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329f3 No.86445[Last 50 Posts]

Continuing the story, I make a new thread.

To summarize, this thread is a continuation of a CYOA game that has long been hosted on pregchan. King Edward of Ruhemania is the protagonist. Over the course of the story, which dates all the way back to December 2015, King Edward has arisen from unlanded nobility to a full-fledged King. He's faced many challenges along the way, and will face many more. He is a foreign King in a distant land, but he has many assets on his side. Most significant…

His ability to charm women, seduce them, and impregnate them.

If you're a new reader, previous threads will no doubt look daunting in their length, but I promise there is (what I hope) a worthwhile story to be found that both excites and intrigues, with plenty of sex. Everyone, old readers and new, are invited to vote in the latest poll for the choice they'd more like to see happen. I will then write the results until a new choice is available. You aren't merely voting in a game: you are writing the story with me. I hope it's enjoyable.

The only rule is that everyone has one vote. Please only vote once in each poll. Posting your reasons and persuasive arguments for why you made a choice and why it is the best choice is encouraged. It helps me understand more about reader expectations and what the audience wants to read. However, please do not post side-discussions or emotional reactions in the thread. For those, please use the latest chat thread, located here: https://pregchan.com/c/res/10693.html This will help keep down on the posts that count toward the post limit (and when I will have to make a new thread,) as long as keep the atmosphere of the thread genial. I want every reader to be comfortable voting however they like.

For clarity, please write your vote: "Option 1/2/3" or "Write in:". Please make this the first line, and then write whatever commentary you would like. This is for my sake and makes it much easier to tabulate and calculate which option has won. Of course, I will still count every vote regardless, but it makes it a little easier for me.

For the record, write-ins are encouraged. If they are impossible because of a conflict of some character motivation or established facts about the world, I will note this and explain why it's impossible to the best of my ability and give the reader a chance to select a new option.

One last thing to note is no non-consensual sex scenes will be depicted in the story. This was decided as the tone the audience most wanted to read at the very beginning and it won't be violated now.

Previous threads can be read on the web archive:

Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html
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Thread #4: (warning, it was on bbw-chan and the link has a defunct connection to some pop-up ad. Just refresh and it should go away.) http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html
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329f3 No.86448

This is as good an opportunity as any. Otherwise summoning the four siblings together may prove suspicious. Approaching them individually would take time and also be difficult.

You can't help but let a clever smile fall over your features as you tell Robin that you understand her concerns.

You will gladly hear her oath and let her join your army.

Robin's face lights up in delight, bordering excitement.

"'Majesty!" she exclaims in a gasp.


Her siblings simply must be involved. You want them present.


Her smile instantly fades, replaced by a distasteful frown. It seems she doesn't like that idea.

But, after a moment of consideration, she gives a little shrug.

"I suppose. It will be nice to make a clean break."

Ah. Robin doesn't seem to have caught on that you intend to keep all of them in Castle Valachia.

…Well you'll deal with that when the time comes.

For now…

You should decide exactly where you're going to hear her oath.

You want to make this look official, but keep it discreet.

Your tower is out. You just got done having sex with Beatrice and the room isn't clean. She had to leave your bed looking messy and soiled to keep the illusion that she's your mistress and nothing more.

You could have it in the throne room. Have the senior guard and some soldiers present, then shove them out the door and barricade them all in while you discuss your arrangements.

The only problem there would be you're not sure how sound travels. Erika used her magic to keep all traces of your conversation with her and Beatrice private. You'll lack that luxury.

Though you can always have it guarded by your loyalists and tell them to plug their ears.


There was the armory. It's built of solid stone. There would be soldiers having very noisy drilling sessions outside. No one goes in, apparently, but the senior guard. It should be perfectly secure a location to use for a clandestine conversation.

The only problem you suppose is that the armory is known to be 'off-limits'. That may raise some eyebrows, and it's full of weapons and other things that display what your army is currently capable of.


You can't think of a third option. Ricardo's treasury is too small, and Ricardo will likely be in it. Not to mention it makes no sense to let Robin swear her oath in the treasury, of all places.

You're setting a precedent.

In that case…

Choice time:
>The throne room. It will suit your needs if you make the right preparations. Summon the Chrisania siblings, the senior guard, and a few of your loyalists.
>The armory. It will give you all the security you need. Summon the Chrisania siblings to meet you and Robin at the training grounds and then hold it in the armory.

f52b7 No.86452


Throne room, anything else would be plain disrespectful to the siblings.

87352 No.86453

Option 2. We can make the excuse that this is a military matter, show our teeth, and be far better protected from prying eyes and eavesdroppers while discussing more sensitive information.

6bdb7 No.86454

Option 1, Throne Room.
Not only is it the more respectful, less odd location to do this, it also doesn't have weapons lying around in the off chance that one of the siblings takes particular offense to our actions and decides to take a chance on one of the sisters already having an heir to claim the throne. Wouldn't do to have anyone die here.

26e3f No.86455

Option 1

79955 No.86456

Agree with the others. Option 1.

2cbc1 No.86463

Option 1. Castles thrive on rumors. It'll be a boon and a curse.

1af2b No.86492

The problem I'm having is that I don't want Robin to think she's going to get special treatment as one of our soldiers by being sworn in the throne room, but I suppose it's the sacrifice we'll have to make to placate the other two ladies. Option 1.

329f3 No.86509

>6 votes for option one, hold the ceremony in the throne room.
>1 vote for option two, hold the ceremony in the armory.

Arrange Robin to swear her oath in the throne room.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.86518

File: 1614860996256.jpg (52.64 KB, 349x599, Robin_ready.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You emerge from the washroom and tell the guard you have new orders.

You will take your soon-to-be soldier to the throne room. He's to arrange for the senior guard to meet you there. He's to bring an entourage of soldiers that would call for the same dignity of when you've previous received guests there.

–That instruction will ensure the room will have your loyalists and not the old guard who distrust you.

Furthermore, there are three more visitors from Chrisania. They must also be summoned to the throne room.

You try to think of a way to give an invitation to them that won't sound like you're summoning them for an execution…

Tell them you simply have cause to meet with them. Make clear it's to the throne room.

It might not ease the tension, but it will at least not cause a panic.

He mutters something about 'that's usually an order for the maids,' but you give him a harsh look and he quiets. You don't have time to coddle the man's ego. He promises it will be done.

You then turn to Robin and tell her you'll both be going ahead first.


She looks somewhat bewildered at this turn of events. Likely she was expecting it to take place at the training grounds, or possibly the barracks.

You lead her on to your throne room.

With a little wit, charm, and persuasion, you think you'll have this all under control.

Soon you're inside the throne room. The senior guard is with you, as are a small number of your loyalists. Two inside at the door, one guarding your crown, and two outside.

Camilla, Cordelia, and Corrin wait outside.

Robin is standing alone while you converse with the senior guard.

How exactly does this oath go, you ask?

He replies that he'll try to remember, but it was mostly King Vlad who did the talking. He was only there as a witness.

Apparently it was much like your coronation. Asking Robin if she swears loyalty to Ruhemania and the Crown. If this loyalty makes her wish to serve you to the extent she would even lose her very life. If she will gladly throw away her femininity and all trappings of living as a woman in order to do so. This means never marrying. Living with men. Dressing and presenting as men. And doing her best to blend in among men, ideally to the point they forget her sex. The oathtaker recalls agreement for each line. 'I do' or 'I will' or 'I understand.'

It's an interesting revelation for you, as well. This explains why Sully has her hair cropped so short, though that's obviously practical as well. Recalling the story of her 'grandfather' being pregnant while serving as a male soldier, the interpretation of 'do her best to blend in' must have leeway, too.

…Though you know for a fact Robin isn't doing this out of loyalty to you. She's doing it because she loves military strategy and tactics. Because she's been pushed to her wits end by her family. And because she chose to trust you when it came to participating in the cruel conspiracy against you.

Is that really how you want Robin's life to begin as your soldier, and mother of your child? Having to recite lies she and you both know are lies?

–But it apparently is tradition. And you just asked the senior guard what it was. He's going to notice what you do.

At any rate, Robin is looking antsy, and you can't let the tension stand forever.

You tell your soldiers to call the rest of Robin's siblings inside. Leave the doors open, for now.

All four siblings enter. You, Robin, and the senior guard stand before them.

You exchange slight pleasantries, but you can tell they're tense and have a lot of repressed hostility. For Robin. They give her side glances between greetings.

You tell them all Robin has decided to embrace an old tradition in Ruhemania, one which is both called for and necessary.

She will forsake her femininity and serve as a man in your army. This means she will stay at Castle Valachia indefinitely until you have cause to send her away for a military purpose.

None of them gasp or otherwise display shock. You think they must have anticipated this. Or possibly that Robin was going to try something.

You then add you will of course discuss adequate compensation for the loss of their 'sister'. That is why you've summoned them here.


Of the three, Cordelia is the one who looks like she suspects there's something being left out of that comment. Possibly she could understand why Camilla or Corrin would be there, but not her.

At any rate… you will now give Robin her oath.

You have the soldier place your crown upon your head, then take your place on the throne. You call Robin to step forward, and she does.

Robin of Chrisania, you bid her, kneel.


Robin gives you a nervous look, then closes her eyes and does as you say.

You have Robin knelt before you. Her siblings are watching. The senior guard is watching.

You don't need to give King Vlad's oath, you realize.

You can just make up your own.

One that Robin can agree to readily without speaking a lie.

You'd be breaking tradition, and you might unnerve her siblings, but did it matter?

You take a deep breath, and decide how to fulfill Robin's dream of serving in your army.

Choice time:
>Ask her the regimented oath that puts emphasis on loyalty to the country and Crown, until death if necessary.
>Create a new oath. One that asks if she'll put forth all her talent and ability into serving as your soldier.

0a09b No.86520

Option 2, new oath.
We are not King Vlad, and Robin has done us the kindness of being honest. We should return that favor.

9c35e No.86523

Option 2

87352 No.86540

Option 2.

f35e5 No.86555

Option 2.

1af2b No.86575

I'm not a fan of either of these choices, but such things will happen, I know. I also know I continue to be the voice of caution, but I would say option 1. Our guards are already somewhat divided about us, and asking new oaths for a noblewoman that's traveled from some distance might sow the seeds of trouble. No matter which way the vote goes, I ask my fellow players to keep this in mind.

f35e5 No.86628


I was originally going to propose a write-in where she would take an oath of fealty without forsaking her femininity.

But that felt a little like subverting the choice altogether. I have my concerns with Option 2, but I get the feeling that this is supposed to be a choice with consequences.

f52b7 No.86635

Option two.

329f3 No.86639

I'm sorry. I would have been unable to accept this write-in. It would be simply too radical an idea to suggest that women and men could serve equally in this sort of situation with Royal approval. It is something that would provoke the Church to declare Edward a heretic, and Edward would know this.

>1 vote for option one, maintain the traditional oath.

>5 votes for option two, create a new, honest oath, on the spot.

Give an oath that focuses on her talent and ability.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.86689

Robin, do you swear to serve Ruhemania with your abilities, and by extension you, as the rightful legitimate Monarch?

"I do."

Will you throw away all traces of your femininity in order to do so? Never marry, live among men, act like a man, hopefully to the point they forget your sex?

"I will."

Will you trust your Liege to recognize your ability and use you as appropriate?


There's a slight pause and what sounded like a small gasp from Robin.

"I do."

She says.

Then, you'll ask that she rise as a man of your army. She'll be expected to serve as any man and have the same responsibilities and opportunities they have.

This includes forsaking all her rights to inherit, because she is swearing a direct oath of servitude to you. She can't be bound by familial obligations.

"It's an honor, Your Majesty."

Robin slowly rises. You can see her face is smiling. You think you see tears in her eyes.

Her siblings on the other hand…

Corrin has a smiling, yet neutral demeanor. You don't think there's any actual emotion behind his smile.

Camilla looks vaguely tense. You think she's picked up that wasn't at all a traditional oath.

Cordelia also looks intrigued, and slightly bewildered. There's a faint look of disbelief in her expression.

…The senior guard on the other hand.

He's giving you an incredulous look. You can hardly blame him. It probably looks like you specifically asked what the oath entails so you could violate it.


You grab everyone's attention by raising your voice.

You will trust the army to set up accommodations for Robin in the barracks, where she will now live. Before that, you'll be talking to all four of them alone. Now you needed to exchange a few words with your trusted senior guard.

The siblings all give you their assent and you take the senior guard to the side.

You decide to take the initiative.

You understand the oath is tradition, but you're King now and it's your prerogative to pursue tradition in your own way. Besides, it's an oath heard only by you, him, and the women swearing it.

"…That it is," he replies, then says nothing more about it.

He tells you that there is another woman who wishes to enter your army. She's waiting at the barracks.

Oh. You vaguely remember hearing about that. It wasn't Robin who was reported before?

"No, it's another one."

He replies she's already living in the barracks and practicing with the men. She's a commoner and trained mercenary with no local ties. She's already rather mannish, so the oath will be a formality.

Hm. It looks like your campaign attracted a woman who might actually be strong enough to fight in battle. That sounds like an interesting novelty. You've met strong women, but mostly widowed artisans with jobs that require strength. You can't recall ever bedding an actual mercenary. If she's woman enough to have a functioning womb, you might have to try your hand at showing her affection.

You nod, and tell him you'll be by tonight or tomorrow.

There's no more business, so he departs.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.86741

File: 1615160942378.jpg (164.26 KB, 850x1235, Robin_shock.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's time to talk privately. That means, truly privately.

You turn to your guards and order them to leave you in the room. They are to remain outside the door.

You'll call if you need to, but what you have to say is private.

None of them like the idea, and one even asks if you're absolutely sure, but you simply nod.

They slowly file out the throne room into the hallway, shutting the door and leavy the heavy lid to the only portal out of the room shut.

You turn to the Chrisania siblings.

…The atmosphere is tense. You can tell that right away.

There's not any open hostility, but none of them are happy with this situation. Except Robin, who looks utterly delighted.

It's tightly pursed lips and tense facial muscles all around as they either hold back frowns, strong glares, or hold on to their fake smile for dear life.

You'll need to take the initiative.

… You gave Robin an attempt at an honest start. You're tempted to just announce you know about their plan, but you're willing to forgive and forget it.

But they're clearly not in the right frame of mind for that. That could potentially be the rock that starts the entire avalanche.

Instead you announce that you're willing to discuss compensation.

But rather than simply giving them a monetary amount, you wish to offer them spaces to serve in your Castle.




Everyone's faces turn to expressions of surprise, not least of which…


…Robin's. She doesn't hold back from expressing her shock and shouts. Her delight slipping to slack-jawed confusion.

You put up a hand to silence her, and continue.

You're aware all persons here possess unique talents. You would like to make use of them.

You turn to Cordelia. You explain you've noticed she has an affinity for animals. You'd love to have her manage your stables, kennels, and any other animals you choose to acquire. Would she accept?

"I… I would," she says, tentatively.

Robin's expression becomes even more shocked as Cordelia accepts.

You press on.

Camilla… your interest in economics and politics would be a considerable boon to your castle, you say. You'd love it if she would stay and help you manage your modest Kingdom. Your master of coin is of an advanced age, and he won't live forever. You simply will need someone to take his place.

"…" Camilla nervously puts a hand to her chest. "I'm not sure if that's possible, Your Majesty."

You'll work out the details later. For now, it's enough for her to say if given the chance, would she do it? A real opportunity to put her skills to good use.

"…" Camilla hesitates, before nodding. "Yes. I would find that… agreeable."

"You can't do this!" Robin shouts again.

You give her a harsh stare.

Robin, you say, as a member of your army, she's subordinate to you. You'll thank her not to talk out of turn.


Robin's lips twist in a grimace as she trails off into angry muttering.

"…And me, Your Majesty?"

Corrin finally speaks up.

–Oh right.

Beatrice said he'd stay at the castle if his sisters did, too.

But since you've been handing out positions to them, he probably expects one as well.

You hadn't considered what you'd have Corrin actually do, but this is probably better than having him lounge around.

In that case… you have a few ideas. It depends on how much responsibility you could trust him with.

He's not a martial man. You can't just put him in the army. But there's some other positions he could be useful in.

Choice time:
>Castle scholar. He's obviously a man of learning. You would appreciate it if he had free access to the library and handled all things related to knowledge so he can advise you when necessary.
>Castle poet. He's obviously taken to the spoken word. You would like to support an artist who will provide the castle with culture.
>Your own royal Chancellor. You'll trust him to represent you as your face to your subjects and other Kingdoms, hire diplomats, and see that your will is done in a delicate manner that requires tact when speaking.
>You don't feel you can trust him. Just give him some ceremonial position that isn't expected to do anything.
>Actually, you were hoping he'd take his vows…

8f20e No.86745

Option 3

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none.

ad6bb No.86758


Option 3, I think chancellor is a role worth his status considering a scholar/poet might be too low for a man like him.

531be No.86759

If we give him a position in the castle, we'll have to pay him. And he surely expects nothing but the best? Or at least second best after the king?

Did we decide if giving him his own title somewhere away is a good idea?

329f3 No.86763

Edward doesn't "pay" him, per se in the sense of an hourly wage or salary. But he is expected to have an aristocrat's accommodations and food. (Keep in mind Edward also had these things as Crown Prince, and Edward also had obligations to do whatever King Vlad wanted. Which at the time was get Tharja pregnant, quick.) That said, a position would possibly give him responsibilities he would need resources for. Such as hiring and training diplomats and teaching them, and himself, on how to conduct themselves to pursue King Edward's will.

Making him landed nobility with his family's title would be something Edward could do, but that would really be giving him not just responsibility but also power. He'd have his own land and peasants to manage, and expect to pay taxes to the King, and will he pay them? What about his parents? Those would be questions Edward would have to consider and make a strong judgment about. Though Corrin could easily be both.

I hope this answers your question and allows you to make a good judgment. Please let me know if you want more information, as Edward would understand it.

1af2b No.86789

While I think that Corrin might adapt to any role we give him, I don't think the other siblings would like it if he were made our representative just like that. Option one: allow him to be our scholar.

f7e58 No.86790


Option 3, a diplomatic corps is never a bad idea.

f7e58 No.86792


Actually, Shadow raises a good point. I'll change my vote to option 1.

Also forgot to put in my name on the new computer, lol.

1c3ae No.86795

Option 1

cc684 No.86803

Option 3

0a09b No.86813

While I agree with your logic, I dunno if Tharja will appreciate him having unfettered access to "her" library. As such,

Option 2, poet.

f35e5 No.86817

Option 3.

329f3 No.86853

The needle must fall.

>3 votes for option one, make him your castle scholar.

>1 vote for option two, make him castle poet.
>4 votes for option three, make him your chancellor in charge of diplomacy and internal relations.

Designate Corrin as your royal chancellor.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.86888

You decide to take a chance.

To Corrin, you want to extend to him the offer of becoming your chancellor. He'll be responsible for representing you and maintaining good relations with other countries, hiring and managing diplomats, and seeing that your will is done when tact is required.

He obviously has skill. You were very impressed with his impeccable manners when you met. He'll be a fine asset.

Corrin's eyes widen, then he replies immediately:

"I accept, Your Majesty."

You nod. You knew he would. You're offering him a tremendously important position.

Albania may be the only other country nearby, with the exception perhaps of that Hungaria you only heard of, but it's still important. Wars can be started by bad diplomacy.

At any rate, it's done. If he doesn't perform up to standards, you'll replace him with someone who can. A chancellor is someone who serves at your will, after all.

Well, you think you've solved everyone's concerns. You'll make proper accommodations for all involved so that they may move into the castle permanently.

They're all looking grateful now. You can tell you've taken a great burden off of their backs.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," they all offer, with the appropriate bow or curtsy.

…Almost everyone.


Robin stares at you. Now she's the one looking tense.

You never talked about this as a solution. She's likely not very happy she has to deal with her siblings still being 'around,' even if she's no longer beholden to him.

…Is Robin satisfied, you ask?


To your surprise, she puts on a polite face and bows, masculinely.

"Of course, Your Majesty. You have been more than fair, to all of us."

…There's no sarcasm in her voice. You think she has accepted the situation, even if she doesn't love it.

You nod. That's all very good.

Though as one of your soldiers, she'll likely find it better to salute.

You ask Camilla to stay behind. You need to discuss more details with her. You exchange more pleasantries and dismiss the rest.

You're left alone with Camilla, where you share your thoughts with her.

Indeed, she can't just 'become' master of coin. But it may be more acceptable if she has some claim to the position.

That is… if she were married to the current holder of that position. He's old, but she'll have time to learn from him. It's not exactly marrying 'up' for her, but it will provide a useful smokescreen.

Camilla considers…

"Will he play along?" then she adds: "Will he… control himself, if I wish it?"

…You privately reflect that Ricardo does appreciate 'a woman with a head on her shoulders,' but he also has a willing relationship with Margaret.

You tell Camilla not to worry. You'll talk to him, and your words carry weight. There will be no objections from Ricardo, and no unwanted advances, even if she's his wife.

Camilla nods.

"Then, I accept."

You can't hide your smile. Good!

Everything you wanted is falling into place.

There's just one more step.

You leave the room with Camilla and dismiss the guards to their normal schedules.

Camilla departs, and you practically run to your treasury.

You find Ricardo there. You pull Ricardo into the back room and give him a brief summation of the deal:

He's getting married. To a smart, very capable woman. One who has a head for organization and economics. She's to be actively trained and evaluated for her potential for managing the treasury. She will eventually become his replacement… when he decides he can no longer deal with the demands of the position, and not before.

You'll make Ricardo that consideration to show he's not just going to be disregarded.

She's several decades his junior, and his marriage to Camilla is based on the 'understanding' that he won't push unwanted 'advances' on her. Does he understand?

Ricardo nods along, letting you speak, then finally replies that he'll accept all of it. The sham marriage, training her, and not advancing on her, unwanted.

"I find it shrewd, Your Majesty. I've no right to object or pour refuse on your scheme."

You nod. You thank him gratefully for his understanding. You knew you could trust him. He won't regret doing this.

Inwardly, you're celebrating.

You've completely dismantled the Chrisania plot!

It won't pose any threat to you now, in any way.

This is a great victory, for you. You can't help but feel some satisfaction you've become adept at these… 'backroom' dealings.

Now all you need to do is make sure everyone involved is truly loyal, and capable.

…And in the case of the girls: pregnant.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.86921

Sunset is coming soon. You don't have any other particular business with Ricardo, so you leave him to his work.

You step back up the stairs into the corridor.

You suppose you have a chance to do one last thing before calling it a day.

You remember that the senior guard mentioned there was another woman to administer the oath to.

Besides that…

You could visit Camilla and let her know the deal is done. Ricardo has agreed to the condition and it will all be in place for her to 'marry' him after the Faire.

Though it'll likely be noticed by other nobles if you're so direct as to show up at her door.

Other than that…

It's too late to take advantage of your Faire. Festivities will be winding down.

You suppose you could catch up to Tharja and spend time with her a little earlier than usual.

But otherwise, you can't really think of anything.

Talking with Beatrice may be worthwhile soon, too, but you can do that tomorrow. She witnessed Robin accosting you.

In that case…

Choice time:
>You choose the barracks, to meet and administer the oath to the female mercenary.
>You choose Camilla. She should know everything is going according to plan.
>You choose Tharja. You want more special time with your wife.

ad6bb No.86928


Time to guarantee Camilla's impregnation for good measure..

Option 2.

1c3ae No.86929

Option 1

87352 No.86934

Option 1. Best to handle business before pleasure, and it would be insulting to leave a potential soldier waiting longer than necessary.

f7e58 No.86940


Option 1, and make sure to use the older oath as well. No sense in rocking the boat more than we have to until it's necessary.

7c4f9 No.86942

Option 1

8fd46 No.86943

Definitely Option 1. Let's handle affairs of state first

f35e5 No.86948

Option 1. Let's see what this new prospect is.

1af2b No.86957

While I agree with going with Option 1, I would use the new oath. We need to be consistent, otherwise our flip-flopping will make it look like we're more concerned about pleasing people than holding to principles.

f7e58 No.86961


Good point, I will revise >>86940 to follow Shadow's suggestion.

329f3 No.86973

Is this a vote for option one or just discussion? Please be clear with your votes, everyone. In any case, I will count it was a vote.

>7 votes for option one, go to the barracks to meet with the female mercenary who wants to join. (With some notes to use the new oath.)

>1 vote for option two, meet with Camilla.

Go to the barracks to administer the new oath to the new recruit.

329f3 No.86976

File: 1615625655691.jpg (231.45 KB, 850x1203, new_recruit.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Better to take care of formalities sooner instead of later.

Besides, you don't want to tip your hand too much by showing up right outside Camilla's door.

You decide to go to the barracks.

Maybe you'll see Robin. You're curious what her first taste of soldier life will be like.

You wind through the corridors. No one stops you, and you encounter nothing out of the ordinary.

You exit out into the fields near the barracks.

It seems you're catching the tail end of today's training. You look out and see familiar faces sparring, practicing with polearms, and some like fencing. No one is practicing archery. Presumably because sunlight is dwindling.

…There's a new figure among the soldiers.

Someone tall. Towering. Arms and legs thick like tree trunks.

Had some other mercenary joined as well besides the woman they recruited?

That wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. You hardly ordered that any others who wished to join should be turned away.

At any rate, you don't see the senior guard among them. Nor Robin.

"Your Majesty!"

"Hail His Majesty!"

Some of your loyalists stop what they're doing and call out.

You give them a quick salute, and dare to ask if they know where the latest female recruit would be?


They stay silent. One of them cranes his neck toward the heightened figure.

… No, that can't be right.

You watch as the giant strikes out with a polearm to such a reach that their partner is struck right in the midsection, and cries to yield.

You catch vague words being exchanged, and then when certain the activity is over, you get closer.

You've got the attention of the new fighter among the soldiers.

It's only when you're right next to each other that you're fully able to appreciate how incredible their size truly is.

You're tall compared to most Ruhemanians. You rarely lack a height advantage. Varillo was an exception.

But the man you're facing is so tall, you need to crane your neck up to meet them eye-to-eye, and they have to bend their head down. Moreover, his muscles are thick. From his neck to his arms to his thighs to his calves. To say nothing for the huge feet.

"So, you're King around here?" he asks.

…No, not he. She.

This is the woman who wants to join your army. Her voice is feminine.

You'd missed it before, but her hair is too long to be acceptable for a man. And though she's muscular, parts of her are feminine. Two parts on her chest, especially.

…You are, you finally answer.

You try to hold back your urge to flinch.

She's not just tall, she's a veritable freak of nature.

She looks like she could fight Varillo and win. Possibly five or ten Varillos.

The soldier she was sparring with gathers enough breath to tell her His Royal Majesty King Edward must be greeted with respect.

"Ah, sorry. Never met a King."

She outright kneels before you, which still leaves her head about level with your torso above your belly button.

"Pleased to meetcha, Your Majesty."

…She may rise, you say.

She gets back to her feet. You swallow a nervous gulp.

Is she this friendly with everyone, you ask?

"Oh, nah. Most of the time I'm wearing a mask and armor that hides the tits and I just growl at people. But since that won't be a problem anymore, I'm letting it all hang loose."

Her words are crude, but answer your question.

"I mean, I get to fight now, right? Not just stand around and look menacing."

You spare a glance at the other soldier. He shies away under your gaze.

You can easily imagine any merchant who wanted a bodyguard would hire her simply to stand around. Few would-be thieves, you think, would relish a confrontation.

Compared to Robin, or even Sully… this woman would be a significant physical asset.

"Anyway, Your Majesty! I'm ready to swear my oath to you whenever you like."

You nod.

Then, you'll just have to find the senior guard so he could witness it, too.

329f3 No.86977

File: 1615625724197.jpg (150.91 KB, 850x1574, new_recruit_offer.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Suddenly, the tall woman leans closer to you.

"You know… Your Majesty… I think I'd like it more if I swore this oath alone. Just us two. Might give me a chance to say goodbye to being a woman with no regrets."

… Is she coming on to you?

Her low, purring tone suggests she is. As does her grin.

Something you can help her do before she says 'goodbye' to being a woman…

You can only guess what that might be, but as a man, you have a good idea.

You consider your options.

Her size is intimidating, but she hasn't done anything to really personally threaten or disrespect you, other than greet you a little informally, which she reversed.

The other soldier has picked up he's better off not listening to the conversation and is turning away.

… She is a woman. This would be the most direct way to fertilize her. She's unlike any woman you've seen before. Much less slept with. There's a bit of curiosity on your part.

On the other hand, she looks like she could break you over her knee. Going off alone with her entails a bit of trust.

Furthermore, there's simply no hiding her. Everyone around is going to notice you leaving together. To say nothing of walking around in the castle together.

The senior guard did say he had already more or less approved her and that the oath was a mere formality. He probably won't care that you give it to her alone.

The question was:

Dare you…?

Choice time:
>She's a woman, she can get pregnant, and there's novelty to her body. Take her back to your tower to give her the oath. –And something else, first.
>Decline. You'll find the senior guard to have her recite the oath with him present.

ad6bb No.86979


Option one, having a breed of new warriors who will inherit her traits is too big to pass up.

7c4f9 No.86980

Option 1. Always down for new experiences.

9c35e No.86983

I'm a little bit suspicious, if I'm being honest. I know it sounds cool to breed with her. She could easily kill us alone.

With those reservations, I'll vote Otpion 1.

b6a1f No.86984

I think this might be a situation where we need to think a little more rationally. Things have already been shaken up a little with Edward modifying the oath.

Option 2. This deserves a proper audience in a proper location. Edward can always take her aside while the senior guard is being summoned or after the oath has been sworn to let her know she need not worry about entirely throwing her womanhood away and will take her up on her offer later

1af2b No.86986

Apologies for the confusion. I'll try to be more clear about my votes.

I agree with this thinking. It's been a busy day. Also, we don't know anything about this woman. While I'm sure that Beatrice would protect us if this new woman is an assassin of some sort, it's best not to take unnecessary risks.

Option 2. We'll have time to get to know her later, and we can assure her of such.

f88bf No.86990

option 1, snuu snuu

29820 No.86992

Option 1. SNU-SNU!!!

329f3 No.87002

>5 votes for option one, take your new recruit to your tower and give her the oath there… and something else.
>2 votes for option two, tell her the oath must be taken in the presence of someone else.

Breed the giantess.

Poll closed, update soon.

329f3 No.87015

File: 1615691761636.jpg (157.26 KB, 1000x667, recruit_advance.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You simply can't deny your seed to any woman. Of any size, or shape.

You tell your new recruit you'll gladly make her oath a bit more… personal.

Her grin gets even wider, she even gives a little bounce of excitement.

"All right! Lead the way, Your Majesty!"

Sure enough you can feel all the attention is on you as you lead her off the field.

She has to duck her head to enter through the passage into the corridor of the castle.

You pass a few maids, all of which stare at you both.

You ignore them. You're just going to administer the oath. That's all you need to say.

You reach the entrance to your tower. The soldier stationed there is looking over you to stare at the giantess behind you.

You tell the guard that you'll be upstairs with your new recruit. You're giving her the oath of masculinity so she can serve in the army. No one should come up and disturb both of you. There's to be no talk about her.

You're used to the guards agreeing to whatever you say, but this time he speaks up.

"I think there will be some talk, Sire."

He's not careful about saying it softly. You hear a fierce rumbling as the woman behind you laughs.

Be that as it may, you say, he's not to spread any rumors.

"I don't think I'll need to say anything for there to be rumors, Your Majesty."

… You give up.

Her belly will be swelling in a few months anyway.

Fine. Just be kind to his new fellow soldier.

He replies in the affirmative, saying he wouldn't imagine being anything else.

Getting up the stairs is a challenge. The stairs are narrow enough her feet can't properly fit on each step.

"It's fine! I'll just sort of side-step," she says.

…You can't resist. You gallantly offer your hand to her to lead her up the stairs.

She blinks, surprised by your gesture, before taking it.

Her skin is tough and callused. Moreover, her hand is as massive as the rest of her, and easily holds yours. Still, you find grip around the curve of her thumb and forefinger.

–As you lead her on, it's clear your grip is less keeping her from falling and more ensuring you'll go down with her if she does slip.

The thought just inspires you to watch your step a little more as you both shimmy up your tower steps.

You make a mental note if you ever decide to station a full complement of guards for your tower, she should be posted at the bottom instead of the top.

You reach your bedroom and open the door.

It seems the maids haven't been by since your romp with Beatrice. The bed is still messy. You suppose you can't blame them. It hasn't been long.

The woman enters behind you, ducking her head under the top of the frame now, too.

"Oh… so this is the royal bedchamber, Your Majesty?"

Heh. That it is.

You tell her you don't mind if she speak a little more informally when you're both alone. 'King' or some other respectful title is fine.

"'Sire' then?"

You nod. That's fine.

She walks around, then puts a hand on the bed.

"Kinda warm…"


Does she have an idea what from, you ask?

She turns and sits down.

"So, what everyone said is true?"

She explains that she's been told you're a man with an insatiable sexual appetite. Maid, noblewoman, commoner, female soldier… it makes no difference to you.

You're not sure you'd phrase it that way. But, it's close enough. You won't deny a woman your seed.

It sounds like you're acquiring the sort of reputation you'd like to have. Perhaps not the one the Church would like you to have, but that's fine.

"That's great! That's just what I was hoping for, Sire. Y'see… I've always wanted to be with a man. Have his manliness inside me. Know what it's like."

You nod. That follows. Not surprising, really.

Men are intimidated by her size, and don't approach her, you ask?

"Hm… sorta…"

She's had relations with men. But they always stopped before turning into sex. Whenever she thinks they've been about to do it, they lose their nerve.

"Something about 'no way am I getting between those thighs.'"

She slaps her thick legs.

…How has she done it, then?

"Oh, they've sorta climbed on my chest and made me hold the tits together for them to rub between."

You can see that. She could definitely take the weight on her body, you think. It actually sounds appealing.

She may not technically be a virgin, but if it's her first time being penetrated… it counts.

She's smiling.

"What'd you like me to do, Sire? Maybe… this?"

Her hand comes out, big and flat with her fingers spread and palms out. Her arms are so long and you're so close that you can't stop her hand from reaching your crotch.

You're taken off guard, but you were already hardening with the frank talk of sex. But the stimulation brings you to full mast.

Despite her big hands, her rubbing is… soft. Measured.

"So, this is royal dick," she says, looking down at your crotch.

…Does it intrigue her, you ask?

"Yeah… kinda glad. Feels like all the missed opportunities were me saving myself for this…"


She's almost cute, in her own way.

You're definitely feeling more aroused than intimidated now.

Why don't you both get naked, you suggest?


She gives you another wide, satisfied grin.

"'thought you'd never ask."

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87071

File: 1615804605530.jpg (935.71 KB, 1005x1550, recruit_undressing.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Rather than hastily disrobe at the same time, you decide to watch her.

She stands up, once again highlighting the height difference between you two, then her hands go to her leather armor.

It compressed her breasts a bit, but didn't hide them completely. She gets the fasteners undone and they eagerly pop free.

It takes her considerably more effort to actually get it off her arms. She reaches behind her back and arches to slip them out of it. It gives you a perfect view to admire her body.

It's… amazing. Besides the generous size of her tits, your eyes follow every ridge she has. And she has many. Your eyes are most drawn to her stomach, where you can see hard muscles that would look impressive on a man.

What will it look like when she's pregnant, you wonder? Will it soften out?

She notices your admiration and gives you a happy smile.

"Go ahead, Sire. Touch the body all you like."

…You think you will.

Your hand goes out to feel her abs. They're indeed hard and powerful. They feel like they could deflect a knife by strength alone. Not that you would wish to try it.

Your eyes find her bulging arm muscles, and you stroke them with a hand as she holds them out for you.

You can see not only is she sculpted, she does have some scratches and scars here and there. Surely from some fight or brawl.

…It goes without saying there's something wrong with her body.

Has she always been like this, you ask?

She smacks her lips, hesitating.

"Not when I was a girl, obviously. One day I just started growing… and growing… a lot beyond other girls, and outpacing the boys. It was getting hard to do some things, so pushing myself to do it anyway made my body even bigger like this. –Then people started saying I was cursed or a demon or whatever, so I fucked out of that shithole."

Despite the rough words, she doesn't use a tone with any real venom.

You start to whisper something sympathetic, but she shakes it off.

"Nah. Happier this way."


It sounds like her family were peasants if she could so casually call the place she was raised a shithole. That means outside of a village.

Though whether they were farmers or some other toilers, you can't say.

She smiles again.

"Stand back, Sire, I'll undo the bottom next."

Oh, of her armor.

You're wondering how she managed to get something in her size. She must have tanned it herself? Or fashioned it out of several pieces of armor, stitched together.

She starts to bend over, giving you a taste of the view of her back, which is just as muscled as the rest of her.

It's clear though that her size and her breasts are getting in the way.

…It'd be easier if you offered.

But, just like licking Beatrice's pussy, doing so will technically make you kneel for her.

Was that something you wanted to do?

Choice time:
>Simply offer to take her lower garments off for her and kneel as appropriate. It's an intimate moment, not one to consider gestures of power.
>Say nothing and watch her do it. You don't know if your acts here would be repeated to anyone.

a01e7 No.87072

Option two. I feel like enjoying the view

9c35e No.87073

Option 1

7c4f9 No.87075

Option 1
Show her that we are more than just our reputation. That we can be a considerate and sensual lover.

ad6bb No.87076

Option 1

739b6 No.87109

Option 1. Might as well, and being nice usually pays off.

f35e5 No.87113

Option 1.

329f3 No.87119

>5 votes for option one, kneel and help her get unarmored, despite the power gesture.
>1 vote for option two, do not kneel, watch instead.

Help your giantess recruit undress.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.87130

File: 1615893491104.jpg (137.98 KB, 850x957, recruit_touched.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're a little annoyed you're basically agreeing with Erika. 'Gestures like that have no importance unless you assign it to them'.

–No, that's wrong. It's a gesture of kindness, from you to her.

You tell her to hold and raise herself up.


She's confused, but does so.

You step closer and then gently kneel at her feet.

"S-Sire?! What're you doing?"

You don't say anything. You just put your hands to work.

Her legs are indeed thick. The tree trunks comparison you thought of before is apt. You slowly get one fastener untied, then another.

You can hear her breathing picking up pace. Like a bellows for a fire.

You eventually get the covers for her legs free, and then her shoes.

Her shoes are easily bigger than your head. Several sheets of leather had to be sewn together to make them. Her feet are bigger than any man's you've seen, let alone a woman's.

…Her leggings are last.

You gently slide them down both legs. Her size is so massive you're staring at her thighs more than her crotch. You can see easily why some men would have hesitated before mounting her.

You peer to look up at her face, but it's blocked by her breasts. Instead you get a glimpse of her pussy. It's indeed hairy. that much is visible immediately, but more than that, she's wet. It seems like your appreciation for her is paying off.

You gently push them to the side, and you announce that when you're both ready to leave, you'll help her put it all back on.

You rise back to your feet and can see she's blushing. Not just with her face, but it's spreading down to her shoulders, too.

"Ah… t-thanks, King."


You've certainly figured out how to captivate her. You know how to rile her up now. It'd be a waste not to press on.

Unfortunately, the size difference precludes you taking her in her arms and kissing her lips. Even if you went on your tiptoes it wouldn't be enough. So, you do the next best thing:

You reach up, take her hand in yours, and raise it to your lips, before pressing a kiss to her knuckles.

She's a bit dusty, from sparring no doubt, but you do it regardless without shying away.


Her hand twitches in yours, and you let her pull away.

"Is that some, aristocrat thing?" she asks, voice scandalized.

You laugh and tell her it is. Noblewomen generally appreciate the gesture. Was it too much?

She turns her head, scratching her face with her fingers.

"All I can think of is how dirty the hand is."

You can't help laughing again, and tell her it's all right. It's much more muscular and hard a hand than you're used to kissing, but you couldn't resist, so you can't pay attention to dirt.

Though, would she appreciate it if they shared a softer kiss?


She hesitates, for the moment you're not sure if she'll dare to pick you up, which she could probably do. But then, she bends at the waist and knees enough that your lips can meet.


Her kiss is hard, but eager. She's clearly desiring you. There's emotion behind your shared kiss.

Moreover, her breasts have nowhere to go but right against your body. You can feel her heart beating through them touching your chest.

It's a lovely kiss. It's only weird because you're not sure what to do with your hands. If you settle close to her, you'll run out of space. You could reach up and hang from behind her neck, but that would put too much strain on your arms. You finally settle for touching her hips. They're wide, like Camilla's, but that's because of her entire body being bigger. Your hands caress and stroke the skin.

Finally, stressed muscles make her pull back.


She's panting, apparently not used to holding her breath. She reaches up and wipes her lips with a wrist.

"Kinda… wanna do more of that."

Well, you're happy to oblige a little more foreplay.

–Though the question of 'how' was worthwhile.

You can see several solutions.

Choice time:
>Have her lie flat on her back on your bed. Climb on top of her.
>Have her sit down. Climb in her lap.
>Just tell her to pick you up.

1f010 No.87131

Option one. The other options seem outright silly.

ad6bb No.87134

f35e5 No.87135

Option 1.

c8775 No.87149

Just so its not unanimous, Option 2

739b6 No.87150

Option 1. We need all the room to work as we can get.

329f3 No.87175

>4 votes for option one, have her lie flat on the bed and climb on top of her.
>1 vote for option two, climb into her lap.

Have her lie back on your bed.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.87345

File: 1616237682212.png (630.4 KB, 800x1000, recruit_emotion.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

While the idea of being lifted in the air like a rag-doll has a certain sense of thrill to it, you think it won't make the best position for sustained kissing.

Crawling in her lap would work, but could become cramped with how you put your arms.

Having her on her back will do.

You tell her to go ahead and climb on your bed. Lie on her back.She turns to look at your bed, then turns back to you.

"Okay… but it's gonna be a little weird."

She sits on the bed, then scoots back and swings her legs up.

…Oh, you see now. She's so tall, her legs extend farther than the bed. Until they jut out from the foot of the bed.

Is it uncomfortable, you ask?

"Never really set down in a bed this nice before," she says.

That's only natural.

You climb in and just… get on top of her.

Your bed gives a squeak of protest, but your recruit just grins. Her hair piled up around her head and face, you reach up with your hand and brush it away.

Where were you both? Ah, you remember…

You settle against her body, her big tits pressing into your chest, as you lean forward and kiss her.


She rolls her tongue against your lips, then experiments with puckering her lips back against yours.

With her on her back, it's easier to get your hands where they need to be. Though she's broader than you.

You close your eyes and roll your neck into the kiss, encouraging her to do the same, before you finally open your mouth to invite her tongue.


You share a gasp as you both open your mouths and start to really kiss. Her tongue is strong, hard, but she doesn't duel with you. She lolls her tongue out against yours, giving you the chance to curl and twist it against hers. Until you're satisfied by the taste of her mouth and the feeling of shared, sticky heat. You've got all the leverage to control the kiss, so you do. Your hands caress the sides of her cheeks and stroke the skin as you continue to kiss.

It's not that she's being passive. She's just letting you take the lead, like a dancer with a partner. It's… very fitting. You breathe heavily against the giant woman as you take in her scent… sweat, from exerting herself. Not that you mind.

If she were a normal woman, she would be in the perfect position for you to start penetrating her, but… instead your length merely rubs against her midsection.

Still, her calves curve around to stroke yours as best as she can, encouraging you.

You arch your back a little, like a tense bow, and slide your hands down her body. So hard and so solid… until you find her breasts. It's one of the few places with give on her flesh. Even her ass wasn't that fat.

You're more than willing to take advantage and you sink your hands into her breasts and stir her arousal by teasing her nipples with your palms. The movements get a little bit of a jump from her and you can feel her gasp before she's sighing and moaning with pleasure.

You can feel her chest rising and falling. Her lungs are powerful enough to really make you feel when she takes a breath.

You open your eyes and see how hard she's blushing. See the hints of tears slipping from the sides of her eyes. You think she must surely be ready.

You twist and coil your tongue against her one last time and she responds by licking you back… before you finally twist your neck and separate, burying your head in the crook of her shoulder.

It gives you both the chance to breathe a little easier, and she pants against you.

…Now would be a very good time to pour on the charm.

You tell her she's really a lovely woman. It doesn't matter her shape. Her size isn't a curse… it's a blessing.

With her permission, you're glad to share another blessing with her: taking her first time.

You sorry if she expected some sex-crazed fiend. You intend to make it special for her.


There's a hesitation from your new recruit, whose name you don't even know, and then she bursts into tears.

–Ooh. You think you must've overdone it? Of course, you meant your words, but…

She clearly has never had anyone talk to her like that.

"I-I'm sorry. Sire."

It's all right, you assure her. Emotion is fine. It's an emotional moment.

But you feel her shake her head.

"Nah, I mean… I'm joining because…"

She proceeds to pour her heart out to you. She wasn't just some mercenary, she was a bandit. After deciding to get away from her hometown, she stole enough food to feed herself and ran.

After that, she stumbled across a gang of robbers who decided they wanted to use her. They made her wear a full outfit that hid that she was a woman and… terrified travelers into surrendering what they carried.

She insists she never hurt anyone who didn't fight back, but it's how she lived for a number of years. It was really the Faire that opened up her finding 'honest' work as a mercenary and leaving her 'partners' behind.

"In fact… uh… my reason for joining your army was that I already spent what the guy who hired me gave me to work for him. This way I could get out of escorting him back to his home. I didn't want to go back."

…Well, none of that is good.

How big was the 'group' of bandits she was with?

"Me and two other guys."

So, three people. You suppose you can understand that a band of robbers that small likely escaped King Vlad's notice. Especially if they attacked travelers and not a whole village or peasant settlement.

She givesa deep sigh.

"…Kick me out if you wanna. I just had to tell you."

She's not sobbing anymore. It looks like the cathartic release of confessing to you has set in.

… You take a deep breath.

Banditry is certainly not what you want to happen in your Kingdom, but given her situation… you can understand. That, and there's something to be said for telling you now instead of later.

Will she honestly swear her loyalty to you, you ask, and faithfully serve in your army? It means following orders and drilling and doing whatever else she's trusted with, without being able to refuse, run away, or skip out.

She blinks up at you, then nods.

"Yeah. I mean… I'm used to following orders. And… I never liked anything bad I did."

…All right.

You don't have the heart to kick her out. Maybe it's not the strict form of justice King Vlad would've given out, but you can make the most of this.

As long as she fully swears her oath with all her heart and her loyalty doesn't waver, you'll overlook it all. Only for her.

You hear, and feel her gasp again.

"Oh God… thank you Sire! Thank you!" she cries out in gratitude.

You stroke her side until she's calmed down thanking you and continue.

If the merchant or whoever hired her services comes looking for her, you'll handle that, too.

–Though you're not sure how. You could just throw gold at whoever it is and hope he goes away, but gold won't replace a bulky figure dissuading would-be thieves.

What'd she spend the money on, you ask?

"Uh… wine. I was thirsty."

She confesses she can drink jugs of it and barely feel the effects. You can definitely believe it. Unfortunately it's not something that can be returned.

Who hired her, you ask?

"Just some merchant… I dunno what he sold," she says. "That's the truth."

That doesn't exactly narrow it down. The Faire really was full of merchants. Whatever, you'll worry about it later.

For now…

What's her name, you ask?

She blinks.

"Oh, it's Noi."

You nod, and smile.

Welcome to your army then, Noi.

You hope you'll have satisfied her as a woman before she swears her oath.

She gives a little huff, and her arms come around to hug you. You're crushed close to her chest, but not enough to pain you.

It's a fine way to start getting the mood back to how it needs to be. You spend the next quarter hour caressing, kissing, and stroking each other.

Until the teary situation is forgotten and you're back to committing yourselves to being lovers.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5e078 No.87346

She'll make up for her past mistakes by birthing new soldiers for ruhemania. Lots and lots of new ruhemanians.

329f3 No.87410

File: 1616318878996.png (308.55 KB, 811x785, Noi_invitation.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're both sweating by the time you finish kissing. Your mouth muscles are mutually worn out. More than that, your manhood is aching for her sex.

Would she like to be penetrated now, you ask?

Her breath is heavy against your lips and her eyes are half-lidded. It takes her a moment before she enthusiastically nods.

"Yeah… do me, Sire."


Crude, but somehow delightful.

You pull yourself off of her.

Even in this heightened stage of tangible lust, you're not about to let Beatrice's gift go to waste. You take the container of lotion Beatrice left for you, rub some on your penis, and then go to rub it on Noi's pussy.

"What's that?" she asks.

It's something that will make the experience easier and more pleasurable. You acquired a fine lotion from the Faire.

–It gives you some cover, at least, as to where you got it.

You lean closer and examine her pussy as you rub. Noi's rather wet from all the attention and foreplay, but you do it anyway until her crevasses is slippery and she squirms and giggles under your touch.

"Kind of tickles, Sire."

That's fine.

You'd been lying on top of her, but you hadn't been between her legs.

Her legs… really are impressive. They're thick. Like Camilla's or Malon's. But unlike either of them, Noi is all raw, hard muscle.

All men before her have avoided actually penetrating her, she said. For fear of being between her strong legs.

At that moment… you can't exactly blame them.

She spreads her legs, revealing her pussy, and the length and thickness reminds you of a gaping maw ready to seize your body.

"Are you having second thoughts, King?" she asks. Of course Noi noticed your hesitation.

You'd best handle this… diplomatically. You have her feelings to worry about.

Choice time:
>Be bold. Climb and mount Noi between her legs. Tell her you're sure this will be intense, and don't hold back with how strong she wants to hold you. (This choice will not result in a GAME OVER, but Edward will be significantly injured and impaired for a time.)
>Carefully climb between her legs. Tell her you'll be gentle, and in return, to please be cautious with how tight she squeezes her legs.
>…Actually, your courage is faltering. Noi should go on her hands and knees.

9c35e No.87413

Option 1

b6a1f No.87424

Option 2. Edward still has things to do after this (including that jousting tournament that seems to have been forgotten in all the excitement), so getting injured now would be a problem.

Also if he does get himself hurt, that's a big 'I told you so' coming from the soldiers. Don't need pride getting hurt as well (though I can at least think of a joke Edward could use if he did…)

dd011 No.87425

Option two. I agree, we cannot afford to be injured this close to the tournament

739b6 No.87431

Option 2. Indeed, we should be careful this close to the tournament, and this option is a good middle ground between courage and caution. However, I would like to take her at full strength some time in the future.

5a4a4 No.87433

Agree with the others, Option 2

9a1ae No.87451


Option 2

329f3 No.87455

>1 vote for option one, mount her between her legs, give no limits on holding you. (Significant injury and impairment.)
>5 votes for option two, bravely mount her missionary, but sensibly ask her to rein in her strength.

Request caution as you fuck Noi.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.87473

You won't go back on your implied promise. Though caution may be called for before bravado.

You start to mount Noi, getting between her legs.

She looks at you like you're crazy. For a moment you feel like you're crazy. You barely wedge yourself in when you can feel how tight her muscles hold you.

…If Noi is able, you'd prefer she not grip you too tight, you ask.

You're not just King, you have your own physical regimen and you often spar. A sore back or hurt muscles would mean ruin.

She blinks, then her face melts into a soft smile.

"I'll hold back, King," she swears.

You nod.

You've had sex already today. But… to novelty of Noi's size is a bit of a turn on.

It's rare indeed to have a woman who approaches your height, but now you can only reach to about her breasts while on top of her like this.

You can only hope you make her first experience pleasurable.

You settle your arms down on each side of her, holding her muscled frame close, and then align your hips…

It's easy to find her center, and the lotion makes you both very slippery. You barely have to move before…


…You're inside her.

It's with some bit of relief you realize that her pussy doesn't stretch to meet her proportions. It feels like any girl's pussy. In size, at least.

Moreover, she's indeed tight. You roll your hips back and experiment with thrusting.

The movement provokes another moan from Noi, and she arches her back against you. You feel her legs come up to wrap around your back.

It teases you with the danger of having your pelvis squeeze like a vise, but she holds off and just rests her legs on the back of yours.

…Is she pained, you ask?

"F-Fuck no… this is amazing!" she shouts. "More, please…"

Her voice breaks in a soft little whine as she begs. Her arms settle around your back and crisscross to hold you.

You can't help but feel your ego significantly stroked by her words. That's encouragement if ever you heard it.

No need to hold back, you muse. Her body can take it.

You immediately start to pound your hips against Noi's.

…She's tight. There's no hymen, but that's likely from stretching it out in physical activity. She's tight enough you don't doubt she's a virgin.

Despite that, your shaft, glided along by the lotion, easily penetrates her.

The only awkwardness comes from the fact it's difficult to angle against Noi in a way that lets you get your full length inside, but it's a small issue.

Soon you're settling into a rhythm where you're effortlessly fucking her. Her own body rolling back on the bed to encourage you to thrust more. Harder. Faster.

You hold off from increasing your pace too much. You won't last long if you do.

You look up at Noice's face, just visible over the crests of her breasts.

Her face is awash in pleasure, you think she barely knows what to do with what she's feeling.

Her moans are loud. You think they must be loud enough to vibrate down your tower. Perhaps out of your window and be heard from the courtyard.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87540

You want to charm her a bit more with any sweet words or compliments you can conjure up.

But, that's just not happening.

She's too loud, too into it, and her face is too far away to really command her attention.

Her callused hands rub against your back, her strong legs urge you on.

You decide to take advantage in another more direct way; you press your face right into her breasts.

It's a unique experience, to be in the middle of the act, penetrating her in earnest, and yet be able to do it.

Her arching her back gives her plenty of cleavage to sink into. Your skin flush with her skin, your heat burning with hers. Sweat from your bodies mixed…

She's practically moaning with every thrust, and you can't hold back.

You completely let your sense of timing and rhythm slip and just start thrusting into her as fast as you can. You put all of your muscle into it, all of your weight. You're grunting right along with her, this beautiful giantess.

"Yeah– yeah– yeah– harder!"

You breathe out a sigh. You're fucking her harder and faster than you would ever consider using on a woman, even one especially robust like the blacksmith's widowed sister… and she's begging for more?? You know Beatrice's lotion must be a factor as well.

In any case, you're happy to oblige.

At least, for as long as you can last.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87583

File: 1616584769408.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1200x1677, Noi_fertilized.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Your cock is wrapped in tight, soft flesh. Her inner folds squeeze you hard. Your next thrust, you can feel your peak coming, and you hasten to pump inside her more before you climax.

Or at least, that's the plan, but suddenly her legs squeeze you tight.


She cries out something profane as you feel her grip you tighter, not just her legs, but her cunt as well.

Thankfully her legs are behind your calves instead of your hips or rump. With how much pressure you feel against your legs, you don't doubt it would've put a strain on your body.

But… somehow you've lost the ability to care.

Emboldened by her profanity, you yell out something similarly rude and come inside her. Your yells muffled somewhat by her breasts.

Your back arches, feet at full extension, toes curling… surely Noi must be going through the same. You can practically hear her teeth gritting through her grunts of pleasure.

Your muscles flex hard enough to ache as your seed spurts into her once, twice… and again.

Then, you both collapse into a very satiated, very relaxed pair of partners. As if you had shared a particularly intimate spar. –In a way, you have.

She moans mindlessly, and you can feel her pussy is still squeezing you. She must have come especially hard.

It may be her first real orgasm? With a partner who cared about her, perhaps. At least you can say you truly satisfied her.

You trace your fingers over the hard skin of Noi's belly and reflect on your actions.

For better or worse, you knocked up Noi.

If her children are as big as her, your army could likely be carried on the backs of your future children together.

–Though you'd hope it'd never come to that.

For the time being, you hug her close and imagine her outrageously muscular belly starting to swell… growing round, flat, and popping with an exposed navel…

It's a wonderful image. Hopefully you'll see it many times.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

5c919 No.87584

I hope she'll have multiples. An oversized body like hers deserves an oversized belly.

4d222 No.87589


Let’s hope we last until that point.

329f3 No.87684

You try to doze, but…

Noi's feeling energized, it seems. She strokes your hair and pulls you up to kiss more.

You happily oblige. You're not going to deny the giant woman some affection.

Rather than a long drawn out french kiss, she presses hard kisses to your cheeks, lips, chin… all around your face.

You let her do it, laughing along and kissing her back.

It's rather playful. She's really having fun.


Suddenly she settles her head into your shoulder, clasping her hand on your back.

"Hey… we won't be able to do this outside, will we?'

Sadly, no. You can't interrupt practice to kiss, let alone become more intimate.

–Sully and you have shared a tryst, but it was much easier to be discreet about it. No one will mistake Noi for anyone else. Nor do you think Noi and you could just hide in a closet. Even if she managed to keep herself from getting loud.


She sighs, wistfully.

You reach up and tousle her hair, long and sweaty.

It's all right. You'll find a way.

She's a very special woman.

She looks up at you, then grins, reaching up to rub your hair and stroke your head right back.

You share a tender moment.

How does she feel about swearing her oath now, you ask?

She gives a long, pleased, little moan.

"Oh, like it's the best decision I ever made in my life."

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87754

You and Noi get as clean as you can under the circumstances. Your sheets end up soaked with most of the seed you let loose inside her.

You were tempted to just have her take the oath in bed, but at the last moment decide to put some pomp into it.

You have her kneel in front of you, and have her say the same oath you gave Robin.

You hear her suppress a chuckle when you say 'recognize her ability', as if no one could recognize she's tall enough she can't fit through doorways.

But other than that, she gladly affirms all you ask.

You ask her to rise then, as a man of your army. With the same responsibilities and opportunities they have.

You leave out the part about inheriting. It'd just be insulting to say that to a commoner.

She lumbers back to her feet. She's smiling with such a bright intensity it could light up the room.

"You won't regret it, Sire! No one's going to beat me in a fight."

You imagine being out on the field would be different from any one on one spar. But, you don't doubt she has advantages as a fighter.

You help her put her armor back on, reminding her they have to be somewhat discreet. You can't show open affection in public, and she can't either beyond respect as a soldier.

She kind of laughs and rubs the back of her head.

"Yeah, I figured that. I mean, you're married and all that, right?"

Yes. To a very lovely Princess, you tell her. If you both meet, you go on to say, don't be nervous about Her Highness being jealous. That isn't an issue.

Noi blinks down at you.


You nod.

Normally you wouldn't talk about Tharja's opinion openly with a woman you have sex with so fast. But Noi might get guard duty, and she could possibly be stationed in front of Tharja's wing of the castle. Or otherwise encounter her walking around.

At any rate, you both depart the tower.

…Noi has to carefully navigate the stairs again. You walk in front of her while holding her hand, aware if she falls you're going to be crushed.

It's fine. You eventually reach the bottom.

You come out of the tower, the guard posted openly stares at Noi as you both leave.

You go back with her to the training ground. You need to tell the senior guard that she's taken the oath to serve you as a man.

You remember him saying Noi was already rather mannish, but you disagree. She may not be a 'maiden' so to speak, but she has femininity.

And when she's swelling with the child you just gifted her with, even more so.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87817

File: 1616841775013.png (326.37 KB, 410x700, Robin_reforms.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You come with her back to the training grounds.

You see the senior guard standing and watching over the troops as they organize their weapons.

You come up to him with Noi and start to talk with him.

You manage to get two words out about how she's taken your oath when you hear a sudden shout.

"Your Majesty!"

…It's a feminine voice.

You turn your head and watch Robin rushing over to you from where the weapons are being lined up.

There's an accompanying shout from one of the older guards. He's reprimanding her for being careless with the equipment. Trying to, at least. She pays him no mind.

She's beelining right toward you, walking quickly and stopping short of jogging.

In the few seconds you have, you just tell the senior guard Noi has been 'oathed'. He nods, and you gesture that Noi can go on her way. She senses there's some sort of dynamic playing out and gladly steps away from you all.

Meanwhile, Robin reaches you.

"Your Majesty," she begins, voice firm, but low. "We simply must speak about the state of the army."

–Now, you ask? It's approaching sunset.

She nods.

"I swear, you'll find what I say worthwhile."

… Well.

You can't tell her to go away. Maybe if you had warned her that serving in your army would possibly mean she'd be nothing more than a grunt instead of a decision-maker, you could stifle her. But, as is…

On second thought, Beatrice has impressed on you that Robin is genuinely full of good ideas. And she respects you because you listen to her.

You simply wish she'd chosen a better time. This is right in the middle of you attempting to talk in front of the senior guard. There are plenty of witnesses.

All right.


The gruff voiced reply comes from the senior guard, who'd been waiting while Robin stalked closer.

"Your Majesty… you're going to entertain this newbie?" he asks.

Yes you are, you say.

–But it's perhaps too public.

You'll discuss things in the armory.


That suggestion truly gets a response as the senior guard's eyes widen in shock. Taking Robin into the armory means you're giving her a symbolic gesture of true importance. It's whole seconds before he recovers.

"…As His Majesty wishes."

You end up taking the lead to the armory's door.

Robin is walking with very serious steps. There's no hesitance in how she walks. She's supremely confident. It's better than if she were gloating, you suppose.

Meanwhile, the senior guard still seems to be recovering from shock and he plods along.

You reach the door and allow him to push it open before entering with Robin and him in tow.

You walk among the many weapons in the armory. Your crossbow is among them.

It's better if you discuss in the back room, so you take the passageway back there.

Robin's head turns to and fro as you pass by the weapons, as if she's making an inventory.

You reach the table in the back, with the map of the castle and the surrounding area on the wall.

This is where the plans are kept, you announce. Literally and metaphorically.

You ask that Robin only discuss concerns about the army here, not in the open.

"Understood, Your Majesty."

Her voice is noticeably crisp. There's a fire in her eyes, as if it would be hot enough to melt steel.

…You'll get the ball rolling.

What does she have to say, that is so important, that she must confide with you? And that she's calculated is necessary in perhaps no less than a few hours, if that, as your soldier? With so little exposure to the workings, you ask?

You're expecting to humble her. Instead, she answers immediately:

"I have a number of reforms I would like to propose, but for the time being, I will focus only on one. The most dire, time sensitive, accomplishable, reform. One that will also yield the best results, at little material cost."

You hear the senior guard give an exasperated little grunt. Even you're shocked by her response. That's… quite a promise. You're growing more curious.

What is it, you ask?

"For now, it's a simple matter of organization of training…"

Robin explains that the training that goes on as it does right now is sloppy, ineffective, and absolutely having a detrimental effect on the army's strength.

Men are trained with no rhyme or reason. They pick up a sword one hour, they put it down and pick up a lance another hour, and they let fly with bow and arrow yet another.

"I can see the logic. Every man can be trained for any purpose… if the army needs archers, they can be archers, if they can be lancers or swordsmen, they can pick those up, too. However, I also know this logic is based on a false premise and completely wrong."

The senior guard grunts again, louder and angrier this time.

"Listen, I don't know where you think you get off, newbie, but there is nothing 'wrong' with how the troops are trained!"

His voice isn't loud, but it's urgent. He's clearly taking Robin's words personally.

You give a little turn to the senior guard and try to make your voice as diplomatic as possible.

What harm is there in hearing her out, you ask? Let's judge her words on their merits. Not on… tone.


It placates the senior guard and he takes a deep breath, calming himself.

"As I was saying…" Robin continues.

This is a disastrous way to train an army. Even one as small as what is inside Castle Valachia.

Men need clearly defined roles. They must dedicate themselves to that role. They must become masters of it. And that role must be assigned to them based on what they are best suited for, by aptitude and body type. Those with long reach but slow speed must be lancemen. Those fleet-footed and eagle-eyed must be archers. Those possessing both strength and dexterity must be swordsmen, etc. Of course, those adept at riding must become cavalry.

"A jack of all trades is a master of none. Current training, as is, prepares the army for nothing but to be slaughtered at the hands of more adept foes. A complete accounting of all soldiers must be made, their traits categorized, and assigned as appropriate. It's doable. It's practical. And it ought to be so done. Furthermore, the sooner this reform is undertaken, the better."

Robin impresses that each day that goes by is a disaster in two ways. One, losing time to accomplish the reform. Two, letting the men become 'set in their ways' and more resistant to the idea.

"Bad habits are much harder to unlearn. Young men become old and stubborn. It should be undertaken before they reach that point."

… Robin's words are persuasive. It really does sound like something that could easily be done. You wouldn't need to expend any gold to do a simple headcount and see which soldier is best at what.

You turn to the senior guard, ostensibly to ask his opinion, but you don't really need to. It's plainly written on his face.

He's staring death at Robin. As if he wants his eyes to turn into daggers so he could throw them at her. His face red and unsightly.

… You go back to being diplomatic.

Would the senior guard care to make a counter argument if he is in opposition? You would like to hear both sides.

"Damn right I do."

The senior guard explains these changes just aren't needed. The men are equipped to guard the castle. They must all be ready to stand on the walls with pikes, shoot arrows from the holes in the walls at the enemy, and fight to the death with the sword if somehow the walls were breached.

"Not to mention that will never happen."

Castle Valachia is impregnable. No army will ever pose a threat. Robin's, or 'the newbie's', words, as he calls them, are sweet sounding, but nothing more.

"Everything is fine as is. It'd be an insult to imply we were doing things wrong, as we've done for years. No, it rather is an insult, Your Majesty."


This puts you in a difficult spot.

Robin has not waited around at all to settle in before making a direct appeal to you, personally. She's chosen to strike while the iron's hot.

You can't deny her ideas are good. Her logic truly seems sound. If it did come to a war, or some other battle… her organization would possibly save lives. Yours personally, if it became desperate.

However, it has won her no sympathy from the senior guard. The fact she's making the argument the exact same day as her joining, while also circumventing his direct authority, is obviously turning things personal.

… Though, is that right?

The senior guard isn't your General. The army is disorganized enough he simply keeps everyone in line through his own reputation. Strictly speaking, his authority is a carry over from King Vlad's era.

Would a compromise perhaps be in order, you try to offer?

Robin can choose a handful of guards, catalogue them as she likes, and assign them roles, and it will be done gradually.

At your words, both of them lose their composure.

"That's even worse!" "Time is of the essence!"

… You put your hands up and warn them you're the King. One at a time. The senior guard may go first.

His objection is two-fold. Anyone Robin picks will be singled out as an 'outsider' and opposed by the rest of the soldiers. Furthermore, she has no authority to do so.

"Who is this woman?? Your Majesty, even if you want to give her claim to leadership because she's an aristocrat, there are others of noble birth serving you!"

Himself included, you muse. Though you correct him, Robin's a 'man' now. He accepts the reminder without an objection.

It's Robin's turn.

"I must reiterate my earlier points. The faster this reform is done and the quicker it is accepted as the 'correct way', the better. To build on my… comrade's argument, it will carry more authority if it moves forward at full mast speed. With your personal approval. As for whether Castle Valachia is truly impregnable or better defended in the 'old way', that is a separate matter."

…All right.

It seems a half-measure isn't going to work. Robin wants her proposed reform put into action as soon as possible, not next season or even next week. She's given you some good reasons. The senior guard, meanwhile, is dismissing the whole idea and telling you it'll upset the apple cart. He's probably right, as well.

There's another consideration at work, here.

Robin's said this is only the first reform she wants to propose. If you listen and give it your full approval, it's going to encourage her in the future. Furthermore, it's going to establish she is definitely going to take a leadership role. She'll be thrilled, but you doubt the senior guard, or the rest of the 'old guard' who were more loyal to King Vlad than you, are going to like it.

Alternatively, if you put your foot down and reject it, it's going to be a setback for her. Both personally and in the eyes of the senior guard. You'll try to assure her you'll hear and consider it again in the future, at least.

…Maybe there's a third option.

You can try to persuade the senior guard to take credit for Robin's idea while implementing it fully.

You might be able to convince him it'll save lives in the long run, even after he's dead and buried. It'll gain more acceptance from the 'old guard' as well. You might be able to appease Robin that at least this way, it'll be done.

–Though the trade-off is if the reforms do work out, the senior guard will get the credit and it'd be harder for Robin's words to carry more weight in the long run.

You take a deep breath.

You've heard their arguments, you announce, your voice having all the resoluteness you can muster into it. You can make your decision now, before the sun sets.

They both look at you expectantly.

Your decision is…

Choice time:
>Robin's reforms are to be enacted without delay, in as large a scale is practical, until they are accomplished, in full. You will be personally inspecting to make sure they are honestly being undertaken, and impress on the men that they are necessary. Your army will be run on logic and merit.
>Reject Robin's reforms, for now. The Summer Faire is simply not the time, and Castle Valachia is truly in no threat, at least not now. She can wait for a more prudent opportunity, but for now seniority will keep things stable.
>Convince them of the wisdom of your Great Compromise. The reforms will be enacted, and treated as if the senior guard composed them. The loyalists' pride can be spared while the reforms are done. Win-win.

b6a1f No.87820

Not the best situation, but Option 3 at least is the most diplomatic approach to this. Maybe in time Robin will get her chance to shine with her reforms, but for now it requires finesse.

87352 No.87824

Option 1. Soldiers are dangerous enemies to make, but Vlad's peace won't last much longer, even if Edward were the sort of king who ruled with a similarly iron fist. And while giving a grunt a sense of credit might rub some the wrong way, this grunt happens to be right. Specialists are far more effective than generalists as soldiers, though a certain degree of proficiency in the basics should be a given.

Of course, Robin DOES need a lesson in humility here, being reminded that things won't go all her way just because she's sleeping with the king. But that's a matter to be handled elsewhere, in another way. Just telling her to shut up and do as she's told won't sit well, and would leave holes open in the defenses. I could see some merit in passing the credit… but I honestly think we need to retire the old guard with some nice honors, some dignity, and nice farmland on the borders of the kingdom. They're too used to Vlad's Way, and will never accept that it's not Your Way.

(Also, the most vulnerable fortresses are the ones people think are "impregnable." But that's another matter, and one I don't want to talk about openly.)

f7e58 No.87826


Agreed on all fronts. Option 1.

cc684 No.87827

Option 1

31798 No.87830

Option 1. Let's ensure, like previously stated, to counsel Robin after this.

8f20e No.87837

Option 3. one of Ed-boy's greatest strengths and most prominent character aspects is his ability to find workable solutions for and from substantial problems, after all. In other words, making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

4d222 No.87840


Option 3, let’s not start a coup d’etat.

7c4f9 No.87841

Option 2. I don't think that now is the right time for military reforms. We have too many things going on at once with the introduction of the siblings into our castle and the faire going on at the same time. I think we should hold off on the reforms for now and wait until at least after the faire to begin, plus Robin needs to learn some patience and humility. Also, I'm not quite sure that the Senior guard will even agree to the compromise, considering how vehemently he rejected the idea to start with.

739b6 No.87843

Much as I would like to enact her reforms, this feels like the wrong time. Robin does need a reprimand, though perhaps a gentle one. However, I also don't think it would be wise to put her off entirely.

Option 3. We compromise. But then we need to talk to her after the fact and set some ground rules.

1c3ae No.87845

Option 3

bae7d No.87847

Option 3.

329f3 No.87851

>4 votes for option one, enforce Robin's reform, in full.
>1 vote for option two, reject Robin's reform to placate the senior guard, for now.
>6 votes for option three, orchestrate a Great Compromise.

Try to propose a Great Compromise.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.87856

There have been times you've had no middle ground and had to choose a side. All or nothing. One side completely satisfied, the other bitterly disappointed.

To put it mildly.

You don't believe this is one of those times.

You tell Robin and the senior guard your decision is to enact Robin's reform. However, it will be presented as the senior guard's personal composition, decision, and action.

"…" "…"

They both stare at you, baffled.

So you press on:

You've heard both sides. Robin presents convincing arguments, both in the actual proposal and for immediate action. However, you know the weight of seniority. Of earned respect. Forged in warfare in defense of Kings and their Kingdoms. That is why the senior guard's reputation will be needed.

The senior guard is nonplussed, but he finally finds the composure to speak up.

"…Beg pardon, Your Majesty. But I've said I don't support this idea in the slightest. I'm firmly opposed to this so-called reform."

…Is he, you ask?

He nods.

And does he think he has the right to decide that for the generations that will come after him?

He blinks, startled.

"Your Majesty?"

The senior guard has a firm case. Castle Valachia is impregnable. The men's training is proper and appropriate. You don't doubt he was both sincere and correct in saying so.

But will it always be so?

All structures must fall. The only thing that is eternal is the grace of God. Even Kingdoms begin and end.

He will likely never live to see it happen, God willing. If you're lucky, you yourself will never see it happen.

But, what about the future? When your son, and his son, and the son after him, sits on his throne. Will the old ways endure against those tests of time and whatever unseen threat may come?

You don't think so. Furthermore, you don't believe King Vlad would think so either.


Invoking King Vlad's name seems to have affected him. He hangs his head just the slightest bit.

"You… you may be right, Your Majesty."

He gives a short cough, but you think you see the faintest trace of wetness around his eyes.

You nod.

It's best to be prepared sooner rather than later. That is why you'll trust him to do the right thing.

…Enact the reform.

He'll take all credit. The weight of his words will motivate all soldiers to willingly cooperate. It's something that can't be done alone.

It's a chance to both remember and honor the past while working for the future.


He's recuperated now. He takes a steely expression and then… nods.

"Aye. –Assuming the newbie is okay with it."

You turn back to Robin.

…Her face is being held rather tight. You can't say too much with the senior guard standing right there, so you choose your words carefully.

You heard her suggestion. You've judged it to have some merit. It matters not how it's implicated, isn't that correct?


She stares straight at you, focused. But it's a desperate sort of stare. You get the feeling she's using all the willpower she has to bottle her emotions inside.

"…Aye, Your Majesty," she says, voice flat. "As long as it's in service to His Majesty's good."

You nod.

In that case, you believe you're done here.

–Somehow you managed it. You were able to preserve the harmony between the old guards with you while still enacting Robin's reform.

You'll have to be cautious. Just because it worked this time doesn't mean it'll work in the future. You're sure there's a limit on how many reforms the senior guard will go along with.

Ah, one last thing, you announce.

You wish to have a talk with your new soldier about the importance of discipline.

You ask the senior guard if he'll grant you privacy with her.


He gives you a judgemental look.

–You are only going to talk with Robin, you emphasize. Only talk.

He recovers and says he'll take his leave, then. You wait for him to take his steps down the passageway and wait for him to use the door.

The time may come you use the armory as a place to have an affair with Robin, but today is not that day.

The moment you hear the door shut, you turn back to Robin.

Her tight face has turned into an anguished one, reflected in the torchlight.

"Why did you do that?!" she asks.

Oh, boy.

You take a deep breath.

You could very well ask her the same question, you say. Did she not know she was making a very public scene of approaching you right in front of the men? And disregarding the words of an older guard, ostensibly a superior, to do it?

"…I did, but I had a good reason!"

She impresses on you that as a soldier, she knows she'll have to keep to a schedule now. Her time is no longer her own.

She has no control over when and how she can see you, let alone talk to you. She can't send a messenger after you. She can't even guarantee she won't be doing something else if you come to the armory.

"If not then, when was I supposed to talk to you?!"

…She has a point. Robin's not stupid. Her action was clearly calculated, but there was genuine need to approach you at that time. You can't deny that.

"Besides, what I proposed is scarcely a reform. It's a common training principle. It's how things should already be done. I was aghast when I heard they weren't even doing that." She nods. "If that's what's to be found on my first day, I'm going to uncover a lot more inadequacies before too long, 'Majesty."

You have to level with Robin.

You put a hand on Robin's shoulder and tell her to calm down for a moment.

She recoils a little, but nods, lips turning in a slight frown.

Does she want to know the secret of your army?

"…" She gives a little nod.

All right. Here it is.

Right now, your army is split into two groups.

First, there's the loyalists. They're young, and have never faced actual combat. They know guard duty and nothing else. They fiercely respect and admire you personally, because you've endeared yourself to them through your actions and rescinded some of King Vlad's unpopular policies. His ban on wine was the biggest one.

Then, there's the old guard.  These are men old enough to have seen King Vlad's unification war, or at least served throughout it. They regard you suspiciously and were much more loyal to King Vlad instead of you. You personally had to knock them down a peg to satisfy your loyalists once already.

The senior guard acts as the bridge to the old guard. He's fought in the unification war, but he regards you well personally. You've been able to use him to keep order.

If you fully went along with Robin's idea right there, you would have completely blown up your relationship with the senior guard. You don't doubt the old guard would feel empowered in slowly subverting your authority either.


Robin makes an exasperated sound.

"If you had made me General, he would've had no choice."

Ah. So that's what she wanted.

"Isn't it obvious?! You made my oath to you all about recognizing my abilities, do you doubt my strategic potential?"

No, you don't.

"Right, then you were implying I'd get to be General!"

… You suppose you were, really. Especially when you handed out positions to her siblings.

You're not going to win a shouting contest with Robin, so you decide to change direction.

Robin's amazing at military strategy. You doubt there's anyone else like her in all of Ruhemania.

But she has to learn more about how to communicate on a personal level. To consider what others think of her.

Being designated as 'general' didn't mean every soldier would unquestioningly follow her orders or accept her authority. They're men, not pieces on a map.

"…I know that much."

You nod.

Then she should recognize, as a fellow comrade, she's never going to be respected by them if she doesn't live like them. Meaning train together, sleep together, be hazed, and everything else.

Furthermore, as much as the loyalists idolize you personally, they're suspicious of the women in your life. Too much favor toward Robin is going to make them suspicious, and if she can't win over either group, then no matter what you personally decide, she'll never be able to be General.


You're getting through to her, you think. Your appeal to her ambition is making in-roads against the damage you've done to her pride.

Anyway, this is the best you can do for her right now, you say.

Let the senior guard take the credit, enact the reform, and catalogue new ones. When the time is right and Robin can show she can really lead, not just strategize, that's when things will fall into place. Her ideas will be her own. But she needs to make them happen.

Robin looks into your eyes, and then nods.

"I understand, Your Majesty."


Inwardly, you reflect on your own words. Sully was in the army before you arrived. Furthermore you've spoken to her personally and she's told you she doesn't really experience any bad treatment for associating with you.

Noi, meanwhile… no one can doubt she'll be an asset in your army. Her size and raw strength speaks for itself. Surely everyone will know you marched up to bed with her moments after meeting, but they'll know she deserves to be there as a fellow soldier.

Scrawny, petite Robin, on the other hand… she'll have to earn their trust. You won't let her be bullied, but you think it probably will be hard.

She's more used to study than exercise, after all.

"Can I make one more request, Your Majesty?"

She tells you that she's been denied space to bring her strategy books to the barracks. She wants her books.

"They're important."

You nod. You'll talk with the senior guard. Either he can have them stored in the armory and allow her time to make use of them, or they can be kept in Tharja's library and perhaps some time for her to study them can be set aside.

You tell her it's for the best she doesn't bring them right into the barracks. They'd be an easy target for someone who wanted to bully her.

She has nothing more to say, so you decide to both leave before someone gets suspicious again of your time with her alone.

At any rate, you did it.

Your Great Compromise worked.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

87352 No.87857

Well, it worked. I'd still consider finding quiet retirement space for the old guard, though. Putting them on the borders so they can work with/train up reserve militia would help them feel important while bolstering defense capability a touch. No landed nobility to manage and guard your kingdom's outer edges, after all…

c8250 No.87875

Very surprised that worked. Not perfect, of course, but glad we were able to thread the needle slightly.

329f3 No.87902

You make haste in leaving the armory with Robin, not doing anything else that could suggest you were alone for some other reason. You let her go back to the barracks alone.

You find the senior guard again and quietly let him know you've straightened out things with Robin. She expected too much from her new role, nothing more. Nevertheless, you're counting on him to implement the reform.

You bring up Robin's books to him, and he sighs, before suggesting they be held in the library. He can quietly assign Robin guard duty in the library itself to give her the chance to read. It'd be too conspicuous to allow her to just walk into the armory itself.

You agree.

Inwardly, you remind yourself to let Tharja know what's happening.

You're running out of sunlight, so you decide to make your way back inside the castle corridors.

Hopefully both women will have a chance to fit in.

And who knows? You may have another woman ready to take her oath before the Faire is done.

You depart the armory, satisfied you crafted a satisfying solution to both sides. At least temporarily.

You'll have to come back and see how progress is going.

In the meantime… it's time you see Tharja.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.87938

You find your way back to Tharja's wing. No one stops you.

Tharja herself is happy to see you, and greets you with a kiss at first sight.

"I missed you at midday, my love."

Oh, that's right. You skipped eating together to hear Beatrice's report.

You apologize.

Once you're inside her room and alone, you bring her up to date on the situation.

The Chrisania siblings are going to stay. All of them.

You've handed out positions and made convoluted plans, including marrying Camilla to Ricardo.


Tharja makes an ambiguous face.

"She's going to be my sister by marriage?"

–Sorta, you guess.

Though her children will be yours and hers. So her babes and yours with Tharja will be siblings in actuality, but cousins in terms of appearances.

…You hope that won't cause problems.

Ricardo's a bastard, but lineage to King Vlad through being a male son may carry more weight than your marriage to his daughter.

You'll ignore that for now. It could easily be revealed that you're the actual father of 'Ricardo's' children.

Besides that, there's a new woman guard joining your army.

Tharja coos at the mention.

"Is she pretty?"


In her own way.

You tell Tharja she's practically a giantess. She's so tall she has to bend under the archways inside the castle. Her feet were too big to properly ascend your stairs to your tower. Her muscles were so large, taut and strong that you felt considerable danger settling between her legs to penetrate her. Tharja will recognize her right away.

You don't doubt she'll have trouble getting armor that fits her, even a helmet.


Tharja looks intrigued.

"You're not exaggerating?" she asks.

No. If anything you're underplaying it. She dwarfs you in height.


She furrows her brow. You think she must be wondering how she's going to get Noi into the tub to shave her pubic hair and 'initiate' her.

…You tell her not to worry. At the very least, not until after the Faire.

You decide not to mention the political maneuvering you had to do with Robin. You don't want to risk hearing Tharja taking her side.

Though talking about the Chrisania siblings reminds you of Beatrice's meeting.

You found her in your tower waiting for you, but she departed the tower with you, in her aristocrat persona… and the guard when you went up told you the tower was empty.

Maybe it's better Robin made that scene, so no one noticed and she slipped away quickly.

You don't want any rumors of a magically appearing mistress.

You'll have to bring it up to Beatrice, perhaps. It's not like her to make that sort of mistake.

Though you had spent the afternoon engaging in unhurried fornication and afterplay. A fault on both of your parts.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

82f7c No.87939

> You found her in your tower waiting for you, but she departed the tower with you, in her aristocrat persona… and the guard when you went up told you the tower was empty.
Well… Fuck.

That could be very difficult to cover up. If the guard blabs to the priest about that and if the priest believes him, we'll be in big trouble. Or worse… if he talks to all other guards and the whole castle believes it. Having Beatrice kill one priest and one guard should they uncover the truth maybe ugly, but necessary. But once too many people believe her to be a witch, there's really very little we can do.
Our best hope is that nobody believes him because of one single incident and that it will never happen again. However… Do we punish him for neglecting his duties and "letting Beatrice through"? Or do we slip him a coin for the nice "surprise" he and Beatrice arranged so thoughtfully by letting us think the tower was empty?

329f3 No.87982

I'll level with everyone: that was an author's mistake that I only caught after I posted the update much later. Beatrice by all means should have departed as a butterfly through the window. It'd be unfair to say "it didn't happen," but it'd also be unfair to careen the story in a crazy direction that imperiled Edward when it didn't directly depend on choices the players made.

I'm not saying nothing will happen, but don't fret too much.

Also, I encourage everyone to make use of the chat thread. It's proper and appropriate to discuss the story, and feedback helps me take into account what people want to read. Please never be dissuaded from doing that. But the thread does also have a reply limit, and moving chat like this when it's not directly connected to a vote to the thread in /c/ would greatly help delay that necessity.

329f3 No.88000

For now…

It's Tharja's turn to try out the lotion from Beatrice.

You're feeling adventurous.

You have Tharja wrap her arms around the back of your neck, put lotion on each others genitals, then take her by the thighs and lift her up.

You brace her against the wall to find some purchase and make sure you don't fall over, before…


…Bringing your hips forward.

Your cock slides right in. Easily.

Tharja makes a good weight to test your muscles as you hold her with her legs spread and press her against the wall.

Before long, you're both moaning together. Stealing kisses where you can, tongues excitedly coming out to lick.

It's hard to keep your heads still, but you manage a few.

It's not long before you both can't take it and you thrust harder, increasing speed until you press Tharja back flat against the wall. Your cock hilted all the way inside her as your patience for holding back your orgasm mutually runs out.

You moan into a sudden strong kiss, lips pressing against each other, tongues intertwining, as you surrender to the pleasure and spurt inside her… filling her up with copious amounts of your seed.

It's almost a shame she's already pregnant, with how much you would otherwise be breeding her.

You lounge around on Tharja's bed afterward. You snuggle close and stroke each other.

Surprising even you, you don't feel that tired. Sex four different ways with four different women, one of which while you carried her. Three of which could result in a pregnancy.

Maybe you needed to show off your strength after being in Noi's embrace.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88038

You're satisfied when you leave Tharja. She is as well, of course.

When you decide you've both bonded enough for the day, you embrace one last time before leaving.

"I hope next time I have a bump to show you, Edward."

She draws your hand to your belly and you rub… but indeed, there's no bump. She's still flat.

It's all right. She's showing other signs of pregnancy. It will come. You'll both have months and months to share together.

Furthermore, you both know your curse is broken through Elizabeth. Even if somehow this isn't a pregnancy after all, you're having sex much too often for it not to happen soon.

–No, she definitely is. You'll both just have to wait. She's disappointed, but accepts your wisdom.

It's with that optimistic thought you depart for your tower. You're not looking forward to climbing the stairs, but at least now you only have to worry about the dark, and not being dragged or crushed to death.

You were hoping to dream of Tharja pregnant, but instead you end up dreaming of Noi. You try to have a spar with her in the courtyard, but you're both naked, and wielding only your bodies as weapons. You eventually lose because she clasps her legs around you and draws you inside her. The other soldiers are cheering while you both copulate in broad daylight.

It's an interesting fantasy, though the danger element made it straddle the line between dream and nightmare.

You're dressed properly and go down your tower to greet the new day and take your breakfast in the sitting room.

Before you pass by the guard appointed, he stops you with a message:

The preparations for the jousting tournament are complete.

It will be held tomorrow. Everyone in the castle is welcome to witness it.


You suppose that's very good. You thank him for the message.

You never did discover who the Emerald Knight was. Beyond that it's not Corrin. And probably not one of his sisters, either. You can't confront the person at the contest either, as you have no real proof. It may not even be him who attempted the bribery, but just someone who wanted the man's name tarnished.

Anyway, you're participating as well. That means you must have fairness.

You can't rule out sabotage. You'll have to get out to the stables to check the equipment.

You'll need to bring Beatrice with you. You'll have to talk to her about her error yesterday and see if it's more feasible for her to come as her noblewoman persona. You could perhaps have her visit the stable under the guise that she wishes to take up riding.

But, you do need her to inspect the equipment. She'll be able to confirm with her magic if nothing has been tampered with.

You'll have less time than usual today. You'll have to think a bit more about what you want to spend time doing.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

87352 No.88054

Hm, yes. Check the equipment for sabotage, and have Beatrice handy as a discreet on-scene medic. History's got some pretty nasty footnotes concerning kings and tournament accidents.

329f3 No.88122

Breakfast is uneventful. Both Beatrice and Tharja are present, as are Elizabeth and Margaret serving and tasting your food.

You're trying to think of a good way to invite Beatrice to talk.

It may be the high pressure of the politics you just maneuvered affecting you, but when it comes to Beatrice who is your ally, you're finding it hard to find a way to say 'come with me,' that isn't suspicious.

At least something more than 'Come with me, my mistress, we must have sex right away.'

In the end, you simply hold out your hand for her after the meal, without a word. She gets the message, and takes it while you lead her out into the corridor, back to your tower.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88170

You can't tell because of the helmets, but you quietly tell the guard that only you and Beatrice will be up in the tower. You barely even hear his report that the maids stopped by.

It's frustrating, but after so many months, you think your legs are accustomed to these stairs. You even know which sections to avoid.

Once alone with Beatrice in your room, you wait for her to cast her silencing spells, and then tell her the news.

Your jousting tournament is starting tomorrow. You need her to check the equipment and see if anything is tampered with.

"Oh~? Is that all?"

She takes a puff on her pipe.

Yes. She should know the stables well enough after sabotaging your carriages.

"Mm. It will be no problem."

She will go in the night to make sure no one sees her. There's no need to take her during the day, she tells you.

"However, King… are you certain it's only defects I should be checking for?" she asks.

What does she mean?

"What I mean is, if I were able to deduce which equipment was meant for you, I may be able to… enhance it, a little."

Making the lance lighter so you can better aim.

Making the armor lighter, yet tougher, so you can better adjust while on Eclipse and not feel so encumbered.

Same with the helmet, and any other equipment they may have.

"It may be the difference you need, King. It's a dangerous effort, is it not?"

Well… you don't really know. You've never jousted before.

You imagine a lance to the throat or eye would hurt. A lot. Possibly kill.

…Beatrice will save you, if you're dying, correct?


Beatrice's lips turn in a frown.

"Consider this, King. If there is a medicus on hand, declaring your wound is too terrible to recover from, and that you will be lame for the rest of your life… it would be a miraculous thing for you to recover, wouldn't it?"

… Oh.

She doesn't need to say anything else. You read between the lines and see what Beatrice is getting at.

Even if Beatrice is around to save you, if you've obviously suffered some wound that 'harms' you, then healing it completely with her magic would possibly reveal magic exists. And therefore, she wouldn't do it.

…Do you have that right?

Beatrice nods.

You can't help but wince at that revelation. Beatrice won't do anything to reveal magic exists. If you're dying out in some obvious way… she may save your life, but who you are in public as King Edward will be 'dead'.

You'd have to hide away for the rest of your life, while everyone thinks you're dead and buried.

Similarly, if you suffer something like a fall that made you unable to walk again, Beatrice would let you be a cripple. Or at least you wouldn't be able to show yourself publicly if she were to heal you.

You sigh.

That's… not ideal, but you can understand her position.

You hope it won't come to that. You will have armor. Furthermore, the tournament is anonymous.

–Well, that's right. If the tournament is anonymous, how will Beatrice tell if something is meant for you?

Beatrice shrugs.

"It may be impossible, but you do have your own special horse, am I wrong, King?"

That's true. You will be riding Eclipse. It may be obvious what you will be wearing and carrying.

"For now, just tell me, King. How far should I go…?"

You take a breath and consider her words.

You're hardly a coward. If you truly feared the tournament, you wouldn't have entered. But you wonder if you should accept Beatrice's enhancement. It may make the tournament even safer for you.

Though your conscience nags at you. Isn't this cheating? Does it make you any better than the Emerald Knight? It did seem to go against your principles of fighting fair and honorably whenever you sparred with your soldiers.

…But you don't have to impress your soldiers. No one will know.

And you will not break your vow to Tharja to stay alive until you live out your mortal lifespan.

You bite your lip as you weigh morality and your sense of 'fair play' with your concerns with your well-being.

In that case…

Choice time:
>No altering.The tournament will be fair. Only check for tampering, nothing else. Make sure every bit of equipment is viable and usable.
>A little altering to protect your life is called for. Have Beatrice perform enhancements on your equipment. Only if she can determine which is yours, of course.
>She should intervene deeper and alter the other equipment as well.  Your life is equal to your country's well-being as well as Tharja's. Make your equipment better, and make the other's equipment weaker. That way, you'll be sure no harm can come to you.

87352 No.88185

Option 2. I hate to cheat, but I KNOW the risks to jousting, and that a tournament accident has affected history more than once, especially when a king was involved. Reinforce the shit out of his armor.

739b6 No.88188

While I know that things could go badly, I trust in our GM should we become injured. Option 1.

a21dd No.88190

ffb1e No.88192

Option 2

0fd72 No.88197

Number 2. If possible, only to the point of increasing your protecting and decreasing risk of injury, and not to enhance your chances of winning. You can still get knocked on your ass.

d985d No.88201

Option one

4152f No.88214

Option 2

e8114 No.88225

Option 1, no cheating

f3592 No.88230

Option 1.

I'm down for some negative consequences if they come to pass at this point. The story has felt "safe" since Vlad's death and I think Edward is a very principled man. Makes sense for the character and a disability or forced feigned death might be an interesting dramatic turn for the story.

30d2c No.88231

Option two, but only to the extent that it protects us from grievous injury. Enchant the armor to protect us, not the lance to make us better.

329f3 No.88236

>5 votes for option one, do not have Beatrice enhance your equipment, only check for tampering.
>5 votes for option two, have Beatrice enhance your equipment to make sure you can better perform and avoid undue danger. (With a note to try to keep it as defensive as possible.)

We have a tie.

I will come back and check the vote later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results. If you have not voted yet, I urge you to do so.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come faster.

329f3 No.88253

I have flipped a coin to decide the result.

>Option 2 have Beatrice enhance your equipment to make sure you can better perform and avoid undue danger. (With a note to try to keep it as defensive as possible.)

Have Beatrice go to the stables, check the equipment for defects, and enhance your own, if possible.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88256

File: 1617627195801.png (539.32 KB, 800x764, Beatrice-pensive.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's a heavy heart you make this decision, but you simply have too much to lose.

Perhaps the day will come you'll take a risk like this and accept whatever may happen, but not when you're in the prime of your life. Not when you have a country to run. Not when you don't even have an heir. You have too much life to live to become maimed or wounded.

You tell Beatrice you'll accept her offer. She has your permission to enhance your equipment as well as check it for tampering. If she can deduce which will be yours to use.

You tell her to try to make it as defensive as possible. The armor being strengthened is much more palatable than a lighter lance.

Beatrice gives no look of approval or disapproval. She simply nods.

"I understand, King. It shall be done… and if it can't be, I'll alert you."

You return her nod.

Perhaps it was cheating, but when you're cheating a true threat to your well-being, it's appropriate.

…Though that does remind you.

Speaking of 'alerting' you, you should alert Beatrice as well. You think you witnessed Beatrice make an error yesterday.

At that, her usual arrogant, challenging tone, comes back.

"Hoh~? At what point did I, the Infinite Golden Witch, commit some mistake, King?"

She grins, daring you to reply.

Well, when she descended the stairs with you as her noblewoman disguise instead of disappearing and leaving the tower as golden butterflies.

Remember? She gave you the sign that she was done with her investigation and then you went to your tower on your own. The guard even told you that no one else was up in the tower. But then Beatrice descended with you, later.

Beatrice blinks, then smacks her lips, as if tasting your correction. Then, she gives a great sigh, moving her hand to her cheek and hanging her head.

"Apologies, King. It's… stress, perhaps. Of so much role-playing among such crowded halls. I will endeavor to be more careful. It would be truly awful for something like that to be noticed."

That's good. Beatrice, Erika, and even the matchmaker to some extent floundered social norms without caring how suspicious or mysterious they looked, but it's good to know they recognize there's a real line.

It's all right, you tell her. You honestly don't think anyone noticed. There was probably a guard change. That, or Robin made such a scene, Beatrice's departure was simply not questioned.

Besides, you share some blame too.

No doubt the session of mind-blowing sex you gave her right before had temporarily dulled her wits.

Beatrice's eyes widen, before she cackles in delight.

"Ahahaha! That you did, King. That you did."

You watch her lean toward you, licking her lips. She gives you a healthy flash of her cleavage.

"In the name of commitment to my disguise as your mistress, perhaps we should have a similar session. For the sake of apology, I'll even confess… I do think I may be ovulating."

She arches her thin eyebrows, in invitation.

…That's all you need to hear.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88310


You take the initiative and advance on Beatrice, starting to undo your clothes, starting with your cape.

So, she's been ovulating all along, and she played coy to entice you. Is that it?

Beatrice licks one of her fingers, touches it to her dress, and it starts to split in half. Her book glows with golden energy as she does it. It's a more fancy way of taking off her clothes from her usual manner of making them simply vanish off of her body. It's rather alluring. It gives you the impression of a ripe fruit ready to be peeled.

"If I was?"

You can't resist the invitation. You place a hand on both of her shoulders and tear the dress off of her. It splits cleanly, giving a satisfying ripping sound as it shreds.

You're treated to the sight of Beatrice's breasts popping out of her tightly bound covering, the flesh emerging violently as you rip the seams.

Beatrice's body is too perfect not to knock up, you say.

With her perfect breasts…

You take one in each hand, stepping close, and groping her. Your hand melding with her skin. She lets out a small noise as you touch.

Perfect body… perfect everything. She's just begging to be bred. Given a big belly and make her beauty truly complete.

Beatrice grins up at you as you have your way with her body, your manhood poking against her thighs.

"Then you'd better take advantage and get me there, shouldn't you, King?"

You bring your face down and kiss her. A hard, hungry kiss of impulsive desire.

You pull back, the heat of Beatrice's lips on yours.

Absolutely, you say.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88350

File: 1617797864472.png (821.65 KB, 1000x750, Beatrice_bliss.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

You push Beatrice back on your bed, with her cackling all the while.

You're tempted to mount her right there, but you need to get some of that lotion.

Beatrice makes a show of teasing you while you wait, kicking out with her feet in eagerness and teasing you with a glimpse of her slit.

It indeed encourages you, and you're so in a rush to get back you simply take a handful of the stuff and smear it on your erect cock. There's enough for you to bring down your hand and massage into Beatrice's exposed pussy as well, making her sigh as the wet glistening liquid covers her entrance.

She's craning her neck up to look over her chest as you work, spurring you on with little urges.

"That's right, make the witch pregnant."

It's too much.

No sooner do you get your penis and her pussy lips to kiss, that you're settling right on top of her and pushing inside her.

You let out mutual grunts of satisfaction as you fill her tight pussy up nicely, until your hips are crushed between her legs.


You stare at each other as instinct starts to take over. Beatrice spreads her legs for you, and you start to thrust.

Soon you're positioned well enough you can embed yourself nearly to the hilt as you go at it.

Beatrice only encourages you, her legs subtly wrapped around the back of your thighs. Her hands holding purchase on the sheets and her book.

Her breasts jiggle pleasantly as you drive your cock into her, the front of your crotch striking her cushiony ass each time.

It's a lot harder to control yourself when there's no resistance, no friction.

Your strong arms reach out and settle on each side of her, trapping her in a cage of flesh as you flex and thrust. Your body exerting itself and sweating from the workout.

Beatrice does her best to roll back against you and meet your thrusts.

But it's almost unnecessary.

She's feeling intense pleasure with every thrust you give her, and it's returned on you. With how she squeezes you. With how she moans.

You're both fall into a spell of pure babymaking.

There's no need to hold back.

You grit your teeth, thrust out your chin, and pound Beatrice into the mattress.

Your balls swing freely, hitting against her ass and yours from the force. But you're too engrossed in pleasure to care.

You can feel yourself throbbing, contorting, and then…


"Aaaaaah! Aah!"

You both shout out mutual peals of ecstasy as you celebrate your copulation. Beatrice's folds clamping down on your member like a tight vise. Wringing your cock to let out more of your seed and draw it deep inside.

You're positively shaking from your orgasm, but also from your precarious position. You'd gone on full tiptoes and arched your back in the bliss of cumming inside her.

And then… you collapse.

Beatrice lets out a gasp as your body falls atop her, though you hold up enough with your arms to keep your weight from truly falling on her.

You both tremble from the aftershocks of sex, panting.

You raise your eyes to look at her and they meet hers before you exchange an impulsive, heady kiss.

You settle down on top of her as you, still fully sheathed, feel the last of the semen inside your balls emptying right into Beatrice's fertile valley.

You separate from Beatrice and catch your breath again after your kiss.

She confided she's ovulating, and this should hit her window.

With this you can say you knocked up Beatrice one and for all. Or so you hope.

The thought of seeing Beatrice announcing she's feeling her body change, of experiencing morning sickness and revealing a little bump as the first steps on the journey through her pregnancy… it makes the edges of your lips turn in a proud grin.

Soon. Very soon.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88383

You spend less time on afterplay today than you did yesterday. Some light fondling, and Beatrice and you sharing mutual affirmations of just how… intense that session was.

But, then, Beatrice moves to stand up.

"It's better for us both if we're seen a bit more, King."

Hm. Yes. You decide you do have things to do. Checking on the status of your soldiers being the most important one.

Before Beatrice goes, you request more lotion, which she happily fulfills, filling your containers for you to store by your bed and carry.

You decide also to ask for a smattering of gold coins from her. You could use them if you go by the Faire. Not a lot, just enough to purchase something small or perhaps tip a few performers.

You ask, it's so perfect even Ricardo wouldn't notice? When you took coins to him earlier, he had some method of devising if they were genuine or fake.

"That won't be a problem, King. They exist until I choose to have them no longer exist. And I am the Infinite Golden Witch."

You nod. Of course you expected that from Beatrice.

Beatrice meanwhile puts herself in her noblewoman persona again, but carefully messes up her dress and hair to make it appear as though you had just been lying together.

Well, it's true, of course.

You thank her for her work, and you proceed down the stairs together.

You separate and you go to the training grounds.

You don't see sparring and practice as usual, you see soldiers standing in a line being looked over, by both the senior guard and Robin.

You approach, but the men are quiet. It seems being singled out and made to stand still has made them self-conscious about greeting you too fondly.

Noi stands out, of course. She's not wearing a helmet and you see her grin at you. Unfortunately you can't do more that give her a subtle little smile.

You have to pay attention to the senior guard as he salutes you, which you return.

You give Robin a glance, but make it clear you're only addressing the senior guard.

How go the reforms?

He says he's choosing what roles to assign the men, and having Robin record it. You note now she has a piece of charcoal, parchment, and something flat to write.

He whispers that really, she's making the decision on where to assign them, while he's merely playing along.

"Actually, may I ask we discuss more in the armory itself, Your Majesty?"

You nod. By all means, you tell him.

You shut the door of the armory behind you. You guess this is some misgiving about Robin.

Is there some problem with the reform being carried out, you ask?

He sighs and tells you there isn't, but he still has reservations and misgivings about the entire affair.

"How do you tell a man, who's been serving for decades and training for fighting just as long, that all this time, he's been doing it wrong?" he asks in a mix of exasperation and rhetoric. "It's a hard medicine to take, and to give."

You nod, sympathetic. You can understand his point of view, but this is truly for the best. Having the soldiers given defined roles will help in the long run.

"That's the other half of the issue, Your Majesty."

He explains that Robin wants to create a special category of soldier.

There will be swordsmen, archers, pikemen, perhaps even cavalry, when the tournament is over and they can see who rides best…

But Robin wants to create a special squad.

"She calls them 'shock troops.' I call it 'suicide squad'."

A group of the biggest, strongest, most fearsome soldiers. Ones who will stand out on the battlefield. They will lead the charge, 'shocking' the morale of the opponent, and inflicting heavy casualties in hopes of breaking formations immediately. Robin explained this to him.


"They'll be completely exposed and most likely to die, first. It's a waste of good men. Especially men who are naturally big and should be used more as a last resort."


Who does this include, you ask?

He tells you for now it'll be a grouping of soldiers both aged and young.

And it definitely includes Noi.

"Well, Your Majesty? I can't help but recall some newbie's words about 'bad habits being harder to unlearn.' If you want to put a stop to it, now's the time."

… The senior guard has a point, but Robin isn't here to argue her side more than she explained to him. More than that, you're concerned about Noi.

Of course Noi would be put in such a group. It made too much sense with her gigantic, imposing figure.

Though you suspect the senior guard is attempting some subtle manipulation of your feelings. There's no doubt he knows about Noi. The entire barracks must know about Noi. Hell, they may even have asked Noi herself about it.

It's not weakening either faction in your army, but it could put Noi in danger.

As for Robin's approach to tactics… it's again a question of if you value her idea or would rather trust the senior guard's instinct.

… Though.

You're sure you can just move Noi out of the 'shock troops' if she's pregnant. The idea of her running into battle with a sword befitting her stature, screaming, as she carries a big belly along with her, is… intriguing, in a certain way, but the reality wouldn't be something you'd want to witness.

Besides, how close are you to the brink of war? Not very.

You nod, then tell the senior guard what you think.

Choice time:
>Robin has an idea of sound tactical value. Let her have her 'shock troops'.
>The senior guard is right, this is a bit too risky. Prevent Robin from designating any soldiers as good candidates for 'shock troops' and instead have them sorted into other roles.
>You won't be manipulated. Confront the senior guard that you know what he's doing and you don't appreciate it. Bring Robin in to give you a proper argument for her side. Then you'll make a decision.

e668d No.88386


Option 3, best to hear both sides of the story before making a decision.

f7e58 No.88399

Option 3 is the smart move here, but it has to be done such that it doesn't look like we're calling him out to the rest of the troops. Maybe walk to the door and call for the list so far?

12f84 No.88416

Option 2. While I can see the value of shock troops, I also tend to see the issue of higher casualty rates. Plus, I'd rather use a more black ops approach to special forces. Infiltration and sabotage can do far worse to morale than a group of big, scary targets.

Plus, we need to remind Robin that she still has to serve her time as a soldier. Singling her out for an opinion again might send the wrong message, and her judgement's never been tested in life-and-death scenarios before. Playing war with real soldiers isn't something to do lightly.

f35e5 No.88423

Option 2.

We just had a conversation about Robin acting outside of her station. She did not initially mention shock troops. It wasn't part of the original bargain.

She'll eventually earn her keep and become a respected military official, if not a general in her own time. And when that happens, she may have her shock troop squads.

Or perhaps we revisit the idea if our diplomatic situation deteriorates. But for now, it's probably more important for the senior guard to not feel like he's being sidelined. Because he isn't.


f35e5 No.88424

I would also like to stipulate that if we do Option 2, we call him out on being manipulative anyway. It's fine to think he has a place at the table. It is not fine for him to think he can strong-arm us.

00fd1 No.88426

I'm going to go with Option 2. While imposing, shock troops do not feel like sound strategy. Edward can possibly discuss this with Robin at a later date, but now wouldn't be a good time for it.

Maybe Robin can still make the list of shock troop candidates in the meantime (in case of emergency or something), but for now it would go unused.

739b6 No.88428

…Something you just said is sticking out to me. 'She did not initially mention shock troops'. Would she actually try to bring up other reforms when we just had a conversation with her about this? I would like to think that the senior guard isn't lying to us, but the possibility is there…

Option 3. Let's hear the other side of this. Though we can use soft words to confront the guard.

1d99c No.88431

Option 2. With the added note of telling the senior guard that we know he’s trying to toy with our emotions and that we don’t appreciate it

329f3 No.88440

Please continue to vote. The poll is not closed.

The vote is close, I'll close it tomorrow to give it a little more time.

By my count, the vote is currently:

>4 votes for option two, agree with the senior guard and nix the idea of 'shock troops'.

>3 votes for option three, confront the senior guard about his manipulation of your feelings and bring Robin in to hear her argument.

Again, if you have not voted, please use your one vote. The poll is not closed yet.

df8b2 No.88441

option 2

0fd72 No.88443

Option 3

cc684 No.88463

Option 2

329f3 No.88466

>6 votes for option two, eliminate the concept of 'shock troops'.
>4 votes for option three, take the subtle manipulation as an affront and call Robin in to hear her side.

Agree with the senior guard that shock troops are unnecessary.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88476

It does feel like a step too far. And dangerously close to Robin trying to sneak more of her ideas in while ignoring your lesson from yesterday.

You tell the senior guard that, in this case, you agree with him. It's better to value the men and avoid unnecessary casualties. No shock troops. He can quietly direct Robin to stop earmarking men for that use and assign them to other roles.

He gives a firm nod. He seems glad he's won this stage of the metaphorical 'tug-of-war' between maintaining his authority and implementing Robin's ideas.

But, you don't care about that. You only care that he had a fair point. You know these men, and you're hesitant to give them roles where they are almost certain to die. Even hypothetically.

At any rate, you'll thank the senior guard to see the rest of Robin's reform, the one you both discussed, becoming the standard.

"…Aye, that it'll be, Your Majesty."

You give him another nod, and go ahead and clap him on the shoulder.

You pull up until you're side by side with him, then you whisper, quietly.

You know what he was doing in mentioning Noi by name. You know he knows about your 'special' relations with the formerly female guards. You tell him not to ever use their well-being as a way to motivate you to one side or another, ever again.

You're glad he values the soldier's lives. Their lives aren't bargaining chips in negotiations either.


You don't hear him react, but you're willing to let it hang there.

You say in your usual tone of voice that you'll trust him to explain it to Robin. You have a bit more business to take care of.

"Aye. Fare well, Your Majesty."

You depart the armory, leaving the senior guard to handle the rest.

The guards are occupied, precluding a spar, but that's all right.

You take a deep breath and look around.

You can think of a few things you can do.

Noi is standing right there. You wonder… maybe you can just openly take her back to your room again.

You doubt they'll have problems sorting her somewhere. She just joined the army after all. You could make up something about a personal inspection about armor sizes or something.

It'd be nice to better ensure she's pregnant.

Besides that…

You could go and visit the priest. Let him know that Camilla and Ricardo are now married, as far as you're concerned. You'll thank him to recognize it and create any paperwork to register it with the Church.

But that's hardly a pressing issue. You could tell him later, or even at the service or the aristocrat gathering. It's not like you'll ask him to perform a ceremony.

Other than that…

You could always go back to the Faire. You took some coin from Beatrice and it's burning a hole in your pocket.

It might be a time to check out the merchants again, or find 'Princess Alena.' You've yet to follow up with her.

Those are the main things you can think of. You'll have time to do one of them before you take your midday meal.

The question was, which one?

Choice time:
>You feel like being brazen, seductive, taking Noi in your arms, and impregnating her. Take her to the tower.
>Better sooner than later. Find the priest and officially have Camilla and Ricardo married. If he needs to talk to them too, that's fine.
>Strike while there's still daylight. Go out to the Faire.

e668d No.88477


Option one, gonna make sure Noi’s pregnancy is in the bag.

00fd1 No.88485

Option 3. Edward has already caused enough of a ruckus with Noi and Robin, best to not push his luck any further. Besides, might be good for him to go out and get some fresh air. Seems like the only places he's been lately are his tower and the barracks.

dab5d No.88486

Option 3

2a8e8 No.88500

Option 2.

Camilla is ambitious. We have her on our track now, but I'd prefer not to give her time to wriggle. When we get her tied to Ricardo, it'll be harder for her to pivot her newfound position in the court.

f7e58 No.88504


I'm on the fence about this one, tbh….. Option 3 is where my gut went, but Murble has a very good point as well……

329f3 No.88524

Is this an actual vote, or just discussion about the vote? Please be clear with your votes, everyone.

At any rate, this seems to need more time. I'll give it another day.

8cf80 No.88527

Option 3

b602e No.88536

Option two

739b6 No.88544

Option 3, I say. The faire won't last forever.

82552 No.88550

Option 3

87352 No.88566

Option 2. Business needs to come first, I think… though I'll be far more comfortabe when the new priest arrives…

f7e58 No.88572

Yeah, sorry, I thought I'd added an Option 3 on the end but I hadn't. Yes, that is a vote for option three.

329f3 No.88584

>1 vote for option one, take Noi and ensure she's pregnant.
>3 votes for option two, visit the priest and tell him Camilla and Ricardo are wed.
>6 votes for option three, go to the Faire.

Go to the Faire.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88595

You mustn't overthink things.

Noi is a priority, but you can wait until the barracks is less busy and you don't literally take her by the hand and march off the field with her.

You'll never be able to hide her, but at least during some downtime or otherwise slow activity will lessen the audacity of taking her away.

Informing the priest is something that can wait as well.

That leaves your Faire itself.

Mustn't overthink. There's plenty of festival left to partake.

You leave the armory behind, giving a parting glance to Noi.

You're without an armed guard, but it's your Faire and your castle. Everyone recognizes you're the King and is giving you a bit of a berth.

That's fine enough. You're only sad you can't sample any food. There's some lovely smells coming from parts of the Faire. It seems there's always someone roasting something.

For now…

It's better to focus on one.

Which part of the Faire should you focus on?

Choice time:
>The merchants. You have more gold now, and you want to spend it.
>The revelers. You want more entertainment and you have gold again to tip them properly to show your favor.

f7e58 No.88599


Let's go see if there are any other interesting merchants. Option 1.

e668d No.88600


Option 1. I suppose we need to see more on the business aspect of the Faire. Could be profitable.

f35e5 No.88601

Option 1.

739b6 No.88613

I'll agree with Option 1.

cc684 No.88617

Option 2, fun is fun

87352 No.88619

Option 2. Shopping gets boring after a while.

329f3 No.88622

>4 votes for option one, browse the merchants' wares.
>2 votes for option two, take in some revelry.

Visit the merchants with your gold.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88623

File: 1618312523394.jpeg (318.79 KB, 500x699, mysterious_vendor.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Gold demands to be exchanged for something tangible.

You decide to pay one last visit to the merchants.

As far as you know, there's something good waiting for you there.

You look around, but…

The carts selling more masculine fare you've already glanced through.

The others are offering things women would be interested in. Handicraft, jewelry, and other things.

…Well, maybe you can take a look. You might find something Tharja, Beatrice, or someone else may appreciate.

There's nothing really you would call more than 'trinkets'. You suspect the aristocrats who would be interested in such things have already purchased the best to be offered. It would make sense their stock was depleted. You've spent a few days taking care of other things and missed the hustle and bustle of the early Faire, where everyone's stocks would be full.

You're about to give up when you hear an interesting voice.

"Milk for sale~"


You turn around, looking up and down.

"Milk for sale~"

It calls out again… then you see it. There's a little cart set up.

You didn't notice it at first because it's completely blocked off. An awning covers the top. It's impossible to see what's inside it from the sides. You had it mistaken for a cart someone must be living in, not meant to be selling goods from.

You'd almost guess the person selling things wouldn't want anyone to come buy from them.

Your curiosity is piqued, so you approach.

Sure enough, there's no one around the cart. It feels as if it's intentionally being avoided.

Finally you reach a point you can look under the awning at the person on the other side and you blink your eyes in surprise.

It's certainly a woman. Despite the summer heat, she's clad head to toe in dark clothes. Almost like a robe without a cinch. It covers even her arms in long sleeves.

Her hair is unkempt and a little wild. It grows long and untamed except for a bit of a ribbon at the top. Even then, it doesn't do much to actually hold her hair and seems more an accessory for fashion. It's dark, matching her clothes.

There's several wooden bottles set in front of her on the counter of the cart. They're covered by little wooden lids.

Her face lightens up seeing you. Not exactly in a friendly way, but in a fascinated way, as if she doesn't know what to make of you stepping in front of her.

You stare in silence at each other for a second.

… She's not terrible looking. You actually can't help but feel some deja vu with Tharja and how she prefers dark places.

Certainly the shadow of the awning is obscuring most of her form, though you can see she's rather… endowed. You can make out the shape of ample breasts.

"Hehehehehe. Good sir, would you buy a cup of milk?"

Her laugh is a bit unnerving, Like something made from nervousness rather than mirth or merriment.

You're ready to say 'no thank you' on account of not being able to drink without Margaret's tasting. But, then it occurs to you that you can simply take it back to her and let her drink first. It's in a portable container, isn't it?

Without saying anything, you reach for the lid of one of the cups, then pause, to look at the merchant for her permission.

"Go right ahead… hehehe."

You lift it, and there is indeed milk inside. Or… some sort of liquid.

You place the lid back on top and ask how much she wants.

She names a ludicrously low amount. Lower than you would give a beggar merely for begging.

You had guessed that it was the cups being sold and the pretense of 'milk' was just to draw hungry people, but when she asks for so little…

You admit, you're not well versed in how much coin buys what. You're an aristocrat and King. If you need something, you tell someone to bring it to you. Ricardo explains the treasury to you in terms of how much of it is left after you spend it on something rather than actual amounts.

But even you can tell she's asking for very little. A pittance. Surely it wouldn't be worth that much to travel to the Faire? Unless she were selling a lot of it.

Rather than your hands or pockets, she's staring at your face.

It's not just that she reminds you of Tharja, she reminds you of your impression of Tharja before you knew she was a witch. Or perhaps even before that.


Her stuttered laughter brings your own and you can't help but laugh as she stares with a tight grin on her face. If you've offended her, she doesn't show it.

She's still waiting for your reply.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Buy a container of milk.
>Buy five containers.
>Actually, maybe you will leave this woman and see about the revelers. Try not to step too fast as you go.

d8a72 No.88624

Option 2. Technically we arent even spending our money, correct? Its Beatrice's created money

329f3 No.88625

It is indeed Beatrice's witchcraft created money that Edward is holding and has the opportunity to use.

Please continue to vote.

e668d No.88627


Option two, it's a bargain.

f35e5 No.88634

Option 2. Why not?

Been looking for something exotic and potentially magical at this Faire the whole time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

f323d No.88636

Option 2

0fd72 No.88638

Spidey sense tingling. Smile politely and back away. Option 3.

f7e58 No.88643

Option 2, with a caveat of taking care not to allow even skin contact until Beatrice has given a THOROUGH thrice over.

329f3 No.88644

>5 votes for option two, buy five containers of milk.
>1 vote for option three, slowly back away.

Buy five containers of milk.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88647

File: 1618369047124.jpeg (258.68 KB, 714x1200, vendor_surprise.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well at that price, you'll take five, you tell her.

You're happy to give her business.

At that, the mysterious woman… laughs.

"Hehehehehe… one's plenty."

…Oh. Really?

"Yeee~ss. Hehehe. But when you drink the first cup, bring it back, and I'll gladly fill it again. And again. And again. As often as you like."

Well, that's… kind.

… Wait a minute.

What's going on here?

You glance past the woman at the rest of the cart.

It occurs to you she has no animals around her. It's only her behind the cart. There's no one else, or any animals, behind the cart.

Is it possible she has a barrel full of milk from somewhere? –No. You doubt a woman like her could lift any size of barrel. And, without anyone to help her, there would therefore be no barrel or other container to draw from. Not to mention it wouldn't last long in summer heat.

The milk has to come from somewhere.

You decide to ask her.

…Where is this milk coming from?

What kind of animal did she take it from?

The woman gives you a wide grin.

"Hehehehe. Good question, sir."

She kneels down, takes hold of the hem of her long dress, then lifts it up.

And up, and up, and up.

She reveals her pale thighs, pussy with full bush, and…

… Oh God.

The woman has a full term pregnant belly.

Furthermore, her breasts are big, and swollen with milk. Nipples large, protruding.

…She's pregnant. Hugely pregnant.

The milk is hers. From her body. Likely fresh.

You can't help yourself from openly staring as the woman flashes you. Your eyes are wide as saucers and your cock is firming up faster than you thought possible.

It's been… so long. So long since you genuinely saw a big pregnant belly. Your maid was the last full-term one, in Virilia. Then there was the Matchmaker and Elizabeth with their tiny bumps, and the time Beatrice gave you a… 'sort-of' bump to fondle, with your eyes closed.

You can't help but be beyond aroused at the sight of it. The popped belly button, the dark linea nigra, the way it hangs on her curvy frame with her beautiful hips and fat thighs…

Then, the sight is taken away as she rolls her dress back down.

It's easier to see how the dress frames her bump, now. You hadn't noticed before because it was dark and you were looking out from the light and your eyes couldn't adjust.

"Hehehe. Does it bother you, sir? But this way, there's no end to the milk I have to offer."


Choice time:
>You'll happily drink her milk. (Lactation kink enabled.)
>You don't want her milk. Other things, though, maybe…

Note: This is purely to establish if the audience wants to embrace a lactation/drinking breast milk kink in the story. Not for Edward to drink right away. There will be further choices on how to interact with her after this, if at all.

cc684 No.88650

Option one

eea3e No.88652

Option 1, so long as its straight from the tap!

e668d No.88653


I really felt Edward back there, it truly has been a while since we’ve encountered a fully pregnant character and now we temporarily have one here for the duration of the Faire.

Yessss, option 1. Let’s not miss this chance.

6c283 No.88654

Option 1.

87352 No.88655

Option 1. Now.

ed2aa No.88656

Option 1. I’m surprised we didn’t touch upon lactation sooner

4fa0c No.88657

Option one! Drink up.

329f3 No.88659

It just didn't occur to me, really. I was focused more on getting the story established and writing the first sex scene. That said, I'm glad to approach it now.

It's unanimous and no one has reservations about it, so I'll close the vote and proceed with the story.

>7 votes for option one, you'll happily drink up the woman's milk.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88661

File: 1618393870238.png (924.23 KB, 800x1300, vendor_invite.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's… nothing you've ever done.

You may have thought it was only for babes. That the milk would be premature if it came before the birth. You certainly would never have squeezed a woman's sensitive breast just to test it out.

But when she's offering it to you and has shown you…

You give a glance at the cups.

You can't be sure they're not poisoned. You didn't see the milk come forth from her breasts. You can't be sure they contain milk and not something else. Or that some poison was added to the rim of the cup, at least.

Even so, there's perhaps a safer method. One you think you can justify not showing Margaret. It takes you a mere second to conjure it up.

You tell the mysterious woman you would love to sample her milk. Right here, in fact.

But… not with the cup. It's unfair to just take a cup with you, isn't it?

The woman stares at you with the same fascinated look in her eyes and grin on her face.


Her grin stretches and she takes a breath.

"You need only come back here with me, Sir. Come around the back of the cart… yes… enter right through the flap."

You take a glance around.

No one's focused on her cart, but there are women around. Not to mention other vendors. You're not exactly inconspicuous, and it'll cause rumors among women…

But, whatever.

You want to touch her belly. You want to drink her milk.

Hopefully penetrate her or otherwise satisfy yourself before you're done.

You give a nod, and move around from the front to the back of the cart, as if something were chasing you.

Something is, in a way: your desire to appreciate a woman in the full height of pregnancy.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88685

File: 1618487510878.jpg (139.43 KB, 850x1172, vendor_undress.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

There's indeed only a dark curtain over the black of her cart, split in half. It makes entering easy, but maybe not concealment.

It's fine. It's not like you ever let that stop you before.

You push it aside and enter.

The back of this cart is… weird.

There's sigils drawn on walls, on the ground, and little objects all around. Various plant life can be seen, and smelled.

You wonder what this woman's eating to keep herself so fat and well-fed, but you don't have much time to think about it.

She steps into the little room you're in from her side of the cart, another blanket separating you.

"Hehehe… Do you like darkness, Sir?"

The similarities to Tharja really are coming home.

You nod and make some attempt at romance. There's many beautiful things that only appear in the dark. For example…

You hold out a hand to her.

She stares at your offered hand, giggling.

"Hehehe… Sir is very talented with words."

Rather than take your hand, she kneels down again, with some effort with her encumbered form, and takes up the hem of her dress again.

She pulls it up and flashes you again, revealing her breasts and belly.

"The place Sir most wants to touch is… here."

You feel a shiver down your spine.

There's something wrong with this woman, but you don't care.

You immediately move your hands to her belly, rubbing and caressing it.

Her skin is oft under your palm and fingers. Her belly's bump is indeed hard. You weren't fooled by fat or something else. She's truly pregnant.

She sighs happily as you touch her, smacking her lips and relishing the attention.

"Touch, touch, touch, to your heart's content."


You kneel down so you can be on a more level with her belly. One hand feels around the swell.

She must be at least eight months along. Perhaps nine. She hasn't dropped, though.

You tease around the front, stroking the linea nigra and rubbing around to her belly button. You gently stroke the protruding bit of skin.

"Hehehehe… so intimate…"

She murmurs more words as you continue. Your hands warm as you fondle. You trace underneath the belly to where it meets her crotch and take in the spot where the belly ends and her pelvic region begins.

Your hands stroke her hips. She's truly curvy. It'd be wrong to compare her to Camilla because this woman is already pregnant, but you can't deny her hips.

You trace your hands back up until you reach her breasts, and how they lay on top of her belly fat and engorged. You take care to be soft to a pregnant woman's sensitive breasts, stroking around the aerola and seeing how they've become bumpy and wide… daring to touch her nipple.

You're not sure if it's milk or sweat but it does feel damp. Or perhaps it's your fingers.

The woman is huffing under all your attention. She's getting turned on by your fondling easily.

"Haaaah… would you like to drink my milk while you touch, Sir?"

… Almost.

You lean forward and kiss her belly. Once, twice, several times.


That's when it happens.

The babe, apparently stirred, begins to kick. Her belly rumbling against you.

She's looking down at you playing with her, watching you marvel at it.

It's an impressive display, the woman puts a hand on the side of her bump and rubs herself, tenderly.

"Hehehe… somehow I knew…"

Mm… knew what, you ask?

Your attention is still on her bump, but you ask, voice light.

She gets silent, and eventually you stop rubbing long enough to look up at her.

It's dark, but there's enough light to see her grin.

"You're a maiesiophile."

… Hm?

"You love pregnant women. You met me. It was destiny," she asserts, voice in the same tone she's been talking with all along.

–Maybe you should be scared by the declaration, but from where you're kneeling, it feels fine.

You won't deny any of that, even if you're not sure you believe in destiny.

Her hand that was stroking her belly now strokes your head, and you allow it. Her hands are soft, and feel cool compared to yours.

"Hehehe… come this way."

That hand is taken away and you hear a rustle of clothing as she fully lifts her dress over her head, throwing it to the side on the dirt.

You're given a glimpse of her generous ass while she waddles two feet, with a wince, to lead you to two upturned buckets.

"Sit, sit with me."

She turns and sets her rump down on one of them, leaving you to take the other.

Ah… this'll make it a little easier, you think.

Much better than standing and latching your mouth to her nipple.

Still entranced and wanting to be closer to this pregnant goddess, you step closer and sit with her.

This may be the most intense experience you have at the Faire yet. You want to make it last.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e668d No.88688

It would be wishful thinking if she would stay here until she has her baby, but maan, thank you for the show so far, Aristo.

f35e5 No.88690


Yep. This is exactly what I've been waiting five years to get to. You absolutely delivered.

329f3 No.88714

You sit side by side with the pregnant woman.

You're not sure how you're going to orchestrate this.  It might be awkward.

"Hehehe… turn this way, Sir. Rest your head on my belly."


You gladly turn your back to her, letting her settle her body and direct you.

"Hehehe… lie back."

You slow, gently, recline your body back.

Your neck and the back of your head comes to rest on the top of her belly. You can feel it squirm underneath the pressure of your head.

Moreover, the strange woman has her left breast raised with her hands.

"Here you are, sir… hehehe."

She's still giggling. You wonder if she's truly amused. It's sort of relaxing when you get used to it. She really doesn't hold back.

Her body is soft, but her belly is warm and hard. Even with it out for you to lie on, you don't put your full weight on it.

But, your reservations end when the woman angles her breast right to your face, letting it drop down and cover your face.

Your mouth finds her nipple, and you gently wrap your lips around it.

You're not sure what to do, so you pucker your lips and see if anything will happen.


You feel the woman sigh and relax, and then… milk starts to come.

It's… hm. Not so sweet. There's more salt flavor than otherwise.

…But that's okay. You drink just the same.

"Hah… hah…"

The woman is breathing hard. She must really like that you're drinking like this. Well, it makes sense that a woman selling her milk would enjoy being milked.

She has one hand on her breast, massaging it, and perhaps helping more milk enter your mouth. Her other hand…


She's reached her hand down and is stroking your erection through your leggings.

…You decide to help her out.

You take your hands, free and unoccupied, and use them to pull your lower clothes down enough to release your manhood.

Your tortured, engorged cock, rigid and erect from meeting such a heavily pregnant woman is aching for stimulation.

All considered, you'd rather come inside her, but… you can be satisfied with this.

Her hand grips and grops your cock, with as much curiosity and tenderness you lavished on her belly.

Meanwhile, you've reached a rhythm where you can truly nurse from her. Your lips sucking as you swallow, and swallow, and swallow.

You even dare to reach out with your tongue to run along the woman's nipple, making the woman shudder.

The woman's fingers have found a soft grip around your cock, giving a few experiment tugs. The feeling of her fingers and palm around your manhood is divine.

It takes but a second before your nursing and the woman's pumping begin to fall in sync.

You take from her, she takes from you.

You're both getting something from it. Giving and receiving is in balance.

It's an interesting experience. You're not setting the pace. She simply moves her hands in her rhythm and you must submit. Moreover, it's easier for her to control it than if a woman were on top and riding you.

It means you can do little more than squirm and rock your hips while she strokes you, giving you more and more pleasure.

Your stomach is becoming full and your tongue is burning with salt, but you keep drinking. You feel like a child that hasn't learned to pace his appetite.

Your tortured member, meanwhile… similar.


You clench your muscles and draw out a long suck of milk from the woman as you come.

Your seed jumps up, covering the strange woman's hand.

She makes soothing little sounds.

"There, there… let it out… hehehe."

The words coax you to arch your back and your balls tighten to release another stream of cum from you, until you're fully spent.


After that, you stop drinking. You lie back on her belly, feeling truly relaxed.

Milk fills your belly and runs down the side of your mouth to your chin. You arch your neck against the woman's belly and rub the nape of your neck against the hard bulge.

Her generous, fleshy boob presses against your cheek, and you feel truly surrounded by pleasure.


You're vaguely aware of the woman finally ceasing her hand movements. Of her bringing her hand to the front of her face and staring at the seed staining it.

"Very good… hehehehe."

Is she going to save it, you ask?

The similarities to Tharja have built up so much, you may as well see if this woman has the same aims as her as well.

You watch her grinning face turn down toward you, and she pats and strokes your head.

"Yeeeees. Hehehe. …I need your sperm for my spells."

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

e668d No.88716

> "I need your sperm for my spells."

Oh shoot

bae7d No.88719

>It's… hm. Not so sweet. There's more salt flavor than otherwise

Interesting. Salty breast milk only occurs under certain conditions, and not all of them good. Curious to see where this one goes…

5176b No.88727

That crazed look in picture reminded me of Erika, but I didn't think further about that… On the other hand Erika cannot be that far along. The furthest is Patchouli and she wouldn't make sense here.

Also there is no suspicious book mentioned (like Robin). My guess is that the milk vendor isn't a witch, she's delusional. Maybe bad for her if the church believes her enough to kill her, maybe good for us if the church doesn't believe her. That'll give Tharja and Beatrice plausible deniability.

329f3 No.88742

File: 1618607216213.png (2.66 MB, 2894x4093, Witch_Mania.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


The word shakes your foundation upside down and you feel truly vulnerable in the strange woman's cart.

You blink up at her in a bit of fear and panic.

She turns her head and strokes your head with her free hand.

"Hehehe… does that bother you?"

…You decide to shake your head no.

"Oh? I'm surprised, Sir. Hehehehe."

…You start thinking of possibilities. The sigils certainly reek of witchcraft. Her being a witch would explain how she keeps herself fed. Does it explain why she's pregnant? –Perhaps she knew about you already. Perhaps this was a set up specifically for you.

–Wait, did that make sense? Even the matchmaker wouldn't be this far along.

Though Erika's comment of a curse taking years to prepare makes you think the matchmaker was aware of you long before that.

Wait, was this Erika herself?? Had she changed her shape to this strange woman to get close to you?

…No, that made no sense. If Erika wanted to infiltrate your Faire for some specific reason, she'd just do it. If she wanted to seduce you with a form that had a bump, she would just show up in your tower. You know that through how she actually seduced you. Sitting in a dark stall and waiting to allure you in case she 'might' see you seems… a bit too passive for Erika.

Erika would rather just destroy an orchard of apple trees and call it a day. Erika would rather just use magic to cause your testicles to fall off instead of cursing you with sterility.

You're confident it's not Erika. Not to mention if it were Erika, then Erika simulates a pregnant bump very well. Amazingly well.

…What is her name, you ask?

That's the most direct way to say it. You can compare it to the names of witches you already know.

"My name?"

She looks almost puzzled. It's the first time she's lost her grin.

"Most simply call me witch, or hag."

… What.

You stare up at her. Then, you recall Erika confirmed all of the other known witches in Ruhemania are dead.

Was this some other 'Child of Maria' who became a witch through her own study?

She doesn't look like it. She looks like a peasant. How would she have read the book to understand the ritual?

In fact, you haven't seen a book at all here. It's dark, but there's nothing in the cart that has put you in mind of a book. You haven't seen a suitable hiding spot, either.

…And she can't be hiding it on her person because she's nude. You're reasonably sure you would have noticed it on her dress.

What is going on here?

"Ah, yes." She says, as if remembering something. "My name is Mania. But, witch or hag is just as good. Hehehe."

She pats your head.

"Pardon, good sir, I must use this… hehehe." She flexes her fingers covered in your semen.

You go ahead and lean up. You're feeling more than a little dizzy, from the revelation and holding yourself horizontal. You go ahead and wipe the remaining milk off your chin as she rocks herself to her feet.

"Let's see…"

She walks over to a wooden little pot. It's bigger than the lidded cups on the counter. Moreover, it's full of dirt. Why is she keeping a pot of dirt?

Then you watch as she gently bends over, picks it up, and begins to rub your seed into the soil.

"Grow, grow…" she whispers. "Let this sir's essence stir the Earth and give rise to new life…"

Hearing her talk is distracting you from the fine view of her ass. It almost made you miss how she bent over at the waist and you could see her belly through her legs for a brief, sad moment. Beside her intriguing pussy with its thick bush.

If you weren't so distracted, you may have had to fight from laughter. Seed… is not meant to be literally seed.

You finally calm yourself down. The tension is dispelled a bit.

Is that what she wanted for the spell, you ask?

"It is destiny," she echoes, not turning around to face you. "Destiny sent sir here. Sir is a maiesiophile. Sir freely gives his seed in fair exchange for my body and milk. It's natural the seed should bear fruit."

She sounds very convinced, so you decide not to press it further.

Her confession does bring two questions to mind.

One, how did this woman survive King Vlad's extermination campaign? She's made no attempt at stealth, especially if she freely accepts being called 'witch'.

Two, how does she have this cart?

… You suppose it may explain why no one wanted to come close to it.

Another thing occurs to you. She's been calling you 'sir' instead of 'King' or anything else.

Does she not realize you're King? Did she miss the opening ceremony?

You go ahead and ask the obvious.

Is her husband at the Faire?

Her answer is more giggling.

"Hehehe… no husband. This child was a gift from the Goddess."

–Oh boy. You think you understand now. No follower of the Church would dare assert God was a Goddess.

This doesn't prove she's not a witch like Beatrice and Tharja are witches, but… she is certainly a pagan. Suddenly you understand why she would be called witch or hag.

The Goddess made her pregnant, you ask?

"The spirits inhabit many things. Would you deny them access to my body? In strange soil, the most beautiful things may yet grow."

She adds on another 'hehehe' after she speaks.

Your eyes meanwhile have adjusted, and you look around the cart a little more.

How does she… well, eat?

"The land gives freely and asks nothing. The kind men and women share much with this one they call hag for her favor. Yes, yes. I have much dried meat that has lasted me. I offer blessing and thanks for each beast that died to sustain this life."

–All right. That's an answer, at least. She trades for it, and otherwise appears to startle villagers into giving her gifts. Fair enough.

How does she… give favor?

"With all manner of charms, spells, and incantations I know… and that the Goddess and the spirits would teach me."

… What she says is fascinating, but you're taking in the full picture of her situation. This woman was a witch in the traditional sense. One the Church would call a witch. And you've been seen with her, and at least had relations if not actual vaginal sex.

She likely lives alone, heard of the Faire, and brought herself here. With a cart.

… What will she do with the money she makes, you ask?

"Hm? In trade?"

Yes, in trade, you ask. The money she takes for her… goods, at the Faire.

"Hehe… I will take the metals I need for my spells, then give the rest to the poor. If they will take it from a hag such as I."

You feel your eyes begin to mist at such an answer. She… really doesn't care? She's come a long way.

"Nay, sir. Copper is worth more than gold. The spirits prefer it with tin to appease them. Gold and silver are much less useful…"

You know enough about the value of coin to know that's ridiculous. Ricardo need not explain how. You take a deep breath as you lose track of her further explanation about what the spirits want from the different metals.

"Yes. The Goddess directs me to always give to and bless the poor. I must obey. The poor cannot be cursed. They are shackled and bound. How does one take from those who have nothing to lose? One can only give… and give more…"

You're not sure you like hearing that. Of course alms are necessary, but peasants are hardly shackled. They simply lead different lives and have different responsibilities.

…What will she do after the Faire ends, you ask?

She lifts her soiled hand from the pot, pressing her fingers together. She seems satisfied with what she's done.

"I shall return to what I know. Living from what the land will give me and what I give in return. If people aid me or spurn me… that is destiny too."

She trails off, then begins murmuring something to herself. An incantation, you suppose. You hear references that her naked body is the perfect vessel from which to give your seed to the ground, or… some such thing.

You're not sure what to do with her. She seems perfectly harmless, at least.

But the Church would be aghast at the heretic.

No, she's not even that. A heretic would still follow basic teachings of the Church and believe the same principles. The nomads would be heretics, possibly.

This woman who talks about her own practices is a heathen. One who practices her own witchcraft, it seems. Though you still can't rule out she may have some book and do genuine magic, the prospect seems… slim.

You should thank her and let her go before you're seen.

Or so you think, but then she finally turns back around to face you, putting her swollen belly in full view.

"So, now sir knows."

She steps closer, her bare feet stepping in the Earth.

"What does sir think of this one they call 'witch'?"

She smiles, there's an otherworldly feeling you detect from staring in her eyes. It… burns.

…Does she wish to go? Back out into the woods?

She'll surely face much more hardship. Giving birth and raising her child, out there in the wilderness.

Even assuming she finds generous peasants, it would be hard.

She places a hand on top of her belly.

"We will live. I will find those who accept my favor. Or this life will make do with help from the spirits and the Goddess."

…She won't accept some actual coin? Worthwhile payment for everything?

If she were to take what you had and buy things, she could live more comfortably. Perhaps even have a guide who will direct her so she doesn't merely wander.

She shakes her head.

"Trade of work for work is the Goddess's guidance. Would sir reduce the sacred act we shared here to coin? Hehehe."

She goes on to repeat about how the value of copper, silver, and gold being much more suited for how it appeases and stirs the spirits, and that is all she uses it for. Others may use it for their needs. It gives you little hope. You doubt any guide will work for 'blessings'.

Will she accept you buying a guide for her, and other things, you ask?

"…Hehehe. If you have coin for such things, give it to the poor in my stead. That is worth much more to me than servants."

So much for that solution. Her words are both stirring and heart-wrenching.

You scratch your head, trying to think of what you can do.

–Well, no.

You know what you can do.

Choice time:
>You'll humbly beg her favor. Ask her to stay within the castle, please. You'll find a spot for her perhaps in the peasant settlement, or somewhere else.
>Tell her you know of some women who would need her favor. Then, ask Beatrice and Tharja to intervene. She may yet be an actual witch.

e668d No.88748


Option one.

d6250 No.88749

Option 2. An actual witch who lost her way perhaps? She DOES call herself Mania…

51e50 No.88754

Option 1.
All of the signs so far point to her not being an actual witch. We don’t need to bother Beatrice since she is already busy with the work we have given her.

739b6 No.88762

Option 2. Not because I believe she is an actual witch, but because I believe that having her around the castle will get her and us in trouble with the church. Bringing Beatrice and Tharja into this will help us figure out what to do with her. Also, Tharja might get a kick out of seeing a woman so pregnant.

e3052 No.88774

Option 2

87352 No.88776

Option 2. Regardless of her true nature, she needs help that I think only your women could adequately provide.

b08fb No.88793

The scenes were ok and all (lactation fans too strong, pls nerf) but this lady is a huge liability.

She openly declares herself a witch and you can't reason with her. She doesn't even seem to have genuine magical powers to compensate for that reputation risk.

And are we seriously even going to consider sending Beatrice and Tharja anywhere near somebody who calls herself a witch? The most I'd be willing to do is have Beatrice spy on her, just on the very remote chance she's genuinely magical. I'm hoping that's what the second option turns out to mean.

Option 2.

f35e5 No.88808

Option 1. She might not stay of her own accord, but she needs some kind of help. And we can also have Beatrice evaluate her.

329f3 No.88809

>Three votes for option one, beg her stay in the castle, you'll find a place for her later.
>Five votes for option two, tell her you know others who may need her favor, then ask Beatrice and Tharja to intervene.

Get Tharja and Beatrice to intervene, to see if Mania knows actual witchcraft, or at least find some way to help her.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88851

File: 1618750507614.jpg (228.87 KB, 850x1202, Mania_endover.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You're nervous about showing favor to a woman who is openly declaring herself a witch. After all the festivities are done, your peasants are going to notice a new resident. To say nothing if you tried to put her in the castle proper.


You can't bring yourself to let her go. Not without some attempt.

There may yet be some magic inside her. Beatrice and Tharja deserve to know that, too.

You tell her you know others who would require her favor.

Will she wait, you ask?

She turns her head and giggles.

"Hehehe… of course. I don't intend to leave until the Faire is over."

You nod. Good.

…Has anyone given her trouble? Since setting up her cart.

"Hehehe… none more so than other times I have come to offer my blessings. Some children have come to merely stare and point. They are innocent and curious," she says.

No adults?

"Some indeed come. They ask for milk. They receive the milk. They don't come back… they are satisfied with the blessing I have put in the milk, and the cup."

Hm. Sounds like people are more interested in her wooden cups than the actual milk.

She adds the poor receive the milk freely, though you expected that.

You hesitate to say it so openly…

But no one has ever threatened her with things like 'burn the witch?'


She puts her hands on the small of her back, arching her back and sticking her belly out. It's an impressive display that almost distracts you.

"Just once in my life… before I became a witch."

You watch her stalk closer, one waddle in front of the other.

"The hag treats the people kindly. The people accept the exchange and treat the hag kindly. It is expected and part of destiny. Hehehehe."

–Well, that's good. It seems she's in no immediate danger, at least.

Her hand, the clean one, comes up to stroke your head again.

"Such a kind sir. Hehehe. No one asks the things you ask."

…Does she understand you're King, you ask? That this is your castle, and your Faire?

At that, she blinks.


You nod.


She leans in closer, peering at you. As if she's noticing your sash for the first time. How well groomed you truly are.

"Are you a good King, or a bad King?" she asks.

The question makes you gasp outright.

Of course, you're a good King!

She looks at your face, but her look is more curious than judgmental.

"Do you help the poor?"


You actually try to think.

You did send King Vlad's body around the countryside so the peasants could pay respects, but that didn't exactly 'help' them, you suppose.

You have created this Faire, which is increasing business and attracting people to enjoy recreation, but surely not every peasant could be here. Nor will every peasant share the fruit of the trade.

In fact, Ricardo made it clear he'd done a little 'clever accounting' to get extra money to circulate. And he got it by extorting the peasants. There was no doubt it was done on your behalf.

…But you've since taken steps against it when you heard about it so that it won't happen again. And there was nothing you could've done once it was done.

You tell her you've tried. There's only so much you can do as King. But you will see Ruhemania prosper, as you've promised since your coronation.


You watch her shift her body, and then… she kneels, at your feet.

"Then, I kneel to the part of you that is a good King."


Feeling sentimental, you can't help but feel your eyes mist again.

This may be the first time you've ever felt embarrassed over being knelt to, or otherwise shown respect.

You thank her, then kneel right along with her, taking her under and arm.

She's never going to be able to stand up if you don't help her. Not with her pregnant belly pinning her down.

"…I need a moment…"

She starts huffing and puffing, going down on all fours. She lets out a little groan of pain.

Oh dear. She strained herself, didn't she?


On all fours, the sight of her naked form is truly erotic. Like a pregnant beast of burden encumbered by the weight.

–Wait, is she going into labor?!

The possibility strikes you as she keeps taking deep breaths.

"Hehehe… phantom pains, at best… it's fine…"

She whispers through her teeth.

You stand there watching her shudder for a bit. It pains you to see her pained, but… you can't deny there's a certain eroticism about the moment. Of how it's changed her body so much.

"Sir… will you help?" she asks, voice strained.

You snap out of your appreciation and tell her, of course. What would she like you to do, you ask?

"Hehe… turn me on my back. Please."


Well, if it'll help…

You gently crawl down next to her. You take a position and push her over with your shoulders, bracing on her so that her body tilts, and rocks, until her balance shifts and she rolls onto her back.

"Aaaah~…" she lets out a sigh of relief that fills the cart.

Meanwhile, your erection goes rock hard again at the sight: a heavily pregnant woman on her back, arms and legs splayed, naked as the day she was born. Her breasts hugely displayed right above her belly. Her entire form rises and falls as she catches her breath.

Even with how many children you sired, you don't think you've seen a scene like this. Especially with her naked and in the dirt.

She lies there, helplessly pinned down by her own weight. Trapped by the size of her belly and huge tits.

You stay with Mania for a while.

It's better if you try to sneak back to the castle at midday, you reason. The people at the Faire will be more concerned with getting something to eat than watching you.

That gives you plenty of time with the beautiful and shapely witch who's made your acquaintance… and more.

For her part, she enjoys your fondling. Though when you offer to rub or lick her, she refuses. She's still pained, and though she would appreciate the attention, another time.

You try to take stock of your situation. You mustn't put yourself or her in danger trying to help her… but your heart still goes out to her. Beyond appreciating her form so much, she's perhaps the first person in a long time who's told you that seeing to the needs of the poor, hopeless, and needy is the most important thing. It pulls at your conscience. If she were a devoted follower of the Church living such a simple lifestyle, they might recognize her as a Saint. Albeit a pregnant one.

You'll put your faith in Beatrice and Tharja. Surely this woman herself counts as 'poor and needy'.

Her cramps eventually subside. She truly wasn't in labor. You grasp each hand and pull her to her feet, helping to dress her.

Is there anything else she needs, you ask?

"Hehehe… I must see to my cups and then my own hunger. I hope I've satisfied yours, Sir."

She continues to call you 'Sir,' but you decide not to correct her.

She asks you how the milk tasted.

You admit, it was saltier than you expected.

A grin spreads across her face.

"Hehehe… the flavor of the milk matches the state of how the spirits regard you. A salt taste is an auspicious sign. It means cleansing and removal of impurities."

–Are you blessed, you ask? Or in for a difficult time?

"That, I can't say. But whatever lie or falsehood surrounds you will soon unravel and truth will remain. Yesss… hehehe."

That sounds like the Chrisania plot, though you can't be sure.

"But you will find strength in it. As I said… come back whenever sir desires more. And more. Or anything else this hag may offer."


You will, you say.

Would she care for a kiss, you ask?

She blushes fiercely, giggling, and you take it as a 'yes'.

You share a brief but tender kiss with each other. Her breasts and belly pressing against you from how close you have to get and lean down.

…You can't resist, you have one last rub of her belly. Your hand trailing up and down, soon followed by squirming as the baby inside kicks.

You finally separate, to even more intense giggling from Mania.

"Sir knows how to stir up much in this hag… hehehehe."

You laugh.

You make sure you've forgotten nothing, then leave her behind.

You glance all about before going out of her cart. You think it may be okay, but you can't be sure. You're out in the open, after all.

But you have no choice. You can't stay until night.

You go back to your castle intent on taking your midday meal.

Or so you were planning, but you're still feeling full from Mania's milk.

Margaret tastes, but you can't bring yourself to take a bite. You push and play around with the food, feeling though you must at least have the appearance of taking a bite, but stopping short before forcing yourself.

"Husband, are you all right?" Tharja asks.

…Yes, you say.

You're aware you can't say you ate already. It would cause Margaret problems.

You simply claim you exerted yourself so hard you're not feeling up to eating. It will cause you pain.


You would gently appreciate some feminine company.

You say it to Tharja, but your eyes shift to Beatrice as well.


She says nothing, nor even nods, but the pause between her bites indicates she got the message.

You take separate paths, but they all lead to the same destination: Tharja's library.

The guard is told no one but them are to come in or out. He swears it will be so.

You have both your wife and Beatrice in front of you, they must be wondering why they're there.

Tharja appears curious. She must be wondering if you're intending a threesome.

Beatrice meanwhile hasn't changed out of her aristocrat persona, perhaps she's feeling a little more nervous.

She does have her book out and has told you that she's cast the spell to mask your conversation. Good.

You take a deep breath and then tell them you've encountered another witch at the Faire.


"Really? You mean it??"

Beatrice has her eyebrows raised. Tharja immediately gets a hopeful look on her face.

You're especially sorry to cut short Tharja's excitement, but there's just one issue.

You're not sure… if she actually is a witch. At least in terms of using a book to do magic.

You explain the exact circumstances of all you know about Mania. Her appearance, avoiding the sunlight, selling her own breast milk while she's heavily pregnant…

Beatrice has an amused but judging expression as you describe it in detail, while Tharja merely giggles.

–Right, it's enough to say she's immensely pregnant and nearing or at the last month.

She outright calls herself a witch, casts 'spells' and seems very eccentric, with her own distinct style.

You admit, you didn't see a book, but it's cause to investigate, isn't it?

Tharja may be able to go to the Faire with Beatrice as a chaperone. She's located in the group of merchants selling wares for women, so it shouldn't be a problem.

"Can we?" Tharja asks Beatrice.

"Mm… yes. It is worth investigating. You're right in saying she's likely not a disguise by Erika. But…"

She lets out a suppressed little sigh, and you know she's thinking about her dead friends. The other witches who were caught and killed by King Vlad's extermination campaign.

"Yes, we must go. And with all the haste appearances will allow."

You tell them you'll wait in the library. Maybe you should brush up on your reading.

You selected a few books and are browsing each to read by torchlight.

It includes the etiquette book, as well as a written account of an oral fable you've heard a relative equivalent of in your time in Virilia.

It puts you in mind of the Faire and actual performances by accomplished actors. You're reminded 'Princess Alena' is still waiting for your return. You'll need to decide if you pursue her or not.

You eventually hear the footsteps of the girls resounding through the corridor and know their meeting is done.

You pull open the door in an attempt at being mannerly for them to enter.

…Indeed, it's only them.

You shut the door, and wait for Beatrice to cast her spell.

She not only does it, but she shifts to her witch persona in full dress.

…Oh dear.

She does not look happy.

"King, why did you force us to talk to an insane woman??"

…Because you thought she was a witch, you say?

You stop short of telling her that all witches you've met have indeed done something crazy or seemed crazy. At some point or another.

"Husband… she's just a confused woman."

"No witch would ever act as she does…"

She starts talking coldly, almost ranting.

Beatrice will concede the lack of an apparent book doesn't mean she has no book.

"But her personality could not be farther from a true Witch's."

A witch does not do magic by 'living according to the Goddess's will.'

A witch does not care about 'appeasing and satisfying the spirits.'

A witch especially does not care about helping the poor for its own sake.

"Her concept of 'magic' is nothing like a true witch. A true witch knows that she is powerful. A true witch enacts her will on the world. A true witch does not ask permission from a Goddess that doesn't exist or spirits or whatever else. A witch simply looks at the world and thinks… 'How should I change that?' And then they make it so. Magic is our power we enact upon the world, not begging a force bigger than ourselves to come down and do it for us."

…The distinction is very important to Beatrice, it seems. She sounds truly offended.

"Furthermore, the style you attributed to her is… her crawling in filth." She takes a strong puff of her pipe. "No witch would live or look that way. Not even Velvet would have done so."

You start to say something about Erika living in the gutter, as she herself called it, but Beatrice interrupts saying that was an exception, one obviously foisted on her by the circumstances of that murderous King, and not something she chose.

… All right. You say, with a sigh. You understand what Beatrice explained, so far.

And why are witches above helping the poor, you ask?



You realize you're treading on thin ice with a question like that. One of the accusations Daniella made in your final confrontation with her was that the peasants and other commoners suffered under the machinations of the witches throughout Ruhemania.

But you just couldn't help yourself.

Beatrice pauses, but her look she gives you is intense. She's obviously choosing her words carefully and anticipating speaking.

"Several, possible, reasons." She's letting her pipe burn idly, breathing through her nose. "One, it would scarcely count as interesting. It would not at all help with a witch's boredom. You give a peasant a meal or other boon, he just goes about his peasant life and does nothing else. –That's the selfish reason."

"Two, for what purpose? The peasants have nothing to offer witches that we can't get ourselves. They literally have no power. –That's the indifferent reason."

"Third, it would reveal magic exists. You feed a hungry person. Is that enough? There are hundreds more where he came from. They all hunger. And they will hunger two or three times a day, if not more. And if you satisfy all of them with a grand banquet, time and again, eventually someone is going to ask 'where is this food coming from?' Then it's a short trail of thought to wondering 'is it caused by magic?' –That's the reason born from necessity."

…There's logic in Beatrice's words, but you can't help but feel like it does come down to selfishness.

The true witches' 'Enacting one's will on the world,' versus Mania's personal witchcraft of 'Becoming one with the Goddess and the spirits in the world and embracing destiny.'

It was obvious which side had actual power, at least.

Very well. Should you bother asking what she suggests you do with her?

You expect Beatrice won't be happy with Mania staying in the castle.


Beatrice's mood shifts from indignation to consideration. She twirls her pipe before she speaks.

"Actually, I believe there is worth to it."

Beatrice explains her reasoning.

If an obviously fake witch is kept around the castle, it means others will focus on her. They will assume all magic is something like what she practices. Focus on Beatrice and Tharja will then be more likely to be dismissed, as they act nothing like her.

In other words, a decoy witch, you ask?

Beatrice nods.

"Exactly my point. I have no objection, but I will leave the manner you use to have her stay to you, King. It's your domain, after all."

She grins at you. You're thankful her mood has improved, at least.


You realize your wife has said very little. You turn to her and ask her thoughts and feelings.

"… Honestly? I don't know what to think."

Tharja confesses she feels a weird sort of kinship with her. Tharjae wanted to belong to something stronger than herself. Be part of a 'Sisterhood'. But Mania's sisterhood is a sisterhood of one.

"She seems happy, but it's hard not to feel sorry for her."

… Well, at least the common folk seem to have a similar appraisal. Her own assertion was she hasn't been persecuted for being a witch.

The last obstacle was obviously… the Church.

You got a lecture for visiting the nomads. You wonder how they'd handle you visiting an actual witch.

You still don't know the extent, if any, that the Church had with King Vlad's persecution of witches, either.

"…Have you tried asking them?"

Tharja finally pipes up with a question.

… What?

"Well, you know… visiting the Priest, and asking him… what would they do with witches? Witches like her."

… That's rather straightforward.

It'd look outright suspicious if you did it with Tharja and Beatrice around. But now that you have Mania, a 'witch decoy'…

…It may help you.

If they reply 'the heathen would be cast out,' you could at least try to arrange favorable circumstances for her before it got too far. And if they were to say 'they would be burned…' you'd have to sneak her away or otherwise hide her, immediately. But, you'd have warning.

Could you really trust the Church won't learn of it, though? They knew of your trips to the nomads, after all.

It might also make you look more pious and contrite, in a way, to say 'I met a witch' instead of 'I tried to hide meeting a witch.'

You bite your lip, considering Tharja's straightforward approach.

Choice time:
>Take the initiative, go to the priest and ask for guidance on the issue.
>You don't want to push your luck after the nomads, or Mania's circumstances. Do nothing.

f35e5 No.88852

Option 1.

5ba4d No.88857

Option 1. If someone has a better plan of action, I'm all ears.

e668d No.88863


Option 1

87352 No.88875

Option 1, as little as I trust our current spiritual advisor.

739b6 No.88876

Option 1. At least we can do something to help Mania now if need be.

Totally forgot about the 'princess' among the performers. Hopefully we'll have time to get back there later.

329f3 No.88877

>5 votes for option one, go and directly ask the Church about how they deal with witchcraft.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.88892

You will go, you announce.

It will likely come up anyway. It's best you take the initiative and see how the Church will react before they let you know how they must react.

Furthermore, you want to see Mania again.

…Wasn't Tharja charmed by her belly, you ask?

Tharja blushes, picking at a piece of her hair.

"I couldn't see much of it from where she hid, but… wouldn't it be more exciting if it were yours, Edward?"

…It would, but that's many many months away.

You're fine with thinking her child is truly a gift from the Goddess than some man who lay with her.

"Mhm." Beatrice speaks up. "Innocence, will you leave us? I need to talk to the King just a little bit more."

Tharja blinks, but acquiesces. She quietly leaves the library.

"I'll be in my bedroom, Edward."

You nod, then turn to Beatrice. She obviously had something she wanted to talk about privately.

She nods.

"Besides all that, I can tell you some other information about her, King."

The people do not approach Mania and ask for her 'blessings'.

What they really are interested in is that Mania is a woodcarver and craftsman. A rather skilled craftsman.

They want her cups, nothing else. Whether Mania is actually aware of the fact or is delusional enough to believe they want her magic is a different matter.

Beatrice infers that is how Mania survives. She finds fallen trees, crafts them into something, then approaches peasants with the trade. When they want nothing else or are tired of humoring her, she moves on.


That does fit with your own appraisal. Though the fact Mania can live in the wilderness at all, especially while pregnant, is rather impressive.

She must have tools like a carving knife and axe. And she must have surrendered them to the guards when she entered the Faire.

Beatrice smacks her lips.

"There is something else going on with her, King. It's not magic, and her ramblings may as well be gibberish, but she has some background that goes beyond a crazy peasant woman."

Will Beatrice investigate that further, you ask? Not while she deals with what you've already tasked her, of course, but perhaps when the Faire is over?

At that, Beatrice's brow furrows and she becomes indignant again.

"I refuse. In fact, I will draw that line with you, King."

Beatrice will not use her magic to investigate a peasant. Or any commoner who doesn't live in the castle itself and serve aristocrats.

She considers it beneath her dignity.

"I won't hide in the filth while they go about their boring lives. I'll make an exception if you have reason to believe you're in immediate danger from a specific peasant, but nothing more."

All right. You can't argue.

If you want more information about Mania, you'll need to find it out on your own. –Or have a different spy.

Beatrice has nothing else to say about Mania.

So, you decide to ask.

If Mania were to have some relative, and you had an unattuned spell book with which she could cast the ritual, would she make a good witch? A real witch, with a book and all the power that came with it.


Beatrice grimaces. You think somewhere between disgust and distaste.

"No. She's the type who would never be able to accept it. She'd rather be a powerless beggar forever."

… You give your own grimace at hearing Beatrice's scornful words. But, you expected as much.

You apologize, you say with a sigh. You shouldn't have asked after Beatrice said as much already. You were merely curious.

"Mm. It is no offense King… simply don't get ideas."

She turns back into her aristocrat persona.

You don't speak another word as you depart the library and leave Tharja's wing of the castle.

You part after stepping past the guard. You don't want to give them the wrong ideas, again.

You find your way to where the priest is staying. You knock gently until it opens and an attendant answers.

You've thought of how you'd phrase it. You ask if the priest is available. You need the Church's proper guidance in the manner of God and men.

The attendant nods his head, and bids you to come in. Not asking you to wait.

You're quickly given an audience with the priest. You both exchange polite greetings. He asks if you would prefer this done privately or with his attendants present. You elect to be alone with him.

You wait for them to shuffle out of the room, and then you're both sitting together. He waits for you to speak.

It is your request, so you build up your courage, and you ask:

How does the Church deal with witches, you ask?


He tilts his head, confused.

"Pardon?" he asks.

Witches, you repeat. You know witchcraft is a sin, but how would the Church handle a suspected or confirmed witch?


He seems to not understand what you're asking, but he finally nods after another moment.

"That's the decision of the King. Not us."

… What?

Now it's your turn to be confused.

It's your decision, you ask?

He nods.

"When it comes to matters like that, this is how it is, Your Majesty…"

Of course, the doctrines consider witchcraft a sin. An abomination. Not something for followers of the Church to practice.

However, what exactly is 'witchcraft' and how it is punished is a matter of interpretation, which the Church has no universal stance on, and certainly no enforcement.

"The current practice of the Church is that 'witchcraft' is mere superstition, nothing more. We care not about people's superstition, we care about their Faith."

The miracles of God and the Savior are to be revered. Believing any person is capable of acts that would better be explained as miracles similar to that which were performed on behalf of God is akin to blasphemy.

Therefore, a witch practicing witchcraft is merely a superstitious woman. Guilty of no crime worse than taking some 'potion' for a sickness. Or performing some ritual for good luck.

"Do you ask this question from nothing, Your Majesty?"

… He's given you enough of an answer you feel you may as well admit it.

You've come to be aware there's a woman calling herself a witch in your Faire.

He asks her circumstances, and you tell him.

"Mm… it seems to me, any action against her would be very cruel, Your Majesty. How you deal with her is up to you."

He says outright it's your own law, set by you, that will say how to regard witches.

"I do know the extremes…"

On one side, he knows of Kingdoms where the law is that all claims of witchcraft are to be unheeded. Witches simply don't exist. To persecute any witch, through shunning or execution, would therefore be blasphemy. In other words, those who would persecute a witch are therefore the real criminals.

On the other… witches may be executed. Less for practicing witchcraft and more for promoting superstition. Even then, only for specific acts, and not merely existing.

"Of course, superstitions die hard. Some commoners will attribute their calamities to witches and look for revenge no matter what the law is, sadly."

He coughs.

"When it comes to the standards for aristocracy and royalty, they are much higher, Your Majesty…"

If Tharja or some other aristocrat was to say they were a witch, that would be a scandal the Church would be interested in. The aristocrats are who God chooses to lead. To have them shirk the Church's authority would be a disaster.

He follows that up by clarifying that was the main concern with the nomads: by visiting them, people may take it as a condonement of their interpretation of the Church's teachings which goes against the doctrines.

You nod. So it was less about them and more that you specifically as Ruhemania's King was visiting them.

You understand his point of view. –You sure as hell didn't like giving up impregnating the entire wagon of willing women, but you understand his point of view.

"May I know, Your Majesty? I'll be able to make it easier to spread your Law throughout the Kingdom if you tell me how you would prefer to handle witches, as Monarch."

…You don't think he's leading you into a trap. You think he genuinely wants to know.

You weren't sure what to expect. You had no idea that it was entirely your decision.

You rule out any sort of law that would execute suspected witches. That won't be your Ruhemania and you won't put Tharja, Beatrice, or Mania in danger.

…Though, you are curious.

Does the priest know King Vlad's policy toward witchcraft, and witches?

He nods.

"That I do… he had a very nuanced view."

A person suspected of being a witch, or claiming to be a witch, was not to be harassed, but only on the condition that their magic was said to be used for positive purposes. To benefit people, and never to hex, curse, or otherwise harm others in the community.

A witch who violated that condition was to be shunned, not executed. Forced out to the wilderness. Not to be harmed, nor helped.

A witch who publicly practiced magic that was witnessed by at least two persons, was to be shunned immediately, regardless of anything else. Furthermore, their exact appearance was to be remembered, and told to others so that they could never return.

In any case, executions for witches were universally banned.

Hold on, you ask the priest.

What does 'publicly practice magic' mean?

Any woman who drew a symbol on the ground outside would be publicly practicing magic, you ask?

"That I thought was interesting. The way he explained it was that if a person could literally point at the ground, and bring forth a tree, or anything else amazing and unexplainable, then that was magic practiced in public. It's impossible, it goes without saying. You and I both know magic that could do that simply doesn't exist!"

He gives a smile and a disarming little laugh. You… try to imitate it.

Haha… right. Witches certainly don't exist. Magic doesn't exist.

You take in the priest's words, while your head spins with the revelation.

That sneaky, shrewd, calculating King! He designed this law so that no actual witch would be confronted as a witch!

He knew if he just executed any woman calling herself a witch, he'd cause himself trouble. Either by revealing real witches exist and witch-hunters were hunting them, or causing a fervor where anyone was called a witch. You imagine if a mass of angry peasants tried to fight a real witch, there would be a lot of dead peasants.

He knew a witch's personality enough to anticipate no witch would use their power to benevolently help the poor, as well. Beatrice confirmed that to you. Therefore no fake witch who did try to help people would be affected by this law.

And if a real witch did appear, he left himself the tiniest bit of wiggle room that if a genuine witch did appear to cast actual magic, their appearance would be remembered. Perhaps then, a witch-hunter may hear the description later, and gain a new target.

You're reminded even Daniella's fanaticism had a limit. She stabbed Tharja immediately and without regret, but she'd given you, a non-witch, the chance to surrender. Perhaps you'd have even earned her thanks if you'd cooperated and handed over Tharja's book. –Like you could ever do that.

It explains perfectly why Mania wasn't at all affected by King Vlad's extermination campaign. Any witch-hunter would take one look at her and recognize she was just… a sad woman who led a hard lifestyle.

At any rate, you have a long term mystery solved. Did the Church know about King Vlad's hunting of witches? Apparently not. At least if they ever did, this priest can't tell you.

You haven't answered him yet.

… You have to consider some things.

The peasants probably won't like the law being changed. It's King Vlad's law. And you'd be denying their superstition if you changed it outright.

Furthermore, it sounds like Mania could live in the castle unharassed with the current law. Unless she was scapegoated for something, or possibly became vengeful enough to hex someone.

On the other hand… who's to say one of Maria's books hasn't been found, and used?

Outright declaring that witchcraft doesn't exist and there's to be no penalties for it would make life easier, for Mania and them.

Maybe you can take a middle ground and fine-tune some things.

Choice time:
>King Vlad's law is satisfactory. You'll continue his policy in regard to witchcraft.
>Witches are guilty of promoting superstition but nothing else. They are merely to be left alone and dealt with as any other traveler or vagrant. Not specifically shunned or remembered.
>Witchcraft doesn't exist, and to suggest anything else is heresy to be discouraged. Witches are free to mingle in the community, or even join it. All discussion of the subject was preemptively closed. Disputes between witches and anyone else are only on the same level as personal disputes and consideration of witchcraft will not be considered in judging them, ever.

87352 No.88895

I'm gonna vote Option 2. A solid middle ground that won't rouse any suspicion, and will hopefully stand so those you care about won't be persecuted.

f0bb8 No.88898


Option 2.

ca90b No.88901

Option 2 seems the most sensible here. I'm not normally one for incremental change, especially regarding the safety of those we love, but we're walking a very fine line here.

So… Option 2.

81a59 No.88902

I agree, Option 2 seems the best. Let's try to make it known how ridiculous we think witches are to the priest.

5e078 No.88905

I'm unsatisfied with all three options. Can you clarify something for me, aristo?

> the doctrines consider witchcraft a sin. An abomination.

For me, this implies that the church believes witchcraft to be a real thing (even though there are disagreements on how to recognise that someone is practising witchcraft).

On the other hand we have

> "[…] You and I both know magic that could do that simply doesn't exist!"

Does this mean that the priest personally does not believe that witchcraft is a real thing, even though the church believes it to be real? Or am I misunderstanding the position of the church here?

9dfa4 No.88906

>Option 1

739b6 No.88914

I also agree with Option 2

329f3 No.88915

It's as it's said. Doctrine says "witchcraft is a sin and abomination," and as the priest says, but "what exactly is 'witchcraft' and how it is punished is a matter of interpretation."

Think of it this way. If you met a person in the real world who claimed they were a witch, would you assume they could fly a broom through the sky, like a bird? Would you believe they could put a hex on you that would cause you misfortune? Would you believe they could do a ritual that would bring good luck? The priest is saying unambiguously that his individual answer to all three would be 'no'. He does not think witchcraft and magic, in the sense that it enacts some physical change upon the world, exists. 'Witchcraft' must therefore be mere superstition. Whether witches should be shunned/executed is a separate issue. The Priest goes on to say the Church isn't going to decide either way: Edward can choose. And Edward can enforce it.

Even in this medieval(ish) era, something can be a sin and abomination and not demand execution. Perhaps the best analogy is that prostitution is a sin, for example, but it doesn't stop prostitutes from existing or men from purchasing time with them. It was revealed earlier in the story Edward visited one when he was younger, and he recognized Mara was a prostitute. Could Edward enact a law saying prostitutes should be executed? Perhaps, but people would probably think he's overreacting for this "relatively harmless" sin. Would it be a huge scandal if Tharja was a prostitute? Absolutely.

Whether other leaders of the Church, or even other Monarchs, would reply the same way is something Edward would not know, but the priest is giving the 'standard' as he understands it for royal law, with specific examples.

5e078 No.88927

Thank you for the clarification. I vote for option one.

It is as I feared. This could easily be a trick question and/or a problem in the future if we answer "wrong". If the church believes witchcraft to be real and Edward decrees that it's merely superstition, we end up in big, big trouble once our new priest comes to the castle and turns out to be a zealot.

Vlad had the right instinct that a wide spread superstition cannot be simply turned off by law, but a law like his can prevent the superstitious masses from doing too much damage. That's another reason why I think option two is not a good choice: It does not give sufficient incentive to prevent vigilantism.

And option three is equally bad. We cannot declare even the discussion of witchcraft as heresy when at least some sizeable part the of church thinks that witchcraft is real. And even if we could, we cannot rule at the same time that heretics will live happily together with everyone else.

That leaves me only with option one. It's not perfect, but it doesn't get us into hot water with the church and it does have a much needed "no executions" clause. It provides some minimal protection when neighbours turn against each other.

329f3 No.88934

>2 votes for option one, leave King Vlad's policy for witches alone.
>5 votes for option two, ease the pressure on witches and make it so they're to be left alone and treated as any other vagrant or outsider. Outside the community, but not shunned.

Ease the pressure on King Vlad's law, a little.

Poll closed, update soon.

329f3 No.88936

You have to be careful. This is King Vlad's law and it involves witches.

You don't want to keep it as it is. There's too many possibilities that would allow witches like Mania to be persecuted. On the other hand, you must respect the peasants' beliefs.

You'll strike a compromise. It seems to be working lately.

You tell the priest that now that he's explained the issue to you, you agree that witches are promoting superstition. This obviously goes against the interests of the Church and you as a Monarch.

Therefore, you're going to change the rule ever so slightly.

Investigating whether a witch is using their magic for 'beneficial purposes' is playing too much into the superstition. The question of 'how' the witch is using magic should not be a factor. Hexes don't exist, after all. To promote the idea that they could cause 'harm' is therefore counterproductive.

There's simply no need to organize a 'shunning' of a witch. They should be treated as any other vagrant, wanderer, or traveler. Outside the community, nothing else.

As for the matter of 'publicly practicing magic,' or 'remembering their appearance,' that policy is completely done away with. It just encourages more obsession with witchcraft when they should be devoted to being good followers of the Church.

You're going to make Ruhemania prosper, and part of that will be gradually removing distractions like this. Superstition is superstition. Faith is faith.

The priest nods.

"A sensible law, Your Majesty. I will weave it into my sermon among the peasants and pass it along to the Bishop so others may do the same throughout Ruhemania."

You nod. Calmly.

Inwardly, you're feeling elated.

Finally the Church is helping you with something positive! And in a way that will undo King Vlad's subtle manipulations to help his witch extermination campaign, no less.

It'll likely be less effective than outright ruling that witches don't exist and can freely interact in the community.

This gives you options with Mania. You can offer to let her stay in the castle and it won't be a problem if you don't put her in the peasant settlement proper. You'll find some out of the way place where she can live, deliver her child, and ply her skills at woodcarving.

On the contrary, this wouldn't be a detriment. You're bringing a woman with a genuine skill to your castle. How often do you have the chance to…

The priest coughs, interrupting your trail of thought.

"Your Majesty, since we're alone, may we discuss something else?"

… You can't tell him now. What is it, you ask?

You hope your good rapport with him this meeting means he's going to talk about something good.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

329f3 No.88974

"I am curious. How did you come to be aware of this witch?" asks the priest.

… Oh.

You can't come up with a good lie, and you were seen too much. You tell him outright.

You went out into the Faire to browse the merchants and discovered she had a cart. She talked of blessing her wares with magic, and did not deny being a witch.

The priest nods.

"And you purchased things from her?"

… You're tired.

You just blurt it out.

No, you found her comely, by peasant standards. You seduced her. You both spent an hour together. She had a beautiful body, with luscious developed curves, breasts like ripe–

The priest stops you.

"I am concerned, Your Majesty. Concerned with the effects of your lust on the status of Ruhemania. It seems every time I mention it to you, you disregard what I say. Lust is like a furnace. It consumes all around you. I don't want to see it consume Ruhemania."

…Half-measures and giving the holy man vague promises haven't worked. He's going to be leaving Castle Valachia for good anyway.

You ask of him, lust also breeds blessings, does it not? In the form of children. It's a benefit to Ruhemania that Tharja become pregnant, and that you sire many children with her. Lust is a sin, but appropriate there.


He nods, but hesitantly.

"Yes, but with other women? And compounded with adultery…"

You decide to interrupt. You don't pursue women who are attached. There is no adultery. But you admit you are fond of… wild oats.

Children are a blessing, and you mean to gift all women with it. If they consent. Perhaps there is lust burning in your heart, but it is a controlled flame.


The priest simply looks at you. You're not sure if he's trying to shame you through silence, or if he just can't fully process what you've told him.

It doesn't matter. If there's one thing you've done before, it's debate this issue with a priest.

When you show no sign of relenting, he figuratively blinks first, suppressing a sigh.

"Children… are indeed a blessing. But I can't help but wonder if this will cause your throne some crisis, Your Majesty."

You tell the priest you will worry about that. It seems a matter for the King, after all.

If a bastard wishes to make a claim to your throne, he will have to line up behind at least a dozen of Tharja's children.

At least a dozen, you repeat. Likely even more.


The priest pinches the bridge of his nose.

"I should add, Your Majesty, this is not a confession. There's no sacramental seal on what you're saying."

–Oh. That's right. He's under no obligation to keep what you're saying a secret between him and you.

Oh well. You tell him you understand. It's not much of a secret anyway.

The priest advises you that if that's your real opinion, do not confess to lust anymore in confession. Confession is for when you're feeling honestly contrite and wish to correct yourself.

Fair enough.

You've soured the atmosphere a bit, but there's more to say.

You tell the priest that you've overseen a marriage. Ricardo will be marrying Camilla, a guest from Chrisania.

He blinks his eyes and confirms he's heard you right, but then nods his head. He'll need to draft up a marriage document, as this concerns aristocrats, and especially, he hesitates to mention, because it concerns a potential heir to Ruhemania.

Fair enough. You tell him you have time. You'll wait for one of his assistants to draft a document, bring a red candle, and then apply your signet ring.

There, Ricardo and Camilla are wed.

Was it really that easy? Indeed it was.

You're told a copy will be created for your own records but the original will be taken when the priest returns to the nearest monastery. Anything else such as a ceremony or dowry is up to you and them.

Somehow you can't imagine Camilla's parents giving Ricardo a dowry. He's the one with the faults, not her. Nevertheless you nod and tell the priest he need not complicate the planned service with a ceremony.

"Regarding the service I will give for all aristocrats in the castle, Your Majesty…"

He says that he knows of the jousting contest. He's ready to lead the service the next day immediately after it.

If you'd like a free day in between to let the fatigue die down, he understands.

Hm. You might want to get it out of the way. The end of the Faire seems within sight now that you have a schedule for both events.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Schedule the Church service for all of the castle the day after the jousting tournament.
>Schedule a free day in between the joust and Church service just to give you a little more time.

f35e5 No.88975

Option 1.

fa727 No.88976


Option one.

5e078 No.88978

Option two.

If we play our cards right, we'll get to fuck Camilla the day before her wedding.

87352 No.88979

Technically speaking, that WAS her wedding, and about as glamourous as Edward's.

Option 2, though. Hate to drag things out, but I think having a breather between major events would feel more natural.

329f3 No.88997

>2 votes for option one, schedule the Church service the day after the jousting tournament.
>2 votes for option two, schedule a free day between the two events.

We have a tie.

I will come back later, and if there is still a tie, I will flip a coin to decide the results.

Please feel no pressure to change your vote. Changing your vote will not bring the update faster.

01889 No.88998

Option 2
a breather seems like a good idea right now

329f3 No.89010

>2 votes for option one, schedule the Church service the day after the jousting tournament.
>3 votes for option two, schedule a free day between the two events.

Schedule an extra day for preparation after the joust.

Poll closed. Update soon.

329f3 No.89015

The jousting tournament is completely anonymous, you tell the priest.

It's very likely an aristocrat will be a participant. There may be injuries, or at least bruises.

For that reason, you think it best to wait a day.

The priest nods, satisfied with your answer.

"As you say, Your Majesty. I will conduct it for the peasants in the morning and the castle in the afternoon after midday."

He'll follow your schedule and plan accordingly.

There's no more business to be done with the priest. You leave him to his evening routine.

There's no daylight left.

You'd like to go tell Mania the news, but it will have to wait.

Until after the jousting tournament. You don't know if you'll have the time tomorrow. Fitting yourself into armor will take time. That, and you may become preoccupied with her belly.

You turn your way to Tharja's room. The guard swears your orders have been followed and no one is inside Tharja's wing except her. Good.

You head inside and meet in her bedroom.

Rather than immediately embrace her, you spend some time talking.

You tell her about the jousting tournament tomorrow, and she looks unsure.

"…Will it be safe?" she asks.

You've made arrangements with Beatrice. There are measures being put in place to ensure your safety.

She bites her lip.

"Should I be there, Edward?" she asks.

Hm. Having her there will make people wonder why you're not there. But she really should be there…

She can make the decision with Beatrice, you decide. If Beatrice needs to be there, at least Tharja will have someone to talk with.

The service will be held two days after. Is Tharja prepared?

"…Maybe? I think it'll be all right."

You console her and tell her not to worry. You won't ask Beatrice for anything the free day before the service. They can do one more rehearsal.

It's what Tharja wants to hear, and she gives a sigh of relief.

You discuss Mania in more detail.

What did the encounter go like?

"…She was very… nice."

Tharja says it with an ambivalent tone.

–You suppose you should've expected that. From the first greeting you could tell there was something 'off' about her.

What about after that?

"Well, we talked about the milk, The 'blessings'. We tried to be discreet. Ask her how many 'blessings' she knows… that sort of thing."

Tharja lets out a huff of air, tense.

"She wasn't picking up on any of it. Eventually she started talking about how spirits inhabit everything and if she wants a blessing she will need to appease them and stir up the Goddess's favor for magic, or something. We still didn't give up. Beatrice started asking her about how many great things she'd accomplished, trying to imply she'd say something about using magic. She said something about providing blessings and following her destiny by doing so is its own reward. When Beatrice pushed more, she started talking about how the Goddess gives everything freely, so she also gives everything freely… something like that. It was hard to keep track of."

Tharja at least gives a full sigh.

"Then Beatrice tried to steer it toward asking how she personally wanted to use the Goddess's will, and she… smiled. She started talking about how she used the Goddess's will and the spirits' blessings to help the poor and needy. That they want a lot from her: her milk, her cups, and all she has to offer."

Tharja pauses, squirming uncomfortably in your arms. You let her take a moment before she tells you the last.

"She looked directly at Beatrice and asked her what she does to help the poor. Then, Beatrice… well. Beatrice said we were done, and she stalked off. I guess she was offended."


Did Tharja give Mania any parting words?

She shakes her head no.

"I was scared she'd ask me the same question, and I didn't want to trail behind Beatrice. I had lost hope she was a real witch anyway, so I hurried back without saying goodbye."

Mmngh. It doesn't sound like it went well.

Maybe it's better that way. At least it'd be witnessed as a tense affair. Though you wonder if that last question had a personal edge to it toward Beatrice. Or was meant to.

Given her earlier remarks, she was likely offended by the very idea of needing to help the poor. –Sad. But you don't rely on Beatrice to interact with the commoners.

Beatrice can be nice to them. She'd been nice to Elizabeth before, you remember. Probably others.

Though, maybe it's more she didn't like the implication that she should feel guilt? You felt guilty at least, after the direct question from Mania, though you don't remember her asking the question in a way to presume you should, so much.

You think that simply asking if someone helps the poor must be Mania's way of deciding if someone is a 'good person' or 'bad person'.

You're wondering what made Beatrice say she thought something else was going on with her. It may be that.

You'll think about the implications later. For now…

You want to reignite the mood.

You kiss Tharja's lips and tell her she missed out on seeing Mania's impressive bump.

You both need to be prepared for when Tharja has her own.

Your words immediately lighten the mood and she laughs, sighing in your embrace.

"Oh, Edward…"

You share a kiss, then another… then again.

You spend a pleasant time before evening with Tharja.

When it's over, you retire to your own tower.

You hear there's nothing going on that's unusual. You ask the guard about when the jousting tournament will begin, and he says riders will be suited up before mid-morning. Then it'll begin quickly after.

That gives you the morning to take your morning meal and hear Beatrice's report. Though maybe you won't have time for that.

You plod up the stairs, lamenting that your opponents will have an advantage with how much exertion you give your legs when you go up and down your stairs.

At least you'll be on horseback.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

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