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(526.79 KB 1600x1190 1515971987693.png)
Pregnant by Aliens! Part 2 Pregnant by Aliens! Part 2 06/23/2022 (Thu) 18:01:01 Id:d2739d No. 43
New site, new thread, with furs impregnated by or pregnant with aliens
>>4830 ok it's released
>>4922 So good! Can't wait to see the bump in the next piece <3
(88.53 KB 1597x876 nutty camping trip p1.png)
i got paid to draw this :))))))))
>>3269 Wonder with we’ll see more predalien stuff here?
>>2815 Looks like he deleted his account
(248.07 KB 698x831 image-112.png)
>>5114 Better chances if you request some >>5120 Yep its a shame
(148.57 KB 1516x1806 nutty camping trip 2.png)
>>5030 im getting that bag
What happened to the moth
(166.00 KB 1600x1600 nutty camping trip 3.png)
>>5246 Can you make bursting pics?
>>5253 i prefer live birth sry
>>5254 Oh okay. But your work is amazing tho. Nice job
>>895 Bunailen I think
>>3216 mothailen
>>4567 >>4567 Probably a mothailen will come out
>>895 She looks happy about it :)
>>895 >>3216 >>3216 Probably a mothalien will come out
>>3901 Time to surgically remove it
>>3860 >>2948 surgically removing it from both of e
>>2107 I can tell how painful it looks
>>1692 Time to get rid of the chestbursters from both of them
>>4567 I can tell the look on the moths face that she wants to get out so badly
>>5349 Please chill with the message..
Wanted to draw from a specific scene in ALIEN and a concept of a compromised escape pod leading to xenomorph infestation and impregnation
>>5365 This is actually how I’ll imagine the bellyburster scene if it was created for the second alien movie first. It’s good to see some more active pregnant belly movements for this thread!
>>5366 Would have been nice seeing Ripley full of em in an official movie, although killing Ripley like that would still have been a shame Eh not like its a worse fate than whatever the hell the other two did
>>5370 You mean ripley the bobcat? Haven’t seen her drawn in a while!
>>5372 Ripley the who?
What should I use this on?
>>5377 please for the love of god the moth im tired of seeing those comments
>>5373 Remember this drawing? >>3275
>>5380 Of course I drew it It wasnt actually intended to be a furry Ripley, I just picked a random animal I've seen in sci-fi a bunch
>>5377 No one. Because this isn’t a bursting thread.
>>4567 the moth looks kind of calm tbh
>>5365 Yet again another amazing piece with a familiar fur. You always make the stomach so swollen and agile when it’s knocked up- a lot of real details and darkened colors while still keeping the simplicity of the original design. Probably mentioned it before, but you combine tension and furs perfectly in these situations. To keep things short and sweet: bellyburster fox lady cool lmao
(494.08 KB 728x724 image_2023-09-16_084925415.png)
>>5418 I swear to fucking god if I see one more person bitch about the moth I'm going to lose my fucking mind
Why are we even talking about the moth?
>>5424 someones been begging OP to draw a part two for his moth photo for weeks now
There's no need for a part 2, just use your brain to think up a part 2
Yeah OP stated he didn’t really have the interest in doing another pic. Like, what’s hard to comprehend? Please, cool it with the messages.
>Artist: Draws what anon wants out of kindness and passion. >Anon: Won't stop pestering artist to draw more, pushing the artist away and abusing the entire goodwill reserved for the rest of the thread. A tale as old as time.
we should hurl insults at the anon until they leave obviously
(7.06 KB 295x200 cff.jpg)
(449.17 KB 900x900 image_2023-09-16_183827927.png)
(100.70 KB 1229x1090 23155.png)
(67.76 KB 1229x1090 23156.png)
(136.06 KB 458x626 image (35).png)
Saw some upload that as deleted and got inspired