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File: 1599522795727.jpg (190.79 KB, 1280x1098, IMG_6570.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

8b6b7 No.13603

Hypothetically, if someone was making a furry life sim game with a tilt towards pregnancy, would you prefer to have more species choices, less content at the start, or more content, less species?

Also, is there anything you’d wanna see in it, mechanics, scenes, species, etc?

All totally hypothetical of course.

cd1da No.13605

Funny enough I've actually came up with a pregnancy game sim concept a few years ago and put it all in a text file. Granted it's a concept for a game with visuals, but I think some of those elements can be transferred into a text-based game.

Have a read if you want.


57417 No.13613

I was actually planning on making a mix of rpg and rogue like centered around that theme.
Working on my pixel art for now and hard work to animate.

e7007 No.13617

Will there be birth?

cd1da No.13620

A rouge-like RPG with pregnancy elements? I have a hard time imagining how that could work. Without it being very kinky anyways.

I remember a long time back where I also came up with an RPG concept where the unborn within the womb had the ability to absorb nearby 'mana energy' that contributes to their overall growth as well as provides power to the one who carries them. It was mainly just a silly brainstorm of "how can I make pregnancy a buff rather than an ailment"?

81bd8 No.13621

Thanks, I’ll take it into consideration. Though I’m mostly focussing on just one setting for now, might be an idea for the future.

Of course! :D

01620 No.13622

Always more content. Having massive number of species and races means nothing if there's no content to support them, and their various racial features. Like knots and feline barbs.

For scenes. A better focus on pregnancy and the overall affect on the carrier/mother, would be nice. Stuff like, reacting to getting pregnant the first, getting pregnant with multiples first time, being pregnant with 1 large child with varied if it's the first time. Reacting to feeling bloated, sore back and feet, breasts growing bigger and lactating etc etc.

Again, just a focus on detail for the pregnancy part.

That's a very neat idea. What kind of power would it provide for the carrier/mother? Spell power, faith power if the PC (Player Character) is a fertility goddess or worshiper, or something else?

And also, what kind of setting did you think of when you came to this idea? It might not work well in modern times unless you mix in magic.

cd1da No.13623

I absolutely do agree with you there that the content should definitely take priority of number of species when it comes to a text-based medium. In a visual-based medium the art would do most of the talking so it's not as much of a concern in that department. Good call!

As for the RPG concept, I thought about it a little more and figured that this could work in either a magic-based world or a futuristic world.

The power the carrier would receive is mainly just a universal energy that can be allocated to the carrier's main power attribute. Alternatively, it could also be used as an 'EXP gaining' system to level up the character (as well as their belly size).

01620 No.13627

I'm in favor with the magic-based world. It could work in a futuristic setting in the form of psychic energy, or something like that.

The universal energy idea sounds good, but i'd like to expand upon it a little. What if the unborn child worked as a storage for the universal energy? There more pregnant you are, be it either with multiples or bigger children, the more energy you can store and use.

The XP gaining is also nice, but i think it should be it's own separate form of XP that can be used to level up your chances of getting pregnant, getting pregnant with multiples, unlocking an ability that allows other species to impregnate you etc etc.

cd1da No.13630

Plasma energy actually, but this isn't relevant now.

And that is actually how the idea of mine works. Granted I don't like to view them as being 'storage' which is why I mentioned that the energy would also contribute to their own health as well. It benefits both the carrier and the unborn, which gives the carrier reason to venture out in the first place.

And that's not a bad idea, though it's very comparable to the perks system in Fenoxo's text-based flash games.

01620 No.13634

Yeah, i suppose viewing an unborn child as any kind of "storage" would be fairly off putting to most people. What about more than one type of mana? Instead of the universal mana you can find everywhere or most places, you instead have different forms of mana that can only be found at certain places. The idea behind this is to encourage you to focus on what type of attributes you want to increase for yourself and the child, with 9 or more months to get the most mana you can.

I'd say it's more comparable to the entire leveling system. You level up, assign the number of points into fertility, higher chances for multiples, increased chances for the child being born with better attributes. The perk system will have stuff like being able to breed with species, being more fertile a certain months, the child being more resistance against events that would've lowered its attributes etc etc.

cd1da No.13636

Both of those ideas could works well. Granted I still want to keep the universal aspect of the mana, but they can be different types if they're attuned to different elements for example. They still work for all carriers, but they do different things for them depending on the element.

01620 No.13637

Alright, sounds great. I don't have any more ideas for the mana concept. If you have other concepts you want to talk about, i'm all ears.

fbc46 No.13762

What’s the preference as far as offspring goes in breedings with separate species? All one species (either father or mother), mixed litter between the two, or hybrids?

653b0 No.13767

I feel like it would be better to go all one species, and make some unique text for pregnancy with a given species

0cc88 No.13929

Not really going to have an impact on anything, but just something I was curious about on the furry side of the community: do you prefer litters, with lots of babies, or fewer, possibly larger offspring? Also, why?

cd1da No.13930

Opinions will definitely vary between the furry community as there's peeps who'll be into all sorts of ends of the spectrum.

For me it depends on my mood, but I suppose something I tend to prefer is that I like starting off small and having the litter gradually multiply to a bigger size. Pregnancy expansion is usually a constant mood of mine so an unexpected growth in litter size is definitely up my alley.

As for larger offspring, it's definitely more of an uncommon kink, but I'm into it.

8502d No.13949

I’m more on the litter side, but both take me at times.

When you’re talking about starting small with small litters and then growing, do you mean hyperfetation, or having higher multiples in subsequent pregnancies?

cd1da No.13950

Oh psh, I just realized I read the post wrong. My mind was going full kinky for some reason and I interpreted 'larger offspring' as something completely different. My bad. In that case, my answer is both are good, but I'm also more towards litters.

And yeah, hyperfetation is what I'm referring to. Either by continued sex during pregnancy or "naturally".

81b38 No.13987

Funny coincidence, but I too was working on an animal-crossing themed furry life sim thing, though I didn't want to make it exclusively about preg content. I sort of over-scoped things and really wanted an excuse to practice 3D modeling and trying out some new shader magic I'd learned.

I kind of dropped the ball on dev and real life stuff, but I recently opened up the code and looked at what I could salvage and found that the tools I set up aren't TOO painful to use.

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but maybe with some luck I'll get something released before this horrible year is over.

81b38 No.14003

File: 1601546396058-0.png (264.18 KB, 1354x954, 52459aaeb33bb9b96d5d5758c1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601546396058-1.png (256.05 KB, 1366x953, 738033cb91e743663ccd430aed….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601546396058-2.png (262.76 KB, 1365x952, fc29d677b733faf8bca47533de….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

946ec No.14005

Would you happen to be the same person who was making that furry vr game a while back?

01620 No.14006

File: 1601565113018-0.webm (8.97 MB, 1280x720, 34d3d99ad3aa19b3204afb8ea….webm) ImgOps Google iqdb

You referring to this one?

81b38 No.14008

Yeah. The software I was using to simulate the softbody physics was unstable and inexplicably began crashing the unity editor, which was kind of a major bummer.

2fb96 No.14011


You need to share your materials and lighting settings to these other 3d artist. I usually dislike 3D art cause it's usually too damn dark or the model looks too plastic, but yours looks great.

81b38 No.14021

File: 1601597649686-0.png (150.46 KB, 362x637, 65a11c54c2c1d7d484644ade53….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601597649686-1.png (172.87 KB, 367x633, 179a8583e1d190c29a81d3e097….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601597649686-2.png (182.12 KB, 367x636, 7882c9031adbc19f8ddeb86058….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601597649686-3.png (204.05 KB, 360x638, 79235203986e7538b92c0972e4….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601597649686-4.png (146.13 KB, 342x635, d4ba9e13bbeb8f0eb27d8a09e1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

In principle it's not too far off of a standard toon shader Feed the standard lighting data into a texture ramp and you change the feel of it.

What separates mine from the most common toon shaders out there is just a hint of directional soft rim-light.

There is of course tessellated geometric fur all over the surface. That part was the hardest to implement and I'm guarding it jealously since getting it working was very [spoiler]labor intensive.[/spoiler]

6c033 No.14022

You should open a Porntreon or whatever service they use nowadays.

275f6 No.14024

File: 1601602855082-0.jpeg (114.69 KB, 1120x1030, BE6916DA-9559-4FDE-92F6-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1601602855082-1.jpeg (108.73 KB, 1134x628, 802E2F35-5360-4CBC-B6E0-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Not quite. There was someone making a furry sex sim with a focus on breeding and preg, and also made some other art around the same time. Don’t have one of their gifs handy, but here’s a couple of their renders.

81b38 No.14025

Yeah, these are mine, too. I haven't abandoned it, per se. The codebase was getting a bit hard to manage and IRL stuff got in the way. I decided that going forward I won't make any posts on official channels until I've made enough progress to warrant it. I have been adding things to the engine for the last 2 or 3 days, though, so that's something.

0c0c6 No.14026

Neato, and cool to know you’re still around. Is your stuff still on FA? I couldn’t seem to find it anymore.

81b38 No.14029

I mostly just use it for following people. Most of the things I uploaded were just Unity screenshots and I didn't want to give people the wrong idea about what the game would look like until I was closer to being finished. It should still be around, though- just hid the gallery.

63b87 No.14416

Still working away at things. Daily events aren’t really where I want them to be yet. Not enough substance. Still at it, though. :)

3f285 No.14434

Very good op, I await eagerly for results

db56e No.14916

What do you use for your modeling?

81b38 No.14920

Blender. The actual fur stuff happens in unity.

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