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5b0eb No.79111

The other thread has reached its limit. It falls to me to make a new thread.

Rather than summarize the entire story, which previous threads have done, I will simply recount the last few choices of thread #9 so that everyone can easily make the transition:

Vano's second daughter, Nara, has been consulted for fortune telling. After some background, and in which Edward managed to impress her, she looked to read Edward's fortune through her crystal ball. Her behavior suggested she was overwhelmed, and Edward was left to decide if he should urge her to continue reading the fortune, or tell her to stop.

Things to remember for the long run:

The Faire will not end until the jousting competition has happened, the Church service for aristocrats has happened, and the entertainment for the aristocrats has happened. After that, the Faire may end at any time. Until then, he is free to pursue anything he wants.

I hope it's enjoyable.

Please continue to use the chat thread, which is available here: https://pregchan.com/c/res/4340.html

Previous threads can be read:

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Thread #9: https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html (Until the thread goes 404.)

5b0eb No.79112

>5 votes for option two, tell Nara she can stop.

Have Nara stop.


You're not sure if it's an act to make the fortune sound more impressive, if she's simply testing you again, or if this is legitimate pain brought about by some otherworldly supernatural vision she has.

But, it needs to stop.


The one word is enough from you to convince her. She pulls her hand away from the ball and slumps backward.

Her generous chest is rising and falling with deep breaths, but she's past the peak of discomfort.

You sit, uncomfortably. Would it be appreciated if you held her hand, or even got someone to help?


"My father…"

–All right.

You stand up, leaving Nara, and you head out of your own accord.

There are several nomads milling about. You think they must've heard Nara's pained noises.

You quickly find Vano and explain something is wrong.

He doesn't gasp, but his eyes widen in surprise. You think it may be the first amount of emotion you've seen from the man beyond general guarded congeniality.

He steps quickly up into the wagon.

You decide to wait.

You're not sure what for, exactly, but you can't leave with Nara left like that.

In a few minutes, Vano emerges.

He gives a very small inaudible gasp at seeing you still there, then climbs down to your level.

"Your Majesty… Nara is fine. She is, however, overwhelmed for the moment."

He explains he's very sorry for the inconvenience.

His daughter was simply overwhelmed by the strength of the vision.

"You are… obviously, a great man." His voice stutters a bit as he says it. You can easily feel the emotion in his voice. "It's only natural you had a great vision she was not entirely prepared for."


It's all right, you tell him.

You even dare to pat him on the shoulder in fraternal sympathy.

You've sired many children. You'd be just as distraught over one of them being hurt, even if you haven't exactly had an opportunity to be acting as a father, so to speak. Though you don't tell him that.

He lets out an appreciative little sigh and the tension dissipates.

"She would like to finish."

He goes on to say that Nara is familiar with more subtle, lowkey methods of fortune telling. She's personally told him she wants to finish crafting a fortune for you.

–But, it will take some time for her to regain her wits fully.

"Would you come back this afternoon, before sunset? Or perhaps tomorrow."


You ponder that. You've visited the nomads a few times now. Has it been noticed? Well, of course it has. You did take your soldiers. But no one has dared said anything, yet.

Though, if you were to walk away, you would be accepting Nara would not be impregnated by you.

You confirm… next time, there will be no danger? No pain?

He swears it will be so. She will use a method of fortune telling that is much gentler and won't tax her senses.

"I wouldn't let it be otherwise," he says, firmly.

All right. You had to be sure.

In that case…

Choice time:
>All right. Tell Vano you wish Nara the best. You'll return during this afternoon, before sunset.
>You have something you want to do between now and sunset and are not sure you'll be able to come back. Tell Vano you'll return to the wagon to hear Nara's fortune tomorrow morning.
>Tell Vano you appreciated what Nara had to say to you. You consider your fortune told. Move on.

776e9 No.79117


559a8 No.79120

Option 1. Probably for the best to limit just how many days in a row we hit up the nomads.

62d52 No.79123

Option 1. Best to finish business here.

13c50 No.79129

Option 1. Agree with above, we've spent enough time already, let's just finish it here and move on.

5b0eb No.79134

For when the previous thread 404s, there is a new internet archive link here for thread #9: https://web.archive.org/web/20201013192858/https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html

Please continue to vote.

d7eb1 No.79137

Option 1

5b0eb No.79150

>5 votes for option one, commit to returning to the nomads in the afternoon before sunset.

Return to hear the last of Nara's fortune later in the day.

You think, when it comes to hearing a fortune about the future, it's better to hear it sooner than later.

You tell Vano you will come back, then. If that's truly what Nara wants.

He nods, saying everything will be ready.

There's not much else to do, so you take your leave.

The nomads are back to avoiding eye-contact with you by the time you go. You're not sure if that's a sign this has happened before or not.

You have time left before your midday meal.

You should decide how you want to spend it.

There's a number of options available.

But if you think of something off the top of your head…

Choice time:
>It's earlier, you should give the merchants another chance. Inspect the selling grounds.
>You could do with some light entertainment to take your mind off things. Check out the performers.
>You feel like you haven't sparred in a while. Proceed to the armory to spar until midday.
>You wonder if your 'spy network' has observed anything. Find out by consulting the soldiers, subtly.
>You actually want to know how your female soldier recruitment plan is going. See if the senior guard can give you any information about that.

62d52 No.79154

Option 3. We need to get some work in before the tournament, keep the rust at bay.

8d7e4 No.79161

Option 3. We haven't sparred in a (relatively) long time…

15e93 No.79164

It's a time to break up monotony if we can.

Option 2. Maybe there's some sexy carnies.

50ddc No.79170

Option 1. That's a rather big part of the faire idea, after all.

15e93 No.79173

That was my second choice.

I'll swap Option 2 to Option 1. Maybe we'll run into that hot merchant from the intro marriage options.

Option 1.

5b0eb No.79184

>2 votes for option one, see the merchants again.
>2 votes for option three, meet with the soldiers for a spar.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update happen sooner.

a0bfb No.79188

Option 1. We can spar at anytime after the faire. The merchants are more time limited.

5b0eb No.79194

>3 votes for option one, see the merchants again.

Tie broken. Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79195

You should browse the merchants' wares again.

You really hadn't given them a fair glance at, yet.

You aren't carrying coin, but you can easily promise them whatever they need.

It's close enough to where you are that it shouldn't take that long.

Yes. That's a fine activity.

You only wish you would be able to sample whatever food they have as well, but being seen eating in public would make you look foolhardy, at best. An easily mark for poison, at worst.

With those thoughts in mind, you proceed to the market portion of your Faire.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79227

You take your time after reaching the merchants' area.

To your mild surprise, you find it's rather an orderly place, even with the group of those perusing the wares. There's no sign of buyers jostling over a single item, aggressive salesmanship from the marchant, or even much bargaining going on. You're not sure if that's a sign of Ruhemania's culture, the standards you set for the Faire, or your mere presence making people more formal.

There's indeed a better selection to be found. Some of which catch your eye.

One trader advertises to you that he carries something that anyone who's married may need, but an aristocrat in particular. He offers you a vial of a thick viscous fluid. He tells you it's a fine oil that softens and protects the skin during… intimate acts. Especially good for a couple attempting for an heir. He's careful to phrase it in a way that doesn't imply you need the help, at least.

You question him if it has any other uses, and he says it can also soften skin for and aid with aches for massages. That could help your military… or…

The thought of Tharja, pregnant, with a gravid middle as you rub thick oil on her skin to help her cope with the stretching strikes you. She may appreciate that. –You'd appreciate it to.

He tells you to keep that one vial, but he'll gladly part with more stock if you order it. Enough to last a long time.

A second trader is showing off rare and unique weapons from his assorted travels, and demonstrating them on a wooden plank. One in particular fascinates you. It's a straight piece of wood with a string, similar to a bow, that is coiled around a small, stiff arrow. Rather than let loose when the archer releases the string, a mechanism holds it in place until a lever releases it. He gives a demonstration that is suitably impressive. You think the projectile was launched faster than any bowman could handle. He remarks it'd make a fine hunting tool in the autumn.

Unfortunately, he tells you, he only possesses the one. He simply cannot offer it as a royal gift.

You see potential in the weapon. It may be fine for hunting, but as King… if you could somehow replicate it and distribute it to your soldiers, it could become something formidable.

You've seen the inside of the armory enough to know there's nothing like this inside of there.

You can't guess how long it would take to duplicate or how many you could manage. The trader is evasive in answering any questions about how it's made.

A third trader deals with wines. He has several barrels on display, and helpers with muscles who look to be able to carry all of them.

He obviously can't give you samples, but he has a large barrel of the absolute most top-quality wine with him. He swears will only improve with age. Enough to last years and years.

He doesn't know enough about your previous dealings, but it appears he is connected to the wine dealers you purchased wine for the castle from. If it's truly as good as what you've already tasted, then it would be worth pursuing.

At any rate…

You should pick one, you think.

You're reminded that Ricardo told you the treasury was more or less spent, save for some 'clever accounting'. You don't have the resources to buy everything offered.

One item, at least. You shouldn't pass up the opportunity.

You consider the options, and decide:
>Purchase the oil from the lotion merchant.
>Purchase the crossbow from the arms merchant.
>Purchase the wine barrel from the wineseller.

31770 No.79234

Option 1, Ed knows what he's about.

19b08 No.79237

Option two.

Has Edward really never heard of crossbows before? If that's a new invention (in the real world it's pre-medieval and was well-known in medieval times), then we need to show it to Robin.

05df3 No.79238

Option 2

One part of me wants us to get the lotion, but having a crossbow in our hands is so much better. We don't always need to be thinking below the belt…

05df3 No.79239

I was surprised as well, as crossbows were (relatively) common in the High Middle Ages, AFAIK. Of course, it's fiction, but still interesting

5b0eb No.79241

All I can say is the story is medieval-ish. This could be a sign of Virilia's backwater-ness. Or Ruhemania's backwater-ness. Or perhaps the time period is more early than late; that is, before those would be more common. Or there's an unknown mishmash of real life elements that make up what medieval-ish entails. Maybe Edward's actions are part of what will make crossbows more common. Or any other possibility.

I will freely admit I've made mistakes before that I've quietly ignored ever since (like an early reference to potatoes that simply shouldn't exist,) but this detail was intentional. The crossbow is something Edward hasn't seen before and it's not in Castle Valachia's armory. As to whether it's common in other parts of the world or not is unknown to him.

Please continue to vote.

62d52 No.79252

Hm. Option 3. A good cask of wine can be every bit as formidable a weapon as a crossbow, and I think the diplomatic armory is a bit anemic at the moment.

78a36 No.79253

I'm a bit torn. Having the crossbow would be advantageous, but we don't plan on being creating wars. We also don't know if we'll be able to duplicate it. Then again, if he's selling it here, he might be selling it elsewhere. Wine is good for morale, but not completely necessary. Lotion? Well, I'm always down for that, but it's not the most practical thing…

After this dithering, I'll stick with the practical answer: option 2.

04f81 No.79258

Option 2.

I'd love to do the lotion, it would be super fun… but the most practical choice is the crossbow.

62d52 No.79260

I look at the wine as a diplomatic weapon, allowing us to charm and impress dignitaries and nobles. A more subtle weapon than a crossbow, but one that can be used to equal effect in the right situation.

King Vlad ruled through fear and military might. I'm not fool enough to throw his investments away or let them rot, but I'd like to diversify into more subtle methods.

15e93 No.79262

Yeah, combat-heavy roleplay gets old. I like that Ed stays in shape and is a somewhat competent warrior, but I'd like to see him diversify his portfolio a little.

Option 3. We're going to need to wine and dine the nobles we meet here, especially to replenish some of our treasury stocks. The wine will help us do that, and it'll be such a commodity once the festival is over that it ought to sell and attract people pretty well, too.

a0bfb No.79265

Option 2. I'm putting long term thinking at forefront for now. If we could reverse engineer the crossbow, it would be a great boon to our guards and soldiers.

5b0eb No.79267

>1 vote for option one, buy the lotion.
>5 votes for option two, buy the crossbow.
>2 votes for option three, buy the wine.

Buy the crossbow.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79269

You tell the arms merchant you want a hands-on demonstration.

You're giving serious thought to buying his weapon.

He hesitates, and then readily agrees.

You soon grasp why he was hesitating.

The thing is an absolute pain the arse to reload, and he's not sure how comfortable he is giving directions to the King.

It's heavy, has to be steadied, and the string has to be pulled with the greatest care or it won't stay on right. A good amount of balance while you have it on the ground is necessary.

This could perhaps be used hunting, but if the first shot didn't find its mark, the prey would be long gone.

On the other hand…

When you finally do get it loaded, and aim and try firing, it's a right solid mark that feels immensely satisfying.

This could kill a man easily. You wouldn't even have to hit him in the chest. He could likely be wearing full armor and still have no hope of surviving the wound, even if he didn't perish right on the spot.

Even a squad of five guards, perhaps ten, with these weapons could be formidable.

… Maybe this would be a good tool to give to your pregnant soldier battalion?

You have to admit, expecting pregnant women to actually fight hand-to-hand would likely be asking a lot. Not just in terms of strength, but sheer audacity.

However, if they could be kept in reserve with a weapon that equalizes like this and only requires enough strength to point, and enough dexterity to reload…

Yes, that's a possibility.

Sold, you tell the merchant.

You tell him outright you won't quibble over amounts. When he's finished selling, he may have a meeting with your Master of Coin who will pay his price. A fair price.

You tell him that you'll let the guards know you've given him special permission to do so.

He thanks you humbly for the patronage. Then he attempts to direct your eyes to an exotic curved sword he has for sale.

You tell him that's all right. You're not in the market for anything else at the moment.

You take not just the crossbow, but a pouch full of steel-tipped bolts ready to be fired.

You almost feel like a menace carrying it around, but you decide to personally take it into your possession rather than have it picked up later.

There's only one thing to do with it, which is take it directly to the armory.

You wonder what the soldiers will have to say about this weapon.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

ded30 No.79281

Thank you for the clarification.

5b0eb No.79323

You arrive at the armory easily enough.

There are your soldiers, practicing their daily drills.

Less of them than usual, of course, owing to the increased security for the Faire.

You're able to find the senior guard and you enter the armory proper to talk about your new acquisition.

You show it off to him. You set it on a table so you can both get a better look at it up close.

Has he seen something like this weapon before, you ask? Either personally, or from combat.

He pauses, thinking it over. An intense look on his face.

He never saw one used in King Vlad's army. He knows that for sure.

As to whether it was ever used in King Vlad's Unification War in an opposing noble's army who fought against King Vlad, he can't say.

At any rate, there really is nothing else like it in Castle Valachia.

When you bring up the subject of copying it, he remarks that could be a fair idea.

It'd need to be done by a woodworker, and with an appropriate string. It'd likely take years or even decades, but it could be done.

At any rate, your skilled peasants are working on your tower. No one will be looking at it before your tower is completed.

Ah, that's right. You choose to use local materials for your tower, and that was occupying the skilled peasants.

That's fine. Even if you're expecting a war, you can rely on the soldiers you have now.

In the meantime, you tell the senior guard you'll store it there.

But it's for your personal use. Keep track of the fingerprints and the amount of bolts left so he can ensure no one else touches it.

He swears it will be done.

You feel a little guilty for being paranoid, especially of your soldiers who you trust, but if you're truly going to have the weapon copied, it will need to be in pristine shape when examined. You can't risk it being broken due to clumsiness.

You wonder if you should spend more time here.

If you leave, you could possibly do something else.

Choice time:
>The crossbow is for your personal use, and you want to try it out more. Take your crossbow out and practice firing.
>You could use with some strenuous exercise that isn't sex. Go have a spar with your soldiers.
>There's nothing else for you at the armory right now. Leave and find something else to do.

5ec5b No.79324

Write-in: the crossbow will be stored in die armory, but right now, take the crossbow to Robin.

Let her think of its potential. She is an expert in military strategy, let's see what she makes of a completely new weapon. Since we want to build one ourselves, maybe she can think of a way to improve it, say the cumbersome loading mechanism.

5b0eb No.79325

I'm sorry. I can't allow this write-in.

Edward would know his meetings with Robin are still supposed to be a secret. That he hasn't officially let her take the oath that would make her a soldier in his army. That it would very easily expose any interactions he had with her to her family, and cause rumors among the rest of the lower nobility.

This can definitely be a thing to consider for the future once those obstacles no longer exist, and he could certainly try to meet with her privately and tell her about it, but as of now he can't openly walk through the halls with it to her door. Or openly take her to the armory. (Unless he changed his mind and decided to have her swear the oath immediately.)

Please continue to vote.

bb24e No.79327

Option 2

78a36 No.79334

Dang, why am I always torn with decisions? It would be nice to keep the connection with our men, but FOMO is in my brain, not wanting to miss out on other events at the fair… I'll say Option 2.

31770 No.79339

Option 3

62d52 No.79342

Option 2.

50ddc No.79343

Option 3
Faire is fair

15d0c No.79353

5b0eb No.79365

>3 votes for option two, spar with your soldiers.
>3 votes for option three, you'd rather do something else, leave the armory.

We have a tie.

I will leave the vote up and come back and check for a tie-breaker later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not bring the update faster.

5b0eb No.79378

I have flipped a coin to break the tie.

>Spar with your soldiers.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79379

…This is a test of your willpower.

Coming to Ruhemania had changed you. You were always fond of exercise, but you hadn't really entered what you might think of as a martial training 'regimen' before. You're not sure how it happened. Maybe it was because you came to trust the soldiers.

At any rate, never let it be said being King will make you fat and lazy.

You pick up a wooden practice sword before departing.

Once outside, you loudly announce to the nearby soldiers of your intent to spar, and who among the men has not quite tired himself?

There's a slight pause in activities before hands start being raised.

Even the King Vlad loyalists don't want to look like they're admitting fatigue, so their hands go up too.

You nod, evenly, before you pick out a partner about your age and build who you know will give you a good challenge.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79436

You end up sparring longer than you thought.

By the time you're feeling properly worked up from sparring, it's almost midday.

It's all right. Your men had a good time, and so did you.

You return your practice weapon and depart the armory.

After working up a sweat, maybe you should bathe before your midday meal?

It seems like it'd be appreciated by Nara, who is so sensitive to stimulation of the senses.

You're still pondering that action versus doing something else as you walk along the halls.

You take a turn and meet… one of the priest's attendants? You recognize him from a while back.

He addresses you as Your Majesty and asks if you would follow him.

The priest would like to discuss something with you, privately.

You don't like the idea of being at the beck and call of the priest. He's not even a bishop or someone in the hierarchy that you would really need to worry about.

But he is the representative of the Church here in the castle. If you truly disregard him, then it will likely come back to haunt you.

…You try to think what this 'discussion' could be about.

Something about the service you have planned for him to give?

Or maybe he wishes to browbeat you about some perceived sin.

At any rate, you are King. You think you can get away with a little bit of 'I will visit when it is convenient to my schedule.'

How were you to handle this?

If you delay, it'll have to be until tomorrow. You have a date with Nara.

Choice time:
>Better deal with this now. Follow the attendant to meet with the priest.
>Tell the attendant you've heard his request, then invent some excuse and commit to visiting the priest tomorrow.

5432e No.79446

Option 1
Hm. I think we don't want to isolate ourselves religiously, so let us go see him. But can we throw in the conversation that we would appreciate more advanced notice for meetings of this nature? Let it be known we aren't pleased with not being treated as if we were the king, who has a busy schedule

50ddc No.79449

if this write-in is acceptable, tell the attendant you'll send for him when -you- are ready to attend to this matter. part of being a ruler is being decidedly cross-grained at times, after all.

62d52 No.79450

Option 1. Crossing the church is a bad idea. Still, one can hope this won't take long or be overly unpleasant.

Throws the plans for a bath out the tower window, though…

5b0eb No.79451

I can accept this, but it's basically option two, so it will be counted as option two with a note to be terse about it.

Please continue to vote.

31770 No.79456

option two

15e93 No.79457

Option 1.

c26ac No.79458

Option 2

We are the King with a busy schedule and important matters of state to attend to, none of which involve the self-important "church".

78a36 No.79459

I agree with this twist to Option 1. If nothing else, it will hopefully prompt an explanation as to why this meeting is so sudden.

62d52 No.79473

Might I remind you that the church in this time period trumped political power? If you don't play nice, you can be excommunicated, your lands and titles confiscated, and you and your family… well let's just say that King Vlad's tendencies toward brutality would seem kind and fair by comparison.

5b0eb No.79475

>4 votes for option one, go meet with the priest immediately as requested.
>3 votes for option two, delay and cite your own schedule.

Follow the attendant.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79476

You repress a sigh.

As much as you'd like to claim you have a busy schedule, you had basically just spent the morning receiving a fortune from a mystical woman who may be nothing more than a polished actress, and then sparring with your men, which you do all the time. Hardly stately actions that decide the fate of the nation.

Hopefully what the priest has to say is something relevant, or has to do more with the affairs of God than you personally.

You tell the attendant you will be thankful if this meeting can be brief. It is getting close to midday and you would rather not show a side of yourself to the priest that is driven by hunger.

He makes the apology, but he was only told to search for you. He doesn't know what it is actually about.

…Hm. It may perhaps be something important. If you remember, the priest had no qualms with having your past discussion with his attendants present.

You step lightly with the attendant in the direction of the priest's quarters.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

4a746 No.79479

You're definitely right man. We are in a balancing act, so we must tread lightly when it comes to the church. Especially since we harbor witches in our own castle.

62d52 No.79483

Things will get easier as we consolidate our reign and make allies, but we're still the new king in town. Even if the church didn't move overtly against us, they could still speak directly to the people, undermining our reign at sermon while quietly assisting our enemies.

We won't always have to bend over backwards, but right now it's wisest we tread lightly.

5b0eb No.79532

You enter the priest's quarters and see nothing immediately that clues you in as to the purpose of your summons.

There's no other person waiting with him. There's no obvious object in the room that would stand out as something he wants to discuss with you.

You address the Father and he respectfully returns your greeting, he then asks the attendants to leave you both, please.

You're alone with the priest, sitting opposite in two different chairs. You feel very much like it could be your own personal confessional.

"Your Majesty, I need to address with you some rather troubling rumors I've heard recently."

All right. He has your attention, you say. What is it?

"They are rumors… involving you. And that you are associating with persons a proper follower of the Church should not be associating with."

You feel suddenly as if you've had a cold shaft of iron shoved someplace unpleasant.

You do your best to temper your panic, but you're sure your displeasure must be obvious.

He must know about the witches.

What on Earth are you going to do?

"Is it true, Your Majesty?"

…Don't admit anything.

You affect an ignorant demeanor.

You don't believe so, you tell him, but could he speak more… plainly?

What sorts of persons are he talking about?

There's a second of hesitation between you asking the question and him answering, wherein he just nods.

That moment feels like an eternity. One in which you realize you'll have to have Beatrice outright assassinate the priest and anyone who has told him in order to keep your secret.

Could… could you bear to do it?

"I talk about the nomads you have let sit inside your very castle walls."

Oh, thank God.

Not literally, but the tension leaves you as you come to the conclusion he isn't talking about your wife and Beatrice. Just the nomads.

You raise a hand to your lips to cover your smile, you feel positively giddy.


You cough.

You simply didn't have the heart to throw them out. Does not the scripture teach about showing mercy and compassion to all of those in Creation, you ask?

The priest nods.

"It does. But there are limits, Your Majesty. Letting them in is one thing, but the rumors are that you are outright associating and consorting with them. Are they just rumors?"

You decide there's no reason to deny it. There's too many who have seen you.

Yes, you have been visiting the nomads. What of it? They are just a simple people with a different lifestyle.

You are hardly planning on adopting their customs. They've brought entertainment to your Faire, and you think it's better for it.

Moreover, they're obeying your laws.

"Are they, Your Majesty? Or is it perhaps you've favored them so much, people are afraid to bring up any acts of lawbreaking they are doing to you?"

… You don't think you've shown them that much favor.

"Haven't you?"

He explains nomads are astray in their practices, borderline heretical.

They do not properly follow the teachings of the Church. They are not good followers.

You point out that you asked them specifically if they followed the Church's teachings when they arrived.

"They follow their interpretation."

They freely commit adultery, saying sex is no sin, for men and women. They practice polygamy in all but name. They do not follow the will of the Church, or tithe. They hoard any gold or bread to themselves and do not share it with any outside their group, meaning they do not follow the spirit of community present in the Church's teachings.

It is not for individual men or groups to interpret God's will. God's will is for all, in the community of man, who should be following the same teachings, which they learn from the Church's leaders. That's why they are not good followers and it reflects terribly on you, as Monarch, to associate with them.

"I beg you, Your Majesty. I won't ask the impossible and force you to expel them, but do not consort with them again."

… That puts you in a bit of a bind.

You already agreed to meet with Nara tonight. You don't feel like simply abandoning that meeting after all that happened today.


The nomads have treated you a lot better than this priest. Or even the Church in general, which, now that you've lost your real reverence for God, simply feels like it's taught you fear and guilt.

There's no decision to make.

You tell the priest you simply can't do that.

You have no authority to say anything about God's will, of course. That's the domain of the Church.

But until and unless the nomads show they are untrustworthy apostates, you will interact with them as you see fit.

They'll be gone soon when the Faire is over. No one will remember them, or that you might have been seen 'consorting' with them.

You're hardly endorsing them, and neither will anyone think so.


He doesn't look pleased, but you think he understands you're not going to budge.

He lets out a small sigh.

"Very well. So be it."

You nod.

Still, you thank him for alerting you to this matter. You truly were naive. You were unaware there were any rumors regarding you. Or that the nomads are deviants.

…That's a pure attempt at diplomacy, from you.

Deep down, you can't help but think the idea of polygamy may be a good idea. If perhaps not free and open adultery for both men and women.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

4a746 No.79542

Jesus, had me worried their for a second…thought our consorting with witches had done us in

62d52 No.79551

I'm personally quite glad that we'll be seeing this reverend off with good cheer and a thank you… and replacing him with someone less likely to have that stick up his ass welded into place.

8296c No.79577

Honestly? We chose the new guy because we were thinking with our dicks at the time. We have no idea really if the new guy will be forgiving or extra zealous. And if we really end up knocking up the two nuns, I'll bet, it's the latter.

62d52 No.79579

I said *less* likely.

5b0eb No.79582

After you settle that contentious point, the priest pivots to a new topic.

He received your invitation to the noble's gathering you plan to have before the Faire is complete. Of course, he will gladly attend.

He's prepared for services with the aristocrats, too. You feel he's indirectly needling you to set a schedule.

You tell him you're planning a jousting tournament and it will be set between that and the gathering. It's best for the guests not to have their mind on corporeal excitement when they hear his service, is it not?

You share some terse pleasantries. He's clearly not placated by your words after you rebuked his request.

You tell him if there's nothing else, you'll be excusing yourself. You're sure you can both do with your midday meals, you say.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Go with God."

You can't exactly echo his words, but you express your gratitude for the sentiment.

You retreat from the priest's room.

It's only when you're away from people in another hallway you realize you're sweating perhaps more than you did over sparring.


You won't have to deal with him again in the future, you remind yourself.

Father Tomas, with his two nuns, will serve at your castle soon.

There would be no changing that. You stamped the order already.

With that comforting thought, you wind your way to the sitting room for your midday meal.

Your heart reflexively skips a beat when someone passes, but that's just simple paranoia.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79623

File: 1603535482346.jpg (68.29 KB, 1024x1045, Tharja-admire.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You reach your sitting room and find Beatrice and Tharja already there, along with Margaret.

It seems your talk with the priest kept you a tad longer than you would have liked.

You exchange greetings and talk about how wonderful the Faire is.

Tharja's fond, affectionate mannerisms and the words she speaks to you helps to comfort you. You forget the emotions brought about by the attempt at intimidation on you by the priest. He can't touch you or disturb the love you both share.

Elizabeth arrives soon with your meal.

Margaret samples a portion of it.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

Beatrice makes no move to contact you.

You know she's investigating the Chrisania siblings. But she's only been active for one night and one morning. She likely has nothing to report.

That's fine. No news is good news, you suppose.

Did you have some reason to recall Beatrice…?

You can't think of any.

You are concerned about where exactly the "rumors" of you visiting the nomads came from, but it could be literally anyone.

Besides your loyal soldiers who escorted you there, plenty of commoners may have seen. It wasn't as if you disguised yourself when you walked right out to their wagon.

Your mind drifts to anticipation of Nara's fortune.

Will it include a night in her bed, you wonder?

You really wouldn't mind that. Especially if Mara were to join in.

They weren't twins, which was unfortunate, but they were rather similar in appearance if not skill-set.


Perhaps you should let Tharja know your intentions… subtly or not.

Tharja's used to being visited by you every night. If you no-show her, she may wonder why.

Choice time:
>Openly tell Tharja you have something to take care of tonight and may not be able to visit her. Be vague, at least, in purpose.
>When the meal is done, take Tharja aside and tell her the whole truth about the nomads and your meeting with Nara. It may take a moment longer to explain, but it's worth it.
>No need to go so far as to explain your every action. Just finish eating and bid the table farewell.
>What are you thinking? Of course you'll be spending time with your wife tonight. Resolve that no matter what happens with Nara, you'll be back to the castle before night falls.

62d52 No.79624

Option 2.

75c7b No.79625

Option 2

15e93 No.79632

Option 2.

04f81 No.79639

…honestly, although we're not going to let the priest intimidate us, it really wouldn't look good for someone to see the king leaving the nomad's camp in the morning. We probably should endeavor to not spend the night outside the castle. So that being said,

Option 4.

c26ac No.79650

option 4

We're already in hot water with our visits to the nomad camp. No need to further arouse suspicion by spending the night outside the castle. Besides, getting laid has (usually) never stopped us from retiring to Tharja's bed at the end of the night.

f2270 No.79656

Nara's nice and all, but I don't see why we need contingencies for spending the whole night with her. And while I don't think the nomads have any ill intentions, we don't really know them and sleeping outside the walls among them where our guards aren't nearby seems like a weird risk to take.

As others have said, it's also a bit of an issue to be bedding down with people your chaplain literally just told you are borderline heretics. We can't claim ignorance any more, and it's clearly 'consorting' with them, not just talking or being entertained. One consequence of replacing the chaplain is that he has no incentive not to rat us out about anything and everything.

Option 4.

d7eb1 No.79661

Option 4. I don’t want to risk the fury of the church coming down on us.

6d9c5 No.79662


Option 4

0c23e No.79666

>>79656 Good points.

Option 4.

5b0eb No.79669

>3 votes for option two, tell Tharja of your plans, quietly.
>6 votes for option four, commit to returning to the castle and spending time with Tharja.

Decide that you'll keep to your normal routine of relaxing with Tharja before you sleep, and that means coming back to the castle before night falls.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79678

The day may come when you don't have your wife to keep you company, but that won't be tonight.

As rare as the chance might be, you won't literally sleep with the nomads.

That, and…

You probably should be a little concerned over your immortal soul.

If not as an actual thing you need to take care of, at least other people's interpretation of the state of your immortal soul.

The priest forced your hand by telling you that they're astray, religiously speaking. It does not matter even if it's true or not. He could be grossly exaggerating or outright lying. How would he know, anyway?

Regardless, it will still look bad if you ignore the warning, or even try to plead a defense on their behalf. No, a defense would be even worse received.

Damn. He's good. He forced you into an impossible situation where you have to follow his will, even if you defied him.

Better you have him replaced, you muse.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79708

You rise after your meal is over and bid both Beatrice and Tharja farewell. You don't offer specifics as to what you plan on doing, and they don't ask. You don't even mention the Faire.

You depart the meeting alone and make your way back in the direction you traveled the same morning.

After being summoned by the priest, you wonder if some other messenger will intercept you, but no one does.

The heat of the midday sun hits you as you step out into the open air.

You're not sure what to expect from Nara's second performance.

You find yourself thinking back and reflecting on what she said already.

The prediction that moved her to exhaustion.

You had asked her, specifically, what to do to keep your Kingdom stable. Not your personal wellbeing or even just 'to have a happy life,' but entirely focused on Ruhemania.

'You are surrounded by small lights. They're small now, but they'll soon grow,' she had said.

Does that mean the 'lights' are something that already exist, in the castle?

Or maybe not in the castle, but in your history in general.

And 'many others'.

You try to think of what could have power that 'burns'.

Magic would certainly be one such thing. Beatrice is an overwhelmingly powerful being. Tharja, as gentle as she is and how much she loves you, also has the potential to become as powerful. To say nothing about Erika.

Then again…

It could mean something less literal. 'Political' power.

You have surrounded yourself with all the nobility in the Kingdom. Lesser nobility.

They would certainly know about you, and like any court, they could unite behind you and provide you a stable Kingdom, or betray you.

… Though if you're thinking like that, you could easily say the same about the Church or even the peasantry.

You're beginning to wonder if she's intentionally being so vague as to make it so you could interpret it any way you like.

The most concise detail was that among the lights 'one' stood out in particular. It was far, now, but it will 'spread' if 'left alone'.

You can't rule out this could also be an interpretation of your personal history of siring so many children and leaving so many women pregnant. Any babe you sire could directly make a challenge for its claim to your line. In which case, any woman you slept with would know about you.

Nara would definitely be aware of your history enough to draw a prediction from that, too. You had told Mara, after all.


Hopefully whatever happens when you have this meeting will give you a better picture.

You worked too hard and come all this way to fail. To not maintain Ruhemania as a healthy Kingdom. Before your heir to the throne is even born from Tharja's fertile womb.

You console yourself with the notion that it's too early in your reign and you've been far too generous with those around you to have any legitimate threats.

By the time you've finished daydreaming, you can see the wagon in the distance.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79788

As you get closer to the nomads, you can smell meat cooking.

There's a few gathered around a fire roasting whatever they ate before you arrived. Lamb, perhaps? At any rate, you're offered none of it and it's not why you're here.

While the nomads had previously avoided speaking to you directly, one young man greets you as 'Your Majesty.'

You give him a respectful nod in return. You don't need to explain why you're there. He steps inside the wagon, presumably to bring Vano to you.

Some of the women give you coy smiles, and you're reminded what the priest said about their attitudes toward sex.

Not that you needed it explicitly pointed out, after your meeting with Mara.

You give her a charming smile to know you're flattered, but can't pursue.

At any rate, it's only a moment before Vano and the other youth come from the wagon.

Vano greets you like he has before.

"Your Majesty…"

He gestures to the entrance of the wagon.

"My daughter is ready. Apologies for the wait."

You tell him it was no problem, under the circumstances.

There's nothing stopping you from entering.

You proceed into the wagon, careful about where you step.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

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