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File: 1496427982513.png (33.4 KB, 1198x398, alien_life _cycle_furry.png)

13b88 No.4314[Reply]

This thread is for furry who was made pregnant by the aliens.
Enjoy! X3
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56830 No.5747

File: 1514953578657.gif (36.51 KB, 372x1056, katia2.gif)

i made it, so why the fuck not post it

13b88 No.5791

File: 1515970898717.png (278.57 KB, 800x462, 1248647086.png)

Someone make more of that!!! XD

13b88 No.5792

File: 1515971987693.png (526.79 KB, 1600x1190, thfg7sz.png)

6a5c6 No.5808

File: 1516295796369.gif (37.05 KB, 372x1056, katiafacehugger.gif)

because people seem to like it so much i refined it a little

6a5c6 No.5809

File: 1516321808204.gif (38.73 KB, 372x1056, veinybelly.gif)

and this too

File: 1515885459129.jpg (35.99 KB, 400x313, tombstone.jpg)

b9541 No.5788[Reply]

Well, that's pretty much ends the furry thread.

I guess nobody will received thier edited art requests because of the reply limit.


09cd2 No.5789

Don’t worry, if furries can exist in North Korea, they can survive anything.

4d750 No.5806

Oh wow that actually reached its limit?

53565 No.5807

Just make a second one

File: 1502035444208.png (896.59 KB, 1609x1065, Webcomic Logos.png)

7a866 No.4596[Reply]

Due to an unprecedented outburst of rude attitude, negative behaviour, ill-mannerism and non-appreciation towards fellow members who merely do a good job around here, (though both sides do good work around here, one can't always rely on the other's reaction) the site's decided to launch a sister gallery to that in the /D/ group.

Here, any furry pregnancies in webcomics or online comics, such as those mentioned to your left, are welcomed here.

These webcomic pregnancies can be past, present or even future*. These also apply to those one-shot strips/pages in the webcomic's history.

Just be sure to include the date when you upload them so we don't have to ferret around in the archives to locate them.

(* = And make sure to add on whether the artwork is canon or fanon… ;-))

All notifications of any sort are dually welcomed.

We'll also accept fanart, crossovers, dress-dolls.

Feel free to post them here and we might read them and then check them out.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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b9b70 No.5657

File: 1512939352491.png (916.73 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan25.png)


Always be prepared like RC. Bring a bag full of random items wherever you go…

Though, Sabrina's repeating her history again regarding the closing panel of the '99 archives whilst Amy was birthing little Timmy; http://www.sabrinaonline2k.net/MHA/bigstrips/SabOnlineXmas99.jpg

(Mind you, you'd've thought Sabrina's Transformers have suffered enough regarding Timmy's antics with them)

And perhaps the video game console will help Sabrina better. After all, a couple of pieces I've seen have laboring women so engrossed and deep in concentration whilst playing that many don't even know they're crowning at times; >>5428

So, it looks like we maybe seeing Sabrina's baby by Christmas (unless we get any more flashbacks), but once that happens, I fear this comic will probably come to end like the original….

f5fbf No.5696

File: 1513727934888.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan26.png)


Looks like everyone's gathered for Sabrina's labor now.

EWS found this page was a lot of work - too many characters at once. :)

As heartwarming as this is, it's pretty hard to see this caring side of ZZ after looking at "Adventures Begin at Home" when ZigZag, during her rampage of revenge met Helen Dish.

Side note, Awwww, Tommy and Tabitha together again. X3

f5fbf No.5697

File: 1513812405780.png (859.41 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan27.png)


"Would you like to hear a story?"
- "no."

"Too bad."

Looks like it's a repeat of what these two went through back in August 2008 regarding RC's parents; https://www.sabrina-online.com/strips/SabOnline472.GIF

Best keep your eyes on this now as the baby might be coming between Christmas & New Year's (if not before)…

By-and-by, a happy 21st Anniversary of "Sabrina Online". This comic is officially allowed to drink in the USA.
(no charge. ;) )

77a16 No.5717

File: 1514456638921.png (1.24 MB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan28.png)


Not a flashback, but an incredible simulation.

(Mind you, it looks like RC chose the wrong time, not to make that simulation, but to stand that close to Sabrina just as she has another contraction…

Least it wasn't his tail)

262e8 No.5805

File: 1516100225909.png (980.84 KB, 1280x1790, sabpregnants_u18chan30.png)


Nothing wrong with a little toy & game therapy; https://u18chan.com/uploads/data/13325/sabpregnants_u18chan30_u18chan.png

I suppose it makes a good focus point for Sabrina, which makes more sense than others I've seen, such as Fenton for Lindesfarne; >>4668 , Rupert to Rosalind; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/october-12-2015/ and p110 of "Flight of the Stork"; https://natsuko-kuonji24.deviantart.com/art/The-Flight-of-the-Stork-Pg-110-374536786

Mind you, gaming whilst pregnant did help some laboring women concentrate or forget their pains, as one picture of a trio of mothers-to-be; >>5428 and this story; https://growthinator.deviantart.com/art/Bulba-s-Surprise-Pregnancy-611642828 shows…

And it's a vast improvement on Dr Hibbert's pacifier treatment when future Maggie went into labor…

File: 1503884300773.png (99.61 KB, 651x729, IMG_0108.PNG)

105ac No.4957[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post any Cats/Neko girls you got

No size is too big here :D
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df4a4 No.5800

File: 1516078222017.jpeg (256.74 KB, 480x600, Pregcatgirl47.jpeg)

df4a4 No.5801

File: 1516078420484.jpg (216.85 KB, 768x1395, 882992_p0.jpg)

df4a4 No.5802

File: 1516078625802.png (617.99 KB, 1190x1611, 20171028_104310.png)

df4a4 No.5803

File: 1516078787561.png (457.59 KB, 1213x956, merry_christmas_by_feydrah….png)

df4a4 No.5804

File: 1516078924594.jpeg (73.75 KB, 584x700, Hyperpregfey.jpeg)

File: 1412186864067.jpg (565.04 KB, 1953x932, Gravid Grams Collage.JPG)

c4895 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A topic dedicated for those who like pregnant furries or anthros. The piece can be of anything pregfur-related; Pregnancy, laboring & childbirth, sex during pregnancy, humanxanthro relationships, even F/F preggos - but all animals are welcome.

This piece is to get the ball rolling…something I created myself dedicating one of my favourite Pregfur artists, Wallaroo.
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453da No.5795

File: 1516005581766.jpg (150.13 KB, 1164x1280, 1502012278.plankboy_sketch….jpg)

453da No.5796

File: 1516005590372.jpg (150.21 KB, 1164x1280, 1502012677.plankboy_sketch….jpg)

453da No.5797

File: 1516005687908.png (499.36 KB, 822x926, 1465437974.victoriaviper_3….png)

453da No.5798

File: 1516005701071.png (1.35 MB, 1600x833, 1462727358.victoriaviper_3….png)

049a7 No.5799

>smoking while pregnant
Shit taste. To add:
>says this line
>then turns around and is shocked when her son is born with Fuji's Syndrome
Something something "like poetry" something

File: 1411156106862.jpg (82.57 KB, 844x811, rarity pregnant colour.jpg)

eb8b4 No.100[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post them if you've got them.
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e2325 No.5661

File: 1513016768592.jpeg (191.82 KB, 1280x960, 1604999__suggestive_artis….jpeg)

80d9e No.5775

File: 1515369407396.jpeg (293.49 KB, 1279x1051, 1626597__explicit_artist-….jpeg)

e2325 No.5786

File: 1515831225429.png (4.46 MB, 2348x4000, 1627653__suggestive_artist….png)

e2325 No.5787

File: 1515831285390.jpeg (253.91 KB, 1600x1067, 1580945__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

80d9e No.5790

File: 1515915153191.png (1.21 MB, 3491x4500, 1631074__questionable_arti….png)

File: 1415136817120.jpg (236.59 KB, 1490x1497, 43609990.jpg)

dd8dc No.384[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I thought would start something like this here. I know Pokemon technically lay eggs (I understand it makes breeding less intrusive to gameplay and is easier to program), but I do not care enough about that.

The image posted here is something I did quite a while ago. I am also sorry I have been silent for so long (college is eating up much of my time as of now).
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2347d No.5692

File: 1513640106917.png (808.47 KB, 1986x2239, Cocoa Butter Lyubov 2.png)

Here is something I just finished. I have been experimenting some more with varying line thicknesses and I think it looks pretty nice. (It sure makes the lineart easier to see). The lady here is one of my original-characters-doughnut-steal. Her name is Lyubov and she demands that someone rub stretchmark cream on her belly.

cb057 No.5693

I thought he went the minus 8 way.

825b7 No.5694

I kinda want to see more of her… Preg Tsareena is something I'd like to see more often.

2347d No.5695

I am glad you like it. (If you said you did, anyway; sorry if I am being presumptuous). I have other things I want to do first, but will definitely do more with her.

094d2 No.5785

File: 1515565328112.jpg (89.69 KB, 800x657, d02d3fcd83dd98481f4ba74d42….jpg)

Not enough lesbians

File: 1508814188204.png (624.53 KB, 860x1097, c8f9e070a9c0f2f42c844f9bbf….png)

934f8 No.5266[Reply]

Characters from the comic Twokinds.
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6bbe6 No.5649

File: 1512636827540.jpg (405.29 KB, 1000x861, 1511035565.twokindswierdo_….jpg)

8277a No.5650


Wonder who #1 Mom is?

c6b7b No.5651

Natani obviously

80473 No.5652

File: 1512650314838.png (109.61 KB, 1040x768, dancing_preg_lioness_by_ge….png)

0374e No.5777

File: 1515402992641.jpg (257.85 KB, 1280x1120, 1514309251.twokindswierdo_….jpg)

File: 1436689673674.jpg (143.79 KB, 1800x1240, Kit Mambo C.jpg)

a2f16 No.1214[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A place for Furry Edits to go.
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c6f1a No.5769


Can someone edit her?

c6f1a No.5770

File: 1515257120815.jpg (110.59 KB, 675x1182, yveltal_by_drakeraynier-d6….jpg)

Please give her a baby belly

c6f1a No.5771

File: 1515285747301.png (617.3 KB, 1080x1440, 6ff4a87b7970d8262e5169cbf7….png)

Can someone try this image?

c6f1a No.5774

File: 1515368664050.jpg (128.26 KB, 560x700, 1367445380.shinigamigirl_b….jpg)

Why not her?

fdf1f No.5776

File: 1503596329189.png (1.34 MB, 1468x1956, 1023571.png)

4f893 No.4745[Reply]

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27100 No.5749

File: 1515024789726.png (4.45 MB, 2893x3922, 1621123.png)

27100 No.5750

File: 1515024904516.png (5.79 MB, 2893x4092, 1621695.png)

65a65 No.5763

File: 1515212162085.jpeg (170.09 KB, 1280x761, 1623226__suggestive_artis….jpeg)

65a65 No.5764

File: 1515212232343.png (1.21 MB, 3368x2083, 1622327__questionable_arti….png)

92361 No.5773

File: 1515348563327.png (1.28 MB, 1945x2480, 1624120.png)

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