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7d52f No.80948

Aloha my dudes and dude-ettes. I have come here to plug a discord server. We got roleplay and hangout channels as well as thousands of images. Everyone is welcome! https://discord.gg/mVy5by7

aeed0 No.80949

I wonder if there is a Discord anywhere for Birth fetishes too?

6d9d6 No.80950

640ec No.80951

0c4f2 No.80999

>Everyone is welcome!
Am I welcome to post anonymously, or without giving a phone number, or without agreeing to a corporation's terms of service? I'm not. I can post here to voice my distaste because of those things, however.

Why must people venture into the last remaining forum websites, to advertise for a disgusting corporation, and draw activity one-way? I'm excluded from these communities, because I refuse to use Discord, and yet so often I see people advertising it more and more. I bet most people in these Discord channels don't give a damn if this website dies; they'll just advertise on another one then, no harm done to them. Reddit and Facebook have killed so many smaller websites, and now Discord tells people they can sharecrop and to go out and ensnare others.

Fuck Discord.

640ec No.81015

Who hurt you? You're in our prayers.

a2f7d No.81019

Use Matrix. Also this doesn't belong on /d/

6d9d6 No.81026

half the retards on pregchan think /d/ means "/d/efault board"

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