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98094 No.12303

Can someone draw kicks pregnant and stroking his belly with his tail?

My discord is sagefirepaw#6090

17880 No.12325

Are there any Mpreg themed games out there? Really hoping Book of Lust adds some mpreg to it

db2fb No.12327

Seconding this.
Mpreg definitely seems a rarity in the preg/birth game scene. Nearest I've ever seen is the Satyr rape scene in Corruption of Champions (been years since I played it last, so not sure if more have been added since).

If I had the artistic skill, I'd love to try to create something along the lines of Arkone's Birth Story, but with male characters.

2238e No.12328

I just asked this a while back.

There’s not much on the scene for mpreg edits. I’d love it if someone did this.

17880 No.12440

Does anyone have a mpreg themed VN?

f7273 No.14043

Bump for interest

dcb72 No.14048

Flexible Survival has an mpreg trait you can take, as well as a slew of fertility and pregnancy traits included. Never been able to do a full mpreg run (I love gender bending so I always end up getting turned into a girl). But I think my highest score of children birthed was in the 50s. Super OP once you get the ability where your kids swarm an enemy. XD

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