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(1010.75 KB 1020x1320 993581823.png)
X-Ray Thread4 Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/08/2022 (Fri) 15:00:06 Id:1dffbe No. 925
(1.76 MB 1102x1654 9951940510.jpg)
(1.83 MB 1102x1654 9951940512.jpg)
(1.93 MB 1102x1654 9951940520.jpg)
(2.04 MB 1102x1654 9951940515.jpg)
(428.42 KB 1271x1800 992971050.jpg)
(466.81 KB 1271x1800 992971051.jpg)
(485.55 KB 1271x1800 993917040.jpg)
(483.64 KB 1271x1800 993917041.jpg)
(233.28 KB 1280x1120 81.2022_06_29_12.jpg)
(658.83 KB 1200x900 223_54.jpg)
(1.21 MB 1323x1095 992132483.png)
>>926 Looks like some kind of voluntarily birth denial…? Yes please
(709.75 KB 1280x1844 012.jpg)
(676.42 KB 1280x1844 014.jpg)
(618.96 KB 1280x1849 020.jpg)
(601.41 KB 1280x1854 021.jpg)
(241.38 KB 1131x1152 FXIhbFRaQAApMrX.jpg)
(121.73 KB 860x1214 FXHYle1akAMQq9t.jpg)
(1.19 MB 2900x4096 FTRuuMSUAAEAOx2.jpg)
(1.31 MB 2900x4096 FTRunlNVUAEDC6K.jpg)
(1.16 MB 2900x4096 FTRuvllVUAAMSEr.jpg)
>>1074 Source?
(807.81 KB 1064x1408 520689572.jpg)
>>1085 Got it from Gelbooru. Tried looking around but I couldn't find the actual source...
(444.15 KB 2048x1506 EkTWdIAU4AA5mmn_orig.jpg)
(916.65 KB 1600x1200 052.jpg)
>>935 artist?
Does anyone remember about a picture that had a big boobed tiger lady x-ray that had multiple tiger children in womb?
(589.39 KB 800x600 997460620.png)
(607.61 KB 800x600 997460621.png)
(611.79 KB 800x600 997460622.png)
(729.56 KB 800x600 997460623.png)
(629.43 KB 1058x1500 b182asnw00550_0214.jpg)
(1.65 MB 1862x2800 9980110411.jpg)
>>1544 Source
(190.64 KB 1134x1309 998769761.jpg)
>>1096 the amount of artists that don't understand that the amniotic sac exists and it is a separate entity to the womb is astounding. It's not possible to cum inside the womb or get it on the baby without perforating both the cervix (Which is extremely hard without dilation) and the amniotic sac, and it probably goes without saying that it's bad news if that does happen... Not trying to complain I suppose, I just would definitely appreciate some more accuracy, you know? lol
>>1666 You're complaining about anatomical accuracy in an illustration of a girl having sex with a giant fly?
(452.44 KB 1584x2240 999048640.jpg)
(361.17 KB 709x1164 FYhGwkJacAA9BsY.jpg)
(172.82 KB 1280x1810 t5.jpg)
(171.78 KB 1280x1810 t6.jpg)
(172.63 KB 1280x1810 t7.jpg)
(4.69 MB 2480x3508 100103902_p10.png)
(4.54 MB 2480x3508 100103902_p22.png)
(302.17 KB 1265x1265 FUDmJVRakAEQe22.jpg)
(1.96 MB 1600x1200 B_147.jpg)
(396.24 KB 1115x1647 52.jpg)
(713.24 KB 1733x2615 49.jpg)
(414.22 KB 1117x1540 60.jpg)
(356.81 KB 1117x1540 62.jpg)
(461.64 KB 1311x1912 64.jpg)
(397.94 KB 1311x1912 66.jpg)
(3.54 MB 2894x4093 1651594260823-0.jpg)
(1.73 MB 1290x1821 swxrJFoMzBP2Fo8dcJ8Ijxwu.png)
(769.19 KB 787x1100 1003134515.png)
(582.23 KB 1280x1779 nin-041.jpg)
(504.20 KB 1280x1831 nmf-22.jpg)
(510.75 KB 1280x1831 nmf-25.jpg)
(328.02 KB 1280x1807 gameover_33.jpg)
(147.13 KB 1280x1807 gameover_35.jpg)
(337.04 KB 1280x1807 gameover_49.jpg)
(318.51 KB 1280x1807 Atlanta_033.jpg)
(1.08 MB 1600x2589 FaIVPxqVUAI5s3H.jfif)
(1.10 MB 1600x2589 FaIVViKVsAIZ_8f.jfif)
>>3105 there's like 10 more parts to the sequence over on their pixiv. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/100490454
Shame, not everyone has a pixiv account.
(115.13 KB 1280x960 583.jpg)
(107.61 KB 1280x960 586.jpg)
(747.43 KB 1200x1600 112.jpg)
(169.89 KB 1280x960 129.jpg)
(220.06 KB 851x1400 ktn.jpg)
(376.44 KB 1039x1500 str.jpg)
(417.63 KB 1500x1500 ariza.jpg)
>>3839 artist name please
No. 3970
(2.70 MB 2480x3407 1009767871.jpg)
(54.48 KB 663x818 FbpbARxagAA-9UF.jpg)
(862.11 KB 2480x3508 kintns.jpg)
(642.89 KB 600x800 963841523.png)
(664.74 KB 600x800 963841524.png)
>>3970 How bizarre.
(547.09 KB 2478x3500 tajicomm34-1.jpg)
(551.76 KB 2478x3500 tajicomm34-2.jpg)
(639.81 KB 2478x3500 tajicomm34-3.jpg)
(783.32 KB 687x1100 101068786.png)
(655.42 KB 1057x1500 kni-125.jpg)
(716.19 KB 1057x1500 kni-173.jpg)
>>1074 Nanaper 3-pun Haramic
(6.06 MB 2764x3451 1015018120.jpg)
(213.40 KB 1280x1810 nureaji-17.jpg)
(260.31 KB 1280x1810 nureaji-20.jpg)
(260.12 KB 1280x1810 nureaji-44.jpg)
(408.20 KB 1280x1810 nureaji-61.jpg)
(408.89 KB 1280x1810 nureaji-62.jpg)
(771.15 KB 1280x1790 01 (3).jpg)
(771.23 KB 1280x1790 02 (2).jpg)
(670.33 KB 1045x1600 chiel.jpg)
(4.91 MB 2480x3508 p5-1.png)
(3.44 MB 2480x3508 20220108_Minegumo_EP3P4_b02.png)
(3.59 MB 2480x3508 20220108_Minegumo_EP3P4_b03.png)
(202.01 KB 1417x2000 1016864927.jpg)
(526.89 KB 620x874 1017062751.jpg)
(195.61 KB 1280x1007 033_hikayomir03on.jpg)
(1.14 MB 818x1525 84215191_p4.png)
(1.83 MB 1411x1932 87434750_p1.png)
(541.21 KB 1064x1500 k568agotp01495_0121.jpg)
>>5499 I'm gonna need a source for this one my dude
>>5868 COMIC Grape Vol. 94
(70.24 KB 600x924 20221020_130713.jpg)
Drew this Duke of York with triplets for upcoming Halloween! Twitter: https://twitter.com/RanBee20/status/1582971373542313984?t=9V8i9GorexqIStRGR_3NkQ&s=19
(501.40 KB 1109x1575 mnssm-026.jpg)
(511.92 KB 1109x1575 mnssm-027.jpg)
(476.12 KB 1109x1575 mnssm-036.jpg)
(543.61 KB 1109x1575 mnssm-028.jpg)
(3.83 MB 2480x3508 20220729_Atlanta_P_38w_P2_a06.png)
>>6155 Who is the artist here?
>>5865 Can I get the source of this one pelase?
>>6165 イチノ(ichino)
>>5866 Source, please?
>>6515 same artist as >>5865 イチノ(ichino)
>>6499 >someone who actually does xray and has it free >i kneel
>>5360 ayo anon can you post his new work of yor thx in advanced
>>1096 artist name?
(508.09 KB 960x1280 102719068_p2.png)
(517.51 KB 960x1280 102719068_p1.png)
(214.22 KB 960x1280 102786344_p1.jpg)
>>6873 what a fuckin gyp
(1.32 MB 1024x942 9289283_102453686_1.png)
(138.67 KB 960x1280 FhvhYAsVsAEOU_t.jpg)
(135.59 KB 960x1280 Fhkvi-sUUAcmnlp.jpg)
(133.12 KB 960x1280 FhQBSO7VEAUpHg2.jpg)
(194.73 KB 960x1280 Fg7lZwKacAEHh7I.jpg)
(123.57 KB 960x1280 FgRdDtgacAAnlhd.jpg)
(2.05 MB 1930x1530 722807_102730539_1.png)
(6.91 MB 2481x3508 1029131915.png)
(417.04 KB 1280x1846 sdm-07.jpg)
(531.33 KB 1280x1846 sdm-35.jpg)
>>7370 Sauce?
(2.45 MB 2480x3508 1669514609972738.jpg)
>>7378 Sauce?
>>7371 [Domestic animals] SEXしないと出られない村
(397.30 KB 1280x1787 1ko_jpg_014.jpg)
(437.69 KB 1280x1787 1ko_jpg_015.jpg)
(421.88 KB 1280x1787 1ko_jpg_021.jpg)
(390.54 KB 1280x1787 1ko_jpg_032.jpg)
(372.58 KB 1280x1787 1ko_jpg_039.jpg)
>>7829 link of the original images or what is the name of the artist ? please
(582.66 KB 1708x1279 0001.jpg)
(408.10 KB 1544x1364 0002.jpg)
(382.57 KB 1280x1900 946237094.jpg)
(434.50 KB 1280x1900 9462370912.jpg)
(1.21 MB 2480x3508 79313276_p1.jpg)
(482.75 KB 1057x1500 himh-176.jpg)
(338.58 KB 1722x1858 1671308665242.jpg)
(602.22 KB 800x1133 1671292571587.jpg)
(98.41 KB 920x1000 1671292124448.jpg)
(1.14 MB 2122x2085 1671318422092.jpg)
(2.80 MB 2687x2160 1671328829232.png)
(1.39 MB 3160x3160 86572038_p2.jpg)
(1.42 MB 3750x3116 86804102_p3.jpg)
(1.69 MB 3750x3116 86804102_p4.jpg)
artist: Dopperx8
(253.06 KB 2400x1612 Shylily_best_clean_0008.jpg)
(344.40 KB 2400x1875 OL_Priere_best_birth_clean_0002.jpg)
(360.43 KB 2400x1875 OL_Priere_best_birth_0002.jpg)
>>8304 I have never seen this work Where did you get it?
(187.84 KB 919x1300 103487749_p6.jpg)
(657.94 KB 1280x1790 018.jpg)
(598.72 KB 1280x1790 021.jpg)
(528.23 KB 1280x1849 24k.jpg)
(626.15 KB 1280x1849 23k.jpg)
>>8692 Name please?
>>8865 Source? Please
>>8868 U got discord or tele?
>>8869 Yes. Tele
>>8865 what in the holy fuck
>>8865 to think this is one of the *less* weird doujins from yassy.
(298.11 KB 1157x1637 2022_11_25_2.jpg)
>>8890 Idk what this is, but it makes me happy
>>8870 Send it!
(776.31 KB 1280x1808 hbshd-19.jpg)
(1.59 MB 2000x1442 6b9f6ac0-990e1d06d91a.jpg)
(1.83 MB 2000x1419 0c33fc70-255100098d74.jpg)
>>8865 Ayo sauce?
(167.23 KB 1200x900 _87.jpg)
(891.39 KB 2000x1743 5060179_104701899_1.jpg)
(1.07 MB 2000x1743 5060179_104701899_2.jpg)
(1.11 MB 2000x1743 5060179_104701899_3.jpg)
(5.95 MB 4500x6000 4.jpg)
(7.53 MB 4500x6000 6.jpg)
(130.29 KB 960x1280 1674493736255.jpg)
too many babby
>>9957 No. More babby.
>>9957 whats the source for this?
(501.23 KB 2224x1793 西住しほD8.jpg)
(512.09 KB 2224x1793 西住しほD7.jpg)
Hey, do you guys remember that drawing of Romani from majoras mask with her being pregnant with a cow
(1.13 MB 1400x990 rr07.png)
(1.20 MB 1400x990 rr08.png)
(1.21 MB 1400x990 rr09.png)
(556.37 KB 2252x3575 20230204_1.jpg)
(552.96 KB 2252x3575 20230204_2.jpg)
(762.16 KB 2293x3511 20230204_3.jpg)
(760.61 KB 2293x3511 20230204_4.jpg)
(609.62 KB 1064x1500 k568agotp02274_0118.jpg)
>>10787 Name please
(207.52 KB 1600x900 1053521211.jpg)
(207.37 KB 700x986 100951076_p0.jpg)
(392.15 KB 1280x1790 39.jpg)
>>11410 would love a source for this
>>11412 sauce is 370984 looks like
>>1093 305493
(832.30 KB 2064x1457 105466288_p15.jpg)
(793.87 KB 2064x1457 105466288_p16.jpg)
(921.91 KB 1457x2064 105466288_p29.jpg)
(741.10 KB 1457x2064 105466288_p32.jpg)
(251.93 KB 1280x1807 ccg-30.jpg)
(369.53 KB 1280x1807 ccg-26.jpg)
(105.33 KB 467x700 preggos_by_stuntkid_d280jtp.jpg)
(277.71 KB 716x1077 Screenshot_20230306-092917-1.jpg)
(219.84 KB 717x1072 Screenshot_20230306-093043-1.jpg)
(293.46 KB 1080x1525 1060860117.jpg)
(319.49 KB 1080x1525 1060860118.jpg)
(2.41 MB 1920x1080 1059748852.png)
(2.44 MB 1920x1080 1061552400.png)
(2.35 MB 1920x1080 1061552404.png)
(2.76 MB 1920x1080 10615524011.png)
(876.86 KB 1920x1080 1063972180.jpg)
(872.80 KB 1920x1080 106397218104.jpg)
(775.72 KB 1920x1080 106397218110.jpg)
(795.63 KB 1920x1080 106397218116.jpg)
>>13107 Source?
>>13107 Wow is xray mod for honey select out? Or is that roomgirl?
>>8957 >>13107 Where i can download this is MOD ?
>>13402 Sauce for the last one?
>>13451 Have to admit, I got a snicker at the semen tracking. Why not measure her amniotic fluid too while you're at it? :P
(643.83 KB 2448x3100 valentine.jpg)
(690.92 KB 2448x3100 valentine_x-ray.jpg)
"C'mon, that X-Ray machine shouldn't be down at the moment, I paid good money in this mother-ah, there we go. Good."
(62.27 KB 500x455 simpsonshair.jpg)
>>13611 That skull shape reminds me of...
>>5374 >>7965 >>10133 >>11454 Source, please? >>5488 Ditto - for the fifth one?
(940.90 KB 1321x991 10697641920.png)
(501.13 KB 1236x1237 1067567290.jpg)
>>13937 Uh-oh, one twin is breech, the other is in a transverse lie. Unless those get successfully versed before labor starts, she's gonna need a C-section.
>>13937 Source?
(197.78 KB 1280x1024 556_knrk16.jpg)
(408.41 KB 1280x1707 704_Azs14.jpg)
(116.76 KB 1100x1080 FtblRenagAA7eik.jpg)
>>14274 holy shit! This one's so good! You got that sauce?
>>14274 sauce?
>>14312 Did some digging and managed to find the sauce for us both. Its from an artist named Halt Miyakura
(7.81 MB 2894x4093 Toki_10.jpg)
Art by me
Art by me
>>14417 >>14418 You do good work!
>>14428 Thank you!!
>>14767 sauce NOW
>>14801 dearonnus
>>14804 oh theyre doing marie's quest, i knew that style looked familar
>>14873 Sauce? art looks awesome and I can't find it on saucenao nor by reverse image searching
>>14873 I hope there will be another part that she is giving birth
>>14904 Apparently her hair is x-rayed too.
>>14905 they could have written websites, and then fuck knows where you can download something like this. and don't talk about pixiv and twitter, I mean sites with porn comics or manga without censorship
(2.31 MB 1240x1748 93407122_p10.png)
(2.98 MB 1600x2000 79869726_p30.jpg)
>>14920 This artist, Hhachi (https://twitter.com/H860_), is a very cute artist and has been drawing and posting for years on twitter, pixiv, nijie, etc. They also repost and retweet alot of different artists, so following them is like being subbed to many different incredible people.
>>14925 https://twitter.com/H860_ Whoops I fucked up that link by using parentheses... my bad...
>>14904 sauce?
>>14951 that's by inonice01 (ichino/イチノ) also known as onononon_one on twitter https://twitter.com/onononon_one/media check them out, art's really good
(584.70 KB 1200x1600 n003a.jpg)
(568.99 KB 1077x1600 n005a.jpg)
(211.40 KB 1066x1600 n002a.jpg)
(695.37 KB 1106x1600 n007a.jpg)
(133.47 KB 1280x960 n008a.jpg)
(495.79 KB 1205x1200 096.jpg)
(543.06 KB 1071x1600 101.jpg)
(734.04 KB 1200x1600 111.jpg)
(705.02 KB 1200x1600 164.jpg)
(611.49 KB 1200x1600 159.jpg)
>>15280 >>15281 there's a separate ai thread
>>15282 The from the artist Nurupon dumbass, if you don't know what is and isn't AI just shut the fuck up
Havent seen much new nurupon stuff but these seem a little wonky and similar enough to newer stuff (maybe one of their artists) put out.
>>15282 >>15286 Ironically, Nurupon recently released a cg set made with an A.I. trained on his own work.
>>15286 It's all AI generated, at most touched up by the author, but it's unmistakenably AI, low res and garbled text on clothes. How can you not see the difference, blind fuck.
>>15286 https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/1647/article/834045 Here, the guy himself saying that these are AI generated. Like seriously, how can you not tell the difference, moron.
>>14895 Good news! For anyone wondering about where the sauce of this art came from, it was made by 円之怜/Enno rei or masochist-high It took a bit longer for me to find but I got there
(284.19 KB 1057x1500 079.jpg)
>>15408 that one is nice! do you know where we can read the entire thing please?
>>15417 thank you!
>>15400 Not all heroes wear capes.
>>15469 sauce?
>>15495 Inonice01
>>15514 Sauce?
(637.26 KB 1064x1500 k568agotp02857_0048.jpg)
(549.18 KB 1064x1500 k568agotp02857_0053.jpg)
(531.54 KB 1064x1500 k568agotp02857_0054.jpg)
(206.40 KB 1500x1500 1080157585.png)
>>15553 source or full details pls
(844.13 KB 1000x1500 858421062.jpg)
(940.90 KB 1667x1500 980061541.jpg)
(1.29 MB 1500x1500 1062777892.jpg)
(1.87 MB 2000x1600 1081902282.jpg)
(1.69 MB 1300x1733 108288701_p2.jpg)
>>15656 https://nhentai.net/g/455392/42/ COMIC Grape Vol. 115, chapters 42 - 61, created by Kobayashi Tetsuya
>>14895 >looks up pixiv >part with the fetus is paywalled >takemymoney.jpg >fanbox is banned Most people didn't pirate because they don't have the money.
(90.49 KB 569x827 lorna overdue 2.jpg)
(207.38 KB 1280x1810 Kafka_13.jpg)
>>15896 who is the artist
>>15985 sauce?
>>16001 Looks like Dearonnus
>>16003 OK thanks
(3.11 MB 3716x5300 kitchen_4_xray_DA1.jpg)
(987.24 KB 992x1398 1087446951.jpg)
(635.42 KB 990x1400 11267.jpg)
(1.44 MB 1419x2003 1088880904.jpg)
(1.39 MB 1419x2003 1088880905.jpg)
>>17002 the hell's happening
>>17050 I believe that's a shota shoving a cucumber into a pregnant woman's vagina.
>>17002 sauce?
(450.73 KB 2240x3274 拉车1.jpg)
(465.79 KB 2240x3274 拉车2.jpg)
>>17454 This isn't X-ray.
>>17454 Source plz
Spoilered because this one's pretty crazy.
>>17512 She's a fetus vending machine lmao
>>17512 She's pregnant with an entire zoo.
>>17512 What,who,and why is she fucking a goblin,horse, goblin, dog, and who knows what else
(27.70 KB 720x626 FB_IMG_1686825611275.jpg)
>>17512 what the fuck is she pregnant with entire farm or something
>>17518 >>17521 Woman is 45, already 8 months pregnant with quads, Goblins invaded her farm and used magic while raping her to "expand her uterus so she could take more semen" with the unintentional consequence of her getting knocked up by everything she fucked while already pregnant with quads. They maker her fuck a bull, a horse, a pig. After 2 months they return to find her belly has grown. They then state that they can't use any additional magic on her for "reasons" so for insurance they use a spider to lay eggs in her womb and "seal her cervix" to prevent the pregnancy from terminating. (for whatever reason the author has a whole page about how she tries to abort after the spider but it causes her tremendous pain so she gives up) At this point she's 2 months overdue. When you see her with all the animals growing in her womb she's 4 months overdue as she's now 4 months pregnant with these creatures. Instead of adding more critters to her womb the goblins come back concerned that she is no longer able to take care of herself because she's so large so they decide to feed her by leaving her with 5 bags of grubs that instinctively make their way into her mouth feeding her whether she wants to be fed or not. The goblins then leave and say they'll return for the birth so I'm assuming there's only one more chapter. The artist updates like every month or two so you probably won't get a conclusion until july or august.
>>17512 That's one way to take the kids to the zoo.
>>17512 "And then Noah loaded the boat with two of every animal..."
>>17509 Maxapple
>>17512 Sauce pls?
>>17512 Omg This is the best and rare thing that I have seen this artist is the best
>>17526 I have not seen the part about the spiders, nor do you have an image of the bugs?
(5.61 MB 2676x2048 361.png)
>>17547 Wow Thank you Doesn't the spider have an x-ray version?
>>17548 no, you can see the eggs in the other pic that's about as x-ray as it gets
(3.71 MB 2676x2048 386.png)
>>17543 oh woops forgot the bug feeding, this part 5 set only has the two pics with one x-ray and one part with some bugs slapped on, not super diverse.
(34.49 KB 554x553 FB_IMG_1677841218836.jpg)
tfw this thread suddenly busy because some artist drawing one of most weird x-ray pregnant art i've ever seen
>>17552 oh he has more
>>17512 Noah's other ark
(318.40 KB 1280x1808 WtAsnNN_047.jpg)
(1.48 MB 1080x1920 109478320_2.png)
>>17652 Noice, is there a non-xray version to go w/ it? (sauce basically)
(240.20 KB 1000x1500 ksm-12.jpg)
(276.28 KB 1000x1500 ksm-21.jpg)
(395.62 KB 911x1311 1095195896.jpg)
>>17558 >>17559 More, please?
>>17681 what this from?
>>17526 This so rare I love it. We really don't see much art where the woman gets pregnant with multiple species at once. I've seen a few but it isn't many. I really hope to see more like this.
(784.34 KB 848x1200 tsuki.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1215x1621 1048297291.jpg)
(2.49 MB 1382x1500 3829927_109614532_2.png)
>>17526 Link to an exhentai of the (almost?) whole set was posted in one of the other threads. https://exhentai.org/g/2587517/5e0c975611/?p=5 I think I'm in love.
(876.79 KB 960x1280 1097252051.png)
(956.00 KB 960x1280 1097568823.png)
(223.86 KB 1280x1535 68635909_5706174_2.jpg)
(140.99 KB 1280x1909 68635909_6232599s_4.jpg)
(159.39 KB 1280x2213 68635909_6009472_5.jpg)
(174.96 KB 1280x2461 68635909_6237931exs_2.jpg)
(161.73 KB 1280x1859 68635909_4724989_16.jpg)
(1.36 MB 1376x1920 10992072724.jpg)
Hey there web design enthusiasts! Do you find yourself aiming to design captivating websites that stand out from the crowd? Search no more! In this discussion, we explore into the creative process of crafting captivating websites. Be part of the conversation as we reveal expert advice to guide you elevate your web design abilities to new heights! section1: Mastering the Art of Visual Narratives Did you know that stunning graphics can be a game-changer to creating a memorable website? We'll delve into the importance of visual storytelling along with it engages with your audience. Beginning with color palettes to lettering preferences, we'll discuss how to create a visually appealing website that grabs attention. Section 2: Optimizing User Experience Beyond aesthetics, the way users interact with your website is crucial in captivating your audience. Join us as we explore user-centric design and uncover tips and tricks to optimize user satisfaction. Touching upon intuitive navigation to adaptability across devices, expect valuable insights on ways to create a smooth user experience that keeps visitors coming back. section3: Communicating Your Brand Identity Your digital storefront can be a game-changer to convey your brand's personality. Join us as we explore how to translate your brand's core beliefs via compelling storytelling in a visually engaging way. Discussing brand messaging to infusing brand elements, we'll talk about how to create a consistent brand image that connects with your visitors. Conclusion Creating engaging web experiences is an art that requires a careful blend of creative flair and audience-centered thinking. We're thrilled to dive into these proven strategies with you as we exchange valuable insights. Let's start a discussion and together, let's elevate our web design abilities! Looking forward to your participation in this dynamic discussion. Don't miss out!
>>18330 You know, spambots may be annoying, but the fucking dissonance between this post and the site as a whole is honestly fucking hilarious.
(536.40 KB 1068x1493 F2DjGrkbgAE3kdn.jpg)
(336.17 KB 1057x1500 PAuS_79.jpg)
(333.92 KB 1280x1807 18323769_6020980_15.jpg)
>>19035 sauce?
(461.66 KB 1280x1920 7 (15).jpg)
(521.81 KB 1280x1808 104.jpg)
>>19308 source?
>>19312 [Mitsume no Mitsumame (Yoikorogashi)] Inyou no Gi https://exhentai.org/g/2631553/931679be2b/
(1.37 MB 1160x1620 110045904_p1.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1160x1620 110045904_p0.jpg)
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/110045904#manga Hyperpreg + Xray/Ultrasound is a woefully underdone concept
>>19544 Packed to the BRIM.
>>19544 I like the description of the picture as well. Trap that hyper-charges a woman's ovaries, inseminates the eggs with sperm sourced from the town above, accelerates the pregnancy, then teleports the victim into the town's square.
>>19544 yo, didn't know a new battle royale just droped
>>19544 I recently commissioned that artist. I hope the result is as good.
(400.35 KB 1280x1791 siddn-27.jpg)
(4.03 MB 2423x3225 smr.jpg)
(386.62 KB 1280x1807 3 (7).jpg)
(609.77 KB 1280x1807 bt_061.jpg)
(628.07 KB 1280x1807 bt_065.jpg)
(1005.25 KB 1200x1600 mika_2_15.jpg)
(170.31 KB 1280x1694 nina-21.jpg)
(332.16 KB 1200x1500 1112003494.jpg)
(2.49 MB 2591x3624 1113321432.jpg)
(4.23 MB 2591x3624 1113321433.jpg)
(4.49 MB 2591x3624 1113321435.jpg)
(4.72 MB 2591x3624 1113321434.jpg)
>>2509 Source pls?
(426.34 KB 1355x1080 63.1.jpg)
(90.14 KB 550x650 63.2.jpg)
(98.71 KB 550x550 63.3.jpg)
I think this is Jigoku Sensei Nube. I thought there was one that was on Ninpuchan or something and I haven't found it since. Any ideas?
(699.77 KB 201x252 IMG_1692.gif)
(480.91 KB 1280x1901 icnp4-53.jpg)
>>20999 Yeah, it’s an old doujin from there. I know here name is Izuna Hazuki
(657.00 KB 1280x1889 23 (8).jpg)
(283.04 KB 1412x1000 F6IgPlla4AAMD1a.jpg)
(7.51 MB 4096x6144 109978856_p6.png)
(6.30 MB 4096x6144 110118537_p6.png)
(6.44 MB 4096x6144 110118820_p7.png)
(6.04 MB 4096x6144 110118537_p7.png)
Howto create more realistic cross-sections?
>>21468 wrong thread bro
(1.29 MB 2815x1987 F6TtySkaMAAa7ii.jpg)
>>21466 More more more!
>>21120 I recognize the artist - don't they make a lot of x--ray work? I wish more of it was translated into English.
(6.01 MB 4096x6144 110118820_p4.png)
>>21587 I dont like them. Still cant find or create good ones..
(212.75 KB 1000x1500 IMG_1787.jpeg)
(39.80 KB 400x377 IMG_1786.png)
(46.39 KB 500x362 IMG_1785.jpeg)
These always give me the desire to impregnate. My mom was a nurse and I would fap to illustrations. 🤷🏽
(443.41 KB 436x630 Pregnancy at 6 Weeks.png)
(349.80 KB 380x566 Pregnancy at 8 Weeks.png)
(356.14 KB 383x565 Pregnancy at 12 Weeks.png)
(402.81 KB 416x592 Pregnancy at 16 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body, by Derek Llewellyn-Jones
(429.95 KB 441x612 Pregnancy at 20 Weeks.png)
(435.15 KB 422x643 Pregnancy at 24 Weeks.png)
(451.71 KB 432x641 Pregnancy at 28 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body
(489.41 KB 448x677 Pregnancy at 32 Weeks.png)
(476.63 KB 446x675 Pregnancy at 40 Weeks.png)
(529.76 KB 455x706 Pregnancy at 36 Weeks.png)
Everywoman and Her Body
>>21621 I call it soft pr0n for kids thru public (middle or Jr high) school. Time to homeschool your kids, they are gonna get corrupted. xD
>>21659 I found that on the bookshelves in my parents' attic when I was a young teen. It may have been left there for me to find, that and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask). The only 'talk' I ever got as a kid was "If you get a girl pregnant before you're married, I'll tie a knot in it you'll never get out," but between those two books I was pretty well informed.
(626.31 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_25.jpg)
(587.93 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_24.jpg)
(624.21 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_23.jpg)
(602.94 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_22.jpg)
(579.00 KB 2097x2964 51581556_89555648_13.jpg)
>>21880 Source?
>>21880 >>21890 Seconded extra sauce pls
>>1684 kek
If anyone knows the artist and if they still do art, please tell us
>>22375 Their DA account seems to be deactivated, so that's why I'm asking BTW
(179.86 KB 1080x1350 IMG_0529.jpeg)
(200.47 KB 1080x1350 IMG_0530.jpeg)
My second attempt on drawing x-ray girls. Made one baby a little too big but hey practice makes perfect. Hope you all enjoy and have a good day and night
(953.34 KB 1684x1191 F7BTYxlaQAAXUfw.jpg)
>>22651 Sometimes one of them gets bigger irl too. Human isn't symmetrical.
(700.93 KB 2480x3508 1126255611.jpg)
(451.46 KB 1280x1810 pg_0012_1.54_MB.jpg)
(452.34 KB 1280x1810 pg_0013_1.67_MB.jpg)
(441.11 KB 1280x1810 pg_0019_1.38_MB.jpg)
>>2330 source?
>>18278 source?
(757.53 KB 1748x2480 1000015148.jpg)
(715.17 KB 1748x2480 1000015149.jpg)
(973.22 KB 1748x2480 1000015147.jpg)
(846.75 KB 900x1600 1129510651.jpg)
(884.21 KB 900x1600 1129510653.jpg)
(402.71 KB 1638x2048 F9xNbOpa8AAekoK.jpeg)
>>18880 source? sauceNAO couldnt help me
(1.15 MB 1150x1600 1135930151.png)
(1.71 MB 1280x1920 00W_C2S.png)
(1.67 MB 1280x1920 00W_C2BS.png)
girls with gun are so hot, and with big belly is even better. From DF_Kraken
>>25988 fair warning that most of this guys stuff is guro, probably best to not check him out
(4.95 MB 2220x3106 11453273113.jpg)
(179.26 KB 1280x960 269_2023.12.30_108_4_textless.jpg)
(645.24 KB 1280x1807 swu-08.jpg)
(627.98 KB 1280x1807 swu-09.jpg)
(649.03 KB 1280x1807 swu-13.jpg)
(731.40 KB 1280x1807 swu-15.jpg)
>>27109 Sauce?
(346.08 KB 1075x1518 cto4-15.jpg)
(362.69 KB 1075x1518 cto4-17.jpg)
(430.62 KB 1280x1785 snau3-37.jpg)
>>27108 This is clearly Ponchi, but share link
>>27238 Thank you
(305.28 KB 1000x1400 kagurabeer03.jpg)
(343.12 KB 1000x1400 kagurabeer04.jpg)
262an has had a history of going offline for a while but appears he probably bit the dust with this latest absence
>>21599 Yeah, this is most of their style - schoolgirls impregnated in fuvked-up ways and examined via x-ray. It's so good.
>>27986 And text bubbles. Lots and lots of text bubbles.
(593.87 KB 1280x1816 kktn2-207.jpg)
>>27972 last post on twitter (when it still was twitter) was november of 2020 back when Covid was getting really bad worldwide. so it's a possibility.
>>21270 sauce?
>>28063 sauce?
(8.89 MB 4000x4200 1786831_115250104_3.png)
(157.78 KB 1280x960 001_1_219.jpg)
(246.62 KB 1280x1707 001_1_231.jpg)
(659.88 KB 1280x1807 chs-mms_023.jpg)
(657.55 KB 1280x1807 chs-mms_025.jpg)
(714.92 KB 1280x1807 chs-mms_032.jpg)
(110.49 KB 1280x1575 OC_7.jpg)
(112.36 KB 1280x1575 OC_26.jpg)
(138.27 KB 1280x1440 _10.jpg)
(114.66 KB 1280x1341 C_2.jpg)
(292.46 KB 1151x1041 1154964152.jpg)
(3.28 MB 2507x3541 FFhLAcDwcW9Kr3YfTsCKvoyK.png)
(762.58 KB 1523x2101 bN29YZNZe14VFgcOedbofzgp.jpeg)
(509.54 KB 1177x1634 VmXgy10mrr2nIOLRRzyDZXLA.jpeg)
(559.94 KB 1179x1465 ABUdokpGmC6kNPpno4n9sGPx.jpeg)
>>29018 sauce?
>>29067 Loppinni
(595.24 KB 1280x1780 nkv-57.jpg)
(279.67 KB 729x1032 1145900884.png)
>>29081 Sauce?
>>29645 >>29587 oops it's for this one sorry
(230.37 KB 1280x1810 29.jpg)
(645.46 KB 600x1048 1161367472.png)