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Furry Drawthread NEO Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/22/2022 (Wed) 00:35:17 Id:cbb7d9 No. 19
New site, new drawthread, now with fur Rules 1: Don’t ask for a specific artist to do your request 2: Provide reference for characters 3: Don’t spam the thread with off topic shit 4: Keep discussion about requests civil, we don’t need more drama started over a picture of a Raichu in a bikini*cough*Fossil*cough* And yes, the image is just the same one as /d/‘a just badly edited to be a cat
(323.88 KB 700x840 brontomon-1.png)
>>5592 >Brontomon
>>5616 A little update from the image I've requesting: I have to change from "posing her arm behind her head" to "posing her hands behind her head". I hope this helps it draw her.
>>5852 Not exactly what I asked for but I’m not gonna complain
i dont have anything to request, i just want the thank the artist for drawing this you do good shit man
>>5854 Ungrateful
>>5825 Do you do commissions outside of pregchan at all?
>>5861 So not complaining about something not being exactly how you wanted it is a bad thing now?
>>5870 >makes a request for free art >gets free art >complains about the free art by using the old "not gonna complain" tactic lol
>>5877 Still failing to see the logic in this-
>>5878 Just go back to your containment thread you ungrateful creep
>>5878 Should've gone to Specsavers.
So let me get the record straight >requests dinogirl >gets chewed out cause people hate me for no reason >wait a bit >bump the request >it gets drawn but isn't exactly like my request >genuinely likes it regardless >point this out >is called ungrateful >wonder why this is the case >gjven some dumn strawman argument >still not getting it >told to go back to my “containment thread” >going to be called a faggot by posting this Anything I miss?
>>5930 You forgot: > Spends years stirring up drama > So notorious a drawer explicitly called you the reason they're leaving > Literally responds with "I've been here the whole time and you just realized" > Can't be assed to say a simple "thank you" for your free art because it's not the goddamn Mona Lisa > Blames everyone else for own lack of gratitude You're welcome.
>>5931 Look, in his defense, the vast majority of his drama was really spurred by Kamui's bullshit. The "not gonna complain bit" understandably feels scummy, but as a fellow mild autist, I know the thought process behind it. It's usually a genuine sentiment of "this isn't quite what I asked for, but I'm still thankful for free art." Like, yes, he can be irritating, but he's not going to learn if the only response is gets is "get the fuck out of here". He needs a genuine explanation of what he did wrong, because he genuinely doesn't understand otherwise. It's just something that autistic people struggle with. I used to be pretty much the same way until I had a crash course in human interaction in the form of working retail. It takes time.
>>5930 You really can't stop, can you? Couchy needs to delete these posts, mine included.
This is pathetic >>5932 >>5930 Fossil, stop responding and samefagging >>5931 Anon, stop giving him things to respond to
>>5988 Hey, I'm the guy in >>5932 I can absolutely understand why you'd think I'm just Fossil samefagging, but I'm legitimately just another anon who's been around long enough to see all this shit go down. I genuinely see a lot of my younger self in him, and I believe he can be better if given proper guidance, so I've kind of been trying to help him reach a point where he's more functional. If it weren't for the fact that it takes zero effort to impersonate someone, as well as just being bad form, I'd be tempted to go by an alias as well, since I'm frankly here often enough anyway. But yes, this really does need to end.
>>5990 I can’t tell if you’re being brave or ducking stupid sticking up for me man
>>5991 Depends entirely on whether you end up proving me right or wrong. Think of it this way, Fossil: you have someone in your corner, so don't make them regret it. Prove that their faith is well-placed.
>>5993 I only promise to try
(542.96 KB 681x1207 SPOILER_image-2.png)
>>4635 Would've done more effort but didn't want to burn out, I'm also IP banned posting from another device so this is the last I'm doing suggestions.
>>6014 Workwives are S-tier.
>>6015 Words cannot describe how much I love this. She's beautiful. If I can't pay you, can I at least get your pen name? 💚
>>6014 Wow. Do you happen to have accounts on any other site you post your art on? your skills are notably impressive.
>>5932 It doesn't just feel scummy. IT IS SCUMMY. Without trying to outdo one another with autism street cred, just let me say that "Say something nice, or don't say anything at all" isn't a hard concept to grasp, even for the most accomplished of autists. You can absolutely learn that people in general don't like their efforts disparaged, even obliquely, and it's better, easier even, to just say thanks without any other qualifiers or exceptions. "I have no filter so I'm allowed to be an asshole" is never, ever going to fly.>>5932
>>6022 Much appreciated. I will watch your career with great interest.
>>6021 That wasn't what I was trying to imply. Obviously he needs to learn otherwise, I was just saying I know where the thought process originates.
>>6026 Not setting a good example mate
>>6022 Hey, I just want to let you know that I really liked that Princess Celestia piece you made recently. I'm not currently interested in commissioning anything, but would you be open to "feral" ponies and do you have an e-mail address for people to contact you?
>>20 Whatever happened to this one?
>>6036 You are free to note me on my FA but I don't do ferals both since it's not my thing and I'm generally horrible at drawing quadrupeds
>>6048 If I didn't get IP banned drawing this would've been on the table lol
>>6052 That's good to know. Thanks for responding. >>6053 You were probably banned by mistake. Addresses get reused, and there's no good way to distinguish users on an anonymous imageboard. You can ask about it in /q/ if you want.
Here’s a simple one A geneticist rabbit girl who’s using her womb to gestate a litter of Nuralagus Rex(the largest species of rabbit to ever exist)
>>6077 Basically, a rabbit doing what rabbits do best. Works for me ^_^
>>6078 Only this time, it’s stupid huge
>>6077 That looks like a midget kangaroo lmao
(353.18 KB 979x2048 Laika_full_PLACEHOLDER.png)
There's no reference of her with less clothing but considering she had 9 kids, it'd be nice to see her preggers more often than in the game
>>6080 When I was a kid I honestly thought rabbits were the baby versions of kangaroos that would mature given enough vegetables lmao
>>6077 Bump
>>6077 Bump
>>1175 Don't know if it's worth it to bump at this point but I try not to lose hope.
I'm going to play my wild card request tonight. I saw on Facebook about the Santa Claus' bird for Christmas 2023. Do you guys have a nickname? Can anyone make this birb anthro pregnant female, wearing a Santa hat and Christmas wrappings?
(229.54 KB 968x1585 1708 - sygfJ6o.png)
(259.21 KB 1044x1155 2152 - J5r7j4U.png)
(340.71 KB 290x487 2122 - BXmv0ho.png)
Requesting my pandaren warrior pregnant in the middle outfit, looking grumpy at her belly
>>6084 Bump
>>6223 Cant give you an exact eta, but I'll take a crack at it.
(179.94 KB 850x1102 michiru+nazuna_reference.jpg)
can a homie hook me up with these 2 girls giving birth together in public? preferably enjoying the experience if possible. thx
>>6290 I've waited over a year, a few more days ain't the end of the world.