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(75.53 KB 1152x1152 rainbowdash1.jpg)
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(65.29 KB 1024x1024 rainbowdash3.jpg)
(47.75 KB 1024x1024 renamon1.jpg)
AI pregfur content generated with stable diffusion (or other souces). AI pregfur 10/02/2022 (Sun) 10:25:11 Id:3380dc No. 1451
Here's a few things I was able to generate using a model trained on data from e621. It seems like the furry models recognize anatomy and shading a little better than the default. As far as prompts go, the more specific, the better. Pick a style of art (I think 3d, realistic works well). Many common characters and species will work with the furry models - renamon, rainbow dash, foxes, wolves, dragons, etc. If you get a prompt that works well with one character, try it with another.
(1.18 MB 1368x2048 tmpcb6wn4yv.png)
(854.70 KB 624x824 Absol-1.png)
(754.15 KB 768x768 Jolteon-1.png)
(1.19 MB 768x768 Vaporeon-1.png)
Went a little wild, had some fun with the curiosity. Learned a few things, and yeah. Might do more later if I can think of anything unique enough.
>>4755 Not too bad, I'd say.
Some selections from Inkbunny. Had to convert and compress to jpeg.
Pardon the realistic canine vagina...
>>4873 I see no reason to apologize, more of that please.
>> 3658 Nice to see I’m the first link there. 👍
>>4874 you're welcome!
>>5027 Do some lizards or dolphins next.
>>5027 Man, wish I could get my stable diffusion to spit out results that detailed. What are the prompts you use?
>>5035 1 - Use model called YiffyMix 3.1 or 3.2 - they are the mix of Fluffyrock for most of the furry stuff + some of F222 for women bodies + other HD models -> therefore resulting in more anthro-ish figures leaning to realism. 2 - Also download embeddings named dfc, ubbp, updn, bwu, boring_e621_v4, and probably some others. 3 - use this prompt AFTER everything - (masterpiece, best quality, ultra realistic, 4k, 2k, (intricate:1.1), (high detail:1.3), film photography, soft focus, RAW photo, photorealistic, analog style, subsurface scattering, photorealism, absurd res:1.1) - you also may use keyword BREAK before all that, if you use Automatic1111 4 - the prompt itself is a free wording/tags, such as solo (anthro female SPECIES:1.2), lying, on back, pregnant, huge breasts, lactating, hands on belly + some keywords for background, such as detailed background, bedroom, bed, pillow, balloons, carpet 5 - use Hi-Res fix, especially good with 4x-UltraSharp upscaler beforehand. Ta-da! You are golden!
(621.07 KB 2816x3072 dol1.jpg)
(641.74 KB 2816x3072 dol2.jpg)
(572.28 KB 2816x3072 orca1.jpg)
(530.78 KB 2816x3072 prima1.jpg)
>>5034 Well of course. Here is some pre-releases that is yet to be loaded to Inkbunny :)
>>5044 Oooh these look amazing! are you open for suggestions? Because i would love to see some preggy Espeon art, not much of it to be honest haha
>>5047 Well, some things will come later (some models have troubles making good, realistic ferals). But better later than never, I guess. :)
>>5044 these are solid
(707.53 KB 2816x3072 T.jpg)
>>5049 If you wish to see something more TRANSPARENT, you are welcome >:D
>>5048 Oh that's no problem! Even anthro is fine if it makes it easier for you
>>5050 I suppose it's worth asking in a general sense to those browsing this thread, but would it be too much to ask you (or me, since I'm dabbling in it on and off every now and then) to make suggestions for things? I am but a humble AI generator user who tends to feel very bored with his own ideas and just needs something to go off of every now and then, after all.
>>5053 Sure, How about a hugely preg semi-anthro otter?
>>5053 You can use some of mine suggestions. 1) Matatabi (naruto's two-tailed beast) 2) Meicoomon 3) Legiana (Monster Hunter) 4) Light Fury/Charizard Hybrid 5) Zoroark/Goodra Hybrid 6) For a harder challenge - any serpentine creature (Dragonair/Python/Naga/Master Viper/Eastern Dragon)
>>5050 the future is fuckin wild
(1.87 MB 1168x1536 Otter-1.png)
>>5056 Probably not what you're looking for as far as the semi-anthro part is concerned, but got this out of it at any rate. >>5060 Pretty sure my checkpoints or loras don't know about 1-3, and any hybrids come out as unappealing abominations or something else. Any tips to reduce this? As for serpents, it's proven difficult to get an appealing pregnant serpentine that isn't just "snake but with an anthro pregnant belly." The AI can't seem to make up its mind on how serpents should look in that regard.
>>5071 Yep, I have a couple of tips for ya. 1) Related to picture: Eyes and some details are horrifying. To fix them, you need a process called Hi-Res Fixing. In short - you generate a picture, then you upscale it up to 2 times, and then you throw it into IMG2IMG with same settings you used to generate it AND denoising level ~0.4 to ~0.6 depending on how many details you wish to make or how many you wish to save. But for that process you may need ~5-7GB of VRAM. Yet, it will, for sure, give you much better results than usual. 2) To explore suggestions 1 to 3, you may need to learn how to make LoHA/LoKR/LoCON using Google Colab + Kohya Trainer. It's not exactly a nuclear rocket science, just google it and you will find exact methods :) 3) I create pleasantly looking hybrids by using Prompt Manipulation included in A1111 tool (and there is a node for ComfyUI as well). In short, if you use this syntax - [charizard|light fury], then at step 1, AI will attempt to draw charizard. At step 2, AI will attempt to draw lightfury on top what he is already drawn. At step 3, it will again draw charizard. At 4th it will change back to fury - and so on. You may hybridize more than 2 concepts, just write them as [A|B|C], or [A|B|C|D], heck, even [A|B|B|A] works too and gives awesome results as well. 4) Well, thats why I called it 'harder challenge'. I stuck at that part too :)
(5.11 MB 1408x1536 MergedManually.png)
>>5056 >>5071 Here is my take on that otter. If you wish to know how I've done that, look at my workflows (I use ComfyUI tool with some custom nodes, every bit of information included with the workflows) : https://pixeldrain.com/u/9ZdNK1Dw
>>5086 Password on archive is : 321 (sorry, forgot to mention)
>>5036 Trying to follow your instructions and in typical fashion I immediately hit a brick wall with step 1. Downloading the model from Civit and it does not show in my SD UI checkpoints
>>5088 1. Make sure you placed model in correct folder 2. Make sure it is a safetensors model, and has at least 2GB in size 3. Try to ensure that model name have no spaces or special symbols in it (for example, let it have name yiffymix_32 instead of "Yiffy %Mix #3.2") 3. Restart your preferred software to ensure that it loads with that model in folder.
>>5089 1. It's already in stable-diffusion-webui/models/Stable-diffusion, Civit says put it in a VAE folder but no such folder exists. 2/3. Downloaded as yiffymix_31.safetensors, 2.082 GB 4. I'm not *that* inept to have not already tried restarting after downloading it
>>5090 Hm... it does sound correctly, however, then, there is more questions. For example, question - only NEW model doesn't show up, or ANY model? In case of the latter, perhaps some settings got jumbled up (like home path, or path to models folder). Also, there is models/VAE folder, but I don't think it should be relevant at all, since it is where you store VAE models (300 to 800 megabytes in size), not drawing models.
>>5091 > only NEW model doesn't show up, or ANY model? Only the new model, other models I've used during my (pitiful) attempts in the past still show up. I found a download for the A1111 you use which may help me through at least this wall.
>>5092 Interesting... this MAY be caused then by literally ANCIENT A1111 version. When you updated it last time? Because it is started a long time ago as being only .CKPT program then. If not, then if you are at linux version, you might have wrong permissions set to a model, so it became unreadable by the user who ran A1111. It is really funny and interesting problem, never encountered that one.
>>5093 I thought I had updated it before testing but I was dead wrong, now I've got it at least acknowledging the model. Now to maybe produce something not embarrassing.
>>5086 I’m curious as to whether or not you could make her even bigger?
(5.17 MB 1408x1536 evbi.png)
>>5096 Of course is possible. But beyond certain threshold it starts to lose to more balanced versions.
>>5097 I gotta give you credit, your stuff (while not perfect, such as with the two navels here) by and large looks pretty good.
>>5098 Happens, when you disbalance picture in favor of a specific tag. Without cleanup it was significantly worse, with broken paw, missing tail and 4 navels. I was just pretty impatient when making this one, as I could have waited till more variants were generated to be composed together.
>>5085 Definitely some curious things to consider going forward. The eyes before up-scaling looked fine originally, but I suppose it's worth looking into in my downtime for fine-tuning. Also I suppose it's worth asking, but are there any other syntax modifiers that can be used? On another note, I've been trying to force certain camera views or body rotations, but I only ever getting the one frontal/partial frontal and it's getting rather old to me with the little variance I'm getting with the prompts I've been using.
>>5099 I realize, rereading my comment, that that kind of reads like a backhanded compliment. Sorry, not how I meant it, I get it happens with AI stuff. But really, your stuff does stand out from usual AI in a good way.
>>5100 Yes, there is a couple of another syntaxes, like [A:B:0.7] winch will draw A for the first 70% of image and B for the rest 30%, or [A::0.4], winch draw A for 40% and 'nothing' for other 60%, or [:B:12] that will draw 'nothing' until 12th step, and then start drawing B to the rest of the picture. To modify camera views, you most certainly want to slap down some view tags - such as - 'rear view', 'front view', 'first person view', 'side view', 'low-angle view', 'three-quarter view', 'high-angle view', 'worm's-eye view', 'bird's-eye view', 'waterline view'. If it is not what you desire, simply increase emphasis on the view by 10-20%. (side view:1.2)
(896.58 KB 2816x3072 T.jpg)
I am usually much more active @ Inkbunny ( https://inkbunny.net/ProjectSoulstealer ), but I think of dropping my domain somewhere here with time too. With less of a 'project' and more of a 'soulstealer' aspects, so to say. This is going to be great! :)
>>5113 Interesting. I've been getting some decent results because of it, though there is a new issue that I don't think can be solved with syntax. It's also come to my attention while looking through most of the pictures here and I've noticed a glaring discrepancy, but it seems to me anyway that there isn't a way to get the AI models to register fetal movement and/or bumps. I'd been playing with the prospect for a few days now but with no luck on the matter. It's likely a matter of getting the right prompts with the right checkpoints and so forth.
>>5146 Not really. You can get a lot of bumps. There is a couple of techniques to do exactly that. 1 - before you do high-res fix, open your image in any photomanipulation tool. Create new layer and set its opacity to 10%. Get either a black or a darker-fur-color brush, and set your brush to have 100% hardness. press a round brush somewhere. Take eraser and erase smaller circle inside, so result would look like crecent. Repeat it 5-10 times. Throw it into IMG2IMG, but now instead of copying your prompt from last success, instead, append 'baby bumps' or any other similar tag to it. In 3 to 10 variants you will get what you seek. 2 - train LORA on images with a lot of belly bumps. 3 - in worst case scenario, use tags such as 'vore'. You can't really tell if picture is about eating someone alive or carrying one, that's only determined by tags usually.
(665.14 KB 768x864 Lop.png)
How is this
(59.27 KB 363x484 ANimaw2.png)
(574.51 KB 837x1116 MTXX_MH20230917_072053078.jpg)
(1.30 MB 1008x1632 MTXX_MH20230917_070141485.jpg)
(789.01 KB 848x1792 MTXX_MH20230917_074851538.jpg)
>>5436 Okay, damn, these are great.
>>5436 How amazing would it be if we see this in Zootopia 2? lol
(687.68 KB 1008x1808 MTXX_MH20230917_171400369.jpg)
(928.67 KB 1014x1419 MTXX_MH20230917_180154552.jpg)
(1.35 MB 1008x1860 MTXX_MH20230917_180743063.jpg)
(1.32 MB 1584x1616 MTXX_MH20230917_134528147.jpg)
(774.53 KB 1008x1808 MTXX_MH20230917_201343599.jpg)
(727.44 KB 1584x1138 MTXX_MH20230917_161041639.jpg)
(2.45 MB 1440x1584 1695605475728745.png)
(2.91 MB 1728x1584 1695608284883188.png)
(1.31 MB 1080x1080 1695071574435531.png)
(2.63 MB 1584x1584 1695000304171401.png)