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Last Thrdead is Full. So there is New one!
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041e0 No.93962

Reporting a bug. I got stuck inside the pervert house bathroom after Selby told Hazumi to wash herself after her water broke. There was an invisible wall after the "Hold it" choice.

81820 No.93967

Incredible… Thank you.

91b8e No.93970

I will check it.
Bathroom birth, was vorking pretty well last time…

26295 No.93971

hello, there used to be option on gumroad to pay via paypal but it doesnt give me that option for your content is there a way arrount it please?

06803 No.93972

File: 1626062584030.png (454.99 KB, 1313x999, Screenshot (299).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

It appears that I am getting a filename.match error anytime Hazumi takes her clothes off or puts them back on, whether it be from using the bath in her apartment or from events triggered by mods. I am not sure how to fix it. Can anyone help? I have included a photo for reference.

e3b9e No.93981

why are so many mods paid mods? is anyone making free stuff anymore? just bitching a bit because i'm poor.

c2abd No.93985

Check out NamelessDev's page. It contains most of the free mods.

c2abd No.93986

You have to choose Hazumi's form in the option menu, before interacting with event.

91b8e No.93987

Sorry man, I have wrote it in last thread.

I have really shitty situation now. Like - "Thungs are fuck up" tottaly.

My main work is give me enought money to live. But now, I need to relocate my Wife from another country.

She is Pregnant right now, and in country, where i live, there is problem. Even i'm state employee, and my wife is leggaly wife - i need to buy a medical insurance for her.

2500$ - it is much more, that I earn by working.

So, unfortunatly, I need to do my stuff paid.
I'm verry sorry about it guys. But i have no choice…

Time is shorting.
2500$ is quite huge amount of money. I earn about 1200-1400 per month.
If i stop eating, sleeping, using pc, and going to work by car (40km) ii can earn it by 2 months.. But it is not real…

91b8e No.93989

I try to use direct paypal payments, but fees are really devastating.
I earn 69$ from customers, and pay 47$ fees… (Paypal and Gumrod)
Sorry but it is too much for me…

If you can not buy it by gumrod or booth - mail me!

2f529 No.93996

Direct bank transfers generally have the lowest fees, but are slow and non-refundable. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of international transactions.

6c6e7 No.94010

New to the game .. apparently there's mod and its awesome .. appreciate for all the hardwork.. but is the modder will make more mod? especially for milf hazumi version might be awesome ?

78b52 No.94031

I love milf one too. Aging Hazumi will have special charm.

4b1b0 No.94059

There is a small bug I found. Contraction that is supposed to begin after "Selby induced the labor" actually begin after "Hazumi is milking herself".

PS. For everyone. If Selby refused to help you when Hazumi has multiple and you're thinking about clipping through wall in the bedroom to debug babies number into single, DON'T!! You'll received an error after giving birth from doing this.

80981 No.94060

It is known small bug, but i decided to leave it as is.
Milking can start a contractions (not milking, but nipple stimelation) so, you can walk araund house, and getting contractions.

Reducting babyes by debug function isnt good idea, yes…

80981 No.94061

I found some small bugs in text, and improve one of Lazloo sex scenes.
So if you found missclick in text, or bad grammar - post it here. I fix it.

80981 No.94092

As I work on bugs with my last mod - I start working on NEW mod.

I want to do a Lot of "Illegal stuff" there
Think abaut
- Cum byer
- Slum Medical centre
- Slum Restaurant (hires only pregnant girls)
- Rich people can hire Pregnant girl to serve their needs (on one day)
- Forced impregnation by unfertile copules, and give birth a baby to them
- Maybe finally some Birth Deny scenes.

It will be HUGE mod. With Really Huge map with many quests and stuff

Hope I can do it all enought fast.

Also I can take some sugestion or ideas!
(Evil Gold - in this mod, I include you Slum free service, and move it to other place. If you allo this of course!)

I will do it fully compatabile with all others mods.

c2abd No.94111

You can, but you don't need to. It already works in your extended map now.

c2abd No.94116

Also, if you want to include any of my original mod into your mod, you have to make that mod of yours totally FREE TO EVERYONE. And you also have to mention my name and contact as the original author in your mod description page. If you can accept the term, then you can use my mod.

f1e59 No.94168

My nod will not be free, but patch for your mod, will be free.
This patch move whole your mode, whitout changing, to new place.
My Slum_Extended will be very gross.
Also, if someone will want use old stock mode - it will be work, on original place.

c2abd No.94197

Sorry, that's the term. And since you don't set your mod free, you cannot release my mod as extra patch for your mod.

68dbf No.94203

Fully understand it. And Agreed.
I will do my new mod as good, as I can. With fully compatibility.

e3b9e No.94250

anyone know when the patch with colorable hair is coming out?

c393e No.94348

I got a question, has there been any new update or any word on the ultra loli that Dewwy was working on?

8f28a No.94349

subscribed to the thread

f1e59 No.94388

Babyseller mod Updated. Small fixes.
Thank you all!

2f529 No.94415

It's available now on Steam if you opt-in to the beta branch.

329ab No.94417

Is there anyway to make 0 sperm go into the uterus after go to sleep? It's weird when hazumi go to sleep with flat belly and wakeup with bulging belly full of cum from the cumflation mod.

e3b9e No.94425

what if i didnt get my game thru steam?

2f529 No.94426

Just wait for it to leave beta and get added to the other stores.

2a18e No.94451

I just play Hazumi 2 days ago and i have a few questions.
How can you guy update the mod when using computer?
I'm playing 2 versions 1.4 and 1.5 separately. I really don't know how to make it be one game.
And, can you guy send me the link to the previous Hazumi threads?

7fc15 No.94458

You just play Hazumi 2 days ago but you play 1.5? There is 1.7.4 avaliable and you need at least 1.6.2 to mod the game. It got a "mod" folder for you to put the mods you want in it.

b9c20 No.94460

has there been any update to the nami mod other than the new single new clothing option?

2a18e No.94463

>>94458 Um… My brother just help me update to 1.7.1
We don't have enough money to get 1.7.4
If we got 1.7.4, how can i make it become one?

e3b9e No.94464

where do i download new clothing option?

3ebc0 No.94500

File: 1626860300149-0.png (344.41 KB, 662x1218, Screen Shot 2564-07-21 at ….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1626860300149-1.png (338.09 KB, 702x1228, Screen Shot 2564-07-21 at ….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hi,nameless. New_clothes 3.0 seems to use incorrect mimi cosmetic for maid outfit and "Younger" also has tattoo problem with it too.

And can you make MOD_overduebellys selectively display or not display saggy belly CG for different form. and different clothes? Like display saggy cg in standard clothes for younger hazumi and display saggy cg in new clothes for normal hazumi?

2a18e No.94508

where can i find nameless mod?

46474 No.94511

fcc89 No.94516

Fixed. Turns out MOD_overduebellys.js in new_clothes 3.0 doesnt support the mod and should use the one from the tattoo mod instead.

2a18e No.94520

how can i meet the mad doctor to have ultra ovulation?

e3b9e No.94525

Can android version of game be modded?

7d5aa No.94530

With maldivez

e3b9e No.94535

what's maldivez?

2a18e No.94548

How can i make overdue Hazumi?

2a18e No.94549

I don't know why eventhough i made Hazumi drink birth delayer but it still doesn't work.
The longest time she pregnant is 40 weeks and no more

4ed14 No.94552

Some mod is conflicting with the sleeping related code, I assume. It was happen to me once and found out that it came from the exhibitionist mod. Did you also installed that mod?

e7321 No.94567

Sarach in MODS folder mod, that using
"CommonEvent" number 2
Exclude the Birth Delayer.
That is conflict mode.

2a18e No.94569

Oh, thanks.
I do that and it worked

1f200 No.94607

File: 1627092961257.png (138.84 KB, 274x450, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

I still can't go south in patch 1.2, there's an invisible wall preventing me from going through.

26295 No.94611

>>94607 same here

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