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Simpsons Thread belliesrlovely 07/09/2022 (Sat) 18:09:04 Id:e2354f No. 980
Any pregnancy stuff related to The Simpsons.
>>1010 That's actually kinda depressing...
>>1062 a slow, painful descent, almost like a metaphor for the show lol
>>1112 "Bart has been guilty of the following atrocities: Replacing my birth control pills with tic-tacs,"
Anyone got archives of that Russian girl's art from DA? Someone posted a bunch on the Lisa thread and I'm wondering if theres more
(68.83 KB 781x720 IMG_20200709_092429.jpg)
(100.52 KB 1024x768 IMG_20200709_092142.jpg)
(84.81 KB 1024x768 IMG_20200709_092147.jpg)
(60.77 KB 1022x885 IMG_20200709_092419.jpg)
(46.33 KB 585x1200 1642739941337-1.jpg)
(46.95 KB 585x1200 1642739941337-2.jpg)
(201.65 KB 1758x2859 20210716_172952.jpg)
(46.25 KB 585x1200 1642739941337-0.jpg)
(123.06 KB 1500x2000 20210716_172955.jpg)
(536.10 KB 1344x2048 1644798567336-3.png)
(684.99 KB 1268x2048 1644798567336-1.png)
(127.39 KB 2048x2048 1644798567336-2.jpg)
(864.27 KB 2048x2048 1644798567336-0.png)
(4.63 MB 1024x576 simp26e9.mp4)
S26E9 - "I Won't Be Home For Christmas"
(263.02 KB 1166x1200 Lisa_huge_an_smug.png)
(631.80 KB 1783x1456 30.jpg)
(5.87 KB 199x130 invitation to suffer.jpg)
>>1671 Please, can we not repeat what happened on the last version of this site...
(90.49 KB 900x1200 20210723_045840_IMG_7336.JPG)
>>1672 Shut up
(401.96 KB 853x480 1655056476709.png)
(50.31 KB 640x360 BART & LISA 1.jpg)
(74.33 KB 900x506 BART & LISA 2.jpg)
(82.64 KB 461x364 1641185950436-0~(1).jpg)
(359.46 KB 1656x1252 Lisa Relaxed.jpg)
>>1697 I love that one of these pics is an actual screencap from the show. lol
(124.13 KB 900x681 1239109.jpg)
(473.46 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault111.png)
(75.28 KB 320x180 4.png)
(248.90 KB 531x396 screenshot-1.png)
>>1721 Was it cold in the room they took that picture with Marge in?"
>>1845 Talking about the on with Bart and Lisa I have no idea.
(72.33 KB 760x342 20220731_131148_156.jpg)
(72.53 KB 760x342 20220731_131148_157.jpg)
(73.37 KB 760x342 20220731_131148_166.jpg)
(73.09 KB 760x342 20220731_131148_165.jpg)
(73.16 KB 760x342 20220731_131148_169.jpg)
Could someone edit these images of Lisa do as you please.😁
heres some i have from the old pregchan
fuck you and this pedo shit, gdi. I was happy we were free from this on the new page but you brought it back
>>2304 Can it, Yeardley
>>2304 I'm just here for the Marge stuff.
>>2304 >Yelling about pedo shit >This board also has preg loli shit G is for Genius.
>>2304 Oi, are you looking at underage yellow girls again, mate? Do we need to confiscate your internet license?
(71.41 KB 576x886 100147317_p10_master1200.jpg)
>>2346 The British Empire doesn't exist anymore
>>2432 Where'd you find this one?
(43.00 KB 827x486 E1Ey2V9VEAAFj7V.jpg)
Anyone know which episode this is?
>>2447 I believe it's Cad And The Hat S28 E15
>>2448 Thanks!
i know ill likely sound annoying but does anyone have high def pics of pregnant lisa and maggie from the future episode? all i can find are low quality ones
(40.71 KB 504x376 original.jpg)
>>2432 >>2441 Takes some skill and bravery to tackle the face of a front facing simpsons character and still make it appealing.
Anybody have anymore of pregnant Marge, or adult Lisa?
I'll take that as a no...
(1.83 MB 720x576 1642293514799.gif)
>>3600 This thread be dead honestly. You post something and someone else throws a hissy fit over it
>>3628 Well time to post and get bitches angy again
(47.23 KB 424x320 YouCut_20220115_003007780.mp4)
(1.10 MB 498x188 the-simpsons-bart-and-lisa.gif)
Which episode is this from?
need more edna posting
>>4293 Nice belly
(142.80 KB 1020x1108 1644407319965-1.jpg)
(108.07 KB 867x876 1644485563063-2.jpg)
(150.00 KB 943x1216 1644307905827-1.png)
(271.18 KB 754x788 1644485563063-3.png)
(56.89 KB 900x700 1642856723413-1.jpg)
saved from the previous forum thread
(844.98 KB 1200x900 1642994955216.jpg)
(134.42 KB 700x600 1643010054845.jpg)
(156.53 KB 1185x922 1644267337532-2.png)
(104.28 KB 1122x1013 1644307905827-0.jpg)
(125.80 KB 1227x978 1644407319965-0.jpg)
(590.97 KB 3276x2526 1644407319965-2.jpg)
(154.78 KB 1580x1114 1644407319965-3.jpg)
(515.82 KB 3276x2526 1644789217608-1.jpg)
(167.32 KB 1402x1314 1644789217608-2.jpg)
(531.68 KB 3276x2526 1644789217608-3.jpg)
(454.40 KB 3276x2526 1645175192971-1.jpg)
(503.95 KB 3276x2526 1645175192971-2.jpg)
(482.78 KB 3276x2526 1645175192971-0.jpg)
(535.11 KB 3276x2526 1645175192971-3.jpg)
(274.01 KB 1200x1200 1645543307165-0.jpg)
(200.51 KB 1610x1045 1644310219876-0.jpg)
(1.21 MB 2082x1538 1644307905827-2.jpg)
(170.23 KB 939x725 1652859092881.jpg)
(263.75 KB 1800x1537 1648369571325.png)
(655.86 KB 1863x1305 1654529382987-0.png)
last once isn't preg but it's easy to crop
(574.75 KB 816x824 1647083517631-1.png)
(502.85 KB 3276x2526 1645543307165-1.jpg)
(287.33 KB 2950x1283 1645543307165-2.jpg)
(840.13 KB 800x1067 1646307339983.png)
(844.98 KB 1200x900 1642994955216.jpg)
(271.18 KB 754x788 1644485563063-3.png)
(106.30 KB 1003x1196 1644485563063-4.jpg)
(292.05 KB 2000x2000 1644485563063-0.jpg)
(261.56 KB 2500x2500 1644485563063-1.jpg)
(263.75 KB 1800x1537 1648369571325.png)
(404.64 KB 1000x750 1648204411644-0.png)
(53.68 KB 670x543 1654897058464.jpg)
(574.75 KB 816x824 1647083517631-1.png)
killboi (warning : contains vore)
(71.23 KB 1027x576 1642388527344-1.jpg)
(85.87 KB 1920x1080 1642360913786-2.jpg)
(74.54 KB 1027x576 1642388527344-0.jpg)
S23E9 Holidays of Future Passed
(271.49 KB 2067x2067 simp000.png)
>>4946 it's the only good chapter for us
does anyone know the name of the simpsons winter olympic games episode there is a pregnancy scene
>>6723 Boy Meets Curl
>>6724 Thank you now all you have to do is look for the scene
(1021.85 KB 1654x4169 margecomic.png)
>>1401 So, who's the artist for these?
>>7406 is he even still around?
I'd love to see some preg edits of anime Lisa or Marge from the Death Tome episode.
>>7745 Same here
found some oldies from the old pregchan
(7.36 MB 800x453 ezgif-3-a5358b78f4.gif)
Marge as a pregnant dog S19E12
>>10367 here, have some shit i found on deviantart in 2 seconds
(2.83 MB 1300x1000 lady_marge_by_killb00_dffso4y.png)
>>8980 Fanart, surprisingly.
(8.23 MB 1024x576 simp25e5_laborpains3.mp4)
S25E5 - Labor Pains
(778.77 KB 2923x2067 maude.png)
(495.58 KB 1408x800 Preg_Lisa_bed.png)
(749.71 KB 2550x3300 lisaaaa.jpg)
(726.39 KB 1080x820 screen_done.png)
>>10745 "Pregnancye hypnosis" - using frequencies to make one think they're prengnant - Maude was a Christian woman into quiverful - the problem is Ned is too busy - and of course, Maude killed off.
>>10745 The last one is cute as hell. That's right around the part where she pretends to be sick and then quickly lists off everything she wants for breakfast. Now imagine that, but she's pregnant and having cravings.
(259.69 KB 1280x1656 preglisedit.jpg)
>>10766 That last edit bothered me so much I made my own. lol If someone can make a better one, please do.
(503.16 KB 1408x800 preglisbb.png)
>>10745 Added a belly button. lol
if I'm not mistaken, as far as I remember, I saw a picture where Lisa was heavily pregnant with a bare belly and her baby was kicking really hard. Where is it?
(263.07 KB 1280x913 gpo5nkovYGE.jpg)
(326.95 KB 1280x720 Stuffed.png)
(264.04 KB 834x958 Lis and bart.png)
(216.22 KB 810x1080 NjbuCTU51To.jpg)
not technically pregnant but can be taken as being pregnant
again 2 are not technically pregnant but i did get them from the old pregchan
(47.88 KB 1180x664 1641786853004.jpg)
(337.85 KB 1280x1245 -ZFw0CFE_tk.jpg)
(292.05 KB 2000x2000 commission_2_wip_by_3393-dactth5.jpg)
(261.56 KB 2500x2500 commission_3_wip_by_3393-dagc2qk.jpg)
(606.27 KB 3276x2526 Millionare_1-4.jpg)
(286.68 KB 2700x1175 Millionare_5-6.jpg)
(4.73 MB 2717x2267 Marge_preggo_unbirth.jpg)
(72.28 KB 531x742 Lisa_03.png)
(42.44 KB 481x762 Lisa_04.png)
(163.34 KB 1280x1280 Lisa_Sherry_Terry_220406_02.jpg)
(1.60 MB 180x313 1641244318030.gif)
(1.60 MB 2040x2640 1645776205721-0.jpg)
Last one's an edit
>>4405 Who drew these?
would someone be willing to edit this so she has a outie instead of a innie?
(696.34 KB 1284x2229 lisbb.jpg)
>>10820 How's this?
>>10822 oh wow that was fast you did a good job
>>10826 Thanks!
(112.37 KB 1200x1200 IMG_1183.JPG)
I tried to generate some pregnant Lisa pics based on this pic...
(194.59 KB 512x512 IMG_1185.PNG)
(183.76 KB 512x512 IMG_1186.PNG)
(186.74 KB 512x512 IMG_1187.PNG)
(176.99 KB 512x512 IMG_1188.PNG)
(186.95 KB 512x512 IMG_1189.PNG)
>>10840 ...but the results were deeply, deeply cursed.
>>10841 And that's why AI art should die
>>10842 The bodies are actually decent, but the faces, obviously, are horrifying. lol
(2.95 MB 1574x1943 Clipboard01.png)
(145.12 KB 1268x1426 a_lost_tape_5.jpg)
(210.47 KB 972x1080 AjXrNpOGgvE.jpg)
(468.83 KB 2526x3276 a_lost_tape_1-4.jpg)
(581.63 KB 1000x749 Bart_of_Darkness_Preg.png)
>>11004 pregnant Marge makes my dick dinmonds
>>11242 >>10807 >>10794 can some one translate Russian?
>>11891 Sometimes I am ashamed of my compatriots. Okay, I will translate it for you: -Bart! I still can't believe it! We did it! Look how huge and round I am! -See, you were arguing with me. So, how do you feel? -It's awesome! I never thought it would be so nice to be pregnant!
(721.39 KB 1327x1741 Clipboard01.png)
(746.46 KB 707x1000 Lisamania 2022 edit.png)
It's my first time editing and posting here after being a lurker so sorry in advance in case I screw this reply thing up, but have an edit I made of a Lisamania comic which I also translated for you guys
>>13035 I think that's an excessive amount of kicks unless she's having multiples. It looks like Maggie is in her belly wearing her star shaped snowsuit based on the way the lumps are laid out. Her butt's also a bit small but maybe that's just me. Still, not a bad attempt, and definitely a great choice of comic to work with.
(462.74 KB 706x701 slavmargog.jpg)
(453.46 KB 706x701 slavmargpreg.jpg)
Made an edit of the first pic. Kinda hope someone does a better one. lol
(96.24 KB 601x775 4422353_vorelover1985_d3.jpg)
Cute Lisa pic from a recent episode. She's got a bit of a belly here and the pose is fun. Could be exploitable for an edit.
(73.31 KB 1366x738 shot-2023-04-07_21-27-32.jpg)
>>14438 I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Pregnant marge makes my dick diamond hard.
>>14438 Needs to be bigger!
(757.29 KB 2480x2923 marge4.png)
(924.28 KB 2685x3545 marge3.png)
(485.18 KB 1153x1627 beefc475ea2311b3.png)
(480.47 KB 1153x1627 lisasuccubus.png)
Succubus Lisa (Original + Edit)
>>15522 That's a very good edit!
>>14769 who is the artist on those last two pictures?
>>15648 are you sure? they have no Simpsons pics on that DA page.
>>15672 These were commissions, soo...do the math.
>>15673 then they would be there genius.
>>15689 Not really?
>>15689 You do realize that such things like private comms exist, right?
>>15626 Thanks!
>>15702 What on earth have you done!? My mcguppies became bazongas!!
>>17777 Is there a video of the image?
>>17788 If there is, I haven't found it yet...
>>17792 Ok I'm looking for it too
>>17820 That's actually very well made. lol
>>17820 Nice Thank you
would be interesting to see if someone could give marge a big belly
(219.56 KB 912x1925 Marge2.jpg)
>>19685 well that was easy
>>19685 Pregnant Marge makes my dick diamonds if you know what I mean.
>>19699 I don't know what you mean, please explain.
>>19701 The sight of a pregnant Marge Simpson turns his penis into a pile of diamonds.
(134.57 KB 1538x1201 Marge.jpg)
could someone give lisa a belly
>>19130 That is Comic Book Store Guy, and he's just got a big gut
>>19938 I need to know the artist! Also, can they draw an adult lisa and maggie like that? Alongside Brandine Spuckler?
>>1691 I know where this piece is from. It’s from an artist named “Tummy Gut.” I remember a preggo Marge piece from them too, but it’s long gone.
Anyone still have pictures of little lisa getting pregnant big, And there's a kick of a baby's little leg sticking out?​
(38.47 KB 1024x768 LisaTap (3).jpg)
>>20054 I just edit existing images, I don't normally draw new ones. The one of Marge in the mirror I found on rule34.xx as a non-preg and it didn't say the original author. Hope you've been enjoying my edits
>>20076 nice work! do you have any other lisa marge or maggie edits?
(296.70 KB 1920x1080 1642758389996-3b.jpg)
(88.15 KB 850x478 1642758389996-2b.jpg)
(428.07 KB 400x250 1652666338026.gif)
(63.23 KB 500x558 GereLisa.jpg)
(45.46 KB 720x404 lisaPic.jpg)
>>20079 I do. Some of the edits I did have already uploaded (which is great, but I might re-upload the whole image).
(73.55 KB 771x733 Marge1 (2).jpg)
(74.22 KB 771x733 Marge3 (2).jpg)
>>20085 >>20088 very nice anymore?
(1.48 MB 848x480 cj.mp4)
Are there any more fetal movements like this?
>>20735 Unfortunately I haven't seen any