81821

I can't get the tattoo mod to work at all. I'm using a fresh install and it's still not working. The npc is supposed to be in the institute, right?

9a63c No.81824

yes appear after the 4th childbirth

1e996 No.81866

No mad Doctor in slums. Only slum Madam…

9a63c No.81880

mad doctor appear after the 5th childbirth

79ee1 No.81893


No mad doctor after 5th birth, only slum madam.

6ca86 No.81907

File: 1607501932645.png (566.77 KB, 822x645, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

still no mad doctor… Only slum Madam.
Maybe the reason is no milk consultant mod instaled? Or noRingetsu? Or Nami?

6ca86 No.81912


Nameless, I checked all files, from Tatoo mod. and no mad doctor there… Nothing that is connected with map18(slums)

Check it pls!


6ca86 No.81913


And another BUG report. There is missing file

9a63c No.81922

File: 1607553730754.png (125.22 KB, 1360x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


mad doctor isn't in the tattoo mod, mad doctor is from mad doctor mod https://gum.co/rhzHE
the tattoo mod add: new npc in the institute
new map tattoo studio
4 tattoos
4 piercings
1 secret item that increase charm

the file is in the tattoo studio zip in gumroad and booth or tell me in what circunstances occur that missing file issue

7b56b No.82075

File: 1607901879438-0.jpg (122.94 KB, 800x1200, maryjane-johnson-pregnant ….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You know what i would love to see, a very small, little low hanging preggo belly like Maryjane Johnsons, throughout the hole pregnancy, like a very small child, not always enourmus mega bumps. And if it´s possible add that content to the early stages of the regular pregnancy.
Like these(see pics ;))

a1062 No.82102

oHell Everyone, I have some few mod ideas for Hazumi . Here the ideas:

1. Mod where Hazumi has different poses like holding her belly or rubbing her belly etc

2. Mod where Hazumi intercating with her babies inside the womb like talking etc

3. Mod where Hazumi meet another pregnant woman and they share their own pregnancy experience

I dont know if this ideas good
How do you guys think about it?

9a63c No.82107

the 3rd one can be do as a npc interaction in the hospital

9d9aa No.82128

File: 1608009992056-0.png (591.08 KB, 996x729, 1213.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1608009992056-1.png (577.02 KB, 1006x766, dasdasdds.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb


4ed06 No.82138

Looks like the belly is only being rendered on the bottom layer. What version of the game are playing? The untranslated timer suggests an older version.

0f867 No.82165

was trying to do a complete reinstall, and found that the Slum Madam mod is corrupted? I tried a few different way to unpack the zip, but it kept coming back as corrupted, I bought it through Gumroad if that helps.

916f7 No.82167

Tomo - is Also good adept for pregnant interaction

62262 No.82270

File: 1608211656746.jpg (2.55 MB, 5027x2838, Hazumi.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

04f84 No.82278

Amazing what people try to hide behind a patreon wall these days. Especially considering this is a very mediocre illustration.

72a2b No.82342

Is there a place that compiles all mods in one spot? There is a pastebin link at the top of the thread but it gives a forbidden #403 error when clicking it.

98cca No.82343

Yeah, pastebin just yeeted a bunch of files from pastebin out for nsfw

98342 No.82380

there's a tip somewhere to where the secret item is? have been looking for a while with no luck XD.

f2bf9 No.82388

In the tattoo studio the blue hair girl give you the item after finish all the event

0da09 No.82409

yeah that's kinda…
You want that level to be free so people that aren't anchored by a sunk-cost fallacy will actually tell you what you're doing wrong until you actually get good.
If you're hiding something like that image behind a paywall, your ego grew too large too fast for your artwork.

e8677 No.82530

I bought the DLSite version a while ago and was curious about the Steam release. The other day I was skipping through the Steam catalog and caught a glimpse of it, but now I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know if it got removed? I don't have any plans of buying it again, I was just curious

87275 No.82531

The game is still in steam, even it has discount for the winter sale

4ed06 No.82532

There's zero difference between the two versions. It's just an alternate purchasing option.

87275 No.82533

The link for the mods doesn´t work anymore

e8677 No.82534

I know, hence why I have no plans of buying it again. Just curiosity

Huh I see, thanks. Guess I didn't search properly

4ed06 No.82535

That's not what Todd wants to hear.

5ae29 No.82536

What are all the events? I've got it so the blue haired girl's friend is getting a tattoo but it doesn't progress from there.

d37dc No.82542

Would someone be so nice to provide a save file with a lot of money? I'm eager to play the game again with these awesome mods, but I just can't take the grind. Thanks in advance!

e8677 No.82545

File: 1608867362851.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.34 KB, 708x708, qe8obkm11byz.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

eb042 No.82566

I round the tattoo artist finish in the other girl in the same day where in the hospital si the charm event

c2ac8 No.82636

Seriously love this game, and it's made infinitely better with the amazing mods everyone's making. Out of curiosity, how difficult would it be to implement a linea negra (the dark line that forms on a pregnant woman's belly) mod, maybe with some toggle-able more intense stretch marks? I love the quintuplets belly size but feel like Hazumi'd be a bit more on the stretched side if you catch my drift.

e8677 No.82637

I agree that this game is great. I said it in a post a while back, but Mihiraghi should focus on adding more content to the game, instead of creating something new. But that's just me. As for your mod wishes, there are a handful of people that work on mods namely, Nameless, Duwwey, and XYZone.

Nameless is basically carrying the flame, I haven't heard a lot about duwey and XYZone lately, but I might be mistaken, and they are cooking something in the shadows.

I'm not a programmer, so maybe one of them can answer your question

35716 No.82659


What you're asking for here is something that would be achieved through the recoloring/drawing of art assets in the game. I've said it before and I'll say it again: We have far more coders than we do artists.

The only artists that have made major changes are Duwey and MM (who did Nami, but clearly has their own artstyle distinct from the game's).

d37dc No.82662

File: 1609016309375-0.jpg (106.08 KB, 826x632, like_a_virgin.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1609016309375-1.jpg (183.54 KB, 823x630, virgin_birth.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1609016309375-2.jpg (184.36 KB, 824x631, wat.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well, girls should never use toilet or swimming pool after certain people…

04f84 No.82663

0c957 No.82664

Oh shit, is this an immaculate conception mod? Never thought I'd see something like this. Hot if it is.

d37dc No.82665

No mod, I just managed to do this by mistake (think it's a bug, or at least no one thought about it while programming). And wanted to test if virginity still remains after birth - for my surprise, she was still a virgin after birth. :P

04f84 No.82667

Not a mod (or a bug), it's possible in vanilla if you choose the clients with 'wants to pour in semen'.

35716 No.82671

I agree. Some way to have Hazumi get pregnant without actually having sex would be pretty fun, opening up the potential for her to pop out baby after baby while still staying "pure". Maybe the ability to buy vials of semen to put in herself? COuld be a unique challenge. Can you make your money stretch to the birth without resorting to prostitution?

0c957 No.82672

I like that idea. Another route could be to add a church or a shrine where if you stay pure and pray enough times you have an increasing chance of conception. Alternatively you could go a darker route and add a cult that impregnates Hazumi through some ritual. Just throwing ideas out.

5ae29 No.82677

I understand English might not be your first language, but I honestly didn't understand a word you said then.

23155 No.82684

In a nutshell go to the studio and talk with the blue hair girl everyday until the artist finish

f0c07 No.82700

what mod is this?

78c1e No.82717

Nami mod, basically replaces Hazumi with what you see there, just search Nami on this page, result 6 to 11 belong to the post you´d be interested in.

e8677 No.82722

Okay, now I know why I couldn't find it. The game is legit banned in my country's Steam store lol. Must have been recent, since I was able to find it a while back. Now, whenever I try to find it via search engines, I get the "This content is not allowed in your country." message.

97fba No.82791

eb5ce No.82827

i think it should have more type of sex. Not only the cowgirl,missionary,doggy but I think it should have sidesex because Mihiragite has done great about the pregnant(p/s:it's just personal opinion)

eb5ce No.82828

hope someone will help me in sidesex because i don't know how to code. i just know how to draw :(((

acefb No.83091

is the modding for this game pretty much dead?

23155 No.83106

Not really

3d328 No.83119

Nameless! If you are here, do you want a new slum? I remodel the original Map, so you can put your characters in their place, so they dont need walking in the central square.
At least, for mad doctor it will be good.

And yes, i remodel the original slums, so it needs to change original place.

0da09 No.83153

She has classmates, surely they could be used to make babies without prostitution.
Although maybe not the idiot with the spaghetti sauce - even Hazumi must have some standards.

0da09 No.83154

It's the holidays. Even without large gatherings some were focused more on their family and others were working double-shifts because the first lot are taking some days off.

dcbe5 No.83174

File: 1609778799568-0.jpg (66.58 KB, 400x267, Example1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1609778799568-1.jpg (60.98 KB, 400x272, Example2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1609778799568-2.jpg (68.41 KB, 400x271, Example3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hi guys,

Using this mod will add an NPC in slum area.
I made both English version and Japanese version of the same content.

English Version:

Japanese Version:

Enjoy, and have fun.

by Evil Gold

d58cc No.83176

what does the new NPC do?

56e41 No.83181

Any news on Ultra Loli Mod?

f2c24 No.83186

Yeah, what does the mod do and how does it spawn?

35716 No.83188

Dewwey was the one doing the art and he's been radio silent for a while as far as I'm aware

dcbe5 No.83203

Interact with that NPC will trigger into option, where you can choose to join a gangbang event.

dcbe5 No.83204

Interact with that NPC will trigger into option, where you can choose to join a gangbang event.
Just put the mod into mods folder and when you can enter the slum area it will be there.

dcbe5 No.83205

Can you share with me his patreon link? I want to be a member of it.

dcbe5 No.83206

What's the mod for that tits?

8e069 No.83208

Sorry but i put the mod in the mods folder and nothing happened

bd244 No.83209

344ef No.83218

There is a Readme text in the folder that shows the right path for install. If it is installed correctly and still not see that NPC in slum area, give me a screenshot.

344ef No.83219

Thanks. Already joined.

acefb No.83229

I'd like to see more art assets for this game, I have some ideas, I can run them by you if you're interested. There are competent coders for the game but not many artists.

f35ea No.83235

Thank for the invitation. I can do some code, but I can't draw at all…
Unless there is a tutorial or something that I can learn drawing from the very start.

fb72e No.83237

File: 1609864883329.png (137.71 KB, 2560x1440, 2021-01-05.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Can anyone help me?

729da No.83240

uhhhh, does anyone know where to get this game and start modding?

35716 No.83242


steam or DLsite

729da No.83245

Thank you! Now time to mod lol

c55db No.83257

If you want to do something simple to practice drawing i've been waiting for someone to do some recolors for Hazumi's hair, skin and eyes. I could do it myself but i'm a busy man. I dont like the default pink. So far we've had people make brown hair, white hair, and gyaru variants. I think these mods are fairly simple to do, just using the paint bucket tool (let me know if I'm mistaken on that point).

dcbe5 No.83260

I could try. It may take some time though.

c55db No.83261

shouldn't be too hard, if someone else out there wants to help you should team up

bd299 No.83263

So, first time on pregchan and I have a stupid question. Does anyone have an idea of whether there would be demand to translate any of the mods into Japanese? I'm bilingual and playing the game in the original language and it kind of bothers me that applying mods turns the UI into a mixed language mess, but I don't wanna go through the effort to fix it just for myself.

And yes, an English imageboard probably isn't the smartest place to ask, but the JP language wiki only links here for mod stuff. `-`a

4ed06 No.83265

I'm sure JP players would appreciate it.

78c1e No.83267

This mod clashed with either the slum madam or mad doctor mods (Possibly both). I think it´s due to sharing event numbers with eachother (Might be wrong).
Lastly do you have to be pregnant to start the event? All I´m told is "Maybe later".

344ef No.83282

I will check with the event number thing. And yes, you have to be pregnant once so that you can enter the slum area, and the condition to start this event is not-virgin.

344ef No.83283

File: 1609939902516-0.png (106.48 KB, 816x624, C_CG_body_head - Copy.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1609939902516-1.png (107.91 KB, 816x624, C_CG_body_head.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

So I tried with black color as a test. But it was too hard for me. I found my color-weak symptom really kills me, since I can't tell the difference between close colors.
Sorry, but I think I should quit on doing color stuff.
If there is anything in code that might need me, I could help.

344ef No.83284

I am working on that too. Though it will really take some time to finish.
Also I think we should ask the original mod author if he agreed with the Japanese version, since not all mods are free.

If the mod is translated and the original author did not agree to publish, then maybe it shouldn't be published without permission…
Just my opinion.

10778 No.83287

File: 1609941360393.png (235.64 KB, 528x1124, stand_shirt_bote_ultra.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Green Hair Hazumi anyone?
Sorry for bad color

e8677 No.83300

Kinda wild that we have reached a point where JP players want something translated from EN to JP, and not the other way around lol (like 99% of the time)

Bit of a shame that we are divided like this, hopefully someone picks up your request.

27c74 No.83303

Is there a mod or rather value to edit to increase pregnancy chances? I would rather not play hours just to get to the content I am interested in.

04f84 No.83323

Your chances increase the more you play the game. Besides, it's not difficult to get pregnant for the first time, really.

fd6e4 No.83328

I put the new ganngbang mod where it should belong, like the other mods, but there was no guy to talk to????

fd6e4 No.83330

Does anyone of the coders know, where to change what, so the Futanari's come more often in the Sexapp?

98cca No.83333

Hey buddy, you know this isn’t a forum right? You don’t need to put in your email address

e3fab No.83336


Oh fuck off. I don't want higher chances after I play for hours when I could literally do something else that is more productive and fun. I want higher chances NOW.

b3ea6 No.83337

File: 1609978929644.jpg (12.07 KB, 221x297, Veruca_Salt.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

(Same dude, here)

So yeah, I want it, and I want it NOW.

460ad No.83345

Then save-scum. Save every night. Wait until you get "dangerous day!" and check the hotel listings. If there's a "lively" or "wants to impregnate" guy, pick them, and just have them do nothing but cum inside. (If there isn't such a guy, re-load until there is.) Save before you sleep.
Wake up, check status. If it doesn't say "impregnated," then reload and sleep again.
Now do nothing but wash in the bath. (Best if you have the shower and temp. control furniture.) Save before sleep. If you don't wake up and see the status "pregnant, (she hasn't realized it yet)," then reload and do it again until you do. If you fuck up, the game will tell you with a little message in the corner that says "The fertilized egg failed to implant."

That's literally all you have to do. Once you get pregnant, you can just wake up and go right back to sleep to get bigger. Give birth, get access to the slums, get all the medicine that can give you twins, etc. And there you go.

Literally nothing's stopping you from playing that way. Even the landlord never kicks you out. If you want quick money, just play the cafe minigame and use a notepad to write down who ordered exactly what and serve them all at once.

6ec77 No.83347


Thank you. That was legit helpful.

344ef No.83350

Hi guys,

I have updated version V1.0.1 for Slum Free Service Mod I made.
This should fix this mod's compatibility issue with namelessDev's "Slum Madam" and "Mad Doctor" mod.
Here are the links(English and Japanese version of same content):

English Version:

Japanese Version:

Sorry for any inconvenience. And thank for the support!

by Evil Gold

acefb No.83353

well, it was worth a shot…I hope someone else picks up where you left off.

acefb No.83354

This is better than the last guy who tried a recolor! I dig it. If you could do blonde & black I would download it right away.

bd299 No.83355

Would-be translator anon again. I noticed the JP wiki has its own (albeit not terribly populated) forum, so I might try asking around there to see if there's any interest. Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement.

I definitely would prefer to get an OK from mod authors before I attempt to publish. Though, that in and of itself could get messy: While I'm mostly looking at nameless' AoI mod, it does include a lot of other peoples stuff.

I probably won't bother with the extended birth scene mods though. Too much text and not my cup of tea.

In any case: If namelessDev or anyone whose work is included in the AoI is around, would you have any objection to it being translated into Japanese and uploaded?

344ef No.83358

That would be fine for me.

bd299 No.83360

File: 1610008597621.png (7.67 KB, 721x237, 37bcc08c9940969aad33fbda9c….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well, so much for that idea. Posting from non-Japanese IPs is blocked. I should be used to this by now.

4ed06 No.83361

Time for a vpn. Or Mihiraghi can ask them for us. He's probably reading this right now…

dcbe5 No.83365

What site is this? Do you have the link?

bd299 No.83367

Sure. It's actually where I found this thread.


ba643 No.83370

I am a Wiki administrator.
I've changed the settings.

bd299 No.83372

File: 1610017318566.png (315.02 KB, 820x627, hazumi layer problem.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Unrelated to translation, but I'm having the same layering problem as >>82128 in v1.65. It seems specific to the loli mod, while in the middle period of pregnancy.

Could this be a problem specific to applying the mod to the Japanese version? Can anyone confirm middle stage loli Hazumi renders properly in the English version?

23155 No.83373

Hi nameless here, i agree with the idea to translate the aio mod to japanese and all my free mods with out worries, i was thinking in the idea to translate all my mods to japanese before but sadly i don't know nothing of japanese for that my idea to translate my mods for japanese players was stuck for a while but if you can help me with that i will be gland with you. if you can share your translate work to me i will add the japanese ver of my free mods in my booth shop. i just want my mods will be easy to find for all the players

bd299 No.83374

I appreciate the effort, but I'm still getting rejected with the same message.

23155 No.83377

File: 1610023002806.png (543.95 KB, 1360x768, Sin título.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i check that issue i download my dlsite ver of the game and all works fine with the lastest ver of my mods(aio,clothes and cumflation) probably you don't install the mods in the correct way here is my guide to install my mods
or share your savedata with me to ensure is not a more specific error

bd299 No.83379

Thanks, I'm no longer in mid term so I can't test immediately but I'll try a fresh install and see what happens next time Hazumi gets knocked up. My mod install process was a little chaotic the first time around, admittedly.

ba643 No.83381

Please give me more information.
What page were you trying to write on?
What were you trying to write about?

ba643 No.83382

Were you trying to post something on the bbs?
This is the only setting that was in a different location.
I fixed it, so please try it.

78c1e No.83385

Would there be any way of making this not preg-locked? I honestly find the idea of Hazumi getting knocked up by some rando slum guy she won´t be able to find again kinda hot.

78c1e No.83386

Yeah alright I feel stupid, just ignore this question. It failed for a different reason.

8a8c5 No.83388

File: 1610028386723.png (493.59 KB, 686x1560, 1609982651534.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You guys interested in Hazunyan?
Sorry for bad editing
It's possible to make it into a mod but need someone who good at editing/draw for the other images

dcbe5 No.83389


dcbe5 No.83390

For the paid mods you made, if you need the Japanese version, I can send you the Japanese version of your mods that I bought and translated. Though it will take some time to finish the translation.
And of course, I promise that I will not publish your mods anywhere.

dcbe5 No.83391

Well, actually the preg-lock was due to the condition to enter slum area. You have to get pregnant once to enter it, so that's why.
For this mod, because I meant to put it in slum area, so sorry for that.

But I was thinking about making another mod, maybe in school area, so there will be no preg-lock anymore. Although I haven't figured out how it was going to look like, but it should come out eventually.

f36a8 No.83393

what mod is the face from?

bd299 No.83395

Extracted a fresh copy of 1.6.5, applied the AiO mod and the clothes mod in that order and nothing else, transplanted my save and played till I got pregnant again, still has the same layer error. I haven't bought the cumflation mod from you so I can't test it with that in too.

I've uploaded my save in case you wanna take a look.


78c1e No.83397

Uh actually the preg-lock I was referring to was Hazumi saying "Maybe later" every time I talked to the guy.
What I failed to realize was that she still was a virgin due to getting pregnant without penetration the first time, which was what gave me the "Maybe later"…

23155 No.83398

i found the error, in a few hours i will update the aio and clothes mod

dcbe5 No.83411

Ehh, okay. I will see what change I can make about it.

acefb No.83426

this is a decent mockup! I hope someone tries their hand at making some graphical mods, like this one. There's a blank slate here that nobody's really drawing on.

78c1e No.83427

Don´t think it needs a change, that was mostly brought about by me not paying attention and using a save from some time back. Storywise it makes sense she wouldn´t wanna do something like this as a virgin.
(The problem was me still having the virgin tag, and not anything pregnancy related. Thought I´d clarify)

dcbe5 No.83428

Okay then. I will focus on my second mod.

dcbe5 No.83433

By the way, is there anyone considering making an aging Hazumi? Like adding wrinkle to her face and arms, making more sagging breast, and more sagging belly, and so on. I am pretty interested in this idea, but don't know if there is anyone else interested.

bd299 No.83436

File: 1610101910121-0.png (344.42 KB, 816x625, hazumi layer problem 2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1610101910121-1.png (369.7 KB, 816x625, hazumi layer problem 3.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Sorry to be a pain, but I installed the 2.1 versions of both mods on a freshly extracted Hazumi 1.6.5 and I'm still getting the layering problem. Tried switching to another sprite and back just to see if that affected anything, still no dice.

23155 No.83474

ohh don't worry i really apreaciate i working on it and found the issue and was really simple in the first place so, sorry for made an useless update soon

fd5bd No.83503

Is there a new mod-list anywhere?? The Pastebin isn't working :/

404f8 No.83504

try this one it worked for me

23155 No.83507

Let me explain why the pastebin doesnt work anymore:

The reason is simple pastebkn block all the archives with nsfw contents an put them as private so i can't put the file to public again but i will re upload the information in a google doc so just wait the url

fd5bd No.83511

Thank you :) Thought i looked through everything, but must have missed that one.

Ahhh, that makes sence. Didn't think Pastebin cared about NSFW.

2dc61 No.83560

Very, very good mod. Specually with cumflation mod!
But, there is BUG. After the gangbang, you cannot go back home.
There is no option. All other places are availibale.

dcbe5 No.83569

I am pleased to see you are happy with it.
Also actually it is not a bug, you can choose "Stop" and "Quit" to continue the event. So that you can have the most control.
I didn't set go back home immediately. But if you finished the event, the AP cost is -10. And you would probably be sent back home right away.

23155 No.83578

hello evil gold i found little issues with your free services mod:
the first one is if you don't choose a partner in prostitution menu before use the event the sex mini game doesn't show because a sex was't set ('Missinary' 'Cowgirl' and 'Doggy Style')
the second don't show the rest of the guys in the slum because the switch list don't have the switches you create, you can use the comand decomposeJSON("System") and left only the file switches.json in the folder created, your mods is really great keep the good work

344ef No.83579

I really appreciate it.
I will see what I can do about it.
Thanks a lot.

2dc61 No.83585

Yoy can stop the event.
But, it is not what i say.
After you finish the event - teleportation square lose "return home" selection.

So you can go enywheare else, but not home.
I have 10AP normally, and after free service, wat to go home to sleap :)

344ef No.83586

Yeah you are right. I am checking the problem.

bd299 No.83592

File: 1610284459652.png (300.59 KB, 816x626, the amazing double belly.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Okay, now this is weird. I legitimately have no idea if it's a problem with the loli/AiO mod or a vanilla issue, but this happened when my Hazumi got pregnant with twins (and thus the size of her belly went out of sync with her stage of pregnancy)

bd299 No.83593

I didn't screenshot, but on further testing the double belly phenomenon happens after switching to normal and young graphics as well. It's a difficult situation to reproduce on purpose, so I uploaded my save in case anyone wants to experiment.


23155 No.83604

found the error and was very dump the solve is just delete a line in code for each sex position anyway i will update all the mods again XD, west thank you for tell me about this issues i really apreciate it

344ef No.83615

Hi guys,

Sorry for the long waiting. I have updated version V1.1.0 for Slum Free Service Mod I made. This should solve the issue of cannot get back home after end of event, and posture can now change automatically during event.
Here are the link(English and Japanese version of same content):

English Version:

Japanese Version:

Thanks again for all the support. There would be a few more updates for this mod in recent future.

by Evil Gold

bd299 No.83622

I wasn't intending to bug test, but hey, glad I could help. I'd rather have these issues sorted out before I get to translating anyway.

bff6a No.83625

By the way, has anyone thought about making armpit hair for Hazumi? I think she would be pretty sexy with armpit hair.

85d65 No.83631

I thought I could add more content to this mod. But after careful consideration, I decided to put my rest idea into the second mod I was making. So this is almost everything for this mod so far.

If there is any more bug that you found, feel free to tell me. I will see what I can do.

Thank again for all you guys, and enjoy!

85d65 No.83632

After consideration, I decided not to make changes. First as long as hotel event happened once, slum free service event could continue as usual. The second because slum medical room didn't have enough space, so I only arranged part of the event participant shown.
Thank for pointing that out though.

270e1 No.83641

Does anyone know if duwwey is still working or making mods anymore? I've been In his discord for a bit and haven't seen any posts by him. Does he have a gumroad he's posting it to and I just didn't see the link message?

35716 No.83648


duwwey has a tendency to go radio silent for a while. He nearly lost his patreon a while back due to the "young" versions of the mod. It seems that he's somewhat struggled in the motivation department ever since. His last post was in early december.

23155 No.83657

270e1 No.83662

Do you think he would be ok if I made a blue haired version of younger hazumi?

acefb No.83665

I say go for it!!!!

acefb No.83678

i dig it dawg

0da09 No.83701

blue-haired might be cute.
makes me think, tanned loli might be good.

0da09 No.83703

Young Hazunyan in bloomers might need a new wristbrace.

0da09 No.83704

Speaking of preg-locking, the non-blowjob with that student in school keeps her from getting pregnant with'im. I'm no coder but is that the kind of check that's easy to remove?

acefb No.83771

yeah gyaru for loli & younger would be cool.

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