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File: 1623536188670-0.jpg (130.44 KB, 742x1200, ETq_DWGWoAIvrKJ.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

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Last Thrdead is Full. So there is New one!

24119 No.92573

How do I trigger the events in the national institute extemded mod?

23d61 No.92574

23d61 No.92575

- For Exam birth - talk to teatcher ant full term.

- For Toilet birth - Be overdue, and talk to the Ashley (Bue Hired girl)
{If you will be horny - additional scene will shown}

- When you are full term, talk to Deny. (Blonde man in central line)

- If you are Cumflated - talk to Ashley. You will get additional scene.

4c213 No.92576

Many thanks, my man, you the best.

1617e No.92579

I'm probably being fucking Dumb, but I installed the the following mods:

>Tattoo and piercing

>ahegao face mod

And neither have worked, I have 9 mods on the game (most of namelesses work) and they all work fine.

Was there a different install on those? As I have tried uninstalling and trying again before and that didn't fix it.

Running on the steam copy if that makes a difference.

9751e No.92590

To get the tattos you need to unlock the tattoo studio map first(a girl in the institute unlock that map appear after the third child birth) for ahegao you need to drink an ultra or powerfull aphro first

1617e No.92593

>(a girl in the institute unlock that map appear after the third child birth)

I've had 3 births now but she never spawned at the NI, and good call on the ultra/powerful aphro, I had missed that step.

5c4d0 No.92596

I donwloaded the AiO MOD and its telling me Im missing Uloli Images and files. deleted and redownloaded it and something???

78d42 No.92599

Has anyone had a problem with the ultra ovulation inducer not working? I'm able to interact with the npc and buy the drug fine, but even with stacking it with the normal ovulation inducer it never seems to do anything.

78ddb No.92611

Tatoo mods is after 4th birth i guess.
It is a long time, that i start new game…

78ddb No.92612


Unfortunatly, Ultra Loli mod has been never completed :(

Our draw genius Duwwey, had some problems, and not get back after it…

NamelessDev implemented option in game option for future, but it is abaut year ago…

1ccfd No.92628

Shouldn't it be removed then?

5c4d0 No.92634

is there a way to stop it form popping up and freezing the game?

2f529 No.92722

File: 1623737465320-0.png (1.58 MB, 1464x2514, 90562166_p0.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1623737465320-1.png (1.91 MB, 1464x2514, 90562166_p2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

4b525 No.92746

No, It remains. A reminder of what could have been and what has been taken from us.

928ae No.92886

File: 1624120859248.png (5.99 MB, 3541x5016, 90653548_p0.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

For some reason nobody post the new fanart from Duwewey so here's the fanart done by Duwewey.

bdff9 No.92887

Oh my goodness!

7f85f No.92889

Can anyone tell me what game file and what line of code to edit to stop the rent from increasing? I've done it before, but I can't remember how I did it.

81820 No.92890

Just give birth and use the money to buy the apartment… It's not difficult at all.

fb106 No.92892

You couldn't resist, could you?


b3f67 No.92900

So I got the "AiO+Quintuplets+Gyaru+sprite" mod but I keep getting single and twins pregnancy.

Is there anything I can do to guarantee quad or quints? Or is there a way to increase the chances for large multiples?

d89df No.92904

Try to use many "ovulation inductors"
And big amount of sperm in uterus.

And some luck :)

c728d No.92911

What are ovulation inductors and where can I find them? I must be blind because I can't see them

9b104 No.92916

After giving birth, go talk to the drug dealer who appear at the top right corner of the furniture store. He will give Hazumi the access to the Slum to buy his ovulation drug. You still need to save scumming (save and reload the game) before going to sleep because there’s still a lot of chances that Hazumi will get single baby from this drug but at least you can save scumming with this drug.

2f529 No.92921

Mihiraghi tweeted that he's implemented an option to change Hazumi's hair (including pubic hair) color value in game.

e3b9e No.92924

hell yeah!

00c73 No.92956

File: 1624209327829.png (932.94 KB, 1875x1233, 15534.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

who remember about this?Is it achievable?

d89df No.92978

Very very difficult.
It may request to rewrite whole game.

169ff No.92984

That's a pity.But what if it's just a bigger belly, breasts and nipples?

b0c8b No.92985

File: 1624285747385-0.png (144.39 KB, 470x1200, stand_naked_1_saggy_black.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1624285747385-1.png (147.12 KB, 470x1200, stand_naked_afterPregnant_….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1624285747385-2.png (169.03 KB, 816x624, M_CG_body_leg改.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Does anyone want this?

85beb No.92987

I'd vote for it.

d89df No.92989

Definitly YES!
Is that shaggy for all hazumis? (Young/normal)?

We can do a Shaggy belly, and ultra shaggy belly…

28c9a No.92997

File: 1624294214687.png (105.45 KB, 290x298, shaggy.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

>Shaggy belly

52d06 No.93001

Good joke. Now draw something that we can use in game, and we use it! :D

e3b9e No.93009

it's just fan art unfortunately. pretty hard to do in game but maybe not impossible?

e3b9e No.93010

File: 1624333628074.jpg (21.42 KB, 375x271, 5237960.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

123ed No.93028

Like, the fuck, scoobs

95b0a No.93029

"Now let's see who really is in this belly"
*performs C-section*

7b853 No.93047

Any update on that mod on development?

d0e71 No.93067


Yes, small uptade is here.

For "National_Institute_Extended" - trying to fix that problem one more time. Hope it will work.


- Finish 3 new birth events
- Finish 2 new sex minigame
(No new GRF guys - i'm not an artist…)
Now working on "camshow birth event" (alsomt done)
nad on the way is two big events
1st - Birth deny minigame
2nd - cumflated birth event.

So hope soon we can test first version of that mode.
It was not easy to code that…

95803 No.93076

Cool, looking forward to it.

78b52 No.93155

The RPGMaker MV is having 75% off sale right now on Steam. The sale will be ended on July 9th.

971c1 No.93283

Do you think anyone can make birth sequence with dialogues when giving birth to third till fifth baby no matter if they're repeated dialogue? As well as deflating belly for each baby given birth with the game remembering the babies number and minus 5 or something. Im not good with javascript.

c816e No.93342

Reminder that there could be infinity amount of babies in there…. if someone ever want to do so using slum madam mod…

d0e71 No.93343

Maybe I try to write that. But it will work only with 5 babies max…
I have an Idea.
Do it in my Slum_Extended mode.
But it will take a time.
Now need to done the BabySeler&PervertHouse

20d23 No.93354

File: 1624979999584.jpeg (327.49 KB, 550x755, 90878783.jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

4f867 No.93380

File: 1625023031932.png (96.77 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_11.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Does anyone have improved x-ray assets? As in, extended womb size, cum on ovaries, more cum, etc.
Something like pic related.

cf317 No.93423

I rly wanna try ur mod but I have a problem when buying it
Do u have a twitter or discord acc to discuss about this?

6fe94 No.93427

I have Mail. Send me a mail, and we can discuss it.

78d42 No.93479

Can't get the Nami mod to work. Is there anything you have to do besides copy the www folder into the PPLS folder?

f3233 No.93484

Question: can Hazumi's breasts leak in this game? Like, if your breasts get too full, milk will leak out and stain her clothes?

Also, is there a way you can go other places while nude?

2f409 No.93490

If someone makes the larger belly art the coding shouldn't be too hard. Might not work with all extra mods though.

78d42 No.93491

File: 1625179079025.jpg (373.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210701-183738….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Could definitely use a bigger belly mod, I had this happen earlier

d0a37 No.93492

File: 1625180055848-0.jpg (15.5 KB, 350x260, PrtScr.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

>taking a picture of the screen with your phone

a88bf No.93495

So I was messing with a modpack and you can change hazumi from young to loli to uloli. Wtf is Uloli? Are you just playing as a fetus that gets pregnant? Who made this? Is mega loli just a sperm and egg? Is maxloli just the pc now playing az hazumi's mother?

aa0a2 No.93499

This would make a great edit

e3b9e No.93501

it's a mod that never got made sadly

e3b9e No.93502

exhibitionist mod is nudemod

2f529 No.93512

Mihiraghi tweeted that the color change update is being released as a beta on Steam.

fe8f5 No.93513

How do I change the Hazumi standing CG to full body after new clothes update 3.0?

c4619 No.93515

File: 1625206638394.jpg (170.21 KB, 480x478, 1602011581212.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

What the shit has a lot of fetuses in her boobs?

What the fuck anon.

3af15 No.93523

dont worrry
youll also get used into seeing things like, fetus in womb of fetus in womb of fetus in womb of fetus in womb of fetus that goes on for about 20times

2e118 No.93524

*cough* and forgot about dick going all the way to the inner most one

4caf0 No.93525

I hate that shit
Not even borderline pedophilia, just open and out there
As someone who likes preg, I cannot fathom doing anything that actually involves the fetus

22277 No.93527

yeah, i just dont look at like porn,
just look laugh at what people come up with and go your way

c4619 No.93545

You have serious problems negro.

9e13a No.93551

Mate, he's not kink shame anyone. Everyone has a certain level of norminess.

7dc2d No.93561

If you get angry at everything ugly and wrong you see instead of laughing at the absurdity, you will never stop being angry. There's just too much ugly in the world. You can't accomplish anything if you are exhausted from being angry all the time.

a88bf No.93582

Have they added a futanari mod yet for hazumi's customers? Its kinda weird theres one named "sis" that says futa and is a big fat guy. I would make it if I was halfway decent at coding.

29738 No.93587

I have been looking around for his work and have came up empty!
Where did you find this?

9d85c No.93602

I update my "National_Institute_Extended" mod. Hope i Fix that bug with loli hazumi. And now, it seems that enable or disable x-ray wiev will show or gide vagina in corner.

2f8c5 No.93605

here's link for futa mod v.1.1 .There is probably the newer one but I dont really care. Oh and the mods that take place in bedroom usually make "birth delayer" mod dont work properly (especially exibitionist mod) so be careful.

BTW futa client sprite for loli sex scene use normal sprite with ass shape empty space on the client. Can anyone help with this?

2f529 No.93606

The new version 1.8 changes how CG is displayed, and might break mods made for 1.7 and earlier.

db9cd No.93610

(facepalm) I am an idiot!
Thank you…

1ccfd No.93682

I'm not sure if this is a bug but the futa mod doesn't change the face for the breastfeeding

94178 No.93699

Anyone? Is this even a feature?

bb4d9 No.93703

That haven't been updated yet. It may come out as a free new mod along with semen drip mode.

e3a7c No.93745

Don't suppose there's a dialogue mod somewhere? Maybe it's just me, but I'm actively WANTING to get pregnant; the lines like "Guy forces the aphrodisiac down her throat," and "Hazumi doesn't realize he's not wearing a condom" right after I deliberately say No, don't wear one… they kind of ruin the "I'm trying desperately to get knocked up" vibe. Anyone?

a7202 No.93747

Well it’s Hazumi herself that doesn’t want to get pregnant. She just ok with it. But I guess manually changing the .js files to make Hazumi seems like she’s trying to get pregnant probably won’t do to you since she start out doesn’t want to get pregnant with thought about whether she’ll have an abortion or not. And unlikely that she‘d ever take ovulation drugs in the actual story since it doesn’t remove abortion choices.

1ccfd No.93758

You probably want to change more expressions too, she's too reluctant in the sex scenes to be saying that

2f529 No.93760

I believe the sex scenes are from the man's point of view.

e3a7c No.93763

I understand that she's scared of the prospect at first. I'm not concerned with that part. But after the third or fourth baby, when she talks about it getting easier, how she'd like to keep one someday… and the prevalence of drugs specifically designed to make it easier… and yet, the sex scenes continue to play out like she's getting stealthed even when you tell the game, "no, I don't want my partner to wear a condom" - just kind of a jarring discrepancy.

Starting to get the feeling from these responses that this is one of those, "but a woman would never actually play this game" sort of moments.

1ccfd No.93768

>you tell the game, "no, I don't want my partner to wear a condom"
But you don't tell the game, you're the man who impregnates Hazumi and ignores her requests to put on a condom

53bd7 No.93780

Excuse Me,Will the "National Institute Extended" MOD be translated into Japanese version ? (google translation)

91b8e No.93784

I, try to translate it. But no promise. I dont speek japanese.

91b8e No.93930

File: 1626009604008-0.png (313.79 KB, 818x656, 1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626009604008-1.png (181.48 KB, 818x656, 2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626009604008-2.png (477.79 KB, 818x656, 4.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626009604008-3.png (386.65 KB, 818x656, 5.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

My new mod is here!!! It was very hard to code it! But I do it! Enjoy!!!


First release, may contain a bugs. Please report them here!

458ee No.93934

File: 1626017774311.jpg (37.63 KB, 1920x1017, 20210712001444_1.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

huum…Is this bug?

91b8e No.93935

Yes. I forget to rename folder name.
Please in folder
mods/Babyseler - rename map030 to Map030
I will repair it imediatly

91b8e No.93937

Sorry, another bug find. Will fix it right now!

91b8e No.93938

Please Redownload NEW version. I fix some bugs.
Forgive me. I forgot to put a Data file in!
Now you can enjoy.
Thanks for troubleshoting!

b2694 No.93944


Selby only said "What do you need? Go away! I'm Bussy!" Please help.

91b8e No.93948

You can not just come and give your baby to Babyseler…
It is Illegal.
You have two choices.
1st - you need talk with Tomo, when she go to OB/GYN (Usually, she come when she is pregnant, and in second trimester. She explain about baby selking.

2nd - be Just before birth ( Full term, 38+ weeks) go to slums, and talk with your old frend. And buy from him some aphrodisiac! It will help you in pervert house.

041e0 No.93960

A guide to the birth scenes would be nice. Awesome work btw, easily one of the best mods to the game just from the amount of new content.

b2694 No.93961


Thanks. I'm playing your mod.

041e0 No.93962

Reporting a bug. I got stuck inside the pervert house bathroom after Selby told Hazumi to wash herself after her water broke. There was an invisible wall after the "Hold it" choice.

81820 No.93967

Incredible… Thank you.

91b8e No.93970

I will check it.
Bathroom birth, was vorking pretty well last time…

26295 No.93971

hello, there used to be option on gumroad to pay via paypal but it doesnt give me that option for your content is there a way arrount it please?

06803 No.93972

File: 1626062584030.png (454.99 KB, 1313x999, Screenshot (299).png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

It appears that I am getting a filename.match error anytime Hazumi takes her clothes off or puts them back on, whether it be from using the bath in her apartment or from events triggered by mods. I am not sure how to fix it. Can anyone help? I have included a photo for reference.

e3b9e No.93981

why are so many mods paid mods? is anyone making free stuff anymore? just bitching a bit because i'm poor.

c2abd No.93985

Check out NamelessDev's page. It contains most of the free mods.

c2abd No.93986

You have to choose Hazumi's form in the option menu, before interacting with event.

91b8e No.93987

Sorry man, I have wrote it in last thread.

I have really shitty situation now. Like - "Thungs are fuck up" tottaly.

My main work is give me enought money to live. But now, I need to relocate my Wife from another country.

She is Pregnant right now, and in country, where i live, there is problem. Even i'm state employee, and my wife is leggaly wife - i need to buy a medical insurance for her.

2500$ - it is much more, that I earn by working.

So, unfortunatly, I need to do my stuff paid.
I'm verry sorry about it guys. But i have no choice…

Time is shorting.
2500$ is quite huge amount of money. I earn about 1200-1400 per month.
If i stop eating, sleeping, using pc, and going to work by car (40km) ii can earn it by 2 months.. But it is not real…

91b8e No.93989

I try to use direct paypal payments, but fees are really devastating.
I earn 69$ from customers, and pay 47$ fees… (Paypal and Gumrod)
Sorry but it is too much for me…

If you can not buy it by gumrod or booth - mail me!

2f529 No.93996

Direct bank transfers generally have the lowest fees, but are slow and non-refundable. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of international transactions.

6c6e7 No.94010

New to the game .. apparently there's mod and its awesome .. appreciate for all the hardwork.. but is the modder will make more mod? especially for milf hazumi version might be awesome ?

78b52 No.94031

I love milf one too. Aging Hazumi will have special charm.

4b1b0 No.94059

There is a small bug I found. Contraction that is supposed to begin after "Selby induced the labor" actually begin after "Hazumi is milking herself".

PS. For everyone. If Selby refused to help you when Hazumi has multiple and you're thinking about clipping through wall in the bedroom to debug babies number into single, DON'T!! You'll received an error after giving birth from doing this.

80981 No.94060

It is known small bug, but i decided to leave it as is.
Milking can start a contractions (not milking, but nipple stimelation) so, you can walk araund house, and getting contractions.

Reducting babyes by debug function isnt good idea, yes…

80981 No.94061

I found some small bugs in text, and improve one of Lazloo sex scenes.
So if you found missclick in text, or bad grammar - post it here. I fix it.

80981 No.94092

As I work on bugs with my last mod - I start working on NEW mod.

I want to do a Lot of "Illegal stuff" there
Think abaut
- Cum byer
- Slum Medical centre
- Slum Restaurant (hires only pregnant girls)
- Rich people can hire Pregnant girl to serve their needs (on one day)
- Forced impregnation by unfertile copules, and give birth a baby to them
- Maybe finally some Birth Deny scenes.

It will be HUGE mod. With Really Huge map with many quests and stuff

Hope I can do it all enought fast.

Also I can take some sugestion or ideas!
(Evil Gold - in this mod, I include you Slum free service, and move it to other place. If you allo this of course!)

I will do it fully compatabile with all others mods.

c2abd No.94111

You can, but you don't need to. It already works in your extended map now.

c2abd No.94116

Also, if you want to include any of my original mod into your mod, you have to make that mod of yours totally FREE TO EVERYONE. And you also have to mention my name and contact as the original author in your mod description page. If you can accept the term, then you can use my mod.

f1e59 No.94168

My nod will not be free, but patch for your mod, will be free.
This patch move whole your mode, whitout changing, to new place.
My Slum_Extended will be very gross.
Also, if someone will want use old stock mode - it will be work, on original place.

c2abd No.94197

Sorry, that's the term. And since you don't set your mod free, you cannot release my mod as extra patch for your mod.

68dbf No.94203

Fully understand it. And Agreed.
I will do my new mod as good, as I can. With fully compatibility.

e3b9e No.94250

anyone know when the patch with colorable hair is coming out?

c393e No.94348

I got a question, has there been any new update or any word on the ultra loli that Dewwy was working on?

8f28a No.94349

subscribed to the thread

f1e59 No.94388

Babyseller mod Updated. Small fixes.
Thank you all!

2f529 No.94415

It's available now on Steam if you opt-in to the beta branch.

329ab No.94417

Is there anyway to make 0 sperm go into the uterus after go to sleep? It's weird when hazumi go to sleep with flat belly and wakeup with bulging belly full of cum from the cumflation mod.

e3b9e No.94425

what if i didnt get my game thru steam?

2f529 No.94426

Just wait for it to leave beta and get added to the other stores.

2a18e No.94451

I just play Hazumi 2 days ago and i have a few questions.
How can you guy update the mod when using computer?
I'm playing 2 versions 1.4 and 1.5 separately. I really don't know how to make it be one game.
And, can you guy send me the link to the previous Hazumi threads?

7fc15 No.94458

You just play Hazumi 2 days ago but you play 1.5? There is 1.7.4 avaliable and you need at least 1.6.2 to mod the game. It got a "mod" folder for you to put the mods you want in it.

b9c20 No.94460

has there been any update to the nami mod other than the new single new clothing option?

2a18e No.94463

>>94458 Um… My brother just help me update to 1.7.1
We don't have enough money to get 1.7.4
If we got 1.7.4, how can i make it become one?

e3b9e No.94464

where do i download new clothing option?

3ebc0 No.94500

File: 1626860300149-0.png (344.41 KB, 662x1218, Screen Shot 2564-07-21 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626860300149-1.png (338.09 KB, 702x1228, Screen Shot 2564-07-21 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Hi,nameless. New_clothes 3.0 seems to use incorrect mimi cosmetic for maid outfit and "Younger" also has tattoo problem with it too.

And can you make MOD_overduebellys selectively display or not display saggy belly CG for different form. and different clothes? Like display saggy cg in standard clothes for younger hazumi and display saggy cg in new clothes for normal hazumi?

2a18e No.94508

where can i find nameless mod?

46474 No.94511

fcc89 No.94516

Fixed. Turns out MOD_overduebellys.js in new_clothes 3.0 doesnt support the mod and should use the one from the tattoo mod instead.

2a18e No.94520

how can i meet the mad doctor to have ultra ovulation?

e3b9e No.94525

Can android version of game be modded?

7d5aa No.94530

With maldivez

e3b9e No.94535

what's maldivez?

2a18e No.94548

How can i make overdue Hazumi?

2a18e No.94549

I don't know why eventhough i made Hazumi drink birth delayer but it still doesn't work.
The longest time she pregnant is 40 weeks and no more

4ed14 No.94552

Some mod is conflicting with the sleeping related code, I assume. It was happen to me once and found out that it came from the exhibitionist mod. Did you also installed that mod?

e7321 No.94567

Sarach in MODS folder mod, that using
"CommonEvent" number 2
Exclude the Birth Delayer.
That is conflict mode.

2a18e No.94569

Oh, thanks.
I do that and it worked

1f200 No.94607

File: 1627092961257.png (138.84 KB, 274x450, Capture.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I still can't go south in patch 1.2, there's an invisible wall preventing me from going through.

26295 No.94611

>>94607 same here

2b66e No.94617

File: 1627119648982.png (34.01 KB, 233x242, 1st option.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO


Well its been a while since I announced this recolor and I've just finished it. what with the creator announcing a built in color system with the next big update it seems that this may be the last recolor I do for this game. this pineapple for one has enjoyed working on the reskins and crack a slight smile when I see screenshots of the skins I've made being used. ;)

c2abd No.94629

Nice work!

d3fa4 No.94640

I will check it out. Think i know where is problem. Will fix it soon.
Thank you!

2f529 No.94651

If you provide the hue, saturation, and brightness values for the hair and eyes, anyone can apply it themselves with the new update.

e3b9e No.94661

File: 1627187583684.png (202.69 KB, 769x617, Capture.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

All of a sudden i have this issue.

e3b9e No.94773

Bump. I can't play sex scenes at all.

6cdbe No.94784

Version of game? Mods that you use?

e3b9e No.94802

File: 1627438810923.png (39.01 KB, 652x503, fiolder.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

this is with 1.65, here are the mods i have installed

05266 No.94817

Small update for BabySeller&Perrvert mod from me.
That may fix the invisible wall in bathroom.

05266 No.94818

Dont know what is Pet_Cat mode.

If you can, try to reinsltall whole game. And slowly add all mods.
Add nod - try to play
Add another - try to paly.

Think that reinstall may help.

c910a No.94819

Some one made a Hazumi fanfic. Not much in the story. Basically just what happen in the game with exhibitionist mod.


e3b9e No.94855

will try it, pet cat wasnt causing problems before but i'll see what's up

17ec9 No.94883

I'm updated the Babyseler mod.
Invisible wall may be fixed.
Thank you all!

1f200 No.94889

Yup, confirmed fixed. You're the best, man, keep it up.

2a18e No.94900

How can i open Gynecologist department map?
Is it confict with some mods or somethings?

2a18e No.94901

File: 1627580290549.png (9.22 KB, 725x463, Screenshot 2021-07-30 0037….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I missed map 30, why?

d3fa4 No.94904

Redownload new version. I forget to put in map30. Now it fixed (with other bugs)
Thank you.

e4ab4 No.94949

So this might have already been solved in one of the old threads. I'm updating mods for this game, just installed the updated clothes mod. Worked fine, no issues. Tried to install the Kemoiniri mod afterwards, and as soon as the game would display the CG it just says "HazumiBodyType not defined" on the error screen? Anyone know how to fix this?

42326 No.94989

Looks like you forget install the last ver of the aio

18a42 No.95088

after 5th childbirth i guess. the maddocter (and slummadam+tattoo friend) will appear after a certain number of childbirth.

1371a No.95136

File: 1627795226380.png (83.03 KB, 966x296, Screen Shot 2564-08-01 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Turns out if you have peepreggolover's institution mod. You cant activate Yanashi's blackmail event when you took the Contraception to the institute. The check point to activate the event just doesnt exist.

1371a No.95137

update. remove the institution mod doesnot solve the issue. seems like the problem doesnot came from the institution mod.

7b699 No.95156

Nope, Institute mod does not change standart event.
For that trigger, you need to give birth, and not be pregnant. And have contraception pill in inventory.

And some else… I can chek all terms.

57785 No.95168

Maybe too niche but are there any mods that show the sperm fertilizing the egg or anything? Game kicks ass but I really need that x-ray. Haven't seen it discussed anywhere. Really if anyone could point me in the direction of mods that that focuses on the conception side of it

1f746 No.95185


Yes, there is Mod that allow it.

96b7b No.95204

Newbie here just upgraded to 1.7.1 and want install the"AiO+Quintuplets+Gyaru+sprite mod and it tell to set the form of hazumi if anyone knows how to do that it would be great again I am a newbie

cd5f7 No.95206

For future reference, where/how do you update the game to get the newest versions

c2abd No.95207

Re-download the game from where you bought it.

fd0ba No.95243

Are you talking about putting ovum fertilization scene from nii-Cri'game
and play it in this game? Or you just talking about the mod that >>95185 mentioned (it's just visual indicator that tell you how many sperms is in the womb with a picture of fertilized ovum).
link for the fertilization overlay mod : https://mega.nz/file/ejJjTYJT#_oyjza8JLzOE0ZZZxgTJS19Cii4kgJevSBN3z3CRt8A

>>95204 Not sure what you are talking about but ill try my best. "AiO+Quintuplets+Gyaru+sprite" mod comes with an image folders, right? Open the game location> PPLSS > www > img > pictures. "pictures" is a folder where we put various sprite folders for different form of your character (dont mix those up). Then put "AiO+Quintu+Gyaru+Sprite_MOD" folder into the "PPLSS > www > mods". Hope this help.

Speaking of sprites. Have anyone ever test the new 1.9.6 with every single mods that doing things with the sprites?

2f529 No.95248

Version 1.9.6 breaks compatibility with most mods that alter sprite and CG colors. There is a built-in legacy patch included to get older mods working, the instructions are in the read me file. I would assume that any mods could be rewritten to use the in-game color editor, but I don't know for sure.

To recap, the biggest change is that hair, pubic hair, and eye color can now be changed by using the new hair dye and color contact lenses items available at the pharmacy. This works by allowing the player to input custom values for hue, brightness, and saturation. There are other changes to the backend regarding how sprites and CG are displayed. This update also applies to the Android build, if anyone is interested.

ba8ba No.95253

what does the update even add

2f529 No.95254

Did you not read the last post?

e3b9e No.95266

how do i update the android version

81a4c No.95267

Hey guys downloaded the kemonomimi mod and I have all the cosplay items except the succubus one does anyone know where it is or how to find the cosplayer

d55fa No.95274

Slum you must have an anti conseptive

cd5f7 No.95342

Downloaded newest update, tried setting the aio mod now her body has disappeared in standing cg any thoughts?

2f529 No.95348

Try using the legacy patch included with the gane. Instructions are in the read-me

cd5f7 No.95356

Will do

cd5f7 No.95394

Okay so the All in One mod seems to be incompatible with the new version I’ve used the legacy patch and it still breaks the game. Think I’m gonna wait a bit before modding 1.9

57785 No.95400

both would be great

anything that shows sperm + egg is ideal

e3991 No.95413

File: 1628233587615.png (10.26 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_5.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

This is a bit of an idea that I was working on, is not exactly a mod but more like a set of custom skins with a focus on the x-ray and Hazumi's womb, with sfx and stuff, while quite mediocre I made this in a rush to see how it turned out, I would like to see more stuff like this as well:

81a4c No.95426

I have a question is there any unscensoring/ descensoring mods out there if so where

fb019 No.95436

File: 1628288394661.png (422.36 KB, 816x622, bug.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

A fix for this?

7de82 No.95437

Thats clearly not a bug.
You surely know that disembodied older heads are part and parcel of the reproductive process right?

563c3 No.95438

I am sorry. I was in that mood and now I am not due to laughing so god damn hard. Thanks for that!

42326 No.95442

Im working in a compatibility update be patient

df811 No.95445

I know you're asking for help but I'm with the others in having a laugh, this looks like a shitpost lmao

cd5f7 No.95449

No rush NamelessDev love the work, and I’m all good playing 1.7 modded until the compatibility patch

76abe No.95458

File: 1628327150779.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1040, Screenshot 2021-08-07 0259….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

cd5f7 No.95505

Thinking of making aMod, simple one to reset the rent counter for the landlord. The rent increases incrementally but at some point it will be almost impossible to pay. I know the game encourages you to reset by keeping a kid but some people might want to see how far they can go in game before resetting. Thinking maybe if you don’t have enough you can “persuade” the landlord to reset the rent price shouldn’t be too hard just change a value in the script

1ccfd No.95508

The landlord disappears eventually

3d03e No.95509

I have Maddoctor mod and trying to have overlapping pregnancy with normal ovulation drug. Turns out slum madam and sex scene overlapping impregnation will give you 0 baby instead of multiple babies. (you can still get single baby in each overlapping pregnancy) here's the part of the code.

….ert(`重複妊娠エラー!胎児の判定が行われていません!\nどこでこのメッセージが出たか報告してください`) }

if(s[58] == true){
flag = true;
kiso = 4;
maxBabys= 15;
if(s[516] == true){
flag = true
kiso = 3;
maxBabys= 20

if(s[516] == true && s[58] == true){
flag = true
kiso = 2;
maxBabys= 25

if(flag == false){
v[59] += 1
let tmp = randmm(1,100) >= 20 ? 0 : 1
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

for ( var i=maxBabys; i>=1; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] += i;

v[374] = []
v[359] = 0
v[360] = 0
var tmp
for ( var i=v[59]; i>0; i– ){
tmp = randmm(1,100) >= 20 ? 0 : 1
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1


const _UltraMultiBaby = prostitute.multiBaby
prostitute.multiBaby = function(it){
//_UltraMultiBaby.apply(this, arguments)
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;

var kiso =6
var maxBabys = 10
v[59] = 1

if(s[59]== true){
kiso = 4;
maxBabys= 15
if(s[517] == true){
kiso = 3;
maxBabys= 20
if(s[59] == true && s[517] == true){
kiso = 2;
maxBabys= 25
for ( var i=maxBabys; i>=2; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] = i

v[374] = []
v[359] = 0
v[360] = 0
var tmp
for ( var i=v[59]; i>0; i– ){
tmp = randmm(1,100) >= 20 ? 0 : 1
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

const _CombinedPregnancyWithDrug = prostitute.combinedPregnancy
prostitute.combinedPregnancy = function(){
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var v = $gameVariables._data;
var flag = false;
var kiso =6
var maxBabys = 10

if(!v[59]){ alert(`重複妊娠エラー!胎児の判定が行われていません!\nどこでこのメッセージが出たか報告してください`) }

if(s[58] == true){
flag = true;
kiso = 4;
maxBabys= 15;
if(s[516] == true){
flag = true
kiso = 3;
maxBabys= 20

if(s[516] == true && s[58] == true){
flag = true
kiso = 2;
maxBabys= 25

if(flag == false){
v[59] += 1
let tmp = randmm(1,100) >= 20 ? 0 : 1
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

for ( var i=maxBabys; i>=1; i– ){
if ( randmm( Math.floor(Math.pow((kiso),(i/1.6))) ,1 ) <= 1 ){
v[59] += i;

v[374] = []
v[359] = 0
v[360] = 0
var tmp
for ( var i=v[59]; i>0; i– ){
tmp = randmm(1,100) >= 20 ? 0 : 1
tmp == 1 ? v[359] += 1 : v[360] += 1

const _cumInsideFn = prostitute.cumInside;
prostitute.cumInside = () => {
const V = $gameVariables._data || {};
const IS_IN_VAGINA = V[328] === 1;
const WITH_CONDOM = V[86] === 1;
let sperm_count = 0
var s = $gameSwitches._data;
var combinedPregnancyProbabiliti = 10;

if(s[58] == true){
combinedPregnancyProbabiliti = 25
if(s[516] == true){
combinedPregnancyProbabiliti = 35
if(s[516] == true && s[58] == true){
combinedPregnancyProbabiliti = 50

_cumInsideFn.apply(this, arguments);

if (IS_IN_VAGINA && !WITH_CONDOM && V[21] >= 3) {
sperm_count =V[21] * randmm(75, 150) + randmm(1, 100);

if (sperm_count >= 1) {
bun('From \x1bv[21]ml ejaculated to vagina, \n\x1bc[1]'
+ `${sperm_count}`
+ '\x1bc[0] sperm reach \x1bn[1]\'s uterus');

if(V[42]!=0 || V[43]>=1 && V[43]<=7){
bun('From getting creampied, \x1bn[1]\ feels a new ovum \nhas took place in her uterus.')


V[13] += sperm_count;
V[53] += sperm_count;

440ff No.95524

I was thinking about adding an extra place where milk can be stored as in her ovaries example, how hard could it be and which files need to be modified?

196ea No.95549

Nevermind. I re download the Maddoctor mod and it's turns out that Nameless's mod has a bug that make overlapping pregnancy with normal ovulation drug give you 0 baby instead of 2 or more babies. (you still can get single baby in each overlapping pregnancy).

603bd No.95558

You can buy out the apt to stop paying rent. Otherwise, the incremental rent increase will increase into perpetuity.

440ff No.95618

File: 1628660205933-0.png (256.43 KB, 470x1200, stand_shirt_1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1628660205933-1.png (148.88 KB, 816x624, C_CG_cut_3hida.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1628660205933-2.png (73.78 KB, 816x624, C_CG_face_8.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I have been updating this folder ever since I created it with more edited CGs and even some custom tilesets a few examples on what it has:
>adding extra sfx to some scenes
>making the womb more "emotional"
>adding some ovum overlays not for the existing mod but rather to standard CGs to make them more "appealing"
>2 new phone wallpapers
>custom furniture textures
Is not "great" and it needs some polishing but I'm surprised no one shared a custom set of CGs before so here there are.
The link is the same as before:

884b9 No.95625

File: 1628669058508.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 2021-08-11.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Some MODs of namelessdev will conflict with the new version (the problem was found later, it was "MOD_overduebellys.js", but I don’t know how to modify it)

42326 No.95631

Im working in a compatibility update please be patient

1067c No.95794

I'm still wondering if there been any new update or any word on the ultra loli that Dewwy was working on?
he commit a while back that he's back and working on it beginning of this year ,but there has been no news, word, post, or update after that. so I'm not nagging or trying to I'm just curious if he is still on it or if the mod is a bust and so I don't have to search for any news on the mod anymore

16d38 No.95797

Updated all the new mods but for some reason switching Ero Clothes keep crashing the game. Maid costume was fine, New Clothes were fine. I even made sure Hazume was in default setting before I loaded the game.

How can I fix this?

16568 No.95799

Does the tattoo mod not need a patch to play nice with ahegao anymore or is it just missing from the zip?

42326 No.95800

What error you get? Do you delete all the mods that was updated from the mod folder before install the new ones? Do you install all the updated mods again?
And do you upload in this order: aio->new clothes-> the rest-> tattoo

16d38 No.95801

Cannot read 'setCharacterImage' of null

I didn't upload in that order so thats probably what did it? I'll try doing that. Thanks for your mods, btw

2e712 No.95802

42326 No.95804

It doesnt needed anymore

16568 No.95810


9285e No.95861

How does hair dye works? I cant manage to change hair color at all even without nameless's mod.

76067 No.95865

Is there any issue with my mods?
I found a. Bug with Babyseler Mod, with loli. There is problem with Loli Cum Inflation Birth. I will fix it soon… (it is only birth. Graphic problem)

fc60c No.95866


I also experienced the invisible wall bug in the bathroom after selecting "Hold it"

76067 No.95875

Install new version 1.3a, I have fix that bug.
But you need reenter the map. Fix will not work if you load buggwd map from save.

72181 No.95877

Will there be another all-in-one mod or an update to the existing one?

2f529 No.95878

You use it at the mirror in Hazumi's apartment.

72181 No.95879

By this I mean will we get another ZIP of all the previous mods combined into one?

8c6e1 No.95880

Isn't there a way to add an extra scene after Hazumi goes to sleep? Like a picture of her sleeping on the bed, and it changes according to the "Fertilization and Implantation Sense". I'm fine if it's a blank picture I can edit it.

e8167 No.95889

Well i know that. Can anyone atleast give me the HSB value for blue,red,and blonde hair color? I cant manage to change the hair color from pink to any color at all. I even remove the entire mods folder from the game altho image set from nameless's mod is still in my "img" folder along with some files from Kemomimi mod you put outside of the "mods" folder.

76067 No.95892

Give me a Graphic, and I will do it.
It isn't very difficult.

2f529 No.95895

This is the closest I could get.
Red: Hue 15, Saturation 100, Brightness -20
Blue: Hue -120, Saturation 100, Brightness -30
Blonde: Hue 50, Saturation 100, Brightness 60

8d885 No.95904

Mihiraghi just released 1.10.3 with the description of "When install MODs, all files can be placed in mods folder". What's wrong with 1.9.6??

2f529 No.95910

Maybe it has to do with legacy mod support?

3b888 No.95911

Does anybody know if there is a sudden labor/birth mod for Hazumi?

81a4c No.95912

I have question is there a way to increase her sexual sensitivity

9d3a2 No.95918

File: 1629169494017-0.png (203.3 KB, 384x320, fertilization.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629169494017-1.png (189.85 KB, 483x373, fertilization-2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629169494017-2.png (72.11 KB, 321x258, implantation.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629169494017-3.jpg (264.06 KB, 2700x1800, implantation-2.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629169494017-4.png (139.26 KB, 440x382, implantation-3.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

These are some images that could fit for the "Fertilization and Implantation Sense"

9d3a2 No.95919

File: 1629169595741-0.jpg (599.31 KB, 1500x1069, sleep.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629169595741-1.jpg (250.94 KB, 1280x720, sleep-1.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

These images could fit for Hazumi as she is sleeping on the bed, there isn't any artwork of her sleeping but they can work as a placeholder.

80837 No.95924

You have to grind. Feed hazumi with aphodisiac and have her cum through out the sex scene, which will give you 0.2% per 3 SESSION. Yes it's as tedious as grinding breastmilk which you might as well just feed her with pharmacy aphro then move to convinient store aphro later.

30afd No.95925

Just a kind reminder. If these are not your original-made pictures, you might need to take care of the copyright issue.

30afd No.95947

File: 1629204559769.png (368.73 KB, 820x656, Untitled_2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Hi guys,

Sorry for the waiting. I have updated semen drip mod, and it is now compatible with the newest game version. This mod was supposed to come out last month, but was delayed by the latest update.

This mod is a collaborate work between NamelessDev and I. Well I made the art based on this game's original art, and also the trial code. NamelessDev improved the code and fixed the errors. Great work. I really appreciate him!

This mod would come out on NamelessDev's booth and gumroad page as a free mod. And I will update it for every new cloth that comes out.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


Evil Gold

cd5f7 No.96004

Okay so I narrowed down the issue causing hazumi to appear only as a floating hair and eyes/mouth when not on the status menu. Her cg for (naked,topless/old and new clothes) gets called fine but when I try to use standard hazumi it craps out. I’ve checked turning/picture folder and it has the image. I just don’t see why it isn’t called. Any suggestions?

0f74f No.96015

Download then lastest ver of my mods

cd5f7 No.96016

Gotcha. Thanks again for the help

f526d No.96037

Sorry, wrong say that.
I need completed graphic, that I may use in game (do it in png, with transparent background) and we can start working :)

9d3a2 No.96043

File: 1629346655044-0.png (27.2 KB, 470x1200, fertilization-sense.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629346655044-1.png (33.14 KB, 470x1200, implantation-sense.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629346655044-2.png (5.22 KB, 470x1200, sleep_face.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Sure, these are the pictures.

1588d No.96046

File: 1629361007090.png (1.18 MB, 1317x997, Capture.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Annyone know why the xray image is not lining up?

1588d No.96052

File: 1629391734259.png (1.62 MB, 1335x996, Capture.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Derp wrong image. This is the image I'm referring to.

588fc No.96081

File: 1629471411018.png (82.44 KB, 1195x427, Screenshot 2021-08-20 2155….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I have all the mods like this.
which one should be exclude so i can have Hazumi overdue?

27e92 No.96098

Even if it was an oopsie, I kind of liked that transition.
Check your picture folder if there isn't any issues with the pictures.

27e92 No.96102

What if Hazumi had stages of acceptance towards pregnancy? At first she is scared of getting pregnant, then she accepts it and doesn't mind, after too many pregnancies she becomes addicted to it.

728c4 No.96126

File: 1629626103585-0.png (5.14 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629626103585-1.png (6.72 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629626103585-2.png (6.74 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_3.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629626103585-3.png (6.09 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_4.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629626103585-4.png (10.33 KB, 470x1200, stand_cut_sperm_5.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

No, you just didnt get the correct CG.

1a503 No.96132

Odd, I'm using the most recent version off of dlsite, on top of all the updated mods. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into it.

41cf2 No.96149

File: 1629700399254.png (656.7 KB, 1628x1244, Screen Shot hazumi.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

From >>95889. I thought Ill go to my house in the next town to check the hair dye game mechanic with my window PC. Turns out Ive to stuck with macbook wineskin emulated version of the game for some time.
I re install the game with baby kick mod because that's the only way to clip through wall and cheat money. Even with that removed later, I can't manage to change the hair color. There's nothing happan when I change the hue number let alone after confirm the HSB value.

2f529 No.96153

This must be a mod conflict, because the hair dye works fine in vanilla.

Can everyone having this issue try changing hair color with all mods removed to confirm? I don't have any of the 3rd-party mods so I can't test this myself.

1a32c No.96159

File: 1629725763848.png (871.6 KB, 1360x768, Sin título.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

is not a mod conflict i check with all my mods the hair dye and it works perfectly, i think is a problem with wineskin, try to use a virtual machine with windows

2f529 No.96165

I wasn't sure since >>95889 had the same issue.

1a32c No.96176

File: 1629742749093.png (836.98 KB, 1360x768, Sin título.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

new instalation: all mods, dlsite ver the last one was in the steam ver two games in 1.10 probably an issue occurs while install the mods

5f271 No.96179

Hey guys,

I just updated all my mods and the game to the latest versions.

The Cumflation mod is just not working.. I am not getting any other issues.

When I have sex, the bit that tells you how much just entered her womb is never there. during sex she wont inflate, but when I sleep she does.

You can see why this would ruin the immersion :( Please help idk what I am doing wrong.

1a32c No.96184

what version cumflation is? do you have aio mod installed too in what ver?
how your picture folder and mod folder looks?

5f271 No.96190

Version 4.2 EN
I do have the AiO mod (V4.0)

I have all of your mods. I was following the installation tutorial here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GzAvsg78J-H4NFxETsdmy4x_glgfFcIY_NQdUAcbWIg/edit#heading=h.iu53nvf6fw1l

5f271 No.96191

I followed the installation instructions I linked and only installed AiO, new clothes, and the cumflation mod. This did not fix my issue on an existing save….

I got a new save and it worked! I see the event and the amount ejaculated.

If I edit my save to add items is there a chance I could break the mod? I think that may be what happened…

More testing is required, I'm gonna try and break it again.

1a32c No.96192

did you install the mods in a hazumi game with out mods?

e31ef No.96193

Probably not

5f271 No.96194

A clean copy of the game? Yes. I always start with a clean copy when I have issues.

5f271 No.96195

I think it has something to do with condoms breaking?

once a condom breaks it starts talking about the man can feel or sperm rushing to the womb.

b6e7a No.96205


The guy who post >>95889 and >>96149 was me. Im the only one here with this issue.

b54ba No.96223

I figured out the trigger! It is when you have the option to put a condom on. It changes the post orgasm text and breaks the cumflation mod.

96e72 No.96248

File: 1629859286697.png (109.94 KB, 811x167, Biggest-number-343-total.PNG) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I did a little bit of cheating but this is as far as I managed to get, I wonder if anybody here got a bigger number in their playtrough.

3f1ba No.96249

her wombs a fucking portal if thats how many babies one can only see in her

74b72 No.96263

Her womb is a realm onto itself. It's bigger on the inside.

8451c No.96264

6d666 No.96370

I just found out you can modify the audio files in the "audio" folder allowing you to add or change any sound or music you like.

53b0a No.96579

anyone still releasing mods for this?

1c037 No.96599

Yes, Big mod is coming up soon. Lots of new quests, some minigames, and new Area!

8755a No.96606

Yo I remember in the last thread mentioned something about bigger belly sizes. So I'm wondering if that is feasible for you know bigger pregnancies and cumflations?

1c912 No.96610

that type of mods needs rework some original accets then create the new accets(that include naked,normal,newclothes,loli,young, in simple works is a lot of work can be added in future but will takes some time

3b4ef No.96640

If someone can make milf Hazumi form with larger boobs, that would be so great.

f121c No.96672

I want something more extreme like speeding up pregnancy when raping herione, or fertilizing her again when she gives birth so heroine will only be a breeding tool

2e12a No.96676

Maybe, I do it in my next mod.
There will be
- Birth denial
- Sex while Birth
- Cumflation (NamelessDev mod is requied)
- Sudden Birth, whitout hospital
- Fertilization after birth, whitout poapartum

New Map, new characters, new quests.
Maybe new items.

I'm coding as fast as I can.
Lot of new stuff is hard to code and dialogue write…

ef7a6 No.96812

Since latest update from Mihiraghi, everyone now be able add any type of files into the mod folder and the game just change the game for you (and the last time I rearrange the img folder directly in the latest version, it took me a literal hour). Can anyone tell me how should I put image files from Namelessdev's mod into the "Mods" folder?

95a8e No.97277

hey dude, any update on this? would be incredible to have more specific fertilization stuff in the game, has any of this been implemented yet? If so, how does it work and how can I get it?

95a8e No.97278

any update on this?

e72be No.97657

File: 1632590501138.png (949.75 KB, 1624x1254, Screen Shot 2564-09-26 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I got a sprite problem. I have all CGs in the correct folder but ultra belly display incorrectly. I have all nameless's mods except cumflation and added the mod in a correct order (AiO>New clothes>the rest>tattoo>semendrip). Do anyone know how to solve this issue? Oh also I just replace Belly_Functions.js with one from AiO.

8efc4 No.97671

Had same problem. Solve it by Reinstalling all mods.
Start with AiO and then add one by one and testing.
It take some time…

acfc8 No.97793

File: 1632925925303.png (169.96 KB, 470x1200, stand_bareChest_2_1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I am creating an illustration of a new mod.
It will take some time, but it will be completed in a short time.

723e4 No.97801

Seems like JS files in "tattoo mod" is the problem here. Im currently using JS files from Newclothes instead.

fb3fd No.97863

rooting for ya! bout time we had more graphic mods like this!

95a8e No.98056

20bc7 No.98059

File: 1633668898204-0.png (175.4 KB, 1334x944, Screen Shot 2564-10-08 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1633668898204-1.png (96.9 KB, 622x808, Screen Shot 2564-10-08 at ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Continue from the >>97657. I replace a certain part of the MOD_overduebellys.js (long one from tattoo mod with short one from newcloth). For some reason, it fix the issue.

I dont know what does that code from tattoo mod's overduebellys.js do, tho, so I dont know what's the other issue that might cause from doing this.

c2abd No.98104

May I use some of these pictures in my mod? Of course I will make my mod free to all if published.

c2abd No.98105

I will put you in the credits as well if you want.

ddcca No.98124

Sure! You can go ahead, I'll allow it.
Put me as "Dark45" for the custom CGs. You can edit them if you want, as you please.

c2abd No.98126

Will do. And thank you for your support. Nice pictures!

c2abd No.98155

By the way, if you guys created some new clothes for this game and would like to share them, feel free to contact me or NamelessDev. We can add your clothes to the new cloth mod.

13496 No.98309

File: 1634346108747.png (134.58 KB, 791x650, hazumi.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

AiO mod error ?

fc22f No.98321

Set the hazumi form menu->config->system->change character choose the form you want save

13496 No.98435

Semen Drip mod can't ?

92d36 No.98445

Try delete the mod from mod folder. And find which mod is not working. Put Aio last.

18202 No.98853

any word or update on the ultra loli mod that Dewwy is working on? on his last post I read he said that he's back on working on it? just want to know if it still in the work or it a bust. If it a bust then I don't have to keep searching for any news on it

53b0a No.99061

I hope Dewwy is making good progress

26295 No.99063

any updates on mod? your previous mod was great and this sounds even better :)

1ccfd No.99070

You know what would be good? A convenience store outfit

7892d No.99111

And also part time job in konbini too, just like in cafe

92d36 No.99245

Just a quick update. Using pictures from your collection, I have added the two wallpapers to cellphone wallpaper mod. And I have also added the clothes to new cloth mod. I have sent these mods to NamelessDev, and he will update these mods in his page after checking.

By the way, do you have larger-version pictures of those mini-pictures from stand_cut_sperm_6.png to stand_cut_sperm_11.png in your collection? Better be like the size in picture C_CG_face_5.png of the same folder.

I tried to enlarge those pictures myself, but couldn't get them right.

92d36 No.99246

Also for the pictures D_CG_cut1_5.png, D_CG_cut1_6.png, D_CG_cut2_5.png, and D_CG_cut2_6.png, if you can manage to get rid of those mosaic black lines, that would be great.

I think giving it traditional mosaic like in the game would be better. And it would look natural.

c2abd No.99253

Do you have email address or discord? My email address is lordevilgold@gmail.com and my discord ID is Evil Gold#6422. You can send me email or add me on discord.

c9efa No.99265

Can someone remind me where to edit the amount of babies Hazumi will have?

16568 No.99329

If we're supposed to put AIO last then the mod install guide really needs updating

c2abd No.99336

It is when you are testing which mod is not working, and you are deleting the mod one by one from mod folder, that you should put Aio the last to delete.

If you are installing mods, then Aio should be the first one to be installed. The mod install guide has nothing wrong.

daba7 No.99341

I started a save with the "Semen drip" mod, but when it tried to make another version of the game w/o the mod with the same saves, it seemed to break the game. My sprite was invisible and it said I was missing a couple of files. Are my saves only usable with the mod now, or is there a way to properly uninstall the mod so I can use them on a version of the game w/o the mod? (Only reason I did this was because I didn't like how zoomed out the CGs were)

c2abd No.99344

The semen drip mod is compatible with game version 1.9.6 and above. It may not fit game versions below.
If you want to use your save in a lower game version, I would recommend that you open your saved game in higher game version first, with semen drip mod installed. In the configuration, choose not to show semen drip, and reset standing CG display. Then save your game. And you can use this save in the older game version now.

daba7 No.99345

Thanks, I didn't realize you could change the zoom of the CG in the options.

Also, the way the cumflation mod depicts how much cum is in the womb seems really strange. From what I've gathered, it seems like it's based on how many ejaculations you've had into you, not how much semen is currently in the womb. This leads to some really strange scenarios where you can have almost no semen in the womb, but still have a massive belly. Is there any way to change the way it's calculated to be more similar to the semen drip mod, because that one seems to accurately display semen based off of how much semen is currently inside Hazumi.

ba447 No.99604

It is long time, that I post here something.

Nrw mod is stil about 70% done. It is HUGE.
You will have new locanion "Rich House"
Where will be many quests and events.

Birth Deny
Toilet Birth
Public Birth
Surrogate maternity
Accident Birth

And many dialogues.

Also, soon I will release a smal development KIT. It will be Free.
it is GRF files for NPC (standart hazumi/nami/loli hazumi grf mirored)

Whitout this kit, new mod Rich House will not be functional.

53b0a No.99658

Anyone working on a mod where the guy in the school who rapes Hazumi ACTUALLY gets to impregnate her?

ae5a4 No.99668

I just bought the game aght some mods, does anyone knows where the loli mod is?

ceb22 No.99677

Good shit my guy, looking forward to it. Sounding like an instabuy for me already, love your works.

2d88e No.99680

where is the place to change the dialogue?

c2abd No.99849

It is combined in the Aio mod.

5fe88 No.99939

I'm getting an error as soon I copy the MOD_bodyType.js where the game doesn't load.

Am I doing somethign wrong?

c2abd No.99976

I am not really familiar with Aio mod. I think you'd better ask NamelessDev about it. Sorry.

c2abd No.99981

What I did was I opened the save in game version 1.7.4 with Aio mod for that version installed. Then I chose Hazumi form and saved it. And then I copied the save into the latest version game and play. Everything will be fine.

This can skip the problem, though it does not really solve it.

92d36 No.99994

If you don't have old version game, you can send your save file to me. I can try to help you fix it. Just send the save file to my email address: lordevilgold@gmail.com and tell me what mod you have used in that save.

The save is in the save folder under www.

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