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Pregnant Food Creatures Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/27/2022 (Mon) 16:37:06 Id:4ed56b No. 127
This was a thread on the old site but it died almost immediately so uh Let’s try again I know the characters shown are humanoid, but they are humanized versions of food beings
>>127 why is this in furry...?
>>128 The characters are initially non-human, that and I was in a hurry to find a good image, found this on pixiv and thought “fuck it, good enough”
>>350 May I ask for sauce on this?
Bumping this old thing
Bumping with not art, but a bunch of Mpreg fics I found on AO3 https://archiveofourown.org/works/34701949/chapters/86400985
>>901 Kys with this cringe ass cookie game
>>2009 Rest in pepperoni
>>2009 Someone had bad luck in the gacha
>>2009 My brother in Christ it’s a Mobile Game
Have this wonderful cursed image from the official CR comics
>>2121 Where'd you find this kind anon? >>2120 also good to see I'm not the only one who likes this cookie game UNLIKE SOME RUDE PEOPLE
>>2123 Oh damn they have a lot of good shit, this is a goldmine
>>2130 I mean Devsisters allowed to be made so it’s still official
This artist mostly does mpreg but eh that’s fine
Did this sketch real quick of one of my favorite new Cookies, Pizza Cookie, waiting to pop so she can finally get a break
>>2143 Which character is this? Kinda looks like Blackberry but idk
>>2148 Thought so, gotta love a character who is canonically a mother
Bam, Cherry Bump Cookie
(1.27 MB 1638x2048 image_2022-11-20_203503261.png)
>>2151 bro loved volley ball so much she became a ball
>>2152 So who did this and the latte in >>2124 cause they look like the same artist
>>2153 yeah there the same artist, theres some more on rule34.xxx if you look hard enough, I'll do my best to keep this thread going for now
>>2154 As will I weather it be making my own or trying my best to search to the ends of the internet to find something
>>2156 Oh Oh that’s my series-
May as well add these on
>>2161 Well cats outta the bag now I suppose, you caught me red handed with the AO3 stories
>>2136 Here’s a digital version of the art that sold me out-
>>2169 I appreciate the compliment, seems a good chunk of people here still have a very unhealthy attitude towards me for no reason
>>2071 I’m insane enough to see this cursed image and go “hey what if I made this an OC?” So yeah this be Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie and I made her cause I was bored
>>2179 Wait folks on Comic Studio are upset about my AO3?
>>2182 bruh fuck are people on sometimes?
>>2178 Who does this Blackberry art btw?
>>2185 Also I like how this thread just became us talking about this silly cookie game
>>2188 Yeah CR lewds are pretty niche and CR preg fetish lewds are so niece I'm certain we're the only ones actively wanting it
>>2189 Then again I'm sure a majority of the fandom is under 18 so what do I expect
>>2190 a77abc on another computer, i'll try to find some new preg tonight, no promise
Had this idea and had to draw it Nothing like using your mortal body to rebirth lost souls And yes, White Ghost Cookie is in there as well
>>2195 Fluff is good String x Croissant is also good
>>2201 Yeah
>>2194 So thoughts on my art?
>>2178 Heard you like Blackberry
>>2157 Big booba version
>>2214 I'll at least try to take that into account
>>2216 Hey when a girls in heat she'll do anything to ease it
>>2218 Did I make a reference?
>>2220 Oh right I put that in as a joke and didn't even process that it was from futurama
>>2222 Don't you love it when a joke becomes so ingrained in your mind you forget where it's from until someone says "Oh btw this is a ___ Referance"
>>2224 On the topic of requests give me a random Cookie girl and I'll do my best to bang one out like pretty much everything I've drawn and added into this thread myself
>>2227 On my way to completing it but here’s the base sketch, just some wholesome artistic nudity I was more wanting singular girls but I can deal with this
>>2228 Cool, I'm interested to see how this'll turn out
>>2229 Finished, some DarkRasp for ya Btw Imma call you CR Anon for identification purposes
Can I just say how much I love giving Cookie girls colorful nips lol
>>2234 lol
>>2236 It’s a fun lily detail to add on
(322.43 KB 640x502 image_2022-11-22_231658987.png)
random bump before I go to bed
(37.54 KB 543x347 image_2022-11-22_232230716.png)
Oh yeah, randomly remembered this doodle my girlfriend did, but never finished
>>2239 Mpreg of... someone
>>2241 Maybe remind her that she was doing one day Or don't, up to you
>>2244 Like I said, remind her ONE day, not today
>>2250 Looks preg to me
Gonna post an idea for a drawing comic I have here, may or may not actually do later Customer: Damn, this cheese pizza is amazing! Pizza: Yep, we make the cheese in house Customer: Really, how do you do it? Pizza: Cut to Pizza getting milked while wearing cow print Pizza: Secret recipe
>>2258 though I am Ohioan, can't comfirm
>>2261 lol
Tiger Lily 9 months after her first mating Also a remake of an old sketch I did
>>2263 nice, sorry I haven't been that active, got a pretty nasty cut on my left hand.
>>2264 Damn, hope you heal up well
>>2268 Knight has some explaining lmao
>>2269 Hollyberry aint gonna be happy
>>2271 I mean maybe she will, who knows if she wants great grandchildren
>>2273 I'm still up for requests so hit me Happy Thanksgiving btw
>>2275 Can't wait to see you there
(70.37 KB 2384x1650 image_2022-11-24_095500591.png)
last bump before I go deal with the nightmare that is thanksgiving planning
>>2277 Just remember not to even THINK about politics if you value your sanity
Putting on a sloppy edit I did and a Koikatsu pic
(363.51 KB 1206x1102 image_2022-11-24_183031376.png)
dragon bump
>>2285 If only the Longan Event didn't confirm they're related
>>2289 Bro first longan turned snake fruit into a statue, now this
>>2291 Yep, Longan hates anything positive
>>2293 can finally type with my left hand, gonna crank out a chapter or two tonight. Any character ideas?
>>2294 Pizza Cookie cause she's my favorite Some DarpRasp fluff cause it is your comfort ship
>>2294 What's your AO3 Account so I can follow you
>>2299 So how’s progress on the first chapter?
>>2303 Fair enough
>>2303 Heads up AO3 is kinda down, for me at least
>>2310 False alarm it JUST started working-
>>2313 rip-
>>2313 This is why I write in Google docs
>>2315 I would, but I really don't want anyone to know im writing smut lmao
>>2316 Notepad then
>>2274 Idea. Use this picker wheel, pick a random female cookie. Go wild, repeat as needed: https://wheelofnames.com/xm7-29z
>>2328 I'll edit it so it has only female and adult characters Well Lilac stays cause him getting pregnant is canon in my personal headcanon
>>2328 https://wheelofnames.com/222-5aq Updated Wheel with 99% female(or at least fem heavy nb) adults
>>2331 First one I got via spin was Banana so her she is as flexible as ever Ice Juggler isn’t amused, as always
(4.79 MB 2048x2731 image_2022-11-25_224144443.png)
went around on tumblr with that one guy who drew the cookie mpreg, and found se a fairy. so thats fun
>>2334 Ice Juggler is just constantly done with bananas shit lol
>>2335 That’s my old Sea Fairy
>>2337 oh shit it is, I just looked up "Sea Fairy Pregnant" and that was the first result, I thought it was that one guy cuz you have a similar art style on paper
(478.67 KB 1280x720 image_2022-11-25_225445337.png)
(15.43 KB 788x250 image_2022-11-25_231603880.png)
>>2331 Messed around and on the first spin got Mocha, might do a story with her on my AO3 if I get the chance
>>2341 Ah that’s a good one Rays give birth to live young too so it works
>>2342 So far I've got about two oneshots done. I plan on writing a bunch, posting them at once, and then just doing that every week or so.
>>2342 Oh yeah, I'm also doing requests while I can, anythings fair game as long as its not a kid
Cautiously going to post CR Anon’s first chapter of his AO3 stuff to see if the threads still safe https://archiveofourown.org/works/43253856/chapters/108763614#workskin
Woo, thank you Couchy
(1.30 MB 1191x1684 103112165_p0.jpg)
Jungleberry Bump
Didn’t save the spin but hot Beet Was going to draw her crossbow but couldn’t figure it out
I fucked up and made a separate thread with this pic by accident
Well rip CR Anon, told me they were banned over last nights fiasco
(144.32 KB 720x720 image_2022-12-03_024229250.png)
yo whats up im back
>>2425 Hallelujah it's not an echo chamber anymore
>>2425 Ok you're not the same CR anon as he told me he's still banned on discord but as long as you don't start shit, I'm sure we can coexist Anyway, I finally had the motivation to do a spin draw so here's Popcorn Cookie
>>2442 I’ve seen better art from DA kids using a shitty base
>>2453 Ayo Solar sands it’s a fucking Gingerbread Woman
Got a new drawing by me and a find by CR anon
(421.16 KB 954x1310 image_2022-12-27_000058532.png)
Hey kids, sorry for vanishing like sam o nella, the wells been running dry recently
(355.79 KB 850x850 image_2023-01-03_033533779.png)
Heres what I could dig up from the ol archives. Go ham folks
>>2776 Want a hug, dear? *hugs a beautiful mother in labor* Just sit down and I will deliver your baby.
>>2701 Dude you vanished cause you were banned while counter trolling
>>2778 I did some very minor tomfoolery, turns out. The mods did not like very minor tomfoolery
(25.54 KB 220x220 image_2023-01-04_022419659.png)
>>2777 only on P.C bruh
This thread gets no bitches
>>2787 This thread isn't a mirror dear anon
Carol go brrrrrrrrrrr
Real rushed sketch of a sleep eating sandwich cookie
Another bump
Once upon a time I felt like drawing Mpreg, but with who So I did it with my Cookiesona, spoilered for both mpreg and uh self insert I guess
It’s 2 am, have a Moonlight
>>2995 You forget to attach something there bud?
>>2174 Did porn of this silly OC, also Muffin is referring to her husband
>>2334 Sequel where Banana finally pops after 7 months
>>3182 She was pregnant for over an year? That's an impressive achievement.
>>3183 The baby wanted to take it's time lol
>>3183 I mean, its happened before, one woman was pregnant for 375 days in the 40s
Couple of sketches I did, one of Mpreg Mint Choco and one of Blue Lily’s costume
Belated Valentine's pic from the best CR Preg artist out there, mainly cause she's only one of two, myself included
May as well advertise my new DA account, I can take CR requests, host polls as to what I should draw next outside of requests https://www.deviantart.com/fossildiggerremade
>>2168 Bam sequel
>>3240 im surprised you didnt draw her giving birth on the job
>>3241 I mean it could be in like the basement of her jobs building idk
What’s this, an image not made by me or Bundle-Of-Kinks? OH GOD NO IT’S HAPPENING, THE NATURAL ORDER OF THIS THREAD IS COLLAPSING
(280.27 KB 850x1088 image_2023-02-27_054245086.png)
>>3314 Thanks for that kind Anon, I fucked up initially lol
A sea pancake momma for your troubles
It took a tie breaker cause the initial poll I did had her tie with Lychee but I drew a wholesome Parfait playing music for her baby
Large Latte
>>3370 L + Ratio
>>3403 You're an imageboard, faggot.
shitposting aside this thread has no reason to be on /f/
>>3415 I question daily why this thread was made on /f/, I really wanna stop seeing a cookie shafting another whenever I come on this god forsaken board
>>3415 They aren't human, I'm pretty sure if I put this in /d/ people would tell me to put it here
>>3417 They're not furry either.
>>3423 Well unless you know a better board to put it on ig it's staying here
>>3437 /d/ isn't just for anime/manga despite it being the majority of content. If you're averse to that board, you could try /b/ as well.
>>3439 I have nothing against /d, I just personally think this thread suits it better, besides not technically being furry hasn't stopped some threads here. anyway >>2263 >>2564 Which one of the pics I've draw should get a sequel
>>3415 >>3439 This thread doesn't belong in /d, /f, or /b, it belongs in the trash
So many fucking trolls on /f/ recently
>>3573 Yeah, I know, these people need to get a life I swear
>>3574 Says the guy who beats it to baked goods
>>3687 No one forced you to be here.
Aight so only other person who uses this thread, what should I draw
Bundle-of-Kinks had her ass beat by collage but they back and dropped this
Hyper Hollyberry for this thread
Ban this retarded fool
Raids are temporary, Cookie Run Preg is... Also temporary but less so
What is even happening here?
>>3851 Some dickhead doing a raid cause hi hello it's me FortniteDrawerShitter I've been back for a good bit
>days since last raid on pregchan >0
Finished Blackberry Breastpreg
>>3857 Forgot the image
Since the next update revolves around them, have a Lotus
>>3874 This makes me physically ill
This thread makes me wanna kms
>>3960 Terribly sorry for your debilitating Lotus Flower allergy
(135.97 KB 420x595 image_2023-05-05_222812589.png)
Sup, I'm back
>>3973 Eyyy it’s no longer an echo chamber between me and random trolls
from a 70-page Pitaya Dragon x Hollyberry doujin on Pixiv
>>3963 Believe me, we wish you really would.
Big ol Tiger Lily(could do without the abortion marks tho-)
(433.18 KB 850x848 image_2023-05-13_181639154.png)
Two weeks late but I’m gonna sketch some cookies for Mayternity
>>4026 Day 15, or 2, or whatever
Got a request to draw either a pregnant Cocoa Cookie or her stuffed with marshmallows, so I did both in one pic
>>4029 Get it? BIRTHday, hehehe… I’ll see myself out-
>>4033 Now do lychee
>>4034 Alright, my second ever request
Also found this
>>4035 Holy shit its me Maxx I honestly didn't expect you to do that-
>>4037 Oh hey you got unbanned
>>4034 Here be your Demon Dragon friend
>>4033 Now for the actual random Mayternity sketch of Lime
You’re going to die a virgin
>>2386 So this got jacked by an AI account, I’m not gonna post it directly but here’s the link: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/108191029 Remember kids, Art Generation is Art Theft
>>4087 You’re just mad that a machine makes better art than your childish sketches
(86.74 KB 262x193 image_2023-06-01_141910090.png)
>>4148 Man I can’t believe my haters are AIbros
This thread would be miles better without your sketches
>>4150 Well sorry for being one of two CR preg artists-
(751.63 KB 1920x1080 image_2023-06-02_043633057.png)
>>4151 Gotta love watching Pregchan Drama
>>4157 If I had a nickel for every time my sketches started some stupid drama id have two nickels which is two too many-
Anyway, have a Kumiho
(139.89 KB 402x402 image_2023-06-04_043327873.png)
>>4192 Ooo what's this on
>>4192 >>4193 Seriously who did it
GDI it was AI-
(234.49 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_121743772.png)
Still working on training this AI to make preg, if anyone has some advice or tips hmu
(185.33 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_133507580.png)
Still refining it, have this for now
>>4188 Just give up already lmao
(210.95 KB 500x500 image_2023-06-04_181909082.png)
>>4202 A small part of me always knew this thread would go to shit, it is cookie run after all, but I didn't expect chris chan to show up with pregnant cookies
>>4204 Best comment I read
>>4204 >>4202 You mention AI once and all of a sudden the board’s flooded with the shit-
(49.64 KB 195x202 image_2023-06-04_201838638.png)
(34.77 KB 208x197 image_2023-06-04_201846326.png)
(30.63 KB 178x203 image_2023-06-04_201854965.png)
I think im starting to crack it
>>4209 Idfk why the images are so low compression, blame Pregchans image uploading system
(181.04 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_234124940.png)
(207.98 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_234132419.png)
(182.11 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_234144052.png)
(193.44 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_234159774.png)
(150.69 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-04_234243256.png)
One order of cat girls with a side of belly
>AI is better than some Chris Chan ass notebook scribbles Funniest shit I've ever seen
>>4212 honestly a77abc saved this thread from becoming a nightmare MS paint factory
(200.09 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-05_050214953.png)
Random bump with a wolf
>>4210 Pregchan doesn't compress images as far as I know
>>4216 I’d like to see you do better
(205.37 KB 512x512 image_2023-06-06_040847283.png)
I've finally figured out how make the AI not turn the dress/outfit into a garble
Found some mpreg
BoK was having issues with their tablet but they back now
Basically that dog pants meme but with a pregnant deer girl
Individual pics
Can it really be called a sea pancake if it's round and not flat-
How bout some spice for this thread cause someone posted BoK’s Chili pic in another thread
Had a Pastry sketch in my book for a bit and decided to finish it
You know I gotta respect you, not a lot of preg content for a thing you’re into and you take matters in your own hands despite your skills, Godspeed sir, hope to see you improve in this endeavor
>>4532 Who gives a shit, leave him be. There are FAR worse things that we could be dealing with than a single autist who likes pregnant cookie people.
>>4533 Exactly, so fucking what I can’t draw like the greats, stop having me live rent free in your heads-
(574.75 KB 900x473 image_2023-07-05_045225474.png)
Gather around the campfire and enjoy some drama kids
>>4591 Shining Glitter won, did both designs(bump gets covered in her Rockstar fit unfortunately
Red Velvet’s has his priorities straight
And a Latte
Technically inflation but I’m starved for good content
You in Cahoots with this Bundle-Of-Kinks person?
May as well add on the degeneracy of this thread, spoiling cause in canon the character is a minor
(367.23 KB 802x450 image_2023-07-23_163204167.png)
>>4721 Exactly what OP was asking for, a pregnant Cookie Run character
(86.29 KB 300x225 image_2023-07-23_172825665.png)
>>4722 But why a child
Yeah I ain’t touching anything of this shit-
>>2174 She’s BAAAAAACK
>>4728 You know you could just say something like “You say that like we fucking care”
(181.69 KB 1500x1500 71xeo1oCy3L.jpg)
>>4727 Imagine jumping on a preg pillow trend and doing a regular fucking body pillow
>>4731 To be fair I never drew one before Made a slight edit cause I realized “shit leg 2 is supposed to be UNDER part of it” plus some drool
Quick lil two parter I did after I was random inspired by the concept of nuptial flight in insects, turns out there are two flying insect based Cookies
>>4741 Btw Sugar Glass’(the butterfly girl) wings are super detailed and uh I’m not drawing all that for a stupid porn drawing :)
>>4747 lazyass
>>4748 That is…. Incredibly fair I’m not going to fight with you on that
Have some mpreg for y’all’s troubles
How’re y’all’s opinions on size difference preg?
Did these based on an RP that fell through
managed to get Koikatsu modded so have some things I made in it
So I heard a raid was attempted
(28.29 KB 808x1088 cookie0219_standard.png)
So fun fact, this is the only pic I've done so far to be made in MS Paint, and it'll likey be the only one cause damn MSP is impossible to work with using a mouse
Anyway how bout some cake
>>4983 Hey it's not like anyone else but me cares about this thread lmao
Oh hey its over
And like nature, this thread heals
>>5003 Still not great all things considered >>4870 Wtf do you use if not MS Paint then?
>>5005 I trace over my sketches in IbisPaint X
Speaking of sketches
>>5013 Genuine question, Fossil: are you drawing with a mechanical pencil, by any chance? Because looking at your sketches reminds me a lot of how my art tended to look back when I was using one. It's not impossible to draw well with a mechanical pencil by any means, but at least in my experience it can lead to some bad habits.
>>5015 Nah, good ol' Number 2's are my physical tool of choice
>>5016 I'd just honestly save and splurge on a ipad/tablet and a pen, It really isn't hard to switch, and it would help in the long run
>>5019 Funny thing is I am planning on getting a legit tablet eventually
>>5016 Alright, personal advice: try to go for wider/longer, lighter, sweeping pencil strokes while doing outlines. It tends to result in more natural-looking, less jagged curves. Also makes it easier to erase when you try to clean up the drawing a bit. As of now, it looks to me like you're just coming down on things more vertically than you really should. As for your software, I'd recommend looking into just getting GIMP or something similar on your PC. With a bit of practice, that might help you clean things up further, and just generally give you WAY more power and tools to work with. Also, see if you can find some tutorials on shading for like...basic geometric shapes, at the least. A sphere may be the like most basic thing to shade, but that'll still give you at least a bare-bones understanding of how to handle lighting. Like, genuinely, setting aside the fact that these are cookie people, you actually seem to have a better handle on body proportions and posing than I ever really managed, so you do have at least SOME of the fundamentals down, in a sense? You're just missing some key bits that have a major impact on the overall appearance.
>>5021 I'll keep that all in kind, again I am planning on buying a tablet in the future when I can, then I'll try GIMP and other programs, see what I like y'know
>>5021 Could be talking a bit out my ass here, but I've always liked using Paint.net more, Its alot more user friendly, but it could just be the kinda work I do (textures on 3D models) is light work for it
Anyway enough art advice, back to pregnant desserts
>>5066 Gotta love dumbass artists who have watermarks that don't even match their urls
>>5068 There's something i could bring up, but doing so would kill the thread so I'm not going to
In other news I’m 22 now lol
>>4958 Background versions of the Choco BonBon and Sour Belt pics along with a Currant Cream pic, they’re meant to fit together but i couldn’t figure out how to do so, if someone out there can either tell me a good way to put them together or do it themselves, greatly appreciated
>>5082 >22 Yeah think you're a decade off pal >>5070 Oh please do say it this threads a nightmare
Funny how BoK posted this Currant Cream request(I didn’t request it btw) after I posted my CC on DA
>>5021 Don’t give him advice he won’t listen
(131.76 KB 1080x823 fossil.jpeg)
>>5219 And no one cares anymore, they stopped caring ever since the beef between me and Kamui died
>>5219 the fact that someone made this is just sad
>>5223 My favorite part is that absolutely none of it is accurate
>>5219 >entire life devoted to pregnant cookies So what about my old Pokemon or Digimon OCs? Do they just not exist anymore >has dinosaur toys from 30 years ago I only have one, and its from The Lost World Jurassic Park line, 5 years off from 30 >that age gap quote Who gives a shit as long as they're both adults?
Anyway back on topic
Chili Pepper for some spice
Newest pic I did with my process
>>5242 And the order is borked
>>5243 The more you post the more you prove that you are utterly inept as an artist
>>5265 "I'm gonna shit on this guy because he doesn't draw what I like" Jfc touch grass.
>>5266 I do like the stuff done by BundleOfKinks, but Fossil’s Art is just objectively bad
>>5265 I’m half convinced that this is either is little buddy or him samefagging
>>5265 Huff that copium lol
>>3182 Merry Labor Day
Random but related to the thread, e621 is weirdly touchy with Cookies, like I uploaded some of BoK’s Latte pics there and they stick but I upload another pic OF THE SAME CHARACTER and e6 is like “hmmmm nah this is a human” so uh why the fuck did they other ones stay
>>5364 Well we finally have our answer as to weather or not Cookies are furry. They aren’t get off of /f/
>>5399 >weather Why would the weather dictate whether or not cookies are furry? >They aren’t get off of /f/ Well they certainly aren't human so they don't belong on /d/. Just chill out Anon. You don't need to be so hateful all the time, it won't make your cock any bigger.
>>5400 You are literally samefagging we all know you have a VPN
>>5400 isn't /d/'s motto "Anime, manga, video games, renders, etc." and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Cookie Run is a video game.
>>5401 My god are you really that fucking insecure LOL I'm not samefagging, I'm just getting sick of people shitting on this thread constantly. Who's to say you're not samefagging? >>5402 So by that logic, a video game with entirely furry characters can go in /d/?
>>5403 >So by that logic, a video game with entirely furry characters can go in /d/? No? You contradicted yourself in your own logic aspy
Ok I just got back from an appointment what’s going on and why am I involved again?
>>5404 ???? >isn't /d/'s motto "Anime, manga, video games, renders, etc." and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Cookie Run is a video game. Your argument is basically that cookie run is a game, therefore belongs in /d/. My rebuttal was that, if that was the case, any game should go in /d/ even if it contains furries? Cookies aren't human. Anything not human goes in /f/. Seriously. Spend less time online and more time in the books learning, lil bro.
Meme pose time
What the fuck happened while I was gone
(508.14 KB 884x1250 493.jpg)
>>5450 wrong thread chief
>>5440 not even gonna credit who gave you the link to spicychat huh/j
Randomly spun a wheel and made this
>>5483 Brain dead move making a separate thread with these, me
So while I’m laying here at 2 Am waiting for my body to get tired enough to go to sleep and posting a hyperpreg Cocoa, I did some thinking about Peanut Butter Fudge. In her lore, her oldest kid is 16 and was born shortly after she graduated high school at 18, that would make her 34 years old. Just something I thought i‘d share.
CR Anon shared this with me on Discord
>>5082 I am 18
>>5504 cool champ
How is combining Lamaze and Yoga not a common thing in preg Art to my knowledge
>>5303 Sequel to the garlic pic