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(4.27 MB 2542x1822 PAqncJF.png)
My Little Pony Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 21:42:32 Id:4f44b8 No. 100
Use this thread for discussing pregnancy in equines and related ungulates, particularly ponies of short stature. Here are our previous threads: https://web.archive.org/web/20211104233933/https://pregchan.com/f/res/100.html https://web.archive.org/web/20220611172822/https://pregchan.com/f/res/14888.html Here are some questions to stimulate activity while waiting for the next birth: How would you feed and otherwise care for your gravid dam? Which aspects of magical pony pregnancy excite you most? To be or not to be hyper pregnant? Shoving bellies aside, which anatomical change do you most appreciate? What's something rarely covered in art or stories you'd like to see focussed on? Who are your favourite artists and writers; which pieces of theirs are your favourites? For the relevant species, such as pegasi, do you prefer eggs or live birth?
(809.11 KB 4508x1527 waningmoon.png)
(524.91 KB 1470x1154 4chan_Pregnancy_breederDash.jpg)
(750.76 KB 1725x2189 akyearingpreggo.png)
Lastly for now, here's some stuff from our fraternal twin thread.
Does anyone have the pictures of Gilda with her pregnancy progression?
>>110 I'll repost them here, just for you.
(567.58 KB 4096x3799 media_FTSOrylXsAMOUJf.jpg)
(572.19 KB 4096x3801 media_FTiSdJaXEAAwUvr.jpg)
(605.87 KB 4096x3072 media_FTwzkXEWIAEv_jv.jpg)
The second image here is a remake of an earlier piece.
(524.65 KB 4096x3491 media_FUr5eUtWIAAathe.jpg)
(529.83 KB 4096x3491 media_FUr5eUsWQAcwM4D.jpg)
This is labor.
(593.88 KB 4096x3412 media_FU-jor6X0AA-dVX.jpg)
(608.73 KB 4096x3072 media_FVO9QvsWYAMPVs_.jpg)
These are birth and the finale.
(2.57 MB 1901x1586 rarity_pregnant_1.png)
(380.56 KB 1920x1080 mhzswcikygv.png)
(999.49 KB 1920x1080 mhzswdyqint.png)
I've paid WapaMario63 to finish this nice Rarity request he drew for me a little ways back. I requested to see just the lines, and here they are alongside the original sketch.
(659.15 KB 1310x841 krita_kIbTHavZsb.png)
(204.35 KB 700x477 image1.png)
(174.12 KB 949x578 image.png)
(419.32 KB 1270x713 krita_3UIALy1vkN.png)
I got a commission from CowsRTasty of Bundle Joy in a scenario from one of my stories, so I'll upload everything about that now. Firstly are the initial sketches before I decided on which one to have refined. I settled on the bathtub sketch.
(1.25 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Comm Lined.png)
(1.74 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Comm Flats.png)
Here are the lines and flat colour.
(6.48 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Comm Final.png)
Here's the final piece.
(6.68 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Comm Darker.png)
He also gave me two shading variations. I used the lighter version as the new cover art for the story on which it was based: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/511290/hot-dam Also, I've not mentioned it in these threads before, but I have a Fimfiction account. It wasn't a bad idea, considering how well using Pregchan as file storage has worked lately.
(5.12 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Comm Lighter.png)
Here's the lighter version.
(5.30 MB 4350x3629 miazudxbpng.png)
>>214 That's done now. I asked him to give the kick a vague hoof shape, and he did it in the shading, which I liked. Here's the first version.
(5.31 MB 4350x3629 mibltenwtox.png)
I didn't recognize her belly button as a belly button until he pointed it out, so I asked him to change both that and the kick a little. This is the final version. What do you think?
(934.74 KB 2000x1920 RaritySwing.gif)
So, since I'm not writing much lately, I thought I'd share with you a story I've had in about this state since late 2019. It was inspired by this image. It's a hyper pregnancy story with anthro characters; since I don't want to write about anthro much, I decided to collect all of my thoughts about what such a story could contain into this one, so I could avoid writing about it again anytime soon. I let it sit while I thought, and never finished it; by now, it's been so long my style has improved noticeably, I think, and I believe I should probably entirely rewrite it, but what do you think? There are many planned plot points and scenes I've not yet mentioned in this unfinished draft, however I did roughly finish one today: everything but the first paragraph on the sixth page is completely new, as are the four on the last; I still remembered for what I was aiming with that scene, years later. PDF uploading isn't currently enabled, so I'll link to it for now and post it here directly later: https://u.smutty.horse/milxxjrtbce.pdf
(56.85 KB pptt.pdf)
>>670 Here we are.
(776.00 KB 835x689 PbKkY8D.png)
(934.25 KB 1430x1361 1 - CYbAPlQ.png)
(2.28 MB 2357x2000 2 - jYRtavI.png)
(1.88 MB 2400x1600 1 - KnEzqCy.png)
(1.88 MB 2400x1600 2 - 2N1IKDZ.png)
It's been so long that the previous post about my commission with Cosmonaut was in the last thread. I'll repost the first rough sketch along with the successive refinements he made. I asked for something wider this time. He was kind and gave it shading since I waited a few months, and I believe it to look quite nice with the splotches of colour I asked him to add. Rarity's a white mare, so she doesn't need much to look nice. I wanted something that featured a larger pregnancy, and also mocked the concept. Surely you're not aroused by the poor, tired mare's massively maternal middle, right? She's certainly not. I asked him for one final change, making "aroused of" become "aroused by", so I'll upload that later if he makes it. I'm at the file limit anyway. Isn't she beautiful?
(1.88 MB 2400x1600 kIakskD.png)
Here's the final version. I'll stitch the speech bubble into the version with her genitals visible later.
(160.00 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-eleven.png)
(158.77 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-twelve.png)
For "Eight Inside, Enquire Within" I relied upon Pinkie Pie having pink skin, a natural skin colour, so that those who insist on reading it as closer to EqG can, but should I change the cover art to be a more realistic colour? Is her skin still too pink? Here's the current cover art and the change I'm considering.
(5.31 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Ponk Comm (No Areola).png)
(58.89 KB sbpp.pdf)
I got a second commission from CowsRTasty of Pinkie Pie in a scenario from this story, which I'll reupload now. I'll upload the intermediate sketches if anyone wants, otherwise I won't bother. Firstly is the full piece.
Secondly is the featureless piece.
(1.70 MB 2400x1600 pregrarity edit.png)
>>818 Here's the final speech bubble edited into the NSFW version. It's always nice to see more from Cosmonaut, thanks for sharing your comms with us. >>830 I think the edited cover looks better. I'd say it looks closer to peach but I guess that's just a shade of pink. >>831 I'd be interested in seeing the sketches. >>839 >>843 >>844 Wonder how her friends would react if she gave birth to pony foals
(345.48 KB 947x786 image1-crt.png)
(437.34 KB 1282x773 image2-crt.png)
(272.02 KB 1059x644 image3-crt.png)
(271.13 KB 1015x645 image4-crt.png)
(738.24 KB 1164x770 image6-crt.png)
So, I've finally finished uploading my stories to Fimfiction with this last story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/521748/spring-bringing-with-pinkie-pie Now you may read them as the PDFs I'll continue to release here, or from that account. >>846 Thanks for doing the edit for me. I enjoy sharing my commissions. >I think the edited cover looks better. Alright. I went ahead and changed it. >I'd be interested in seeing the sketches. Here they are. I'm not going to bother uploading the very minor revisions, such as just flipping the canvas or correcting a minor shading error, however.
(150.65 KB 902x703 image7-crt.png)
(297.57 KB 1274x715 image8-crt.png)
(347.17 KB 1276x717 image9-crt.png)
(5.31 MB 3840x2160 Kassaz Ponk Comm.png)
(547.90 KB 2048x2048 media_FZ4jKrfXEAA2dw_.jpg)
Also, no one has posted this yet. This is from the artist GemsWilde.
(3.45 MB 3508x2480 2928840.png)
(2.98 MB 2200x3600 2933574.png)
(5.14 MB 3508x2630 2930602.png)
(5.15 MB 3508x2630 2930606.png)
(5.14 MB 3508x2630 2930603.png)
(5.17 MB 3508x2630 2930607.png)
(4.90 MB 3508x2630 2930604.png)
(4.92 MB 3508x2630 2930608.png)
(4.72 MB 3508x2630 2930605.png)
(4.79 MB 3508x2630 2930609.png)
>>1041 Did you know that you can put up to 5 pics in one post, retard?
(4.53 MB 3508x2600 2594912.png)
(4.65 MB 3508x2600 2594913.png)
(4.73 MB 3508x2600 2594914.png)
(6.10 MB 3508x2600 2594920.png)
(4.36 MB 3508x2600 2594919.png)
(4.48 MB 3508x2600 2594918.png)
(4.81 MB 3508x2600 2594915.png)
(4.81 MB 3508x2600 2594917.png)
(402.32 KB 911x1300 1428541637521.jpg)
got this before the purge tried to find the artist but no luck, hopefully someone has the sauce
(510.01 KB 2163x1395 pppp-cover-candidate-two.png)
(76.34 KB pppp.pdf)
I've finished that story; you may read it here or through Fimfiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/522544/preposterously-pregnant-pony-problems I'm not entirely pleased with it, but am glad I finally finished it. I may tweak some punctuation later, but it won't be anything major enough to warrant releasing another PDF. This is currently my longest story.
>>1166 nice job
>>1162 Leovictor, I know that linework anywhere.
(562.32 KB 2000x2100 raritypreg.png)
(128.26 KB 664x697 raritypreg2.png)
(118.75 KB 595x663 raritypreg3.png)
(155.55 KB 654x685 raritypreg4.png)
(67.97 KB 580x399 raritypreg5.png)
I've commissioned Diamond Green to draw Rarity pregnant. Here are the intermediate pieces so far. I had him adjust it a bit at first, but decided the original sketch was best.
(289.36 KB 896x1280 Aria Belly.jpeg)
I'm removing Riddleaellinea's watermark from this, not because I think it's good, but because I think he's stupid. Here's my current progress. The bucket fill tool works surprisingly well.
(8.96 MB 2000x2100 raritypreg1.png)
>>1278 These are large files, so I'll need to upload each one individually. Here's the first, base version.
(8.71 MB 2000x2100 raritypreg.png)
>>1292 Here's the first, full version.
(9.39 MB 2000x2100 raritypreg.png)
>>1293 Here's the final, full version. I'm quite pleased with it.
>>1294 Thanks for sharing!
(802.11 KB 4096x2048 2952042.jpg)
(170.02 KB 840x840 2951947.jpg)
Someone's been doing some AI anthro images over on Derpi. There's also a decent short fic over on the Applejack picture. https://derpibooru.org/images/2952042
>>1362 Yeah, I've been intending to mention those here. These are the rest of the really good recent releases. The reason why I wanted to mention it is because access to the generator is gated behind this Discord channel: http://discord.gg/94KqBcE I refuse to use Discord, even when this is at stake, but I'm wondering if one of you with accounts wouldn't mind submitting a prompt or two for me. I really want to see how it generates non-anthro and non-human images, preferably using Rarity.
(1.13 MB 2400x2400 pacificside.png)
>>1280 No need. Found the non-watermark version here: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/676410/post/71853093
>>1280 "... but because I think he's stupid." I laughed. I don't know why people bother with watermarks when we know where the art came from. They only get attention because of that. It's like crapping on your fan base.
>>1369 Riddleaugust was always a faggot and got more unhinged when Roe V. Wade got overturned, now he plasters shitty liberal slogans as watermarks on all his deviantart uploads. His arts not even worth it these days, it’s mostly grotesque furry OCs with massive cock and balls.
can someone edit pinkie here at full term?
>>1369 Dude, what? You do realize that watermarks don't exist to promote their art right? They put watermarks on their art because if they got a commission, finished it, and showed it to the buyer without a watermark, then the buyer could just screenshot the image without paying. It's literally just there to prevent scams. Stop getting upset that people trying not to get robbed. "Removing the watermark" Jesus Christ. Dumbest thing I've ever heard
>>1388 That never happens to me. I may get a lower resolution, but that's it. Regardless, Pacificside already paid for it, and expressed remorse in Derpibooru at having done so, because of this watermark. No one else is doing what Riddleaellinea is doing because he's stupid. It's obnoxious and stupid.
>>1390 Whether you like someone or not, that doesn't mean you can treat them like dirt.
(410.58 KB 3431x3011 media_FdOmj6EaUAAPiJy.jpg)
>>1391 Whether you like it or not, I can call someone stupid if I feel like it.
>>1391 If Riddle was spitting off conservative rhetoric in his watermarks I garun-fuckin-tee you'd be saying the complete opposite.
>>1362 >>1363 I was able to get this request from the same guy who refined the really nice Applejack. As expected, the generator has issues with pony and not anthro or human pregnancy, but this is still a really nice result. I think he's looking into making another, and I'll post it here if that gets made.
I love how peeps were perfectly fine with calling him RiddleAugust before, but because he's vocally pro-trans SUDDENLY people have to use his old username as if they're "dEaDnAmInG" him... like, what are you trying to prove, that you disagree with him changing his name to simplify things? Like is that really some gotcha for you? Does that really satisfy you?
>>1402 Dude I think you're reading way too deep into this shit, some people are probably just old fags that remember him by his old monikor. No different than people that still use the names alorok and maddamsquiggles for those particular artists. Riddle is still a fuckin cuck though.
>>1396 Except I wouldn't Bro I am literally a Conservative and I have been all my life. Granted, there are some liberal ideas that I do agree with, but for the most part I believe in conservative ideas. I didn't even know about this artist saying this liberal bullshit, but even then, my point still stands. I mean, my personal view of trans people is that its too confusing and it was honestly just fine the way it was before. Regardless of what political party you are (already a dumb thing to base shit off of) you should always be treated with respect unless you're a murderer or a pedophile
>>1396 My bad. Unless THEY'RE a murderer or a pedophile
>>1396 my nigga, you are the retard, have you seen his backwardass watermarks? They would be just as stupid if it had something like "anti-covid" "trump 2022" "maga"
>>1413 Oh shit if it's that bullshit that fuck that. I don't care what his opinions are, let him do what he wants, but I was under the impression that the watermark was just his username. Bro ain't got no damn reason to be saying all that shit in a watermark
>>1422 The last one always gets me. But seriously, in regards to watermarks in general, Riddle's a major fucking hypocrite. In the past he's gone on entire rants at length about "ugly" watermarks that cover the entire image with a barely-visible stain.
>>1423 I hate being lectured with these stupid watermarks being shoved into my face. All I want is porn not politics
>>1422 Bro has NO right to be putting this shit in a watermark 🤣
Nasseau just made this.
(862.78 KB 2607x2188 20220912_133621.jpg)
(631.81 KB 1035x761 kassaz1.png)
(363.62 KB 1117x853 kassaz1_.png)
(405.50 KB 1115x837 kassaz1__.png)
I've commissioned Parumpi to draw Rarity. Here are the initial sketches, two refinements, and an adjustment; the last is what will be completed.
>>1422 It's hilarious the extents some people l will go to to avoid saying "abortion".
>>1687 That's still just a way to avoid saying baby killing.
>>1422 >>1687 >>1688 Ah yes, abortion, exactly what I want to think about when looking at preggers porn.
(75.09 KB 748x350 politicalstreams.jpg)
>>1422 Pic unrelated to ponies. The more I can tell about someone's politics at a glance (even if they happen to align with mine), especially on a non-political site, the more I keep my guard up with them. They are endlessly fun to mock, though. I knew that whether the Roe v Wade leak turned out to be a hoax or legit, given where I spend much of my time online, I was going to be hearing about it. A LOT. I already didn't care for Riddle's stuff, but what we need is someone to pair him up against, because there are plenty of furries who will be happy to be his enemy.
>>1280 great job! REALLY gonna stick it to em' with that! >>1688 retard.
>>1680 I can tell this will be a good one once it's finished. Thanks as always for sharing.
>>1422 >>1423 >>1687 >>1688 >>1689 >>1693 >>1694 Preg artists who advocate for """""reproductive rights""""" is probably one of the most ironic things ever.
>>1422 >>1687 >>1688 >>1697 Using "justice" as a euphemism for prenatal homicide is Orwellian as fuck.
>>1697 how so?
I'll reupload zendrid's recent stuff now. He came here last thread, but we mostly ignored him. I didn't see his name until months after the fact. These last three are such a good perspective. I love that one. >>1708 Cool. Did you make this?
>>1711 He recently continued the set. Personally, I think it worked better as a collection of single-panel pieces, but we'll see. The view of Luna isn't as nice here as in the other five, but the perspective with Celestia is another interesting choice, so I'll just have to wait and see how he continues this.
>>1711 1708's by Antoniosketches on Twitter, who I mainly know for the rather milfy Golden Brooch popping up on my searches of the "mature_female" tag on e6. https://e621.net/posts?tags=an-tonio
(132.44 KB 1000x1000 20220626_122432.jpg)
>>1693 >but what we need is someone to pair him up against Isn't that just ilikapie?
>>1702 They can't comprehend that a woman can and should consent to being pregnant.
>>1717 Don't they already consent the moment they have sex?
>>1718 Consent to sex != Consent to pregnancy
>>1719 That's like saying that consenting to drive a vehicle isn't consenting to being responsible for any accident you cause.
>>1720 More like consenting to being the victim of an accident. I know it might be hard for you to comprehend but you can have sex with measures to not end in pregnancy.
>>1721 Of course there are things like the woman never consenting to sex in the first place let alone pregnancy.
>>1721 A woman having sex is consenting to the consequences that come with it. Just like someone going for a drive consents to being responsible for any accident they cause. Women do not get pregnant by accident, it takes a conscious decision to get pregnant. The only situation this isn't the case is rape and that accounts for less than a percent of a percent of all pregnancies.
Man, I'm just here to masturbate to cartoon horses. Why do the fucking nazis always have to pop up and show their ass.
>>1725 Mysogyny has a dangerous overlap with maieusiophilia unfortunately.
I haven't complained about this yet, but fucking stop with this irrelevant discussion already. Take it to /b/ or something. >>1725 >>1726 Is our pregnant pony following the carrot on the stick of fascism now?
>>1726 yeahhhhhh that sucks
(143.96 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-thirteen.png)
(148.88 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-fourteen.png)
(133.99 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-fifteen.png)
>>830 I took a break from not writing to make some new variants of this. Let me know what you think.
>>1712 The comic's just a one-time thing to transition between Luna and Tia. I just wanted to make something more interesting than a single image with a wall of text lol
(1.09 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1___.png)
>>1680 Here are the finished lines.
>>1789 It's nice to see you around. I felt bad for accidentally ignoring you beforehand. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with Celestia. Don't worry, though, none of these have a wall of text, except perhaps the comic, but it's still not egregious. You mentioned making these from a suggestion in your chat. I don't want to seem rude, but would it be alright for us to throw suggestions at you also?
>>1793 i guess, but my backlog's already pretty full and i'll have comms here soon so i can't guarantee anything tbh Rainbow wasn't really a direct suggestion, it just came up in casual horny talk and got my gears turning. Hell, the second panel wasn't even part of what the other guy said, that was me just running with it lol
>>1808 wow i can't believe i misspelled my own name lmao
>>1808 Oh, in that case, just let us know when you're open to commissions and I may try to buy one. Would you draw true pony and not anthro? I was just going to suggest some ideas with Rarity, such as futilely trying to hide her pregnancy with a dress or, since you like birth, something like having a belt on her belly to help force the foal out or crowning underneath her dress at a party or something like that.
>>1822 For now, no true ponies, though more because i can't than because i won't. It's been years since i've drawn any sorta horse, so maybe after i practice some i'll take on that kind of pony art. >>1790 Also that is a very cute rara
(4.24 MB 3508x2448 2964584.png)
(4.40 MB 3508x2448 2964585.png)
(4.35 MB 3508x2448 2964587.png)
(4.38 MB 3508x2448 2964588.png)
(4.45 MB 3508x2448 2964589.png)
(4.43 MB 3508x2448 2964590.png)
(6.38 MB 3508x2480 2971341.png)
(6.56 MB 3508x2480 2971435.png)
(6.46 MB 3508x2480 2971439.png)
(6.50 MB 3508x2480 2971440.png)
(6.46 MB 3508x2480 2971441.png)
(6.42 MB 3508x2480 2971442.png)
(1.55 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1_____.png)
(2.41 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1____.png)
>>1790 Here are the flat colours and some initial shading.
(2.25 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1_complete.png)
(2.25 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1alt.png)
>>1943 Here's the finished piece, with and without visible genitals.
I had to work hard to get this finished in time, but I managed. This story may be less titillating than my usual work, and I wrote it in a different way, but did you still like it?
>>1995 Oh, silly me, here's the Fimfiction link as well: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/525912/almost-alone-on-the-moon
This is a promising new artist. I quite like how her hindlegs were done here, and the line colours along with their varying thicknesses are pleasant.
>>2028 Who’s the artist?
>>2029 It's in the filename: LuckyValentine I checked, and not much of his work relates to pregnancy or ponies. He claims to have a Twitter account under the name BLAUTZEL, but I found no such thing.
Cosmonaut made this and it just got posted. It's pretty sexy. Here's the description from the commissioner: >Birthday commission for IamUnknown. Princess Celestia thought she could use the same Nightmare Night costume from last year, as she wound up having back-to-back pregnancies. Unfortunately, not only is she carrying more foals this time around, the constant pregnancy hormones have made her grow in more ways than one! >Perhaps Rarity could get the timing right on a temporary lengthening spell on the costume, but Celestia’s a little out of practice with such magic, and it wore off shortly after she got the ensemble on. Looks like she’s going to have to get a whole new outfit made. Either that or she just paints the spots on… I can't find the referenced previous image.
>>2055 He needs to upload all versions of his art. The text makes this so much hotter. I don't know why >>464 and the improved Sunset Shimmer piece seem a little hotter to me, but it may be because I was waiting on this one for so long that I got inflated expectations of what it would be. Someone should try editing a little foot kick into her, maybe moving her belly button a little from the force.
>>2062 is there a version with text?
big angry bug queen
>>2067 There's no other version of >>464 as far as I know, but here's the version of the improved Sunset Shimmer piece with text and another alteration: https://u.smutty.horse/mkeopniuwbq.png
I was looking at this again: https://sta.sh/222ylolyoyq7 I've noticed there are gaps in these numberings. I figure some were only posted in Funble's Discord. Would anyone here have the others?
(1.95 MB 2310x1118 BMBF_011.png)
This is another image in the Bigger Mare Bigger Family sequence, clearly drawn by Cosmonaut.
I've commissioned Bumpywish to draw a Rarity inspired by this Applejack piece from years ago. The idea is a pregnant Rarity doing something she usually does, like how Applejack is doing something she usually does while pregnant. I didn't want Applejack to outclass Rarity in any way, so I paid for normal and hyper versions. This is my first sketch back, but probably won't resemble the final piece in key ways.
(2.51 MB 3000x3600 RaripregVERSION 22.png)
(2.54 MB 3000x3600 RaripregVERSION 2.png)
>>2062 I've commissioned Diamond Green again, this time to change some details about that piece. This is my first time paying for any Equestria Girls stuff, so pray for me. Anyway, I like this new version so much more than the first. I originally just wanted her shirt lifted up to show her breasts, and a foot poking out; he also changed her expression, the posing of her legs, and removed her pants for me. He gave me a great deal at $15 for all of these changes. While discussing the initial deal, I realized why those other pieces of his seemed hotter to me: Rarity's legs weren't very good in the original; her left leg doesn't really interact with her belly properly. They're much better here, don't you agree? I now believe this to be his best Equestria Girls piece so far. These first two versions have no text.
(2.55 MB 3000x3600 RaripregVERSION 2(TEXT).png)
(2.59 MB 3000x3600 RaripregVERSION 22(TEXT).png)
(132.20 KB 736x872 image eqg rarity.png)
(142.06 KB 747x875 image eqg rarity2.png)
(142.33 KB 748x894 image eqg rarity3.png)
>>2400 These next two versions have text. Also, here are the intermediate pieces.
(689.30 KB 1786x1399 Rarity3.png)
(686.80 KB 1786x1399 Rarity4.png)
(692.46 KB 1786x1399 Rarity Hyper.png)
>>2398 Here are my revisions from Bumpywish. I love the curve of the belly in Rarity4. I'm asking for one smaller revision for the non hyper pregnancy before making up my mind.
(690.47 KB 1786x1399 Rarity5.png)
(467.31 KB 1786x1399 Rarity kicking.png)
(467.06 KB 1786x1399 Rarity kicking2.png)
(469.60 KB 1786x1399 Rarity Hyper kicking.png)
(465.22 KB 1786x1399 Rarity Hyper kicking2.png)
>>2402 Here are the rest of the interesting rough sketches.
(749.09 KB 2143x1679 Rarity Line.png)
(744.49 KB 2143x1679 Rarity Flat.png)
(1.21 MB 2143x1679 Rarityb.png)
>>2429 Now I'll upload the unfinished pieces as it was coming together.
(1.34 MB 2143x1679 Rarity1 finished.png)
(1.35 MB 2143x1679 Rarity1k.png)
(1.36 MB 2143x1679 Rarity2 finished.png)
(1.38 MB 2143x1679 Rarity2k.png)
>>2430 Lastly, here are the finished pieces. She's beautiful, isn't she? Is my commission truly the first time Bumpy Wish has drawn a pregnant Rarity as a true pony? Regardless, I'm glad this piece exists now, it was worth the price, $105. I also like how the mannequins are dressed in varied clothing and socks. I find this to be a delightful companion to the Applejack piece. I don't know if I'll pay for the rest of the mane six to have similar pieces, but I can see myself paying for a similar Rainbow Dash piece at some point. That could be interesting with how her belly will hang from her while she flies. Perhaps someone else here can otherwise finish the set.
Is Pacificside ever going to finish SPEM for Sunset Shimmer?
(107.66 KB 833x1256 8iew-cover-candidate-sixteen.png)
>>1738 I've once again taken a break from not writing to make another new variant of this. Let me know what you think. I need to reline her and make these edits again.
(255.70 KB 896x1499 edit2.png)
(254.28 KB 896x1499 edit1.png)
>>1489 Good news, someone in 4chan's /trash/ improved this sketch a little. I don't know if he'll end up doing more, but I'll post it here if he does.
>>2577 Wow, that was quick. Thanks! Can I ask for more requests without sounding like an ingrate? t. >>2575
(1.03 MB 6000x2220 COMISSION2.png)
(182.06 KB 1374x544 COMISSION2-2.png)
(184.07 KB 1379x536 COMISSION2-3.png)
(197.22 KB 1492x738 COMISSION2-4.png)
(196.86 KB 1463x738 COMISSION2-5.png)
I've commissioned Diamond Green again, now for a piece inspired by this: >>464 Here are the current rough sketches.
>>2586 I guess? I'm not a professional, that one just happened to be easy.
(2.25 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1noKick.png)
(2.24 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1OneKick1.png)
(2.24 MB 3000x2389 kassaz1OneKick2.png)
>>1968 I asked for a minor edit of this to have versions with only one kick, and no kicks, since I thought both at the same time to look a little odd after a while.
>>2639 Bigger. t. >>2586
Honor to el-loko for his (or her) knocking princesses mares up... And Rainbow Dash too.
(211.22 KB 1472x741 COMISSION2-6.png)
(210.47 KB 1396x746 COMISSION2-7.png)
(210.67 KB 1360x690 COMISSION2-8.png)
(233.86 KB 1404x726 COMISSION2-9.png)
(281.25 KB 1421x707 COMISSION2-10.png)
>>2638 Here's another update. It's done now, except for finishing touches.
(3.83 MB 6000x3000 MLPREGN.png)
>>2730 Here's the first finished version, for which I wanted some changes.
(3.91 MB 6000x3000 COMISSION2.png)
(3.90 MB 6000x3000 COMISSION PART 2.png)
>>2741 Here are the two final versions, which differ only by the lack of teats in the second. Celestia's throne covers her exposed nipple, so it can probably be posted on 4chan just fine, but the other version is there just in case.
(696.77 KB 2880x1800 Rarity preg looking.png)
(695.15 KB 2880x1800 Rarity preg looking at kick.png)
(742.88 KB 2880x1800 Rarity preg looking hand on.png)
(648.75 KB 2880x1800 Rarity preg touch.png)
So, this isn't strictly a commission, but I discussed this with PonyQuarantine last year, and he decided not to charge me for it. I've been discussing point-of-view pieces with several artists, and asked him for a nice cuddling piece with Rarity. The idea was to have two variants: one with his hand on her, and one with his hand fingering her. I'd need to review everything first, to make sure I collect all of the intermediate sketches, so I'll once again wait until someone asks to post those.
(787.14 KB 4608x2463 The Ds.png)
Give me preg Dazzlings (ponified) or give them a big bloat
(87.44 KB 649x667 sisters 1.png)
(125.06 KB 624x858 sisters 2.png)
(286.62 KB 865x881 sisters 3.png)
>>464 I've commissioned Diamond Green to make the same nude edit to this piece. Firstly are the intermediate sketches.
>>2822 Secondly are the finished pieces. I asked for some adjustments, but the final version is quite nice, don't you agree?
I commissioned Crock2121 for a simple Bundle Joy piece. As is usual, here are the intermediate sketches. I told him to give her more of a muzzle, but he misinterpreted that, as is clear in the third image.
>>2823 Should this be here or in /d/, in regards to the fact they ARE human, even if it's within the "MLP: FiM" franchise?
(192.89 KB 1617x1846 media_Flm8A6zaAAA1z_A.jpg)
>>2878 It's a handful of posts. Unless they were to overwhelm the thread, humanizations and Equestria Girls are relevant enough to be posted here. An artist named RacerSplat finished this recently.
(820.61 KB 2000x2414 export202301171545141411.png)
Hi everyone! :] i just wanted to share one of my pieces! I still have issues drawing some parts :]
>>2920 Hey there. I'll focus on what I think you did very well. I like how you used the foal's head like a censor sticker. That's creative, and well done. I think with more practice, you'll get all of the proportions better over time; you only seem to have struggled with her hindlegs. Do you have any other pony artwork like this? I'd love to see it.
>>1711 >>1712 Those Luna pics are absolutely great but I have a deep, desperate need to see Celestia pushing out babies.
Here's the first pic in a sequence I commissioned from BahnBahn of Gleaming Shield giving birth to Flurry Heart while Cadance supports her. https://derpibooru.org/galleries/20889
>>2965 The other five pics, resized to fit.
>>2965 Shining Armor getting Rule 63'd and then getting pregnant seems oddly popular, and I just don't get it. It's taking valuable airtime away from Cadance being knocked up!
A couple of older finds.
>>2967 Obviously the solution is that they both get pregnant at the same time.
>>2966 Love the details on the pregnant belly slowly decrease during labor/birth. >>2967 A Rule 63 pregnant Shining Armor I'm in. But how did he get Rule 63'd and got pregnant? Does Candance have a penis?
would someone be willing to try and color twilight?
>>2977 I did write a bit of a story for this sequence, you can read it on the Derpibooru page for the first image.
I hope I'm not being obnoxious with this advertisement, but I've decided to offer a discount rate for my first commission. Here's a link and the text therein: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1007649/commission-discount >I'm currently struggling to write, so I thought some outside direction could help. In pursuit of this, I offer a flat $20 per one thousand words writing rate for the first commission idea I like. All other terms are the same as in my commissions page.
These machine learning tools can generate some nice results.
>>3191 Did you generate these? Would you try with Rarity, if so?
(1.29 MB 1024x1024 PregRarityBed.png)
>>3193 Thanks. I really like how these have anatomy I'd call better than some of the other generations. This one as an example isn't bad, but I prefer yours, which have a more cartoon appearance with a more prominent belly. Did you generate this and the others also?
(3.05 MB 3000x2250 3046328.png)
(4.13 MB 2250x3000 3046334.png)
>>3193 Can you do bellies touching? I figure its harder to do two characters on AI. These just came out and I really like the concept.
(6.41 MB 3592x2480 3044625.png)
(6.47 MB 3592x2480 3044628.png)
(6.53 MB 3592x2480 3044629.png)
would someone be willing to try and give rarity a smooth belly?
>>3195 Too hard for it to handle, I generated a load and this was one of the best.
>>3218 I'm starting to enjoy the game of "find the AI fuckup" too much. The first pic, aside from the AI-small size and the AI-generic style, actually looks all right and I might not know it's AI if I weren't already looking for the signs. The second one, nipples are kind of weird which would be another warning sign, but it relatively okay otherwi- OH MY GOD HER FINGERS I guess it's not any easier for AI to do hands than it is for humans.
>>3219 Having spent months of my time tending to artists to join their exclusive clubs then $2k+ on commissions, I've very happy with my picture lottery machine :^) I hope you guys are too.
(298.39 KB 960x1080 d6.png)
(259.56 KB 1006x989 preg_spoiled_rich.png)
I got some Spoiled Rich anthro pregnant love making to a young lover boy ;) hope this counts
>>2575 >>2577 Human skin coloration, please.
>>3302 >gone before he delivered more Dazzlings, the Shadow 5, and Gloriosa Daisy SAD.
Anyone knows the sauce on this one?
>>3337 Pretty sure it's a Funbles edit; I think it's in their Drive, but I don't have the link
>>3345 holy chirst thanks
>>3296 bump
(41.60 KB 833x1256 8iew lineless shirt.png)
>>2554 I've taken another break from not writing to make another variant of this. I think I'm getting close to finishing it. Since I can't use drawing programs well, I went with a mostly-lineless style, and I'll try to remove what lines I had to add with shading at some later time. I had this mostly finished by the time the new year rolled around, but really dragged my feet with it. Anyway, let me know what you think.
>>3507 I like your new style.
>>3535 This is the wrong thread to request an edit
I've made a great commission of WitchTaunter which I'll share. I intend to use it as the cover art of a story I want to write soon enough, but I want it to be perfect, so I've been procrastinating with it. As usual, I'll start with the early sketches and the like. Also, here's Sweetie Belle by herself.
(2.38 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm1.png)
(2.30 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm2.png)
(2.39 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm3.png)
(2.34 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm4.png)
Now here are the main versions of the commission, with all combinations of hoofpainting and kicking.
(2.26 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm5.png)
(2.39 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm6.png)
(2.39 MB 3128x2576 raritypregcomm7.png)
Lastly are the secondary versions of the commission, with Rarity by herself and alternative kicking. I'd asked for vague outlines of a hoof and a foot, but they didn't quite come out how I envisioned. Still, they're not bad.
Here’s a rather wholesome Tempest Shadow story that got posted https://www.fimfiction.net/story/532773/stormy-seas
>>3584 Sorry.
(253.31 KB 1302x1462 IMG_0553.jpg)
(272.94 KB 1541x1574 IMG_0560.jpg)
(382.31 KB 1796x1844 IMG_0563.jpg)
(390.03 KB 1835x1860 IMG_0573.jpg)
(429.22 KB 1835x1860 IMG_0577.jpg)
Here's a nice commission I got from Stacktite for the nice price of $60. Unfortunately, he's told me he's uninterested in drawing more true ponies, but he likes drawing humans and anthro, for those of you who like that. I gave him the idea of a first-person perspective with the human viewer having sex with Rarity, and a mirror to show another pose I wanted to see but not without self-inserting, and he gave a great initial sketch on the first try. After that were some minor refinements before he finished it. I like how he had the idea to add sparkles to Rarity here. I don't know if I'd rather think of them as something all unicorns or ponies have, or simply something Rarity would wear, but both interpretations are pleasant.
(763.61 KB 1949x1471 2940891.png)
Posting here instead of /mlp/ because, despite hardly ever posting, the "IP range" of my home Wi-Fi is "banned due to abuse".
There's a new artist, BabyBumps, with some nice works. Here are his pony works so far. He's someone to track, for sure.
(274.62 KB 1280x800 ddd.png)
(38.10 KB ddd.pdf)
I give you a new story: Darling Dam's Day. This is, clearly, the Equestrian equivalent of our Mother's Day, and the only topic that came to mind for it was exploring how Bundle Joy would feel about such a holiday. I wrote most of this story today, so it's a little rougher than my usual work, and I've not proofread it nearly as much as I usually do. What I'll do is proofread it later and upload another PDF if needed. Of course, here's the Fimfiction link: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/535843/darling-dams-day I didn't expect to take five months into this year to release my first story, but I did. There's plenty of time to release a few more, however. Anyway, let me know what you think.
For some reason, Whiterabbit95 no longer has a Twitter account. Anyway, I was skulking around his Facebook page, and found this commission, which I don't believe I've seen before. The commissioner is clearly Klamnei. So, here you are. While I'm posting, I'll ask if anyone has either of these in a better quality, since I've enjoyed them. I wanted to commission him too, but he only wants to use Discord for communication, so that's a non-starter.
(169.44 KB 960x540 FB_IMG_1684543880308.jpg)
screencap edit
(3.38 MB 6000x5000 4wer.jpg)
cw: trans mare anal birth Character mine, art by kuroran
(264.18 KB 1475x1125 preggyPonk posePractice v1.jpg)
(254.99 KB 1475x1125 preggyPonk posePractice v2.jpg)
(269.49 KB 1475x1125 preggyPonk posePractice v3.jpg)
I see a few posts of anons with timelapses of their work. Would any anon be willing to take a look at some of my practice stuff and be willing to point out tips? I've been having difficulty trying to draw expressions/eyes as well as making the body parts look connected. fun fact while I was looking up hentai for reference, it seems that a common aspect ratio for the border of a canvas where the character is on their back with their genitals raised to the viewer is about 4/3. I am also trying to work on making the character/pose seem more dynamic and interesting.
(189.40 KB 1122x825 media_Fzb3AEiWAAIf7XR.jpg)
(137.34 KB 885x872 media_Fzb2_3KWYAAvVPw.jpg)
(192.70 KB 1129x910 media_Fzb3AjaXsAAYe0G.jpg)
(217.80 KB 1151x912 media_Fzb3AU4WYAEXdsp.jpg)
I occasionally skulk around Sonicdash’s Twitter account, only because during his meltdown he started posting artwork from Dracdraws I’ve not seen elsewhere. Recently, he posted these. Would you post these here in a better resolution, Dracdraws? I’m particularly interested in the stuff with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, and Daybreaker. >>4422 If you look carefully, those are commissions, not from the artists themselves. Would you want any thoughts from me, despite the fact that I’m no artist?
>>4467 did you have any good quality on these images?
>>4468 No. Hence I’ve asked the artist for them.
>>4469 damn..
>>4467 Sure. While I would like feedback from an artists' standpoint, general opinions from non-artists I think can also be helpful.
(2.76 MB 2048x2035 IMG_0022.png)
Here’s the best quality of Dracdraws’ Independence Day Gilda I could get from Tumblr. >Eyup, I’ve made drawing the borb waifu a thing on July 4th - because a heavily Pregnant Gilda repping Red, White and Blue is FUCKING HOT >Happy Independence Day! Personally, I prefer it to last year’s, but may prefer what he made in 2021 to this most recent. His art has undoubtedly improved over the years, regardless.
(752.20 KB 4096x3072 media_E5dxDicWUAUnLRY.jpg)
(633.43 KB 4096x3072 media_E5dxEJCXoAgHG5g.jpg)
(741.82 KB 4096x3252 media_FW1Z1lpXoAE6ZT8.jpg)
>>4535 Here are those, for good measure.
>>4467 Don't know if Drac still comes here, but I would like to see those in higher res
(195.15 KB 1580x1011 IMG_0646.jpg)
>>3918 Here's the second commission I got from Stacktite back in May. It's inspired by the ending scene of my story "Eight Inside, Enquire Within" and may inspire me to continue it at some point. This was the first sketch.
(477.65 KB 1688x1886 IMG_0665.jpg)
(440.98 KB 1684x1879 IMG_0663.jpg)
(451.67 KB 1735x1877 IMG_0662.jpg)
(483.13 KB 1739x1901 IMG_0661.jpg)
(397.86 KB 1566x1625 IMG_0666.jpg)
>>4579 Here's the first set of rough sketches. The last two were inspired by a different piece of art involving a "party inside Pinkie" with sex, and the idea stuck with me.
(304.62 KB 1566x1861 IMG_0670.jpg)
(275.76 KB 1564x1856 IMG_0671.jpg)
(288.47 KB 1616x1926 IMG_0672.jpg)
(386.95 KB 1783x1772 IMG_0673.jpg)
>>4580 Here are the finished lines.
(370.29 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0711.jpg)
(366.28 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0710.jpg)
(372.49 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0709.jpg)
(399.40 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0708.jpg)
>>4581 Here's the initial set of the finished piece, for which I wanted a few minor adjustments.
(378.52 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0719.jpg)
(373.61 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0720.jpg)
(379.90 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0721.jpg)
(399.68 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0723.jpg)
(405.41 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0722.jpg)
>>4582 I wanted a more noticeable linea nigra, a sweatier shirt, the viewer's chest to have nipples, the size of one of the feet adjusted to more closely match the other, and a version with the writing, but no kicking.
(399.66 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0724.jpg)
(405.38 KB 1697x2201 IMG_0725.jpg)
>>4583 Lastly, I wanted to have the shapes filled in. This came out very nicely, and he gave me a great deal for this, at just $70. I also really enjoy the "guest of honor" belly writing, with the obvious meaning, that I thought of for this.
>>4584 Is there any place I can see Stacktite's work? All I found was a deactivated Deviantart account.
>>4583 >I wanted a more noticeable linea nigra That and having the hooves/feet visible against the belly is fucking gigabased. Thanks for sharing as always, I'll have to reread that story now that there's art to go with the ending.
>>4585 I’ll ask him about that, and if he would mind me sharing his e-mail address to others, in a week or two. I don’t know why he deactivated his account. >>4589 >That and having the hooves/feet visible against the belly is fucking gigabased. Yes, it’s hot, and should be done more often. I had something similar done with this, but it wasn’t done nearly so well: >>2400 I feel the need to mention they’re not hooves there, just normal kicking, but don’t let me stop you from thinking of them in that way, if you want. >Thanks for sharing as always, I'll have to reread that story now that there's art to go with the ending. I also like this as her full-term size, and it is different from the sketch that inspired the story in this respect, so any continuation of the story will have her mention how she can put away babies almost as well as she can put away cake. At ten pounds per baby, along with fluid and other things, her belly would weigh about one hundred pounds by the end. Still, I’ll need to mull over the story more before I’d have enough ideas to warrant any continuation.
>>4585 >>4590 Stacktite gave permission for me to share his e-mail address, so here. He asked me to specify that you will need to be able to send payments through Paypal.
(686.07 KB 2000x1362 IMG_7222.png)
>>2868 Someone in /trash/ gave this color.
>>4710 whoever colored that did an amazing job
(448.77 KB 512x768 1040681635.png)
>>4744 What AI software did you use?
(420.74 KB 512x768 1052306796.png)
>>4746 Novelai.net, shitty subscription plan to use it, but it seems to work well enough
(465.71 KB 2000x1640 IMG_7236.png)
>>4710 >>4712 Here’s something else he colored. He goes by the name Mediocre Mare, I’ve learned.
I’ve finished a story for a contest. The main requirement is that the story must be exactly one thousand words. Since it’s so short, and for other reasons, I won’t bother making a PDF unless someone wants it, and will post it directly for now: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/539940/apple-seed Applejack slowly and deliberately walked between the rows of trees around her home of Sweet Apple Acres. She knew the location well enough to walk with her eyes closed, but still wouldn’t. She did, however, keep her eyes closed for several seconds every now and again when she blinked, to better appreciate the sensations that her eyes couldn’t discern, such as the warmth of Celestia’s sunlight against her fur, and the gentle sounds of the nature she loved; if she listened closely, she could even hear some of the louder sounds coming from Ponyville not far away, or at least she thought so. She was giving her guest a tour of the farm, and telling him about her experiences on it and of how he’d enjoy it one day, but he wouldn’t reply, for he couldn’t. She walked, but they didn’t, for she carried him. She breathed for the both of them, and would continue to do so for quite some time yet, for he had only existed so far in her womb and never outside of it. The day she learned of his existence had been among the best in her life, alongside the day she had met his other half in his father and her husband. As she thought of his father, and the work he’d done to prepare for a new Apple to fall not far from the tree, she was grateful and, as she continued looking at the trees, she already felt ready to return to her routine of hard applebucking and other chores which she’d had to neglect in her changing state and to her mulish resistance. As annoying as acknowledging her forced rest was, she did gain satisfaction in turning from her lack of working to imagining his eventual entry into it. She thought of a little colt helping around the farm, like Apple Bloom, and then later a statuesque stallion pulling plows, like Big McIntosh. Just as every tree around her had sprung up from naught but a seed in the fertile soil, so did every great mare and stallion start out as a foal in a fertile womb. It was enough excitement to make her trot in-place like a filly, although she couldn’t, and had to settle for more-or-less shifting her weight from side-to-side instead before continuing her little tour. “That right there’s a root to watch out for. Ah remember tripping over it when Ah was a little filly. Ya’ll do good to avoid it.” Applejack remembered well falling flat on her face and crying when that had happened, and then running to her mother for comfort. She smiled, but it burned out, not into a frown, but a stoic expression, and she became a little more serious with what she told him next. “Ah promise that I’ll always be there for ya, no matter what.” She wondered if she were lying about her promise. She so wanted to joke about Granny Smith being too old to care for another foal, but instead thoughts about facing Nightmare Moon, dragons, and most recently Discord flashed through her mind without end. She kept walking, but perhaps blinked away a tear or two before taking a deep breath to continue, but she found she had nothing more to say on that note. He would have his aunt and uncle too, but she pushed the sordid thought out of her head. She stopped staring at the ground, and more deliberately took in the sight of the trees again, and felt better. She closed her eyes to focus again, and felt him adjust himself inside her. No, she had absolutely no reason to be worried, and wouldn’t, not when she had every reason in the world to be happy. “And that’s something else ya’ll learn: When yer head’s full of manure, turn yer head and let it fall to the ground where it can do something useful.” She laughed so hard he kicked her ribs, which only made her laugh more and harder. In fact, those dangers she’d bested with her friends were not only long gone, but something about which she should have pride. It had never occurred to her to treat them as anything other than her Equestrian duty, but any little filly or colt would be ecstatic to hear the kinds of stories she had, undoubtedly. There’d be so much for him to learn beyond her stories too. He’d learn how to read from the same book she’d used as a filly. The thought made her remember, as best she could, back to sitting in her mother’s embrace, slowly sussing out the sounds of the text, and how she’d felt from her mother’s praise at getting them right. Now, however, those memories also took on what it must’ve been like for her mother; soon enough, she’d get to experience that. Her stomach rumbled, and she looked at the apples on their trees, close but out of reach. She knew she was in no condition for applebucking, since she’d tried again recently; then she remembered a story she’d been told once. “Mama once told me she put me against a tree, and I kicked an apple down for her. Now, the interestin’ thing is I wasn’t born yet. I wonder if yew can do the same for us.” She spied a tree with apples just barely hanging on, walked up to it, and tried to cross her hindlegs to rest against it before instead simply leaning on it; then she waited, and waited. She yawned. “C’mon in there now.” She took a hoof to rest against her bump and started pushing in. “Yew were wrestling my gut in there jus’ a minute ago.” Still, nothing. She nearly turned away and gave up, but felt a kick going through her, and then seconds later an apple hitting her head. “I ain’t never been more proud of a pony I ain’t never met before.” Copyright 2023 Kassaz Verbatim copying and redistribution of this document is permitted.
>>4754 where can i find them at?
>>4795 He’s in the edit threads of the /trash/ board at 4chan. He may visit the pregnancy general on /mlp/ sometime soon, but those threads aren’t currently up; I’ll make the next tomorrow. I’m trying to finish another story first.
(46.91 KB 517x600 medium.jpg)
I can see here that Agent Grimm got a commission from dogmeats: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=90305461 It’s still not been uploaded, however. It certainly would be nice if someone could post it here. Based on the blurry preview, it appears to be another commission with Gilda, Gabby, and Tempest Shadow, similar to these previous commissions of his from Carnifex, which I’ll go ahead and upload here.
(557.10 KB 512x768 1843547397.png)
>>4313 good shit, we need more preggo trans mares
(167.13 KB 1200x1032 media_F2vQVcRWUAAFhyL.jpg)
>>4888 It got posted on Twitter a few hours ago. A higher resolution or quality may be available elsewhere.
(112.10 KB 1371x921 3167051.png)
Does anyone have the rest of this comic by any chance?
>>5297 Don't they all die horribly at the end of it?
>>5299 As far as I know there are supposed to be two endings, the horrible death one and the one they don't.
>>5299 There's 2 endings, I remember when it got posted on /mlp/ a couple years ago
but do you have the full comic? to pass the link
>>5300 wtf why did they die??
>>5320 Honestly? Idk, I just don't see the appeal in the bursting part either, but I'm interested on the belly part and the good ending of the comic tho.
>>5297 now i'm intrigued to know more about this.
Can't say how many of the images will even still work in these links but here's some of the comic, if you look for posts from the same date you might be able to find the rest https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/28896862/#28896862
>>5368 Good find my friend, but sadly clicking on any image leads to a 404 error and can only be downloaded very small and in very low quality
>>5369 Well unfortuantely I think that might've been the only time the whole thing got posted anywhere.
so there is no way to download the full comic or view it?
>>5374 There actually is, but is behind a paywall, the author is jupiter_jyothi on furaffinity and I guess they have a link for it somewhere
>>5376 Of course there is a link, and the price is small. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in my country, so I am one of those who have been waiting for years for this comic to be leaked. Another anon
(134.15 KB 1756x2048 media_F6KRyTSbsAExqgM.jpg)
>>2891 RacerSplat uploaded this today. I like his MLP works, and how he chose against an unnatural skin tone for her here. I'd like to get some Dazzling stuff soon.
best mlp oc
(117.87 KB 1324x1668 media_F6bpmffWcAEu2kl.jpg)
Funble released this remake today. What do you think? I believe he's improved, but I'd still like to see him finish another piece like this.
>>5468 Just glad he's doing EQ again. Love his non-eq art though. Hope he does both at the same time
>>5468 He just finished this remake hours ago. I wonder what he'll do for Adagio, if he does her, since he completely finished the piece he made of her at four months in a swimsuit like this. It's interesting to see the details he intended, but which I never noticed the first time around. The emblem in her swimsuit is visible, but just barely, and I only found it when I knew to look for it. It's much more apparent in this remake. Personally, I'm most interested in his six months beach series, but it's nice to see him revisit these characters at all.
>>5482 He decided to remake the original piece. I like the slightly different angle he used here. It's interesting to note the differences: her arms are thinner and her belly bigger. Her belly attaches to her body a bit better; I'd say it flows better overall. While I liked when he drew bigger noses, I can't claim they don't look good here. I also have better versions of the other two, so here are those as well.
(99.65 KB 2048x1756 media_F7IE41AaQAAdvYG.jpg)
>>5430 Here's his Queen Chrysalis, but she's not really doing anything for me. He put her head on a giant belly and bosom, completely ignoring all of her interesting anatomy. This could've easily been any other character, really.
>>5528 This man gets it
(508.28 KB 1070x1182 bundle joy preg comm wip 2.png)
(511.43 KB 1070x1182 bundle joy preg comm wip 3.png)
I've paid PurpsYoshi to draw Bundle Joy. Here are the initial sketches, and I wanted the second completed. The first didn't emphasize her maternity enough.
Bring you some oldies (i believe these are pregnancy related)
Now that BBWchan is dying do you think Pregchan would take them?
>>5688 What?
>>5689 BBWchan is going to be closed. They had a very inactive preg board.
(185.33 KB 738x906 prev.jpg)
I've paid Carnifex to draw a Queen Chrysalis piece influenced by that old 0particle piece, since it's clear to me if I don't pay for something like it then it will never be made otherwise. I intend to use it as the cover art for my Nightmare Night story this year. I planned to write about something different, continuing from my story last year, but that got sidetracked and I had to change plans.
>>5756 I made a request related to this kind of thing in the drawthread, and it was fulfilled two hours ago here: >>5785
(1.03 MB 1857x2218 preggalis.jpg)
>>5804 Ahh, yes. Bugg!
>>5789 This is the same deal, but with Bundle Joy: >>5831
CowsRTasty released this joke a few months back, so when his commissions opened I paid him to draw this continuation.
(185.14 KB 1277x759 image 2.png)
(260.22 KB 1261x717 krita_5ZsCwpZGBD.png)
(321.20 KB 1274x715 krita_abal1rMe6f.png)
(293.23 KB 1279x717 krita_1prRU2PuOl.png)
(333.64 KB 1273x711 krita_jG1IzCMURH.png)
>>5915 I have a better version of this, and one without the running mascara, but their file sizes are too large for me to upload here. I'll have to upload them somewhere else later. Meanwhile, here are the sketches and intermediate pieces.
(912.68 KB 480x270 idon'tgetit.gif)
>>5915 Maybe it's because work has been burning me out for weeks at a time, but...
(5.33 MB 3183x1080 Kassaz Rarity Comm 2 panel.png)
>>5916 For now, here's the combined version he made. Due to different resolutions, he downscaled mine to make it look good. >>5918 The first is an infertility analogy. My commission takes the analogy and makes it literal to subvert it. Get it now?
>>5919 Ohhhhh.
Here's my Nightmare Night story for this year: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/545041/from-love-to-changelings Unfortunately, changes to my computer setup make it inconvenient for me to produce PDFs anymore. I'll release them later, but only if anyone actually wants them. Anyway, let me know what you think.
>>5919 I've uploaded them somewhere else now. Kassaz Rarity Comm.png: https://files.catbox.moe/4aewtp.png Kassaz Rarity Comm (No Mascara).png: https://files.catbox.moe/v2wmxy.png
(342.79 KB 891x1065 preggalis 2.jpg)
Do any of you guys use subscribestar.adult and want to help pregnancy win an art poll? Basically, I'm in an EqG artist's highest tier, so I can suggest topics for the monthly poll, but I'm outnumbered. If, I think, two of you joined the second highest tier, pregnancy could probably win. I don't see this as rigging, per se, because I'm encouraging others to pay him, so everyone wins, figuratively, so long as no one votes and then gets a refund or something shitty like that.
(369.32 KB 891x1065 preggalis 3.jpg)
(40.51 KB 850x512 gilda001.jpg)
(44.32 KB 850x512 gilda002.jpg)
Gilda needs some love~
(296.64 KB 891x1065 preggalis 4.jpg)
(9.59 MB 2644x2420 Kassaz Dash Comm.png)
I've finished my first commission, for Explodium: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/546560/down-through-the-clouds-and-into-the-rainbow I used part of the payment to commission another piece by CowsRTasty to serve as the cover art.
(305.43 KB 928x649 rd image.png)
(267.85 KB 908x641 rd image 2.png)
(194.87 KB 683x466 rd image 3.png)
(135.00 KB 860x777 rd image 5.png)
(150.26 KB 880x790 rd image 6.png)
>>6238 Here are the intermediate pieces.
I've commissioned WitchTaunter again, this time for something with an underrepresented mother. Firstly, here are the intermediate pieces.
(2.68 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm1.png)
(2.67 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm2.png)
(2.62 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm3.png)
>>6314 I got variants with and without genitalia, a paternity mark, and kicking.
(2.65 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm4.png)
(2.68 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm5-.png)
(2.61 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm6-.png)
>>6315 This uses the pose from that old Aryanne piece by Patch, if you recognize it.
(2.64 MB 2752x2648 kassazcupcakecomm7-.png)
>>6316 The distortion of the paternity mark by the kicking is nice here, don't you agree? This is a little disorganized, so I may be missing a variant or two. Just ask if you want me to see what I didn't upload yet.
(410.30 KB 891x1065 preggalis 5.jpg)
(414.82 KB 891x1065 preggalis 6_glow.jpg)
(410.17 KB 891x1065 preggalis 6_noglow.jpg)
>>6218 Here's the first of the colour, and variants with glowing and not glowing.
>>6323 That is some real good stuff. Love me some hyperpreg buggo.
(779.97 KB 1810x2000 bundle joy preg comm lines.png)
>>5555 Here's the lineart.
(781.08 KB 1810x2000 bundle joy preg comm lines 2.png)
>>6396 I've had her snout adjusted slightly. I think it looks better this way.
>>6399 It's done. He misunderstood the maternity pants reference I had used, and I hadn't yet described the kicking to him, so these first two ended up as extra variants. She looks like she's getting ready for a night on the town. Maternity pants are pants for two or more ponies to wear at once, but colts never wear them again.
>>4754 found another color edit someone did
(578.89 KB 2249x1400 Untitled94_20231211174543.png)
(842.09 KB 2570x1600 Untitled94_20231212201452.png)
(1.09 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231216133343.png)
(1.16 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231217162603.png)
(1.36 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231217193713.png)
I've commissioned Johrny to draw Aryanne in a scene inspired by my story. Here are the intermediate pieces finished so far.
(1.35 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231218175625.png)
(1.56 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231218203719.png)
(1.43 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231218203729.png)
(1.82 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231219182049.png)
(1.64 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231219182059.png)
>>6503 Here are more intermediate pieces, and perhaps the final two. Johrny learned Aryanne lacks wings while making this, but it's still a nice view, so we can imagine her hopping into the arrangement to give it to us.
(1.83 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231219200604.png)
(1.64 MB 2891x1800 Untitled94_20231219200626.png)
>>6528 Here are the final two, with some better shading of her underbelly.
>>6534 Is that a swastika as her cutie mark? lmao
A little brainworm I couldn't get out of my head and had to draw real quick.
I was browsing fancyblue's gallery, and found some stuff that had never been uploaded elsewhere.
>>6611 I really like the hoof imprints from the foal inside kicking his artwork features. It's my favourite quality.
(559.30 KB 1505x1705 ry preg WIP.png)
(847.16 KB 2006x2274 ry preg WIP2.png)
Back in May 2022, I started commissioning WhiskeyPanda for a point-of-view cowgirl sex piece with Rarity. Unfortunately, I've been waiting all this time and the commission has been put to rest as of today. Here are the two sketches that resulted from it. While disappointing, the other point-of-view pieces involving Rarity I commissioned were made to not retread ground this would've travelled, and they turned out very well. Perhaps I can use the second sketch here to guide someone else.
(409.23 KB 891x1065 preggalis 7.jpg)
(406.16 KB 891x1065 preggalis 8.jpeg)
(305.15 KB 891x1065 preggalis 9.jpeg)
>>6323 Here's two updates, the first is one I didn't bother uploading earlier. These updates comprise a first attempt at wings, shading, and early sketches for the kicking and birthing variants.
>>6553 >Maud drawing Automatically nice.
(523.37 KB 512x768 ComfyUI_temp_edapb_00023_.png)
This is an unrefined result from the easyfluff v11.2 model running on comfyUI. MLP characters easily hit 10-20k results on e621, which is the database the model was trained on.
(46.01 KB 560x600 medium (1).jpg)
I really love show accurate stuff
(103.87 KB 891x1065 preggalis 10.jpeg)
(364.85 KB 891x1065 preggalis 11.jpeg)
(354.81 KB 891x1065 preggalis 12.jpeg)
>>6762 I held off on posting these updates, because my commission is nearly finished, but it looks like it'll take another few days, so here they are.
I'll be honest, though I've lost interest in this series years ago, something about the wide pony belly tickles my brain in some type of way
>>7018 Here are some of the best drawings by Forfun41 that fit the wide pony belly description. It's a shame he never finished any of these pieces, or the set.
>>7044 Fumble makes good shit mang
>>7045 agreed but sadly i dont think they are doing mlp anymore
(136.77 KB 1153x708 sai2_2024-01-16_08-18-49.png)
(128.84 KB 624x725 sai2_2024-01-17_03-45-15.png)
(130.25 KB 799x760 sai2_2024-01-22_17-22-05.png)
(139.50 KB 797x757 sai2_2024-01-23_14-19-03.png)
I commissioned Jargon Scott to draw Bundle Joy again. It's been about a decade since the last time I did it. Here are the initial sketches and intermediate pieces.
>>7047 Here are the final pieces, the base and a kicking version.
>>7046 Nah he drew some a couple months ago, but yeah he branched out to mostly original stuff
(393.32 KB 891x1065 preggalis 13.jpeg)
>>6978 This is the final intermediate piece so far. I'm going to pay him a little more to adjust the kicking, but everything else is done.
(9.23 MB 3715x4436 pregalis vagina calm smile.png)
>>7052 This is the version with her smile, her vagina, and calm.
(9.24 MB 3715x4436 pregalis birth surprised calm.png)
>>7054 This is the version with her surprise, birth, and calm.
(9.21 MB 3715x4436 pregalis novagina smile calm.png)
>>7055 This is the version with her smile, her featureless butt, and calm. This version is what serves as cover art for my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/545041/from-love-to-changelings
>>7059 The remaining intermediate pieces are irrelevant, so I won't post them. This is the version with her frown, her vagina, and kicking.
>>7238 I very much like the multiple bucking effects here. This is the version with her surprise, birth, and kicking.
>>7239 This is the final major variant. This is the version with her frown, her featureless butt, and kicking.
I commissioned Fancy_Blue for more Queen Chrysalis. I really like how he did this, and knew the idea would suit him well.
I commissioned Fancy_Blue for a Pinkie Pie piece, since he'd yet to draw her, and asked him to base it off one of my stories. He chose his favourite scene from this story, an early scene even I'd forgotten: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/519311/pregnant-party-pony-present-predicament She's cute here, isn't she? I think this suits Pinkie Pie well.
>>5494 Oh hey, he's back with some more, and this isn't a redraw I don't believe. This was released yesterday. Let's see if he does the other two again soon.
(830.15 KB 1725x2020 Illustration2.jpg)
(1.99 MB 1897x2222 Illustration3.jpg)
(2.97 MB 2162x2627 Illustration4.jpg)
(3.12 MB 2194x2666 Illustration5.jpg)
This is a commission in-progress from Jotun22, clearly following my previous Queen Chrysalis commissions. I quite like how it's coming along so far.
>>7735 Very nice!
(5.32 MB 3911x3191 flutterrandomfinal.png)
hey I decided to work on a pony pic recently hope yall- >sees the rest of the board jesus christ how horrifying :O
>>8146 Hey, it's great to see you still around. This is very nice, I like your choice of perspective here, and you chose a nice reason for her proportions. >jesus christ how horrifying :O Yeah, it happens. You have interesting timing, I guess. At least the thread's still here.
>>8146 That is one damn nice Flutters. Can't go wrong with wide as hell pony belly.
(601.26 KB 2529x1901 1651371236632.png)
>>8146 Going further, and comparing this to your old Fluttershy piece that inspired it, you can't even tell the same artist drew them. You've really improved, it's impressive. >>8223 I wholeheartedly agree.
>>8227 Thanks! Although that was pretty much a quick sketch compared to this new one.
(1.86 MB 2038x2572 Lineart.jpg)
(1.54 MB 1761x2222 Lineart 2.jpg)
(1.54 MB 1761x2222 Lineart 3.jpg)
(1.97 MB 1761x2222 FLAT.jpg)
>>7735 Alright, this is done. Here are the intermediate linearts and the flat colours. I had him play with her vagina, and change one of the little butts before I noticed it was meant to be pressed up against the inner membrane. The final pieces are too large to upload here, so here's his source: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/xs5sz1ptp7gt6hznw4qr8/h?rlkey=qhhomhv1dlolynir0g0c298sl&dl=0 He went with a more unfinished look for the foals here, but it's different from the other two, and that alone is nice; it makes it a little more creepy than usual. It reminds me of Legion from Castlevania.
(144.85 KB 956x828 preg-off.jpeg)
(132.08 KB 956x828 preg-off_nobg.jpeg)
(208.47 KB 956x828 preg-off2.jpeg)
I've commissioned Carnifex to pluck a scenario out of my mind's eye. I'm also writing a short and silly story to go along with it once it's done. Here are the first two sketches he made, which didn't have the perspective I wanted, and the second sketch, which did.
(132.75 KB 685x593 preg-off3.jpeg)
(132.96 KB 685x593 preg-off4.jpeg)
(130.89 KB 685x593 preg-off5.jpeg)
(131.06 KB 685x593 preg-off6.jpeg)
(130.44 KB 685x593 preg-off7.jpeg)
>>8353 I asked him to experiment with their proportions and belly buttons.
(128.62 KB 685x593 preg-off8.jpeg)
(128.70 KB 685x593 preg-off9.jpeg)
(131.05 KB 685x593 preg-off10.jpeg)
(202.12 KB 900x700 preg-off11.jpeg)
(202.84 KB 900x700 preg-off12.jpeg)
>>8354 Ultimately, I told him Applejack's original belly was fine, and to focus on Adagio Dazzle. Ultimately, one of Adagio's early bellies was fine, once they were spaced out a bit better, but I had him experiment two final times with a very wide belly and a torpedo belly. The torpedo belly will have to go in the next post.
(202.35 KB 900x700 preg-off13.jpeg)
(504.51 KB 1157x900 preg-off14.jpeg)
(500.59 KB 1157x900 preg-off15.jpeg)
>>8355 Here's the torpedo belly, and work towards the final image base in colour. I paid him extra for the extra-detailed skin. I had him remove their stretch marks, and lighten Adagio's skin a little; I wanted her to have darker skin, but not appear to be a different race than Applejack. Their linea nigras were darkened, and Adagio's belly button stretched out a little better. Currently, their hips aren't right. I expect to see Applejack's skirt fit crudely, and Adagio's pants unbuttoned around her waist. Those adjustments are yet to be made.
(1017.80 KB 2625x2387 Applejack.jpg)
(595.14 KB 2222x1388 Applejack 2.jpg)
(1.22 MB 3557x2222 Applejack 3.jpg)
(2.84 MB 4310x5272 Chyrsalis_Commission_WIP.png)
(1.81 MB 3375x3752 Pinkie_Pie_WIP.png)
I've commissioned Jotun22 again to draw Applejack, and here's the progress on that so far. I wanted to see a pregnant pony with a pear shape lying on her back. His first attempt didn't have the angle I wanted; sketch II is what will be completed. >>7591 >>7607 I forgot to post these intermediate views until now.
>>8356 Nice! What's the story with these two?
>>8407 I don't want to spoiler the story too much, so I'll explain my thought process to you. It started with this piece by Cigusa, and on that note I'll point to this thread here: >>>/c/2981 Anyway, my first plan for this story was something very short, because it had an EqG slant to it. I'll format it in the second person perspective for everyone. Imagine Applejack pinning you to the wall with a vertical splits like that, insisting that she wants to have your children and that you need to pick a woman in your life already, but since you've yet to do so she'll just make the choice for you. Months later, you're in the cafeteria and she greets you by walking up from behind, where you see just her belly in your right peripheral vision. You turn around, kiss her belly, and the two of you talk. So, that's two scenes and ideas so far, but this image is about the third. Adagio Dazzle waddles up, also pregnant by you, and they butt their bellies together and argue about it. This is a horny idea, but I dislike two-timing behaviour; while discussing the visuals with Carnifex, he made a basic suggestion about what could have them so upset, and I it liked well enough to write something a bit better using it. The story will have four similar chapters, and I'll go ahead and share their names: >Point-of-View: You're Married to Applejack >Point-of-View: You're Married to Adagio Dazzle >Point-of-View: You're "Married" to both Applejack and Adagio Dazzle >Point-of-View: You're married to neither Applejack and Adagio Dazzle The last one is a joke for completion more than anything. The first chapter is already done, and the second chapter is started, at the least; I've been in no rush since Carnifex hasn't made progress on the cover art in a few weeks, and I'm not publishing it without the cover art. In the first chapter, the reader is with Applejack, goes into town with her, they meet the Dazzlings, and Applejack argues with Adagio Dazzle for a bit; in the second chapter, the reader is with the Dazzlings instead, and the four meet Applejack; the other two chapters are clear. This isn't a long or complex story, just something short and silly. I'm also planning a Dazzling story later in the year, since I'll be getting something complex with all three of them if all goes well. So, that's the explanation I'm willing to give at this stage. I hope you'll enjoy the story when I release it with the cover art.
(648.27 KB 1549x2222 NSFW1.jpg)
(653.13 KB 1549x2222 NSFW2.jpg)
(642.52 KB 1549x2222 SFW.jpg)
>>8376 Here are the latest sketches.
(777.94 KB 1549x2222 Applejack Lineart.jpg)
(1.11 MB 1549x2222 FLAT 2.jpg)
>>8420 Here are the lines and flat colours.
(300.28 KB 2222x1460 practiceWorkflow_02rarity.jpg)
(562.96 KB 2222x1460 practiceWorkflow_sideBySide.jpg)
(298.94 KB 2222x1460 practiceWorkflow_01derpy.jpg)
(426.59 KB 2222x1460 practiceWorkflow_03lyra.jpg)
(499.44 KB 2222x1460 practiceWorkflow_04jubilee.jpg)
Hey, here's some practice stuff I've been working on for those that care. Images on the left are stuff I tried to do by eye from the reference, the right is after I edited a few elements of the mare's body a little. Put a spoiler on the side by side compare I did since it includes the reference images I used for those curious.
(725.61 KB 3265x1628 practiceWorkflow_coverUp.jpg)
And here's the safe image I used over on the 4chan thread for those curious.
>>8461 This is done: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/mcw1q801pjfs8saw9t9g7/h?rlkey=q4g2pkgo1e5kqcna3656v5gfr&dl=0 Each file is too big to upload here, even individually, however. >>8480 These are very nice. I'm so accustomed to seeing oversized genitals that I thought they looked a little small, but the reference photographs prove that the issue is in other artists. It's nice to see you around again. >>8481 While very funny, especially the censor bar over Cherry Jubilee's eyes, this is still considered sexually explicit over on 4chan, so don't be surprised if the file gets deleted. I'll storytime something over there so the file will no longer be visible from the board pages.
(211.19 KB 1920x1080 mitskxrftpr.png)
(208.82 KB 1920x1080 miudcycgiqj.png)
(285.15 KB 1920x1080 mivjowywmvw.png)
(197.90 KB 1920x1080 miwgcwojmrs.png)
>>214 >>262 >>263 This isn't a commission, since I never paid for it, but it's from 2022, and never got finished. I don't quite know what happened to breakdown our communications, but it seems like a shame to just sit on it. I tried to commission WapaMario63 to make a show-accurate, two-panel comic. The first panel shows Rarity from a frontal view, with her forehooves on a table, working on a dress or something; she tells something to Sweetie Belle, who is standing behind Rarity.  The second panel shows Sweetie Belle's view, which is basically Rarity's rear and large belly, with a kick.  Sweetie Belle is unsettled by this, but she would only be visible in the first panel. There would've been a variant with genitals and a belly size variant. Anyway, here's what got finished. Also, you should know that these file names are smutty.horse filenames, so you can also download the full size versions from there. Here's the first link as an example: https://u.smutty.horse/mitskxrftpr.png
(546.81 KB 2512x1709 20220610_233956(1).jpg)
(413.66 KB 2706x1848 20220610_234027(1).jpg)
(477.34 KB 2337x2140 20220610_234702(1).jpg)
(453.10 KB 2340x1497 20220610_235301(1).jpg)
>>2783 >I'd need to review everything first, to make sure I collect all of the intermediate sketches, so I'll once again wait until someone asks to post those. Nobody asked, but they were pretty good, so here they are anyway.
(273.94 KB 1200x750 NewCanvas1.png)
(643.44 KB 1920x1200 hand_on.png)
(589.59 KB 1920x1200 fingering.png)
(4.07 MB 9600x6000 NewCanvas1-new.png)
>>8655 Here are the rest.
>>8658 It's odd that the last file isn't showing up, but it was basically just a higher-resolution of one of the finished pieces.
My half of a trade with Fancy_Blue is now finished: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/556112/ponies-dont-lay-eggs This is a simple story with Rarity and Spike as friends. I'll post his half here when it's done.
>>8693 Oh, I forgot to use my name. Anyway, here's his half of the trade.
(235.00 KB 1100x1100 Illustration.png)
(227.06 KB 1100x1100 Illustration2.png)
(376.61 KB 1424x1314 Illustration3.png)
(394.34 KB 1674x1707 Illustration4.png)
(482.49 KB 1674x2463 com kassaz.png)
I've commissioned BabyBumps for more Queen Chrysalis stuff. After a few poses were explored, this nice upside-down idea was chosen for completion.
(485.14 KB 1674x2463 com kassaz2.png)
(452.53 KB 1674x2463 com kassaz3.png)
(1.16 MB 1654x2756 com kassaz4.png)
(1007.19 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz5.png)
(1009.10 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz6.png)
>>8911 You can see the first belly made, and the second I asked for, which I chose over the first.
(1.00 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz7.png)
(1.03 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz8.png)
(843.37 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz9.png)
(915.09 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz10.png)
(950.72 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz11.png)
>>8928 Here's more.
>>8998 That's a nice style. How much do they charge?
>>9005 The base price is $80, but this is understandably more complex than normal artwork, so I paid an extra $25 for the big foal-filled belly along with a birthing and kicking version, for a total of $105. I later decided I wanted a version without teats, and a featureless crotch version also, which added another $30. So, something normal should only cost you $80. I've been getting daily updates, too.
(979.02 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz12.png)
>>9006 I've got one piece of additional progress so far, so I suppose I should've included that in my last post. Here it is.
(1.23 MB 2000x1320 image0.png)
(192.22 KB 1291x835 wips.png)
(1.01 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz13.png)
(963.30 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz14.png)
(886.91 KB 1724x2756 com kassaz15.png)
>>9007 Here are more updates, and the initial sketches of yet another Queen Chrysalis commission, this time with Lulubell. I chose the sketch of her on her side for completion.
(429.93 KB 1028x800 preg-off16.jpeg)
(213.92 KB 763x593 preg-off17.jpeg)
(214.43 KB 763x593 preg-off18.jpeg)
(441.48 KB 1028x800 preg-off19.jpeg)
>>8356 Alright. Here are those adjustments. It's looking very nice so far, but it'll look even better finished. The first was his last attempt to correct the image without deep changes. The middle two were choices for Adagio's hips, and the first was chosen. I got this most recent update today. This will be the last update I show you without the image set being finished.
>>9374 I love it! I hope you do the villains from the other two movies in the future.
(1.83 MB 1839x2222 Rainbow.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1838x2222 Rainbow 2.jpg)
(1.54 MB 1838x2222 Rainbow color.jpg)
(2.16 MB 2037x2462 Rainbow 2-2.jpg)
I'm making another commission of Jotun22, this time with Rainbow Dash. This is based on my story and its current cover art, but slightly later during the scene when she inspects herself in the pond's reflection: >>6238 Here are some of the initial sketches, but this isn't what will be completed for now. >>9378 I'm glad you love it. I'm planning something with all three Dazzlings later in the year, but it depends on the artist who will be drawing the cover art for me. I must admit they have sexy designs, and they look even better pregnant; I didn't really like them until exposure from Funble's artwork kicked in.
(2.08 MB 1838x2222 Rainbow 3.jpg)
(2.88 MB 2037x2462 Rainbow 3-2jpg.jpg)
>>9379 I asked him to draw a version with more realistic equine anatomy, and this is what will be finished for now. I like how he changed up her pose here, since the intent is both will be finished.
(502.13 KB 1444x911 chrysi.png)
(508.67 KB 1444x911 chrysi2.png)
>>9266 Oh hey, that's done.
Pregnant Derpy commission.
best mlp oc
(1.84 MB 1911x2222 Rainbow 3-2 Sketch final2.jpg)
(1.84 MB 1911x2222 Rainbow 3-2 Sketch finaljpg.jpg)
(3.38 MB 3440x4000 Rainbow lineart.png)
>>9380 Here are the remaining intermediate pieces, sans one, and the final images: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/8igh84lat74ciww0b2wij/APeh6cfPVV8A2iB0MTw6nAk?rlkey=3fb51f5sjr9v7n0phrag7guyh&st=0g3iyinx&dl=0 I quite like it, and intend to swap out the old cover art.
(3.89 MB 3440x4000 Rainbow Color.png)
>>9497 Here's that last one.
(313.06 KB 730x600 medium.png)
>>9498 Very nice.
>>9498 The reflection on the water wasn’t fully finished. Are you sure you sketched the reflection before you coloured the entire picture?
DeviantArt for hyper and heavies Applejack preggo.
(1.08 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz16.png)
(1.20 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz17.png)
(1.39 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz18.png)
>>9266 This commission's almost done, just a few variations remain, but I'll wait to post everything. >>9526 I did expect it to be a bit more detailed, but I think he did a good job on it.
(311.17 KB 1100x2420 com kassaz womb.png)
(444.42 KB 1100x2420 com kassaz womb2.png)
(487.28 KB 1100x2420 com kassaz womb3.png)
(281.02 KB 1100x2420 com kassaz womb4.png)
(284.75 KB 1100x2420 com kassaz womb5.png)
>>9549 The contents of her womb also went through several stages, which I'll share with you.
(2.84 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final1.png)
(2.72 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final2.png)
(2.84 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final3.png)
>>9550 Alright, this is done. I won't bother uploading some of the very minor intermediate pieces. Here you go.
(2.84 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final4.png)
(2.86 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final5.png)
(2.84 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final6.png)
(2.59 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final7.png)
(2.85 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final8.png)
(2.85 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final9.png)
(2.86 MB 1724x2756 com kassaz final10.png)
>>9581 Here's the last one.
(1.84 MB 2828x2515 lunapreggo.png)
drew a disgruntled Luna today :3
>>9768 Goodness, the size of those movements. Those foals must want out.
(2.55 MB 3000x2700 sugarbelly1.png)
(2.64 MB 3000x2700 sugarbelly3.png)
(2.43 MB 3000x2700 sugarbelly4.png)
Sugar Belle when she was pregnant with Little Mac I commissioned from Zigmeow, including water broke and X-ray edits.
(1.52 MB 2112x1959 maidflutter.png)
Fluttershy attempting a maid outfit
>>9768 Very nice. You have the style of the show down perfectly. Great sized belly, too. Looks huge and heavy but not excessive.
Man, I Am Unknown has been getting some nice stuff lately. Also, WildeGems has posted this on his Twitter, but nowhere else so far; it's nice, because I was thinking about this mpreg Shining Armor giving birth by Symplefable recently.
(4.00 MB 4088x7257 Trixie's Baby Trick~!!.png)
I commissioned Fancy Blue for a silly little comic, and wrote this silly little story about it. The asterisks represent italics: “For my next trick, I’ll need volunteer.” Trixie was sitting on her rump, smugly, looking at the crowd from her stage. She hummed for a moment before adding, “a pregnant volunteer.” Her eyes were instantly drawn to the two of you, Twilight Sparkle and her husband, and both of you knew she knew the only pregnant mare in the crowd was Twilight. She harrumphed and made no move to go on stage. “Aw, she’s shy. Come now, my delightful audience, let’s stomp our hooves to encourage her.” The crowd began to do just that, and Twilight narrowed her eyes at Trixie, who was still sitting but clopping her forehooves together with a smug grin. “Just what do you need a pregnant mare for, Trixie?” Twilight pointed her left foreleg out accusingly at her. “Just what are you planning?” Trixie and the crowd stopped clopping and stomping. “Well, Mrs.,” Trixie pretended to not know the unicorn’s name, “The Great and Powerful Trixie has recently devised a spell that does a wonder for a poor mare’s tired body, heavy with foal. She can guarantee you that the spell is entirely safe, and a mare of your,” she paused for a moment, “*width* certainly looks like she could use a break from carrying her foal, or should I say foals?” “C’mon Twilight, don’t be a stick in the mud.” It was Lyra. Of course it was Lyra. “Get on up there!” Lyra started chanting Twilight’s name, and the crowd followed. “Alright, alright!” Twilight was a bit better about grinding her teeth than she had once been, but she certainly looked angry as she gave in to Trixie’s plan, whatever it was. She mumbled all the way to the stage and up the staircase at its side. She stood before Trixie, still sitting, still grinning, and still smug. “I’m sure you have no experience with the spell Trixie is about to show you, Twilight.” At this, Twilight’s expression changed from angry to curious. Now Trixie was addressing the audience, much more loudly. “Now watch, audience, as The Great and Powerful Trixie takes all of the stress from this mare, by transferring it into her own body!” Trixie’s horn glowed, surrounding Twilight’s belly with blue magic. “Why, what else could the Mid-Motherhood Movement Spell do, after all?” Twilight thought that spell sounded awfully like a bad rebranding of the Gestation Translation Spell; by the time she stopped to notice just where Trixie’s magic was focussed, it was too late. - The crowd cheered, and Trixie had somehow become even smugger. Twilight, meanwhile, was horrified. Her pregnancy was just gone, as if she’d never been carrying at all. She felt lightheaded, and struggled to breathe as she turned her attention back to Trixie, sporting a pregnancy, *her* pregnancy! “Trixie, you had better undo this right now!” Twilight had one hoof at Trixie’s throat. “Um, excuse me, could you stop putting so much pressure on Trixie’s belly? It doesn’t feel good.” Twilight’s other hoof had been resting rather deeply on the top of *Trixie’s* pregnancy, and she scrambled off of it in a panic. By now, you’d jumped onto stage yourself, prepared to beat the stuffing out of the showmare. “Now, now, let’s not get violent. You wouldn’t hurt the mare carrying your foals, now would you?” Trixie fluttered her eyelashes in a mock display of innocence. “Ugh, feel free to give it some attention, however. It itches.” Both of you nervously touched Trixie’s belly, and felt movement from it. It was odd, to see the same foal, or foals, in a different belly; inside, nothing had changed, but you and Twilight had obviously grown to associate your progeny with a tight purple belly, lacking any better outward identity for the time, and not a blue one with a disgusting outie. “Well, that’s all, folks!” Trixie declared to the audience. “Those of you with VIP passes may wait around for an autograph, and a picture too, if you pay for it.” Everypony had a VIP pass, including the two of you, she only said it to sound fancier. “Trixie, I swear to Celestia if you don’t,” Trixie hushed Twilight. “Trixie will gladly return your burden, Sparkle, don’t worry.” She yawned. “But first, Trixie needs some sleep. ’Tis a *shame* Trixie must sleep in a cold wagon, lacking any fireplace. It will be a cold night.” Both of you were glaring at her, but she continued. “And Trixie has *such* little money to buy food, but it should be fine for just a night, Trixie supposes.” Her stomach growled, but her horn had been active the moment before; she had clearly made it growl on command. - You stared at the ceiling, lying in bed with your wife. Snoring very loudly in the other bed, which had been moved to be right besides yours, was Trixie, still pregnant. Twilight had to cast a spell on herself so she could sleep, and the mark of many tears was still present on her face; at least she was taking the opportunity to sleep on her stomach. You lifted your head and glanced over at Trixie, whose mouth was open while she slept, a scrap of food stuck on her muzzle. She’d eaten three meals tonight. You were going to kill her once Twilight was pregnant again.
(4.00 MB 4088x7257 Trixie's Baby Trick~!!.png)
>>9815 Oh, silly me, that's the original version of the image, but I had him move Twilight's right hindleg, since I thought it looked a little off.