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d1250 No.1367

I recently found this site while lurking through the internets. Apparently it's a hyper preg site, and judging by the thumbnails, it has some damn good content. Though, it won't let you view anything unless you're a member, and registration is closed, does anyone know what's up?

18ab5 No.1370

IIRC that part of the furry community is essentially dead. A lot of those artists moved to other places like Furaffinity

1858a No.1372


I know how you feel. I'm a member of that group, as well as its sister of Pregfur.org, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who contributes to those sites at times…and if I'm not, I'm the only one who contributes anything relevant to said sites…

I've tried to get into contact with the site's creator to sort things out (as it's been having problems since March) and so far, all my attempts to contact have failed, as I've not received any response of any sort.

f485b No.1373

Whoa I remember that site, I found it ages ago when I first was discovering smut of this sort. From what I thought I thought sites like this and pregfur were done and dead, and all the artists basically just moved to wider span sites where they just post stuff in their own corner and not sit on an entire site. But that's purely me just guessing on it.

4188e No.1374

d1250 No.1376

I've talked to one of the admins recently and they said it's still going, but really slow. I just wish it was more accessible, there's some nice stuff there but it's only for members. It doesn't help when registering isn't really an option anymore.

933ab No.1378

I think the problem with sites like Pregfur and TheBellyZone is that they aren't bringing in new members.
They aren't reaching out to find these communities where they can share their love for all that is belly and thus the membership dies down a lot.

1858a No.1379


Well, if anybody knows how and where to contact the Pregfur founder, Darren, I would most appreciate it…just so he could get the forum sorted out.

d1250 No.1381

We will bring back the old glory of these two sites! But in all seriousness, I would like to see them revived, I saw them a bit when they were active and they were pretty good.

1858a No.1383


Well, WISWRP is still active. Members still post comments, stories and artwork there…

a3cf7 No.2938

I tried posting there a number of times. Built up a fairly good gallery, got a lot of comments on it. Then they decided to change gallery software, and erased all of it. So I started over, built up a gallery… and they did it again. So I gave up. If those places are dead, it's because the admins killed them.

956ea No.3348

Oh no! 😭 Pregfur.org and WISWRP have just been disabled, due to "issues with spamming/insecure forums".
If anybody who can help are viewing this PLEASE
contact via email keeper@menager.ie to discuss issues soon and get those sites up and running again!👏

Those were some of my favourite sites…

cf83a No.3349

A tragedy.

956ea No.3352


Good Newws! WISWRP is back online!

(Which is more than can be said for Pregfur.org @ the moment)

fcbdb No.3492

The registration is still currently disabled, it not active!

fcbdb No.3493

The registration is still currently disabled, it not active!

20f5e No.3544

At this point, the only two people still contributing are Satsumalord with his stuff and Christjackson with his unending spam art. Even the RP section of the forums is dead

527da No.3720

Not anymore. He's gone from that site, Apparently, he doesn't want to say anything, but just up and left. I say good riddance to that jerk (Christjackson).

fcbdb No.3721

527da No.3722

Now we can celebrate that he's gone!

8097e No.3724


>Gasp< I can't believe you just said that! He is anything BUT a loser!!! >Humph!<

527da No.3725

You might as well admit it, He shouldn't have started drawing in the first place. He should've left it to the pros.

8097e No.3727


And I suppose you can do better?

Let's see some proof, then…

527da No.3728

I don't draw, I'm just saying that I'm glad that the jerk is gone away and we'll never see him again.

c34c7 No.3729

Hey man, being bad at something is the first step to being good at something.

527da No.3730

Not to him, it's not. He's not even fit to be an artist.

ff552 No.3731

I tried to look up this christjackson fella and found this instead, is this his new alias? Pretty cringey is so…


ff552 No.3732

As an Artist by BigBellyBirdy
Inspired by Ratchet & Clank

Me (Real Life): I'm not going back to Deviantart, Furaffinity, or any of the other sites Shante. Real life is where I belong. You were right. Fame is overrated, especially when you're an embarrassment to artists in preggo art or in general.

Shante: You are not an embarrassment.

Artist On TV: This just in, Christ Jackson AKA BigBellyBirdy is a complete and utter embarrassment to the art community… *volume turned down by Melody*

Shante: You have artwork that are loved by your friends and family. They've seen you improved six years ago in 2010.

Me (Real Life): But compared to the other artists, who had more training and are far more superior than me, I'm just a poor nigga who just draws. And for that, I just want to quit while I'm ahead.

Shante: *pushing herself up and then balance* Look, having fun drawing art and impressing an artist are two very different things. If you truly want to be held accountable to your artwork, then you will endeavor to make things right the next time.

Me (Real Life): *raise an eyebrow* Next time?

Shante: There are still your friends on those sites who are hungry for seeing some preggos that you made with your own two hands, including me. *slaps her pregnant belly as it wobbles* and they are very eager and wanting to see more of it, no matter how it looks. And I would like to offer my assistance in anyway possible… Master.

Me (Real Life): Well, my big lovely waifu, how about helping me find my mechanical pencil?

33db2 No.3733

Another unspoken problem is the fact anything pregnophile keeps getting infested with smug creeps that think pretending to be multiple people to get around bans is in any way good.

Some, like someone whom shall not be named, goes around creating multiple handles and stalking people, doxing them, handing out their info and "exposing" them. They're pretty much crazy people with delusions of grandeur and a bad habit of spying on people's personal info.

Some are just histrionic mentally challenged jerks who spam crap no one wants to see all the time and then meekly capitulate and whine about how it doesn't matter that no one likes their stuff, because they have jesus.

It's like trying to have a skate park for children where you can't successfully shoo the pedophiles away with a broom. Eventually the people whom you want to be there, en masse, get scared away by the creeps that insist on being there and strong arm everybody into liking them and giving them attention. Them getting the attention they want matters more than traffic by actual people that like the content, and so attendance goes down. Matters more to them than the health of the park everybody plays in. And so, it stagnates because nobody wants to deal with the creep.

But you can't get rid of them. Because they just come back around on new handles pretending to be new people, all the while shitposting the same old shit and obviously being themselves. Up to and including the constant "[X character] from [Y series] pregnant with [1..64] babies, please!" request spam in /d/. :(

At least a place like Inkbunny or FA, you can reasonably have people banned and keep them banned. A place like F-list, you can have people banned and they'll stay banned. Imageboards? Not so easy.

Being a forum admin/janitor/moderator is a real headache.

527da No.3734

Thank you Jabilo. At least we know that Christjackson is a poor whiny loser who just complains about everything. I say he should be wiped out from the other sites and never to be seen again.

33db2 No.3735

or at least stop posting pretending to be anonymous. :^)

8097e No.3738


I think I detect a note of jealousy…maybe you feel inferior because he can do better?

So you scorn him. That's what it is…

33db2 No.3740

File: 1481089331709.png (10.93 KB, 800x600, anotherchristjacksonmaster….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Christ Jackson can stand aside! There's a new hot artist in town!
Oh baby.

4afde No.3742

ffe05 No.3761

He wanted to become a bird i guess

ffe05 No.3782

Its kinda fucking stupid

2ee71 No.3784

As much as I dislike his work I can't help but feel that he and several Furry preg fetishists are handicapped and practically can't help themselves. So this kind of satire is only self serving.

ffe05 No.3785

Yeah it is really weird

4a42d No.3786

File: 1482003607373.png (41.8 KB, 800x600, minniemouse.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

self-serving? What? You sure you're not just jealous and scorning me?
I finished another masterpiece. Here's Minnie Mouse.
I'm making magnificent art progress!

f244c No.3787

How are you sure he's actually disabled? sometimes there's just people who can't take criticism and that causes their art quality to stagnate and never improve. Deflecting criticism as being ableist isn't going to help him to improve.

4a42d No.3788

He seems like a person with developmental disabilities, but otherwise would just be a regular person with narcissistic personality disorder. Capable of growth, but too full of themselves to comprehend it. Or maybe too low an IQ. Comprehending it would require getting over themselves. Accusing people of being jealous and just having a problem with them as a person, as opposed to their actions (which are not defensible as 'just being themselves') are the tools of an arrogant personality, whatever their level of intellectual development.

Comprehending it would require admitting that he doesn't upload all that crap everywhere because it's good, but because he wants people to see it. He needs to learn maybe you shouldn't upload all of the things you make. If it took that little effort to make, maybe it's not worth showing. Every little doodle you make when uploaded just winds up being spam. Especially if it's just the same thing over and over again. Same proportions, same pose, minor differences.

His art quality remains virtually the same because he's lazy and not actually in it to improve, he's in it because he wants attention and validation. To do that he makes mountains of The Same Thing and pins it right on the refrigerator of the internet.

Even being told what he's doing is spamming and other people don't like it, he still continues to do so on the insistence that everybody else is jealous or just hateful. And then goes on poor-poor-me triades on *chanboards, to make themself the topic of conversation.

It's like, holy shit buddy, quality over quantity. Draw something from a different perspective. Draw a bowl of not-pregnant fruit. Draw different anatomy. Try to draw on model. Do something other than same-pose same-proportions same-angle over and over again. Maybe don't upload everything you do. If you're serious about pride in your art and not just fishing for attention and validation, do something else for once. It's like trying to be a comedian by telling the same joke over and over again. People don't have to dislike you personally to find the behavior annoying.

2ee71 No.3789

His personal blogs, they way he talks when he's not talking about art and looks. Perhaps a little "It takes one to know one."

I didn't want to turn this into a discussion about mental health though. My basic point is he's gone, so this little game pretending to be him is only being the same problem. You know? Spam for the sake of spam.

ddf87 No.3790

Honestly I'm more willing to believe that he's been trolling the community with his carbon copy stuff.

ffe05 No.3791

I think he is just a bit 'special'

dcec6 No.3794

Just, no…

fcbdb No.3797

wtf is wrong with you!!

ffe05 No.3801

Thats pretty much what the guy does
like all his shit looks like bases he uses before

38a41 No.3915

By chance, I've stumbled across a sister site; http://z4.invisionfree.com/Wiswrp_Safe_Haven/index.php?act=SF&f=7&st=

Mind you, you have to be a member before you can actually VIEW anything…

a0b46 No.4243

so can anyone verify what's ON that safesite?

adb32 No.4248

well that's a ball of suck…
how do you know than its worth it?

4cf97 No.4250

trust me, there's nothing there you haven't already seen. there's like five pictures by Wallaroo and two that were posted this year.

a0b46 No.4251

so it sounds like it was a backup site then?

b620b No.4252

I see… Well i do try to find new stuff… Generally means digging throu the absolute slog…
At least i don't have to go there than

73c69 No.4327

i am cringe

e87bc No.5451

Although small, this thread ca ns till have its uses.

05c8d No.8570

File: 1543889243044.png (298.12 KB, 840x617, KinLayingRes.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

WISWRP is still pretty much completely locked, and likely won't come back, at least not on the same website.

On the bright side, Wolfie, the creator has put together this discord. I think he mentioned something about putting together a new WISWRP hosted somewhere else, but in the meanwhile, this might be a good place to stay in touch and chat with others interested in WISWRP and such!


6e94a No.8571

Any idea what happened to pregfur.com itself?

05c8d No.8577

Only as much as wolfie saying that the 'server database imploded'

05c8d No.8579

File: 1543907596869.png (2.26 MB, 2500x2500, YuksiHuge.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Oh, I did hear him mention something about wanting to host it somewhere where he has more control, or something of that nature.

6e94a No.8585

Any way he can get back the old pregfur domain or something similar? Seems like a waste to let it fall entirely to the spambots.

05c8d No.8605

That's something you'd have to ask him.

a3c5d No.11001

Great news! The forum's up and running again! :-)

(even if the gallery isn't at the moment)

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