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File: 1625855325736-0.png (1.72 MB, 3062x4096, 5.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855325736-1.png (1.61 MB, 3009x3804, 4.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855325736-2.png (894.05 KB, 2725x3701, 3.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

a0d5c No.93855

I really like his stuff and I'm surprised there wasn't a thread yet

a0d5c No.93856

File: 1625855491285-0.png (1.03 MB, 3001x3668, 2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855491285-1.png (751.51 KB, 2276x3526, 1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855491286-2.png (1.26 MB, 2818x4096, 0.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855491286-3.png (289.7 KB, 1084x1699, 6.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

a0d5c No.93857

File: 1625855630592-0.png (895.09 KB, 2597x3708, 7.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855630592-1.png (751.43 KB, 1500x2212, Preg maid.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625855630592-2.png (912.67 KB, 3266x3189, Preg raven.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

6af3c No.93858

File: 1625857462628.jpeg (7.32 KB, 320x180, images (6).jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO


a0d5c No.93859

File: 1625860300327-0.png (912.83 KB, 2846x3893, aki__commission__by_jake__….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625860300327-1.png (978.68 KB, 2793x3506, shinobu__commission__by_ja….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625860300327-2.png (785.55 KB, 2463x3444, atago__commission__by_jake….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625860300327-3.png (871.63 KB, 2922x3639, reno__commission__by_jake_….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

94df7 No.93864

Yeah, of the Wormstylists, Jake's probably one of the best bar Worm himself.

066df No.93865

File: 1625876577654-0.png (994.76 KB, 2643x3511, rosaria__commission__by_ja….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625876577654-1.png (735.98 KB, 3855x2636, mikasa_x_annie__commission….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625876577654-2.png (709.96 KB, 2776x3269, kari__art_trade__by_jake__….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625876577654-3.png (871.12 KB, 2992x3342, glorious__commission__by_j….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Is their patreon worth it by the way?

56ea1 No.93868

I can't tell the difference. I'm actually curious as to how many of his things I've saved into my Worm folder

f09a1 No.93869

Definitely, theres some works only found there

e3b1c No.93871

The good thing about Jake is that they always do pregnancy, and the way they always draw bellies are huge.

f1d75 No.93891

File: 1625934659421-0.png (487.41 KB, 1359x2048, eve.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625934659422-1.png (809.97 KB, 2800x3739, Diane.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625934659422-2.png (633.25 KB, 2744x3636, Chizuru.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625934659422-3.png (438.49 KB, 1528x2048, rei.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

066df No.93898

File: 1625951387393-0.png (1.11 MB, 3099x3656, kii__commission__by_jake__….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951387393-1.png (658.17 KB, 2726x3824, kuroko__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951387393-2.png (753.72 KB, 2663x3134, nejire__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951387393-3.png (728.78 KB, 2647x3460, kashino__commission__by_ja….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

You probably should. Someone in worm's thread already did that mistake.

066df No.93899

File: 1625951495467-0.png (890.32 KB, 2942x3755, formidable__commission__by….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951495467-1.png (902.29 KB, 2647x3186, bremerton__commission__by_….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951495467-2.png (837.58 KB, 2436x3480, kagero__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1625951495467-3.png (486.76 KB, 2107x3154, rebekah__art_trade__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

c763f No.93901

holy shit, Murcielago fanart. color me pleasantly surprised.

16b9b No.93947

Anyone has the president from nagaroto one?

a88fe No.93969

I would like this too pls

aa66a No.94025

File: 1626126662743-0.png (962.24 KB, 2898x3664, tomoko__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626126662743-1.png (734.19 KB, 2424x3811, minori__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626126662743-2.png (1010.97 KB, 3357x3310, a_first_meeting__by_jake__….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626126662743-3.png (957.53 KB, 4006x3588, blake_and_yang__commission….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Seconding, plus also requesting his Tharja pic.

4d4e2 No.94043

File: 1626172518644-0.png (767.02 KB, 2776x3428, 55_Sem_Título_202103182014….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626172518644-1.png (952.42 KB, 2677x3558, 51_Sem_Título_202103110951….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626172518644-2.png (568.26 KB, 2154x2804, defb6xy-5735f63f-68b9-4840….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626172518644-3.png (943.67 KB, 3417x3925, 38_Sem_Título_202102062136….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

4d4e2 No.94044

File: 1626172581014-0.png (1 MB, 2874x3519, 45_Sem_Título_202102212212….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626172581014-1.png (649.65 KB, 2722x3273, 44_Sem_Título_202102202215….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626172581014-2.png (756.24 KB, 2977x3511, 56_Sem_Título_202103181931….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

bcec9 No.94049

kinda curious too

1cbd6 No.94056

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

066df No.94079

File: 1626228251643-0.png (781.08 KB, 2771x3434, samus.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626228251643-1.png (765.96 KB, 2728x3285, shino.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626228251643-2.png (819.69 KB, 2574x3554, dido.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626228251643-3.png (1016.35 KB, 3137x3884, Ryuko.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

f7255 No.94088

say what you want about his style, my man at least has some principles. He's all about pregnancy instead of just spheres.

60522 No.94107

Anyone got the president from nagatoro and lucy from fairy tail?

89a44 No.94157

File: 1626351025718.png (25.39 KB, 178x256, 1625869886268.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

066df No.94159

File: 1626351561836-0.png (1.07 MB, 2876x3954, connie__commission__by_jak….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626351561836-1.png (305.28 KB, 1351x1989, fubuki_by_jake__jaccobus_d….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626351561836-2.png (538.28 KB, 1500x2212, l_lucoa___by_jake__jaccobu….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626351561836-3.png (720.84 KB, 2960x3647, annie__commission__by_jake….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

In times like these it makes me mad his kemono.party page is outdated

4aae9 No.94171

File: 1626369164223-0.png (847.1 KB, 1024x683, 1592733691634.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO


The lack of proper detail on that camouflage pattern triggers me

dd354 No.94176

File: 1626375317274.jpeg (226.49 KB, 1332x753, same picture.jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

74e3d No.94392

File: 1626680752883-0.png (659.12 KB, 2759x3512, 27_Sem_Título_202105242257….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1626680752883-1.png (812.79 KB, 2497x3358, 10_Sem_Título_202104221640….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

bump, anyone got lucy and president pic?

f201c No.94589

Bump, still waiting for the new posts

066df No.94615

File: 1627101318191-0.png (933.06 KB, 2048x1971, Prez1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627101318191-1.png (978.67 KB, 2048x2010, Prez2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627101318191-2.png (1.8 MB, 3648x3643, Lucy1.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627101318191-3.png (1.41 MB, 3670x3627, Lucy2.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

fa429 No.94616


066df No.94711

File: 1627296193764.png (627.95 KB, 2357x2787, tharja.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

66c06 No.94740

File: 1627342805005.png (1.14 MB, 3160x3823, 96805CCA-0B37-4900-A42D-C9….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

8cfcf No.94742

Love that thick belly. Makes me really want to know what "Ready to go" is referring to.

a891f No.94872

Do Fukiyose Seiri from Toaru Majursu index II As Normal pregnant

20319 No.94874

This isn't a request thread Carlos.

a891f No.94877

How to request it

f5c7d No.94878

Commission them with money

066df No.95020

File: 1627697525866-0.png (579.54 KB, 2719x2131, summer_day___1_2__by_jake_….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627697525866-1.png (759.52 KB, 2698x2113, summer day alt.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627697525866-2.png (915.71 KB, 2921x3687, 43d0583ac5317361526060a3d6….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

066df No.95021

File: 1627698358167-0.png (1003.1 KB, 2800x3739, 41_Sem_Título_20210624175….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627698358167-1.png (776.28 KB, 2744x3636, 37_Sem_Título_20210617182….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1627698358167-2.png (1.13 MB, 3082x3983, 47_Sem_Título_20210701161….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

f5c7d No.95023

File: 1627699883381.png (831.64 KB, 1500x1750, 5312021doodle.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Wait a minute… did Jacob trace this belly from Worm?

487cd No.95024

Nah. It's just a general "at the beach, navel piercing" thing. If anything it might be "inspired by," but not a trace.

1f6ed No.95026

Scamming nigger

f5c7d No.95062

Bruh it's straight up a trace. Overlay the two.

d6a3e No.95934

File: 1629192790432-0.png (375.31 KB, 3200x4000, 64_Sem_Título_202108031338….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629192790432-1.png (380.79 KB, 3200x4000, Summer day! Part 2 (Kicky ….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO


487cd No.95935

The shapes are different, the piercing is different, the lines of the linea nigra are different.

e4cae No.95942

File: 1629201797330.png (91.95 KB, 805x503, navel.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

shameless piece of shit

3285e No.95943

man, can we at least… enjoy it without whining?

210d1 No.95944

Agreed, I don’t really care if their artwork looks the same, both look great and it’s the kind I can fap to with no trouble

50b33 No.95946

why you have to be mad

fa285 No.95948

Are the pitures to some degree traced? By the look of things, yes.

Are they complete rip-offs or, worse yet, template drawings? Absolutely not.

Jake Jaccobus is going through the trouble of bringing out pics that at least look different from the last one and not simply being like "Change hair color and post."

e9e61 No.95949

The brain rewards you when you think you catch someone lying. He can't help it. I don't think anyone feels this guy is 100% original with his art.

I don't know who the artist is or his relationship to Dr Worm. We got boards of morphs on art, and redraws for people, but if someone bases art on another we're suddenly angry? If he said "No I didn't copy!" I would probably be more annoyed, but I'm just seeing pics without context.

e4cae No.95951

He has a fucking patreon. He's making money off tracing other people's art.

cf1d7 No.95953

I'll be this person, a lot of "anime" styles look the same.

f12bb No.95960

File: 1629218911504.png (641.63 KB, 1500x877, didjaketrace.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I went into GIMP and overlaid the 2 images over each other, and while the right thigh and crotch almost line up, everything else is at the wrong angle for a trace. It looks like he used Worm's image as a reference rather than just drawing over it.

ce95d No.95965

File: 1629219776464.gif (859.02 KB, 1500x1750, Tracetest.gif) Google iqdb SauceNAO

If you move the belly line a bit everyting except the crotch and legs lines up

f12bb No.95971

So, what, he traced the belly and left hip, rotated the image, then traced the right thigh and crotch? It's too close to be just a reference but this is a weird way to trace something.

94f90 No.95972

I stand by this post. If he’s doing it for fun and post all of his pics to the public then there wouldn’t be a problem. But, the reality is that he’s keeping his content (most of which are too “heavily inspired”, if not traced) behind a paywall and that’s honestly scummy.

I mean you could always never go wrong with another worm-like artist (the pics he made recently in what could be considered his own style is good), but I don’t think we need another worm.

ce95d No.95982

Well he could have wanted the sizes she had but standing instead so would require the rotating

422c3 No.95983

File: 1629234251823-0.png (381.14 KB, 3000x3600, 869DD8B0-E914-4B3C-A9CB-31….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1629234251823-1.jpeg (213.81 KB, 1065x1612, 0C5AE8D6-3F30-4B30-9567-4….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

This new drawing he made also looks traced too. Reminds me of the Miku that Worm did. Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

d1511 No.95984

She isn't standing, though. She's kneeling like Winona (or Nurs? I forget their names) in the offending picture; she's only standing in the second part, which we're not talking about.

ce95d No.95986

Nevermind I had a brainfart and somehow thought we were talking about >>95934

7b9f4 No.96428

File: 1630121675218.png (291.75 KB, 3000x3000, ff3d3a0ea31cd7ced9f0532f69….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Here you go guys

c2a26 No.96429

Can be cool a heavy pregnant evangelyne from wakfu in her very tight season 2 cloth

20319 No.96434

This isn't a request thread…

d949c No.96457

Okay nows its confirmed that he traces lewdlemage drawings.

ee5dc No.96462

was there ever any doubt

71a32 No.96955

File: 1631192593128-0.jpg (125.96 KB, 1280x1535, Nobara (Commission).jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1631192593128-1.jpg (128.56 KB, 1280x1418, Annie (Commsison).jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1631192593128-2.jpg (176.11 KB, 1280x1227, Serana and Io (Commission).jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

some recent stuffs,

anyone got latest one which is samus?

267f4 No.96972

What's weird is, plenty of artists and non-artists color other artists' work all the time, and I'm pretty sure it's not considered weird. Jake didn't disclose that this is a coloring of another artist's work, but if he had, he'd get away with it and nobody would care. But…he didn't. Even though it's obvious and now he's just gonna get called out.

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