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The other thread has reached its limit. It falls to me to make a new thread.

Rather than summarize the entire story, which previous threads have done, I will simply recount the last few choices of thread #9 so that everyone can easily make the transition:

Vano's second daughter, Nara, has been consulted for fortune telling. After some background, and in which Edward managed to impress her, she looked to read Edward's fortune through her crystal ball. Her behavior suggested she was overwhelmed, and Edward was left to decide if he should urge her to continue reading the fortune, or tell her to stop.

Things to remember for the long run:

The Faire will not end until the jousting competition has happened, the Church service for aristocrats has happened, and the entertainment for the aristocrats has happened. After that, the Faire may end at any time. Until then, he is free to pursue anything he wants.

I hope it's enjoyable.

Please continue to use the chat thread, which is available here: https://pregchan.com/c/res/4340.html

Previous threads can be read:

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Thread #9: https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html (Until the thread goes 404.)

5b0eb No.79112

>5 votes for option two, tell Nara she can stop.

Have Nara stop.


You're not sure if it's an act to make the fortune sound more impressive, if she's simply testing you again, or if this is legitimate pain brought about by some otherworldly supernatural vision she has.

But, it needs to stop.


The one word is enough from you to convince her. She pulls her hand away from the ball and slumps backward.

Her generous chest is rising and falling with deep breaths, but she's past the peak of discomfort.

You sit, uncomfortably. Would it be appreciated if you held her hand, or even got someone to help?


"My father…"

–All right.

You stand up, leaving Nara, and you head out of your own accord.

There are several nomads milling about. You think they must've heard Nara's pained noises.

You quickly find Vano and explain something is wrong.

He doesn't gasp, but his eyes widen in surprise. You think it may be the first amount of emotion you've seen from the man beyond general guarded congeniality.

He steps quickly up into the wagon.

You decide to wait.

You're not sure what for, exactly, but you can't leave with Nara left like that.

In a few minutes, Vano emerges.

He gives a very small inaudible gasp at seeing you still there, then climbs down to your level.

"Your Majesty… Nara is fine. She is, however, overwhelmed for the moment."

He explains he's very sorry for the inconvenience.

His daughter was simply overwhelmed by the strength of the vision.

"You are… obviously, a great man." His voice stutters a bit as he says it. You can easily feel the emotion in his voice. "It's only natural you had a great vision she was not entirely prepared for."


It's all right, you tell him.

You even dare to pat him on the shoulder in fraternal sympathy.

You've sired many children. You'd be just as distraught over one of them being hurt, even if you haven't exactly had an opportunity to be acting as a father, so to speak. Though you don't tell him that.

He lets out an appreciative little sigh and the tension dissipates.

"She would like to finish."

He goes on to say that Nara is familiar with more subtle, lowkey methods of fortune telling. She's personally told him she wants to finish crafting a fortune for you.

–But, it will take some time for her to regain her wits fully.

"Would you come back this afternoon, before sunset? Or perhaps tomorrow."


You ponder that. You've visited the nomads a few times now. Has it been noticed? Well, of course it has. You did take your soldiers. But no one has dared said anything, yet.

Though, if you were to walk away, you would be accepting Nara would not be impregnated by you.

You confirm… next time, there will be no danger? No pain?

He swears it will be so. She will use a method of fortune telling that is much gentler and won't tax her senses.

"I wouldn't let it be otherwise," he says, firmly.

All right. You had to be sure.

In that case…

Choice time:
>All right. Tell Vano you wish Nara the best. You'll return during this afternoon, before sunset.
>You have something you want to do between now and sunset and are not sure you'll be able to come back. Tell Vano you'll return to the wagon to hear Nara's fortune tomorrow morning.
>Tell Vano you appreciated what Nara had to say to you. You consider your fortune told. Move on.

776e9 No.79117


559a8 No.79120

Option 1. Probably for the best to limit just how many days in a row we hit up the nomads.

62d52 No.79123

Option 1. Best to finish business here.

13c50 No.79129

Option 1. Agree with above, we've spent enough time already, let's just finish it here and move on.

5b0eb No.79134

For when the previous thread 404s, there is a new internet archive link here for thread #9: https://web.archive.org/web/20201013192858/https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html

Please continue to vote.

d7eb1 No.79137

Option 1

5b0eb No.79150

>5 votes for option one, commit to returning to the nomads in the afternoon before sunset.

Return to hear the last of Nara's fortune later in the day.

You think, when it comes to hearing a fortune about the future, it's better to hear it sooner than later.

You tell Vano you will come back, then. If that's truly what Nara wants.

He nods, saying everything will be ready.

There's not much else to do, so you take your leave.

The nomads are back to avoiding eye-contact with you by the time you go. You're not sure if that's a sign this has happened before or not.

You have time left before your midday meal.

You should decide how you want to spend it.

There's a number of options available.

But if you think of something off the top of your head…

Choice time:
>It's earlier, you should give the merchants another chance. Inspect the selling grounds.
>You could do with some light entertainment to take your mind off things. Check out the performers.
>You feel like you haven't sparred in a while. Proceed to the armory to spar until midday.
>You wonder if your 'spy network' has observed anything. Find out by consulting the soldiers, subtly.
>You actually want to know how your female soldier recruitment plan is going. See if the senior guard can give you any information about that.

62d52 No.79154

Option 3. We need to get some work in before the tournament, keep the rust at bay.

8d7e4 No.79161

Option 3. We haven't sparred in a (relatively) long time…

15e93 No.79164

It's a time to break up monotony if we can.

Option 2. Maybe there's some sexy carnies.

50ddc No.79170

Option 1. That's a rather big part of the faire idea, after all.

15e93 No.79173

That was my second choice.

I'll swap Option 2 to Option 1. Maybe we'll run into that hot merchant from the intro marriage options.

Option 1.

5b0eb No.79184

>2 votes for option one, see the merchants again.
>2 votes for option three, meet with the soldiers for a spar.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update happen sooner.

a0bfb No.79188

Option 1. We can spar at anytime after the faire. The merchants are more time limited.

5b0eb No.79194

>3 votes for option one, see the merchants again.

Tie broken. Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79195

You should browse the merchants' wares again.

You really hadn't given them a fair glance at, yet.

You aren't carrying coin, but you can easily promise them whatever they need.

It's close enough to where you are that it shouldn't take that long.

Yes. That's a fine activity.

You only wish you would be able to sample whatever food they have as well, but being seen eating in public would make you look foolhardy, at best. An easily mark for poison, at worst.

With those thoughts in mind, you proceed to the market portion of your Faire.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79227

You take your time after reaching the merchants' area.

To your mild surprise, you find it's rather an orderly place, even with the group of those perusing the wares. There's no sign of buyers jostling over a single item, aggressive salesmanship from the marchant, or even much bargaining going on. You're not sure if that's a sign of Ruhemania's culture, the standards you set for the Faire, or your mere presence making people more formal.

There's indeed a better selection to be found. Some of which catch your eye.

One trader advertises to you that he carries something that anyone who's married may need, but an aristocrat in particular. He offers you a vial of a thick viscous fluid. He tells you it's a fine oil that softens and protects the skin during… intimate acts. Especially good for a couple attempting for an heir. He's careful to phrase it in a way that doesn't imply you need the help, at least.

You question him if it has any other uses, and he says it can also soften skin for and aid with aches for massages. That could help your military… or…

The thought of Tharja, pregnant, with a gravid middle as you rub thick oil on her skin to help her cope with the stretching strikes you. She may appreciate that. –You'd appreciate it to.

He tells you to keep that one vial, but he'll gladly part with more stock if you order it. Enough to last a long time.

A second trader is showing off rare and unique weapons from his assorted travels, and demonstrating them on a wooden plank. One in particular fascinates you. It's a straight piece of wood with a string, similar to a bow, that is coiled around a small, stiff arrow. Rather than let loose when the archer releases the string, a mechanism holds it in place until a lever releases it. He gives a demonstration that is suitably impressive. You think the projectile was launched faster than any bowman could handle. He remarks it'd make a fine hunting tool in the autumn.

Unfortunately, he tells you, he only possesses the one. He simply cannot offer it as a royal gift.

You see potential in the weapon. It may be fine for hunting, but as King… if you could somehow replicate it and distribute it to your soldiers, it could become something formidable.

You've seen the inside of the armory enough to know there's nothing like this inside of there.

You can't guess how long it would take to duplicate or how many you could manage. The trader is evasive in answering any questions about how it's made.

A third trader deals with wines. He has several barrels on display, and helpers with muscles who look to be able to carry all of them.

He obviously can't give you samples, but he has a large barrel of the absolute most top-quality wine with him. He swears will only improve with age. Enough to last years and years.

He doesn't know enough about your previous dealings, but it appears he is connected to the wine dealers you purchased wine for the castle from. If it's truly as good as what you've already tasted, then it would be worth pursuing.

At any rate…

You should pick one, you think.

You're reminded that Ricardo told you the treasury was more or less spent, save for some 'clever accounting'. You don't have the resources to buy everything offered.

One item, at least. You shouldn't pass up the opportunity.

You consider the options, and decide:
>Purchase the oil from the lotion merchant.
>Purchase the crossbow from the arms merchant.
>Purchase the wine barrel from the wineseller.

31770 No.79234

Option 1, Ed knows what he's about.

19b08 No.79237

Option two.

Has Edward really never heard of crossbows before? If that's a new invention (in the real world it's pre-medieval and was well-known in medieval times), then we need to show it to Robin.

05df3 No.79238

Option 2

One part of me wants us to get the lotion, but having a crossbow in our hands is so much better. We don't always need to be thinking below the belt…

05df3 No.79239

I was surprised as well, as crossbows were (relatively) common in the High Middle Ages, AFAIK. Of course, it's fiction, but still interesting

5b0eb No.79241

All I can say is the story is medieval-ish. This could be a sign of Virilia's backwater-ness. Or Ruhemania's backwater-ness. Or perhaps the time period is more early than late; that is, before those would be more common. Or there's an unknown mishmash of real life elements that make up what medieval-ish entails. Maybe Edward's actions are part of what will make crossbows more common. Or any other possibility.

I will freely admit I've made mistakes before that I've quietly ignored ever since (like an early reference to potatoes that simply shouldn't exist,) but this detail was intentional. The crossbow is something Edward hasn't seen before and it's not in Castle Valachia's armory. As to whether it's common in other parts of the world or not is unknown to him.

Please continue to vote.

62d52 No.79252

Hm. Option 3. A good cask of wine can be every bit as formidable a weapon as a crossbow, and I think the diplomatic armory is a bit anemic at the moment.

78a36 No.79253

I'm a bit torn. Having the crossbow would be advantageous, but we don't plan on being creating wars. We also don't know if we'll be able to duplicate it. Then again, if he's selling it here, he might be selling it elsewhere. Wine is good for morale, but not completely necessary. Lotion? Well, I'm always down for that, but it's not the most practical thing…

After this dithering, I'll stick with the practical answer: option 2.

04f81 No.79258

Option 2.

I'd love to do the lotion, it would be super fun… but the most practical choice is the crossbow.

62d52 No.79260

I look at the wine as a diplomatic weapon, allowing us to charm and impress dignitaries and nobles. A more subtle weapon than a crossbow, but one that can be used to equal effect in the right situation.

King Vlad ruled through fear and military might. I'm not fool enough to throw his investments away or let them rot, but I'd like to diversify into more subtle methods.

15e93 No.79262

Yeah, combat-heavy roleplay gets old. I like that Ed stays in shape and is a somewhat competent warrior, but I'd like to see him diversify his portfolio a little.

Option 3. We're going to need to wine and dine the nobles we meet here, especially to replenish some of our treasury stocks. The wine will help us do that, and it'll be such a commodity once the festival is over that it ought to sell and attract people pretty well, too.

a0bfb No.79265

Option 2. I'm putting long term thinking at forefront for now. If we could reverse engineer the crossbow, it would be a great boon to our guards and soldiers.

5b0eb No.79267

>1 vote for option one, buy the lotion.
>5 votes for option two, buy the crossbow.
>2 votes for option three, buy the wine.

Buy the crossbow.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79269

You tell the arms merchant you want a hands-on demonstration.

You're giving serious thought to buying his weapon.

He hesitates, and then readily agrees.

You soon grasp why he was hesitating.

The thing is an absolute pain the arse to reload, and he's not sure how comfortable he is giving directions to the King.

It's heavy, has to be steadied, and the string has to be pulled with the greatest care or it won't stay on right. A good amount of balance while you have it on the ground is necessary.

This could perhaps be used hunting, but if the first shot didn't find its mark, the prey would be long gone.

On the other hand…

When you finally do get it loaded, and aim and try firing, it's a right solid mark that feels immensely satisfying.

This could kill a man easily. You wouldn't even have to hit him in the chest. He could likely be wearing full armor and still have no hope of surviving the wound, even if he didn't perish right on the spot.

Even a squad of five guards, perhaps ten, with these weapons could be formidable.

… Maybe this would be a good tool to give to your pregnant soldier battalion?

You have to admit, expecting pregnant women to actually fight hand-to-hand would likely be asking a lot. Not just in terms of strength, but sheer audacity.

However, if they could be kept in reserve with a weapon that equalizes like this and only requires enough strength to point, and enough dexterity to reload…

Yes, that's a possibility.

Sold, you tell the merchant.

You tell him outright you won't quibble over amounts. When he's finished selling, he may have a meeting with your Master of Coin who will pay his price. A fair price.

You tell him that you'll let the guards know you've given him special permission to do so.

He thanks you humbly for the patronage. Then he attempts to direct your eyes to an exotic curved sword he has for sale.

You tell him that's all right. You're not in the market for anything else at the moment.

You take not just the crossbow, but a pouch full of steel-tipped bolts ready to be fired.

You almost feel like a menace carrying it around, but you decide to personally take it into your possession rather than have it picked up later.

There's only one thing to do with it, which is take it directly to the armory.

You wonder what the soldiers will have to say about this weapon.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

ded30 No.79281

Thank you for the clarification.

5b0eb No.79323

You arrive at the armory easily enough.

There are your soldiers, practicing their daily drills.

Less of them than usual, of course, owing to the increased security for the Faire.

You're able to find the senior guard and you enter the armory proper to talk about your new acquisition.

You show it off to him. You set it on a table so you can both get a better look at it up close.

Has he seen something like this weapon before, you ask? Either personally, or from combat.

He pauses, thinking it over. An intense look on his face.

He never saw one used in King Vlad's army. He knows that for sure.

As to whether it was ever used in King Vlad's Unification War in an opposing noble's army who fought against King Vlad, he can't say.

At any rate, there really is nothing else like it in Castle Valachia.

When you bring up the subject of copying it, he remarks that could be a fair idea.

It'd need to be done by a woodworker, and with an appropriate string. It'd likely take years or even decades, but it could be done.

At any rate, your skilled peasants are working on your tower. No one will be looking at it before your tower is completed.

Ah, that's right. You choose to use local materials for your tower, and that was occupying the skilled peasants.

That's fine. Even if you're expecting a war, you can rely on the soldiers you have now.

In the meantime, you tell the senior guard you'll store it there.

But it's for your personal use. Keep track of the fingerprints and the amount of bolts left so he can ensure no one else touches it.

He swears it will be done.

You feel a little guilty for being paranoid, especially of your soldiers who you trust, but if you're truly going to have the weapon copied, it will need to be in pristine shape when examined. You can't risk it being broken due to clumsiness.

You wonder if you should spend more time here.

If you leave, you could possibly do something else.

Choice time:
>The crossbow is for your personal use, and you want to try it out more. Take your crossbow out and practice firing.
>You could use with some strenuous exercise that isn't sex. Go have a spar with your soldiers.
>There's nothing else for you at the armory right now. Leave and find something else to do.

5ec5b No.79324

Write-in: the crossbow will be stored in die armory, but right now, take the crossbow to Robin.

Let her think of its potential. She is an expert in military strategy, let's see what she makes of a completely new weapon. Since we want to build one ourselves, maybe she can think of a way to improve it, say the cumbersome loading mechanism.

5b0eb No.79325

I'm sorry. I can't allow this write-in.

Edward would know his meetings with Robin are still supposed to be a secret. That he hasn't officially let her take the oath that would make her a soldier in his army. That it would very easily expose any interactions he had with her to her family, and cause rumors among the rest of the lower nobility.

This can definitely be a thing to consider for the future once those obstacles no longer exist, and he could certainly try to meet with her privately and tell her about it, but as of now he can't openly walk through the halls with it to her door. Or openly take her to the armory. (Unless he changed his mind and decided to have her swear the oath immediately.)

Please continue to vote.

bb24e No.79327

Option 2

78a36 No.79334

Dang, why am I always torn with decisions? It would be nice to keep the connection with our men, but FOMO is in my brain, not wanting to miss out on other events at the fair… I'll say Option 2.

31770 No.79339

Option 3

62d52 No.79342

Option 2.

50ddc No.79343

Option 3
Faire is fair

15d0c No.79353

5b0eb No.79365

>3 votes for option two, spar with your soldiers.
>3 votes for option three, you'd rather do something else, leave the armory.

We have a tie.

I will leave the vote up and come back and check for a tie-breaker later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not bring the update faster.

5b0eb No.79378

I have flipped a coin to break the tie.

>Spar with your soldiers.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79379

…This is a test of your willpower.

Coming to Ruhemania had changed you. You were always fond of exercise, but you hadn't really entered what you might think of as a martial training 'regimen' before. You're not sure how it happened. Maybe it was because you came to trust the soldiers.

At any rate, never let it be said being King will make you fat and lazy.

You pick up a wooden practice sword before departing.

Once outside, you loudly announce to the nearby soldiers of your intent to spar, and who among the men has not quite tired himself?

There's a slight pause in activities before hands start being raised.

Even the King Vlad loyalists don't want to look like they're admitting fatigue, so their hands go up too.

You nod, evenly, before you pick out a partner about your age and build who you know will give you a good challenge.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79436

You end up sparring longer than you thought.

By the time you're feeling properly worked up from sparring, it's almost midday.

It's all right. Your men had a good time, and so did you.

You return your practice weapon and depart the armory.

After working up a sweat, maybe you should bathe before your midday meal?

It seems like it'd be appreciated by Nara, who is so sensitive to stimulation of the senses.

You're still pondering that action versus doing something else as you walk along the halls.

You take a turn and meet… one of the priest's attendants? You recognize him from a while back.

He addresses you as Your Majesty and asks if you would follow him.

The priest would like to discuss something with you, privately.

You don't like the idea of being at the beck and call of the priest. He's not even a bishop or someone in the hierarchy that you would really need to worry about.

But he is the representative of the Church here in the castle. If you truly disregard him, then it will likely come back to haunt you.

…You try to think what this 'discussion' could be about.

Something about the service you have planned for him to give?

Or maybe he wishes to browbeat you about some perceived sin.

At any rate, you are King. You think you can get away with a little bit of 'I will visit when it is convenient to my schedule.'

How were you to handle this?

If you delay, it'll have to be until tomorrow. You have a date with Nara.

Choice time:
>Better deal with this now. Follow the attendant to meet with the priest.
>Tell the attendant you've heard his request, then invent some excuse and commit to visiting the priest tomorrow.

5432e No.79446

Option 1
Hm. I think we don't want to isolate ourselves religiously, so let us go see him. But can we throw in the conversation that we would appreciate more advanced notice for meetings of this nature? Let it be known we aren't pleased with not being treated as if we were the king, who has a busy schedule

50ddc No.79449

if this write-in is acceptable, tell the attendant you'll send for him when -you- are ready to attend to this matter. part of being a ruler is being decidedly cross-grained at times, after all.

62d52 No.79450

Option 1. Crossing the church is a bad idea. Still, one can hope this won't take long or be overly unpleasant.

Throws the plans for a bath out the tower window, though…

5b0eb No.79451

I can accept this, but it's basically option two, so it will be counted as option two with a note to be terse about it.

Please continue to vote.

31770 No.79456

option two

15e93 No.79457

Option 1.

c26ac No.79458

Option 2

We are the King with a busy schedule and important matters of state to attend to, none of which involve the self-important "church".

78a36 No.79459

I agree with this twist to Option 1. If nothing else, it will hopefully prompt an explanation as to why this meeting is so sudden.

62d52 No.79473

Might I remind you that the church in this time period trumped political power? If you don't play nice, you can be excommunicated, your lands and titles confiscated, and you and your family… well let's just say that King Vlad's tendencies toward brutality would seem kind and fair by comparison.

5b0eb No.79475

>4 votes for option one, go meet with the priest immediately as requested.
>3 votes for option two, delay and cite your own schedule.

Follow the attendant.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79476

You repress a sigh.

As much as you'd like to claim you have a busy schedule, you had basically just spent the morning receiving a fortune from a mystical woman who may be nothing more than a polished actress, and then sparring with your men, which you do all the time. Hardly stately actions that decide the fate of the nation.

Hopefully what the priest has to say is something relevant, or has to do more with the affairs of God than you personally.

You tell the attendant you will be thankful if this meeting can be brief. It is getting close to midday and you would rather not show a side of yourself to the priest that is driven by hunger.

He makes the apology, but he was only told to search for you. He doesn't know what it is actually about.

…Hm. It may perhaps be something important. If you remember, the priest had no qualms with having your past discussion with his attendants present.

You step lightly with the attendant in the direction of the priest's quarters.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

4a746 No.79479

You're definitely right man. We are in a balancing act, so we must tread lightly when it comes to the church. Especially since we harbor witches in our own castle.

62d52 No.79483

Things will get easier as we consolidate our reign and make allies, but we're still the new king in town. Even if the church didn't move overtly against us, they could still speak directly to the people, undermining our reign at sermon while quietly assisting our enemies.

We won't always have to bend over backwards, but right now it's wisest we tread lightly.

5b0eb No.79532

You enter the priest's quarters and see nothing immediately that clues you in as to the purpose of your summons.

There's no other person waiting with him. There's no obvious object in the room that would stand out as something he wants to discuss with you.

You address the Father and he respectfully returns your greeting, he then asks the attendants to leave you both, please.

You're alone with the priest, sitting opposite in two different chairs. You feel very much like it could be your own personal confessional.

"Your Majesty, I need to address with you some rather troubling rumors I've heard recently."

All right. He has your attention, you say. What is it?

"They are rumors… involving you. And that you are associating with persons a proper follower of the Church should not be associating with."

You feel suddenly as if you've had a cold shaft of iron shoved someplace unpleasant.

You do your best to temper your panic, but you're sure your displeasure must be obvious.

He must know about the witches.

What on Earth are you going to do?

"Is it true, Your Majesty?"

…Don't admit anything.

You affect an ignorant demeanor.

You don't believe so, you tell him, but could he speak more… plainly?

What sorts of persons are he talking about?

There's a second of hesitation between you asking the question and him answering, wherein he just nods.

That moment feels like an eternity. One in which you realize you'll have to have Beatrice outright assassinate the priest and anyone who has told him in order to keep your secret.

Could… could you bear to do it?

"I talk about the nomads you have let sit inside your very castle walls."

Oh, thank God.

Not literally, but the tension leaves you as you come to the conclusion he isn't talking about your wife and Beatrice. Just the nomads.

You raise a hand to your lips to cover your smile, you feel positively giddy.


You cough.

You simply didn't have the heart to throw them out. Does not the scripture teach about showing mercy and compassion to all of those in Creation, you ask?

The priest nods.

"It does. But there are limits, Your Majesty. Letting them in is one thing, but the rumors are that you are outright associating and consorting with them. Are they just rumors?"

You decide there's no reason to deny it. There's too many who have seen you.

Yes, you have been visiting the nomads. What of it? They are just a simple people with a different lifestyle.

You are hardly planning on adopting their customs. They've brought entertainment to your Faire, and you think it's better for it.

Moreover, they're obeying your laws.

"Are they, Your Majesty? Or is it perhaps you've favored them so much, people are afraid to bring up any acts of lawbreaking they are doing to you?"

… You don't think you've shown them that much favor.

"Haven't you?"

He explains nomads are astray in their practices, borderline heretical.

They do not properly follow the teachings of the Church. They are not good followers.

You point out that you asked them specifically if they followed the Church's teachings when they arrived.

"They follow their interpretation."

They freely commit adultery, saying sex is no sin, for men and women. They practice polygamy in all but name. They do not follow the will of the Church, or tithe. They hoard any gold or bread to themselves and do not share it with any outside their group, meaning they do not follow the spirit of community present in the Church's teachings.

It is not for individual men or groups to interpret God's will. God's will is for all, in the community of man, who should be following the same teachings, which they learn from the Church's leaders. That's why they are not good followers and it reflects terribly on you, as Monarch, to associate with them.

"I beg you, Your Majesty. I won't ask the impossible and force you to expel them, but do not consort with them again."

… That puts you in a bit of a bind.

You already agreed to meet with Nara tonight. You don't feel like simply abandoning that meeting after all that happened today.


The nomads have treated you a lot better than this priest. Or even the Church in general, which, now that you've lost your real reverence for God, simply feels like it's taught you fear and guilt.

There's no decision to make.

You tell the priest you simply can't do that.

You have no authority to say anything about God's will, of course. That's the domain of the Church.

But until and unless the nomads show they are untrustworthy apostates, you will interact with them as you see fit.

They'll be gone soon when the Faire is over. No one will remember them, or that you might have been seen 'consorting' with them.

You're hardly endorsing them, and neither will anyone think so.


He doesn't look pleased, but you think he understands you're not going to budge.

He lets out a small sigh.

"Very well. So be it."

You nod.

Still, you thank him for alerting you to this matter. You truly were naive. You were unaware there were any rumors regarding you. Or that the nomads are deviants.

…That's a pure attempt at diplomacy, from you.

Deep down, you can't help but think the idea of polygamy may be a good idea. If perhaps not free and open adultery for both men and women.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

4a746 No.79542

Jesus, had me worried their for a second…thought our consorting with witches had done us in

62d52 No.79551

I'm personally quite glad that we'll be seeing this reverend off with good cheer and a thank you… and replacing him with someone less likely to have that stick up his ass welded into place.

8296c No.79577

Honestly? We chose the new guy because we were thinking with our dicks at the time. We have no idea really if the new guy will be forgiving or extra zealous. And if we really end up knocking up the two nuns, I'll bet, it's the latter.

62d52 No.79579

I said *less* likely.

5b0eb No.79582

After you settle that contentious point, the priest pivots to a new topic.

He received your invitation to the noble's gathering you plan to have before the Faire is complete. Of course, he will gladly attend.

He's prepared for services with the aristocrats, too. You feel he's indirectly needling you to set a schedule.

You tell him you're planning a jousting tournament and it will be set between that and the gathering. It's best for the guests not to have their mind on corporeal excitement when they hear his service, is it not?

You share some terse pleasantries. He's clearly not placated by your words after you rebuked his request.

You tell him if there's nothing else, you'll be excusing yourself. You're sure you can both do with your midday meals, you say.

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Go with God."

You can't exactly echo his words, but you express your gratitude for the sentiment.

You retreat from the priest's room.

It's only when you're away from people in another hallway you realize you're sweating perhaps more than you did over sparring.


You won't have to deal with him again in the future, you remind yourself.

Father Tomas, with his two nuns, will serve at your castle soon.

There would be no changing that. You stamped the order already.

With that comforting thought, you wind your way to the sitting room for your midday meal.

Your heart reflexively skips a beat when someone passes, but that's just simple paranoia.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79623

File: 1603535482346.jpg (68.29 KB, 1024x1045, Tharja-admire.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You reach your sitting room and find Beatrice and Tharja already there, along with Margaret.

It seems your talk with the priest kept you a tad longer than you would have liked.

You exchange greetings and talk about how wonderful the Faire is.

Tharja's fond, affectionate mannerisms and the words she speaks to you helps to comfort you. You forget the emotions brought about by the attempt at intimidation on you by the priest. He can't touch you or disturb the love you both share.

Elizabeth arrives soon with your meal.

Margaret samples a portion of it.

She does not drop dead, so you begin to eat.

Beatrice makes no move to contact you.

You know she's investigating the Chrisania siblings. But she's only been active for one night and one morning. She likely has nothing to report.

That's fine. No news is good news, you suppose.

Did you have some reason to recall Beatrice…?

You can't think of any.

You are concerned about where exactly the "rumors" of you visiting the nomads came from, but it could be literally anyone.

Besides your loyal soldiers who escorted you there, plenty of commoners may have seen. It wasn't as if you disguised yourself when you walked right out to their wagon.

Your mind drifts to anticipation of Nara's fortune.

Will it include a night in her bed, you wonder?

You really wouldn't mind that. Especially if Mara were to join in.

They weren't twins, which was unfortunate, but they were rather similar in appearance if not skill-set.


Perhaps you should let Tharja know your intentions… subtly or not.

Tharja's used to being visited by you every night. If you no-show her, she may wonder why.

Choice time:
>Openly tell Tharja you have something to take care of tonight and may not be able to visit her. Be vague, at least, in purpose.
>When the meal is done, take Tharja aside and tell her the whole truth about the nomads and your meeting with Nara. It may take a moment longer to explain, but it's worth it.
>No need to go so far as to explain your every action. Just finish eating and bid the table farewell.
>What are you thinking? Of course you'll be spending time with your wife tonight. Resolve that no matter what happens with Nara, you'll be back to the castle before night falls.

62d52 No.79624

Option 2.

75c7b No.79625

Option 2

15e93 No.79632

Option 2.

04f81 No.79639

…honestly, although we're not going to let the priest intimidate us, it really wouldn't look good for someone to see the king leaving the nomad's camp in the morning. We probably should endeavor to not spend the night outside the castle. So that being said,

Option 4.

c26ac No.79650

option 4

We're already in hot water with our visits to the nomad camp. No need to further arouse suspicion by spending the night outside the castle. Besides, getting laid has (usually) never stopped us from retiring to Tharja's bed at the end of the night.

f2270 No.79656

Nara's nice and all, but I don't see why we need contingencies for spending the whole night with her. And while I don't think the nomads have any ill intentions, we don't really know them and sleeping outside the walls among them where our guards aren't nearby seems like a weird risk to take.

As others have said, it's also a bit of an issue to be bedding down with people your chaplain literally just told you are borderline heretics. We can't claim ignorance any more, and it's clearly 'consorting' with them, not just talking or being entertained. One consequence of replacing the chaplain is that he has no incentive not to rat us out about anything and everything.

Option 4.

d7eb1 No.79661

Option 4. I don’t want to risk the fury of the church coming down on us.

6d9c5 No.79662


Option 4

0c23e No.79666

>>79656 Good points.

Option 4.

5b0eb No.79669

>3 votes for option two, tell Tharja of your plans, quietly.
>6 votes for option four, commit to returning to the castle and spending time with Tharja.

Decide that you'll keep to your normal routine of relaxing with Tharja before you sleep, and that means coming back to the castle before night falls.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.79678

The day may come when you don't have your wife to keep you company, but that won't be tonight.

As rare as the chance might be, you won't literally sleep with the nomads.

That, and…

You probably should be a little concerned over your immortal soul.

If not as an actual thing you need to take care of, at least other people's interpretation of the state of your immortal soul.

The priest forced your hand by telling you that they're astray, religiously speaking. It does not matter even if it's true or not. He could be grossly exaggerating or outright lying. How would he know, anyway?

Regardless, it will still look bad if you ignore the warning, or even try to plead a defense on their behalf. No, a defense would be even worse received.

Damn. He's good. He forced you into an impossible situation where you have to follow his will, even if you defied him.

Better you have him replaced, you muse.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79708

You rise after your meal is over and bid both Beatrice and Tharja farewell. You don't offer specifics as to what you plan on doing, and they don't ask. You don't even mention the Faire.

You depart the meeting alone and make your way back in the direction you traveled the same morning.

After being summoned by the priest, you wonder if some other messenger will intercept you, but no one does.

The heat of the midday sun hits you as you step out into the open air.

You're not sure what to expect from Nara's second performance.

You find yourself thinking back and reflecting on what she said already.

The prediction that moved her to exhaustion.

You had asked her, specifically, what to do to keep your Kingdom stable. Not your personal wellbeing or even just 'to have a happy life,' but entirely focused on Ruhemania.

'You are surrounded by small lights. They're small now, but they'll soon grow,' she had said.

Does that mean the 'lights' are something that already exist, in the castle?

Or maybe not in the castle, but in your history in general.

And 'many others'.

You try to think of what could have power that 'burns'.

Magic would certainly be one such thing. Beatrice is an overwhelmingly powerful being. Tharja, as gentle as she is and how much she loves you, also has the potential to become as powerful. To say nothing about Erika.

Then again…

It could mean something less literal. 'Political' power.

You have surrounded yourself with all the nobility in the Kingdom. Lesser nobility.

They would certainly know about you, and like any court, they could unite behind you and provide you a stable Kingdom, or betray you.

… Though if you're thinking like that, you could easily say the same about the Church or even the peasantry.

You're beginning to wonder if she's intentionally being so vague as to make it so you could interpret it any way you like.

The most concise detail was that among the lights 'one' stood out in particular. It was far, now, but it will 'spread' if 'left alone'.

You can't rule out this could also be an interpretation of your personal history of siring so many children and leaving so many women pregnant. Any babe you sire could directly make a challenge for its claim to your line. In which case, any woman you slept with would know about you.

Nara would definitely be aware of your history enough to draw a prediction from that, too. You had told Mara, after all.


Hopefully whatever happens when you have this meeting will give you a better picture.

You worked too hard and come all this way to fail. To not maintain Ruhemania as a healthy Kingdom. Before your heir to the throne is even born from Tharja's fertile womb.

You console yourself with the notion that it's too early in your reign and you've been far too generous with those around you to have any legitimate threats.

By the time you've finished daydreaming, you can see the wagon in the distance.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79788

As you get closer to the nomads, you can smell meat cooking.

There's a few gathered around a fire roasting whatever they ate before you arrived. Lamb, perhaps? At any rate, you're offered none of it and it's not why you're here.

While the nomads had previously avoided speaking to you directly, one young man greets you as 'Your Majesty.'

You give him a respectful nod in return. You don't need to explain why you're there. He steps inside the wagon, presumably to bring Vano to you.

Some of the women give you coy smiles, and you're reminded what the priest said about their attitudes toward sex.

Not that you needed it explicitly pointed out, after your meeting with Mara.

You give her a charming smile to know you're flattered, but can't pursue.

At any rate, it's only a moment before Vano and the other youth come from the wagon.

Vano greets you like he has before.

"Your Majesty…"

He gestures to the entrance of the wagon.

"My daughter is ready. Apologies for the wait."

You tell him it was no problem, under the circumstances.

There's nothing stopping you from entering.

You proceed into the wagon, careful about where you step.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79837

File: 1603890418779.jpg (112.48 KB, 850x1219, Nara-ready.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Nara is there waiting for you. You notice there's no crystal ball at the table where she sits. No teapot either.

"Your Majesty."

She waits without gesturing. Her facial expression is soft, and even.

As you settle into your seat, you express your hope that she's all right.

You can see a bit of a shy blush from her as she avoids your eyes.

"Apologies for that. I should have been more prepared, Your Majesty. For now…"

She gestures with her hands, drawing them out spread flat in front of her, turning them over so you can see the backs, then her palms.

"I am going to use new tools to tell you your fortune. It shall be revealed with the use of… these."

There's one last swipe, and the light catches the back of a flat piece of… something?

It's a rectangular flat piece of something thin, like wood. No, much thinner. Like a parchment? But too stiff. You suppose it must be treated somehow to keep it from folding.

You realize the backs are all identical.

"These cards will reveal the answers to you. I will use them to paint a portrait of your fortune. Do not be afraid, but please do not touch, unless prompted."

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79885

Oh, of course you recognize cards, though you've never owned a set.


Aren't they a tool for gambling? Or playing at least.

If you remember, you saw shady characters using them in Viril, during times of festivals hosted by your father.

This would definitely be one more thing for the Church to be upset with you about if they knew you were now indulging in yet another vice.

Nara holds your gaze as she replies.

"Gambling tools these are… not. There is a story hidden in their pictures and every drawn line has meaning. They have been passed through our family for generations. Interpreting the cards themselves is an area of study in itself. One which I have devoted myself to. They are not wielded lightly… which is why I did not bring them out earlier. I've recognized now you are in need of a bigger picture that these cards can tell."

… You turn your head, peering again at the cards.

You can't really examine them thoroughly, but you suppose you could believe they're that old.

All right. You'll put aside any doubt you could have about the cards.

How will this work…?

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.79938

File: 1604064297700.jpg (95.24 KB, 588x600, Nara-shuffle.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

"You are not a passive party in this. I do not tell you how to interpret the cards. You determine how you interpret the cards."


But then, what does Nara do?

"I will show you how they are connected. You will be able to build your own fortune by connecting one card to another. I will guide you to understand what kind of bridge you have created. Do not be afraid. It is impossible to do it wrong. You are free to heed what the cards say… or not heed them."

You take a deep breath.

Right. Free will. Very important.

Despite your skepticism, you feel a bit of a chill down your spine. Are you going to like what they have to say?

"Are you ready?" asks Nara.

You give her a nod, still squirming a bit.

The anticipation has built up the expectation in your mind, at least.

You're ready, you add, vocally.

Nara returns your nod.

"Then… let us begin."

She starts pulling cards out from the cards, separating them, then mixing them back, shuffling around their positions.

Her hands are smooth and practiced. Furthermore her eyes are staring straight ahead at you, without looking down at her movements.

You think you grasp the meaning. She's emphasizing that she's not arranging the cards any specific way. She's letting the order get separated until it's completely random.

Her hands turn and she starts shuffling the cards a different way. The movements beget soft little sounds.

You let her continue on.

Eventually, her lips move.

"When you feel the time is right, command me to 'stop'."

–Oh. Okay. This part is meant to inspire you to be active from the beginning.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Say 'stop' immediately.
>Pause for a few more seconds, then say 'stop'.
>Wait an entire half minute, then say 'stop'.

78a36 No.79942

Option 2. Wait a couple more seconds.
To me, this shows that we wait and gather information, but still act in a timely manner.

50ddc No.79947

Option 1
Why wait? Initiate!

52cc0 No.79951

Option 2. No real reason, just feel like it.

15e93 No.79954

Option 2.

62d52 No.79959

Option 2. Deliberate, but still proactive.

5b0eb No.79984

File: 1604141449088-0.jpg (19.35 KB, 143x242, card1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604141449088-1.jpg (20.51 KB, 143x241, card2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604141449088-2.jpg (17.55 KB, 143x239, card3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>1 vote for option one, immediately say 'stop'.
>4 votes for option two, pause, then say 'stop'.

Pause, then say stop.

You let Nara shuffle the cards a few more times, as if you're truly taking her advice and feeling out when to tell her to stop.

Then you ring out a cry of 'stop'.


Nara's hands bring the cards together, combining them into a cohesive pile. She follows up by deliberately taking one card from the top of the set and laying it flat in front of you. Then another. Then another.

There's three identical cards in front of you. Nara sets the rest to the side. She gives you ample opportunity to look at the backs.

They do indeed seem identical. They don't have any noticeable marking that differentiates them. –Though your eye is untrained.

You give her a small nod, prompting her to go on.

A soft feminine hand reaches for the first card from the right, and flips it over.

It's a card of a man, who looks like an aristocrat or at least a well-off merchant, surrounded by many cups on a fine table. You can't see if the cups are full of anything. He seats on a simple chair that looks comfortable if not ornate.

Nara's hand flips the middle card.

It's a man who is definitely royalty. No, outright a King. He sits on a throne with a stark gold crown on his head. You notice in particular that the throne lacks armrests, which puts you in mind of King Vlad's own throne. He holds a long scepter, but the focus is on the throne, which you then realize has other ornate drawings on it.

Nara's hand flips the last card.

It's a picture of a man giving charity. Beggars kneel and prostrate in gratitude as he offers coin, freely. His other hand carries a set of scales, balanced evenly.

Nara gives you time to look them over as you ponder the meaning.

Does the order she turned them matter…?

"It can. But rather than focus on that, I will ask."

She gestures her hand over each card.

"Which is you?"


You're not sure, but you hope it's complimentary.

Though if you're going with your basic instincts, you're inclined to say…

Choice time:
>You're the aristocrat surrounded by cups. He looks comfortable enough with his position in life. The cups could fulfill some symbolism.
>You're the powerful King with the impressive throne. It's simply the card that makes the most sense.
>You're the man giving charity. At the risk of sounding like a braggart, you have taken it upon yourself to rule your Kingdom in a just manner.
>These cards… They're all you, at different points in your life.

62d52 No.79989

Option 4. Each card is an aspect, a different facet. Timing isn't as important.

78a36 No.80005

I agree with option 4.

79cb1 No.80006

Option 4

15e93 No.80007

Option 4.

5b0eb No.80035

>4 votes for option four, the cards are all facets of you.

Tell Nara they all apply to you.

You're not sure if it's because you suspect a sort of 'trick' or 'gotcha' from Nara, or because it's your first impulse.


To be honest, they all feel like you, you say.

Nara nods.

"Interesting. If that's how you feel, then you are correct. There is no 'wrong'."

She moves her hand over the card with the man surrounded by cups.

"The cups suggest happiness, and contentment. Luxury is plentiful. More than that, these things are earned as a rightful reward instead of pilfered."

Next, the King on his throne.

"The King suggests a very strong will. It could be your own, or something influencing you. It suggests strong leadership, but also honesty and optimism."

And the last.

"The last card, of course, symbolizes generosity… but with a hidden meaning. One attached to favors in return. The balanced scales mean the giver is receiving something as much as the beggars. They both need each other. This does not mean you are the one giving the coin. It could also mean you are in a situation where you are receiving something that keeps you dependent on another's gift."


You are happy here in Ruhemania, but you're not sure if you're truly "comfortable." The first card could be a symbol of your life in Virilia.

Now that you've thoguht about it, you can't help but think the card would be more accurate if it showed you surrounded by pregnant bellies.

Being around all those many women you impregnated on a day-to-day basis was immensely satisfying. That it was the result of all of your own effort would also fit the card's meaning.

…Well, of course, the women deserved credit for their efforts in carrying the babes, too.

The second…

It could be you, or maybe your father in your younger days. It was by his command and blessing you came to Ruhemania.

You don't think it could mean Beatrice. She does possess a very strong will, and you consider her needs and advice, but she doesn't truly 'lead'.


You thought it simply meant you were charitable, but Nara's interpretation worries you.

Maybe it's the Church? The Church gives you its blessing and divine right to rule, and in exchange you let them tell you and your subjects how to live. That surely was a situation where the Church might actually need you more than the other way around.

–Though you may just be thinking that because it's fresh in your mind after the priest's meeting. A little resentment is called for.

Nara's hands dip back to her pile of remaining cards.

"For the next stage, we're going to discover more about what journey you are taking. Think about what you are trying to accomplish most, as an individual, for yourself. Do not speak it. Merely think about it."

Nara gives you a pause, enough for you to meditate for a few full breaths.

A journey..

Your mind clears of thoughts, and settles on one goal.

She then asks.

"Have you done this?"

You nod your assent, inwardly reflecting that what you're trying to accomplish most is…

Choice time:
>As before, it remains. A stable, prosperous Ruhemania.
>As an individual accomplishment? That can only be done by you? –To continue to satisfy, and impregnate, all women you meet.
>A happy family, with Tharja.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

f5ed2 No.80037

Option 2.

ba3ef No.80039

option 1

78a36 No.80043

I kinda hate to be boring, but Option 1. Kinda hard to impregnate women if everything goes to crap.

62d52 No.80050

If we MUST be selfish, then Option 2. Doing your job well just means you can relax with your harem more in the long term.

0e040 No.80058

option 2

0c23e No.80075

Option 1….. >>80043 has a good point.

50ddc No.80078

Option 2
It's in the title of this title, after all…

6b618 No.80083

Option 2. Considering her words of "as an individual," I believe this is our basest, most instinctual desire as an individual.

04516 No.80092

Option two.

5b0eb No.80093

>3 votes for option one, your journey is Ruhemania's journey to stability.
>6 votes for option two, your journey is impregnating women.

Picture a journey of yourself impregnating women.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.80094

File: 1604311835137-0.jpg (16.11 KB, 143x238, card1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604311835137-1.jpg (18.91 KB, 143x239, card2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604311835137-2.jpg (20.38 KB, 143x245, card3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's an "individual" journey.

You care deeply about Ruhemania. Not least because your own livelihood depends on your rule.

But as something only Edward, King of Ruhemania, Sir of Virilia, could do…

Women. Impregnating women. Giving them life to carry. Your seed to take root. Their bellies to blossom.

That's really what brought you here, isn't it? It was why the matchmaker did what she did.

You keep your lips still and Nara sets out the next set of three cards, flipping the first one.


The first is a card of a man steering a boat. No, perhaps it cannot be called a boat. He presses it onward entirely by strength with a long stick. No doubt the water must be shallow. Such work had to be tiring. There's two vague persons in the boat with him who are not helping, you imagine it as a woman and their child. Moreover… there's a number of stakes sticking out of the boat.


Nara flips the next card.

It's a magnificent Queen sitting on a throne. She looks both beautiful and stately. She carries a vessel of… something. On second look, you see there is water in front of her. You're reminded of the parable of a ruler who claimed to be so powerful he would command the ocean to retreat before him, but of course he could not. It was a lesson on humility and learning your place. However, you could believe this woman would truly stop the tide of the ocean, if she chose.

And the last.

It's… unnerving, to say the least. A grim looking knight sitting upon a steed. But the horse is pale, and the rider has an exposed skull instead of a proper head. Bodies lie around. As does destruction. People pleading for mercy. The flag flies some insignia with a meaning you cannot recognize.

Nara gives you another chance to take in what you see, then asks.

"Which do you think of most as an ally who would help you on your journey?"

You bring your hand to your face and stroke your chin as you give this question more weight than it probably deserves.

In your journey to impregnate women, which card focused on an ally?

You think you have an idea.

Choice time:
>The man steering the boat is your ally. It seems it must symbolize someone dependable.
>The regal woman atop her throne is your ally. She's clearly powerful.
>The dark skeleton knight… well, you're not sure if he's an 'ally', but you probably don't want him as an enemy.

79cb1 No.80099

Option 2.

This is interesting.

I think the worst option would be 3; death, destruction. They have a place in our kingdom, but not as our major ally in our journey of ruling. The man steering a boat is a good ally, and dependable, but can he be seen as a better ally then a regal queen?

ed7f8 No.80102

Arguably they all represent allies of ours. The man steering the boat probably represents the dutiful and dependable Ricardo. The noble lady could be Tharja or Beatrice, but I'm gonna say Tharja since I think Death is Beatrice- she killed Daniella and King Vlad to advance us, and has said she's willing to kill again to help us. That said, in the direct quest we've decided on, Tharja is probably our greatest ally, so…

Option 2.

15e93 No.80103

Option 2.

78a36 No.80138

I will also say option 2.

62d52 No.80148

Option 2. Death in the Major Arcana is usually interpreted as a harbinger of change rather than literal death, but Edward has no reason to know this, and the woman, particularly the Woman of Power, would be his first instinct as an ally.

5b0eb No.80156

>5 votes for option five, the regal woman on the throne.

Your ally is the powerful, magnificent Queen.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.80162

This one.

You reach down, and point at the card of the Queen.

You are King, it's only natural your ally is the Queen.

Nara nods, a gesture without approval or disapproval.

"I see. Your ally of the three is the Queen."

She plays her fingers along the edge of the card.

"The Queen is a woman of fierce imagination coupled with determination. Moreover, she is adaptable. Much like water in the vessel she carries, she will take the shape of whatever surrounds her. She has a good-nature, and is best paired with someone to be a good influence on her."

…The Queen is Tharja.

Nara's not even done talking about it before you come to that conclusion.

Tharja is beautiful, has imagination, has been very adaptable to your influence, and yet still pursues her own goals in relation to that.

Moreover, Tharja is unreservedly and eternally your ally. You share a bond like no other.

"I see you are in agreement that this is your ally."

…Ah, you realize you were nodding your head along with her words, to a point it was obvious.

Yes, you tell her.

You decide and go ahead and say it is your lovely wife.

Tharja is not technically a Queen until and unless you give her the title and have another coronation. She would become Queen only if you died without a male heir.

Regardless, she is equal to you in social standing if not your personal political and military power.

That is why you know this is your wife.

Nara returns your explanation with a nod.

"If you are certain that is the case, then it likely is. But the others here need not be enemies."

She draws your attention to the card of the man in the boat.

"This card represents stress. Moreover, a retreat from that stress. That there was a looming shadow that haunted this person in their life, and they retreated from it."

…It's Ricardo. The shadow was King Vlad's influence. You've deduced that one already as well.

You prop your hand against your chin and prevent yourself from nodding, at least.

"But, they are working tirelessly to steer and 'propel' the ship. Their labor is not in vain, or unappreciated."


If you think in terms of Castle Valachia, that fits Ricardo perfectly.

But when it comes to your goal of siring children… did Ricardo ever help you there?

Well, whatever. You can't think of anyone else.

Nara waits for you to say something, but you don't.

"The swords perched here are signs that the rough waters are being navigated. That is the lesson of this card."

Ah. So they're swords, not stakes. That's good to know.

Nara moves on to the final card.

"This is… Death."

… Should you be frightened, you ask?

Nara shakes her head.

"It is a symbolic death. One of renewal and invigoration. Things may die, but it is a change that brings transformation. If you accept change, then this is a very good omen. If you reject it, then it will be very unpleasant. That is the dual nature of death."

… That certainly must be Beatrice.

Or if not Beatrice specifically, perhaps witches in general.

You had certainly changed Ruhemania, hopefully for the better, by siding with her on that fateful day. It seems like ages ago, when in reality it was but a few months.

…Embrace Death as a means to continuing your goal of impregnating all women?


In that case, maybe you should encourage Beatrice to create more unattuned spellbooks…

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80205

File: 1604474214988.jpg (575.57 KB, 595x842, Nara-lastdraw.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You hear Nara take a deep breath.

"This last set will hint as to what lies for you in the future. This is not set in stone. Nor is it telling you the result of your journey. This fortune is telling you what will happen to you after your journey. Not the results of the journey."


"Do you understand?" she asks.

You'd like to hear it one last time.

"I will display one last set of cards toward you. The first set told you who you are and what you have done. The second set told you about your journey and who will guide you. The third set tells you what comes after. This does not predict a good or bad end to your journey. This does not predict if your journey will even end. This only predicts what will happen as a consequence of that journey."


So, hypothetically, if your journey was to become the greatest swordsman in the land…

This fortune wouldn't be to tell you if you succeed or if you fail, but it would predict if you were to wind up, say, fighting in a war?

"That is correct. The journey will take you some place. This place is what the fortune will reveal."

… All right.

You have some idea.

Your pursuit of impregnating all women had already given you a Kingdom.

You nod to Nara.

You understand, you announce.

You're prepared to hear it.

You ask her to draw the last set of cards.


Nara's eyes meet yours, and she nods.

Her hands go to the top of the pile…

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80253

File: 1604580155045-0.jpg (20.37 KB, 143x234, card1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604580155045-1.jpg (18.54 KB, 143x243, card2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604580155045-2.jpg (19.86 KB, 143x239, card3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

There's little room on the table left, but she makes use of it.

The first upturned card reveals a figure on a throne, surrounded by two mighty pillars and two servants. He raises a hand in some gesture and holds a symbol in the other. There's another symbol as an insignia on the throne.

…Wait, that's a symbol of the Holy Church.

You realize now the 'servants' are monks. What meaning did this have?

You blink up at Nara, the expression of shock on your face evident, but she merely turns over the next card.

You see four suspended wooden poles, a garland hanging from them. Two figures stand in the background in celebration, alongside a bustling castle wall. It seems a positive image.

You're still reeling from the first card and that it actually depicts the Church to come up with more of an impression. And then the third card is turned.

You see three women, each holding a cup, raising them to the heavens. Ripe crops in fertile land grows around them. They seem to be dancing and singing happily.

Your mind starts to collect the symbols, and Nara watches you, thoughtfully.

"This is a very fortuitous fortune, Your Majesty. You are receiving a very blessed omen."

…Are you?

You find it strange she isn't quizzing you on developing your own meaning.

A thin-lipped smile plays across her face as she nods.

"Indeed. …But the cards haven't told the entire story, yet."

She reaches for her deck again.

Without waiting, she slides three more cards in front of those she just flipped over, face down.

It's such a deviation it catches you off guard.

Will this next set be the last?

How many cards does she carry?

With building nerves, you wait as her fingers slap the final card down, and then she reaches to turn up the first one in the latest three she's dealt to you.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

62d52 No.80257

To answer Edward's question, a standard tarot deck has 72 cards. 4 suits of 14 and 22 major arcana.

(I had to look that up. Despite my passing knowledge of tarot fortune-telling, I'm far more familiar with the more common poker deck. And for those who like such details, both card deck styles were developed around the same time. The poker deck and its games just caught on and spread better than tarot games, where most fortune-telling acts liked the tarot deck.)

5b0eb No.80299

File: 1604660556351-0.jpg (13.42 KB, 143x245, card1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604660556351-1.jpg (21.24 KB, 143x241, card2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1604660556351-2.jpg (19.37 KB, 143x244, card3.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Nara flips up the next card.

It's a man, dejected, face turned away. Three cups lie spilled in front of him. THe liquid being sucked into the dry ground. Beside him are two more cups. A bridge is vaguely visible in the background. The feeling of loss is communicated clearly.

Her hands immediately go to the next.

It's a woman standing in an illustrious garden. A fine falcon sits on her gloved hand. Abundance surrounds her and she seems very content.

The final card is reached, and flipped up for you to see.

It's a scene you've seen many times. Swords are being collected from the ground. Since there are no bodies or even bloodshed, you can only assume it was the result of a fine spar. Despite this, the man's expression conveys resentment. Water is visible in the background.

Nara brings back her hands, and lets you view the entire set.

"I will now tell you your fortune, as the cards have revealed."

She gestures to the first set.

"You were once provided with a comfortable life. You had little wants, beyond idle indulgences. You were happy. Your one concern was an authority pushing you. Teaching you. He was strict, but fair. He wanted you to succeed."

… You can't help but shudder as those words strike a familiar sort of deja vu.

"You were given gifts, and these gifts were to keep you attached to the authority's influence. He needed you as much as you needed him."

Guilt courses through you as Nara's words paint their picture.

This could describe your flesh-and-blood father… but it could also describe King Vlad.

She raises a finger, and then uses it to guide your eyes to the second set.

"You undertook a journey. In this journey, there were three elements alongside you. One was a man, a tireless worker, who steadied you without asking anything tangible in return. Second, a woman, generous and yielding… who you described as your own wife. Third, a figure who brought a sudden and dramatic change to you. One you have dealt with and adapted to. The question will be if this force will call on you to change yet again."

….Hah. It does sound like it could be Ricardo, Tharja, and Beatrice.

Having built up a steady rhythm, Nara then gestures to the last set she drew.

"This is where your journey will take you: you will meet a person of great knowledge. A religious person. They will offer their services to you. They will show you a new way of spiritual being. And you will accept it."

… What?

"The acceptance will bring immediate fruit. You will find your journey achieves its goals beyond success. You will be able to celebrate… moreover, you will make many new friends in the process. They will share in your jubilation. Everyone in your court will be grateful for the gifts you've brought them."

Your mind thinks back to how you decided on bringing Father Tomas to the castle…

Was it true? Was there some unknown power he'd bring with him? Was he secretly a Saint? Or an angel in disguise? Or perhaps a demon.

Nara gives you a few seconds to let your emotions make their way through you, then waves a hand over the last set.

"However, ultimately, when your journey is done, you will find pessimism. You will only see the bounty you can no longer attain. You will not realize there are still great treasures around you. At least for a time. When you are ready, you will see that you have created your own way in the world. You will answer to no one. You will find your own happiness with what you have."

Glancing back down at the new set, you suppose that would follow…

Then, Nara waves her finger in front of the last card.

"One last challenge will await you before you move on from this mortal coil. The challenge of accepting defeat. Of losing. You will suffer an indignation, and your heart will burn with anger. And it will burn rightly. If you give in to it, you will do naught but suffer more."

That doesn't bode well. It was all sounding positive until that last part.

Nara sees your dejection and makes a soft little noise of sympathy.

"Do not be dejected. Your fortune contains many, many cups. Those are a sign of pleasure. You will experience more pleasure and celebration in your life than many men, many times over."


You can't help but smile at that.

In that, you can completely accept the words Nara speaks.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80313

File: 1604701048988.jpg (6.65 KB, 128x128, lovers.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Just to be sure.

You do of course have free will, correct?

You won't, strictly speaking, have to follow whatever this religious person suggests, will you?

"You will… not. However, this fortune predicts a future where you do. If you refuse, you will create a new path, and the rest of what the cards predict will matter less, or not at all."


In other words, you may not have the success and esteem the cards predict if you don't take the offer. But you may not have the disillusionment that follows or the final disappointment.

You have to wonder if the 'religious person' truly is this Father Tomas.

Perhaps 'religious' is a metaphor? It could simply be 'someone who firmly believes what they're doing.'

In which case, could it apply to Robin? She certainly had her own ideas, which you had set her to believe you would listen to.

–Or perhaps Erika.

Well, whatever. You'll take it as it comes.

Nara begins to slide the cards back toward her as you think.

"There is one more card to show you," she says.

Oh? One more?

She nods.

"This one will tell your immediate future."

Her hand reaches to the pile, and she pulls up one card, then holds it in front of you without setting it down.

She turns it in steady hands.

On it is a picture of a man and a woman. They are both naked. There's a celestial figure above them. Presumably, it's approving of their situation.

"This card is the Lovers. It symbolizes natural passion between man and woman. A future of sensuality. There is a built up trust and mutual attraction between them. Feelings… that… can be… acted on…"

Her voice trails off, and you realize her hand is trembling. Her breathing is quickened. Her eyes glance at you from behind the card, shyly.

Choice time:
>Thank Nara for her time and stand up. Promise you'll consider the meaning of her words.
>Gently take Nara's hand in yours and accept the invitation to seduce her.

f5ed2 No.80320

Option 2

78a36 No.80323

I'm glad we learned something from this, but I hope that we won't let it scare us. In any case, Option 2.

86d30 No.80326


Edward believes in the heart of the cards

31770 No.80327

Option 1 with a suggestion we make it back to our lovely Tharja to act upon the card.

6b618 No.80329

Option 2

62d52 No.80333

Option 2. Tap. Dat. Ass.

15e93 No.80345

Option 2.

f0090 No.80348

Option 2. While Edward might have to keep it brief in comparison to his encounter with Mara (can't be caught hanging around the Nomads too long, plus he might need energy for anything Tharja has planned later), the opportunity should not be missed.

06839 No.80358

>Gently take Nara's hand in yours and accept the invitation to seduce her.

5b0eb No.80426

File: 1604830883478.png (795.55 KB, 828x1169, Nara-seduction.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>1 vote for option one, end the session and leave quietly.
>8 votes for option two, seduce Nara.

Gently accept the invitation to seduce Nara.

Being careful not to accidentally hit the card, you slowly put a hand out and place Nara's palm in yours.

"Ah," she exclaims, in a hushed little voice.

It's a card with a deep meaning, isn't it?

You wondered if Nara herself would play a role in your destiny. You're very glad she will.

That is… if she'd like the opportunity?


Nara's eyes are wet, her pupils dilated. She looks at your face with emotion, and desire.

"I've never… done this before."

That's all right, you say.

You promise you'll be gentle.

You punctuate the offer by stroking the lines of her palm with your finger, subtly promising her more.


You watch her take a deep breath.

Then, she nods.

She places her card back on the table and gently shifts it out of the way, until there's nothing separating you both but empty space.

You take the initiative and crawl closer.

She looks up at you submissively as you take her in your arms.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80495

Nara is much softer than Mara, that's your first thought.

Nara is much more innocent. That's your second thought that comes when your lips find hers.

You take it slow. Your first kiss is barely a peck, and you're careful not to be overbearing. Her lips are soft, yielding, but shy. She doesn't kiss back, whereas Mara certainly would have.

Experimenting with finding her body's weak spot, you slide a hand to caress the nape of her neck.


Nara reacts by arching her back into you. She falls forward into the touch, which has the side effect of pressing her chest to your body.

Her breasts are full, heavy, and very soft. You don't doubt they'd help make her a good mother.

So far, so good.

Wary of overstimulating her, you focus on touching her neck, trailing your kisses to the side of her lips, then cheeks, then neck.

It's a natural progression with how she begins to bend.

"Your Majesty…" she moans, voice soft.

..Does she like this?

She nods, with a little hesitance.

"I've never felt like this before. I've never met a man like you."


Your ego can't help but appreciate the stroking, and you whisper a soft little thank you.

You're happy to show her other unique ways you know how to treat women.

Is she aware of what you're most known for, you ask?


She hesitates again, before nodding.

"Yes, my sister told me."

You nod. You expected that.

What does she think, you ask?

You both laying together. Showing Nara the pleasure a man can give a woman. The pleasure of taking a man's length, Of being filled with his seed. Of it taking root in her body. Her womb bearing through. Her breasts growing like two plump apples and a belly like a ripe melon… all for the sake of giving birth.

Is that a future she would accept? For herself and the life she'd create?


Your hands run down to stroke at her thighs as she thinks it over. Her face is hot. You can feel the heat radiating from her skin. Her body clearly needs your attention. It will only take a moment for her mind to catch up.

"Please…" she moans.

Hm? Please what, you ask?

Now with full access to her body, you can't help but tease her.

One hand strokes her breast through her gown. Your other rubs her inner thigh.

"Please…" Another hesitation as your thumb finds her nipple and gives it a rub. "Please, take me. Impregnate me… k-knock me up."

She shudders as she says the last line.


How can you refuse?

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80533

Your hands reach out and you gently slip the side of Nara's gown from her shoulder.

It falls easily, needing only a gentle roll to get it off of Nara's breasts.

Of course, you take the opportunity to feel her up.


She lets out a surprised sound, before giving a little sigh.

You roll it down farther and Nara's breasts expose themselves to you. The fabric of her dress is soft, but her breasts are softer.

You rub and massage her tits as you seek out more foreplay. You roll her breasts around in your hands. Your fingers sink into the flesh and Nara raises her hands up to put her palms atop yours as if to beg you to slow down.

You get the feeling she's more tolerating your touch at her chest than truly getting off on it. Perhaps she has some issue with her breasts? They're a tad more modest than Mara's, though that may be because of their different professions.

You don't feel like asking. Instead, you try another strategy.

Does she mind this sort of attention?

She squirms against you.

"I don't mind," she says.

Mm… think of it this way.

When she gives birth, your child will surely be touching her breasts. A lot.


She gets an embarrassed little expression and turns her head.

You can feel her nipples perk up in your hand.

You know from your experience. The breasts become very sensitive… they swell. She might choose to not even cover them. You hear it's a big hassle.


She digs her chin into her collarbone, her eyes shut at the image you paint for her. She's definitely breathing faster.

She won't have to wait long, you add.

It happens right away. One of the first changes pregnancy brings.


Nara's body gives a little shudder and she moans openly as you rub your thumbs against her nipples.


It seems you're helping her find her erogenous zones.

You decide that's enough attention for her breasts.

You cup her tits one last time with your large palms, lean your face down, and press another kiss to her neck.

These will be a lovely boon to her journey to motherhood. But, now… you want to see the rest of her.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80591

Nara rolls backward, letting you pull off the rest of her garment. Flowing fabric falls down her waist, over her hips, and down her legs.

She's wearing no underwear. You get a lovely view of her unashamed pubic hair. Hugging her mound in a bright blaze of color.

It's in contrast to Mara, who was shaved and clean. Another testament oto Nara's innocence.

You unwrap the last bit of cloth from Nara's ankles, leaving her to kick off her sandals, stripping down to her bare feet.

You look up and see she's even removing her jewelry for you.


She sees your curious look and gives you a shy little smile.

"I… want to be completely naked," she offers.

You give a little nod.

You think you can understand the appeal in this context. It's following the card she just showed you. Some symbolic return to innocence. Or maybe acknowledging the natural order.

–Ah, Beatrice really has left her impression on you.

At any rate, you won't reciprocate.

You plan to wear your wedding ring. Tharja's very much a part of you.

You don't announce the sentiment, it's enough to hold it in your heart.

Nara finishes removing her clothes long before you. You're only out of your cape and tunic by the time she's lying there, waiting.

It's too tempting a picture for you.

You lean over Nara and kiss her again.


She's relaxed a little. Your attention is working its magic on her.

You're arching your neck into her when she starts to reciprocate. Her lips puckering back against you. You can feel soft fingers wrap around your back and her fingernails in your skin.

Ahl A woman who didn't know the strength of her own talons.

That's fine. You don't mind carrying a few marks for a while.

Your hand comes up to pat her head and brush her hair out of the way as you explore your kiss with her further.

You test teasing her lips with your tongue. The action gets a surprised gasp from her, and you take it as an invitation to enter.


Your tongues end up dueling. Nara makes little whimpers as she holds on to you, letting you kiss and kiss.

Your hands find the nape of her neck again and you feel her body relaxing. Her tongue less fighting yours and more coiling. She gently lets you invade her mouth.

Your clothed cock touches her thigh and she doesn't jump. You take this as a sign she's ready.

You gently pull back, letting her lie back on the floor of the wagon.

Nara… you tell her.

You'd like to make love to her now.


Your sword off to the side, you push your leggings off, along with your boots.

Nara's legs lie spread before you. Her pristine virgin pussy lips beckoning.

–Ah, that's right.

It's going to be her first time.

No matter how wet she is, she'll be pained.

…Your hand hits the vial that's still in your pocket as you set your clothes aside.

Was this a good time to use it?

It could be a good way to test it.

Choice time:
>Tell Nara to wait, use the lotion from the merchant on her most intimate place and see if it works as advertised.
>Save the lotion, penetrate Nara slowly as best as you can to make it easy for her.
>Perhaps there's a compromise that will ensure she enjoys her first time. Put off your own pleasure to place your face to her pussy and perform cunnilingus on her.

7f9b0 No.80597

Option 1.

Am i missing something/stupid lol. I thought we bought crossbow over the lotion, or is this a different lotion?

f0090 No.80599

He got a free sample from the merchant. That being said, since there's only the vial's worth of it, perhaps it would be best saved for another time.

Going with Option 2. It'll be a little rough on Nara, but I'm sure Edward knows some things about how to help virgins enjoy their first time.

901fb No.80600


Option 3 - That lotion will be valuable to hang on to, but we need to make sure Nara's first time is pleasurable

7f9b0 No.80607

You right, don't know why I forgot about that

d7eb1 No.80609

Option 3

62d52 No.80620

Option 3.

c26ac No.80621

Option 2

50ddc No.80632

Option 2

5b0eb No.80637

>1 vote for option one, use the vial of lotion on Nara's pussy.
>3 votes for option two, save the lotion, try to make Nara's first time as easy as possible without it.
>3 votes for option three, perform cunnilingus on Nara first to help prepare her for an easier penetration and make sure she experiences pleasure.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the result.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote if you have voted already. Changing your vote will not make the update come faster.

If you have not voted yet, you are free to use your one vote.

f5ed2 No.80638

Going with option 3 for this one.

9c8d8 No.80641

Option 2

36c6e No.80643

Option three.

5b0eb No.80644

>4 votes for option two, have sex without the lotion.
>5 votes for option three, perform cunnilingus to make it more pleasurable for Nara.

Perform cunnilingus on Nara.

Tie broken. Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.80645

File: 1605173701496.jpg (405.74 KB, 850x1055, Nara-spread.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You press a kiss to Nara's forehead. You can feel how tense she is. How she anticipates your penis rubbing and spearing her folds.

…Then, you draw back, pushing yourself carefully down her body.

"Your Majesty?" she asks, confused, realizing you're not in a position you can mount her anymore.

You give a kiss to her breasts, and belly, telling her gently to 'shh'.

You know a way to help her relax. A special prelude before you help her on her maiden voyage.

Nara blushes fiercely at your words, looking away.

It's all the opening you need to press your hands to the side of her knees and guide her to spread her legs further apart.

Up until she's at an angle you can easily fit your head in.

"Y-Your Majesty!"

It's the feeling of your breath on her pubic hair that gets her to turn back to you.

You're surrounded by the heat of Nara's arousal. The feeling of her fluid playing along your face.

You glance up at her and smile.

Don't worry, you tell her.

You know what you're doing.

Her eyes are big as saucers as you turn back to pay attention to her ready muff.

Then, you lean your face forward and let out your tongue, lapping at her crevasse.


She gasps in surprise at your boldness, and you imagine must be a jolt of unexpected stimulation.

It's enough you can't help but grin, even as your face lies buried in a sea of her pubic hair.


You tell Nara to let you know how she feels. Whether that's through spoken words or the sound of her moans, that's fine.

"Y-Yes, Your Majesty."

You smack your lips.

You slow your breathing, letting sure you let one last exhale of air play over Nara's exposed pussy.

Then, you get to work.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80694

File: 1605269685590.jpg (215.03 KB, 850x637, Nara-oral.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You go slow.

Your tongue plays over sensitive skin, wary of where you put it.

You shut your eyes to help you concentrate.


You hear Nara moan as you expand the area you're licking. Further up her slit.

Your saliva adds to the moisture there, helping to lubricate her folds in anticipation of your cock.

It's not merely for her enjoyment.

You can feel her hips shift and squirm under your licks, and your member sympathizes with its own impulse to penetrate.

Her vagina wants to be penetrated, fucked, and filled with your seed until she's pregnant.

Your cock and balls are eager to fulfill that need.

It's a perfect balance.


She cries out again as you trail hide enough to put more pressure on her clit.

Your soft velvety muscle teasing between her folds to lick at her hood.

You listen to her moans so you can judge how sensitive she is, not wanting to overwhelm her.

Until you sense she's getting used to the attention. You can tell by the fact your licks are producing more soft sighs than moans.

It's then you start to alter your plan.

Your tongue flicks against her vulva, then up and around her clit, up to her pubic mound, without actually touching it.

Nara lets out a confused little sound, so you up the ante.

You shorten the radius of your circles, making her shiver in expectation of your stimulation.

…But it just doesn't come.

You keep it just out of reach.

She gives another frustrated little whine, then tries rotating her hips, but it's not enough.

You're grinning to yourself all the while. You can't deny the appeal of being a tease.

"P-Please," she begs.

You stop, then flatten your tongue as much as you can and give an imprecise swathe of a lick to the top of her pussy.

The result is immediate. She shivers in pleasure.

But just for a moment. You don't continue.

You stop to look up at her.

Please, what, you ask?

"P-Please… more of that," she says.


Can she say what, specifically?

You won't know until she says. It's what she wants you to do with your tongue, right?


There's a moment of hesitation, and you can feel the metaphoric pressure inside her. How her body tenses and shakes with need.

Of course an innocent virgin is going to have trouble saying what she wants.

But Nara hits a sweet spot of a combination of innocence and intellect.

She knows what she wants, but doesn't want to say it.

Thus, your words have provoked an internal struggle between her budding libido and any remaining reservations she has about surrendering her innocence. Or at least voicing it outloud. To you. A King, who is in much higher a station than her.

Though with your skill…

Nara loses control of herself and raises her voice.

"Y-Your tongue! Lick me more with your tongue! Lick my pussy!"

Her eyes are shut while she says it, but once she's done, they go wide. As if she can't believe what she just said.

No, she definitely can't believe you coaxed that from her.

You hide your smile and smack your lips again.

If she insists…

You lean close and outright press your face to her muff.

Your tongue finds her clit, but so do your lips.


The result is a fierce buck of her hips from Nara, and her legs press tight around your ears.

But, that's fine. That just gives you a good excuse to wrap your arms around the outside of her thighs and hold on.

Your initial onslaught is followed up by more clicking, more nudging, and Nara's cries grow more steady.

She's no longer gasping in surprise, she's crying out from how good you're making her feel.

Indeed, you can feel the proof in the form of the erect little nub underneath your tongue. Tight and hard.

Unbidden, a soft hand comes to rest on your head.

Not to try to push you off, but pull you close.

You slick and roll your tongue all around.

Then, you purse your lips and suck.

Nara lets out an orgasmic noise and you know you've taken her to her limits.

Her heels bare down on your back as if she were riding a bull.

You can feel her hips thrust, her ass muscles tightening, as her orgasm goes through her.

Until there's one final movement, one final exhausted sound from her lips, and she falls back.

She goes from wound as tight as a bow string to completely unraveling in mere seconds.

Her hand slips from your head, her legs spread out, her feet go weak.

Every muscle in her body has suddenly gone slack.

Until she's unable to do anything but lie back, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she struggles to catch her breath.

Her upper and lower mouth completely drooling with her own fluid.

You slowly disentangle yourself and admire your handiwork, so to speak.

Nara's enraptured face is the perfect capstone to your performance, and you pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

You reach a hand out and stroke her abdomen, only for her to sigh appreciatively and roll into your touch.

Her lips turn into a very content smile.

…She's ready.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80738

File: 1605356089369.jpg (128.11 KB, 850x601, Nara_ready.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You shift your body upward.

Your cock takes the place of your tongue, the engorged head rubbing against Nara's wet pussy lips.

She's still recovering from the Earth-shatteringly good orgasm you just gave her, so her reaction is more muted.

…Is she ready, you ask?

Ready for you to take her innocence, fill her with your seed, and give her a baby?


She gives a little sniff at your words, the seriousness of the situation not lost on her.

Then, you feel her legs spread around your sides, her calves coming up to wrap around your thighs.

Her hands come up to grasp under your armpits and settle on your back.

"Please…" she begs, her eyes settling shut.

You can't hold back.

"Ah–!" she cries, as your hips thrust forward, penetrating her.

There's enough liquid from your mouth, her arousal, and your cock to make penetration easy.

Your cock slides smooth, until you hit that thin little barrier that marks her as a virgin.

Then, you shatter it.

Nara lets out a soft little moan. Pain courses through her and makes her tighten her limbs around you more. She doesn't cry. She gladly surrenders herself to you.

It's painful for you too. Not so much your cock, but… as you anticipated, Nara's fingernails indeed dig themselves into your skin.

Pain mixes with pleasure for you as you enjoy the feeling of sex. The satisfaction of being able to make another girl a woman.

And soon to be a mother.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80782

File: 1605444165033.jpg (216.96 KB, 850x637, Nara_cumming.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You start to rock your body. You arch your back and thrust your hips.

Your movement invites Nara to reciprocate and she doesn't need coaxing to catch on.

Her pussy clings to your cock, her folds squeezing you tight like only a virgin can.


The sight of Nara's body, her breasts sliding beneath you with every thrust, is very appealing.

Mara didn't jiggle as much. She didn't beg to be dominated as much.

You fulfill Nara's unstated wish and settle your body down on top of her.

Your bodies share mutual heat and your sweat begins to mix. It's inevitable with the summer heat, the closed space, and the vigorous exercise you both are doing.

You lean your face down and dare to press a kiss to her lips.


It takes a moment, but then she's reciprocating enthusiastically, licking at your tongue.


Not just her mouth, but her pussy too clenches down on you extra tight.

Her inner walls squeezing every ridge of your hard cock.

It's enough it's starting to overwhelm you, for a change.

So, you decide to embrace it.

You let your instincts take over, push and pull your hips more. Harder. Longer.

Nara moans into your mouth as you slide deeper with every thrust.

You're careful not to slam your hips into her, but you pump away smoothly.

You flatten out your legs in an attempt to give your body more room to arch.

Nara's legs still cling to you, forcing her to slide with your motions.

Her nails on your back scrape at your skin, leaving tingling little wakes as they do.

Her breasts press against your body as you press your chest to hers.

You can feel her heart beating against you and you truly feel like you've been touched spiritually by this woman.

This bewitching little fortune teller who has led you to a new love.

It's too much, and you've held on for too long.

Your lips separate as you thrust two more times.

You hold yourself as close as you can and feel your balls clenching as you start to come.

Your cock spurting long streams of your seed deep inside her willing pussy.

The opportunity for air gives you both a chance to moan your mutual satisfaction, and you realize she's coming too.

You press up on your tipetoes, throw your chin out, then tuck it back in as the spasms shoot through you.

Your groin tightens harder and harder and your hips thrust against and again as you release more and more cum inside her.

The flesh of her crevasse milking you, drawing your semen inside and sending it on its way to her womb.

The moment is pure bliss… and then it's over.

You both fall against each other, your arms spreading enough to spare Nara your full weight.

The loud sound of you both panting is all that can be heard as you catch your breath, along with Nara.

You stare down in her eyes and she moves her hands to wrap around your neck, hugging you close.

There's tears staining her cheeks and she presses more kisses to your chin.

All you can do is nuzzle her back, enjoying the feeling of warm afterglow.

… Well, there it is.

You knocked up Nara.

Being gentle and treating her with a soft touch had endeared herself to you more than enough. You hope she shows that same sensitivity when it comes to raising your child.

Mm… yes, you muse.

She wanted this.

Why else would she have made sure to show you the 'Lovers' card at the end?

So are your thoughts as you lie in her soft embrace. Neither of you wanting to part, just yet.

5b0eb No.80820

File: 1605522160742.jpg (146.28 KB, 1038x1200, Temptation.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're still resting with Nara. Discomfort hasn't yet made you separate.

You want to keep your cock, and semen, inside her as long as you can.

Suddenly, you watch her eyes blink rapidly. You feel her body jolt with tenseness.

Then you realize the sound you dismissed a moment before was footsteps coming up the stairs into the wagon.


You turn back and see Mara.

She's wearing a pleasant little smile on her face.

"Sorry to interrupt! You don't mind sharing, do you?"

You're too stunned to object, and you imagine Nara feels the same way. Neither of you manage to speak up before Mara comes over and kneels down.

"Your Majesty… I'm sorry to say it so plainly. But the sounds of your movements inside here very much carry outside the wagon. I hope you realized this."


Of course, you knew on some level. What of it? It's no concern of yours.

This is no embarrassment to Nara either, is it?

You reach up and brush your hand against Nara's cheek, and she crinkles in a little blush, smiling.

"Oh, no. This is something that's inspired us."

She puts her hands on your shoulders and leans in, to whisper into your ear.

"Stay. Here. With. Us."

… Uh. What?

She gives a little giggle, smacking her lips. You can feel her breasts against your back through her top.

"The women of our band are eager to have your children. And I'm eager to feel you inside me again… we'd love nothing more than if you'd stay with us a little longer. To make love until the morning. Over, and over…"

You feel her hand wrap around to stroke your chest. Hot fingertips brushing a trail down your torso to your crotch.

You're shaking with anger as you stalk away from the nomad's camp.

In the end, you couldn't do it. You remembered the words of the Church and your own resolution to return to the castle by nightfall. It's past the start of sunset. You had no choice but to decline.

You thanked Nara and were able to part with her tenderly, leaving her satisfied. She bid you a fond farewell.

But now that you're away, you can't conceal your anger.

Fuck the Church.

There were no less than ten beautiful women waiting outside the wagon when you exited.

And you had to turn down Mara's embrace, too.

Fuck it.

You haven't legitimately felt this cheated and frustrated in a long, long time.

If the 'religious person' from Nara's fortune at all lectures you about the dangers of lust, you're kicking them out of the castle.

Hell, you're tempted to run to the priest right now and tell him the nomads aren't leaving, he's leaving.

That last thought makes you pause in retrospective.

You… simply can't do that.

You take a deep breath, feeling the extremes of emotion pass.


Even if you had to turn down an opportunity like that, spending a night with the nomads was probably a bad idea.

And wasn't this also mentioned in Nara's fortune? Being so upset about 'the bounty you can't attain,' you don't see what you've already achieved?

There are more women waiting for you. Here in the castle. Not least which Camilla, and whoever may join your army.

'Princess' Alena is waiting for your invitation as well.

You nod, feeling satisfied you can maintain perspective.

For the moment… you can go have sex with Tharja.

She'll help you overcome your frustration for the rest of the night.

5b0eb No.80821

You pass through the castle walls and enter the corridors. No one stops you on your way to Tharja's wing.

You give a salute to the soldier on duty, who returns it.

You walk down Tharja's corridor until…

There's something on the wall of the corridor.

It's a shining, impossible thing.

You watch it move, and then recognize it for what it is.

It's a golden butterfly.

No sooner does it register what you're looking at that it lifts off the wall and flutters toward the library door.

… Beatrice must need to speak with you, and she knows enough about your movements she waited to intercept you here.

Deciding Tharja can wait, you creep toward the library door.

You give your own portrait with Tharja a little nod and enter.

Your hands are sweating from the notion that if you hadn't turned down the nomads, you might have missed this meeting.

5b0eb No.80822

File: 1605522823382.jpg (72.47 KB, 411x600, Beatrice_dilemma.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

There's nothing in the library… until you shut the door.

Once you do so, bright golden butterflies appear and illuminate the room.

In the center stands Beatrice, in her full impossible witch's dress. Her pipe in one hand, and book at her side.

You can't help but be awed by the display, and you let out a small gasp.

"Your Majesty. We must talk immediately about the siblings from Chrisania."

… You nod. You surmised that might be the case. That she had uncovered something with her spying, that is.

What has Beatrice found out about them, you ask?

Her next words are blunt and quick.

"Camilla has discovered your relationship with Robin. Robin has been confronted with the information and coerced into a confession. She has not revealed she told you about their plot, but she has acknowledged she has lost her maidenhood to you. That she's been impregnated by you."

… Oh.

Well, that's hardly ideal. But, it's not the end of the world, you muse.

So, what?

Beatrice takes a puff of her pipe.

"Robin is scheduled to be sent back to Chrisania at daybreak."


"Her role in the plot has ended. She is no longer needed here. Furthermore, Camilla and Corrin know she is unreliable. Just before daybreak, Robin will be woken up by servants paid by their family, escorted to a carriage, and it will depart with her as soon as the light arrives."


…that's not fair.

That's all you can think of. It hadn't occurred to you that they would just leave the moment you impregnated them!

It's proof positive that Robin told you the truth, but it's going to rob you of Robin's presence here.

What about Cordelia? Is she leaving too?

Beatrice sighs.

"I've heard no indication of that. I don't believe plans are in place to do that. Only Robin, at the moment."

…Either Cordelia is expected to play her role in the plan, or Cordelia hasn't shared knowledge of your tryst together with Camilla or Corrin.

This is bad.

What are your options, you ask?

Beatrice thinks it over.

"The way I see it, you have two, if you wish to avoid extremes."

The first is simple enough.

Openly go to Robin, right now, and have her swear her oath. Move her into the barracks and have her as a member of your army, immediately.

This will rob her siblings of any authority they have over her to compel her to leave. And any servants set to escort her will surely lose their nerve at having to face a barracks full of your soldiers.

Second is to have Beatrice sabotage the carriages.

If the carriages can't move, there is no departure. Robin will have to stay.

It's not a perfect solution. You'd have to sabotage all of them to keep them from just using a different one. It would be a problem for you if all of a sudden you needed transportation to or from the castle before the Faire was over. But it would spare revealing the extent of your cooperation with Robin.


You listen to Beatrice and try to think of your own ideas, but you think Beatrice has, at the core, identified the only ones that are likely to work.

The only other option is to accept Robin leaving. Most likely… forever.

…Could you hold Robin's books ransom? Tharja should still have them.

–No. The siblings will either let you keep them, or simply request them later when they leave.

You have to make a choice, quickly.

You reflect that, unfortunately, every scheme you detect and influence is going to create a counter-scheme. You'd be best to take it in stride.

The best solution, as you can see it, is to…

Choice time.

>Decisive intervention is needed. March to Robin's room, tell her you'll hear her oath to forsake her womanhood and become your soldier. Move her to the barracks. She will stay, but her siblings will protest the action.

>Subtle sabotage is needed. Have Beatrice sabotage every carriage in your stables. That will prevent Robin from being sent away and buy you some time to work on other solutions with them still in the dark.
>…Do nothing. Accept Robin leaving, forever.

f0090 No.80826

This is quite a mess, but there's no way Edward is going to just let Robin go.

I'm going with Option 2. To hastily swear Robin into the army would be a clear sign something is up and who knows what might happen as a result. Sabotage, while perhaps a bit peculiar that every carriage is in some form of disrepair, does keep Camilla in the dark about what Edward knows (and might just buy enough time to win her over and prevent any of them from leaving, or at least carrying out their plans).

It's also entirely possible the carriages are not exactly in the best shape as-is since they may very well have been barely used if used at all in recent years (so it would be very easy to pin the blame on lack of maintenance). The sabotage may not require much to pull off in such a case, and even if the carriages are in good condition, it doesn't need to be anything requiring major repairs (and possibly coin). Edward needs only days…

2417f No.80836

Option 2. Hard choice. But we need time. 1 is a decisive choice, but has a massive chance of blowback.

c1116 No.80837

This is definitely a sticky situation. Option 1 would leave us with our carriages in case we do need to move for whatever reason, but it also gives the game away and probably sinks our chances with Camilla. Option 2 leaves us effectively stranded, but hopefully we won't need to leave our castle in the near future. Option 3 is right out. So with that said…

Option 2.

15e93 No.80841

Option 1.

We offered her refuge in exchange for her information. The least we could do is make good on it.

62d52 No.80857

Option 2, and we need to focus a bit more on leveraging the siblings to your camp.

c26ac No.80861

My question is this: how did the guests of the Faire arrive at Edward's castle? I have not been keeping up with this for a few years, but it seems incredibly unlikely that all of the guests were ferried to his Castle with his carriages. And what of the wagon's of the nomads? Will Beatrice sabotage those as well? Doing so may negatively impact our relations with the nomads. They may be angered and hesitant to trust us if their wagons suddenly become inoperable, effectively stranding them at his Castle. Not to mention the other guests and the priest who would undoubtedly want to leave once the festivities have concluded.

This is an incredibly dangerous, messy, and delicate situation that must be handled with tact, because we cannot afford to have Robin sent back to Chrisania with a child in tow when we know of Chrisania's plot to de-legitimize Edward's rule and over-throw him.

Ugh, I wish I were smart enough to devise another solution, but the ol' knoggin isn't working right now, so

Option 2

With the caveat that shit's about to get messy really quickly, and we need to have a plan moving forward as to how to completely thwart this attempt to seize the throne that amounts to more than the unlikely possibility that Camilla can be persuaded to betray her country, given how passionate she seems to be. I mean, Daniella agreed to side with Edward before we killed her, but doing so had extreme conditions attached to it.

Damn, this is gonna be rough. Buckle up, chaps.

5b0eb No.80863

Edward would know enough to guess that the aristocrats likely arrived on their own carriages (and have them in his stable), and the merchants likely either:
1. Had their own horses/carriages. (If they're wealthy.)
2. Hired someone with a horse/carriage to drive them.
3. Dragged their own wares with them on foot.

Anyone else likely came on horseback or by walking. Varillo's gang definitely walked to the castle.

It's correct that Edward did not send out his own carriages that he keeps for his own personal use to transport everyone. But he doesn't know the exact details because he's King and he doesn't need to micromanage that much.

The nomads' wagon is not a carriage. It is not considered as something that needs to be sabotaged because it's not expected to be used: the nomads live in it and they're not all ready to leave the Faire to be someone's hired delivery service.

Please continue to vote.

78a36 No.80864

Seems like things are ready to blow up in our face no matter what we pick, but we have to pick something. Option 2, though if we're not careful, this will come back to bite us as well.

5b0eb No.80869

File: 1605597019207.jpg (64.65 KB, 850x663, Beatrice_Really.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>1 vote for option one, induct Robin into your army.
>6 votes for option two, sabotage the carriages.

Have Beatrice sabotage the carriages so Robin can't be sent away.

You grumble to yourself as you weigh your two options.

You pause for the longest moment, hoping your brain will come up with some solution that will fix the situation from both sides. Ensure Robin stays permanently, but doesn't alert her siblings.

But, no such idea strikes you.

Instead, you pick the option that gives you the best chance for hope with the Chrisania siblings:

Beatrice has your permission to sabotage every carriage in the stables. Ensure there's no way for her to leave.

You know you're giving her a big task. She'll have to do it in a way that's discreet, subtle, and not easily fixed.

If Beatrice just snaps a wheel off every carriage, they could just fix one of them by taking the rest of the undamaged wheels from the others.

At the very least, she'll have to be sure the damage can be repaired by the time the Faire is concluded.

Beatrice listens to your instructions and nods.

"It will be done. She will not leave tomorrow, I promise you, King."

You nod. Good.

What about a report on what the Chrisania siblings desire?

The faster you win them over to your side, the better, it seems.

"Mm. I am not comfortable giving a full report… yet. Perhaps tomorrow. Just make sure you do not miss your midday meal, King."

Right. You'll be there. You make a mental note. If Beatrice completes her spywork, she'll tell you after your second meal of the day.

Looks like that's it.

Beatrice looks beautiful like this.


Indeed. In the shimmering light of the butterflies, it really highlights how powerful she is. Much more than when you're simply sitting in the sunlight, or in the darkness of Tharja's room.

It's a rare thing you know most mortals would never dream of seeing, much less experience.


Beatrice gives a low little cackle, the look on her face tells you she's pleased with your compliments.

"I see! And what shall you do with this powerful witch you see before you?" she asks.

She puts her hands on her hips, leans forward, and arches her back while she looks you in the face. It shows off a generous display of her cleavage, which your eyes can't help but follow. The tops of her breasts exposed and daring you to do more than stare.

A glance back at Beatrice's face tells you she's testing you to see what your next move will be.


There's a few ways of answering her question. Some more interesting than the others.

Choice time:
>You'll impregnate her. Put Beatrice up on the desk and take her.
>You'll put your trust in her to sabotage the carriages. Business, unfortunately, must come first.
>You'll let her go now, but invite her to a daring tryst tomorrow, right before your midday meal.
>Something else. (Write-in.)

c2aad No.80870

Option 3.

Alas, this particular business must indeed come first, tharja is waiting for Ed now and a threesome might be a stretch after today's events (also not a great strategy to ask her to share the spotlight he just put up for her…). So tomorrow it is.

62d52 No.80872

Option 2. Much as it pains me to pass this opportunity up, we have other priorities.

31770 No.80881

option 1

b8584 No.80882

>You'll impregnate her. Put Beatrice up on the desk and take her.

15e93 No.80886

Option 1.

04f81 No.80889

Option 3. Business before pleasure, and Beatrice seems to like it when we show a bit more control over our instincts. …steal a kiss, though.

78a36 No.80905

Option 3: a midday tryst. >>80889 had a good point. While impregnating her is always fun, showing that we keep our word to Tharja will hopefully win us a few points. Also, taking her here and now would be predictable, and Beatrice likes it when we shake things up.

5b0eb No.80907

>3 votes for option one, impulsively impregnate Beatrice.
>1 vote for option two, insist on business before pleasure and leave her to work.
>3 votes for option three, back off, for now, but commit to arranging a tryst tomorrow at midday.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin and use the result to decide which option wins.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote if you have already voted. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

If you have not voted yet, you are free to use your one vote.

0c23e No.80908

Option 3 for sure.

6b618 No.80913

Option 3
I also like the kiss idea

5b0eb No.80922

>3 votes for option one, impulsively impregnate Beatrice.
>1 vote for option two, insist on business before pleasure and leave her to work.
>5 votes for option three, back off, for now, but commit to arranging a tryst tomorrow at midday.

Back off, promise a rendezvous at midday tomorrow.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.80927

File: 1605697216315.jpg (281.53 KB, 516x728, Beatrice_promised.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

What will you do?

Of course, that's obvious.

You'll spare no expense at appeasing her. Pandering to her. Coaxing her.

Such power deserves your devotion and respect.

That is why…

You dare to lean in and press your face to her… ear.

You whisper to her that you'll properly show you how much you appreciate her, tomorrow.

Sex in a dusty library is certainly impulsive, but Beatrice deserves a more complex tryst.

Before your midday meal, you'll catch her like she did with you, and then see how either of them can stand eating their food knowing Beatrice has your semen running down her thighs as you sit at the table.

You promise her that.


Beatrice gives a little huff that you think would be a suppressed laugh, then turns her chin to look at you while you hang in the crook of her neck.

"You tease," she accuses.


You'll apologize for that.

You press a brief kiss to Beatrice's lips. They're hot, soft, and she returns the kiss, leaving you both to part with a pleasant smack.

You step back. Beatrice is giving you an ambivalent little smile.

…Ah, you recognize that look. It's the same she wore when you tried to steal the spotlight by announcing you knew who killed Tharja's brother Lorenzo.

In other words, you've just set a bit of a high bar for yourself.

"I'll expect great things, King," she says.



>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80952

File: 1605771393277.jpg (157.49 KB, 808x946, Beatrice_vanish.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You can't help but point out.

You notice Beatrice called you 'Your Majesty,' instead of 'King' when you first stepped in.

Beatrice inclines her head.

"Oh? Did I?"

She gives a faint shrug.

"I suppose it may be a consequence of being so close to so many mortals. These ones in particular."

How so, you ask?

"Spying on those previous targets was less dynamic. Discovering the intricacies of your lackey and maid was like examining a simple machine. The Chrisania siblings are a whole complex organism. Full of moving parts, each which must be carefully observed."

She takes a puff of her pipe.

"Yes, they're giving me a much clearer picture of what your mortal society is truly like, now. How cutthroat they are. The urgency of my report made me forget myself in the moment, nothing more."

You can't argue it was a report she needed to urgently make.

You decide not to mention the nomads and how you could have potentially missed it.

Is there anything in particular about them she could share, you ask?

"Mm… gladly. When I am confident enough to make my full report, either tomorrow or later."

She gives you a quick little raise of her eyebrows.

"I can tease you, too, King. Ahahahaha!"

Before you can say anything more, Beatrice's form shimmers then evaporates into an explosion of golden butterflies.

They scatter and swarm around you, before passing you by and leaving through the cracks of the door.

Until you're left in the darkness of the room by yourself.

It's all right. If Beatrice knew something else you should act on, she'd have said.

It's better for you if she has a complete picture with full context to give you.

And of course, there's no containing Beatrice.

You give a small little sigh and reach out for the door so you can leave the library.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.80989

File: 1605871709554.png (359.78 KB, 800x650, Tharja_coaxing.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Back in the hallway, you follow along the path until you've made your way to Tharja's door. You give it a knock until Tharja undoes the lock with the key and lets you inside.


She's actually clothed, but you embrace her just the same.

You turn with her while she re-locks her door. A torch casts soft light around the room.

Tharja turns back to you and immediately frowns.

"What's wrong, my love?"

…Oh, nothing, you say. Tharja gives a small little huff of laughter.

"I can tell when you're upset about something, my husband. You just don't look right."


You guess you can't argue with that.

She makes as if to climb in your lap.

"Why don't you tell me all about it?" she asks.


You do trust Tharja with anything and everything, but there's just so much that happened today.

Maybe you should just focus on one thing lest the night get overtaken with idle talk.

Choice time:
>You are still upset about having to leave the nomads. Tell her all about it.
>You're distraught that Robin came so close to being snatched away. Confess your anxieties about the Chrisania siblings.
>Why hold back? Just vent your spleen about everything bothering you.
>…It's hard to have any anxiety with Tharja in your lap. Hold her. Kiss her.

6b618 No.80990

Option 3
Helps to be honest about our feelings with the wifey. We also haven’t had a good conversation with her in a while.

62d52 No.80992

Option 2. The first issue is what it is, and I don't want to make Tharja feel responsible for it. And Tharja herself might prove useful in breaking this litle plot.

28c57 No.80993

Option 3. Tharja is our closest confidant and ally. We shouldn't hide anything from her. Should still hold and kiss her, though.

1b728 No.80995

Option three.

43fec No.80998

Option 2. She wants to know everything and there's no reason not to hide it, per se, but there's no need to unload on the poor woman. The Robin problem is the most immediate and pressing.

c26ac No.81008


Option 4

I'm not so sure it's wise to open up to Tharja with everything that's bothering us. Sure, we can trust her, but Tharja is working closely with at least two of the Chrisania sisters. If she accidentally let slip that it was Beatrice who sabotaged the carriages at Edward's prompting, then it would raise suspicion and draw undue attention to Edward and Beatrice specifically. The last thing we want is a group of rather belligerent nobles asking questions or spreading rumors about how Edward and Beatrice found out. No, Tharja is better off not knowing this information. The more loose ends there are, i.e. people who know about sensitive information, the higher the chances of someone ratting out/spilling the beans.

78a36 No.81027

Option 2. Tell her about our concerns with Robin. It was our choice to come back to the castle for the night; no use complaining about it.

5b0eb No.81036

>3 votes for option two, talk about the Chrisania siblings.
>3 votes for option three, hold nothing back, talk about everything.
>1 vote for option four, hold and embrace Tharja.

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin and use the result to decide which option wins.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote if you have already voted. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

If you have not voted yet, you are free to use your one vote.

5b0eb No.81046

I have flipped a coin to decide the results:

>hold nothing back, talk about everything.

Use the opportunity to talk about all of your troubles with Tharja.

Update soon.

5b0eb No.81049

It will help. There's no reason it wouldn't.

You don't doubt your wife's ability to keep your secrets. She did keep her own witchcraft hidden for the many weeks it took for you to arrive.

The question was…

Where to begin?

Choice time:
>Rant about the useless Church.
>Express regret about the nomads, so perfectly lined up and waiting for you.
>Talk about how you're unsure if the Chrisania siblings will be talked down or not.

62d52 No.81050

Option 1. The church having issues with your sleeping around isn't unsurprising, and their beef with witches is pretty clear in terms of reasoning. But shitting on the nomads? That's just not fair.

5b0eb No.81051

It was intended as a choice more about regret for the missed opportunity than the people. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Please continue to vote.

c2aad No.81053

Option three

78a36 No.81067

Option three. Start with the more pressing matters, I always say.

04f81 No.81071

Option 3. It's the most pressing matter, we can actually do something about it, and Tharja may have worthwhile input on it since she's been talking to the Chrisania siblings.

6b618 No.81073

Option 3. We can talk about the other troubles after.

5b0eb No.81089

>1 vote for option one, rant about the useless church.
>4 votes for option three, talk about the Chrisania siblings.

Confide in Tharja about the Chrisania siblings.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.81093

You start with your surface thoughts.

The Chrisania siblings are bothering you…


Before you can say more, Tharja interrupts.

"I meant to tell you, Edward. Camilla says she doesn't want to spend the entire Faire reading… she's going to come by once more to the library, tomorrow until midday, but then she's going to explore the rest of the Faire."

You can't help but let out an ambivalent groan.

It seems Camilla added another time limit to your interaction.

–She told Tharja that, specifically? In those exact words? You need to confirm.

Tharja tilts her head.

"I'm not sure if those were her exact words, but she told me that today when I invited her to come back tomorrow."

So, Tharja at least heard it directly, and not through a servant.

You think you understand. That was perhaps information that was intended to reach you.

With Robin impregnated, and Cordelia impregnated, that takes pressure off of Camilla.

If she didn't wish to join them, she could now reasonably claim she made an attempt at seducing you, but you didn't respond. Tharja has been helping to keep Camilla occupied in a place and time you could meet her, after all.

Or maybe this is an attempt to play hard-to-get to entice you. You do remember Tharja said Camilla wouldn't be 'initiated' by Tharja. She wanted to be pursued.

You could still feasibly meet Camilla at the Faire, but your best opportunity is to take advantage of tomorrow.

–Though Beatrice won't have her report ready until after midday. You can't truly know what she's thinking.

Tharja strokes your cheek, softly.

"You should go, my husband… don't forget her hips are perfect for breeding."


You can't hold back a bit of a laugh at Tharja's reminder.

You couldn't possibly forget that.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81160


It sounds like Camilla and Corrin made the decision to try to send Robin back home, you tell her.

Tharja tenses in your arms. "What?" she asks.

You explain what Beatrice told you and how you've had her spy on them so you can orchestrate a scenario where they all decide to stay with you as allies instead of rivals.

Well, perhaps not Corrin. You don't, strictly speaking, need him at your castle to foil their plot.

But it seems they found out about your trysts with Robin, even if she hasn't told them everything.


Tharja's expression twists in a guilty little grimace.

"That… may have been my fault," she says.

–How, you ask?

Tharja's initiation.

She had Robin's pubic hair shaved, and attempted to encourage Camilla to allow the same. Which she refused.

"If Camilla got the idea to check Robin's crotch…"



…You shouldn't assume. Even if they're siblings, it sounds rather forward for Camilla to just go to Robin and demand she lift her skirt for a pussy-hair check.

You tell Tharja not to worry about it. Even if it's true. She's not to blame.

… You think it's much more likely Robin's movements somehow were discovered by them.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81235

At any rate, you're starting to wonder just what the point of it all is.

You'll keep Robin for your army, you are prepared for that much.

But if you wanted Robin and nothing else, you could have simply let her swear her oath, and then invented some excuse for the rest of them.

–True, you did already sleep with Cordelia, but you can't know for sure she'll get pregnant.

Tharja strokes your cheek, soothing you.

"You are doing the right thing, Edward," she says. "Remember? Robin said even if you didn't do it, they'd just get pregnant some other way and say you did. You're working to spare them that. You just have to help them realize it."


Tharja's right. She's absolutely right.

You're not just working for yourself, you're working for them, and their possible unborn children.

You nod, feeling more resolute about the affair.

Tharja nods, giving you a happy smile at seeing you encouraged.

"I'm sure Cordelia and Camilla have hidden talents themselves, too!" she says.


You do know Cordelia was very interested in the stables. –And you do possibly have a vacancy there for a stablehand.

What about Camilla, you ask? Tharja's been spending the most time with her.

What sort of books was Camilla reading?


Tharja tilts her head in thought.

"You know, I'm not sure…"

There were times Corrin was there as well. She could tell what books were moved from the dust, but not who took which one.

You remember Corrin was fond of reading books that tell stories more than information.

Tharja gives a little laugh.

"There's history in stories too, my husband. But…"

If that's the case, she's sure Camilla was reading books about Ruhemanian history. Of economics. Of etiquette.

Interesting. It seems you mostly shared her tastes.

But, when you read those books, you were trying to survive being in the castle with King Vlad and preparing how to use your newfound authority.

…Surely there's no comparison to be made there.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81277

You suppose you're also worried about Corrin.

You're not sure you want to keep him around the castle so he can watch you impregnate his sisters. It may become awkward.

But would sending him off mad be the best thing? He might plot some revenge from Chrisania.

Tharja twirls a finger around your chest, stroking you through the fabric.

"You might be thinking the wrong direction, Edward. Robin said it was their parents' plan, right? If he had to go home, he'd probably be more afraid for what they'd do to him than resentful toward you."

Hm… one could breed the other, but you think you understand.

In other words, he'd be just as eager for an escape.

If you balanced it right, you could easily orchestrate that outcome.

If Corrin knew what you are up to, he might try to undo your work and hold the sisters together for the sake of their plan. If he thought you had the upper hand and that converting all of them was inevitable, he might be just as eager to jump ship, as it were.

"I wish I could offer you a better idea, my husband."

It's all right.

Though you're sure it's not in your interests to have him live with you at the castle, so to speak.

He's not a man with martial inclinations, so he wouldn't be interested in being a part of your army.

He's bookish, but apparently not truly concerned with knowledge, so you're not sure he'd make a good scholar.

He does have a way with words… perhaps if you trusted him he could serve as some sort of ambassador on your behalf. If you trusted him.

…Maybe he's religious?

Having him swear his vows or sending him off on some pilgrimage would be a good excuse to carefully remove him from politics.

At any rate, you think you've talked all you can about the Chrisania siblings.

Beatrice will find you a solution. Or at least give you options.

You do feel better. The crisis has been averted, for now.

You warn Tharja to not let on that she would know about what Beatrice is doing. That Beatrice is going to sabotage Robin's removal from the castle.

You don't think Camilla would mention it, but for all you know, Robin herself might contact Tharja.

Tharja nods.

"I'll be careful, my love."

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81323

The Church has gone from useless to being an outright detriment and threat, you tell Tharja.

She sighs, resting loosely in your arms.

"I know…"

The only small positive is that you won't have to deal with this particular priest ever again.

Tharja jumps up, excited.

"We won't?!"


That's right.

You tell Tharja all about how you're having him replaced.

She's giddy until you mention it means a different priest will be arriving instead, and will stay at the castle.


You watch her go from being excited to a crestfallen look and stroke her sympathetically.

It's for the best.

But the Church will never stop being an issue.

Not least of which because you just gave them a lot of money after you became King.

"You shouldn't have," Tharja says, reflexively.

You can't help but laugh.

Ricardo said it was expected. You'd be in unspecified trouble if you didn't.

"Maybe Ricardo lied." She pouts. "The Church always says we're in trouble."

It does.

That's what it's there for.

But you tell Tharja not to worry.

Though the Church has a far reach… you'll keep Castle Valachia at the furthest reaches of it.

It's the best way. The only way to keep her secret safe.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81359

You especially have reason to be angry at the Church now.

You permitted some nomads from a distant land to enter the castle. They set up their wagon in a far part of the courtyard. You've grown close to them.

–Well, perhaps that's overstating it. They respect you. They're following your laws. They no longer look at you with outright fear when you approach.

You think you've grown as close to the nomads as a King could hope to.


Tharja strokes your cheek as you pause, sensing your hesitation.

"What is it? Edward?"

You're honestly not sure if you should tell Tharja about the missed opportunity to have sex with all the nomad women.

She might try to engineer a solution.

–Then again, is that bad?

If she has a genuinely good idea, you might like to try it.

Choice time:
>Tell Tharja about the nomads. If she comes up with any outlandish ideas you can always nix them.
>Leave out any talk about wanting to visit the nomads for more sex. Abandon that idea forever as impractical.
>Forget chasing after the nomads, but share Nara's fortune.

c3605 No.81362

Option one

78a36 No.81364

I suppose that honesty is best, so Option 1. Though I hope this also includes telling her about the fortune.

62d52 No.81366

Option 1. We've come this far, and Tharja knows Edward's nature well enough.

50ddc No.81369

Option 3

6b618 No.81370

Option 1

13c50 No.81379

Option 1. Our wife of all people deserves to know this information.

5b0eb No.81412

File: 1606561264195.jpg (276.04 KB, 744x1028, Tharja_thinking.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>5 votes for option one, tell Tharja about the nomads and ask for her input.
>1 vote for option three, forget about the nomads, but share Nara's fortune.

Ask Tharja for her ideas about meeting the nomads again.

Telling her is probably for the best.

You'd hate for Tharja to find out about it independently and think you lied by omission.

And you admit… you are curious to hear her ideas. There's no need to give up on the nomads, not just yet.

You tell Tharja everything.

About how Vano promised you meetings with his daughters. How Mara enticed you with her dance, and offered you her body. How she presented her womb to you to impregnate. How you met Nara and gently coaxed her into your embrace.

She's nodding along and listening rapturously. She hangs on your every detail.

"That is so perfect, Edward!"

…Then you get to the unfortunate ending, and she frowns.

"That's not fair," she says, simply.

It provokes a little laugh from you. You tell her you agree.

But, what can you do?


Tharja thinks about it honestly.

"You can't bring the nomads to you?"

Likely, no. They'd need some sort of full-body covering to hide their identity or someone would know immediately from their bronzed skin. Even then, you doubt the nomads have such clothes. Nara has been the most modest nomad you've seen, and even she was wearing a sort of gown that left a shoulder exposed. Not to mention it'd be impossible to do as a group. You have enough trouble getting women inside your castle to your tower.

"You're right, that really does sound impossible," she admits. "What about sneaking off to them, again?"

You'd like to, but…

You think the Church might be actively watching you. Or at the very least, someone is noticing your daily actions. It doesn't even have to be one specific person.

You freely pass your maids in the corridors, as well as some of your guests, your soldiers, etc. To say nothing of who sees you once you go out into the Faire. You can't hide from the entire castle while you sneak around.

"Could you disguise yourself?"

… You'd like to think you could. Some sort of cloak. It has a romantic feeling to it.

Then again, you'll be instantly recognized if anyone knows what to look for. Even if you conceal your face completely, you're taller than the average Ruhemanian. You're not sure you have the desire or ability to fake a limp to compensate.

Tharja tilts her head again, lips twitching in thought.

"What if Beatrice took your shape, and you were seen walking around the castle? Then, anyone who saw you visiting the nomads would think they must have been mistaken. Or they'll be called a liar if they tell anyone."

You ponder that plan.

It sounds as if it could theoretically work.

Beatrice might even do it. You're not a witch. It wouldn't be violating a taboo.

You're not sure how well she can impersonate a man, but you write off that thought as a bit too weird.

Her disguise would just need to look like you.

…On the other hand…

Could she pull it off? Even if she could pull it off, and perfectly, do you want her to be capable of doing that?

Some emergency may arise that would need your input. Even if she continues the charade perfectly, she'd have to make a decision on your behalf.

You'd have to ask yourself if you one hundred percent trust Beatrice. If there was even a little doubt, it could be bad. Then, you'd have to tell yourself you'd accept whatever Beatrice did in your name.

Even if no such situation arose, having her practice playing 'you' means she could retain that knowledge and do it again in the future.

You just don't see another way to deal with the nomads, though. Short of telling the Church to go to Hell, which you are not in a position to do.

Tharja bites her lips.

"Darling, is it only the priest you're worried about? Not anyone else seeing you go to visit the nomads?"

–Pretty much, you reply.

You know it makes the soldiers uneasy, and probably the nobles would think it odd, at best.

But the Church is the only faction that can really force the issue.

"Could you get the priest to look the other way?" she asks.


That's a more direct approach than a convoluted magical scheme.

But, how?

Tharja has no idea, so you brainstorm.

Upfront honest persuasion that you should be allowed to visit the nomads because you want to impregnate them all is likely not going to work. You'd have to use less honest forms of convincing.

You could bribe him, threaten him, or blackmail him.

Your only potential bribe would be making him court chaplain, which you've already decided not to do. You can't bribe him indirectly either because you don't have the funds to promise more money to the Church. So, there is no possible bribe.

If you threaten him… well, threaten him with what? You might as well outright kick him out of the castle.

And you can't blackmail him because you have nothing to blackmail him with.

… Or do you?

You don't have any right now, perhaps.

Beatrice could potentially find you some, after this business with the Chrisania siblings is over.

That'd be a lot safer than any impersonation. Spying is something you can trust Beatrice to do.

On the other hand, it might be a waste of time. You remember she did sit in on his confessions. She didn't mention anything outlandish happening.

You don't doubt the priest likely had some strange relationship with King Vlad when he was alive, but he's dead and buried. What could matter, now?

Tharja admits she has no other ideas. Short of visiting them in the dead of night and returning before daybreak.

You rule that out. It'd be even worse if you got caught. And you shouldn't be outside away from the protection of your guards for that long. The nomads would probably be less likely to agree, too.

So in that case, the most logical thing to do is…

Choice time:
>Talk to Beatrice about taking your shape and impersonating you so you can sneak off to see the nomads. You trust her.
>Use Beatrice to find something to blackmail the priest with, through spying. There simply must be something you can use.
>…On second thought, this isn't worth it. Maintain your focus on what you have planned already.

1af8c No.81417

Option 3. As much as I'd love to have fun with the nomads, we absolutely cannot afford to distract from the Chrisania sibling issue right now. Once that's sorted, we can maybe revisit this if there's time, but we should resolve that before dedicating resources to the nomads.

5b0eb No.81421

To be clear, this is a vote on whether to "put it in the queue," so to speak. To file it under "to do," or leave it alone. Not to immediately stop all work and focus on this to the exclusion of anything else.

Edward definitely will have Beatrice finish her investigation and report of the Chrisania siblings first. The only question is whether to do it at all, after that issue is done, and with the possibility other things might need addressing first. I place the vote now without a "decide later" option to avoid repeating the vote in the future. Edward is only deciding if he wants to make this an issue and which of the two feasible solutions (that he can see) will he pursue.

Please continue to vote.

62d52 No.81423

If that's the case, Option 2. This is starting to feel like another "Daniella" issue, and I'd rather nip that kind of shit in the bud.

385b9 No.81429

Option 2.

c26ac No.81437

While I really hate making Best Girl Beatrice run around and use up all of her energy just for our gain, we need to quash any Daniella-esque nonsense before it becomes a bigger issue.

Option 2

I just hope Beatrice doesn't get irritated at us for constantly using her as our personal scrying orb.

6b618 No.81442

Option 1. Using Beatrice to spy on the priest to blackmail him is potentially futile since there may be nothing to blackmail him with. Also Beatrice typically takes several days to gather information and by the time she is ready to report her findings, the faire might be over or the nomads leave. In contrast, having her take our appearance has more guaranteed and immediate results. Also, I believe that Beatrice would be more entertained by the prospect of impersonating us rather than spy again on some lowly priest. Therefore she would be more willing and eager to take our appearance since it is a novel idea. It also shows that we trust her and it sets the precedent that we can rely on her to act on our stead as us in the future.

69c7a No.81469

option 1

c26ac No.81473


Changing my vote to Option 3

78a36 No.81475

Having Beatrice impersonate us is too dangerous in the long run. I agree with >>81442 about her spying likely not completing before the end of the Faire, but having dirt on the priest may come in handy anyway. I say Option 2.

15e93 No.81479

Option 3.

bcb04 No.81481

Option 3. Too many plates in the air and some are going to come crashing down.

5b0eb No.81509

>2 votes for option one, have Beatrice take your shape and impersonate you.
>3 votes for option two, have Beatrice spy on the priest for blackmail purposes.
>4 votes for option three, abandon the entire idea.

Accept the situation with the nomads as simply what it is and move on.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.81510

You let out a heavy sigh.

It weighs on your heart for all the potential fun you could have with them and the pregnancies it would inspire, but you have to cut your losses.

Tharja gives you a sad little frown.

"Are you really sure?"

Yes. It's fine.

It is what it is. You don't doubt the tools exist to rectify the problem, but…

You have to be concerned with the problems you're already dealing with, and those you can anticipate. You mustn't get distracted, or distract Beatrice.

You'll be much better counting the cups and bounties you have than lamenting the ones that have fallen to the ground.

Tharja perks up in your arms.

"Cups, Edward?"


That's right.

You have to tell Tharja about Nara's fortune.

It's really an interesting story, you begin to say.

You're not sure where performance ends and ritual begins.

Beatrice told you that whatever the nomads did would be entirely performance, and not magic.

And yet Nara's reading was so personal…

At the very least, you'll take it as a step on your own self-journey, so to speak.

You start to tell Tharja all the details. Of the crystal ball and the prediction about lights, how Nara became overwhelmed, and the cards…

The same ones that led to you impregnating her.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81560

Tharja listens to your tale and offers her own interpretation.

She really thinks the 'lights' are witches, and it means you should befriend all of the witches you can and bring them to the castle.

"It'd be marvelous, Edward! Don't you think?"

… You can't blame Tharja for thinking that, exactly.

You know you made an offer to that effect to Erika.

But you doubt the Matchmaker will go so far as to live at the castle, and other than that you don't think any witches are left. Nearby, at least.

"…Future witches?" she supposes.

… Haha.

You give a little bit of a nervous laugh. –That would follow, yes.

You'd need unattuned spell books, for the attempted witch to murder one of their relatives and take their blood, and… whatever else the ritual needs.

Tharja tells you it's mostly common items, except for the blood.

You can only sigh.

You'd rather keep the murder that happens in Castle Valachia to a minimum, you gently explain. Furthermore…

If they were really going to raise any of your female children with Tharja to become witches, that would leave the targets limited. To say nothing of Beatrice's children.


Tharja frowns a bit.

"I just want to dream a little… magic is so fun," she admits. "I'm sad I can't share it, except with Beatrice."

You tell her you understand. Having more friends is always fun. As much as you enjoy sparring with the soldiers, and as much as you enjoy your friendly relationship with Ricardo, neither of them are peers who share your interests, so to speak.

It'll be all right.

… You'll consider Erika, but no promises.

Tharja gives a little gasp, then hugs you, with a soft 'thank you.'

…And the rest, your prompt?

Tharja goes on to say she's not sure what to make of the cards. Maybe if she had seen the images herself she could offer an opinion.

"I'm flattered you saw me in them, my love."


It was only to be expected.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

3c66e No.81570

I know it's not a choice moment, but in a real conversation this might be the moment when Edward asks his lovely wife how her day was, how learning magic from Beatrice is for her. She mentions it is fun, maybe she can tell us more.

5b0eb No.81605

You think you've talked enough for the moment.

How was Tharja's day, you ask?


It's then you realize Tharja isn't having nearly as much fun with the Faire as you are. In fact, it's limiting her activities even more.

She can't go anywhere into the castle to do anything for you. She can't cook for you because the kitchen is too busy and not safe. She can't spend time with Beatrice outside of moments they arrange to meet with magic because the soldiers are watching her and who comes and goes. She can't attend the actual Faire because it's dangerous for her.

She entertains Camilla and sometimes Corrin.

And Beatrice isn't teaching her currently because you are having her spy for you. Even then, Tharja was more learning how to adjust for the priest's service than magical spells.

She doesn't want to tell you exactly what goes on in her meetings with Beatrice.

"I'm sorry, my husband. It's not that I don't trust you or anything else, but they're sort of… meant to be just between us witches."

–Well, okay.

You suppose you can accept that.

Tharja does report she had 'initiated' Robin when she came to Tharja.

They shared a bath and Tharja personally helped her shave, as she's done for Elizabeth and Sully.

"She's very skittish, Edward," she adds.

Robin likely had a hard time relaxing, especially when she's been reluctant about becoming pregnant.

Who saw Robin and Tharja, you ask?

Tharja confesses they weren't exactly hiding. Guards had seen them together, as had maids. She can't be sure if any aristocrats had seen her.

Though she tells you that all they would've seen was them walking together, fetching a tub, and putting it in a private room.

Tharja left to bring their water alone.

It sounds like you can't rule out that someone may have seen Tharja with Robin, even beyond the pubic hair shaving.

Besides that, Tharja will practice magic by herself, or read.

You can understand why Tharja is enjoying less freedom than you. Especially why she's being watched by the guards closer than you.

She's your future in Ruhemania. She's going to be mother of your children. She's precious. She must be protected. As must the babe she'll carry for you.

"Babies!" She interrupts. "Don't forget, I'm carrying twins."


Of course, you don't forget.

You share another little intimate moment, and a kiss.

You don't say it out loud.

But you also know that no one other than Tharja and you know how close your bond is.

With so many other people in the castle, the guards might be wary about her having access to any other men. About you possibly becoming a cuckold.

You have to wonder.

Robin hadn't said anything about any other part of the plan.

But, Corrin and Camilla are alone with Tharja? Camilla is present, presumably, to make sure Tharja isn't party to any illicit meeting with her brother?

What if they planned to say any future child Tharja gave birth to was actually Corrin's?

"Husband, what's wrong?"

There's a shiver up your spine.

Was… it only Corrin and Camilla with her, in the library, you ask?

Tharja tilts her head.

"No, there was always a guard with us."

… All is well.


Your nervous laughter echoes through the room and is making your wife perplexed, but that's all right.

You kiss her again and tell her to forget it.

She doesn't need to know what you were imagining.

She can be the Witch of Innocence. That's fine with you.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81658

File: 1606901989040.jpg (251.39 KB, 580x1070, Tharja_ready.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Tharja purrs in your lap.

"I think we've done enough talking, Edward."

Her right hand goes to her right breast, sliding her finger against her skin until it's under the part of her top that covers her chest… then pulling it down, slowly. Until her tit pops free.

–Yes, you agree.

You stand up together, kissing again and start to undress.

The casual atmosphere of the room vanishes, replaced by raw sexual desire and want.

You crave your wife's touch, the warmth of her body, and the smooth feeling of her sex wrapped around your cock. The cock which is pointing out from the center of your crotch, as if Tharja were the first woman you've seen in weeks.


As you take your leggings off, your hand touches the vial of lotion the merchant gave you that you kept in your pocket.

You pull it out rather than leave it. It gets the attention of Tharja, who looks down at it with a curious expression.

"What's that, my love?"

You smack your lips, and tell her.

Choice time:
>Something to try out with her, unless she objects. Offer to rub lotion on Tharja's pussy for the sake of better sex.
>It's something you're saving to make sex with a virgin more pleasurable. Show her if she wants to see it, but don't use it.

f0090 No.81667

I'm going to say Option 2, but with a caveat

Unless I'm mistaken, couldn't the lotion also be put to good use to alleviate things like aches and stretch marks, which would make it very handy once Tharja's pregnancy progresses. Unfortunately Edward only has the small vial of it, but its usefulness is greater than just being a sexual aid.

62d52 No.81673

I agree. Option 2, same caveat.

15e93 No.81678

Option 2, also agreeing to the caveat.

50ddc No.81680

Option 1
This very well could be a decent opportunity to give the product a trial run of sorts, then gauge the effects and potentially lead to approval of disproval of a future purchase before the faire ends.

78a36 No.81683

While I agree with both lines of thinking thus far, I'm going to go with Wu Tang on this one. Option 1; let's take it for a trial run, maybe get more later.

62c01 No.81684

Option 2, with the caveat.

a2747 No.81685

option 1

5b0eb No.81690

>3 votes for option one, use the lotion on Tharja.
>4 votes for option two, keep the lotion for use in the future.

Don't use the lotion yet, it's future use for a sexual aid or for skin relaxation for muscles or pregnancy changes will be determined by you.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.81695

You don't want to waste the tension of the moment, so a brief explanation will do.

It's an oil sold at the Faire. The merchant promised it softens and protects the skin.

You were planning to test it later. Perhaps for more pleasurable sex with a virgin girl, or to use for Tharja's skin when her belly grows stretched…

Tharja gasps, and coos, before throwing her arms on your shoulders and wrapping them around the back of your neck, smiling.

"I love that you were thinking of me…"

She pulls you in for a kiss, and you get the vial set aside, along with the last of your clothes.

Tharja does gently remind you that she is a witch.

"I can use my magic to ease my skin and erase any stretch marks… unless you like seeing them."

–That's a thought for a later time.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81734

File: 1607081044113.png (945.65 KB, 960x1600, Tharja_request.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Instead of Tharja pushing you on the bed, or you pushing Tharja on the bed, you both end up climbing on it side by side. She's grinning right at you, eager, as she goes up on her knees.

"Today… I feel like I want you to take me savagely, my husband."  Her voice is calm, assertive, and hungry. "Push me around, pull me, hold me with your strong muscles… whatever you like, as long as you're putting me in my place."

Tharja wiggles her ass.

"We won't be able to do it like this forever when I'm big, so let's savor it now."

…All right. If that's what Tharja wants. You're hardly one to argue.

But the question was, how?

She's given you a canvas and expects you to make a very bold brushstroke.

What were you most in the mood for?

Choice time:
>Set Tharja on her hands and knees. Get behind her. Pull her hair as you pound her pussy.
>Put Tharja on her butt, throw her feet over your shoulders and yank her close while you thrust away. It's a position you won't be able to do when her belly will get in the way.
>Flip Tharja flat on her back, put your full weight on her, and slam her hips into the mattress while she clings to you for dear life.
>…You have a sudden idea. Grab Tharja's sheets and use them to tie her up. Really steal control away from her.

cd476 No.81737

Option two

43fec No.81742

Agreed, 2 has a short window, everything else is possible from later on all the way up to the day she pops.

Option 2.

04f81 No.81748

Agreed with those above, Option 2.

6b8aa No.81751

>>Put Tharja on her butt, throw her feet over your shoulders and yank her close while you thrust away. It's a position you won't be able to do when her belly will get in the way.


62d52 No.81765

Option 2.

5b0eb No.81772

>5 votes for option two, throw her feet over your shoulders and pull her close while you thrust savagely.

Dominate her with her feet up around your ears, leaving her defenseless to your penetration.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.81783

File: 1607168748331.jpeg (234.29 KB, 777x1318, tharja_legsup.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

–She's right.

Her belly is going to get so big she'll have trouble getting out of bed.

And you'll have to worry more about being too forceful with her.

It makes the most sense to fuck her hard from now until you reach that point

Tharja looks at you with a surprised but intrigued look in her eyes at your bold words.

Right before you pounce on her.

You waste no time.

Your arms curl under Tharja's legs. First her calves, then her thighs.

You pull her closer, and closer. Her butt scooting on the sheets. until it's right against your knees.

She looks at you, the look on her face telling you she's curious just how far you're going to bend her body.

The answer is to her limit.

And if she doesn't have a limit, to your limit.


Her knees are pressed against her breasts.

Your arms have gone from her legs to behind her back.

The inner sides of her feet rub against your ears as you pull her close enough to kiss.

Of course, you don't miss the opportunity.

You press your head right between the portal created between her legs and kiss her.

At the same time…

Your cock is already inside her.

She's kissing you back fervently, your lips smacking as your tongues coil together.

She's at a loss of what to do with her arms. You're holding her so tight, she doesn't need to cling to your body to stay right where she is.

Finally she settles on wrapping around to press the small of your back.

Urging you to thrust harder.

Your cock is already so deep inside her, you're practically hilted fully. You don't have much room to pull out for each thrust.

It doesn't matter.

Your wife's pussy is made for you. It takes you and grips you and squeezes you perfectly.

There's no discomfort, or soreness. Just pure pleasure.

You rock your hips against each other, your strong muscles easily keeping Tharja right where she should be.

Both orifices leaking your combined essence, your bodies becoming more heated and slicked with sweat from the mutual exertion.

Until you're so lost in the moment you're both reduced to a collective drooling, moaning, mess.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81809

Your time with Tharja turns into a sexual marathon.

You hold yourself close together. With her. Until it feels like your bodies have fully melded together.

You cum, and cum, and cum again.

All without pulling out.

It goes without saying Tharja is just as satisfied as you are. If not more so.

She cries in bliss as she's filled with your cum. Over, and over.

You share one last orgasm together, managing to cum simultaneously. Her pussy milking yours as your spurt yet again.

You press your faces together in an equally aggressive kiss, then break.

You both stare into each other's eyes. You see a mutual understanding with her that transcends words.

…Then let go and fall away from each other.

Your muscles are both thoroughly spent.

You can do little else but fall back on the bed and writhe with the fading sensation of sexual ecstasy.

That was… good.

You think that may have been the most intense sex you've ever had with someone.

It definitely qualifies for the most intense sex you've had in the past hour, at least.

You roll over until you're side by side with her, until you can place your hand on her, and have her hug you.

Then, in shared exhaustion, you fall asleep in each other's arms.

>No poll yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81844

You awake with stiff muscles and a very gorgeous wife in your arms.

You stretch out, trying to judge by the torch how much time has passed.

Your movement wakes Tharja, who greets you with a kiss.

"Good morning."

You think that's accurate.

You whisper to Tharja that unfortunately, you think your exertion left you to sleep for too long.

You have to get up. You especially.

Tharja gives a disappointed little whine at the prospect of letting you slip out of her arms, but relents. She goes to pick up her book.

You have no new clothes, so you're forced to wear what you already had on. Tharja too, though she's forced to carry the remnants of your essence between her legs.

You get into the hallway with the slats that allow light in and discover to your relief that it isn't as light as it could be. At least you can be reassured you didn't oversleep.

Tharja takes the opportunity to walk arm-in-arm with you as you leave.

The guard watches you step out from Tharja's wing of the castle with a lingering look, and you give him a salute.

You step lightly until he recedes into the distance.

>No poll yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81875

Your attachment to Tharja means there's no real surprises awaiting your morning.

Breakfast is normal. Beatrice is not present. Elizabeth and Margaret are present.

You can't help sneaking peeks at Elizabeth's mid-section. How long will it take before her bump begins to show through her clothes…?

At any rate, the meal is satisfying enough, though you don't have much conversation to make with THarja.

Not that you would talk about even half the things you say in private publicly.

You ponder your options.

Camilla won't come by Tharja's library anymore after today.

That means that this is your last opportunity to seduce her, unless you pursue her independently and try to hunt her down.

You suppose that'd take more effort, but it wasn't impossible.

You try to weigh the benefits.

If you wait, you can potentially hear Beatrice's report and get more of a grasp of her motives.

On that other hand, you haven't even really tried talking to her all that much directly. Certainly not as much as Robin, or even Cordelia.

There's no other real pressing business you can think you must attend to instead of Camilla. So, not meeting with her would mean you're just sort of having free time.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

It's a soldier, with a message for you.

He states there's a new recruit who wishes to join your army, one who will need your approval and to hear her vows. They're waiting at the barracks at your convenience.

Ah. It seems your policy has finally bore fruit. With hopefully more to come.

You thank him, and dismiss him.

There. That was something.

Though if you wanted to blow off both options…

You can't go near the nomads, mores the pity.

You decide against going to spar. Your muscles are still too stiff. And then why not go to hear the woman soldier's oath if you were going to do that?

You could potentially find Princess Alena and arrange a meeting tonight.

You remember you made a promise that you would satisfy Beatrice with a tryst before midday. You had best plan accordingly. You can only do one thing.

What would you do after breakfast?

Choice time:
>You shouldn't ignore Camilla. Return with Tharja to her library to finally flirt with the last Chrisania sister.
>The sooner you accept the new soldier into your army, the sooner she can begin drilling. Go to the barracks to hear her oath.
>'Princess' Alena's private performance is worth scheduling. Seek her out.

6b618 No.81878

Option 1. Camilla is the most pressing issue right now. We must talk to her and sway her to our side. Potentially convince her and her sisters to stay.

62360 No.81882

I too vote for option one.

44e73 No.81890

Option 1, finally.

62c01 No.81892

Option 1

f765f No.81897

Indeed, Option 1! Let us see to Camilla.

5b0eb No.81910

>5 votes for option one, pursue Camilla.

Meet with Camilla.

You simply can't pass up the attempt to seduce Camilla.

You tell your wife you should leave early, then stand up before your meal is finished.

You draw closer for a kiss, then whisper in your ear.

You're going to make yourself more presentable. Act as if your visit is unplanned.

That should satisfy Camilla desire to play 'hard to get' and be seduced.

Tharja kisses you back and whispers that she understands.

You leave Tharja behind with Elizabeth and Margaret.

Before Camilla…

You have a date with a bath and a shave.

>Poll closed, update soon.

5b0eb No.81947

You have the maids fetch your razor and a new change of clothes.

Fortunately they're used to you not always returning to your chambers at night. Your requests are answered quickly.

You shave your face and down there as well. You hold your hands steady. A simple nick would mean ruin.

You try to imagine how best to approach Camilla.

It's likely any attempt will be met by encouragement. Her plan relies on you impregnating her.

The question was should you try a slow seduction on her, or should you try to provoke a reaction from her?

It's impossible to know if she'll genuinely appreciate soft coaxing or blunt suggestions.

But thinking about it logically…

Robin had put effort into discovering what sort of man you were. You must assume Camilla has done the same.

In which case, Camilla will probably expect you to rely heavily on charm and subtle hints without being too forward.

It would fit your image of being a calm and thoughtful host.

But what if you were to make like you did at Beatrice's mansion, or your initial flirtations with Margaret before she told you she wasn't interested?

They both appreciated the direct approach. –Though you doubt you could use an offer to eat Camilla out as your opening greeting.

Nonetheless, the shock of the incongruencies may fluster her and cause her to make some mistake.

She could accidentally reveal how much she knows about Robin, whether she or Corrin are in charge. How much they're cooperating with their parents versus being coerced.

You should also consider another possibility.

Beatrice is watching the Chrisania siblings.

It's possible Beatrice may spy on your interaction with Camilla. That she may have a front row seat to the seduction play you plan to put on.

In which case, even if you yourself don't pick up anything from Camilla's reaction, Beatrice might.

Of course, she may simply judge your performance and nothing more.

…You have until the end of your bath and the walk to Tharja's library to decide.

You finish bathing and step out to towel yourself with a clean linen.

The wheels turn in your head as you consider how to approach Camilla.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.81977

File: 1607685113527.jpg (778.91 KB, 850x1090, Camilla-atlast.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You finish your personal hygiene and depart for Tharja's wing.

Before you re-enter, you talk to the guard outside the door.

You ask if Tharja is alone.

He replies that one other noblewoman is with her. There is no escort because they are both women.

Very good. You thank him for the information.

He gives you a terse little salute when you pass deeper into the corridor.

You're about to reach to open the door when you remember what Beatrice once taught you.

Waiting to hear interactions can help you gain knowledge you otherwise never would have known.

That's always worth a little extra effort.

You put your ear to the door.

You hear nothing.

Are they even in there?

Your patience runs out and you decide to push the door open.

You find Camilla and Tharja together. Camilla sits at a desk while Tharja reads over her shoulder. Her own book tucked under her arm.


Of course, you overheard nothing, because both women were reading. There was no conversation to listen to.

You witted yourself there, but no matter.

Tharja looks up and gives you a warm smile.

"Oh, Husband."

Tharja greets you warmly, if perhaps a little more subdued than she normally would.

Camilla looks up from her book.


This was it.

Now that you had her cornered, you'd better decide what approach to take with Camilla.

It's best to decide before you move on to exchanging your first words. It will let you keep your pursuit consistent.

The best way to deal with Camilla was…

Choice time:
>Subtle. Ply Camilla with small compliments until Tharja leaves you both alone, then escalate until she gets the idea.
>Direct. Make your interest in Camilla unambiguous from the start. She may be the type to appreciate it and seeing how she reacts could reveal something.
>Ignore her. Concentrate all of your attention on Tharja in a bid to see if Camilla will do anything to catch your eye.

62d52 No.81985

I'm voting for Option 2. The direct approach could be interesting.

f765f No.81995

I say option one: be subtle. Don't want to tip the hand with being direct, and ignoring her would likely backfire since they've got two girls with our seed in them.

09954 No.82003

Option 1

f5ed2 No.82010

Option 1, tharja did tell us that Camilla wanted to be pursued.

5b0eb No.82044

I would've wanted at least five votes, but the needle must fall.

>3 votes for option one, be subtle in your seduction.

>1 vote for option two, be direct and blunt.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82049

File: 1607863993268.jpg (154.99 KB, 630x875, Camilla_showingoff.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Subtlety is for the best. Hardest to achieve, but it shouldn't be difficult.

You smile and greet your wife.

You hope you're not interrupting anything.

"How could you interrupt anything, my husband?"

You kiss your wife's hand.

Camilla rises from her chair, leaving the book behind.

You take the moment to step over to her.

"Your Majesty," she greets you, giving a meek curtsy, bowing her head. It displays a generous amount of cleavage.

–She wants you.

You can tell that immediately. No woman curtsies like that who isn't trying to show off her assets.

Armed with this knowledge, you place a hand over your mouth to hide your smirk.

You're aware it's part of her plan, but flattering nonetheless.

Camilla, you begin to say. It is a pleasure to encounter her again.

You reach down and take her hand.

You make sure your eyes are leveled to meet hers when she lifts her head, then you bring her knuckles to your lips.

Sensual, but restrained, you kiss.

Her hands are soft and elegant. It's obvious she's unfamiliar with anything strenuous.

"You flatter me, Your Majesty."

Her smile is stunning and compliments her well.

You tell her you hope you aren't disturbing her study.

"Absolutely not, Your Majesty. I was just taking the opportunity to pass time and your wife was very generous.

You spare a glance over at the book she was reading. It's one about Ruhemanian history.

Is she fascinated by history, you ask?

She gives a very weak shrug.

"I wouldn't say fascinated."

She explains that her brother was most eager about poetry and more abstract stories. Camilla therefore had to make do with reading the drier books and she became used to anticipating it as entertainment.


It sounds like a lie. There's an age difference between Camilla and Corrin.

Though you can't possibly verify it either way.

"Does it seem wrong for a woman to focus on more masculine matters, Your Majesty?"

Well, that hardly seems objectionable.

You, for one, appreciate a woman with a head on her shoulders.

After all, you're married to one of the brightest women you know.

You spare a glance and look back at Tharja, who returns your sentiment with her own smile.

You've certainly charmed your wife, at least.

You turn back to Camilla.

You'd like to claim you've read the book to impress her, but you haven't and you don't feel confident bluffing from the little you glanced at it weeks ago.

So instead you tell her that you are mindful of history, but your attention is always on the here and now.

How does she find Castle Valachia?

"It's certainly impressive, Your Majesty. It is a delight and honor to have been invited."

You're very pleased to have her here, you say.

You hear the door shut. You know Tharja let herself out.

Camilla lifts her head in a bit of surprise, but not shock. She must have expected that.

You think it may have been a little premature and Tharja should have at least offered an excuse, but whatever.

The tomes here are many, but you do know your way around, you say.

Would Camilla appreciate a little guidance…?


Camilla gives a little smile.

"I think it may be called for, Your Majesty."

The tone she's using tells you she's no fool and she knows what you have in mind.

You gallantly offer your arm and direct her toward one of the shelves, leaving the history book behind.

"Does your wife approve, Your Majesty?" she asks.


Now there's a question with nuance.

She could be asking about your flirtation, or you moving around in her library as you please.

…You think you've been subtle enough.

You decide to be bold and address it as if she had asked about flirtation.

In which case…

What do you possibly say?

Camilla knows she must. Tharja attempted to convince her to shave her crotch.

But, does Camilla know you know?

You need to decide how to answer.

Choice time:
>Be honest. Yes, she does. Tell Camilla that Tharja knows you prefer things a certain way, and you appreciate her effort.
>Imply she does without saying it. You suspect she does, but really… who can tell? Either way, you're grateful for her.
>Imply you're scheming together. Of course she doesn't. Because there's nothing to hide. Surely it's unthinkable a man would want a woman who wasn't his wife.

f765f No.82059

I'm a bit torn on this one. The first option might help to bring her over to our side, emphasis on 'might'. Option two is the safer one, but less likely to convert her, I feel. Hm… considering that we're sabotaging their way to leave, I say option two.

62d52 No.82068

Option one. Knowing what little I do, I believe Camilla actually enjoys a measure of forthright behavior, and it'd certainly be a surprise compared to the usual court intrigues one would expect.

31770 No.82069

option one

9e531 No.82074


Option one.

15e93 No.82078

Option 1.

6b618 No.82086

Option 1

5b0eb No.82088

>5 votes for option one, be upfront with Camilla about Tharja's assistance.
>1 vote for option two, imply the truth without confessing.

Be forthright and honest about Tharja helping you.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82095

File: 1607950498888.jpg (328.92 KB, 850x1133, Camilla-whichpart.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You decide to maintain your initiative.

Yes, of course, Tharja approves.

Both of you having free rein of her library, and of taking all manner of women to bed.


It seems your answer is more than Camilla bargained for, and her eyes open in shock.

"Your Majesty…?"

She needn't play coy, you say.

You know Tharja made 'approaches' to Camilla.

That was just her knowing your preferences.


Camilla's face is still one of shock. It seems she wasn't expecting you to say the quiet part loud.

"Well, then… I must apologize for not meeting your expectations," she says.

Oh. That's no trouble.

You dare to put your hand on hers.

Women are like fine roses in the garden.

One needn't be troubled if the bush is a bit… overgrown.

The metaphor gets another shocked little laugh from Camilla.

You appreciate all women, you go on to say. But you will admit…

You stroke her palm with your thumb.

You don't often meet women as perfect as Camilla.

Camilla lets out a soft little sultry sigh.

"You believe so, Your Majesty?"

She turns her back to the wall, making her assets face you. It provides you a natural opportunity to get in front of her.

She's not running away, so that means she's interested.

What part of Camilla should you appreciate first?

There certainly is much to appreciate, you say.

Your eyes linger on her form as you look her up and down.

You'll choose one and build off of it.

Choice time:
>Her beautiful wide, full hips. The epitome of feminine form and a sign she'll easily carry many children.
>Her slim waist, which gives you something so easy to hold, and compliments her figure so well.
>Her large breasts. So perfect and a lovely indication of her fertility.

437b7 No.82099


Option 1, birthing hips ftw.

d22b6 No.82100

Option 1! Thick thighs make lives, and it is up to up Camilla to have her inner thighs gushed with gallons upon gallons of sperm to create as many children as possible!

4a746 No.82106

Option 1

b8d65 No.82112

Option three.

What can I say? I'm a breast man…

15e93 No.82114

Option 1, though I do love titties best, the dialogue about childbearing capabilities gets me going.

43fec No.82115

Option 3. Birth is one time. Nourishing is continual.

62d52 No.82119

Oh, the whole package. But if I have to narrow it… Option 3.

69c7a No.82120

Option 1

f765f No.82121

Option 2. Just to be a bit of a contrarian, and because she probably the other two probably get a lot of focus.

6b618 No.82126

Option 1

5b0eb No.82137

>6 votes for option one, focus on her hips.
>1 vote for option two, focus on her waist.
>3 votes for option three, focus on her breasts.

Appreciate her hips.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82140

File: 1608031528563.jpg (120.05 KB, 850x1100, Camilla-hips.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your eyes meet hers and you smile.

You appreciate her beauty. In her face, body, and what's inside.

You reach your hand out to touch her arm.

But, what attracts you most is…

You slide your hand down her torso, past her waist, and settle on her lower curves.


She blinks in surprise.

"My hips?"

Yes, you whisper.

God has truly blessed full, wide-hipped women.

Her body was simply made to be bred.

It means she has a head start. She's already naturally adjusted to carry babies.

Pregnancy would be easier. Birth would be easier.

That's why they're called 'child-bearing hips'.

A woman like Camilla will become a fine mother.

Your other hand joins its twin. They find the indentation of bone on both sides of her body and stroke.

Camilla doesn't squirm or move to escape your touch, so you use that.

It doesn't seem like she hates the idea, you say.

She gives a soft sigh, putting her hands on your strong, thick arms as you stroke.

"I am not used to being complimented for them." Her voice is airy. "The fashion is for slimmer forms."


Hips like hers are timeless.

Fashion should be built around them, not confined by them.

She laughs a soft surprised laugh, lips parted.

"You would like me pregnant, Your Majesty?"

Yes, you whisper.

"You would like to be the one to send me on the way?"


Her hands slide up your shoulders, and she reaches behind the back of your neck to pull herself close.

Her hair brushes your neck and her lips whisper in your ear.

"Then, take me," she says.



The question was… where?

Choice time:
>Right here. Right now. Right against the wall. Have sex with Camilla right there.
>You would prefer the comfort of a bed. Tharja will be more than happy to let you use her room, you're sure. Lead her to Tharja's room.
>You'd prefer the comfort of a bed, and want to be seen leading her to it. Take her to your tower.

dee78 No.82143

Option one

b0f87 No.82145


Timing's perfect since we've never done that sort of thing before.

Option one.

4a746 No.82146

option 1

62d52 No.82155

Option one. Pity we're a few hundred years too early for smartphones. I hear there's a new vacuum in the porn vid market.

d22b6 No.82158

Hurry, option 1! We have very urgent matters on hand, and Master's sperm is very eager to be sown inside Camilla's flower bed!

15e93 No.82166

Option 1.

f765f No.82185

Option 2. She's already slightly mentally off-balance when we told her that Thaja was in on it. Let's keep that momentum going by taking her to Tharja's room.

62d52 No.82186

Well, can't firget that our dear wife is still hovering in the background, and needs to learn recording spells so she can make vids of these moments…

5b0eb No.82197

>6 votes for option one, take her right against the wall of the library.
>1 vote for option two, take her to Tharja's bedroom.

Impregnate her immediately. Do her right up against the wall.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82266

File: 1608205242779.png (871.94 KB, 911x1290, Camilla_almostsex.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You normally would take it slow and steady and make everything comfortable.

But Camilla's body has put you in a mood.

The thought of anything but ramming your cock inside her and thrusting away until you've spilled your seed and left her with a baby in her belly is the depth of discomfort.

You need her. Now.

Your hands immediately seek out her skirt. To bunch it up and lift.

Camilla raises her leg to make it easier, and you work together to get her crotch exposed.

Your own is next, and it's a problem when your manhood is already ramrod erect.

You're dying to sink your cock into her pussy. To claim her. Fill her up with your sperm and get her well and truly bred.

You get enough of your pants down to free your member, provoking a gasp from Camilla.

You're both being relatively quiet, but there's no helping the echo.

One hand goes to your cock, to stroke. The other hand goes to her pussy, to rub. Your hands sink in a bed of pubic hair.

–She's not quite wet enough.

It's going to pain her and you to just shove it in.

"I have a hard time becoming wet down there, Your Majesty," she hisses between short breaths. "Just… stick it in."


You do still have that lotion…

You were thinking of saving it for Beatrice, or some other woman, but this could serve an immediate need.

Your mind can only think so hard. Your dick wants the option that gets you inside Camilla the quickest.

She needs to be bred.

Choice time:
>As Camilla says, prepare for friction and just force your length in.
>She can't become wet? Nonsense. Kiss her. Stroke her. Rub her. You'll help her get better aroused. And if that takes too long, you'll use your own spit.
>Announce you have an easy solution, then use the lotion.

f5ed2 No.82271

Option 2.

d22b6 No.82274

Option 3, use the lotion to coat your dick while rubbing her sacred gates, and when Camilla starts leaking her juices from her thighs,SHOVE IT IN

5fb8b No.82275


The concept of a dry run sounds unique and rare of an opportunity.

Option one.

d22b6 No.82276

Won't like, a dry vagina burn the sperm though?

73add No.82277

Okay, I know I haven't participated before, but as a femanon, I feel the need to come to Camilla's defense for various reasons. Edward taking her as she is won't raise her opinion of him. He's trying to charm the siblings to his side, so now's not the time to be the Mad Rutting Beast.

If y'all want it fast, use the lotion. Claim it's just for her if you must and apologize to Tharja later. Option three.

(And no, a dry vagina doesn't damage sperm, but it's not fun for anyone involved.)

12897 No.82279

Option 3

6b618 No.82281

Adding to this, we should bring up the fact that we know about her family’s plot after we impregnate her. By doing so we can point out the holes in their plan. Maybe we can convince her to our side. That being said, Option 3

31770 No.82285

Option 2.
We should remember that she may be feeling coerced into this by her family. Maybe try to work in some assurance as to her true consent as we rub her?

15e93 No.82289

Option 2.

Maybe we can win some favorability and brownie points with her that way.

Most dudes just shove it in. Edward is different.

Besides, I'd much prefer to save that lotion for stretchmark/childbirth related stuff. Using it to cut a corner when it comes to foreplay just seems a fucking waste.

62d52 No.82291

Option 3. Don't wanna slow down, don't wanna chafe.

f765f No.82292

Knew we should have taken her to Tharja's room. We could have had more help. Oh well.

Option 2. We may be a rutting beast, but we're far from mad. And I get the feeling we need all the help we can get to get her to defect.

69c7a No.82297

option 2

5b0eb No.82299

>1 vote for option one, as she asks, stick it in with her still dry.
>5 votes for option two, kiss her and stroke her until she becomes wet. Failing that, use spit.
>5 votes for option three, use the lotion to make penetration smooth immediately.

We have a tie.

I will come back later and see if there is still a tie. If there is, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

If you have not yet voted, I urge you to do so.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

0c23e No.82304

Option 2, for sure. Showing her that we actually care will definitely help woo her to our side.

5b0eb No.82310

>6 votes for option two, commit to foreplay and using spit to make Camilla wet.
>5 votes for option three, use the lotion.

Engage in foreplay until she's wet enough.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82642

File: 1608979269682.jpg (186.45 KB, 884x930, Camilla-confess.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

(art by akairiot, hopefully he doesn't mind.)

It's only your extreme lust you're feeling at the moment that you even entertain the notion of forcing yourself in with her pussy still dry. That's simply not going to be fun.

Fortunately you find the wherewithal to hold off and instead whisper to Camilla.

She has a hard time becoming wet? That's fine. You happen to be very skilled when it comes to pleasuring a woman's body.

You'll help her.

Camilla gives you a surprised look.

"But, Your Majesty…"

She trails off without completing her sentence.

Because you take the opportunity to press your lips over hers.


You feel her body relax as you start kissing each other. Her lips are full, soft, and very eager. She melts into you. Your hands come up to hold her and wrap around her back.

Your chests pressed together, which are, unfortunately, clothed.

You take a moment to breathe, separating your mouths for the moment, hugging cheek to cheek.

It occurs to you that you've chosen a very incongruous style of love-making. You impulsively moved to take her right against the wall, but you have to slow down to make sure her body is a little more in the mood.

It's leaving your cock upset that it isn't inside a warm pussy.

"Your wife won't come back, or anyone else?" you hear Camilla ask.

… You think her question over.

You really can't fathom a situation anyone would. There's guards at the entrance, but they won't come looking for you unless they thought you were in danger. And she would know if Corrin were coming.

You whisper that you're both completely alone until you leave.


Camilla smacks her lips, you can feel her skin heating up.

"There is… something… that gets me excited very quickly. Can I trust you with what it is?"

–Well, you didn't come this far to back down.

You tell Camilla you'll keep what she tells her between you both. You promise.


Camilla turns her head, then whispers it right to your ear.

"Spanking," she says.

… What?

"Bend me over. Take your bare hand. Spank my bottom."

She says it firmly. Unambiguously. There's no doubt you heard what she intended to say.

It is, however, unexpected. You're reminded of how Elizabeth likes to submit to you in your sessions and you can sometimes be a bit extreme with her. But, no, it's not like that. Elizabeth likes the feeling of not being in control of herself. You're not sure what the appeal for Camilla would be with her quest. It could be the feeling of being punished, pained, or both. Or something else.

"…Well?" she asks.

Right. You haven't reacted.

In that case…

Choice time:
>If that's what she likes, so be it. Spank Camilla.
>Too weird. Refuse.

f0e7c No.82643

Option one.

140e0 No.82644

Option 1. No harm in it

cc01c No.82645

Yes, go for it! Option one

c655a No.82648

Spank that ass (option 1)

62d52 No.82650

Option 1!

f765f No.82651

Even if this is some kind of test, all we can do is proceed and pay attention to how she reacts. Let her have it!

d22b6 No.82655

Spank Camilla while she still has her panties on!

15e93 No.82673

Seems pretty unanimous.

Option 1.

5b0eb No.82678

Far be it for you to deny a woman what she needs.

Especially when she intends to repay you with access to her womb.

If that's the way she likes it, you whisper.

At hearing your words, she smiles in an excited way she hadn't before. Clearly delighted.

Hm… now you just needed to decide how you would do it.

Obviously, you can't spank her when she's against the wall.

Though, you wonder, is just turning her around and putting her hands against the wall the best course of action?

It's the most quick and logical, but you can see more daring options.

You could take her back to the chair at the desk.

Sit down, bend her over your knee, and then smack her bottom like you were disciplining her.

You don't doubt that would really hit the humiliation angle. If that's what she's interested in.


You could just lift her up right there.

Take her by the sides, fling her over your shoulder, make her really helpless, and then spank her mercilessly.

That would be a truly dominant display of bravado from you. She's not a thin waif, but you think you could manage it.

She's waiting for you to make the move. Maybe she's caught on you're thinking about it.

It'd be too awkward to run your ideas past her. You're in the moment. She'll stop you if she doesn't like anything.

You're anxious to get her wet and ready for you, too.

In that case…

Choice time:
>The safe and easy option. Turn her around, have her put her hands against the wall and bend at the waist. Lift up her skirt, and smack her ass.
>The humiliating option. Take her back to the desk, sit down, and bend her over your knee.
>The dominant option. Show off your strength and lift her over your shoulder, then spank her right there.

140e0 No.82685

Option 2

29643 No.82686


Option 3

cf5ef No.82687

Option 3. Dominance now may help us later. Also it's hot.

f765f No.82689

I'd rather not risk her falling over. Also, if we put her over our lap, we'll be able to make eye contact with her. Option 2.

15e93 No.82690

Option 3.

62d52 No.82691

Option 3. I'm in the mood to be a touch brutish.

d22b6 No.82692

Option 3; higher risk, higher rewards they say

6b618 No.82705

Option 2

b4abf No.82711

Option 2

cc01c No.82715

Option three.

If she's submissive like Elizabeth, we should show dominance and convince her that we can be the dom she needs. That'll help us bring her to our side and break the conspiracy. Also it's hot :-)

f0e7c No.82738

Option 3

5b0eb No.82749

>4 votes for option two, bend Camilla over your knee while you sit and humiliate her.
>7 votes for option three, lift Camilla over your shoulder and dominate her.

Show off your strength and spank Camilla.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.82831

File: 1609424447142.png (706.81 KB, 1332x1108, Camilla-ass.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You prepare your muscles for a little exertion. Then, you put your hands right on Camilla's hips.

She doesn't realize what you're doing, even as you snake one arm around her waist and begin to hoist her up.

She lets out a surprised yelp as you throw her over your back like a sack of flour.


Your muscles are still a little stiff, but you accomplish it just fine.

Camilla instinctively squirms and rocks against your body, but your arm holds her down tight.

"What are you doing?!" she cries.

You had the idea if the lady preferred to be spanked to arousal, you may as well make her aware it's happening, you say.

Your hand flips up her skirt, and Camilla's struggles cease.

"You wouldn't… you'll drop me for sure," she whispers.

She underestimates your strength?

You pull back your hand and slap her bottom.

It's indeed soft and fat. You can feel the vibrations running through both of you.

Camilla cries out in a pained little whimper.

…There, you whisper to her.

Isn't this fun?

You slap her again, and again, keeping your hand firm and sending hot jolts throughout her body. Each strike makes her hold back a soft moan.

You're in charge, you say. You'll spank her until you decide you're done with her.

… Your words immediately have her squirming.

"That's not exactly what I had in mind," she hisses.

…Shit. You guessed wrong.

You immediately backtrack.

Of course, you say. You just didn't want to deny her what she wants.

What she wants is… this, right?

You punctuate your question with another slap, to her right cheek.

Your words placate her as she stops squirming again and settles back into your grip.

You make a mental note: Camilla is not into spanking as a form of submission. She wants to still feel she has control. –Apparently.

At any rate, you'll have to modify the angle from which you approach your dirty talk.


She's just a girl who likes to have her ass slapped, you ask?

You punctuate it again with another hard smack. You think you might be using enough force to leave handprints on her skin.

Camilla makes a muffled little moan before replying.

"It just… feels good."

Ah… all right.

Camilla's less about complete submission and more about outright masochism.

The pain mixes with pleasure, you ask?

You stop, and reach out a finger, probing along the underside of her ass crack until you find your way to trace up and down her pussy.

…She's indeed on her way to being wet.

You play it up though.

She's soaked, you tell her.

You can feel the head from her body.

"I'm sorry…"

Is she, you ask?

You're not sure what she's apologizing for, but in the moment you don't care.

Has she been a bad girl?

You pat her ass without really slapping her. You surmise that you've already tanned her so well that the patting alone is enough to give her more of that craved pain.

"Yes," she moans out. "I'm bad… punish me."


If that's what she wants, you'll gladly punish her until she's got what she deserves.

You let your wrist go a little more loose and start slapping Camilla with quick little motions.

It's enough that Camilla is gripping you tight, rocking back against your hands, and clearly absorbed in the action.

You think she might be able to come, just from this, but you're distracted enough keeping you both balanced that you can't really entertain the notion.

At any rate, it took a misstep, but you think you uncovered Camilla's weak spot.

Camilla wants to be in control, but she also likes pain, and the feeling of being 'punished.'

She might've liked you literally bending her over her knee, but whatever. You know how to work her up, now.

Furthermore, she can at least appreciate your strength this way.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

30d1a No.82861

Worth a try… I kind of hoped, we could get another slave like Elizabeth, but this is fun too.

5b0eb No.83008

File: 1609582014083.jpg (542.35 KB, 900x900, Camilla_smirk.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Camilla gives out before your muscles do. She finally begs you for mercy.

"My ass can't handle anymore…" she whines.

You almost wonder if this is when you're supposed to affect a fake sneer and keep slapping her, but you have been delivering a good amount of force to her backside. You relent and set her down. You continue to support her even after her feet find purchase. Her legs shaking with wobbly knees.

It gives you a good opportunity to hold her body against you. You can feel her soft breasts through your clothes.

"That felt… amazing," she says.

Heh. You're only sorry she'll be pained throughout the entire Faire.

She turns up to look at you, grinning.

"I wonder how I'll stand the carriage ride home."


You're caught off guard, but you think you recover well enough as you fake a little chuckle, which she returns.

Does she know about Robin? Perhaps… but perhaps she doesn't. You have no way of knowing. At any rate, you also don't want her leaving, either.

You change the subject in the most direct way possible, by tracing your fingers over her red ass.

Is she wet enough now, you ask?

She winces, arching her back into you.

"I… think I might be…" she hisses back, clearly both pained and delighted.


It's tempting to take a spot right back where you were, with her back against the wall…

But, you want to admire your handiwork.

You whisper to Camilla to put her hands flat up against the wall. You'll do her from behind.

You know she'll appreciate your crotch slapping her ass next.


She coos eagerly at your suggestion. The smirk on her face telling you all you need to know that you're hitting the exact right notes to satisfy her.

Without any guidance from you, she carefully shifts her arms from around your torso to right flat against the wall.

Legs apart, back arched, ass out.

…What a woman. You can't resist this.

You're practically hobbling to take your leggings off and free your erect cock as you slip behind her.

You let your pants fall around your ankles, along with your sword, then pull up Camilla's skirt again.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.83097

File: 1609673638496.jpg (496.92 KB, 850x879, Camilla_sex.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You come up behind her, align your penis with her opening, and slide your dick into her pussy.

You both let out a mutual grunt of satisfaction as your hips collide with her generous ass.

There's plenty of flesh to press your body against as you push her against the wall and she pushes back against you.

Your hands find her hips to hold on and keep her skirt from flipping back down.

You both makes little hisses as you draw in breath, eager to start fucking.

You rock your body against her, your hips, your hands, and even rolling from your heels to your tiptoes.

She matches your movements and you start to establish a steady rhythm.


She's… not a virgin, you realize. You can tell from the sensation.

That's fine. You suppose they couldn't all three be virgins. It aligns with how she's aware of what turns her on, as well.

It's more reason to show her how unmatched you are with your lovemaking.

You move your hands up and down Camilla's hips as you move. Hugging her curves and tracing her pelvis.

You whisper to her, between grunts, that her body really is perfect.

"Hah… you really appreciate my hips, Your Majesty…?"

Of course you do. That's not questionable.

It's not the only thing either.

Her entire figure is perfect. Her breasts are amazing. Beyond comparison with any other woman's.


You make her cry out as your hands trail to the top of her thighs and you hold yourself close, until you're leaning over her enough to really let her feel your presence.

You like how she's a bold woman who's comfortable taking risks.

You enjoyed the verbal play you both shared, and how she trusted you with her… sexual priority.

"Mn… you let me hear yours, it felt wrong to not return the favor, Your Majesty."

It's a good answer, one that you can appreciate.

You love a woman who knows what she wants. Fair's fair, isn't it?

Your hands trail up to grope her breasts through the top of her dress. It prompts another hissed exhale from between Camilla's teeth.

You're both holding back, you know you can't cry out openly.

You would love the chance to see Camilla again, you tell her.

Admire her body fully.

Perhaps not take your time, but stoke the fire a bit more… deliberately.


Camilla's biting her lips to keep from moaning. She doesn't give you another response.

But she doesn't need to.

You tell her to merely think about it. That offer is open. To sweep Camilla up. Spank her. Punish her to her heart's content. Not leave her wanting for an orgasm…


The piston-like movement of your cock finally pushes Camilla over the edge. You watch her head bow and press against the wall as her knees shudder and her wet crevasses tightens around your member.

She comes hard for you, unable to catch herself from moaning. You're vaguely aware of a few drops of drool escaping from her mouth.

You're at your limit too. Knowing you've been able to give Camilla, the full-figured, wide-hipped, goddess of fertility-to-be such a powerful orgasm prompts your own.

You wrap your arms around her midsection, hug her close, and hold her up as you smack your hips one more time. Your cock, sheathed inside her, floods her pussy with your virile seed as you come. You pull out partially and slide in one more time, adding your own grunt to the echoes as you pump more semen inside her. Your balls urging you to fulfill your biological need. Make her pregnant.

You throw your chin up, extend yourself to your tiptoes, and hold yourself tight to ensure all of your sperm ends up right where it needs to be… her warm, wet canal, on its way to her womb.

Finally, your peaks mutually passing, you sigh as your bodies relax. Satisfied, you continue to rub her, eager for more sensation, before finally pulling back.

You take in the lovely view of Camilla, hands against the wall, ass up, with her buttocks red from your foreplay and her pussy leaking your cum. It trails out, partially sticks to her pubic hair, and partially drips to the dusty, stone floor.

You can't resist pressing the point by patting Camilla's butt one more time, above where you spanked her, at least. Affectionately.

… Well, there it is.

You knocked up Camilla, the last Chrisania sister to be bred by you.

Was it worth it…? …Fuck yes.

Especially if you can bring your plan to fruition.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.83162

File: 1609758188074.jpg (726 KB, 800x800, Camilla_end.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You hold the both of you steady as you experiment from fully disengaging. You're stronger than Camilla, but she already has the wall to brace on. You need to shuffle a step before your hand finds a shelf to rest against while you pull up your leggings.

The dusty fingerprints left behind and the seed that slipped from Camilla's pussy to the floor will be evidence of your tryst, but, it's fine. Tharja will take care of it, or it's likely no one will come at all for a while.

"That was… very satisfying a visit here, Your Majesty." She lets out a heavy sigh, her cheeks flushed with the aftrrglow of your sex. "I don't regret it."

Heh. You're tempted to make a joke about how she might when she sits down, but you hold it back.

Indeed, you say. You're only sorry you hadn't been more adequately introduced earlier. Camilla is worth knowing.


You hesitate at the last moment.

Would it be overplaying your hand to invite her to do more? You're not sure how she'll react.

You consider your options.

You're in the middle of afterglow after an intense session of sex. It's tempting to think she'd be tempted to move into the castle purely to be impregnated by your dick, but likely not. She has a family. And a conspiracy.

But, she might be motivated to do this with you again. If not just because of you, but in the interest of confirming she'll be pregnant.

–Though it may be for the best to let her go for now. Beatrice can likely give you a better picture of Camilla's character once she's ready with her report.

"Your Majesty…?" she asks, unsure why you started to say something then stopped.


That is…

You make your choice of what to say.

Choice time:
>Carefully adjust her clothes, thank her for a lovely session of sex together, and make no other invitations. If she wants the initiative, she can take it, or you'll pursue her later.
>You want more of her. See if you can convince her to tryst with you again before the Faire is over.
>…Fuck it. Invite her to stay at Castle Valachia. Invent some reason.
>Try a more unique spin. Tell Camilla you'd like to kidnap her and keep her in Castle Valachia. See how she reacts to that.

62d52 No.83165

Option 2. Offer more, but don't overplay or overcommit until you have better cards to play.

37d4b No.83166

Option 2.
I think 4 is the worst option, followed by 1. Let's establish a deeper rapport with her.

62d52 No.83167

[A]gree. Giving an actual excuse for a noble house to declare war against you is a VERY bad idea.

Brushing her off after that with a "Thanks babe, it was fun" would only be marginally less calamitous.

28fd3 No.83183

option 3. It is giving her options too.

15e93 No.83193

Option 2.

We can try something like Option 3 after she understands that this wasn't a fluke.

Also, we'll have Beatrice's report by then, which will allow us to inform our decision.

9771b No.83195


Option 2

02eaa No.83202

Option 2. It's also a good way to gauge how she might react to us giving her an invitation later.

5b0eb No.83222

>5 votes for option two, invite Camilla to tryst again.
>1 vote for option three, invite Camilla to stay at Castle Valachia beyond the Faire.

Invite Camilla for another sexual rendezvous.

You'll have to find some way to make time for it, but it's worth attempting.

You lead in with telling Camilla that she's captivated you.

If she'd consent, you'd love to meet her again… someplace more comfortable, or, not.


A coy smile plays out along Camilla's face.

"Are you sure? Rumors may spread of us, Your Majesty… what will people think?"

Whatever they like, you reply.

It's too late to back down by telling her you insist on being stealthy.

You care not what others may think. The only thing that matters is what Camilla thinks.


You step closer, attempting an embrace.

You think she appreciates the attention you can show her.

You don't go for a kiss, but you do touch her. Your thumb settles to stroke the flesh of her soft cheek.


Her face turns red and burns under your touch.

"Where did you have in mind, Your Majesty…?"


That's an issue.

If you choose an insecure place, you really could be discovered. If you choose a place Camilla doesn't like, she might turn you down.

You can't ask her where she'd prefer. This is your castle, after all. You should demonstrate you know your way around.

In that case…

Choice time:
>The library. It's secure, thanks to your guards. It's where she's been coming to visit for most of the festival. You'll arrange for Tharja to be gone if necessary.
>Tharja's room. Much like above, but comfier. Tharja will let you in if she doesn't want her actually present.
>Your tower. You'll meet at a third location and then take her up with you.
>Ask if her room is private. If it is, you'll just go there. Your guards are on your side anyway.

62d52 No.83223

Hm. Option 2, if Tharja's amenable. This new toy is fun, and I feel like sharing her.

(Plus it keeps her in our territory while we work on undoing this idiotic plot.)

006a4 No.83226

Option 2.
My only worry is that Camilla may be a little weirded out by us having an affair in our wife's bedroom. I mean, she doesnt understand the full extent of our relationship with tharja.

02eaa No.83248

I have my doubts that this would work, but let's go with option 2. It feels like more progress.

15e93 No.83256

Option 2.

5b0eb No.83268

I'd like to have at least five votes, but the needle must fall.

>4 votes for option two, suggest Tharja's room.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.83271

It seems Camilla has a nice routine established visiting here, you say.

Though perhaps the library simply doesn't have enough space to really relax and recline, so to speak.


There's a bedroom not far from here. No one else will go there. It'll be just her, and just you, alone.

You could take your time, without worrying about cleaning up.


Camilla goes tense.

The entire atmosphere in the room changes as she turns back to look at you with shocked eyes.

"That's your wife's room," she says, voice scandalized.


It is, you admit, trying to play the bad reaction off. But, as you mentioned, she doesn't mind.

Unfortunately, it only makes her stand off more, and she actively twists her face out of your reach.

"I mind," she says, firmly.


You mentally kick yourself. You try to think of a way to salvage the situation, but Camilla shuts you down before you can open your mouth.

"Your Majesty… I'm sure you have a very nice arrangement with your wife, but meeting you in her bedroom is not my idea of a good time." She sighs, her eyes clenching shut as she grimaces. "Even if she says she likes it."

You're not sure if it's morality on Camilla's part, but at this point you know you'll just make it worse if you press the point.

You apologize. It was a thoughtless suggestion. You're sorry for, very inadvertently, stepping on a boundary she'd rather not cross.


Camilla's expression softens and she lets out a soft breath and gives you a nod.

"Thank you."

You nod back.

You contemplate explaining more about Tharja, but then decide against it. She'll likely take it as more defensiveness and put you back where you started. You make a mental note to not bring up or mention Tharja when you're with Camilla.

That said, you go on to say, you would sincerely love to see Camilla again.

Meeting her has been one of the best things to happen as a result of your Faire.


Her coy smiles play across her lips again.

"You're that entranced by my wide hips, Your Majesty?"

She makes a show of shifting her stance from one leg to the other.


Of course you are.

Your smile is very genuine as you get the conversation back on the right foot again. The spectacle is genuinely entrancing as well.

"Well, I would certainly enjoy it as well… but, I think I would like to stop before committing to any sort of schedule, so to speak."

She goes on to tell you that she would like to enjoy a little bit of the Faire. As enlightening as your library is, it's not right to spend a festival reading instead of carousing.

Yes, that follows. She's not married. She has a bit more freedom.

In that case… you'll look forward to tomorrow.

If only because you might see Camilla again.

She laughs a deep little chuckle, smiling at the compliment.

"Thank you."

She arches her back, tilting her chin up and closing her eyes.

Recognizing the invitation, you press a kiss to her lips, taking her in your arms and embracing her.

In the end, though you didn't get an opportunity to plan a future meeting place, Camilla will meet with you again.

But it's going to be on her terms.

Fair enough. You misread her emotions and how she felt about the situation.

Lesson learned. Tharja's been a big help with approaching women and opening them up to being impregnated by you, but she can't help with women who aren't open to accepting her help. –Even indirectly, it seems.

After you both get dressed, you decide it's best that you leave first. You don't need the scandal of being seen leaving the same area together.

You push open the door to the corridor and leave Camilla to read in the library.

…She stands and leans her back against the wall across her shoulders instead of sitting down, you note, with a small inward smirk.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

d7b0e No.83280

Damn, we sorta miscalculated with the spanking and now this. Need to up our perception or something.

02eaa No.83346

Yeah… we needed to rein it in a bit. At least we didn't blow it entirely.

5b0eb No.83371

File: 1610015986424.gif (575.93 KB, 498x266, golden-butterfly.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

The first thing you see as you exit the library room is the portrait of you and Tharja.

But, that's not all you see.

There's a golden butterfly sitting on your crown. It flutters its wings silently as you look at it.


It did occur to you Beatrice might have chosen this moment to stalk Camilla, but you forgot about any implications of that. Had she seen what just happened?

Or maybe she was stalking you, specifically?

Before you can ponder it too much, the butterfly jumps off the portrait and flies toward the exit, away from Tharja's room.

You give chase, but it flits outside of the thin holes in the next corridor and you lose sight of it.

You smack your lips and wonder what to do.

That was Beatrice, but what did she expect of you, now?

…Probably a meeting.

The question was where?

You try to think of where Beatrice would go to meet you.

To the sitting room where you both plan to eat?

–No, that would be interrupted by Margaret and Elizabeth.

Her own room?

–No, that was Lorenzo's room. And then the room you yourself lived in while King Vlad was alive. It wasn't perfect to talk inside of it. Outsiders could overhear.

And, of course, you could rule out the library and Tharja's room.

That leaves your tower as the only viable spot.

Fair enough. You prepare for more walking and make your exit.

You tell the guard to relay a message to your wife: you may skip lunch. In which case, there's no need to wait for you.

He swears it will be done. Good.

You step off in the direction of your tower.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.83430

You make your way back to climb your tower. Nobody stops you. The guard, when questioned, informs you no one is upstairs. You tell him you're not to be disturbed. You'd like to be alone. He agrees.

The steps are long and give you time for introspection.

First… your hips are paining you. You've been moving them a lot the past few days.

Second… you suppose this is it. Beatrice will tell you all about the Chrisania siblings.

Will you want to hear what she has to say? She may just tell you that you have no chance of 'converting' them. That you'd have been better off doing nothing.

But you can't accept that.

You're too close and you've invested too much already.

Not just resources or time, but your own emotion.

Robin was unique. Cordelia had been adorable. And Camilla clearly had a playful personality, in addition to her wide hips and full breasts.

Corrin… well, he had been charming enough, from your little interaction with him.

Oh well. You'll see it through.

You reach the top of the stairs and push the door to your room open.

You find Beatrice, in her witch persona, sitting at your table, awaiting your arrival.

The window has been boarded shut, and the room is illuminated with golden butterflies.

You quickly shut the door behind you as Beatrice smiles to greet your arrival.

"Ah, pleased you could make time to join me, King."


It is your own room, if Beatrice has forgotten, you quip.

"Yesss. I simply thought you might be tired from all that… exercise… you were doing."

…You let out a little wince.

So she was there after all.

"Indeed. I don't think I would have discovered Camilla's spanking fetish if it weren't for you. Ahahaha."

You almost want to tell Beatrice she doesn't need to announce it so plainly, but it's a tad hypocritical. You did set her to spy for you.

You slide into your seat on the opposite side of the table.

Are you going to like what Beatrice has to tell you, you ask?

Beatrice cants her head to the side.

"That depends on your point of view, King."

Beatrice makes her pipe appear in her hands, and takes a small puff, exhaling unoffending smoke.

"I wish to make one thing clear before I make my report, King…"

She tells you that she has concluded her investigation.

But, it is not a thorough, complete, investigation.

"I reached a point I was experiencing diminishing returns."

In other words, she's confident she has a firm grasp of their personality, motives, and what will make them happy and unhappy.

But she doesn't have a complete picture of their entire web of history, interpersonal relationships, and goals.

"I can't tell you what they really think of their parents, for example, as they're not here to observe and know how much is perspective and how much is fact."

She is, however, confident that whatever she tells you is accurate.

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here," she adds.

That sounds fair enough.

Beatrice gave you a comprehensive look at Ricardo and the fat maid… but she had all the time in the world to look at them on an individual basis. She knew Ricardo's history because you were able to fill in the blanks.

"They're guarded, you know. They're not in their home where they feel safe and they have absolute privacy."

All right.

You understand Beatrice's caveats.

That said…

Where does she want to begin?


Beatrice… shrugs.

"What do you most want to know?" she asks.


Beatrice is going to give you a full picture. You may as well start with what you're most curious about.

Choice time:
>Start with a simple summary. What do the siblings want most? Can you give it to them and persuade them to stay?
>How dedicated are they to their parents' 'scheme'? You know Robin detested the idea, but what about the others?
>You really want to know what they think of you personally. You hope you've influenced them in a good way.
>Let Beatrice decide. Ask her what she found most interesting in her investigation.

62d52 No.83431

Let's start with Option 2.

a2130 No.83440

Option 2

9771b No.83441


Option 2

a64fc No.83442

Option two seems most straight foreward

15e93 No.83466

Option 1.

5b0eb No.83489

>1 vote for option one, ask Beatrice: what do the siblings want most? Will it convince them to stay?
>4 votes for option two, ask how dedicated they really are to the scheme.

Find out what they think of the conspiracy they're enacting.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.83500

There's the obvious question.

Do any of them, strictly speaking, like their plan?

You know Robin detests it, or at least she's told you so.

Beatrice arches her eyebrows.

"None of them 'like' it. They all seem some level of resigned to it. Corrin seems the least resentful, but he doesn't not have to do the 'heavy lifting,' now, does he, King?"

You let out a suppressed chuckle which emerges as a huff of air. You can't disagree with that assessment. Fair enough.

That's overall a good sign. If they don't like it and aren't thinking 'Yes, let's usurp the King's power and ruin him,' then you can possibly convince all of them.

"I will say, they're not exactly against it on your behalf, King."

Beatrice goes on to explain:

Robin thinks the plan is stupid and she could create a much better one.

Cordelia is nervous about carrying a child at all and what this means for her going forward. Her health and freedom.

Camilla seems to be the most outright resigned. 'If it's what their parents want, why bother to complain?'

Corrin meanwhile has just expressed sympathy with his sisters. At least he's not urging them to do it.

…That's pretty much what you expected, but the further detail of 'Robin thinks she could create a better plan to steal your throne' is worrying.

Beatrice gives you a very amused little grin.

"That one is very, very ambitious. Ahahaha. She is not a witch. But, if she were to become one, she would either become very powerful very quickly… or she would self-destruct from failing some difficult magical experiment. And she would reach that point before a year passed."

–That's very specific. You will keep Beatrice's appraisal in mind.

Choice time:
>How can you best win each of them over?
>What do each of them most want?
>What do they think of you, personally?
>…What about the other girls? What sort of witches would they become?

69c7a No.83523

seems really out of place for choice here, but option 4. I'm really interested what the other girls' potential as a witch would be.

02eaa No.83543

Option 2 will hopefully lead us into option 1, though I understand we'll get to both. In any case, option 2 for now.

04f81 No.83555

Option 2. Not only will it probably get us to Option 1, it's probably more in keeping with what Beatrice wants us to ask. She probably expects us to ask 1, looking for her to just give us the answer. 3 is just vanity at this point (we can ask later if we really want) and 4 can wait until after we've put a plan in motion to get the Chrisania siblings on our side.

1c686 No.83561

Option 4

Unique and interesting options are hard to resist, plus this could reveal more than it would appear to on the surface…

9771b No.83563


Option 2

5b0eb No.83580

>3 votes for option two, what do each of them most want?
>2 votes for option four, what would the other two be like as witches, in Beatrice's opinion?

Ask what each of the Chrisania siblings really wants.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.83588

You need to know what you can hope to offer them.

To that end, you ask Beatrice, what do they most want?

In terms of things you can give them, that would make them abandon their parents' plot, switch their allegiance to you, and possibly stay at your castle?


Beatrice listens as you phrase your question, then gives you a subtle little grin.

"That I can sum up in one word, King. For each of them."

She pauses, making you taste suspense and dare you to prompt her, but you hold back.


… What?

"I told you, didn't I? They are cutthroat. They want power. Power to pursue their interests. Power to crush those who stand in their way. Empires to manage. Wars to win."

You need… context, you say.

She's not talking literally, surely.

–Maybe about Robin, but all of them?

Beatrice holds eye contact with you.

"That other King's death and your ascension as King has set off a long chain of events, King. Plans are being set in motion that were thought of before you were born. All four siblings are wrapped up in that, and they do not want to lose. They know they'll suffer terribly if they don't be good cogs in this machine and do what they've been told. At the same time, they know if somehow the stars align and everything turns out better than anticipated… they could, indeed, reach some success. That's what they're a part of."

… You feel a shiver go up your spine.

Ricardo's warnings about 'No one wants you to be King,' and 'They'll realize you're not King Vlad,' come back to you.

…Of course, it's obvious.

It's because King Vlad has held onto power for so long in so strict a fashion that all the nobles have just been counting down the days until he dies. Now that he has, even a little bit of letting the pressure off is going to make the entire dam burst.

Something like that?

"That's my impression. But… let's speak a little more in detail."

She smacks her lips a little rolling her tongue, no longer grinning.

"Which sibling would you like to start with first?"

You let out a little sigh.

Hearing exactly what each sibling wants… if you ever held a delusion that it would be something like "a fine horse," or "a selection of books from the library," Beatrice shattered it. They're going to want things that make them powerful people in your castle, if not your Kingdom.

You can see the logic. You are hoping to inspire them against their flesh and blood.

Furthermore, it's exactly what Robin asked for already.

You consider what you know about each of them already and decide to ask Beatrice first…

Choice time:
>Robin. You know about her most intimately, but what is the full extent of her ambition? That's important to know.
>Cordelia. You knew her as a more gentle girl, fond of animals. What does she want?
>Camilla. She's the eldest and knows what she likes and doesn't like. You want to know what she's interested in.
>Corrin. He's been more or less an unknown beyond your first meeting. He's also a man. It'd also be easier to offer him things like titles or a position on a rebuilt council of advisors.

62d52 No.83590

Option 4. Corrin's the one we currently know the least about.

02eaa No.83596

Ho boy. I'm starting to feel like we're in over our collective heads. I'll agree with asking about Corrin.

9771b No.83613


Option four.

15e93 No.83620

Option 3. I want that thicc bowl of oatmeal to be around if the others aren't.

5b0eb No.83628

>1 vote for option three, ask about Camilla.
>3 votes for option four, ask about Corrin.

Ask Beatrice what Corrin would want.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.83630

Corrin is the biggest question mark. He was polite, but restrained himself. The most you know about him is that he likes to read, is rather poetic, and claimed he wouldn't sign up for the jousting tournament.

Beatrice nods.

"Ah yes. Corrin…"

First, she confirms: he has not signed up for the jousting tournament. She's seen no evidence he's the Emerald Knight.

You knew that already, but it's nice to know for sure.

"The key to understanding what Corrin wants is to comprehend his position…"

He's the one and only son of the four siblings. He must lead the house when his father has passed on. This puts an incredible burden on him. He's constrained to this role of always appearing capable. Sophisticated. His parents have groomed him as much as they could. He will do what they ask.

As a man, he has more freedom than the sisters, and yet it paradoxically means he has very little to do anything according to his own will.

"The conclusion is therefore… he killed it."

Corrin literally has no wants. Save to pursue the few interests he has in reading, and idle study.

He has no desire to inherit, pursue lofty goals, or attain some position of power. He merely wants a roof over his head and for for someone else to handle the menial work.

…He sounds great. What a character.

You've known a few friends like him in Virilia, but… no. They were just lazy. This sounds more like Corrin developed some psychological defense to cope with the pressure of the situation.

Beatrice nods at your assessment.

"You need not dangle any carrot or wave any stick to get him on your side, King. You need only assure him he can stay where he likes, and continue to exist. In that, you'll give him the power he's never had… the power to say 'no' to his parents."

You let out a small sigh of relief and even dare to smile.

That's straightforward enough.

"…but he won't go through with it unless his sisters abandon the plan as well."


Your smile levels off.

So, in other words, Corrin barely needs any cajoling to abandon the conspiracy, but you can only hope to do so if you've already persuaded the others?

Beatrice gives you a firm nod.

Is it loyalty, you ask?

"Partially. That, and simple peer pressure. He's a conformist, deep down."

… It's more maddening that it first appeared.

Corrin is a man. If you named him a diplomat or a scholar, or gave him a landed title, no one would bat an eye. But, any desire for any of those things is far outweighed by his acceptance of being a 'good boy'.


"Are you seeing the parallels yet, King?" asks Beatrice.

…Actually, yes.

If you consider what Beatrice has told you, Corrin is Robin's exact opposite.

Corrin was willing to go along with the plan, has no major ambition, and was concerned for his family. –Or at least he cares what his family thinks about him.

Robin opposed the plan utterly, has large scale ambitions, and was willing to betray her family's plans if it meant she could stay, without too much concern about what they did. …More or less.

You can remember Robin complaining vociferously that she felt wronged that Corrin was expected to inherit simply because he was a man and she was a woman.

…And that she specifically said it was something he 'did not even want.'

"Exactly so, King." She tilts her head. "Ironic isn't it? That twins should be so diametrically opposed in disposition. Ahahaha."

Is Beatrice implying they're not really twins, or anything else?

She waves off the comment.

"I saw no evidence of that. I believe they are all fully flesh and blood siblings with the same set of parents. Corrin and Robin are indeed twins. I simply appreciate the irony of the situation."

…All right.

You apologize if you can't share Beatrice's mirth. She has the luxury of looking at the situation from the outside while you have to manipulate it from within.

That answers that question.

You don't particularly have to promise Corrin anything to switch sides. But, he'll only do so if you've convinced the rest, first.

Time to move on.

Choice time:
>Ask about Robin, next. Is she going to want more than what you've already promised?
>Bring up Cordelia. What does the sweet girl, fond of animals, want?
>Camilla next. How do her wants stack up?

9dbb0 No.83633

Option 1

824f3 No.83634

Option three. Camilla seems the next up on the difficulty scale.

62d52 No.83637

Option 2, Cordelia next. We had a brief interlude and a tumble. No real intel provided.

04f81 No.83644

Option 3. I get the feeling Camilla might be a linchpin in all this.

02eaa No.83659

Option 3.

5b0eb No.83661

>1 vote for option one, bring up Robin next.
>1 vote for option two, ask about Cordelia.
>3 votes for option three, you most want to know about Camilla.

Hear what Camilla wants.

Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.83831

After today, you're most curious about Camilla.

Tharja's interactions did not give you much insight. The most you had inferred was from her reading selection that Tharja had to tell you second-hand.

Ruhemanian history. Economics. Etiquette.

"Ah yes… Camilla."

Beatrice spares a moment to puff on her pipe, eying you as she exhales.

… You're aware she wants to be spanked, you say.


Beatrice cackles, sounds of her amusement filling the room.

"Apologies, King! Please understand, I do not laugh at your sexual escapades, as it is. I just did not expect Camilla to suddenly spring that on you… or you to jump at the chance."

Well, so many years and so many women have left you with a large appetite for indulging a woman's unique wants and tastes. As Beatrice well knows.

And her pretty feet, you refrain from saying.

The comment calms her and gets you an appreciative nod.


She gives you one last flirty eyebrow raise before continuing.

"Camilla is an interesting woman. She's the one who most wants what I told you plainly: an empire to run."

Before Corrin was born, her parents were having to contend with the idea that Camilla would be the head of the family.

The intense grooming she underwent lessened when Corrin was born, but didn't fully cease.

Their mother was not going to have more children. Another son besides Corrin was not a possibility. They couldn't ignore that Corrin may yet die and Camilla would have no choice but to inherit.

"Unlike the other siblings, she knows exactly what her parents' estate is worth. And what it's capable of. She does not want to 'lead', per se, but she wants to 'manage'. She was hoping she would be married off to someone important enough that she could use her skills to manage his affairs as his wife… but their plan has stymied that effort. The value of a noblewoman with a known bastard sired out of wedlock is low."


That background would be useful. Camilla sounds like she could be a good replacement for Ricardo…

…if Camilla were a man, at least.

Though even if she were, you wonder if Camilla would truly be happy with a life like Ricardo's where he's busy in the treasury so much and so often.

"There's something you could offer her that would much better entice her than that, King."

Beatrice tells you that if you grant one of your holdings to Camilla, she will instantly turn to your side. A simple county would suffice.

"You'd be fulfilling one of her wildest dreams. A true title, with aspects to manage as she saw fit. You'd also be freeing her from her parents, as she'd now outrank them."

You sigh.

It's not that simple.

Even if you were inclined to start handing out your titles, women can't be granted land.

It's the law. Upheld by the Church and its teachings. Men were meant to govern. Women are meant to devote themselves to their husbands and childrearing. No one would recognize you directly granting Camilla, or any other woman, a hypothetical holding.

The only exception came from inheritance when there was no male heir available. Even skilled-peasants followed that rule with their trade. Widows could take up their husband's craft, but that was it.

So, it's impossible.


Beatrice simply stares at you.

"Is it?" she asks.

Her tone implies the answer should be 'no'.

You blink, and then…


You see what Beatrice is getting at.

If you were to grant a title to Corrin, and then Corrin were to die…

…that title and the land holdings would be inherited by Camilla.

She would be the eldest. No available male heir. It would be her right.

It wouldn't go to her father; inheritance laws didn't work like that. Camilla would be next in line.

Beatrice realized that. Her spying seems to have given her a grasp of how the nobility operates to some degree.

…She's learned a lot about mortal affairs, hasn't she?

"Indeed, King. Cutthroat."

… You're not sure about a plan that would involve killing Corrin.

There might be another way.

For the time being, you've heard what Camilla most wants. You'll decide how to approach fulfilling those wants later.

That leaves two…

Choice time:
>You want to hear Robin. If she's holding hidden wants.
>Hear about Cordelia. She's the last true 'unknown'.

6712b No.83840

Option two. Cordelia.

There may be a way to both Corrin and Camilla to have what they want. We give Corrin a title, but send him far away, at least to Elbania, maybe further. As our royal ambassador or we help him fake his death or something. In any case, he gets out of the country and out of the control of his parents. He gets freedom. Camilla stays behind and manages the land his title grants him, but he had to leave behind. She gets power, even in a sort of "not lead, but manage" way. The catch will be that Corrin will need to stay childless (or die) if we want to keep Camilla in charge.
Maybe Beatrice can recreate the infertility spell Patchoulli put on Edward?

15e93 No.83844

Option 2.

I like the suggestion. I'd prefer Camilla stay in the castle because I like her, but were she not being groomed for Ricardo's replacement We do need to start thinking about this. Ricardo is very old and he does hold a position of considerable power and function in the Kingdom, and if he passes, it'll cripple us overnight if there's nobody with at least partial knowledge of what it's like to fill his shoes.

Besides, we can assign Camilla as an assistant to him to take some of the burden off of his role.

1610d No.83846

Option 2.

There's also the route Ed described himself there. Widows are allowed to take up their husband's trade. This is just as cutthroat, but doesn't involve killing Corrin. Promote some old nobody to head of a county, marry him to Camilla, then arrange for him to have an "accident". Bonus points if we can arrange all this quickly enough that it's not obvious that Camilla's child(ren) by Edward aren't her husband's. Double bonus points if Beatrice can magic up this dude out of a goat or something so we're not even actually murdering a man.

02eaa No.83889

Both good ideas, and we can use both if need be. Faking Corrin's death to give him peace, and giving Camilla a place to rule as her own.

Ricardo's age is a bit of a concern, but I don't think we have quite the right candidate to replace him yet. Perhaps we'll be able to find, or even raise, one later on.

For now, option 2.

03cc6 No.83893


Option 2

ccae1 No.83902

Option 2

5b0eb No.83931

>6 votes for option two, hear about Cordelia.

Hear Cordelia's wants.

You'd appreciate turning the conversation to the subject of Cordelia.

What does she want, you ask Beatrice?

Beatrice's nostrils give the slightest flare.

"Ah yes… her." She shrugs. "I find her uninteresting."

Cordelia, as the middle child, has no pressure on her but to conform and not stand out.

She found an outlet for relieving stress from that: her riding.

"She's very fond of her beasts."

The assessment she gave you of her home was very genuine: it's rocky, or muddy, and not suited for much riding.

But, this didn't stop her. She's gathered what horses she could and taught herself to ride.

She dreams of breeding a horse that can handle the Chrisania terrain.

That's why she was overjoyed when you let her into your stable. She was able to observe some of the finer Ruhemanian horses.

"I imagine if you put her in charge of managing the animals in the castle, she would very much want to stay with you."

–Well, that's simple enough.

Not just the horses, but she could look after the kennels as well.

Perhaps you could even get her interested in birds and add falcons…

Yes. That's not a bad idea at all.

You thought it terrible when the poor stableman lost his life. It was your decision that indirectly caused it, after all.

But, as gruesome as it sounds, it would seem to have created a vacancy for Cordelia.

…What does Beatrice think?

You're waiting for her to say 'but there's a problem.'

Beatrice gives you a rueful little smile.

"It's a fine idea. Personally I think she would agree to it. Any problems might come from your end, King."

Beatrice tells you there's two concerns that would matter to you.

One, Cordelia will want access to Eclipse. To use as she pleases unless you are using him. She's imagining an ambitious breeding campaign that will produce dozens, and eventually thousands of his descendants.

–Well, you sympathize on some level. That might not be terrible. As long as the animal's health isn't threatened, and you still have access to him at your pleasure. You'd just have to accept that eventually Eclipse might not be so remarkable an animal if there are thousands like him.

The second concern Beatrice then brings up, though…

"She hates that peasant woman you have working in your stable. Malon is her name."

Malon prevented her from examining Eclipse too closely. Cordelia took it as an affront that a lowly peasant would stop her.

"Furthermore, when you showed up, and then let Malon greet you so casually, as 'King', it turned that affront into jealousy."

She has also deduced you've slept with Malon. Based on how quickly you pursued Cordelia, and your fond treatment of her.

The fact that you've slept with Malon, who has so many extreme feminine qualities, and then turned around and slept with Cordelia too, who has a little bit of a complex about being so slim, confused her.

"She wears false padding in her chest, you know. Beneath her clothes, to give the illusions of larger breasts."

… You didn't know that. Though, thinking back to your time alone in the bath, you do remember that Cordelia specifically asked you to do her from behind.

It would make sense if it was to prevent you from seeing her from the front and spotting the ruse easily.

Still, it's not terrible. You thought it might even be an ugly scar. A small bust is no shame. Pregnancy will help her in that department.


It sounds like Cordelia can be directly and simply bribed with the tools you have now, without any complicated maneuvers. Thank God you received a magnificent horse from King Vlad. And have no stableman to object.

You'll simply have to account somehow for her issues with Malon.

You think you'll be able to avoid another "Elizabeth" situation, at least. One where Malon would be unfairly and unjustly harmed by jealous peers.

Malon's very competent. Furthermore, she's a peasant girl, not a direct servant dealing with aristocrats who would expect to be physically punished for mistakes.

And in regards to Cordelia being a woman… putting her in that specific position of power shouldn't be too much of a stir.

Taking care of animals is a nurturing role, after all.

All right… you'll think of exact specifics later.

There's one sibling left.

>Hear about Robin's wants.

>Poll closed. Update soon.

5b0eb No.84013

You should know the answer to this.

You should have already fulfilled every desire she has of you.

But you're sure Beatrice can give you a more complete picture.

You'd like to hear more about Robin's desires now, you tell Beatrice.

Beatrice responds to your request with an amused grin.

"Mm…. Robin, Robin…"

She sucks in a breath, without putting her pipe to her lips.

"She is fascinating. Immature, in many ways. Childish in some. …But fascinating."

Robin desires no less than to become an accomplished general and lead a mighty army to conquer more territory and subjugate more opponents than has ever been accomplished before by any man, live or dead.

She fully believes she is capable of doing this before she dies.

She does not want to manage an empire, or necessarily 'maintain' an empire.

But she wants war. She wants armies. She wants conflict. And above all…

"She wants to win."

… That's… something you're not sure you can give her.

Of course, war is inevitable in some cases. But one on that scale…

Even ignoring the death and destruction it'd bring to the countries, what about the possibility of losing everything?

Beatrice shrugs.

"She has no such fear. She's completely and unshakably confident."

Furthermore, she goes on to say that her devotion to those books of hers is very real.

Moreover, her mind is constantly active. Thinking of new perspectives and avenues to take her knowledge.

"I'm not the one to ask to judge the effectiveness of potential military strategy, King… but you are dealing with a woman who literally draws in the air with a finger and murmurs about hypothetical battle plans when she's alone and impatient."

You nod.

You're getting the picture. That's why Beatrice said if Robin were ever a witch, she would either become very powerful or destroy herself through sheer hubris.

So, your promise to let her serve in the army has been enough?

"Oh, it's more than enough King. You don't understand."

Beatrice rolls back in the chair, recounting.

"Robin is the youngest. She's been repeatedly and consistently told she must behave, and do what her parents want, or else. Moreover, since Camilla and Cordelia are older, and accepted their own role, they have done their best to peer pressure her into acceptance as well. 'Why should the youngest get an exception?' …But Robin is not the sort of woman who could stand for that. She speaks up and does what she likes without concern for propriety, position, or politics. Even direct threats only barely keep her in line. Despite all that… it has only made the resistance to her worse. Even if she's right about something, which she frequently is, her parents and siblings won't listen to her. Her logic and sincere words only mean 'Robin is causing trouble again.' –You've turned all of that around, King."

Beatrice lifts her eyelids and looks at you.

"She has hope in you. Not only that accepting her into your army means she's a step closer to her dream, but you've given her something she could never get… recognition. It's an intense feeling. She won't like going without it, now that she's gotten a taste for it."

…In other words, Robin's on your side as long as you honestly consider her opinions, you ask?

Beatrice nods.

"And as long as she believes you will fulfill your promises made to her. Though you're making her nervous with how you're delaying her from swearing her oath."

… You sigh.

Obviously, you have your reasons. But you can't say she's wrong, either. If Beatrice hadn't caught it, Robin would be on a carriage back to Chrisania by now.

Robin's wants are seriously grand in scale, but it seems you've met them as far as convincing her to abandon her family's conspiracy.

You'll deal with the other issues later. Hopefully much later.

>Poll closed. Update soon.

4b464 No.84043

Really good understanding of all their needs. Seems like none of them want the impossible - so we have something to work with here. Robin and Cordelia especially, I doubt those will be troublesome.

5b0eb No.84055

"Do you see the interaction yet, King?"

Beatrice suddenly asks you while you ponder the wants of all of the Chrisania siblings.

…Between the wants of the four siblings?

Obviously. Beatrice made it clear.

Their status as the eldest, middle, younger, and male siblings had a drastic impact on them.

You can see the logic.

Despite your reasoned words, Beatrice shakes her head.

"Yes, but I'm talking about the connection to you personally, King. Their conspiracy, which we so easily dismissed as unlikely."

…You might. But, specifically?

Beatrice smacks her lips.

"Imagine, King, the danger of a Robin who had been sent back to Chrisania. A Robin who was given an army by her parents to use against someone. Namely, you."

… That would surely be a bad situation, but it wouldn't happen. Beatrice said as much, that her family doesn't listen to her.

"Imagine, hypothetically, if they did," she insists.

You nod. You're beginning to see where she's taking this.

You concede, there would likely be a danger. You don't know much about military strategy, either.

From what you know about the senior guard you've left in charge, he's more of a respected authority figure who can command your troops without incident than an actual planner, so to speak.

You're sure he has doctrines, that he could bring out in times of war…

But in your visits to the armory, you haven't seen anything as complicated as what Robin carries around with her.

Beatrice nods.

"Now, imagine a young, active mind like Camilla, with her interest in economics, managing the material needs of an army for Robin to command. Imagine Cordelia, with her passion for riding, developing a strong breed of horse that could handle the Ruhemanian terrain, for that army to ride on."

You feel a little chill head down your spine. Those three sisters, and their talents, working together… could create a problem. A serious problem.

–What about Corrin? How does he fit in?

"He's the figurehead. He's there to take credit for their effort, be charming, and present a masculine appearance that does not alarm anyone that the accomplishments are being done by women."

… And the child you create with one of them is to be another political token to give them some sort of claim to legitimacy in the aggression.

The pieces begin to fall into place.

Those five factors, combined together… you could conceive that they would become an actual threat. Something that might need to be resolved with war.

Still, it wouldn't work.

Chrisania is isolated. They don't have the resources. Even if they reached Castle Valachia, you don't doubt you could outlast them.

You simply can't lead an army without men.

Beatrice… nods.

"It's a fair assessment, King. But aren't you forgetting something…? Or someone?"

… What is… she… talking… about?

The way Beatrice asks the question just increases the uneasy feeling you have.

Oh God.


You'd sent Erika out there.

…And if she somehow became involved with the Chrisania nobles… and became inclined to help them with her magic…

…That's a threat.

If Erika supported them like Beatrice supported you, that's a definite threat.

The 'lack of resources' issue would be gone. Erika could use whatever magic she has to give them what they need.

Hell, Erika might be inclined to just outright assassinate anyone who gets in their way. How well would any army you send out fare if their commander kept dying due to her infiltration?

…You're fortunate you discovered all this.

It would've been a sad end to your reign if somehow this all happened behind the scenes while you were simply trying to win over your subjects with a summer Faire.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5b0eb No.84186

You've got a good grasp of the Chrisania siblings' wants. Moreover, why they have those wants.


You really have to wonder what they think about you, personally.

You can't hope to entice any of them if they don't think you're worth the time. Or worse, offended them.

"Fair considerations, King," replies Beatrice.

She says generally, none of them outright hate you.

You invited them to that meal and personally shared it with them. You were considerate to their needs, sexual and otherwise.

Robin and Cordelia are both impressed with you for agreeing to what they asked. Robin more so, of course. Corrin is low-key appreciative of your efforts and harbors no personal ill will toward you. He finds Tharja charming as well.

That said…

"If I had to pick out a 'weak link,' it would be Camilla."

Camilla, feeling the most responsible for orchestrating the scheme, didn't like being made to wait for you to seduce her.

Furthermore, the deduction and confrontation of Robin was terse and uncomfortable for both. She did not like that Robin kept it a secret and suspected some unseen plan, but has yet to realize Robin has betrayed everything to you.

…If Camilla wanted your attention sooner, why didn't she simply accept Tharja's offer?

You really don't understand. You can perhaps understand why she drew a line at sleeping with you in Tharja's bed…

Was it just too much a violation of morals for Camilla?

Beatrice raises her eyebrows, amused.

"No. Not at all. She simply hates her."


You can only voice your disbelief as you stare at Beatrice.

Beatrice gives a resigned little sigh.

"A woman as shrewd as Camilla has little attachment to traditional morals, King. She just detests Innocence. Loathes her. Wants nothing to do with her. Finds her insipid, disdainful, and boring."

That's a much stronger reaction than you'd anticipated. Why, though? Had Tharja made some miscue?

"It started at the shared meal. She sussed out right away that Tharja was playing up your desirable traits to her. It put her on the defensive and made her suspicious. And when they started meeting at her library, Tharja insisted on distracting her with other urgings rather than allow her to read. But… it's more than what Innocence has done or said to Camilla, King."

Beatrice licks her lips slightly before going on.

"Innocence is a woman who pure-heartedly pursues what she loves. She wants to share that joy with others. It's an attitude that is alien, foreign, and distrustful to a woman like Camilla. Camilla has learned to hide her true feelings in the name of appearances, while she also must steadfastly learn how to maintain her family's affairs, 'just in case'. Compared to the relatively idle Innocence… Camilla can find only shallow annoyance, at best. If you have her stay, you may wish to keep them separate, lest it turn into resentment. I fear any natural or orchestrated attempt at friendship between the two will fail."

"Innocence herself is blissfully unaware of Camilla's feelings," she adds, hastily.

Hm… this was a result of telling Tharja to pursue Camilla for you. Though it sounds like it was inevitable anyway.

Tharja's very good at honestly encouraging other women to accept your attention and eventual impregnation, but she can't persuade everyone.

You're grateful Beatrice caught that. You'll simply have to alter your initial impression and plan accordingly.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

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