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File: 1624150248008.jpg (118.05 KB, 850x599, Edwys-witch.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

3ab95 No.92907

Once upon a time, Impregnated Princess was created as a light-tg side-story of Impregnator Kings where Tharja and Edward's roles were reversed. Edward was born as Edwys, a very fertile young woman obsessed with becoming pregnant who married Crown Prince Tharja to become a princess.

Then, the intended-to-be light side-story took on a life of its own. It developed into its own intrigue-heavy story that culminated with Edwys abandoning everything she knew in pursuit of the power of becoming a witch.

For those following Impregnator Kings, here are the changes that occurred to make it simple to join in following this story:

Castle Valachia: destroyed. All inhabitants killed.

Edwys: sacrificed her child as part of the ritual to become a witch. Enabled by Beatrice.

Beatrice and Erika: formed an Unholy Alliance where they would work together to eliminate King Vlad as a threat and get revenge for his crusade.

Daniella: dead. Trapped in a situation where King Vlad executed her.

King Vlad: practically dead. Given the ultimate punishment of having his body destroyed, but he lives on as pair of eyeballs that will exist. Kept alive by Erika's magic so he can observe what she wants him to observe for all eternity.

Tharja: alive, but made comatose to act as 'research material' for Edwys.

Edwys has embraced the name of Witch of Fecundity. She must now navigate the expectations of witch society, acquire her own magical power, and interact with Beatrice and Erika who currently all share the same roof. She has aspirations of reforming the Pax Bernkastel, but will she succeed?

In the meantime, she's shown great prowess at altering her body and has already made herself capable of carrying her pregnancy until she's overdue. She can then choose when to put herself in labor at any time.

With that… let's continue.

The original thread with the first part of the story can be found here:

https://web.archive.org/web/20210619220445/https://pregchan.com/d/res/17526.html (Or here: https://pregchan.com/d/res/17526.html until the thread 404s)

The chat thread overlaps with the Impregnator Kings chat thread, here: https://pregchan.com/c/res/10693.html

3ab95 No.92908

File: 1624150419064.jpg (56.17 KB, 850x1350, Edwys-witch2.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Beatrice leads the way and you follow behind her.

You pass through doors where goat-men constructs dressed as butlers open the way, bowing their heads in reverence as their Master walks by.

You have to wonder, is this display more for her benefit or you?

It is certainly impressive. Perhaps it also assures Beatrice she has the power to make it so.

You go through enough hallways you're a bit lost. It'd be difficult to retrace your steps, but that's likely by design.

In the end, you reach one last door.

It's truly impressive. No goat stands in front of it.

Beatrice approaches it and stops right in front of it, before turning back to you.

Her expression is one of solemnity and

"This is my inner sanctum, Fecundity. The fact that you've seen the door is a sign that I trust you. That we will enter together means we share an intense bond. Do you accept this?"


You nod.

Beatrice turns her back to you and raises her book. It flashes with golden light, and then the door makes a rumbling sound as if some terrible heavy lock were being released. The door swings open.

Beatrice's workshop is her own style.

There's a grand bed for sleeping. One side is dedicated to a long plant box filled with roses, but each blossom is a delicate gold. Moreover it seems not an ornament, but something alive and growing.

A large stained glass window faces outside, but you realize it's to give the illusion of the window and isn't actually exposed to the outside. Magic light flows inward, painting the symbol of a golden butterfly.

There's a shelf of odds and ends… you recognize one book as the book you took from King Vlad. Maria's book.

There's so many other little areas you're overwhelmed taking it all in. But it's pleasant. A mortal who entered would be dazzled by all there is to see.

"Edwys, come to me."

You stop looking around aimlessly and follow Beatrice. She leads you down little corridors of furniture until you're in front of… a  mirror?

A full-length mirror which stretches long and wide enough to see your entire body stands before you both. Meanwhile, it is immaculately clean. There's not a spot or stain on it. The most diligent maid in the world couldn't make a mirror look so perfect.

"Look at yourself, Edwys. Look at your body."

… You step forward, expecting some magic illusion, but nothing comes.

It's you, dressed in your simple dress that Beatrice gave you when you ascended. It's white but dusty and dirty at the hem.

"You must choose your own style, Edwys. You must choose it, and maintain it. That is what I wish you to do before we do anything else. You understand? A witch is nothing without their own style. You've made a clean break from your mortal life. This will be the first step of entering witch society."

"Take off your dress."

You nod, and do so. You don't hesitate at all.

The straps fall from your shoulders and it collapses to the floor.

Your naked form stares back at you.

Your large, ample bosom.

Your flat belly, restored to how you were pre-pregnancy.

Your wide hips, fat thighs, generous rump.

Your legs which taper down to pretty little feet.


You still consider yourself the pinnacle of femininity. Of what a woman should be. A fecund woman, who will birth many, many children.

The flat belly is something you will lose, in time.

"Let's start slow, Edwys. The thing that stands out most about you is… here."

Her hands come down to stroke your hair.


Yes, your long, long hair.

It reached your lower back when you were in Virilia. It'd grown a little longer still.

…It may be approaching a length it'd truly be impractical.

"Think on this, Edwys. Hair you can maintain with magic. You never need to worry about washing. About oil. Or dust. Even of it falling out of place or otherwise getting in the way. You can make it take any length you choose."


Beatrice makes a good point. One that should've been obvious.

"May I make a suggestion?"

Anything, of course!

She smiles back at you. Your enthusiasm seems to be building hers.

"Ahaha. You're the Witch of Fecundity now. Unending fertility? Of which your hair was a symbol? –Emphasize that."

Beatrice suggests growing your hair impossibly long.

Long until it reaches your ankles. Until you could envelope yourself in it.

"It'd be a style impossible for a mortal. The weight would make it unruly. Not to mention the cleaning. That is why I recommend it for you."


You stare at yourself in the mirror, considering the possibility.

It's an interesting idea, but…

Is it what you want?

Choice time:
>No. The hair was something that held you back and imprisoned you like a physical anchor attached to the back of your head when you were mortal. Cut it short. Shoulder length.
>You want to emphasize natural growth. Reduce it to lower back, where you could stand to maintain it when you were mortal.
>Beatrice's suggestion is wonderful. Give yourself perfect ankle-length hair. You can develop magic to maintain it and make it look spectacular.
>Beatrice's proposal doesn't go far enough! You want hair that's so long it trails on the floor and follows you, as if you walked out of a fable! That will show just how bursting with life and pregnancy you will achieve!

a94a7 No.92910


Option three, I do like Beatrice’s suggestion as it does stand out but not to the point we’re another Rapunzel.

8d19c No.92915

I like Beatrice's suggestion too, and Edwys has always been very proud of and careful with her hair. Option three.

7e78f No.92919

Option one, because I like short hair and think it'd draw the eye to her face more.

fb920 No.92920

Option three. If we're gonna do this witch thing, let's do it to the nines.

99fe0 No.92923

Option 3 so that we can think of turning the hair into clothes, Bayonetta style

07252 No.92935

Option three

0c2b2 No.92936

Option 2
I believe our current hair length is perfect as is.

185fa No.92986

I had the same idea. Option 3.

2ef02 No.93005

I like Beatrice's thinking. It's a subtly superhuman feature, like overly elaborate dresses or floating rather than walking. Witches are above practicality.

I'm picturing the hair moving like it's weightless/underwater, like Eris from that animated Sinbad movie. That was cool as hell.

Option 3.

f6509 No.93040

I finally caught up with this because the witch stuff intrigues me. I hope we'll be able to cast fertility spells on other witches and mortals, too.

In any case, I'm a sucker for a sexy bob. Option 1.

fc6f8 No.93050

Option 3

3ab95 No.93494

>2 votes for option one, change your look radically and cut your hair short: shoulder length.
1 vote for option one, maintain your hair at the length it always was.
>8 votes for option three, grow your hair out to ankle length.

Grow your hair to an impressive ankle length.

Poll closed. Update soon.

3ab95 No.93804


Beatrice's suggestion is delightful!

Caring for your hair was terrible. But growing it and using magic to maintain it… it's a personal dream come true. And something no one would see and believe to be anything but a display of raw magical power.

How do you do it, you ask?

Beatrice raises her spellbook.

"Follow my direction… we'll follow with how you already altered your body. This is much easier."

Beatrice directs you. You're not truly making a 'cosmetic' change. You're changing your pattern on a very low-level scale. The fact that this is something that could happen naturally, that your hair could truly grow this long if you left it alone, makes this much easier than how you changed your womb.

You spend a long time staring at yourself naked in the mirror and focusing on your magic until you're able to find a way to will it to grow.

Your hair streams longer, then longer, then longer…

Finally, when it's reached your ankles and threatens to touch the floor, you stop.

"Perfect! Ahahahaha. Now a simple cosmetic adjustment and you can get it under control."

Next is ways to alter your body through an effect that could be done with oils or lotions and a lot of hours spent letting it soak. You let the magic course through your hair. Strands and tangles melt away. Dry frizzles evaporate. Until your hair positively shimmers. It's…


Your hair has an otherworldly soft quality. You'd never get it to look like this and keep it long, flowing, and free.

You whip your head from side to side, testing the integrity. Not a single strand gets caught or breaks from the length. You reach back and pull it over your shoulder and play with it. It's smooth as silk. This is absolutely perfect, stunning, long hair.

"Ahahaha. Will you make it move by itself?"

…Move by itself…

You can do that, you ask?

"Mm. It would take active concentration. You may look silly if it all fell apart. But you may want to add it to your repertoire.

… You roll your fingers through the mass that is your outrageously long hair, and let it fall behind you.

It's enough to make it that you never trip over it. Even if you need to rush and step backward. You'd hate to try to… use it as a weapon, like some sort of serpent. The idea is ghastly.

"Very well. We'll continue work on making sure it never trips you."

You nod, directing your attention back to your book and reflection.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

3ab95 No.94151

File: 1626346986999-0.jpg (450.62 KB, 850x1735, Avatar1.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626346986999-1.jpg (127.71 KB, 850x850, Avatar2.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626346986999-2.jpg (110.92 KB, 850x1133, Avatar3.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626346986999-3.jpg (94.71 KB, 850x1161, Avatar4.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626346986999-4.jpg (136.27 KB, 883x980, Avatar5.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

You touch up other various blemishes and oddities about your body that you don't like. Your skin is perfect. Your nails are perfect. You can choose to let yourself become hormonal and have a 'mask' of pregnancy later.

Beatrice uses some of her magic and your former dress which was on the floor shimmers and flies away as golden butterflies.

"You must now choose a look that suits you, Edwys. Something you're comfortable wearing as your personal 'look'. Something no one will ever copy or create by mistake."

… Yes, you understand.

Something like Beatrice and Erika wear, but in your own style.

You stare at your reflection and think about… everything. Your origins, as a mortal and witch. Your friends. Your enemies. How you've interacted with all of them. Where you've been, and what you want to accomplish.

… You think you have it.

You choose the look you'll have and maintain for yourself, as a witch.

Choice time:
>Something else. (Attach your own image.)

71c68 No.94153

Option 1

Jean D'Alter is really the precedent that makes the most sense and seems tailor fit to what has happened in this spin-off title.

69f21 No.94154

Option 3.

The only one I recognize is Jean d'Alter, and I don't know much of anything about her, but option 3 just looks the most motherly to me.

f6509 No.94155

Option 1.

5c998 No.94158

option 5/ avatar 5

61326 No.94166


Option one

3d6f5 No.94167


931fc No.94169

Option 1, because it looks the most comfortable with a belly.

Side note, I have NO IDEA who any of these ladies are.

1ee10 No.94173

Avatar 4
This avatar looks to be the most overtly sexually dressed out of the bunch and that feels the most appropriate considering we are the Witch of Fecundity. Might as well play the female sexuality part up since we are supposed to be a fertility icon.

58ebc No.94174

Option 4

dc943 No.94175

Option 1

75035 No.94181

Number 4

3b597 No.94182

Option 1

c6992 No.94183

Option/Avatar four. It looks the greatest combination of everything Edwys was and is: Bride, princess, witch, sexy, flaunting her fertile body.

746be No.94186

I think I'll switch to Option 4.

I don't know who it is, but it's the only costume with an exposed midriff, and that's a huge bonus for me.

fb920 No.94188

That is an excellent point. Switching my vote to Option 4 as well.

8ec7c No.94206

Option 1

61326 No.94207


After hearing valid points regarding how Edwys' clothes will adjust to her unevitable pregnancy, I'm also switching to option 4.

3ab95 No.94208

>6 votes for option one, minimalist and dark.
>7 votes for option four, innocent yet erotic.
>1 vote for option five, elegant and mysterious.

Use avatar four. (Formidable from Azur Lane.)

Poll closed. Update soon.

3ab95 No.94209

Didn't catch this switch, but it would have just made the outcome a little more in favor of option four, so it's fine.

3ab95 No.94212

File: 1626417014086.jpg (246.99 KB, 600x800, Beatrice-eyesdownthere.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

…You're feeling naughty.

You spent all of your time as a princess playing at being modest when really you wanted sex every day.

You want something impossibly elegant that emphasizes your beauty as a witch, but also makes it clear you're both fecund in the sense of carrying babies and making babies.

You picture it and slowly begin to create it with magic…

Beatrice turns away and lets you create your 'style' without her judgment. She only speaks when you ask her for help in adjusting and fine-tuning your magic. She doesn't want to impose her own opinion on you. Your style should be unique and created only by you.

You finish the dress, finish arranging your hair, until all that's left are your feet. …Dare you go barefoot? Perhaps when you're actually pregnant. For the moment you draw yourself up on impossibly high heels. There's no pain, discomfort, or problems with balancing yourself. Even your high-heeled shoes feel like they're a part of you as much as your normal feet.

You dust yourself with makeup and admire yourself. You're… not exactly fearsome. In fact, you look captivating.  Any man would want you. Would want to take you and impregnate you. That's more important than inspiring fear. –Besides, that just means they'll underestimate you.

You've given yourself a lovely window to your belly. When it swells, it will stretch the fabric and only emphasize your bump.

Your top clings to your chest and leaves no imagination to the shape of your impressive bust.

You add a few flowers sculpted in fabric, in full bloom, to emphasize your fertility and life.

You feel almost naked. You may as well be, but that's fine. It's your right to choose your style and what you will embody.

You raise your voice and tell Beatrice it's complete.

You're not sure how long it actually took, but hopefully she wasn't waiting too long.

"It's your right to take as long as you like, Fecundity. Ahahaha. Let's see how you've made yourself look…"

Beatrice turns, and… stares.

Does she like it?

She looks between you, then the mirror, then back to you. You turn so she can look at you from the front, face-to-face.


Beatrice makes a sort of gasping sound.

"Fecundity, that's very… open."

You tilt your head. Open? What does she mean?

"I… you didn't forget to make the front of your dress?"

You laugh, playfully. Of course you didn't forget. You're showing yourself off. You want people to look at your crotch. Your hips. Your thighs. Your legs. You can't do that with a more modest dress like Beatrice's or Erika's.

"Well, yes, but…" her lips are flat and puckered, cheeks flushed. "Are you even wearing underwear?"

You just give her a small little smile. You raise your hands above you and use your magic to make the fabric 'wings' spread away, as if they were truly connected to a bird about to take flight. It reveals your raw cunt, completely uncovered, except for your blonde pubic hair. You think that answers her question, but you add on by telling her no.

Beatrice for her part gives a squeak of a gasp and looks away.

"Edwys! That's…" she shudders.

…What's wrong? It's nothing Beatrice hasn't seen. And licked. Kissed. Sucked. Very well, you might add.

"That was when it was private! When we were… intimate."

…You start to pout.

You don't understand what Beatrice is upset about. You're the Witch of Fecundity. That means you're going to be making babies. A lot of babies. If you truly desire, you may alter your body to the point you give birth every day, or hour, or constantly! No sooner does one come out, then another follows! Being modest about your vagina is not conducive to that!

–You expect Beatrice to be supportive. Especially if she would be your mentor.


You still haven't closed your 'wings'. You want to make your point. Beatrice eventually sighs, then turns back, still blushing.

"Yes, apologies, Fecundity. There's nothing wrong with what you're saying. You're just going to… turn heads."

Surely other witches will get used to it. And when it comes to mortals, you want that to happen. You do expect to have actual sex with a man again, sometime in your life. Tharja's serving your purposes for now, but you aren't going to mount him as he is. You have needs. You want a real man on top of you, violently taking you… driving his length into you. Hard. Long. Scratching your most sensitive spots and driving you to ecstasy. Until he loses control of himself and lets his lifegiving seed loose inside you. Knocks you up… makes you pregnant…

"–Edwys, I can watch you becoming wet."

You admit, you're getting carried away as well. You worked yourself up. Both from the talk of sex with Beatrice, being pregnant and giving birth, and being impregnated by a man.

You blush, and then…

Choice time:
>Keep your wings spread. Coyly invite Beatrice to look closer. Ask for help as a prelude to sex.
>Close your wings and just return to learning magic.

5b9a7 No.94214

Option 1.

61326 No.94216

Option one

1ee10 No.94218

Option 1

49348 No.94219

1, but can we ask her to knock us up?

3ab95 No.94222

As dirty talk?

Beatrice cannot knock Edwys up.

f6509 No.94225

Option 1.

88162 No.94226

Option one.

It's been a few days for both of them since they wetter intimate. (unless Beatrice and Erika fooled around)

c6992 No.94235

Option one. The worst that could happen is Beatrice would gently turn Edwys down.

13844 No.94252

Option 1. Let's get under her dress and give her the pleasure she has given us

13844 No.94253

I've never thought about it, but is Beatrice's magic enough for her to grow sex organs. Not into futa or anything like that, but I dont know if we have ever covered bodily magic like that?

3ab95 No.94256

This is an element I don't want to use in this story.

13844 No.94258

Gotcha, glad for it. Not my cup of tea

e1e3c No.94259


Glad Aristo is on the same boat.

3ab95 No.94752

>8 votes for option one, invite Beatrice to have sex with you.

Proposition sex with Beatrice.

Poll closed. Update soon.

3ab95 No.94950

…you spread your wings yet farther.

Does it bother her?You can't help yourself. Reliving the innocent moments of sex with Beatrice worked you up. Can Beatrice say she's not feeling the same thing? And… you both haven't done it together for a while. And not as witches.


Beatrice gives the tiniest bit of a laugh, then she takes up a very smug smile.

"Is this you becoming assertive, Edwys? It's… fascinating." She takes a puff on her pipe. I think a little bonding may help us before we continue our lesson."

She holds out her hand to you, and you take it. You tell her you had a feeling that the bed was not for sleeping. At least not all the time.

"Inde~ed! Shall we make use of it?"

Beatrice holds her book up and her dress turns into golden butterflies that fly away from her body. It's a change for you as well, seeing Beatrice like this openly desiring you rather than needing to maintain a veneer of propriety.

You step with her on the way over to her bed. It's overly large to the point of being ludicrous. You could swim in that bed. Sex will be no issue.


Should you keep being assertive? Or should you let Beatrice take the lead?

Choice time:
>She seems to like you being a little more aggressive. Take that initiative by kissing her and making her the object of attention.
>Let Beatrice lead the pace. Play coy with her and egg her on to appreciate your body.
>Be balanced. Don't particularly try to be dominant or meek, but encourage you both to be mutual in your lovemaking.

7368a No.94952

Hm… Option 1. Among witches, let it be a contest among equals.

f6509 No.94965

Option 1.

fc96e No.94966


Option one

7a184 No.94994

Option 1

7c8f9 No.95560

Option one. Let Edwys experiment and see what she likes now that she's free to do so.

3ab95 No.96201

>5 votes for option one, take the initiative.

Make Beatrice the object being pursued.

Poll closed. Update soon.

3ab95 No.96400

You had walked over in front of Beatrice, but…

When you reach the side of her bed, you suddenly turn around, moving to presse her closer to the bed.


Nothing, you say, teasing her. You just want to see more of what Beatrice has to offer. You make a show of looking her up and down.

Beatrice expels a puff of laughter from her nose. "That's a devious smile, you're wearing, Fecundity."

Is it? Sorry.

You're just thinking of all the things you'd like to do to Beatrice. With your tongue. Lips. Fingers.

Beatrice gives you an amused smile. "There's much more than that. Once you are more familiar with magic, there are ways to be… creative."

Mm. You're curious, but you won't be distracted. For the moment, as a witch neophyte… you'll settle for mundane ways.

You step closer, your breasts are the first to meet, followed by your lips. By your soft hands on her ample backside.

You kiss, and kiss, and start to push her back to sit on the bed. She gently accepts it, letting you take the lead.

You take a moment's thought and use your magic to make your dress unfurl and then disappear off your body. The white fabric being pulled back off your body until it's taken away into nothingness… a metaphor for your own defloration. Maybe that should be your next goal for altering your body. But, the thought is passing, if that. More importantly… The beautiful witch who showed you the way.

Your hair no longer suspended freely runs down your back, but it's no impediment to you as you climb into Beatrice's lap.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

3ab95 No.96851

You sit there on Beatrice's lap, one knelt thigh on each side of her body.

You sit there comfortably and just kiss, and kiss, and kiss.

You don't have to worry anymore.

With Beatrice in the castle, there was always the fear of exposure. That someone could walk in. That you dare not speak about it. That it was even… unnatural. As silly as that sounds.  All of that is gone now. Evaporated.

You're free. Utterly free.

You're hot and can feel the sweat building up as you wrap your arms around Beatrice. You arch your back, and really deepen your embrace.

You glide your tongue out and meet hers. You let passion guide you. Your tongues duel for dominance against each other. To control the other's movements. You're sitting on top of her, which means you have a bit more leverage. You finally arch your neck and take control of the kiss, her tongue passively following your movements. Coiling around your strong muscle. It's… an incredible turn on. The rush. It's like you have her where you want her.

Your legs grind against her as you lose yourself to sexual impulses, not feeling any need to hold back. You're enjoying yourself immensely

There must be something else you can do. Besides kissing her, or stroking her, you want to take control.

You have Beatrice underneath you, what should you do with her?

Choice time:
>Have her lie back. Climb on top of her and grind while you can look in her eyes. (Tribadism)
>Climb on top of her face, thighs on each side of her head. (Dominating oral.)
>Have her lie back, rotate so you're both able to lick each other. (sixty-nine)

f6509 No.96852

Option 3.

5e2d5 No.96857

Option three

209e6 No.96860


Option three

0b2a1 No.96862

Option 2.

d6234 No.96863

Option three. Show Beatrice her pleasure matters too.

05b74 No.96892

Option 2. The whole point was to be dominant.

e0ce3 No.96975

Option 2. While I really REALLY want to say option 3, it just doesn't make sense at the moment, storywise. If we're gonna be a dom, we come first…… both literally and metaphorically. But a good dom also makes sure the sub is having a good time too, so we should definitely make sure we don't leave Bea high and dry afterwards.

dea7c No.96980

Alright, you've convinced me. I'm changing my vote ( >>96857 ) to Option two.

90fec No.96998

Option 2

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