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File: 1611233918953.jpg (27.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

b3c36 No.84328

Hiya, i felt i should make a donation to the sight because I use this relatively often. If you guys install flashplayer SA debug, you have the option to open swf files. I will link my collection


701ba No.84330

very nice

b56f2 No.84429


5b18f No.85645

Love bump day

0ec38 No.85703

oh fuck off mega!

debb3 No.85705

File: 1613548914022.swf (2.03 MB, aisha_clan_clan_belly_grow….swf)

Here's the Aisha clan one.

e698e No.85725

how to play those games? I downloaded swf file player, run the game and it just shows the adobe flash symbol (an f) with an i. I have my adobe shockwave flash installed

a1e9c No.85730

Download an Adobe Flash "projector" through their website and run them through it: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html

a9571 No.85738

You guys knew that Flash is going to be killed this year right? Why did you guys updated the software to begin with? I haven't updated Flash for a few months and it's still working fine for me, there's no need to use an emulator or projector.

d6ae9 No.85739

Okay, but if you keep your browser up to date, it'll start blocking Flash from running.

And if you don't, you're leaving yourself with a bunch of vulnerabilities.

Besides that, I think using a projector is just a better experience overall. After all, flash can have some pretty high requirements on its own, and to run it without the overhead of an entire browser is just a better and faster experience.

2c27d No.85741

ea575 No.85765

Did you folks know that there's an app callEd BlueMaxima's Flashpoint? Maybe you folks can add those animation/games there.

18abe No.85811

Yeah, Flashpoint is a godsend. It even has its fair share of porn games built-in; Nimin being among them.

82afa No.85813

I'm not talking about the Flash browser plugin. It's been dead since October 2020 I think. I'm talking about the independent, built-in Flash player software. You can still download swf files without playing it in the browser (most browsers will pester you to discard them anyway), and play them using Flash player. This is the one that you don't have to remove. Simply block the player from accessing the Internet or contacting Adobe with firewall or Little Snitch.

dcc8d No.86511

Let's not forget swfchan exists. For what good it might do.

dcc8d No.87116


I for one think it does plenty.

dcc8d No.87747


Still, with the flash plugin officially discontinued, we should keep cultivating multiple options.

ac9a5 No.88614

File: 1618289386937.jpg (112.15 KB, 590x340, Screenshot_20210408-042622….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Anyone have this one?

9f7ce No.88665

File: 1618413392644.swf (3.69 MB, Lusty38 Asuka Langley.swf)

Oh, gotcha there buddy.

5e380 No.88717

anyone have the uzaki chan swf

b5896 No.88858

anyone have the tsuyu swf and the toga swf ?

89722 No.89709

anyone got the lusty peach one?

09bee No.89777

89722 No.89794

is there any dimpixel birth ones?

42242 No.89828

There are some. You can check his itch.io page.

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