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The last thread reached the bump limit unexpectedly quick. It falls to me to make a new thread for Impregnator Kings.

If you are only now catching up to the story, the last thread ended with Edward being poisoned and needing to enter a six month sleep in order to recover, maintained by Beatrice's magic. While dreaming, he has strange visions which may or may not be guided by a mysterious feminine voice.

**Please read the notes under this line. I often have to remind people and while I don't mind doing so, it does take up a comment or two in the post count.**

Please only vote once in each poll. Posting your reasons and persuasive arguments for why you made a choice and why it is the best choice is encouraged. It helps me understand more about reader expectations and what the audience wants to read. However, please do not post side-discussions or emotional reactions in the thread. For those, please use the latest chat thread, located here: https://pregchan.com/c/res/10693.html This will help keep down on the posts that count toward the post limit (and when I will have to make a new thread). It will also keep the atmosphere of the thread genial. I want every reader to be comfortable voting however they like.

For clarity, please write your vote: "Option 1/2/3" or "Write in:". Please make this the first line, and then write whatever commentary you would like. This is for my sake and makes it much easier to tabulate and calculate which option has won. Of course, I will still count every vote regardless, but it makes it a little easier for me.

Please also write out your full vote. Do not reply to another vote and say "I agree with this reply and vote for what they voted for." Please don't do this because there have been issues where a person will hate made a mistake in which reply they meant to click. Please be unambiguous with your vote.

For the record, write-ins are encouraged. If they are impossible because of a conflict of some character motivation or established facts about the world, I will note this and explain why it's impossible to the best of my ability and give the reader a chance to select a new option.

One last thing to note is no non-consensual sex scenes will be depicted in the story. It was decided to exclude these to maintain a positive tone throughout the story and will not be violated. For that matter, every character depicted in a sex scene is "of age." This means over 18.

Previous threads can be read on the web archive:

Thread #1: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619163636/http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html
Thread #2: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619123902/http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html
Thread #3: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619104842/http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html
Thread #4: (warning, it was on bbw-chan and the link has a defunct connection to some pop-up ad. Just refresh and it should go away.) http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html
Thread #5: https://web.archive.org/web/20170619134833/http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html
Thread #6: https://web.archive.org/web/20180307043453/https://pregchan.com/d/res/24119.html
Thread #7: https://web.archive.org/web/20180930122947/https://pregchan.com/d/res/33943.html
Thread #8: http://web.archive.org/web/20190601012420/https://pregchan.com/d/res/48104.html
Thread #9: https://web.archive.org/web/20201013192858/https://pregchan.com/d/res/57807.html
Thread #10: https://web.archive.org/web/20210303103506/https://pregchan.com/d/res/79111.html
Thread #11: https://web.archive.org/web/20210517073757/https://pregchan.com/d/res/86445.html
Thread #12: https://web.archive.org/web/20210628010408/https://pregchan.com/d/res/90879.html (Or here until it 404s https://pregchan.com/d/res/90879.html)

You may also consider it interesting to read Witch of Fecundity, or as it was previous called, Impregnated Princess, located here: https://pregchan.com/d/res/92907.html Please note this story can probably be enjoyed by itself, but it was written with the assumption the reader has already read much of Impregnator Kings and is engaging with it knowing some setting details. Exactly what King Vlad's crusade was, for example, which is summarized quickly in Impregnated Princess rather than how it was revealed to Edward in Impregnator Kings.

On that note, the last post ended with a poll:

>3 votes for option one, let the fat aristocrats know their hypocrisy in no uncertain terms.

>6 votes for option two, reconcile, hug your father, and apologize.

Poll closed. Update soon.
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fae27 No.94296

Option 1.

db2bd No.94298

Option 4. Let's make things interesting.
(Also because I missed the vote to accept her request.)

d09ff No.94304


Option one, though the last one intrigues me.

89edf No.94310

Option 4, let's have fun

74d50 No.94311

Option 4.

Between 1 and 4 I think it'd be more interesting.

b0a2b No.94314

Option 4

e3a6c No.94315


Option 4

f603d No.94324

>2 votes for option one, play 20 questions honestly.
>5 votes for option four, suggest they raise the stakes.

Raise the stakes of winning 20 questions.

You're getting incredibly bored of twenty questions. You think you'd rather never play the game ever again. Even as you solve Bernkastel's latest riddle.

"You win. Tell me when you have your next choice of item."

–Hold on.

This is surely a way that they can pass the time. But what if they made it interesting?

"How would we make it interesting?"

Make the game actually worth winning or losing. She could promise something. You could promise something… the winner would get that thing.

"… If you're going to suggest something like that, I would rather you have taken my deal."


Maybe you will?

You don't know. Is there anything, literally anything, that Bernkastel could want, besides you telling Erika what she asked?

"Your machinations in the existence you return to will be irrelevant to me once you wake up, save for that."

…No other messages? To Beatrice or anyone else.

"Nothing I would have you tell her."

And she won't decide to show you your vision of your mother, out of boredom?

"Never. It was my only leverage."

…True enough.

What if the stakes were Bernkastel explaining her motives?


She seems to understand much about you. She's shown you all of these visions. You know very little about her, save her brief appearance in Erika's history. Information about Bernkastel herself may be worth knowing. Or at least entertaining.

"…I suppose it will make the game more entertaining. Let us discuss terms."

You discuss things with Bernkastel.

Each time you win against Bernkastel, she will reveal something about herself.

The first will be about the time in which she was alive.

The second will be about the Bernkastel and Lambdadelta conflict.

The third will be her motive for asking you for her deal.

You do not get to choose the order. If you want to know the secret of the deal, you must win three times.

If you lose…

"The moment you fail to guess my choice is the moment you accept my deal. As a show of good faith, I will even show you your mother, as promised. To make things fair, I will make it so you must lose three times before accepting my deal."

'Losing' means failing to guess the other person's item?


…You'll probably win three times by pure attrition. The real question is if you can hold Bernkastel off long enough first.

"You may go first."

All right.

Bernkastel's first question is always 'is it a person?'

Is there a choice you can make that could mislead her? She seems to know every person, or type of person, you could choose.

Choice time:
>Choose another sort of person.
>Choose Bernkastel herself.
>Choose some other material thing.
>Choose some material thing that's incredibly specific.

2a8bc No.94328


Option one - the first pregnant character we met at the start of this CYOA - the young heavily pregnant maid. Considering Edward’s long list of pregnant women, it would be quite a challenge for her.

fae27 No.94329


Someone she knows we would like to think about the least.

I'm thinking either Albert or Patchouli.

e3a6c No.94339

+1 for write in, patchouli

f603d No.94340

I have to ask for a specific person.

89edf No.94343

I don't think a witch is a good idea. She's gonna get there quickly. I suggest something specific, something material: Tharja's wedding ring.

a9163 No.94347

I vote for this write-in, Tharja's wedding ring.
I agree with your line of thinking, good idea.

78d86 No.94350

Option four, one incredibly specific thing. I also agree with Tharja's wedding ring.

f0b5e No.94352

I believe I made a mistake calling this a write in, sorry for any confusion.

db2bd No.94353

Option 4. I'm fine with the wedding ring, though I won't be surprised if she guesses it. I'm terrible at guessing games (either way).

a85e1 No.94358

For a specific person, I'm going to say Elizabeth. Though I don't know if anon will still be on board for that.

f603d No.94400

Okay this vote was hard to tabulate but the result was:

>Tharja's wedding ring.

Poll closed. Update soon.

f603d No.94401

…You'll try creating something incredibly specific. It's not cheating as long as you don't alter the thing.

You have an answer chosen, you say. She may begin asking questions.

"Is it a person?"


"Is it smaller than a loaf of bread?"


"Is it unique?"


She's getting there already.

"Could it be carried around?"


"Is it an animal?"


"Is it something a human would touch?"


"Is it a book of any kind?"


"Is it a weapon?"


"Is it something that can be worn?"

Shit, she's going to get it.


"Is it something that would be worn on the head?"


"Is it something that would be worn on the feet?"


"Is it something that would be worn on the hands?"


"Is it gloves?"


"Is it made of metal?"


"Is it meant to protect the person wearing it from anything?"


"Is it jewelry?"


"Is it a ring?"


"… Ah, it's a unique ring, I see."

"Is it a ring you have ever worn?"


"Is it a ring worn by someone with a close connection with you?"


"Is it your wife's wedding ring?"

… That's it. Her twentieth question answered your riddle.

It occurs to you, out of all the people you know, your Father still wears his wedding ring. Surely your mother would have too, while she was alive.

You definitely thought of Tharja's ring. She solved it.

–But maybe you could alter it and say it was a ring worn by your mother or father? It's… cheating… and distasteful, but you want to know her motives.

Choice time:
>Bernkastel chose correctly. Admit she solved your riddle.
>No, the answer was your father's wedding ring.
>No, the answer was your mother's wedding ring.

ebb7e No.94403

Option 1, because I wouldn't dare trick a witch.

4d62c No.94404


A hard fought game, but a bargain’s a bargain.

Option one.

9ff09 No.94405

Option one. Frustrating that she got it on her final question, but a win is a win. No sense in lying.

fae27 No.94406

Option 1.

A deal is a deal.

9b8c0 No.94409

Option 1. An honest king is a king with fewer plots against him in the long run.

dedff No.94412

Option 1

db2bd No.94429

Option one. We play fair.

f603d No.94447

>Play fair.

Yes, she's correct. The item was your wife's wedding ring.

"I see. That was an interesting choice. It produced a spirited game as well. Yes. For providing such an intriguing game, I'll count it as if I had lost and give you the first third of the reward."


You smell a trap.

She doesn't have to do that, you say.

"Correct. But I will do it anyway."

Well, okay. You may as well not argue with Bernkastel.

"I ascended when I was very young. I kept that form as my style to signify how my mortal life ended that day. I added cat features because cats intrigue me."

–Oh, God. That means she murdered someone when she was…

Your mind is reeling because you have no body to feel revulsion with.

"Judge me as you like, I will provide you with no more details."

… She didn't regret it or hesitate?

"You cannot understand, King Edward. Ascension enables comprehension, acuteness, and maturity. You glimpsed it briefly with Beatrice."

–Yes, she's said something about how even an illiterate woman can ascend if she's instructed. That the mind never ages nor grows slow.

"Correct. At any rate, I felt only power. I wanted more of that power."

You listen to her talk.

From what you can glean, she's a witch so old she definitely predates the Church. Or even the concept of 'Kings' as you know it, at least. You're not sure exactly what that means, but you take Bernkastel's word for it.

But her interpretation of power was different.

"I wanted the power to affect other witches. I developed magic to find 'miracles' that would never happen. I would use this knowledge to manipulate circumstances beyond which the witch could prepare."

In other words, Bernkastel had a subtle sort of power. Rather than constantly wear a suit of armor around for fear of assassin, she would determine the specific time she had to be wearing armor. The result where 'Bernkastel is killed by an assassin' would therefore become a miracle that would never happen.

"It was efficient and near effortless. I was unparalleled. Until I met… her."

Lambdadelta. The Witch of Certainty.

"My concept is to determine when miracles won't happen. Lambdadelta's concept was to determine what would happen. Absolutely. With no room for doubt. We were at once intrigued, disgusted, and obsessed with each other."

The distinction is hard to explain, she concedes.

Bernkastel found a miracle in King Vlad, Mania, and the rest. Things that would never happen.

Whereas Lambdadelta would find 'certainty': things that must happen.

In other words, Bernkastel was manipulating events with magic that let her look into the past, Lambdadelta was manipulating events with magic that let her see the future.

The effect was they became very frustrated. They both could see themselves in the other, and wanted to destroy each other.

"…As concepts. The death of Lambdadelta as an individual was never my intention nor my want. She was rather fun."

It's… difficult to understand, exactly.

But it does remind you of Nara and her fortune telling. Predicting the future is 'evil' because it gives you no choice. Fortune telling where you still have the ability to act on what you know is true freedom and empowerment. If that's true… it would make Bernkastel and Lambdadelta very evil, by those standards.

"That is all I'll reveal. You must win if you want to know more. It is now my turn, King Edward." There's a short pause. "I have made my decision. Begin your questioning."

All right…

You technically didn't win even if she gave it to you anyway, so you had better stay ahead of Bernkastel.

Choice time:
>Lead with finding out if it's alive, then a person, then animal.
>Lead with finding out if it's a thing, then unique, then has an use.
>Lead with finding out if it's a place or landmark.

4d62c No.94450


Option one

fae27 No.94452

Option 1.

She stated her love of cats. Seems the right place to start.

2c4b1 No.94479

That's bait. She'd absolutely expect us to follow that road.

Option 2.

db2bd No.94480

Option 2.

8d1ce No.94488

Option 2.

9b436 No.94490

Option 2

We'll see if it's bait at the start. If it's not a (material) thing we will know very quickly and will have only burned a single question. Though we must be careful indeed.

f603d No.94493

>2 votes for option one, try to determine if it's alive, person, or animal.
>4 votes for option two, try to determine if it's a thing, unique, and has a use.

Lead with determining if it's an object.

Poll closed. Update soon.

f603d No.94495

You lead with whether it's an object.

It is, but your next questions leave you no closer to guessing.

It's not unique. It has a use. It's larger than a loaf of bread. It's not metal…

You ask more questions trying to narrow it down until she confirms it's made of solid rock.

It's not a man-made structure. It's not a place you can visit. It's a large object.

What kind of object with a use is made of solid rock??

You reach your last question and make your best guess: it's a rock for a catapult. It's either that or a rock for a trap, but you'll go with catapult.

"You are incorrect. The correct answer is the moon."


The moon is both unique, and has no use!

"Wrong in both aspects. Planets exist like this Earth that have moons. And the moon may not have a personal use to you, but it is used. Would you deny sailors would navigate with the moon as a guide?"

…Looks like you'll have to accept you've lost.

Two more misses and you must accept Bernkastel's deal.

"Your turn, King Edward."

Don't rush me.

"As you say."

… You think it over.

You need a good choice. Bernkastel had an idea that just took you somewhere you didn't anticipate by choosing the moon. And it is a material thing. You need something that can distract, potentially.

She'll probably start with 'Is it a person?'

Choice time:
>The Pope.
>Whatever was in the hookah Mara offered you.
>Simon's whip.
>Elizabeth's collar.
>Something else.

fae27 No.94498

Option 3.

I was intrigued when it came up in the chat thread.

eca19 No.94499


Option 3

9b436 No.94501

Option 3

9ba34 No.94503

Option 3, of course. Wouldn't do to not vote for my own suggestion.

db2bd No.94532

Option 3

f603d No.94541

>Simon's whip.

You have one. Go ahead, you say.

Simon's whip. You're not sure she knows about that, though if she's shown you an impossible situation where you hand Tharja's book over to her… she just might.

"Is it a person?" she asks.

It's not.

"Is it unique?"


"Is it larger than a loaf of bread?"

…You pause, but decide yes.

"Does it have a use?"


"Is it a weapon?"

…Hm. Maybe you should've foreseen she'd go back to asking about weapons.

Yes, it's a weapon.

"Is it a weapon you have personally used?"


"Is it a weapon you have personally seen?"


"Is it made of metal?"


"Is it used by a witch?"


"Is it used by a witch-hunter?"

Fuck, she has it.


"Was it used by Daniella?"


"Was it used by Simon?"


"Is it something that was thrown into the oubliette with his body?"


"Is it his whip?"

It is. She solved it.

"King Edward, may I make a request?"

What is it?

"Please refrain from selecting items related to persons or scenes I may not know about. In this case, I did know about your confrontation with Daniella in the dungeon, but if I hadn't, then it's a little unfair, isn't it? Choosing an item that belongs to a random person on this Earth who you just might happen to remember meeting at some brief moment. Or, not at all."


Sorry, you thought she knew everything.

"I do not see or know everything. I will say no more."

Hm. She doesn't want to explain her limits.

What about a trade? You won't choose answers that are specific to a random person Bernkastel has never met or could know about… and Bernkastel treats this game as a loss for her and explains the Bernkastel and Lambdadelta conflict.


You were half making an attempt at humor, but she's actually going to do it? She must be confident. That or she was always intending to show you. At any rate, you don't have time to question it. You'll just hear her story, then concentrate on solving her puzzle.

>No choice yet, further update coming soon.

f603d No.94573

There's a long pause where you don't 'hear' Bernkastel say anything.


"Allow me a moment to compose my thoughts."

All right.

"…" Another pause. "The so-called conflict… it really wasn't that bad. Lambdadelta and I couldn't compete in direct terms with each other."

You've heard they would play games like 'who has the cutest organs.'

"Of course. The answer was both of us. But our powers nullified each other on a metaphysical level. I don't mean that they were dynamically opposed. It wasn't as if she was a witch who only cast fire magic and I were a witch who only cast ice magic. We were both doing the same thing and the exact opposite thing at the same time. I would find miracles that couldn't happen and Lambdadelta would find events that must happen. –You've heard of the three-chair rule? That was never an actual rule. At any rate, it wouldn't have mattered. There was no way for any other witch to put their metaphorical toe on the scale and tilt it one way or the other: the scale didn't exist. We both simply were."

You think it's a bit vague. Can she explain more?

"It would be as if I created a twenty questions answer that Lambdadelta could never guess. At the same time, Lambdadelta would create a twenty questions answer that she could never lose. The game's over already."

But that's just… a contradiction. Unless there's cheating going on or…

"It's not something that can be explained so simply as a contradiction. It isn't as if I carried an unbreakable shield and she carried an unbreakable spear. The use of our magic would be a conceptual fight over what 'unbreakable' means."

…It really sounds difficult to comprehend.

"It's all right. You can think of it this way. You are a powerful King. Your neighbor is also a powerful King. You both have claim to a bit of land. Who gets it first? The person with the bigger army?"

You suppose.

"But your army is perfect. As is the other King's. You can't fight each other. So what you do instead is you get lesser, weaker Kings involved."

Parties Bernkastel and Lambdadelta were invited to turned into situations like that. Neither could affect the other, so they dragged other witches into the fray.

"All in the name of fun. Many enjoyed it. Why else would we be further invited to bigger and bigger parties? Why would the conflict not involve all of the guests? Why would it not continue after the party was over? Lambdadelta made more 'friends' with her magic, but I had a dedicated array of followers who knew I simply could not lose. –Witch Erika included."

You're not sure how to feel about that, but it's nothing new when you consider Erika's personality.

"Then… I was betrayed."

A group of her own supporters attacked and killed Lambdadelta.

"Do you know how hard it is for a witch to destroy another witch's book, King Edward? It's disgusting on a visceral level. It requires intense concentration. You have to be trying to do it. There were too many things that were repulsive about that act. One, that it happened. A witch killed another witch. Two, that it happened for a stupid reason: they were tired of the so-called conflict. Three, that they expected me to simply accept the results when it was done. That they were somehow stronger than both myself and Lambdadelta. I would never accept that. She was, in many ways, my other half. Knowing she was dead… made my own existence lesser."

… You can understand, on some level. You feel that way about Tharja.

"I made a simple pronouncement: I would take care of all of those who had allied with me. Those friends of Lambdadelta did nothing wrong. I would simply punish the betrayal."

That's not how Beatrice described it. She made you imagine Bernkastel going on some murderous berserk rampage, lashing out at witches everywhere.

"Both correct, and false. Some of those had friends who were with Lambdadelta, and they swore they wouldn't let that happen. That put me in a bit of a bind. But, not all of them. The witch most responsible, the most weak, and the one with the least allies… Beatrice. She would be the first."

–Then why did she go after Maria?

"Ah. Witch Maria. She was a motivation. There was no miracle where Beatrice would run away from me if Maria died. So… Maria needed to die. In a way that made it a spectacle. I took no joy in myself killing a witch. But Beatrice needed to feel fear. To a lesser extent, the other betrayers as well."

"I got what I wanted. Beatrice and I fought. Beatrice won. I am now in this state of existence."

–Did she do anything to Bernkastel, to put her in this state of existence?

"I will say no more. Win your next game and you may hear the answer."


You don't understand. Is Beatrice keeping Bernkastel 'alive' with her magic somehow? Just like she's doing with you? Is that why you can both meet? Bernkastel isn't saying. And… your mind feels worn down after you tried to keep track of how exactly Lambdadelta and Bernkastel 'opposed' each other.

…You only have to win once more.

"I will no longer award you an equivalent of a win even if I correctly guess your answer. You must honestly win. And honor your promise."

Yes, you will. Bernkastel has been… fair.

"I have chosen an answer. Begin your questions."


… Your mind is blank. You're really worn out after her story. Was that her plan?

You honestly feel like if you choose something too general and work your way logically to the answer you're going to get bogged down and ultimately lose. Maybe you should try something very specific and see if it somehow hits.

Choice time:
>Does it walk on four legs?
>Can you eat it in one bite?
>Did it exist a thousand years ago?
>Is it made of crystal?
>Is it slimy?

db951 No.94574


Option two

fae27 No.94575

Option 2.

It seems like the question that would give us the most information. The others are a bit too specific.

8d1ce No.94583

Option one, though I'd probably have led with "does it walk" first. Everything she's used so far has been big and old, so I'm thinking it'll be something alive this time. My big concern with one and two is that they're asking two questions in one, and if she says 'no', then we're right back where we started.

bb5f2 No.94592

Option 2

9b436 No.94595

Option 3
BD raised a good point, both times it's been something large and old. In a way it matches her age. She could pick anything, but I'm more inclined to think she'll stick with her current trend.
I'm also inclined to think if the answer to option 3 is "yes" then we have narrowed it down to something astral or geological. Or Bernkastel herself.

9ba34 No.94601

Fair point. Changing my vote to Option 3

db2bd No.94602

Option 3

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