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Furry Alt Preg thread 2: The Weirdening Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 21:43:14 Id:f67c9b No. 14
Thought I’d reboot this thread here too, even if it wasn’t that popular before. Can’t help having a niche category of a niche kink as a main fetish though. Might as well open this up with some fun ones I’ve gotten.
>>3324 You started the original thread, which unfortunately died with the rebooting of pregchan. Kudos to you for making that step! Characters are also quite fun.
>>3323 Sure
>>3332 okay so basically first look at this monstrocity i had an artist make.. The idea is you have a male gendered navel (on a dude or chick) and a female gendered navel (once more on a dude or chick). In this pic the male is on the left and the female is on the right. THe navel 'bulb' or 'spike' whatever you wanna call it. GEts turned on like someone normally would, BUT the female navel produces a goo of sorts that when it comes into contact with the male navel causes it to hjyper engorge for the purposes of knotting inside the female navel to ensure breeding takes place. as for birth? well BOTH BELLIES GET PREGNANT from this intercourse. THe female navel oviposits eggs when they are done incubating and the male navel ejaculates slime orbs that are each filled with so many young (such as identical twins and so on and so forth) SOme water is all it takes to dissolve the oxyginated and nutrient rich paste they are born inside of and the eggs the rfemale navel produces funciton like eggs with many smaller yolks and fetuses within them. Ehwether they come out in one FUCKHUGE egg or multiple eggs is up to you.
>>3321 That's pretty nice, albeit a little confusing. I wonder how I could commission Old Papa Soul for some artwork.
Anyone find anything new? Just outta curiousity.
>>3823 Sadly not. seems like we're in a dry spot for alt preg content rn
(477.20 KB 1100x1318 belly stuff.png)
>>3334 I liked the idea and drew something similar albeit more simple/less egg-y 1) theres innies and outties 2) when they get aroused both stomachs fill a bit with baby making fluid 3) insert belly button into other belly button and the fluids mix to fertilize and make a baby 4) either can get pregnant, as seen with the outtie belly button haver knocked up
Asked in the /drawn thread already, but does anyone here have some good oral birth/birth denial stuff?
>>3940 Also, fun concept!
Anyone got anything new, by any chance?
(196.80 KB 1280x1184 1605199407.gracedmarcus_belly.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1007x1009 unknown-1.png)
(1.43 MB 1152x855 unknown.png)
(2.74 MB 3600x3284 KsHU_Nf2.png)
(4.40 MB 2000x2000 131_3.png)
>>4213 >>4214 "And then things got a little carried away."
Bumping this thread, anyone got some new stuff?
I’ve been unable to find anything myself, unfortunately.
Anyone had any luck in finding some new stuff?
(577.58 KB 1270x1300 half goblin boimama.png)
(61.99 KB 838x674 rjoxUsM0T1s.jpg)
Anyone find some new stuff by any chance?
(7.01 MB 2929x2125 Tanyas_Class.png)
Multi birthing
>>6122 Holy WOW is this good. Got a source for it?
>>6128 I think I can almost make out the signature as Ahmay? or perhaps Attmay?
>>6184 Couldn’t find anything based on either of those myself.
>>6184 >>6189 Its Ahimay, but I cannot find anything but his softcore stuff, says its recent but not sure if this is even the right artist, would love to find more of this
there needs to be more sphere preg
>>6386 “No ThErE dOsEnT rEtArD” -generic asshole anon
>>6179 for anyone that is looking for the source, the artist is localtummydrawer on fa https://www.furaffinity.net/view/54526173/
>>6487 I had something in the works from them, hoping they’ll be back before long!
>>6915 Yeah, hope they come back sometime in the near future, I really like their art. If I remember right (I could be wrong here), I think they said that they were taking a break to spend time with their partner. I have nothing against that though, breaks are good for your health and can provide a clear head when returning to drawing.
>>6941 The good news is that they’re back, sort of!
>>7050 So I've seen, it's nice to see them again!
>>288 so do u also doing breast pregnant? so i have a request can u do diancie pregnant bc there is not alot of preggy art out of her so can u do some preggy art out of diancie?
>>7318 This was a commission gotten by a user that seemingly has disappeared for a good while. Even if they were the artist behind it and were still around, I wouldn’t know if requests would be on the table for such a thing. Apologies!
>>7320 really? it's commission only? no request?
>>7321 I don’t really know the artist. I just know that whoever commissioned it has been missing for a while. Can’t really help there much.
>>7322 so do u take request or nope?
>>7320 That was a commission gotten by Hottie man, dude got banned from his account for being a covid denier iirc. So a terrible guy, but he got some pretty good commissions
>>7325 Dude, they never said anything about being an artist or doing requests
>>7329 oh my bad sorry so there is some other website of pregnant arts + alt pregnant or is only this website? it's a question
>>6122 Still hot as fuck. Something about maw-birth is just 😳👌
>>7351 truth. an underappreciated art.
>>7351 Criminally underrated and we need more of it. Unfortunate that it’s very hard to come across.