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Pregnant Food Creatures Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/27/2022 (Mon) 16:37:06 Id:4ed56b No. 127
This was a thread on the old site but it died almost immediately so uh Let’s try again I know the characters shown are humanoid, but they are humanized versions of food beings
Funny how BoK posted this Currant Cream request(I didn’t request it btw) after I posted my CC on DA
>>5021 Don’t give him advice he won’t listen
(131.76 KB 1080x823 fossil.jpeg)
>>5219 And no one cares anymore, they stopped caring ever since the beef between me and Kamui died
>>5219 the fact that someone made this is just sad
>>5223 My favorite part is that absolutely none of it is accurate
>>5219 >entire life devoted to pregnant cookies So what about my old Pokemon or Digimon OCs? Do they just not exist anymore >has dinosaur toys from 30 years ago I only have one, and its from The Lost World Jurassic Park line, 5 years off from 30 >that age gap quote Who gives a shit as long as they're both adults?
Anyway back on topic
Chili Pepper for some spice
Newest pic I did with my process
>>5242 And the order is borked
>>5243 The more you post the more you prove that you are utterly inept as an artist
>>5265 "I'm gonna shit on this guy because he doesn't draw what I like" Jfc touch grass.
>>5266 I do like the stuff done by BundleOfKinks, but Fossil’s Art is just objectively bad
>>5265 I’m half convinced that this is either is little buddy or him samefagging
>>5265 Huff that copium lol
>>3182 Merry Labor Day
Random but related to the thread, e621 is weirdly touchy with Cookies, like I uploaded some of BoK’s Latte pics there and they stick but I upload another pic OF THE SAME CHARACTER and e6 is like “hmmmm nah this is a human” so uh why the fuck did they other ones stay
>>5364 Well we finally have our answer as to weather or not Cookies are furry. They aren’t get off of /f/
>>5399 >weather Why would the weather dictate whether or not cookies are furry? >They aren’t get off of /f/ Well they certainly aren't human so they don't belong on /d/. Just chill out Anon. You don't need to be so hateful all the time, it won't make your cock any bigger.
>>5400 You are literally samefagging we all know you have a VPN
>>5400 isn't /d/'s motto "Anime, manga, video games, renders, etc." and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Cookie Run is a video game.
>>5401 My god are you really that fucking insecure LOL I'm not samefagging, I'm just getting sick of people shitting on this thread constantly. Who's to say you're not samefagging? >>5402 So by that logic, a video game with entirely furry characters can go in /d/?
>>5403 >So by that logic, a video game with entirely furry characters can go in /d/? No? You contradicted yourself in your own logic aspy
Ok I just got back from an appointment what’s going on and why am I involved again?
>>5404 ???? >isn't /d/'s motto "Anime, manga, video games, renders, etc." and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Cookie Run is a video game. Your argument is basically that cookie run is a game, therefore belongs in /d/. My rebuttal was that, if that was the case, any game should go in /d/ even if it contains furries? Cookies aren't human. Anything not human goes in /f/. Seriously. Spend less time online and more time in the books learning, lil bro.
Meme pose time
What the fuck happened while I was gone
(508.14 KB 884x1250 493.jpg)
>>5450 wrong thread chief
>>5440 not even gonna credit who gave you the link to spicychat huh/j
Randomly spun a wheel and made this
>>5483 Brain dead move making a separate thread with these, me
So while I’m laying here at 2 Am waiting for my body to get tired enough to go to sleep and posting a hyperpreg Cocoa, I did some thinking about Peanut Butter Fudge. In her lore, her oldest kid is 16 and was born shortly after she graduated high school at 18, that would make her 34 years old. Just something I thought i‘d share.
CR Anon shared this with me on Discord
>>5082 I am 18
>>5504 cool champ
How is combining Lamaze and Yoga not a common thing in preg Art to my knowledge
>>5303 Sequel to the garlic pic