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Furry Alt Preg thread 2: The Weirdening Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 21:43:14 Id:f67c9b No. 14
Thought I’d reboot this thread here too, even if it wasn’t that popular before. Can’t help having a niche category of a niche kink as a main fetish though. Might as well open this up with some fun ones I’ve gotten.
A fun set from the lovely Blyzzarde.
A fun little oral birth denial sequence, plus a bonus piece.
A fun piece and it’s sequel, showing a slightly overdue pregnancy… And the same pregnancy, two years later.
And here’s a couple other fun ones of various types. I’ll stop for now as I don’t want to spam the newly formed board with this stuff. Hope this is enough to kickstart the thread though.
(202.50 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20220629_171003_737.jpg)
(215.63 KB 2071x1733 20220531_082156.jpg)
(98.71 KB 900x1200 20220531_082331.jpg)
(183.16 KB 1468x2856 20220531_081101.jpg)
(351.34 KB 3504x2872 20220531_082357.jpg)
(460.92 KB 4000x4000 20220531_081842.jpg)
We really need more of this stuff
(280.42 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20220603_005413_634.jpg)
(54.88 KB 1280x989 IMG_20220625_010145_396.jpg)
(40.63 KB 700x700 IMG_20220625_010142_485.jpg)
(100.64 KB 1307x900 20220628_130441.jpg)
(119.13 KB 1307x900 20220628_130445.jpg)
(102.66 KB 1307x900 20220628_130442.jpg)
(125.32 KB 1307x900 20220628_130446.jpg)
(346.94 KB 3540x3763 20220628_130641.jpg)
(559.73 KB 2784x3744 20220531_081450.jpg)
(133.74 KB 1280x960 1539286298472.jpg)
(136.25 KB 1280x1052 IMG_20220628_170005_271.jpg)
Nice, some quality stuff all around! Glad to see I’m not the only alt preg enthusiast (read: Weirdo) that made it to the new server. There’s even stuff that wasn’t in the old thread! As I mentioned before, if anyone knows (or is) an artist that will do this kinda stuff, I’m certainly interested in potentially commissioning things in the future.
A couple more old ones.
A fun sequence, too.
Some more of this gal, too.
Plus this.
Anybody have some good butt pregnancy pics?
>>268 I’m very limited in what I got, hope this helps.
>>288 Still very good though, thanks for sharing!
>>232 Where are they located in that one?
>>290 I legit have no clue. Could be anything. Maybe heart?
>>290 Probably the heart
>>232 Source?
>>296 No clue. It’s an intriguing concept though.
(140.82 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20220710_215735_093.jpg)
(86.96 KB 1275x1280 IMG_20220710_215718_312.jpg)
>>300 Damn it, wrong order
(1.23 MB 854x900 1629092441807.gif)
(282.00 KB 1200x2702 EEOSQyFXsAAlN5t.jpeg)
(736.14 KB 847x1280 1630290943.png)
(455.00 KB 977x1433 1539285965679.png)
(976.33 KB 1500x711 1593221436.maws-paws_hepcat.jpg)
(322.37 KB 639x900 1556261433340-1.png)
(173.96 KB 777x656 1539285769952.jpg)
(125.59 KB 870x628 1639214085934.png)
(704.65 KB 1600x1600 2086535.png)
(2.39 MB 1988x2441 29-1-2.jpg)
(829.79 KB 1200x708 1643624827627.jpg)
Happy that this thread is really popping off! There’s even new ones I haven’t seen before. >>300 Whoo, these two are hitting all the right notes.
>>328 Same here! It's always nice to find fellow weirdos who like this kind of stuff
>>329 Yeah! I’ll have to share more when I get back, hope it’ll attract more fellow weirdos.
Where can I find artists to draw me some alt preg? Anyone know of any?
>>340 artist?
>>329 Heck yeah! We need even more of this weirdness ~w~ Love the butt preg!
(301.14 KB 2048x2048 1631066688703-1.jpeg)
I remember grabbing this one on the old thread and I haven't seen it here, so I'd thought I'd post it
So I might as well ask here, I'm trying to find a couple of pics that I think came from KickH0pper. The first pic had Renamon docking with Rika and the 2nd pic had Rika playing eggs out of her cock. anyone got any idea where they might be?
>>369 Here’s the full set!
>>372 Yes, Thank you! I absolutely cannot get enough of this glaceon boi!
>>375 Glad you like them! They were actually from a pregchan art request thread originally (the first piece I mean) that I thought would literally never get fulfilled, even more so than the one I did before. It’s how I found an artist that I’d gotten like 6-8 other commissions from since. (Said artist being AuraAnima on for the curious)
>>381 Sadly it seems they're closed for commissions at the moment but I am going to try to get one when they're open! Maybe I'll get a sylveon boi with a big brood in his butt and balls.
>>382 Certainly sounds fun! They have quite a few fun things in their gallery along similar lines, I’ve posted a good bit of it in this thread already.
>>561 This looks like vore
>>562 Maybe it’s because of the detail? 95% sure it’s oral birth denial though.
(628.78 KB 3024x3222 20220730_003901.jpg)
(126.41 KB 1032x1298 20220730_003525.jpg)
(411.78 KB 3987x3713 20220730_003458.jpg)
(572.88 KB 4000x4000 20220730_003652.jpg)
(9.59 KB 455x695 20220730_003812.jpg)
(13.97 KB 724x695 20220730_003814.jpg)
>>627 I really need to get something of this kind of tailpreg from Dae, she does it in such a unique style.
(161.04 KB 1500x1477 18577e1fd5e0ca9128ceb8e254610312.jpg)
(347.44 KB 2014x1763 i7aWhzc.jpeg)
(350.32 KB 2014x1763 kAdtyEQ.jpeg)
I think this one is heart preg based on the tags on it.
>>1052 I felt that way too.
>>1051 Ok, never mind the “how”, I’m just looking for the “why” at this point
Been wanting to comm some ass preg or ball preg, any suggestions for artists?
>>627 maybe a weird question but o you have any pics of them... giving birth?
>>1198 Fetishes do weird things to the minds of man.
>>1200 Plaguetastic does some phenomenal ballpreg, if you don’t mind a noteworthy but not ridiculous cost. They have some comm reservations open right now I think. AuraAmina also does great stuff but she seems to be on a mini hiatus right now though. It’s hard to catch but Blyzzarde’s art is the work of legends. I don’t know if they still do, but Daebelly’s done both of those before, just never posted it. Kiravia can do any of those too, but I think you’d have to use a different site outside of PayPal to pay them? They did a couple bits before anyways.
>>1207 I don’t know if any exists, but I think you could probably comm it? She’s drawn birth stuff before.
>>1209 Daes done ball and ass preg? I know they’ve done tail before
>>1200 Foulmonster also does preg and birth stuff. NekoRama on Twitter *might* do the weirder preg, but doesn't do birth.
>>1212 Yeah, she has! She just hasn’t really posted it publicly I believe.
>>1212 Could have swore that she didn't agree with ballpreg because of how it "wouldn't work", similar to breastpreg. Though I could be wrong and it's just a matter of her not sharing publicly, which is a shame.
>>1217 Perhaps her mind changed on it? She used to do breastpreg too, but it seems like that has changed and such because of the whole “there’s actually a decent amount of holes instead of just the main one” thing. I didn’t think ballpreg had changed too. She’s totally done it before, there were even pics of it on the old pregchan.
Any other recommendations for alt preg artists to commission from? Wanna pad this area out with more weird stuff.
>>1358 WildeGems is usually all about alt preg stuff
>>1359 Seems like they mostly do navel birth related stuff.
>>382 No clue if you’re still looking, but their comms are open now!
>>1440 Accidental mispost I’m guessing?
>>1450 okay
>>1461 You're welcome
>>1463 Thank you unironically, I was just about to share it. Kinda really tempted to commission something similar, as their comms are open right now.
On a side note, moving this over here as it’s more fitting. I’d be more than willing to pay for the edit! In particular, I was thinking of having her breasts be significantly/much larger, likely wobbling and moving about with some visible bumps and kicks in her breasts and/or nipples. I was thinking maybe $25 would be fair for that, it could be negotiated though!
More Wildegems content!
(103.97 KB 1280x792 photo_2022-10-08_08-56-17.jpg)
(134.74 KB 1204x694 fLnmCPfAYMQ.jpg)
(545.05 KB 1024x1355 40c4bebb6961d03450dad3854880f51c.png)
(258.19 KB 1203x798 unknown-270.png)
>>1928 Where’d you find this one? Seems pretty new and I know there’s a 95% chance one specific guy comm’d this, no clue where he went after getting banned on FA though.
>>1928 >>1929 This almost looks like gussiekins' work, but when I invited him here he wasn't interested in anonymous forums.
>>1930 Couldn’t find it anywhere there, unfortunate.
>>1051 artist ? i can't find anything
>>2490 Think it’s Kiravia on FA.
>>1928 isn't this hottieman's torterra gal "Farrah"? wonder what happened to him after his FA and twitter got suspended
>>2495 I dunno. I hope to find him again, purely because he comms alt preg stuff.
>>2496 Same, hope to find him as well, fucking hate the dude, but I adore his torterra gal, and is one of the few saving graces of hottieman, which is saying alot, cuz the dude is notorious with legit bullying other artists into giving him free art
>>2511 dude told me he'd commission my character to be in some special christmas group pic, and i said i'd draw something for him if he did, and 6 months after christmas had passed with nothing from his end he was still repeatedly asking me for a drawing
(1006.24 KB 3500x1900 tilapiamoutheggs.png)
(279.32 KB 1462x839 tilapiaegg.png)
my freaky little fish lady being a bit of an idiot. eggs coming from both ends
>>2571 Very fun! Way too little amount of stuff when it comes to oral birth/birth denial.
>>2578 thanks! i might do a little more if anyone's got any suggestions or ideas
>>2587 Oral birth denial is super hot, especially if it comes with choker/collar snapping. (Doubly so for squirmy young) Do you have an art page, by the by? I’d love to see more potentially, or to commission related art.
>>2589 https://captainelderly.art all my links are at the foot of this page
>>2595 Nice!
(821.08 KB 4500x1567 splatselfpreg.png)
a funny idea i had with my character Splat, basically one of those rubber sticky hand toys but sentient, dumb, and horny. she can do all sorts of cartoon nonsense including impregnating herself with clones. her lack of bones has a very significant effect on her pregnant figure. especially when her clones start fighting their way out of her mouth, tits, ass, and pussy all at the same time.
>>2643 Great work once again! Love how casual they are about their experience.
>>2648 thanks! i'll consider following this one up
>>2650 For sure! I wonder where else they might start popping up if she lets herself get food distracted with it.
>>2659 i do have plans! all i'll say is that her body hasn't even stopped producing copies yet, and she's gonna need room fast
Kind of an odd request here, but does anyone have some images of throat pregnancy?
>>2731 I don’t personally have anything in my collection like that, sorry. Best thing that might exist would be oral birth denial? There’s a couple pretty good examples of that here, earlier in the thread.
>>2731 If you do find more though, feel free to share ‘em! Never could hurt to have more alt preg.
>>2739 Will do! I might do some digging in a bit
>>2740 Sweet! I haven’t found anything recently unfortunately.
Actually managed to find a new one!
Haven’t found anything new. Anyone else have some luck?
(508.67 KB 1500x1143 1676475941.flittermilk_retropone.png)
(356.09 KB 4096x2629 20230226_111737.jpg)
(367.12 KB 4096x2629 20230226_111745.jpg)
(400.33 KB 4096x2629 20230226_111747.jpg)
(428.79 KB 4096x2629 20230226_111749.jpg)
Would this thread like to hear about my gendered navel idea? A sort of ALT impregnation and birth concept?
>>313 >>314 >>315 Oh hey, it's my characters. Neat.
>>3324 You started the original thread, which unfortunately died with the rebooting of pregchan. Kudos to you for making that step! Characters are also quite fun.
>>3323 Sure
>>3332 okay so basically first look at this monstrocity i had an artist make.. The idea is you have a male gendered navel (on a dude or chick) and a female gendered navel (once more on a dude or chick). In this pic the male is on the left and the female is on the right. THe navel 'bulb' or 'spike' whatever you wanna call it. GEts turned on like someone normally would, BUT the female navel produces a goo of sorts that when it comes into contact with the male navel causes it to hjyper engorge for the purposes of knotting inside the female navel to ensure breeding takes place. as for birth? well BOTH BELLIES GET PREGNANT from this intercourse. THe female navel oviposits eggs when they are done incubating and the male navel ejaculates slime orbs that are each filled with so many young (such as identical twins and so on and so forth) SOme water is all it takes to dissolve the oxyginated and nutrient rich paste they are born inside of and the eggs the rfemale navel produces funciton like eggs with many smaller yolks and fetuses within them. Ehwether they come out in one FUCKHUGE egg or multiple eggs is up to you.
>>3321 That's pretty nice, albeit a little confusing. I wonder how I could commission Old Papa Soul for some artwork.
Anyone find anything new? Just outta curiousity.
>>3823 Sadly not. seems like we're in a dry spot for alt preg content rn
(477.20 KB 1100x1318 belly stuff.png)
>>3334 I liked the idea and drew something similar albeit more simple/less egg-y 1) theres innies and outties 2) when they get aroused both stomachs fill a bit with baby making fluid 3) insert belly button into other belly button and the fluids mix to fertilize and make a baby 4) either can get pregnant, as seen with the outtie belly button haver knocked up
Asked in the /drawn thread already, but does anyone here have some good oral birth/birth denial stuff?
>>3940 Also, fun concept!
Anyone got anything new, by any chance?
(196.80 KB 1280x1184 1605199407.gracedmarcus_belly.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1007x1009 unknown-1.png)
(1.43 MB 1152x855 unknown.png)
(2.74 MB 3600x3284 KsHU_Nf2.png)
(4.40 MB 2000x2000 131_3.png)
>>4213 >>4214 "And then things got a little carried away."
Bumping this thread, anyone got some new stuff?
I’ve been unable to find anything myself, unfortunately.
Anyone had any luck in finding some new stuff?
(577.58 KB 1270x1300 half goblin boimama.png)
(61.99 KB 838x674 rjoxUsM0T1s.jpg)
Anyone find some new stuff by any chance?
(7.01 MB 2929x2125 Tanyas_Class.png)
Multi birthing
>>6122 Holy WOW is this good. Got a source for it?
>>6128 I think I can almost make out the signature as Ahmay? or perhaps Attmay?
>>6184 Couldn’t find anything based on either of those myself.
>>6184 >>6189 Its Ahimay, but I cannot find anything but his softcore stuff, says its recent but not sure if this is even the right artist, would love to find more of this
there needs to be more sphere preg
>>6386 “No ThErE dOsEnT rEtArD” -generic asshole anon
>>6179 for anyone that is looking for the source, the artist is localtummydrawer on fa https://www.furaffinity.net/view/54526173/
>>6487 I had something in the works from them, hoping they’ll be back before long!
>>6915 Yeah, hope they come back sometime in the near future, I really like their art. If I remember right (I could be wrong here), I think they said that they were taking a break to spend time with their partner. I have nothing against that though, breaks are good for your health and can provide a clear head when returning to drawing.
>>6941 The good news is that they’re back, sort of!
>>7050 So I've seen, it's nice to see them again!
>>288 so do u also doing breast pregnant? so i have a request can u do diancie pregnant bc there is not alot of preggy art out of her so can u do some preggy art out of diancie?
>>7318 This was a commission gotten by a user that seemingly has disappeared for a good while. Even if they were the artist behind it and were still around, I wouldn’t know if requests would be on the table for such a thing. Apologies!
>>7320 really? it's commission only? no request?
>>7321 I don’t really know the artist. I just know that whoever commissioned it has been missing for a while. Can’t really help there much.
>>7322 so do u take request or nope?
>>7320 That was a commission gotten by Hottie man, dude got banned from his account for being a covid denier iirc. So a terrible guy, but he got some pretty good commissions
>>7325 Dude, they never said anything about being an artist or doing requests
>>7329 oh my bad sorry so there is some other website of pregnant arts + alt pregnant or is only this website? it's a question
>>6122 Still hot as fuck. Something about maw-birth is just 😳👌
>>7351 truth. an underappreciated art.
>>7351 Criminally underrated and we need more of it. Unfortunate that it’s very hard to come across.